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  1. Yelich

    BPZ Predictions League

    Sin Cara vs Andrade "Cien" Almas: Andrade "Cien" Almas Tables Match: The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston, & Xavier Woods) vs Sanity (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, & Killian Dain): SAnitY Extreme Rules Match for the Raw Women's Championship: Alexa Bliss (c) vs Nia Jax: Alexa Bliss Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley: Roman Reigns Raw Tag Team Championship: Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt (c) vs The B-Team (Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas): Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt Smackdown Women's Championship, James Ellsworth will be suspended above the ring in a Shark Cage: Carmella (c) vs Asuka: Carmella Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) (c) vs Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan & Kane): Bludgeon Brothers 30-Minute Ironman Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) with Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins: Dolph Ziggler United States Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura: Shinsuke Nakamura Finn Balor vs Constable Baron Corbin: Constable Baron Corbin Steel Cage Match: Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens: Braun Strowman WWE Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Rusev: AJ Styles Bonus Round: Will James Ellsworth get out of the Shark Cage during Carmella vs Asuka?: Yes What will be the final score of the Ziggler vs Rollins match?: 2-1
  2. Yelich

    I told my grhmdnotae

    Wait Guests can make topics? what?
  3. Yelich

    My Moment In The Sun

    When Evolve returns from commercial break when the lights in the Manchester Arena dim and the titantron shows static for a few seconds before showing Yelich sitting on a stool in a room with very limited lighting, very enough to see Yelich's disheveled and angry face. Yelich just sits there for a few seconds before looking at the camera angrily standing up and pacing. People tell me I'm so great at what I do yet I still lose, and I lose and I lose and I lose. But I stick around, and for what? To watch other people cut me in the line for their moment in the sun. WHERE'S MY MOMENT IN THE SUN? Alyx Wilde... Alyx Wilde I BEAT in my debut. Alyx Wilde LOST TO ME in his debut. I was supposed to be the star out of us two... and he, he goes off, he wins the US title, he wins the European title, he is the Triple Crown Champion, he puts on a feud of the year with Chris White, he main events BPZ Mania, while I am stuck here. Bart... Bart comes in NXT when I'm in the US division. I'm supposed to get my moment in the sun before him, I'm supposed to have something for people to remember me by before him. But he... he becomes the longest reigning US champ. I don't. Why? I do the same thing as him, WHY HIM? WHY DOES HE GET HIS MOMENT IN THE SUN!? Yelich stands still for a second, closes his eyes and breathes for a few seconds regaining his composure. He then looks at the camera again and resumes his pacing. Echo Wilson... NXT Champ, US Champ, Premium Champ, Has Main Evented a PPV. Ya know what happened when I was supposed to get my moment in the limelight, that main event spot. Night of Legends, at all Carnage PPV's the Universal title is SUPPOSED to Main Event the show. But of course, I get told I'm "not good enough to be in the main event." But Echo, oh oh Echo, he gets a singles match against Flynn, just like I did, BUT HE, HE GETS THE MAIN EVENT SPOT. I've beaten him before, why does he get his moment in the sun, why not me, why must it be taken away from me? WHY MUST IT BE TAKEN AWAY FROM ME!? Yelich grabs the stool and throws it against the wall behind him, effectively breaking it. Yelich then grabs his hair and tries to start breathing at a normal pace again until he continues speaking, he lets his arms droop down to his sides again and stands in one spot speaking to the camera. Storm... he's living it up right now isn't he... he's United States Champion. He is in the limelight. And while you may say "Oh Yelich, you've already won four titles" well out of those four you wanna know how many times I successfully defended one? twice. And it was the title that doesn't even exist anymore. So I never got my moment in the sun to bask in glory. So Storm, Storm doesn't get that either. Storm as long as I'm in the US division, you will never get your moment in the sun with the United States Championship. Because starting at King of the Ring, it is my turn to bask in glory. I will no longer let anyone cut in front of me. The titantron goes static again before it goes completely black and the lights in the Manchester Arena go back up, the audience now stunned after finding out that Storm now has another challenger for the US title at King of the Ring other than Kieron Black in a very crazed Yelich, Evolve then goes back to commercial break as the wrestling show that oddly only has promo's rolls on.
  4. Yelich

    World Cup Sweepstake

    That's a bad trade, Echo really came out on top there. He gets a semi finalist team AND 5000 BPZ bucks.
  5. Yelich

    An Invitation to my Study

    Gary Green goes to open the door, and once he does in comes Yelich and his manager whose name we do not know. Why the hell would anyone invite you to anything. People have legit seen that you're brainwashed. Why the hell would anyone want you in their house? Yelich's manager then looks away from Yelich and sees a defeated Josh, Johnny starting his satanic ritual, FD drinking, Echo mulling about, and Julius giving FD a death stare. Oh hello, Josh and friends. Everyone but Josh and Gary gives Yelich and his manager a scowl. When Yelich walks towards Johnny and says his first words since his return. Don't you need a sacrifice to perform this ritual? Johnny looks up confused. How do you know that? Yelich just rolls his eyes and pulls his manager towards him. Y-Yelich what are you doing? Just shut up already. Gary can you go grab the duct tape? You don't need duct tape for this ritual. Yes you do Johnny. How do you expect to win King of the Ring when you can't even perform a Satanic ritual correctly? Now Gary. Get me some duct tape. Now. Scared shitless, almost literally, Gary runs to go get duct tape as Yelich's manager shakes in feat in the middle of the symbol. As Yelich is holding out his hand waiting for duct tape to be placed in it. Y-Yelich we sh-sh-should t-talk about this, r-right? A stone faced Yelich just looks into his manager's eyes and shakes his head no. That's when Gary comes back with the duct tape. Yelich puts the duct tape over his now probably former manager's mouth as all others watch on in horror besides Johnny Kills because he's started this ritual and FD because, he's seen some shit. Then Yelich starts duct taping his legs together when Johnny Kills butts in. Shouldn't you be duct taping his arms together first? No John I shouldn't, I'm more worried about him running away than him trying to punch me, If I'm in this business I'm not worried about some scrawny French-Canadian dude trying to slap me. You really are as dumb as a box of rocks aren't you? Johnny has a disgruntled look on his face when Yelich starts switching gears, duct taping his manager's arms together, as the others look on with shocked looks plastered on their faces. Once Yelich is done that he turns back to Johnny. Okay, I'm pretty sure you at least know how to do this part John. I do... I do. Yelich's manager starts wriggling and rolling around on the floor as Yelich and Johnny Kills begin praying to Satan or something when the doorbell rings once more. Gary Green running up to open it.
  6. Yelich

    WWE Fantasy League

    I'm in
  7. Yelich

    EVOLVE TakeOver: Fallout | 27th July 2018

    EVOLVE Grand Championship: Bart (c) vs Johnny Kills: Johnny Kills KOTR Semi-Final (Carnage): ??? vs ???: Echo Wilson KOTR Semi-Final (Evolve): ??? vs ???: Myself Yelich vs Sameer vs Kieron Black: Myself Brad vs Ark Universe: Brad The Marker vs SilkySlimer: The Marker Storm vs TheRomanPredator: Storm
  8. Yelich

    Ring-a-ring o' Roses

    Evolve returns from commercial break when a theme people aren't particularly used to plays. Out comes Yelich accompanied by his manager whom's name we do not know of yet, but we do know he has brainwashed Yelich into this disheveled and crazed man he is today, he used to run a company called FCWF and it ran into the ground after Yelich was poached by BPZ, causing many jobs being lost. When the two men enter the ring Yelich just stands still in the middle of the ring while the audience in the SSE Hydro boo the two loudly, while the man gets a microphone. He then waits until the audience quiets down enough before he speaks while circling Yelich slowly. Ring-a-ring o' Roses Pocket full of Posies Ashes, Ashes We All Fall Down. Yelich's manager finally gets through one full circle by getting back to the spot he started speaking at next to his client. He then stands next to Yelich and begins addressing the audience directly. When I was deciding what Yelich's new theme would be I thought long and hard about it, because I wanted it to mean something. I wanted there to be a story behind it. So I chose the classic children's song "Ring-a-ring o' Roses." And I chose this song for a simple reason, its history. You see, the song "Ring-a-ring o' Roses" was just a large reference to the Black Death, or the Plague. Ring-a-ring o' Roses has many nods towards the plague, as a rosy rash was a symptom of it, during the Black Death many people carried around posies of herbs because they were thought to protect themselves from the sickness, as well as warding off the smell of the disease. And the final two lines show what the end result of catching the disease was, death. Now what does this have to do with Yelich here? Well allow me to explain. Yelich here is going to defeat everyone he has to in order to put this company out of business, because he is a plague upon this company, and he will spread that plague through his victories until everyone in this company falls, leaving it dead, never to return. Sameer felt that first hand in Round One of the King of the Ring tournament. And soon Kieron Black and Johnny Kills will feel it too. They will all fall down. Yelich's manager tosses his microphone to the ground and says "Let's go" to Yelich and the two leave to the back, as Evolve rolls on.
  9. Yelich

    Rate The User Above.

    8/10 - Posts unnecessarily a lot, maybe instead of posting on other people's write ups what their star rating is so you can rack up posts, make a section on FAC where you add star ratings that may help a bit. But other than that, great guy.
  10. We are here in the O2 arena for the Evolve first round of the King of the Ring tournament. We have already seen El Pero De La Najico defeat Kieron Black, and Angelo Caito vanquish Marker. And now it is time to see a seasoned veteran in Sameer go one on one with a very different Yelich. We have seen many vignettes of Yelich, we have heard that he is coming to try and put this company out of business, well, I guess we'll just have to see how that goes for him. Out comes Sameer, who we haven't seen much of recently, there have been rumors circling that he was believing Yelich to be a pushover, so he has been focusing on round two. But he shouldn't be overlooking Yelich, for one thing, he not only faces him here tonight, but he also faces him AND Kieron Black at Evolve TakeOver: Fallout. So he should at the very least know what he's up against. Flanked by what seems to be the man we saw a week ago on the titantron, the man who seems to have been behind all of these blackouts on Evolve, and what is becoming of Yelich. Speaking of Yelich, he looks disheveled. Like he hasn't showered in a week or so, he's grown out a huge beard, and he looks more psychotic than usual. Is this another persona of his or... or did that man really just wipe his brain clean, and make Yelich a deranged man who only serves orders from him? I guess only time will tell. Yelich makes his way into the ring as Sameer tries his best not to be spooked by Yelich's new crazed look. The ref waits for both men to be ready, and he calls for the bell and we are off to the races. Sameer walks towards Yelich, looking for a conventional collar and elbow tie up but Yelich just runs right at Sameer with a lunging forearm to the face. Sameer stumbles back in shock at the sudden pain to his face as Yelich looks to continue the attack with an Irish whip to the opposite corner. But instead of running at Sameer to follow it up, he looks back at the corner he's in. He then walks over to the turnbuckles pads and starts to remove the middle turnbuckle pad, with a sadistic grin plastered over his face. He figures it out and takes it off, and he smiles at his handiwork, but by now Sameer has had enough time to recover, and he walks over to Yelich, grabbing him by one of his tufts of hair, and throws him on his back. He then slaps Yelich in the face and screams "THIS IS MY SHOW! MY TOURNAMENT! AND YOU SHOULD REMEMBER THAT!" After the slap, Yelich's grin goes away, and his face is now looking to his right, with a face that could only belong to someone angry, and a glare that could kill. He then slowly turns to Sameer, and when Sameer sees what Yelich's face is showing, he runs away as quickly as possible, fear in his eyes. but he runs straight into some of the turnbuckles pads. And he is now cornered. Sameer is now bargaining with Yelich, pleading, begging for him to not maim him. Yelich then grabs him by his hair and starts ramming his head into the exposed middle turnbuckle. He does this until blood starts trickling down from Sameer's forehead, at which point the ref tries to break it up. When the ref does that Yelich looks towards him with the same glare and walks up to him. The ref in fear puts his hands up and walks backwards away from Yelich, fearing for his life. "FINISH IT!" Yelich looks towards his manager and nods as his response to what he just ordered him to do. Yelich then goes back to Sameer, who is barely conscious, and picks him up while biting his ear, earning himself pained screams of agony from Sameer. He then gets Sameer in a powerbomb position, and hits him with a viscous piledriver. I think I'm gonna be sick after that one, I think Sameer is seriously injured with all of the damage he's taken to his head. The ref now goes to count Yelich's pinall, 1.. 2.. 3. It's over. Yelich slowly gets up eyeing Sameer as he admires the punishment he dished out. His manager walks in the ring and raises his arm up high, and tells him to get outta here. Once Yelich is a safe distance away, the medical team go to work on making sure Sameer isn't seriously injured, as the Evolve side of round one of the King of the Ring tournament rolls on.
  11. Yelich

    Libérer La Soldat

    When Evolve returns from commercial break the entire arena goes black again, similarly to the previous two weeks. The titantron, the lights in the concourse area, and every other light in the arena goes dark. Then, on the titantron we see a man clearly turning on some sort of webcam on a computer and sitting back down in a metal chair, in a dark room, with only a few dim lights bringing the room to life. The year... 2016. The date... June 5th. That was the beginning of the end for the French Canadian Wrestling Federation of FCWF for short. That was the day that BPZ poached our best talent, effectively ruining our company, people no longer came out and went to see FCWF shows, no. Instead, they turned on their televisions and watched Power Trip and Anarchy. Because of this company, many people lost their livelihoods, their jobs, and in turn, their lives. The man pauses and clears his throat, his eyes blind with rage, as this is clearly a touchy subject for him/ All of that rests on one man's shoulders BrendenPlayz, now I'm not here to ask for a match for the personal revenge of me, no why would I do that. You would never agree, I understand that. Hell, I've seen how many times Slim has called you out for a match and you denied, I'm not stupid. So instead, I imply to do something worse. I am going to make this very company go bankrupt, so you can feel how I and every other person who worked for FCWF felt. Feel that sense of loss, depression, and sadness, as your source of income is washed away. The man takes a breather once again, trying to not allow his rage overcome him, all of this while the Evolve lighting crew are trying to fix some of the problems, with them somehow getting the lights in one half of the concourse area working. Now I am sure you won't see this Brenden as I'm sure you don't watch your very own product, you're too oblivious to what's going on in your very own company as you think it can run itself, that's why you did the brand split, so you didn't have to be the boss anymore. You could just plop down some GM's and let the company go, doing whatever you do in your spare time without a care in the world, because you are still making money. Well all that's about to change. Starting with King of the Ring, now I'm sure while you don't know who your own champions are, I think you know who you employ. At least mostly everyone you employ. So I'm sure you know who Yelich is. He was the guy you poached from our very own company, he was our star, our main guy, and once you took him we started going out of business because we could no longer turn a profit. So Brenden, I decided to take it upon myself to find the best psychologist I could find, and together we improved Yelich. And Yelich has been told to complete one very simple task, win titles. And once he can get enough to make people start getting tired of him winning, people will start turning off their TV's, you will lose your source of income, just like I did. The man looks back over his shoulder and heaves in a breath as he looks to shout. EMMANUEL! A man in a white labcoat with a black notebook in hand which has a grey fleur-de-lis on it walks in the room, looking eye to eye at the previous man who goes to give him his orders. It is time to begin Phase One... Libérer La Soldat. The man then promptly shuts off the webcam as all the lights in the arena are restored, with a message being sent to the BPZ roster that Yelich is coming back a very different man, and he is going for King of the Ring.
  12. Yelich

    Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    Quality: 8 Story: 7
  13. Yelich

    Washing The Brain

    As Evolve returns from commercial break the entire arena goes black again, similarly to last week. As the titantron, the concourse lights, and every other light in the arena goes dark. We then see on the titantron a man walking around Yelich who's arms have been tied to a pull up bar, making him struggle profusely as he tries to get away, but can't. The man walking around Yelich has a black notebook in his hand with a grey fleur-de-lis on it. This occurs while one man is sitting down, observing what is going on. Mystery Man #2: Clé, ordinateur portable, soeur! Yelich: STOP! Mystery Man #2: Pierre, jambe! Yelich: NO, PLEASE! Mystery Man #2: Neige, Pensée, Tambour! Yelich: FOR THE GOOD OF EVERYONE, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING, I BEG OF YOU, PLEASE! Mystery Man #2: Train de marchandise! Yelich hyperventilates for a few seconds as Mystery Man #2 stands face to face with Yelich's bound body. Mystery Man #2: Soldat? Yelich: Prêt à se conformer. The first mystery man smiles and releases a small and haunting smile. Mystery Man #1: He's complete. The lights in the arena turn back on suddenly and Evolve again apologizes for what was shown on the titantron as it was not apart of the regularly scheduled programming, and that they will investigate what the disturbances are, as Evolve goes to a rushed commercial break.
  14. Yelich

    Everything Is Coming Up Roses

    Evolve returns from commercial break as the titantron goes static for a moment and then the arena all goes black, the lights, the ring, even the concourse area, black. The titantron then turns on and we see slight light, and two shadowy figures, which no one can really make out. One seems to have a clipboard in his hand when one speaks up. Mystery Man #1: How is he holding up? Mystery Man #2: Everything Is Coming Up Roses so far, by my calculations he should be fully ready and compliant in a couple weeks. Mystery Man #1: Wonderful, I can't believe you found someone so fragile, so weak, so... perfect. Once you're finished with him nobody will be able to stop us. We then hear a voice that sounds very much like Yelich's scream "HELP ME! ANYBODY!" As Mystery Man #1 just chuckles. Mystery Man #1: Just keep up what your doing, I'll finally get revenge on him for putting me through what he did. The titantron then goes static again as the lights in the arena turn back on and the PA System tells the audience they are "Sorry for the inconvenience, as BPZ and the Evolve brand had no clue what the clip it was, and how it got on the titantron," as Evolve goes to a rushed commercial break to allow the production team to figure out what the hell that was.
  15. Today is my 2 year anniversary on the forums. Thank you all for the great experiences, and lets hope for two more great years.

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