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  7. We are live tonight on Carnage and the show rolls on then suddenly the plucking of guitar strings echo throughout the arena FDS walks out to the fans booing him but he doesn’t even acknowledge them, he’s dressed in a full black suit with stitches still fresh on his face from his match with Julius, he doesn’t pose, he doesn’t wear a mask, he just walks down into the ring and he then asks for a mic which he doesn’t snatch he just takes. His theme music disappears, the fans try to get some of FDS’ signature chants going but he doesn’t even acknowledge them so they don’t even bother. FDS lifts the mic up. So… it’s no secret that my body gets brutalised every single time I step into the ring, My face right now is pretty much evident of that… but I have more than just injuries on the surface. I’ve been dealing with multiple injuries for months now In my Knee, In My Shoulder and In my Neck. This comes after taking devastating moves from my opponents, using my own body to try and beat my opponent… and of course the obvious factor being the insane amount of death matches i’ve taken part in. I obviously knew these would take their toll on my body, I knew that they’d hurt my body and my mind, I knew all the dangers yet I never hesitated to sign a contract that stated that i’d have to fight my opponent in something that could take years off my life. Unfortunately, the cost has caught up to me quite quickly and if I keep going I might be forced into retirement, So i’ve decided to make the decision to take some time off. I need to rest my body, they said something about knee surgery as well so I might need to get that done as well as fix the rest of myself up. I don’t know when I’ll be back but If any of you want an autograph or something you can find me at the bar down the street. Now to Finish this off all I have to say is this isn’t goodbye… this is see you later and I promise that when I’m good to go I’ll be back and I’ll be ready to fight again. FDS drops the mic and he rolls out of the ring, he breathes a sigh of relief as the fans applaud him as he walks up the ramp for the final time for who knows how long. Carnage cuts to commercial. OOC: Ok so this may come out of nowhere for some of you, this may not for those who I told or for those who saw that I’ve been slowing down. First things first I wanna make one thing very clear: I am NOT leaving the forums, this is a KAYFABE break. By that I don’t mean i’ll come back next week and start feuding with someone, I mean that I won’t be in Kayfabe for a few months or so. The reason I’m taking this break is because I don’t have any direction with my character right now and I need to take time to figure that out and personally I think if I kept going right now the way I am my kayfabe would just get worse and worse decreasing in quality with every promo until i’m basically just posting words I vomited onto a page. So I will be around on the forums but I will be out of Kayfabe completely for a few months, I don’t know exactly how long. I’m also going to ask whichever mod does the polls for the next few months since I am never able to due to time zones that I am left out of all votings. I am also going to ask that Nobody use me in anyway in Kayfabe, I can be mentioned just Not physically appear. And that’s about it.
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    Gary is about to open the door when FDS opens it by picking the lock, FDS enters the study with a whiskey flask in his left hand, dressed In a full black suit, he doesn’t even acknowledge Julius, opting instead to continue drinking just standing there, he’s staring at Josh, Josh is confused, FDS looks at him as if Josh has forgotten something, Josh is still confused. FDS takes another swig of whiskey Not gonna offer your guest a Drink? For a gentlemen you sure don’t know how treat a guest, luckily I did come prepared FDS takes another swig of whiskey emptying the flask, he hands it to Julius. You can go get m- Oh Julius I didn’t notice it was you, since you were just standing Around dressed like that I had just assumed you were Josh’s assistant… I did wonder why Josh had such a big Assistant… but then again you were his body guard when you first showed up. You guys Remember that? The Joshtourage! The thing Josh continues to think made Julius a star when in reality it was literally just a thing to let Julius get into BPZ and get him a pay check on the main Roster. Then again Josh joined Chaos for a similar reason… life is funny like that huh? I wonder who Julius’ is gonna have as his little friend to come help him out… maybe Sheridan wants some help. FDS laughs, he takes a seat across from Josh, He puts his feet on Josh’s desk, Josh looks irritated by this while Julius looks extremely Angry at FDS. FDS just laughing, he looks at the other two mens disgruntled faces. Oh Whats wrong gentlemen? Annoyed at what I said? Just giving a bit of a History Lesson ya Know? I wouldn’t worry about it, things happen and you can’t change the past…. But the future… well that something that is yet to be written… and Julius… your future…. FDS stands up and gets into the Face of the Underboss Is laying on your back after I decapitate you with a Blood Rainmaker and break every single bone in your body. Julius you remind me of a lot of things… most of them Roman… I’ve already talked about Julius Caesar so allow me to discuss his empire. They used to say “The Sun will never set on the Roman Empire” but then it was toppled by some simple barbarians. You act like you will never be beaten Underboss, you are the roman empire… and I am no Legend all I am Is a very simple sadist who enjoys the pain of others… you may even say it turns me on. FDS pushes the much bigger Julius into the wall, Julius looking extremely uncomfortable, FDS sticks out his tongue and mimes a licking motion. Julius looks extremely confused, FDS just smiles and then begins laughing as he sits back down in the chair putting his feet back up. Oh my god, you should’ve seen your face. Josh he thought I was gonna molest him or something. That was so fucking funny, Oh my god. Both Josh and Julius look at FDS disgusted, FDS looks at them as if he hasn’t done anything weird. What? Just because I’m a sadist doesn’t mean I can’t have a bit of fun… Jeez you two suck at this. Alright fine I’ll go back to being serious. So “underboss” you think you got what It takes to put down this Sadist? I can’t wait to see you try now…. FDS stands up, he takes a second flask out of his jacket, he pushes it onto Julius. Go get me a drink Bitch. FDS and Julius have an intense stare down as the two men stare at each other while Josh sits there slightly uncomfortable, Echo is just standing there with nothing to add to the situation.

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