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  1. FDS

    Eyes on Summer.

    FDS is shown in the ring before a show, the footage shows FDS warming up before the show, running basic wrestling drills: Rolls, Running the ropes, sprawl drills. FDS then stops and a reporter comes up to him. Reporter: Excuse me FDS. FDS stops, and he leans on the ropes. FDS: *Sighs* you guys seriously always interrupt me at the worst possible times, what the hell do you want? Reporter: Well Summerslam is next week and we wanted to get your thoughts on not being apart of the show. FDS: *snickers* What makes you think i’m not apart of the show? Reporter: Well… you’re not in any of the matches. FDS: True but let me ask you this: When Bart Returned at King of the Ring was he not part of the show? Reporter: Well, he was bu- FDS: So basically what you said makes no goddamn sense and you’re interrupting me for no reason? Reporter: So are you saying you’re going to do something on the show that isn’t in a match. FDS: Look, if you really wanna find out what I’m doing at summerslam, watch summerslam. It’ll be on the neccework for some price I can't quite remember right now. So wait til summerslam, watch the show and you’ll see what i’m doing there. Reporter: Well, you mentioned the last time you spoke to a camera that someone made a proposal to you, care to speak on that? FDS: It isn’t any of your business what that proposal is, it’s a professional thing and if it was your business you’d know about it. Point is I have my eyes on some of the matches at summerslam, some of the guys competing in them, you’ll see soon what that was all about. Now can I get back to my warm up? I’m gonna have to work with some of the trainees soon so… Reporter: Yes very sorry, thank you for your time. FDS: Whatever. The Reporter walks away as the camera films FDS returning to his warm up as it fades out.
  2. Please for the love of god let this get handled more effectively than it was over the last few years. We don't need another King Barrett or King Sheamus, i hope the winner of this tournament actually gets pushed, whether thats just a mid card title run or moving into the main event, being king of the ring should actually mean something if their going to bring up the prestige of the tournament. If they do plan on taking it seriously for the love of god do not let Corbin win this, honestly I think that would be probably the worst possible thing they could do, anybody else winning it would be fine but just not Corbin. Anyway on a more positive note I am looking forward to seeing the innovative matchups we could be getting from this tournament. Theres a very high possibility for some unforeseen great matchups, for example I think Shelton VS Andrade would be awesome and Joe VS Drew gives us the opportunity to see where the two heel bruisers of Raw stand. My overall prediction for the Tournament just in general would be for Andrade to take the crown home and begin his transition to a top star of the company and if a RAW Wrestler is to win it i'd probably say Samoa Joe.
  3. Welcome back Steve, Good to see you again after all this time!
  4. 1. Jon Moxley Way I see it you need a top guy to build the company around and since I would probably want a product more on the edgier side if i'm picking up a top guy to be the face of the company i'd go Jon Moxley. He can work Either Face or Heel but more likely as a Heel 2. Drew McIntyre You need a guy who's going to be a top heel in the company and the guy who can remain as a consistent top heel for a good amount of time would be Drew. He works as a monster Heel to reign over the roster. His match quality is also extremely high so that'd be an incentive to keep him around. 3. Kazuchika Okada Okada is right now one of the hottest wrestlers in the world, being the top star of new japan allows for him to fill the spot of a top babyface. His match quality speaks for itself and while promos may be an issue you can easily pair him with a mouth piece and he's even popular in places that for the most part don't understand Japanese. 4. The Usos In my opinion they best tag team in the world right now is the Usos. I don't see a single tag team that can touch them in terms of Match quality and Promo ability. They would be the main part of the tag team division if I were to put together a company. 5. Robbie Eagles While most of the wrestlers i've listed so far have been established guys, one of the guys one the younger side who while has a somewhat well known image he still has a lot to show off is Robbie Eagles and having him as a solid mid carder to build up over time would be worth it in my opinion.
  5. FDS now steps backstage after his match with Josh, he makes his way over to the table and he takes a seat, with a sadistic smile on his face, the blood of josh dried on his arm, a few thumb tacks sticking into him, FDS then removes the thumbtack sleeve from his arm. Well. That was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. You know brutalising him like that really reminded me why I used to wrestle that style so often… but now I'm done with that for at least a while, I didn’t take much damage luckily but I beat the hell out of Josh. The Vulture over there now going to scavenge on my scraps but I don’t really care. I did what I came to do tonight, I came to kill Josh which I did and I came to tie off loose ends with CHAOS which I did. So that’s all wrapped up and the fans are happy, they got to watch me be a bit of a novelty act and that does annoy me slightly but at the same time I feel good. People may think I went too far in that match, maybe I should’ve gone a little bit easier on Josh… but this has been building for the last 2 years and I have never got to get my hands on him… well, not one on one at least and now I showed him exactly what kind of pain he deserved. So Josh, understand this: Me and You are finished, we’re done. I don’t wanna hear from you again. We are done. FDS now grabs a bottle of water and he takes a swig So the question everybody has is: What’s next for FDS? What is next for the Wrestler? I don’t have a match for summerslam as it currently stands and nobodies really been pissing me off that much. So what Is next for The Wrestler? To be Honest, I couldn’t tell ya. Maybe I will go and regain my Premium Championship, Maybe I go after the Intercontinental Championship and try to get to 4… I can’t go for the World title currently since that’s set in stone at Summerslam. FDS pauses and he thinks for a second. Actually, now that I think about it… I did get a business opportunity proposed to me by some… old friends per say, I could accept that… Hmm… it is a very tempting offer… you know what I might just accept that offer. FDS gets up and is about to leave, then suddenly one of the reporters speaks up. What is that Proposal FDS? FDS stops and he turns to the reporter. Don’t worry about it. FDS walks off into the locker room as the camera cuts out.
  6. Emergence continues as we have just seen the deadman’s hand capture the tag team championship from The Big Ballers. The ring canvas is now being changed for the upcoming match. The Lights go out and the match graphic for the FD Rules match appears on screen. The lights come back on and then the theme of Manchester’s Number One begins to play. Joshua Scott makes his way out to the ring, he looks nervous but tries to maintain his composure. He heads into the ring and does some posing for the audience who jeer at him. Josh stands in his corner now awaiting the arrival of his opponent. The lights go out, the fans are expecting FDS to enter to his new theme music “Scars” by I Prevails but something familiar then plays instead… The Emperor of Chaos’ theme erupts throughout the arena and the fans go insane and FDS steps out dressed in his old garb. FDS steps into the ring and stares down with Josh, FDS rips his mask off and then stands in the middle of the ring and hits the rainmaker pose with the middle fingers extended out with the fans going insane. “We Are” fades away and the fans begin to chant “FD FD FD F***** S”. Josh stands in the corner, looking on in disgust, FDS then turns and looks at Josh. The two men stare at each other from opposite corners, the bell rings and the two men immediately charge at each other exchanging blows. FDS comes ahead though putting Josh into the corner, FDS then just continues to unload strikes onto Josh just beating the hell out of him, until Josh is in seated position in the corner, FDS then slides out of the ring, he grabs a chair from ringside, he wedges it in front of the face of Josh, Josh now stuck in the corner and FDS goes to the adjacent corner before charging at Josh and kneeing the chair into his face! Josh now rocked, FDS though not done he rolls out of the ring again and he grabs some light tubes, he throws them into the ring, FDS then gets back into the ring, he calls for Josh to get back up, Josh slowly gets back to his feet but the minute he turns around FDS smashes the light tubes over his head! Josh down, FDS now with a sick look on his face. FDS then goes out of the ring and begins to grab every single chair he can and throw them into the ring, after assembling a large pile of chairs FDS gets back in the ring and Josh throws a chair into the head of FDS but it doesn’t phase FDS who just laughs at Josh, Josh looks terrified now, FDS grabs the wrist of Josh and smashes him with a short arm Blood Rainmaker! FDS then grabs Josh back up, he takes him over to the corner and places him on the top rope, FDS then climbs up behind him and then FDS Just drops him with a massive suplexes onto the chairs! Josh then rolls out of the ring in an attempt to escape FDS but FDS, Sprints over to the top rope and nails Josh with a triangle moonsault! FDS now gets Josh back up and throws him into the barricade, Josh now leaning on the barricade and FDS charges at nails him with a dropkick smashing him into the barricade before Josh can fall over FDS gets him up and drops him with a Go Home Driver on the Outside! FDS now going under the ring again, he looks to be pulling something out from under the ring… AND IT'S A STEEL CHAIR WITH THUMBTACKS GLUED ONTO IT! FDS now about to go smash Josh in the head with it but Josh kicks FDS in the gut stopping him from doing so, FDS drops the chair, Josh now tries to get FDS and he drops him with a 77 Snap on the outside! FDS gets back up quite quickly though, Josh though sees the thumbtack chair, he places the chair underneath FDS, Josh now trying to slam FDS onto the chair but FDS stops Josh by elbowing him in the head, FDS then turns Josh around and he nails him with a tiger suplex onto the chair! Josh Can’t move! FDS now grabs the head of Josh and begins to grind it on the steel chair laughing while he does it, FDS then releases him before picking him up and throwing him back into the ring. FDS then goes under the ring and he grabs… a bottle of tequila and a photograph of Josh? FDS then slides back into the ring, he then hyper extends the arm of Josh AND HE BEGINS PAPERCUTTING BETWEEN THE FINGERS OF JOSH AND THEN POURING TEQUILA ON THE CUTS! FDS then takes the arm and snaps it back, FDS then takes a swig of tequila and then pours the rest of it on the bloody face of Josh! FDS then goes out of the ring again and he brings in a bag, he empties the bag onto the floor to reveal thumbtacks! FDS then grabs Josh back up and he drops him with a back suplex onto the thumbtacks! FDS now just smiling with a sick look on his face, Josh then rolls out of the ring and falls on the floor Josh bleeding all over his body. FDS then goes under the ring and he pulls out… some lemons? OH MY GOD FDS SQUEEZES THE LEMONS OVER THE BACK JOSH! Josh Cringing in pain! FDS now goes under the ring again and he brings out a belt! FDS now just smashing the belt over the back of Josh just whipping him with it beating the hell out of him with the belt. FDS staring at Josh with malice in his head, FDS then grabs Josh up onto the Apron, he takes Josh and he piledrives him onto the ring apron! FDS now looking to be about to finish it, he goes under the ring and he brings out a thumbtack sleeve! FDS now sliding the sleeve onto his arm, he gets Josh up and he nails him with a Blood Rainmaker with the Thumbtack sleeve on! FDS now kicking Josh in the head a few times but Josh somehow crawling up on FDS’ boots, FDS just laughs and kicks Josh down, FDS then goes under the ring and he grabs a table! FDS then throws the table into the ring, FDS then grabs Josh up and throws him back into the ring, FDS after setting up the table, he takes Josh up to the top rope and he nails him with a flipping DDT through the table! FDS now gets Josh again and he makes Josh bite down on the bottom rope, FDS the steps back for a second as the ref is attempting to check on Josh but FDS Just stomps on the back of the head of Josh! FDS now goes back out of the ring and he grabs his blood stained white steel chair, he sets it up in the middle of the ring, he picks up Josh in burning hammer position and then he drops Josh with Lay you to sleep! FDS now kicking Josh out of the ring, he follows him out of the ring, FDS looking to be about to get Josh up for another blood rainmaker but his body completely collapses, FDS just now kicking Josh in the back of the head on the outside, the ref checking on Josh, the ref then makes the signal that Josh is out, Josh is unable to continue, FDS wins the FD Rules Match via Knockout! FDS just laughs staring at the broken body of Josh, FDS then goes under the ring one more time and he pulls out a CHAOS T-Shirt, he takes it and he throws it on top of the broken body of Josh, Medics begin to check on Josh, FDS then just laughs and begins to walk away as his theme music is playing after winning the match, FDS is walking up the ramp but then suddenly somebody begins to sprint past him making a B-Line for Josh…
  7. News update! What do you guys think of the new content revealed? Personally I like the regional form exclusive evolution Idea and I hope they keep it in the future, i also appreciate the badger aesthetic of the Galarian Zigzagoon line while Galarian weezing looks like the most ridiculous thing ever and I love it. The Rivals look a bit meh while the new team kind of disappoints me personally but im still excited.
  8. F4Wonline.com The Tournament looks stacked this year and they have gone all out with the list of participants. My current prediction is jonathan gresham but I am super excited for the tourne.
  9. So far the Television Debut for AEW is looking good. I am excited to see the crowning of their first ever AEW womens Champion and am curious to see how they'll book their women's division as opposed to say WWE. The mystery tag team partners for Jericho intrigue me the most, the one that got me the most excited is that I heard it could possibly be LAX due to the fact that they have now finished up with Impact Wrestling. Cody facing Guevara is interesting but nothing really that interesting as Guevara comes across a bit like enhancement talent at this point in his AEW run. I'll be interested to see what Moxley will be doing on the show, i guess it'll depend on the results of All out. Overall I am excited for the launch of AEW On TNT and can't wait to see what they bring to the table.
  10. While this is a blatant way to sell tickets I do like that WWE is giving us a dream match that has the potential to actually be good and that is actually a proper dream match. Charlotte should have the ability to help Trish throughout this match but I doubt Trish will struggle too much in the match itself. While it makes sense for Charlotte to get the rub from the legend in Trish, I could see Trish getting a home town victory. I think this might be a decent match all in all.
  11. Bloody brilliant match this looks to be. The Striking ability of Lorcan is extremely impressive and this match has the potential to be very brutal for WWE standards. I'm predicting Gulak will retain as he has just picked up the title and i doubt they have short reign for the man. This match should hopefully open many more people up to Oney Lorcan and exactly how good of a wrestler he is though.
  12. SFW Friday Night Carnage 53 Opening Match: Adam Masters VS Jacob Yamada In Adam Masters first match since goldrush, he would return to take on Jacob Yamada. Masters would begin by attacking Yamada before the match hitting him with a dropkick into the corner. Yamada would then begin to attempt to fight back hitting a series of lariats and suplexes followed up by an impressive piledriver dropping Masters on his neck. Yamada would then appear to set up for the tribute but as he went for the German, Masters would flip over and catch Yamada with a samoan drop. The two would then continue to exchange maneuvers until as Masters would catch Yamada with a powerbomb before following up with a summer breeze for the victory. After the match, Strike force would beat the hell out of Yamada as a way to send a message to Julius Jones. Match 2: Prince Jack III & Angelo Catio VS Yelich Anderson & BIC The next match on the show was an impressive tag team match pitting Opponents against each other as Prince Jack III teamed up with Angelo Catio to take on Yelich Anderson and BIC. The match would kick off with Anderson and Jack in the ring together and the two men would shake hands before the match would begin. The match would have the two teams showing off incredible maneuvers while giving everything they have against each other. The match would come to a conclusion as BIC go for no regret only Catio to counter it into a spin out powerbomb before locking in the STFU for the victory. After the match, things would get a bit intense between Jack and Anderson causing for Catio and BIC to break them apart. Match 3 (Non-Title): Arius VS Mil Almas In another non-title preview of the Television Championship match, the up and coming Arius took on the Roundtable of Excellence’s Mil Almas. The match began with Almas hitting a pre match assault on Arius throwing him into the steps and brutalising him on the outside of the ring. Arius would be hindered throughout the match due to this assault as every time he would attempt to mount a comeback Almas would target one of the areas that he had brutalised Arius in before the match. Almas would then nail a superkick on Arius but that wouldn’t be enough to beat him. The match would continue with Arius finally mounting a successful comeback about to hit the lifting osaka street cutter but he wasn’t able to lift up Almas for the move. The match would continue with the two men trading moves, Almas hitting a few more superkicks and Arius hitting the kick and sweep combination and finally hitting the osaka street cutter. Arius would then look to end the match with “The Sentence” but Almas would counter it into a modified small package for the victory. After the match, Almas would escape clutching his championship. Match 4: Tamer & David Haskins VS The Future Starrs In the semi-main event of the evening, a rematch pitting The Future Starrs against the Ungovernable duo of Haskins and Tamer against each other would take place. This match would be impressive with the two teams throwing everything they had at each other. Haskins and Starr exchanging a series of strikes and trading off suplexes while Tamer and Kirby demonstrated a more devious style of wrestling against each other still utilising brutal maneuvers in order to gain an advantage in the match. The match looked to be about to come to an end after The Future Starrs hit a hurricanrana into a powerbomb combination on Haskins but Tamer would stop the pinfall from taking place by pulling the ref out of the ring. This would allow Tamer to take advantage and utilise a steel chair while the ref didn’t see. Haskins and Tamer would then get Kirby up and drop him down with a Samoan Drop neckbreaker combination and look to get the victory but Starr would break up the pinfall with a shooting starr press. The match would finally conclude with Tamer and Haskins hitting Starr with an assisted Terminal Velocity on the outside as well as throwing Kirby into the steel steps and then the crowd. This would allow for Haskins and Tamer to win via countout. After the match, Kirby would call out the two men he referred to as “Dickheads” Kirby would then state that he wanted a rematch at Last Shot but this time a No Disqualifications match, Tamer agreed under the condition that it would be for a shot at the SFW World Tag Team Championships. Main Event: Ryan Reeves, Bart Johnson & KENJI VS The Roundtable of Excellence (King Slim & Ice Cold) In the main event, a star studded six man tag team match would take place as the contenders would face the champions. The match would be very impressive with several forms of tag team offense with the Anti Heroes showing renewing their rivalry with Ice Cold partially and the up and comer KENJI getting the opportunity to square off with the SFW World Champion. We would also get a preview of last shot with Reeves and Slim briefly going at it continuing to demonstrate their hatred for each other, Johnson and KENJI meanwhile would seek to take down the tag team champions hitting them with everything they possibly could. The Roundtable looked to have the match in hand when Slim was about to hit Reeves with the World title while the ref was distracted with Ice Cold brawling with Johnson and KENJI on the outside. Slim looked to be about to hit it but Reeves fired back with a Sanity Breaker before following it up with a Destablizer for the win. After the match, Reeves would grab a mic and would state that he would be taking back the championship that rightfully belongs to him and he would go onto main event clash of the titans for the second year in a row. The show would close with the challengers standing tall.
  13. FDS

    An Untalented Hack.

    FDS picks up the microphone and looks at Josh, a mix of annoyance and disbelief are communicated through the expressions on FDS’ face. CHAOS’ Number 1 Huh… Really? Is that why you were the first one out of the 3 of us to get eliminated from the king of the ring tournament? Is that why you had to leech onto BIC? Because you were the number 1 In CHAOS, is that right? Josh nods and says off mic “Yeah that's right” Well… that is the most delusional thing you have ever said to anyone Josh. Now I could go on and talk about how you betrayed CHAOS. I could talk about how I was hurt by it but I should’ve expected it. I could talk about how I already beat you the month before the for the intercontinental title at BPZMania but I won’t. I won’t because you don’t wanna talk to FDS do you? You wanna talk to Daniel. You want to speak to the man behind the personas, behind the wrestler… Fine. Let’s talk Josh man to man. No personas, no locker room talk, two men standing a ring together having a conversation. Josh, while it’s true FDS does hate you because of what you did on screen, Daniel Stevenson hates you for completely different reasons. I remember arriving at a show when we were touring together, I was riding with Ark and You that night when we got to the show. Man, I remember how fun those road trips with you guys were… but then you decided to screw it up. I saw you talking to Slim, I paid no attention to it, I assumed you were having a conversation. Then you didn’t leave with Ark and I you went and road with “the big boys” you wanted so badly to reach the top of BPZ that you’d do anything to get there. You worked with all the people who didn’t want me to succeed and you sold out your friends. You abandoned everybody in that locker room because you wanted to be something, you wanted to feel important, you wanted to be on top… but what did it cost you? After all the dust had settled, where did you stand? You were alone. You had nobody. Your “friends” had left you to fend for yourself and the people who actually cared about you you turned your back on. So FDS hates you for the things you did to him in this ring… but Daniel Stevenson hates you because you betrayed the people who actually cared about you. So Josh, you wanna say I used you? I USED YOU?! I USED YOU!?! YOU USED ME MANY TIMES TO GET YOUR OWN PERSONAL GAIN AND WHETHER IT WAS PROFESSIONAL OR PERSONAL YOU USED ME TO TRY AND GET YOURSELF AHEAD IN THIS COMPANY AND WHERE DID IT LEAVE YOU?! FDS breathes in and steps towards Josh. I’ll tell you it where it left you. You were in worse shape then when you were with me. You could’ve taken the high road Josh, you could’ve inspired all those people in the locker room, you could’ve turned down the offer people made for you and tried to make it in this industry by yourself like I did… but you chose the dark path, you chose to be selfish and sell out all the people who had your back and then you wondered why nobody wanted you in the locker room. I felt pity for you at first Josh, at first I thought you just didn’t know what you were doing… but then i realised exactly the kind of self centred, untalented, waste of space of a human being you were. So before I switch back to FDS, Daniel has one more thing to say: You ever bring up my personal name again I will flat out stick a blade in you. A vicious, serious look comes on the face of FDS staring down with Josh, Josh looks shocked by it, the two men get into each others face, Josh shoves FDS, FDS then immediately goes for a double leg takedown and begins laying shots into the face of Josh not holding anything back, the strikes coming across as very brutal. Security suddenly rushes out and they try to pull FDS off Josh but as they do Josh then grabs FDS and begins to lay shots into FDS, the locker room then begins to empty as they try to seperate FDS and Josh only for the two men to continuously hit each other in the head. The locker room and security finally manage to separate FDS and Josh with the two men now bleeding from the skull, screaming at each other. The hatred between the two men radiating off the two men. Josh is then escorted out of the ring by security and a wall of humanity is put up between FDS and Josh. Josh yells “I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!” at FDS, FDS responds “YOU DON’T HAVE IT IN YOU!”. Josh is escorted out of the arena by security, FDS stands in the ring, Ryan Reeves then comes over and talks to FDS trying to get him to calm down. FDS is seething, he just rolls out of the ring and he leaves through the crowd still bleeding. The segment closes with BPZ officials in the ring concerned about the upcoming match at emergence.

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