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  1. My Rebuttal To Ark's Rebuttal To My Rebuttal of Having A Brand Split Again I think your demanding of a trade rule is bad, because then the other brand can simply lowball until they get whoever they want for dirt cheap. I think the best way of avoiding this issue of Brand Loyalty is to not have brands at all. I think they will get in the way more than anything, and cause more headaches, that happiness. Your "improvement" in this case of number one, does not seem like an improvement at all but rather a drawback to the brand split, that being the headache of dealing with people not wanting to be on certain brands, or the possibilty of people putting brand over who they think did best in votings. I don't want the mods to choose for me who I face and what I do. I think that's stupid. That is the exact point I was going against in my point of "Restricting Creativity." Sure mods can decide who goes for kayfabe titles/number one contenderships and when those matches occur, but I don't want them meddling beyond that. I don't want the mods playing god, I would like them to do what they currently do, make Number One Contendership matches and kayfabe title matches, and then confirm kayfabe matches that are brought to them for Carnage. I think your point there will just make members who aren't mods have less enjoyment in kayfabe than they do currently. Stars will always be created with or without the brand split. The brand split does not create stars, they happen no matter what. Arius, Gwyn, Meko, Mikey, Alex Costa, Bob, Hans, I can go on all day talking about all of the new stars we have, not from the brand split, but from themselves. Alyx became a star because he was great. Just like all the people I mentioned are stars because they are great, not because they were on a brand that supposedly let them shoot up the card.
  2. The Brand Split is not a good idea, people keep peddling it and I cant get it across enough how bad of an idea it would be to do one right now. So I'm finally going to get around to making this post that I've been talking about making for over a month now, and explain my stance on this once and for all. REASON #1: RESTRICTS CREATIVITY The great thing about the current Carnage system is we have more kayfabe matches than ever before. This allows for more feuds and overall more creativity to flow through the kayfabe section of the forums. This is a great thing and I assume the weekly Carnage matches stuff would extend to the new brand (presumably Evolve). Now my qualm with this is since we are on brands, our ability to work with the people we want to is cut in half. Let's say I'm on Carnage, but a bunch of the people I want to work with or I had plans to work with are on Evolve. I can't work with them unless in a contribution setting. A great example of this is a stable I made is a stable I was in in the last brand split called "The Commonwealth." Me and Ropati had the idea to create this stable but we were on opposite brands. We tried to weasel our way into being traded but in the end we had to wait until Ropati's BS contract that meant absolutely nothing except tied you to a brand for a certain amount if time expired, so he could finally jump ship to Carnage and start the stable with Me and George. We finally got the stable started about 6-7 months after we had planned to start the stable. And once we finally started it, everyone became caught up in other things and it flopped. Sparknotes version of my points here: - Less people to be able to work with due to people being on different brands - I had a bad experience with making a stable in the past and it took forever to do it because of the brand split REASON #2: TOO MANY TITLES We already have many title divisions that are dead way too often. Do you people know how many times World has been Champion vs Josh/Brad this year? This is not a knock on them, I actually am glad that they go for the title so we have matches at all. Too often that division is dead and the champion gets to cruise on by. Same with IC. And US, NXT, and Premium also have their months as well. Now kayfabe is a different beast I will admit, kayfabe titles are very much less likely to be inactive. But we currently have 8 titles already for a forums that has about 25-40 people active (in kayfabe) on it depending on the month. Let's say we add a counterbalance to NA and Undisputed as I have seen many throw around as a possibility with a brand split. That would mean we'd have a total of 10 titles with one being tag so if we don't have any double champions (like currently) we would have 11 champions. That would mean that in between 44% and 27.5% of the active forums roster would be champions at a time (Currently that rate would be somewhere between 36% and 22.5%). I feel as though this is too high. We should be making titles hard to get, not make over a third of the active forums members champions at a time. Now there is one proposal that I do think is possible, and that is make Undisputed and Tag floating championships, and have NA on one brand, and an NA equivalent on the other. This would mean we only add one title (meaning between 40% and 25% of the forums are champions at one time). While I do believe this is too many, it is better than the adding of two titles. But, then comes the dilemma with Undisputed and Tag of votings possibly becoming partisan, with brand members voting for whoever in the voting is on their brand. So a Carnage person voting for the Carnage person in the Tag/Undisputed votings and vice versa. So to make sure this would work, I think whoever is Undisputed or Tag champ should not be assigned to a brand while they hold the titles, just to be safe. (this bit is pure speculation on my part though I do remember a time where I was traded to Carnage right before a Global title shot and apparently all of the Carnage people voted for me even though looking back on the match, I did not deserve to win, Nate deserved that win much more than me. Luckily I lost.) Sparknotes version of my points here: - We would have to add a new championship or two for counterbalance NA and Undisputed and that would create too many champions. - There is one good proposal that is make Undisputed float between brands but the only way to make that work is the champ can't be on a brand so every voting doesn't become Carnage vs Evolve, same goes for tag champs. REASON #3: TOO LITTLE PEOPLE The last brand split ended because of this and I fear it will happen again. We had bad mismanagement on the Evolve side near the end of the brand split and we also began having less people involved in kayfabe because less and less people we're joining and more and more people were uninterested in promoing. This could easily occur again and it would make everyone on the dying brand have nothing to do because their brand is dead. Now I can't tell you the last time we had a new contributor to the forums that is actually new and not someone returning for a hiatus or what have you. And that's bad because that means we have no one to replace people leaving. And that means currently, a brand split would be something that could die out quite easily. So it would be unwise of us to do so. Sparknotes version of my points here: - Mismanagement could easily occur again and with that comes a bad kayfabe experience for everyone (especially those on the dying brand). - A lack of new members means we have no one to replace leaving members. CONCLUSION We have a good thing going right now in kayfabe, this has been the best the forums has been kayfabe wise since its inception. I don't see why we should try to fix what isn't broken. It just seems like a bad idea to me, especially with all of the drawbacks a brand split has. I just don't see it being a good idea to do again. But ultimately, it isn't up to me. And maybe I'm wrong and the brand split will be amazing and I'll be looked upon in hindsight as an idiot. Currently though, the drawbacks outweigh the possible positives, and I do not think a brand split would be a smart idea.
  3. Yelich

    Personal Jesus

    Yelich seethes at Dr. X, an offended look emblazoned across his painted face as he looks at the smug Dr. X, a man he believes who used to be a best friend, and then a mortal enemy. Ark Universe. Yelich takes his microphone and begins to respond to the doctor, the self-proclaimed "Personal Jesus of BPZ" giving Dr. X a piece of his mind. I am not the man I once was Ark. You fail to understand that. I recognize that in order to change oneself you can not simply put on a mask and hide from your past. Rather in order to change oneself you must change your entire mindset from top to bottom. And I did that. I am here today a man who is putting the people first. I am now here to represent us all and not myself, unlike you, because that's all you care about Ark, it's you. When I started The Nexus you attempted to usurp the power I embedded in all of us four, a brotherhood together as equals. But you grasped and ached for more, and through you adding in low life drinkers of your Kool Aid, you made me kill my creation. It is because of your greed that we failed. And look at you now, unlike me, you haven't changed. You want everything for yourself. At Saint Valentines Day Massacre you were raring to go for the Intercontinental Championship. Yet now that Gunner has been suspended due to a wellness policy violation, you're going for the Premium Championship. You are looking out for your success and your success only, you do not see a bigger picture, you only see an opportunity for self gain. So instead of trying to vanquish plagues upon this company such as Slim and Eric Shun, you go for the route that isn't for the noble, isn't for the people like me. You go for the easiest possible win. I do not, I go for the United States Championship, a title in need of saving from a vagrant champion, to a host of individual minded challengers. I am what this company needs, you are what this company breeds. Yelich gets closer to Dr. X, looking him dead in the eyes as he lets out his final thoughts before their match together. I have moved on from my past and I now seek the future. I seek a future in which you are gone. A future in which people don't ask what others can do for them, or what title can I easiest win. But a future where people look to better BPZ one vanquished egomaniac at a time. You Ark, you should be grateful that you are the genesis of this campaign. Because it's the last thing that the history books will ever hear of you. Yelich shoves the microphone into Dr. X's chest before walking to the back, "Personal Jesus" by Marilyn Manson playing over the PA System as he makes his exit, still boos pouring down onto him like earlier, but now a noticeable minority of cheering. People have bought in. Yelich screams "FOR THE GREATER GOOD!" as he saunters backwards, staring at Dr. X, arms outstretched in a Christlike pose as Carnage goes to a commercial break.
  4. Yelich

    Personal Jesus

    Carnage returns from commercial break when an unfamiliar theme tune rings out through the PA System. Marilyn Manson's rendition of "Personal Jesus" plays throughout the Carnage Arena as Yelich walks out to a half and half reaction of cheers and boos. Many who have been watching attentively are split on Yelich's new motives, with some seeing them as noble with him wanting to rid BPZ of the self-obsessive wrestlers. While many see this as hypocritical or plain wrong, as he lumps people such as Dr. X and Buddy Ace, fan favorites, together with these people, saying that he himself is the only wrestler of the people left. Yelich is wearing a long sleeved black collared shirt and black slacks, with his face paint done up as usual now, as currently the one who does that is the personality that is in control of Yelich. Yelich gets into the ring and is given a microphone by the ring announcer, allowing him to speak his mind to the BPZ Audience. I am here to heal our wounds. I am here to guide us to a better future. I am here not for my benefit, but for our benefit. I am the savior forxp each and every single one of your people to look up to, the beacon of hope for our company. I am here to represent the educated, the people who understand that BPZ has been taken over by egomaniacs who only care about themselves and not about the people, not about us. People who hide behind masks to sever themselves their pasts. People who use their position in with the upper echelon of this company for personal gain. And people who lust for gold for themselves and think for themselves first. I am the man who will save us all from these heathens, these tyrannical mobs of unruly, unkempt, unworthy bastards who attempt to take everything that should be ours, not theirs. I am the man to save us. Yelich will save us. Yelich is our martyr, Yelich is our saving grace, Yelich is our god. Yelich is now booed by the Carnage audience for his calling himself "our god." Yelich chooses to ignore these boos and continues on as if he is receiving the reaction he expected. Ark Universe will be exposed on Carnage, Raven will be embarrassed, Buddy Ace will be put in his place, Mirage will be shorted, Crippler will be crippled, and Arrow will not get up. I am here to save BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling from its present. I am the only man of the people. I am BPZ's very own Personal Jesus. And I will save us all. For the greater good. Yelich is rained down on with a downpour of boos and jeers from the Carnage audience, who find his calling himself Jesus to be wrongful when a theme tune plays over the PA System gives the fans in the Carnage Arena relief from Yelich.
  5. I don't think the question here is should roman beat wyatt, the question is should roman/bray main event over drew/lesnar. You often bring up the point "when will wyatt be able to headline again" but that point is simply flawed in my opinion. The Mania main event should be the biggest match not the biggest opportunity to give someone their mania main event. Hell, theres a reason Punk never main evented sadly, he was never given the biggest match. Now it can be argued that Wyatt/Roman is a bigger match than Lesnar/Drew, but I just don't see it. As much as I love Wyatt, the Lesnar/Drew storyline is hot right now and I do not know how the foreseeable Wyatt/Roman storyline will be built. Knowing Wyatts quality I think it'll be great but I just cant see it surpassing the natural storyline Drew and Brock have going on currently. Plus if there is any way to get a crowd hot and send a crowd home happy, it is a Brock Lesnar defeat, especially to a guy as likable right now as Drew McIntyre.
  6. Do what you want, be as wacky as you want to be. And have fun with it, because ultimately that's what kayfabe is all about (also the more you whine in your promo's about how you lose a lot, the more people seem to like your promo's so do that more).
  7. NXT World Championship: Adam Cole (c) vs Tommaso Ciampa NXT Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley (c) vs Bianca Belair NXT Tag Team Championship: Undisputed Era (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) (c) vs The Broserweights (Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle) Finn Balor vs Johnny Gargano Street Fight: Dakota Kai vs Tegan Nox NXT North American Championship: Keith Lee (c) vs Dominik Dijakovic Bonus Points: Will there be any debuts? Yes (Tim Thatcher) Which match will main event? Cole vs Ciampa Will Charlotte Flair make an appearance? Yes
  8. Jeff Bezos got bored so he is starting a wrestling company called "Amazon Worldwide Wrestling". No one has every heard of it (0 pop everywhere) and no one is signed to it, but he has pumped 50 million of his own dollars into the company (about the equivalent of 100 dollars to the rest of us, so a huge investment). Let's see where this goes. This is Bezos's stats, very balanced as you can see, nothing crazy going on here. Bezos is targeting many people but because no one has ever heard of his company, wrestlers do not want to take written deals, and many popular people do not want to even get into negotiations. However, the main targets that Bezos has gone after after have been offered pay per appearance contracts worth 3 months to one year respectively. They are these people: (add in Silas Young, Tenille Dashwood, Trent Seven, and Tyler Bate as well) We now wait in anticipation to see who will sign. The first three events have been slated in the schedule for Amazon Worldwide Wrestling. As currently there is no TV deal since Bezos forgot to tell people over at Amazon that he's doing this, he has to do events. The three events are all in the month of January and are thus: Finally, Bezos created the three championships of AWW, the tag team (AWW Duos), women's (AWW Women's) and main event championships (AWW Prime). That is all for now, I will tell you how the future goes, for Bezos and Amazon Worldwide Wrestling.
  9. Yelich


    A record player is in frame, the final lyrics of a previous song can be heard before the record begins to play a band setting up for a song, and then a chorus of acoustic guitars begin to sound out from the vinyl. ♫Rejoice, rejoice God's ears are stitches Rejoice, His eyes are big X's Rejoice, His arms are burning witches Rejoice, His hands perform hexes Rejoice despite the fact this world will hurt you Rejoice despite the fact this world will kill you Rejoice despite the fact this world will tear you to shreds Rejoice because you're trying your best♫ Hands come into frame and remove the record playing "Rejoice" by Andrew Jackson Jihad on the record player. The camera zooms out to reveal the hands were Yelich's, donned in his face paint, showing the current personality taking up the space of his brain and reigns of his body. His Multiple Personality Disorder has allowed this and has created this disturbing new Yelich, a man whose bread and butter is deceit of the people to trick them into thinking he wants to help them and the world. Yelich takes the record in his hands and begins to talk as he goes to put it back in its case. The world is full of liars, deceivers, brainwashers. The world is full of people in it for themselves and themselves only. But some, some people, some people like us dear Carnage viewers, some people are good and merely want to help the world. But these... selfish, self-obsessed egomaniacs rule the airwaves, especially here in BPZ. People like Ark Universe, Buddy Ace, and Raven, they only account for themselves in the equations of life. Yelich finishes returning the record to its rightful place in the album case of "People That Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World." He then goes over to lean back on the record player, arms stretched forward, palms flat on the table holding it up. But I, I can fix some of that. This world is horrid, this world is full of atrocity, but this world is ours. And if I can make a difference for good in this world for not just myself, but for the greater good, I am doing that. And so I've taken up the task to begin cleansing this company from these people, and to bring us the glory they oh so dearly attempt to grab for themselves. In one week's time I defeat the man who ruined a friendship to create a brand, when I unmask Dr. X to reveal Ark Universe underneath on Carnage. Then it is on to Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, where I promise to vanquish the men who seek to hold the United States Championship for a personal benefit, and I bring it to the people, for the people. Yelich pushes himself off of his spot leaning on the table and walks over to a leather chair to his left. He goes and sits down in it, making himself comfortable before taking a sip from his glass of water on the small table next to the chair. Yelich then places the glass back down before speaking to the people once more. Us superior minded people, we know what is best for us all, and we for sure know what is best for this company. All we need to do is execute. We know already that people like Raven, Buddy Ace, Mirage, Crippler, and Arrow do not deserve the United States Championship, they are far too focused on the me, that they do not think about we, they do not look at the bigger picture. What is best for this company is a man that does not wish to attain personal glory, but glory for us. A man who seeks to cleanse the world of the greatest evils for the benefit of the working. Yelich crosses his legs and clasps his hands around his knee, leaning forward to speak directly and pointedly towards the Carnage audience. I am a man of honesty, I am a man of trust, I am a man of the people, and I will execute for the superior minds. Rejoice, Yelich is here to help BPZ. For the greater good. The screen fades to black, as Carnage returns to commercial break.
  10. Oh so this is why I'm not good in votings, what a great scapegoat for me to use instead of actually focusing on bettering my forums output. Whining ftw. (Legit tho like mods, dont pretend to be following the begging and dealing rules when you're doing this shit)
  11. Good decision by WWE to put him on the 28th. With what happened the last time WWE had a show the day after a Saudi Arabia event they had to pull lots of NXT talent to get something going. Not even just talent too, backstage interviewers needed to be called up for SmackDown. So WWE is doing a smart thing here and keeping the ratings draw high by putting an established megastar who has no way of getting stuck in Saudi Arabia on the show to keep viewers watching even if much of the established SmackDown talent is not there.
  12. No offense, but what an uninspiring opponent. Like unless they start building AJ back up, this is not a great choice for Taker. Also, there is no way I see Taker's last opponent being 41 year old AJ Styles. When he goes out I expect him to go out on his back for a burgeoning new star or an old rival of his. Not only do I not see AJ Styles beating Taker, I definitely don't see him being the one to retire the deadman. Also I don't trust Taker to take the Styles Clash. He is the last person besides maybe Edge that is on the WWE roster that I would trust with taking that move. And the only reason I said Edge was because of his neck problems, not his incompetency taking moves safely problems as we've seen with Taker in the past.
  13. This has nothing to do with the topic but I just find it funny that I wrote an entire promo based off of this song when I was feuding with Mikey last year, so yeah I 100% agree this would be great for something in wrestling. Yeah this would be cool as hell for a PPV, especially something like Bad Blood or World At War.
  14. 1. TastefulChain Others (no particular order): Aaron North, Mecko, Toxik, and Crippler
  15. Arius Flynn Hans KENJI Me Eric Shun

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