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  1. Matches Raw Women's Championship: Asuka (c) vs. Zelina Vega United States Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Apollo Crews Raw Tag Team Championship: The Street Profits (c) vs. Andrade & Angel Garza Ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Lucha House Party Women's Tag Team Championship: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs. The Riott Squad SmackDown Women's Championship: Bayley (c) vs. Nikki Cross Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Jey Uso Amb
  2. Yelich


    Tom Cruise is driving to the arena while Yelich with his EVOLVE Global Championship is over his shoulder. Yelich is freaking out as we are mere minutes away from the Survival Games matches happening tonight as apart of the Bad Blood festival while Tom Cruise drives at a reasonable pace. Yelich: TOM WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ARENA?! Tom Cruise: Yelich, I'm trying to drive this is the fastest I can go, the arena is a solid 20 minutes away, I know that's late and that you don't know when you'll be on, but that's the deal. Yelich: BULLSHIT, YOU'RE A BILLIONAIR
  3. Riptide From Asbury Park Convention Hall Jake Lee Open Challenge: The undefeated Jake Lee would make an open challenge to open OW Riptide, ready to face anyone in the back. Jake Lee so far is 3-0 in OW, with wins over TK Cooper, Ultimo Dargon, & AJ Gray. And looks to climb the ladder some more tonight. He would be waiting for someone to answer his call when out would come... DALTON CASTLE IS HERE IN OCEANSIDE WRESTLING, ANSWERING THE CALL OF JAKE LEE! Jake would be very surprised at this, as former JCW Breakout Champion Dalton Castle who nearly had his arm ripped off by Br
  4. According to this I'm SLAP Butts... tres cool.
  5. Send in your questions to be answered by Kim Jornette on his next podcast! God I hope this isn't absolute dogshit.
  6. Yelich: WHAT THE FUCK!? After Valor returns from commercial break, Evolve General Manager and Global Champion Yelich, now in New Zealand in his hotel, is thinking over his loss to Smith at Survival Games, and from the outset, it is very clear he is not pleased with the result. He is currently yelling at the cleaning lady for his room, who is just finishing up with her duties in there. Yelich: WHY'D YOU SCREW ME HUH? WHY DID YOU MAKE ME LOSE TO SMITH? Cleaning Lady: Who's Smith? Yelich: OH WHO'S SMITH MY ASS, YOU'RE ON THIN FUCKING ICE CLE
  7. Oceanside Wrestling #13 From Asbury Park Convention Hall We open on the grave of Rosemary, now fully filled to the brim with sand and topped with rocks, her tombstone still reading "Rest In Peace Rosemary". The cameraman walks closer to it a we see Awesome Kong and Abadon near the grave, and they react to seeing the cameraman angrily, with Awesome Kong telling the cameraman to "Leave now if you don't want to end up like her." The cameraman would then swiftly run away back into the arena. Joseph Conners would come out to the ring alongside his Origin brethren who are the new O
  8. Yelich


    On a BPZ.com exclusive video, we see Yelich sitting in his dressing room as we are less six hours away from tonight's Survival Games Grand Prix matches from occurring. Yelich tonight is facing Smith in a GM vs "GM" battle, in what is sure to be one of the biggest marquee matches of the night here in the Qudos Bank Arena on a night already stacked with big matches. We are mere hours away Smith. Hours away from our clash. Hours away from the biggest match thus far in the Survival Games Grand Prix. Because this, this is about more than just 2 points. This is about me proving to the
  9. I understand I am VERY late to this, but since other people were late joining in, I'll try to join in late too.
  10. Name (First And Last): Yelich Lastname Height: 5'10 Weight: 206 lbs Age (20-24): 21 College: Maryland Jersey Number: 29 Position Choice (Choose One Position And Then Style) Halfback: Speed, Elusive, Power, Mixed
  11. Yelich


    Valor returns from commercial break to see Evolve GM and Global Champion Yelich on screen with his title over his shoulder and his BPZ Tag Team Championship medallion around his neck. We recently saw a more serious side of Yelich following his loss to Mikey in his first Survival Games Grand Prix match as he called out his opponent in his second match, Valor GM and 1/2 of the BPZ Tag Team Champions, Smith. Smithers, we're all waiting, we're all waiting for you to rebuke my claims, my dastardly claims of corruption on behalf of Creed to keep their stranglehold upon Valor and BPZ as
  12. The BPZ Neccework is live on the post-show of Carnage Power Trip: Survival of the Fittest, when the video of the post show goes dark and we then see Yelich sitting down on a red cushioned chair, elbows on his knees as his hands are clasped, his eyes staring straight down the lens of the camera as his Global Championship is over his shoulder. Allow the world to choke you, wring you by your ends to remove the substance of yourself from you for the success of the state, the success of the norm. Play by the rules, stay compliant and complicit, bend to a knee, Keep the Status Quo, Kee
  13. ROUND ONE: Block A * Jay Lethal vs. Dalton Castle: While Castle is my boy (well... im his boy because that's his gimmick... whatever), this Pure Tournament feels like its a crash course for Lethal vs Gresham in the final, so Lethal has to win at least round one and probably round two also. * David Finlay vs. Rocky Romero: I love Rocky, I really do, but David Finlay just made it to the finals of the NJPW USA New Japan Cup, I don't think NJPW would be very happy with ROH if they found out he would be taking a loss to one of the NJPW English Commentators in the Pure Title Tournament, so
  14. Up on the free version of the BPZ Neccework would show up a short video, merely titled "Evolve: 9/10/2020." Upon clicking, the Evolve logo intro plays and we are welcomed by the commentators, Sob Barks and Nate Long to the show. Nate Long: Holla Holla Holla! Welcome everybody to an extra special version of Evolve, live here tonight from the tennis court of Tom Cruise's mansion, me and my broadcast partner Sob Barks have been waiting for months for another actual Evolve show to commentate and tonight, on the day before Survival Games round one for Valor, we have a g

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