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  1. Joshua Scott makes his way out to the ring to a chorus of boos, the fans completely despise him. Josh points into the audience as if to point out his one and only fan as he walks down to the ring but the person he points to boos him as well but Josh still smiles on his way to the ring. Josh then enters the ring and awaits his opponents to come out for the intercontinental championship match. The Lights go out, the boos already begin, the spotlight then follows FDS who stands at the top of the stage and then flips off the crowd before walking down to the ring. FDS then walks down to the ring and enters removing his jacket as the fans continue to boo him and after his theme they chant “Fuck you FD” at him. Slim’s theme plays as the fans await the arrival of the Intercontinental and Premium Champion. His theme echoes through the building but the fans still haven’t seen him enter. A camera then shows Slim taken out just before the entrance way with the Intercontinental championship being picked up by Necce. Necce then walks out and throws the Intercontinental championship into the ring, the ref picks it up and shrugs it off and then raises the Intercontinental Championship as the match begins. The bell sounds and right out of the ring FDS nails Josh with a massive running knee strike! Josh is completely rocked, He gets back to his feet but FDS grabs him from behind and then nails him with a Back Suplex! FDS then taunting Josh, just telling him to get up. Josh gets back up and FDS then just kicks him in the back, Josh then gets up and then he tries to chop FDS but FDS catches the chop then headbutts Josh and Josh just hits the mat. FDS just not taking Josh seriously at all, FDS then grabs the arm of Josh, he pulls Josh up by the arm and then stomps his head back down to the mat. FDS then picks up Josh and then nails him with a lifting DDT. FDS then goes to the top rope and he nails Josh with a diving Double foot stomp! FDS covers Josh but Josh Finds the strength to kick out at 2. FDS then gets Josh up and he throws him into the ropes but Josh just falls out of the ring. FDS just looks at Necce who’s sitting in a chair on the outside and FDS just says to him “can you believe this shit?”. FDS then looks like he’s about to go for a suicide dive but just as he’s about to he slides out of the ring and throws Josh back into the ring. FDS then gets Josh up in the middle of the ring in position and he nails him with a spinning tombstone piledriver! Josh is down but FDS isn’t done he gets him back to his feet and then he sets him up in position and then nails him with the Go Home Driver! FDS covers Josh but Josh somehow again Kicks out at 2! FDS just laughs and then just gets Josh up again this time for the rainmaker but Josh manages to slip out of it and then nails FDS with a german suplex. FDS rocked he heads into the corner and then Josh catches him with the Gentlemen's Dropkick! FDS comes out of the corner and Josh then springboards up onto the middle rope and then nails FDS with the Josh Cutter! Josh gets the Cover but FDS kicks out at 2! Josh now goes to the top goes for the frog splash but FDS gets the knees up as Josh comes down! Josh then moves over to the corner in pain, FDS gets back up and then he nails Josh with a corner knee strike to the back of the head! Josh is completely Rocked, FDS Pulls him by the arm out of the corner and then he sets him up and nails him with the Blood Rainmaker! FDS is about to go for the cover on Josh but then suddenly he spots something, the camera pans over and Slim is limping to the ring, FDS is just laughing as Slim slides into the ring but FDS just starts stomping on him as he slides into the ring, FDS then pulls Slim up and throws him into the ropes, FDS goes for a dropkick but Slim holds onto the ropes, FDS gets back up but instead of going after Slim he just tells Slim to bring it, Slim then charges at FDS going for a clothesline but FDS ducks it, Slim turns around into a dropkick from FDS! Slim rocked sent into the ropes and he rebounds into Spin Kick from FDS! Slim’s rocked and FDS grabs him and then nails him with a Fisherman’s Buster! FDS gets back up but he doesn’t see Josh who grabs him from behind and nails him with a Skull Crushing Finale! Josh Covers FDS but FDS up at 2! Josh now gets up and he Calls for a Spear on FDS, FDS Back to his Feet, Josh goes for a spear but FDS counters it and catches Josh in a crossface! FDS trying to get Josh to tap out but Slim comes in and breaks it up! Slim now grabs Josh and picks him up and he then takes him right down with Skull Shatter! Cover by Slim but FDS grabs him and pulls him off by the trunks, then underhooks both arms and Nails him with a Dragon Suplex! FDS Not letting go though gets Slim back up and nails him with a German Suplex! Slim now in the corner and FDS then nails him with a hesitation Dropkick! FDS then pulls Slim out of the corner and gets him up on his shoulders in Fireman’s Carry position and Nails him with the Ushigoroshi! Slim down, FDS then is about to get him up but he sees Josh moving out of the corner of his eye. He grabs Josh first and then Nails him with another Blood Rainmaker! FDS then goes over to Slim and he picks him up and nails him with a Blood Rainmaker! FDS then grabs Josh up and gets him inverted DDT position. FDS then drops him and locks him into Worst Nightmare! FDS then holds him in place Josh isn’t moving, The ref checks on Josh, Slim is crawling trying to break up the hold but The ref calls a stop to the match after Josh fails to respond! FDS Wins the Intercontinental Championship! FDS releases Josh from the hold and then looks at Slim on the ground, FDS smiles at him then flips him off before stomping on him and kicking him out of the ring. The Ref Hands FDS the championship, FDS doesn’t throw it around this time, first he raises it and then puts the 3 up to the camera as Necce watches on applauding FDS. FDS then lowers the IC title and just throws it over his shoulder like Slim used to when he had the title, FDS then walks out of the arena with Necce and the Intercontinental Championship in Tow.
  2. The Ace Podcast

    And Back to poorly done podcasts
  3. BPZ Monthly Recap Podcast

    well. This is Something.
  4. Aftermath

    FDS walks into a backstage area after Last Stand still bleeding from his extremely violent death match against Smith, he sits down and is just laughing. FDS stands up, he spits out some blood onto the ground. Well. That didn’t go to plan. FDS laughs again but he’s just got a great smile on his face. Good job Smith, You just barely escaped with a victory but at what cost? Your arm seems to be in a lot of pain and you’ve got a big match on sunday don’t ya? Getting thrown into a chamber with a bunch of other men who are targeting you and especially your arm. So good luck my friend… you’ll need it. Now my luck’s been down a bit lately if you exclude the tag tournament where myself and Necce have dominated completely… but I think I have a way to fix this. At the Royal Rumble I unfortunately lost something that was quite precious to a lot of you people but to me it means nothing. I’m of course talking about that Intercontinental Belt and while it may currently rest on the shoulder of the new Global Champion, I can assure you it won’t be there for that much longer. So all I may do now is look forward to Sunday Night where I take back what rightfully belongs to me and then… I think i’ll let you guys in on what my plans are for BPZMania. See you all there, no further questions. FDS smiles into the camera sadistically while he still bleeds from his head, FDS then walks out of camera frame but before it cuts to black FDS yells something from off camera. SOMEONE GET ME A FUCKING BEER! The Camera cuts to black.
  6. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you know most of us and what goes on around here since you've been in chat for a while but if you have any questions feel free to ask any of the mods or admins (guys in Green, Dark Blue, Orange and Red).
  7. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand Votings

    I went with Bart, Prince, Marker, Ark and Myself. Good Luck to Smith, really enjoyed our feud even though it was brief.
  8. Source: Wrestlingnews.co
  9. Last Stand Press Conferences

    Next up on the pre Last Stand press conference FDS and Smith sign their contract for their deathmatch, an evolve staff member holds the contract in hand. Smith walks in with the world championship, dressed in a T-Shirt and Jeans. Smith sits down and sets up the championship directly in front of the cameras, Many cameras flash as Smith sits with the world championship in front of him. FDS then walks in dressed in a full black suit, as he sits down not as many cameras flash on him as they did for Smith. FDS calls over a staff member and he whispers something into his ear, the staff member leaves and comes back with a beer for FDS, he opens the beer and he has a drink as Smith just looks at him. The Evolve staff member is then handed a microphone. Ladies and Gentlemen we will now sign the contract for the death match set to take place at Last Stand. This contract will be signed by Smith and FDS, In the contract it states that neither man is allowed to take legal action for anything that takes place within this match and either man may win by any means necessary. In this match every form of weapon is legal and the match can only be won via pinfall, submission or if one competitor is unable to continue according to the referee's discretion, if both competitors are unable to continue the match shall be ruled as a draw. Gentlemen if you would please sign the contract. Smith is Handed the contract and he signs the contract, the contract is then given to FDS, FDS signs the contract looking at Smith as he does, FDS hands the contract over to the evolve staff member. The Evolve staff member is then handed the microphone again. Thank you gentlemen. Now we will Hear some words from the two men starting with “The Emperor of Chaos” FDS. FDS sits up and he leans forward and leans into the microphone. In Less than one day myself and Smith will face each other in what you people are describing as “One of the most brutal stipulations in wrestling” but to me it’s simply just another Death Match. It’s trivial. It simply means I can do whatever the fuck I want in this match. Oh I’m sorry am I allowed to swear? Too bad I’m going to anyway. I really don’t care about the company's public image, the way I see it the only reason i’m still here is because of my paycheck and the fact that I just love to torture all these idiots who think they have even a slim fucking chance that they can best me in a deathmatch… and those idiots include the so called top guy in this company across from me. Now I’m not going to reveal what my plans and strategy for this month but i’ll simply say this. Smith will feel a completely new form of suffering. Now I understand you may have some questions so please hurry them up. One of the reporters raises his hands and a crew member gives him a microphone. FDS Is your aggressive behaviour due to your frustrations with continuously failing to beat Smith? Do you even watch the fucking shows? What kind of a stupid questions is that? FDS pauses and just as another reporter is going to ask a question, FDS leans into the mic. He’s partially responsible but he’s not the only reason. Another reporter raises his hand and is given the microphone FDS What are your plans for BPZMania III? That’s not important right now and you’ll find out soon next question. Another reporter raises his hand and is given the microphone FDS If you are successful in defeated Smith do you plan on going after the winner of the Evolve Global Championship Match? That’s for me to know and you to find out. Now I think that’s enough from me, if the so called top guy wants to speak he can. FDS sits back and waits for Smith to Speak.
  10. OK the problem with Elias is that I don't want him to take a huge loss so quickly, I also think his gimmick is great and I do believe he could be a big star but he's taking this massive loss so early on and it could hurt him especially since Roman is most likely gonna win which could make Elias look really bad.
  11. The Ace Podcast

  12. Your Reputation Milestones

    just hit 1.6k rep cheers guys
  13. Best Current Champion?

    With so many good champions in WWE right now its hard to pick a best but since I have to I'm going with Andrade "Cien" Almas, ok first of all no its not because he got a 5 star from Meltzer. The reason I think Andrade is the best champion in WWE right now is the fact that he has so many feature that just make him such a perfect champion. His in ring work is incredible and has been great since he turned into this evil Heel with Zelina Vega by his Side. Speaking of which Zelina Vega being around him makes up for the lack of Mic Skills he has due to english not being his first language. Finally Almas has the perfect look for a champion, everything about him just screams champion.

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