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  1. When Carnage returns to commercial break the lights here in the arena are dimmed as the titantron shows an American Middle School Cafeteria with five blue chairs positioned in a circle with five people sitting in those chairs, one of those people being Yelich. A flyer on the wall says "Conspiracy Victims Support Group: Fridays 8-10 in the Perrywinkle Middle School Cafeteria." Oh God. Todd: Hi everyone, welcome back to the Conspiracy Victims Support Group for those who have been wrongfully turned into targets of a conspiracy. I'm glad to see everyone's back this week and we even have a new member. So in the vain I feel like we should reintroduce ourselves with our names and why we're here. I'll start with myself, hi I'm Todd, and I'm here to support my wife Suzie while she goes through some tough times, Suzie how about you go next and then we'll go to the left from there? Suzie: Okay, hi I'm Suzie, and my town is convinced I'm a witch when I am not. I mean yes I have a longish nose with a mole on it, that doesn't mean I'm a witch. Luckily my loving husband here knows I'm not a witch and created this support group for me so I know I'm not alone. OJ Simpson: Well I'm OJ, and I was wrongly convicted of killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. People all think that I was a murderer and that's simply not true, but I still went to prison for 33 years. My life has been ruined because of this, but now that I'm out of prison I'm making it my duty to make sure that I will find the true killers. Charles Oswald: I'm Charles and I am the grandson of Lee Harvey Oswald. There was NO PROOF that he killed JFK. The killer was obviously on the Grassy Knoll. And I keep getting discriminated against because I found out I was Lee Harvey Oswald's grandson through Ancestry.com and they sold that information to all of my possible employers and now no one will hire me except the NRA. Yelich: This is pathetic. Todd: Well, we'd be happy if you wouldn't dismiss of others hardships, I mean these people are going through things just as bad and wrong as you are. Yelich: Todd.... this is pathetic. You have this idiot over here who thinks that Oswald didn't kill JFK. You have OJ Simpson who's going to "hunt down the real killers" of a crime that he CLEARLY committed. And then you have a literal witch and her idiotic husband. You guys are NOT victims of conspiracies, I AM. When people like you come out and say you're victims of conspiracies, they only legitimize real conspiracy victims like me. OJ Simpson: You may be right about most of what you just said, but I did NOT kill those people. IF THE GLOVE DOESN'T FIT YOU MUST ACQUIT. THE GLOVES DID NOT FIT. Charles Oswald: JFK wasn't killed by my grandpa, he was killed by a hitman hired by Lyndon B Johnson so he could become president. Then they just pinned it on my grandfather who was just watching his president with glee. Suzie: Witches aren't real. Yelich: That was a stupid defense OJ and we all know it, LBJ was JFK's vice president, he wouldn't want to kill the man who chose him to be his running mate, and have you looked in a mirror Suzie? Of course witches are real, you are one. I'm done with you people. I am being screwed by someone or something that is making me lose wrestling matches over and over and OVER AGAIN. It is CLEARLY not my fault, it's everyone else's. And sitting here I have to compare my actual conspiracy with your fake conspiracies, that's degrading. I'm outta here. Yelich gets up from his chair and storms out of the middle school cafeteria, slamming the door behind him as he leaves making a large clanging sound which plays as the screen cuts to black and Carnage goes to a commercial break.
  2. Did this man really skip over my match again? This is the third time I've had to post this match, review it already.
  3. Yelich

    The Ace Podcast

    As FD and Necce's intern I've been informed to tell you that this is not the BPZ Forums Podcast and rather The Ace Podcast where we mostly talk about NJPW and some other wrestling companies from time to time. So please keep your questions submitted to the podcast in that same vain.
  4. KOTR: Bashka vs KENJI Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs JoshsNow World Championship. If Sameer wins Ryan is removed as Evolve GM: Sameer (c) vs Ryan Reeves with Special Guest Referee BrendenPlayz Premium Championship: FDS vs ??? Tag Team Championship: United Nations (Angelo Catio and Joh) vs Epic and Arrow Deadmans Hand (Blade and Kieron) vs Flynn and Yelich
  5. RAW Bray Wyatt Ricochet Seth Rollins AJ Styles Becky Lynch SmackDown Live Roman Reigns Kofi Kingston Daniel Bryan Kevin Owens Finn Balor
  6. You should watch Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010). Such an amazing movie.
  7. I want to win a match for once.
  8. Yelich

    "Not My Fault"

    Yelich, fuming after his loss to Hans in round one of the King of the Ring tournament, is being led to the press area to make a statement on his match that he just had with Hans. Yelich stomps his way toward the press and gives his piece. Every damn time. I do the training, I do everything that people tell me to do. All the constructive criticism I receive, I take and I try to use to better myself. But EVERY DAMN TIME I lose. It's not me. Most people would think that this is my fault, that I'm just not good at my job and that I should consider a different profession. But it's not me, if it's my fault that I keep losing, then why do I keep hearing this endless praise from the masses for my great wrestling ability, my great promo ability. I'm not the person at fault here. There's some other force, someone has some sort of grudge against me making me lose this. Is that you God? Dickhead, is it you making me lose all of these matches? Asshole. I used to think it was me, that it was my personality holding me back. Well after constant changes in my personality, it's not that. I used to think that maybe it was my wrestling ability, so I trained, I trained and I trained and I GOD DAMN trained. Other people constantly praise me for how good I am in the ring and as a professional wrestling. Hell, I wouldn't be in this company if I wasn't one of the best wrestlers in the world, none of us would. It's not that. I used to think that it was the people I surround myself with, well I got the best of the best, the BPZ Undisputed Champion in my corner for my last two matches. I lost both. It's not that. I have come to the conclusion that my failures are not my fault. Where I have fallen short has never been due to the faults of mine. I am the victim of a supernatural conspiracy. That is the only logical explanation left. And until I figure out why, why the hell I am being targeted even though I'm just trying to live the best life I can, it is not my fault for any of my losses, past or present. It is everyone else's. You are all at fault for my failures, not me. Yelich storms off, slapping away a water bottle on a table angrily as he goes to hit the showers. The Round One of the King of the Ring tournament post show then keeps rolling on with more interviews and statements on the way.
  9. The Nats have been doing really good lately so I don't have anything to yell about them today. However... THE WASHINGTON WIZARDS ARE COMPLETE ASS Seriously, look at our roster. We have Bradley Beal, an injured John Wall and legitimately nothing else. Just a few years ago we were a game away from the Eastern Conference Finals. Now look at us, we have essentially no one but Beal left on our team, we're making stupid decisions like signing Isaiah Thomas, who after the Celtics hasn't been very good. We lost Satoransky who was one of the small bright spots last year. Also remember that team that almost got us to the Eastern Conference Finals? ONLY THREE PLAYERS FROM THAT TEAM ARE LEFT ON OUR ROSTER, AND ONE OF THEM PROBABLY WON'T PLAY VERY MUCH IF AT ALL NEXT YEAR AND ANOTHER ONE IS IAN MAHINMI. And now I'm hearing the Wizards are trying to get Boogie Cousins even though we should be rebuilding AND WE HAVE DWIGHT HOWARD. I don't think we need both Cousins and Howard especially when we should be rebuilding, but why not. Let's spend a bunch of money, do a little bit better than last year, and still miss the playoffs, why not? If Wall was healthy, I'd love this move, I think a core of Wall, Beal, Howard, and Cousins would be amazing, but Wall is not healthy and Howard isn't the player he once was, we should be rebuilding so in 2-3 years we can be back and better than ever. We shouldn't be finding better players to pair with Beal and Howard we should be trading away Beal and Howard and then tanking for this year so we could get a top 5 pick and get better with Rui Hachimura and more young pieces. Rant over.
  10. I brought this up in another section but I see that it would be better posted here so I'll say it here. We should bring back the European Title as a bridge between US and IC as we have many new members that are making their way up to US and IC and if we had a bridge it would allow for better divisions with more people being recognized for their work instead of something like what happened last month with George, Arius, and Hans who all did a ton of work on the forums with only one (Hans) being recognized truly for it as he won the voting. With Euro returning we could recognize more people for work they've done on the forums, and I could see that being beneficial now more than ever.
  11. While technically not a GM, you gotta go with Comissioner Foley, the man was amazing with that role, I can't think of anyone better, not even Bischoff, Heyman, Teddy Long, Vicky, or any McMahon.
  12. Usually I would say none of them, because I can't think of any video games that would be good movies... HOWEVER.
  13. Whenever I am able to play Smash Bros. I main Mr. Game and Watch. I just like the design and simplistic moves of him since I'm not good at smash. Plus I seem to have the most success with Game and Watch whenever I am able to play so that's why he is not only my favorite but also the person I main.
  14. Interacting with other human beings, I'm not a huge fan of it.
  15. Forums wise: Real Life Wise: Probably any Bray Wyatt promo or The Miz's Talking Smack promo.
  16. Interesting to hear Robbie Eagles joined CHAOS, I was under the impression that CHAOS didn't need many more Jr's but I'm okay with this. With Ospreay seemingly about to move up to Heavyweights, CHAOS could use another Jr to hold their main guy spot in the Jr division, and I can't see that being SHO or YOH, but I can see that being Robbie Eagles. So I get this move now. I can't wait for Robbie Eagles vs ELP one on one, it better happen or else.
  17. 2004 Chris Benoit vs HBK vs HHH - WM 20 Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero - WM 20 Randy Orton vs Cactus Jack - Hardcore Match - Backlash 04 Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar - No Way Out 04 Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton - Summerslam 04 That Triple Threat is such a great match, it's one of my favorites of all time.
  18. I was originally gonna return with a Drew Gulak and CJ Parker esque gimmick with all of the signs and "For a Better BPZ Wrestling" stuff. But I decided to return with this Alex Shelley gimmick instead. Maybe in the future I can go with that but not right now.
  19. The Brand Split shouldn't have ended and the World title rule where they're allowed to go for IC should be expanded to IC (to allow it to go for US when that eventually goes dead, I think this rule would've saved the European title) Speaking of, return the European TItle, we have more members now and a lot of them are going up to US and some are going to IC soon. I think we could return the European title as a bridge between IC and US again and it'd be beneficial again.
  20. Currently I'd have to go with KENJI, Arius, and Julius. They're pretty easily the nicest people to interact with on the Discord for me. Though Bic is getting better.
  21. I love but simultaneously hate the forums, because while this is a fun place and you guys (well most of you guys, not gonna name any names though) are cool, I should be focusing on other facets of my life so I can better prepare myself for my future. But then I come back and I'm like "hey I wanna win the North American Championship" and I go for that for like a month, hurting the other facets of my life, eventually getting bitter when I lose.
  22. Either the 70's or 90's for me, I'm a huge rock fan and those to me are the best decades for rock so I'd definitely have to go with either of them. If I had to choose one I'd have to go 90's since I really like Grunge.
  23. Definitely the Casket Match I wrote between Julius and Me like nine months after the voting happened. The write up was still really good though and I'm very proud of it.
  24. I'm watching this, RIGHT NOW! If you guys wanna go watch this too, he's only on 62,500 "You Love It!"s so there's plenty more to see.
  25. The Kayfabe section for me is this amazing section of creative writing and great feuds and promo's to read. It is hands down my favorite part of the forums because I can tell a story, I can get better at creative writing, and I can read much other great creative writing in this section.

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