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    IVE FINALLY DONE IT, 1000 REP! (its 1001 now but... shhhh)
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    The Rising Action

    No one comes out, this makes the three very antsy as Kieron Black has been notably absent from television since the match was announced, eventually it seems Yelich has had enough and begins to speak. What a statement Kieron, I couldn't have said it better myself. But there's a few points where you and our fellow friends in the ring with us are incorrect. Kieron isn't in the ring, Yelich must be hallucinating things again. Dammit, I thought he finally got over that, oh well. Ah this is going badly, CUT! Yelich shuts his video camera, effectively ending the recording. I'm done with this shit, I try and I try to prove to people I'm legitimate and I never get anywhere. FD I'm not some pervert, I'm the guy that's gonna be dropping you on your head at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. I'm the guy that's going to torture you in less than a week not just because I want the Global Championship, but because I want to feel something again. FD I'm going to film this match, no this massacre on my video camera as I brutally slaughter you, Kieron Black, and Echo... Yelich stops in the middle of his sentence and stares a hole into Echo Wilson's eyes. Angered, Yelich walks up to the Burberry scarf wearing rich kid and begins talking. Echo you listen here dammit, I'm going to pry you limb from limb until you bleed to death in the middle of the ring okay? I'm tired of hearing your voice tell me I can't do shit, I can do whatever the hell I please! I'm sick of you always making me the guy you push down, not anymore bud, not anymore. And now you've got this new persona, you think your all that and a bag of chips now. Echo you call yourself the best, "Mr. Reliable" you dubbed yourself, maybe you should've thought about that nickname before you decided to break the wellness policy. Echo you're a fraud, you go against your friends, you go against your family, you go against your company, you go against your country. It never ends with you. Yelich seethes for a few moments before continuing. Echo we are polar opposites of each other, I am sick and twisted from my losses that some times have come at your hands and you... you are the epitome of greatness currently. You're rich, you've got your whole getup going swell, you're a recent champion, and you ooze confidence. I want that Echo, I used to be that and I haven't been that in a long... long time. I want to be the it kid again, I want to be the guy. I get a chance at that again, and this has happened over and over, I get a chance and I fail, I get a chance and I fail, I'M TIRED OF FAILING ECHO! I'M TIRED OF FAILING TO YOU, I'M TIRED OF FAILING TO FLYNN, I'M TIRED OF FAILING TO JULIUS, I'M TIRED OF FAILING MYSELF! I HAVE A HOLE IN MY STOMACH THAT HASN'T BEEN FILLED SINCE 2017! AND THAT HOLE NEEDS TO BE PATCHED UP ECHO! AND IT IS FINALLY GOING TO COME AT YOUR EXPENSE! Yelich has cornered Echo into one of the turnbuckles and Echo is using his scarf as a shield from all of the angered yelling Yelich is was doing on him. Yelich shoves Echo in the head before going back to his video camera and looking at the other two men in the ring. Now.. let's make a damn movie.. I don't want any more of your guys' shit so make this one count. Yelich begins to record with his video camera again, continuing his film as FDS and Echo Wilson attempt to digest what just occurred.
  3. Yelich

    The Rising Action

    Carnage returns from commercial break when an unfamiliar theme tune rings out throughout the Staples Center. Yelich walks down to the ring with a microphone in one hand and a video camera in the other. Yelich will be in the Global Championship Fatal Fourway match against Echo Wilson, Kieron Black, and FDS, with the winner replacing the recently departing Necce as champion. He is filming the crowd around him as he walks down, the audience jeering as they do not like this personality shift of Yelich. He keeps the video camera on as he gets in the ring and he places it on the top of one of the upper turnbuckle pads. He keeps it pointed at himself and he looks towards the video camera as he speaks. The Exposition has ended, you've met our cast of characters in this movie, but there have been some changes to the script. For example, I as the director believed Echo Wilson was gonna play the character he had played in so many films before in this one, the Jock. But it seems he's gone ambitious, and he's changing things up just for this, and I believe FDS put it best as to who Echo is playing in our movie, he's "The Rich Kid." He's the boy who thinks he's better than everyone else because the way he was raised made him that cocky. But that is just a minor change to our story, the end result has stayed the same, and the end result is decided by the writer, the director, the producer, to filmmaker, me, and while I won't spoil the ending for everyone, I've dropped many hints as to what will happen, and I'd like to believe the reveal will be very obvious. But we are not at the end of our story yet, we haven't even reached the climax. We are merely at the beginning of our rising action, and the rising action is where the bulk of our flick takes place. But we need plot, we need something substantial to add to our film. And that means we can't have just monologues, we need more, we need dialogue. So, Rich Kid, Antagonist, Creep, let's advance our story. Let's create dialogue. Yelich grabs his video camera from the corner where he placed it earlier and begins to film the ramp. So come on out, and let the Video Nasty make his masterpiece. Yelich sets down his microphone so he can put all his attention into filming as he waits for one of his "characters" to walk down to the ring.
  4. Yelich

    How Would You Book Wrestlemania 35?

    Becky Lynch vs Ronda Rousey (c) - RAW Women's Championship Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev vs Shane McMahon & The Miz (c) - Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar (c) - Universal Championship The Bella Twins vs Boss & Hug Connection (c) - Women's Tag Team Championships Rey Mysterio vs Daniel Bryan (c) - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Cesaro vs Sheamus Charlotte Flair vs Asuka (c) - SmackDown Live Women's Championship Dean Ambrose vs Braun Strowman (c) - Intercontinental Championship - Street Fight Finn Balor vs Buddy Murphy (c) - Cruiserweight Championship John Cena vs Drew McIntyre AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Andrade vs Randy Orton vs Mustafa Ali vs Samoa Joe vs Eric Young vs R-Truth (c) - United States Championship - Ladder Match Pre Show: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder vs The Revival (c) - RAW Tag Team Championships Pre Show: Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Winner: EC3 Pre Show: Women's Battle Royal Winner: Nikki Cross
  5. Yelich


    When Carnage returns from commercial break, the titantron seems to be shorting out with static being played over some more odd noises. Until all at once the lights in the Golden 1 Center turn off at once and the titantron shows a VHS tape that has "Exposition" scrawled onto it. The VHS tape goes into the VCR and the video then starts to static again until showing Yelich who has grown out a beard and changed his hair style since we last saw him. Yelich is sitting in front of about 9 different TV's mishmashed against and on top of each other, all showing static. Now that the writing phase has ended, pre-production has begun on the Global Championship fourway at December to Dismember. The main characters are set in stone. We have "The Jock" Echo Wilson, "The Antagonist" FDS, "The Creep" Kieron Black, and "The Last True Sick Boy" Yelich. Written, Directed, Filmed, and Orchestrated by yours truly. I was so lucky to get the cast that I got, they'll be wonderful to work with. The stories I've seen them tell, they're marvelous. From Echo Wilson's rise to dominance here in BPZ. To the pure chaos and insanity that bellows from the belly of FDS. To the Black family. I've seen all the films these actors have been in, and they're great. But the director of this flick, this movie, has a different take on them to bring to life. The stories these people have been interesting, but they haven't been nasty enough, they haven't been sick enough. I'm here to change that. Echo, FD, Kieron, you will make fine victims in this little flick of ours. But who am I? I go by many names now, it gets a little hard to keep track. Crazy, Miracle, The Pride of Canada, The Lonely Warrior, The Peacock of Professional Wrestling. I've played a lot of roles in my career, I've acted in many films, but I've never really been the leading man. I've always been relegated to the featuring role, I've never starred. But this... this time I'm calling the shots, I'm writing this film. I've got a new moniker to go with it, another credit to add to my list of roles I've played. This time I have many names, "The Devil of BPZ," "The Video Nasty," "The Last True Sick Boy." In this film I will finally be in the starring role, and the film, will be one for the ages. See you soon BPZ. Yelich starts laughing before the video goes staticky again and the titantron shows the "Exposition" VHS being ejected from the VCR. The titantron theen goes staticky once again before the titantron goes to black and the lights in the arena come back on, as Carnage rolls on.
  6. Yelich

    BPZ Commentaries

    Weco's Opinion Hi, It's me Weco Dilson. It may come to a surprise to some of you that there are other people that work for BPZ Commentaries that aren't named Mike Hunt. And the truth is there are.... I think. Anyways, I'm back with my second edition of Weco's Opinion, and this time I'm gonna be putting on my thinking cap and I'm going to try and tell you what I believe BPZ Mania IV should look like, and how it should be booked. This is 100% my opinion, you do not have to agree with it, but you should because I'm the smartest man in the world, and definitely on BPZ Commentaries. Now without further ado, let's get a move on. THIS WEEKS OPINION: HOW BPZ SHOULD BOOK THE ROAD TO BPZ MANIA IV, PART 1/3 Now first we have The Royal Rumble PPV and my and many others friend Mike Hunt went over a few of the matches in the latest edition of BPZ Commentaries, but I will go over the matches again for you all now, and what I believe the results should be. First we have the NXT Championship match which has like 8 people in it. This will be a clusterfuck, but an interesting clusterfuck. And in it Arius should retain the belt. This is because Arius is currently the biggest stand out star of the NXT division, just ahead of Odyssey Sellers in my opinion, and Arius winning will be best for what I have in mind to set BPZ on the right track for 2019. Then we have the United States Title match, which is Julius defending against The Marker in a Falls Count Anywhere Matchup. In this match Julius should retain BUT, it shouldn't be because of Julius being dominant over Marker. It should be because of interference by two men... Buddy Ace and Jason Ryan. The correct thing to do right now is build up to a fatal four way match at BPZ Mania IV for the Global Championship between the four former members of The Flock. This would while pushing Necce down the card a bit, would elevate Buddy, Jason, and Marker to a more main event status. Necce after his win over Flynn at Survivor Series doesn't need a championship, so it was mind boggling to me why he won at Night of Legends. The rub Jason Ryan could've gotten for being the guy that "Braved Necce" (kinda like Braving The Frontier). This could of lead to a big feud with Flynn and Jason Ryan, as Flynn tries again to prove he's better than Necce. But I digress, Julius wins this thanks to help from the former Flock members beating the two up and setting Julius on Marker for the three count. Next is the Tag Team Championship match between The Ballers and The New Bloods. The Ballers have to win this match. There is no one currently on their level that can realistically take the belts off of The Ballers. So I'm going to have Brenden & Sameer win here and announce they will NOT be defending the belts at SVDM. Rumor has it that after The Royal Rumble Brenden has two appearances left on his contract, so I would like to save one of those appearances for a big post Mania show, perhaps SummerSlam or if you want to go sooner, Mayhem or Judgment Day, for a singles match that will put butts in seats. Up next is the fourway for the vacant Premium Championship after Echo Wilson was stripped of the belt for violating the BPZ Wellness Policy. The four competitors in the match will be Hollow, Bic, Kieron Black, and Nate. The winner of this match should be Nate, and I'll tell you why. Bic is in my opinion, too big for the Premium Championship, Bic's future is very bright and while he could restore the Premium Championship back to its former glory, I feel that he has better things to do later in the night. So I chose the next best thing in Nate. Nate has been on a roll since returning and we know he can play a great dominant champion, just take a look back at his Global Championship run. If we can bring that Nate back (before he broke again), he can do wonders with the Premium Championship. Then we have Yelich vs Flynn. If Flynn wins this match he loses all momentum, if Yelich loses.... I mean he lost to Flynn so it isn't that big of a deal. So obviously Yelich should win. I hear you clicking off but you'll find out why I did this in part two. Yelich has needed a boost ever since 2018 started and this win could be that boost he needs, and while Flynn probably needs this win more than Yelich, this can put Flynn on a nice story that culminates at BPZ Mania IV. After that is the Intercontinental Championship match which pits Bart against Bic. Remember when I said Bic was destined for greater things? Yeah I meant he should be the guy that takes down Bart and becomes the new IC champ. Bic since his return has been money and Bart already has the Universal Championship, I think he should focus more on that and leave IC to someone else. And right now the best someone else I can think of is Bic. In the co-main event match we'd have the Title vs Career match, Julius vs Angelo Caito. During the match it'd look like Angelo would finally achieve his dream of finally becoming BPZ World Heavyweight Champ when BAM! Out of nowhere from behind, Bailey would hit Angelo with his Money In The Bank briefcase. Bailey would then hit cash it in, making the match a triple threat before hitting Pedigrees onto both Angelo and Julius, and pinning Angelo for the three count. Bailey would go to the back with his newly won belt and Julius would go to the back distraught that he lost the World Title. After the match, Angelo would have a proper sendoff with the Phoenix crowd giving him a big "Thank You Angelo" chant, as he said goodbye to the BPZ Audience. And finally, the Royal Rumble match. Who will be the man to go on to BPZ Mania IV. In this match I'd have two notable returns that will come into play at SVDM. Slim and Alyx Wilde are the two I'd have return, neither would win, but they would shock the crowd and give good showings. Now let's get to the good part. The winner of the Royal Rumble match should be really pathetic drumroll Julius. I know Julius already wrestled twice tonight but he should win because it'd show how much of an iron man he is without needing him to go out first or second. Plus, Julius has earned the BPZ Mania IV main event, but we needed to have Bailey get rid of his Money In The Bank contract and him winning the belt seems like the best idea, giving a natural story to use for the build up to BPZ Mania IV. That is part one of three of this short Weco's Opinion series, I'll see y'all next time for part two where I go over how I'd book Saint Valentines Day Massacre. And as always... Fuck Smarks Daily
  7. Yelich

    BPZ Predictions League

    Royal Rumble: 30 man Rumble: Seth Rollins 30 Women Rumble: Becky Lynch WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan Universal Championship: Brock Lesnar SD Tag Team Championship: Miz and Shane McMahon United States Championship match: Rusev SD Women's Championship match: Asuka Raw Women's Championship match: Ronda Rousey CW Championship Match: Buddy Murphy Bonus: Who will be the IronMen and IronWomen: Bayley (Women) Mustafa Ali (Men) Who will have the most Eliminations in both Royal Rumble Matches: Braun Strowman and Becky Lynch Who will be the last Eliminated in The Royal Rumble matches: Charlotte Flair (Women) Drew McIntyre (Men) How many Suplexs will Brock Lesnar hit on Finn Balor: 8
  8. Abyss left? This is HUGE, WWE have been trying their asses off to get Abyss for ages. At one point he was offered a WWE contract and a match vs Taker at Mania and he REFUSED IT. Abyss is 45 though so I doubt he'd be there for long, but still it's crazy the most loyal TNA guy finally left. This must be a huge blow to Impact. Sonjay Dutt will job in 205 Live, so I don't care for him much.
  9. Yelich

    Evolution | Paige

    Ember Moon vs. Nia JaxAsuka and Naomi vs. The IIconicsCage Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda RouseyWomen's Tag Team Championships: The Boss and Hug Connection vs. The Riott SquadWomen's Championship, No Disqualification Match: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair
  10. Yelich


    Yelich who's at the top of the ramp, is clearly shaken by Flynn's statements and response to him, he goes and tells his boys to go run and get him a microphone, which they do. One gets there quicker, earning a pop from the crowd, as he runs back to Yelich laughing at the one that lost the race. Yelich thanks the boy that gave him the microphone as the other gloomily walks up, embarrassed at his defeat, like he should be. Yelich, then looks at Flynn who seems outraged at the boy race that just occurred. Yelich brings the microphone up to his mouth so he can respond to Flynn. Call me an undeserving, ungrateful bitch Flynn. Stomp in my skull at the Royal Rumble Flynn. It's all been done before. I can take it. Flynn I'm able to see my faults, I'm able to see where I've gone wrong in my career up to now, and I am able to see that 2018 was a shitty year for Yelich. My ego isn't so inflated that I think I'm the best in the world at everything, win or lose. That's where our similarities end Flynn. Your ego stops you from fixing the problems in your career. Your ego stops you from looking back upon yourself and admitting your faults and missteps. Flynn you're getting me all flustered now... give me a moment. Yelich snaps his fingers and one of his boys goes on all fours and the other goes behind the other boy and kneels on two legs, holding out his arm. Yelich uses this and sits on the first boy and uses the other boy's arm like an armrest. Now that Yelich is no longer flustered and is sitting down on his makeshift chair, he continues. Flynn you want one thing right now and that's to show you've changed after losing to Necce, you want to be "The New Flynn" so bad, you yearn to stop being that guy who lost to Necce. Thing is Flynn you haven't changed, you never changed. You're still the same guy that lost back at Survivor Series. You walk out, you yap your mouth about how great you are and how bad your next opponent is, and you leave. After I lose I look at myself in the mirror and try to fix where I went wrong. And does it work all the time? No it doesn't. 2018 showed that, but it's a hell of a lot better than not changing, not adapting after a loss like you do time and time again. And you'll refute me saying you've changed, I mean, just look at your wins against Hollow and Bailey. But you've done that before Flynn. I remember the guy who had a Rage in a Cage match against Hollow for the Intercontinental Championship. People were hyping it up for the entire month about how great it was gonna be, how amazing it would be to watch. In the match Flynn, you Powerbombed Hollow once, 1.. 2.. 3. You won the match. Facing Hollow is not a challenge to you Flynn, yet Hollow got legitimate offense in your match against him at December to Dismember. Yelich gets up from the makeshift chair made out of his boys and stares down Flynn from the top of the ramp. Flynn you are regressing, you may not know it, you may not see it, but you are. Yet you fail to try and do anything about it. When I see myself regressing like in 2018, I attempted to change myself, I took a look at myself in the mirror and saw what was going wrong and I tried to fix it. You don't do that Flynn. Someday that will come back to bite you in the ass, and if I have any say in it, that day will be the Royal Rumble, when I finally show the world I am not the same guy I was in 2018, and that unlike you, I've changed for the better. Yelich sits back down on his boy chair, now knowing better than to try and leave because Flynn may have something further to say, as he learned last time he tried to leave. The Carnage Audience look on with intent as they await a possible response from Flynn.
  11. Yelich

    Who Are Your Biggest BPZ Rivals?

    My biggest rivals are The Nexus Bois obviously (Alyx Wilde, Ark Universe, and Ropati to those who are uncultured and never knew the best and also worst stable in forums history). And I'm clearly better than all of them, and you can't disprove that until we have a fatal fourway. My biggest rivalries (storylines basically) were probably Echo Wilson and Julius.
  12. Yelich

    Your BPZ Forums Unpopular Opinions

    Kayfabe PPV's are better than Contribution PPV's most of the time.
  13. Yelich

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    1. Julius 2. Bart 3. Bailey 4. Flynn 5. Necce
  14. Yelich


    Yelich looks down at his he microphone that now lies between his feet grinning. His wish was granted, why wouldn't he be? He looks back up at Flynn as he brings his microphone back to his mouth to respond to what Flynn just said. Wow, honestly Flynn, this is uncharacteristically generous of you. I mean I thought you were the elite, the upper echelon of this company. Yet you find time to face off with a guy who's best win in 2018 was arguably against a man who didn't show up to wrestle. But you find time for me Flynn, you remove yourself from the Royal Rumble for little old me. I have to ask you out of interest, why? What changed Flynn? If someone of my status were to do something like this last year, you'd brush them off as attention-seeking, tell them how it is, and deny them because they weren't worth your time. What was it? I get it you're "The New Flynn" but why are you "new." I think I know the answer. It's Necce. Flynn face starts to go red with rage as he starts twitching at the sound of Necce's name. Calm it there big guy, we don't want you to get so angry your head flies off before our match now do we? But it's true though, it is Necce. He beat you and now you need to find a way to get back to the main event. You're desperate Flynn, you're so desperate that you'll take on all comers. Everyone is worth your time now because you need to find a way to get back to the limelight. Flynn I may say I was a failure, but the character in this story of ours that's the most tragic is you. You lost to Necce and had to temporarily retire before Necce let you back in BPZ. And now your ego, your attitude has been shaken to its core, because you didn't have anywhere to go to after you lost. So you called out the locker room. You needed something to do, someone to battle, but it was no longer assigned to you nor was it obvious like it was with Necce. So you called out the locker room and it could've been anyone that came out, it could've been Akki all the way to Slim. I'd count you lucky it was Hollow, it could've been much worse. But let's analyze that, because that means that the only man interested in a match against Flynn after you lost to Necce, was Hollow. That my friend, is what we call in the business, sad. But you went on to win that match and then.... nothing. You had no match lined up, no title match, no one calling you out. So again, you had to take matters into your own hands, you had to be your own booker, because no one else was interested in you except you. So you called out Bailey, the GM of Carnage. You didn't know if he'd say yes, but luckily for you, he did. And then you went on to beat him. But I mean, come on, you beat a guy who only won twice in 2018. That's not an accomplishment Flynn, no matter how much you try to stretch it. And then... again nothing. You weren't given that title match that I bet you want. Nor was there a high-profile opponent wanting to face you. But there was me, so you jumped on the opportunity to face someone at the Rumble. Yelich pauses for a moment, allowing what he just said to sink in for not only Flynn, but the audience as well before he goes on. You are damaged goods Flynn, there are no more title matches for you, no one high-profile is actively trying to have a match with you, and now you're so desperate that you've stooped so low to the bottom of the barrel in this company, that you're accepting of a match with me, a man who's best win in 2018 was arguably against a man who didn't show up to wrestle. Yelich takes a step forward and really gets in Flynn's face as he continues, his boys behind him look quite interested in these next words, as do the paying audience here tonight. I can't wait to see how much further you'll have to stoop after I beat you Flynn, it'll be very interesting to see. Let's go boys. Yelich flings his microphone away as his music plays and he and his boys leave the ring to go to the back. The last shot we see is Flynn standing in the ring with two microphones at his feet, staring angrily at where Yelich once stood.
  15. Yelich

    YouTube Wrestling Match Archive

    Saw this match while binging some David Starr stuff, I'd never heard of Orange Cassidy before this match but I thought this was great. Starr played a perfect cocky heel in this. And Cassidy, usually a comedy wrestler as the beginning showed, looked amazing as well. Definitely give this match a watch if you have the time.