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  1. Although most theme songs in wrestling are known from being in WWE there are a lot of good songs used by independent wrestlers. So what are your favourites? Which ones do you think reflect the characters best or fit any criteria you wish to Use? Personally Mine are all of Jimmy Havoc's themes, Pentagon Dark's theme, Jinny's theme and Flash Morgan Webster's theme.
  2. hmmm that last statement at the bottom of the article isn't true but a Women's Royal Rumble is definitely a good thing. Depending on who they give the win to could affect who wins the Mens Rumble. I'd say Maybe Asuka is a likely candidate for Raw to win the rumble and maybe Ruby Riot or Becky Lynch depending on who's champion at the time.
  3. Just gonna leave this here: 


  4. Music to My Ears.

    Video Start FDS appears in a room, he is standing in front of an autopsy table, what looks to be a corpse on top of it covered with a clear screen, he is dressed in a white shirt with long white pants. He walks around the room, Humming to himself, humming “Real Rock N Rolla” By Yonosuke Kitamura, the theme song of Chaos. He stops he listens out to the side, the audience hear nothing but FDS appears to have heard something Shhhhh…. You hear that? You hear how beautiful that sounds? Oh you don’t hear it? The Sound of a crushed Soul…. The sound of a man desperate to prove something… The sound of man realising his mistake…. Hmm. FDS Smiles. You probably don’t know what i’m talking about… You probably think i’m just hearing things… You’re wrong. All of you. Call it the 8-bit knee, we know where it came from. The Camera Flashes to Hardcore Knockout where, Ark hits what at the time was called Regicide while FDS hits what at the time was called the Rainmaker. The Camera Flashes back to FDS now standing above the head of the corpse. He looks down at it. He starts laughing, he then stops and then the corpses begins to struggle. STOP FUCKING MOVING YOU PIECE OF SHIT! FDS picks up a knife and stabs the face of the corpse, the camera closes up on FDS’ face with, The Corpse stops moving, the camera pans out again and the face off what was the man’s is now covered in blood and is no longer visible. Well now that that's dealt with… allow me to get back to my point. Ark. You obviously don’t actually believe you can beat me. If you did why would you bring up which move you’re going to beat my with? There's no point in that. It’s just going to make me either expect it more or less. Ark If you were really confident you wouldn’t have said what you were going to beat me with. Listen closely Ark. I hope you’re ready… Because if you’re not.... You will suffer. I care about you Ark. But I will make you hurt more than necessary if you don’t get yourself prepared. FDS smiles, the camera flashes to FDS pouring gasoline on the body and lighting it on fire. The Camera Cuts out. It comes back on and close up of FDS’ eyes, it pans over from the first one to the second one which is covered in blood. Cut to Black.
  5. Who Is Winning The 2018 Royal Rumble

    I think we decided that it was between Reigns and Nakamura since the two world title matches are all but confirmed at this point. I doubt they'd put the belt back onto Jinder now that Styles has it and they know they could have a star making performance on the grandest stage of them all at Mania. The fans want Nakamura VS AJ, the company knows its a good investment, they've been teasing us its going to happen. As of Reigns VS Lesnar that makes sense, in a one on one Scenario Lesnar has never beaten Reigns and Vice Versa, every time one of them lost the match it was either a triple threat or a four way. So the big question is: Which one is it? Originally I thought it was Roman but then I realised Raw has EC so I have a feeling this will be Nakamura's first big Main Roster achievement after being convinced.
  6. Your Reputation Milestones

    Just hit 1.3k rep wow only like 2 weeks ago i hit 1.2k thanks so much guys!
  7. WWE have possibly canceled one Network Series

    Thats disappointing, Bring it to the table was an interesting show that highlighted different points of views on current WWE occurrences and although they were in character it seemed very shoot esc in terms of production and the opinions being stated.
  8. Your Posting Milestones

    Recently just hit 3.5k Posts. Road to 3.75k is getting there.
  9. Tournaments been pretty good so far, although still waiting for them to put day 2 up. Currently in the lead on A Block are Death Juice and Goto and Yoshi-Hashi, in B block Cobb and Elgin and The Best Friends. I enjoyed night 1 a lot and I really hope they sign Callihan full time to NJPW because he really connected with the crowd on his first night and I loved Death Juice VS LIJ.
  10. Unite and Destroy

    FDS picks up the microphone, the crowd immediately boos him, his mask still on he flips off the crowd quickly. The fans boo him even louder, he finally removes his mask. The fans begin Chanting “FD you’re a cunt, FD FD you’re a cunt” FDS just lifts the mic up and lets them chant it into the mic ignoring them. The fans finally quiet down. FDS lifts the mic up to his face but just as he does the fans boo him instantly. He just ignores them and finally begins to speak. Alright you stupid Cunts why don’t you shut the fuck up and let me speak. The Fans immediately start booing again louder than ever, the “FD You’re a Cunt, FD FD You’re a Cunt” are louder than they’ve ever been in the arena before. He just speaks to his teammates off mic “Can you believe this shit?”. The fans finally calm down and FDS begins to speak. Flynn you said we’re out for blood and that’s one of those handful of things that we agree on because I plan on fucking making everybody on Team Smith spill blood… Specifically one man. No it’s Not Smith because I will easily make him bleed and he will fall on his knees to the emperor of Chaos and no it’s Slim either, I couldn’t care less what he thinks of what he thinks i’m going to do to him because I will worry about him later. No the man I am focused on forcing him to bleed… Is Tamer. Tamer you’ve been out for a year and you know what happened around this time a year ago? Myself and my former Tag Team Partner defeated you and Slim for a certain set of Tag Team Titles. You’ve been having a few issues with your head since then, maybe you’ve heard a few voices that aren’t there, maybe you’ve felt different, maybe you’ve changed your opinion on things… But it’s clear you haven’t. Tamer you went from being the hero of the people… to the scum beneath Slim’s boots. You were and still are his Bitch. Now I’m not going to deny anything because of course I also have something to say to someone on my team that I haven’t spoken about yet. Necce. You and I we go very far back my friend. So far back that you began your career by challenging me, Challenging me when I was simple young man and I was very different to how am I now and So are you to be fair. But I just want to clear the Air and Say you and I have no issues whatsoever. So now that’s out of the way allow to me say my piece. Team Smith: Jonathan, Slim, Smith, Ross and Tamer. You are by far the most forced jigsaw puzzle I have ever seen. You’re not allies because you like each other or because you have a common cause. You’re united because you each have individual desires that you wish to fulfill and that’s why at Survivor Series you’re going to taste the thing that eats you all up inside the most: Defeat. I know none of you like the taste of defeat, To you it tastes like biting into what looks to be a fresh apple when the inside is rotten. You all hate the fact that you can’t stand up to any of us individually so as a unit you will fall to us. Now I am well aware of the Match being No Disqualifications. So I guess that means I don’t have to hold back, So I’ll be bringing everything I can get my hands on and trust me. You. Are. Not. Ready. I will make you all suffer. FDS Drops the Mic and goes outside of the ring, he goes under the ring and he slides in 5 Chairs, then a table, then a trash can, then a barbed wire bat. He gets back into the ring and he sets up the table in the centre of the ring. He sets the five Chairs up and he tells the other members of Team Flynn to sit down. They all Sit down. FDS then places the trash can on the table. He picks up the barbed wire bat and walks over and picks the microphone back up. You see this is our roundtable. This is our kingdom of Chaos. 5 Unholy Knights sitting around the hopes of Team Smith wanting to win, this trash can is their hope you see and I’m going to show you what Team Flynn is going to do to that hope. FDS smashes the trash can in with the barbed wire bat, Smashing it until it’s jagged and broken, trying to rip it apart, before finally dropping the bat and straight up throwing it on the ground. The fans are shocked, the members of Team Flynn stare at FDS all with different expressions. FDS takes his sit on the table and throws the microphone into the middle of the table allowing the next member of Team Flynn to speak.
  11. The Ace Podcast

    So me and Necce are NJPW marks so ya know, we figured "Hey lets make a podcast and talk about NJPW" so we did. Enjoy.
  12. Well now that we know all of Raws team but not All of SDs team I see four options for SDs Mystery participant: 1. Natalya: Since she did just lose the womens title it would make sense for her to end up on the Womens SS team but then again things can change so it might not happen. 2. Nikki Bella: She's been out for a while and a one night return probably wouldn't hurt her that much and if she did stick around it would add another Babyface or Heel into the SD womens divsion. Unlikely though as I can't really see that happening without any reason or story at this point. 3. Lana: I mean, It could happen, she's been wrestling with Team SD at House Shows and Bliss did attack her on SD this week. 4. Paige: Unlikely but I did read a rumour about her possibly joining team SD so maybe.
  13. Welcome to the forums! If you have any questions feel free to ask the mods or Admins (people in Red, Dark Blue or Green), hope you enjoy your time here!

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