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  1. FDS

    Best Rivalry on the forums?

    Rivalries involve me: BIC, Team Smith VS Team Flynn, Necce (even though it was brief), Ark, Flynn, Smith Other Rivalries: Smith VS Slim, Flynn VS Necce
  2. FDS

    Current RAW & SDLive Tag Team Division Situation

    I disagree with the sentiment that we need to go back to one set of tag belts. The purpose of the Brand Split is to give opportunities to those who would not normally be able to get said opportunities and that's why I think having the two sets of tag titles works. Also, most championships were built around a few select people, not just the tag team championships. If you take a look at the Women's Division it did the same thing essentially with the main players being Charlotte, Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks yet we don't talk about the need for a single women's championship. Also if we look at previous examples of the tag team champions throughout the ages we had a lot of the same tag teams holding the championships as it is so why would they change it? Also, the group's you've mentioned while it is true that the New Day, The Usos and The Bar while yes they all did have a large Number of reigns and at least one lengthy reign each they also continuously have a short number of reigns and you discount all the other teams that did not have these large number of reigns while still having an interesting and effective time as champions a key example in this being The B-Team who while they did have a brief reign as champion they added something more interesting into the division and continued to help it evolve. So, In my opinion, I disagree with the idea that we should have one title floating between two brands because that argument can be made for most of the other titles aside from maybe the world titles you could even make it for the Intercontinental title which was legitimately revitalized due to Miz's work building the division around him. P.S Gable and Shelton Never won the SD tag belts.
  3. FDS

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