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  1. Sameer

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    Hoping the Big 3 of Oladipo, Tatum and Jokic can carry me to the promise land. I'd say I'm pretty happy with my team considering I had the last pick in the draft.
  2. Sameer

    Bullet In The Chamber

    Me yelling ima beast on live tv would get this place more rating than you wrestling
  3. Sameer

    Bullet In The Chamber

    I’d say I ruined your career but you actually have to have a career to ruin first
  4. Sameer

    Bullet In The Chamber

    I see no rule that I broke when I beat u. Honestly at this point brad you’re a fucking joke a goof
  5. Sameer

    Bullet In The Chamber

    This troll beat u dumbass so I am wonder how that help ur case
  6. Sameer

    Bullet In The Chamber

    “Hottest superstar” All u were was a overhyped jobber
  7. Sameer

    What game are you currently playing?

    Been playing the shit out of this game. Needless to say it’s amazing.
  8. Sameer

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout Press Conferences

    Unexpectedly Sameer the Intercontinental Champion appears on the press conference. Sameer faces Kieron Black and Yelich at Fallout. He sits down with the Intercontinental Championship his shoulder. As the reporters are about to ask question Sameer quickly start talking Sameer: Just so you all know I was forced to come out here and answer your stupid questions, I could care less about this shitty press conference. Go on ask your questions. Jonathan Coachman: Sameer, One week ago you took on Brad and beat him winning you the Intercontinental championship than one day later, Yelich comes out and calls you a paper champion what are your thoughts on his words and your thoughts on him as a wrestler? Sameer: First off he is clearly jealous because my one championship win this year is better than anything he has done in this company. What was his greatest accomplishment in this company winning the Global Title? Which I beat him for the matter. He thinks he's unstoppable because of his alter egos agreeing with each other? Matter a fact I really do think this man should be in a mental facility, He needs help. Maybe this ass whooping that I'm gonna give him will make him realize where he needs to be. Also just to be clear I don't even know if Kieron Black is gonna appear here tonight or even make it to the match. ESPN.COM: Who do you view more as a threat in this match Yelich or Kieron Black? Sameer: I don't see either as a threat I think they are just two broken men trying to revive their careers even if they didn't really have one, To begin with. Anyways I'm done here you guys are starting to waste my time. GOODBYE. Sameer picks up his Intercontinental Championship and leaves as fast as possible
  9. 1. Storm 2. Sheridan 3. Marker 4. Ropati 5. Ark
  10. Sameer

    The BPZ Forums Fortnite Tournament

    I’m in
  11. I am currently thinking on buying save the world for fortnite as it is 50% off and I heard you can earn v bucks from playing it as well which sounds pretty cool. It also seems like it is a fun story to play with friends.
  12. Sameer

    Fortnite Discussion

    I’m sure epic games will update playground and improve it as it goes along this is a great idea by them. The first playground wasn’t very fun because there wasn’t nothing really to do but kill each other mown with the season 5 update you and play basketball, golf and etc
  13. Sameer

    My Plan For Sheamus & Cesaro Heading into Wrestlemania 35

    First off imo I think Joe vs Styles would be a much more better match than Sheamus vs Styles. Second off you saying that Joe hasn’t done anything is not valid when you rather have Sheamus win the world title.
  14. The Flash Arrow Gotham Rick and Morty South Park

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