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  1. Carnage rolls on as a video begins to play, the camera pans up revealing an empty room say for FDS and Ryan Reeves staring at each other in chairs sitting across from each other. Sombre piano music plays in the background. The Camera zooms in on FDS. This wasn’t the plan. This wasn’t what I wanted. This wasn’t what you wanted. Judgement Day was a complete and utter failure. I lost my title. You lost to me. The one thing I thought we both could do and we failed. And now we sit across from each other, worst case scenario, with no goddamn idea which way to go. FDS just laughs hysterically. I can’t believe we’re in this situation. You said you could do it, you said you’d make sure this didn’t happen and what did you do? You Let it happen. God and to think I thought you even had a shot at beating me. So I don’t have my title but I own the career of a loser… great. I guess I was right in one way or another though, You are broken, you aren’t as good as you were in ring all those years ago. You aren’t the same man who won the world heavyweight championship… but maybe i’m not the man who won my three intercontinental championships… FDS stops and pauses looking away from Reeves But… but that's a good thing right? I abandoned that side of me. I got rid of that side of me… I’m better than that. Yeah… I’m better than that. I don’t need to be that person anymore. FDS Stops and looks back up at Reeves So what do you have to say for yourself? Huh? What’s your glorious plan that you have? Anything at King of The Ring is out so come up with something better than that. So what is your master plan my fri- can I even call you that after this crap? What’s the plan Reeves? FDS looks at Reeves, the camera pans around and has a close up on Reeves.
  2. I can't believe nobodies done it but there is a very obvious one and i'm disappointed in a lot of you Jimmy Havoc
  3. FDS

    The Ace Podcast

    Hello everybody, now that the ace podcast has returned we are looking to increase our viewer interactions so we would like for you guys to give us some questions to be answered on next weeks podcast. You can either reply to the topic or comment on the video. Intern Yelich will be taking the best questions so bring your A-Game.
  4. FDS is standing in the ring already, trying to get his wits about him as he has just lost the premium championship, FDS pulls himself up and suddenly the music of his next opponent plays. Ryan Reeves walks out in his entrance gear, he does some posing before making his way to the ring. He slides into the ring and is in the opposite corner of FDS. FDS stares back at him with a look of tired anger, Reeves is ready, the ref calls for the bell and FDS immediately slides out of the ring, he walks around for a minute to get his wits back, Reeves looks to be about to go for a suicide dive but FDS sprints out of the way at the last second, Reeves then stops and yells at FDS to get back in the ring, FDS looks at Reeves and he rolls back into the ring, Reeves tries to get on him but FDS tells the ref to back him up, Reeves backs up but FDS takes advantage and gets Reeves in the corner and starts laying into him strikes, jabbing then chopping Reeves, Reeves blocks one of the Jabs and then catches FDS in suplex position and suplexes him into the corner! FDS set up in the corner, Reeves goes for a running corner dropkick but FDS slides out of the ring, Reeves now tries to connect with the suicide dive but FDS sprints back into the ring sliding underneath, Reeves stops himself before he jumps, he turns around, FDS rebounds hitting Reeves with a lariat! FDS now gets Reeves up, he throws him into the ropes face first, Reeves rebounds, FDS tries for a German suplex but Reeves flips over, Reeves now tries for a German of his own but FDS counters it into an arm drag, Reeves now in kneeling position, FDS tries for a knee to the face but Reeves blocks it, he holds onto the Knee and stands up, he throws the knee down and he looks for a belly to belly suplex but FDS blocks it and breaks out of it nailing Reeves with a jab, FDS runs against the ropes and he goes for another lariat but Reeves counters it into an overhead suplex throw, FDS now back up he’s leaning on the ropes, Reeves now going behind him, he locks the arms up in position for a dragon suplex but out of desperation FDS bites down on the top rope to block it, this gives FDS enough time to free one arm and start nailing some back elbows to the head of Reeves, Reeves backs up, FDS then runs at him and goes for a knee strike connecting this time! FDS now trying to keep the momentum going, he gets Reeves back up and he throws him into the corner, FDS goes for a corner knee strike but Reeves moves out of the way, FDS turns around into a corner european Uppercut from Reeves! FDS rocked, Reeves grabs him from the front, he steps up onto the ropes in front of him and drops FDS with a tornado DDT! FDS rocked now in seated position, Reeves runs against the ropes and he nails him with a low down european uppercut in seated position, Reeves now with a cover for the first time in the match up but FDS manages to get his shoulder up at only for Reeves to Counter it into a Fujiwara Armbar bridging back on the arm of FDS, FDS manages to scramble over the ropes forcing Reeves to break the hold, FDS now holding onto the ropes, he gets the referee to force Reeves to back up, Reeves backs up but just as the referee moves, FDS gets up and starts smashing Reeves with strikes pushing him into the ropes, FDS then backs up and rebounds off the ropes going for a lariat out of the ring but Reeves moves out of the way, he pushes FDS into the ropes and he catches him on the rebound with a dragon suplex! FDS down now, Reeves climbs to the top rope, he calls for FDS to get back up, FDS back to his feet and Reeves jumps off the top rope and nails him with a flying forearm smash! Reeves now grabs FDS back up, he gets him in pumphandle position and drops him with a pumphandle neckbreaker! Cover by Reeves but FDS managing to survive at 2, Reeves staying on FDS, he pulls him up, he sets him up for the kill code but FDS counters it into a victory roll but Reeves kicks out but FDS Grabbing the leg of Reeves and trapping him with a kneebar! Reeves now manages to quickly get to the ropes, FDS now stomping on Reeves, a look of anger in his face, the ref tries to get FDS to get off Reeves but FDS just stares down the ref and the ref backs off, FDS grabs the leg of Reeves again and begins elbow dropping it, he yanks Reeves off the bottom rope and drags him into the centre of the ring and he locks him into a heel hook in the centre of the ring. Reeves now screaming out in pain but FDS wrenching back on the Heel Hook, Reeves though manages to roll over the bottom rope forcing the break, FDS though holding onto it until the count of four before finally breaking it, Reeves now stands up on the apron, FDS goes for a spear off the apron but Reeves moves out of the way, FDS Caught on the ropes and Reeves drops him with a knee to the side of the head! FDS now hanging in the ropes, Reeves grabs him with a front facelock and then drops him with a version of Drop Dead onto the Ring Apron! Reeves now grabs FDS up and he throws him back into the ring, Reeves follows him in and goes for a cover but FDS manages to kick out at 2, Reeves immediately goes for an armbar again but FDS flips over onto his front and he maneuvers himself in front of Reeves before flipping over into a jack knife cover but Reeves kicks out at 2. FDS now back up, he’s leaning in the corner, Reeves now runs over and begins chopping him in the chest and he’s about to go for a corner forearm smash but FDS steps out of the way, FDS then with a schoolboy rolls Reeves through, Reeves now on his knees and this time FDS nails him with the knee strike! Reeves rocked now, FDS picks him up in suplex position and he drops him with the brainbuster onto the knee! Reeves now rocked in seated position, FDS now runs against the ropes and nails him with a sliding Lariat! Cover by FDS but Reeves up at 2! FDS now going to the top rope, he goes for a diving double stomp but Reeves rolls out of the way, FDS now in the corner he turns around into the running corner forearm smash! FDS rocked, Reeves pulls him out of the corner and he sets him up and hits him with a second Drop Dead! Reeves about to go for the cover but FDS rolls out of the ring, FDS now leaning on the announce table, Reeves now goes against the ropes and he nails FDS with a tope con hilo! Reeves now grabs, FDS back up, he throws him into the ring, he Reeves back in, he sets him up and drops him with the Kill Code! Reeves now cover on FDS but FDS somehow manages to power out at the last possible moment! Reeves starting to look frustrated, he gets him up maybe looking to hit project murder but FDS breaks the arm control, FDS now turns around and just starts hitting Reeves with as many strikes as he possibly can, just hitting him with anything he possibly can, Reeves though manages to over power him, Reeves then nails FDS with a snap suplex, FDS on his knees, Reeves yells at FDS to just give up, FDS spits on him and flips him off! Reeves then with a massive amount of rage nails him with a massive forearm to the side of the head! FDS looks to be about to go down but instead he stands back up and just screams at Reeves, Reeves then rebounds, FDS drops down, Reeves then rebounds again into a massive dropkick from FDS! FDS now gets Reeves back up, he gets him in position and he drops him with a spinning tombstone piledriver! FDS now calls for Reeves to get back up, he gets him in position and he’s about to hit him with the WRSTLMaker but Reeves counters it into a leg lariat! Reeves now gets FDS back up, he tries to set him up for Death Protocol but FDS Manages to counter it into a backdrop! FDS now gets Reeves back up, he throws him into the ropes, Reeves now trying for a victory Roll but FDS counters it into a wheelbarrow tiger suplex! Cover by FDS but Reeves up at 2! FDS now tries to get Reeves in position for a WRSTLMaker again but as he’s about to hit it Reeves begins kicking in the arm of FDS preventing him from hitting the WRSTLMaker. FDS releases the hold, he turns around and Reeves nails him with a massive spinning european uppercut! Reeves now gets him back up looking for Project Murder, but FDS manages to run forward into the ropes breaking the arm control of Reeves and FDS gets a modified bridging pin on Reeves and it’s enough for the 3 count! FDS now scrambles into the corner, he stares back at Reeves sitting in the middle of the ring, the former tag team partners stare back at each other, FDS just having defeated Reeves. Reeves arguing with the ref, FDS just staring back out of energy, Reeves can’t believe the result, FDS just says “I didn’t want to win like that”, Reeves just looks at him pissed off, FDS pulls himself back up, Reeves gets up and the two men stare at each other, Reeves offers a handshake to FDS, FDS considers it, the fans chant “YES” for it to happen but FDS just shakes his head, FDS, then just leaves the ring, he walks off but he doesn’t seem happy with the victory. Reeves stands in the ring alone, he seems unsure of what’s going to happen next, he bows to the fans, he rolls out of the ring and he heads to the back as Judgement Day rolls on.
  5. As good as Shelley is and I am happy they have brought him back into ROH this seems extremely desperate on the part of ROH management. They really are trying to get more people to pay attention to the programming. Hopefully he does some dates with NJPW but I doubt it for some reason, i'm guessing he's just back to give Taven a rub as champion but i'm sure it'll be a decent match.
  6. Interesting 3 way match for the SD Tag Titles, while i'm glad they're extending the tag title program between Heavy Machinery and the Planets champions New Day are definitely just in there to eat the pin. It'll be a good match most likely but I'm guessing Planets Champions retain before dropping the tag titles to Heavy Machinery at summerslam. Hopefully some other tag teams get spotlighted soon since i'd like to see a little bit more variety in the tag division than just 3 teams on SD.
  7. Just wanna apologise for being inactive the last week or so, just got wifi back. 

  8. Been a while and my favourite gimmick i've done is probably just everything I did during the run with the Jimmy Havoc character. I loved being able to be a bit more creative with the way my promos would come across and this was one of the few times I did a lot of character submergence. I especially enjoyed the duel personality stuff I started doing with Necce and I was disappointed that I wasn't able to run that to completion.
  9. It would but like it's ROH dude I have no idea why that's their triple crown. Like that it's really weird I don't understand it.
  10. Honestly forgot how good Tyson Kidd's theme was. 

  11. From WWE the obvious Answer is Kofi Kingston VS Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. There really isn't anything that topped in terms of main roster wrestling and it was a fun match that had a great story with Kofi getting denied opportunity after opportunity before finally capturing the title and in terms of in ring action the crowd was so into it its hard not to pick it as the best match in WWE this year.

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