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  1. Remove or better explain and enforce the begging rule. I and I assume others as well are confused with the rule after the Slim situation. Screenshots I have seen of the situation were inconclusive at best and at worst there wasn't begging at all, and since the moderators refuse to show any evidence of this begging I have no clue why any of this happened. I know I probably shouldn't be putting my nose where it doesn't belong but I just want to make sure that we can understand what this rule is and what is means so we can avoid situations like this in the future. And if that isn't good enough or if that doesn't work, just remove it, because it just causes more problems than it solves right now.
  2. I would like to hear your reasons if that's not too much of a bother.
  3. Yelich

    The Resistance

    We are on the Survival Games Pre-Show when we return from a brief commercial break, hyping up "BPZ Commentaries" on the BPZ Neccework. On returning we see on the screen the BPZ North American Champion Yelich in his ring gear, sat down on a bench as he is taping up his wrists for his match tonight where he will defend his BPZ North American Championship against Mikey with Mikey's Bullet Proof buddy BiC as the special guest referee. Yelich finishes taping up his wrist before putting the tape down and resting his elbows on his knees. Yelich then looks at the camera and talks. What happens when one man goes up against a battalion? Normally, the man loses, he dies or gets severely injured and imprisoned. That's what normally happens. Tonight, on the match card it says I am going one on one with Mikey for my BPZ North American Championship with the Special Guest Referee BiC. But that's not true, tonight I am one man going against a battalion. The match card may say I face Mikey with BiC as the special guest referee but that's not the full extent of it at all. Mikey is the newest member of the Bullet Proof stable, the one founded by Bashka who also allowed in the First Class Express, Hans and my special guest referee tonight, BiC. And then there's that fifth member, the man who hates me for some odd reason and only wishes to see my failure. The Undisputed Champion and Carnage General Manager, Flynn, then man who added this stipulation of the Special Guest Referee. It may seem tonight that I only have to deal with BiC and Mikey, but if Bullet Proof's history of attacking people, of attacking me especially, it's that they like to be in a group. Tonight I am going up against a battalion. But tonight I won't allow myself to be defeated. Bullet Proof hold so much power currently, they are champions of our company and they seek more power, and it seems no one but me is interested in trying to halt this. Everyone else is out there for revenge or personal gain when they are facing Bullet Proof. But no one but me is out there to stop Bullet Proof from becoming more powerful. I am the only resistance to this cancer that's sprung in this company currently. And just like with all cancers, they need to be squashed early before they become overbearing. I am the only man who seeks to do that tonight. I will not allow title's prestige will not be tarnished by Mikey. I will not allow Bullet Proof to get any stronger. I am the sole resistance to Bullet Proof right now, if I lose tonight I'm letting them push over the first domino, leading to their ultimate takeover of BPZ. They already have the General Manager Spot, and the Undisputed, Tag, and United States championships, I can not allow them to get more. Failure is not an option for me tonight. I must win. I must retain my BPZ North American Championship at all costs. Yes, the special guest referee is BiC, a man I do not trust one bit. Yes, Bullet Proof has multiple members that can interfere at any time in my match. But I can't let that stop me, for I am the so;e resistance, and tonight I can't and I won't fail to stop Bullet Proof. The camera then fades to black before going back to the Survival Games Pre-Show Panel where they begin to talk about Yelich's final statements before his match tonight against Mikey.
  4. Yelich


    this is world heavyweight championship material
  5. Yelich


    "Upset Army" by Christian Fitness plays over the P.A. System when Carnage returns from a commercial break, and the audience here attending Carnage cheer loudly as that means that the BPZ North American Champion is due to walk out. This turns out to be true as out walks Yelich with the BPZ North American Championship over his shoulder, just making the crowd cheer louder. Yelich also had a microphone in hand as he walks out with a stern look on his face. The last time we saw Yelich he was having a little mental breakdown when studying up for his match at Survival Games where he will defend his BPZ North American Championship against the newest member of Bullet Proof Mikey, with Special Guest Referee BiC. Yelich makes his way into the ring and stands in the middle, his music cutting off allowing him to speak. Over and over Mikey says the same things. "I don't care about the United States Championship match, I'm just focused on my victory against Yelich where I will become North American Champion. Yelich is a jobber he got lucky once, he won't do it again." Boom, easy peasy, I just saved all of you viewers at home 15 minutes of your valuable time making sure you don't have to go back and watch any of Mikey's previous segments here on Carnage. Now, in the recent past I have been showing weakness. It is well documented my mental health problems with the whole Multiple Personality Disorder stuff I got going on and that certainly doesn't help much when I'm in stressful situations in life and right now that is what I am going through. I just won this BPZ North American Championship, first time in just about two years I have been able to get a hold of a title, and right away I have a new surprise General Manager pop up to give his stablemate a title match in which the referee is another stablemate of his in an attempt to make sure the current champion, a man the current GM hates for some odd reason, loses. I'm sick and I'm tired of it. One good thing happens in my life and immediately someone has to come in and make sure that everything goes back to crap. I just want to live my life without outside interference all of the time but there's always someone coming in to make sure I stay unhappy with the life I am living. Just let me live. But no. That can't happen, Yelich isn't good enough to be champion apparently, we've got to make sure he loses so we can give it to the man who only thinks of one script to say in all of his promo's and punches people in their babymakers. Yeah, that's the guy we gotta make sure is champion, not the guy who's worked tirelessly, day in and day out to get to where he is today. He's not good enough apparently. This leads me here, my pity party. I get into this headspace because of all of this, this headspace that breeds this sense of doubt in me, telling me how I might not be able to win, I might not be able to retain my BPZ North American Championship. All of this Bullet Proof stuff with Mikey, Flynn, BiC, as well as all of you fans talking about how Mikey is so obviously going to beat me. You think I can't hear you but I can, just because you guys are behind the barricade and I'm in this ring doesn't mean I can't hear you say those things. And those things get to me and make me doubt myself. But for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every bit of self-doubt I add to my psyche, I also add just as much anger. I'm sick of Mikey, I'm sick of Flynn, I'm sick of Bullet Proof, I'm sick of all of the people saying I'm going to lose, I am sick of all of it. I am your BPZ North American Champion. I am the man who defeated Arius at Bad Blood in front of a sold out Melbourne Cricket Ground, I am not going to lose it at the drop of a hat. At Survival Games no amount of screwy refereeing, outside interference, nut punches, none of that will stop me from keeping what is mine. The GM may want me to lose but life doesn't always go the way of those in power. I'm making the promise now: On October 13th, I am walking into the Spectrum Center your BPZ North American Champion. And I am walking out of the Spectrum Center your BPZ North American Champion. Yelich drops the microphone and holds up the BPZ North American Championship. After a few moments he brings it down and attempts to walk out and to the back, but before he can leave the ring a familiar theme tune plays, plastering an annoyed look across Yelich's face
  6. AMERICAN WRESTLING LEAGUE: LEAGUE ACTION LIVE! EPISODE 1 Mick Foley and John Laurinaitis are backstage playing rock, paper, scissors to see who does the opening promo in AWL history. Laurinaitis chooses paper and Foley goes rock, Laurinaitis laughs and pushes Foley out towards the entrance area. Foley walks out and welcomes everybody to AWL League Action Live! Foley, co-GM of AWL with John Laurinatis, announces the four championships of AWL. Firstly, you have the top title in AWL, The AWL Championship. The first ever AWL Champion will be decided within an eight man round robin style tournament featuring in Block A: Kota Ibushi, Randy Orton, Adam Cole, and Tyler Bate. And in Block B: Johnny Gargano, Kevin Owens, "Hangman" Adam Page, and Luke Harper. One of those ten men will become the first ever AWL Champion. This tournament will begin TONIGHT! when Luke Harper goes up against Kevin Owens, and in our first ever main event, Adam Cole faces Kota Ibushi. Foley then announces the AWL Cruiserweight Championship, which can only be contested for by cruiserweights. Foley announces that the first ever AWL Cruiserweight Champ will be decided at our first PPV: The Beginning of Wrestling. The next championship Foley announces is the AWL 24/7 championship which is always defended 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Foley actually has this title on hand and Mick announces that he will be awarding himself the title, making him the inaugural champion. Finally, Foley announces the AWL Television Championship, which will be defended on every episode of League Action Live, including in our first ever match! A Fatal Fourway between Mikey Nicholls, Joseph Conners, Curtis Axel, and Mustafa Ali. Mick Foley then goes to leave to we can get this show underway but out comes John Laurinaitis clapping. Laurinaitis then pats Foley on the back telling him how good a job he did before he ROLLS HIM UP AS A REFEREE RUNS OUT FROM THE BACK TO COUNT! 1.. 2.. 3! JOHN LAURINAITIS IS THE NEW AWL 24/7 CHAMPION! Laurinatis runs backstage with the championship as Foley runs after him angrily. In our first ever AWL match, a well fought fatal fourway match between some of the workhorses of the AWL roster in would take place between Mikey Nicholls, Joseph Conners, Curtis Axel, and Mustafa Ali for the right to become the first ever AWL Television Champion. Conners would seem to have it won after hitting Nicholls with mutliple kendo stick shots to the back and ribs before tossing him out of the ring, and hitting the Don't Look Down on Mustafa Ali. But Curtis Axel would swoop in and pick up Conners before he would be able to go for a pin on Ali and hit the Axehole on him for the three count. Your winner and first ever AWL Television Champion, Curtis Axel! Bo Dallas is then seen on the titantron behind a white podium in pastor clothing. Cleanly shaved, Dallas introduces his new religion, or what he calls "The only thing that a self-respecting man can have faith in." The Church of Bolief. He then begins to read off the Ten Commandments from his holy text, The Boble. "Thou shalt always Bolieve." "Thou shalt not hate." "Thou shalt not hurt, unless for the purposes of professional wrestling." "Thou shalt always be the bigger man." "Thou shalt not say mean words such as 'meanie,' 'stink,' and especially not 'poo.'" "👍." "Thou shalt say your prayers and eat your vitamins." "Thou shalt show respect to everyone who deserves it." "Thou shalt like thy neighbor." "Thou shalt always Bolieve." Bo would then say that one can get their very own Boble at the AWA Shop for the low, low price of $79.99. In the first match of the AWL Championship Round Robin Tournament, Kevin Owens would defeat Luke Harper with a Pop-Up Powerbomb, giving him 2 points to start the tournament in the B Block. John Laurinaitis is backstage trying to hide from him fellow co-General Manager Mick Foley to keep his AWA 24/7 Championship. An interviewer walks up and asks John if there's going to be another match tonight before the main event like there should be as this show was announced to have 4 matches. John then ponders this for a moment, forgetting about hiding from Mick Foley before saying "Dolph Ziggler versus..." and then Mick Foley from behind rolled him up and out of nowhere a referee popped out, 1.. 2.. 3! Mick Foley is a 2x AWA 24/7 Champion! Mick Foley then yells "HIROOKI GOTO!" making up our next match. Foley then runs away as Laurinaitis, flustered, runs after him. In a very good match that could have future title match implications, Dolph Ziggler defeated Hirooki Goto with a Zig Zag. John Laurinaitis is backstage looking for co-General Manager and AWA 24/7 Champion Mick Foley, not because he has an idea for the future of the company, but because Laurinaitis wants to be the AWA 24/7 Champ. Laurinaitis then stumbles across Mr. Socko, who was left on the ground. Laurinaitis then takes Mr. Socko and pockets him before continuing to look for Foley. And in the main event of the evening, the opening A Block match for the AWL Championship Round Robin Tournament would take place when Adam Cole went one on one with Kota Ibushi. These two would put on a barnburner but in the end Ibushi would hit the Kamigoye on Cole for the pinfall victory. Ibushi would then celebrate his 2 points to close the show.
  7. Carnage returns from commercial break and the titantron and also the TV Screens in people's homes show a keyboard and mouse on a desk. After a moment the viewer can hear a person walking over and sitting down in a chair. This is proven when a pair of hands show up on the desk, moving around the mouse to wake up their computer. The person then cracks their knuckles before settling the hands back on the mouse and keyboard. Then the voice of a man, presumably the person using the computer, is heard. Okay, let's get this study session rolling. The screen slowly pans from the keyboard and mouse to the actual computer screen itself, the hand of the man is seen moving the mouse before it finally leaves the frame. Now on the computer screen we can see a window on Google Chrome open that is a YouTube video with the song "Sheep Go To Heaven" by Cake being shown. The cursor clicks the video before adding a new tab on Chrome which turns out to be YouTube again. The man searches for "Bullet Proof BPZ Attacks" in the search bar. The music from the other YouTube video hasn't began to play so the cursor goes back to the other tab, audibly sighing. It appears that the man accidentally paused the video when he clicked on it, meaning to start it, what a dumbass. He clicks it again finally starting the song before going back to the other tab and clicking on one, which turns out to be the attack Bullet Proof had on Yelich from the go-home Carnage to Bad Blood. The man begins to watch the video on mute, seeing Flynn batter Yelich with a steel chair to start it, while his song plays in the background. ♫"I'm not feeling alright today, I'm not feeling that great. I'm not catching on fire today, love has started to fade. I'm not going to smile today, I'm not gonna laugh. You're out living it up today, I've got dues to pay."♫ The man at the computer lets out a "hmpf," like he's acknowledging truth within the statement the song as he watches the video of the Bullet Proof beat down, which is now onto the First Class Express hitting "First Class Flight" onto Yelich, the song goes on for a bit, as does the attack by Bullet Proof, when a certain line elicits a reaction from the man on the computer. ♫"Now, but, I just want to play on my pan-pipes. I just want to drink me some wine."♫ God, I wish. But no one wants to let me live my life without trying to screw it up. So no doing what I want for me. The man groans at this. This seems to be a topic that makes the man annoyed. We no longer hear more of the man after that groan for a few moments, meaning he probably focused back into the muted video showing the beat down of Yelich by Bullet Proof, of which he is supposed to "study" as he said at the beginning of this segment. The video is now at the moment where Flynn isn't attacking Yelich but rather cutting a promo. However the video is still muted so it just shows his lips moving, the chorus of the song in the background begins to play, almost making it seem like Flynn is saying these words. ♫"Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell. Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell."♫ Flynn would totally say something like this. To him everyone that gives themselves up like a puppet on his string will be given preferential treatment and be given everything they could ever ask for, yet you don't associate with him and he decides to take a keen eye to you, he will actively try to make your life a living hell. The song and the video of the attack on Yelich by Bullet Proof both continue, with the video simply showing a bit more of Flynn talking while on mute before he starts directing traffic for a final attack on Yelich. The man goes to check on the time remaining on the attack video by hovering over the video screen with his cursor, showing there's still about 2-3 minutes left on it. ♫"I don't wanna go to Sunset Strip. I don't wanna feel the emptiness. Bold marquees with stupid band names, I don't wanna go to Sunset Strip."♫ A clanking can be heard as the man seems to have picked up something metallic. The lines begin to be repeated as we see Flynn hit Yelich with a running knee to the face after he's thrown forward by BiC and Hans when all of a sudden a hand of the man goes flying up to the power button on the computer, shutting it down in an instant. With the now black screen we can find the identity of the man at the computer, it is Yelich. He is looking blankly at the screen, his BPZ North American Championship in one hand, the other hovering in the air between himself and the power button he just hit. Yelich looks down at the floor as he begins to mutter to himself. Oh god I'm gonna lose aren't I? I'm gonna get lost in the shuffle again, no more titles, no more wins. I'm gonna lose and I'll have that vacant feeling back in me.... no.... No, no, no, no, no, no, no, this can't happen. I can't keep thinking like this. I know you don't want to defend the title you worked so hard for in that stupid match with the odds stacked against you, but you're contractually obligated. I don't care if you don't want to go to Survival Games, you have to. You'll just have to make due with what you have, and if what you have is a notorious cheater as an opponent with his buddy as the special guest ref and a man who hates you and loves your opponent as your boss, well I guess you'll have to make that work for you. Soon you'll be recognized Yelich, soon you'll have those prime spots on the marquees, you'll have your championship and life will be easier. Soon Yelich, soon. For now, focus on cooling yourself down, you can't be productive like this... Take a walk, that's what the therapist always tells you to do, just take a walk. Through the reflection of the computer monitor we see Yelich get up from his seat at his desk and drape the BPZ North American Championship over one of the armrests of the chair. He takes a couple deep breaths before leaving the room. Soon after the viewer can hear a front door squeak open and shut as the video fades to black, Carnage returning to another commercial break.
  8. Yelich

    I Can See

    Carnage returns from a commercial break and "Upset Army" by Christian Fitness plays over the P.A. System to lots of cheering from the audience. Yelich walks out with his BPZ North American Championship over his shoulder and a frustrated look on his face. The news has just came out of Mikey joining Bullet Proof, the stable of BPZ Undisputed Champion, and man with a very publicized history with Yelich, Flynn. We do not know how Yelich feels about this but it seems like we're about to find out as Yelich makes his way into the ring and gets a microphone from the ring announcer. Yelich then goes to the middle of the ring and begins to speak. I can see it. I can see it from miles upon miles away. This whole Mikey in Bullet Proof thing reeks of one man's unwarranted hatred of me. That man is the same man who cheated to beat me to retain the Universal Championship at Night of Legends 2017, the same man who did not allow for a fair fight between me and him at Royal Rumble 2019, the same man who "took me under his wing" only for me to be a glorified bodyguard for him, and the same man who orchestrated an attack on me less than a week before one of the biggest matches of my career. I can see what you're doing Flynn. You hate me. You can't stand to see my success. I have worked my ass off for years to get to where I am, yet at every moment in which I have neared greatness you have tried to stunt me. And finally, the one time I am finally able to overcome your shenanigans, you go and try to ruin me again. Why can't you leave me alone. I have been perfectly fine with leaving you alone, I have let you be Undisputed Champ and deal with Necce and Echo. Why can't you let me be North American Champ and deal with Mikey. You have to try and ruin my chances at success don't you Flynn? You have to give Mikey a spot in Bullet Proof, you have to try and make my life a living hell. My title defense at Survival Games may be against Mikey but it might as well be against you Flynn. I already know you'll find a way to interfere either it be one of your Bullet Proof cronies or you yourself, you'll get involved and try to screw me again. You want to ruin the BPZ North American Championship's value but over everything else it just seems like you want to ruin my career. For what reason I have yet to figure out, but from past evidence we can easily see that. But the difference is now, I have overcome you before Flynn. You tried to ruin my chances against Arius at Bad Blood but take a look at how that turned out Flynn! Yelich raises his BPZ North American Championship up high to lots of applause and cheering from the Carnage fans, reminding Flynn that despite Bullet Proof's attack on him he still defeated Arius in a show-stealing match at Bad Blood. Yelich brings the title back down over his shoulder before continuing. Flynn, I will not allow you to ruin my career again. I am your BPZ North American Champion and nothing is going to change that. Not you, not Mikey, not anyone from Bullet Proof. I can see what you're doing Flynn, and it's not going to work. Nothing is going to stop me at Survi- Yelich's microphone suddenly cuts out, making the rest of his sentence barely heard by anyone, and not picked up on television. Yelich starts hitting his microphone to see if it works and no sound is coming out. Yelich goes over to one end of the ring to ask if he can get a new microphone when a familiar theme tune plays over the P.A. System, a familiar theme that spells bad things for Yelich.
  9. Survival Games 2019 Predictions: Undisputed: Flynn(c) vs. Necce vs. Echo NA: Yelich(c) vs. Mikey Block A Matches: Julius vs. Bart Jonathan vs. KENJI Prince vs. FDS Block B: Slim vs. Smith Bashka vs Hollow Sameer vs. Hans Street Fight: Meko vs. Alex Costa Arrow Gargano vs. Aidanator
  10. Next podcast I'm gonna change up the time a bit to accommodate better for non-US forums members and I'm also going to have only 3 guests like last time.
  11. Yelich


    Carnage returns from commercial break as we begin the second hour of the show with the music of our BPZ North American Champion Yelich blaring throughout the P.A. System to raucous cheers. Since Mikey has made his address, it has been percolating within the fans' minds what Yelich would say to it. And now he's here, live and in full color and high definition. The last time we saw Yelich he was celebrating his win over Arius at Bad Blood at the post-Bad Blood Carnage, making a few references to his match against Mikey, but all in all not the most focused on it. It seems that Mikey's words have wormed their way into Yelich's head, and have engrained a feeling of anger inside of him. Yelich's championship is over his shoulder and he has a microphone in his hand, rage painted over his face, so much so he yells before he even makes it into the ring. CUT MY MUSIC I GOT SOMETHING TO SAY! "Upset Army" by Christian Fitness cuts off as Yelich makes his way into the ring, he points to a camera and then points to himself, signaling that he wants it looking right at him. Yelich stares into the lens of the camera, holding his BPZ North American Championship out right next to his head now with his hand, making sure he gets his message out not just straight to the BPZ fans, but to Mikey himself. You want to add meaning to this championship Mikey? You want to add meaning to this BPZ North American Championship? Well you certainly added meaning to that United States Championship when you won it by giving Buddy Ace an uppercut to his testicles. You say you want to add meaning to the North American Championship, that's why you want it, nothing else. Did you see that match I had at Bad Blood Mikey? That match gave made this title meaningful. Arius and I have created a championship where the best of the best have outstanding matches, where the winner proves worthy of a championship, that championship being this BPZ North American Championship. You have created a championship where the person who can hit a person in the nuts first is worthy of a championship. Yet you say want to add meaning to the BPZ North American Championship. You make me sick. The BPZ North American Championship has set a bar that you are too short to even hit with your head on it. You aren't worthy of this championship, you do not stand for what this championship is about. It has a meaning and that meaning is not exemplified by you, it is exemplified by guys like Arius, by guys like me. The BPZ North American Championship will not be tainted by your underhanded tactics Mikey, I refuse to let it be. At Survival Games we will have a clean and fair fight and I will defeat you in the middle of the ring and the BPZ North American Championship will stay the championship about pure wrestling with me leading the charge. I will represent this championship as a man of integrity and honesty, not with shadiness and cheating actions like you have Mikey. Yelich puts the BPZ North American Championship back over his shoulder, using his now free hand to grab a hold of the camera he's been looking at, making sure he gets the rest of his message right through to Mikey. Today is Day 5 of my BPZ North American Championship reign, it will not end at 21 Days. I will hold onto this title with every ounce of my will, and it will not be taken by an unworthy, unruly, no good, degenerate, absolute scum of the earth opponent such as you, Mikey. Over my dead body will you take this championship from me. It took me so much to get it, I'm not going to let go of it easy. Yelich pushes the camera before letting go of his microphone, "Upset Army" playing once more as Yelich walks to the back, holding his BPZ North American Championship up high as Carnage returns to another commercial break.
  12. THE AMERICAN WRESTLING LEAGUE: ROSTER: ACH, Adam Cole, Aiden English, BUSHI, Bo Dallas, Chad Gable, Curtis Axel, Dolph Ziggler, Dragon Lee, Drew Gulak, Flash Morgan Webster, Hangman Page, Hikuleo, Hiromu Takahashi, Johnny Gargano, Joseph Conners, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Kenny Williams, Kevin Owens, Kota Ibushi, Luke Harper, Mikey Nicholls, Mustafa Ali, Orange Cassidy, Otis Dozovic, Primate, Randy Orton, Rocky Romero, Ryusuke Taguchi, Shane Strickland, Tony Nese, Tucker Knight, Tyler Bate, Yoshinobu Kanemaru AUTHORITY FIGURES: Mick Foley and John Laurinaitis CHAMPIONSHIPS: AWL Championship This title is the top title in the American Wrestling League and only the best in the league will be able to hold it. AWL Cruiserweight Championship This title can only be fought for by Cruiserweights. A cruiserweight is defined by the General Manager. AWL Television Championship At every single episode of our weekly TV show the TV Title will be defended, who it is defended against is chosen either onscreen or offscreen by the General Manager every week. AWL 24/7 Championship This title is defended AT ALL TIMES! 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK! TV SHOW: League Action Live! (Friday Nights)
  13. They'll really just let anyone on Smarks Daily these days.
  14. Yelich

    WWE Reborn

    (PRE SHOW) Gran Metalik vs Cesaro - 2 Out Of 3 Falls United States Championship Match Roman Reigns and The Usos vs AJ Styles and The Club Randy Orton vs Andrade Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor Cody Rhodes vs Sami Zayn Intercontinental Championship Match Smackdown Tag Team Turmoil Match: just put the tag titles on there - New Day War Raiders vs The Revival - RAW Tag Team Championships Becky Lynch vs Toni Storm vs Sasha Banks - Womens Championship Bobby Lashley vs Seth Rollins - Universal Championship Ricochet vs John Cena - WWE Championship BONUS What will main event the show? Ricochet vs John Cena Who will interrupt Elias? Kevin Owens Will Adam Cole cash in his Money In The Bank No
  15. Yelich

    I Did It

    CARNAGE IS LIVE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN FROM THE ROD LAVER ARENA AND WE ARE JUST COMING OFF OF AN AMAZING BAD BLOOD PAY-PER-VIEW! But right now the new BPZ North American Champion Yelich is walking out to the ring to huge cheers from the audience here in Melbourne, as he just put on an all time classic against Arius last night, a true statement match not just for Yelich, but for the BPZ North American Championship, truly setting a high standard of what a match for that title should be. Yelich makes his way into the ring, the BPZ North American Championship over his shoulder, all the while sporting a nasty black eye and taped up ribs. Yelich gets into the ring and receives a microphone from the ringside personnel. Yelich looks out into the cheering crowd, a smile on his face, before simply addressing them. I did it. The audience in the Rod Laver Arena cheer on Yelich harder, who's smile just grows at this. I finally did it. The streak is over. The monkey is off of my back. Two years of blood, sweat, and tears have finally bestowed upon me a result in my favor. Ladies and Gentleman, your NEW BPZ NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION... YELICH! The BPZ Fans get as loud as possible in their cheering for Yelich, who detaches the BPZ North American Championship from his should and begins holding it out with his hand. This is proof that I haven't lied to you people. No one in the back ever believed me when I said I was great and that I would become BPZ North American Champion all those months ago. No one believed that Yelich could defeat the mighty Arius. He hit me with The Sentence three times, that didn't keep me down in the third fall. I hit one Concussion Syndrome Piledriver and it was over. That was proof that my words shouldn't be taken lightly, I am a threat. And if you need any further proof, well I have it right here! Yelich holds up his BPZ North American Championship as the proof and the audience cheers at this, clearly enjoying champion Yelich. Now that I've gotten a taste of victory in my mouth again, now that I have overcame the odds last night at Bad Blood, despite the attacks previously by Flynn and Bullet Proof, despite Arius being on the top of his game showing the world what a true BPZ North American Championship match should be, I want more. I don't only want to have this BPZ North American Championship over my shoulder, but I want to keep it there. In three weeks time I am set to defend my BPZ North American Championship for the first time against a man who is on fire right now. The man who not only decimated Josh to become Number One Contender, but a man who has done what I was unable to do in round one of the King of the Ring tournament, beating Hans. In three weeks time I am set to defend my BPZ North American Championship against the BPZ United States Champion Mikey. This time I'm no longer the underdog in my match, I'm the champ, I'm the favorite. But don't let that make you think I'll get complacent, I am not going to stop. I went to extreme lengths against Arius to become champion, so you best be damn sure that I'm going to go to extreme lengths against every challenger to stay champion. And at Survival Games, no matter what hardship comes my way, you will hear the ring announcer bellow, "AND STILL YOUR BPZ NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION... YELICH!" The audience cheer loudly for Yelich as he goes up to the middle rope and holds up his deservedly won BPZ North American Championship as Carnage goes to a commercial break.

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