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  1. Conor McGregor to fight Donald Cerrone in main event of UFC 246 on Jan. 18 ESPN.Com
  2. NJPW Roster Kazuchika Okada Minoru Suzuki The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) Zack Sabre JR Will Ospreay Mark Haskins Tomohiro Ishii Dalton Castle Jonathan Gresham Taichi El Phantasmo Taiji Ishimori KENTA Jon Moxley El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru Villain Enterprises (PCO & Brodie King) Juice Robinson Roppongi 3K (SHO & YOH) Shingo Takagi Los Ingobernables De Japon (EVIL & SANADA) Jeff Cobb Hirooki Goto Yuji Nagata Great Bash Heel (Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma) “Hotsauce” Tracy Williams Ryusuke Taguchi TAKA Michinoku DOUKI YOSHI-HASHI Tiger Mask Rocky Romero TenCozy (Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan) Chase Owens Toa Henare Shota Umino Manabu Nakanishi Joe Hendry Ren Narita Tomoyuki Oka
  3. ICPW Fight For Your life ICPW JR Heavyweight Championship: Hiromu Takahashi (c) VS Akira Tozawa VS Paul Robinson To kick off Fight For Your Life, we saw The JR Heavyweight Championship on the line as Hiromu Takahashi defended against Akira Tozawa and Paul Robinson in a brutal match. Tozawa jump started the match attacking Robinson taking it to him allowing for Hiromu to catch the two men off Guard with a massive suicide senton to the outside. The three men would then continue to Brutalise each other with every single move they could think of, Robinson at one point looked to have the match in hand after a brutal looking Fisherman’s Driver on Hiromu only for Tozawa to break it up with a Senton Bomb. Tozawa would then look to have the match in hand after driving Robinson through a table with another Senton Bomb, but before he could go for the pinfall Hiromu would grab him and drive him with a Death Valley bomb into the corner. Hiromu would then grab the incapacitated Robinson and drop him with a Timebomb for the victory at 16:45 Tozawa barely being unable to break it up. Tozawa though would not stand for this grabbing Takahashi from behind and smashing him with a stalling German Suplex. Tozawa would then hold the title in the face of Hiromu before leaving stealing the championship belt. ICPW Tag Team Championships: CCK (c) VS Death Riders (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) The next match saw the ICPW Tag Team Championships on the line with CCK defending their newly won Championships against Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams representing the Death Riders. The match started immediately with CCK attacking Haskins and Williams from behind but the Death Riders would fight back evening out the match. Haskins would impress in this match managing to fight off CCK’s assault after Williams was briefly taken out of the match. Williams would then comeback like a house on fire once he got back in, at one point making Brookes tap out but the ref didn’t see it with Gresham distracting the Ref. The match would come to a conclusion after Brookes would low blow Williams while Gresham would distract the ref which would set up the Ink Bomb, Gresham pinning Williams at 15:39 after Brookes took out Haskins. After the match, CCK not satisfied with just winning attempted to yet again take out Haskins and Williams with chairs, Gallows and Anderson not allowing for their Death Riders Stablemates to get taken out would come out and stop Gresham and Brookes, Gresham and Brookes though still taunting Gallows and Anderson with the tag team championships. Openweight Championship: Eddie Kingston (c) VS SANADA The final battle of the Los Ingobernables De Japon, Killers War with the Openweight Championship on the line with SANADA challenging Eddie Kingston. Before the match however Aussie Open would attack SANADA, EVIL and Shingo would come to chase Aussie Open but the damage had already been done to SANADA. This lead to the referee questioning SANADA’s ability to continue but SANADA managed to pull himself into the ring with Kingston beating the hell out of SANADA to begin the match even appearing to almost end it early setting up for the backfist to the future but SANADA managed to avoid it and he nailed Kingston with a springboard dropkick. This would change the momentum of the match as SANADA would slowly comeback beginning to get several near falls on Kingston but Kingston responding in kind getting several near victories on SANADA. At this point the LIJ and Killers members at ringside were both nervous unsure of who was going to win this match. SANADA eventually managed to lock in the Skull End on Kingston for what felt like an eternity with Kingston barely making it to the ropes, SANADA would use this to pull Kingston to underneath the top rope allowing for SANADA to hit the Moonsault on Kingston for the victory at 22:05 to win the Openweight Championship. After the match, The Killers looked like they were about to continue the fight with LIJ but SANADA and Kingston stopped their respective stablemates pushing them into the corner, SANADA would then offer a hand to Kingston who would accept as the two leaders would shake hands effectively ending the war between the two groups. Best of 3 Number One Contenders Series Match 3, No Disqualifications: Jon Moxley VS Shinsuke Nakamura The next match of the evening saw the best of 3 series between Moxley and Nakamura come to a brutal end. The two men immediately laid into each other with strikes with what had evolved from a respectful yet effective rivalry to brutal untamable violence. The two men refused to give up with both guys using the No Disqualifications stipulation to its fullest extent, Ambrose piling chairs into the ring, Nakamura using kendo sticks and chairs to make his strikes even more effective. Nakamura appeared to have the match won after hitting a very hard Bomaye on Moxley but Moxley managed to barely kick out. Moxley would then build back his retaliation hitting a massive Death Rider on Nakamura which seemed to spell the end of the match but Nakamura managed to barely kick out. Moxley would become desperate attempting to hit a top Rope Death Rider onto a pile of Chairs but Nakamura would counter it into a top rope Exploder suplex onto the chairs. Nakamura would then hit a second rope Bomaye to the back of the head of Moxley before following it up with a Bomaye to the face of Moxley finally pulling off the victory at 23:45. Nakamura, would leave the ring after a massive victory over Moxley, Moxley as he was recovering though would be snuck up from behind by Shelton X Benjamin hitting paydirt on Moxley. Benjamin would then beat the hell out of Moxley before locking in an ankle lock on Moxley forcing him to tap out in pain, Benjamin would then leave taunting Moxley stomping on the death riders jacket. ICPW Heavyweight Championship: Minoru Suzuki (c) VS Hirooki Goto In the main event of the evening, Minoru Suzuki defended the ICPW Heavyweight Championship against Hirooki Goto. The two men would have a brutal and effective contest with the two men using everything they possibly could to beat the hell out of each other. Suzuki throwing Goto around into the guard rail, Goto using as many strikes as he could. The two men exchanged control of the match continuously with Goto hitting an Ushigoroshi, Suzuki hitting a PK, the two men just exchanging submission holds as well neither man allowing for the other to take full control of the match. Suzuki though would finally take control by hitting a massive dropkick. So while Goto would get offense in and almost hit a GTR, Suzuki would control the match locking in a Sleeper hold and following it up with the Gotch Style Piledriver for the victory at 21:30. Suzuki though after the match wasn’t done beating the hell out of Goto, locking in a heel hook trying to break Goto’s leg but Suddenly the Golden Star Kota Ibushi’s music would hit making the save for Goto. Ibushi would then stare down with Suzuki appearing to signal for a rematch of their match at Kingdom Come soon, Suzuki though seemed disinterested in Ibushi’s challenge however and would get on the mic ignoring the challenge of Ibushi simply declaring “SUZUKI-GUN ICHIBAN”.
  4. ICPW Kings of The Ring Episode 17 Shelton Benjamin explains his actions at Kingdom Come, Suzuki’s first potential challenger appears To kick off kings of the ring Suzuki-Gun filled the ring with Minoru Suzuki sporting his newly won ICPW Heavyweight Championship and the new addition of Shelton Benjamin joining them. Benjamin would explain his decision to do what he did in the Main Event of Kingdom Come by stating that, he couldn’t beat Suzuki-Gun and therefore he had to rejoin his brothers and he had to do what he could for the greater good. Suzuki-Gun would then be interrupted by Hirooki Goto who would come out and run down Benjamin for turning on ICPW, Goto would then say that Suzuki doesn’t deserve to be champion and Goto will beat him for the title. Suzuki would retort saying that Goto failed to win the ICPW Heavyweight title and has failed in big match situations several times, Suzuki would then say that if Goto can beat Benjamin in tonight's main event then Suzuki will give him a shot at the ICPW Heavyweight Title. Goto would accept these conditions Number One Contenders to the JR Heavyweight Championship: Akira Tozawa VS Flip Gordon VS Scotty Davis The first match of Kings Of The Ring saw a number one contenders match for the ICPW JR Heavyweight Championship with Suzuki-Gun’s Akira Tozawa taking on Flip Gordon and Scotty Davis. The impressive speed and athleticism in this match was on display with the 3 men showing off every skill that they have. Although they were set apart with the Brutal strikes from Tozawa and the grappling from Scotty Davis. Davis at one point had a Jim Breaks Armbar on Gordon only for Tozawa to come in with a top rope senton to break it up. Tozawa would then go on to win the match nailing Davis with a deadlift German Suplex for the victory at 15:01. After the match, Tozawa would call out JR Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi but would not be answered by the champion instead being blind sided by Paul Robinson attacking the Number One Contender from Behind and then would hit him with a Curb Stomp sending a message to the Number One Contender. Non-Title: CCK VS Death Riders (Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams) In the next match, The Newly Crowned ICPW Tag Team Champions took on Death Rider’s Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams in a non title match. Haskins and Williams went after CCK immediately attempting to get some payback after they attempted to take out Haskins and Williams’ stablemates in Gallows and Anderson at Kingdom Come. The two teams went at it exchanging move after move but the fired up Haskins and Williams managed to keep control of the match until Haskins would get Brookes in the Sharpshooter which Gresham would attempt to break up only for Williams to catch him in the Crossface as The Death Riders would force both members of CCK to tap out at 14:01 for the victory seemingly earning a title shot in the process. If Goto Wins he gets an ICPW Heavyweight Championship match: Hirooki Goto VS Shelton X Benjamin In the main event of the evening, Hirooki Goto took on Shelton X Benjamin with Goto attempting to get a shot at the ICPW Heavyweight Championship. The two men had an intense contests with Goto holding nothing back on the turncoat Benjamin with Goto beating the living hell out of Benjamin but Benjamin would use dirty tactics to get back into the match and take it to Goto. Benjamin would look to end it early with Pay Dirt but Goto would counter it into a backbreaker before following it up with a Shouten Kai. The two men would continue the match throwing everything they had at each other. Goto would spell the beginning of the end with a Samurai kick to the chest of Benjamin cutting him down and Goto would end it in the blink of an eye with the GTR winning the match at 16:32. Goto would celebrate and signal that he would be the next ICPW Heavyweight Champion to close the show. ICPW Kings of The Ring Episode 18 Los Ingobernables De Japon (SANADA & EVIL) VS Aussie Open To open up this week on Kings Of The Ring, The Beginning of the End of the Killers, Los Ingobernables De Japon war would begin with SANADA and EVIL taking on Aussie Open in a rematch from Climb To The Top. The two teams threw everything they had at each other with them both displaying tag team excellence. The brawler style of Davis and EVIL was on display as the two men would throw each other around the ring and smash each other down with strikes. The match would come to an end with EVIL and SANADA hitting a Magic Killer on Fletcher after EVIL hit Davis with Everything is EVIL off the Apron with SANADA getting the pin at 16:45. After the match, SANADA would call out ICPW Openweight Champion Eddie Kingston and he would come out as the two men would staredown ahead of their upcoming match at Fight For Your Life. Tracy Williams VS Jonathan Gresham The next match was a technical masterpiece as Tracy Williams took on 1 half of the ICPW Tag Team Champions Jonathan Gresham in a preview match of the Tag Team Championship match coming up at Fight For Your life between CCK and Haskins & Williams. The two men had an excellent technical classic of a match with the two men exchanging holds and utilising impressive catch wrestling. The match would come to a conclusion with after the referee was distracted by Chris Brookes Gresham would low blow Williams and lock in the Octopus Stretch for the victory at 14:30. The two teams would then brawl after the match beating each other down ending with Williams and Haskins standing tall against the tag team champions who would retreat with their championships. CHAOS (Hirooki Goto & Shigehiro Irie) VS Suzuki-Gun (Taichi & Shelton X Benjamin) In the main event of the evening, CHAOS’ Hirooki Goto and Shigehiro Irie took on Suzuki-Gun’s Taichi and Shelton X Benjamin. The Suzuki-Gun duo appeared to not really be focused on winning instead attempting to Weaken Goto going into his championship match with Suzuki. So Taichi and Benjamin would continue to beat down Irie and Goto in order to keep them damaged but the CHAOS members would fight back against the Suzuki-Gun duo with Goto about to hit Taichi with the GTR only for Suzuki to hit Goto in the face with a belt shot causing a disqualification at 14:32. Suzuki-Gun would continue this beat down on Goto and Irie after the match with Suzuki getting on the mic declaring that Goto would never be ICPW Heavyweight Champion and would state “SUZUKI-GUN ICHIBAN” to close the show. ICPW Kings of The Ring Episode 19 The Killers (Eddie Kingston & KZY) VS Los Ingobernables De Japon (Shingo Takagi & BUSHI) To open up the show, The Killers, LIJ warfare continued this time in a role reversal from last weeks opener with Kingston and KZY taking on BUSHI & Shingo Takagi. The Killers seemed a lot more vicious in this match up, even more than usual, especially Kingston who would beat down BUSHI and Shingo at every opportunity swinging wild shots to take him down. In the end though it was a quick backfist to the future from Kingston to BUSHI which caused him to pick up the victory at 10:30. Kingston and KZY though would continue to beat down Shingo and BUSHI in order to get SANADA to come out only for Aussie Open to blind side SANADA and drop him with a Fidget Spinner, Kingston would scream at the lifeless body of SANADA shoving the Openweight Championship in his face. Chris Brookes VS Mark Haskins The next match saw another parallel to last weeks show with one half of the Tag Team Champions Chris Brookes taking on Mark Haskins. Haskins would beat the crap out of Brookes to start things off laying into Brookes with Strikes but Brookes would fight back with several dirty tactics taking advantage of every moment the referee was distracted to bend the rules. Haskins though would fight back taking it to Brookes looking to be about to win the match after setting up for made in England but Gresham would smash Haskins in the back with a steel chair to cause a disqualification at 13:06. CCK would then beat down Haskins with Williams trying to make the save, CCK would then look to take out Haskins and Williams permanently with a set of Chairs only for Gallows and Anderson to return and make the save for Williams and Haskins causing the tag team champions to retreat. Jon Moxley VS Shigehiro Irie In the main event of the evening, Jon Moxley would face his opponent for Fight For Your Life’s stablemate Shigehiro Irie. The two men would beat the living hell out of each other beginning the match with a brawl with the two men exchanging blows. Irie actually managing to hold his own against the leader of the Death Riders but Moxley would control the match for the most part and a regal knee from Moxley would spell the beginning of the end. Moxley would then hit the Death Rider on Irie for the victory at 15:01. After the match, Moxley would not hesitate to send a message to Nakamura by smashing a chair over the back of Irie, Moxley would then sit on the chair and challenge Nakamura to allow their last match at Fight For Your Life to be a No Disqualifications match! Moxley would stand in the ring posing as we would find out Nakamura’s answer next week. ICPW Kings of The Ring Episode 20 If Robinson wins he is inserted into the JR Title match: Akira Tozawa VS Paul Robinson To kick off the Show we had a JR Heavyweight Clash with Suzuki-Gun’s Akira Tozawa taking on Paul Robinson. The two men would jumpstart the match attacking each other, laying into each other with strikes. The two men would tumble out of the ring and throw each other around the ringside area. The two men would go back and forth with the two of them hitting each other with everything they had and holding nothing back. The two men would also use every opportunity to bend and break the rules. The match would come to a conclusion as Robinson would go for a Curb Stomp only for Tozawa to low blow him causing a disqualification at 13:45. After the match, Hiromu Takahashi would make an appearance of ahead of the JR Heavyweight Championship match, staring down his challengers before raising the championship above the two men. Suzuki talks about Goto in an interview In an Interview with ICPW Management, the ICPW Heavyweight Champion Minoru Suzuki spoke about his upcoming match with Hirooki Goto. Suzuki called the defense a joke stating that Goto doesn’t deserve an opportunity at the title and it was only because the King Of Pro Wrestling was bored that he even gave Goto the chance to get a shot at the title. When asked if he was in fear of losing his title, Suzuki took it as an insult and attacked the reporter stating that Goto is nothing more than an appetizer for what’s actually to come in his Championship reign. Shinsuke Nakamura VS Karl Anderson In the Main Event of the evening, Shinsuke Nakamura took on Death Riders member Karl Anderson. The two men demonstrated some animosity towards one another and Anderson seemed set on proving his worth as a singles competitor as well as a tag team specialist while he tangled with one of the top heavyweights in ICPW. The two men would go blow for blow with one another as the Machine Gun took it to the King Of Strong Style and at one point seemed to have the match in hand with Anderson about to hit a Gun Stun but Nakamura managed to block it and counter it into a backdrop driver. Nakamura would then secure the victory with the Bomaye at 18:01 defeating Anderson. After the match, Nakamura would call out Moxley to come to the ring, Moxley would appear and Nakamura would accept his challenge for a No Disqualifications match. The two would stare down to close the show
  5. FD's Rock Road To Redemption Cranidos Onix Aron Omanyte Lileep Dwebble Tyrunt Archen
  6. No Disqualifications: FDS VS Raven After an impressive technical bout between Prince and Sameer has just taken place it is now time for the main event of the evening with the ring canvas being changed out in preparation for the oncoming appropriate carnage between the two deranged men in this match. The ring Canvas has now been changed and the entrance video of Raven begins to play. Raven makes his way to the ring and he immediately goes under the ring and brings out the baseball bat from underneath the ring and gets into the ring. He rolls in the ring and he points the bat towards the stage awaiting the arrival of his opponent. “I am” Plays throughout the arena as the fans begin to clap politely but after a minute or so FDS is still yet to appear then suddenly the lights in the entire arena go out and the music stops, then in an instant the ominous plucking of a guitar begins to echo throughout the arena… The Emperor Of Chaos’ music begins to echo throughout the arena as the Carnage audience erupts , FDS steps out with a spotlight on him dressed in a full black version of The Emperor Of Chaos’ garb. He stands there on the top of the stage, as Raven stand their smirking with the bat over his shoulder, FDS then throws off the mask and he unbuttons his entrance coat to reveal… AN AXE! FDS throws his entrance gear to the ground and he runs to the ring with the Axe, sliding into the ring and he goes for Raven who he narrowly misses as he slides out of the ring. FDS is now taunting Raven to get back in the ring, Raven is demanding that FDS put the Axe away, the referee gets FDS into the corner and tries to get the Axe away from him. Raven then comes into the ring with his bat, FDS and Raven then stare at each other with their weapons in hand, the two men then just throw their weapons to the side and run at each other and begin to brawl throwing lefts and rights eventually ending up in the ropes and tumbling to the outside continuing to brawl with Raven coming ahead and going to throw FDS into the steps but FDS reverses it! FDS then steps back and goes to knee Ravens head into the side of the steps but Raven moves out of the way, Raven then tries to german suplex FDS on the outside but FDS elbows him in the head and DDTs him onto the ground! FDS now going underneath the ring and he pulls out a kendo stick, FDS now goes to cane the back of Raven but Raven hits FDS with a low blow! Raven now grabbing the kendo stick and he begins to lay into the back of FDS! Raven now calls for FDS to get back up as he stands behind the steps, What’s Raven thinking here? FDS gets back to his feet and Raven runs up the steps and drops him with a Tornado DDT! Raven clearly targeting the neck of FDS, Raven now throws FDS into the ring, Raven goes for a quick cover but FDS up at 2. Raven now looking a little bit annoyed, he goes underneath the ring and he begins to load chairs into the ring, throwing them haphazardly into the ring, he doesn’t notice though that FDS has gotten back to his feet and as Raven gets on the apron FDS throws a chair into his head sending him down! Raven now down on the outside, FDS now goes outside with two chairs, he sets them up facing each other and he lays Raven down in between them, FDS heads to the second rope facing outwards, the fans chanting for him not to do it but he just flips them off and he nails Raven with a diving double stomp onto the chairs! FDS with a sadistic smile on his face, he goes under the ring and he brings out a not so mysterious bag with it being pretty obvious what’s in it and FDS tips it out revealing thumb tacks, he takes Raven over to attempt to suplex him onto the tacks but Raven manages to block it, Raven then begins to smash FDS down with strikes, Raven then tries to make some separation from FDS, moving over to the adjacent side of the ring, FDS chases after him but Raven turns around after baiting him in and nails him with a massive Elbow strike, FDS rocked and Raven quickly capitalizes getting him in position for a fisherman’s suplex on the outside maybe but instead changes it into a Fisherman’s X-plex onto the apron! FDS now cringing in pain, Raven throws him into the ring immediately, Raven follows him by going to the top rope, Raven now asking the fans to clap for him as if he’s about to do something insane but Raven just hops down from the top rope and kicks FDS in the face to the fans disapproval. Raven now grabbing a steel chair and he puts FDS’ head on top of the chair, Raven then grabs another chair and proceeds to hit FDS with ConChairto! Raven now with the cover on FDS but FDS kicks out at 2 and a half! Raven now calling for FDS to get back up, Raven looking for a superkick but FDS ducks underneath it and he grabs Raven by the waist and suplexes him into the corner! FDS now grabs a chair, he lines it up with Ravens head and he charges at Raven Kneeing him in the side of the head! FDS now feeling it, he goes outside the ring and he goes underneath the ring sliding a table into the ring but as he slides back into the ring Raven manages to cut him off with a sliding drop kick, Raven now grabs his baseball bat and begins to bash back of FDS with the bat. Raven now sees the table on the floor and he gets a sadistic idea in his head as he begins to set up the table, he then leans FDS on the ropes, setting him up for a Joker’s Wild through the table, Raven goes for it but FDS Holds onto the ropes with everything he has, Raven though wrenching back and FDS just uses the back of his leg to low blow Raven to make separation, Raven falls to the floor, FDS now grabs him and he places him on the top rope in the corner where below FDS had emptied out thumbtacks onto the floor, FDS now goes to the outside and looks to suplex Raven onto the outside onto the thumbtacks, Raven trying to block it, Raven now appears to try and superplex FDS through the table but FDS blocks it FDS then suddenly changes position to a Guillotine choke like position but he suddenly changes it into an essex destroyer sending Raven through the table! FDS now slumps himself over to the cover on Raven but Raven somehow manages to kick out at 2 and three quarters! FDS now looking ready to finishing things off, he brings Raven up to his feet and he goes for the blood rainmaker but Raven counters it into a sit-out powerbomb! Raven now gets back to his feet and he grabs a baseball bat, he calls for FDS to get back up, FDS stumbles back to his feet and Raven rail roads him with a bat shot to the head of FDS! Raven though grabs FDS and he locks in a crossface but uses the bat to pull in on the face of FDS! Raven trying to get FDS to give up wrenching back with the baseball bat, FDS though trying to crawl his way out of the ring, FDS crawling over and he barely manages to use the ring apron to pull himself out of the ring! Raven though not allowing FDS to have any space though grabbing him and taking him over to the thumbtacks spread on the outside but FDS blocks it somehow and he out powers Raven dropping him with a falcon Arrow onto the thumbtacks! FDS then immediately throws Raven back into the ring, FDS going under the ring he brings out two things: Another bag of Thumbtacks and a mysterious box, he throws both of them into the ring, he then slides back into the ring, he first grabs the bag of thumbtacks and then tips some into his hand and then sickenly loads the thumbtacks into the mouth of a kneeling Raven before hitting him with a massive superkick! FDS now with the cover on the bloodied Raven BUT RAVEN SOMEHOW KICKS OUT! FDS now looking frustrated, he grabs the face of raven and begins to rub the face paint off gruesomely with Elbows before slamming his head into the mat! FDS now going to the small box and he takes out a small sleeve…THAT'S COVERED IN THUMBTACKS! FDS Now grabs Raven back up, he gets him in position and he cuts him down with the blood rainmaker with the thumbtack sleeve on! FDS Now with the cover and looks to mercifully finish off Raven… BUT RAVEN SOMEHOW KICKS OUT AGAIN! FDS though not allowing Raven to breath as he immediately sets up a chair in the middle of the ring, he grabs Raven up in position for the burning hammer AND HE DRIVES RAVEN DOWN ONTO THE CHAIR WITH LAY YOU TO SLEEP! COVER BY FDS AND MERCIFULLY HE GETS THE 3 COUNT! FDS defeats Raven via Pinfall at 21:02 Dear god that was one hell of a match, FDS continued to prove how he earned the moniker of BPZ’s resident Psychopath by beating the living hell out of Raven but Granted Raven put up one hell of a fight against the Emperor Of Chaos and there's not many people who can say that. Wait a second, FDS is asking for a microphone, he’s being handed one by the ring crew as he leans on the ropes. I know the guys in the back definitely don’t want me talking after the fact that I'm pretty sure we just lost all of Carnage’s sponsors but there's nobody who’s gonna stop me from speaking my mind and what’s on my mind right now is… god damn kid you’re one tough son of a bitch. The fans applauding the effort of Raven against FDS If BPZ doesn’t think this guy is the future then straight up i don’t know who the hell they think is. Marketability has nothing to do with any of this, all that matters is you come out here and you give your all and you did that so thank you… but get the hell out of my ring mate because I honestly don’t know what I'm gonna do next. Raven pulls himself up, bloodied after the match looking at FDS, the two men nod at each other as a sign of respect with Raven leaving the ring by his own accord although having great difficulty due to the damage he received during this match, the fans applauding the young man after putting on one of the best matches of his young career. Right now down to business. First things first, I've heard all these rumours that I'm wrapping up, that i’m old and broken down… well i hope to god all those rumours shut the hell up after that god damn match because I just proved that I am still the toughest and craziest son of a bitch in this locker room and there ain’t a single person who can step to me in that. The fans chanting for The Mad King now with blood dripping down his face, the signature chant of “FD FD FD F******* S” echoing throughout the carnage arena as FDS stands there. Next up is the tag tournament, myself and brad have the unenviable task of facing Flynn and Mikey in the first round, well let me just say this… I don’t give a damn what my record against Flynn is because if you recall the last time flynn beat me he had to cheat to do it, the last time you had your little buddy hit me in the back of the head with a briefcase… but he ain’t on your side anymore so I don't think I'll need to worry about that. As for your little buddy we both know this is a case of Bring your child to work day and it’s a bad day at the office for you my friend. So Bulletproof, y’all about to have some holes in ya when the Notorious Killers come for you and tear you to pieces! FDS throwing the mic down as his theme music echoes throughout the arena sending a message to bulletproof to close Carnage ahead of the tag team tournament. FDS now posing with blood dripping down his forehead ending off carnage.
  7. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I AM PROUD TO SAY WE HAVE EXPANDED IN NUMBERS FROM THE PREVIOUS YEAR'S TOURNAMENT MOVING FROM 12 PEOPLE TO 14 MEANING WE WILL HAVE 14 TYPES COMPETING THIS TOURNAMENT! So now to announce the blocks and typings of each individual trainer. A BLOCK @Monda (Champion) - Ground @Alex Costa- Poison @FDS - Rock @Gwynfro - Fire @Ark Universe- Fighting @I Can't Odd - Ice @Mikey - Grass B BLOCK @Sheridan - Ghost @Meckolegend - Water @Meko750 (Raven) - Dragon @Aaron North - Psychic @Hans - Fairy @Arius - Flying @Hollow - Normal The Week By Week Matchups are as Follows: A BLOCK: Week 1 FDS (Rock) defeats Alex (Poison) Odd (Ice) defeats KENJI (Fire) Ark Universe (Fighting) VS Mikey (Grass) Week 2 Monda (Ground, Champion) VS Ark Universe (Fighting) Alex (Poison) VS KENJI (Fire) Mikey (Grass) VS FDS (Rock) Week 3 Monda (Ground, Champion) VS Alex (Poison) FDS (Rock) VS Odd (Ice) KENJI (Fire) VS Mikey (Grass) Week 4 Monda (Ground, Champion) VS Mikey (Grass) FDS (Rock) VS Ark Universe (Fighting) KENJI (Fire) VS Odd (Ice) Week 5 Monda (Ground, Champion) VS Odd (Ice) Ark Universe (Fighting) VS KENJI (Fire) Mikey (Grass) VS Alex (Poison) Week 6 Alex (Poison) VS Odd (Ice) KENJI (Fire) VS FDS (Rock) Monda (Ground, Champion) VS Ark Universe (Fighting) Week 7 Monda (Ground, Champion) VS FDS (Rock) Odd (Ice) VS Mikey (Grass) Ark Universe (Fighting) VS Alex (Poison) B BLOCK: Week 1: Meko (Dragon) defeats Arius (Flying) Blade (Normal) defeats Aaron (Psychic) Mecko (Water) defeats Hans (Fairy) Week 2: Sheridan (Ghost) VS Meko (Dragon) Mecko (Water) VS Blade (Normal) Arius (Flying) VS Hans (Fairy) Week 3: Aaron (Psychic) VS Mecko (Water) Hans (Fairy) VS Sheridan (Ghost) Blade (Normal) VS Arius (Flying) Week 4: Sheridan (Ghost) VS Blade (Normal) Aaron (Psychic) VS Arius (Flying) Hans (Fairy) VS Meko (Dragon) Week 5: Sheridan (Ghost) VS Aaron (Psychic) Meko (Dragon) VS Blade (Normal) Arius (Flying) VS Mecko (Water) Week 6: Sheridan (Ghost) VS Mecko (Water) Blade (Normal) VS Hans (Fairy) Aaron (Psychic) VS Meko (Dragon) Week 7: Sheridan (Ghost) VS Arius (Flying) Hans (Fairy) VS Aaron (Psychic) Meko (Dragon) VS Mecko (Water) Please submit your teams of 8 Mons (2 substitutes) before the tournament begins which will be after survivor series. If your name is not listed on one of the weeks it is because you have a bye that week meaning you do not have a match.
  8. Sign Ups for this season are now closed as we have a total of 14 participants now. Typings and Blocks will be announced Soon.
  9. THE BPZ POKEMON SHOWDOWN LEAGUE IS RETURNING FOR SEASON III! Season III while remaining as a monotype format, the pokemon useable in this format will be changed to the Little Cup Format as picked by the season II winner of the tournament @Monda. As similar to last season’s tournament rulings He along with Myself, @Sheridan and @Alex Costa are confirmed for Season III due to us finishing in the top four of the tournament. Similar to last season we would be aiming for twelve competitors but the maximum limit is 18 due to that being the number of types available currently in the Pokemon game series. Myself, Sheridan and @I Can't Odd (Who is also confirmed for the tournament) will be taking a look at the sign ups and will be taking each sign up under consideration however some people may not be allowed in the tournament due to poor performances in previous tournaments or other reasons. One thing to address is that Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Shield will not Be permitted to be used in this seasons tournament due to the current smogon competitive ban lists and tier lists still being undecided for Pokemon in the Galar Region Pokedex therefore they cannot be used in this tournament. Sign up by replying to the thread as usual. Below is the list of regulations for this seasons tournament. Regulations for Season III Showdown Little Cup Tournament - All Pokemon must be unevolved, obtainable at level 5 and have the ability to evolve - All members of your team must share the assigned randomised type you have been assigned - Little Cup banlist is in effect which can be viewed here, this includes Smogon wide clauses - Eviolite will be limited to one Pokemon per team however it does not have to be announced in the team post, it can be rotated each game - The abilities Arena Trap, Shadow Tag and Speed Boost are all banned - No duplicate Pokemon - If any of the above regulations are violated it will result in an automatic disqualification
  10. The pre carnage press conference is taking place with reporters on the scene, one of BPZ’s key announcing figures appears to be about to introduce the press conference but suddenly FDS charges onto the stage and he grabs the microphone out of the hands of the announcer, the announcer looks to be confused, FDS tells him to go to the back, the announcer tries to reason with FDS but FDS screams at him to go to the back. FDS is agitated and is still taped up from Raven sending him through the table on last weeks Carnage. Alright, i don’t care if he’s not out here yet, I got shit to say. You know what really pissed me off about last week? The fact that I didn’t see that baseball shot coming, I should’ve known that Raven was gonna do that because that's exactly what someone like him would do. After all, he’s running with Slim and Necce, two guys who I know very, very well. Two guys who I’ve gone to war against and on a few occasions I’ve gone to war with them on my side and I know how they think, so I shoulda seen that comin’. I shoulda known that’s what you would do Raven. The worst part though is people are talking now, people are saying i’ve gone soft… Well if you think i’ve gone soft, why I don’t come over to you and stick a blade in your stupid face and will see how soft i’ve gone! I am so angry right now, that I don’t really give a damn what kinda match that this piece of crap wants, he wants to fight me in a deathmatch because he thinks he’s some sadistic mad man? I’ll show him a sadistic mad man, I am going to take your face Raven and I am going to rearrange it, I am going to take your bones and rip them one by one out of your body and I am going to leave you as a pile of nothingness, so then you can finally actually live up to the “fact” that you’re unmarketable! FDS wipes his hand down his face Understand this Raven, you have no idea what you’ve just done. You want a deathmatch? That’s fine, I'll let you face me in a deathmatch. This company can market it as No disqualifications but you and I both know what this actually is and I guess you and I are going to get a “talking to” after this when we beat the living hell out of each other and allow our blood to stain the ring canvas. The fact is Raven, I am going to tear you to pieces and I am going to break you in half both mentally and physically. So I'll see you on carnage because I know for a fact if you come out here right now and talk to me, I am going to get arrested, I am going to get sent to prison and I am going to get fired but if I do what I wanna do on Carnage tomorrow night well… then it won’t matter what anyone says. FDS throws the microphone down as the press take pictures of the mad king as he storms off, a ring crew member suddenly hands him the contract for the match. FDS storms back out and slams the contract on the table and signs it before walking off allowing for The Raven to come out and say his piece.
  11. Starter (Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup): Piplup Why You Chose Then (Trying to help you guys out and make it less of a dribble post): Easy start to the game, if you're worried about the weakness to gardenia high chance you encounter a starly as your first encounter, probably has the most balanced set out of the 3 and special attackers early on usually edge out physical attackers at least in my experience Nickname: Superion
  12. FDS is backstage walking out to the guerilla position but he suddenly stops, the camera pans over to reveal The Raven standing there. Raven and FDS look at each other, the two men smile for a moment then immediately proceed to start beating the hell out of each other with strikes, Security tries to rip the two men apart but they just immediately throw the security into storage boxes and go back to fighting. They fight over into the locker room, where The Raven throws FDS into the wall, Raven then goes over and grabs a chair, he goes to throw it at FDS but FDS moves out of the way at the last minute, FDS then double legs The Raven and begins to smash his face in with Forearms. FDS then grabs the chair and looks to be about to smash it over the head of Raven but Raven moves out of the way, Raven exits the locker room, FDS throws the chair down and chases after him, FDS loses site of Raven. Where the hell did that piece of shit go? FDS turns around and Raven immediately blindsides him smashing him in the stomach with his baseball bat, he then proceeds to smash it over the back of FDS. The Raven just laughs maniacally. The Raven then grabs the Bandanna around the neck of FDS and he uses it to drag FDS out onto the stage, he throws FDS down the ramp, Raven still wielding the baseball bat. Raven now calling for FDS to get up, FDS gets back to his feet, Raven tries to hit FDS in the head with the Bat but FDS moves out of the way and he kicks Raven in the gut and he DDT’s him onto the Ramp! FDS suddenly gets a look in his eyes, a look we haven’t seen from the man in a long time, harkening back to his days as the emperor of chaos. FDS goes underneath the ring and he immediately brings out a table! FDS sets up the table underneath the apron and he grabs Raven and takes him up onto the Apron. FDS now setting up Raven in position maybe looking for a piledriver off the Apron through the table but Raven fights out of it and he back body drops FDS onto the Apron! FDS wincing in pain, Raven now pushes FDS onto the table, Raven with a sadistic smile on his face. He climbs up to the top rope and he looks at the prone body of FDS and he pounces on him with the bird bomb driving him through the table! FDS is down now, Raven sitting in front of his lifeless body just laughing as the medical team comes out to check on the broken body of the mad king. Raven though laughing at the destruction he caused, although he is currently in a great amount of pain.
  13. The Notorious Killers, Myself and Brad, will be entering this tournament.

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