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  1. Carnage Power Trip: Redemption Votings

    Voted for Bailey, Apex, Brad, Summer FDS, Bashka and Flynn
  2. Check out my reply!

  3. "Sketchers"

    The sound of unknown music plays, as slowly the fans turn to the stage, wondering if a returning star has come back, or if a new debut is occurring in front of them... but then, the man formerly known as The Showoff, Sameer, walks out to the stage with a snarl, looking intense as ever after his loss at Paranoia. Sameer stands on the stage, looking down Jonathan as he then puts both of his fists on his chin before throwing a punch, and beginning to walk down to the ring. Sameer grabs a microphone as he now stands face-to-face with Jonathan, and raises his microphone and begins to speak. Jonathan, Jonathan. Let's not get too haste, buddy, you see, what I did at Paranoia wasn't personal, it was just business. But, let's not forget that YOU brought it upon yourself, let's not forget that YOU tried to take the spotlight off of me, that you tried to take money off my table, tried to put the name "Jonathan" in the headlines, instead of Sameer. Because what you tried to do, wasn't the act of a hero, what you tried to do was an act of a fraud. While you claim to be a standup guy, we both know that, that is far from the reality of the situation and the reality of the situation is that YOU weren't scheduled for Paranoia, but to avoid getting that blank check, you had to appear, you had to try and save the day and all it brought upon you, and me, was a harsh reality. And I never thought that I would say this, but for once in his life, Slim was right, I shouldn't have been fighting for the people, I shouldn't have tried to change who I am, and who I am is a guy who DESERVES everything. Because everything should be mine, and after I finish you off, EVERYTHING WILL be mine. You are just the first step in my climb back to the top, you're a pit stop on my journey to the land of glory. At the end of the day, I'm still one of the longest reigning champions in history, I'm still one of the best... the problem was my attitude, I was always putting the people first, but... the people didn't put me before them, so why should I put the people before me? I AM SAMEER GOD DAMN IT! I AM AN ICON, AND ALL I WAS TREATED AS WAS THE GUY WHO WAS GOOD, NOT GREAT! NO MORE! Sameer speaks with conviction, as an intense, aggressive tone echoes throughout the arena, the fans feeling the camel breaking Sameer's back slowly. For months, I was the people's champion, for months I was The Showoff. Now.. now, I'm AN ICON, I'm the UNDISPUTED champion. And make no mistake about it, just because I heeded the advice of Slim, doesn't mean I haven't forgotten about MY championship that I never lost, and Slim's golden boy... The man that YOU lost to at Destiny. Making everything mine starts with destroying The Immortal One, then taking my Global Championship back, and then it all ends with me raising my destiny, the BPZ World Championship... But Rome wasn't built in a day.... But all it takes is a day to destroy Rome, and I kind of equate that to your career, Jonathan. It took you 3 years to build a legacy, but it'll only take me one match to destroy that. Sameer smirks, lowering his microphone as Jonathan begins to speak.
  4. We are twenty-three minutes into the Rage In The Cage match between "The King" Slim, and "The Showoff" Sameer, and it's been a brutal contest filled with blood, gore, and more, as Slim and Sameer both now lay down in the ring, both exhausted. Slim is the first back to his feet as Sameer slowly follows.... And Sameer throws a wild Superkick! But Slim catches his boot, throwing it down on the ground before he sets it up... ANNIHILATION! Sameer lays on the canvas, motionless following the brutal move to the neck area from Slim. Slim smirks, devilishly as he enjoys the pain he's inflicting on Sameer. Slim now gets on top of Sameer, before executing ground and pound, trying to bust Sameer open... AND HE DOES! Slim with the huge MMA-style forearms busts Sameer open! Sameer's forehead now pours out with blood, as the mat begins to become red, as blood stains the canvas, and now Slim spreads his arms, knowing he has Sameer defeated, and Slim tells the referee to stop counting, before sliding out of the ring and unlatching the steel steps and sliding them into the ring. Slim follows as he grabs Sameer by the hair, putting his head in between his thighs, as he hooks his arms... AND DROPS HIM DOWN ONTO THE STEEL STEPS WITH AN ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! Slim, with his adrenaline wearing off, collapses to one knee as he holds onto the ropes, telling the referee to count as the referee obeys his command: 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10. The bell rings, as now it's official, with Sameer motionless in the ring, blood continuing to stain the canvas, Slim stands up, having his hand raised by the referee and being declared the victor. Slim tugs on the ropes, looking at the stage, daring anyone to mess with The King following his first match back in the ring... a Rage In The Cage victory over one of the top stars on EVOLVE. Slim leaves the ring, walking backstage as the General Manager has duties to attend to. As he walks backstage, medics rush out to help The Showoff, Sameer. The medics help Sameer to his feet, trying to help him out as he then STRIKES THE MEDICS!?! Sameer begins to punch all of the medics, hitting brutal forearms to each one as they all fall, as the commentators ask why would Sameer do this? Sameer now grabs a chair, as he begins to hit the medics over and over again, seemingly having snapped tonight at TakeOver: Paranoia. Security rushes out, but Sameer hits them all with chairs too! With fifteen men laying down in the ring, a bloodied Sameer shows a new-found aggression as now, EVOLVE Superstar Jonathan walks out, approaching Sameer as he begs him to put the chair down. Jonathan helps Sameer put the chair down, as Sameer takes a deep breath, and now Jonathan begins to walk out of the ring.... AND SAMEER HITS HIM WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Sameer has snapped completely! Sameer pulls Jonathan out of the ring, anger seeping through his pores as he sets him up in Suplex position... AND HITS A RELEASE FORWARD SUPLEX ON THE STAGE! Sameer stands up, A disgusted look on his face as he looks down at Jonathan, and it's seems clear that Sameer has a new attitude... And it doesn't involve being a Showoff.
  5. Slim isn't too pleased, being interrupted as the crowd breaks out in cheers, and The Showoff, Sameer walks out, not wasting time as he walks down the ramp, getting into the ring as he grabs a microphone and begins speaking to The King. Listen, Slim. I'm not gonna change who I am for success, I'm not gonna change who I am to become a World Champion because I'm gonna do it THE RIGHT WAY. Unlike you, I value my pride and I'd like to be remembered as a guy who fought his way to the top instead of a backstage politicking prick, like you, bud. This is not my last stand, this is not MY final chapter because I've survived two battles with you before and I can do it again. I'm not just some guy who walked in and challenged you to a match, I'm not just some average Joe... I'M SAMEER! The guy who beat you, ended months of being undefeated in singles matches, ending a hot streak that you were on. I'm the guy who beat the current World Champion at SummerSlam, and I honestly believe that you already think you've won the match... It's Rage In The Cage. No Order, no Ross, nothing can save you from the beating I'll give you on Sunday. Remember that. Sameer drops the microphone, signing the contract as he throws the pen at Slim, awaiting his signature
  6. A reintroduction

    Welcome Back to the forums Jake!
  7. The True Story

    The EVOLVE Center turns it's attention to the stage, as the music of "The Showoff", Sameer walks out, looking more serious than ever as he walks down, no dance, no games tonight as he gets into the ring, grabbing a microphone and a steel chair as he places the chair down before beginning to talk to the EVOLVE Crowd. In exactly eight days, I will step into the ring with The King, I will step into the ring with the longest reigning champion in BPZ History and I will step into the ring with one of the greatest of all-time, and the odds are against me, but this isn't the first time and it certainly won't be the last, and last year, the odds were against me, the odds weren't in my favor but I still defeated Slim. And the result will be the same this time because in the back of Slim's mind he knows the harsh reality, which is that he is just a fraud. Slim, was a young 18-year-old, just breaking into the business in 2015, and now he's 20 years old and it only took him two years to go against everything he was for. When Slim came to BPZ, he was a rebel, a man who went against Authority and didn't care what was said about him, and he wanted to take down everything that had just an ounce of power, and now, fast forward, 2 years later and The King has become exactly what he hates, exactly what he claimed to be against. The authority, the power, the abuse of power, it's all Slim's now and Slim has become drunk with power, he's consumed by it and his ego protects those who try to reveal the truth to him, because after all, he still is a 10 month World Champion and a 10 time champion. No Rules was just chapter one, No Rules was just the prelude to what I and Slim are gonna do at Paranoia because we're gonna tear the house down but it's gonna me who has his hand raised... Because Slim, I changed Carnage for the better, and unfortunately, I see EVOLVE heading the same way, so the only way, ONLY WAY to take you out is to put you out of commission. Not only do I want you, in a match, I want you in a brawl, I want you in a fight and I want no BS messing with our match, so I want our match... TO BE RAGE IN A CAGE! Slim vs Sameer, the final chapter, inside of Rage in a Cage! Sameer raises the microphone for the BPZ Universe to speak, as they begin to chant over and over, "YES!", as the crowd becomes loud enough to where Sameer starts smiling, pointing at the stage and daring Slim to come out, knowing he's backstage
  8. Best Feud On Smackdown Live

    Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz was my favorite and in my opinion the best feud on Smackdown Live. Them back and forth on the mic was amazing and the Title vs Career match was amazing. Honestly, Everything was good about this feud.
  9. Survivor Series

    As My Demons plays throughout the EVOLVE Arena "The Showoff" walks out to a thunderous reaction, cheers pouring in from the crowd as Sameer, the former BPZ Intercontinental Champion, along with having one of the longest reigning Premium Championship reigns of all-time. Slim looks on, pissed from the ring, as The Showoff has a microphone in hand as he stands on the stage and begins to speak. Slim... Slim. What happened to you, man? You used to be the guy who came out, destroyed people and barely spoke and now you're just another Bailey, you're just a Bailey copy. Well, here's a fun fact, I beat Bailey at SummerSlam and I can sure as hell beat you. At December to Dismember last year, YOU stole a victory from me and stole my opportunity to become World Champion when you cracked my skull open with a Sledgehammer, and as fate has it, I'm back on EVOLVE and my first task is to settle the score that we have. I want you, at Paranoia. It's time that The Showoff and The King duel once again, and it's time for me to get back on the map because frankly, beating the self-proclaimed GOAT, wasn't enough. I was still unvalued on Carnage and I was put at a disadvantage in my title match. I'm still the same Showoff who upset YOU on the biggest EVOLVE TakeOver to this date, I'm the same showoff who beat YOUR champion, and I'm here to prove to the fans that this is my passion, and that all starts with getting the visions out of my head from last year... I was so close, yet so far, and you are the person in my way, I just can't move on knowing I lost to you. It's time that The King gets dethroned, by none other than the best in BPZ. And once I beat you at Paranoia, it's just that much easier. First, your teeth go down your throat, second, you hear "AND YOUR WINNER.... SAMEER!". Why? Because I AM THAT DAMN GOOD... And all you are is a shell of yourself. Slim looks on in disgust at Sameer, before he raises the microphone and begins to speak.
  10. hey

    Yo, what's sup Pablo, I'm Sameer, Glad to have you here! If you have any questions about the forums you could talk to me or a moderator!
  11. [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    Can wait to see what team Wade choose to go to I read a news topic saying that he is looking to go to the cavs and if so imo Cavs are winning the playoffs
  12. I agree with Brenden on this one, Also I think Bliss winning was the right choice in my opinion. They will probably have a 1 on 1 for the women's title next Bliss vs Nia til Asuka gets a title shot which I don't see happening until 2-3 months after she debuts.
  13. The fans suck nowadays, WWE gives us a slight taste of attitude and aggression and the fans start to complain. It's ironic how many people go around and insult wrestling for being PG and then complain when it's not.
  14. Source: nodq.com

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