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  1. Sameer


    MY THOUGHTS: Great Will (heh), Strength and determination from Smath here shows how much of a DAWG he is. This is where the crowd should be booing Sheridan as She is very annoying and is pissing me off. Stop holding a brother down
  2. Of course, GTA V is the best game of the decade in terms of sales and how long their games have been going since the initial release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. GTA V Online has almost an update every month and there are new things to do every time whether it's a new heist that you can play or in the new casino and gamble on games or blackjack, etc. The campaign was good too, however, I didn't enjoy it as much as the previous one. GTA V is one of the sold games of all time so for the most successful game of the decade, I think it has to be this game. However, My favorite single-player game of this decade has to be Batman: Arkham City. This game was simply amazing, as a big-time Batman fan, I enjoyed this game a lot. I have played the story over countless times and from the amazing boss battle with Mr. Freeze to the Stealth that you had to do in the game and the amount of free room and side quest you could do was amazing. This easily was my favorite Single Player game to play this decade. However the last of us comes very close to it. Now, My favorite Multiplayer game of this decade has to go to either Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 or Fortnite and of course I don't play Fortnite anymore but I'd have to give it to Fortnite here. This game was amazing for 2 years and the hype around it was crazy. I enjoyed playing this game a lot with friends and carrying (most of the time )
  3. Sameer

    'Mask Off'

    . {As Sheridan sends the guards to remove Sameer from the arena, Sameer would smirk as the guards approach the ring, almost like he wants to fight them? The security guards would corner Sameer. Four guards would go on each side of the ring and apron surrounding the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. Sameer in the center of the ring and isn't looking like he will go out without a fight here tonight despite being vastly outnumbered. One of the security guards makes a move into the ring and OH HERE WE GO. Sameer starts throwing punches to the security guard taking him out as the rest of the security guards come into the ring trying to detain him.} {Sameer would take down a couple more guard with blows to the head with his fists. Finally, they are able to detain the former world champion. About ten security guards walk him backstage as the camera follows him backstage, with the camera right in front of him and the ten guards that are escorting him out the arena, he looks right into the camera and screams into it saying " THIS ISN'T OVER BRENDEN." The security guards would tell the cameraman that he needs to move away from Sameer. Tonight we have seen a different side of Sameer. A ruthless side that we haven't seen in a while. The camera cuts back to the ring as we are finally ready to start the Carnage Scramble Match.}
  4. Sameer

    'Mask Off'

    {We are a couple of matches into the Night Of Legends Pay Per View. As we are just coming off a fast pace match involving Hans Clayton and Jack Bashka where Hans Clayton took the victory. Bulletproof having won both of their matches here tonight at Night Of Legends. As the titantron advertises the Carnage Scramble to determine #1 contender to the BPZ North American Championship which is up next. All of a sudden a man with a black hoodie on jumps over the barricades and quickly slides into the ring as the crowd looks in shook until the unknown hoodie man removes his hoodie and IT'S SAMEER!} {The crowd quickly goes from complete shock and confusion into excitement. Fire in the eyes of the former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, a look that we haven't seen before. Sameer is finally back after being brutally attacked from behind and stabbed in the back by his former teammate and long-time friend Brenden around a month ago. Sameer picks up the microphone that was left in the ring and begins to speak not acknowledging the crowd at all and looking straight at the entrance ramp.} "BrendenPlayz... You were like a BROTHER to me, a mentor and I thought we shared a bond that would never be broken. Five years we were on the same side. Even if the crowd was booing us or cheering us. You and I always had each other's back until last month when you drove a knife into my back and decided to bet against me. After ALL, I DID FOR THE COMPANY IN 2019. After EVERYTHING I SACRIFICED, MY BODY ON THE LINE NIGHT AFTER NIGHT. Doing TWO MATCHES A NIGHT. Putting this company on my BACK FOR THE SUMMER. I built a legacy for myself here. But I stand here today and say BURN IT ALL TO THE FU*KING GROUND. NO LONGER will I care for what this company needs or what they want from me. I will burn this company into the GROUND and that's from General Manager to the backstabbing SNAKE, Brenden. But Brenden why don't you prove to me and everyone here that you are a MAN because when I look at you all I see is the face of a coward. I don't want a wrestling match. NO NO NO, I WANT A FUCKING FIGHT BRENDEN. COME OUT HERE AND FACE ME, MAN TO MAN. THE MOMENT YOU STABBED ME IN THE BACK YOU BROUGHT OUT THE RUTHLESS BASTARD IN ME. SO WHY DON'T YOU COME OUT HERE AND LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT TYPE OF BEAST YOU HAVE AWOKEN." {Sameer takes off his sweatshirt and opens his arms awaiting Brenden as he begins to scream out loud "COME ON BRENDEN", After a couple of minutes of waiting for "The Boss" himself. Sameer picks up back the microphone and begins to speak again.} "YOU KNOW BRENDEN, WE CAN WAIT. THIS SHOW WILL BE ON HOLD UNTIL YOU STOP BEING A COWARD AND SHOW UP."
  5. Sameer

    BPZ Promo Packages

    Sameer vs Julius vs Smith vs Bart BPZ Mania V Death Trippie Redd feat Da Baby
  6. WWGP Women's Championship Unification Match SmackDown Women's Champion vs RAW Women's Champion Bayley vs Becky Lynch Six-Man Showcase Match The O.C. vs Randy Orton & The Revival WWGP NXT/United Kingdom Championship Unification Match NXT Champion vs WWE United Kingdom Champion Adam Cole vs WALTER WWGP Women's Tag Team Championship Unification Match WWE Women's Tag Team Champions vs NXT Women's Champion & NXT UK Women's Champion The Kabuki Warriors vs Rhea Ripley & Kay Lee Ray WWGP United States/North-American Championship Unification Match WWE United States Champion vs NXT North-American Champion Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Roderick Strong Tag Team Showcase Match NXT Tag Team Champions vs NXT UK Tag Team Champions reDRagon vs Gallus WWGP Intercontinental Championship Match WWE Intercontinental Champion vs Challenger Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs Seth Rollins WWGP Cruiserweight Championship Match WWE Cruiserweight Champion vs Challengers Angel Garza (c) vs Aleister Black vs Cedric Alexander vs Lio Rush WWGP Tag Team Championship Match SmackDown Tag Team Champions vs RAW Tag Team Champions The New Day vs The Viking Raiders WWGP Heavyweight Championship Match WWE Champion vs WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar vs 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt
  7. WCW World Heavyweight Championship match Sting (c) vs. Bret Hart - WCW World Tag Team Championships match The Steiner Brothers (c) vs. The Outsiders - No Disqualification match Eddie Guerrero vs. Ric Flair - WCW United States Championship match Curt Hennig (c) vs. Lex Luger Goldberg and The Giant vs. Hammer, Kidman, Lodi and Riggs Booker T vs. William Regal - WCW Television Championship match Chris Benoit (c) vs. Buff Bagwell Bonus Questions Which match will score the highest on the card? Sting (c) vs. Bret Hart One match on the card will end in a No Contest, which match will it be? Booker vs Regal
  8. Mania 31 SummerSlam 2015 Survivor Series 2014
  9. Got a hundred shooters sittin' outside

  10. I have been really enjoying this years crossover. It seems like the CW went all in this year. It was pretty cool to see Batman and the dude that voiced him in the Batman Games. Looking forward to tonight’s episode.
  11. Summerslam Predictions: 1. Universal Championship Fatal 5 Way Match: Flynn (c) vs Yelich vs Blade vs Kieron vs Monda 2. Premium Championship FD Rules Match: KENJI (c) vs FDS 3. United States Championship: Echo Wilson (c) vs Hans Clayton 4. Tag Team Championships: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs The Commonwealth (George and Ropati) 5. Career vs GM: Ryan vs Brenden 6. Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs Arius 7. NXT Championship: Bob (c) vs Meko 8. World Championship: Sameer (c) vs King Bashka
  12. 1. Slim 2. Julius 3. Smith 4. Bart 5. Arius (I could’ve just said Creed ig, but it says TOP 5 meaning 5 people at least that’s just my view on it)

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