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  1. Flynn First Class Express Arius James Ropati Sameer Royal Flush Julius Jones The Bailey Bart
  2. Bray Wyatt Roman Reigns Daniel Bryan Sasha Banks Buddy Murphy
  3. Lesnar vs Reigns vs Braun vs Joe at SummerSlam
  4. Sameer 24 Canadian Heel Rollins Heel Frog Splash, BuckleBomb Curb Stomp, phenomenal forearm Suge Black and Gold.
  5. Excited to watch Raw tonight I’m thinking Braun vs Styles ends with a DQ finish and they face at Clash of Champions. I think Joe will best Cesaro, Drew beats Ricochet, Cedric beat Sami and Corbin beats Miz
  6. BrendenPlayz Stars That Could Win The Money In The Bank Briefcase At Bad Blood 5. Jonathan Ever since the Royal Flush lost to the Big Ballers Jonathan has not appeared on BrendenPlayz TV. He's taking a break from Wrestling as of right now but him winning the Money In The Bank Briefcase would do wonders for him and relieve his career. He won the briefcase before and been world champion before so this would also be safe option since he knows what is like to be world champion. 4. BiC BiC has been one of the hardest workers in the company as of right now. Him winning Money In The Bank wouldn't be as much of a career relieve like Jonathan it'd be more like a win that would push him up to the top again where he was a couple of years ago and he would be able to prove this time that maybe he is ready to be at the top of the company this time. He's currently in a Tag Match with Hans at SummerSlam against Blade and Slim so it might not happen but it could since we saw Sameer win Money In The Bank while in a Tag Team with Brenden. 3. Bart Bart has made his return and is facing Flynn at SummerSlam for the Undisputed Championship. Before he had to leave due to Julius attacking him. Bart was on a role and one of the best stars in the company but he couldn't take the next big step with him winning Money In The Bank. He could take the next step and win the World Championship. Although it may be unlikely to happen since he could be undisputed champion entering bad blood. 2. Arius Arius has been one of the fastest rising stars in BrendenPlayz him winning would no doubt do wonders for his career and it would most likely lead to him winning the world championship. Management has shown that they have no problem with pushing Arius and can you blame them? This guy is phenomenal and I don't think anyone would mind seeing him at the top of the company. 1. Smith Ever since coming back to BPZ at King Of The Ring. All the fans have been pumped to see Smith back in the BrendenPlayz ring and with him being one of the biggest stars ever in the company. I wouldn't be suprised if they give him the briefcase and put him at the top of BrendenPlayz again. He has been world champion before so like Jonathan it's another safe bet. This has been Ben Dover and this was BACK TO BACK BPZ COMMENTARIES. I have been truly kind to you people as of late with all this content ONLY ON BPZ COMMENTARIES.
  7. Sameer

    Pro Wrestling Reborn

    Rey Mysterio Adiran King Dragon Lee Marty Scrull
  8. I’m a fucking BEAST IMAA BEASTT but you all knew that before so ig that I lived in Canada for awhile before moving to NY
  9. Lakers SuperSonics Magic Thunder Bulls Heat Spurs
  10. 3 Superstars BrendenPlayz needs to face One on One before he retires. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Ben Dover and here are 3 superstars that BrendenPlayz needs to face before he retires. 3. Julius The two Australian natives, Brenden and Julius have had some history in matches before but all of them have been in tag team matches. With Julius being one of the biggest stars in the company it would be a great match and these two could put on a great build up leading to the match. It was rumored a little while ago the Brenden did want a match with Julius one on one before he retires so we might actually see this who knows. Number 2: Smith Smith is one of the biggest stars to ever step in the ring in the company. He is one of the most accomplished stars in the business but he was fired by BrendenPlayz himself. Despite The Bailey being a major part in Smith being fired. BrendenPlayz also had to agree with it. Since coming back to the company after one year in the indies. Smith has comeback with a vengeance to fight The Bailey who is one of the biggest reasons he was fired. It'd only be right if these two had a match. With Brenden also being a big reason that Smith was fired. This needs to happen Number 1 Sameer Teacher vs Student, Sameer and Brenden have been friends for years. There is so much history between these two. They were Tag Team Champions for months. They have had each others back for years and with Sameer becoming World Champion and being one of the best in the company this needs to happen. Somehow, Someway. The Build would be amazing between these two of course one of them would have to betray the other. Maybe it could be Brenden and then his reasoning being that Sameer can't win anything without him or is nothing without him. Or It could be Sameer and than saying that he never needed BrendenPlayz. Either way would be fine.

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