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  1. After 5 years this guy returned from his injury so now the man is back to beat people asses so be prepared gentelman and ladies
  2. CRM


    Welcome man have a great time here
  3. CRM

    My own WWE 2k16 Universe Mode

    Not bad though, i really enjoy these i think you should make some more of them
  4. Happy birthday george have a great birthday 

  5. CRM

    Idea's for WWE booking going forward

    I'd like to see a video on how to book dean ambrose.
  6. CRM

    Smarks Daily

    This is a great idea, good work bailey
  7. Yeah you're right ambrose is gonna retain his title but it will be a hell of a match too.
  8. CRM

    wwe2k16 intractive universe

    Dean ambrose
  9. CRM

    Favourite bands/musicians

    But wild boy is his popular song in my opinion so I don't care what you think cena fan
  10. CRM

    Favourite bands/musicians

    In my opinion his popular song is wild boy
  11. CRM

    Favourite bands/musicians

    I know him as MGK but his real name is machine gun kelly
  12. CRM

    Favourite bands/musicians

    Yeah, MGK is a good repper too i listen to his songs and I'm trying to rap like him too but i can't rap so don't judge me 😂😂
  13. CRM

    Favourite bands/musicians

    Mine is chris la vrar
  14. CRM


    Rockstar games. Best action game I've ever seen.

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