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  1. * Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes * Brian Pillman Jr. vs. MJF * AEW World Champion Kenny Omega with Don Callis vs. Bryan Danielson (Non-Title Match) * CM Punk live interview * Britt Baker (c) with Rebel vs. Ruby Soho (AEW Women’s World Championship) * Sting and Darby Allin vs. FTR with Tully Blanchard
  2. The theme of the Triple Crown Champion hits as the Champion walks down to the ring with the crowd on his side here tonight. He rolls inside the ring, takes a seat with his feet up, and grabs the microphone on the table as he begins to talk to his opponent at Valor SuperFight. You know Josh, I don't know why I bothered to give you this championship opportunity if all you're going to do is sit there and talk about me as if I haven't given you the biggest opportunity in your career. You come out here and shit on the same show that you're getting this championship opportunity on. I'm giving you more of an opportunity the the Carnage Brand has since you've been there. So I'd advice you to show some respect to me. You wanna talk about another "timeline". Like what the fuck is this dude on right now? I'll tell you something though Josh, you're the same in every single timeline, just a fucking joke. Bringing up dodgy wins as if anyone cares, you're boring the fans out here right now mannnnnnnnnn. You put your career on the line against Julius, I'm certain you lost that, so why the fuck are you still standing in this ring? Oh that's right you didn't stick to your word, so who the HELL really cares Josh? Because I put my career on the line in front of millions of fans at BPZMania against BRENDEN PLAYZ the man that you said was my friend and I beat his ass. You want me to refrain from spinning off your "big wins" Alright then Josh, I won't bro, congrats dude with all the wins you've had in BPZ, you still haven't AMOUNTED TO ANYTHING and here you are criticizing on some of my greatest wins ever. Not only do you look like a fool but you speak like one too. I'll tell you what's going to happen at SuperFight Josh. I'm gonna go into the ring, I'm going to beat your ass for a nice couple of minutes and then I'm going to pin you for the 1, 2, 3. I'm not here to play games with you, I'm here to be your reality check, you aren't anywhere close to my level and when you get in the ring at SuperFight you'll understand afterward. So you can try to take me down just like Bart tried, just like Bailey tried, just like Mikey tried. It's only going to end up with the referee raising my hand and handing me the Triple Crown Championship back after another successful defense. I wish you good luck Josh, I really do, I've got nothing at all against you but this is how it has to be when you come to my house and trash it. With that said, I'll see your bitchass at SuperFight. Sameer drops the microphone down onto the table, picks up the pen and signs the contract. It's now fully official, Sameer will defend against Joshua Scott at Valor SuperFight. After signing he and Josh exchange a few words whilst sitting on the table. However, Sameer gets up from the table and as soon as he's about to exit the ring...
  3. Name: Sameer Williams Position: SF College: Texas Jersey Number: #35 Age (17-23): 19 Height: 6'9 Weight: 225 Build All-Around Player (Carmelo Anthony-like): Physical Strengths (3): Speed, Acceleration, Stamina Technical Strengths (3): Shooting, Ball Handling, Slashing) Physical Weakness (1): Strength Technical Weakness (2): Post Defense, Steals
  4. Match Card Preview: Adam Cole vs Frankie Kazarian Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston vs 2Point0 Darby Allin vs Shawn Spears Jade Cargill vs Leyla Hirsch
  5. Overcooked: All You Can Eat (PS5) Hitman 2 (PS4) Predator: Hunting Grounds (PS4)
  6. AEW Dynamite Match Card: Casino Battle Royale Winner Ruby Soho Makes First Dynamite Appearance Dustin Rhodes vs. Malakai Black Homecoming Match: Jon Moxley vs. Minoru Suzuki
  7. OOC: yeh ngl ima just stick with Rollins LMAO. dw BiC I'm still finna use that video tho dope asf 💯 A few moments pass as Josh begins to get impatient and the fans start to assume that the Triple Crown Champion won't show up here tonight to accept Josh's challenge, he begins to walk towards the ropes to exit the ring. However, the music of The Triple Crown Champion begins to blast throughout the Valor arena as Sameer appears from the gorilla position as he heads to the ring with a smirk on his face, his championship belt on his shoulder as he dons a suit here tonight. As he enters the ring he takes a glance at Josh before beginning to speak. Is this a joke? Are you joking right now? See Josh I'm not upset that you answered the challenge, I'm upset that nobody else had the balls to answer it. Everyone in that locker room should be ashamed of themselves because now we've got Joshua goddamn Scott thinking that he's a challenge to ME? That he's a challenge to the Triple Crown Championship? You all should be ashamed because now this poor dog is going to get his ass whooped. See Josh every time you come out to this ring, you tell everyone who you are, half of it is a bunch of bullshit and I think at this point you're fooling yourself more than you are of these people. I don't gotta come out here and tell everyone what I've done, they already know who the hell I am. You proved it here tonight, seriously I'm glad you're such a fan of mine! However, you've got some audacity to come here in the house that I built and begin to speak down on me. I LOVE IT JOSH! Until you brought up BrendenPlayz and spoke as if I owe my whole career to him, see what I don't understand with you and most of the idiots in the back is you always to say the same thing. I thought you were a smart guy Josh, unfortunately, that's not the case. BrendenPlayz and I became friends even before I signed my first contract with this company. So for you to say that when I became friends with him is when I began to succeed is just completely wrong. I haven't had a proper conversation with that man since the night I beat his ass at BPZMania. BART, BAILEY, MIKEY, all men that I've defeated in my quest to become one of the greatest champions ever. I've done more impressive things in the last three months than you have for your whole career. So how about you shut that big ass mouth of yours for once and show some respect to me because anything you've done I guarantee that I've done it 10x better. You are the definition of a little shit, you're a dead man walking and you just don't seem to know it yet. So sure Josh, I'll accept your challenge for the Triple Crown Championship. I'll see your ass September 17th at SuperFight, the day you'll understand why you don't poke a bear, why you don't tug on Superman's cape. I'm making sure that this title says here on Valor in my possession and after SuperFight it still will be because I know deep down you don't have enough to take it off me in the first place. SuperFight you face the best wrestler on the planet Josh, there’s no preparing for that. I told Mikey the exact same thing and I’m telling it to you too. I hope you’ll put up a better fight than he did after all you said you’re one of BPZ’s biggest stars, so here’s a chance to prove it to everyone Josh, in the main event of SuperFight. I’m sure that we’ll be seeing each other a few more times before the match, but I’m going to wish you good luck here right now, But I don’t think even luck could save you from what’s bound to happen at SuperFight. It's official! Sameer vs Joshua Scott for the Triple Crown Championship at Valor SuperFight! The Champ's music begins to play once again as he heads out the ring and up the entrance ramp with Josh staring from inside as Valor goes to commercial break.
  8. Sasha Banks VS Carmella VS Dakota Kai(c) smackdown women’s championship match. The Usos(c) VS MSK smackdown tag team championship match. Celtic Bros VS AJ and Omos(c) RAW tag team championship match. Cedric Alexander VS Bobby Lashely no disqualification match if Cedric wins he’s back in the hurt Business. Damian Priest VS Ricochet(c) US championship match. Becky Lynch VS Rhea Ripley(c) RAW women’s championship match. Drew McIntyre VS Edge no holds barred match. Karrion Kross VS Big E(c) VS Kofi Kingston WWE championship match. Seth Rollins VS Roman Reigns(c) acknowledge me match universal championship match.
  9. Kai, Bart, Arius, Nate, Bic, Hans, Jon, Nathan, Icon, Arrow, Steph all are going to die is my prediction
  10. Condiment King, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Ten Eyed Man
  11. sameer

    And Still

    We are live on Valor for the first time since SummerSlam. The fans are buzzing to see what the opening segment of tonight's show will be. From the gorilla position, Sameer steps out onto the stage, he walks down to the ring calm, cool, and collected after his big championship defense against Mikey at SummerSlam. He takes a microphone and slides into the ring, giving the crowd a smile before speaking. I tried to tell him, I tried to warn him, I tried everything in my power to make him understand that he's not on my level and ultimately it took me to beat the living shit outta him for his hard head to finally understand. I said to you all that I would win, that I would walk in SummerSlam as champion, and no doubt that I would walk out as champion. See Mikey, you thought that I would go out there with my mind thinking of putting on a classic with you for these people at SummerSlam. I showed up at the Rogers Centre looking to make you hurt. You wanted to see my true self and I showed you it at SummerSlam, a BEAST. That's what the fuck I am, I'm a beast. Six months of building yourself up with Bailey holding your hand only for me to destroy it all. You said to me that I wasn't on the level of the other members that were in Creed, look at you now. Has anyone in Creed besides me given you that type of ass-whooping kid. WHERE'S BART? GONE AFTER I DEFEATED HIM NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. WHERE'S SMITH? NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. While I'm putting attempting to put on one of the greatest championships runs in BrendenPlayz History. I've been champion for ONE MONTH and I've done more than Julius has done since he's won the Universal Championship at BPZMania. Don't ever speak on my name again Mikey. Bailey might treat you like a son but I'm your daddy when we enter this ring together boy. So now that I've defeated Bailey and his son, I know you all are wondering what's next for the champ and to answer that question I don't even know myself. I've been cleared from competing at SuperFight, but don't you worry I'll be in the crowd watching. I'll be looking for who's next to face me for this belt. I'm sure there's someone that will, there's a target on me, there's always someone that wants a shot at kicking my ass. I think I've earned a little break when someone decides to step up for Chapter Seven, You know I’ll be right back here to confront them. That's all I have for you people tonight, enjoy the rest of tonight's show. The Champion's music begins to play throughout the arena once again as he drops the microphone in the ring and heads up the entrance ramp with the Triple Crown Championship on his shoulder. Making a statement here tonight that he's ready for whoever his next challenger is.
  12. I’m taking 2015 Bailey over anyone. 2015 Bailey is the greatest player I’ve ever seen in my career. He’ll do whatever it takes to win! He’s got will to win no matter the cost! Gun on my head and I need a win I’m taking 2015 Bailey.
  13. sameer

    The Worst

    The camera opens up with an overview of night-time Toronto, the bright city lights shining over the city as the camera now cuts to inside a house, specifically a living room. As we see the BPZ Triple Crown Champion come into the frame of the camera with a glass of whiskey. The expensive cut and midnight blue sheen of his tuxedo on showcase as he adjusts his bowtie, he takes a sip of his whiskey and begins to speak towards the camera. Come on, we're in Canada, y'all knew I was going to have a good time here. Before I do, I got some things to say to my SummerSlam opponent, who has been AWOL for a little bit, now I know before the match we'll probably hear some BS that he's been more focused on the match than talking about the match. Let's be honest with each other, no focusing, no training can help you plan against me. Anything you do, I do better, it's as simple as that. We've had big pay-per-views here in Canada but this is different from anything else. This is SummerSlam, the biggest show of the Summer. This is where I'm from, this is where I became the wrestler that I am now. I've worked for this moment to come into my home as champion. To show everyone that you can achieve greatness, no matter where you're from. So Mikey you could think that I'm going into this match thinking it's a cooldown as you said but that's far from the truth. I'm going into this match fighting for my COUNTRY. You've always been aligned with someone, First, it was Flynn, then Slim, now Bailey. You've been around greatness, but since I left this brand you've been holding Bailey's goddamn hand to the top. So here you are nearly at the top of the mountain whilst holding your daddy's hand but this is where that ends, it's time to grow up and there's no Bailey to save you, no Slim to come out and speak for you like last year. No Bob for you to get lucky and advance off a draw. It's just Sameer and Mikey. I don't hate many people in this place, I don't hold onto things like many people around here, but you are a piece of shit. Nothing will change that in my mind and I'm sure that the feeling is mutual. You were one win away from becoming the PowerTrip Cup winner, one win away from becoming the Intercontinental Champion, here you now one win away from becoming Triple Crown Champion. The thing is that you have to go up against me and history always repeats itself. I'll always be two steps ahead of you. You've beaten Necce and Eli Smith, cool that was nearly a year ago my friend, and what came of worth at the end of it all? Nothing. You've had these nice little runs in tournaments before but there's always somebody better than you. You went from beating the likes of Eli Smith in Survival Games to losing to Dante in PowerTrip Cup where one year ago you were in the finals. Fluke or not, you lost. Then you beat him in a 60 minute Iron Man Match. News flash kid, this isn't going to be a 60 minute Iron Man Match. You don't have the advantage of having the stipulation of your choice anymore. I'm going to beat you and I'm looking forward to seeing Bailey's face when he realizes that no matter what he's wanted, he won't get it while I'm around here. That no matter who he puts as an obstacle in my path of having one of the best championship reigns ever, that I'll keep moving on. Before I left Valor earlier this year, I told everyone that Valor is my house and that I'll just be taking a vacation away from it. Well, here I am back like I never left. Mikey, you've seen what I did to Bart, a man that I once called my brother, he hasn’t been seen since Duel Of Destiny. So what do I think I'm going to do to someone that I despise with all my soul. Somebody that is undeserving of this spot. Is your skull prepared for when my boot hits you in the center of your forehead? Is your skull prepared for when I stomp it in the middle of the mat with all my hatred? Prepare for the worst my friend because that's exactly what I plan on bringing for you. Unfortunately, that's all I've got time to say for now or else, I'll be late for my plans tonight. Sameer begins to check his phone and makes a phone call and slowly walks away from the frame of the camera as the video ends.

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