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  1. FDS

    NXT Discussion: February 20th, 2019

    Cool to see them go with Dream over Gargano, I feel like this opens up many new feuds within NXT and I can't wait to see what they do with the NXT NA Storylines going forward and I'm gonna go ahead and shockingly say that we'll be getting Gargano VS Ciampa one more time
  2. FDS

    Post Match Comments

    FDS walk on backstage after the global championship match into a table with reporters surrounding the area. FDS looks at the table and he just flips it over. He breathes in and then looks up at the cameras. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT? I DON’T CARE THAT I LOST, WHATEVER I CAN REBOUND AND WIN AGAIN LATER IT DOESN’T MATTER… BUT THE FACT THAT LITTLE SLIMY, PATHETIC, MANIPULATIVE SNAKE SHOWED UP AGAIN AFTER QUITTING? WHAT THE HELL? AND THEN HE WANTS ACT LIKE HE DESERVES A MATCH FOR THE GLOBAL TITLE? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU QUIT! THAT VOIDS YOUR OPPORTUNITY FOR A REMATCH! “The Antichrist, Oh My God, he’s so good” Piss Off! Like this is just idiotic what the hell! He quits and runs away from our match only to show up 2 weeks later and acts as he if can just get everything he wants… You know what, When I get my hands on him, I am going to cut his face off with a rusty butter knife then feed it to him. FDS turns to see the global Champion Echo Wilson walk into the shot. Oh What the Hell do you want?!
  3. The Briscoes Info In case you are somehow unaware of these two men allow me to educate you. The Briscoes are one of the most decorated independent tag teams of all time. They have held a record 10 Ring Of Honor World Tag Team Championships and currently in their 10th reign as champions. In addition to this, they are Former IWGP Tag team Champions, 2-time CZW World Tag Team Champions, 2 Time NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team Champions with Toru Yano, Former GHC Tag Team Champions, Former Ring Of Honor World Six Man Tag Team Champions with Bully Ray and have held many many more championships as a team. As singles Wrestlers, Jay is the more accomplished of the two as he is a 2 time Ring Of Honor World Champion whereas mark’s biggest singles accomplishment is winning the 2013 honour rumble. They also won the 2009 honour rumble as a tag team. As a tag team, they use a combination of their singles finishers with Jay utilizing a Double Underhook piledriver known as The Jay Driller and Mark utilizing a modified top rope elbow drop known as the Froggy Bow. What WWE Should do with them I mean any tag team title would be acceptable. The Briscoes are one of the best tag teams in professional wrestling today and if they did get signed I think to give them a run as NXT Tag team Champions, Then As Smackdown Tag Team Champions, Then as Raw Tag Team Champions would be excellent. I think they play better heels so making them heels and having them run through every tag team division on every brand would legitimize them as the top tag in all of wrestling so I think that coupled with probably excellent matches with the likes of the Usos, New Day and the Revival could be excellent for the Briscoes. What WWE Could Do with them I think it’d be more likely after a run in NXT they would be more suited to smackdown. I think to put the Smackdown tag team titles on them after a lengthy feud with the Usos would be a smart move. The Usos obviously are seen as one of if not they premier brother tag team in wrestling currently so you’d think that a feud with the premier brother tag team in WWE VS The Premier brother tag team on the independents would be a smart booking decision on the part of WWE and I have a feeling that the Briscoes would probably get at least one run with the Smackdown Tag Team Titles. What WWE Will probably do with them I Hate to say this but the thing is I don’t know how the Briscoes would fair on main so I’d say it’s probably more likely to say they would take the NXT tag team championships if they were to sign with WWE. I have a feeling Triple H would like them enough to put the NXT tag team championships on them and let them run rough shot around NXT as a top heel tag team but I don’t know about the Main Roster, their gimmick is very interesting, to say the least, and it may come across as comedy in the eyes of Vince so it’s hard to say. Next Episode: (FINNNEEEEEEEEEEE) Jay *sigh* White
  4. For the first point: Please can they not bring anyone else up, I mean at least just use the four guys they brought up for Raw on Smackdown and don't bother bringing anyone else up because seriously they've brought up way too many people in the last few months. For the Second: Hopefully this leads to the announcement that Becky is no Longer suspended and then they have Charlotte VS Becky and if Becky Wins she gets her chance to face Ronda Rousey in the main event of Wrestlemania For the Third: Hopefully Kofi gets a smaller level feud and not just thrown immediately into the WWE title match at fastlane since I hope he gets the singles shot at mania after his incredible performance inside the chamber. For the Fourth: Someones turning, not much to say there, kinda hoping Shane turns For the Fifth: Hopefully its Mustafa, it'd make sense since he didn't get his shot in the chamber and yes while it might be a bit of a waste of Mustafa's singles title shot I feel like he's the best fit for here.
  5. DX as a headliner is interesting, you'd think they would've saved Triple H to get his own individual induction first but i guess it's understandable as they might want to get Chyna in without the supposed controversy her porn career may bring to the induction while still adding her into the hall of fame to settle the fans. As for the rest of the Class Its hard to say with it not being clear as to what they're aiming for this year.
  6. Saint Valentines Day Massacre kicks off, The lights go out immediately then the sounds of ominous guitar plucking starts as the fans cheer FDS then walks out dressed in a red and black coat as well as his classic black mask, he storms to the ring. FDS poses in the middle of the ring as the fans cheer for The Punisher. The lights then go out again as the sound of piano keys fill the arena and the fans boo as they begin to play. The Villain Bart makes his way out into the arena dressed in full black attire with the intercontinental championship around his waist. He points his umbrella at FDS and then marches down to the ring, he removes his mask and The Villain stares down the punisher neither man intimidating by each other. The announcements are made as the men remove their entrance attire. The referee raises the intercontinental championship. The bell rings and the match begins with the two men going to lock up but as they do, Bart taunts FDS after breaking the lockup, FDS just flips him off as he does, Bart surprisingly comes out as the one angered, Bart goes for a Clothesline but FDS counters it into a swinging neckbreaker stunning Bart then nailing him with a backstabber, Bart retreats into the corner as the Punisher stands over him staring at him, Bart then stands up as FDS invites him to fight, Bart gets up and the two men actually lock up properly this time, Bart looks to be ahead initially with a headlock but FDS slips out of it and gets the waist control, Bart slips out of this and gets a hammerlock, FDS slips out of the hammerlock and grabs Bart from behind and early on he goes for the blood rainmaker but Bart slips out of it and rolls out of the ring, the two men staring down with each other. FDS invites Bart to get back into the ring, Bart slides back into the ring, FDS offers for another lock up, Bart looks to be accepting but instead kicks FDS in the stomach, Bart runs against the ropes, He rebounds into a dropkick from FDS! Bart tries to roll out of the ring again but FDS grabs him by the leg and pulls him back in, FDS grabs Bart back up and he throws him into the corner, Bart in the Corner, FDS goes for a corner knee strike but Bart moves out of the way, Bart then grabs FDS from behind and he goes for a schoolboy but FDS out at 1, As FDS gets back up though he eats a superkick from Bart! Bart now goes to the second rope, he goes for a second rope knee drop, FDS rolls out of the way. Bart now on the ground and FDS nails him with a running knee! Bart Rocked, FDS throws Bart into the corner and he nails him with a corner dropkick, then following that up with a monkey flip into the middle of the ring, Bart in the middle of the ring, FDS springs up to the second rope and he goes for a moonsault but Bart Rolls out of the way. Bart now grabs FDS by the legs and he locks in a Boston crab, FDS almost immediately pulls the leg out from underneath Bart and he counters it into a Heel Hook, Bart grabs the leg of FDS and applies a Heel Hook of his Own, both men cranking back on each other's legs, they stare back at each other with intensity and start slapping each other while they hold onto each others legs, they eventually both roll all the way over to the bottom rope and cease the stalemate. FDS though gets back up before Bart does and he runs at Bart kneeing him in the side of the face! FDS then picks Bart up and he goes for a brainbuster but Bart somehow gets his senses back and he counters the Brainbuster into a small package, FDS kicks out at 2, FDS then gets back up and he goes for a forearm but Bart catches it, Bart spins FDS around then grabs him and German Suplexes him into the corner, FDS pulls himself back up in the corner but as he does Bart hits him with a corner clothesline! Bart then hangs himself off the ropes and nails FDS with a Flatliner! Bart then on the apron, he waits for FDS to get back up, FDS back up, Bart goes for a springboard crossbody but FDS moves out of the way, Bart down now and FDS Nails him with a Running Double Stomp to the Back! Bart down, FDS gets him back up, FDS Now looks to be setting up for the go home driver but Bart counters it, he goes for a buckle bomb but FDS slips out of it into a sunset flip covering Bart but Bart up at 2. Both men back up they charge at each other, Bart goes for a clothesline again but FDS ducks it and he counters it and as Bart turns around FDS nails him with a massive DDT! FDS keeps a hold of Bart in a front face lock, he gets him up and he goes for what looks to be a brainbuster but Bart counters it into a Falcon Arrow! Bart Covers FDS but FDS up at 2! Bart grabs FDS and he sets him up for Last Breathe but FDS rams Bart into the corner and starts shoulder tackling him in the gut until Bart Releases FDS, FDS then starts relentlessly chopping Bart in the corner before running back and following the chops up with a corner Dropkick, Bart then Rolls out of the the ring, he tries to collect himself but FDS just cuts him off with a suicide dive! FDS though after the Suicide dive grabs Bart and throws him into the Steps! FDS then grabs Bart up and throws him back into the ring, Bart down, FDS goes to the top rope, FDS goes for a diving double stomp but Bart rolls out of the way, Bart grabs FDS from behind and he looks like he’s Trying to lock in Cardiac Arrest but FDS slips out of it, Bart turns around to Grab FDS but FDS just Flips him over and Nails him with a spinning Tombstone Piledriver! Cover by FDS but Bart up at 2! FDS picks up Bart and looks to be about to go for the Break Neck Driver but Bart slips out of it, Bart then rakes the eyes of FDS and then follows that up with a codebreaker! FDS stunned on the Ropes, Bart then clotheslines FDS out of the ring, FDS standing on the outside he looks dazed, Bart goes for a suicide dive but FDS just throws him to the outside! Bart down, FDS throws him back into the ring, Bart still down in the middle of the ring, FDS goes for a Diving Double Stomp and he Nails it but he gets the back of Bart! FDS then runs over Bart, he goes to the top rope on the other side, he goes for a Frog Splash but Bart springs up and counters it into a powerslam! Bart with the Cover but FDS up at 2 Again! Both men look exhausted, they stare back at each other both aware of what’s at stake here, both willing to do anything to win, the two men kneeling then start chopping each other, just going back and forth as they start chopping each other in the chest, FDS then gets up and he screams at Bart, Bart gets up and Taunts FDS, the Two men then run against the ropes and hit each other with a running shoulder tackle knocking each other to the ground. Both men now get back up in opposite corners, they stare at each other and just start nailing each other with strikes going at each other with everything they have. FDS barely comes ahead and corners Bart, FDS just pounding him with strike after strike until Bart falls to the corner, FDS then goes to the opposite corner and FDS runs at him nailing him with a Knee strike! Bart exhausted, FDS then grabs him back up, FDS then looks like he’s about he’s going to go for a Brainbuster but Bart Counters it into a front face lock, He pulls FDS quickly into the corner and he nails him with a massive Tornado DDT! Cover by Bart but FDS out at 2! Bart now not wasting any time, he gets FDS up and he goes for Cardiac Arrest but FDS manages to Counter it into a pinfall attempt but Bart up at 2! FDS though Grabs Bart Up From Behind, He goes for the blood Rainmaker but Bart pulls FDS into a Small Package and Bart gets the 3 count to retain the title! FDS can’t believe it, The fans can’t believe it, the villain just in the corner exhausted clutching his championship. FDS looks disappointed in himself, he looks over at Bart, He signals at him just saying “this close” he then says “Next time, you won’t be so lucky” FDS leaves the ring as Bart sits back in the corner exhausted from the match. Bart finally gets up and leaves the ring raising the intercontinental championship but only briefly as he stumbles to the back.
  7. Saint Valentines Day Massacre continues as The Global Championship match is about to begin as the lights go out. Kieron Black makes his entrance first as the lights of peoples phones light up the arena, Kieron ominously walks to the ring with a lamp in his hand He gets into the ring and blows the lamp out as the lights in the arena come back on. Next out is MR Video Nasty Yelich, he walks down to the ring holding a video camera in one hand and is clearly ready for a fight with these 3 men. He enters the ring and he stares down with Kieron Black being separated by the referee. Echo Wilson Now enters the arena to a deafening amount of boos, he walks out cocky as ever taunting the crowd yelling at them as he makes his way down to the ring. Echo gets into the ring and begins taunting the other two men, Kieron laughing in the face of the man who claims to be “Better than you”, Rory just looks annoyed at his antics. The lights go out… The fans erupt in cheers as the familiar sounds of “We are” Play throughout the arena and the lights go red. FDS appears before the crowd, no posing, no pandering. He simply marches towards the ring on a mission. FDS throws his coat and mask on the ground, he slides in the ring and immediately goes after Echo Wilson and Yelich goes after Kieron no man even waiting for the bell to go. Kieron and Yelich topple over the top rope and to the outside, FDS then throws Echo into the Ropes, Echo rebounds and runs past FDS then nails Kieron and Yelich with a tope con Hilo! Echo Yells better than you to the audience but I don’t think Echo noticed, FDS runs out and he nails Echo with a Triangle moonsault! The fans now chanting for FDS, FDS now goes under the ring and he brings out a steel chair! FDS now just going wild smashing all three men over the back with a chair like a lunatic, FDS picks up Echo and he goes to throw him into the barricade but Echo Reverses it throwing FDS into the barricade, Echo then goes to Yelich up to throw him into FDS but Yelich claws at the face of Echo, Yelich then grabs Echo and he hits him with a flatliner into the ring apron! Yelich now grabs Kieron and he throws him into FDS on the barricade! Yelich now goes under the ring he grabs his video camera and he begins to film the 3 men's bodies as he walks around taunting them and stomping on them, he gets to FDS but FDS gets up after the stomps and then smashes Yelich in the face, FDS then snatches the video camera from Yelich and Smashes it over Yelich’s head! FDS then goes under the ring again, he brings out a kendo stick and then starts to brutally assault Yelich with it smashing it over his head and back over and over again until the kendo stick is almost broken, FDS throws the kendo stick to the side and he then goes over to grab Echo but he hasn’t noticed that Echo has slid a pair of brass knuckles on and as FDS turns him around Echo smashes him in the face with the brass Knuckles! Echo now grabs FDS and nails him with a DDT on the outside! Echo now taunting the crowd again but he doesn’t notice Kieron runs right at him and spears him through the barricade! All four men down, FDS then looks to try and get back up, he goes underneath the ring and he pulls out a barbed wire board! He slides it into the ring and sets it up in the corner, FDS then gets out of the ring, he goes and grabs Yelich throwing him into the ring, FDS gets in after him but before FDS can do anything Yelich grabs him and nails him with a zombie maker through the barbed wire board! All four men are not moving right now, Yelich now with the cover on FDS this has to be it but FDS Somehow kicks out at 2! Kieron now back to his feet he gets into the ring, Kieron and Yelich stare down at each other both men looking intense as ever and then they start exchanging blows, the two men tumble out of the ring, Kieron then gets the better of Yelich and throws him into the steel steps! Kieron then gets Yelich up and drags him over to the announce table and then nails him with a uranage onto the edge of the announce table! Yelich down now, Kieron now goes under the ring and he brings out a barbed wire baseball bat, he looks like he’s about to begin torturing Yelich with it but Kieron doesn’t Notice that Echo has gotten back up and Echo catches Kieron from behind with a poisonrana on the outside! Echo then goes to the ring post where he hung his scarf and he then starts choking Kieron out with it, Echo just taunting the Crowd as he chokes out Kieron with the Scarf, FDS though slowly walks up to Echo with something in his hand, FDS taps Echo on the shoulder, Echo turns around and FDS Staples Echo in the face with a Staple Gun! Echo shook, FDS grabs him from behind and nails him with a dragon suplex on the outside! FDS now with the crazed look in his eyes, he goes under the ring and he brings out two very suspicious looking bags, he pours the contents out of them revealing a large number of thumbtacks that are now on the outside of the ring, He then picks up a handful, he grabs Echo and turns him around filling his mouth with thumbtacks then superkicks them out! FDS then goes to grab Yelich and sets him up as if he’s going for the go home driver but Yelich counters it and he nails FDS with a piledriver on the outside! Yelich now goes over to Echo and grabs him and starts rapidly smashing his face into the ring post repeatedly just continuously smashing the face of Echo into the ring post until Echo just falls over onto the floor from the pain, Yelich then goes under the ring and for once it’s not FDS to be the one to introduce light tubes into the match but Before Yelich gets a chance to use them, Kieron comes around and nails Yelich with a vicious Clothesline! Kieron then gets Yelich up and throws him into the ring, Kieron then slides into the ring after Yelich, He throws him into the corner, Kieron then goes for a corner splash but Yelich moves out of the way, Yelich then nails Kieron with a corner dropkick, Yelich then gets Kieron up on the top rope and looks like he’s about to nail Kieron with a top rope suplex but Kieron isn’t budging, Echo comes in and surprisingly gives an assist to Yelich with the two men attempting to suplex Kieron but Kieron still not moving, FDS back up barely, he slides into the ring and then the tower of doom comes crashing down! All four men not moving at all, they each retreat to separate corners, they pull themselves up and then look at each other all extremely intensely, they all slowly then walk to the ring, they all then shrug and immediately start viciously chopping each other, Kieron and Yelich surprisingly Team up Against FDS and Echo who also form a temporary alliance, Kieron and Yelich try to throw FDS and Echo out of the ring which they do but as they go for a stereo suicide dive Echo and FDS smash light tubes over their heads! FDS then turns to Echo after this and Echo smashes a light tube over FDS’ head… it has little effect as FDS grabs Echo and then Drops him to the ground on the outside with a brainbuster. FDS then grabs Yelich and he hangs him on the outside and nails him with an Apron Hung DDT! FDS then gets onto the apron with Echo, he looks like he’s about to him with a go home driver on the Apron but Echo Counters it into a Canadian destroyer on the Apron! Echo then gets Kieron back into the ring, he goes to the top rope and he nails Kieron with a stardust stomp! Cover by Echo but Yelich somehow manages to get into the ring and breaks it up. Echo looks extremely angry, at Yelich, He grabs Yelich and then nails him with Bloody Sunday! Echo though not satisfied, he goes to the outside and he slides a table back into the ring. He takes Yelich and Kieron to the top rope and he nails them with a double Top Rope Blood Sport through the table! Echo though Not Done as he then hits Kieron with another Stardust Stomp! Cover by Echo, FDS tries to back in to break it up but he can’t and Echo wins the Global title! The match ends and Echo’s music continues to play, Echo Celebrates his title win but as he gets down from the to see FDS intensely staring back at him, Echo and FDS exchange some words over hatred, Echo then surprisingly extends his hand to FDS with a smirk on his face, FDS surprisingly accepts. The crowd confused suddenly the lights go out…
  8. FDS

    BPZ Predictions League

    6 Man Elimination Chamber Match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship Daniel Bryan (c) vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Samoa Joe vs Kofi Kingston - Winner: Daniel Bryan No Disqualification Match Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin - Winner: Braun Strowman WWE Raw Women's Championship Match Ronda Rousey (c) vs Ruby Riott - Winner: Ronda Rousey WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match The Miz and Shane McMahon (c) vs The Usos - Winner: The Miz & Shane Mcmahon Two on one Handicap Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship Bobby Lashley (c) and Lio Rush vs Finn Balor - Winner: Finn Balor Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships Nia Jax and Tamina vs The Riott Squad vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs The IIconics vs Boss n Hug Connection vs Carmella and Naomi - Winner: Boss N hug Connection WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match Buddy Murphy (c) vs Akira Tozawa - Winner: Buddy Murphy Bonus: Who will be the last elimination in the WWE Championship Chamber Match? AJ Styles Who will be the last elimination in the WWE Women's Tag Chamber Match? Nia Jax & Tamina Who will score most eliminations in the WWE Championship Chamber Match? Kofi Kingston Who will score most eliminations in the WWE Women's Tag Chamber Match? Nia Jax & Tamina
  9. FDS

    How Would You Book Wrestlemania 35?

    Main Event RAW Womens Championship: Ronda Rousey (c) VS Becky Lynch VS Charlotte Flair: Becky Lynch Universal Championship, No disqualifications: Brock Lesnar (c) VS Seth Rollins: Seth Rollins Drew Mcintyre VS John Cena: Drew Mcintyre WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan (c) VS Randy Orton VS AJ Styles: Daniel Bryan No Disqualifications, Loser Retires: Triple H VS Batista: Triple H Shane Mcmahon VS The Miz: The Miz Intercontinental Championship: Finn Balor (c) VS Bobby Lashley VS Braun Strowman: Balor United States Championship, Ladder Match: Andrade (c) VS Rey Mysterio VS R-truth VS Eric Young VS Kofi Kingston VS Samoa Joe: Andrade Smackdown tag team championship: The Usos VS Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev: Nakamura & Rusev RAW Tag Team Championship, if Ryder and Hawkins lose they are fired: The Revival (c) VS Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder: Ryder & Hawkins Smackdown Womens Championship: Asuka (c) VS Naomi VS Carmella VS Mandy Rose: Asuka Cruiserweight Championship: Buddy Murphy (c) VS Gran Metalik VS Tony Nese: Metalik Pre-show, Womens Tag Team Championship: Sasha Banks & Bayley (c) VS The Iiconics: The Iiconics Pre Show, ATGMBR: Mustafa Ali Pre Show, Womens battle Royal: Nikki Cross
  10. FDS


    Video start. FDS is pictured at night with a single light sitting on a park bench, the sound of crickets echos. The sight is quite odd, the intensity is quite low surprisingly. FDS is just sitting down in a suit. He’s not looking at the camera instead of looking around almost nervously, his behaviour is quite erratic. You know… This place has some very significant history. This was the place that Necce and I sent out a speech to those of you who would listen about a revolution. Oh, how I was such a fool back then. I believed every word that pathetic little boy spoke, I believed in everything he said… only for him to run away like a scared child as soon as I realised the emptiness his words carried. It’s funny, while the insanity in my mind will never be cured, while my bloodlust will never be quenched, I feel calmer than ever just sitting here under the full moon and the stroke of midnight. No loud noise, no one to interrupt me, No one to stare at me with idiotic looks. Just serenity. However, it is hard to maintain my serenity when I look at the state of this. FDS reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a photo. He shows the photo to the camera revealing this: FDS keeps holding the photo to the camera as he continues to speak. Oh Villain, How you disappoint me. This… Belt, it’s surprising what you’ve done to it. People paid more attention to it when I was kicking it around like a tin can, throwing it around like a tennis ball, treating it like nothing more than common garbage and Now that you treat it like its actually prestigious… it means nothing. Oh, Villain… FDS crumples up the picture of the intercontinental championship and throws it away. You’ve been so focused on that big red blop on your shoulder you forget the white trash wrapped around your waste. Oh Villain, how you disappoint me… I think it’s finally time for me to show you exactly what I think you need. Consider this your little therapy session with yours truly, I need to show you exactly the problems you have continued to cause. If you don’t heed the warning Villain… you may end up too far down the rabbit hole to be saved. FDS breathes in and then looks back up at the camera briefly before continuing to avert his gaze looking erratically. Now as for that little film i’m staring in at Saint Valentines Day Massacre… pfft, film what a stupid concept… I mean how can it be a film if it’s live on pay-per-view? That probably won’t draw much at the box office if it’s done like that… Oh, how idiotic you are MR. Video Nasty. The “star” of the film MR Wilson… Oh, my boy, you are such a fool. You need to understand what confidence does to a man… it corrupts, it consumes, it burns through the man’s soul and it leaves him weak and broken when the veil of confidence is broken. Oh my, how you disappoint me as you allow it to corrupt you, my boy. Don’t worry… your punishment will be swift and just. And how could I forget about you, The deluded man. The man who speaks in many tongues yet has not spoken a word. The man who stares into the soul of man yet will not give us a look. Oh my, I cannot wait to see you again… but I find it curious that whenever i’m near you, your mouth goes quiet. Oh well, You will receive punishment just like the rest of these mules. FDS stops averting his gaze erratically and stares into the camera. To every man, Woman and Child who hears these words. To the four men who I have set my sights upon for the day of love. I cannot tell you all exactly the pain and suffering you will witness or feel, I cannot tell you what I will do but what I can say is that since the man who I wanted to hurt won’t be around you will share his pain, you will understand what he was going to feel and if he is ever to return, He will feel the pain you all felt… but until then I want you all to understand what I Do is not personal, you are all simply an outlet for my destruction and thus… I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER. FDS’ Voice becomes distorted as he says the sadistic line and the camera slowly fades to black as FDS begins to sing sadistically I hope you do… I hope you Suffer… Video End.
  11. FDS

    NXT Discussion: February 13th, 2019

    looks like a good show. Ricochet VS Cole will probably be an excellent match and I can't wait to see what happens in it. Dijakovic being a monster is just excellent and I hope he gets an NA title run this year and maybe even a rivalry with Keith Lee. Conti and Aliyah doesn't really interest me personally but its nice to see some fresh faces. Good to see the Street Profits around again too.
  12. (just a quick note make sure when you quote it make sure it pastes it as plain text :)) Obvious quick defence for rousey here unless WWE decides to pull a swerve and just throw all the titles of the riott squad for some dumbass reason but they won't, quick win for rousey easy defence moves on to mania