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  1. Sameer

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout Press Conferences

    Unexpectedly Sameer the Intercontinental Champion appears on the press conference. Sameer faces Kieron Black and Yelich at Fallout. He sits down with the Intercontinental Championship his shoulder. As the reporters are about to ask question Sameer quickly start talking Sameer: Just so you all know I was forced to come out here and answer your stupid questions, I could care less about this shitty press conference. Go on ask your questions. Jonathan Coachman: Sameer, One week ago you took on Brad and beat him winning you the Intercontinental championship than one day later, Yelich comes out and calls you a paper champion what are your thoughts on his words and your thoughts on him as a wrestler? Sameer: First off he is clearly jealous because my one championship win this year is better than anything he has done in this company. What was his greatest accomplishment in this company winning the Global Title? Which I beat him for the matter. He thinks he's unstoppable because of his alter egos agreeing with each other? Matter a fact I really do think this man should be in a mental facility, He needs help. Maybe this ass whooping that I'm gonna give him will make him realize where he needs to be. Also just to be clear I don't even know if Kieron Black is gonna appear here tonight or even make it to the match. ESPN.COM: Who do you view more as a threat in this match Yelich or Kieron Black? Sameer: I don't see either as a threat I think they are just two broken men trying to revive their careers even if they didn't really have one, To begin with. Anyways I'm done here you guys are starting to waste my time. GOODBYE. Sameer picks up his Intercontinental Championship and leaves as fast as possible
  2. 1. Storm 2. Sheridan 3. Marker 4. Ropati 5. Ark
  3. Sameer

    The BPZ Forums Fortnite Tournament

    I’m in
  4. I am currently thinking on buying save the world for fortnite as it is 50% off and I heard you can earn v bucks from playing it as well which sounds pretty cool. It also seems like it is a fun story to play with friends.
  5. Sameer

    Fortnite Discussion

    I’m sure epic games will update playground and improve it as it goes along this is a great idea by them. The first playground wasn’t very fun because there wasn’t nothing really to do but kill each other mown with the season 5 update you and play basketball, golf and etc
  6. Sameer

    My Plan For Sheamus & Cesaro Heading into Wrestlemania 35

    First off imo I think Joe vs Styles would be a much more better match than Sheamus vs Styles. Second off you saying that Joe hasn’t done anything is not valid when you rather have Sheamus win the world title.
  7. The Flash Arrow Gotham Rick and Morty South Park
  8. Sameer

    What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing The Division with my boy @Smith and ofc you know I’ve been on that season 5 grind of fortnite
  9. I see Nakamura winning here and unlike at WM, I want to see him win. I have enjoyed what he has done since turning heel more than anything he has done as a face.
  10. Sameer


    The EVOLVE arena is buzzing as we are coming off a monumental show in Backlash. With things heating up in BPZ as we enter the Summer season, many wonder what’s next as we are on the road to Takeover: Rebellion ….The crowd pop immensely as “The Show-Stealer” Sameer who hasn’t been seen since BPZ Mania steps out onto the stage, a cocky smile firmly across his face as well as a large fur coat. He throws his arm high in the air, the fans in full support for the returning star. Sameer, who was announced not to long ago to be making his in-ring return at Rebellion, marches straight to the ring looking to kick things off with a bang. A microphone is already laying in the ring which he picks up before breaking his silence. “I’m back.” There is a massive pop from the crowd “You see a month ago I took a very dark turn in my career and it led me to be a person I didn’t like. You see three years ago I was a man that now I despise and that’s what I became, a man I despise. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t even look my own wife in her eyes. I was an emotional wreck and so I took a break. And I didn’t just sit on my couch at home no I took full advantage of the break Trenton gave me a month ago and I fixed Sameer. I made myself better than ever and now I’m back baby!” “And so I called up the current GM Trenton and I told him I’m ready to come back. I didn’t care where he put me on the card, or who I was up against I promised him one thing and that is I would do exactly what I do best and that's steal the whole damn show. Once upon a time, I came here to EVOLVE and I won the Global Championship. Shortly after I suffered an injury and since then things have been a rollercoaster. I main evented Summerslam however since that moment I’ve done nothing and I’ve accomplished nothing.” “At Takeover that changes. Because at Takeover I’ve been given the only tool I’ve ever needed to succeed. An opportunity. An opportunity to face the Grand Champion, for his Grand Championship. My opponents? Two men I actually hold nothing but respect for. In one corner, Ark Universe who is also making his in-ring return. Ark is a man who likes to fly high and put it all on the line for the fans. But he’s not “The Show-Stealer”. And in the other corner, we have Alyx Wilde….” The fans pop massively for the mention of the returning Wilde. “Alyx Wilde is a man I’ve been in this ring with and I will be the first to say that he is no one to take lightly. These two men, like myself, are making their in-ring return in this match. All three of us need this. All three of us want that big return victory. But only one can have it. Only one wants it more than the others and you're looking at him. I’m the man who’s walking into Rebellion and Redeeming myself, my past, defeating Ark Universe, DEFEATING ALYX WILDE and becoming the Number One Contender for the Global Championship and if you don’t believe me, watch me.” Sameer drops his microphone however before he can leave the ring, a familiar theme hits….
  11. Sameer

    What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing the new God Of War, Loving it. The combat, graphics, and story as far as I have gotten has been good.
  12. Sameer

    The Greatest Royal Rumble Pool

    yep I'm in
  13. Sameer

    BPZ Predictions League

    Dolph Ziggler Bayley Cedric Alexander Roman Reigns AJ Styles Finn Balor Rusev Alexa Bliss Asuka Bruan And ??? Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle Bludgeon Brothers Bonus Questions Joe Lesnar and Reigns 17 minutes Nakamura will turn heel Carmella cashed in on Asuka and loses Yea, Taker wins
  14. I have really liked the storyline through these last weeks. Don’t see this match go more than 15 minutes but I’m expecting lots of big spots in that time hopefully lol.
  15. Sameer

    WWE Favorite Titles Belt

    Currently the Intercontanetal. Championship, But the Big Gold belt will always be my favorite.

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