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  1. Been watching some Dead by Daylight content came across this youtuber called Monto. He's pretty entraining to watch
  2. Right now 1. Flynn 2. Julius 3. Necce 4.Bart 5.Arius
  3. Just copped The Walking Dead Final Season, Super hyped to play it I've been waiting too long to play this one.
  4. it really be condoms saving you from fucking up your life and getting a girl pregnant 

  5. The first game I ever played was Sonic Heroes on PS2 and I enjoyed it so much.
  6. I went back and watched the first Spiderman movie a couple of days ago decided to watch Spiderman 2 tonight. Fantastic movie. Love Tobey Maguire the OG Spidey. Really can't say anything bad about it.
  7. After playing so much NBA 2K, Finally decided to play something different today which was Dead By Daylight with the squad (We have played it before) I have to say it was pretty fun trying to be a survivor and trying to escape from the killer. Definitely, A game you would want to play with your friends.
  8. It's a toss-up between Undertaker vs Shawn Micheals at Mania 26 or Punk vs Cena at Money The In Bank 2011. Both were great matches with hype going into them and get stories behind the match and both of the matches were amazing hence why I am putting it on this topic lol.
  9. What The Blockbuster Anothny Davis Trade has done The Lakers just traded away Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart and 3 first round picks. ( 1 of them being the 4th pick that they lucked out on getting) This is honestly a win, win situation in my opinion. The Lakers were offering way more mid-season and that's when the pelicans should've taken the offer. So The Lakers got away with not giving up as much. They got a Superstar and in my last post, I put him at number 5 in the NBA right now. Sure their Bench isn't looking great right now but let's not forget they have about 30 million in cap space right now. Not only keeping Kuzma was great not just because he can hoop, but It's also because his contract is pretty small since he was drafted late in the first round. You could get Kemba and some sort of defensive shooting guard that can hit the 3 ball. In my opinion, What I would see as a perfect fit here is getting Patrick Beverley and Jimmy Butler. Get 2 great defensive players you wouldn't need a lot from Pat Bev expect from having that grit on defense and hitting the 3 ball which he can do. Now what this does for the Pelicans is it creates a new era in their franchise with them possible running a lineup of Lonzo, Holiday, Ingram, Zion, (A center). This puts them in for a good spot for the future I honestly think it was a win-win trade for both sides. The Players they have on their roster now have huge upside/potential. I dunno if they will make the playoffs in the upcoming season with this team but surely they are gonna have a bright future. Overall I think that this was going to happen from the start of the whole AD requesting a trade. He clearly wasn't interested in the Celtics at all and then they backed off which I can tell means Kyrie isn't resigning 100 percent. To answer your question I think it would be cool to get Irving. But what I would do if I was the GM I would have made the Allen Crabbe trade which they did do. Also, I would try to get a good wing player (SF) or (PF) we really need a good defensive wing player but the can also avg 15 plus. Which is why I would try to sign Jimmy Butler but since Klay and KD are out now, Which means that Jimmy's free agency value has risen and I doubt we would get him but that would be the dream.
  10. It really be your own friends not tryna see you win. 

    1. Julius


      Holy fuck this is an inspirational quote 

    2. bailey14


      Ik your not talking about me kid

  11. This is where I will be talking about topics about the NBA currently and stating my input on them. You can also state your opinions on the topics I talk about. You could ask me to talk about a topic and ask questions that I'll answer about the NBA. First, let's do the Top 10 players entering the 2019-2020 season ( injured players like KD won't be on the list cause he will miss the 2019-2020 season but shout out to him) #10 Paul Geroge: After getting the reigns to be the number one option on the Thunder it was looking like Paul George could be the MVP of the Season but at the start of the 2nd half of the season he started to not play as good and in the playoffs, he played decent not as well as I expected. He wouldn't have been in the top 10 if not for this season though. Great Season compared to his last one. Evaluated a lot of points in his game and this is why I think he is number 10 Number 9 Nikola Jokic: Nikola Jokic took a big step in his game in the 2018-2019 NBA Season leading his team to the second seed in the powerful Western Conference and they were the 1st seed for most of the season. He averaged 20 points 11 rebounds and 7 assists his playmaking is incredible for a center and he led the nuggets to the 2nd round where they were knocked out by Portland in 7. But he played his best basketball in the playoff and that's why he is number 9. Number 8 Damian Lillard: Leading his team to the number 3 seed in the playoffs and western conference finals. I feel like this is the perfect spot of Damian Lillard. He proved to me this season that he is better than Westbrook and a great leader. He averaged 26,5,7 in this and has proved that he is one of the best point guards in the game and players in the game. Number 7 Joel Embiid: After a great regular season were Joel Embiid averaged 28,13,4. He did not play well in the Playoffs at all and was "sick and hurt" I would put him at number 6 but after the postseason he has dropped down for me. However, I still think that he is the best center in the NBA and is very close to being a top 5 player if he can keep healthy and show up in the playoffs Number 6 Kyrie Irving: Kyrie is still the second-best point guard in the NBA despite losing to the bucks and not having the best series. I don't want to hear that Damian Lillard is better because before this season it wasn't even a debate to happen and it still shouldn't be Kyrie Irving is still better than Damian Lillard. He averaged 24,4,6 this season. He is the only reason the Celtics got to the playoffs and got to ROUND 2. I don't want to hear that they were better without him because that's just a something an idiot would say. Number 5: Anothny Davis: Despite all the drama that has occurred with Anothny Davis this season he is still a top 5 player in the NBA. He was limited to 20 minutes after requesting a trade and still put up around 20 points and 10 rebounds. He is a once in a lifetime player but wasn't able to lead his team to the playoffs that is why he is not higher on this list. Number 4 TIED Giannas and Harden are tied for 4th I couldn't put one over the other. They both had an amazing regular season and are in the battle for MVP. Both of their teams wouldn't be in the positions they are in without them. But they were both outplayed in the playoffs by the people ahead of them. Harden had a historical season and averaged 36,7,7 and Giannas averaged 27,13,6. Number 3 Steph Curry: Clearly the top point guard in the NBA, Ever since Kevin Durant joined the warriors he took a step back. 2 time MVP and at one point was in a debate for being the best player in the NBA. If KD didn't go down Curry would have been number 4 behind Giannas and James. But KD went down and Curry outplayed the Rockets scoring 0 in one half and then scored 33 in the next half. He also completely destroyed Damian Lillard's Portland Team sweeping them and dropped 47 in the NBA Finals. Number 2 Kawhi Leonard: He took off a lot of games in the regular season and is health was in doubt. But when the playoffs started we saw one of the best playoffs runs in the NBA. He lead the Raptors to win their first NBA Championship beating Giannas who is in the run for MVP. He beat a somewhat Super Team in the 76ers and sent them home with a game-winner in game 7. Kawhi has proved that he is the 2nd best player in the NBA with Kevin Durant out. Number 1 Lebron James: I think LeBron is still the best player in the NBA. I think if he didn't get injured and missed 17 games with the injury the Lakers would have made the Western Conference Finals and winning the MVP of the season. He averaged 27,7,7. Yes, you can say he is getting old and all that but we cannot forget how good this man is going to 8 straight finals with 2 different teams. I expect LeBron to show that he is still the best player in the NBA to the people that don't think he is.
  12. It's Uncharted 2 for me. Don't get me wrong though the first Uncharted was amazing that just shows how highly I think of Uncharted 2. I feel like this elevated the series and the story, in my opinion, was better the villains in the game were better. Lazarević was such a great villain and the betrayal in the game was well planned clearly. This game created the possibility of having more Uncharted games with the plot it had and I feel like you are more invested into the characters in this game than the first one.
  13. KLAY THOMPSON GOES OFF FOR 57 IN A PLAYOFF GAME Klay Thompson heading into game 2 wasn't feeling himself after only scoring 15 points in Game 1. After game 1 Klay said to the media that he wasn't proud of his performance despite getting the win against Boston to put them up 1-0 in the series. Tonight for game 2 Thompson from the tip-off was on fire. It was a historical moment as Klay broke his own record of most playoff 3 pointers in a game. His record before game 1 was 11. He broke that tonight hitting 15 3 pointers and It was truly a game not to be missed. After the game, Lebron James and many others like his former splash brother Steph Curry congratulating him for breaking the record and having an amazing game. The Hawks would win the Game 120-105. ANTHONY DAVIS DROPS 40 POINTS AND HUSTLES FOR 20 REBOUNDS Klay wasn't the only one that had an amazing performance tonight either as Game 1 of the Lakers vs Portland series started last night. Davis would have a game like no other with 40 points and 20 rebounds. The Lakers would win in dominating fashion. 110-95. Lebron told the media after the game that Anthony Davis is a once in a lifetime player and we all knew that before this series started. But never the less this was an amazing game from him. Leading us in points and rebounds tonight to give us the 1-0 start. We plan on winning a championship and he is a huge part of it.
  14. Sameer is seen backstage getting prepared for his match vs Royal Flush tonight as a reporter for ESPN 'Amanda' asks for an interview. At first, Sameer doesn't seem too interested in the interview but He sees that the reporter really wants to get this interview with him and accepts a quick interview before his match. Amanda: ESPN we are live @ The BrendenPlayz Powercup Finals. I am here with BrendenPlayz SuperStar current reigning Tag Team Champion and Mr. Money In The Bank Sameer! Glad to have you here. Sameer: I am glad to be here being interviewed by you. Thanks for the great introduction. Amanda: You're Welcome, let's get down to some questions shall we? Sameer: Go Ahead and fire some question at me Amanda: Almost 7 months ago You and BrendenPlayz decided to Team Up. I want to know what was the idea of doing that and how has it help you stand where you are today? Sameer: Well there was no idea with it. I was slowly put down the card. Underappreciated by management and overlooked. When Brenden came up to me with the idea to team up and accepted because what did I have to lose at the time? Nothing at All. Teaming with him has been one of the most fun times I have had in this company since I entered it back in 2014. I can truly say that he is a brother to me and one of the best friends I have had in this business or just in general. The past 7 months have been great just driving on the road with him defending the tag team championships and It has helped me stand back up here today as one of the very best this company has been. If you told someone about 8-9 months ago that I was gonna be in the position I am today nobody would believe it. Amanda: Your next championship defense is coming up soon, What are your thoughts on "Royal Flush" as a team? Sameer: I think that they are very talented maybe we underestimated them a little bit the last time we faced off but I can tell you this time Brenden and I are very focused on this match. Jonathan is a Hall of Famer, World Champ and much more. Sheridan is trying to prove that she belongs here and that is a mindset for greatness. We know how talented they are in the ring. They do have chemistry together. But people seem to forget that Me and Brenden have known each other for years now. When we are at our best it is dangerous and I don't know what the outcome will be but I can tell you it is going to be a hell of a match, That you aren't gonna want to miss Amanda: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview Sameer, Good luck on your title defense tonight. I'll be out there rooting for you two. Sameer: Thank you, Amanda I'll see you later out in the arena tonight Sameer exits the room where the interview was taking place and gets prepared for his match later on tonight

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