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  1. Yelich


    Yelich stomps out from the backstage area, no music plays over the PA System he just storms out, almost like he made a beeline through the Guerilla Position to get to the ramp, not even notifying anyone he would be coming out He doesn't even make it into the ring before he starts angrily speaking. I can hear them, I can hear the doubters all saying I'm gonna lose, that I'm not good enough to be a champion again. No one thinks I'm the guy to beat Arius. You people don't think it, the people in the back don't think it, no one but me apparently thinks it. I release promo's loved by many, I train the hardest I've ever trained in my career yet Arius lounges around with his little ghoul buddies and has a 20 minute promo that doesn't even bring me up EVER. And apparently I'm the one that's likely losing. I don't understand it. I don't think I'll ever understand it. I work so hard for you people, I work so hard to give you entertainment on top of making myself the best I can be for matches. Yet Arius, the man who refuses to even build up our match, and probably isn't even training for our match and instead is enjoying the luxury life with his Magic The Gathering Club, is the man you people see as the favorite in this match. Somehow to you people, I'm the one who's losing. I'm so tired of the constant disrespect I receive around here. Joh was living a life of luxury with his buddy Monda before To The Top while I was constantly giving you people content to watch on your screens. Because I have an obligation as an employee of this company to give constant entertainment to you people, not just at Pay Per View's or every two weeks with a stupid long diatribe about "honor" and crap like that. Yet Arius and Joh are cheered. CHEERED! And I receive nothing but a prediction of a loss. I am what this company should be. Not people that show up sporadically while living in the height of luxury. A person who will not only train his hardest so he can be competitive at all times, but one who will also have constant entertainment for you people. But I'm not winning at SummerSlam. I'm not allowed to win. Someone's sent that memo around over the past year and now for some reason Yelich is unable to win matches. Maybe it's God, he's trying to make me bring back my Miracle Personality. Or its someone in the back that has a grudge against me, if it's you Ark stop it. It could even be Brenden, I don't even know anymore. It could even be you stupid people who keep predicting my defeat. But all I know is that this is not a slump for me. This has been a deliberate attempt to hurt my career. I have deserved victory after victory after victory in countless matches over the past two years. Yet I never am given them. And now I fear it's happening again. I try my hardest on a match and then I'm disrespected by people constantly saying I'll lose, and then they're somehow proven right when I do lose, even though I know in my heart of hearts that I didn't deserve a loss. I will not, I CAN NOT let that happen again. I need to be seen for who I am, not a man who is a loser but a man who busts his ass off day in and day out. A man who demands and is given respect. I am not this so called "jobber" people make me out to be, I am Yelich, and I am going to leave SummerSlam as BPZ North American Champion. So all of you people and my fellow coworkers in the back, keep predicting my failure. Because it'll just make the feeling so much better when I prove you wrong and you're forced to finally respect me. Yelich spikes the microphone onto the ring canvas and walks out. The microphone is probably broken now, and that's coming out of Yelich's paycheck. But it doesn't seem like he cares as he walks to the back, ignoring all of the fans either jeering him or asking for high fives. Yelich then finally disappears to the back and Carnage goes to a commercial break.
  3. Yelich is backstage when a man who works for BPZ's YouTube Channel walks up to him for an interview, he asks him his thoughts currently on people's opinions of him, essentially just giving him an open floor to speak his mind. Yelich snatches the microphone out of the interviewer's hand and pushes him out of frame, focusing in on the camera. People think that I am too absorbed in the idea that if I don't win matches than my career doesn't mean anything. I'm proud of what I've created and what I've done in this company, so when I complain about losing I always hear "but you made things you're proud of, that should be enough right?" You know who tells me those things. Former World Champions, Former Intercontinental Champions, Former Universal Champions, they tell me those things. They think that I should be happy and grateful in defeat because "It's not about the destination it's about the journey." Those people are assholes. They don't care about me, they just see my doom and gloom and want to make me all happy inside, they wanna tell me all the things they think I wanna hear to put a smile on my face. But they don't know how it is to be me. They know success, they know what glory feels like, they know how it feels to put in all your hard work and to have it pay off for them. I don't. I'm nearing two years now, almost two years since I've last held gold in this company. Yet these guys, these guys who were champs less than three months ago or in some cases are current champions, say I should be grateful after losses. That because I'm proud of what I've accomplished in the build up to my losses, I should be grateful for those builds. It's like they don't even hear me. I tell them all the time about how I'm mistreated, how because of all of the work I put in I should be winning matches, but these people like a broken record keep responding "But if you liked you're work then just be happy you made it." None of it matters if you don't win. That's the difference. They're able to say that because the work they were proud of many times lead to victory. The journey doesn't matter if you never reach your destination. My promo's and training don't matter if I don't win. I'm tired of always being on journeys and never reaching my destination. I want- no I deserve to win. But for some reason there's always someone better. And because of this no one even sees me as a threat or even a good wrestler in this company. It's gotten so bad that in Arius' latest promo, the man didn't even say my name. I'm his challenger at SummerSlam and he never uttered my name once in his 20 minute long promo. I deserve to have that idea of me changed, and that happens at SummerSlam. Arius, if you even know who I am, after SummerSlam you and everyone else will not only learn my name, but respect it. All of those former champions who out of pity tried to cheer me up after my losses, will be congratulating me. And I will be the new BPZ North American Champion. Yelich then throws the microphone back at the interviewer who is still off the screen before storming off, presumably to his locker room when the YouTube video ends.
  4. CHAMPIONSHIP HISTORY AWA World Championship Current Champion: Kenny Omega (won at The New Beginning vs John Cena) Defenses: vs Kevin Owens at Battle For Atlantis vs Kevin Owens and Dalton Castle at Unsafe Working Conditions Former Champions: None Atlantic Oceanic Championship Current Champion: Ethan Page (won at Thursday Night Throwdown Ep. 1 in a 20 Man Battle Royal) Defenses: vs Candice LeRae at The New Beginning vs Nick Miller at Battle For Atlantis vs Shinsuke Nakamura at Unsafe Working Conditions vs Shinsuke Nakamura at Thursday Night Throwdown Ep. 13 Former Champions: None Atlantic Tag Team Championships Current Champions: Bald World (Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch) (won at Unsafe Working Conditions vs The Alliance of Ego (Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe)) Defenses: None Former Champions: The Alliance of Ego (Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe) (won at The New Beginning vs The Young Bucks) Defenses: vs The Pinky Party (Grado and Noam Dar)
  5. ATLANTIC WRESTLING ASSOCIATION ROSTER, TITLES, AND SHOWS Stables/Tag Teams: The Class (Matt Striker, Johnny Cockstrong, and Mike Bailey) The Elite (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega) Dalton Castle and The Boys The Kingdom (Mike Bennett, Maria Kanellis, TK O'Ryan, and Vinny Marseglia) Bald World (Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch, and Bad Bones) The Gentleman's Club (Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy, Drew Gulak, and The Swamp Monster) Alliance of Ego (Ethan Page, Tomohiro Ishii, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe) The Pinky Party (Grado, Noam Dar, Sha Samuels and Jack Jester) TM-61 (Nick Miller and Shane Thorne) Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo, Joe Coffey and Mark Coffey) CHAOS (Shinsuke Nakamura, Toru Yano, SHO, and YOH) Breezango (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) The Vaudevillains (Aiden English and Simon Gotch) The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas) The World's Cutest Tag Team (Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan) Team Tremendous (Dan Barry and Bill Carr) Pure Singles: Kevin Owens R-Truth Matt Taven Jay Lethal Joseph Conners Rory Coyle Jackie Polo Shawn Michaels John Cena Rockstar Spud Zack Ryder Managers: Maria Kanellis Matt Striker GM: William Regal Alumni: Jay White Joe Hendry Tony Nese Damien Sandow Jack Gallagher Jonathan Gresham Joey Janela Shayna Baszler Championships: AWA World Championship Champion: Kenny Omega Atlantic Oceanic Championship Champion: Ethan Page Atlantic Tag Team Championships Champions: Bald World (Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch) Weekly TV Show: Thursday Night Throwdown PPV Schedule: The New Beginning The Battle For Atlantis* Unsafe Working Conditions Meltdown Job Review* Round Robin Finals* The Climax No Rulz* Frantic Frenzy The Great Gauntlet* Canadian Wonderland* The End *signifies gimmick for the show Battle For Atlantis: There is an elimination six pack challenge, with the winner receiving a contract they can cash in anytime, anywhere, for an Atlantic World Championship match. Job Review: The GM must part take in a match and win to keep their job, or else the person they lose to will take it, and the GM will join the roster. Round Robin Finals: Two six man/team round robin tournaments will take place leading up to this event with the winners of each 3 man/team block partaking in the finals matches of each tournament here, the winners of each round robin will receive title shots at "The Climax" No Rulz: More Hardcore matches than usual. The Great Gauntlet: A Ten Man Gauntlet Match Occurs, and the winner receives the main event match at The End for the Atlantic World Championship. Canadian Wonderland: The show is in Canada, yay. This is a continuation of a company I started in the BPZ Booking Division diary with a ton of other members. I'm gonna link it here, I implore you all to read it, not just so you can know why Ethan Page beat Shinsuke Nakamura twice, and so you can learn about the blood feud between Kevin Owens and Dalton Castle, but also so you guys can see some of the amazing work that the other people created in that diary as well.
  6. I can't wait to not be in Survival Games, as at SummerSlam I will finally be getting the success that I've deserved for years when I defeat Arius and become the BPZ North American Champion. I hope you have fun in Survival Games Arius.
  7. THEY GOT FRESHLY SQUEEZED, HELL YEAH! I love Orange Cassidy, he's the best. He's a comedy wrestler, probably the best one in the biz today, it's either him or Toru Yano. He's hilarious, and he can actually put on a good wrestling match, he's not just comedy (See his match vs David Starr in Beyond). His character is amazing, if you wanna learn more about it there's a 12-15 minute mini documentary about him on YouTube by Kenny Johnson. It's great everyone should see it. I am stoked for this, and if AEW has a title like the 24/7 championship, guys like Cassidy, Marko Stunt, and a bunch more of their comedy based guys will be able to shine. But if I'm being honest there's only one way to use Orange Cassidy, he's gonna have to be AEW World Champ, it's the only option.
  8. Yelich


    Carnage returns from commercial break and unexpectedly, Yelich emerges from the backstage area and onto the ramp. He stands there for a moment before simply walking out to the ring, no music, no nothing, he just walks out, microphone in hand, and goes into the ring. He seems kinda angry, which is odd since it was just announced he got a North American Championship match at SummerSlam. Nevertheless he did just lose another match and this one just narrowly. Yelich brings the microphone up to his mouth and starts speaking. I used to be like you Arius. I used to always try to be a grand and as big as possible, trying to show the world how great I was because of how amazing my settings and how big my casts were. People seemed to like when I did it, they said it was funny, I was a "comedic genius" apparently, though I found nothing funny of the sort, but I'll take a compliment when I can get them. But you Arius, when you do your grandiose shtick with your posse of ghouls and Rin and all of those other people you seem to just have lying around in your woodshed. And your cruise ships and mansions and all those other huge amazing things. You're masterful, you're revolutionary. I do the same thing and I'm "funny." When you do it you get successful, your name is touted by everyone, "the greatest promoer in BPZ!" they say. When I do it, I'm top five on a good day to everyone else. When you do it you go on posters, for St. Valentines Day Massacre you were alone, ALONE on the poster. You were also on the King of the Ring poster, how great for you. The last and only time I've ever been on a poster was SummerSlam 2018, you know who else was on that poster? Oh right EVERYONE ELSE ON THE CARD! I did the same thing you do now yet you're a success story, you're the revolutionary mind that is going to be a star in this company, endorsed by the boss himself I hear, you're the man that's gonna headline shows and be a future BPZ World Heavyweight Champion! I did the same thing... and I'm "funny." That's it. You're probably gonna brush me off, hell why would the guy who hasn't won a meaningful match since 2017 be a challenge to the almighty Arius? The only real reason I have this match is pity. There were no plans to give me a title match at all, and why would they? They've never liked me before, besides apparently all I'm good for is being "funny" why would they give me anything. Then BPZ posted my post match comments after To The Top on their YouTube channel. The booking team saw me there and they saw a broken man, a man who has lost everything. So in an act of pity, they gave me this match. I would ask you Arius, or your ghouls, hell Flynn's been running rampant lately, add him to the list. I would want you to attack me now, but you won't because just like everyone else you pity me, and you would feel bad for attacking a man you pity. I work day in and day out for this company and I consistently put out great things yet I lose and that's made me the man you see now. I'm a loser. I'm pitied. I'm "funny." But I'm just like you Arius. And at SummerSlam I'm not going to be a loser, I'm going to win. I'm not going to be pitied, I'm going to be admired. And I'm not going to be "funny" I'm going to be the BPZ North American Champion. Yelich then shakily brings the microphone down from his mouth before dropping it to the mat and beginning his walk out of the ring and towards the back, Carnage returning to commercial break.
  9. Ooh yay, such SmackDown legends like "Ric Flair" "Hulk Hogan" and "Sting." What a SmackDown Anniversary. (Seriously though, no Edge or Christian? no Batista? but these guys? really?)
  10. 1. Beyonce 2. The Rock 3. John Cena 4. Brock Lesnar 5. Pope Francis I chose these 5 because you need your three big name wrestlers to bring in the casual wrestling fanbase (hardcore will watch with the people who aren't the first 5 signings) and then you need 2 outsider famous people to bring in more viewers, so Beyonce (the most famous woman on Earth I think, at least up there, so bring in her fanbase) and Pope Francis (all the Catholics will watch just to see ol' Popey). So those are my 5.
  11. Yelich

    The Regeneration

    Name: Yelich Age: 28 Nickname: The Targeted Signatures: Whirlybird (Sliced Bread #2), Frog Splash, Sharpshooter (if only 2 allowed, remove Sharpshooter) Finishers: Concussion Syndrome (Piledriver), Canadian Destroyer Attire: Alex Shelley
  12. Yelich


    An exclusive interview with Yelich post his To The Top Ladder Match is uploaded to the BPZ YouTube channel, Yelich is asked by the interviewer if he has any thoughts and a crying Yelich answers. Why? why am I being targeted? I- I don't get it. I try so hard. I try so hard for you people, I try so hard for your enjoyment and in return I am handed loss after loss after loss. I swear this isn't my fault... I almost get to what I want and what I've been striving towards and then someone else takes it. I should've won at the Royal Rumble but Flynn took it from me. I should've won the North American Championship Ladder Match but Arius took it from me. I should've won my match at Judgment Day but Julius took it from me. I should've won my match in the first round of King of the Ring but Hans took it from me. I should've won To The Top but Joh took it from me. WHY CAN'T I GET ANYTHING? Why does someone else always have to be a tad bit better, why am I never enough? People think this whole conspiracy thing is a funny gag. It's not funny. This is how I feel. I don't know how to process these losses since I always am so close. But everything is taken from me. I get encouragement, people always like to say "You're doing great just keep it up, things will turn around" but they never do. I've been waiting for things to turn around for years... they haven't. And sometimes they say "You came closer than a lot of other people have" but that means nothing. I get so close and I try so hard, yet I never get to reap any rewards. I'm always a narrow second place. Why can't I ever get first? Why? Yelich slowly walks away and to the locker room area, the microphone still picking up him asking himself "Why?" more and more until the video ends.
  13. Yelich

    The Protest

    We are live here in the Amalie Arena for the go home Carnage to BPZ Power Trip: Emergence. Yelich has a group of 20 or so people who have seen his Yelich's Yell press release and have joined him for his march on Carnage in protest of the supposed conspiracy against him. Carnage has just begun and the hijacking has already begun as they have seemed to have hacked into the titantron and put on live footage of the crappy handheld camera Yelich is using to broadcast the protest. Yelich brings up a megaphone to his mouth. Yelich: Okay everybody! Let's start the march! Yelich and his 20 or so followers begin to march from the Tampa Bay Hertz to the Amalie Arena. The group on the about 5 minute walk over to the arena where Carnage is being held chant a handful of different things in support of Yelich. Justice For Yelich! Justice For Yelich! We Want Answers! We Want Answers! End The Conspiracy! End The Conspiracy! Yelich For To The Top! Yelich For To The Top! Yelich smiles and even joins in with these chants with his megaphone at times at the utmost glee. He has a fanbase, he has people who believe and support him in his endeavors. They eventually reach the door where talent are supposed to enter from and Yelich stops before it and goes to talk to his supporters on his megaphone. Yelich: Okay guys, everyone remember the plan right? Kyle, can you and the other two people helping you carry it please wrap everyone in the world's largest trenchcoat? They get right to it, and soon enough, 20+ people are wrapped in one humongous trenchcoat, it is fooling nobody that there are tens of people in it. one person is on top of anothers shoulders in the middle, acting as the head of the person, there are about 40 shoes at the bottom, and you could hear the people moving from about a quarter mile away, and they look like a moving tent, but at least they're trying. Yelich: Follow my lead. Yelich leads the people to the talent entrance, Yelich flashes his "BPZ Employee" badge at the security guard, the security guard then points to his group of people in the very large trenchcoat behind him in confusion. Yelich: My plus one. Security Guard: That's clearly multiple people. Yelich: Rude, just because my very good friend here is big boned does not give you the right to say that. Fatshaming is a problem here in America, and you are not helping one bit sir. Security Guard: Ya know what, if they can go through this door in under a minute, I'll let them be your plus one. Yelich: You just wanna see a morbidly tall and obese person struggle with doors don't you? You bully. But fine, have it your way. Let's go. A really weird scuffle to get through the door occurs, the guy at the head disappears off of his former spot, making the trenchcoat "man" headless. Everyone is trying to get into the door at the same time, and you can hear many "ow's" and "stop's" from the trenchcoat, eliciting a chuckle from the security guard. Yelich then kicks the gut of the security guard and hits a Concussion Syndrome Pildriver on him onto the sidewalk! Yelich then grabs his megaphone and yells into it. Yelich: EVERYONE LET GO OF THE TRENCHCOAT I TOOK CARE OF IT! Everyone drops the world's largest trenchcoat and it falls to their feet, they see the security guard rolling in pain and they react, some happy, some shocked, and some indifferent. Everyone starts to mutter about to each other, not necessarily paying attention to Yelich. Yelich then hits the siren button to get everyone to focus on him as a grating siren sound plays. Yelich then puts the megaphone to his mouth and he gives out orders. Yelich: RUN DOWN THE HALLS, FOLLOW ME! Yelich gets through the crowd of his supporters and starts running down the halls of the Amalie Arena to get to the entrance. A right, a left. On the way down that second hall they trample a dude that looked oddly like Aidanator in his Fish Man outfit, he may have been returning tonight. Not anymore it seems. Yelich eventually finds the producers area with all of the higher ups that leads to the entrance ramp. Yelich kicks down the door even though he totally didn't have to and he walks in with an authority, Brenden is fuming as Yelich has somehow hacked into the titantron and taken the show hostage, but he doesn't do anything since Yelich doesn't want to dm Brenden on Discord to ask him if he can do anything with his character in this promo. Yelich takes his megaphone out as the rest of his supporters file into the room. Yelich: I have a problem with most of you in here, but I'll get to you guys later, for now we're taking this damn show over. Yelich goes through the curtains to the entrance way and his supporters follow him through it, he walks out and no music plays. Yelich and his supporters are on the stage when Yelich all of a sudden stops, looks out at the crowd that just cheered loudly for Yelich as he has turned somewhat into a face with all of his silly comedic segments recently. But Yelich sighs, puts up his megaphone and talks into it. Yelich: Everyone back. Why would Yelich do that? That's so stupid, he has gone through all of this trouble already just get into the ring? Whatever. Nonetheless, Yelich and all of his supporters walk back to the backstage area. Yelich: Can you play my music? Please? Oh that's why... still dumb. The sound guy sighs, but takes a minute on his computer before "Upset Army" by Christian Fitness begins to play. Yelich and all of his supporters walk back out into the Amalie Arena, and march out to the ring, the Tampa crowd roaring in approval for Yelich and his completely dumb campaign to stop the "conspiracy" that keeps making him lose matches (It's really just that he's not that great at wrestling but no one tell him that). Yelich goes into the ring and sits on one of the top turnbuckles, hit feet resting on the middle rope. The rest of his supporters file in the ring as well, eventually filling up the ring so much it's tough for everyone to move about. That's probably why Yelich is on the tunrbuckle. Once everyone is settled Yelich begins to scream into his megaphone. Yelich: WE ARE HERE AND WE ARE NOT LEAVING! The audience here in the Amalie Arena cheer loudly for Yelich's proclamation. Yelich: WE HAVE A LIST OF DEMANDS AND WE WILL NOT LEAVE UNTIL THEY ARE ALL GIVEN TO US! NUMBER ONE! I WILL BE GIVEN ANSWERS AS TO WHO IS BEHIND THIS CONSPIRACY MAKING ME LOSE ALL OF MY MATCHES! The crowd and Yelich's supporters cheer in approval of this. Yelich continues on after the cheers subside. Yelich: NUMBER T- I don't want my voice to hurt after this, I'm gonna stop yelling. Number two, I will be given that To The Top Briefcase up there without having to fight for it as compensation for all of the unfair treatment I've been given recently dude to the conspiracy against me. Actually, guys grab a ladder I'm gonna go take that now. Five of Yelich's supporters leave the ring to go find a ladder under the ring. Once they stop making so much noise in the ring Yelich continues speaking into his megaphone. Yelich: Number three, do we have a third demand? Oh yeah, I want to be allowed into the BPZ Headquarters for as long as I please so I can make sure the answer you guys give me is actually true. I want to look through my files and make sure the answer you give me to the conspiracy is true, and I also wanna know what other stuff y'all are planning with me. Yelich's supporters outside of the ring seemed to have located a ladder and are going to start trying to bring it in the ring and setting it up. Yelich: Number four, once I take my compensation in the To The Top briefcase I want Arius to personally apologize for defending his North American Championship 1 time in the past 111 days. And I want him to lay down for me so I can but my foot on his chest and get that championship so I can save it from the cowardice being shown by its current champion, and make it glorious by defending it much more often, much like my... mentor? employer? Mr. F is doing with his Undisputed Championship. The five people that went to get the ladder from outside of the ting have successfully set it up in the middle of the ring, under the To The Top briefcase. Yelich doesn't seem to notice however as he just continues forth, talking into his megaphone. Yelich: Finally, number five. I want to be respected. I work my ass off for this company constantly. I train night and day, I've been doing crazy things for the entertainment of these people, I STILL HAVE MULTIPLE PERSONALITY DISORDER AND THIS WHOLE CONSPIRACY SHIT HAS MADE ME NOT SEE MY THERAPIST IN THE LAST THREE WEEKS AND IT'S HURTING ME! Everyone goes quiet. There's no cheering or booing like there has been earlier on, that was a little too real for everyone it seems. Yelich is barely keeping it together, he is heated, he is angry, and he hasn't been able to let this out in awhile. Yelich: Yet no one in the back has an ounce of respect for me and what I do. They look at me like I'm this gimmicky fun guy all the time and they never give me the time of day I deserve. They still see me as the dick guy, they still see me as that guy who lost to Mr- to Flynn... they see me as that guy who lost to Flynn in five seconds even though I worked my ass off to get to that match. THAT NIGHT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE MY NIGHT! AND HE- HE TOOK IT ALL AWAY FROM ME! JOINING HIM HASN'T DONE ME ANY DAMN GOOD, ALL HE'S DONE FOR ME WAS MAKE ME ACCOMPANY HIM TO ALL OF HIS STUPID MATCHES! I'M DONE WITH HIM! HE ISN'T "MR. F" HE'S AN ASSHOLE. I deserve respect in this company, I deserve a place on the marquis in this company. I deserve wins in this company. I deserve everything this company has to offer me. And I haven't been given it for far too long. Yelich seethes on his turnbuckle in the corner. No one dares to speak anymore after his sudden outburst. This is much more serious than we thought. Yelich: F*ck this, I'm taking what I've deserved for the past three years now. Yelich drops down from his perch in the corner and shuffles through to get to the ladder set up earlier, he starts yelling when his supporters don't get out of his way quick enough "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY, PEOPLE HAVE BEEN IN MY WAY FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS, IT'S MY TIME NOW!" Yelich begins climbing the ladder, unable to wait until Emergence. He gets to the tops and tries to unhook it but finds it tough to do while holding his megaphone, so he throws the megaphone at the ramp, it breaking in two on impact. He then goes again to unhook the briefcase but before he can a theme tune plays over the PA System and Yelich stops trying to unhook the briefcase. (Don't reply, there is a reply planned)

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