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  1. Yelich

    BPZ W/L Record of 2018

    So this isn't getting updated ever again I'm guessing.
  2. Yelich

    BPZ Wrestling Merchandise

    Someone else could prob do better but I did this. I like to think it's okay.
  3. Yelich


    When Carnage returns from commercial break the lights in the SAP Center dim and the titantron shows Yelich in a dark room with a spiral notebook in hand, he flips through the pages before landing on one he apparently likes and looks up in glee as he begins to talk to the camera. When I found out about my condition, I wanted to know who I was better, so I made a journal, a journal that when I became that persona allowed me to describe myself, and remember who I was when I wasn't them. I eventually figured out the lengths to my condition, there are 26 versions of me, at least 26 versions of me I know about. That journal allowed me to figure out my behaviors, my tendencies, what I liked, what I hated, it allowed me to figure out who I really was. Out of the 26 versions of me there are, I have shown nine of them so far in BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling programming and recently I unveiled the tenth. To hype him up I gave him a cool nickname, The Lonely Warrior. The Lonely Warrior just so happens to also be my favorite persona of mine. That is because in my journal when I wrote what I felt as him, I wrote happy... I wrote happy. Out of all 26, I didn't write happy for any other one of them. I wasn't happy when I was God's gift to the earth, I wasn't happy when I was the voice of the people, I wasn't happy when I Canada's favorite child, I was happy when I was alone. I was happy when I was a man who worked independently, lived independently, I was doing things I wanted to do and no one could stop me, because there wasn't anyone. I just did what I felt like doing, no audience to influence me, no friends, no family, no therapists, just me, and that made me feel joy. And what I want to do right now, is beat the crap out of some people because I feel like doing it, and there's nothing wrong with that because it will bring me joy, it will make me happy, and I haven't felt that way for a long time. And I found out that I will be able to do that at Halloween Havoc. Because at Halloween Havoc I will be in an Elimination Chamber match. It doesn't matter what it's for, it doesn't matter if I win. If I happen to win that just is a byproduct of me doing something for me, for once in my life, I am not driven by an unattainable goal, I am driven by just doing things to do them, because they give me a rush, they give me emotion, they give me happiness. In Elimination Chamber I face five other men, and if I win, I win, and if I lose, I lose, I don't care. But inside that chamber, I will wrestle, and let myself feel joy again, and no one can stop me from doing that because I am now my favorite persona, and that means there is no one to stop me from attaining happiness. Yelich then closes the notebook and puts it in a black drawstring bag as he leaves the set, which is now just a chair, in the middle of the room alone, not being influenced by anything, like Yelich is now. The titantron then fades to black and the lights in the SAP Center brighten as Carnage rolls on.
  4. Prince didn't show up.
  5. Yelich

    The Lonely Warrior

    A highlight package of what occurred in SummerSlam's US title match plays. We see Julius snapping Yelich's Broom in half, a devastating powerbomb into a barbed wire board for Yelich's Therapist, a Hells Welcome for Yelich, and then Julius shutting the casket closed on Yelich, winning the match. We then return to Carnage. Yelich is set to face Prince at Emergence II, at Emergence I he had a legendary eud against Echo Wilson. But one man's treasure, is another man's trash. Yelich lost that match to Echo, and then Echo's career soared, while Yelich's stagnated. Sure he won the US belt, but he couldn't even retain it so what was the point. He was a transitional champ for Ross to win the belt. Not really an accomplishment. And sure he did get his Universal Title match against Flynn, but he lost, and if it weren't for Echo Wilson not being available for the show and Ross wanting to face Bailey, Yelich wouldn't have even gotten the title shot. Yelich (or Peter Wilchester at the time) vs Flynn was the first time in Carnage PPV history where the Carnage Universal Championship didn't main event the show. Yelich in the past year has failed. He may be one of the "best workers in the company" according to the fans, but that doesn't mean shit. He has lost match after match and over the past year, his most notable thing was that he had a title reign where he couldn't have a successful defense. Yelich has failed once again by losing to Julius. And that may have beent he last time he has failed in BPZ as he nor Prince who has fallen off the face of the earth months ago, are both not hyping up their match. Yelich now is a guarantee when it comes to predictions. That prediction is that he will lose if he is against anyone remotely high profile. Because he has proven himself to be incapable of defeating people who are high profile like Echo Wilson, Julius, Flynn, etcetera. So he's written off immediately. Yelich knew this, and he agreed with it sometimes. And now, he agrees with it all the time. Yelich has stopped caring, he knows now that no matter what he is, what he does, who he's with, he will always fail. So he might as well try to wreak some havoc while he still can. The Lonely Warrior has come to BPZ. And he has a target: Everybody.
  6. Yelich

    WWE Championship Discussion

    I'm not saying you don't have the right to say Jeff Hardy should be pushed, everyone has the right to their own opinions. What I'm trying to say is that it doesn't make sense right now to have Jeff Hardy get that push. It makes much more sense to have Daniel Bryan get that push. And before you go on another tangent about how Jeff Hardy had the original Daniel Bryan story therefore he's better, that story played out almost a decade ago, I think the D Bry story is more fresh in the minds of people today and it's getting told on television therefore it makes more sense for him to get the push. If you just wanna talk about how much better Jeff Hardy is than Daniel Bryan that's fine, but this is the WWE Championship discussion, not the Jeff Hardy had a better storyline than Daniel Bryan discussion. Also, just because he never had a decent run with the belt doesn't mean that he is set up right now to have a decent run with the belt, so if you'd like to continue arguing that Jeff Hardy should be WWE Champ, that's fine, but don't say the reason why is because of a storyline that ended years ago.
  7. Yelich

    WWE Championship Discussion

    I love a good Jeff Hardy match as much as the next guy, I think he's great. But saying that Jeff Hardy should get pushed over D Bry because he came first I think is stupid. Jeff Hardy right now is not in the correct position to get that big push. Right now it looks to me that Daniel Bryan will win the Royal Rumble. He hasn't ever before and there's a lot of controversy about that. It is in Arizona which is the hometown of his wife. And I feel like since his return the story is to get back to being a World Champion again and I think WrestleMania 35 is a perfect place for that. I love Jeff Hardy, but he is not right now the right person to go for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, especially at Mania.
  8. Yelich

    Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    @FDS Everytime I'm booked against him I'm not active, so I'd love to have an actual feud with him. I've always been a big fan of his promo's, if or when he comes back, I'd love to have a kayfabe match with him. @Necce Necce has great promo's, and a lot of my characters are very similar to his dark characters (same with FD). I feel like if we ever faced each other, I'd lose, but it'd be super fun to write and read. @Bart Bart is one of the best if not the best kayfaber on the forums right now, and I think if I ever feuded with him I would have just a great time writing, and it'd really get me into my promo's and get me really interested with the forums. Because when you face someone that's that good, you have a great time writing, and it gets you reinvigorated in what you're doing. Right now my favorite feuds I've ever done have been against Echo/Summer, Julius, and Nate. All three are amazing at promo writing and they know how to tell a compelling story. All three people I've mentioned, I know can do that wonderully. So if ever given the opportunity, I would love to feud with all three. Also the Nexus Fatal Four Way... I'm not giving up on it.
  9. Yelich

    KSI vs. Logan Paul & Deji vs. Jake Paul: Discussion

    Why is this a discussion? Why does anyone care about this? This is stupid as shit.
  10. Yelich

    Mop's Funeral

    When Carnage returns from Commercial break we see in the ring there is a casket as well as a podium with about 15 chairs in the ring as well. The casket currently in closed so we do not know what is inside it, then a familiar theme tune plays over the PA System and we can pretty much guess what is inside the casket. Yelich walks out to the ring in a tuxedo for a change, holding his broom in his hand, flanked by his therapist, who is limping now with a neck brace on from the attacks on him by Julius. Yelich is crying as he gets in the ring, holding the ropes to help his therapist in. His therapist takes his seat in one of the chairs in the front row as Yelich leans the broom on a chair next to him in the middle. Yelich then opens up the casket to reveal Mop, broken in half from the viscous attack Julius handed to him at the hospital just a few short days ago. The floodworks come back even stronger the time and Yelich cries, looking at his fallen brother. Yelich then takes out his handkerchief and wipes away his tears and then promptly puts it away. He then turns around and walks up to the the podium and pulls out his reading glasses from his pocket, he then grabs a piece of paper which seems to be a speech he prepared for Mop. The crying doesn't seem to stop however, as he reads with tears trickling down his cheeks. Yelich: We are gathered here today to honor the life of a dear, dear friend of mine, Mop. Mop has been with me since day one. And now he's gone. I would like to bring up some people who were close to him to speak about his life, before we bury him. I'll begin with myself, and then I'll ring up some of his other friends from his past. I'd like to tell the story about how I met Mop, it was 2014, I was in BPZ developmental at the time in Melbourne and we hit it off. I could talk to him about anything and he would listen. No matter how small, how minute the topic was, he would listen and comfort me. Mop at that time, along with Broom, was my only friend. He was the only person there for me when things got tough. And he was the only person who cheered me on every step of the way. That why when I was told I'd be moving to the main roster here in America I was truly saddened, because... because that meant I had to leave Mop and Broom. I couldn't just let that happen. I brought them over with me to America, because when they talked to me they didn't see my condition, they only saw me for me, no one else until I met my wonderful therapist did that. And... and now he's gone. The past few days since Mop died has been some of the worst of my life. And I wish he never had to die. But he's in a better place now, and I hope God now uses him to mop up his spills in heaven. Now I would like to have another person who was a very good friend of Mop, Ropati come out here and say a few words. Yelich waits at the podium staring at the stage for Ropati to come out and speak for the funeral. Ropati doesn't come out though. Yelich's face turns red with anger as he begins to scream into the microphone, tears still rolling down his face. Yelich: That fucking asshole, forgetting about Mop like this. I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS ROPATI! I THOUGHT YOU WOULD AT LEAST HAVE THE DECENCY TO COME TO MOP'S FUNERAL! YOU BASTARD! Yelich's Therapist: Hey, hey Yelich, calm down, you're having an outburst. Here, I'll talk, go sit down. Yelich just looks down bitterly and nods, taking his reading glasses off and putting them away, then wiping his tears off with the now soaked handkerchief. Yelich slowly trudges towards the chairs to sit down next to Broom, whom which he hugs closely after he sits down. Yelich's Therapist then gets onto the podium without a speech prepared and begins speaking, really just to help Yelich's psyche, make him think he actually cares about a mop who's "dead." Yelich's Therapist: I haven't known Mop for quite a long time, in fact I only just met him the hour that which he was brutally killed. But in that time I learned how nice of a person he was. He was truly great friends with both Broom and Yelich, their bond was unbreakable, but sadly his body was. Because of that horrible act by that man, murdering him. From that short time I've been with him, and all of those stories Yelich has told me, I know that Mop was a great, great person. And it is a shame, he was taken from us. I hope now, that Mop can finally rest in peace. Yelich's Therapist then walks back to sit down at a chair next to Yelich, Yelich then gets up and picks up broom from his leaning state. He then walks to the podium and leans Broom against the podium, Broom's bristles hit the microphone attached to the podium top and we hear a thump over the PA System. Yelich then sits back down and we stay like that for at least three minutes, Yelich's Therapist looking confused as Yelich just stares at Broom, who he probably thinks is giving a spectacular speech about the life and death of Mop. Yelich's bawling gets ramped up to eleven during this time, as it seems the speech no one can hear is really touching him. Yelich then gets up as it sees the speech is over and hugs Broom at the podium for a while, you can kinda hear Yelich say "Everything is gonna be okay" to Broom as he then breaks up the long hug and brings Broom back to his seat next to Yelich's utterly confused therapist, as Yelich leans Broom on the chair and goes back up to the podium. Yelich: Thank you Broom for the rousing speech, it really touched all of our hearts. And there's the confirmation that Yelich is truly insane, we all kinda knew, but that really just confirmed it for everyone alive. Yelich: Well that is all the speakers we had planned but, I have a little more I'd like to say. This should not just be a funeral for my dear friend Mop, but a condemnation of the sickest, most vile person on the BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling roster, Julius. At the beginning this was all about one thing, the United States Championship. I just wanted a match between him and myself for that. It wasn't personal, until he made it personal. He attacked my therapist, he tries to convince these people I should be back in the happy home and he attacks me at my therapy session, and.... and murders my close friend Mop, and attempts to murder Broom. Yelich's breathing hitches, as he cries, looking down. He then looks back up and straight at the top of the ramp with conviction flaring up in his eyes. Yelich: Julius if you have a soul, come out here right now, and PAY YOUR GODDAMN RESPECTS! Yelich gives a death stare towards the ramp as he waits for the United States, Tag Team, and BPZ World Heavyweight Champ to make his way down to the ring.
  11. Yelich

    Meet My Friends

    The lights in the SAP Center dim as the titantron shows the back of Yelich, who is walking down a hospital hallway, he passes a few doors before finally turning at one of them, opening the door and walking in. The cameraman follows him to see the same setup as the last promo. A white room with Yelich's therapist laying on the bed with an out of place leather couch next to it is seen, Yelich walks in and waves at his Therapist who smiles and nods his head, motioning for him to sit down and talk, which Yelich does. Yelich: Hey Doc, how are you feeling? Yelich's Therapist: Better, I was hoping in this session we could talk abou- Yelich: Nah ah ah, me first. Yelich's Therapist: Okay, what is it? Yelich: You don't remember? Yelich's Therapist: Don't remember what? What don't I remember? Yelich: Today I was starting that stable with you and my friends that you're meeting today. Yelich's Therapist: Oh right... that again. Yelich: Here let me introduce them to you. Yelich walks out of the room and then comes back in holding a mop and a broom, both with wooden handles. Yelich: This is Mop and Broom, the greatest tag team in all of pro wrestling history. Yelich's Therapist: Yelich we talked about this, if you keep talking about inanimate objects like they're living, it will only further break down your psyche, which we are currently trying to rebuild. Remember the picture test, how I showed you a picture and then you told me if it was living or not? I wanna do that again. Yelich: Okay, hit me. Yelich's Therapist grabs his phone and furiously tupes something in on Google. He then shows a photo of BPZ Superstar Echo Wilson to Yelich, to which Yelich stares at meticulously for a few seconds before giving his answer. Yelich: Non-living. Yelich's Therapist: That's Echo Wilson Yelich, He's a living, breathing human just like you. Yelich: Oh come on, it's clear he has no soul, just look at him. Yelich's Therapist just sighs while Yelich stares with a face that feigns confusion. Yelich: I mean come on, are you meaning to tell me you don't see it? Ah whatever, anyways I wanted you to meet Mop and Broom, two very good friends of mine. They have won multiple championships around the glober and Broom is the current DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion. Yelich's Therapist: I'm sorry what? Yelich: yeah, he beat Mop for it like thirty minutes ago. Yelich's Therapist: Whatever, Yelich you have to stop thinking and saying stuff like "These inanimate objects are my friends because the- A knock on the door cuts off Yelich's Therapist. Yelich: Who is that? Yelich's Therapist: Probably the UberEats guy here with my dinner. Couldn't believe they deliver to hospitals, Come In!
  12. Yelich

    BPZ Match Rating Thread

    I got you a match Brad.
  13. Yelich

    Current RAW & SDLive Tag Team Division Situation

    I swear every post of yours Bullet brings up how amazing the wonderful Roman Reigns is. How many times do you jack off to him a week? Eight? I think it's eight.
  14. Yelich

    Carnage Power Trip: Emergence | September 14th 2018

    When Joh is advertised and you're not.
  15. Yelich

    BPZ Commentaries

    THE BPZ NEWS NETWORK! With your host: Weco Dilson Hi I'm Weco Dilson, the top story tonight concerns the draft which occured this morning, let's see how the new rosters look. Each brand had four saves, for Evolve: Slim, Smith, Flynn, and Necce. Is it just me or does this feel like the 2015 BPZ Roster? And now Carnage: Julius, Echo Wilson (No relation to myself Weco Dilson or Deco Whilson over with our "friends" at BPZ WhatCulture), Bart, and LAOCH. Out of these I believe Carnage came out on top, they have younger guys who will be around for longer and will most likely be future (if not already in the case of Julius) main eventers. But Evolve went for already established, older stars. Slim, Smith, Flynn, and Necce. Who may not be around for much longer after this. So point one goes to Carnage. Then we have your first four draft picks, the guys who will be the workhorses of your roster and do great work in the midcard and maybe in the future, the main event. For Carnage we saw Prince, Yelich, Ropati, and Brad go, and Evolve got Buddy Ace, JoshsNow, Ark Universe, and Natedog. In this case I will give Evolve the win for the simple reason of Prince, Ropati, and Natedog are people who I can not trust to be around giving their best work every month. While the rest at least for now, seem relatively reliable. Evolve would in this case have a more reliable midcard giving them the win here. But I will say that the gap between the people saved by Evolve and the people drafted it humongous, and it kinda isolates the Main Event not allowing for people like Buddy, Ark, and Josh to become Main Eventers and maybe Grand Champion. Making it so if those big name guys saved by Evolve, if even two of them go on a break (Let's say, Smith and Flynn), they're screwed. Bust still, Evolve wins this, tying it 1-1. Then we have the next eight picks. For Carnage it was Bashka, George, Sameer, and Ryan Reeves. While for Evolve picked Sheridan, Jason Ryan, The Marker, and BiC. I think Evolve won this by far. Carnage went for name value here, but there's no promise these people will actually do anything in the next four months, while Evolve I believe got three reliable NXT stars that can and will be reliable workhorses for Evolve in the future in Sheridan, Jason Ryan, and The Marker. Which makes Evolve go up 2-1. Then you have the rest of the picks, which are all mainly guys who won't be around in a few months. So I'll have to give it to Evolve since they got Storm, and Storm is the only pick that I can trust out of these. So Evolve wins 3-1. And they got the better of the BPZ Draft. But that isn't to say Evolve is perfect, since the disparity between the midcard and main event is so bad that is could ruin them in the near future. But Carnage just didn't have many good picks, but since they don't have that disparity between Main Event and Midcard, I think they could very easily become the supreme brand in the coming months. Our next story is on the recently announced return of the Global Championship Chase, with the winner receiving the Global Championship. Also apparently the Global Championship is back? So bye Grand Championship. In Block A we have Storm, Ark Universe, Jason Ryan, and Buddy Ace. And in Block B we have the possible winners: Flynn and Slim, and then we have Sheridan (replacing JoshsNow) and The Marker. Now lets go over the big matches in the tournament: On Night Two we have Flynn vs Slim, and that's it. Like I said earlier about the disparity between the main event and midcard, Flynn and Slim look like obvious winners, making the entire series after that match, at least for me Weco Dilson, uninteresting. As that match on Night Two is looking to decide the entire tournament, and they put it on the first night of that block. This disparity between the main event and midcard is looking to be horrendous already for Evolve. But it looks like they will probably have a good bounce back as my guess is that one big name who is oddly missing from this tournament (Necce) will get a title shot against the winner of the tournament in their first defense, which will hopefully get eyes back on their product. But that's just me, maybe one of the other six will pull off a surprise win, maybe Necce won't get a shot at it, who knows? Ross does, Ross knows. Anyways that's all the time I have for tonight, I'll see you all next time on The BPZ News Network. This is Weco Dilson (Not to be confused with Echo Wilson or Deco Whilson) signing off.

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