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  1. BPZ Rivalry Review

    That's less a rivalry and more you just jobbing to Flynn.
  2. Why do Flynn and Slim get a bye?
  3. The BPZ Fake News Center with your host, Yelich? Hi I'm Yelich, or am I not Yelich? decide for yourself. And welcome to Yelich's Yell, I mean Kirby's Korner, I mean Kayfabe Critic, I mean No Bullshit, I mean Wrestling Central, I mean I mean, I mean the BPZ Fake News Centre, with your host Keeley. Our first piece of news comes from reliable source, Mave Deltzer, who says it is expected that Flynn will be taking a break from television soon, to pursue his future in theatre arts, specifically musicals. He is looking to use his current fame to land himself a main role in a Broadway musical in late 2018, so expect Flynn to lose the Universal title soon, and leave the company around SummerSlam. Us here at The TNA Fake News Center, would like to wish Flynn luck on his Broadway career. Next we have a piece of news coming from God, saying in the year 2019, BPZ Mania XII, will be held in Atlantis, which as we all know is under the jurisdiction of the sun god Ryan Reeves, who has long banned all baby oil from the city limits of Atlantis, but he has said that he will temporarily lift the ban if BPZ were to come to Atlantis for a Big 5 PPV, which as we all know are BPZ Mania, the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, Judgment Day, and Genesis. And for our final piece of news today, BrendenPlayz is scared of Storm Hunter, as he is scared of the concept that is bravery, and someone who hunts storms, must be very brave. Now rep this post so I can eat tomorrow, buh bi.
  4. It's been about a year and a half, we've been through some good feuds, some bad feuds, and Jinder Mahal's WWE title reign. But yet we still don't know...
    Who threw the pie at Kevin Owens?

    1. BrendenPlayz


      asking the important question here.

    2. Kyle Reeves

      Kyle Reeves

      It was John Cena but you couldn't see him.

  5. World Slim Ross Flynn Slim IC Slim FDS Ross Flynn US Echo Wilson Yelich George AK RedArrow Premium Slim Echo Wilson BiC Smith Global Ark Universe FDS Slim Vacant Universal George AK (oooh hot take) Echo Wilson Yelich (Yay me, I won a title) Slim
  6. Carnage Power Trip: World At War: Live April 13th

    Allow me to answer these questions for you, at World at War my good friend George AK will be the Universal Champ and The Commonwealth will be the Kings of Carnage.
  7. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    8/10 He is very good when he sticks with a character, and when consistent, could beat almost anyone in a kayfabe only match.
  8. Official BPZ Tag Division 2.0

    I can confirm this, God Save The Queen.
  9. Your BPZ predictions for 2018!

    I'll win the Akki award in one of the two slammy award ceremonies in 2018 Ross will win Money in The Bank and will have a lengthy run with the World Title There will be a MAJOR shift with people leaving brands. The tag division will have little to no competitors in late 2018 Slim will be Kayfabe only after SummerSlam I will become the first man to win both the Global and Universal Championship
  10. Carnage Power Trip: Night Of Legends Votings

    I voted for Enlightenment, Sandman, George, Bic, Myself, and Ross. Congrats Flynn on retaining.
  11. Count to 2019 before 2019

  12. Nothing to Lose

    Peter stares into Flynn's eyes as he is dared to start a brawl. Peter then brings the microphone up to speak. I decide when I fight, not you. Peter slowly walks out of the ring as Flynn stares him down, still asking for a fight. Peter as he walks out begins walking up the ramp backwards as he decides to talk to Flynn. While you were gone being Slim's bitch last year I was training hard to get into this company and to get to a moment like this, I am NOT going to let it slip past me. For 2018 my New Year's Resolution is to prove people wrong. And the first example of this is going to be me defeating you and taking your title. At Night of Legends I will be starting my year with a bang, as you do what you have done best lately, lose. Peter then begins to walk to the back before stopping at the ramp and turning around. Oh and also, the names Wilchester. Better get it right now because its the name that you'll be begging for a rematch for after Night of Legends. And now as my friends in Quebec say, Au revoir. Peter walks out of the Pepsi Center, denying Flynn of a fight before Night of Legends as Carnage comes to a close.
  13. Beyond The Ropes(The Most Original Show Ever)

    If you're gonna make fake news make it believable at the very least. No one here is gonna go to GFW.
  14. New promo out... read it please.

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