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  1. ICPW Kings Of The Ring Episode 6 KZY VS Shaheem Ali Fresh off joining Paul Robinson and Eddie Kingston, KZY took Shaheem ali and was accompanied to ringside by his new allies. The two men would take it to each other but KZY’s allies would run interference at every opportunity brutally beating down Shaheem Ali. KZY Would quickly finish off Ali with Impact for the victory. After the match, Eddie Kingston would get on the mic and call out Los Ingobernables De Japon, he would be met with SANADA, EVIL and Shingo Takagi as the two units would then brawl with LIJ getting ahead. Kingston though would end it off challenging EVIL for a match for the Openweight Championship at Til Death Do Us Part, EVIL would accept and state that he would show Kingston that Everything is in fact EVIL. Suzuki-Gun (Minoru Suzuki & Akira Tozawa) VS Shelton Benjamin & Amazing Red After the recent problems between both Minoru Suzuki and Shelton Benjamin as well as Akira Tozawa and Amazing Red a tag team match was made for tonight's edition of Kings Of The Ring. Suzuki and Benjamin would beat the hell out of each other while Tozawa and Red would do the same with every individual in this match brawling. The match abruptly ended when Suzuki would hit Benjamin with a chair. Red and Tozawa would end up brawling all the way to the backstage area and Suzuki meanwhile would continue to brutalise Benjamin with the chair considerably to the point where Benjamin almost seemed Injured. Suzuki would then make his leave only for the Gold Standard to lay out the challenge to Suzuki for a no disqualification match at Til death do us Part, Suzuki would accept. Kota Ibushi & Moustache Mountain VS Death Riders (Jon Moxley, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson) In the Main Event of Kings Of The Ring, ICPW Heavyweight Champion Kota Ibushi teamed with Moustache Mountain to take on the Death Riders’ Jon Moxley and ICPW Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. The two teams beat the hell out of each other, Moxley going after the Golden Star trying to take him down and soften him up going into their match at til death do us part. Gallows and Anderson meanwhile faced off with Bate and Seven mostly in the ring. The match would come to a surprising conclusion when Gallows got hit with a Burning Hammer from Seven which Bate followed up with a spiral tap for the victory. After the match, Trent Seven would get on the mic and declare that since Tyler had just pinned one half of the ICPW Tag Team Champions that they were now the official Number One Contenders to the tag team titles. The show would close with Moustache Mountain and Kota Ibushi standing tall.
  2. SFW Last Shot Theme Song: "It's Your Last Shot" by Politics and Assassins What's UP BAYBAY! AND WELCOME TO THE FINAL PAY-PER-VIEW BEFORE SFW CLASH OF THE TITANS 2! TONIGHT, WE WILL SEE THE MEN WHO WILL BE MOVING ONTO CLASH OF THE TITANS AND WE WILL SEE THOSE WHO GET KNOCKED TO THE GROUND! THIS IS THEIR LAST SHOT! SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO LET'S GET INTO IT! Opening Match, Number One Contenders Match for the SFW World Tag Team Championships, Street Fight: David Haskins & Tamer VS The Future Starrs The Future Starrs making their entrance first, Starr and Kirby have been tormented by Haskins and Tamer for the last month, it’s hard to say if they’re going into this match at one hundred percent or not. Their ready no matter that and now here comes their opponents, interestingly enough a team that was built upon the respect of two competitors has now become one of the most ruthless and disrespectful teams in SFW. Now Both teams in the ring and they’re not waiting for the bell! The Future Starrs taking the fight to Tamer and Haskins and they take them out of the ring with Stereo Superkicks! Tamer and Haskins on the outside now getting up slowly and the Future Starrs Nail them with Stereo Tope Con Hilos! The Starrs now feeling it, Kirby now directing traffic and he’s already telling Starr to go under the ring! Starr now pulls out a table! Starr setting up the table, Kirby takes Haskins up onto the Apron, Kirby now going for a powerbomb through the table off the Apron but Haskins counters and Hurricanruna’s Kirby into a powerbomb from Tamer on the outside! Starr though wastes no time and leaps onto the table and takes the two men down with a shotgun dropkick sending the two men into the barricade! Starr now helping Kirby back up, the two men go for Tamer and Haskins with knees to the face but Tamer and Haskins move out of the way and they catch the two men in a sandwich with Knee Strikes! Haskins now taking Kirby up and he hangs him off the Apron and he drops him with a snap swinging neckbreaker! Tamer meanwhile grabs Starr in position for a dragon Suplex, Tamer signals to Haskins who immediately nails Starr with a roundhouse kick which Tamer follows up with A dragon Suplex on Starr! Tamer now taking Starr into the ring meanwhile Haskins starts sliding chairs into the ring, Kirby looks like he might be about to get up but Haskins quickly stops that by just throwing a chair into the head of Kirby! Haskins now gets in the ring, Tamer picking up Starr getting him in position for a suplex, Tamer holding Starr in position and then Haskins smashes the head of Starr with a chair and Tamer drops him with a Brainbuster! Tamer now not going for a cover even though Starr might be out instead wanting to torture Starr a little more, Tamer now throwing Starr to Haskins, Haskins gets Starr up on his shoulders in fireman’s carry position, Tamer now charges at Haskins and he kicks the head off Starr and then Haskins follows it up with a Death Valley Driver! Haskins and Tamer now looking to end it with the assisted Terminal Velocity but Suddenly Kirby back to his feet and he gets in there to save his tag team partner! Kirby now forcing Haskins and Tamer into opposite corners, Kirby now winding up and nailing Lariat after Lariat on Tamer and Haskins buying some time for Starr to recover, Kirby now throws Tamer into Haskins in the corner, Tamer bounces off Haskins, Kirby looking like he’s going for a back suplex on Tamer but instead just throws Tamer into Haskins! Tamer down and he rolls out of the ring now only Kirby and Haskins left standing, Kirby now sweeps the leg of Haskins leaving him in seated position in the corner, Kirby now lining up a chair in front of the head of Haskins, Kirby going to the top rope, looking for a coast to coast on Haskins, Kirby goes for it but Tamer pull Haskins out of the ring! Kirby’s legs in a bad state! Tamer now back up and he grabs Starr isolating him on the outside, Haskins now with a burst of adrenaline goes to the top rope and he nails Kirby with a modified moon stomp to the leg! Haskins now grabbing the leg of Kirby and he locks in the stretch muffler! Haskins now repeatedly stomping on the head of Kirby while keeping it applied! Kirby may be about to tap out but Starr springing to the top rope and he takes out Haskins with a shooting Starr headbutt to the back of the head! Starr now sees Haskins scrambling back to his feet in the corner, Starr charges at him and he monkey flips him out of the corner onto the chairs! Starr now springing to the top rope and he nails Haskins with a Shooting Starr Press! Cover by Starr but Haskins somehow up at 2! Starr now calling for Kirby to get back up, Kirby back up and Starr directs him to Haskins, Starr on the Apron, Kirby getting Haskins up for a Sable Buckle Bomb, they’re setting up for the Super Starr Collider But Tamer in and he chop blocks the leg of Kirby allowing Haskins to Counter to power bomb into a sit out facebuster! Starr now springboarding in trying to take out Tamer but Haskins intercepts with a Kick to the chest taking down Starr! Haskins now gets Starr up in fireman’s carry position again and he drops him with a TKO! Haskins and Tamer now grabbing Kirby and they nail him with the Assisted Terminal Velocity! Haskins not going for the Cover though grabbing the leg of Kirby and locking in the stretch muffler and Stomping on his head! Starr tries to get in to break it up but Tamer kicking him in the head and throwing him in the ring, Holding him in position while Haskins Tortures Kirby! Kirby is forced to tap out and we have new number one contenders to the SFW World Tag Team Championships! Well that was one way to start of Last Shot! These four men went to war! Although, i’m pretty sure Kirby might be seriously injured after that since these men pretty much destroyed each other with no remorse but now Haskins and Tamer have a guaranteed shot at the Tag Team Titles and you'd think they’ll want that match at clash of the titans but you never know with this anarchist duo. Now it’s time for a change of pace as we see Prince Jack III take on Yelich Anderson with Anderson trying to keep his main event match at Clash of The titans a One on One affair but Jack wanting to change those hopes. Match 2, If Prince Jack III wins he enters the Clash of the Titans Main Event: Prince Jack III VS Yelich Anderson Well here we go now, Prince Jack III making his way to the ring the former SFW World Champion looking for his opportunity to make an opportunity in the main event of Clash of The Titans but he has to go through what is possibly the most determined man in SFW. Speaking of that man here he comes right now, Yelich Anderson and I'll let him take it from here. Yelich Anderson: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WEIGHING IN TONIGHT AT EXACTLY 243 AND A QUARTER OF A POUND, THE GOLDRUSH MATCH WINNER AND THE MAN WHO WILL HEADLINE SFW CLASH OF THE TITANS! (Inhales) YELLLIICCHHHHHH ANDERSON! ANDERSON! The Classic intro of Anderson coming out again, obviously he’s in the right mindset for this upcoming match, he will need to use everything he can in order to beat his opponent here tonight. Anderson now in the ring and the referee calls for the bell and the two men immediately start trading forearms! The two men have been at each other's throats for weeks and now it’s finally coming to a boil, Anderson now with Jack in the corner, he goes for a chop but Jack slides out of the way and he goes to dropkick Anderson into the corner but Anderson moves out of the way, Anderson now goes onto the Apron and goes for a slingshot elbow drop but Jack rolls out of the ring, Anderson now gets pulled out of the ring by Jack and Jack throws Anderson into the barricade! Anderson now getting back to his feet attempting to get prepared but as he does he’s met by a shotgun dropkick from Jack sending him straight into the barricade! Jack now getting Anderson up and he throws him into the ring post! Jack now rolling back into the ring and he’s trying to win by countout! The ref gets to a count of five as Anderson gets back into the ring, Jack now stomping on Anderson as Anderson tries to get back to his feet, Jack now gives Anderson some space, Anderson back to his face and Jack nails Him with the Enzuguri! Cover by Jack but Anderson up at 2, Jack now grabs the Arm that Anderson put up to kick out and he locks in an armbar! Anderson though quickly flips himself over and he counters the pinfall into a modified school boy but Jack is able to get out allowing for Anderson to free his arm. Jack and Anderson now back to their feet, Anderson charges at Jack, Jack sends Anderson into the ropes and he tries for a Rebound German but Anderson flips over to his feet, Anderson catches Jack in position for a full nelson slam but Jack counters it into a victory Roll only for Anderson to kick out at 2 but Jack quickly transitions this into a boston crab! Jack also stomping on the head of Anderson as he traps him in the middle of the ring in a boston crab, Anderson fighting though he slowly crawls to the ropes and he manages to free himself. The frustration on the face of Prince Jack III is obvious, Jack now going and stomping on Anderson, Jack now lifts Anderson up and he goes for a one-winged angel trying to end this match now but Anderson topples the two men out of the ring over the top rope both men down, they get back to their feet, Jack charges at Anderson and Anderson hits him with a Pop-Up anderbomb! Anderson now hopping up onto the ring apron, he calls for Jack to get back to his feet, Jack back to his feet and Anderson goes for a cannonball off the Apron but Jack shifts to the side and Anderson cannonballs into the steel steps! Jack now seeing his opportunity, he goes over to grab Anderson, he lifts him up and he drops him with a massive Michinoku Driver! Jack now grabbing Anderson up and he throws him back into the ring, Jack now surprisingly climbing to the top rope, Anderson down in the middle of the ring and Jack nails him with a diving double foot stomp! Cover by Jack but Anderson up again at 2 and a half! Jack now looking frustrated and now he’s grabbing Anderson's Arm and he drops him into a triangle Choke! He’s trying to beat Anderson with the move Anderson countered at Goldrush! Jack now trying to stay locked in but Anderson appears to be starting to feel it with the fans cheering him on, Anderson now stacks Jack up as If He’s going for a cover but Jack jolts up trying to straighten himself but Anderson one step ahead uses the boost to lift Jack up maybe looking for another Anderbomb but Jack tries to counter with a hurricanrana attempt but Anderson counters it into a high angle boston crab! Anderson now trying to beat Jack with submissions but Jack manages to crawl to the ropes, Anderson though barely giving Jack any space, he runs against the ropes and nails him with a sliding forearm smash! Jack now rocked, Anderson now gets him up and he throws him into the ropes, Jack rebounds back first and Anderson nails him with a massive German suplex! Jack now leaning on the ropes, Anderson charges at him and he lariats him over the top rope, Jack down on the outside, Maybe Andersons trying to win by countout but no instead he’s warming up and he goes for a tope con hilo on Jack but Jack moves out of the way! Jack is known to capitalize on the high risk mistakes of others, that's how he won the television championship, Jack now getting up and he throws Anderson back into the ring, Jack now immediately tries to get Anderson back up, he sets him up in position for the One-Winged Angel, Jack looking to put this away here but Anderson with the wherewithal he’s able to get a sense of what he needs to do, Jack releases Anderson, Anderson now going for a back suplex but Jack blocking it elbowing Anderson in the head, Anderson rocked now, Jack goes to the ropes and he goes for a running Enzuguri and he nails Anderson with it! Cover by Jack but Anderson up at 2 again! Jack now going to lock, the triangle choke in again but this time Anderson had it scouted! Anderson immediately gets Jack up and nails him with a spinning Anderbomb! Cover by Anderson but Jack up at 2! Anderson though wasting no time and he locks in another high angle boston crab! Jack trying to escape but this time he doesn’t crawl to the ropes instead he just counters it and he locks in a knee bar on Anderson! Anderson though manages to quickly roll to the ropes breaking the hold! Anderson now feeling it, he calls for Jack to get back up, Jack back to his feet and Anderson catches him in position for a mic check but Jack counters it into an STO! Jack now stacking up Anderson into the cover but Anderson up at 2! Jack now dragging Anderson over to the corner, he places him on the top rope, Jack now going up behind him, Jack now looking to spike Anderson off the top rope with a hurricanrana, Jack looking for it but Anderson blocks it! Anderson now deadlifts Jack up and he takes him down with a top rope Anderbomb! Both men down after that destructive maneuver! Anderson manages to lay one arm on top of the body of Jack for the cover but Jack up at 2 and a half! Anderson now crawling back to his feet, Jack trying to get back up, Jack on his knees and Anderson nails him with a sliding lariat! Anderson now grabs Jack back up, he hooks the leg and he drops him with the mic check! Cover by Anderson and he gets the 3 count! WHAT. A. MATCH. Either man could’ve won that, the two men threw absolutely everything they had at each other and they still kept coming back with more but Anderson manages to keep his championship match at clash of the titans a singles match, Anderson and Jack now staring down, Anderson goes to the corner where a broken Jack sits, he offers him a hand but Jack slaps it away and pulls himself up, Tensions looking like their mounting but Jack now extending his hand out and Anderson shakes his hand, Jack leaving the ring as Anderson celebrates his hard fought victory. Well we must move on as next up we have a brutal war of a match as we have a barbed wire, light tube deathmatch with two former rivals exploding here as a Kin Takeshi takes on Kit Fukada. Match 3, Barbed Wire, LightTube Deathmatch: Kin Takeshi VS Kit Fukada The ring canvas being changed out to avoid the blood staining the main ring canvas. Fukada making his way out to the ring first, the intensity in the new comers eyes is clear and he is aiming to take the name Deathmatch literally clearly. Takeshi now making his way out to the ring, the bitterness between the two men is obvious as they stand in the ring and stare down. The ref calls for the bell and the two men immediately start exchanging forearms, Fukada now grabs Takeshi and he throws him into the light tubes taped to the ropes! Fukada now tries to lariat Takeshi out of the ring but Takeshi ducks and Fukada goes over, Takeshi not looking for a suicide dive though instead just grabbing some lightubes and he throws them at Fukada! Takeshi now outside the ring, he goes under the ring and he pulls out a barbed wire baseball bat! Takeshi now grinding the baseball bat into the face of Fukada! Takeshi now releasing it and he throws Fukada back into the ring, remember the ring ropes have Barbedwire tied around them to create extra damage, Takeshi now going to grab Fukada but Fakada lays forearm strikes into Takeshi, Fukada now grabbing Takeshi up and he hits him with Snake Eyes into the ropes! Fukada now grabs Takeshi and he throws him into the light tubes strapped to the ropes on the other side! Fukada now sending Takeshi out of the ring, Fukada going out of the ring and he goes underneath the ring and he pulls out a chair wrapped in barbed wire! Fukada calling for Takeshi to get back up, Takeshi gets back to his feet and Fukada takes him down with the barbed wire chair! Fukada now taking the chair and grinding it into the head of Takeshi with his foot, Fukada now going underneath the ring and he takes out a table but Fukada not done and now he goes back under the ring and he pulls out barbed wire! Fukada though after setting up the table not using the barbed wire on Takeshi, he lays Takeshi on the table, Fukada though now grabbing the barbed wire and he’s wrapping himself up in it! Fukada now going to the top rope, he goes for a diving back senton on Takeshi through the table but Takeshi moves out of the way! Fukada just drove himself through a table and he’s still wrapped in barbed wire! Takeshi now trying to get back to his feet, he grabs Fukada’s lifeless body up and he throws him into the ring, Takeshi now going under the ring and he throws a bunch of light tubes and a mysterious bag into the ring, Takeshi now getting back into the ring, he takes the light tubes and he sets them up behind Fukada, He goes for a deadlift German through the light tubes, Fukada trying to fight it but he’s wrapped up in barbed wire still and Takeshi German Suplexe Fukada through the light tubes! Takeshi now takes the bag and he opens it up and he pours the contents out to reveal thumbtacks! Takeshi about to finish off Fukada but he’s not satisfied with doing it like that, he goes under the ring and he pulls out a small box, Takeshi opens the small box and he reveals a knee pad with thumbtacks glued to the front of it! Takeshi now slides the knee pad on, he calls for Fukada to get back up, Fukada stumbles back to his feet, Fukada turns around into the Black Sun with the Thumbtack Knee on from Takeshi sending Fukada into the thumbtacks! Takeshi now covering Fukada and he gets the victory! Wow, that was just… pure violence. Takeshi now looking down at the broken body of Fukada, Takeshi nods before just leaving Fukada as Fukada gets helped out of the ring. Well we have to clear the ringside area and the ring itself but next up we have a change of pace as the Lightweight Championship is on the line as Prince Cutler takes Hans Clayton! Match 4, SFW Lightweight Championship: Prince Cutler (c) VS Hans Clayton Well the challenger out here first, Hans Clayton looking to make the most of his opportunity. The man only debuted in SFW a month ago in the Goldrush match and he’s already made the most of his opportunities managing to secure a championship match in his first singles pay-per-view match. Well now here comes the Champion, representing the roundtable of excellence, the man who’s held the championship since End of Days and now he looks to remain champion once again against the young upstart. Alright both men in the ring and here we go the bell rings and the two men lock up, Cutler coming ahead with a headlock, Clayton though pushes Cutler off and then tries to drag him back for a back suplex but Cutler flips over and gets control of Clayton’s back, Clayton now breaking the control that Cutler has and going into a hammerlock on Cutler, Cutler now slips out of it and he gets a headlock on Clayton, Cutler now taking Clayton down to the floor with a headlock takeover, Clayton gets a headscissors on Cutler, Cutler gets out of it, Cutler now runs at Clayton and Clayton hits him with a spanish fly which Cutler rolls out of the ring afterwards, Cutler now asking for some separation, The ref holding back Clayton as Cutler carefully considers his next plan of attack, Cutler gets back onto the Apron, Clayton charges at him but Cutler telling the ref to make Clayton back up, Cutler gets back into the ring now and the two men look to be about to lock up again but Cutler breaks it and begins beating the hell out of Clayton with strikes, Cutler sends Clayton into the corner, Cutler now sweeps the leg of Clayton putting him in seated position in the corner, Cutler now runs to the opposite corner and he goes for a cannon ball in the corner but Clayton moves out of the way and before Cutler can move out of the corner, Clayton catches him with a sliding dropkick to the side of the head, Cutler now falling down, Clayton now grabs him by the waist and he goes for a deadlift german but Cutler blocks it and counters it into a victory roll but only for a count of 1, Clayton back to his feet, he charges at Cutler but Cutler takes out the knee of Clayton with a sliding dropkick, Cutler now grabbing the leg of Clayton and he hyper extends the leg, Cutler now grabbing Clayton back up, he throws him in the corner and he chops him in the chest before sweeping the leg, Cutler going to the opposite corner again maybe looking for the cannon ball again but he stops short and just kicks Clayton in the face! Cutler now grabbing Clayton up and keeping him in the corner, Cutler slapping Clayton in the corner not even hitting him with anything substantial just slapping him, Clayton then responds with a forearm to the face taking him down, Cutler now gets up and is about to respond to Clayton with a strike of his own but Clayton immediately throws Cutler into the corner and chops him in the chest and then follows it up with a monkey flip! Clayton then springs to the second rope and he goes for a second rope moonsault but Cutler moves out of the way but Clayton lands on his feet, Clayton now turns around, Cutler tries for a lariat but Clayton counters it into a swinging neckbreaker! Clayton now, goes to the ropes and he tries for a lionsault but Cutler moves out of the way again but Clayton landing on his feet, Cutler though catches Clayton from behind and he tries for a german suplex but Clayton flips onto his feet, Cutler turns around, Clayton tries for a superkick but Cutler catches it, Cutler trips the leg of Clayton and he turns Clayton over locking in a half boston crab! Clayton though managing to get to the ropes, Clayton now trying to get some air but Cutler charges to the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and he nails Clayton with a knee strike in the ropes! Clayton rocked now, Cutler now gets him up, he’s looking for the Kingdom Keeper but Clayton gets out of it and he grabs Cutler and he nails him with a brainbuster, Clayton now wasting no time, he goes for the lionsault one more time and this time he manages to hit it! Clayton with the cover but Cutler up at 2! Clayton now going to the top rope, looking for the shooting hans press, Clayton goes for it but Cutler gets his knees up! Cutler now counters it into a roll up but Clayton up at 2! Cutler now going onto the apron, he calls for Clayton to get back up, Clayton back to his feet and Cutler nails Clayton with the Jaw Jacker! Clayton down, Cutler now grabs him back up and he drops him with the Kingdom Keeper! Cutler now with the cover but Clayton up at 2! Cutler now gets Clayton up, he’s looking for the Kingdom Keeper, He goes for it but Clayton catches the leg, he sweeps the leg and then nails Cutler with a standing double foot stomp! Clayton now drags Cutler into position, Clayton going to the top rope and he nails a 450 splash! Clayton not going for the cover though, he goes back to the top rope and he goes for the shooting Hans press and this time he nails it! Clayton with the cover and he wi- WAIT A MINUTE AIDANATOR ATTACKING CLAYTON! That’s gonna cause a Disqualification! Aidanator now beating down Hans as Cutler gets back to his feet, Aidanator now getting Hans in position for a piledriver but wait a second Ropati now running down here and he Superkicks Aidanator! Ropati now causing the Roundtable to retreat as he helps Hans escape. Hans definitely looks disappointed by the result tonight but you’d have to think that he’ll be getting another shot after almost winning the title there but i guess we should move onto our next contest as the tag team championships are on the line as Ice Cold defend against the Street dawgs, Strike Force and the new team of Bart Johnson & KENJI. Match 5, SFW World Tag Team Championships: Ice Cold (C) VS The Street Dawgs VS Strike Force VS Bart Johnson & KENJI Alright Bart Johnson and KENJI making their way out here first. The Anti Hero and the king of the Horizon looking to make an impact in their first tag team championship match. They so far have yet to lose as a tag team so it’ll be interesting to see how they do here tonight. Strike force coming out now, these guys are all business and two men who have always had their eyes on championship gold with Clarke being a former Television Champion of course. The Street dawgs coming out here now and of course they gave Willow a mic alright i’ll let him do his thing I guess. Jack Willow: My Name is Jack Willow and I am a certified G and a bonafide stud and you can’t teach that! And this right here this is dawg morales and he’s 250 pounds and you can’t teach that! Bada Boom next tag team Champions in the Room HOW YOU DOIN! Well, there’s the confidence of the street dawgs. Willow and Morales looking to make history tonight going for the tag titles and they haven’t been shy of what they think should happen. Now finally here comes the Champions, finally having their tag titles back, Ice Cold surprisingly have been very respectful as champions despite their alignment in the roundtable of excellence. Alright, all teams in the ring and no ones waiting around as we have a massive four team brawl! Now everyone on the outside except Ice Cold and Ice Cold nail the teams with stereo Tope Con Hilos! Ice Cold now grabbing the Street dawgs and throwing them into the ring. Ice Cold now beating down the Street Dawgs in opposite corners, chopping the hell out of their chests, now Ice Cold about to throw the Street Dawgs into each other but the Dawgs stop themselves before they run into each other only for Ice Cold to catch them both from behind and nail them with stereo german suplexes! The Street Dawgs now in the corner, Ice Cold now looking to take them down with stereo hesitation dropkicks but as they change direction they both get taken down by Strikeforce! Clarke now picking up both members of Ice Cold and he drops them with a double powerslam! Overheel now going to the apron and he nails Gardyner with a slingshot corkscrew senton and then follows that up with a standing double foot stomp on Bramson! Clarke and Strikeforce now looking to end it, getting them in position for the sidewalk slam double stomp combination as Overheel climbs to the top rope but as Overheel is about to jump, KENJI surprises him with a hurricanrana and Johnson takes out Clarke with a massive german! KENJI now gets Overheel up in a fireman's carry position and then he throws Overheel into an Uppercut from Johnson! Cover by KENJI but Overheel up at 2, KENJI now handing Overheel to Johnson, Johnson and KENJI looking for the butterfly DDT followed by the Horizonsault, Overheel though pushes Johnson into the corner and Clarke now back up grabs KENJI from the top rope and nails him with a top rope german suplex! Overheel now keeping, Johnson in the corner, Clarke now charging over and Overheel moves out of the way as Clarke crushes Johnson in the corner! Overheel now directing Clarke to Jack Willow, Clarke grabs Jack Willow out of the corner and he throws him into the middle of the ring. Strikeforce about to double team Willow but Morales back to his feet and he takes out Overheel allowing for Willow to get some space, the two heavyweights in the match staring down and now they’re going at it exchanging blows, Clarke coming ahead and he gets “Lawd” in the corner, Clarke now laying strikes into Morales but Morales now catches him in position for a powerbomb and at the last second Willow slides into the ring and turns it into a Powerbomb Lungblower combination! Cover by Morales on Clarke but Ice Cold break it up! Willow and Morales now trying to take out Ice Cold but Ice Cold valiantly fighting back against The Street Dawgs but wait a minute KENJIs climbed to the top rope! AND KENJI WITH A HORIZONSAULT TAKES OUT ICE COLD AND THE STREET DAWGS! KENJI NOW SIGNALLING TO JOHNSON, JOHNSON GRABS WILLOW, KENJI TO THE TOP ROPE AGAIN, JOHNSON WITH THE BUTTERFLY DDT AND KENJI FOLLOWS IT UP WITH A HORIZONSAULT! AND WE HAVE NEW- NO! OVERHEEL BREAKS IT UP! Overheel and KENJI now going at it but Overheel can’t deal with the double team of KENJI and Johnson, Johnson now grabbing Overheel and they nail him with an assisted Butterfly DDT! KENJI With the cover but Ice Cold Break it up! Johnson and KENJI now brawling with Ice Cold, Ice Cold get them into separate corners and they begin to chop them in the chest several times and then they sweep the legs of KENJI and Johnson, Ice Cold now calling for it, they run at each other but pass each other like ships in the night and they nail KENJI and Johnson with stereo hesitation dropkicks! Bramson and Gardyner now place KENJI on the top rope, they grab Johnson, Bramson going to the other side and they got Johnson in position for mental health and they hit it! Bramson though going to springs to the top rope and he grabs KENJI and he suplexes him outside onto Willow and Morales! Cover by Gardyner on Johnson and Ice Cold retain the tag team titles! Well, Ice Cold retain after a wild four way tag team match. I mean every team left everything in the ring, nobody gave up and no teams should be ashamed of their performances in this match. Ice Cold though proving why are in fact the number one tag team in SFW yet again, celebrating with their tag team championships… BUT WAIT A MINUTE! HASKINS AND TAMER! THEY’RE ATTACKING THE CHAMPS! Haskins and Tamer of course the number one contenders to the SFW Tag titles, they must’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, now grabbing Gardyner and they nail him with the assisted Terminal Velocity! Haskins now grabbing Bramson and locking him in the Stretch Muffler while stomping on his head, Tamer holding the face of Gardyner making him stare at his tag team partner as he gets brutalised! Haskins and Tamer now grabbing the Tag Team Titles and they pose over the body of the tag team champions! Haskins and Tamer now throwing the tag team championships on the bodies of Ice Cold now leaving. Well, it'll be interesting to see if Ice Cold need medical attention after that because that was a brutal attack from the number one contenders. The Champions now being helped out of the ring by ringside attendants, the number one contenders certainly making a statement. Well now it's time for us to move onto what could be either an extremely brutal match or an extremely quick moment, it’s time for the continental Championship match as Julius Jones defends against Adam Masters. Match 6 SFW Continental Championship, No Disqualifications: Julius Jones (c) VS Adam Masters Masters making his way to the ring first and he’s not alone, he’s flanked by Brett Storm, the other two strike force members obviously recovering from the previous match but Storm’s rested up after losing to Jacob Yamada on the Pre Show, Masters also carrying a steel chair on his way to the ring. Julius Jones now making his entrance, the intercontinental Championship slung over his shoulder, he removes his shirt and he sprints down to the ring sliding in and as he goes after Masters Masters smashes him in the gut with the chair! Masters now smashing the chair over the back of Julius! Masters now calling Storm into the ring, Storm now going under the ring first and he throws two kendo sticks into the ring and then slides into the ring, Masters lays the chair over the head of Jones and Storm and Masters now begin hitting the chair with the kendo sticks! After several Shots to the head of Julius, Masters with the cover and Masters has reclaimed the cont-NO! JULIUS KICKED OUT! WHAT KIND OF MONSTER IS HE?! Masters now directing to Storm to get him up, Storm gets Julius up but before he can do anything Julius grabs Storm by the throat and sets him up for a chokeslam, Masters though hits him in the back with a kendo stick BUT IT DOES NOTHING! JULIUS JUST TURNS AROUND AND GRABS MASTERS BY THE THROAT AND NAILS THE TWO MEN WITH A DOUBLE CHOKESLAM! JULIUS NOW GRABBING THE CHAIR AND HE SETS IT UP, HE GRABS MASTERS AND HE DROPS HIM WITH THE HELLS WELCOME ONTO THE CHAIR! COVER BY JONES AND HE RETAINS THE CHAMPIONSHIP! Well Julius retaining the Championship in dominant fashion, Storm now carrying Masters out on his back, Jones now holding the championship over his head after barely breaking a sweat but wait a second here comes Prince Jack III? What the hell is he doing out here? The former World Champion walking down to the ring and he gets in the ring. Jack now with a microphone in hand and now staring at the continental champion. Prince Jack III: Congratulations Julius Jones! Another Successful defence of the SFW Continental Championship! Congratulations… but you know, I've held 2 of the 3 singles championships that I can in SFW and you’re holding the only one that I haven’t, so my challenge for you Julius at Clash Of The Titans, is a match for that Continental Championship, what do you say? Well Jack handing the Microphone to Julius now what’s he got to say? Julius Jones: Prince Jack III.... I accept. Well there it is folks! Prince Jack III VS Julius Jones for the Continental Championship at Clash of the Titans 2. Alright well, it’s time for us to move onto our semi-main event. In a last shot challenge we have a Television Championship four way so without further ado let’s get into it. Match 7, SFW World Television Championship, whoever gets pinned cannot challenge the winner as long as they are Champion: Mil Almas (c) VS Angelo Catio VS Arius VS BIC Angelo Catio making his way out to the ring first, he looks focused and determined. He’s looking to win his first singles championship in SFW since surprisingly despite being in the singles title scene during almost his entire SFW run he’s never been a singles champion but maybe he can take one home here tonight. Now out comes Arius, a man on the rise in SFW, he is of course the artist of professional wrestling and he seeks to show his art to all those around him. If he can win here it would make a massive impression on the SFW Locker Room, we’ve seen rookies win championships before and they have soared to new heights so let's see if Arius can do the same. Now out comes BIC and the only thing on this man's mind is the revenge he’s seeking to gain against Mil Almas for betraying him, this man would love to rip the television title from The Roundtable Of Excellence’s grasp. Speaking of which finally here comes the champion, Mil Almas is one of the most successful wrestlers in SFW being a former lightweight champion, winner of the Heist match and of course the current World Television Champion. Alright the match begins and immediately Almas and BIC begin to brawl toppling over to the outside of the ring, Arius and Catio then shrug and begin to exchange blows, Arius manages to come ahead, he gets Catio on the ropes, Arius now runs at Catio and goes to send him out of the ring but Catio sendss Arius over and Arius converts it into a tope con hilo taking out BIC and Almas! Catio now seeing this from the ring, he calls for the three men to get back up, Catio now charging up and he nails all 3 men with a massive pescato! Remember, the loser of this match cannot challenge the winner as long as they are champion, Catio now grabbing BIC and throwing him into the ring, Catio now calling for the AA early, BIC back to his feet, Catio gets him in fireman’s carry position but BIC slips out of it and BIC drops him with Saito Suplex! BIC now going back outside the ring and he grabs Almas and throws him into the ring! BIC now going under the ring and he’s throwing steel chairs into the ring, BIC now back in the ring and he grabs Almas, he gets him up for a powerbomb onto the pile of chairs but Almas counters it into a hurricanrana sending BIC into the ropes! BIC now hanging on the ropes, Almas now charges at him and nails him with a 619! Almas now on the apron calling for BIC to get up, BIC back to his feet, Almas goes for a springboard splash but BIC just throws a chair in his face! BIC now gets Almas up and he nails him with a brainbuster onto the chair! BIC about to cover Almas but Catio grabs BIC and he picks him up and drops him with a falcon Arrow! Catio with the cover on BIC but Arius breaks it up. Arius now gets Catio up and he looks like he’s going for a suplex but quickly converts it into a sit out facebuster! Arius now though grabbing the chairs scattered around the ring and he begins to carefully place them in each corner, Arius now getting BIC up and he throws him into the first corner! Arius then gets Catio up and he throws him into the second Corner! He gets Almas up and he throws him into the third corner! Arius now goes to the 4th corner and he removes the chair and he looks to be about to charge with it but instead he takes it to the middle of the ring and he places it down and sits posing in the middle of the ring to the fans delight! Almas, Catio and BIC now though Charge at Arius and they try to nail him with a trio of dropkicks but Arius simply falls backwards on his chair and all three men fall to the mat! Arius now rolls back into the corner the four men staring down now, Almas is about to charge at Arius only for BIC to pull him back and drops him with a back suplex. Catio then charges at Arius for a clothesline but Arius slips onto the apron and Nails Catio with a forearm smash, Catio rocked he steps back a bit and Arius nails him with a slingshot cutter! BIC now grabbing Almas up again now and he goes for DDT but Almas Counters it and drops him with a front facelock michinoku driver! Cover by Almas but Arius in to break it up! Arius now lifting up Almas and he drops him with the osaka street cutter! Arius with the Cover on Almas but BIC and Catio break it up, BIC and Catio now grabbing Arius up and they drop him with a double suplex! Catio now grabbing BIC and he drops him with a spin out powerbomb and Catio now setting up for the five knuckle shuffle but Arius gets up and takes Catio’s head off with a lariat! Arius now grabbing BIC Back up and he’s trying for another lifting Osaka Street Cutter but BIC passes over, Arius turns around into a leaping STO from BIC! BIC though sends Arius and Catio out of the ring and he’s going after Almas! BIC calling for Almas to get back up, Almas back to his feet, BIC goes for the running knee strike but Almas throws a chair into BIC’s Face! Almas now back to his feet, BIC rocked and Almas drops BIC with a superkick! Almas now grabbing a Steel chair and he places it under BIC’s head, Almas now calling for BIC to get back up, BIC down in the middle of the ring, BIC now about to get back up, Almas charging at him but Catio slides in and catches him on his shoulders and he drops Almas with an AA onto the Chair! BIC now stirring about to get up but Catio throws him out of the ring, Cover by Catio on Almas now and Catio wins the Television Championship! Catio captures his first singles championship in SFW! What a victory for Catio! Almas played right into his hands! But you’d have to think Almas and BIC’s rivalry cost each other the match, if they had focused on the match at hand rather on their hatred for each other then maybe one of those two men could’ve won the match. For Arius it was just bad luck but Catio strikes it big with a Championship Victory and he’ll be heading into Clash Of the Titans as Television Champion. Well moving on it’s time for our main event. The SFW World Championship is on the line as King Slim defends against Ryan Reeves in a last shot match! Main Event, SFW World Championship, Last Shot Match: King Slim (c) VS Ryan Reeves The challenger Ryan Reeves making his way to the ring first, Reeves is hungry right now, the man hasn’t held championship gold since he became the inaugural SFW World Champ and now he looks to become the first two time champion and if not, he won’t be able to challenge for the Crown until Goldrush Next year, so this is do or die for Reeves tonight and let’s see if he can make the most of his opportunity. Now here comes the World Champion, Confident as ever King Slim looking to prove why he is the undisputed best world champion in SFW and so far he’s been doing quite a good job with that, winning the championship all the way back at Bankheist the man has dominated SFW with an iron fist and now he looks to enter SFW’s Biggest show of the year and end Reeves’ title hopes for at least a year. Both men in the ring, the official announcements made, the championship raised and the ref calls for the bell and here we go. Slim and Reeves start off with a lock up, both men so evenly matched, Reeves coming ahead now with a waist lock on Slim, Slim tries to break it and get a waist lock of his own but Reeves quickly counters into a headlock and then takes him down to the mat, Slim trying to get a headscissors but Reeves grabs his leg and converts it into a cover but Slim up at 2. Reeves now gets off Slim and stares a hole through him, Reeves not going to lose easily here tonight clearly, Slim gets back to his feet, Reeves and Slim lock up at first but Reeves breaks it and whips Slim into the corner, Slim in the Corner and Reeves nails him with a corner Lariat and then takes him out of the corner with a running bulldog! Slim now rolling out of the ring and demanding a minute and for the ref to hold back Reeves but Reeves just moves the ref out of the way and he nails Slim with a suicide dive! Reeves now rolling Slim back into the ring, Reeves goes to the top rope and he’s calling for the crazed thrust, calling for Slim to get back to his feet, Slim back to his feet, Reeves looking for the Crazed thrust but Slim moves out of the way, Reeves rolls through and Slim catches him with a half and half suplex! Reeves though immediately back to his feet, Slim turns around into a massive lariat from Reeves! Reeves now grabs Slim up, in inverted DDT position and he drops him with a side slam! Reeves now running against the ropes and he goes for a sliding leg drop but Slim moves out of the way, Slim now runs against the ropes and he goes for a PK but Reeves catches it, Reeves stands up still holding the leg of Slim and he nails him with a dragon screw leg whip! Reeves now grabbing the leg of Slim and he immediately locks in a figure four leg lock! Slim in the middle of the ring, Reeves probably not going to win with this move but it’s a smart strategy as it takes away the Superkick from Slim’s arsenal which he uses to set up several of his maneuvers, Slim now though managing to crawl his way to the ropes, Reeves keeps it on for the count of Four before breaking it, Slim now leaning on the ropes, Reeves goes to the opposite ropes and he nails Slim with a sliding Elbow smash! Slim rocked, Reeves grabs him from behind and he drops him with a massive Saito Suplex! Reeves now with a cover on Slim but Slim kicks out at 2, Reeves now gets Slim back up, Reeves now looking for lunacy unhinged early in this match but Slim manages to get Reeves into the corner and he begins laying shoulders into the gut of Reeves, Reeves now feeling a bit shaken, Slim now goes to the opposite corner and he nails Reeves with a running High Knee and then follows it up with a monkey flip, Slim now springing to the top rope and he goes for a moonsault but Reeves gets the Knees up! Reeves now grabbing Slim up and he gets him in position and he drops him with a piledriver! Reeves now springing to the second rope in the corner and he changes his rotation and nails a Springboard Elbow drop! Reeves showing of maneuvers he hasn’t previously used, clearly he is willing to do anything in order to win this match. Reeves now grabbing Slim up, he holds Slim in the middle of the ring, Reeves going for a massive lariat but Slim catches his arm and he spins it out into a swinging neckbreaker, Reeves gets back to his feet but Slim takes him right back down with a codebreaker! Slim now grabbing Reeves by the legs and he transitions into a boston crab! Slim now putting pressure on the back of Reeves, Reeves now manages to crawl to the ropes and forcing Slim to break the hold at a count of 3, Slim now kicking Reeves out of the ring and Slim poses in the middle of the ring taunting the crowd, Reeves now back up on the outside, Slim now charges at the ropes and he goes for a tope con hilo and he takes Reeves down! Slim now just walking it off trying to act cocky even though he’s clearly slightly damaged, Slim now throws Reeves back into the ring, Slim then hops onto the apron and he calls for Reeves to get back up, Reeves back to his feet and Slim nails him with a springboard forearm! Slim with the Cover on Reeves but Reeves up at 2! Slim now applying a headlock on Reeves, Reeves now trying to fight out of it, Reeves slowly getting back to his feet and he takes Slim onto the Ropes and he manages to push him off, Slim rebounds into a massive lariat for Reeves! Slim gets back up and Reeves grabs him and drops him with a brainbuster! Slim now ends up in the corner with his back turned to Reeves, Reeves Charges at Slim and Nails him with a backstabber out of the corner, Reeves now going to the top rope, Slim gets back up again and Reeves takes him down with a massive dropkick sending him into the corner! Reeves now going to the adjacent corner of Slim and he nails him with a knee to the side of the head! Slim rocked, Reeves lifts him up and he drops him with Lunacy Unhinged! Cover by Reeves but Slim up at 2! Reeves now in the corner, he’s calling for the Sanity Breaker, Slim back to his feet, Reeves charges at him but Slim sends him into the ring post! Reeves now in the ring post, Slim now grabbing the legs of Reeves and he kicks him in the abdomen! Slim then grabs Reeves by the waist and nails him with a german suplex out of the corner! Slim now grabbing Reeves up and he drops him with a Northern Lights Suplex and then follows that up with a brainbuster! Slim with the cover on Reeves but Reeves up at 2! Slim now grabbing Reeves up and he’s setting him up for the essential eliminator but Reeves Counters it and breaks the Arm hooks and nails him with an alabama slam! Reeves now goes rebounds off the ropes and he rolls through grabbing Slim on his shoulders, Reeves now drops Slim with a fireman’s carry flapjack! Cover by Reeves but Slim up at 2! Reeves now going to the top rope and he’s going for the crazed thrust again, Slim gets back to his feet and Reeves nails him with the Crazed thrust! Reeves though not going for the cover he grabs Slim back up and he drops him with Lunacy Unhinged for the second time! Cover by Reeves now but Slim still up at 2! Reeves in the corner now and he’s calling for the sanity breaker again, Slim still down, Reeves calling for it, Slim gets back to his feet and Reeves nails him with a Sanity Breaker! Cover by Reeves and we have a ne-NO! SLIM KICKS OUT! REEVES CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Reeves now getting desperate, he grabs Slim up, he gets him on his shoulders, he’s going for the Destabilizer but Slim turns it around into powerbomb position then counters it into a destroyer! Cover by Slim but Reeves up at 2! Slim now grabs Reeves up and gets him in position for the sit out tombstone! Slim in position but Reeves counters it and he nails Slim into a gotch tombstone of his own! Reeves now in the corner and he’s calling for Slim to get back up, Slim down, Reeves looking for another Sanity Breaker BUT WAIT A MINUTE KAZUCHIKA OKADA’S THEME MUSIC IS PLAYING! REEVES DISTRACTED AS KAZUCHIKA OKADA MAKES HIS WAY OUT TO THE STAGE! OKADA NOW STANDING ON THE STAGE, REEVES TRYING TO SHRUG IT OFF THOUGH, HE GOES FOR THE SANITY BREAKER BUT SLIM CATCHES HIM WITH A SUPERKICK! REEVES ROCKED AND SLIM THEN GRABS HIM IN POSITION AND DROPS HIM WITH THE ESSENTIAL ELIMINATOR! SLIM NOW GRABBING REEVES AND HE LOCKS IN TALITE! REEVES REFUSING TO GIVE UP BUT HE’S LOCKED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING, REEVES FADING AND THE REFS CALLING FOR THE BELL! REEVES CAN’T CHALLENGE FOR A YEAR! My God, What an incredible match we just saw, both men fought valiantly but what a tragic way to end Reeves’ Championship hopes, Slim doesn’t care though, to him a victory is a victory. Well folks that’ll be our show, i’m sure Ryan Reeves is frustrated with that loss and we close the show with Reeves sitting alone in the ring after losing to King Slim. Please Join us next time for… you know what? I can’t do the outro this is just ridiculous, we’ll see you next time.
  3. Carefully choose gimmicks, Cut proper promos, watch study material and carefully construct characters more thoroughly. Some of my earlier kayfabe is complete garbage.
  4. I don't know what you guys were thinking but god damn it that thread fucked me up 

  5. EC3 This is more of a hope than a prediction. The man needs to NXT, at least there he will actually be used properly rather than whatever the hell WWE is doing with him currently. The man could be doing so much in the current WWE landscape and he should at least be a solid mid carder but is instead a jobber and his prominent feature is in the 24/7 Championship picture which is not a good thing. The man is capable of so much better but the fact that WWE is only using him as a jobber is just kind of sad and hopefully a run in NXT would do wonders for the Man in the Top One Percent.
  6. Name/Nickname: FDS Preferred Figurehead: Jimmy Havoc Wrestling Style: Technical Strong Style Signatures (up to 2): Spinning Tombstone Piledriver, Diving Double Foot Stomp Finishers (up to 2): Blood Rainmaker, Lay you to sleep (Burning Hammer, Sometimes onto a chair) Background: Just go read my BPZ Wiki entry. Heel/Face/Tweener: Heel
  7. Calamity’s Analysis Episode 5 *Clears throat* Is this thing on? Are we rolling? Oh we Are? Ok hit the theme song. “Goya No Machiawase” by Hello Sleepwalkers hits and a sudden slide show of big BPZ Moments hits with the song in the background and suddenly we see a man sitting in a chair wearing a sweat suit and a yellow scarf. He suddenly springs up in an almost cartoon like fashion looking into the camera. Helllllllllloooooooo Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Yato, I am the god of calamity and this is…. Suddenly the show transitions to a stage with Yato Spotlighted. CALAMITIES ANALYSIS! The spotlight suddenly disappears and Yato falls back onto the couch. Alright, today we’ll review Bad Blood FINALLY along with my review of Survival Games Week four and my predictions for the Survival Games pay-per-view event so without further ado LET GET INTO THE CALAMITIES! So we kicked off Bad Blood with Bashka VS Smith a match so Good they did it twice in one week! And they didn’t even change the result. Yeah so Smith won here because Smith has a certain number of titles he needs to win per year so OF COURSE IT MADE SENSE FOR HIM TO BEAT BASH TWICE IN A ROW. Anyway, the match was a good back and forth but seeing only a few days later is a bit much don’t ya think BPZ? *clap* Next *clap* Match Josh VS Mikey. Thank god Mikey won this match. Like I know we all praise Josh for his “effective heel work” but Mikey is a severely impressive rising star and it is good that he will finally be getting the respect he deserves. And I for one can’t wait to BREATH WITH THA-nah i’m not doing that. Calamity though for Josh’s continuingly declining Career. *clap* Next *clap* Match The Premium title match between George, Icon and THAT FRIGGEN JOBBER FDS! Seriously, this guy can’t even win in his hometown he’s such a LOSER! Geez so glad i’m not that guy. Anyway, this match was good but honestly deserved more time considering that these guys built this match up a lot and the fact that it was one of the most entertaining feuds on the card but alas BPZ loves to not push these dudes because of their past wrongdoings. Anyway Icon was a smart pick to win and hopefully he has a fruitful title reign. Bit of a calamity for george being unable to compete due to injury but oh well. *clap* Next *clap* Match United States Championship, Hans V Buddy Ace V Mikey. Well it appears they want Mikey to basically own the continent of North America because he won this match and became the new US champ. So I guess Mikey will be the supreme leader of the US? Does that mean his theme song is the new national anthem? I honestly don’t know but do we now say god bless the switchblade? Anyway this was good no calamities. *clap* Next *clap* Match North American Championship AND WHAT A MATCH! The Crowning moment for good ol yelich beating the scary face paint boi and winning the North American Championship. Too bad he’s going to lose the almighty supreme leader of the USA Mikey. No calamities obviously *clap* Next *clap* Match Echo Wilson VS Ark Universe. I mean, it was a good match? There wasn’t much build but it was good. Honestly kind of a calamity that this match just happened and no one really noticed it but Echo won i guess so Ark takes the calamity. *clap* Next *clap* Match Tag Team Championships and like always the old guys lost. Monda and Joh losing again to BIC and Hans because BPZ for some reason loves to push BIC and Hans is of course on the rise but yeah good stuff. Calamity for Monda and Joh losing again in the tag title match but oh well. *clap* Next *clap* Match Money in the Bank. Julius won, no complaints. Good match no calamity. Nothing really to say no sarcastic and witty remark just gonna move on. *clap* Next *clap* Match NXT. AMAI WINNING DAH GOLD but it is CLEARLY Because BPZ want to put the title on the hottest up and comer… MEKO FOR THE THIRD TIME! Nah Just kidding NATHAN SAWYER! Nah Just Kidding, SENDING JULIUS BACK DOWN TO WIN IT AGAIN! No calamities here good stuff. *clap* Next *clap* Match Main Event time and of Course it ended up with Brad Jobbing out AGAIN because Brad Blood will never be a thing but now we have the new World Champ SLIM…. Is it 2017 again? Cuz it feels like 2017 again… oh well. Calamity for Brad because Brad Blood will never be a thing. Overall the Pay-Per-View was alright but there was no real major calamities on the show besides Ark/Echo having lacking build and so many home town wrestlers losing their matches. Anyway moving on since we rented the studio for longer this time! Alright Survival Games Week 4 review first kicking off we had Julius VS Jonathan… ummm Jonathan still not cutting promos? BPZ’s booking of him is really weird, kind of a calamity because of that, i mean i guess it works for his character but it’s still weird. Julius won obviously but there was no real build. *clap* Next *clap* Match Bart VS FDS. OF COURSE FDS LOST AGAIN THE FRICKEN JOBBER! Has an incredible build up with all the signs pointing to him winning and he still lost! CLEARLY FDS SUCKS AND THE BOOKING TEAM TOTALLY DOESN’T HAVE OBVIOUS PLANS FOR THE FINALS OF A BLOCK. No Calamities though because the match was awesome and the build was great, great work both guys. *clap* Next *clap* Match Prince VS KENJI. Same problem with Jonathan VS Julius. Prince did not say anything. So nothing really to say there, KENJI won yeah obviously. No idea how BPZ Is booking this shit but it’s really strange. Calamity for prince’s booking. *clap* Next *clap* Match Moving to the B Block. Slim VS Bashka. Same thing as Jon VS Julius and KENJI VS Prince. Only one person said stuff and the feud suffered because of it. *clap* Next *clap* Match Smith VS Sameer. Finally another match with build, these two guys did a great job building up the match and it was very impressive to see these two go at it. Two great talents, pretty good build and there were definitely no calamities here. *clap* Next *clap* Match Hollow VS Hans… jesus christ he’s already dead BPZ we get it. Hollow not winning a single match in Survival Games is just kind of sad, like I joke about FDS losing but this is just sad. Calamity for Hollow because RIP his career. Anyway, moving on, let's predict the Survival Games Pay-Per-View Real quick. Arrow VS Aidan. Aidan wins, please for the love of god let Aidan win. Alex VS Meko. Hard choice, two rising stars in BPZ but i’m gonna say Meko barely takes it. Bashka VS Hollow. Will Hollow finally win? Probably not. Bashka wins. KENJI VS Jonathan. If they keep having Jonathan not build up his matches I guess KENJI wins it. Hans VS Sameer. Gonna say Sameer wins due to the experience edge over Hans, at least in the kayfabe logic of BPZ. FDS VS Prince. CLEARLY PRINCE WINS WITH FDS LOSING AGAIN CUZ HE’S A LOSER! Yelich VS Mikey for the north american championship. CLEARLY supreme leader Mikey of the United States wins and becomes president. Flynn VS Echo VS Necce. Edgy boi Necce comes out on top and does some weird creepy shit with the Undisputed Championship. Julius VS Bart. CLEARLY Julius wins because we gotta keep Julius strong and he’s gotta win all dah tournaments. Smith VS Slim. Joker boi wins this one because in theory the world champion should beat the Intercontinental Champion but hard to say it’ll be interesting to watch. Anyway that concludes Calamities analysis. I gave you guys some crap so next episode is gonna be a lot lighter, you’ll get like maybe my review of Survival Gamess and thats it. BYE NOW! Yato Claps his hands and suddenly the screen goes black ending the episode of Calamity’s Analysis
  8. The first episode of NWA Powerrr (Yes it actually does have 3 r's i don't know why) was very interesting. The Product is quite different to most of the other current day product from other wrestling companies. For example the absence of theme music going back to the old style NWA TV programs was a nice touch although the atmosphere in some cases did feel like it was lacking something. My favourite match from the show was Eli Drake VS Caleb Konley with the two men showing off a good amount of different manoeuvres and kind of showing off the future element of this historical blend. The Main event was quite good but it is interesting to see that they appear to be phasing out the older talent in some cases. I was very happy to see Eddie Kingston and Homicide show up so that was a plus. The pushing of some new talent in the Dawsons is quite cool to see that NWA isn't just relying on established Indy Stars. I feel like this could be a very good product going forward for the NWA and I think they'll be doing pretty well to say the least. The Full Show if Interested
  9. ICPW Kings Of The Ring Episode 5 Kota Ibushi celebrates his championship victory but… We kicked off Kings Of The Ring with an appearance from the New ICPW Heavyweight Champion. Kota Ibushi would celebrate his championship victory and would state that he would take on every possible challenger and as if Ibushi spoke it into existence he was first interrupted by the man he beat for the ICPW Heavyweight Championship Shinsuke Nakamura who himself was interrupted by Minoru Suzuki who was interrupted by Shelton Benjamin who was Interrupted by Jon Moxley. The Four men all disputed that they deserved the first shot at the ICPW Heavyweight Championship but ICPW General Manager Mick Foley would appear and would announce a Four way match for later tonight with the winner facing Ibushi at ICPW’s Next Pay-Per-View: Til Death Do Us Part. Los Ingobernables De Japon (EVIL & Shingo Takagi) VS Eddie Kingston & Paul Robinson The first match of Kings Of The Ring we saw the ICPW Openweight Championship EVIL team with Los Ingobernables De Japon stablemate Shingo Takagi to take on Eddie Kingston and his new Ally in Paul Robinson. The two teams brawled to start the match off, beating the living hell out of each other, hitting each other with everything they had, neither team willing to give an inch. EVIL looked to be about to beat Kingston when suddenly almost out of nowhere KZY appeared and taunted the Openweight Champion, EVIL went to take out KZY but KZY would avoid the strike from EVIL, EVIL would then turn around into a backfist to the future from Kingston who would the match for his team at 12:32. With that Victory Kingston has now pinned the Openweight Champion, Kingston, Robinson and KZY would then make their leave together taunting the LIJ members. Number One Contender To the ICPW JR Heavyweight Championship: Mark Haskins VS Akira Tozawa VS Amazing Red VS Flip Gordon The next match saw the crowning of a number one contender to Hiromu Takahashi’s JR Heavyweight Championship. Three of the four men who Hiromu beat for the JR Heavyweight Championship were in this match with the addition of the Mercenary Flip Gordon. In this match Red and Tozawa almost exclusively focused on each other attacking each other for costing each other the JR Heavyweight Championship at Ironwill, going to the point that Tozawa would driver Red through a table with a back senton from the top rope taking them out of the match again. Haskins would then be alone with the Mercenary and after a back and forth Haskins would submit Gordon with the sharpshooter and gain another opportunity at the JR Heavyweight Championship. Gallows and Anderson declare themselves the best tag team in ICPW A backstage video was played of the ICPW Tag Team Champions Gallows and Anderson representing the Death Riders stable. The Good Brothers would declare that they are now the undisputed Best Tag Team in ICPW with no team being able to say anything against that. Gallows and Anderson would then say that next week they would be competing and that no matter who their opponents were they would be the team coming out on top. Number One Contenders to the ICPW Heavyweight Championship: Minoru Suzuki VS Shelton Benjamin VS Shinsuke Nakamura VS Jon Moxley In the main event of the evening the challenger to Ibushi’s ICPW Heavyweight Championship was decided with four of the top heavyweights in ICPW facing off. The match was very impressive with every man trying their absolute hardest to win the match. Every single maneuver was used and nothing was not left in the ring. Suzuki and Benjamin would be fighting and end up taking each other out of the match with a massive Pay Dirt from Benjamin to the outside leaving Nakamura and Moxley in the match. The two would have a similar back and forth to their encounter at Ironwill but this time Moxley was able to avoid the Bomaye and would counter with a Regal Knee of his own before following it up with a Death Rider for the victory and to secure an ICPW Heavyweight Championship match at Til Death Do Us Part. The show would end with a staredown between Moxley and Ibushi with Ibushi raising the ICPW Heavyweight Championship.
  10. William Regal, a guy who never quite made into the main event but was solid in ring and on the mic.
  11. I for one am thrilled that Havoc and Darby are getting such a big match opportunity, it shows that AEW isn't just pushing the talent that's easiest to push going for out of the box talent and I honestly wouldn't mind either man getting the World Title shot (But i am of course slightly biased towards a certain former PROGRESS World Champion). Hangman and Dustin VS Jericho and Sammy is an interesting match but i'm guessing that Hangman's gonna lose it for his team to continue the storyline of him spiralling into a series of losses trying to get his groove back before eventually getting his rematch for the AEW World Championship, i'm guessing this match will kick off Dynamite and that Jericho will make a statement about his new stable to open the show. Spears V Moxley is interesting since they are both technically heels although AEW Might be planning for a double turn with Moxley and Omega with that taking place at Full Gear considering that seems to be the direction they're going with the two men, i'm gonna say Moxley picks up the victory here but likely by disqualification with interference from Omega. Private Party VS The bucks will be interesting because I honestly don't think the Bucks winning is as set in stone as a lot of people think. I honestly could see Private Party winning because of Jericho's stable assaulting Cody or Dustin during the match allowing for Private Party to take advantage and win the match. It also seems like they might be doing the Bucks VS LAX at Full Gear so it's likely Private Party get a major win and advance in the Tag Team title tournament.
  12. What if ____ Signed with WWE El Phantasmo Background Information The Headbanger El Phantasmo is currently Bullet Club’s Premier JR Heavyweight and has only recently begun to build a large amount of popularity since beginning to wrestle in the UK and his subsequent run in NJPW. The man is not only the Current RevPro British Cruiserweight Champion but also one half of the IWGP JR Heavyweight tag team champions and the winner of the Super J Cup. He uses a variety of maneuvers with his finisher being the CR2, a piledriver position facebuster. ELP is most known for his runs in RPW and of course NJPW, he doesn’t particularly have any extremely popular rivalries to the level of some other stars. What WWE Should do with Him El Phantasmo is an excellent heel and is great at getting heat on him (although I’m not quite sure how he’d do in the PG environment of WWE) so I could see Phantasmo as an excellent Heel NXT Champion. Phantasmo could easily win the NXT Championship through devious means to gain heat, It would also probably frustrate fans considering how good Phantasmo actually is in ring and the fact that he’s winning matches the way he is. It would also be very cathartic for when he finally gets beaten for the title. What WWE Could do With them ELP could be a very effective mid card heel on Smackdown to begin with. The man is great at getting people to hate him but I think it’d be difficult for people to believe him as a main eventer on RAW Or SD but as an Intercontinental Champion he’d probably do great and would be great as a Miz like figure with the championship. It’d be similar to the NXT title run i’ve pitched but with more bullshit finishes since after all it is Raw and Smackdown and probably would have him have multiple reigns with the title rather than one long one. What WWE Probably would do with them Well, I did say JR Heavyweight tag team champion didn’t i? Yeah at the end of the day Phantasmo is most likely to end up on NXT as part of the Cruiserweight division which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The man can do great things in the division as a high flyer whether that's as a heel or a babyface since he’s extremely charismatic but an effective heel run with the CW Title could be great and could bring the title to new heights. Next Episode: Hiromu Takahashi
  13. Name - FDS Age - 31 Figurehead - Jimmy Havoc Finisher - Blood Rainmaker (Rainmaker) PS4 or Xbox? - PS4 Weight - 200lbs Enemy in kayfabe - Everyone who's still breathing
  14. FDS


    FDS is pictured backstage standing in front of a wall, with the side of his face being shown. FDS begins to speak. Elimination Chamber. That’s what they want? A chamber? That’s fine. I ain’t gonna stop you from putting me in there… but trying to get me to turn against my brother? Really BPZ? That’s what you wanna do huh? Throwing me against my Brother? FDS snickers and he scratches his face What more would I expect from this company right? They know for a fact that when minds like ours are united, they can’t stop us. That’s why they always work to split guys like us up. They always try to break us apart so they can control us, so they can herd us like cattle… but we ain’t cattle. Nah, we’re a whole different species, we ain’t the cattle you can just guide to the slaughter nah, we’re the wild wolves that you gotta kill in order to keep us from killing your animals. We’re the ones you gotta stop from hurting your “Talent” too much. FDS turns and looks at the camera laughing, Ain’t that right? FDS scratches his face and he turns away from the camera. You know, I don’t really care about the other four guys in the match. Smith, yeah me and him got history but that’s the past and I don’t really care about it. Arius and Hans are young upstarts but I don’t really care what they’re looking to do in this company. Marker, well, i beat him this year already but again the past doesn’t matter. The way I see it, I got four people standing between me and her. The cameraman asks “Who’s her?” The Intercontinental Championship. The cameraman asks “Why do you call the Intercontinental Championship''Her” ?'' Well it’s quite simple man. That Intercontinental Championship, is the thing I love more than anything in this world. I don’t have a wife. I don’t have kids. I don’t have any family… but when that Intercontinental Championship is in my hands, I feel complete. I feel like it’s the one thing in this world that completes me. It hurts me that I don’t still hold it and the fact that I disrespected it physically the last time I held her… but I want her back because she means more to me than she means to anybody else in this match. To all of the other guys in this match, she’s nothing special to them, just another accomplishment. A notch on their belt. They don’t care about her the way I do. They don’t need her the way I do. To them all she is a stepping stone. They wanna use her. They wanna Abuse her. That’s not why I want her. I want her because I love her, because she means more to me than anything else in the world and I will do anything to get her back. You people probably think i’m crazy… FDS rubs his face with his hands But I can assure you all, that I have never been more clear on what I want in my life. It may seem like i’m obsessed with Her but i’m not. I just want the missing piece of me back. I want Her back and if I have to go through four guys and my partner to get her back then I will. Yeah, Brad and I might fight a bit at Halloween Havoc but that doesn’t mean we’ll be angry at each other, it doesn’t mean we’re gonna break up, if anything it’ll bring us together as we show each other the pain we’re willing to inflict in order to get what we want… so brad I ain’t gonna hold back against you and I hope you don’t hold back against me. As for the rest of you, if you keep me from her I want you to know something: If you somehow end up with her, if you use her, if you abuse her, I will come for you. I will come for you and I will hurt you. I will make you bleed… because that's how much she means to me. You don’t abuse her. You cherish her. You hold her. You love her… but deep down, deep down I know you all don’t. You just see her as a stepping stone to the next big prize. Which is why I can’t let any of you touch her. I can’t let any of you take her. I can’t let you win. Now i’m gonna wrap this up by talking about Prince. Prince, your silence is palatable but aggravating. I’ve asked you to say something but i’ve seen that's a waste of time. So if you don’t wanna talk, that’s fine, I'll just beat you until you beg for mercy… but I won’t show mercy. You have disrespected me with your silence and because of that, you won’t receive Mercy, you’ll only receive more pain. So to all my upcoming opponents, you can do and say whatever you like, that won’t stop me from hurting you. FDS stands up and walks off as the image fades out

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