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  1. What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing the new God Of War, Loving it. The combat, graphics, and story as far as I have gotten has been good.
  2. BPZ Predictions League

    Dolph Ziggler Bayley Cedric Alexander Roman Reigns AJ Styles Finn Balor Rusev Alexa Bliss Asuka Bruan And ??? Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle Bludgeon Brothers Bonus Questions Joe Lesnar and Reigns 17 minutes Nakamura will turn heel Carmella cashed in on Asuka and loses Yea, Taker wins
  3. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    Quality: 8 Story:7.5
  4. I have really liked the storyline through these last weeks. Don’t see this match go more than 15 minutes but I’m expecting lots of big spots in that time hopefully lol.
  5. WWE Favorite Titles Belt

    Currently the Intercontanetal. Championship, But the Big Gold belt will always be my favorite.
  6. NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Discussion

    Looking very forward for Black vs Almas and the Ladder match for the North American Title and also I really like the design of the belt and think it’s pretty unique and Gargano vs Cimpa will be a classic. I’m looking forward for this ppv.
  7. Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday to my boy Smith! Enjoy bud!
  8. Introducing Team EVOLVE

    As "Written In The Stars" by Tinie Tempah explodes throughout the arena the Evolve Arena, Sameer steps out on to the stage looking throughout the arena from the fans to his teammates in the ring and his GM Nate. As he starts to walk to the ring he smiles at the crowd then climbs on the turnbuckle to hype up the crowd, He then receives a microphone in the ring. First off I just wanted to say that I am very honored to be in this match and repesent Evolve in the main event of Bragging Rights. I can't wait to beat the shit out of all the carnage members on their team and see Bailey's dreams of carnage being #1 ruined because that's all they are dreams nothing more and nothing less. If any of the carnage members of this team are watching I want to make it clear that you will LOSE there is nothing you can do to change the outcome of this match. I have beaten 3 out of the 5 people in this match. The other 2 are no threat to me nor will they ever be. Julius is just a big man with no brain and Ropati is just well Ropati nothing but a lower mid-carder at best. But Nate I have to say one thing that you did wrong was add Jonathan to this match I mean do we even know if this man is going to show up before the match yet alone the match. He's not reliable, Time has passed and still no show from him. But anyways We will see what happens soon. I just want to get my point out to one man in this match. Now this man thinks he is now some superstar because he now holds a title and that is Brad. Honestly this dude is one of the biggest jobbers I have ever seen in any company and after many title shots he finally get a title win but on the same night he gets destroyed by Flynn within seconds I just want to say to you Brad in this match I'm going to show you that you are one of the worst to step into this company. I will destroy you limb by limb. Anyways I would like to I'd like to announce the next member RED ARROW!
  9. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand | February 13th 2018

    Predictions Slim Bart Marker Myself Smith
  10. Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    I'd love to feud with @bailey14 again sometime, It's just that we have so much history from friends to enemies and our first feud was a great success
  11. Fortnite Discussion

    I do really enjoy the new Mini Gun. I love how it just destroys bases within seconds, Even tho it has a low damage rate which is good because it balances it out
  12. Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy Birthday, Bashka!
  13. Kayfabe Moveset Thread

    Fighting Style: 40% Technical, 30% High Flyer, 30% Brawler Signatures Superkick Blockbuster Bomb (Buckle Bomb) Finishers Frog Splash Blockbuster Theme:
  14. The Challenge Has Been Made

    "Written In The Stars" by Tinie Tempah explodes throughout the arena the Evolve crowd looks stunned. Sameer steps out on to the stage, Fire in his eyes like never before. The fans cheer for him and chant his name out of excitement as he focuses on the Prince that is in the ring. He walks slowly toward it then climbs on one of the turnbuckles hyping up the crowd even more. He jumps down and asks for a microphone then he stares dead into the eyes of Prince. Here I am Prince ask and you shall receive. You have just made the worst mistake of your life though to be fair Prince I never thought of you as a smart person. I am so sick of people like you coming out here discrediting me and my career and next time you want to maybe you should get the facts right first because for the 6 months that I was Premium Champion, I WAS HERE FROM MORNING TO NIGHT EVERY DAY. You are untalented Prince, nothing more than a stepping stone and that's all you will be in this industry. You like bringing up the past so why don't we take a little trip back to memory lane and talk about your past. You were a United States Champion, Tag Team, and European. You held each for 1 MONTH. You want to talk about an average Joe in the right place at the right time well guess what Prince that's you because you can't hold on to a title for more than a month. I have had more success in my career as of now then you will ever have in your ENTIRE career because it has been proven not once or twice but three times that the championship wins you have gotten are flukes. You are a piece of bronze in a shop full of gold. In the end, People will remember me for my success, They will remember you for being an ignorant failure. Bart has proven that he is better than you. Your own tag team partner is better than you. You want me at EVOLVE: LAST STAND, Well guess what Prince you got your ass a match. After February 13th you are gonna wish you never called me out here. All it will take is one shot to end you and that's exactly what I'm going to do. Sameer drops the micorphone as both men look at each other end in the eyes then Sameer winks at Prince and slowly leaves the arena with a smirk on his face.

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