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  1. RAW Top 5: Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, The Fiend, Charlotte Flair, McIntyre. Smackdown Top 5: Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Styles, Lynch, Almas
  2. Mia: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are just a few hours away from BPZ Survival Games. Where Flynn will defend his BrendenPlayz Undisputed Heavyweight Championship against Echo Wilson and 'The Anarchist' Necce. Bart and Julius former group members of The Kingdom will fight for the winner of Block A and Smith and Slim will battle for the winner of Block B. Yelich will have to defend his BPZ North American Championship against Mikey with the odds against him with BiC as the special guest referee and much more. I am here beside Former BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion Sameer. Sameer tonight you will go head-on-head with Hans Clayton. What's your game plan going into this match with Hans Clayton tonight and do you have any comments on what he said in his interview earlier today? Sameer: Well, of course, I can't tell you my gameplan before the match but Hans Clayton is an amazing performer in the ring. I won't underestimate him, people call him the future of the company for a reason. But you see for some odd reason Hans has decided to underestimate me and that's not something you want to do. I have been underestimated my whole entire career and that's fine because after Survival Games Hans will be on a long list of people that underestimated me and paid for it. You see Hans, you aren't better than me in the ring and you sure as hell aren't a better performer than me. Do you know who I am, kid? I'm the dude that gives it 110 percent when I am in the ring. I give my blood, my sweat, and my tears into this company. When I step foot into the ring I steal the show. You just remember while I was here stealing the show against Bailey at SummerSlam in 2016 in the MAIN EVENT, While I was wrestling in front of tens of thousands of people. You were wrestling in front of 1-2 thousand people. Tonight Me and Hans Clayton will put on a classic that the fans in the arena and watching at home will love. Everyone here knows how much of a competitor I am. So I'm glad that Hans thinks he's better than me because it pushes me to be the best version of myself that I can be. Mia: Are you talking about "The Beast" is it a possibility that he shows up tonight, who are the two unknown men that were at your house the other day, is it true that Hans Clayton is in your head and who has impressed you the most in the Survival Games Tournament? Sameer: No, I hope not at least. Like I've said before I want to keep that part of me left in the past. So many people ask me questions about it or him. I really don't know, I try to keep him out and for your second question I can't give you a full answer on that of course, It's going to remain unknown for the moment. They are two very talented men in this company and have had success in the business. Just know that a war might be on the break of happening and we are ready for any type of war coming and for your third question the answer is no. Sure, Hans Clayton can say he's the future of the company, he can say that he is the next big thing but many people have been called "The Future" of the company and some of them go on to be what people said they are. But others don't reach to the point people thought they would reach. I mean look at Prince, People were hyping him up 2 years ago and even before this tournament saying he was the dark horse to come out of A Block. The person to impress me the most in this tournament has to be KENJI. Going toe to toe with Bart and defeating FDS and Prince when people gave him no chance. He's 100 percent made himself a bigger name during this tournament Mia: Well, That's all the time we got, for now, Thank You Sameer for coming out here and doing this interview with us and good luck in your match tonight against Hans Clayton Live on BrendenPlayz Network. Excitement for Survival Games grows as Sameer's interview ends and his match with Hans Clayton gets even hotter this is surely a must-watch on the card here tonight at Survival Games.
  3. 1. Bailey 2. Flynn 3. Nebakos 4. Slim 5. Smith hopefully I’ll reach here soon.
  4. Im gonna go with Shawn Micheals vs The Undertaker here.
  5. Name: Sameer Age: 26 Figurehead: Seth Rollins Finisher: Curb Stomp PS4 or Xbox: PS4 DUH Weight: 190 Ibs Enemy in kayfabe: Bailey, FDS, Flynn
  6. Sameer


    We return to the Carnage LIVE go-home show for The BrendenPlayz Survival Games Pay Per View. Before the commercial break, we saw BiC come out and address being the referee for The BPZ North American Championship, Yelich vs Mikey. After the commercial break, we return and former BrendenPlayz World Heavyweight Champion, Sameer appears on the titantron in his living room, Sameer clearly still recovering from the attack he received from bulletproof a week ago. Sameer would begin to smile at the camera for a few seconds before then beginning to speak. You see, last week I brought everyone to my house in Vancouver, Canada. Now I am here at my house in San Francisco, California. I wanted to show everyone that hard work really does pay off. I wanted to show everyone where it all started and where I am now. I didn't have a lot growing up, for most of my childhood, my parents were living off paycheck to paycheck and I had no clue until I got older and they have been with me since day 1, they have supported me through the lows of my career and the highs. The final week of Survival Games is just a couple of days away and this final week I face Hans. You see Hans, I don't need to prove myself. Do you know how I got that Money In The Bank Briefcase in the first place? I went to hell with 7 other competitors in a ladder match and in the end, I showed that I wanted it more than everyone else in the match. Then at Judgement Day, I cashed in MY Money In The Bank Briefcase and defeated 5 other people in that match. Then I went on to defeat who many call the GOAT of BPZ and then went on to retain against the most dominant man in this company Julius in the main event of SummerSlam. So yes, I did cash in my money in the bank, but I showed that I am a TOP STAR in this company when I defeated those men. Hans, maybe I am not on the level of Smith. But I am damn sure that you are nowhere on the level of me. For years I have put in the work to be a top star in this company and it finally happened this year. One year ago I wasn't even being used on TV, one year ago I was told that I wasn't anywhere close to being at the head of the company and what did I do a few months later? I made it to the top of the company. I have solidified myself as a Hall Of Famer. I have been proving people wrong since I stepped foot in this company at Survival Games, it'll remain nothing new but when I defeat you this weekend Hans. It'll be a statement, a statement that Bulletproof fu*ked with the wrong people. I have been here day in and day out for the last 5 years in the performance center and I have shown my worth but you Hans, You still have a lot to prove kid and testing me won't benefit you in any type of way. I think you may be going a little crazy ever since you lost to Mikey. These loses look to be taking a toll on you, Hans. Maybe you should ask your buddy Bashka for some advice, he should know a thing or two about getting over loses since he takes them almost every month. This weekend we shall tear the roof down and put on a classic for the crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina and everyone watching but you'll see why I am a former World Heavyweight Champion and why I was the top dog of the industry for 3 months. Suddenly there is a knock on Sameer's front door, Sameer gets up to answer the door as the camera turns to the front door and goes to open the door to see who it is. (A reply is planned, don't be a cuck)
  7. I started playing Football irl, so I decided to start watching the NFL and I've decide that my team will be THE NEW YORK GIANTS. I know they are dog shit but I live in New York and I believe in that boy Daniel Jones. We finna get bum raped by New England next week lol, So far it's been fun learning the sport and getting into it.
  8. I enjoyed the premiere of Smackdown this week. I enjoyed the appearance of THE GREAT ONE, THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPION, not The Bailey, of course, that dude's a jobber, I MEAN THE ROCK, I didn't really enjoy Becky being out there with them in the segment though maybe that's just me tho. Kofi losing in a matter of seconds sucked. I really did enjoy his title reign and I hope he wins it again but that's really unlikely to happen. I knew Lesnar would win this match tho so no surprise there. I don't know if I'd enjoy Cain vs Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship though, I think it's already a big match without the championship but it's whatever I guess.
  9. I wouldn't give myself any advice for kayfabe, just been a fucking BEAST SINCE DAY 1 CUH AIN'T NO BIG DEAL. maybe teach my 2015 self aka 11 year old me how to spell and recheck what he's writing bc it was ass but I was still out there winning chips so NO BIG DEAL LIKE I SAID
  10. Sameer

    BPZ Writeups

    Great write up Storm. Really cool that you did a match that I really would like to happen and is a dream match great job with the story and the match.
  11. The BrendenPlayz Wrestling YouTube Channel start a Live Broadcast, We see Sameer sitting on a step of an entrance to a house as the camera zooms in on him. To everybody watching this, you are probably wondering where I am right now. Where this live broadcast is taking place right now. I am at where it all started. Where I became a fan of wrestling and dreamt about being a wrestler, this is my childhood home, the house that I grew up in and worked to make my dreams become a reality. Now as many of you know I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and today I went back to see some family members and friends that I haven't gotten to see since the day after Judgement Day where I cashed in my Money In The Bank briefcase, I got see a friend that told me a story about himself that really motived me. It motived me to keep going no matter what is ahead or what has happened. It's kind of getting a little cold out here let's finish this inside the house. Sameer enters his old childhood house and sits down on the couch as the broadcasting team follows him inside to the living room, we see an Eminem poster on the wall. Wow, it's been a while since I have seen that poster, yeah I was a real fan of Eminem growing up. Anyways let's get back to what I was saying before. My friend motivated me with his story and after what has happened the past month, Smith and I getting attacked by Bullet Proof 2 times in one month, Losing the world heavyweight championship to some crazy psycho with face paint and then after losing getting attacked by another psycho. It's just been a crazy month not just for me but for this company in general. Producer: Will we ever see "The Beast" Again? As soon as the question was asked by the producer, Sameer completely nods his head over and over again right away clearly saying no but Sameer begins to start speaking again I can't fully give you an answer on that. I can't tell you when that side of me comes out because I honestly don't have control of that. But it's apart of me, I wish it would or could go away but that last time you saw "The Beast" was against Julius and I was honestly shocked that I didn't do anything that I would regret, For the first time I actually felt like I had some control or maybe he did. I won't lie, I don't think I would have beat Julius at SummerSlam without him. I went back and watched the match today with my friends here in Vancouver and I kicked out of back to back Claymore's I had the most dominant wrestler in shock. When was the last time you saw Julius shocked? That's the first time I ever have. Let's talk about Survival Games now. At Survival Games, I go head to head against one of the biggest rising stars in the company in Hans Clayton, who is actually from Canada too. You see while Hans and I might be both from Canada, In 2015 when he was wrestling in front of an indie crowd, I was winning championship matches here in the biggest wrestling company there is, I was dominating everyone in my way. You know Hans, I really do respect you. I have respect for everything you have done in this company so far. But then you and the rest of the bulletproof decided to come after Smith and I and it wasn't just once but it was twice. You are apart of them, you are one of the reasons that my nose was broken and I have to have tape on my ribs. Next Sunday at Survival Games live on the BPZ Network, I'll finally get my hand on someone apart of Bullet Proof. I didn't want it to be Hans like I said before I respect the kid. But on October 13th when I am in the ring with Hans. It's no longer about if I respect him or not. It's about seeking revenge for all these attacks that Smith and I have endured and We will see who the best wrestler from Canada truly is. After finishing talking, Sameer continues to stare into the camera for a few seconds before looking away, thinking to himself for a moment before telling the producer that he is done and the camera fades into darkness and the live broadcast ends
  12. Who I think the Top 5 players will be from the NBA 2019 Draft CAREER WISE Honorable Mention Tyler Herro (Heat) Now going into the draft and seeing the heat pick Tyler Herro, I thought it wasn't the greatest pick but after he played in the summer league, I was impressed alot. I think this guy could be really good in the NBA. He's got the 3 point shot, He's able to create his own shot and is decent at making plays for his team. I think Him and Butler could really be something nice if he's able to take that next step in the NBA. 5. Cam Reddish (Hawks) Cam Reddish has the potential to be really good in the NBA. I think he wasn't really given the role he would've liked on duke but what do you expect when your on a team with Zion and RJ who went 1 and 3 in the draft. He's got the potential to be a all around player in the NBA in my opinion. If he puts in the work. I think he's got the ability to defend, shoot and be a playmaker in the NBA. 4. RJ Barrett (Knicks) I think RJ can be a All-Star in the league maybe putting him at 4 as some people shocked and who I put at 3 will, but I'm honestly not too in love with his game. I think he can be a great scorer in the league but everything else I'm not so sure about right now. I guess we will have to wait and see, he will have a tough time on the knicks for maybe the first 1-2 years I feel like with him not having the best team around him and maybe some teams focusing on him more when defending. 3. Darius Garland (Cavs) I know some people will be shocked at the fact of me putting Garland over Barrett but I really think he works well in this age of the NBA. He can shoot the lights out and be a playmaker now defense might be something he has to work on but he gives me Damian Lillard vibes but of course i'm not saying I think he'll be as good as Damian Lillard though. I think he'll be a big time player in the league though 2. Ja Morant (Grizzlies) Now I think most people know that Ja is my guy and I really do wish I could put him number 1 on this list. I think Ja is will a top 6 point guard in the league at one point in his career. He's got everything to his game. Maybe he could work on his shooting but that's honestly it. He's a athletic guard and is compared to Russell Westbrook but I think he's more like John Wall if I am being honest. This kid is going to be something special in the NBA. 1. Zion Williamson (Pelicans) I think everyone knew who was going to be number one on my list. Zion Williamson, the most hyped rookie since LeBron James. Now I don't think he'll ever be as good as LeBron, I don't think there will ever be another kind of player like LeBron. I think Zion will be the best in his draft class career wise. He's a 6 foot 7, 285 pound beast. This Kid can fly like superman down the court to block a shot and we saw it in college. I think he'll need to lighten down a little though because his knees could be a problem with him being to heavy but that's it.
  13. I'm gonna go with Edge for Taker here, I think it was better than Orton vs HHH vs Cena. With Taker's streak involved and WHC involved it, I also felt like there was more of a story going into this match with Edge cashing in on Taker the first time and costing Taker to retain the title.
  14. I've been listening to DaBaby's new album 'Kirk' related to his father and the favourite songs from the album are probably "Vibez", "There He Go" and "Probably Heard". Toes is pretty good with Lil Baby in it. I've also listen to the new Travis Scott song "Highest In The Room"

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