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  1. BPZ Booking Competition

    I'm in
  2. The Official BPZ Brand Split Discussion

    Since there technically is no protocol for it as it hasn't really ever happened, if a person's contract runs out in let's say March, they stay on the brand until April 1st BUT can negotiate a contract with a different brand on March 1st. GM's if you agree with this rep this post and if you disagree neg it.
  3. Is Discord down for anyone else or is it just me? Also new diary.


    1. George AK

      George AK

      Yeah Discord was down but its back up for me

    2. Ark Universe
  4. While I did like Ellsworth and I do think he is great as a comedy/underdog character, I am kinda happy he's gone so we don't have to see Trans Ellsworth vs Charlotte at WrestleMania
  5. Guess what, I'm fucking bored again. So we're doing a rebooking of the BPZ Mania II Money in the Bank match. Now I'm gonna book the Money in the Bank match, and then I'm gonna book their reign of Money in the Bank holder as Mr. Money in the Bank. This is gonna be shorter than the inaugural episode, but it's something. So what actually happened as most people know is that Nebakos won at Mania, and proceeded to do nothing with it and go inactive on the forums an was forced to cash in at Bad Blood, to only lose to Slim. So we should fix that. So instead, I'd have Smith win Money in the Bank, so let's book this. Smith wins Money in the Bank at Mania, hooray. he then proceeds to become public enemy number one in the eyes of Evolve General Manager and World Heavyweight Champion, Slim (remember this is right after TTG split up and when The Wilde Club formed in what was probably the last good thing we've seen from Alyx). So at Backlash, Slim attempts to help Nate defeat Smith in the Premium Championship match to try and eliminate the competition. This would fail, and Smith would still win. Now at this point, is where Pride formed, but now it doesn't exist now as Smith is Mr. Money in the Bank and that makes him Slim's #1 threat, so it never forms. But Slim and Nate do keep a close relationship and Nate is seen as the Evolve GM's right-hand man for now on. So at Fully Loaded, the card stays the same, and so do the trades. Except we get Slim vs Alyx Wilde and Smith vs Bic instead of Slim vs Bic and Alyx Wilde vs Smith. This is because Bic who was just acquired by Evolve at this point needed a match and Smith needed to represent Pride in a match against The Wilde Club, but now Slim needs to represent himself against The Wilde Club and Bic who still needs a match goes against Smith as to make Smith weary so he doesn't cash in on Slim that night. Slim and Smith would both win their matches and we would move on from there with no cash in. Then we have Mayhem, where Slim beat someone who doesn't matter to the story and Smith retained Premium against Nate. Smith then cashed in the night after on an Evolve show and won. And the rest is up for your imagination.
  6. Denial and Anger

    When Carnage returns from commercial break Peter Wilchester is seen backstage very angry after the outcome of his match at Redemption where he was defeated by Brad. He is knocking over bottles, grabbing at the little hair he has, and hitting the wall when close to it. He walks up to John Trenton, the main backstage interviewer of BPZ and grabs him by the collar. WHERE THE HELL IS ECHO WILSON!? H- He's down the hall, second door to your right. Peter then pushes John away from him and goes down the hall to Echo's dressing room. When he walks up to the door that has a star on it which has "Echo Wilson" in bold letters in the middle of it. He then barges into the room and tackles Echo Wilson who was sitting in a chair on his phone at the time of the attack. Echo is now on the ground in pain from the surprise attack from Wilchester. Peter then picks Echo back up and bashes his skull against the counter Echo had in his dressing room. YOU AREN'T BETTER THAN ME ECHO! YOU AND YOUR COUNTRY ALWAYS IS, ALWAYS WAS, AND ALWAYS WILL BE WORSE THAN MINE! Peter then picks Echo up again and throws him at the mirror, successfully breaking it, and maybe even getting some pieces of mirror in Echo's head. Echo is then on the ground again, probably not knowing where he is in this moment in time from the hit into the mirror and the bashing of the skull into the counter. Peter then opens the door back up and practically drags an almost lifeless Echo Wilson to an area with no padding of any kind on the floor. He then grabs a barely moving Echo and hits him with a Canadian Destroyer on the unprotected ground. Echo may be concussed, he's definitely knocked out and in a comatose form. Peter then notices Echo's United States Championship around his waist. He grabs the title, he looks at it in his hand and smirks, and then he throws it back down at Echo. I'll see you at Survivor Series. Peter then slowly walks away backward to admire the vicious attack he'd done on Echo Wilson as the scared trainers come to aid Echo as Peter seemed to be done attacking Echo. Later in the show, we find out that Peter has been removed from the building because of his malicious attack on Echo Wilson, and that Echo is in the trainer's room, but he doesn't have any injuries that will affect him very much.
  7. Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    Mike Kanellis should be US Champ Mickie James should get one last Women's championship title run Baron Corbin should be further down the card Heel Sami Zayn is better than Face Sami Zayn Kurt Angle should be fired as Raw GM
  8. BPZ Wrestling League

    If I can be in, I'm in
  9. Journey Of Wrestling Competition

    sorry for not posting until now
  10. This is Yelich Books Random Shit Because He's Bored. The show I do to give me something to do when I'm bored. If you have suggestions for what I should book, tell me, and if its shit I won't do it. But if it's decent, I'll do it. Today I'm doing a future booking instead of a re-booking of making Brad a bonafide BPZ legend and a first ballot BPZ Hall of Famer. Let's get cracking, shall we? At Survivor Series I'd have Brad and Echo lose to Akki and Slim because we don't need Brad in a tag team, we then would have Jon beat brad making Team Smith look strong going into the match, minus the part where I' have FD beat Slim and Smith for Intercontinental. Team Flynn win because Team Smith or Team The Pride + Some other people can't get along and that can spiral into another booking I can do down the line (also, in this booking Nate is the final member because it just makes more sense that way), but let's focus on the winners in Team Flynn, specifically Echo Wilson. Echo would lose after Brad runs in with a chair when it's a 4 on 5 advantage to Team Smith while Prince is the first eliminated (sorry) he starts beating Echo with the chair after the frustrating loss earlier in the night, this would end up with Echo having a kayfabe injury of a hairline fracture of his ACL which forces him to not only vacate US, but also get removed from the main event of Night of Legends. this inadvertently gets Jon (the man in the ring at the time) disqualified from the match, hitting two birds with one stone for Brad. Jon is furious with this and attacks Brad who just hits him with the chair a couple times. While Jon is now out this gives Akki a free pinfall on Echo who recently beat him earlier in the night. Making the match 4-3 in favor of Team Smith. (Btw I'd have the sole survivor be FD, I want him to beat Ark, Slim, and be sole survivor tonight, this doesn't matter but another booking idea was to have FD become a king on Evolve, but even if he loses to Nate this really would make him seem as much of a bigger threat, but I'm rambling now so lets go back to your regularly scheduled programming). Then we move on to December To Dismember where Brad is in one match that matter to him. Brad vs Jon. Brad would beat Jon easily ending that feud, and both would move on with their respective careers. Also if you care, I would have Ark win US here and give him that feel good moment to end off BPZ's inter-brand PPV's. And then we have Carnage Power Trip: Night of Legends, the "BPZ Mania" of Carnage only shows as told by Bailey, where the main event is a repeat of the last one because of a certain someone's forceful injury. Brad because of this would go one on one with the General Manager Bailey in a non-title, No Holds Barred match, where Bailey is trying to beat Brad for ruining his once great show. Brad would lose after the lights all turn off for about five seconds after Brad had hit a second Codebreaker on Bailey, and when they turn on a man in a zip-up hoodie is there holding a steel chair, he takes the hoodie off and reveals himself to be none other than Echo Wilson. He then hits Brad over and over with the chair just like Brad had done to him at Survivor Series, then Echo drags Bailey over to Brad's comatose body, and puts his arm on Brad's, 1.. 2.. 3. Bailey wins. Then we have The Royal Rumble, where Brad is in both the Royal Rumble match and a Chairs match (I know they suck but it's symbolic of the feud) against Echo Wilson. Echo would win the Chairs match, giving him the upper hand in the feud, but then in the Royal Rumble match Echo would enter first and go all the way into the deep twenties, getting into the "Elite Six" (I'm sorry I fucking can't, why the fuck did Flynn call it the Elite Six? WHY?) Brad would end up being number 29 while 30 would be the Intercontinental Champion, FDS. This makes the "Elite Six" (again, why?) Echo Wilson, Nate, Slim, FDS, Brad, and Smith. Brad would eliminate a distracted Echo after Echo eliminates FDS, making the feud 1-1. While this was occuring a now broken up Pride (I know, crazy) eliminated each other until there was just Slim left. And then we had the stare down, Slim vs Brad, Brad had lost so many times to Slim before, but Slim had never won a Royal Rumble so this was a whole new battle, and it's all for the privilege to main event BPZ Mania III. They started brawling, trying so hard to get the other man eliminated, but failing. This would go on for a while until Brenden's music played, this would distract Slim for a minute waiting for his greatest rival he's never faced in Brenden to walk out. He never did, but Brad did throw Slim out of the ring to win the Royal Rumble. Then Brenden walked out during Brad's celebration while Brad's music was playing, clapping, this sets up for Brenden's biggest match yet. BPZ Mania III, Brenden vs Slim. But let's not forget about the man we're focusing on today, Brad. Brad winning this gives him a match against either Bailey or Smith (the men are facing off for World at St Valentines Day Massacre) at BPZ Mania III and he just won the biggest match of his career, giving him huge momentum going into it. Now we have St. Valentines Day Massacre where Echo and Brad have their final match (it is a normal one) and we find out who Brad is facing at Mania. Brad would win, allowing both Echo and Brad to move on from this feud and Bailey would retain his championship, giving us not only Brenden vs Slim from this story, but also Bailey vs Brad in the main event of BPZ Mania III. And we then get to BPZ Mania, the grandest stage of them all. I'll go over most of the matches right now, just to show you my thought process going through this. Peter Wilchester (c) vs Echo Wilson for the United States Championship (I know I'm greedy), Nebakos7 would get inducted into the Hall of Fame while he who shall not be named gets taken off the Hall of Fame list, FDS (c) vs Nebakos7 for the Intercontinental Championship, Flynn (c) vs George AK for the Carnage Universal Championship, An in memoriam for the NXT Championship, Smith vs Nate (c) for the Evolve Global Championship, Smith vs Bashka vs Monda vs Flynn vs Bic in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Tag Team A vs Tag Team B (c) for the Tag Team Championships, BrendenPlayz vs Slim (if Slim loses a new Evolve GM will be handpicked by Brenden), and finally, Brad vs Bailey for the World Heavyweight Championship. I will only tell you the winners now, I would have me win (because it's me), No one would care that Neb got in HoF, I would have FDS retain, George AK would win as the final NXT champion defeats the Universal Champion in a feel-good story, Nate would retain his Global title, furthering his reign, Monda would win Money in the bank because I think Monda would make a great World Heavyweight Champion, Tag Team B would retain the Tag belts and Brenden would win in a great match. And finally Brad vs Bailey. These two would have a stellar match that would really tell a great story, and in the grand finale, Brad would lose because he's Brad. But hey, at least he won the Royal Rumble.
  11. Well let's see, two guys that won matches at Redemption are in the main event so they're not in. So we have 5 guys left, that perfect, right? No wrong, Bailey won and GM's imo shouldn't go for kayfabe titles, and then we have the conundrum that FD is now on Evolve, so we now only have Brad, George, and Bashka left. And some may not be even on Carnage by the PPV because of the Contrapocalypse (Contract Apocalypse) of January 2018 where 11-13 contracts (too lazy to check) expire. So no Brad, Josh can be in the match.
  12. BPZ W/L Record of 2017

    No.. It can't be that good.
  13. Journey Of Wrestling Competition

    Look who's in the lead now.
  14. I Stand On Guard For Thee

    The Power Trip: Redemption kickoff panel of TheGRV, John Trenton, Gary Green, and Gary Kirby send it over to the newest interviewer of BPZ, Thomas Lieberman for a one-on-one interview with the resident Canadian of Carnage, Peter Wilchester. Thomas Lieberman: Hi I'm Thomas Lieberman, and today here with me I have the man who will be facing Br- Peter Wilchester: I'm sorry who are you? Thomas Lieberman: I'm Thomas Lieberman, I'm the guy that's interviewing you Mr. Wilchester. Peter Wilchester: I specifically asked for John Trenton to interview me, not this intern imbecile. Thomas Lieberman: John Trenton is on the kickoff panel for the show so I was assigned to do the interview. Peter Wilchester: Peter sighs Fine, let's get this over with. Ask me your questions. Thomas Lieberman: Okay, while you were suspended you were thinking of a way to defeat Echo, so you came up with the idea to go up against Brad, why do that instead of going up against Echo himself? Peter Wilchester: Well I wanted to hit Echo where it hurts, his championships. I wanted to defeat his tag team partner to hurt their morale and maybe even take out Brad with an injury so I can get Echo to lose his title. This is how I get my revenge for Echo ambushing me in my own country, by making him losing a prized possession in his. Thomas Lieberman: Okay, Brad said that he will win at Redemption because and I quote, "God Won't Save You" at Redemption. What is your response to this? Peter Wilchester: Well if God won't save me at Redemption, then I guess I don't need God Brad. Because no matter what, you are going to be defeated in the name of Canada tonight at the AT&T Center and there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Thomas Lieberman: Okay Peter fi- Peter Wilchester: Okay I think everyone has had enough of you. Peter pushes Thomas out of frame and looks at the camera. Peter Wilchester: Brad at Redemption I am a man on a mission. My mission is to redeem not only myself but to redeem Canada, for what I allowed Echo to do to me in my native country. I had broken the code that my national anthem had taught me. I did not defeat Echo when he besmirched our great country's name at Emergence, so I must do it now. At Redemption, I stand on guard for Canada. Peter then throws the microphone to the ground and storms off as anger is now flowing through his veins as he recounts his match with Echo Wilson. The BPZ Network then goes back to the kickoff panel as Emergence gets closer to its beginning.
  15. WWE Bringing In VR?

    I said almost the same feeling for a reason Bic. While you do not get the general atmosphere of the arena with VR and it would also save money as you would only pay 300 dollars+The Network for all PPV's with front row seat vision rather than paying the 700+ dollars they're currently charging for seats like those.

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