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  1. SFW Friday Night Carnage 52 Lineup Opening Match SFW Continental Championship: Julius Jones (c) VS ??? Match 2: Bart Johnson & KENJI VS Strike Force (Overheel & Nathan Clarke) Match 3 Number One Contenders Match for the SFW Lightweight Championship: Ropati VS Hans Clayton Match 4 SFW Television Championship match Qualifier: Arius VS Jacob Yamada VS Tamer VS Kin Takeshi Goldrush Winner Yelich Anderson to make first appearance since winning the match Main Event: Ryan Reeves, BIC & Angelo Catio VS The Roundtable of Excellence (King Slim, Aidanator & Mil Almas)
  2. Well, I don't know if I agree with this rule from Impact. I get that they don't want them wearing unlicensed merchandise on Impact shows thats fine but keep in mind Impact doesn't pay them everything and they make more from merchandise which they create by themselves over merch that Impact makes and therefore takes a cut of. So it's hard to say if this is good or not but I do understand it from a financial and business standpoint they would want this. I guess they can still sell them but to be honest it is a bit of a cut in some people on the roster's finances.
  3. I mean, it's not that I don't find these two interesting but the combination of the two just doesn't interest me. To me Lacey is someone you would build up to take the title from Lynch but being first and second title defence for Becky just doesn't seem fitting. I don't see Lacey taking the title from Becky and to be honest I hope this is the last One on One match these two have before the two either move on or at least bring someone else into the feud.
  4. ICPW Tour Month 1, Night 8 Opening Match Ironman Championship Quarterfinal: Jeff Cobb VS WALTER To kick off the show we had the final quarter final match of the Ironman Championship Tournament with a titanic heavyweight clash as the Ring General WALTER took on the monstrous Jeff Cobb. The two men began the match by hitting each other with massive amounts of chops and other strikes. Cobb’s superhuman strength was displayed as he threw WALTER around the ring but WALTER would fight back and after a sidewalk slam on the apron WALTER turned the momentum around completely giving himself the advantage. The two men would continue to fight each other but every time Cobb tried to get the victory with the tour of the islands his back would give out. This would cause WALTER to defeat Cobb after hitting him with a Gojira Bomb for the victory. Match 2: Mexablood VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado In the next match, tag team competition took place as Mexablood took on Suzuki-Gun’s El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru (OOC: Feel free to leave a suggestion for their tag team name). Kanemaru and Desperado continued to utilise their dirty tactics against the Luchadores attempting to remove the masks of the two men and using every opportunity to bend the rules to their whims. Mexablood would fight back using their innovative offense against the Suzuki-Gun JR heavyweights. Mexablood looked to have the match won with a moonsault press from Bandido to Desperado but Kanemaru yanked the referee out of the ring breaking up the pinfall. This would allow Suzuki Gun to turn the tables with a sattori mist to Flamita followed up by a Deep Impact off the apron from Kanemaru. Desperado and Kanemaru would then Bandido with the deep 6 dropkick combination for the victory. After the match, Kanemaru and Desperado gave Bandido to Aries who had been watching from ringside, Aries would then drop him with a massive Brainbuster before Suzuki-Gun would pose over the broken bodies of the luchadores. Match 3: The Briscoes VS The Wolves In the next match, two of the most vicious tag teams in ICPW as the Briscoes took on the Wolves. The Briscoes would beat the hell out of the Wolves to begin with demonstrating their dominance as a tag team. The wolves got some offense in however for the majority of the match the Briscoes appeared to have control over things and looked to have the match won after they hit Richards with the Jay Driller followed up by a Froggy Bow from Mark but Edwards would end the match in a disqualification hitting Mark with “Kenny”, Jay would then get a taste of Kenny as the Wolves would then hit the lungblower powerbomb after the match. A livid Jay Briscoe would get up afterwards however and while clutching his ribs and would demand a rematch for the next night of the tour in a no disqualification match. Match 4: Schadenfreude (CCK & Becky Lynch) VS Suzuki-Gun (Killer Elite Squad & Jordynne Grace) In a mixed tag team match, Schadenfreude’s Chris Brookes, Kid Lykos and Becky Lynch took on Suzuki-Gun’s Lance Archer, Davey Boy Smith JR and Jordynne Grace. The Heavyweight powerhouse team of Suzuki-Gun proved to be dominant over the Schadenfreude trio beating them up before the match began but continue to beat them down during the match with massive amounts of power. Grace would throw “The Man” around like a ragdoll just throwing her around the ring like she weighed nothing. Meanwhile on the outside, Archer was having a lot of fun throwing Lykos into stuff on the outside. Meanwhile DBS JR would beatdown Brookes in a more traditional sense. It would not take long for Grace to put Becky away after dropping her with a backpack stunner. After the match, KES hit the killer bomb on Chris Brookes and when Kid Lykos tried to break it up DBS would hit him with the Running Powerslam. Match 5: CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii & Roppongi 3K) VS Firing Squad (The Guerillas of Destiny & Killer Kross) In the next match, CHAOS’ Tomohiro Ishii and Roppongi 3K took on Firing Squad’s Killer Kross and the Guerillas of Destiny. This match was very interesting, the brutality alone between Kross and Ishii was very interesting as the Hired Gun and the Stone Pitbull took it to each other smashing each other with Strikes and hitting each other as hard as they physically could. The Guerillas and 3K would demonstrate a very impressive amount of tag team offense, Assisted Tongan Twists, Assisted inverted powerslam, stereo headbutts, Stereo jumping names just to name some of the offense seen in this match. The match came to an end after the Guerillas hit YOH with Guerilla Warfare for the victory. After the match, Firing Squad continued to Brawl with CHAOS, with Ishii dropping Kross with a brainbuster to leave CHAOS standing tall. Match 6: Apollo Crews & Shane Strickland VS CHAOS (Hirooki Goto & Rocky Romero) In an interesting tag team match, Apollo Crews teamed up with Shane Strickland to take on CHAOS’ Hirooki Goto & Rocky Romero. The two teams shook hands before the match started with Romero and Strickland beginning the match with some fast paced offense, The King Of Swerve getting the advantage over the former Black Tiger. It wasn’t until Goto and Crews entered the match though that we saw the personal nature of this rivalry with the brutality shown by the two men with Goto hitting Crews as hard as he could releasing the violent Nature of the Blue Chippers days in Dragon Gate. Crews would then attempt to take it to Goto but Goto would slowly take the advantage back from Crews before reversing the Crews Combination into a GTR for the victory. After the match, Goto would taunt Crews which would escalate into a full fledged brawl which would require Strickland and Romero to break the two apart. Match 7: WRSTLING (David Starr, LAX & Eddie Kingston) VS Legion (Tommy End, Mikey Whiplash & Michael Dante) & KENTA In the semi-main event of the evening, WRSTLING was in full force as David Starr, Eddie Kingston and LAX took on the unlikely combination of Legion and KENTA. KENTA easily meshed with Legion’s hard hitting style but WRSTLING sought to ground the 4 men not allowing them to quicken the pace of the match. The match would continue on as the Trios Championship match opponents would take it to each other with LAX fighting the Summerian Death Squad and Kingston facing off with Whiplash leaving the JR Heavyweight Championship opponents KENTA and Starr to beat the hell out of each other. The match would come down to KENTA and Starr beating each other down with extremely painful moves but Starr would catch KENTA with a schoolboy and use the ropes for leverage for the victory. After the match, WRSTLING would retreat taunting Legion and KENTA. Main Event: Cesaro VS Rampage Brown In the main event of the evening, in a special singles match The Swiss Cyborg Cesaro would take on Rampage Brown. The two men would have an incredible contest of power with the two men taking it to each other with immense amounts of strength. Rampage and Cesaro would hit each other as hard as they possibly could, Cesaro drilling Rampage with Uppercuts and Rampage taking Cesaro off his feet with massive clotheslines. Rampage looked to have the match won with a sit out powerbomb but Cesaro managed to kick out, Cesaro hit a springboard european uppercut and looked to finish off Rampage with it but Rampage was able to power out. Rampage and Cesaro would then exchange maneuvers hitting each other with almost everything they had. Cesaro looked to end the match after locking in the sharpshooter after a Cesaro swing on Rampage but Rampage got to the ropes, Cesaro would stay on Rampage and then attempt to drop him with a neutralizer but Rampage would escape the position and then drop Cesaro with a brainbuster. Rampage would then finish things off with a Piledriver on Cesaro for the victory. After the match, Cesaro and Rampage shook hands but also signalled a rematch at a later date.
  5. I enjoy Alexa Bliss as much as the next guy but as a RAW wrestler she shouldn't be challenging for the SD Womens title. I mean think about it: Her and Cross just beat the Womens tag champs in a non-title match clearly that should indicate a tag team championship match for the two of them? but instead she randomly gets inserted into a number one contenders match and then wins. It just seems nonsensical and it's pretty obvious Bayley is retaining. Probably one of the less interesting things on the pay-per-view.
  6. FDS

    Open discussion.

    An Interview segment is played as carnage rolls on. FDS and Monda are seen sitting in chairs, Monda dressed in a suit while FDS is dressed in casual gear with the Premium Championship slung over his shoulder. Jessica Drew: Hello BPZ Universe, The Power Trip Cup Finals are just days away and we have a stacked card coming up. The Undisputed, North American and Tag Team Championships will all be on the line in some very highly anticipated matchups and of course the tournament finals for The Power Trip Cup. The card also features what is a very bitter rivalry between Student VS Teacher as The Current Premium Champion FDS takes on Monda in a non-title match. The two competitors in the match join me tonight. Monda: Hello Ms. Drew thank you very much for having me here tonight. FDS: I’m honestly shocked you still work here Jess, jeez this company really is a sucker for blonde women. Jessica Drew: FDS’ Disrespectful comments aside, FDS this is your first match since winning the premium championship how are you feeling going into this match? Do you feel it’s more personal for you due to the identity of your opponent? FDS rolls his eyes FDS: Oh boy and Jess you still aren’t coming up with any good questions but I guess I should answer you to keep this crap going since I guess i’m getting payed for this. I’m feeling confident that I am going to beat the hell out of this patriotic idiot and no I don’t care about the fact that Monda and I happen to have a professional relationship in terms of him introducing me to the business. At the Power Trip Cup Finals I plan on beating the living hell out of you Monda and sending you back to catering where you belong, you can’t keep up with me anymore mate and I can’t wait to make you tap out in the middle of the ring. Jessica Drew: Before you respond to that Monda, FDS can you give us some details of how Monda trained you? FDS: sighs Fine. Monda trained me in the BPZ style to put it simply. He trained me in a manner similar to the BPZ performance centre however Monda did in fact teach me how to Wrestle originally but really I feel like Ryan did a lot more with me personally than he actually did but Monda loved to drill in the fact that Wrestling is about entertaining the fans which I completely disagree with and despise that mentality. The way I say Professional Wrestling is that, Pro wrestling is a competition, my job as a pro wrestler is to beat the hell out of my opponent and then win the match. The people who enjoy the sport just happen to be their to watch and I am not here to entertain these idiotic masses and Monda at Power Trip Cup I am going to teach you a few things such as how to actually win a match. Jessica Drew: Monda, how do you respond to that. The Camera zooms in on Monda as they await his response.
  7. SFW Saturday Night Battlefield 23 Opening Match: Arius VS Brett Storm In the opening match of Saturday Night Battlefield, The Brawler of Strike Force took on the Artist of Pro Wrestling Arius. Arius continued to impress SFW audiences taking it to Brett Storm right out of the gate as Storm tried to attack Arius before the bell but Arius sent him into the ringpost. The two men then had an impressive brawl with Storm trying to slow down Arius but the Artist would take it to Storm dropping him multiple times before hitting him with a lifting Osaka Street Cutter. This signalled the beginning of the end when Arius would pick up Storm and drop him with The Sentence for the victory. Match 2: The Street Dawgs VS Strike Force (Overheel & Nathan Clarke) In a match that left the fans divided on who they hated more The Street Dawgs took on Strike Force’s Overheel and Nathan Clarke. The Dawgs looked to rebound from a disqualification loss on Friday Night Carnage but the unusual combination of Overheel and Clarke proved to be an effective one. Clarke and Overheel managed to hit multiple hard hitting maneuvers, utilising every single part of the ring to their advantage. At one point in the match, they took out Morales with a sidewalk slam double stomp combination onto the outside. This would leave Willow all by himself who would be dismantled by the Strike Force duo, Overheel and Clarke would put Willow away with a top rope german suplex from Clarke followed up by a corkscrew moonsault from Overheel. After the match, the tag team champions would appear and attempt to beat down The Street Dawgs only to be interrupted by Strike Force who would sneak attack them. Strike Force would then grab Bramson and drop him with the Sidewalk Slam Double foot stomp combination, then would take out Gardyner with a top rope German Suplex followed up by a Corkscrew Moonsault. Strike Force would then stand tall over the tag team champions but would not steal the championships. Match 3: Bart Johnson VS KENJI In the semi main event of the evening we got to see Bart Johnson take on the young up and comer KENJI. Johnson cemented his status as the anti-hero taking it to the more technical proficient KENJI but KENJI appeared to have the advantage after a Gaudi Bakudan but Johnson would rebound then cut KENJI off with a superkick. The two men would then exchange maneuvers with KENJI avoiding a 450 splash from Johnson then countering it into a lion tamer but Johnson would be able to escape it barely with KENJI not having it in tight enough. A similar situation would befall KENJI when he attempted the KJR but Johnson would counter it into a brainbuster onto the knee. KENJI would appear to have the match won locking in the bermuda triangle but Johnson would barely get to the ropes and the same thing would happen with Johnson locking in the cross face on KENJI with KENJI barely getting to the ropes. The match would come to an end after KENJI would counter the Butterfly DDT from Johnson into a small package defeating Johnson with the maneuver. After the match, Johnson would get on the mic and state that when KENJI first entered SFW he saw a great deal in him and he said he couldn’t think of a better man to be his new tag team partner, Johnson would offer a handshake to KENJI who would accept as the two appeared to begin their pursuit of the SFW World Tag Team Championships. Main Event, Winner enters the SFW Television Championship Match at Last shot: Aidanator VS Angelo Catio In the main event of the evening, Angelo Catio looked to get some revenge on the man who cost him the SFW World Championship as well as get an opportunity at the SFW Television Championship. Before the match even started Aidan assaulted Catio taking him out as he was making his entrance, Aidan would then throw Catio into the steel steps. Aidan would then take Catio into the ring and hit him with a DDT and attempt to finish the match quickly but Catio would kick out, Aidan would then go for a Piledriver but Catio would reverse it into an alabama slam. The two men would then go back and forth hitting each other with impact moves trying for everything they had in their arsenals. Aidan would look to hit the spear on Catio but Catio would reverse it and lock in the STFU only for Aidan to get to the ropes. The match came to an end after an impressive comeback sequence from Catio followed up by a five knuckle shuffle and then an AA for the victory. After the match, Almas came out to confront his second challenger only for Aidan to attack Catio from behind. Aidan would then hit Catio with a spike piledriver before allowing Almas to hit a Corredor De La muerte on Catio before posing with his championship over the body of Catio.
  8. This is the last episode of NXT that has been tapped so after this expect new storylines to begin. For what is essentially a filler episode it looks pretty good, Kushida VS Gulak will be an excellent match and will be filled with some excellent technical wrestling. The rematch between Undisputed Era and One Two looks good obviously the two teams have really good chemistry and this should be a great match. As for the Horsewomen VS Shirai and Lerae, I don't really care at this point i'm just waiting for Baszler to lose the title and in my opinion the division feels quite lifeless.
  9. Cena has given a lot to the business and will for sure go down as if not one of the all time greats one of the most divisive figures in wrestling. I think he should have one more short run in the WWE culminating with a retirement feud with him either passing the torch to somebody or simply just putting someone over as a future top star in the industry. Cena has done so much for the business and when he does retire there is a 100% guarantee he has earned his hall of fame spot and for better or for worse will be remembered in the industry as the top star of an era that may not be as influential as other previous but still defined the company during that time.
  10. ICPW Tour Month 1, Night 8 Lineup Opening Match Ironman Championship Quarterfinal: Jeff Cobb VS WALTER Match 2: Mexablood VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado Match 3: The Briscoes VS The Wolves Match 4: Schadenfreude (CCK & Becky Lynch) VS Suzuki-Gun (Killer Elite Squad & Jordynne Grace) Match 5: CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii & Roppongi 3K) VS Firing Squad (The Guerillas of Destiny & Killer Kross) Match 6: Apollo Crews & Shane Strickland VS CHAOS (Hirooki Goto & Rocky Romero) Match 7: WRSTLING (David Starr, LAX & Eddie Kingston) VS Legion (Tommy End, Mikey Whiplash & Michael Dante) & KENTA Main Event: Cesaro VS Rampage Brown
  11. New Batch of Shinies Articuno Landorus (Titan form (I think that's what it’s called)) Pikachu Ursaring
  12. Steel Cage matches in WWE are almost always a mixed bag. Either their really good with exciting moments and the cage is used to the best of its abilities or they are slow boring ass matches that don't really do anything for anyone, this one appears to be the former. Ziggler and Kofi have the ability to put on an exciting match and hopefully they do whatever they can to make this match interesting. I have a feeling they may force a jump off the cage from Kofi, I could see Kofi retaining but it depends if they want a transitional champion between Kofi and Reigns.
  13. The only thing on this show that looks remotely interesting is Big E's return. Which is a pretty big plus, the R-truth stuff has lost its luster, The Reigns/Drew stuff feels like its the same segment on every show and I think it's dumb that a RAW women's wrestler is challenging for the SD womens title. Hopefully they get an interesting IC segment on the show but if not honestly looks to one of the more boring Smackdowns in a while.
  14. FDS

    Hurt Locker

    The camera pans to reveal FDS with the premium championship slung over his shoulder, he’s dressed in his casual wear of a T-shirt, Jeans and backwards flat cap. Monda looks annoyed as FDS interrupts the tour. Monda: What the hell do you want FD? FDS: Calm down Monda, I’m just here to welcome these fine gentlemen to the BPZ Locker room. Now you brave soldiers must be so excited to be here, I bet you’ve been thinking about this all day. The soldiers, shrug as if to say yeah I guess. FDS looks at them if they had just spat on a grave or something. FDS: I’m sorry? What you weren’t looking forward to coming backstage to the biggest wrestling company in the world and you weren’t excited? Are you kidding me? Jesus, what do we have to do to make you excited, give you guys some Terrorists to shoot at? Monda: Back the hell off FD! FDS: Oh shut up Monda. These punks are disrespecting this company and this business but all you care about is this idiotic american propoganda. You punks wanna act like you’ve accomplished something but in reality you haven’t done shit. You disgust me. You should be ashamed of yourselves. One of the soldiers gets in the face of FDS. FDS: Oh you wanna do that now, do you tough guy? Alright come on then! FDS punches the Soldier in the face. Monda: HEY! Monda then goes after FDS. FDS drops the Premium Championship and the two men begin to brawl in the locker room as the soldiers cheer on Monda on the side. The two men begin to go at it spilling out into the hallway, Monda then ends up throwing FDS into one of the production boxes. Monda then grabs FDS and suplexes him onto the floor. Monda then grabs FDS up and drops him with a massive DDT! FDS then slowly stumbles away from Monda who has a look of rage upon his face. One of the soldiers throws the Premium Championship at FDS. FDS: HEY! DON’T YOU DARE DISRESPECT MY CHAMPIONSHIP LIKE THAT! THIS IS WORTH MORE THAN ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE! Monda: Shut up FD! Monda turns to the soldiers and checks to see if the one that got punched is ok and begins to apologize as we go to commercial.
  15. Coming out of this weeks Raw honestly i'm kind of interested in Stomping Grounds now, it's very possible we get a 6 man match for the US title which could be something really enjoyable especially considering the 6 men in the match each have their own benefits to being in the match. The Power spots from Lashley and Strowman combined with the athleticism of Cesaro and Ricochet plus the Charisma of Miz and the all around package of Joe as the US Champion makes for a great match and a bunch of potential tag team and singles combinations to build up the storyline and make the US title seem important 5 guys trying to capture it. Revival winning the tag titles made sense, Hawkins and Ryder won so they can make Hawkins' one win a big deal by saying he won the raw tag titles with it but after Wrestlemania that definitely faded in interest but it also seems pretty obvious that Revival will probably lose the titles to the Usos pretty soon. Glad WWE actually did something with the Womens Tag titles this week and hopefully they continue to do so. The womens matches are a good way to build up the Womens Championship matches at stomping ground. The 24/7 segments are funny and if nothing it means I get to see some underused guys doing something and a lovely view in the form of Carmella. Finally i'm honestly glad they added the stipulation to the Universal title match personally I think it's a great addition and I think it'll be a good storyline if nothing else.

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