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  1. Sameer

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    The Rockets will get to the playoffs no doubt. James Harden and CP3 have started clicking again although I doubt they will have a playoff run like last year. Clippers are dropping out and I really do doubt seeing them make the playoffs
  2. Sameer

    Wine and Dine

    Ask for me and you shall receive my friend, well I wouldn't say "friend" is a term anyone would use to describe you, Brad, Maybe Echo since everyone knows how much of an idiot he is. But the terms most people would use to describe you and Brad are untalented and worthless. You have no right to come out here and discredit or disrespect me.You are the guy that would contemplate leaving after every single loss (and trust me there was a lot) but you knew you couldn't because you are untalented and worthless and this is the only place that would give you a contract. The only reason you got booked in any of those jobber matches was because Bailey got sick of hearing you crying. Then the cycle goes on and on, so don't call yourself "the heart and soul of this company." You aren't anywhere close to that name. I am so sick of you coming out here over and over spreading lies like a disease. You are cancer to this company, Like Carmelo Anthony, but I can't compare you to him because at one point he was actually good, unlike you. You talk yourself up, 3X IC champ everyone! He lost it within a day though, but that isn't the most embarrassing part, it's that he lost it to Apex. A man that I dominated for months. That was the end of "Savage Brad" and"Brad Blood". What a joke. You do this just for the glory. But besides that how are the kids and wife brad? The last time I saw them was when I kicked your ass when you were fighting for a contract, I mean look at you now you actually have a contract going for you man. Man, I feel bad for your kids. Kids normally look up to their dad. Your kids have to look up to you? Honestly, they should look up to me it's better than seeing someone they look up to lose on a weekly basis and also I mean your wife already calls me daddy. So it would work out great. I mean did you really think that she could stay loyal to a failure like you. You aren't good at anything you do, the best you are is average. Now let's talk about Echo Wilson, a man that we wouldn't be talking about if not for Slim because this guy has been CARRIED by the dominance Slim was back then and the fame he gained. Then Julius decided to grow some balls and challenge Slim and after Slim lost what does Echo do? Help the man that put his name on the map or Help Julius who hasn't really done anything for him. He decided to go with Bart and Julius backstabbing the man who made him. So don't call me anyone's bitch when you haven't won anything by yourself. Also didn't Julius offer you to team up with him and you declined and picked Brad as your partner. You basically just got yourself a guaranteed lost. But the thing that pissed me off is that you called me a paper wrestler I mean do you know who I am? Whenever I am in this ring I put on a DAMN SHOW and I know the same can't be said for the both of you. You can throw all these pity shots at me. I'm just going to keep catching them.
  3. Sameer

    Slaying the Beasts

    Ropati you come out here and talk like you are something like you are a big market guy in this business. Sorry to tell you that all you will ever be is a mid-show guy you are in the matches where everyone goes to get hot dogs, burgers, and drinks because they could care less about you. This is the biggest match you have ever been in. I have main event shows, Won multiple titles and you have the audacity to come out here and think you are better than me. I showed what a champion is when I was the premium champion I DEFINED it with 6 months of DOMINANCE. What have you done held the United States title for a month? Have you ever been able to defend a title by yourself? You come out here and disrespect me every time you have been out here as if you have the right to. You came into this company when it got soft. I stood as one of the best when it was ruthless. When you either were something or nothing I came into this company as NOTHING and I made my way up, Up to the point where in 2015 I was the best champion winning the champ is here award. I'm going to bring the ruthless aggression back for our match and your soft ass isn't going to be able to keep up and once Julius loses that world title he will go back to being a mid-carder and struggle. Ropati I don't think you don't know your place in this company nor if you even belong here. What's really going on here is that you have nothing else to say because I'm far more talented than you and anyone rather have me on their brand than some New Zealand garbage. Bigger fish to fry? Boy, you couldn't fry storm if you wanted to. Everyone that watches our match isn't watching to see YOU. They're watching to see Brenden and I take over the Tag Team division and that's going to start with taking down the "Kangaroo and Kiwi" because I'm a show stealer. I TAKE OVER THE DAMN SHOW BECAUSE I'M THE SHOWOFF AND YOU WILL LEARN THAT SOON. WHEN I KICK YOUR SKULL OFF
  4. I think it has been pretty fun especially if you have friends playing with you. The Game has crashed once in awhile for me but that is going to be fixed in a upcoming patch overall I enjoy it.
  5. Sameer

    Deafening Silence

    The lights start to flash on and off until the spotlight is on the entrance ramp everyone in the arena looks confused. Remember the Name by Fort Minor roars throughout the arena as the Crowd, Ropati, and Julius still look confused until we see a person come out of the backstage area on to entrance ramp. The mysterious person raises his head up to reveal his identity and it's none other than the 2 times Premium and IC champion, SAMEER! He's here TONIGHT with his tag team partner Brenden the man that brought him into this business as a young prospect and showed him how to be successful in the business. Sameer quickly walks toward the ring. Julius and Ropati look shook as they realize that Brenden was right about Sameer being ready for another big run looking more buffed than the last time we saw him. He gets inside the ring, He and Brenden his good friend/mentor shake hands, Brenden then proceeds to give Sameer the microphone. As Sameer then sets his eyes on Ropati first. I'll admit you have some balls kid calling me out and saying I'm pathetic but you weren't expecting me to show up today. Well, I'm here now and I can see that you are scared, frighten and shook, You have realized that you don't belong in this ring. You haven't achieved shit compared to the other 3 people in this ring. I honestly don't know what is more pathetic that Julius picked you as his partner or that you represent that shit country New Zealand. Anyone in New Zealand should be ashamed that the one guy that makes it to this company from there is nothing but a worthless half brain dead rat. That won't achieve anything. What have you done since being here for 2 years? Win the United States title which was clearly a fluke since you only held it for a month, Or make it to the semi-finals of king of the ring where you chocked and couldn't get the job done? You are a joke now shut the fuck up before I squash you with my boot kiwi. Sameer then focuses his attention on Julius they both stare at each other. The Crowd begins to erupt. Sameer then begins to speak again. Looks like we haven't been properly introduced I'm Sameer, I'm a two premium and IC Champion, oh and also a Tag Champ before. You come out here thinking you are some big guy huh? You may be World Champ and the United States Champ right now. But you haven't faced me and Those people that you named I have faced and I have beaten. You talk about carrying this company but from what I can see you aren't a money name, You don't draw people in. You are just a hothead that has overachieved and I'm gonna make YOU the world champ go out in the first round. I'm gonna show these people that I've still got it but also show them how weak you are. Ropati and you are the same so I guess that's why you teamed, You both are idiots. You haven't faced me, You don't know what kind of man I become when I have a goal set or when someone gets me pissed on the 7th of December you will figure out though and I know it's pretty obvious but I know you two aren't that intelligent so to answer your question I AM GOING TO BE THERE AND I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR ASS.
  6. Recently started playing fallout 76 with @BrendenPlayzand @Flynn It’s been really good other than the game crashes once in a while for me. Which I’m told is going to be fixed in a patch update soon.
  7. Sameer

    BPZ Dream Matches

    Storm vs Arrow vs Bullet vs Akki Battle of the biggest MEME in bpz
  8. Sameer

    The Game

    I love this!
  9. Sameer

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    Hoping the Big 3 of Oladipo, Tatum and Jokic can carry me to the promise land. I'd say I'm pretty happy with my team considering I had the last pick in the draft.
  10. Sameer

    Bullet In The Chamber

    Me yelling ima beast on live tv would get this place more rating than you wrestling
  11. Sameer

    Bullet In The Chamber

    I’d say I ruined your career but you actually have to have a career to ruin first
  12. Sameer

    Bullet In The Chamber

    I see no rule that I broke when I beat u. Honestly at this point brad you’re a fucking joke a goof
  13. Sameer

    Bullet In The Chamber

    This troll beat u dumbass so I am wonder how that help ur case