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  1. hey guys crm here !! let’s see who your favorite youtubers are !! mine are: ofcourse BPZ, the content cop aka dramaAlert, the legends ksi and deji and ofcourse the best group on the platform the sidemen !!
  2. CRM

    What was the last movie you watched?

    the incredibles 2
  3. voted for flynn and joshua !! let’s do this
  4. CRM

    So...hello I guess?

    welcome to the forums!! enjoy your stay
  5. CRM

    Introducing Myself

    welcome to the forums man !!
  6. Happy birthday george have a great birthday 

  7. CRM

    Idea's for WWE booking going forward

    I'd like to see a video on how to book dean ambrose.
  8. CRM

    Smarks Daily

    This is a great idea, good work bailey
  9. CRM

    Favourite bands/musicians

    But wild boy is his popular song in my opinion so I don't care what you think cena fan
  10. CRM

    Favourite bands/musicians

    In my opinion his popular song is wild boy
  11. CRM

    Favourite bands/musicians

    I know him as MGK but his real name is machine gun kelly
  12. CRM

    Favourite bands/musicians

    Yeah, MGK is a good repper too i listen to his songs and I'm trying to rap like him too but i can't rap so don't judge me 😂😂
  13. CRM

    Favourite bands/musicians

    Mine is chris la vrar
  14. CRM

    What game are you currently playing?

    Yeah me too it's a pretty cool game.
  15. Happy birthday keeley, make the best of it😊