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  1. What a difference a year makes.
  2. Yelich

    Who are your biggest BPZ rivals?

    I guess Echo? I dunno, I guess I could say Alyx, Rop, and Ark since I lump them all together as my Nexus rivals but Echo and I have had some battles.
  3. OOC: I hope you guys get the metaphor, or else this is gonna fail, anyways, go on reading this doesn't matter. Carnage has just returned from commercial break, the lights in the KFC Yum! Center here in the wonderful city of Louisville, Kentucky dim and the titantron turns on to show Yelich in a room with all of it's lights off, there is a white cake that says "Happy Birthday" in front of Yelich, Yelich has a DysonTM hair dryer in his hand as he looks at the candles in disgust and then looks up at the camera. Ropati... really, that's it? I bust my ass off to get noticed around here, to get a good match, and you give me James Ropati... no. I'm not happy about this, I'm going to do it, because I have to feed myself, but I'm not happy about it, and I won't put my all into making this an engaging and fun feud for our viewers. I deserve better. Bailey wants to push The Kingdom, Evolution, and himself. And then before me comes the blue bloods of the company, LAOCH and Angelo, they get to face each other as the big match that isn't Kingdom vs Evolution. And Hollow, well I don't have beef with him, he won the Chamber fair and square, he gets the title shot. What angers me, is guys like Ginge, a guy who has been absent since my debut 2 and a half years ago, getting big matches against Bart, a guy I'd very much like to face so I can show my talent in a big match. But I get the guy I've been dragging along with me for years. Who do you think gave Ropati that Universal title shot. I put in a good word for him, I let him beat me, and then after I gift him this wondrous opportunity, he just goes and wastes it. I kept Ropati relevant, I let him be in Nexus and Commonwealth, without those stables where would he be? Who would James Ropati be without Yelich? Nothing. So why would I like to face nothing? I don't. And Bailey wants me to be happy about my match, he wants me to grin as I blow out the candles on my birthday cake. I will not smile, I am not happy about this but I will move on with my life. But I won't stand to the side and blow out my candles with a happy face, giving Bailey what he wants. He just wants to make a good show, and at the center of it is him. Well we all can't get what we want. So I'm going to blow out my candles with a hair dryer, not an emotion being shown. I'm not going to gift Bailey with good television to boost his ratings, maybe if I was respected I would, but I'm not. So Ropati, get ready for the worst built match of your life, I'm not going to bury you, I'm not going to even talk about you from this point on, I'll just defeat you at Redemption and move on. I want to receive the respect and matches I deserve, and until I get that, the birthday candles are not getting blown out by me, they're getting blown out by a hair dryer. Yelich then turns on the hair dryer and points it at the candles, the candles from this disappear, making Yelich disappear into darkness as well. The lights in the KFC Yum! Center then come back up to their normal level as Carnage gets sent back to the commentators who talk about Yelich's promo a bit before shifting topics, as the show moves on.
  4. Yelich

    Yelich's Yell

    We here at Yelich's Yell would like to apologize, we said that the 3v3 Survivor Series match was The Flock vs The Kingdom, when it really was The Kingdom vs Evolution. We are deeply sorry (kind of) and promise it won't occur again (maybe).
  5. Yelich

    Yelich's Yell

    Episode #1 - What The Fuck? Guess who's back you idiots, It's me, your old pal Yelich! And welcome back to Yelich's Yell, after my eon long hiatus I have returned! Now since I have been away for so long I have really had time to ponder, what is a good show on the BPZ Neccework supposed to answer, and I think I have finally found those questions. First we have: What The Fuck Is Going On? BPZ Pro Wrestling can be a wild place sometimes and we need a refresher on what's occuring. The next is What The Fuck is Good. Let's be honest, no one gives a fuck about a storyline unless it's good. Lets use the recent PPV Halloween Havoc as an example. I didn't care for The IC Title Match, in fact I found it boring, I fucking loved Jason Ryan vs Echo Wilson, so in this I would talk about my undying love for Jason Ryan vs Echo Wilson. Then we have the third question, What The Fuck Else Is There? This covers everything I haven't covered yet, and therefore is anything else I wanna talk about, this can be anything I want because this is my show, not yours. What The Fuck Is Going On? A lot actually, Evolve TakeOver: Global Series just happened, Jason Ryan finally won the Evolve Global Championship that has been vacant for about two months. Other things that happened at the show is Ark beating Gill, The Marker defeating Storm, and The Flock (Buddy & Necce) eeked out a victory over The Kingdom (Echo Wilson & Julius). The next two shows coming up are Carnage Power Trip: Redemption and Survivor Series. And we have some cool matches coming up for them such as Echo Wilson vs Hollow for the Carnage Universal Championship, LAOCH vs Angelo Caito, ROpati vs Yours Truly, The returning Lunatic Ginge vs Bart, and then at Survivor Series we have The Kingdom vs The Flock in a 3v3 Survivor Series match, we also have Angelo Caito vs Jason Ryan vs Storm for the Premium Championship, these all look like decent matches but, no one really cares about all that, people care about what's really good, the best thing going on right now. What is it? What The Fuck Is Good? Necce vs Flynn is the best thing going on in this company right now. I'm honestly praying for a double pin because I want to see more of this feud, I want it to drag out until BPZ Mania IV. When I look at feuds and what I want to see this comes to mind. I want a feud that's personal, that has tension, that has stakes. Necce vs Flynn is that, and no one is going to be able to top it, at least not for a very very long time. These guys are master's of the craft of kayfabe and this is their crowning achievement, this is their Mona Lisa. Necce vs Flynn IV is going to be the greatest match in BPZ history if the build up so far is any indication, and that is what's good. What The Fuck Else Is There? This week for What The Fuck Else is There I'm gonna do a segment on why from what I've seen Jason Ryan doesn't have much staying power in this company. Jason Ryan, already the Premium and Evolve Global Champion, is making waves in BPZ right now. And I will be honest, he is probably one of if not the most interesting thing on BPZ today. He hosts the second best show on the BPZ Neccework behind yours truly, in Braving The Frontier. He makes every feud he's in personal, and I said earlier that's what makes a great feud. He's threatened to murder Echo Wilson, he's attacked JoshsNow's father, he's participated in a Circus Death Match for crying out loud, this man is hardcore and he isn't afraid to cross the line. But that very reason, "he makes every feud he's in personal" is the exact reason why he does not have staying power. You see, when you have a feud, you can't each and every one personal, or else none of them are special. Case in point, Echo Wilson vs Jason Ryan was special, it was a one of a kind feud that I loved and cherished. Jason Ryan's wife Vala got kidnapped, in return he threatened death upon Echo, and it ended in a brutal Circus Deathmatch for the Premium Championship. But then he tried to do the same thing with JoshsNow, and I don't think people responded as well to that feud as they did his against Echo, and the reason I believe why is because he tried to do the same thing, he tried to make it personal. And feuds shouldn't have to be personal to be good, and when they all are personal, it makes feuds like that no longer special. I don't always want my feuds to have kidnappings, or attacks on one's family. I think some of the best feuds are just focused on "I'm going to face you for the title, and I'm going to beat you." And that is what all of Jason Ryan's feuds boil down to, they're matches for titles, but he made them personal. But you can't make everything personal because too many personal feuds strip them of their specialness. So unless Jason makes a change, and stops trying to attack everyone and their mother (literally), he isn't going to be at the top of the card for very long. Well, that was Yelich's Yell, I hope it was decent, I am not here to fight BPZ Commentaries or Smarks Daily. But god dammit Yelich's Yell is the best wrestler run show on the Neccework. So fuck you Braving The Frontier, Yelich's Yell is better than you, I'm declaring war on you right now. Anyways, as always I am your host Yelich, and you my viewers are not. I will see all you people, next time.
  6. Yelich

    Yelich's Yell

    Fuck it.
  7. Yelich

    Reigns is out. Who should be the next "face" of the WWE?

    Kevin Owens, From seeing his WWE 365 Vince was a fan of him, Triple H is a fan of him, yes he's Canadian but he can pass as either. Owens is great in the ring and on the mic. Fans love him as a face or a heel. In my opinion if he's used correctly he can be WWE's next Triple H.
  8. I like Julius's idea, seeing as we're an Australian company that really never has shows in Australia, that would be cool. Or, alternate idea, since we have a UK tour for KOTR, we could have a AUS/NZ tour for a different PPV.
  9. Yelich

    The Game

    Can a mod lock this damn topic already, they've already embarrassed themselves enough with these stupid insults, lock it for their own good.
  10. Yelich

    BPZ Commentaries

    Top 5 Segments of The Week Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, Welcome to the best show in all of the wrestling industry, welcome to top 5 segments of the week, this week hosted by yours truly Weco Dilson and not my esteemed colleague, Mike Hunt. We found out that Mike contacted an alien and was being held prisoner in Area 51, he was then let out and he is now stumbling through the desert as we speak, but we don't know where int he desert so we can't find him. Therefore, I was shoved onto this set to host, so in the words of my most idiotic friend, let's get crackalacking you wrestling enthusiasts. 5. For number five in the top five segments of the week someone returned to BPZ, and that someone was Gill. Gill returned to Evolve and portrayed himself as a man above everyone else, he reminded us all that he was the man who made Slim feel fear. He then promised that Ark would soon feel that same feeling as he felt the wrath of Gill. He then proclaimed that his "Re-Evolution" had begun, and honestly, this could lead to great things for Evolve if Gill comes back in full form. Gill, like he said is a threat to everyone at full form, and this promo, showed me that he might be doing so. No one is safe. I love it. 4. Number four comes from the man we always hear critique everyone else, yet never seems to be able to do the things he believes others should be doing. Yes, I am talking about JoshsNow, who will be facing off against Jason Ryan for the vacant Evolve Global Championship. He called Jason out on Evolve programming telling him that he makes every match of his personal, getting in his opponents heads, making them snap, allowing him to claim victory. And we almost saw Josh snap, he came inches away to showing a new side, a more devilish side, but his father reminded him that he's "The Gentleman" and that when they go low, he needs to go high. And he didn't snap, and didn't allow Jason to get in his head. And in some ways, that's better than showing a new side of Josh, because it reinforces what we already know about him, that he is a man who won't go down to dirty tactics to win, if he will win, it will be fair, because that's what a gentleman does, Josh shouldn't have a dark side because it takes away what makes him so good, and for keeping that, while showing us he had every opportunity to go dark, gives him the number four spot in the top 5 segments of the week. Well done, Josh. 3. George AK's Promo's to me are were a breath of fresh air during this very chilling time. Usually I can expect The Frontier to be funny and not be dark, or I can expect to see some nice cool stuff from some of The Kingdom that doesn't involve madness or death matches, but alas, this week was not that week with everyone reeling off of the threatened murder of Echo Wilson after Vala's kidnapping, Hollow is always dark, Angelo Caito is dealing with personal demons, it's a mess. That's why I'm putting George AK's promo series here because it's funny, and even though if you think about it it's a story about a man that's mentally deranged trying to get back in work, it's still funny, and I like that. Now I know that people are gonna get mad at me for putting multiple promo's in one slot, but I don't care, they feel like one story so I'm saying they're one promo, you can't stop me. Anyways George AK, I'm loving your current storyline and I can't wait for it to culminate when you come back and face off with Josh. 2. Echo Wilson had a chilling promo on Carnage before his Circus Deathmatch against Jason Ryan. It honestly scared me how he told Jason that his wife belonged to him, or really his alter ego, the Diablo. I was was afraid for Jason Ryan at Halloween Havoc and outisde of Halloween Havoc watching Echo make these claims and promises about Jason's family, Jason's well-being. I was scared, and that made Echo's promo amazing. It made me feel something, I didn't watch it and be bored by someone droning on about mental problems or how they're gonna win in a certain match because they'll brutalize someone. But, this promo went further than explaining how they'll hurt and harm someone in brutal detail, but it got personal, and made the watcher fear for the victim, and for that Echo Wilson, the man I am not related to, got number two in the top five. 1. It is unfair to the rest of BPZ, that Necce exists. Necce is the bar, everyone tries to top it, but everyone knows they can't, yet they still strive towards it. If it were up to me, all of his promo's would be at number one, because he is that damn good. Case in point, his promo on Evolve this week was spectacular. He opened up about why he split apart from Flynn and the Golden Legacy. He told the viewers and Flynn how he felt about him, he said that Flynn was never his friend, and will never be so. He explained that Flynn and himself are on a crash course that ends in disaster for one of them, disaster meaning the end of a career in BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling. Necce's goal now is not gold, it's to make sure he can end Flynn's career and make sure The Flock is the number one stable in BPZ. And I am here for it. I don't know when this Flynn vs Necce Career vs Career is supposed to happen, Survivor Series? Royal Rumble? BPZ Mania IV? I'm not sure. But what I do know, is that it can't come soon enough. Let's Go Flocking The Flock at Halloween Havoc had some big wins, with Jason Ryan winning the grueling Circus Deathmatch and the Premium Championship, but The Marker lost his NXT Championship in a shocker against Legendsorigin. Necce had his wonderful wonderful promo and... Buddy Ace... was there too... I guess. Not a great week for The Flock especially The Marker, but all around, they got one over on The Kingdom, and they look like the most dominant stable in BPZ right now after Halloween Havoc. So, they must be overall, pretty happy right now. Superstar of the Week Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage, wait dammit that was Necce's promo, shit. What I meant to say was despite all of The Kingdom and The Flock's great promo's and performance's at Halloween Havoc, the Superstar of the Week does not come from either stable, the Superstar of the week actually goes to Hollow this week. After his Prelude to the Chamber series finally culminated in him eliminating 4/5 of the Chamber match and winning the Elimination Chamber and becoming the number one contender to the Universal Championship, he is in a great spot to become the next Universal Champion, and for that the Madman Hollow is the Superstar of the Week. Thank you all for joining me, Weco Dilson for the Top 5, I'll probably not be here again for this, so be sure to come back next week when hopefully Mike has come back from the desert, now goodbye and goodnight!
  11. Yelich

    What Are Your Ultimate BPZ Goals?

    Be the first person to hold both the Global and Universal Championship. Win and Defend the US, IC, or World Championship. Make it to the IC Division. Be looked back upon as one of the more creative and outlandish guys in Kayfabe (in a good way).
  12. Yelich

    Rep Ratio Post

    My Rep Ratio is finally exactly 1, now let's keep that going lower.
  13. Yelich

    My New Gimmick

    Carnage is live from the BMO Bradley Harris Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And the question on everyone's minds is, how is Echo Wilson gonna respond to the attack and threatened murder to himself by Jason Ryan now that Jason isn't in front of him with the gun in his hand? Will Echo be ready for Halloween Havoc or will he be too frightened to go face to face with another member of The Flock after that encounter? Also tonight, how is Brad's therapy sessions going and will they help him win the Elimination Chamber at Halloween Havoc? We will also see Ropati go to another town to talk abou- Oh... it's Yelich, that's cool I guess. He has a new theme song which sounds decent I guess, a recent tape came out from.... honestly I have no clue what's going on with Yelich right now, but I mean, who cares right? It's Yelich he hasn't done anything in like a year, he's irrelevant. He hasn't mattered since he was Peter Wilchester. And barely anyone remembers that gimmick. Anyways, Yelich made his way down to the ring and received a microphone from the ring announcer during my rant. Yelich goes to the middle of the ring and looks at the crowd in Milwaukee who seem kinda disappointed the show didn't start with a star like Bailey or Echo Wilson, but they're still paying attention... mostly. I don't usually do this, walk out and have a heart to heart with the people. It's always a vignette, it's always me talking about my feeling with one other person. I never talk to the people directly, and I should do that, I need to do that. You people are the reason I have a job and that I get to do my dream, day in, day out. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Lots of claps are heard around the audience as, that beginning never sounds good, many people think Yelich is about to retire seeing as Heel almost begged him to do that in the recently leaked tape from BPZ Commentaries. People are much more interested now as, this may turn really interesting soon, especially with Yelich, not acting crazed like usual. Now... I would like to address the recent forthcoming of a tape, leaked by BPZ Commentaries earlier this week. It showed footage of me meeting with two of the head writers of Carnage, Ginge and Heel. In the footage I promised a new character after I was told to retire. And the truth is I don't have much of a character for you. I was successful with my multiple personality gimmick but it went stale, but maybe stale was okay. But sadly I'll never know because that.. that reporter from BPZ Commentaries had to step in where he didn't belong, he had to steal tapes and take kayfabe and remind us all that it's dead, that it's all an act up here. And in turn doing that, might've killed my career. I could've kept doing those Multiple Personality promo's and I could've kept getting over with the niche of fans that are ecstatic over me and my characters, but I can't do that anymore, because I made a promise I can't keep behind closed doors that were swung open to the public. So no, I don't really have a new gimmick, and the old one is dead, I don't have Multiple Personality Disorder and I never will, I took someone's serious problem and I made a mockery out of it, and while it sickens me to think about that, people liked it, and that, that approval made me feel happy dammit. That approval from you people from that gimmick made me feel happy, and now that's been ripped away from me. But I guess I did promise a new gimmick. So here it is, I'm not playing a pornstar, or a Canadian patriot, or a dude with a god complex, or a clown from a psych ward any longer. Gone are the days of psychopathic rages and making friends with inanimate objects for me. My new gimmick is me. And I will speak from the heart from now on because I've realized that while those insane or humorous are fun, they don't put the butts in the seats like Heel and Ginge realized long ago. No one comes here to see if Yelich gonna talk to himself again, they come here to see The Flock rip into people just like they do on their podcast. Hell, why do you think Blade hasn't gotten a push? Why do you think I haven't gotten a push? It's because I apparently don't connect with you people. You don't like seeing me have "mental breakdowns," no. You like seeing the Kingdom talk about how shitty everyone else is, not about how they have a character with a plot line that just so happens to also be a wrestler. They only talk about how they're gonna beat their opponents because they suck, and guess what, that apparently connects with you. So now, I'm just gonna talk to you people without a filter, because apparently that's what you need to do to get a win around here. Yelich chucks the microphone out of the ring and leaves, a lot angrier then he was before, as he is mad at almost everyone nowadays, the writers, BPZ Commentaries, even the audience to an extent. But he seems to want to win that Elimination Chamber match bad, and he may get that wish to come true. Carnage then goes to commercial break as we roll on.
  14. Yelich

    Pulling Back The Curtain

    Weco Dilson: It is I, Weco Dilson, here back with BPZ Commentaries! I know I've been gone for awhile, but that's because I've been promoted to investigative journalist for BPZ Commentaries, which I have now noticed, was really a demotion. But anyways, I have been following this lead that Yelich has been having tension with the creative team, as he believes he is being mishandled. The reason for this is creative no longer believes in Yelich, and really never has, which if you look at Yelich's past, yeah I can believe it. Anyways I was able to hack into the security camera's at the TD Garden, where Carnage was this week, and I was able to obtain footage of Yelich talking to the writers, this is what occurred The screen suddenly changed from Weco Dilson to the security camera footage. A knock on the door is heard and before someone answers Yelich just walks in, asshole, what's the point of knocking if you're just gonna walk in anyways? He goes up to the writers table where currently only Heel and Ginge are in. Ginge is typing furiously on his computer, probably for a cool Frontier promo or something. Heel spins his chair towards Yelich and give him an annoyed look asking him "What do you want?" Yelich: So, what's the thing this week, another promo about being happy with this new "personality" or could I go back to the talking to myself promo's I was successful with them, got a lot of attention. Heel: No, sorry Yelich we've got nothing for you this week. Yelich: You said that last week. Heel: Look, Yelich you just aren't connecting with the fans, this whole "multiple personality" shtick has run it's course, but unlike all your other gimmicks we can't write this out. You can't magically cure Disassociative Identity Disorder, I'm sorry, but you're probably done for awhile. Yelich: But I can do great things with this character, if you would just pass me the ball, I promise I can score a touchdown. Heel: Well the points on the board for you right now is 0, and the opposite team is getting in the kneel downs to end the game. I'm sorry, it's over. Yelich: So this is how it ends huh? I don't get a going out party, no final title reign for old times sake. I'm just done. And to think you never pushed me outside of a one month US title reign. Heel: For the last time Yelich. Ross, Julius, Flynn, Echo, and almost every other person we've had you lose a possible push to, put more butts in seats. You however do not, that's why you've never deserved anything more than a one month US title reign. And it isn't like we didn't try, we gave you all the hype with Commonwealth. Yelich: You partnered me with Ropati and George, they aren't real helpers, they're C- at best. Heel: Well we we're hoping you could somehow make the group at least a B, but you flunked every test we gave you. It's done Yelich, go home, have fun with your family, actually maybe stick to one of those cool story ideas you keep telling us all about. Your wrestling career is over. Yelich: It can't be over, it's hardly begun! Heel: You've been here for almost two and a half years now, I'm pretty sure it hasn't "hardly begun." You're just old news now, we have all these stars that came behind you that proved to be much more accepted by the public. I mean look at The Kingdom. All of the guys came after you, and they've accomplished so much more than you, not because we haven't pushed you to be like them, but because the audience liked them more. Yelich: I'll prove you wrong, I'll give you a character like you've never seen before, I'm going to go out accomplished, I'm not going to be the bridesmaid any longer... I can't let that happen. Heel: Okay Yelich, whatever you say. Anyways, Ginge I think we should really push Brad's therapist angle some more. Yelich: I DID THAT ANGLE FIRST! Ginge: Yeah but Brad works it better. Yelich: Ugh, whatever. Yelich seems to storm out of the room, slamming the door behind him, as the writers go back to their business. The screen then cuts back to Weco Dilson, with a face of shock, probably for the thumbnail. Weco Dilson: Crazy right? I'm utterly shocked, I was lead to believe that creative just weren't huge fans, I didn't know they wanted him to retire. Anyways, I'm Weco Dilson, and I'll see you guys again in like another 1-2 months when I can move along another storyline.

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