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  1. If anyone wants to be apart of this, dm me about it on discord.
  2. On May 6th, Yelich is going to put on the first ever BPZ Neccework Fun Awesome Extreme Extravaganza Show, Featuring: Exclusive Interviews, BPZ Wrestling Promo's, Mayhem Match Previews, Reviews of old BPZ PPVs, And much more! Featuring Stars Such As: BiC, Ropati, Julius, Alyx Wilde, Echo Wilson and more to be announced at a later date! And Jobbers Such As: Yelich! Don't forget to watch on May 6th, when this extravaganza show takes place!
  3. Carnage returns from commercial break when the titantron shows Yeldick walk into the same room we saw him walk into on the Carnage before Backlash, he then sits down at a roundtable, where no one else is at the table but him, and he begins talking to himself once more. Yeldick: Well that didn't work out well. Peter Wilchester: You lost again didn't you? I can't believe we even let you have a second match. Yeldick: I'm sorry but I went out there because you were failing, I was your replacement Peter Wilchester: At least I've won a Canadian Championship match, you couldn't even beat Ropati! Yeldick: Shut the hell up Peter, I'm tired of your shit. Gary Kirby: Okay you two need to calm down, Yeldick do you know what our next match is? Yeldick: I face Blade in the beginning of the Power Trip Cup next week. "Crazy" Yelich: Give me this match, I want it, I was his tag partner but he kept holding me back, I want revenge. Yeldick: Are you sure about this? "Nexus" Yelich has beaten Blade before. "Nexus" Yelich: Yeah, Im so great. Yeldick: Nexus was a failure. "Nexus" Yelich: Oh... "Crazy" Yelich: I'm positive you should give me this match, I'm going to tear him limb from limb until he can no longer function normally, He will no longer have a wrestling career once I am finished with him. I am going to remind him about his old tag team partner, and how he failed him. Blade, Hollow, it doesn't matter which one I face, I am going to make him suffer. Yeldick: Okay then, I guess your going out there for the match. "Crazy" Yelich: I can not wait to see him writhe in pain before my very eyes, watch him get what he deserves. "Crazy" Yelich leaves the room and the camera just is in a room with no one except the cameraman in it again as Yelich was talking to himself the entire time. The scene then fades to black as Carnage goes to another commercial break.
  4. A One Man Roundtable Discussion

    Carnage returns from commercial break when the titantron shows Yeldick walk into a room and sit down at a roundtable, where no one else is at the table but him. Yeldick: Okay so I just lost a triple threat match to Ropati, and I didn't become Number One Contender, since I am the current on-screen personality of Yelich, I will be the leader of discussion of this Roundtable Discussion. So, my friends, what is our next course of action? So if you remember after Peter Wilchester's meltdown we learned that Yelich has Multiple Personality Disorder, and that all of these characters are just the same person. So Yelich is just changing through his gimmicks and talking to himself during this entire discussion. It's kinda creepy. Peter Wilchester: I say we walk out, and denounce America, and we then say that we are going to reform The Commonwealth and win all the belts, starting with The Canadian Championship. Yeldick: No, but I like the enthusiasm, and the idea of going for another belt, good thinking. Gary you have something? Gary Kirby: We go out and say we put up a hell of a fight, and were gonna politely ask for another Number One Contender's match, and when we get told no, we handcuff ourselves to the ring and sing "The Summer of '69" a bunch of times with the crowd. Yeldick: First off good choice of song, but I don't think it would really get us anything, and we would just flounder in the midcard for a bit in a perpetual state of what I like to call "Hollowism" or "Being Hollow" so no. "Crazy" Yelich: We go over to Evolve, we go to Alyx Wilde, and we challenge him to a Monster's Ball match, and in that Monster's Ball match we powerbomb him into a bunch of thumb tacks, I know its so original. Yeldick: Isn't that how you debuted? "Crazy" Yelich: Yeah its amazing. Yeldick: So that's a no, I prefer gummy bears over thumb tacks anyway, anyone else have anything? "Nexus" Yelich: We beat up Ark, isn't that how you solve every problem? Yeldick: No it isn't, also no one cares about Ark Universe anymore. "The Miracle" Yelich: Beg Slim for a title match while being in his stable, works every time. Yeldick: A title match sounds fun, but Slim doesn't currently have a stable, and I don't think he's in the business of forming one at this time, so that's gonna be a no. But I have an idea, on Carnage, I'm gonna go out there and challenge Bart for his United States Championship at Backlash, are we all in agreement? We see Yelich's gimmicks all saying Ehhh, I'm not sure, or Bart's kinda tough, but their all overlayed and put on the screen at the same time in like a Brady Bunch form where everyone if on seperate panels. Yeldick: Great, that settles it, I'm gonna be challenging Bart for the United States Championship at Backlash, I'll see you guys later. Yelich leaves the room and the camera just is in a room with no one except the cameraman in it now as Yelich was just talking to himself the entire time. The scene then fades to black as Carnage goes to commercial break.
  5. No Shocks

    Before Ropati is able to leave "Escape - The Pina Colada Song" plays and Yeldick walks out to the ring with his lollipop in his mouth, after he does his pose on the apron and gets in the ring he goes up to Ropati, goes down on one knee and ties his shoe, disproving Ropati's statement that he can barely tie his shoe, getting some laughs from the crowd. Yeldick then is given a microphone by the ring announcer, and Yeldick gives the ring announcer his lollipop which disgusts her before Yeldick walks up to Ropati to say something. At World At War in my hometown of Washington, D.C. there will be no shocks Ropati, I agree with you there. We both agree that at World At War, what's expected to happen and what will happen, is my victory. I will become the Number One Contender to the Universal Championship by beating you and Bashka, and I will continue on my mission to bring sleazy BACK to Brendenplayz Wrestling. Ropati gets angry and is seen shouting at Yeldick but we do not know what he is saying as it is not into his microphone, Yeldick walks back a bit and takes his sunglasses off as he gets ready to speak again. Hey there's no need to get wild here, we're two men, that tomorrow are going to get oiled up and fight each other for the right to become Number One Contender to a championship that we both believe we deserve, there is no need to shout, we are supposed to be professionals, and while I am being a model employee right now, you're shouting at me. There is no room for that unprofessionalism in a BPZ ring. Yeldick grabs a second lollipop out of his tights, unwraps it, throws the wrapper down and puts the lollipop in his mouth as he shakes his head in shame at Ropati's "unprofessionalism." This makes Ropati audibly and visibly sigh as Yeldick is clearly showing unprofessionalism right now. Yeldick licks his lollipop one more time before tossing it back into his tights making Ropati gag, as Yeldick brings his microphone up to his mouth once more. Ropati I sure am glad that Bailey made this match, because not only can I finally prove, that no matter what attire I wear, and what attitude I have, that out of us two, I am truly the better man. Bashka is only a sideshow to this face off, and once he's out of the equation, I will best you once again, and The King of Dong Style will take his rightful spot on his throne. Ropati, I will reiterate what I said at the beginning, At World At War in my hometown of Washington D.C. there will be no shocks Ropati, because there is no doubt, that I will be winning. Yeldick brings his microphone down as he grabs his lollipop he put down his trunks and puts it back in his mouth, making Ropati gag in disgust. Yeldick stares down Ropati and Ropati stares back after a moment of gagging, and we see the two stare down for a final time before World At War, as Carnage goes to commercial break.
  6. BPZ Predictions League

    André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal for the André the Giant Memorial Trophy Woken Matt Hardy WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal for the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal Trophy Becky Lynch Cedric Alexander vs. Mustafa Ali for the vacant WWE Cruiserweight Championship Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Championship AJ Styles (c) vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship The Miz (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Finn Bálor for the WWE Intercontinental Championship Randy Orton (c) vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jinder Mahal vs. Rusev for the WWE United States Championship Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax for the WWE Raw Women's Championship Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Asuka for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Cesaro and Sheamus (c) vs. Braun Strowman and ??? for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Rey Mysterio The Usos (c) vs. The New Day vs. The Bludgeon Brothers for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn If Owens and Zayn win, they will be rehired to SmackDown. Bonus Questions Who will be Braun's partner Big Show How long will reigns vs Lesnar go for (rounded to the nearest minute) 18 minutes will there be any heel or face turns? (point for each person said) Yes (Shane O'Mac) will there be any surprise returns or debuts (point for each person) Big Show will Carmella cash in and will she be successful and who will she cash in on (3 points up for grabs) Carmella will not cash in will cena vs taker become a match if so who wins? (2 points up for grabs) no
  7. BPZ Predictions League

    Andrade "Cien" Almas (c) vs. Aleister Black for the NXT Championship Ember Moon (c) vs. Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women's Championship The Undisputed Era vs. The Authors of Pain vs. Roderick Strong and Pete Dunne for the NXT Tag Team Championship and Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic trophy Adam Cole vs. EC3 vs. Killian Dain vs. Lars Sullivan vs. Ricochet vs. Velveteen Dream for the inaugural NXT North American Championship Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa Unsanctioned match If Gargano wins, he will be reinstated to NXT. If Ciampa wins, Gargano will be banned from NXT forever. bonus questions who will show up in the crowd James Storm How long will Gargano vs Ciampa go for 36 Minutes Will any matches not end by pinfall (apart from the ladder match) Yes (Ember Moon vs Shayna Baszler)
  8. Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    The Nexus Fatal 4 Way, we need to finally have this, Ropati vs Ark vs Alyx Vs Yelich, it needs to happen.
  9. EVOLVE TakeOver: Rebellion | May 11th 2018

    Please, tell me about this more you speak of
  10. The Official BPZ Brand Split Discussion

    I don't wanna do a fully fledged contract update so I'll make this quick Maestro, Aidanator, wwe234, and Karico's can begin talking to other brands, and their contracts end on May 1st
  11. The King of Dong Style

    We are in the middle of the Carnage after BPZ Mania 3, and when Carnage comes back from commercial break when one of the oddest things in BPZ history occurs. "King of Dong Style" pops up on the titanton as the famed song "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" plays over the PA System, the crowd in Minnesota look very confused until is switches over to saying "Yeldick" on the titanton as Yelich walks out with a new attire, a new white jacket with a bottle of baby oil in one of the pockets, sunglasses on (even though he's indoors), a lollipop in his mouth, and a microphone in his hand. The fans are half booing and half cheering this version of Yelich, as they're not sure how to feel about it just yet, but Yelich is sauntering his way down to the ring licking his lollipop, he then goes to the apron where the main camera's can see him and he poses on the apron with one leg on the middle rope, and his jacket half off, and his face pointed towards the heavens. He stays there for a few seconds until going into the ring and walks around a bit with flair as he waits for his theme to turn off before he begins to speak. Hello BPZ Universe! It is I, the King of Dong Style, the master of 1004 Sex Positions, the biggest hit with the ladies in all of professional wrestling, and the man that is bringing Sleazy back to BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling, YELDICK! The crowd in the Target Center are confused whether to cheer or boo for this new version, frankly more odd version of Yelich, and that's counting the clown gimmick. Last night I was pedigreed by my boss's boss, BrendenPlayz. And he opened my eyes, I shouldn't be hosting BPZ Mania, I shouldn't be wasting my time commentating other people's matches. I need to let my true self free. So I decided to finally, come out as the real me. I'm not a crazed clown, I'm not some gift from god, I'm not some overly patriotic man from Canada. And I am sure as hell not some guy who misses BPZ Mania to host it and get pedigreed by BrendenPlayz. I am Yeldick, and at World At War, I face Bashka and Ropati to become the number one contender to the Universal Championship. And at World At War, in my hometown of Washington DC. I will vanquish my inferior opponents by any, and I mean ANY means necessary, and I will officially bring Sleazy back, to BPZ. Yeldick puts his lollipop back in his mouth when one of his opponents at World At War's music hits.
  12. JOW Competition Reboot

    Forgot to screenshot my card
  13. JOW Competition Reboot


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