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  1. The Beast To Take On Big Money Nate & The Tiger In Handicap Match Following the events of BPZMania, where we saw Big Money Nate win the Money In The Bank Briefcase and cash in to win the World Heavyweight Championship on the same night with the aid of The Tiger. Opening the next Carnage show Nate would celebrate his first-ever World Heavyweight Championship win. However, it would be shortly interrupted by the newest member of the Carnage roster, Sameer, the same man who he cashed in on at BPZMania. Sameer would challenge Big Money Nate to a World Heavyweight rematch between the two at
  2. Sameer

    Not Afraid

    Following a commercial break, we return back to Carnage. Tensions between competitors continue to rise as we get closer to Heroes Immortales. The camera cuts back to the ring, where we see the 2x World Heavyweight Champion Sameer on the top rope doing his pose for the crowd. At Heroes Immortales, he'll be going up against Big Money Nate and The Tiger in a 2 on 1 handicap match. Now in the ring, Sameer takes the microphone and begins to speak to the audience. Last week, I was once again blind-sighted by Big Money Nate and his idiotic muscle goon that calls himself "The Tiger". Yet again
  3. NIGHT ONE: Bobby Lashley (c) (with MVP) vs. Drew McIntyre - WWE Championship Bad Bunny and Damian Priest vs. The Miz and John Morrison The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) (c) vs. AJ Styles and Omos - Raw Tag Team Championship Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon - Steel cage match Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins Lana and Naomi vs. Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose vs. The Riott Squad (Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott) vs. Natalya and Tamina vs. Billie Kay and Carmella – Number One Contenders match for Women's Tag Team Championship match on Night 2 Sasha Banks (c) vs. Bianc
  4. Sameer

    5 years

    R.I.P bro 🙏🏼 Rest Easy 🙏🏼
  5. The expression on the face of Big Money completely shifts in a matter of seconds as "My Demons" by STARSET blasts throughout the Carnage show signaling the arrival of "The Beast" for the first time since the start of the brand split. Sameer rushes through the curtains and marches towards the ring wasting no time. The fans cheer on the 2x World Heavyweight Champion though he doesn't acknowledge them, his eyes completely focused on the new BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Nate. The aftermath of BPZMania Night One still vivid on his mind, this clearly wasn't the way he envisioned his return to Car
  6. Night 1: Universal - Bailey(c) Vs Julius World - Jon(c) vs Sameer BMF: Bob(c) vs Slim Premium- Austin(c) vs Prince vs Ark Atlas- Mikey (c) vs. Kiera Black NXT- The Tiger (c) vs. Jack Bishop MITB - Alex vs Josh vs Nate vs Ropati Night two: IC - FD(c) vs Slim Undisputed - Tamer(c) vs Arius US- Bob(c) vs Tony Tastic NA - Josh(c) vs Cody vs Owen Battle Royal Tag- FD-Gun(c) vs CTC vs Yelich and Isaiah Carter These are my predictions BTW guys, sorry for being a little late on them but I'm really feeling good about this!
  7. Days Gone and Zombie Army 4: Dead War are your PS4 PlayStation Plus games for April, with Oddworld: Soulstorm also available for PS5:
  8. It's now time for the Co-Main Event of BPZMania VI Night One! The World Heavyweight Championship Match between the champion, Jonathan, and the challenger Sameer. Both these men have been at war with each other with words mostly. However, here to tonight, they'll go to war as they fight for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Both these men are some of the best competitors BPZ has to date. Both men joined BPZ around the same time, yet have such different stories to tell. The one thing that they have that's similar is they're both accomplished in this industry. "My Demons" blast through
  9. The Slow Rush - Tame Impala Wasn't a fan of this!

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