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  1. Yelich

    "False God"

    "Upset Army" by Christian Fitness blares throughout the PA System as Yelich hobbles his way out onto the stage in a T-Shirt and jeans, a microphone in one hand, the other holding his ribs which were injured from the attack by Flynn and the rest of "Bullet Proof." Yelich is also sporing a brand new black eye under his left eye and a lot of what seems like tape under his T-Shirt, also presumably given to him as a result of the attack. Yelich makes his way into the ring as his music fades out and he begins addressing the audience, this time a little more cautious of an interruption, and an assault. Flynn hates me. That's the only reason I can think why Flynn attacked. I've encountered him meaningfully four times in my career. The first I had a new group of upstarts looking to establish themselves lead by me. I had everything set up, Commonwealth attacked Flynn before the match, everything was working, and then out came Slim. Flynn cheated to beat me. Commonwealth was dead on arrival because of that. Then we have my match with him at the Royal Rumble, I was as hyped as I've ever been for this match, people were thinking this could be career turnaround, THIS could be the revival of Yelich. I was still taking my entrance gear off and I was making sure everything was away and I was hoping Flynn as the respected competitor he is, would understand this. Bell rings and the runs at me without me expecting it, like the conniving little coward he is, dodging an actual match, and he hits we with a running knee and pins me. In my two matches with Flynn he used underhanded tactics to defeat me. Then we have the moment he somehow got me to be his protege. Flynn never wanted me to be his protege. Flynn wanted a puppet, he wanted a bodyguard. And I'm glad he found three of them in Bullet Proof but he promised me success and I was and currently am desperate for that so I signed up. Flynn never talked to me, the extent of our conversation were text messages where I couldn't call him Flynn, but instead Mr. F. He didn't even notice when I left the Carnage touring crew and went to Queens to find the BPZ Headquarters. What a great mentor. It is partially his fault that I lost to Julius and Hans, some of it still falls on me, but if he actually kept his word, and followed upon his false promises, maybe I beat Hans, maybe I beat Julius. Maybe I'm not the number one contender for a title, but a title holder myself. And that brings me to number four. This match is quite possibly the biggest match of my career, and do you see what Flynn does to me? He can't stand the idea of me having success, so he tries to hospitalize me. He attempts to ruin my best shot I've ever had at finally turning this over a year long slump of mine around. But "it's not about me, it's about making a statement." BULLSHIT! My career has been RUINED time and time again by Flynn and his antics, and now he's trying to do it again. But my match isn't against Flynn at Bad Blood, no, it is against the man christened by the press and by you people as a god. This very company even sees this man as on. My boss, the man who writes my checks, says that this man is the future face of this company. I have a Two Out of Three Falls match against Arius for the BPZ North American Championship. Now while Flynn and his buddies ganged up on me, and I have this shiner up here and a lot of tape on my body right now, I am on track to be medically cleared for Bad Blood. And believe me when I say this, I'm not gonna let some stupid attack by some degenerates stop me from taking that title, that title that I 100% believe should already be mine, if it weren't for some timer. I am the antithesis of Arius, I don't paint my face, I don't get praised by everyone and their mother, and no one has ever earmarked me for future or current success. Arius has been so hyped by everybody that not too long ago he was on the poster for a BPZ Pay-Per-View alone. I've never had that. Arius has been on so many posters, and I'm never on one. But that's little. That's nothing. What is something is how all of you wax poetic about Arius, talking about how he is the future franchise of BPZ, a future BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, while you pass over me. Arius isn't even that good, in his last five matches he's 2-2-1 with wins over Lord Yaujta and Odyssey Sellers, men who I am pretty sure have a combined 1 win among them. He's only ever won two of his three defenses of his North American Championship, one again was to a Lord Yautja, lucky to even get a match for the title. Yet he is essentially a God to everybody. All hail Arius, the lord and savior of BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling, the man who can merely defeat KENJI and Lord Yautja, he is our God. Yet he is nothing more than human. He bleeds just like you and me and he has a second act of his career just waiting patiently to begin. While I have a third. This moment at Bad Blood, is going to be a turning point. I am going to turn my career around and I will begin again despite Flynn's attack and despite all of the people doubting me, I will start my third act. While Arius will be exposed as the false God he is, the press, the people, and the boss's faith in him will finally plummet, and the curtain will close on his illustrious first act, just like mine did, and his second act will begin. It happened to me, and at Bad Blood it will happen to him. Hit my music. "Upset Army" by Christian Fitness plays again over the PA System as Yelich more cautiously leaves the ring as Carnage goes to a commercial break, no one attacking the number one contender for the BPZ North American Championship again.
  2. Match Card: Seth Rollins (c) vs Braun Strowman: WWE Universal Championship Kofi Kingston (c) vs Randy Orton: WWE Championship Bayley (c) vs Charlotte Flair: WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) vs Sasha Banks: WWE Raw Women's Championship Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman (c) vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode: WWE Raw Tag Team Championships New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) (c) vs The Revival: WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs The Miz: WWE Intercontinental Championship AJ Styles (c) vs Cedric Alexander: WWE United States Championship Drew Gulak (c) vs Humberto Carrillo vs Lince Dorado: WWE Cruiserweight Championship Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville: WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Roman Reigns vs Erick Rowan: No Disqualifications Match Bonus Questions: Which Match is the Preshow match: Cruiserweight title match Which match starts the show: Raw Tag Title Match Which match ends the show: Rowan vs Reigns Will the fiend make a appearance at the end of the Universal Championship match: Yes Will The Revival Cost Kofi Kingston the match: No
  3. Yelich

    I'm Still Here

    "Upset Army" by Christian Fitness plays over the PA System as Yelich walks out with a microphone in hand. At SummerSlam Yelich went to a twenty minute time limit draw with the BPZ North American Champion Arius, so therefore a rematch is taking place at Bad Blood in a Two out of Three Falls match. "Upset Army" doesn't play for long, as Yelich begins to talk as he walks towards the ring, his theme song cutting off shortly after Yelich starts. I have an opportunity, possibly my last but also my greatest opportunity to change my career outlook, my career legacy. All I have to do is win Two out of Three falls. All that stands between me and the rest of my career is one man: Arius. Arius would lead you to believe that I'm good but not great. All I care about is myself, all I think about is how I'm wronged, while Arius does everything for the good of the title because Arius is a saint. Arius can do no wrong, he's so honorable and noble, when he waxes poetic everyone shudders and faints at the pure art that releases from his vocal chords. This pigmentation, this over-glorification of Arius has turned him into a godlike figure in everyone's eyes. Hell, I hear everywhere that he is the next star. When Brenden thinks of his next big thing he never says Yelich, he always says Arius. When the journalists talk about who's Brenden should face in his next singles match, or who will be a future BPZ World Heavyweight Champ, or all of those other amazing achievements, people always say Arius. But above all else what gets under my skin is that to everyone that watches BPZ Pro Wrestling, Arius is the BPZ North American Championship. To me, there's a problem with that notion. In his first hundred days as champ, the big one zero zero, Arius defended that title one time. Once. After Bad Blood I will have been in three out of the five matches for the BPZ North American Championship. Hell, let's make that three out of the four matches as at Emergence Arius faced off against an essentially absentee Aaron North in a match that I did not hear of a single person caring about. That was a bathroom break. The BPZ North American Championship should not be a bathroom break. I define the BPZ North American Championship just as much as Arius. So it makes me sick when people froth over Arius like he's some painting of Da Vinci. They rant and rave about his future, about how he is going to be the man, he's going to carry this company on his back one day, everyone says it. They're so caught up in gazing at the wonder that is Arius that they forget something. They forget something critical. They forget that I'm still here. I have been here for over three years and no one has ever said my name in the same breath of the Premium Championship let alone the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. But I am still here, I am still kicking, I am still fighting for my legacy, for people to remember me for the man I was, a man who was damn good on this microphone and in this ring. I will never stop fighting for that, and at Bad Blood I have an opportunity to prove that. But I hear all of you people, all of you saying that Arius is going to win because he is the future, Arius is the next headliner for BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling. I see all of you predicting my defeat, well to all of you, keep these words ringing in your head: YELICH IS STILL HERE! Yelich throws his microphone into the canvas as the Carnage audience cheers him on. Yelich looks around at the cheering fans when Carnage fades to black and goes to a commercial break.
  4. Yelich


    Carnage returns from commercial break and on the titantron Yelich is seen sitting on his couch, pondering something. It almost looks like he has just come to a revelation. Rin Akane you are a clever woman. You have slithered your way into my brain, and taken up residence in it. But like any good businessman, I'm going to make a profit off of my real estate. I am going to learn from what you have told me Rin. And you are right. I have always believed that the reason I no longer have a love for this company and for my line of work is "I have lost matches that I deserved to have won." But there's that key word that you pointed out to me Rin. That one word that has kept me from going from where I am to greatness, to success, to championship gold. That one word, is deserved. I haven't deserved anything. You are right Rin, I can see this now. I have deserved nothing from the matches I have lost. It is not a fault of everyone else, it is a fault of me. I haven't been good enough. There is always someone better. That is my fault. Me not realizing that has demoralized me, misconstrued me in ways I couldn't comprehend. But now I see that it has been my fault. I haven't been good enough. I have been so caught up in my mind, of me thinking that I deserved everything, that things should be given to me. That I haven't tried to take my victories. To take what I feel I deserve. I've always though it should've been given. You have shown me I was wrong Rin. Here, allow me to show you something. Yelich gets up from his couch and leads the cameraman to his hallway, where a wall filled with framed photos comes onto the screen. The framed photos are of Yelich's matches from 2019. The most recent match... the SummerSlam match against Arius. The sadness and defeats of Yelich are all shown on the wall. These are all pictures of the matches I felt I deserved to have won but lost in 2019. If you look we have my match vs Flynn at The Royal Rumble, my North American Championship Ladder Match defeat at World at War, my loss to Bob in the Power Trip Cup, my loss to Julius at Judgment Day, my loss to Hans in the King of the Ring tournament, my loss in the To The Top Ladder Match at Emergence, and finally my draw with Arius at SummerSlam. I have framed them in chronological order to remind myself every day of the misfortunes I have had to go through so when I finally do have that big win, it would be so much sweeter for me. That was my theory. Rin you have shown me that this has done nothing but ruined me. This wall has done nothing but create an echo chamber for me and my own thoughts, making me think that the world is against me, making me think that it's everyone else's fault for my demise. Yet the opposite is true.You have shown me this Rin. Yelich stops motioning towards the wall and begins to speak to the camera directly, trying to get his message straight to Arius and Rin Akane. Rin Akane you have created a spark in a forest. Smokey The Bear isn't happy with you, but I am. Rin you have awoken my love for pro wrestling because you have given me understanding, an understanding that I have been missing for months. If my losses are my fault, I just need to find a different way to win. The spark in the forest you have spawned Rin is also occurring within me. And at Bad Blood, the resulting forest fire will go barreling straight through The Revenant. And instead of waiting for me to be given what I deserve, I will finally take what I want. The BPZ North American Championship. The camera fades to black, as Carnage rolls on.
  5. Shield, Nexus, and DX has all happened for all of you guys commenting previously, all with varying levels of success. Anyways, for the next Yelich stable, I'd like to do: Me, Buddy Ace, and since I'm obligated to have him in all of my stables, Ropati. The Forgotten Sons. oh god this would be bad but that's my specialty.
  6. Predictions for Night 1 Group A: Jonathan vs. Prince Bart vs. Kenji Julius vs. FDS Group B: Smith vs. Blade Slim vs. Sameer Hans vs. Bashka
  7. Yelich

    No More Excuses

    Yelich is at home, his glasses dawned upon his face, with a not very good webcam being used to film this from his laptop. This is very reminiscent of his most recent return promo, where he called out Julius for a match at Judgment Day. I used to do this job because I liked it. I used to be a professional wrestler because it was my passion and it was something that win or lose I just felt happy doing. I don't do this job for that anymore. I wish that were the case, that I still loved doing this for this but sadly that just is no longer true. Hell, one of the only reasons I keep going is when I'm booked I feel obligated to train hard so I can give people something worth watching, so I can show I'm worth what I'm being paid. But it never used to be about obligation to other people, it used to be about the excitement of wrestling, the excitement of possibly being champion and if not champion, at least seen as a good performer. But I don't feel excitement for upcoming matches anymore. I'm not excited for my match against Arius at Bad Blood, I thought I should've beat him at SummerSlam, hell I thought I should've beat swaths of people before Arius as well. But I lost. I didn't win at SummerSlam. Arius walked away with the North American Championship, he won that match. And I lost all of the matches before SummerSlam that I felt I should've won. These losses... they've made me lose my love for this. Hell, I call it a job now. I've been losing so much that the love I used to have for this has been sucked out of me and replaced by a want for victory, just so I can feel it again. I just want to win. I just want to feel that again because no one feels victory all that often in life. I don't feel victory ever really, at least not in the past year. I just want to remember how it feels like. Just one more time, I want to remember how it is to be a champion. I want to remember how it is to feel accomplished. I want to remember how it feels to be advertised as a major name for a show again. I want to remember how it feels to be on top of the world again, even if it is merely for only a few moments. I want to remember why I loved doing this. If I lose at Bad Blood.... it becomes same old same old. I'll probably leave for a few months, my therapist will worry about me as I give him the cold shoulder until I return with a new personality that seems to also not be successful in the wins column. I won't remember the feeling of glory again if I lose at Bad Blood. And while I may stick around for a bit, I will be sticking around with the knowledge that I will most likely never feel victory and accomplishment as a pro wrestler again. That last bit of hope, that last ember of life that burns within me is all that keeps be going right now, and if I lose... I think it'll extinguished. I can't lose. I wish so desperately for me to keep going. If I can win at Bad Blood, that ember becomes a wildfire. I am reborn again within this industry. I want that to occur and that only happens if I care. So I'm gonna train, and I'm gonna try my hardest to win. This time there is no excuses for me, I have to get it done. I am going to win at Bad Blood. Arius can talk about me with his flowery language, verbally dancing around with his mysterious persona all he likes. But at Bad Blood it's going to come down to not only who wants this more, but who is more prepared. I need that to be me. No more excuses for me, it's do or die. Arius, I am going to bring my all at Bad Blood, I hope you're ready. Yelich then presses a button on his laptop and the video ends, and Carnage goes to a commercial break.
  8. https://discord.gg/zXXjqkY There is the link for the discord server for the BPZ Forums Podcast 2.0, where in the podcast voice channel people will be able to listen live.
  9. Yelich

    The Day After

    The camera shows a birds eye view of the ending of the match between Arius and Yelich. The ring announcer tells the audience that one minute remains in the match as Arius tries to go for a big Superplex from the ring to the floor. Yelich however reverses it and switches the positions. Thirty Seconds Remain when Yelich hits a HUGE Top Rope Spanish Fly onto Arius to the middle of the ring! Twenty Seconds Remain! Yelich rolled onto his back a couple feet away from Arius from the impact of the Spanish Fly. Ten Seconds Remain and Yelich is still unmoving. Five.. Four.. Three.. Two. One.. Zero! The match is over! The bell rings as the announcer announces the time limit draw, Yelich is upside down to the camera, staring right into the lens while laying on his back, defeated. Playing: Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day The camera slowly zooms in and spins, Yelich's eyes never go off from the camera. The world around Yelich changes and slowly morphs into the scene of Yelich in a bed with a messy blue blanket and two pillows. Yelich looks broken, like something near and dear to his heart was stolen from him. His eyes are watery and he is sniffling like his mother just took his teddy bear from him. He grabs one of the pillows under his head and puts it over his face before screaming into it, what he is saying is inaudible because of the muffling from the pillow, but it sure sounds sad. Yelich then takes off the pillow from his face and begins to yell out, venting his frustrations to the hollow audience in his bedroom. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ARE YOU F--KING KIDDING ME? I WORK ALL THAT TIME, ALL THESE YEARS FOR MY MOMENT AND A GOD DAMN TIME LIMIT CUTS ME OFF? WHAT DID WE NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO PLUG MOUNTAIN DEW SO YOU HAD TO CUT TIME FROM MY BEST SHOT AT A MEANINGFUL VICTORY THIS YEAR? I SHOULD BE NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION RIGHT NOW! Yelich lets out guttural scream from the pits of his stomach, a scream of anger, a scream of repressed rage that's been locked up in a cage finally being allowed to let itself out into the world. Yelich then looks up at his wall and sees his three accomplishments, the Global Championship, United States Championship, and NXT Championship, hung up on his wall. Of course none are the real thing but they still all mean something to him, they all were his. They mock him now. They remind him that he isn't allowed to reach his potential anymore, that he isn't being allowed to soar to the heights he can go to. Yelich grabs the Global Title he has displayed on his wall before yanking it off the wall and throwing it it full force through his window, glass flying everywhere, before it fell down to the pavement of his driveway, cracking. He then grabs the United States Title and NXT Title he also has up on his wall and throws them out there as well. both meeting similar fates to the Global Championship. Yelich seethes for a moment, just standing there in front of the broken window, looking at what he did. It doesn't set in to him what he did until a moment later when he realizes... that was all he ever had to show of his career, thrown out of his window. Yelich plops down on his bed. He's gonna have to get new replica titles now... plus a new window, but the symbolism of what he just did is really getting to him. A buzz is heard and Yelich goes for his pocket and pulls out his phone, seeing a notification from BPZ.com saying at Bad Blood Yelich will receive a rematch against Arius for the BPZ North American Championship in a Two out of Three Falls match, nothing about a time limit is brought up. Yelich, his cheeks wet from tears and face red from now subsiding anger, allows a slight smile grow upon his lips. The screen then cuts to black as Carnage rolls on.
  10. Yelich

    Yelich's Yell

    Note: Before y'all get all pissy, these do not reflect who I really think will win the matches at SummerSlam, nor my true feelings about the matches at SummerSlam. Ah screw it why not. Hi I'm Yelich this is Yelich's Yell, the best and only show ever. None others exist. I am the only one. Coming up in a couple days is BPZ SummerSlam live from Los Angeles, California, only on the BPZ Neccework. And I'm here, taking time out of my training for my domination of Arius, to tell you who's winning because I have momentary lapses in judgment telling me to try and give back to the fans. First match we have is Brenden vs Bashka. Brenden's gonna win because he pays my checks and Bashka's checks as well. If Bashka wants to keep his job, bitch better lay down. Then we have the Tag Titles match between the First Class Express and Slim stable number ninety-three and a half. Slim's going over cuz he's Slim. Oh wait his tag partner is Blade. Scratch that, First Class Express is going over because they're against Blade and he's not a good tag partner. Trust me, I know. Now we have Bailey vs Smith. I think Smith will win because Bailey is apparently a goat, and while he doesn't look like one and can speak the English language, I'm gonna trust his words. From past experience I do know that goats are not very good at wrestling and Smith... is okay I guess. So I'll go with him, though if he is on drugs I'd say it's about 50/50. LIGHTNING ROUND! I Yelich don't care enough about the NXT Title Battle Royal, The US Title Fourway, The Premium Title Ladder Match, or Mirage vs Josh to give predictions for them. Then we have Flynn vs Bart for Undisputed.... Flynn's gonna win.... mostly because Flynn's beat me one on one twice COUGH even though I should've won COUGH and Bart has never beat me one on one so yeah. Flynn is retaining. Then you got Julius versus Sameer for World. Julius only loses three times a year I think he's already lost three times, maybe twice, I dunno, I don't wanna do research. He's already reached his quota for losses, Julius is walking about World Champ, much to my chagrin. Then you have The IC Title match between Slim and Bashka. Slim isn't gonna lose twice in one night, it's not allowed in his contract I believe. And he already has Blade dragging him down in tag so, sorry Bash you gotta lose again. Nothing personal just business. Then we have the main event. Finally I'm done with those other subpar matches. Sheesh this show is gonna suuuuuuuck. The BPZ North American Championship: the man who deserves the world and is the future and now of BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling, Yelich. Against a dude with weird face paint named. Arius.... kinda an underwhelming main event to be honest. This Arius kid really getting lucky to go up with a talent like me. Yelich is gonna win and he will finally get what he deserves. GIVE HIM WHAT HE DESERVES! GIVE ME WHAT I DESERVE ALREADY YOU FU- Static.
  11. Hi Guys, it's me Yeldick.. Yelich. That's my name. I'm gonna bring back the BPZ Forums Podcast, something that no one really wanted and will most likely not be as good as the original. I'm hosting, oh god this is gonna suck. After every Forums PPV I'll host one of these shits and it will be bad but hopefully you people will listen.... please. I'll probably host the first one of these about an hour after SummerSlam votings end so... be on the lookout for that. Now I can't invite everyone on. So it'll be first come first serve for who gets to go on and I'll limit it to 4 guests because I feel like anything more than that is excessive. It will be whoever is online at the time and whoever has their mics on them at the time. So I'm not gonna say "yes you can be on" now, I'll ask in the discord whenever I may be starting, and like the 4 people I want (yes I will refuse people because I'm an asshole) will do this. Okay that's it. Tell me how bad of an idea this was in the replies please.
  12. WEEK FOUR FBS TOP 25: 1. Alabama - With their dominant victory over West Virginia in Morgantown behind them. Alabama is sitting pretty at the #1 spot once again. And if I were a betting man, I would say they have a very good chance of staying in the #1 spot until at least after their second BYE week, as they really don't face anyone on their level until then. Well... except for this week. Alabama hosts their first home game of the year against a tough Gamecocks team who defeated the Clemson Tigers week one and shut out the Oregon Ducks last week by 31! And not only that, this game will be the host to College Gameday this week. This is a key game for both teams, Alabama especially. So do not miss this game. 2. Georgia - Coming off of their first bye week, Georgia stays in the #2 spot, no one truly getting that big win to jump over them. Sadly the Georgia Bulldogs can not have a bye week every week, as this week they are facing off with an angry UCF team. UCF have lost their first two games to Michigan and Florida State. They want to show that they deserve to be in the SEC and so far they have not. There is no better way for them to prove that they belong in the SEC than by defeating the Georgia Bulldogs in Athens. This will for sure be a fun game to watch. 3. Penn State - Following their bye week the Penn State Nittany Lions remain at their spot at #3. This week I would be surprised if they fell lower than #3 as this week they essentially have another bye week as they face a middling FCS school in Villanova. While this game will not be played in Happy Valley, Penn State is an obvious and easy favorite here. 99.99% of the time they will win this game. 4. Florida ^1 God does life ever get easier as a Florida Gator? They start the season against an SEC rival in Mississippi State in Starkville, then they have to face a College Football powerhouse in the Washington Huskies. And now they have to face the #8 team in the country in the Auburn Tigers in a Conference game... I just feel bad for them. But if they can keep winning these games, Florida will be SCARY come the end of the season. 5. Miami (FL) ^1 Miami is the last team in the ACC that is undefeated.... it's week four. That isn't good. And it's not like Miami is a world beater too. In their two games they beat Auburn at home by 3. And Baylor in Waco by 2. That is not good at all and in a few weeks I would be shocked to see them still at number five. But the reason I saw a few weeks is their next two weeks are not tough at all. While the other conference powerhouse Notre Dame in their first five weeks have: @ Stanford, vs Navy, @ USC, BYE, vs Boston College. Miami had vs Auburn, @ Baylor, BYE, vs Coastal Carolina (FCS), and @ Wake Forest (FCS in all but name). Week Six these two teams face off in what could be a preview of the ACC Conference Championship Game. So while Miami is up here at #5, that very well may change after they get through their cupcakes. 6. Texas A&M ^2 Texas A&M is kinda in a similar boat to Miami (FL). They're undefeated, they're highly ranked, but they're wins aren't all that great. Texas A&M so far has beat North Texas at home by 24, and Iowa by 30 on the road. Those wins aren't particularly all that amazing and I could see them losing soon. But I don't think that week is this week as the Aggies travel to Columbia, Missouri to face the Missouri Tigers, and I don't see Texas A&M losing to them. 7. Stanford - Stanford has had a weird year so far. Starts with a loss at home to Notre Dame, and then a big win on the road against Michigan. Suffice to say, Stanford would love an easy opponent for once that would be an easy win... they won't get that this week. This week they face off with the #22 ranked Washington State Cougars in a game with major implications for the Pac Twelve North title. Stanford will not get a reprieve from top 25 teams until next week when they get to face FCS top 25 ranked team Fresno State. 8. Auburn ^1 The final team in a projected College Football Playoff spot (and fourth team from the SEC East in a projected College Football Playoff spot), Auburn faces off with their third top ten ranked team of the season (I know Miami (FL) wasn't a top ten ranked team when they played them but they are one now so I'm counting them). This week Auburn takes on the #4 ranked Florida Gators in The Swamp in a game that could prove detrimental to one of these teams's playoff hopes later in the season. 9. Notre Dame v5 Oh Notre Dame... you were supposed to be the ACC's good team. But then you went out and did that against USC. Tsk Tsk. Luckily now you have a bye week to rejuvenate yourselves before going into conference play, and luckily you're in a very weak conference. So you still have some hope. But you're path to the College Football Playoff just got a bit bumpier. 10. Ohio State - Ohio State stays in the same ranking following their bye week. This week they have an FCS opponent (though a pretty good one) in Ohio. Ohio State should stay at this spot, but if a miracle occurs, I doubt Ohio State even stays in the conversation for a College Football Playoff spot. 11. USC ^6 USC just won at home on College Gameday against rival Notre Dame. If that doesn't make their fans feel better after their loss in week one to Texas, I don't know what will. USC now has a bye week before they start conference play with a game that may decide their conference or at least be very influential over it when they travel to Provo to face the BYU Bulldogs. 12. Washington v1 Following their bye week, the Washington Huskies looks to prove they still belong in the College Football playoff conversation as this week they go head to head with an Oregon team who can't catch a break. I mean Oregon has so far faced: Alabama, Nebraska, and South Carolina (all were ranked at the time of the games). And that isn't gonna change for Oregon, not with this week, and possibly not with Utah, as they are the next team in for this week's Top 25. And also possibly not with San Diego State either, as they are also undefeated and can weasel their way into the Top 25. Poor Oregon. Wait this was supposed to be about Washington.... uhhhh Go Huskies? There that's enough. 13. Wisconsin ^1 With Wisconsin's 8 point win over Arizona State in Tempe, they jump ahead of Big Ten rival Michigan. Wisconsin, now done with their out of conference schedule, will have a bye week before starting conference play at home against the Purdue Boilermakers. 14. Michigan v2 Michigan in their bye week dropped two spots in the Top 25.... unlucky. Michigan hopes to stop dropping more this week as they face off with FCS school Eastern Michigan at home, a game they will most likely easily win going into Big Ten conference play. 15. Texas - After their defeating the Houston Cougars away from Austin 34-16, the Texas Longhorns continue their road trips to other schools in Texas when this week they face FCS school Rice.... which is also in Houston.... the Texas Longhorns are scheduling geniuses. 16. Oklahoma - With their bye week now behind them, Oklahoma travels to Berkeley to face the California Golden Bears. I would expect the Sooners to win this game, but watch out for next week when they face off with the Texas A&M Aggies in a big marquee game that could decide whether or not Oklahoma is a College Football Playoff caliber team. 17. South Carolina ^2 It is time for the toughest game of the season for the South Carolina Gamecocks. They defeated in-state rival Clemson week one, they shutout Oregon week three. But now they have the Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa in a game that if the Gamecocks can win, would immediately put them in the talk to not only win the SEC, but win the College Football Playoffs. 18. BYU ^5 BYU so far this year have enjoyed pretty good wins with a trouncing of the Duke Blue Devils at home and a hard fought victory over a then ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers away. This week BYU faces off with FCS school South Dakota State at home, in what should really just be a tune up game for when next week they welcome USC to Provo, in a game that may very well decide who wins the Pac Twelve South. 19. Indiana ^1 Following last week's bye, Indiana is now #19 in the country, benefiting from losses to teams above them. While Indiana is #19 in the country, their wins are not... the best. They've defeated a winless Virginia Tech squad, as well as FCS School Ball State (though they are one of the better FCS teams). This week Indiana has another middling FBS team, as they face off with a winless (though competitive) Texas Tech Red Raiders in Lubbock. 20. LSU ^2 After the embarrassing week one loss to Nebraska 41-7. LSU has rebounded a bit, with a 24-7 victory over SEC rival Tennessee. This week LSU has a bit tougher of an SEC opponent than Tennessee, as they face off with #22 Kentucky Wildcats at home in a game that could really make or break LSU's season. 21. Maryland ^4 The Maryland Terrapins move up four spots over their bye week simply because four teams ahead of them lost. Maryland hopes for this to occur again this week as they have another bye week this week in everything but name alone. As this week Maryland faces off with FCS school Bowling Green in Bowling Green. 22. Washington State NEW Washington State joins the top 25 after last week killing Kansas State 48-7. This week however Washington State has their first real test in a game that will have major implications over who wins the Pac Twelve North when they host the Stanford Cardinal. 23. Kentucky NEW The only team in the Top 25 this week that was not previously in the top 25 or the next six in, Kentucky is here because of the fact that they took previously ranked #18 Purdue, a team who had a combined 92-14 score in their previous two games, and took them behind the woodshed, absolutely walloping them 49-10. This week Kentucky has a chance to prove their domination of Purdue was not a fluke, when they face off with the #20 LSU Tigers in Baton Rouge. 24. Middle Tennessee NEW How the hell did this happen? How did Middle Tennessee get ranked? I mean I can tell you that they beat Tennessee in Knoxville, and also West Virginia and Illinois at home. But like... how did that happen? When I think of teams that might win the Big Twelve North I don't think Middle Tennessee, I don't think the team who's #25 on this list, I don't think Toledo or Cincinnati who are also undefeated so far this year. I think Iowa State, I think West Virginia. They're currently a combined 3-3, with losses to Alabama, Iowa, and Middle Tennessee, wins being against Colorado, Temple, and NC State. That's not that good. The Big Twelve North confuses me. Middle Tennessee travels to FCS school Arkansas State this week in what is likely to be a victory. 25. Kansas NEW HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN? What? How? No! Three things are supposed to be guaranteed in life. Death, Taxes, and the Kansas Jayhawks being bad at College Football. This is not normal! Kansas is somehow undefeated so far this year with two wins at home against Missouri and Clemson. This week Kansas starts a three week road trip, starting this week at FCS school Tulsa, then next week traveling to Toledo, and finally finishing it off with the toughest team (somehow) of this road stretch, Middle Tennessee. Oh god we're gonna have Middle Tennessee vs Kansas host College Gameday aren't we? Crazy world we're living in. Dropped Out: #13 UCF, #18 Purdue, #21 Nebraska, #24 Iowa State Next Six In: Utah, Cincinnati, Nebraska, Toledo, San Diego State, Purdue WEEK FOUR FCS TOP 25: 1. North Dakota State - 2. SMU - 3. UAB - 4. FAU - 5. Illinois State ^3 6. Fresno State - 7. Utah State - 8. USF ^2 9. Ball State ^2 10. Appalachian State v1 11. Wyoming ^4 12. Western Michigan - 13. Ohio ^4 14. San Jose State ^5 15. Georgia State ^6 16. William & Mary ^7 17. James Madison ^3 18. Tulane NEW 19. Louisiana Lafayette v6 20. Memphis v15 21. Rice NEW 22. Miami (OH) NEW 23. Kent State NEW 24. Northern Iowa NEW 25. UTEP NEW Dropped Out: #14 Northern Illinois, #16 Central Michigan, #18 Troy, #22 Louisiana Monroe, #24 Towson, #25 Buffalo Next Six In: UNLV, Eastern Washington, Louisiana Monroe, Youngstown State, Charlotte, Northern Illinois
  13. Angelo Caito vs Jack Bashka vs Yelich SSW Tag Team Championships - Sinister Sons Nation (c) vs The Wolves SSW National Championship - Arius (c) vs Bulldozer SSW World Championship - RAINE (c) vs Julius Jones
  14. Yelich

    It's Your Fault

    It's your fault. Yelich is sitting in a chair, looking at himself in the mirror. He's talking to himself while his hands fiddle with each other. Yelich has seemed to have seen the recent Arius promo where he tries to figure out Yelich, a man who hasn't even figured out himself. He seems to be trying to do that through self reflection... almost in a literal sense. He must think Arius' conclusion is correct as it seems he is trying to convince himself of his conclusion right now. It's all your fault. Listen to me! it's your fau- Yelich's voice falters. Almost like his brain is refusing the information it is being presented with. Arius.. Arius knows stuff, he's.... he's knowledgeable, he's smart, he's... successful. He knows things. If he says it's your fault, then it's your fault. Right? Yelich looks down at his fingers, he twiddles his thumbs, fidgeting to find something to distract himself from this tough conversation with himself. It doesn't work. He starts talking to himself again, this time not looking at his reflection, confused. You adapted but yet you still perish. You change your personality yet you still fail. You blame everyone except yourself. People said it was because you weren't good enough so you trained harder. People said it was because you didn't keep a personality long enough, so you got your therapist to help you keep your mind in one place for awhile. Nothing's still worked. Yelich looks back at his reflection with a new conviction, almost like a person who finally found the perfect comeback in an argument. No it has to be your fault. If you lose it is your fault and no one else's. That's how it's always been for everyone for years. There is no other logical explanation. There's just always someone a tad bit better, there's always someone just a little bit better than you, that's fine. But that just means you need to get that little bit better. Yelich's conviction slowly falls from his face, returning to a glum state. Yelich looks back down at his hands, almost as though he's hurt from looking at the source of his berating, like a child is with a chastising parent, refusing to face his fear. Yelich begins to mutter softly. How is there always someone a tad bit better? You're always so close. And you have nothing that you're really doing wrong anymore, there's no glaring flaws... all of the changes you've made trying to fix yourself haven't made a difference, the personality, the in ring style, hell even your interaction with the fans, none of it have made a change in the result column. So... Is It Your Fault? Yelich looks down at his hands and back up at his reflection in the mirror, studying his face, as if it holds the answers to all of his life's questions. He looks vulnerable like this. Questioning himself after all of his losses has really broken him down. I think... it is? Just keep working. Don't stop. Never stop or else you'll lose again. You can't lose again. I CAN'T LOSE AGAIN! I don't care if Arius is tough to beat. I don't care if everyone says this to him and they're always wrong. This is for me to feel better again. This is for me to feel something other than regret again. This is for me to FEEL again. I need that title, I need that feeling of victory, of accomplishment. I can't stop. If I stop I'll lose. I can't stop. If I stop I'll lose. Yelich begins nodding his head, he looks back at himself in the mirror, for the first time it seems like he's okay with what he's seeing. Yelich continues to softly chant "I can't stop. If I stop I'll lose" to himself. He gets up and leaves the room, he must be going to train some more of his words are anything to go by. Once he leaves the room the screen fades to black and Carnage rolls on.
  15. And I thought the post on why Flynn should win all of the titles was bad.
  16. AJ Styles vs Apollo Crews vs Drew McIntyre vs Chad Gable Charlotte Flair vs Shayna Baszler Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks Shelton Benjamin vs Sin Cara
  17. Yelich

    I Don't Get You

    Yelich sits in a black chair in the middle of the screen in what looks to be an interview area. There is a black wall behind him but there is enough lighting to make Yelich easily visible. However there is no interviewer. Just Yelich, sitting on the black chair, a microphone in his hand. He's running his hand through his hair, almost like he's baffled at something. He starts scratching his head before he stops fidgeting as much so he can start speaking. I don't- I don't get him. I don't get Arius, and he doesn't get me. We don't understand each other at all. He sees me as this man who believes that everything should be his for no reason. But in reality, I am a man who has been wronged time and time again, I have deserved many victories that I never got. I deserved to beat Flynn at the Royal Rumble, I deserved to become inaugural North American Champion at World at War, I deserved to beat Julius at Judgment Day, I deserved to beat Hans in round one of King of the Ring, and I definitely, undoubtedly deserved to win To The Top. Hell I can go back further. I deserved to beat Echo Wilson at the original Emergence, I deserved to beat Brad at Redemption, I deserved to beat Julius at last years SummerSlam, I deserved to beat Flynn at the first Night of Legends, I deserved to win the Carnage Scramble at the second Night of Legends. When it happens once or twice you can chalk it up to bad luck. When it happens three to five times you can say it's an unlucky slump. When you're me and this happens constantly, you have reason to believe something is up. People think it's funny that I say my goal for this year is to win a match that matters. Win one match that matters, that's all I want. I beat Kieron Black in round one of the Power Trip Cup... that match didn't matter. It didn't change anything. Everything stayed the same after I beat Kieron, nothing changed for me. It's August. I'm still searching for that match. They laugh at me when I tell them my goal. It makes me sound sad, it makes me sound like a lowlife, it makes me sound like a joke. So they laugh. They laugh and they laugh but I don't. I just want to win a match that matters. I've busted my ass in every match that has mattered that I've been in and I'M NOT ABLE TO WIN ONE. It's not me... it can't be. It's someone else, it's something else, it's anything else. But what? I don't know. I don't think I'll ever know. But I do know is that it is unfair to me. I put in the same effort as everyone else if not more at times, and I'm given nothing. You were right Arius, I was wrong last week when I said I was simply better than you. That I train more that I entertain more. That was wrong of me. You do everything you need to do... However I do so as well. SO WHY ARE YOU ALL OF A SUDDEN WINNING EVERYTHING AND I'M HERE? I don't understand you Arius, you call us similar because we are similar. Both former NXT Champions. Both former US champions. Both of us were inaugural champions of some sort. But that chapter of my career ended Arius. Why won't it end for you? Why can't my third act begin yet? I don't understand it. I need to understand it. Arius... help me understand it. I'm not ending this how I usually do. Usually I like to end off my segments with a message conveying strength, a message conveying confidence in myself. But all that's left in me is doubt... all that's left in me is questions. I don't think anyone can answer them. Not unless something ever changes. And it hasn't yet, so why would it start now. I dunno how to end this... It's weird to convey weakness to you guys. But I'm weak, and I'm confused, and I'm tired. I'm oh so tired of my career kicking me while I'm down. I just want to win a match that matters. Just one. But I'm not allowed anymore it feels. I don't get it. I don't get you Arius. Yelich gets up from the chair in the middle of the room, sets the microphone on the chair, and walks off the set. All the while repeating the phrase "I don't get you" to himself. Once he is fully off screen for a good three seconds the screen fades to black, and Carnage goes to a commercial break.
  18. Nah just the credibility of Weco Dilson. He's a lil bitch anyways. - Weco Dilson
  19. FIVE REASONS WHY FLYNN NEEDS TO WIN EVERY TITLE IN BPZ AT BPZ MANIA V NUMBER ONE Flynn has been killing it as of late and he should at least be a triple champ sooner rather than later. I think by Survivor Series, a trio of Premium, Undisputed, and Intercontinental would be deserving for him at least. NUMBER TWO These constant attacks on everyone need to mean something. Now you could go "Flynn is a maniac and he wants to prove supremacy over everyone by attacking everyone." But that's just not enough for me... I want more. So eventually reveal hopefully at Night of Legends after he defeats the winner of Survival Games (or have him lose Undisputed at SummerSlam and have him win Survival Games and regain Undisputed at Night of Legends, just to make him look that much better) that he wants all of the gold in BPZ. And make him start targeting champions and number one contenders in his attacks specifically. NUMBER THREE It's kinda conceivable, I mean Flynn is great, he's one of the best if not just simply the best performer in BPZ History and BPZ Currently. So to have him hold all of the gold at the same time... if it could happen to anyone I think Flynn is one of the top candidates for it. I mean you could have him win MITB and have him cash in on World at St Valentines Day Massacre AFTER winning the Royal Rumble. And have Arius or Hans, one of these up and coming stars he's targeted in promo's before, be gaining a bunch of midcard belts. NXT, US, North American, and Tag. And have Flynn use the Royal Rumble, instead of going for world, because he already has that, have him go for the rest of the belts. NUMBER FOUR BPZ Mania V needs a big moment. It's a huge milestone for BPZ. The fifth edition of their biggest show of the year. They need a huge moment to prove it's the best. Flynn winning all of the championships could be that. The rest of the card can be filled by other feuds that don't need championships. Money In The Bank, Sameer vs Brenden, Slim vs Smith vs Natedog, Bailey vs... Bailey. He can find a way to make that entertaining, I mean apparently he's the GOAT so he should be able to do anything. But Flynn winning all of the titles can be a great moment for BPZ to show off. And I know Flynn winning all of the titles is scary because what do you do after that. Easy, have Flynn vacate all of the titles on the Carnage after because they're all "not good enough" and have him create a new #1 title for BPZ. Have it be called "The Flynn Championship" or something like that and have him become the inaugural champion for that, and have at Backlash a culmination of a ton of tournaments to fill the new vacant championships. It would make for great TV. NUMBER FIVE The man scares me... and someone is going to get severely hurt if he doesn't get this... and I especially don't want it to be me... so Flynn. He's number one in everything. So give him everything. Flynn... don't hurt me please. I'm Weco Dilson signing off for BPZ Commentaries.
  20. Okay, so I'm bringing this back, but with one major difference, I'm killing the college gameday post. That part of was what really made me quit this because I hated writing that. Anyways HERE'S WEEK THREE! WEEK THREE HEADLINES WHO MADE THE SEC SO DAMN GOOD? There are too many good teams in the SEC. It's scary honestly. Alabama defeated West Virginia 41-7 this week IN WEST VIRGINIA. Two weeks ago they blew out Oregon 51-10 IN OREGON. They don't have another away game until Week 7 now. Unless they lose to South Carolina this week, I don't see a loseable game for the Crimson Tide until Week 11 when they face Florida at home. They don't have a truly tough road challenge until Week 12 when they travel to face the Georgia Bulldogs. Speaking of the Georgia Bulldogs, they're also really good with two non-conference wins over FBS teams, and also a stacked roster. Then you also have the Florida Gators who have wins over Mississippi State and highly ranked Washington. Factor in the great performances recently by South Carolina, Texas A&M, Auburn, and Kentucky. Plus the sleeping giants in UCF, LSU, Ole Miss and all of the other teams that could easily make a run like Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. And you have a scary conference that could get over half of the eight bids in the college football playoffs. Especially if the ACC continues its bad play and the Pac Twelve and Big Twelve just hurt each other with their very balanced conferences that could make them kill themselves. Oh also Louisiana Tech is in the SEC... I don't know why... but they are. THE HOT SEAT There are a ton of teams on the hot seat right now and are in danger of demotion to the FCS. Let's take a look at them starting with the ACC. Oh god the ACC. You may notice that in the past two weeks there have been headlines about just how bad the ACC is, they did a tad bit better this week, going 6-2. However those two losses were BAD. Wake Forest lost to unranked FCS team Charlotte and Notre Dame, the ACC's best hope to make it to the playoffs, lost to USC with College Gameday in town, 31-16. And their wins weren't great either, barring the very good Florida State win over a now seen as overhyped UCF, all wins by an ACC team this week were either against an FCS team or a team who lost to an FCS team. So with that in mind teams on the hot seat from the ACC are: Clemson, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Louisville, North Carolina, Duke, NC State, Wake Forest, and Georgia Tech. These teams combined have one win, that win is against FCS school East Carolina... This is over half of the conference.... sheesh. Moving onto the SEC where we have Mississippi State, Tennessee, UCF, and Louisiana Tech all in the hot seat with zero wins between them. From the Big Ten we have four teams on the hot seat, Michigan State, Rutgers, Illinois, and Northwestern, who have a combined one win between them, that being against FCS school Northern Illinois. Then we move onto a very balanced conference, so much so only 2 teams are currently on the hot seat, that means you're going to have to do that much better to not get demoted in this conference. This conference is the Big Twelve and the only teams currently in the hot seat there are Texas Tech and North Texas. Then again these teams both have had only two games each and one each were against current top 10 teams. So this could be completely wrong and they could end up winning the Big Twelve. Plus they're both in the same division, so only one of those two will be demoted. The Big Twelve will certainly be interesting this year to say the least. And finally we have the Pac Twelve who have arguably a more balanced conference than the Big Twelve as they also have only two teams in the hot seat, but this time from separate divisions. Those two teams are Arizona and Oregon State, with Oregon State just losing 26-3.... to an FCS school... Jesus Christ why are they in the FBS? WEEK THREE FBS RESULTS TOP 25 #17 USC def. #4 Notre Dame 31-16 #1 Alabama def West Virginia 41-17 #22 LSU def. Tennessee 24-7 Kentucky def. #18 Purdue 49-10 #19 South Carolina def. Oregon 31-0 Florida State def. #13 UCF 38-23 #14 Wisconsin def. Arizona State 28-20 #23 BYU def. #21 Nebraska 20-13 #15 Texas def. Houston 34-16 Iowa def. #24 Iowa State 23-14 THE REST Pittsburgh def. Northwestern 23-17 Louisville def Richmond (FCS) 48-10 North Carolina def East Carolina (FCS) 62-7 Charlotte (FCS) def. Wake Forest 26-23 Syracuse def. #25 Buffalo (FCS) 27-21 Boston College def. UMass (FCS) 27-14 Ole Miss def Oklahoma State 48-24 Vanderbilt def. Louisiana Tech 24-17 Minnesota def. Baylor 17-6 Middle Tennessee def. Illinois 20-13 Washington State def. Kansas State 48-7 Cincinnati def. Marshall 31-10 Arizona def. UNLV (FCS) 41-28 Utah def. California 17-13 #15 Wyoming (FCS) def. Oregon State 26-3 WEEK THREE FCS RESULTS TOP 25 #9 Appalachian State def. UConn 37-3 Syracuse (FBS) def. #25 Buffalo 27-21 #20 James Madison def. Coastal Carolina 35-7 #23 William & Mary def. Furman 20-19 #10 USF def. #18 Troy 22-20 Tulane def. #13 Louisiana Lafayette 38-27 #4 FAU def. Jacksonville State 42-20 #3 UAB def. South Alabama 38-10 Southern Miss def. #22 Louisiana Monroe 30-10 #11 Ball State def. #14 Northern Illinois 24-20 #12 Western Michigan def. #16 Central Michigan 41-7 #17 Ohio def. #24 Towson 36-6 #2 SMU def. UTSA 41-3 #8 Illinois State def. Montana 41-21 Eastern Kentucky def. #5 Memphis 24-23 #15 Wyoming def. Oregon State (FBS) 26-3 #1 North Dakota State def. Nevada 45-27 THE REST North Carolina def. East Carolina 62-7 Charlotte def. Wake Forest (FBS) 26-23 Old Dominion def. Liberty 62-55 Boston College (FBS) def. UMass 27-14 Louisville (FBS) def. Richmond 48-10 Georgia State def. Georgia Southern 34-23 Miami (OH) def. Eastern Michigan 14-10 Villanova def. Akron 24-21 Kent State def. Bowling Green 40-13 Youngstown State def. Colgate 30-9 Arkansas State def. Tulsa 17-14 Rice def. McNeese State 36-20 UTEP def. Sam Houston State 17-16 Eastern Washington def. New Mexico State 20-9 Arizona (FBS) def. UNLV 41-28 NEXT WEEK'S COLLEGE GAMEDAY: SOUTH CAROLINA @ ALABAMA
  21. Yelich


    Yelich stomps out from the backstage area, no music plays over the PA System he just storms out, almost like he made a beeline through the Guerilla Position to get to the ramp, not even notifying anyone he would be coming out He doesn't even make it into the ring before he starts angrily speaking. I can hear them, I can hear the doubters all saying I'm gonna lose, that I'm not good enough to be a champion again. No one thinks I'm the guy to beat Arius. You people don't think it, the people in the back don't think it, no one but me apparently thinks it. I release promo's loved by many, I train the hardest I've ever trained in my career yet Arius lounges around with his little ghoul buddies and has a 20 minute promo that doesn't even bring me up EVER. And apparently I'm the one that's likely losing. I don't understand it. I don't think I'll ever understand it. I work so hard for you people, I work so hard to give you entertainment on top of making myself the best I can be for matches. Yet Arius, the man who refuses to even build up our match, and probably isn't even training for our match and instead is enjoying the luxury life with his Magic The Gathering Club, is the man you people see as the favorite in this match. Somehow to you people, I'm the one who's losing. I'm so tired of the constant disrespect I receive around here. Joh was living a life of luxury with his buddy Monda before To The Top while I was constantly giving you people content to watch on your screens. Because I have an obligation as an employee of this company to give constant entertainment to you people, not just at Pay Per View's or every two weeks with a stupid long diatribe about "honor" and crap like that. Yet Arius and Joh are cheered. CHEERED! And I receive nothing but a prediction of a loss. I am what this company should be. Not people that show up sporadically while living in the height of luxury. A person who will not only train his hardest so he can be competitive at all times, but one who will also have constant entertainment for you people. But I'm not winning at SummerSlam. I'm not allowed to win. Someone's sent that memo around over the past year and now for some reason Yelich is unable to win matches. Maybe it's God, he's trying to make me bring back my Miracle Personality. Or its someone in the back that has a grudge against me, if it's you Ark stop it. It could even be Brenden, I don't even know anymore. It could even be you stupid people who keep predicting my defeat. But all I know is that this is not a slump for me. This has been a deliberate attempt to hurt my career. I have deserved victory after victory after victory in countless matches over the past two years. Yet I never am given them. And now I fear it's happening again. I try my hardest on a match and then I'm disrespected by people constantly saying I'll lose, and then they're somehow proven right when I do lose, even though I know in my heart of hearts that I didn't deserve a loss. I will not, I CAN NOT let that happen again. I need to be seen for who I am, not a man who is a loser but a man who busts his ass off day in and day out. A man who demands and is given respect. I am not this so called "jobber" people make me out to be, I am Yelich, and I am going to leave SummerSlam as BPZ North American Champion. So all of you people and my fellow coworkers in the back, keep predicting my failure. Because it'll just make the feeling so much better when I prove you wrong and you're forced to finally respect me. Yelich spikes the microphone onto the ring canvas and walks out. The microphone is probably broken now, and that's coming out of Yelich's paycheck. But it doesn't seem like he cares as he walks to the back, ignoring all of the fans either jeering him or asking for high fives. Yelich then finally disappears to the back and Carnage goes to a commercial break.

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