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  2. FDS

    NXT Tag Team Championship Discussion

    I think its Awesome that WWE have all 3 members of British Strong Style holding championships in the WWE, it makes the NXT United Kingdom brand look amazing with 3 of their top guys already holding gold but what this makes me question is who are they going to put the NXT UK Tag belts on? Should be interesting but for now i can't wait to get to watch this match.
  3. Finished this early so decided to drop it early. Mythical Beast Battle Season 1 #1 Cerberus Origin The Cerberus was first depicted in ancient greece as the 3 headed hell hound guardian of Hades, offspring of Echidna (not the australian animal) a half woman half snake and Typhon a monsterous serpentine giant. Location Greek Underworld aka Hades Most Common Myth Surrounding it The cerberus is most commonly known as the guardian of the river styx and first appears in the 12 trials/labours of hercules with the Cerberus being the 12th trial being subdued but not killed by hercules. Strengths Mane of Snakes, most likely venomous Heightened strength Venomous bite in some accounts Long, sharp teeth Immortal Control over Fire Weakness(es) Weakness is being overpowered That's it. You can’t kill it. Werewolf Origin A shapeshifting Human that when under a full moon transforms into a lycanthrope or werewolf usually due to being bitten or scratched by another lycanthrope or via being cursed by a witch. Emerged in early nordic folklore. Location Most of Europe Most Common Myth Surrounding it No most common myth, demonstrated in multiple different myths and mediums. Most common pop culture depictions include The Harry Potter and Twilight franchises. Strengths Superhuman Strength, speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance, durability, stamina Heightened senses Ability to inflict lycanthropism onto other humans Regenerative healing factor Weakness(es) Vary depending on werewolf but usually silver If the moon becomes covered or is no longer full then the transformation ceases Not immortal. Overall Decision I forgot how overpowered the Cerberus actually is when i came up with this battle to be honest. All things considered with all the abilities stacked up they seem equal… until we get to the weaknesses. The Werewolf’s list of weaknesses while not long is still quite a problem for the beast compared to the cerberus. The werewolf would be on a timer as once the moon disappears from the sky he’s back to being a human and if the werewolf hasn’t overpowered the cerberus by that point he’s dog, snake thing food. I’d say the cerberus would have this battle won quite decisively with its venomous bite not even needing to being considered which could easily kill the Werewolf within one bite as well as it possibly being set on fire and burnt to death as we are unsure of the effects of fire on a werewolf however i believe the cerberus’ animal like tendecies and nature would cause for it to defeat the werewolf within this first fight. Winner: Cerberus Next Battle: Horses… Kinda. Unicorn VS Pegasus
  4. Mythical Beast Battle 2: Why am I bringing this back? (and for the new people) What is This? Well it's been a while since I originally did this and since them i've expanded my knowledge on Mythical Beasts and Myths in general so i figured now would be a good time to bring it back and i've been a bit bored lately so this should give me an interesting way to demonstrate my knowledge on these subjects as well as do long term projects that aren't boring as shit like in 50% of my HSC assignments. Now what is this for you new people, Mythical beast Battle originally was a series of different comparisons between different mythical beasts with a varying theme each week and i would allow for other people to select which creatures would face which as long as they were in accordance to that weeks theme but i'll be doing things a bit differently. What's Changing and Whats staying? So I figured that the last time i did this that it would take too long to do to wait for people to give me suggestions, then research said suggestions etc etc so instead this time every 2 battles I will allow for you guys to pick one of the beasts in the battle for that week, also It will now be in a tournament style bracket in order to determine the best mythical beast for what i'm dividing up into seasons with the winner of each bracket then facing off against the current champion, also we will no longer make it exclusive to just the mythical beasts of these myths as we will also be adding in the gods and demigods of these myths and legends to make it a bit more interesting however for these battles featuring gods and demigods we will most likely have them outside of tournament for the final change I will be doing this more often than weekly most likely maybe upping it to twice a week. To what's staying the same we'll be keeping the themes for each battle as I think it'd be boring to have the kraken against the minotaur which just ends cuz the minotaur drowns and the format will most likely stay the same with a few additions to it but that's about it. So the first Battle is coming out on Friday I promise at it Will be.... Theme: Wolves and Dogs! Cerberus VS Werewolf
  6. Peter Wilchester enters the Manchester Arena for his final carnage match before heading over to evolve and it’ll be interesting to see what shape he’s in after this No Disqualifications match, he seems to be in high spirits as the UK crowd seems to be more welcoming than the usual American Crowds but that may have something to do with Wilchester's opponent tonight. Wilchester is in the ring in the corner and he climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd before jumping down as the lights in the arena go out. As the final hit of the snare goes off FDS steps out with a spotlight solely focused on him, the fans booing him relentlessly, he stands at the top of the ramp at then shows the fans exactly what he thinks of them. He then walks down to the ring and doesn’t even toy with the fans instead opting to get into the ring, he throws his mask off and he throws his jacket off to reveal his white attire with a new version of the “Die FD Die” shirt, this one having on the back “Fuck you All”. The ref sounds for the bell and right out of the gate FDS corners Wilchester and beats the piss out of him in the corner before throwing him out of the ring, FDS then follows him out of the ring and throws him into the ringpost! FDS then picks up Wilchester and he brings him over to the ring apron, he hangs him up on it and he DDTs him onto the outside! FDS now goes under the ring and he brings out a table! FDS sets up the table and then he picks up Wilchester and he takes him up onto the apron, he sets him up in position for a piledriver and then he jumps off the apron through a table! FDS is then smiling as he then gets back up and he goes under the ring and begins to bring out light tubes! FDS then looks like he’s about to hit Wilchester with them but then he gets a sadistic smile on his face, he goes back under the ring and he brings out another table! He then takes the table over to the other part of the apron, he lays it so that it bridges the ring apron and the barricade, he then brings the light tubes over and lays them across the table. He then goes and grabs Wilchester, he takes Wilchester up onto the apron and he body slams him through the table and the tubes!! FDS is now sitting on the ring apron laughing, he then picks up Wilchester again and throws him back into the ring, FDS then goes under the ring and he brings out a steel chair which he slides into the ring, FDS then gets back in the ring and he lays the chair underneath the corner, FDS then grabs Wilchester and drags him over to the corner, FDS then goes to the second rope and he then picks him up and piledrives him from the second rope onto the chair! FDS picks up Wilchester and he gets him in position and then nails him with the go home driver! FDS then finally picks up Wilchester and he nails him with the Breakneck Driver! FDS covers wilchester and mercifully ends it. FDS then throws Wilchester out of the ring and yells “Get out of my ring you piece of shit!”. FDS then sits down in the middle of the ring and then just listens to his theme as the fans boo him. FDS then decides to leave but not before grabbing the camera and says into it “You ain’t seen shit yet”. FDS then exits.
  7. FDS

    NXT June 6th Official Discussion

  8. FDS

    Homecoming of The Hated.

    Carnage rolls on as we have seen the Universal Champion Necce, The Two finalists for the Carnage Cup Flynn and Julius and many many more but tonight the fans have been waiting for one major thing: The return of the Psychotic FDS to his home on carnage. The lights suddenly go down before ominous guitar plucking begins to haunt the arena. A spotlight emerges following FDS as he walks out to the arena dressed in white, he stands at the top of the stage and he lets the fans know exactly what he thinks of them. He walks down to the ramp with boos echoing throughout the arena over the top of his theme music, he gets into the ring and he throws down his mask so that he can spit on the carnage logo in the middle of the ring, the fans booing him even more as his music fades. He snatches a microphone from a ring crew member who looks terrified of FDS. The audience then begins to chant “FD You’re a Cunt! FD FD You’re a Cunt!”. FDS then grins and then just lifts the Microphone. Well I may be a cunt but you all payed to see me so sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up so I can Speak! The Crowd Boo FDS even louder as he just smirks and laughs while he sits himself down in the middle of the ring just holding the mic up as the boos rain down from everywhere in the arena. FDS then rolls out of the ring and slides a chair into the ring, he sets it up in the center of the ring and just waits for the boos to stop. The Audience quiet down finally and FDS then stands up and kicks the chair over and begins to speak. God dammit it feels…. So fucking bad to be back here. I was having so much fun over on evolve but now i’m back here with all you pathetic swine that sweat and make these arenas nothing more than disgusting slop houses… but this isn’t about you. FDS looks over to the announce table and he sees Larry Graves the man he put out of action when he first became the insane man that we’ve seen for the last few months, he smiles. Oh Larry, its you. Hows your Neck Buddy? Larry flips off FDS and FDS makes a look on his face that he’s offended No need to be like that Larry. Don’t worry I won’t hurt you… unless you decide to try and disrespect me like that again because if you do I will tear you to pieces. FDS turns away from the announce table as Larry looks extremely uncomfortable at the sight of FDS. Now if you want to know what I’m doing here then open your idiotic ears and i’ll be brief about this: I don’t have an opponent for The Carnage Cup Finals. Now while I will be watching those finals very closely because of a certain person of interest within that match. I think I need to get myself warmed up for Judgement day when I go through with my plans to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. So whoever wants to be my warm up feel free to make yourself known… but not here tonight. I will wait for the announcement from my lair and I will be happy to torture you and make you hurt… and one more thing: No matter who my opponent the match will be No Disqualifications so that there are no excuses, I don’t want any “FDS cheated to beat me” because I can’t cheat if there are no rules. So to whoever wants to face me I will make you hurt, I will make you bleed and I will make you - The fans await for FDS to say his signature line but FDS just shakes his head. Not now. Not yet. FDS drops the mic and walks away as the fans boo him. He walks over to the announce table before leaving and he stares at Larry Graves with a sadistic look on his face and he says to him “you better watch my goddamn matches with some enthusiasm got it?” Graves knods as FDS walks away but not before picking up a water bottle and splashing water all over Graves as the fans boo FDS as he walks while Graves stands up and tries to get him but FDS just ignores him walking away. FDS makes it to the top of the ramp and he looks over his shoulder and just smirks as he makes his way to the back.
  9. FDS

    NXT May 30th Discussion

  10. FDS

    Burn the Past Part 1

    Video Start FDS is sitting in an empty bar, no bartender or other customers in the area, just FDS sitting in the bar with a loosened tie, a dirty black jacket. He’s sitting there with a half full glass of whiskey and a half full bottle of whiskey. He signals to a non existent bartender, he then pours himself another glass of whiskey before looking at the bottle. He then begins to laugh, getting more maniacal as he continues to laugh, He then throws the bottle at the wall before starting to breathe heavily, the Camera flashes to show FDS’ being covered in blood with a sadistic look of anger on his face, the Camera flashes again reverting FDS back to his original state, FDS then takes out a lighter and begins to flick it on and off, he then turns towards to the camera. That was one very interesting Main Event. Mayhem really was just that… Complete Mayhem. So I understand that both Necce and Johnny boy are very angry at what I had to say after the tag title match…. Now maybe a few weeks ago I would’ve cared about what the two of them thought…. But recently I’ve realised something. I am on a timer right now. I don’t know how long my career will keep going for… but I plan on torturing as many people as I can before time catches up with me. I haven’t been competing much recently… i’ve been thinking. Considering my options. Figuring things out on my own. I haven’t let anyone know in on my plans… and maybe that’s why tag partner hates me now… but like I said: I do not care about him. I never did. He’s not my focus. My focus is the one man who I have Never beaten. And that man just so Happens to currently hold the title that I will do anything, give anything to get a hold of… even if it kills me. I am a broken man… I have no allies… No friends… no championships… I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am willing to tear my body apart, cut it to pieces, burn everything that i have right now. But I don’t think you are the same… you have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Your at the top of the food chain right now. The Lion. sitting atop your throne as the king of the savannah with all your guards and protection of other creatures protecting you… but you weren’t expecting this. The Lion that you sent away from the Pride has returned and is here to challenge you for your throne. Every time I’ve challenged you for a position I’ve had something to lose… not this time. I have no one who respects me, no one who cares about me and nothing around my waist or on my shoulder… All I have is my body and I am willing to do anything. You’ve beaten me every time before. Intercontinental Championship... Universal Championship… Money in the Bank…. FDS clenches the glass in his hand crushing it, making him bleed with whiskey going into the cuts, FDS is unreactive to this amount of pain, blinded by rage. This time… I won’t let it be the same. I’m not going to be a One FKO and we’re done… If you wanna get rid of me this time… you’re gonna have to kill me. I’ll be on Carnage Next week. Issuing an Open Challenge to anyone on the roster or in the city that we’re in because I do not care particularly on who wants to fight me… and I need a warmup.... But know this: When we meet I Will Make yo- FDS stops and he shakes his head. No. Burn the Past. Make it catch the Future. FDS stands up and he goes behind the bar, he takes out a bottle of vodka out, he opens it up and pours it all over the bar. He goes out of the bar and just as he’s about walk out he tosses his lighter onto the bench and walks out. The Camera man runs out terrified out of his mind, it stares at FDS. FDS has the look of a man who could kill him but instead FDS walks off into the distance humming an ominous song. Cut to Black

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