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  1. Hit 3.4K earlier this week! THANK YOU, NEXT.
  2. Firstly, I wanna shoutout @Broken Nate. I got inspired to do Album/Music review because of his topic and what I've seen from him so before I start any reviews. I wanted to give him credit. Today I'll be reviewing just a song to get started. FIND MY WAY BY DA BABY! Da Baby is one of the hottest rappers currently. He's currently one of my favourites and this song gives me some a boogie wit da hoodie vibes, don't know why lol. I guess it's due to the guitar that is in the song. It feels different than his other songs. It isn't the same person that sung in his album a couple months ago, KIRK. It has a different type of flow in this song. If I'd compare this song to another one, it'd be Me and My Guitar from A Boogie which I really enjoyed. You can really vibe to this song, The lyrics is pretty catchy. Overall, I'd give this song a 8/10. If there's any albums or songs that you want me to review go ahead and suggest.
  3. Sameer

    BPZ: Evolve

    Name: Sameer Face Seth Rollins moveset Theme: My Demons starset Gimmick: Seth Rollins (Face)
  4. WrestleMania 36 Predictions Liv Morgan vs. Natalya (Kickoff) Cesaro vs. Drew Gulak (Kickoff) Women's Tag Team Championships: Kabuki Warriors (c) vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley Elias vs. King Corbin Raw Tag Team Championships: Street Profits (c) vs. Austin Theory & Angel Garza Jr. SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Miz & Morrison vs. The Usos vs. The New Day (Ladder Match) Intercontinental Championship: Sami Zayn (c) vs Daniel Bryan Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Lacey Evans vs. Naomi vs. Tamina NXT Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair Raw Women's Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler Edge vs. Randy Orton (Last Man Standing) John Cena vs. The Fiend (Firefly Fun House Match) The Undertaker vs. AJ Styles WWE Championship: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre Universal Championship: Goldberg (c) vs. Braun Strowman Bonuses: Will Ronda Rousey show up? No. Will Gronk interfere in any matches? Yes. How many title changes will we get? 4
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome back to The Inside Scoop. King Of The Ring is in a few months and today I will be going over the 5 BPZ Superstar that I think could win The King Of The Ring Tournament. Number 5: Mikey With the recent breakup of BulletProof, Mikey is now a full-time singles competitor. He is going into a match vs Alex Costa at BPZ: World At War and in my opinion should come out on top vs Alex. That's no disrespect to Alex however. He could probably number six on this list. Mikey has developed into a star with his run in bulletproof. He has had a united states reign and has turned into a great microphone worker and his skills in the ring have sharpened. This could be due to being apart of firing squad and having Jeremiah Flynn by his side learning from one of the best. Mikey has to skills to a King Of The Ring winner. Number 4: Ropati Ropati was also apart of BulletProof but instead of going on alone, he's joined the mafia. Ropati is the rising star in the death riders and will be a man that could possibly win King Of The Ring. It seems like that BPZ Creative is building him up from now to be a threat to win it or possibly win the whole thing. Ropati has been in the company for a while now. He knows everything around the business and has the skills to win the tournament. Number 3: Broken Nate Nate will always be a threat when entering King Of The Ring. He's won it before, Nate knows what it takes to win the tournament and always goes deep into the tournament. Nate won the Nebakos Battle Royal at BPZMania V and looks like he will be having a feud with Nebakos who has just returned to BPZ. This will certainly help Nate out, feuding with a main eventer like Nebakos. Nate has extreme talent on the microphone and his ring skills are there. He's certainly someone that could win KOTR once again. Number 2: Hans Clayton Last year, Hans Clayton made it to the finals but lost to Julius in what was an amazing match up. Since then Hans Clayton has gotten much better. He's become a top champion in the company as the undisputed champion and had one of the biggest matches on the card at BPZMania vs Isiah Carter. Hans is a true main event star there's no debating that. He's probably the second man. I'd put my money on to win KOTR. Number 1: Bart Last year, Bart wasn't able to compete in the King Of The Ring. But this year I am more than certain that he will be in it. Bart has become part of the best tag team ever in Creed and has shined throughout there matchups vs Firing Squad, First Class Express, Invictus and Legacy of Violence. BPZ Creative has been pushing Creed for a while now and Bart is more than ready to make the step into the main event. He is one of the best microphone workers in the company and is one of the most exciting talents to watch in BPZ. He's more than ready to main event SummerSlam with whoever the World Heavyweight Champion is at that time.
  6. Universal Championship Match: AJ Styles (C) vs Alesiter Black SD Women’s Championship Match: Lacey Evans (C) vs Charlotte Flair Intercontinental Championship Match: Finn Balor (C) vs John Morrison vs Bobby Lashley SD Tag Team Championship Match: Samoan Strong Style (C) vs Rey Mysterio and Ricochet vs #DIY vs Undisputed Era Adam Cole vs Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar vs Drew McIntyre Street Fight: Randy Orton vs Shane McMahon John Cena vs Goldberg Women’s Memorial Battle Royal: Shayna Baszler Night 2: WWE Championship Match: Daniel Bryan (C) vs Roman Reigns RAW Women’s Championship Match: Ronda Rousey (C) vs Becky Lynch United States Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (C) vs Andrade Cien Almas vs Roderick Strong vs Cedric Alexander RAW Tag Team Championship Match: KOZayn (C) vs Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Boss N Hug Connection (C) vs The Bella Twins vs Trish Stratus and Lita The Undertaker vs Sting No Holds Bar Match: Triple H vs Edge Jeff Hardy vs The Miz Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: The Velveteen Dream
  7. You is a Netflix series that at first before watching I thought was pretty weird and probably cringe since all the girls at my school were talking about it. But I said fuck it and gave it a watch and today I will be reviewing/recapping the first season of the show. Joe Goldberg is one of the biggest fuckin simps, I have ever seen in my career. He's pretty uh well how do I say this troubled, I guess. Don't get me wrong Beck is fineeee. But this guy went into her PHONE, FOLLOWED HER and much more. You really get hooked into the story of him trying to get Beck though which I was so interested in seeing happen. When they finally were about to get down wit it. I felt so happy for my dawg, Joe. He finally got the girl! BUT THIS DUDE BUST IN 5 SECONDS HAHAHA. That shit had me dying, bro. holy shit lemme calm down. Anyways, after that things get better, Joe and Beck become a thing however there's anyways this one friend that bothers the fuck outta Joe and is petty AF and I felt Joe in those scenes. It turns out Peach who was Beck's best friend kept pictures of her on her laptop and her laptop password was the nickname she calls Beck by. Basically, she was in love with Beck and was trying to hook up with her. In the end, Joe kills Peach after finding out all these things and Beck finds out about Candice, who was Joe's ex-girlfriend and figures out what happened to her and figures out who Joe really is. Joe figures out that Beck was having a sexual relationship with her consular. They both confront each other and Beck ends up in the glass box that Joe uses in the basement of the book story. In the end, Joe has to kill Beck and he then is able to get away with killing her, framing the consular. However at the end of the season, Joe's past comes to haunt him as his ex-girlfriend who he thought was dead, Candice is alive and confronts Joe. Which leaves and big cliffhanger for Season 2 which I will recap/review next. But let me just say all the weird-ass girls reviewing the show that are in love with Joe are crazy. Overall this show was a surprise to me I didn't think I would like it and it turned out, that I did. I'd give this season an 8/10. It'll be hard for Season 2 to top this in my opinion.
  8. if she drives a HONDA... there’s a HO..N..DA CAR 😏 😭

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      are you drake's ghost writer ?

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      This is why the worlds ending.

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      Machine Gun Cody Cage

      honda civic 2004 was a mad car

  9. Top 5 Best Scorers In The NBA. 5. Giannis Antetokounmpo Giannis this season is averaging basically 30 points per game and is one of the most unstoppable players to ever be seen in the NBA. He can get to the paint with ease and be a complete bully in there too. Giannis reminds me a lot of Orlando Magic Shaq. He's that dominant, If he gets a shot that is constant. I think he'll be higher up on the list but right now there's better scorers in the NBA then him. 4. Lebron James LeBron James has constantly averaged around 26 points per game for his entire career and I suggest everyone go and watch his two MVP years on the Cavs and Heat. He was a straight buck and he still is. Although he isn't as efficient in the paint like he used to be. LeBron has developed a constant mid-range and three-point shot which makes him a threat from anywhere on the court but don't get me wrong there are better scorers in the league. LeBron had to be on this list, however. 3. Stephen Curry Look at Curry, man such an inspiration haha. Anyways, Stephen Curry changed how the league is played. He's the greatest shooter ever. Steph Curry is a threat from anywhere on the court. The Thunder shot in 2016 proves me right. This man pulled up from damn near half court and hit it to win the game. Curry is constantly getting doubled on and off screens and if you ever watched the warriors. You'd be able to see that. 2. James Harden I really shouldn't have to explain this one, James Harden averaged 36 points per game last season. The last person to average more than 36 points a season was Michael Jordan who averaged 37 points per game in the 86-87 NBA Season. Harden is double-teamed right after he makes it past the half-court line and sometimes even before that. Sure he gets a lot of free throws but he'd still be the highest scorer in the NBA even without free throws (for all NBA Players) There's no doubt that Harden is one of the best scorers we've seen. 1. Kevin Durant I think everyone knew who I was going to put first here. Kevin Durant is a 7 footer with the handles of a point guard and has pace, his shooting abilities are out of this world. He can hit jump shots legit over you and there's nothing you can do about it. Durant won MVP without Westbrook that season and if you look back then, you can see all the tough shots he had to hit in the clutch to win the games. Durant is a threat from anywhere on the court. He can pull up for three, drive to the basket and basically do everything offensively What's y'alls, top 5 scorers, in the NBA? (counting KD ofc) NEXT UP: TOP 5 DEFENDERS IN THE NBA
  10. This really sucks, was looking forward to playing the game in May. I really don't know if they are going to release it now with PS5 coming out in the winter.
  11. (Credit to @Hans for the logo) Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back to another BPZ: The Inside Scoop Episode. Today I have another thrilling topic for everyone. Without further a due let's jump right into it! POST MANIA POWER RANKINGS PRODUCED BY THE INSIDE SCOOP. Number Five: KENJI Still the North American Champion after defeating Buddy Ace and Joh at BPZMania. KENJI showed up at the biggest stage of them all and retained his BPZ North American Championship. Like I said in my post before on the site. KENJI has been entitled as The Future of BrendenPlayz Wrestling by many people and with this win at BPZMania, it puts him in this top 5. He's currently looked at as a top 10 pick in the upcoming draft after World At War and there's no doubt that he should. Number Four: Arius Despite losing his World Championship within minutes, Arius still makes the list at number four. He was in the main event of the biggest show of the year and he defeated "The Death Machine" Julius in what was a spectacular main event and won the World Heavyweight Championship. Arius has been picked by Bart to represent Valor at World At War and is looked at as a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft which is much deserved as he is one of the best in the company right now. Number Three: Hans Clayton At BPZMania, Hans Clayton had one of the best matches on the card vs his former best friend, now bitter rival in Isiah Carter. He defeated Carter and retained his Undisputed Championship in his first-ever defense as champion. Hans now heads into BPZ World At War wrestling in a War Games match with his teammates being Bob Sparks and FDS against Carter and his teammates that are currently unknown. Number Two: Creed At BPZMania, Creed which is Sameer, Smith, and Bart were all in matches. Smith and Bart faced off against Legacy Of Violence aka Flynn and Necce and defeated them in the CO Main Event in what was an epic build-up that let to an amazing match. Sameer was in action against his former teammate, and mentor, BrendenPlayz in a loser retires match. Sameer would go on to defeat BrendenPlayz and will be at World At War to announce what championship match we will see him in at Backlash. Number One: Slim At BPZMania, Slim went 2-0. He first started the night competing in the Money In The Bank match where we saw him grab the briefcase and defeat Gunner, FDS, and Eric Shun. Then to the shook of everyone. We saw him cash in ruining Arius' big moment winning the main event of BPZ Mania and winning the World Heavyweight Championship to close out BPZMania. Over the past weeks, Slim has introduced the inner circle and is the biggest star in BPZ at the moment.
  12. Spencer James is a rising high school football player and A student at South Crenshaw High, but when coach Billy Baker recruits him to join his team in Beverly Hills, Spencer's mother, Grace, and his best friend, Coop, convince him it's an opportunity he has to seize. Season One and Two are currently out on Netflix for everyone to watch or on the CW website/app. All American is an amazing show, I instantly got into it from the start. If you enjoy football you most likely will enjoy this. If you have watched it feel free to discuss it on this thread!
  13. Clippers Defeat Lakers In Blowout Win. Steph Curry's 43 points and 8 assists wasn't enough to defeat the rival team in LA in the Clippers. Kawhi and Chris Paul was too much for the former unanimous MVP to handle. Especially with poor shooting nights from Jrue Holiday and Brandon Ingram. Curry was phenomenal but the rest of the team couldn't get it doing. I don't see this as a problem the Clippers are probably the best team in the league at the moment with their star players and depth. Kawhi posted 30 points and 8 rebounds with Chris Paul also providing 21 points and 13 assists. Other notable stat lines were Nikola Vucevic with 23 points and 12 rebounds. Ingram had 24 points but took 22 shots to reach there in a poor shooting night. The final score ended 107-137. The Defense of the Lakers must improve after this loss or else there's going to be problems. Steph Curry spoke after the loss: It's the first game of the season. The Clippers are a very talented team. Me and the rest of guys need to gel together but you know everyone is looking at the Xmas game versus them.
  14. Excited to see what happens at Mania bro, All the matches have been built up so well. These match previews are such a great idea! Hopefully this works since being a f@g is the wave on the forums now!

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