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  1. Sameer 20 Canadian 6 foot 6 6’9 wing span 225 Pounds DLO dreads, Black similar game: Kobe Bryant
  2. Flynn beat me 76-96 he was the rockets I was the pacers
  3. Sameer

    WWE - The 'Reborn' Era

    Lynch Rollins Almas Hardy Dunne Club Rush Owens Storm Strowman EC3 Cross
  4. Sameer


    Before Sameer could begin to speak the crowd goes electric for The Big Baller Brand thought the arena. Sameer smirks at the camera as the crowd settles down and he begins to speak. At World at War, there is going to be a dog fight between the two dominant groups that has ever been seen in BrendenPlayz history. Although I really wouldn't say that The Saviors are very dominant as a group. Brenden, Bailey and Me have been friends for years, We have been at each other's corner for countless times in this ring and The Saviors just think that they can come out here and test us? After BPZ Mania I was disappointed to lose the Tag Team Titles. I thought that Brenden was about to hang the boots up but it seems like the case will be that we just win it right back because as soon as that bell rings I will be unstoppable. You can hit me with everything you have. Uppercuts, Chops, Kicks Whatever you have and it still wouldn't be enough because I AM THAT DAMN GOOD. Let's not forget that name that Ropati and Julius had the Kiwi and Kangaroo. That shit is almost as worse as Joshua Scotts Win/Lost record. I am glad you guys agreed to this match. So when you are in the hospital the night after World at War and We are in the ring celebrating our win. There's nobody to blame but yourself's because you were too idiotic to see that Brenden, Bailey and Me are just on another level that you three. Flynn's is using the two brainless morans as Bodyguards which I can't blame him for when you use to have your name as two animals that are no threat. But it also shows that once again that Flynn cannot do anything on his own. In this WAR GAMES match, I am going to make it my mission to put you guys out of your misery and beat the living hell out of you three making sure my boot crushes your skull in and then maybe you will gain some sense and remember that Big Dogs don't play with Little Puppies. Sameer throws the microphone outside of the ring, The crowd erupts in The Oracle Arena for the Big Ballers as they pose for the crowd and the camera fades as Carnage goes to commercial break.
  5. The Big Baller's Theme hits as they rush out to the ring to save the World Champion The Bailey from an ambush from The Saviors. The Saviors quickly slip out the ring before any type of attack can form against them. Sameer, Bailey, and Brenden stand in the ring as both teams stare at each other, Clearly showing that there has been history between each one of them out in the arena right now. Sameer picks up the microphone that Flynn throw down in the ring earlier. He begins to talk with Brenden and Bailey by his side looking directly at The Saviors. What's wrong guys? Even odds scare you? You three disgust me coming out here to ambush one man. Once again Flynn has a pact of fools to do his dirty work for him. Bunch of reckless and stupid dogs because he cannot finish it himself and instead of coming out here and admitting to defeat, He makes excuses and trying to get his anger out by beating up a guy that he knows is far superior to him and can't accept the truth. Julius and Ropati sure you did beat Brenden and me at BPZMania. You got the better of us and I'll admit even though it hurt too. But since we are all out here and clearly want to beat the crap out of each other why don't we set a date for that. BPZ PowerTrip: World at War April 12th with the Tag Team Titles on the line in a WAR GAMES MATCH.
  6. Lion King, Toy Story, Incredibles 1&2
  7. The final season has been so good honestly. I’ve really enjoyed this show from the start maybe because I’m a big Batman fan but The Joker has been amazing in this show as well. The next Episode is gonna straight crazy cause we will see the fully formed joker 🤡🤡🤡
  8. How fucked up the dude is that killed Nipsey is. You killed that man in his own hood. In his own shop, A man that was changing his life for the good.
  9. I’ve just starting to play the whole Batman Arkham series again starting from Arkham Asylum these games. Can’t go wrong with these games always fun to playing over for me lol
  10. Sameer


    This game just gives me nostalgia automatically because I remember playing it when I was 5 or 6 and just enjoying the heck out of it. Playing as different groups and different storylines just a great game that gives me a throwback
  11. Sameer Ahsan Canada Brown 6'6 218 PG All around None Likes to shoot anywhere Sharpshooter/shot creator great playmaker
  12. I was the rockets Echo was the pistons
  13. Unfortunately for you IT DOESNT MATTER ur in
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