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  1. FDS

    I'm Fine.

    Carnage Is live rolling as tonight we have seen the best and brightest of the carnage stars. We come back from commercial break just moments before what is anticipated as the Main Event of the evening but before that suddenly the lights all shut off, An unfamiliar shredding of guitar plays when the sounds of “Psychosocial” by Slipknot echo throughout the arena. The fans are confused for a moment but as the build up of the instrumental ends the letters “FDS” appear on screen as the lights in the arena turn red and the audience erupts. FDS walks out with a white light following him. He is without his mask, without his coat and without his ring gear. Dressed in a simple black suit. He quickly moves down into the ring, the fan’s look unnerved but excited remembering the three videos played previously. FDS gets in the ring and the ring crew throws the microphone into the ring terrified of the man who had been there previously months ago, the commentary team terrified of the man who had previously assaulted one of them. The memories of the psychopath who once terrorized ripe within every single person in the arena, Including the Psychopath himself. He stands in the ring looking down at his feet. The fans for some strange reason decide to chant “FD FD FD FUCKING S!” over and over again, for a moment FDS smiles to himself but then his face turns to a moment of remorse still looking at his shoes. He takes a deep breath and then looks up at the crowd. Hiya. The Crowd Cheers, FDS gives off a reluctant smile Well. Here I am. It’s been a while and I figured I’d come back and I’d address some stuff that has been going on with me lately. Soo I went to therapy for all my psychotic issues and… well, they helped I’m a lot better than I was. I believe that the sessions at the ward have helped to become a… b-better functioning member of society. I feel like the therapy sessions have… h-helped me get to the point that I am ready to return to this place and I feel like I am ready to compete here in BPZ! The fans look confused, the crowd is silent, FDS rubs his neck awkwardly I get that. I know you all want me to be the psychopathic man who says “I will make you suffer”. Well… FDS stops. He shakes his head and he tosses the mic and leaves the ring. He walks backstage as the cameras follow him, he ends up in the backstage locker room looking into a mirror, from the shadows a familiars presence appears behind him.
  2. Born: February 23rd 1990 Set Debut: July 14th 2013 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: Australian Active Wrestler Style: Psychopath Body type: Average built Size: Middleweight Min Size: Small Middleweight Max Size: Heavyweight Moves: Blood Rainmaker (Rainmaker), Spinning Tombstone Piledriver, Face Gimmick: Jimmy Havoc Heel Gimmick: Jimmy Havoc Mask: None Hair: Yes Favored Role: Wrestler
  3. FDS

    Part 3: Retracing

    A third Video is uploaded to the BPZ youtube channel, FDS is pictured this time sitting in an alleyway drinking an unknown liquid out of a brown paper bag, his hood is up to avoid being conspicuous, blood is stained on his left hand which is obscured by his body. FDS: (whispers) Why? There is only silence. FDS: (whispers) So now you don’t feel like talking? You caused that to happen and now you won’t even speak up about it? Voice: I caused nothing. That was all you buddy, just because you can’t accept it doesn’t mean that it was my fault. FDS: Then why the hell did it feel like I was out of control when that happened? Why did That feel like something evil inside me had taken control of me? Voice: Because you’re in denial. You can’t accept the fact that I am a part of you, that I am you and that I’m not just what you used to be, I am what you still are. Silence. FDS takes another swig of the unknown fluid Voice: Maybe it's time you see her again. Maybe she can help you realise who you really are. FDS: No… Voice: Why not? She made you this way after all… perhaps it’s time she felt what it’s like to suffer instead of making others suffer. FDS: She’s insane. Voice: She helped you! Don’t you remember? SHE WAS THE ONE THAT WAS THERE FOR YOUR LOW POINT! All those loses in BPZ, your failing life outside of the company, being stabbed in the back over and over again. She saved you from that. FDS: Yeah she also drove me insane, she created a demon inside of me that I apparently get rid of and again she is insane as well as manipulative. Voice: Well… then why not get some revenge on her? FDS: Ok if it’ll shut you up I’ll go see her. FDS throws the bottle of fluid on the ground smashing it revealing it to have been a small bottle of Johnny Walkers whiskey. The camera fades out from the alleyway into the site of what looks to be a dark abandoned house, FDS is seen walking up to the front door. A close up on FDS is shown, he rings the doorbell, the door is answered by a man holding a red book. Man: Oh hello Daniel, We’ve been expecting you. FDS: As always Credence. As always Credence: Indeed. Now if you won’t mind, the mistress is waiting for you in the back room so please follow me. FDS: Of course. FDS and Credence walkthrough the house, the floorboards creak as they walk over them, the sounds of screams can be heard beneath them, FDS ignores them and seems unfazed. The camera displays the disturbing photographs lining the walls of the house and the dark nature of the surrounding rooms. Credence and FDS make it to the back room, Credence steps to the side and points towards the room. FDS steps through into the room, a woman is pictured staring out of a large window viewing an overgrown garden. Woman: Credence. Shut the door. Credence: Certainly mistress. Woman: Hello Daniel. I’ve been expecting you. FDS: You always do. Samantha. Samantha: I sensed you are in inner conflict, do I need to remake you again? FDS: No that won’t be necessary. I simply wish to speak with you. Samatha: Of course, Please take a seat. Samantha points out a red leather couch, FDS walks over to it and takes a seat, Samantha sits in a large black chair across from it Samantha: So what is it you wish to discuss? FDS: I want to know… what exactly did you do to me? Samantha: Isn’t that obvious? I made you into a better man, I made you into a thing of beauty, I made you one of mine. FDS: See you said that during the entire time you did all this… but what I don’t understand is how you did that. Samantha: You’ve been to therapy haven’t you? FDS: Yes. Why? Samantha: Darling, there's nothing they can do to fix you. What I did to you is permanent. FDS: Is that so? Samantha: Indeed it is Darling. Samantha pours out two glasses of what seems to be vodka. She picks up a glass and then points at the other. Samantha: Please. Drink. I have a proposition for you. FDS lifts up the glass and swirls it before taking a small sip. Samantha: I’d like to stay here. Permanently. I’d like you to be my partner in the ruling of the hellscape I plan on creating. I’d like you to stay here and be what I made you be. Mine. FDS looks at the vodka from the side of the glass. He smirks and then snickers. FDS: I could do that... but… FDS throws the vodkas into the eyes of Samantha blinding her. He then stands up and takeouts a knife and stabs her multiple times. He then takes out some duct tape and ties her to the chair. FDS: You’re right. What you did to me can’t be undone but there I can suppress it… I just don’t feel like suppressing it right now. Samantha: (Laughing) Oh darling… you’re exactly how I wanted you to be. Go on… Finish me. FDS: You really think I’m going to let you die that peacefully? No. You and all the others can suffer exactly the way I did. Samantha: You would do that to the woman you love? FDS: I don’t love you. I never did. I used you. Hope you enjoy the hellscape I send you to. Samantha: Don’t you worry darling. I will. I have a feeling I’ll see you there very soon. Death won’t be enough to separate us. FDS laughs, he takes out a lighter, he uses the knife he used to stab Samantha to cut off a piece of fabric, He places it in the bottle of vodka then lights it, he grabs Samantha by the face and whispers to her: FDS: Goodbye Darling. FDS storms out of the house, Credence simply stares at him as the house begins to catch on fire. FDS continues to walk away. Voice: Does this mean I get to come out and play? FDS: Maybe… I don’t know. Guess we’ll find out when we get to where we’re going next. Voice: Are we going home? FDS: Sort of. The Camera fades out and suddenly a strange coded message appears on the screen with the sound of “I hope you Suffer” playing in the background 6419 1852021181419 2015 311814175 208919 235511 Cut to black
  5. Mythical Beast Battle Season 1 #5 Big Strong Bois Minotaur Origin The minotaur is believed to be the son of the wife of King Minos and a snow-white bull gifted to Minos by Poseidon. Minos was supposed to sacrifice the bull, however, found it too beautiful to do so, so Poseidon cursed Minos’ Wife to fall in love with the bull leading her to get herself impregnated by the bull. Location Labyrinthe in Crete. Most Common Myth Surrounding it The minotaur was originally raised by Minos and his wife, however, his lust for human flesh caused him to have to be imprisoned in a labyrinth underneath the Minoan palace of Knossos. After the death of King Minos’ son in Athens Minos demanded 8 male and 8 female sacrifices every year to the minotaur from Athens. One of these men would be Theseus who would successfully slay the minotaur. Strengths Super strength Super Speed Extreme Damage resistance Weaknesses Can be killed by regular weaponry means VS Cyclops (not the X-men Character) Origin (for this we will be looking at Polyphemus the cyclops) Polyphemus was the son of Poseidon and Thoosa. He was both a giant and a Cyclops and was therefore sent the island of the cyclops (sicily) Location Island of the Cyclops (Sicily) Most Common Myth Surrounding It Son of the God of the Sea and Thoosa and placed on the island of Sicily Strengths Super Strength Giant Super Endurance Weaknesses Impaired Vision Can be killed by regular weapons Overall decision Two Beasts in this matchup are very similar. Both the Cyclops and the Minotaur possess extremely high amounts of strength and while the Cyclops may have the size advantage on the Minotaur the Minotaur has been depicted as a very stealthy quick creature in his mythology. Overall I’d say due to the Minotaur outspeeding the Cyclops he could utilise the Cyclops’ visual impairment to take out the Cyclops and win the battle. Winner: The Minotaur Next Episode: The Ocean sucks right? The Kraken VS Charybdis (Aka giant whirlpool of Death)
  6. Tessa Blanchard Info Tessa Blanchard is one of the most decorated women's wrestlers on the in the world today as well as being the daughter of Wrestling Legend Tully Blanchard. At only 23 years of Age Tessa has managed to hold championships in companies such as Impact Wrestling, Wrestlecircus, The Crash, Shimmer Women's Wrestling and Women Superstars Uncensored just to name a few. Tessa has also had brief stints in WWE but usually only in one-off appearances such as her participation in the Mae Young Classic. Tessa Blanchard has been utilizing the Hammerlock DDT as her finishing manoeuvre as well as a Slingshot back suplex previously. What WWE Should do with them. Tessa is an extremely talented competitor but from what I’ve seen from her I believe she still could use some polishing. So I believe a run in NXT with her winning the NXT Women's Championship would be an excellent way to prepare her for the Main Roster. Her Heel persona, as well as her Charlotte Esque heritage with her, she could make an excellent heel embracing the idea that she deserves to be the top of NXT as her family wasn’t built in WWE but outside of it being the main driving force behind her title run during her time in NXT before maintaining the momentum on her rise onto the main roster. What WWE Could Do with them I believe this unlikely since WWE doesn’t seem to be putting a lot of American talent on the NXT UK brand but I think Tessa has worked previously in the UK and while it’s not her home when it comes to working on the indies it would allow her to keep working in the independents in some fashion. I, however, would much prefer to see her in NXT over NXT UK due to the fact that NXT Usually has a bigger audience whereas NXT UK due to its later hours has a smaller international audience and while I believe NXT UK is a great brand I feel like Tessa Would be a better fit for NXT over NXT UK. What WWE Will probably do with them The thing is with the limited amount of women’s championships in the WWE it feels unlikely with how many top-tier women WWE already has signed to the roster and how many more they are going to sign that she will be able to become women’s champion. I do however believe she will be successful, I believe she will be sort of Women’s mid carder similar to the women on the roster who have either won championships but only briefly while maintaining a somewhat decent win to lose ratio or women who have not won a Women's Championship but still get a decent push and are viewed positively by the fans. Next Episode: Jimmy Havoc
  8. I'd say Nakamura should win here but not cleanly. I'd say Ambrose comes in an Costs Rollins the match against Shinsuke with Shinsuke getting the distraction Victory of Some Kind
  9. FDS

    Part 2: Relapsing.

    Another Video is uploaded to the BPZ youtube Channel, the first image is following the back of the feet of someone walking, the Camera slowly moves up and then swivels around to reveal FDS walking nervously down the street. His hood still up from when he left his families house, he is continuously scratching himself as if he was a heroin addict who hadn’t had any for weeks. Voice: Come on DANIEL let me out. FDS (Quietly under his breath): No. I can’t do that Voice: Come on Danny boy, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO! FDS (Quietly under his breath): No… No I-I don’t Voice: Why Not? Afraid of facing the truth? Don’t be. You know what you are, you know exactly what you’ve done and there’s no turning back from that now. FDS (Quietly under his breath): And What exactly is that? Voice: A MURDERER! A PSYCHOPATH! THE EMPEROR OF CHAOS! YOU REMEMBER DON’T YOU? ALL THE THINGS YOU DID! DON’T YOU MISS THE SOUND OF A KNIFE SLICING THE FLESH OF A BODY? THE FEELING OF TORTURING SOMEONE FOR FUN? THE TASTE OF THE MEAT ON YOUR TONGUE? THE PAIN YOU CAUSED ALL THOSE PEOPLE? DON’T YOU MISS THAT? FDS smiles slightly with a sadistic smirk on his face before shaking his head and going back to his terrified expression. FDS (Quietly under his breath): N-No I don’t miss that… Voice: Then Why’d you Smile? FDS stops, there is a moment of complete silence, FDS looks to his left and to his right on his Right he notices a car park. He runs into it and he runs through it all the way to the bottom floor, he collapses at a wall between two cars, he breathes in a futile attempt to compose himself before collapsing in on himself and crying, a Woman suddenly walks past, she notices FDS, she walks up to him Woman: Excuse me, are you alright? FDS: Please… leave… Woman: Are you Sure? You seem like you need some company. FDS: Trust me, you don’t wanna help me. Woman: Why Not? FDS: I hurt people. Woman: We all do, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve help. The Woman puts her arm around the crying FDS, FDS looks up at her and with tears streaming down his face, he punches her in the face. He stands up and stomps her head into the concrete walls before picking her up and smashing her head through the glass window of a car. FDS looks at what he did to the woman, he covers his mouth with tears still streaming down his face, he runs out of the car park with the sound of a distorted laugh playing as blood drips out of the car from the woman's face. Fade to black.
  10. FDS

    NXT UK Discussion

    Been enjoying NXT UK so far. I like the whole building of an all scottish faction to take on british strong style since that seems like where they are heading. I think it would be interesting for the Coffeys to win the tag titles over moustache mountain since Bate and Seven are already established and The Coffeys can use this as momentum to demonstrate what kind of a tag team they are going to be and that they are a serious force. Wolfgang however does not need to win the UK title and i'd prefer Dunne lose it to mastiff since he is showing exactly how monstrous he is. Finally I think WWE should wait to take the title of Ripley to give it to Knox when she gets back since that would be an awesome revenge storyline for the mae Young Classic and it would cement Knox as a top star in NXT UK.