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  1. Name: FDS Height: 6'0 Weight: 205 Hometown: Sydney, Australia Heel/tweener/face: Heel Finishers: Blood Rainmaker (rainmaker), Lay You To Sleep (Burning Hammer) Signatures: Diving Double Stomp, Tombstone Piledriver Color for attire: Black and Red Powerhouse/Technical/cruiserweight/brawler: Brawler Theme song: "We are" Hollywood undead
  2. FDS touches his cheek and looks at Kieron, who is smiling, FDS then rushes Kieron taking him down with a double leg takedown, the two men start trading strikes the two men, trading top positions as they hit each other with strike after strike. They brawl out of the ring and get back on their feet and then start fighting outside the ring, Kieron appears to be having the edge, FDS is leaning on the barricade, Kieron charges at FDS but FDS moves out of the way sending Kieron into the barricade. FDS then goes under the ring and he brings out a table, FDS grabs Kieron up and then drags him up onto the apron and then nails him with a piledriver through the table! FDS not done though he throws Kieron back into the ring, FDS goes under the ring and he brings out something we haven’t seen in a while: The blood stained steel chair. FDS brings the chair into the middle of the ring, he sets it up and then puts Kieron’s head through it, FDS then rolls out of the ring and brings in a barbed wire baseball bat. FDS smashes the baseball bat over the head of Kieron. FDS then grabs Kieron and begins unloading elbows onto his head with a move he dubs “Killer Instinct” FDS then shows off the face of the bloody Kieron, he cuts the throat of Kieron before picking him up and nailing him with Lay you to Sleep onto the chair. FDS then sits down in the chair and grabs a mic from the floor and picks up the barbed wire baseball bat. That Kieron… Is just a taste of what is going to happen at Backlash. FDS throws the mic over the broken body of Kieron, he raises the barbed wire bat as the fans boo him.
  3. “Black Cadillac” by Hollywood Undead hits, The psychotic half of the blacklist enters dressed in street clothes (T-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers and a jacket). He walks down to the ring as the fans boo the man, he looks confident as he raises the middle finger to the fans. He slides into the ring and gets face to face with the man who he put away in his return match. Kieron has a smile on his face, FDS looks aggravated by this, he gives a deterred looked at Kieron before going over and snatching a mic from ringside attendant. FDS taps on the mic before speaking. A War? You want a war? Mate, the last time we faced off I wasn’t willing to be vicious towards you. I didn’t use a single weapon when I beat you… and you come out here asking for a war against me? I thought you said you had a family to think about. What are your kids going to think when they see their father getting torn apart in a violent match which could end his life? What’s going to happen when the match ends and you can’t walk anymore? What then? FDS looks over Kieron, who appears to be slightly offended by these comments. Kieron looks to be about to respond before FDS cuts him off. Frankly Kieron, I think you’re a complete idiot for trying to call me out for a match like this… but I don’t take pity on idiots. If you wanna face me in a war of a match… Fine… but this time I want you to know something: I will not be holding back this time. Last time I refused to use weapons, last time I held back, last time I gave you the opportunity to beat me with anything you wanted. This Time, I will be using every resource at my disposal, I will be using all the weapons I can get my hands on, I will be beating you within an inch of your life with anything I can get my hands on… but I have a feeling you and I both want this to be fun. So if you want this war to be fun let’s make it a little bit fun. I propose we make it a fun little throwback to the days of old: FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE! The fans cheer, chanting “YES” as the two sadistic men stand opposite each other in the ring with the proposal of the falls count anywhere stipulation being announced, FDS isn’t finished though. I’ve got one more thing: Usually I don’t give a damn about what you idiots want… The fans boo FDS, FDS just shrugs and looks at them. But this time and this time only, I wanna see if you guys can be a little bit creative so how's about this Kieron: falls count anywhere AND FANS BRING THE WEAPONS! The fans chant “YES” again and “Holy Shit” the two psychopaths standing opposite each other, FDS with a sadistic smile on his face as he awaits the response of Kieron Black.
  4. Name: FDS Trainer Class: Ace Trainer Chosen Team: Base: Spiritomb, Farfetch'd 1st Evolution: Golisopod, Cacturne 2nd Evolution: Tyranitar and Luxray
  5. FDS is looking at the chain, swinging it around before whipping it across the room in a frantic rage. He puts his fists on the table and looks down. Do you know how many matches I’ve won this year? ONE! IT IS APRIL AND I HAVE WON ONE MATCH! FDS flips the table to the side and throws it away So you Need to rely on a bitch to beat me, do you? Can’t win it by yourself so you have to bring in you’re little yoga buddy because you can’t beat me by yourself or even with the help of the Undisputed champion. You didn’t win here tonight Jon, all you proved here tonight is one simple thing: You. Can’t. Beat. Me. It’s just a matter of fact. And I hope that your little girlfriend or “business associate” or whatever the hell you wanna call her, I hope that the two of you challenge for the tag team championships at backlash because I am certainly looking forward to getting my hands on the two of you and tearing your heads off. As for a certain Mr Villain, I’m sure he’s just as frustrated as the two of us. He didn’t want to win that way, he’d rather do the cheating himself and tap out the challenger he has at backlash making it undeniable who the undisputed champion us but since he didn’t that shadow of doubt still hangs over the Villain and I’ll be at ringside to emphasise that at Backlash but don’t worry I won’t interfere just going to watch to make sure you don’t have any dirty tactics. Anyway, moving on to more important matters: The Saviours, Big Baller Brand, The new happy couple or any other tag team I don’t care, Echo and I will be taking those tag team titles and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. Now I’m gonna go prepare for backlash, maybe I’ll find something to occupy myself with while Echo focuses on His championship match. FDS walks out on his own, still aggravated beyond belief.
  6. FDS


    The camera pans over to a cigar lounge, Echo Wilson and FDS are shown dressed in suits, a blonde woman in a black dress walks into the cigar lounge and places down a bottle of expensive red wine and two glasses, the camera gets a close up on the glasses as the woman fills them before zooming back out to see The Blacklist members looking discontent to say the least. Echo picks up his glass and takes a drink of the wine, FDS is sitting there with a look of rage upon his face. Slave? That’s what you think? You think i brought you into that god awful cult because I wanted you as my slave? I BROUGHT YOU INTO THAT BECAUSE I WANTED SOMEONE WHO I COULD TRUST! YOU THINK I WANTED TO WORK WITH THAT WEASEL, SCUMBAG, DADDY ISSUES HAVING MORON?!?! Echo taps FDS on the chest, FDS eases back slightly but not a significant amount. Johnny, I saw you as a brother for a while. You don’t understand, do you? You like to talk about how we took opportunities from you, How I used you to get to the top, Well if it's the case Johnny why did I select you to be Necce’s replacement in the tag tournament finals when I knew Necce and myself could have easily won that match no problems. It’s simple: I wanted you to regain your killer instinct. I wanted to see the man who won the world championship. Who won the premium championship. And at first it seemed that’s what I got, I thought we were gonna be the most dominant tag team in BPZ History, Better than the Kings Amongst Peasants, Better than the empire of greatness, Better The Switchblade Clapspiracy, Better than even the pride! But instead, I saw your decrepit nature. I saw how run down and weak you really were. I was disappointed to say the least and I knew no matter the result of our last tag team title defence we were done. The “antichrist” proved he cared not for Ruin, not even accompanying us to our matches and you? You only cared about the spotlight because of your leech like nature. You always tag yourself onto someone or something in order to gain your spotlight, first it was the king's court, then Ruin and now you attach yourself to the villain. You suck your victims dry and leave nothing but an empty corpse behind and it’s not even just when you team up with someone. Think back to our Global Championship match at the royal rumble last year, I Beat you in that match but people praised BOTH our performances, even though I did most of it. You like to act like you’re denied opportunities when the truth is you can’t survive without something to latch onto. Think of all the opportunities you had, You could’ve beaten me for the Global Championship but you failed, You could’ve won the tag team titles with someone else but you didn’t, you could’ve done what I couldn’t and Beaten Julius to win the world championship… BUT. YOU. FAILED. You call yourself the ace but you’re not the ace of anything. You are nothing but an overrated, leech that can’t do anything by himself... But the curious thing about leeches is all you need to get rid of them is a little bit of salt. The blonde woman returns and places a salt shaker in front of FDS. Now due to the tale of babylon in the bible its bad luck to spill salt but I think in this scenario we can make an exception. FDS pours some salt in his hand and begins to rub it in a circular motion in his palm quite gently. So Johnny, the salt to get rid of a leech like you will come in the form of a Blood Rainmaker and then, I’ve come up with something brand knew to hurt you with and I will make sure it puts you away for good but not before I make you suffer and add you to the Blacklist. FDS throws the salt over his shoulder, before picking up his wine glass and taking a drink and sitting back into the couch. At this moment Echo places his wine glass down and leans forward.
  7. Ring Of Honor Wrestling Episode 16 Opening Match: Moustache Mountain VS Strong Style Reinvented (Hideo Itami & Kota Ibushi) To open up the show a qualifying match for the final spot in the ROH World Tag Team Championship match at All Star Extravaganza took place when ⅔ of the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team champions took On ROH World Television Champion Kota Ibushi and Hideo Itami, the two teams had obvious respect for each other and they hit each other with a lot of impressive offense from both teams. Including a dream match I don’t think people thought they wanted until it happened in this match with Ibushi and Bate standing across the ring from each other. Both teams had a perfect Answer for everything they threw at each other, Bate countered the last ride powerbomb into a code red, Itami Countered the Seven Stars Lariat into a Shotgun Kick, Ibushi Countered the Tyler Driver 97 into a hurricanrana then followed that up with a Massive Hesitation dropkick. The match finally came to a close when Itami and Ibushi hit a Last Ride powerbomb double stomp combination to advance to the tag team championship match. After the match Ospreay and Dunne would appear to assist their respective tag partners, Ospreay would then look at the NEVER Six Man Championships, he would then pick up the microphone and lay out a challenge for next week for the Six Man Tag Team Championships. Dunne would pick up the microphone and would accept the match as a tie breaker of sorts Winners via pinfall @23:23: Strong Style Reinvented! Match 2: New Age Kliq VS The Briscoes The next match on the show saw a rivalry renewed as the New Age Kliq took on their opponents in the triple threat match at All Star Extravaganza the Briscoes. The two teams took each other to the limits being able to read every single move they were hitting each other with, counter after counter, brutal move after brutal move. The match continued at a high pace with the briscoes appearing to slowly and gradually gain the upper hand on The New Age Kliq. The Briscoes looked to have the match won as Mark was about to hit the froggy bow after the Jay Driller on BT Gunn but Renfrew would stop this with a chair shot to the face of Mark causing for a disqualification. After the match the NAK beat down the Briscoes at least Temporarily until the briscoes managed to reverse the beat down and chased off their long time rivals. Winners Via Disqualifcation @13:45: The Briscoes! Havoc wants his title back Backstage Jimmy Havoc discussed the championship victory of Kevin Steen saying that it was a fluke and that Steen won that title out of pity from CM Punk. Havoc would go on to say that he would rip Steen apart and he wouldn’t need the held of his Death Match Squad partners. He would reference the previous times that he had beaten Steen. Havoc would finish off claiming he would make Steen suffer and destroy him. Match 3: Toni Storm, Charlotte Flair & Alexa Bliss VS Kairi Sane, Kay Lee Ray & Taya Valkyrie In an excellent six woman tag the team dubbed the Blonde Squad took on the misfits of the women of honor division. The two teams went to war with a brawl breaking out as soon as both teams got in the ring with each other. The two teams then hit each other with everything they had, the athletic yet brutal style of Bliss on display against Taya’s similar style, Charlotte's Natural raw talent and power being used to subdue to the high flying nature of KLR, Storm’s rage filled style taking the strong style of Sane head on. The two teams showed off their impressive ability until the match came to a conclusion with Sane somehow managing to fight back and hit Bliss with the Insane elbow. After the match Storm got extremely angry and she attacked Bliss and then Charlotte before leaving with her championship as the lone champion. Winners Via Pinfall @16:34: Kairi Sane, Kay Lee Ray & Taya Valkyrie! Main event: Strong Style Reinvented (Tomohiro Ishii & Shinsuke Nakamura) & Dalton Castle VS Bullet Club (Cody Rhodes, Adam Page & Keith Lee) In the main event of the evening a six man tag team match took place as Strong Style Reinvented members Tomohiro Ishii & Shinsuke Nakamura teamed up with Dalton Castle to take on Bullet Club members Cody Rhodes, Adam Page & Keith Lee. The two teams went to war hitting each other with everything they have at each other. The hatred between the two teams was fully on display with Bullet Club even throwing out the Moonsaults from Cody Rhodes and Keith Lee and the shooting star from Adam Page. The match came to an end after Keith lee hit Castle with the spirit bomb. After the match Shinsuke and Cody continued to brawl ahead of their match at All Star Extravaganza for the ROH World Championship. Shinsuke looked to have gotten the better of Cody until Keith Lee jumped in the ring and dropped Shinsuke with a pounce as he was going for a Bomaye. The show closed with Bullet Club posing over SSR and Castle. Winners via pinfall @24:36 : Bullet Club!
  8. Winner Takes All: Smackdown & Raw Women's Championship match: Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair: Becky Lynch WWE Championship match: Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston: Kofi Kingston Universal Championship match: Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins: Seth Rollins Intercontinental Championship match: Boddy Lashley vs. Finn Balor: Finn Balor United States Championship match: Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio: Samoa Joe Women's Tag Team Championship match: Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. The IIconics: The Iiconics Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Usos vs. Ricochet and Aleister Black vs. The Bar vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev: Aleister Black and Ricochet (they gotta win one of the tag titles this week right?) WWE Crusiserweight Championship match: Buddy Murphy vs. Tony Nese: Buddy Murphy Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre: Roman Reigns Batista vs. Triple H: Triple H Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles: AJ Styles Shane McMahon vs. The Miz: The Miz Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin: Kurt Angle Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: Andrade Wrestlemania Women's Battle Royal: Asuka ____________ (Main Show) First Match on PPV: Bobby Lashley VS Finn Balor Second to Last Match on PPV: Brock Lesnar VS Seth Rollins Women's Battle Royal First Eliminated: Lana Women's Battle Royal Last Eliminated: Mandy Rose Men's Battle Royal First Eliminated: Michael Che & Colin Jost (Get knocked out at the exact same time) Men's Battle Royal Last Eliminated: Ali Bonus Question 1: Will Kurt Angle have a second match? Yes Bonus Question 2: Will Undertaker make an appearance? No Bonus Question 3: Will Kofi Kingston come out to SOS? No Bonus Question 4: Does the US Championship become a multi-man match? No Bonus Question 5: (Outside of Undertaker) Who will make surprise appearances at Wrestlemania (Choose one)? Ric Flair.
  9. FDS

    Just the Beginning

    The camera and an interviewer are walking around backstage, the spot FDS and Echo Wilson also known as the Blacklist. The interviewer begins to move up to the two men. Interviewer: Excuse me, FDS, Echo Wilson, Can we get you’re tho- FDS slaps the interviewer, then slaps the microphone out of his hands FDS: DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE ARE IN THE MOOD TO TALK TO YOUR PATHETIC WANNABE JOURNALIST ASS? YOU THINK AFTER THE NIGHT WE HAD WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU?? HUH? YOU THINK THAT? Interviewer: I just wanted your tho- FDS: AND WHY DO YOU HAVE A MIC? YOU DON’T NEED ONE YOUR BACKSTAGE YOU IDIOT! Interviewer: Please I just want your thoughts on what happened tonight FDS: OH YOU WANT OUR THOUGHTS DO YOU? (to echo) HE WANTS OUR THOUGHTS. (To the interviewer, sarcastically) Well here's my thoughts. FDS Grabs the interviewer and throws him into a supply crate, Echo and FDS Begin stomping the living crap out of him, FDS gets him up and he throws him into Echo who nails him with a superkick! FDS then grabs the stunned interviewer from behind and delivers him a blood rainmaker. FDS then gets the interviewer up and he gets him up then gets him in position for a tombstone. FDS then drops the man with a sitout tombstone piledriver, Echo picks up the interviewer then drops him with a bloody sunday. FDS (To the interviewer fallen on the ground): THOSE ARE MY THOUGHTS! (looking into camera) Now Mr cameraman you better just stand right there, and not say a word, got it? The cameraman nods off camera. The camera shaking slightly as he is very nervous. FDS: Ok Good. No need to be nervous, that won’t happen to you (pointing at the interviewer) if you just stay quiet. Now (looking into camera), Tonight was less that ideal to say the least. Congratulations to Bart on becoming unified champion (Echo looking visibly annoyed by this) you’ll be keeping that championship nice and warm for the inevitable return of the title to being on the much better shoulders of Mr. Echo Wilson. And as for the intercontinental Championship and Money in the Bank, yes i am angered by that, yes i am somewhat disappointed in myself for what happened there but don’t rejoice just yet you simpletons, i’m not going anywhere. That hall of fame ring they slipped on my finger this weekend doesn’t mean I am anywhere near close to done. I have a lot more on my mind in terms of accomplishments before I finish up. And for those of you who are already writing off the blacklist as a failure let me just make one thing clear: this is not the end, This is only the beginning. Losses happen, sacrifices have to be made but this year the Blacklist will define BPZ, the Blacklist will conquer BPZ and it all starts with… The BPZ World Tag Team Championships. You see, I never got a rematch for the tag titles when I lost them. And while I care not for the worthless dimes, it’s more about the statement it makes. The idea of bringing back what rightfully belongs to me and when the two men who are blacklisted from the locker room hold one of the top championships in the company: What’s that gonna say about the people who work here? So Julius, Ropati “The saviours” as you dub yourselves, congratulations on your victory but like the male redback spider, Your success will be short lived and will be brutally devoured after you basically give yourselves to our menacing bite. So to “The Saviours”: You have been officially blacklisted and I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER. FDS steps back as Echo Wilson comes forward, a look of seething rage upon his face, looking directly into the camera.
  10. I can Confirm. Watch yourselves.
  11. "Oh I'm in an athletic competition let me where the most constricting thing possible" like why? You want to be able to do less stuff in the ring? What happens if someone pulls the shirt or the vest over your head? Just wear some normal ring gear, hell i'll take your terrible muffin top and stupid as "metal" tights over this crap.
  12. Now originally I would've said "oh Sasha and Bayley are clearly retaining" but unless they do some stupid shit in the finish of mania (highly unlikely) they can't do the four horsewomen moment where they all walk out as champions. So this leads to me to take my underdog pick, The Iiconics because.... THEY ARE AN ACTUAL SOLID TAG TEAM THAT HAVE BEEN TEAMING FOR YEARS! Like seriously the Divas of Doom aren't winning and Nobody wants to see the belts on Nia and Tamina as well as people being extremely bored of Sasha and Bayley just in general with the last year of them teaming being some boring ass weird lesbian angle that just never went anywhere. So why not actually put the titles on a tag team like the Iiconics.
  13. Waste of the demon character to be honest, like Balor decides to randomly just brings the Demon out at the most random times, Against Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin and Now Lashley but not against Lesnar? ridiculous. God Balor's clearly winning and I could not give less of a shit.
  14. This has probably had the best build up out of any of the mania matches except maybe Kofi VS Bryan not even gonna lie. I am very excited for this match, I have a feeling Drew and Reigns will work extremely well together and this could steal the show. Reigns has a good track record with big men (Strowman, Big Show, Lashley) and Drew is also a talented wrestler (not saying Reigns isn't). The only thing about this match I somewhat dislike is that this is Reigns' first major singles match back from leukemia so its obvious he'll win but other than that its a nice match I can hopefully appreciate.
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