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  1. Future taught me to never trust a bitch
  2. Out of all the guys that Edge named who would y'all like to see him have a match with? Personally I'd love to see Rollins and probably Styles the most. I think that not only the match would be really good but also the promos between him and Rollins and then him and Styles.
  3. I'm a huge fan of the Uncharted Series so I thought why don't I rank them on a topic and give a brief description on each of the games. So here's nothing! 4. Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (2007; PS3) This is the game that started it all. It's number 4 on this list, I feel as if it doesn't compare to the other games but it's one hundred percent the most important game out of the 4. Nate is exploring for the coffin of Sir Francis Drake with Sully. He meets Elena Fisher for the first time, operating as a documentary maker on Drake's newest adventure. They discover Francis Drake's grave is clear, but they find his journal that states he was actually searching for El Dorado, the lost city. Though it's not in fact a city, a huge gold statue. They discover El Dorado is cursed, causing anyone to come into close contact with it to mutate. Francis Drake died trying to stop the statue leaving the island, but now Roman and Navarro have received the statue. I won't spoil the ending of the story, the end boss is pretty cool, the puzzles are not too challenging but good enough to make you think for a couple of seconds. Like I said this game doesn't compare to the others gameplay-wise however it's probably the most important because it started off the series. 3. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (2011; PS3) I could probably explain this one the most since I finished playing it again just awhile ago As you can tell we are going from the first Uncharted game to the third one and that's because the second game was just way too hard to beat for the third game if I'm being honest. That doesn't mean that this game wasn't good. Drake and Sully's were intense, diverse, and extended much more character development than in the previous games. The game starts with Nate and Sully encountering a man called Talbot in a London bar or pub for your English ninjas. He's interested in buying Nate's ring, which belonged to Francis Drake. Talbot tries to offer them false banknotes and the trio gets into a fight. Sully and Nate are restrained by the arrival of Charlie Cutter, Talbot's friend. One of Talbot's clients, Katherine Marlowe, then appears and steals Nate's ring. Cutter shoots Sully and Nate. There's then a flashback that shows you Nate finding the ring in Colombia and demonstrates how Nate and Sully originally meet. Nate then hesitantly seeks help from his estranged wife Elena, who helps them find the location of Ubar. Like I said before I won't spoil the ending of the game this is just a brief description of the game. Uncharted 3 was amazing like I said before but it didn't have the impact and better story than 2 or 4 in my opinion. 2. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (2016; PS4) We waited a long time to see how Drake's story would end up on PlayStation 4, it proved to be well worth the delay: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is the conclusion of all of the series strengths, and it's incredibly impressive. Given, suddenly introducing a previously-unmentioned brother throughout the whole series is awkward, and there are some slower missions that drag on long but the action scenes are some of the series best, the combat is fresh compared to the other games, and the characters and storytelling are excellent. It's also insanely gorgeous, plus we get a proper sendoff for Nathan Drake. The graphics were beautiful on PS4 and brought a whole new dynamic to the Uncharted series. I remember playing this shit on crushing tho it wasn't fun at all especially on the stealth bits. 1. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009; PS3) Uncharted 2 is the best game in the series for me. This game began with a memorable climb up a group of train cars that were hanging off the side of a snowy mountain. There was better climbing, bigger puzzles, and one crazy set-piece following the next. There was a bit of a weird love triangle going between Drake, Elena, and Chloe. I never gave a fuck about Chloe but she was a baddie no cap, my ninjas. The story was amazing discovering the Chintamani Stone and the city of Shangri-La. Flynn is the villain of this game I knew that ninja was up to something but anyways he was pretty good as a villain considering this game is number one on the list the villain has to be good. Something that I didn't like was that Nate and Elena's falling out after the first game wasn't explained but they got back together anyways. I've played this game so many times in the past it's one of the best games I have ever played. Anyways I've played all of these games at least twice and this is my rankings. I think I got it spot on but I wanna hear y'alls rankings of the Uncharted Series.
  4. Currently binging South Park, I'm on season 2 right now. I can't believe that I have never watched this show. It's funny as hell. Even though Kenny doesn't talk at all that mofo some how is my favorite character. I had no clue that it's been going on since the 90s it's pretty impressive that it has been going on that long in my opinion since it seems like such a controversial show lol.
  5. I agree with Odd here. It didn't help that Orton took the championship away from Bray Wyatt who was red hot and finally getting the push that the fans wanted to see. Then having to feud with Jinder fucking Mahal in a couple of shitty matches. I honestly lost hope in Orton after that but I could see that part of it wasn't his fault. I thought his feud with Kofi was pretty good in 2019. Now in 2020, Randy Orton is somehow became the hottest thing going on in wrestling right now in my opinion. Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre is a big match and I think I would have it at SummerSlam since it's the top heel and babyface on RAW going at it. I'd honestly have Randy Orton win the World Champion there.
  6. Honestly kind of a shock that the Pacers won but like I said if they won congrats to them. They've been the underdogs this whole time but this is where the fun stops I'm afraid to say. I think Kawhi is going to bring a championship to the LA Clippers in 5. But if the Pacers do once again prove me wrong this would be the biggest underdog story in NBA History or at least one of the biggest.
  7. I think this is a great list however there's one thing that I'd probably change and that's Fred Van Vleet. I feel as if he's a little too high considering the guys that are below him. I'd probably pick Murray or Hield over him but I understand that his playoff run last year was amazing.
  8. Decent I guess, I'd probably do better but I love the Hangman Page push. He's one of my favourites right now in real life so I'd definitely do the same in giving him the World Championship. I feel like the Jericho vs Hardy match was a disappointment like you said. The show could've probably hit the 80s if it did do well. Omega vs Page for the World Championship should be good considering the last match they had at All Out 2.
  9. For me, it's gotta be LeBron James. He's been in the game for 17 seasons and been playing at a high level for such a long time. He's listed at 6'9 250 pounds and is able to put it down. He's played a ton of NBA games making the finals 9 times which means he's normally playing from the start of the season which is in like October to the end of the nba season which is around June. He's been the MVP of the league 4 times probably been the best player in the league for over a decade now that's debatable. Right now in year 17 he's still one of the top players if not the top. He's playing like the MVP of the season and I can't wait to see what happens in the postseason.
  10. Promo that I did when I was feuding with Brenden for BPZMania. I enjoyed feuding with Brenden for Mania. It felt like it was a long time coming and it's probably the feud that I have enjoyed the most doing on the forums with anyone just cause of the story and who it was with.
  11. Sameer

    Clash of Titans

    My Demons by Starset begins to blast throughout the arena here in Germany. Music described as "god-awful" by Slim. However, after waiting for an infinitesimal amount of time with Don Dada in the ring confused to the fact that the BPZ Intercontinental Champion has not made his way towards the ring. Suddenly, the lights dim in the arena though there's a spotlight on the entrance ramp. Seen on the titantron is a video that begins to play with a man speaking and BrendenPlayz 2020. However, just moments afterward the video would move on to another section saying "Sameer" in all red almost as if it was in flames. Sameer appears in the spotlight of the entrance ramp as the crowd here in Germany pops for the Intercontinental Champion. The lights would slowly begin to go back to normal. After the lights go back to normal, Sameer would go to each side of the crowd from the entrance ramp waving his hand upwards as the crowd slowly begins to chant with the beat. Sameer then begins to march his way to the ring smiling as the crowd chants to the new theme song that he has introduced here tonight. He enters the ring and pushes right past Slim asks for a microphone, right before zeroing in on both the Undisputed and World Heavyweight Champion. You know, I said to myself that I would come out here and yell out "WHAT'S UP GERMANY" but now that Le Champion, Don Dada, or whatever the hell u want to call this man right here in the ring with me. Personally, I'd call him a stupid son of a bitch. Doesn't want me to, I'm sure as hell going to do it now. But, first I gotta ask Slim Jim, what in the hell is going on with your hair today? You look like a lesbian that woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Anyways, sorry ladies and gents I got a little sidetracked there that I forgot to say WHAT'S UP GERMANY! Sameer begins to laugh as the fans cheer him on, enjoying the shout out that the Intercontinental Champion has given them as BPZ only comes to Germany once a year. He begins to once again focus back on the double champion inside the ring with him. I know, I gotta say that standing in this ring with you for the moment. Your breath doesn't smell as bad as the little goon that you have running around on Valor. I'm just glad that someone in the Inner Circle brushes their teeth! But I digress. I'd like to say this has been the first time I've seen you face to face in awhile. However, that's far from the truth and I speak facts to the people out here tonight and watching at home. If you guys didn't know, a couple of weeks ago before the Valor Finals. Mr. Don Dada over here decided to stick his nose up my business but it wasn't shocking. He stood in this very ring with me and told me that Mikey would kick my ass. Slim Jim, I'm no scientist but that was a horrible hypothesis on your part buddy. But I wouldn't expect anything different from an illiterate ape but I'll tell you what happened LE CHAMPION, I had Bob Sparks pinned in the ring and that little rat came in and survived. However, it doesn't bother me because he didn't stand a chance in the elimination match at all. I beat everyone that was put in my path to get the opportunity to beat the shit out of Le Champion but more importantly to bring that Undisputed Championship to a worthy possessor because unlike the champion over here I show up to Valor each and every week. I'm the backbone of Valor and it's been like that since the start. It's funny how weeks ago you were talking about Hans Clayton being a paper champion. But you're no better than him. You are right about something though Slim. This match is between two men that refuse to lose. I worked my ass off to get this opportunity at the Undisputed Championship. Like you said I won the PowerTrip Cup Tournament. I beat the best that Valor had to offer and the best Carnage had to offer. For the last couple of months, it's been me and you wrestling twice a night on Pay-Per-View. Let's take a little look back at Judgement Day, you became double champion after defeating Hans Clayton with my move. I'm not mad though, I understand Slim. None of your own moves could finish the job. The most unfortunate part of it all is that you will be on the receiving end of the curb stomp at Valor Chapter 2. When I take that same Undisputed Championship that you hold so firmly on your shoulder right now. Famous? I hope you heard all these people when I came out here to this arena. But that's exactly the difference between me and you, Slim. I'm not wrestling for the money or the fame that it comes with. I'm here to tear the god damn roof off the building when I enter this ring. I'm here to beat the shit out of guys that think they know it all like you. I can promise you Slim that Chapter 2 ends only one way and that's me as Undisputed Champion. So hoist that championship all you want and gloat about being a double champion but when Chapter 2 rolls around in August, I hope you are ready to say goodbye to it. Sameer lowers the microphone awaiting a response from the Undisputed Champion here tonight at the start of 2nd round of the BrendenPlayz King Of The Ring Tournament.
  12. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott vs John Morrison Liv Morgan vs Ruby Riott Bobby Lashley vs Humberto Carillo WWE Championship Match: Drew McIntyre (C) vs Randy Orton Women's MITB Ladder Match: Asuka vs Billie Kay vs Peyton Royce vs Lacey Evans vs Naomi vs Sasha Banks Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy Loser's Leave Smackdown Match: Otis & Mandy Rose vs Dolph Ziggler & Sonya Deville United States Championship Match: Andrade (C) vs Austin Theory Smackdown Womens Championship Match: Bayley (C) vs Dana Brooke Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens W/ Rey Mysterio Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: New Day (C) vs The Usos Intercontinental Championship Match: Sami Zayn (C) vs Chad Gable RAW Women's Championship Match: Becky Lynch (C) vs Kairi Sane Men's MITB Ladder Match: Angel Garza vs Cesaro vs Drew Gulak vs Apollo Crews vs The Miz vs Buddy Murphy Universal Title Match: Roman Reigns (C) vs Braun Strowman

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