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  1. BPZ Survival Games A Block: FDS VS Jonathan The Survival Games Tournament continues as “The Immortal One” faces “The Wrestler”. “Cold Shoulder” By Gucci Mane featuring Youngboy Never Broke Again, Jonathan rises out of the stage, he walks down to the ring, calm, collected, calculated. Jonathan steps up to the apron, he braces himself and makes his entrance into the ring in a manner only he can do. Jonathan then sits in the middle of the ring as the fans chant “Johnny Johnny Johnny F-ing Kills” but he pays no mind to them as he remains calm and collected. “Scars” By I Prevail hits, the fans cheer as FDS steps out through the curtain originally accompanied to the ring by Monda and Joh but suddenly FDS sends them to the back, the two men know putting their trust in The Wrestler. FDS braces and then begins to walk down to the ring. FDS steps into the ring, he goes to the second rope and he poses. FDS looks back and sees Jonathan staring back at him with the referee dividing the two men. FDS breathes in, it appears the words from Jonathan’s last address towards FDS have settled into him and he no longer looks to feel any remorse towards “Johnny Kills”. FDS goes to his corner and removes his ring jacket. The two men stare back at each other as the bell is called for by the referee. FDS offers to lock up, Jonathan just looks at him with disgust, he pushes FDS hands down and he slaps “The Wrestler”. FDS looks at Jonathan after he just slaps him, FDS then slaps Jonathan, then the two men just begin to lay into each other with closed fists with the referee trying to stop them but they just continue to beat each other down. Jonathan comes ahead as the more proficient striker, he backs FDS into the corner, Jonathan moves to the opposite corner and he attempts a corner knee strike but FDS moves out of the way and he catches Jonathan with a German Suplex, Jonathan though thinks he’s outsmarted FDS when he rolls through into his cross legged position but FDS doesn’t even turn around and mule kicks Jonathan in the head! FDS then turns around and he just tells Jonathan to “TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!”, Jonathan gets up and then begins to deliver one of his many strike combinations but as he goes to deliver the spin kick, FDS catches his foot, FDS spins Jonathan around into a massive elbow smash, Jonathan Rocked, FDS runs against the ropes and is about to set up for a massive lariat but Jonathan blocks it and then delivers a spin kick to the gut to FDS, Jonathan then grabs FDS and he sets him up for a Brainbuster Early but FDS passes over and he catches Jonathan with a Rear Naked Choke, Jon then delivers several elbow strikes to the face of FDS, Jonathan then goes and rebounds off the ropes and delivers a brutal knee strike sending FDS Into the ropes, Jonathan then delivers a massive Discus clothesline to FDS sending him out of the ring, FDS in position for Jonathan to deliver a suicide dive, Jonathan goes for it but FDS jumps up onto the apron and catches Jonathan with a massive knee hanging him on the Ropes, FDS drags Jonathan onto the ring apron, FDS signals to the fans and then drops Jonathan with a massive Apron DDT! Jonathan now spiked on his head, FDS then grabs him back up and he throws him into the ring, FDS now going to the top rope, he sees Jonathan getting back to his feet, FDS goes for a top rope crossbody but Jonathan catches him and he immediately gets him up on his shoulders and Delivers a massive TKO! Jonathan now gathers himself and he grabs FDS up in position for a dragon suplex, Jonathan tries to hit FDS with it but FDS blocks it. Jonathan then tries to hit it again but FDS breaks it and turns around and begins to lay into Jonathan with forearms pushing him into the corner, FDS then goes to the opposite corner and he runs back and nails Jonathan with a monkey flip! Jonathan now in seated position trying to get back up but FDS cuts him off with a springboard elbow drop! FDS with the cover now but Jonathan up at 2, FDS now gets Jonathan back to his feet, FDS then gets Jonathan in position about to deliver a suplex variation but Jonathan Blocks it, he grabs FDS by the neck and converts it into neckbreaker facebuster! Jonathan now grabs FDS up to his feet, Jonathan gets FDS on his shoulders and delivers a massive fireman’s carry neckbreaker! Cover by Jonathan but FDS up at 2, Jonathan now grabs FDS up and he sets him up for a piledriver, FDS though, blocking it, he repositions himself and charges Jon into the corner and begins delivering several shoulders to the gut of Jonathan, Jonathan now in the corner, FDS now going for a corner Lariat but Jonathan slips behind him, he delivers a roundhouse kick to the side of the head of FDS and then follows it up with a dragon suplex! Jonathan now climbing to the top rope, he goes for the high fly flow but FDS gets the knees up just in time, FDS now grabbing the leg of Jonathan and he locks in a heel hook! FDS about to wrench it but staring into the face of Jonathan, FDS pauses for a moment when he sees a man who he once considers his friend, Jonathan then slaps FDS and yells at him “DO IT!”, FDS then with a sadistic look on his face rips back on the heel of Jonathan who screams out in pain! Jonathan now barely rolls over to the ropes even though FDS then continues to wrench back on it until the count of four where the referee forces him to break it. FDS then takes a moment and steps back as Jonathan gets back to his feet, as Jonathan leans on the ropes, FDS goes for a clothesline to send Jonathan out of the ring but Jonathan moves out of the way, FDS then gets caught by Jonathan hitting him with a strike combination in the ropes and Jonathan then finishes it with the spin kick! FDS now leaning on the ropes, Jonathan then throws FDS into the ropes, FDS Rebounds into a massive superkick from Jonathan! FDS down now on his knees, Jonathan then grabs FDS up from behind in position and he gets ready to drop FDS with a reverse bloody sunday and he nails it! Cover by Jonathan but FDS kicks out at 2! Jonathan though immediately FDS back up and he drags him in position and drops him with a double underhook lungblower! Jonathan now climbs to the top rope again and he goes to deliver the high fly flow and he connects! Cover by Jonathan and he has do-NO! FDS KICKS OUT AGAIN! Jonathan now not giving up, he grabs FDS up, he sets him up in position for the Death Wish but FDS Counters it and he nails Jonathan with an excellent Spinning tombstone piledriver! FDS now grabs Jonathan up and he goes for the WRSTLMaker but Jonathan ducks underneath it and he counters it into a ripcord knee! FDS Rocked now, he turns around and Jonathan catches him in position and he drops him with a brainbuster! Jonathan now going for another High Fly Flow but FDS rolls out of the way and Jonathan eats the mat! FDS now quickly climbs to the top rope and he nails Jonathan with a diving double stomp to the back! FDS then immediately grabs the legs of Jonathan and he locks in the texas cloverleaf! Jonathan stuck in the middle of the ring trying to crawl to the ropes, FDS doesn’t have it fully on as Jonathan makes it to the ropes! Jonathan now hung up in the ropes trying to get back to his feet but FDS charges off the ropes and rebounds kneeing Jonathan in the side of the head! Jonathan rocked, FDS grabs him up and FDS delivers a massive brainbuster onto the knee! Jonathan now down in the middle of the ring, FDS now in the corner, he calls for Jonathan to get back up maybe looking for the rolling elbow, Jonathan on his knees FDS maybe looking for a head on knee strike now but Jonathan suddenly holds up his fist in the motion that FDS and Jonathan used to do in Ruin! FDS stops for a moment, he looks at Jonathan and he just nods… AND THEN FDS GRABS THE WRIST OF JONATHAN AND TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A SHORT ARM WRSTLMAKER! Jonathans down! FDS now feeling it, he lifts Jonathan up in position and he drops him with the Cradle belly to back piledriver! FDS now feeling it again, he grabs Jonathan back up immediately giving him no space to breathe and he drops him with the Double Underhook Piledriver! Jonathan is out! But FDS Isn’t looking for the cover just yet! FDS now grabs Jonathan up, he turns him around and he nails him with the WRSTLMaker! FDS Now going for the Cover and he gets the 3 Count! FDS gains 2 points in the survival games tournament and defeats Jonathan! FDS now standing in the middle of the ring, he stares at the body of Jonathan who gets attended to by ringside attendants. FDS then taps his heart and holds up the Ruin Salute one more time before leaving, as Jonathan is helped to the back.
  2. Rep! Took me a while but I hit 3K rep.
  3. Calamity’s Analysis Episode 2 *Clears throat* Is this thing on? Are we rolling? Oh we Are? Ok hit the theme song. “Goya No Machiawase” by Hello Sleepwalkers hits and a sudden slide show of big BPZ Moments hits with the song in the background and suddenly we see a man sitting in a chair wearing a sweat suit and a yellow scarf. He suddenly springs up in an almost cartoon like fashion looking into the camera. Helllllllllloooooooo Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Yato, I am the god of calamity and this is…. Suddenly the show transitions to a stage with Yato Spotlighted. CALAMITIES ANALYSIS! The spotlight suddenly disappears and Yato falls back onto the couch. Yes, we are going to do that EVERY. SINGLE. TIME! Hope y’all enjoy that because I’m not gonna stop doing it. Anyway we have quite a bit to cover this episode so let's take a look at what’s first on the analysis list… oh boy it’s a spicy or should i say IRONY one… Bad Blood Predictions Yes i’m sorry for the joke but it could be worse, I could call it BRAD BLOOD but nobody wants to watch that… Person off camera: Actually Brad’s in the world title match again this year. I’m sorry, WHAT? Again? I swear they book him in a big match at this pay-per-view every year but he just never wins. Man, I don’t even not like the guy but he just never wins man. Like is this some cruel joke on the booking teams part towards Brad? So let's see here it says the world title match is Sameer defending against Brad and Slim… gee I wonder who’s taking the pin there? Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that BRAD IS TOTALLY GONNA WIN AND THERE TOTALLY WON’T BE A SINGLE CALAMITY BECAUSE CLEARLY HE IS THE RIGHT CHOICE! *Claps* NEXT *CLAPS* MATCH So for the Intercontinental Championship we have Bashka defending in his home country against Eli Smitherino. Well it is Bashka’s home country so…. CLEARLY THE BPZ BOOKING TEAM IS GONNA HAVE SMITH WIN! Because that's just how BPZ does things. *Claps* NEXT *CLAPS* MATCH Money in the bank. So far we have Julius, Bart, Josh and Flynn announced for the match. Now we have 3 of the top stars in BPZ and Josh so CLEARLY JOSH IS GOING TO DOMINATE THE MATCH AND DESTROY BOTH OF THEM BECAUSE HE BEAT TOX-you know what, I don’t even wanna do this bit nope, honestly I’m guessing Julius is winning but Bart could also win it’s 50-50 in my personal opinion. *Claps* NEXT *CLAPS* MATCH North American Championship, Arius VS Yelich 2 out of 3 falls, now I could make a joke about this match but I am genuinely interested to see how this goes so I’m just gonna say Arius retains and move on and honestly this would be a match I would recommend watching. *Claps* NEXT *CLAPS* MATCH Next up we got Josh VS Mikey in a number one contenders match for the north american championship. Mikey wins, Josh has a calamity. *Claps* NEXT *CLAPS* MATCH Tag belts on the line Bulletproof defending against United Nations, honestly don’t know who’s winning this. Didn’t realise BPZ still had a tag division if i’m being honest but oh well I guess United Nations win? I honestly don’t know. *Claps* NEXT *CLAPS* MATCH Echo Wilson VS Ark Universe… I uh don’t even have a joke for this one like there's nothing to say. I guess ark wins Next match? Premium Championship: FDS VS ICON VS Ark Universe. Another Double booking because BPZ Clearly hates double booking their wrestlers. I’m not gonna go with that scrub FDS he sucks so I'm gonna go with ARK UNIVERSE BECAUSE CLEARLY HE’S BEEN DOING SO MUCH BETTER THAN ICON AND FDS IN THE BUILD UP! *Claps* NEXT *CLAPS* MATCH Alright i’m just gonna speed run these next few things United States title… I don’t know Buddy Ace I guess? Not much build up hard to say. NXT Title Literally anyone but Arrow Gargano because jeez that guy needs to work on his promoing ability just a tad. Alright I think that’s it, I think we’re good. Now for bad blood honestly could change in a week but the build up has been very average so theres a 50-50 chance this could be a CALAMITY but I guess we’ll find out then. Tune in for the next episode where I talk about Survival Games Week 2 and the upcoming Survival Games Week 3. Bye Now! Yato Claps his hands and suddenly the screen goes black ending the episode of Calamity’s Analysis
  4. I have honestly been very entertained with Nakamura as The Intercontinental Champion. His partnership with Sami Zayn and the fact that while not in the highest position but at least he's being featured on TV unlike Balor who was barely around and didn't have a solid program to work. It also helps that they are making Nakamura look like an actually effectively brutal heel so far in his programs with both Ali and Miz. Hopefully Naks keeps the belt for a little longer but I wouldn't mind seeing Miz make it to 9 times and tie Jericho but just not at clash of champions.
  5. Progress Natural Progression Series 6 Card Natural Progression Series Round 1: Veit Mueller VS The OJMO Natural Progression Series Round 1: Cara Noir VS Dan Moloney Natural Progression Series Round 1: Gene Munny VS Scotty Davis Natural Progression Series Round 1: Danny Duggan VS Malik Six Man Tag Team No Disqualifications Match: LuCCKy (Lucky Kid, Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham) VS LAX (Santana and Ortiz) & Eddie Kingston Progress Chapter 95 Still Chasing Card Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) VS Limitless Bros (Keith Lee & Matt Riddle) Rumble match to crown the Inaugural PROGRESS Proteus Champion (Announced Participants: Ilja Dragunov, Connor Mills, Lucky Kid, Charli Evans, Eddie Kingston, Chief Deputy Dunne, Los Federales Santos JR, Sugar Dunkerton, Millie Mckenzie, Spike Trivet, William Eaver, Chuck Mambo, Chakara, Paul Robinson, Roy Johnson, Travis Banks, TK Cooper, Dani Luna, NIWA) PROGRESS Women's Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) VS Meiko Satomura PROGRESS Tag Team Championship: Grizzled Young Veterans (c) VS Aussie Open Pete Dunne's Return Open Challenge PROGRESS World Championship: WALTER (c) VS David Starr
  6. Very interesting that Impact has been picked up by AXS so it'll be curious to see if the deal causes for Impact's product to change at all. It is nice to see the improved Impact getting a bigger audience especially since Don Callis as head of creative has proven to be great for the company. Looking forward to see how Impact does on AXS and hopefully they cease moving from network to network for at least a little while.
  7. Calamity’s Analysis Episode 1 *Clears throat* Is this thing on? Are we rolling? Oh we Are? Ok hit the theme song. “Goya No Machiawase” by Hello Sleepwalkers hits and a sudden slide show of big BPZ Moments hits with the song in the background and suddenly we see a man sitting in a chair wearing a sweat suit and a yellow scarf. He suddenly springs up in an almost cartoon like fashion looking into the camera. Helllllllllloooooooo Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Yato and I am the god of calamity and this is…. Suddenly the show transitions to a stage with Yato Spotlighted. CALAMITIES ANALYSIS! The spotlight suddenly disappears and Yato falls back onto the couch. Now today we are going to be looking at all the current events in my favourite wrestling promotion: BPZ! (and they totally didn’t pay me to say that). So what should we start with? OH I KNOW! Survival Games Ahhhhhh we might get copyrighted for that logo. Oh well. Survival Games! With week 2 about to wrap up, I thought why not look back at week 1 to get some analysis. First off Julius beat FDS, man what a loser FDS is huh? Would hate to be that guy… but I mean it was a pretty typical thing to happen, can’t have the big strong death machine lose in the opening round so CLEARLY this was the only booking decision, No calamity here. Now what was a calamity was the company booking THREE ties on the first night of the tournament, like jeez Brenden couldn’t wait to blow your load on that one could ya? Oh well, guess you can’t blame considering how AWESOME some of those matches were. Slim beating the world champion was a bit of a calamity… Perhaps a sign of things to come? Nah probably not… it’s not like slim hasn’t ever come out of nowhere before and won the world title or anything. Smith also beat Blade. Moving on. Survival games Week 2! Oh boy is it heating up to be a spicy one folks, We’ve got The Ruin dudes colliding finally in a match that they should’ve booked in April… but in all seriousness FDS and Jon both have delivered excellent promos going into this match and i’m sure the fans will be very excited for this one, my prediction is… well I can’t say for sure really but I do know this one won’t be a calamity. It must be tag partners week because yet again another set of Tag Partners colliding with Bart Taking on Prince, this one seems to be pretty obvious because Bart has to take this one home, Can’t have the old golden boy looking weak can we? But this will be an exceptional match nonetheless, No Calamity. Now to round out the A block, Julius VS Kenji. Wow, this one is a toughy huh, guess i’m gonna go with… TIE because BPZ LOOOOOOOOOVVE doing Draws. Anyway, Moving over to the B Block Smith is going to take on Hans. Sorry Hans but Eli Smith is taking this one pretty easily, unfortunately this one may be a calamity for Hans. Oh boy, another calamity for Blade as he faces Slim. Sorry to say blade but it will be yet another CALAMITY FOR YOU. Finally Bashka VS Sameer, Intercontinental VS World Champ, no calamity here but should be a fun one to watch! Overall, we have 2 predicted Calamities…. SO WE SHOULD BE GOOD FOR THE SHOW! Well, that’s our show! Join us next time when we talk about Bad Blood! Bye Now! Yato Claps his hands and suddenly the screen goes black ending the episode of Calamity’s Analysis
  8. Name: FDS Age: 31 Finishers: WRSTLMaker (Rainmaker), Burning Hammer Any other Background Information: Just go read my BPZPedia profile
  9. Worst Face: The Miz Don't get me wrong, Miz is an all time great and a phenomenal Heel but as a Face? He's been so bland over the last few months barely coming across as a convincing face. He was supposed to be pushed as one of the top faces in the company after his face turn but he just seems like a boring everyman character which is not how he's supposed to come across. Worst Heel: Mojo Rawley I mean CLEARLY Mojo should be pushed as the top babyface because he's just too damn lovable to not be a babyface and the fact that he's a heel is just disgraceful. Shaking my head WWE fix this immediately! (No, I'm not giving you an actual reason, I don't think I need to)
  10. Not a bad idea to get more eyes on the product but still seems a bit out of place. I like Owens and all but I think a rogue storyline would suit him more than him heading to NXT. Also just wanna point out this is the second time that Shane has fired Owens from smackdown and could be the second time he jumps to another brand.
  11. Igglybuff Mantyke Snorlax Smoochum Team Graphic For Tournament
  12. Steel Team Six Lucario Magnezone Ferrothorn Mega Scizor Jirachi Bisharp Empoleon Excadrill
  13. Seth Rollins (c) vs Braun Strowman: WWE Universal Championship: Seth Rollins Kofi Kingston (c) vs Randy Orton: WWE Championship: Randy Orton Bayley (c) vs Charlotte Flair: WWE Smackdown Women's Championship: Bayley Becky Lynch (c) vs Sasha Banks: WWE Raw Women's Championship: Sasha Banks Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman (c) vs Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode: WWE Raw Tag Team Championships: Ziggler and Roode New Day (Big E and Xaiver Woods) (c) vs The Revival: WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships: New Day Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs The Miz: WWE Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura AJ Styles (c) vs Cedric Alexander: WWE United States Championship: AJ Styles Drew Gulak (c) vs Humberto Carrillo vs Lince Dorado: WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Drew Gulak Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross (c) vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville: WWE Women's Tag Team Championships: Bliss and Cross Roman Reigns vs Eric Rowan: No Disqualifications Match: Roman Reigns Bonus Questions: Which Match is the Preshow match: Cruiserweight title Which match starts the show: New Day VS Revival which match ends the show: Rollins VS Strowman Will the fiend make a appearance at the end of the Universal Championship match: Yes Will The Revival Cost Kofi Kingston the match: No
  14. FDS

    No Hatred.

    Video start A long red couch is displayed, The camera zooms out to reveal FDS standing there staring at the couch, he appears to be lost in thought. He steps forward and sits down on the couch. His mind appears to be wandering, he does not look at the camera instead opting to stare at the table that is revealed as the camera zooms out and upon the table a photo frame is resting their, FDS picks it up and he holds it in his hands. His eyes look weak and suddenly a tear drips down the side of his face, FDS attempts to remain stoic but the tears flowing down his face appear to display a different story. FDS looks at his feet and he mumbles something. I-I’m Sorry… FDS still looking down at his feet being hesitant to look up. He places the photo face down, he looks around as if he’s looking for something to comfort him but the sadness in his face. Selfish. Cruel. Egotistical. At a time it was those three words I would use to describe you but in reality it was I who was all those things. Our history is a complex one but it can be summed up by a four letter word: Ruin. Ruin had the ability to be something great, the three most dangerous men in BPZ as a unified force: The Antichrist Necce, Johnny F-ing Kills and THe Emperor of Chaos FDS. It all seemed like a perfect storm… but unfortunately The Emperor became too self obsessed and this lead to his downfall. Ruin had a clear mission statement: To change BPZ for the better and Kills and Necce almost succeeded but they allowed for the wild nature of a psychopath to remain unchecked and this caused for him to ironically Ruin the plans the three men had… however, while the other two rose from the ashes of destruction and regained their respective momentum, The Psychopath fell further and further into the depths of destruction. He fell further and further until he had reached the very bottom and could not fall any further. The sad part, it all could’ve been avoided had he not given into his selfish desires and remained with those who cared about him. FDS has tears continuously streaming down his face, as he thinks of his past failures from what feels like a live time ago but was only barely more than a year ago. FDS wipes the tears off his face. Jonathan. I know you hate me. I know you think I’m the worst person in this company. I know you don’t respect me. I deserve that. I deserve everything that I have coming in our match because I am sure that you are going to give me a beating within an inch of my life… but I want you to understand something. I don’t hate you. I don’t resent you. I don’t loathe you. I’m happy to see that you’ve been successful since you removed me from your life… it’s bittersweet but i’m glad to see a man who I once considered my friend happy within his life… You are happy aren’t you? I’m not sure if you are. You won’t say a word. You won’t show me or these people any indications of anything. Jonathan, don’t tell me the darkness has consumed you again has it? Are… Are You Johnny Kills? No… this… is not quite him. You’re close… but not complete… You’re trying to show him but he’s not quite peaking out yet. I can understand that. A few months ago I tried so hard to suppress my dark side, I tried so hard to keep him away from everyone… but I couldn’t so Instead of fully embracing him again, I learnt to live with him, in symbiosis… can you do the same? No… I shouldn’t ask that of you, i’ve asked too much already… FDS suddenly stops he raises his hand to his face, he stares at his palm, he balls it up into a fist, he places the fist against his heart with the pinky facing outwards, he closes his eyes. It’s funny. Although it’s been all this time… I still feel the connection between us. I feel what we used to be… I don’t want that back. As much as I miss my friend, I've moved on from this. The Emperor of Chaos is not dead but he is not present… and while I destroyed the past, Jonathan we still have the future and right now the future is you and I facing off in the next round of the Survival Games. Now i’m not going to say I’m going to hurt you. I’m not going to say I am going to out wrestle you. This is not about the wrestling. This is about the Story. This is about whether at the end of all of this when I call for the salute will you return it? Or will you leave me and continue to resent me for my past mistakes? Whatever your decision turns out to be… I will not judge you for it. I will attempt to be benevolent towards it… but Jonathan, please do me this one favour: Do not make me unleash the emperor of chaos on you. I’ve hurt too many people because of him… I can’t risk hurting one I care about… so please don’t make me unleash him. Don’t make me hurt you like that. Please Don’t Make Me Hurt You… because when you hurt… I only suffer more. FDS stops, he picks up the picture once more and looks at it again, he gives off a weak smile as the tears on his face have finally dried up. He places the picture back down facing towards the camera and FDS walks off. The camera zooms on the picture, the picture is a photograph of FDS, Necce and Jon raising their championships together backstage at BPZMania III.

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