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  1. Yelich

    No One Is Safe

    A record player is seen spinning and the ending of the song "Everybody's Got The Right" is heard, the camera then pans from the record player over to Yelich sitting down right next to it. The song rings out through the room as Yelich waits for it to end. ♫Everybody's Got The Right To Some Sunshine Not The Sun But Maybe One of It's Beams Rich Man, Poor Man, Black or White Everybody Gets A Bite Everybody Just Hold Tight To Your Dreams Everybody's Got The Right To Their Dreams♫ Yelich takes the record off of the record player as the song ends and he returns the record to its case. He sits back down on his chair and he looks at the camera with a stern look on his face. Everybody gets to chase happiness in their own little way. No one has a monopoly over joy, everyone gets to go after what they want from life and that is beautiful. But some people want to stop me from chasing my dreams, from going after what I want. I have removed those people from my life. Some of you Carnage viewers may recall recently hearing about my assault of my therapist. He had been peddling the idea that wrestling isn't healthy for me. He was spewing off his supposed knowledge of me, saying that it'd harm my mental state if I were to keep wrestling. He said I was scared to go to work because of my coworkers, guys like Flynn, I needed to be apparently be kept away from in fear of I would do something wrong. He was saying he knew me better than I did. So I did what I had to do, I got rid of him from my life. Ever since it's been diagnosed to me that I have had this Multiple Personality Disorder, my career has had a steady decline. I've been straddled with different psychiatrists, therapists, medications, treatments. All were supposedly supposed to make me better, because apparently they knew me better than I did myself. Before that I had been a multi time champion. Two time NXT Champion, One time United States Champion, Inaugural Global Champion. Where has these medications and therapists taken me? Statistically the worst North American Championship reign thus far in the title's history, that's where. Nothing else. These therapists, these people controlling me and my life have gotten me nowhere. They've stopped me from following what makes me happy because apparently it's unhealthy for me to be me. No longer. I'm unchained. No therapists, no medications, no treatments. I can do what I want to do, I have free will for the first time in years. I am free. So now the question is... what now? What do I want to do? What I want is to chase my dreams, achieve my goals. I want to win championships, defeat others, and cause pain. I think it's time for me to return to my roots. Everyone will start feel my pain once more. Yelich begins slightly grinning as the image of him sitting in the chair slowly flicker back in forth from his current form to one of his previous identities sitting in the chair, with Yelich in his face paint and a sadistic smile plastered across his face. This eventually stops as the film settles on the face painted, much more unhinged version of Yelich who darkly utters one final sentence. No one is safe. Yelich begins laughing creepily and the titantron fades to black allowing Carnage to return to a commercial break.
  2. Ropati said I can bring this back with the same reward for the winner so Im gonna do that. BPZ Neccework's only gameshow, Backstage Politics will be returning with the same prize as always, my vote in the next poll (unless that's illegal now and I'm told that's illegal my the mods, in which case I'll think up a new prize). I will not be posting everything line by line as I used to because that was way too much work and made me not want to do this. So the posts will be much more toned down. But I did josh's gameshow and that made me want to bring this back. So... that's what's gonna happen. Say i'm in if you want in I guess... and yeah. That's the end of this post.
  3. Yelich


  4. My diary where I change everyone's gimmicks in the WWE until I run out, which will probably never happen.
  5. Yelich

    WWE "Improved"

    Time for my obligatory middle of the night insomnia driven WWE "Improved" diary entry that won't be very successful at first due to the stupid hour it was posted at but will eventually reach my standards of success after awkwardly shoving it down certain people's throats through plugs in specific people's dm's that I'm not sure want them but they never say they don't so I just keep doing it because the instant gratification of reputation keeps me doing these things and life in general, hell I do the same thing with Instagram. I don't care about my Twitter account no one reads it... oh I also awkwardly plug it in the discord chatroom and make everyone go silent for like 5-10 minutes. Okay I've written entirely too much and no one reads this bit anyways, if you did, tell me you did so I can give you a sincere apology for wasting your precious time that you will never get back. This is getting like Arius promo length now, I'm just gonna change Lacey Evans's gimmick now. LACEY EVANS The Old Gimmick She is a former United States marine who enlisted at the young age of 19 who had to go through a really tough upbringing in "a home torn by depression and drug and alcohol abuse," per ESPN journalist Kate Richcreek. She served in the marines for five years, also earning a bachelor's degree while still serving the United States with a specialized unit similar to a SWAT team. On top of all that she also started her own construction business while in the marine corps. She is truly an inspiring story for everyone that no matter what anyone can make a positive impact on the world and in turn make their life better through hard work. Lacey Evans is proof that the American Dream is still achievable and she should be applauded for that. So WWE saw this and made her a HEEL who calls people NASTIES and inferior to her because she is a STEREOTYPE OF A HOUSEWIFE called the SASSY SOUTHERN BELLE. They wasted her amazing life story on this gimmick, I have to fix this. The New Gimmick Lacey Evans's life story as I stated earlier is amazing and the fact that she was able to overcome her upbringing to not only serve the United States for 5 years in the marines, become college educated, start her own construction business, and then become a professional wrestler and within two years be signed by the WWE needs to be applauded and have a light shined upon it. So DO THAT. Just simply have her seen as the American Dream fulfilled and an inspiration to millions, because if Lacey can turn her life around through grit, hard work, and determination, anyone can. And yes, she is actually in my personal opinion very good at being a heel and she can cut a decent heel promo if you ask me. But with that life story you can't have her be heel, there's too much there to use to make her a US patriot face. At the very least don't start with her heel, WWE made a big misstep here with starting her as a heel, if you make her this inspirational character she could be so good and people would buy into it because it's a real story. And then when the time is right you can turn her heel and have all of these accomplishments go to her head and she can say "I accomplished the American Dream but none of you ever will because you are too lazy to do so. I put my mind on serving our country in a top of the line military force, I did it. I put my mind of getting a college degree while serving for our country, I did it (etc.) You people never put your mind to anything and so you always fail yourself and your country. You sicken me." It's so good, honestly I'm kinda mad WWE made her the "Sassy Southern Belle" now. There's so much potential here with Lacey. Oh That's Actually Pretty Good... I Thought Everyone Was Supposed To Be Silly? It was, I was fully prepared to make Lacey even more of a Sassy Southern Belle than she already was. But then I read about Lacey's life story and I couldn't in my right mind make her silly like her actual gimmick is. There's too much there to work with to make her an inspirational face. So I actually did the opposite of what this diary was originally going to be and I made a wacky gimmick good. I swear the next five will all be silly. Who's Next? Let's do our first stable shall we? The trio of Jaxson Ryker, Steve Cutler, and Wesley Blake, together making up The Forgotten Sons are up next.
  6. Tazz as on screen commissioner or whatever he'd be would be interesting. I do believe AEW needs some sort of Authority figure as I don't think this whole wild west feel they have with the wrestlers making up the matches is sustainable, but I do believe that whoever this authority figure is needs to be non partisan, they can't be overtly face nor heel or else they're just making it into the WWE authority figures no one liked. So it's a very thin line AEW have to walk here but I do think they have to walk it as the current way they're going does not feel like it's something that can be sustained forever.
  7. Yelich

    WWE "Improved"

    This one is for you Meko, time for me to fix Rey Mysterio for you. Also it's 6 AM and I have not slept so you better thank me for this Meko... I'm joking I just can't sleep, hell my little name on my profile says "i really need a better sleep schedule" for a reason. Anyways, I doubt anyone reads this intro so I'm gonna stop rambling and get to the stuff you're here for. REY MYSTERIO The Old Gimmick He's an old luchadore who still can do flippy stuff. He's small too. He has a son named Dominic who's way taller than him and he wants to wrestle with his son but his son isn't all that good at wrestling minus that one time he was. He's the ultimate underdog, even though he's a multi time world champion. Oh, he's also the guy that does the 619, that's a major part of his branding The New Gimmick Rey Mysterio is way smaller than his son, like WAY smaller, Rey is 5'6 and Dominic is 6'0. Like there is no way that Rey is Dominic's father, in my opinion it doesn't make sense (even though it does but for the sake of this gimmick, it doesn't). So it is revealed that Rey Mysterio adopted Dominic from an orphanage that he liked so much he started to help run the orphanage with the previous owner, El Generico. The orphanage has since become a haven for aspiring wrestlers not on Raw, Smackdown, NXT, or NXT UK, or I guess 205 Live? Though no one really cares about the cruiserweights. Together Rey and El Generico are half agents for these free agents living in their orphanage, and other half take care of them as if they were their parents. So imagine Rey Mysterio and El Generico cooking and cleaning for like Heath Slater, Curt Hawkins, and other lower tier guys not seen on Raw, SmackDown, NXT, NXT UK, or 205 Live with any sense of regularity... so it's almost more like a homeless shelter because they house and tend for people until they get back on their feet.... hmmm.... nah still gonna call it an orphanage, makes more sense with Dominic that way. By the way, El Generico is NOT Sami Zayn, I don't know why I even have to explain this, the two don't look alike at all, Zayn is still doing his own thing. That's Not Even How Orphanages Work Dumbass, What Even Is Your Thought Process? Li- What? How Stupid Can You Be? Stop using this bold italicized bit to be mean to yourself Yelich, it's not healthy. Your therapist that doesn't exist would be very ashamed of you. Luckily you don't have any diagnosed problems, also what the fuck stop talking about yourself in the third person, makes you look pompous. Who's Next? Let's get some female representation in on this, up next is gonna be Lacey Evans because that gimmick sure could use some tweaking.
  8. Minneapolis Police Department Special Report A man, 34, later recognized as Tim Jerkov, was found bloodied and concussed on the corner of North 1st Avenue and North 9th Street on December 22, 2019, just hours after the BPZ event Winter Warfare at the nearby Target Center. Jerkov is more well known as the on and off screen therapist for on screen personality and wrestler Yelich, real name unknown. After a thorough investigation of the incident and many conversations with Jerkov, witnesses of the situation, and mutual friends and colleagues of both Jerkov and Yelich, our detectives have pinned Yelich as the prime suspect in the crime though the current motive for Yelich's committing of the crime is unknown it is suspected it may have something to do with his dealings with Multiple Personality Disorder. The current whereabouts of Yelich are also unknown as after Winter Warfare he has not been seen backstage at any BPZ show, much like how he was in the period between the BPZ events Survival Games and Carnage Wildcard. Jerkov has decided to press assault charges on Yelich, punishable by up to 90 days in jail and/or up to $1,000 in fines. If Yelich does not decide to turn himself in in the next 72 hours as of this report becoming public he will also be charged with resisting arrest, punishable by imprisonment for up to one year and/or up to $3,000 in fines.
  9. Yelich

    WWE "Improved"

    A third diary entry from Yelich? Wow he must be trying to win a match on the forums, or he has literally nothing better to do, one or the other, there are no third options. Anyways, LeT's JuSt JuMp iNtO iT. SHANE THORNE The Old Gimmick He is jealous of all of the new people in NXT getting opportunities, he feels overlooked by everybody, and that he should be getting the opportunities these relative newbies are getting. He loses very often though. The New Gimmick Shane Thorne runs an authentic Outback Steakhouse at the concourse of Full Sail, making NXT dinner theater for all in attendance. I want him to keep his old gimmick kinda, because the whole "I'm overlooked, I should be getting all the chances not Austin Theory, mwahh" idea just sounds fun, I just want to add the Outback Steakhouse because food makes everything better, including live wrestling. Thorne would make his entrances like The Sandman did but instead of bashing his head with beer he has a Bloomin' Onion and he's tossing bits of it into the crowd. That or he's handing out orders like a waiter as he makes his way through the crowd to get to his match. He tries to get all of the wrestlers to come to his Outback Steakhouse, they all eat catering instead and Shane just gives them glares as they all eat catering backstage. Have him try to ruin the catering so people eat at the Outback so like openly coughing/sneezing in the catering, spitting in the food, "accidentally" knocking the food all over the floor, or having the catering mysteriously go missing because Shane dumped it all in the dumpster. Anything that might attract people to come to his Outback Steakhouse. Anyways besides this stuff, I like a lot of the stuff he's doing as "The Black Swan" of NXT, just kinda have him win more and run an Outback Steakhouse... yeah. Okay Now This One's Just Bad, You Really Had To Make Shane Thorne Into an Aussie Stereotype? I mean... yes, but he still has the same gimmick, he just also happens to run an Outback Steakhouse and keeps putting in ads for it throughout the show, plus it makes a delicious experience for the audience in attendance. So I see this as a win. Ugh, Whatever. Who's Next? This one's for you @Meko750 (Raven), up next is the current United States Champion himself, Rey Mysterio. I promise you this Meko, I'll make his gimmick so good you'll want to see it.
  10. Yelich

    WWE "Improved"

    After the great success that was my first diary entry, we return with another diary entry. You saw what I did to Erick Rowan, and you were horrified, well just buckle up for this one buckaroo. NO WAY JOSE The Old Gimmick He loses a lot, he has shitty green dreadlock hair now, and he has a conga line full of worse versions of the rosebuds. This is his ENTIRE GIMMICK. The New Gimmick No Way Jose sells cocaine to the rest of the WWE roster, and we replace his conga line of happy dancing people (btec rosebuds) with wrestlers with cocaine problems. Now how do we decide who has the cocaine problems? This is easy, no longer do you suspend people for violating the wellness policy, now instead when someone violates the wellness policy for the first time, they must be in No Way Jose's cocaine conga line for 30 days (including house shows). The second time they violate it, they must be in No Way Jose's cocaine conga line for 60 days (including house shows). And the third time they violate it, instead of releasing them because AEW exists, you make them be in No Way Jose's cocaine conga line until their contract runs out. Have No Way Jose count a bunch of money in every promo of his from all of his cocaine dealings and make sure that it is known that the only reason he is still employed by WWE is that he got all of the McMahon family (at least Vince, Stephanie, Shane, and Triple H) addicted to cocaine, if you wanted to you could even have the McMahon's be apart of the Cocaine Conga Line. Also No Way Jose should still dance, keep the same theme, and really the same look (though get rid of the green dreadlocks and bring back the afro), maybe just change the titantron so in the background of the No Way Jose words popping up you just see lines of cocaine. Guh? Cocaine Conga Line? Why? What mental deficiency do you have? I have no mental deficiencies, I just think the McMahon's addicted to cocaine is funny. Of course they wouldn't actually be addicted to cocaine because drugz r baaad but it'd be funny to see them fake being addicted to it, especially Vince. Who's Next? The Wheel of Gimmick Changing that I created landed on Shane Thorne so I guess he's next. I wanna be on the rep leaderboards cuz Im bored so rep this post unless your a mod in that case I said nothing. Buh bye.
  11. Name: Bill Age: 34 Force Sensitive?: No Appearance:(Note you can be other species within the Star Wars Universe- Check Wookiepedia for reference.): He's a human, if those don't exist.... eh I'm too lazy to check. Make it whatever that pilot in the new trilogy is if humans dont exist, I think his name is Po? Class:Padawan,Jedi Knight,Jedi Master,Scoundrel,Bounty Hunter,Politician,Dark Acolyte,Slaver: I guess Scoundrel? whichever is the most boring. Backstory: He got out of college awhile ago and now he's in a pencil pushing job that he hates, Bill is bored and tired all of the time. He's in an accounting firm where he's paid decently but he just hates his job and his life. Yayyyy. Any pre-existing relationships to other characters?(Note this is prior to Star Wars Episode I: A Phantom Menace.): Did Yoda's taxes once.
  12. Yelich

    WWE "Improved"

    Let's be honest with each other, WWE is a bit stale right now gimmick wise. No one jumps out at me except maybe The Fiend as a cool gimmick. No one feels like they have a distinct gimmick anymore, no one feels special except for The Fiend. I would love to try and fix this, wacky gimmicks sell when they're good, and I gotta be able to make a hit at least 10% of the time. So I'm gonna try and fix that, one wrestler at a time... well sometimes two or so if its a tag team. But yeah... now that the intro to this diary? is this a diary? i'm not entirely sure I just had the idea on discord and I wanna get rep.... I mean I want to do more of my idea... yeah that. Anyways, now that the intro to this thing is out of the way, here's a few gimmicks. ERICK ROWAN The Old Gimmick Erick Rowan currently is a man with lots of facial hair who used to like to recycle and care for the planet but now doesn't? He wears rock band t-shirts when he wrestles and he carries around a cage with a weird cover over it, we dunno what they hell is in it. He beats up local job guys. The New Gimmick I've already workshopped this one in discord but here is my final version of this. Step one, shave off his beard and make it into a wig for Rowan to wear in future matches, make him look like a Troll from the movie Trolls with the gigantic hair that goes straight up. I want the reveal for what's in Erick Rowan's cage to be a figurine of a Troll from the movie Trolls, and I want it to be revealed that he is under the control of the Troll and is doing its bidding. Eventually I want to add in Danny DeVito as Erick Rowan's manager, but Danny DeVito is always in his troll makeup from Season 4, Episode 13 of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia when he is in his Troll (not from the movie Trolls but a Troll nonetheless) makeup in the fictional stage show "The Nightman Cometh." The Fearsome Trio of The Troll Doll in Erick Rowan's cage, the mouthpiece Danny DeVito in a Troll Costume, and Erick Rowan with his beard on his head would then run roughshod through WWE. That Sounds Like A Horrible Gimmick Yelich, What The Actual Fuck Is Wrong With You? You're wrong, it's a brilliant gimmick, you would secretly love to see how this gimmick would work. I do, just not secretly. Plus I wanna see Danny DeVito be a heel manager for Erick Rowan. Who's Next? Uhhh I dunno, Let's just go with No Way Jose. That sounds... interesting. K, Cya Yelich Bye, give me re- I mean read this and enjoy it. This Has Gone On For Utterly Too Long Yeah you're right, I should post this already.
  13. Sameer © vs Bart - NWGP World Heavyweight Championship Killer Machines (Bubba & Beastly) vs The Flock (Buddy Ace & Marker) - Deadly Duos Tag League Finals Royal Flush (Sheridan & Johnny Kills) © vs United Nations (Joh & Monda) - NWGP Tag Team Championships Bashka vs Natedog Mikey © vs Yelich - NWGP United States Championship Raven, FDS, and ICON vs Brett Storm, Jay Sellers, and Kyle Pain

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