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  1. Predictions: Ropati Julius Jones Tamer Ice Cold Prince Cutler BIC King Slim Yelich Anderson
  2. I think Bayley is gonna win this, not only to finally make her win something, but because I think she may turn heel soon, and there;s no better way for her to do that than to cash in on Becky. Becky is the most over face in the women's division arguably ever for WWE, and a Bayley vs Becky feud on SmackDown could be just what the doctor ordered in the lead up to the move to Fox so more people start tuning in.
  3. Yelich

    15 Questions

    1. How old are you? 24 2. Where are you from? (What Country) Australia 3. What is your favourite colour? Red 4. What is your natural hair colour? Brown 5. How many pets do you have? Two 6. What is your favourite food? Pizza 7. When is your birthday? (Month) June 8. What is your favourite music genre? Rock 9. What is your biggest interest/hobby outside of the forums? Gaming 10. What is your favourite sport to watch? Cricket 11. What is your dream job? Sports Manager 12. What is/was your favourite subject at school? 13. What is your favourite soda? Pepsi Max 14. What animal would best represent you? Human 15. Who is your favourite current day wrestler? Braun Strowman
  4. Carnage returns from commercial break as the fallout of Backlash is still being felt. The Power Trip Cup Bracket has just been released and with it comes some promising matches: Blade vs BiC, FDS vs Aaron North, Kieron Black vs Yelich, and Marker vs Hans being some of the more marquee first round bouts announced. Everybody is claiming that they will win the Power Trip Cup and I'm sure we'll see more of that throughout the night. Speaking of the Power Trip Cup, here comes Yelich. Yelich's newest persona debuting at Backlash in the United States Championship match was not very successful, losing to Arius. But Yelich looks to move on as he looks forward to the Power Trip Cup and his opponent, Kieron Black. Yelich walks down the ramp and into the ring, the only thing lighting his path is his lantern as he steps into the ring and sits on the rocking chair set up there. Yelich does not blow out his lantern but he just places it next to his rocking chair as a spotlight is shone on Yelich allowing him to be seen better by the audience. He picks up his microphone he was carrying in his other hand and he begins to speak and he rocks back and forth in his chair. At Backlash a stubborn man refused to attain glory. A stubborn man refused to join me so I could help him. But I don't blame Arius for denying his ascension. I blame myself. I let myself be distracted by making him the best he can be that I lost sight. I lost sight of making myself the best I can be. If I'm going to lead others to paradise, I need to be able to lead myself to paradise. I am the prophet that society needs so they can rebel against the liars, the cheats, the ones who spout false promises to get you to obey to their wills. But they can come and become a member of a improved society, one that will be smiled upon by the deities and be graced with paradise on and off this Earth. But I need to be great so i fulfill that role of prophet and I can't do that if I can't lead myself to that paradise. The Power Trip Cup has reached us. And with it comes people who can be saved from society by me. BiC, Necce, Julius, all folk that can be saved by me. But one man, one man stands out against the rest as someone who can become the future. He thinks his life is coming to an end but it is just beginning. And I know I just said I need to focus on myself, but this one's special. He knows how society can wrong him. He saw his own brother leave him to rot and for him to become greater than him, only for him to become an atrocity. Kieron Black thinks he is over but if he would just take some stock in himself for once he can finally burst out of his cocoon and burst out at a butterfly. All he has to do is find someone to guide him to do that, a leader. You need me Kieron, and I am willing to give you my knowledge so you can too ascend. Lay down for me in the Power Trip Cup, and you will never lay down ever again except on the bed of which you sleep. Yelich gets up from the rocking chair, walks over to the ropes and kneels down onto his knees, facing the ramp. This is just your beginning Kieron, come out here and accept it. Yelich stretches his arms out, staring down the ramp, almost pleading for Kieron to walk out and join him, he stays like this until a familiar theme tune plays and the lighting does too.
  5. If he ever makes a return to WWE I think CM Punk would be brilliant on commentary. He's shown flashes of greatness as a commentator before I believe he could definitely do it again.
  6. I love Brennan Williams who Arius already brought up, The Sultan of Sit is amazing but since he was already said I'll go a different route. Ilja Dragunov is still in the PC and it wsas widely reported a few months back that instead of going to NXT UK, he would be going to NXT in America. Now I am not fully acclimated with the work of Mister Dragunov but I've heard many many good things about him so I would not be surpirsed at the slightest if he were to be a future NXT Champion.
  7. VOTES FOR CYBER SUNDAY ARE CLOSED! The results are as follows: Question #1: Carmella vs Ember Moon Question #2: Cedric Alexander Question #3: If He Can Win His Match At Cyber Sunday Question #4: Erick Rowan Question #5: Last Woman Standing Question #6: Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, Pete Dunne, Kenny Omega, and Neville
  8. Jeff Jarrett's "My World" was great (fun fact: I used that as a theme once on the forums even though Jarrett wasn't my gimmick because the theme was so good). Decay's "The Nobodies" was also amazing (another one I've used on the forums). Both of AJ's themes "Get Ready To Fly" and "Evil Ways" are great. Samoa Joe's "Nation of Violence" is far better than his WWE theme. And Austin Aries's "Raging of the Region" was such a good theme as well. "Motor City" for the Motor City Machine Guns is stupendous. Abyss's solo theme I love. And for an underrated one I'd go with Mr. Anderson's "Feedback" which is quite good. And a list of great TNA/Impact themes would be nothing without Broken Matt Hardy's "Moonlight Sonata."
  9. PPV Name for Hawaii: Punching For Pele (Pele is the name of the Hawaiian Lava Goddess)
  10. I know everyone is going with guys like Khali and Mahal but I'll try to bring up a new one. Jack Swagger did not deserve to win the Money In The Bank Briefcase or the World Heavyweight Championship in 2010 nor did he deserve to win that World Heavyweight Title Shot at Mania in that Elimination Chamber match in 2013. Sure, Jack Swagger is a good wrestler. But he did not deserve those pushes.
  11. Here are the Cyber Sunday questions, answer them so you can have an affect on the match card of Cyber Sunday! Loading poll... Loading poll... Loading poll... Loading poll... Loading poll... Loading poll...
  12. SUMMERSLAM ~~PRE SHOW~~ The Broken Hardy's (c) vs SAnitY for the Raw Tag Team Championships: To start the show we'd see SAnitY getting one last shot at the Raw Tag Team Championships. After losing in the Six man Tag Match at Bad Blood and losing the tag belts at Extreme Rules they are looking to finally get one back on The Hardy's. And they do, after hitting Death From Above on Matt Hardy, Alexander Wolfe pins him and Dain & Wolfe of SAnitY regain their championships. Carmella vs Candice LeRae: Carmella in this match gets a go at Candice LeRae for the first time WITHOUT James Ellsworth in this match. On SmackDown's leading up to this I would have LeRae start to have matches that aren't against Carmella and Carmella start to have matches that aren't against Candice LeRae. Candice would start winning and would be announced for a SmackDown Women's Championship Number One Contender's Fatal Fourway match against Naomi, Alexa Bliss, and Trish Stratus. But before the match Carmella (who has lost all of her matches from then to now) attacks LeRae backstage and takes her out of the match, making it a triple threat. Carmella would say the next week that she did it because she needs one more match against LeRae so she can get the monkey off of her back. But Carmella in this match would not get the monkey off of her back, instead LeRae would win after hitting the Lionsault and pin The Princess of Staten Island for the victory. Aiden English (c) vs Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe for the United States Championship: In this match Triple H's goon squad both get United States title shots here. Both of these men have been hounding Aiden English ever since he won the title and have both been attacking English before every match of his, then just chucking him in the ring to be pinned by whoever his opponent was. But Kurt Angle, who after Bad Blood is desperately trying to regain power of his show was like "No, this is my show, you do not get that match Kevin and Joe, I will not cowtow to you and your pimp Triple H, I am General Manager, I AM GENERAL MANAGER!" or something like that even though we all know that Kurt is slowly losing power by the minute, but I'll get more into that later on. Aiden English however would ask Kurt to make this match real so he could, and I quote: "Beat their asses all around Brooklyn." In the match Joe and Owens would have complete control but when Owens goes for a chair shot on English, English ducks making Owens hit Joe right on the skull. Owens would stare, shocked at the downed Joe for a moment before English finds his opportunity, hitting the Whirling Dervish on Owens for the victory. Post match, once Joe gets up again, Joe and Owens would argue, teasing dissension in the ranks of Triple H's stable (it's The Authority, from now on I'm just gonna call it The Authority). #DIY (c) vs The Revival for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Revival earn these shots at the SmackDown Tag Team Championships after defeating Breezango in a Number One Contender's Match. Just let these two teams do whatever they want, because they are great together. Let them go like a good 14 minutes and it'll be glorious. #DIY wins, but the fans do too. ~~REAL SHOW~~ AJ Styles vs Kenny Omega: Interpromotional match, Woo Hoo! And it's AJ Styles vs Kenny Omega, Dave Meltzer is creaming his pants for this one, hot dog! And Styles wins after a 22 minute match? Ohh buddy boy that's a 97 star match. Yayyyyyyyy! Oh wait it's not in Japan or NXT, 4.5 stars. Welp, get 'em next time. Seriously though here's some actual context to this match, AJ Styles after finding out the real reason that he was screwed against Brock at Extreme Rules, is a bit pissed, and he wants a match against Roman or Triple H. But Kurt Angle is a bit stressed out right now with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Roman Reigns and the entire Authority fiasco as a whole as he clings hopelessly onto whatever power he has left on Raw. So Angle just says "AJ, I know you're on my side but I have enough of a headache already, can you just find something else to do at SummerSlam. Actually ya know what, here's Daniel Bryan's phone number, find someone on SmackDown to face you." So then we get a segment of a disgruntled Styles talking on the phone saying "Sure him, why not that sounds fun I guess." And then next week on SmackDown we get a segment where Daniel Bryan tells Kenny Omega that at SummerSlam he will be representing SmackDown in an interpromotional match against AJ Styles. And of course if you saw the beginning of this, Styles would win. Mickie James (c) vs Trish Stratus for the SmackDown Women's Championship: Remember that triple threat Number One Contender's Match I brought up earlier? Well Trish would win that match in her return to in-ring action setting up this bout. Trish and Mickie because they aren't the same workers they were back at WrestleMania 22, would have a shorter match, about 11 minutes I'd say and Trish would win with a Stratusfaction, putting her back up at 8 title reigns, one more than Mickie. After the match Mickie James would lose it. She would kill anyone she saw. She would annihilate the referee of the match with a steel chair. More referee's would come out and receive the same fate. But she wouldn't be done. She goes over to commentary, pushes Byron Saxton's headset off of his head and grabs him by his tie, brings him away from the commentary table, and hits him with the chair to the midsection, she strips Saxton until he is only in his pants and she keeps hitting him with the chair over and over. She eventually places the chair on the ground and hits her DDT onto Saxton on the chair. She then walks back to the commentary table as Graves and Phillips scramble away from her, taking off their headsets, she puts on Byron's old headset and she says "I won that match, I won that match, I am still the SmackDown Women's Champion, I won that match." She then takes it off and throws the headset at Byron Saxton's laying corpse, which is being attended to by trainers, and she walks to the back still saying "I won that match." Byron Saxton would not commentate the rest of that night, and he would miss the next month of commentary on SmackDown with a kayfabe injury. The rest of tonight Graves and Phillips would do SmackDown matches alone and on SmackDowns afterwards he would be replaced by Renee Young (In this my commentators for SD are usually Graves, Phillips, and Saxton and for Raw it's Cole, Graves, and Coachman). Erick Rowan (c) vs Bray Wyatt vs Luke Harper vs Braun Strowman for the Intercontinental Championship: Wyatt Family fourway, yayy! I really already explained why this match is happening if you read my Battleground post (which you totally should btw). So I'll just say that this match lasts a good 16 minutes and Luke Harper wins when he hits a Discus Clothesline on Erick Rowan, pinning him for the 1.. 2.. 3. Dean Ambrose vs Eric Young: These two have one last match to see who is the better man and I'd have Dean Ambrose win the match with a Dirty Deeds. There isn't much more to this than that so... yeah. Dang maybe the US title match should've been on the main show, oh well, too late for me. Jordan Devlin (c) vs Tyler Bate vs Finn Balor for the United Kingdom Championship: Jordan Devlin is defending his newly won United Kingdom Championship against his old mentor he beat at Extreme Rules in Finn Balor and the man he beat for the title in the first place at Bad Blood in Tyler Bate. Finn Balor got in the match because on back-to-back Raw's he beat Jordan Devlin and Tyler Bate. Finn made Kurt Angle recognize this and he got in the match. But it would not be enough as Jordan Devlin would pick up a win after Finn hit a Coup de Grace onto Bate through a table, removing Bate from the fray. This allowed Devlin to hit Ireland's Call onto Balor to retain his title. Randy Orton vs Mojo Rawley: Randy Orton is tired of Mojo Rawley screwing him out of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Backlash, Money in the Bank, Battleground, at all of these shows Mojo Rawley prevented Randy from either staying or becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champ, and he's a little pissed. So we finally get their one on one match. And in this match Randy would basically bury Mojo, RKO to Rawley, force him up for a second one. And then for shits and giggles, a punt kick. Now I think Mojo's received enough punishment Randall, 1.. 2.. 3. Mojo Rawley is dead. Baron Corbin (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship: This match would come to life because of a 10 man battle royal between Shinsuke Nakamura, Randy Orton, Mojo Rawley, Kenny Omega, Pete Dunne, Tye Dillinger, Dolph Ziggler, Neville, Sami Zayn, and Shelton Benjamin which Shinsuke would win. But in the match to the shock of everyone, Baron Corbin would pull out the surprise of the century as he ran at Shinsuke during the Kinshasa and reversed it into the End of Days for the pinfall victory allowing him to retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Nikki Cross (c) vs Asuka for the Raw Women's Championship: This match is fairly self explanatory to me but I'll explain it anyways. Asuka gets this title shot because she is still undefeated in all of her time in the WWE, but she has not won a main roster Women's Championship yet so now she'll get one against an old foe of her's in Nikki Cross. The match would go a solid 17 minutes but Asuka would pull off the victory after making Nikki Cross submit to the Asuka Lock. Kurt Angle vs Triple H for the General Manager spot on Raw: Kurt Angle is slowly losing his grip on Raw as I've told you multiple times already. Triple H is invading his wife is his boss but Kurt Angle still has the power to make matches, but that's all he has. Triple H and The Authority have ruined his shows. Ever since Extreme Rules many of his matches and shows have been ruined by Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, Triple H, and now Roman Reigns. He needs to do something so he decides to use the only power he has left, he makes matches. He decides Brock Lesnar gets his Universal Championship rematch against Roman Reigns in a "No Holds Barred" match, and he says that he will make sure that absolutely NO ONE interferes in that match and that we get a legitimate finish. But then Stephanie McMahon comes on Raw and talks to Kurt, she tells him that "While I do want my husband to become General Manager of Raw, I won't outright fire you, that'd be too easy and I have too much respect for you Kurt. But you're in my way so I need you to make the decision, you can either resign as Raw General Manager, or you can defend your spot as Raw GM at SummerSlam against my husband, what do you say?" Kurt then obviously goes with option 2 and says "At SummerSlam I'm gonna kick you husband's ass so bad that you'll want a divorce. Oh it's true, it's damn true." Then in the match we'd have Triple H flanked by his wife and Kurt alone. Kurt would keep trying to make the bout a technical one while Triple H keeps trying to make it a brawl. Somewhere near the end of the match the ref would take a bump and he'd be knocked out, this would allow Hunter low blow Angle and Stephanie to give him his trusty sledgehammer. Triple H would then hit a kneeling Angle in the mouth with the sledgehammer, toss it out of the ring, and hit the Pedigree onto the Olympic Gold Medalist. Steph would then wake up the ref and he would slowly count the pin. 1... 2... 3. Triple H is your new Raw General Manager. Post Match the referee would raise both Triple H's and Stephanie's arms in the air as the two bask in the glory of their victory. And Triple H would make his presence felt immediately on the following Raw, AJ Styles would be released from the Raw roster and Triple H would announce a trade with SmackDown seeing Finn Balor, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston be shipped to SmackDown for Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Shelton Benjamin. The Authority have returned to the WWE. The Miz (c) vs Daniel Bryan for the Cruiserweight Championship: Daniel Bryan is sick of The Miz, Sami Zayn, and Maryse. He is most sick of The Miz being Cruiserweight Champion EVEN THOUGH HE IS CLEARLY NOT A CRUISERWEIGHT because of an obscure loophole in Miz's contract (read Battleground for more details). But Bryan would have something up his sleeve and that is that he was medically cleared to compete about a month ago. Bryan has been training again for his in-ring return and then on SmackDown after witnessing Miz defeat another Cruiserweight using his weight to his advantage, he announces it to the world, that at SummerSlam he will make his in-ring return against The Miz for the Cruiserweight Championship. Miz is stunned, he did not want this at all but it is happening. Bryan leads the audience in a "YES!" chant, he's coming back to performing again. It all seems to good to be true.... It is. In Bryan's match against Miz he brings everything he can, we see Bryan's old offense and the Brooklyn crowd pop big for it but whenever Bryan goes for the Yes Lock, Miz gets a foot of the rope, whenever Bryan hits the running knee, Maryse or Sami Zayn stop the count in some way. And in the end, Miz and Maryse would be distracting the ref near the end of the match, allowing Sami Zayn to hit a Helluva Kick onto Daniel Bryan. Zayn would then roll out of the ring as Miz and Maryse stop distracting the referee. Miz would hit the Skull Crushing Finale and pin Daniel Bryan, 1.. 2.. 3. The Miz is still Cruiserweight Champion. Roman Reigns (c) vs Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship in a No Holds Barred Match: Remember when Kurt Angle said he's not letting anyone interfere in the main event? Well now is the time to reveal his plan to stop it. Roman and Brock make their entrances, Brock flanked by Paul Heyman and Roman flanked by Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe but there seems to be no plan in action. Then glass shatter. Yep, Stone Cold Steve Austin is here and he is going to be your Special Guest Ring Enforcer for the main event. He immediately gives a stunner to Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens, flipping them off. Then for good measure he gives a Stunner to Paul Heyman too, because why not. Then the match begins, dueing the beginning stages of the match Austin is just taking Owens & Joe to the back so they can't interfere in the match. He would then do the same with Heyman. Lesnar and Reigns would use the No Holds Barred stipulation to their advantage many times throughout the match with table spots, kendo sticks, chairs, steel steps, and all that jazz being used. But then in the middle of the match all the lights in the Barclays Center would turn off, then when they we're turned back Austin would be knocked out, and the ring would be surrounded by four people. Those people would be Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, and Nikki Cross. SAnitY would go up onto the apron and enter the ring at the same time all staring down Brock Lesnar. And then at Roman Reigns's orders, they would attack. Brock would try to fight back but the numbers game would be too much. SAnitY would then hold up Brock so Roman could yell at Brock, spit in his face, and hit one last Spear. Roman would then pin Brock for the 1.. 2.. 3. Roman Reigns retains his Universal Championship. ~~PREDICTION RESULTS~~ BiC: 6/15 Arius: 8/15 Julius: 9/15 Bubbajr: 11/15 (These results are saying that Trish Stratus won her match, Mickie James please don't hurt me.) Also, my next PPV is Cyber Sunday. I will be posting polls on this page almost immediately after posting this, so go vote on that stuff.
  13. Yelich

    Join Me

    "Broken Out In Love" plays in the background as Yelich rocks back and forth in a rocking chair, that appeared to be placed in the same disheveled and dilapidated room he was in for our prior visit to his humble abode. Everyone dreams of a proper afterlife, Arius. Everyone aspires to be worthy of something more, something beyond. Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, they all believe that after they die, that they'll go to a better place, and serve a better, more worthy cause. But we’re scared. We’re scared of that better life, because we don’t know if it exists. So we try to find that better life here. I'm not a skeptic, though. I know when I ascend, there’ll be many a man thanking me for my efforts to expose the truth, and bury the fallacies. But I want to bring more with me. I want to save more people from this purgatory, and propel them to the promised land I will experience. This all starts at Backlash. Arius is a great great wrestler, a fine athlete, but he's going blind. He’s convinced he is an idol to be admired. Truthfully, there are no idols here, only the scourge of mankind itself. But you can still be awoken, Arius. Most of you listening to me are too blind to be able to understand. But Arius, you can still see. Whether by choice, or by force, Arius, you will see. I don’t want to prevent your ascension, but I will if I have to. You are superior to them, Arius, but you are not yet worthy. Let me help you. Yelich leans forward in his rocking chair and looks at the camera, speaking directly to Arius. Join me.
  14. Yelich

    BPZ Archives

    SummerSlam United States Championship: Julius (c) vs Yelich - Casket Match Commentator: What a match put on by those NXT lads, boy are they something. But now it is time for a match a little bit more personal, even if it is also weird. The lights in The Staples Center dim as Yelich is shown at Mop's Funeral which occurred last week on Carnage over piano music. Selections of him crying and hugging his therapist and broom are shown. Then the moment where Yelich screams "Julius if you have a soul, come out here right now, and PAY YOUR GODDAMN RESPECTS!" is played. And then Julius walking out is shown and after that the clip where he says "You are well and truly mentally cooked" which prompts the cut back to earlier in the promo where Yelich whispers to Broom "Everything is gonna be okay." It then cuts to Julius saying "Oh and by the way Yelich, breaking that Mop with my hands was the best moment in my life and I wish I had done it earlier. I have no remorse and you aren't gonna do anything about it" And then the titantron shows Julius spitting on Mop's snapped in half "body." Then Yelich hits Julius and the music changes to hard rock music. The brawl shown last week on Carnage is then played in snippets including the bit where Yelich's therapist hits Julius in the nuts with the broom, Yelich hitting Concussion Syndrome on Julius, and Yelich slamming the Casket shut onto the United States and BPZ World Heavyweight Champion. The video package then ends. Out comes Yelich, flanked by his therapist who is holding Yelich's "friend" Broom. Yelich is wheeling out the casket which has a unlocked padlock on attached to it (the winner is the person who not just shuts their opponents inside the casket, but locks them inside by shutting that padlock once their opponent is in the casket). Yelich doesn't roll the casket down to the ring but rather keeps it at the top of the ramp. Yelich walks into the ring as he waits for his opponent. And here comes the top guy of BPZ. In such a short amount of time this man has managed to become the King of the Ring, win the NXT Championship, the United States Championship, and the biggest prize of them all in the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. There is no bigger name in BPZ currently, but is he ready for a Casket match? Julius is probably thinking that as he walks out onto the ramp and stares at Yelich and then at the casket with a concerned look on his face, he's getting into a match against a clinically insane man who thinks he just murdered one of his best friends and then attempted to murder his other best friend in front of him while in a hospital to check on his therapist's condition because he wanted to. What the hell was he thinking? Well he seems not to be put off by it because Julius marches to the ring and stares down Yelich, holding up his two championships. The ring announcer then tells the two men to get in their corners so the introductions can begin. Ring Announcer: The following is a Casket Match! The only way to win is to place your opponent inside the Casket, shut the lid, and lock it shut, sealing them inside. Introducing the participants, first the challenger, accompanied to the ring by his therapist and Broom, weighin- Julius picks up the ring announcer and chucks him at Yelich, knocking him into the corner as the ref calls for the bell and this match begins. Julius goes to kick the ring announcer out of the ring but that allows Yelich time to go up to the middle rope and go for a crossbody once the ring announcer hits the floor. But Julius rolls through and then goes over to the ropes before dropping Yelich onto the ring announcer and his therapist who have congregated on the outside. Julius then leaves the ring and looks under the ring and takes out a bike chain. Julius walks over to Yelich and whips him across the back making a huge crack sound ring around the arena. Julius does this multiple times before Yelich's therapist tries to push Julius off. He immediately notices his mistake as shown in his facial expression. He tries to run off but Julius grabs him by the collar of his shirt and he starts choking him with the chain. he keeps doing this until he takes his foot and he stomps the therapist's head straight onto the floor. He then decides to inflict more punishment upon Yelich's Therapist as he picks him up and rams him into the steel post. He then looks to do it again but Yelich, who has now picked up a steel chair from under the ring, cracks Julius in the back with the chair, making him drop to a knee and more importantly, drop Yelich's Therapist. Yelich then hits Julius on the back again, making him finally sprawl out on the floor. Yelich then drops the chair on the ground. He then grabs the steel steps, walks back and just drops them on Julius. He then goes up onto the the apron and, oh god no don't do this Yelich, he has a family! Yelich jumps off the apron and hits a double stomp onto the steel steps, crushing Julius! (sorry that move was too cool so there's no gif of it) Yelich is in complete control now as he kicks over the steel steps, revealing the crumpled Julius. Yelich picks up the big man and he puts him in a headlock, taking him towards the top of the stage where the casket is. But Yelich wouldn't even make it to the other end of the ring when Julius picked up Yelich and slammed him down onto the floor. Julius then picks Yelich back up and hits a HUGE German Suplex, tossing him backwards a good yard or two. Then Julius take the thin layer of padding and takes it off, revealing it to probably to something bad to Yelich that could end his career. Julius then grabs Yelich by his arms and picks him up over his head and- oh no he's gonna go for the Bad Luck Fall on the unexposed floor, this may be the end for Yelich, Julius pushes him up higher and then tosses him forward and Yelich plummets to the ground right onto the unexposed floor. Julius then picks up Yelich and puts him in a gorilla press spot before just tossing him into the steel ring post, Yelich's ribs bouncing off of it like a ball in a pinball machine. Julius then walks around the ring, inching the match closer and closer to that ramp on top of the stage. Julius then grabs a ladder from under the ring, lord only knows what Julius will do with that. Julius lays it down on the ramp before grabbing Yelich by the arms again. Oh no he's gonna go for the Bad Luck Fall on Yelich again, but this time onto the ladder! Wait what's that on the top rope? Oh that's Yelich's Therapist, and he has Broom! He yells at Julius to look at him which he does, allowing him to use the broom as a javelin, hitting Julius with the non bristle end first, right to the abdomen of Julius. This makes Julius drop Yelich, but it doesn't do much harm to him. Yelich's Therapist then goes for a crossbody but Julius catches it and hits him with a knee to the midsection before switching to a Powerbomb position and, oh god no he's not even a wrestler, he's a therapist. Oh no, he's gonna die. We're gonna need another funeral on Carnage next week. JULIUS HITS THE POWERBOMB ONTO THE LADDER! Medical Attention immediately comes in to try and help Yelich's Therapist but Julius just taken each and every one of them and throws them around like ragdolls. But then Yelich hits Julius in the back with the Broom. Yelich then looks back at the broom and whispers to it "I'm sorry, but this is for Mop." And he then proceeds to whale away with no remorse at Julius with the Broom. He then picks Julius up by his ears and brings him up the ramp before hitting a suplex right next to the Casket. Yelich then takes the broom and places it over Julius's face. He then hits a double stomp onto both ends of the broom, almost breaking bones in Julius' face. Yelich then picks up Julius for a Concussion Syndrome Piledriver on the top of the ramp, but Julius reverses it with a back body drop. Julius then picks up Broom and HE BREAKS IT IN HALF, BROOM IS DEAD! Yelich's face is glazed in horror and shock as Julius laughs at him. Yelich's face then turns to one of seething anger as he lets out a loud "YOU!" pointing to Julius. Yelich then stands up and runs full speed at Julius and just unloads, rights and lefts and rights and lefts in a frenzy, he goes like this for a good 10 minutes, drawing blood which pours like a fountain out of Julius's head. Yelich is a man possessed. Yelich then goes to end it as he opens the casket to see Mop's body in two pieces, he looks over to just see Julius laughing as blood exudes from his head. He laughs back. Yelich has lost all control of his sanity and is now laughing at what he believes is his two best friends corpses. And he is laughing at who he believes is the murderer. Yelich then keeps laughing as he takes both of the splintered off ends of Mop's corpse and he stabs them into Julius' open wound, making him stop laughing and howl out in pain as Yelich added those splinters into his already bleeding head. Yelich then picks Julius up and hits the Concussion Syndrome Piledriver onto Julius on top of the stage. Yelich doesn't seem to be done though, he could end the match right now and become the new United States Champion, but it seems this feud has become too personal for him and he wants to end Julius, he doesn't even want him to be able to walk into his main event match against Slim. No he wants to end the career of Julius. Yelich moves himself and Julius toward the edge of the stage and it looks like he's gonna go for a Concussion Syndrome off of the stage, he picks him up for it but Julius wriggles out and hits a back body drop back onto the stage. Julius then closes the casket shut and picks up Yelich. He brings the two to on top of the casket. Yelich however gets up when he's on top of the casket and it looks like he's going to hit Concussion Syndrome again but Julius powers out of it once again, and he hits him with a low blow to make sure Yelich won't fight back anytime soon. Julius then HITS THE HELL'S WELCOME ONTO YELICH ON TOP OF THE CASKET! Yelich rolls off the casket lifeless as Julius opens the casket and places Yelich in it and spits on his body before taking out the lock at the bottom, shutting it, and locking the casket back up, making Julius the winner of the match and allowing him to retain his United States Championship. Julius stands on top of the casket and holds up his United States Championship and his BPZ World Heavyweight Championships as they were given to him by the referee. He then looks down at the casket and jumps off but doesn't go to the back. He starts moving it around and smiles. Oh god, JULIUS RUNS WITH THE CASKET AND LAUCHES THE CASKET OFF OF THE STAGE WITH YELICH INSIDE! (pretend Zack Ryder is a casket) Julius just smiles as the Casket lays on its side off the stage, medical attention is attempted to be brought to Yelich but as he is locked inside, someone is running off to get bolt cutters but for the moment he is stuck. Julius just raises his championships in the air again as he walks to the back, satisfied with the result of this match, but looking forward to the future as well, the future being his match with Slim for his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship in the main event.

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