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  1. Can we extend this to @Necce being Furry
  2. “Ambition & Vision” by CFO$ hits as Christina turns her attention to the stage as “The Director” J.R. Flint makes his way down to the ring to the ring, he basks in the adoration of the fans for a moment before walking down to the ring. J.R. Flint steps between the ropes, looking at Christina as he walks over to the ring crew member holding a microphone for the man. The Fans seem interested to see what J.R. Flint has to say. “Very well done Christina. I really did love your little history lesson on FDS and Alex’s time together in Japan, it’s a great look back at what the two men did together during their career but your belief that Alex can beat my client is… misguided at best.” Christina looks offended by this remark but J.R. Flint remains professional and composed. “You see, Japan was a long time ago and I should know I was there. While it’s true Alex has progressed substantially since the days of when he was a young lion in japan you need to keep in mind my dear, FDS was already ahead of Alex when he was a young lion and while Alex may have been GWA Heavyweight Champion at one point, a championship that yes “The Phoenix” FDS did indeed hold.” The fans cheer at the mention of FDS’ name, J.R. Flint smiles as Christina rolls her eyes, the fans begin to chant “FD, FD FD F***** S” as J.R. Flint continues to smile with his sunglasses on still loving the adoration his client is receiving. The chants begin for a little while longer before Flint then goes back to talking to christina. “What exactly has your husband done since then? Yes he won the NXT Championship and yes he was in Firing Squad and Bulletproof but he has failed in every big match scenario he has been in. He couldn’t win the United States Championship, something my client won on his first attempt, he couldn’t win the Clapspiracy Tag Team tournament, something which my client did in fact win a variant of and he has yet to win the Intercontinental Championship, something my client accomplished three times over. You see, while yes Alex was extremely accomplished in Japan and he performed extremely well there and his in ring ability is exceptional and incomparable to many, he has yet to prove that he can beat someone like FDS. So do you really know if Alex can beat FDS? I certainly don’t think he can and it’s somewhat delusional to believe that Alex is better than FDS given the amount of experience and ability that FDS has in comparison to him.” Christina looks frustrated as the crowd are on the edge of their seats with J.R. Flint having them in the palm of his hand. “But don’t think we are underestimating him either Christina.” Christina seems confused at what J.R. Flint is saying, he turns to Christina with a look of determination but still keeping his sunglasses on “You May recall, I was one of the main road agents back during our time in Japan and I worked closely with both your Husband and FDS and I therefore know what kind of a wrestler your Husband is and more importantly I know what kind of a wrestler FDS is. FDS has been a professional wrestler for many years and is a veteran of the industry, he has not only been able to adapt his persona to what suits the time but he has been able to completely adapt his in ring ability to suit the opponent he would be across the ring from. Alex just can’t seem to do that in comparison to what FDS is capable of. I have no doubt in my mind FDs and Alex will have an excellent competitive contest with the two men likely going to tear into each other and do whatever it takes to win... but I also know that Alex has another match that night. I know he is competing for the Intercontinental Championship again and will his body be able to keep itself together when the two men face off? I don’t want Alex to hurt himself in the match but I think you need to understand that FDS is not going to hold back when it comes to this match, no matter what the bond between Alex and him is, no matter what happened during their time in Bulletproof together and no matter what respect the two men have for each other due to their work in Japan together, FDS will not hesitate to do anything he has to in order to advance to the semi-finals.” J.R. Flint removes his sunglasses staring down Christina “And I mean Anything.” J.R. Flint lowers the microphone as the Manager and The Wife stare at each other both backing their own gladiator as the segment draws to a close with the hype even greater for Alex Costa VS FDS than it was before. This will no doubt be one of the more intense matches in the quarter-finals of the Power Trip Cup with both men aiming to take each other out and looking to prove to the world that they are exactly as good as they say they are and as good as their managers say they are. Carnage then goes to a commercial break after this intense altercation.
  3. It is time for one of the most hotly anticipated matches of the first round of the power trip cup. It is a rematch from Survival Games 2019 in a match that stole the show in Australia. Now “The Resonator” faces “The Phoenix” in a match to decide who will advance to the quarter-finals. The crowd is excited and roaring ready to go. The lights go down… “The Resonator” enters first as KENJI walks through the curtain, “The Resonator” looks ready to go, the aura of intimidation radiating off of him. He is all business here tonight. KENJI steps through the ropes, the intensity in his eyes is obvious. He removes his mask as Danielle Announces him. “The Resonator” KENJI! KENJI stands in his corner, his eyes locked on the entrance ramp as the lights go down.. “The Phoenix” enters as the intro fades out, moving to the beat of his entrance music, the magnetic charisma that seems to have suddenly appeared in FDS is on full display as he enters here tonight FDS gets onto the ring apron for a moment, being stared down by KENJI, he waits for him to back up as FDS slides into the ring. Danielle announces FDS as he first seems to be about to maintain composure before hitting the ropes and exclaiming “YEOH!” “The Phoenix” F-D-S! FDS moves to his corner as both men are checked by the referee, neither man breaking their gaze with each other. The referee checks to see if both men are ready and then he calls for the bell and Here. We. Go. FDS and KENJI circle each other in the ring, the two men begin with a lock up, KENJI comes ahead at first with a headlock but FDS quickly transitions out of it into a waistlock which KENJI quickly escapes and applies a hammerlock, FDS looks to be attempting to escape before KENJI suddenly delivers a massive smash with his fist to the back of FDS breaking the hammerlock. FDS turns around and looks KENJI dead in the eyes the two men getting into each others face about it and then FDS begins to lay into KENJI with forearms pushing him into the ropes, KENJI quickly though exchanges positions with FDS and begins to deliver forearms of his own to FDS, the two men do this for a few seconds before the referee pulls FDS off of KENJI but KENJI tries to take advantage quickly going for a pumping bomber straight away but FDS outstretches his leg and he kicks the arm of KENJI away being grabbing him and pulling him in with a headlock before taking him down to the ground holding him in position before quickly being put into a headscissors from KENJI, FDS takes some time to get out of it but once he does he stands up straight and he immediately goes for a knee strike to the face of KENJI but KENJI ducks it and then immediately goes for a schoolboy but he doesn’t even get a one count, the two men spring back up and immediately lock up again, neither man allowing the other to get a hold on them. Eventually they end up in the ropes with KENJI having pushed FDS in there, he quickly breaks the lock up and smashes FDS in the chest with a massive chop in an attempt to subdue “The Phoenix”, he goes to run back but FDS pulls him back by the hair into a backstabber! FDS grabs KENJI back up and he looks like maybe he’s thinking about the backdrop driver but as he goes for it KENJI blocks it and then smashes a few elbows into the face of FDS stunning him momentarily, KENJI then hits the ropes and takes FDS down with a shoulder tackle, he then grabs FDS up and throws him into the corner, he looks for a short range corner pumping bomber but FDS counters it with a knee strike to the gut before placing KENJI on the top rope, he rolls back and delivers a massive knee strike to the back of KENJI! FDS takes KENJI down off the top rope and he immediately goes for the cover but KENJI quickly kicks out, FDS though refusing to allow KENJI to have any space to recover beginning to deliver knees to the head and side of KENJI while he’s grounded brutally hitting him with several different knee variations. FDS now backing up to the corner, he may be looking to end things quickly with his new knee strike finisher but as he charges at KENJI, KENJI reverses the momentum tossing FDS and dropping him with a german suplex! KENJI bridges into the cover but only for a count of 2, KENJI quickly grabs FDS and he takes him straight back down with a brainbuster, FDS ends up in the corner, KENJI goes to the opposite corner and he immediately goes for a cannon ball on FDS but FDS moves out of the way almost immediately before delivering a sliding dropkick to the head of KENJI, FDS rolls KENJI back gets him in full nelson position maybe looking for that snap dragon suplex but KENJI quickly breaks out of it and then hits a few back elbows to the face of FDS, KENJI then immediately grabs FDS possibly looking for the dangerous backdrop but FDS flips over onto his feet before delivering a backstabber to KENJI! FDS then sits KENJI up in seated position and he runs off the ropes, looking for the PK but KENJI catches the leg, KENJI stands up and in an attempt for KENJI to let go of the leg FDS begins to slap him but KENJI then grabs the other leg of FDS before locking him in the boston crab a sign of disrespect to FDS as it is a move commonly used to submit young lions in japan! KENJI wrenches back on the legs of FDS trying to cripple the back of FDS but the veteran ability of FDS allows for him to quickly make it to the ropes but KENJI refuses this and actually pulls FDS back into the middle of the ring and he turns FDS slightly and then starts stomping on his head! Just brutalising FDS before the referee finally forces KENJI to relinquish the hold. FDS crawls over to the ropes in an attempt to pull himself up, KENJI charges at FDS in an attempt to send him out of the ring, KENJI lands on the apron, FDS aims to hit him in the face but KENJI catches the arm looking for that hanging armbar but FDS at the last second pulls his arm away from KENJI causing KENJI to fall to the floor, KENJI tries to get back in the ring but FDS stops him with a well placed sliding dropkick to the head, FDS then quickly throws KENJI back into the ring position his head between the ring canvas and then nails him with a massive knee drop! FDS now gets back into the ring and he covers KENJI but KENJI up at 2, FDS immediately grabs KENJI up and he looks for a brainbuster but KENJI counters it into a brainbuster of his own! Both men down though neither man able to capitalise on the other, both crawl to opposite corners but FDS feeling less damage he charges at KENJI and knees him in the gut and then begins to lay into KENJI! KENJI wincing in the corner but he’s still on his feet, FDS steps back and he seems to go for a corner kick but KENJI steps out of the way, FDS turns around into a massive dropkick from KENJI! FDS staggers into the corner, KENJI walks over and then begins to lay into FDS with chops to the side of the head striking him down into the corner, KENJI once again now charging out to the opposite corner, he faces FDS and charges at him nailing him with a massive Cannonball Senton! KENJI now pulls FDS out of the corner, he attempts to set up for the Gaudi Bakudon but FDS resists trying to reverse it into a backslide but KENJI transitions it and grabbing FDS drops him with a massive Golem Tribute! KENJI with the cover but FDS up at 2! FDS trying to crawl back up but as he is KENJI hits him in the back of the head just taunting the veteran, FDS has a look of frustration on his face as he immediately gets back up as KENJI appears to have reawoken the fire within him, he looks at KENJI and then the two men begin to exchange strikes beating the shit out of each other as the fans roar with approval. KENJI gets the advantage managing to push FDS into the ropes, KENJI now maybe looking for a pumping bomber to send FDS out of the ring but FDS doesn’t let him chasing after him and smashing his head in with a brutal dropkick. FDS now feeling it, he goes to the corner, he looks to be about to set up for a knee strike he calls the Path To Greatness, he lets out a massive “YEOH!” as he charges at KENJI but KENJI manages to get a very impressive counter getting up at the last minute catching FDS behind with Sleeper hold, he holds him in position, rocking him a bit before running in and bouncing out of the corner going for a pumping bomber only for FDS to Counter it into an Armbar! KENJI managing to defend himself holding the arm in, not allowing FDS to hyper extend it, KENJI now rolls onto his knees and moves himself into a position with him seemingly stacking FDS appearing to be going for the cover but he deadlifts FDS up into position and he drops him with a hellacious powerbomb stacking him up into the cover! But FDS powers out at 2! KENJI though smashing his arm as he signals for the Pumping bomber one more time, he waits for FDS to struggle to his feet and now KENJI finally nails FDS With the Pumping Bomber! KENJI now crawling over to the cover but he gets off of FDS suddenly at 2, he pulls FDS up with a smile on his face holding the wrist, he’s looking for the Rainmaker! The Move FDS used as his finisher for years! He throws FDS out to try and beat him with his own move but FDS counters it into an Armbar! KENJI trying to protect himself, FDS doing everything he can and he hyper extends the arm of KENJI! KENJI Squirming as FDS tries to rip off the arm of KENJI and KENJI barely gets his foot on the bottom rope, causing for a rope break, FDS now grabbing KENJI, he gets him in position looking for a backdrop driver but KENJI reversing it, looking for the Ushigoroshi, FDS though managing to struggle out of it getting behind KENJI and now getting him in position for it all starts here! But KENJI powering out of it smashing FDS in the face with a back elbow then rebounding off the ropes going for another pumping bomber but FDS tries to counter it into a leg lariat but KENJI catches the leg of FDS but FDS reverses it straight into a kneebar! KENJI though quickly manages to grab the bottom rope, FDS gets straight back up and he immediately charges off the ropes looking for the knee while KENJI is in the ropes, KENJI tries to get back up but gets rocked into the ropes! FDS then throws KENJI over the top rope, he goes outside of the ring and grabs KENJI placing him on the ring apron, FDS going up onto the top rope behind KENJI as he allows for KENJI to get back up before doing what he did to Smith at the Royal Rumble and nails him with a double stomp onto the ring apron! FDS now rolling KENJI back into the ring and going in after him, he grabs him up and looks for a brainbuster but KENJI somehow manages to counter it quickly into The Yamato-Goroshi! KENJI though collapses after this both men exhausted and beaten after the punishment they have both endured so far with the fans applauding both men and chants of “THIS IS AWESOME!” raining down on the two men, KENJI gets back to his feet first and he grabs FDS up quickly, catching from behind trying for the Gaudi Bakudon, FDS tries to resist trying to get to the ropes but just inches away as KENJI lifts him up and drops him with the Gaudi Bakudon! KENJI with the cover and He Advan-NO! FDS GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE! KENJI can’t believe it! He’s completely frustrated but he’s not giving in yet, he grabs FDS up and he immediately sets up for Last Resonance but FDS not letting that happen he slips out of it and he gets back to his feet pushing KENJI face first into the ropes before smashing him in the back of the head repeatedly as KENJI continuously bounces off the ropes before finally catching him and he drops him with the backdrop driver! FDS Bridging into the cover but KENJI up at 2! FDS now getting in the corner and he’s calling for it, he points to the crowd and then lets out a Defeaning “YEOH!” as the fans join in with him, KENJI gets up, his back turned to FDS and FDS nails him with the Path To Greatness! FDS going into the cover on KENJI and He has do- NO! KENJI KICKED OUT! FDS can’t believe it! The fans can’t believe it! FDS though going into the corner once again now but this time facing the front of KENJI, he looks at him dead in the eyes and he smashes him with one more path to greatness! FDS pulls KENJI into the center of the ring, he goes for the cover and he defeats KENJI! “Your Winner at 22:32, advancing to the quarter-finals: “The Phoenix” FDS! FDS wins the match but he is drained, he did absolutely everything he possibly could to beat KENJI and it only barely paid off but in a way this seems to be retribution for Survival Games last year when KENJI defeated FDS in front of his home country. FDS manages to stand up and his hand is raised by the referee. KENJI somehow crawls to the corner, a clear look of disappointment of his face, FDS looks dead at him however, he nods at him showing his respect, FDS with a smile on his face, KENJI looking back at him with a half smile but still a look of sadness, FDS leaves the ring with KENJI in it much like KENJI did to FDS back in September of last year. KENJI gets to his feet standing in the middle of the ring unsure of where he is going to go from here, disappointed by the result but the fans applaud him, KENJI takes it in for a moment before leaving the ring as we go to commercial break.
  4. FDS Rock Kaiju Team Terrakion (Anguirus) Tyranitar (Godzilla) Gigalith (Space Zilla) Rhyperior (Monster X) Barbaracle (Kumonga) Coalossal (Destroyah) Drednaw (Gamera) Crustle (Crusty Crab)
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, the typings for each player has been decided and these are the types that have been assigned: FDS (Rock) Mikey (Psychic) Bob (Fairy) Gwyn (Bug) Storm (Fighting) Nebakos (Water) Echo (Ice) Prince (Normal) Addy (Steel) Epic (Flying) Aaron (Ghost) Meko (Dark) Flynn (Ground) Blade (Dragon) Arius (Electric) Alex (Grass) Ropati (Fire) - Please Submit your team as they adhere to the following rules - The team should be made up of eight pokemon that qualify in the gen 8 OU or below tier on Showdown - Each person may use one Pseudo Legendary Pokemon if they have access to one for the definition of a pseudo legendary please see here. Each player may use one Legendary or Mythical pokemon Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing is illegal - Smogon Wide Clauses apply, you can find those clauses here Good Luck Trainers and matches will be announced once all teams are submitted
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to announce that we are officially opening sign ups for season six of the BPZ Pokemon Showdown League Tournament. This tournament will be a round robin monotype generation eight tournament and each person will be assigned a type at random that they must build a team around as is standard for the Showdown competitions. Four Participants are already confirmed with FDS, Mikey, Bob and Gwynfro all having confirmed their entry into this season’s tournament. We will be looking for between 12 and 18 participants for the tournament and would prefer an even number so please sign up!
  7. FDS

    After The Fact.

    FDS is seen backstage after his brutal contest with KENJI in the first round of the Power Trip Cup with FDS barely getting the victory connecting with the Path To Greatness defeating “The Resonator” to advance to the quarter-finals. FDS is approached by Josh Trenton, surprisingly J.R. Flint is nowhere to be seen tonight, FDS seems lost in his own world still seemingly feeling some rhythm. Josh Trenton: Excuse me FDS? FDS turns to Josh with a smile on his face FDS: Josh! It’s been a while my friend! What have you been up to?! Trenton: Uh, not much just doing my job. FDS: Oh that’s Brilliant, so… FDS jumps up sitting down on one of the storage boxes rocking side to side FDS: What can I do for you? Trenton: Well, i’d like to get your thoughts on your victory here tonight over KENJI, it seemed like it was an extremely hard victory for you and it almost seemed like he could’ve beaten you. FDS stops moving and his face suddenly drops gaining a much more serious tone FDS: Yes. I could have very easily lost to him, he had all the right tools to beat me and I will admit maybe I got a bit lucky… but I got to show off what I think Pro Wrestling is supposed to be in a brutal fight with that man and I have great respect for him. I have no doubt that he’ll rebound and the next time we face it could go either way. Trenton: Is there anything you’d like to say to KENJI? FDS: Arigatōgozaimashita KENJI-San. Trenton: Ok… so in the quarter-finals you face a man who you were once allies with in Alex Costa, what are your thoughts going into this match. FDS begins to undergo the movements that he went through when he originally debuted the phoenix character and would leave the audience on the edge of their seats before delivering some words. FDS: Alex and I were in Bulletproof together, yes. He is an incredible athlete, an almost perfect blend of Speed and Power... but I can beat him. I know he’s improved so much but I have seen what Alex can do and I have seen how he’s got this fire lit under him and that’s great! I love knowing that I’m going to have to do everything I can to beat him and I love knowing that a man who I think is just so great but I think he should understand one simple fact... FDS points to his hand to show that he is holding up the Too Sweet hand sign. This, when we were in Bulletproof was our symbol of brotherhood, our uniting force… now it’s just a hand gesture. I will not be Bulletproof going into this match nor should I expect him to be either, going into this match I expect for our two spirits to ignite the atmosphere as we do absolutely everything we can to beat each other. Anything less and I shall not accept it! And of Course, I will defeat him… I will continue to forge my path to greatness and give these fans the unending gift that is my pro wrestling ability and I will advance to the semi-finals. Trenton: Awesome, Just awesome! Now one last question, J.R. Flint was not with you tonight, is there any reason for that? FDS: James or J.R. as most of you know him as, is my business partner and friend but our relationship means he need not be here tonight. Right now he is preparing for my next match, coming up with some strategies in order to help me defeat Alex. In the sense that I am his Actor and he is my Director and we will be making some lovely motion pictures against Alex. Trenton: Will we be hearing from J.R. Flint anytime soon? FDS: Of course, he has some very interesting things to say about the current situation that I am in and I am sure since Alex will be having his wife talk about me, that he won’t mind if my… well he’s not my husband, no we’re not like that more just friends, so I guess my friend will have some things to say as well. Trenton: Alright, thank you very much for your time FDS. FDS: YEOH! FDS gets up and walks away from Josh Trenton who is stunned from FDS yelling YEOH! After jumping off the storage box.
  8. A video is uploaded to the BPZ Youtube channel. FDS and J.R. Flint is seen together, FDS walking in handing J.R. Flint a glass of Scotch. The two men are seen conversing in a lounge area, both men sitting on a worn red couch. FDS: “So I Think that went well.” J.R. Flint: “Yes you made quite the impression, great job Daniel.” FDS: “Thank You James, I'm glad all our work paid off.” The two men cheers their glasses and take a sip of the scotch, FDS places his glass down on the coffee table in front of the two men and then Flint seemingly has a look of inquiry on his face as if he’s wondering about something. Flint: "So, how do you feel going into this match?" FDS: "I feel great of course. Confident that I can perform well. Why Do You Ask?" Flint: "Well, I was just wondering if you had considered what would happen if you lose." FDS: "I have." Flint: "And?" FDS: "If I lose... I lose." A silence falls upon the two mens conversation, Flint seems dumbfounded by what FDS has just said and FDS remains casual, leaning back into the couch. Flint: "…That’s it?" FDS: "Yeah... What were you expecting me to say?" Flint: "I don’t know I figured you’d be making this an all or nothing situation, I feel like you’d say you’d be done, I feel like you’d have some sort of fire about the possibility of losing, you know like you usually do. A bit more than just stating the obvious, you know?" FDS: "Yes and how far has that gotten me lately?" Silence falls on the two mens conversation as FDS continues to look at Flint, Flint places the glass down and ponders on FDS’ response to this question. Flint: "Fair point but you stated that you wanted a fire out of KENJI on Carnage, don’t you think that’s dangerous? You know he’s beaten you before." FDS: "Yes James, I am well aware of the danger I am putting myself into by asking for this version of KENJI." Flint: "So Why?" FDS: "Well let me put it like this. When KENJI beat me in Survival Games, he was on fire, he was rising up and he was becoming this juggernaut of sorts. If I can’t beat a KENJI that is that good or better, then what’s the point of beating him at all?" Flint: "The Point is you win! The Point is you move on to the next round! Who cares if he’s not as good as he can be? You can just beat him and not risk losing like that!" FDS: "James, you’ve known me for a long time, when have I not taken risks?" The silence falls over the two’s conversation yet again. Flint: "Fair Point. They do usually pay off as well. Maybe you’re right in this situation but this seems very deadly." FDS: "It is deadly my friend but do you remember the first time I competed in a deathmatch in Japan?" Flint: "Yes Of Course, you challenged Kaito Kasai, a deathmatch icon despite never having competed in a deathmatch yourself." FDS: "Yes, a very deadly risk. I had the complete disadvantage and yet I beat him. Somehow, for the first time I ever competed in a deathmatch I beat him." Flint: "That is true, you do seem to do better on the back foot usually." FDS: "Yes. If I want to win this. I need to know for a fact that I'm in danger. I need to know that I am facing somebody at their best and in order to do that, I need to make sure KENJI is at that level." Flint: "But you know he can beat you. Do you know if you can beat him?" FDS: "I- I don’t know." Flint: "That’s the one thing that’s always hurt you Daniel, your inability to believe in yourself. You right now have an excellent chance to beat him and from what i’ve seen from you during training, I know you can beat him." FDS: "You’re just saying that to make me feel confident." Flint: "No I'm saying that because I know exactly how good you are. I’m saying that as the guy who’s seen you at your lowest and at your highest. I’m saying that because I have never seen you happier than you are now. I’m saying that because I know you can beat him." The silence falls over the two mens conversation once again as FDS seems hollowed but grateful for the words from Flint, Flint seems determined to see FDS succeed in the way that he knows he can Flint: "Now I believe in you and I know you can do this. Now You just have to." The two men sit back on the couch as the camera fades out with the two men sitting in a comfortable silence, the Anxiety still being felt in FDS.
  9. ICPW Unrivaled Brilliance AXIZ (GO Shiozaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima) VS Dangerous Tekkers (Zack Sabre JR & Taichi) To Kick Off Unrivaled Brilliance we had a tag team contest featuring two of the best teams in ICPW as AXIZ took on Dangerous Tekkers. The two teams would have an excellent back and forth contest to open the show with both teams seemingly having the match won at several points and multiple different false finishes. Even when Shiozaki hit Taichi with the Gowan Lariat Zack was there to break it up and when Dangerous Tekkers hit the Zack Mephisto on Nakajima, Shiozaki was there to break it up. The two teams would go back and forth but eventually Zack would lock in Orienteering with Napalm Death on Nakajima forcing the submission at 16:47 to get the victory for Dangerous Tekkers. After the match, Zack would get on the microphone and state that he is the best wrestler to ever emerge out of Britain and then would go on to issue a challenge to anyone for a match at Kingdom Come. As soon as he did this the lights would go out and a mysterious video would begin to play with ominous music playing in the background before we would see an extremely interesting man appear on the titantron. “The Villain” Marty Scurll would then make his way out to Korakuen Hall making his shocking debut in ICPW and he would step into the ring and take out both members of Dangerous Tekkers and seemingly accept the challenge of Zack Sabre JR for Kingdom Come. ICPW Tag Team Championships: The Rascalz (c) VS Roppongi 3K The next match of the evening would see the tag team championships on the line in a fast paced contest that would see the Rascalz defend against Roppongi 3K. The two teams would have a fast paced, intense contest with both parties doing everything they could to win. No Trey Miguel at ringside meant that neither team could run interference with both teams having an intense back and forth showing. 3K would hit the 3K on Wentz and that seemed like it was it but Dez would slide into the ring and break up the pin. The Rascalz would hit the hotfire flame on YOH but SHO would manage to break it up. Eventually The Rascalz would hit a low blow on SHO and then hit a second Hot Fire Flame to retain the tag team championships at 15:01. The Rascalz would be celebrating their championship victory before suddenly they would be attacked by three men all wearing bandannas. They would be brutalised all around the ring before the men would remove the bandannas revealing themselves to be Eddie Kingston, Homicide and a returning Joe Gacy. Homicide and Kingston would then grab the tag team championships and pose with them taunting the heavily damaged Rascalz seemingly indicating that they would be challenging next. If KENTA’s team wins he gets a match with El Phantasmo at Kingdom Come: Headbanger Club (Trey Miguel, Bronson Reed & Adam Brooks) VS KENTA, Taiji Ishimori & Apollo Crews The next match would see Headbanger Club take on KENTA, Taiji Ishimori and their mystery partner who would be revealed to be Apollo Crews. The match would get off to a hot start as KENTA, Crews and Ishimori would charge Brooks, Reed and Miguel and Crews would show how much of a valuable asset he was to KENTA’s team managing to hit a massive Suplex on Reed to kick things off. The match would then see back and forth action with El Phantasmo attempting to run interference but he would be quickly dispatched by KENTA and Ishimori. KENTA’s team would then go back and forth with Headbanger Club with eventually after Reed was taken out with a spin out powerbomb from Crews and Miguel was taken out with a Bloody Cross from Ishimori, KENTA would hit the Go 2 Sleep on Brooks staring at Phantasmo as he would pin him for the win at 14:01. After the match, KENTA and a shocked Phantasmo would stare down with their match for Kingdom Come now made official. ICPW Openweight Championship: Timothy Thatcher (c) VS Davey Boy Smith JR VS BEN-K VS Kaito Kiyomiya The next match would see the Openweight Championship on the line as Timothy Thatcher would defend against Davey Boy Smith JR, BEN-K and Kaito Kiyomiya. The four men would have a brutal contest with many exchanges of holds, hard shots and great feats of power. Every man at one point seemed to have the advantage with Thatcher having the Fujiwara armbar locked in on Kaito at one point but BEN-K would break it up, then BEN-K would hit Thatcher with the BEN-K bomb only for Davey Boy Smith JR to break it up. Eventually at the end of the match Davey Boy Smith JR would shockingly hit BEN-K with the Running Powerslam and pin him to win the Openweight Championship. After this, Thatcher and BEN-K would get into an argument with Thatcher feeling that BEN-K cost him his title, the two men would get into a brawl which would cause Roppongi 3K and Breaker Squad’s Mark Haskins and Scotty Davis to come down to the ring to seperate their stablemates but this would just further lead into a massive 3 on 3 brawl with security having to escort both groups out of Korakuen. ICPW JR Heavyweight Championship, No Disqualifications: Chris Ridgeway (c) VS Paul Robinson In the next match, the JR Heavyweight Championship was on the line in a No Disqualifications match with Chris Ridgeway defending against Paul Robinson. The two men immediately went after each other beating the living hell out of each other. Neither man really allowed for the other to take advantage both just seemingly attempting to almost kill each other. There were some insane moments such as a disastrous suplex from Robinson to Ridgeway through a table from the top rope, Ridgeway with an overhead belly to belly through light tubes on Robinson and Ridgeway with a DDT onto the exposed mat. Both men did everything they could to almost kill each other but eventually with the face of Ridgeway being Curb Stomped through two light tubes, Robinson would pin Ridgeway and become the new JR Heavyweight Champion. ICPW Heavyweight Champion: Kota Ibushi (c) VS Juice Robinson In the semi-main event of the evening, Kota Ibushi would defend the ICPW Heavyweight Championship against Juice Robinson. Straight out of the gate Ibushi would have no nonsense becoming much more aggressive than usual attacking Juice as soon as the bell would ring. The two men would engage in a wild brawl to start things off before moving into a more stylistically similar match to what we would expect from both men. The power of Juice would be on full display managing to take it to Ibushi and clearly having control of Ibushi for a good part of the match but a missed cannon ball seemed to turn the tides for Ibushi. Ibushi would then go on to land several impressive maneuvers on Juice including a very vicious Bomaye seemingly rocking Juice but not for long as Juice would manage to recover and hit back after an impressive back suplex. The two men would continue to fight but after Ibushi would counter pulp friction into a german suplex he would manage to find a path to victory and nail Juice with the Kamagoye for the victory to retain the title at 26:43 Continuing his dominant reign at the top of ICPW. If Moxley wins he takes Starr’s spot in the main event of Kingdom Come, No Disqualifications: David Starr VS Jon Moxley In the Main Event, David Starr would defend his right to main event Kingdom Come against Jon Moxley. The two men had come to blows when Moxley ruined Starr’s Ultimate Ironman Tournament win by attacking him after the match and later had stated that Starr wasn’t good enough to main event Kingdom Come. Moxley seemingly had Starr’s number going into the match but the match would go different with Starr fighting with all of his heart, he would throw absolutely everything at Moxley. He would hit him with move after move and he would take hard shot after hard shot from Moxley but he would not give up. The two men would use every single weapon they had available to them, using everything that was at ringside to beat the living hell out of each other. Chair Shots, Stable Guns, Thumbtacks, light tubes and tables were all involved in the brutality of this match. Eventually though Moxley would hit the death rider and it would seemingly be over but somehow Starr would manage to hang on becoming the first man to kick out of the Death Rider in ICPW. Starr would continue to fight back after a brutal Regal Knee from Moxley and eventually Starr would take advantage and he would grab Moxley and drop him with the Product Placement but that wouldn’t be enough to take down Moxley so Starr would persist and he would grab Moxley and drop him with The Arm Trap Piledriver onto the thumbtacks to pin Moxly and win the match at 36:01 retaining his right to main event Kingdom Come. After the match, Starr and Moxley would stare down for a minute and almost look like they were going to come to blows again but the two men would eventually bump fists as Moxley would raise Starr’s hand seemingly giving him his blessing to challenge for the ICPW Heavyweight Championship. After this, Starr would get on the mic and call Ibushi down to the ring. The two men would not say another word to each other and simply stare down with Ibushi raising the championship as Starr would stare at him to close the show.
  10. ICPW Kings Of The Ring 33 Champion VS Champion: Timothy Thatcher VS BEN-K Kings Of The Ring would kick off with Timothy Thatcher taking on BEN-K in a Champion VS Champion match. The two men had an excellent back and forth contest with the two men fighting valiantly as their stablemates watched from the back allowing the two men to do everything they could against each other. The match was going back and forth and it looked like either man could win when suddenly Davey Boy Smith JR Made his presence felt running in and taking out both men causing a no contest at 15:01. Davey Boy would beat down both men before Kaito Kiyomiya would sprint down and make the save as the Supernova of ICPW would come down assisting the two men who had just been attacked chasing off Davey Boy. As Kaito would assist Thatcher and BEN-K the mood would shift as Kaito and BEN-K would be visibly looking at Thatcher’s title, Thatcher would nod and seemingly be signalling that he’ll be accepting all challengers. Paul Robinson wants one more shot. Backstage a video of a visibly angry Paul Robinson was played. Still furious over Ridgeway’s actions in the lightweight championship match at Kings Never Die. Robinson states he’s obsessed over it for the last month and that he is pissed off that he knows Ridgeway can’t beat him so Robinson makes an ultimatum. A Deathmatch. If Robinson wins he’s the new JR Heavyweight Champion, If Ridgeway wins Robinson will not challenge for the JR Heavyweight Championship ever again. Robinson would leave the decision up to Ridgeway. Champion VS Champion: The Rascalz VS Roppongi 3K In the second Champion VS Champion match of the night The Rascalz took on Roppongi 3K in a tag team match. The Tag Team Champions clearly weren’t taking the Six Man Champions, the Rascalz continuously disrespecting 3K throughout the match, mocking them but 3K would fire back with hard hitting maneuvers and out performing The Rascalz in Impressive fashion, The Rascalz would try to mount offense but 3K would catch them at every turn and eventually would hit Wentz with the 3K to win the match at 13:45. After the match, 3K would not only pose with their Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships but with the Tag Team Championships as well. Death Riders (Jon Moxley & Ricky Shane Page) VS David Starr & OJMO In the main event of the evening, David Starr and OJMO would team up to take on the man who attacked Starr after his win in the Ultimate Ironman Tournament final Jon Moxley and his stablemate Rickey Shane Page. Starr went straight after Moxley furious after what happened at Ultimate Ironman but the Death Rider’s team would seemingly begin to dissect OJMO and Starr beating the hell out of them. OJMO and Starr would attempt to mount a comeback but Death Riders would brutalise them being even more vicious than usual. Eventually Moxley would hit the Death Rider on OJMO to pin him for the victory at 15:01. After the match, The Death Riders would beat down Starr and OJMO bludgeoning them before Moxley would grab the microphone. He would state that while he doesn’t hate Starr he knows for a fact that Starr can’t get the job done at Kingdom Come, he would bring up how time after time Starr has failed to win in big match scenarios and Moxley knows the same thing will happen at Kingdom Come if he main events it. Moxley then would give Starr a challenge, that if Starr can beat Moxley then he can go on his way and challenge for the ICPW Heavyweight Championship at Kingdom Come but if Starr loses, Moxley takes Starr’s place in the main event of Kingdom Come. Moxley would state that he’ll expect a response next week before beginning to make his leave with Rickey Shane Page, Starr would stop him though telling him to wait as he would crawl over to the microphone and with a look of rage on his face he would tell Moxley that he accepts his challenge, with Moxley smirking to close Kings Of The Ring. ICPW Kings Of The Ring 34 Kaito Kiyomiya VS Davey Boy Smith JR To Open up the show we had a singles match between two men who declared themselves contenders for the Openweight Championship following their actions last week as Kaito Kiyomiya took on Davey Boy Smith JR. Kaito would have an impressive performance against the super heavyweight power house of Sabre-Gun managing to fight his way through showing off his fighting spirit and managing to take down DBS on a few occasions but DBS would use his veteran instincts to outplay Kaito using devious tactics like choking Kaito with a shirt or throwing him into the barricade. Eventually though Kaito would fight through and be about to hit kings Road but DBS would manage to get the ref in the corner and then low blow Kaito allowing for him to get the advantage and hit the bulldog bomb for the victory at 14:01. Davey Boy was furious with how the match played out then going to beat the hell out of Kaito but BEN-K and Openweight Timothy Thatcher would run down and make the save for Kaito seemingly to repay Kaito for his actions last week and they would chase off DBS. The four men would have a staredown with Thatcher at the centre of it holding the Openweight Championship, Thatcher would nod clearly stating that he’d fight all of them. Why Did David Starr accept Jon Moxley’s Challenge? David Starr would appear backstage in an undisclosed location with a camera on him. He would immediately address the question of Why he accepted Jon Moxley’s challenge, stating that while he could take the easy route of just going straight to Kingdom Come and Challenging for the ICPW Heavyweight Championship, Starr has something to prove. He needs to prove to Everyone in the back, all the ICPW Fans, to Jon Moxley and most importantly to himself that he can get the job done in a big match scenario. Starr knows that Moxley has the advantage going into this, he didn’t wrestle at all last month, he’s healed and ready to go, Starr had to fight through the Ultimate Ironman Tournament. Starr though knows if he can beat Jon Moxley then he can go in with the confidence that he needs to win the ICPW Heavyweight Championship. Starr would finish stating that he is going to beat Moxley at his own game and that Davey Deathmatch would be back as the two men will face off in a Deathmatch with the winner main eventing Kingdom Come. SHO VS Dezmond Xavier The next match would see a version of the champion vs champion match we saw last week as Openweight Six Man Champion SHO from Roppongi 3K took on Tag Team Champion Dezmond Xavier from the Rascalz. Xavier was clearly taking SHO much more seriously this time starting with a pre-match assault. SHO would then have to deal with the other Rascalz at ringside while trying to fight valiantly, eventually YOH and BEN-K, sick of the interference from the other Rascalz would take them out, sending them backstage. This would allow for SHO to gain the advantage and take down Dez with a series of power moves before hitting the Shock Arrow for the victory at 13:45. Dez became seemingly more and more frustrated, a sentiment that you could be sure all the Rascalz share. AXIZ Look to announce when they’ll take their rematch but are interrupted After this, AXIZ would appear backstage seemingly looking to announce when they would be taking their rematch for the tag team championships but they would be cut off as they would be attacked by Zack Sabre JR and Taichi: Dangerous Tekkers. The two men would beat the hell out of the former tag team champions and would hit the Zack Mephisto on Nakajima before walking away making a statement assaulting the former tag team champions. Non-Title: Kota Ibushi VS Juice Robinson In The main event of the evening, ICPW Heavyweight Champion Kota Ibushi took on Juice Robinson in a non-title match. The two men had an intense back and forth match up with the Heavyweight Champion still clearly feeling the effects of his intense title match with Tomohiro Ishii from the Ultimate Ironman Pay-Per-View. In the end while it looked like Ibushi was going to get the victory with a Kamagoye, Juice actually caught the Champion off guard countering the Champion’s finishing maneuver into a powerbomb before following it up with the left hand of god and then hitting pulp friction to pin the champion and win the match at 19:01. After the match, Juice would help Ibushi back up to his feet but he would seemingly suggest that he wanted a title match and Ibushi would nod seemingly agreeing to the match to end of Kings Of The Ring. ICPW Kings Of The Ring 35 KENTA issues a challenge to El Phantasmo, Phantasmo accepts under one condition To kick off Kings Of The Ring, KENTA was in the ring and he made a challenge to El Phantasmo for a singles match. Phantasmo would come out accompanied by the entirety of Headbanger Club. Phantasmo would state that he would accept KENTA’s challenge for a singles match but under one condition: KENTA and two partners of his choosing can beat Bronson Reed, Trey Miguel and Adam Brooks of Headbanger Club. KENTA would smile and accept the terms and then state that he already had an idea of who one of his team members would be. Phantasmo would laugh this off but as he would turn around Ishimori would Superkick him and turn on Headbanger Club aligning with KENTA as the two men would fight off the rest of Headbanger Club standing tall seemingly throwing El Phantasmo off his game for a moment. Death Riders (Paul Robinson, Eddie Kingston & Homicide) VS Sabre-Gun (Chris Ridgeway, Travis Banks & Chris Brookes) In the first match of the evening we would see Death Riders take on Sabre-Gun in a six man tag team match as Paul Robinson teamed with Outlaw Inc to take on ICPW JR Heavyweight Champion Chris Ridgeway and CCK. The six men had a wild match with more fighting taking place outside of the ring rather than in the ring and the dirty tactics of Sabre-Gun were quite apparent as they simply couldn’t deal with the absolute beating that the Death Riders were giving them. Eventually Ridgeway would low blow Robinson and pin him to win the match 11:01 and After the match, an extremely cocky Ridgeway would accept Robinson’s challenge for a No Disqualifications match for the JR title and would go on to state that he would beat him easily. Zack Sabre JR VS GO Shiozaki After the assault from Dangerous Tekkers on AXIZ Last week, Shiozaki had a chance to gain a measure of revenge against Zack Sabre JR as the two faced off in a singles match. The two men would have a very interesting match with Shiozaki’s absolute power being countered by the more grounded submission stylings of Zack Sabre JR and while Taichi and TAKA Michinoku were at ringside Nakajima would manage to shut down most of the interference the two of them would attempt to run. This would be a battle of pure Skill and eventually ZSJ would manage to Catch Shiozaki in the European Clutch for the victory at 14:01 and immediately Afterwards Sabre-Gun would assault AXIZ beating the living hell out of them and eventually hitting the Zack Mephisto this time on Shiozaki before leaving seemingly proud of their work on AXIZ. Finjuice (Juice Robinson & David Finlay) VS Kota Ibushi & Cara Noir In the main event of the evening, Finjuice would take on Kota Ibushi and Cara Noir. The two teams had a very good back and forth contest but Ibushi was still hurting from the months of his title reign and the still very recent brutal title defense against Tomohiro Ishii while Finjuice were much fresher and having impressive chemistry. Eventually Juice would hit Pulp Friction on Cara for the pinfall victory at 12:45 continuing his momentum heading into his Heavyweight Championship match at Unrivaled Brilliance to close off Kings Of The Ring. ICPW Kings Of The Ring 36 ICPW Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships: Stone Pitbull Wrestling (SHO, YOH & BEN-K) (c) VS The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier, Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel) To open up the final Kings Of The Ring before Unrivaled Brilliance we saw The ICPW Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championships on the line as SPW would defend the titles against ICPW Tag Team Champions The Rascalz. The Rascalz seemed to have a much better time here than they had in previous matches against SPW but as soon as they built momentum the extremely powerful BEN-K would be tagged in The Rascalz Momentum would shift to that of a negative one as SPW would start build momentum and as they 3K were about to hit the 3K on Wentz, Dezmond Would pull Wentz out of the ring and the Rascalz would leave opting to lose the match via countout ending the match at 14:01. Wentz would then get on the mic and would state that he was tired of losing to 3K so they would offer 3K a tag team title match at unrivaled brilliance and would then state that him and Dez would beat the S*** out of them and prove that the only victories 3K has over them were all flukes. KENTA & Taiji Ishimori VS Headbanger Club (El Phantasmo & Bronson Reed) The next match would see KENTA team up with former Headbanger Club member Taiji Ishimori to take on Headbanger Club’s El Phantasmo & Bronson Reed. KENTA and Ishimori would have an impressive first outing as a unit managing to take it to ELP and even the much bigger Reed but the constant outside interference from Adam Brooks would allow for Headbanger Club to take control of the match. This would eventually allow for Auszilla to take control and hit Ishimori with the Samoan drop for the victory at 12:01. After the match, KENTA would get on the mic and simply say that Headbanger Club has absolutely no idea what is coming for them at Unrivaled Brilliance. David Starr, Kota Ibushi & Juice Robinson VS Death Riders (Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston & Rickey Shane Page) In The main event of the evening, David Starr teamed with ICPW Heavyweight Champion Kota Ibushi and his challenger Juice Robinson to take on the Death Riders Trio of Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston and Rickey Shane Page. Starr, Ibushi and Juice had issues working together as a team mainly Juice and Ibushi due to the two men arguing and finding it difficult to trust each other which would lead to many moments where Starr would be left to be assaulted by the full force of the Death Riders. Eventually Moxley would be able to isolate Starr long enough to hit him with the Death Rider despite him fighting valiantly due to Juice and Ibushi fighting outside of the ring not being able to break up the pin causing for Death Riders to win at 15:01. After the match, Juice and Ibushi would brawl all the way to the back which would allow for Moxley to beat the living hell out of Starr before instructing Kingston and RSP to set up a table which they would and to end off Kings Of The Ring, Moxley would drive Starr through a table with a death rider off the ring apron standing above him going into unrivaled brilliance.
  11. Figurehead is Shinsuke Nakamura Theme song: “Subconscious” - Julia Claris
  12. Carnage is live and we are just days away from the first round of Power Trip Cup. One of the key matches on the carnage side of the bracket is FDS VS KENJI, a rematch from Survival Games 2019. KENJI has said some words about FDS and while FDS’ Manager J.R. Flint has said some words about FDS to KENJI, it is difficult to gauge as to what sort of mindsight FDS will be coming into this match with. When we last seemingly saw FDS he seemed to tease a new version of himself appearing. As Carnage kicks off, we are shown backstage as reporter Josh Trenton is with a camera crew and is seemingly pursuing manager of FDS J.R. Flint, trying to get a word on the status of FDS currently. Josh Trenton: “Excuse Me, Mr. Flint?” Flint stops and turns to Josh with a smile on his face, a seemingly different attitude to their previous encounter on the night of the BPZ Draft. J.R. Flint: “Yes Josh, how may I help you?” Josh Trenton: “I was wondering if we could get a word on what your client’s status is for tonight’s episode of Carnage? We haven’t seen FDS in weeks!” J.R. Flint: “Well Josh…” Flint takes off his sunglasses J.R. Flint: “I can’t say much but what I can say is that my client will address KENJI in the ring tonight and he will be doing it very shortly. Now if you would excuse me I must go speak to my client as he prepares for his statement.” Josh Trenton: “Ok, Thank you very much for your time Mr. Flint.” J.R. Flint: “The pleasure was all yours.” Flint walks off as the cameras take an over the shoulder point of view on the shoulder of Josh Trenton seeing J.R. Flint walking off. Some time passes, the events of carnage unfold until we get further and further into the evening and after a commercial break we hear a new piece of theme music. The reverberations of the music play throughout the arena, the lights in the arena completely shut out. The plucking of the guitar seemingly signalling a heartbeat as it comes in and as the rift begins something changes in the atmosphere and after the thudding of the drums a figure is illuminated by the letters “FDS” on the titantron as the figure seemingly collapses in on himself. The lights then come up revealing FDS but in a brand new style, gone is the attire of “the silencer” and in are red and black clothing with a gold studded jacket. FDS makes his way to the ring following the rhythm of his new theme music, amplifying this magnetic charisma in which we seemingly have not seen from FDS since his early days when he was fresh out of the school run by Monda. He gets to the ring, The Ring announcer then lifts up the mic seemingly already been given directions from J.R. Flint as to what to announce FDS as now. The Ring announcer makes a triumphant statement and as he does FDS Hits the pose he hit at the end of the final part of the Life and Times of FDS series as a single spotlight focuses on him. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Please welcome, THE PHOENIX! F-D-S!” The fans seem electrified as FDS’ theme music fades out, the fans chanting “That was awesome” in awe of this new incarnation of FDS. FDS standing in the ring soaking in the chants and as he does he takes a bow as the fans applaud him. FDS is handed a microphone from a ringside crew member but the fans don’t allow him to speak as they continue to chant “FD FD FD F**** S” over and over again, a smile coming on the face of FDS as he seemingly encourages the crowd to get louder and they continue to chant for The man now known as “The Phoenix”. As the crowd finally begins to calm down, FDS cracks a smile and he lifts the microphone. “Frankly. I think that whole thing says everything I need to say and yet… I still have more to say tonight. Now first and foremost I am sure you have all been wondering where I have been, what have I been doing. As I am sure a lot of you are aware, I have not won a match since january. Now maybe that is due to the fact that I have not been having enough matches, maybe if I just found weak opponents and just beat on them for fun then I could’ve won some matches, maybe if I cheated throughout all my matches and had several people run interference for me I could win but…” FDS pauses, seemingly cringing at the thought of wrestling like that. “But…” FDS begins teasing the crowd as they seem to be anticipating what FDS is about to say “BUT....” The suspense continues to build within the fans as they are on the edge of their seats with FDS simply using one word to keep them hanging. “That’s not Pro Wrestling.” The Fans collectively yell “AYE!!” as the suspense has been lifted and they feel a sense of satisfaction as FDS stands in the middle of the ring with a smile on his face. “That’s not what pro wrestling is about. Pro wrestling isn’t about getting the easiest victories or about doing dastardly things to win matches. Pro Wrestling is about trying to prove that you are without a doubt the strongest warrior and that there is nobody that can touch you. You cannot become the strongest warrior by having others fight your battles for you and you cannot become the strongest warrior by defeating easy opponents. So, in order for me to become the strongest that I possibly could I had to go away for a while. I had to regroup, I had to burn off what was left of me if you will. I had to ignite myself and then rise from the ashes like The Phoenix that I have become. And I had to do so for one simple reason and that’s… the Power Trip Cup.” The fans go “OH!” as they are extremely excited with the anticipation towards the first round of the power trip Cup being at an insurmountable height especially towards the highly anticipated rematch between FDS and KENJI. “I knew that I needed to be focused for The Power Trip Cup because as many people know, every power trip cup I have been in I have been eliminated in the first round. Not once have I made it past the first round and that is simply not acceptable. How can I dare call myself the strongest if I am unable to make it past even the first round! I simply cannot! So, In order to do so I made sure I did everything I could to get into the best possible mindset that I could. I underwent the most brutal training I had ever gone under, I mentally prepared myself by going through my entire history and analysing every single mistake I have ever made in this business and I made sure that I was both Mentally and Physically ready for what was to come. Now what is to come? Well I'm sure you all know what… Well, who is to come, don’t you?” The fans yell “YES!” and then begin to chant “KENJI! KENJI! KENJI!”, FDS stands in the middle of the ring with a smile still on his face as he nods his head. “Ah, so you do know. In the first round of the power trip cup, I shall face one of the most dominant champions in recent memory and the man who only just lost the North American Championship after five months of being champion…” FDS pauses for a moment but this time not to goad the audience into something but rather a brief moment of what seems like hesitation or perhaps fear? “In the first round of the power trip cup, I will face KENJI.” FDS pauses for a moment, he seemingly falls for a moment, slightly collapsing in on himself, the fans seem confused, they seem to think that FDS has a fear of KENJI but then suddenly FDS looks into the camera with a smile on his face and he rises back to his feet “KENJI! You know in a lot of ways, you are responsible for this right now. Not just because I've been preparing for you, No, No, No. You are responsible for this because of what happened all the way back in september. If you all could do me a favour and cast your minds back to Survival Games 2019, Week 3 I believe it was, KENJI and I faced off in my home country of Australia and I.. Well… I lost. In front of my friends, In front of my family, I lost. Many people said that was a great match and that I shouldn’t be disappointed by it but I… I just couldn’t shake that for months. I was bested in my home and for so long I couldn’t figure out why. Why? Why? Why? For months and months that question plagued my mind and I just for the life of me couldn’t figure it out… until recently I realised something. Before that match, I said that “This is business and not personal” but the problem with that is… this business is my life.” The fans shout “YEAH!” as FDS nods his head and he begins to get fired up. “This business means absolutely everything to me. I’m divorced. I don’t have any children. I barely talk to my parents or my brother. Professional Wrestling is all I have in my life and therefore me saying that it was strictly business just wasn’t the truth. I couldn’t beat you KENJI because I refused to embrace the fact that this business means absolutely everything to me. Whether my personal life crumbled or not, Professional Wrestling has always been there for me. Whether I’ve had friends in this business or not I could always know that I could rely on my love of this art form to keep myself going… but you know what my favourite part of this is? Now you’re doing what I was doing. You seem to think that this match is just a means to an end. That you think you can just walk straight past me and go to the next round because nothing will stop you from gaining your revenge on Flynn because he embarrassed you. Embarrassment. That’s what this is about for you, isn’t it? You can’t stand the fact that you were embarrassed at the highest level because you went into a match overconfident and now you want to go and get another shot at him again so you can prove that you are just as good as him. That’s what this is all about for you KENJI so let me ask you this: Do you think you’re the only person Flynn has embarrassed like that? Do you really think what he did to you was really that shameful? End of the day KENJI, you look at someone like me, a guy who was embarrassed by Flynn on a much bigger scale when he ripped me in half essentially and you want to act like you losing a hard fought contest to Flynn at the top of his game is such a huge embarrassment. I don’t want you to come into this match thinking that way because I know for a fact that I won’t get the best fight out of you. None of that was an embarrassment, In fact you should be proud that you were able to stand toe to toe with a former world champion and you just barely came up short, I want you to use that. Take that Pride and come at me with everything you have because I don’t want to beat you if you’re just going to be so foolish and so arrogant that you disrespect this mat. So KENJI when you come at me, don’t come at me thinking this is some big redemption moment, come at me like you would any other opponent, throw everything you possible can at me… because I can guarantee you if you do that, you may have a sliver of a chance of beating me.” FDS drops the mic with a smile on his face, the fans applauding FDS as his theme music begins to play as he makes his exit but not before yelling “YEOH!” while hitting his pose to the slight confusion of fans before leaving.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen, Season V of the Pokemon Showdown League has concluded and we have our first ever two time champion and his name is... Season 5 Champion: FDS (Team Arctozolt)! FDS has performed tremendously in every single tournament thus far and this season was no exception. Going undefeated in the B Block with impressive wins over Bob, Sheridan and Epic. He would then go 7-0 defeating Mikey in the finals in impressive fashion.This is FDS’ second championship reign and statistically it was an important tournament for the two time champ, grasping the most overall wins over the course of five tournaments and it being the first round robin tournament that FDS has ever gone undefeated in. With this victory FDS has gained the opportunity to choose his type for next season. FDS’ Season 5 Championship Team Arctozolt Cloyster Mamoswine Rotom-Wash Galvantula Toxtricity Abomasnow Dracozolt Runner-Up: Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl) Coming in a close second we have Season IV Champion Mikey. Mikey was able to select Grimmsnarl as the pokemon to build his team around and effectively built a team that was able to do extremely well in Block Competition. He would manage to get victories over previous season finalist opponent Meko for the second time and was also able to defeat the second place in A block Gwynfro in impressive fashion before falling to FDS in the finals. With this placement Mikey has secured his opportunity to pick his typing for next season and this marks his second time in the top four. Mikey’s Second Place Team Grimmsnarl Hydreigon Bisharp Mimikyu Togekiss Gardevoir Obstagoon Clefable Third Place: Bob (Team Dragapult) For the second season in a row Bob finds himself in third after selecting Dragapult as his pokemon to build his team around. Bob had a rather impressive season in his own right only suffering one defeat to eventual tournament winner FDS. This continues a trend for Bob where he has consistently lost to only the eventual tournament winner. Bob would manage to get impressive victories over Sheridan and Epic in two very close battles. With this placement Bob has gained the opportunity to select his typing for next tournament and marks his second time in the top four. Bob’s Third Place Team Dragapult Mimikyu Haxorus Noivern Appletun Mimikyu Chandelure Dhelmise Fourth Place: Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) Coming into the fourth place and rounding out the top four is a first timer in Gwynfro. Gwyn has found himself in the top four for the first time after a very good performance. Gwynfro was assigned Dracozolt as his pokemon to build a team around and he did quite well given the random draw. He only lost the runner-up Mikey in the Block competition and managed impressive victories over Meko and Storm in great match ups. With this victory Gwyn for the first time in Five Tournaments finds himself in the top four and has guaranteed himself entry into next season's tournament and a reroll during type randomisation. Gwyn’s Fourth Place Team Dracozolt Haxorus Toxtricity Dragapult Heliolisk Galvantula Noivern Pincurchin Replays Season V Finals: FDS VS Mikey Season V Third Place Playoff: Gwynfro VS Bob Season 6 Update With the conclusion of season 5 we now will be looking forward to season 6. This season will be a monotype round robin tournament and sign ups for this season will be opened within roughly two weeks. Four participants have already confirmed those being the top four of Season Five. As Usual you will be assigned a type and you will have to build a team around that type. The following Types will not be available: Rock (Selected By FDS) Psychic (Selected By Mikey) Fairy (Selected By Bob) Finally, i’d like to thank you all for this season. While I understand there were a few issues throughout the season from the banning of Aegislash to the eviction of Addy to the departure of sheridan I am glad that we were able to get through this season successfully. I hope that next season we are able to get through without any issues and I am glad to see many are still excited for next season. Thank You all Very much.
  14. FDS

    NWA 2020

    NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Nick Aldis (c) VS Marty Scurll (If Scurll loses, he must pay Nick Aldis 100,000 dollars) NWA World Women's Championship: Thunder Rosa (c) VS Melina VS Allysin Kay NWA World Television Championship: Zicky Dice (c) VS Ricky Starks NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Aron Stevens (c) VS Trevor Murdoch NWA World Tag Team Championship Open Challenge: Eli Drake and James Storm (c) VS ??? Grudge match: Colt Cabana VS Mr. Anderson Kamille VS Tasha Steelz Wild Card battle royal (Final two participants earn spot together in Crockett Cup as a team) : Brody King, Brian Milonas, Beer City Bruiser, CW Anderson, Caleb Konley, Tim Storm, Matt Cross, Matthew Mims, Danny White, Jordan Kingsley. Bonus question: Who is answering James Storm and Eli Drake's open challenge? The Dawsons
  15. The Life and Times Of FDS, Narrated by J.R. Flint: Recent Developments. (6/6) Read Part 1 Here Read Part 2 Here Read Part 3 Here Read Part 4 Here Read Part 5 Here Interior: A familiar cigar lounge, a red leather couch in the centre of the room, a projection screen in front of it, behind it a hole in the wall where a Film Projector is, A table in front of the couch clear as day, noticeably absent a scotch bottle and glass. J.R. Flint is pictured seated on the couch. He looks at the camera and begins to speak in a story telling like tone. “Well. Here we are. The Finale. I bet you’re expecting some fireworks right? Some grandiose display? Some beautiful reveal? Well maybe that will come... but you’ll have to be patient and find out. We move into the current year of 2020, FDS had disappeared for a while before returning at Night Of Legends to what many were expecting to be the return of The Emperor Of Chaos were silenced as FDS would return under the guise of The Silencer.” Footage of FDS’ return as The Silencer begins to play as he brutalised Smith then footage of the two’s match at The Royal Rumble would begin to play as FDS and Smith would have an incredible match. “The Silencer, a truly vicious incarnation of FDS. Willing to do anything to win yet smart and tactile, he seemed to be the true pairing of The Emperor Of Chaos and The WRSTLR. Seemingly the peak of FDS… and he managed to defeat Smith. An impressive start and with the fire power of Bulletproof by his side it seemed like he was on top of the world. Everything however is not what it seems at face value.” Footage of FDS’ various losses over the last few months would then begin to play. “For what seemed like a blessing would turn into a curse. First FDS would fail to capture the Undisputed Championship in a four way ladder match featuring Hans Clayton, Sameer and Bailey. Although, that could easily have been due to Bulletproof wanting to get the title onto Hans so it can be dismissed as that. Then FDS would look to the Money In The Bank Contract at BPZMania V, he would seemingly be the favourite in the match to win it but then the Inner Circle would cost him the match and Slim would win the contract. FDS would then participate in the War Games match teaming with his Bulletproof stablemates Hans Clayton and Bob Sparks, in which they would not only lose to BIC’s team but FDS would also be physically embarrassed as Necce would attack everyone after the match… and now we’re here. Now, I'm sure you’ve been wondering for weeks: Why? What is the point of all this? Well, allow me to explain. J.R. Flint stands up and begins pacing back and forth speaking now in the tone that you would expect from a university lecturer. You see there is something to be learned from each of the incarnations of FDS. His hubris if you will. Each different form that FDS has taken has had its flaws, despite what The Silencer may have claimed he was just as flawed as the rest of his personas. Why is this though? Surely FDS could find these flaws on his own. Well, Yes. He Could and He did but then a new flaw would arise. No matter how refined, no matter how perfect something seems there is always that small percent of impurity. Even in the cleanest purest spring water there is always a tiny amount of carbon dioxide within it. Nothing is perfect and that is something that must be accepted in order for someone to achieve their true potential. FDS will face KENJI in the first round of the Power Trip Cup next week. Flint stops moving and looks directly into camera a stern but not completely serious look on his face. Now KENJI, I know you think you know what you’re going to be facing. You’ve faced FDS before and granted, you defeated him. You defeated FDS. Congratulations. I do not doubt your abilities and neither does FDS. He remembers the shame he felt. He remembers the embarrassment of laying in the ring after you hit the last resonance as his friend’s and family watched him lose. That has eaten at him… but he doesn’t hate you. He doesn’t hold it against you. In fact, he can’t wait to see you. He’s more motivated than ever to face you once again. To him this means everything. He is like a phoenix right now. He has been burning for quite sometime now. Now, it is time for him to burn into ash and for him to rise from them and be reborn from the Crimson Flames and become the man he was always meant to be. KENJI, you will see FDS very soon and you will face the fires of an eternally blazing soul. You will face an FDS that nobody has ever seen before and you will meet him very, very soon. Flint smiles as the camera fades out to black seemingly marking the end of the video but then suddenly it fades into footage of each of FDS’ previous characters, different defining moments on them. A highlights package of who the man is but when it ends suddenly footage of a man, presumably FDS, training in a ring. He is dressed in red ring gear, his movements are fluid, like as if a weight that was once on him had seemingly lifted, his face obscured. There is an aura around him, an Aura of confidence, an Aura of passion, an Aura of happiness. As if he had reawakened something that people had not seen in himself in years. Finally, he hits a pose on the ropes as the picture fades out with a spotlight on him ending the video.
  16. Week 7 of Season V of the pokemon Showdown Tournament has concluded! Here are the results and replays from Week76: A Block: Meko (Team Duraladon) defeat Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) Hans (Team Indeedee) defeat Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) Storm (Team Corviknight) defeat Alex (Team Galarian Rapidash) B Block: FDS (Team Arctozolt) defeat Aaron (Team Arctovish) Epic (Team Frosmoth) defeat Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) Bob (Team Dragapult) defeat Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) Here are the Final Overall Standings in Block Matches A Block: Week 5 Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) - 5 points (5-1-0) Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) - 5 points (5-1-0) Storm (Team Corviknight) - 4 Points (4-2-0) Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) - 3 Points (3-3-0) Hans (Team Indeedee) - 3 Points (3-3-0) Meko (Team Duraludon) 1 Points (1-5-0) Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) - 0 Points (0-6-0) B Block: FDS (Team Arctozolt) - 6 Points (6-0-0) Bob (Team Dragapult) - 5 Point (5-1-0) Sheridan (Team Runerigus) - 3 Points (3-3-0) Epic (Team Frosmoth) - 3 Points (3-3-0) Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) - 2 Points (2-4-0) Aaron (Team Arctovish) - 1 Point (1-5-0) Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) - 1 Points (1-5-0) Moving Into The finals we have the following matchups: Tournament Finals: Mikey (A Block Winner, Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) VS FDS (B Block Winner, Team Arctozolt) Third Place playoff: Bob (Team Dragapult) VS Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) Good luck to everyone and remember that you must bring your assigned mon to EVERY Battle.
  17. Read Part 1 Here Read Part 2 Here Read Part 3 Here Read Part 4 Here Interior: A familiar cigar lounge, a red leather couch in the centre of the room, a projection screen in front of it, behind it a hole in the wall where a Film Projector is, A table in front of the couch clear as day, noticeably absent a scotch bottle and glass. J.R. Flint is pictured seated on the couch. He looks at the camera and begins to speak in a story telling like tone. “Where we left off, FDS had gone off to heal his scars. Leaving BPZ for a few months to heal himself after years and years of brutal matchups that wrecked his body. In the winter of 2018, mysterious videos would begin playing teasing the return of FDS to BPZ. These videos would seemingly point to FDS attempting to separate himself from the Emperor of Chaos persona that had seemingly defined him for the last few months of his career before his absence. This would then lead into a rivalry with Necce where FDS would be attempting to fight the urge to become his former self and what would seemingly be leading to FDS being forced to embrace his former self against Necce in an FD Rules match but for some reason, the rivalry abruptly ended with Necce being “released” from BPZ and FDS then being placed in the Global Championship match. It seemed as if FDS would then struggle to find his way in BPZ from this point, loss after loss piling up. A short lift partnership with Echo Wilson would prove futile to this as the two would lose to Jonathan and Bart in a tag team match. FDS would then suffer a surprising upset to Aaron North in the power trip cup which would lead to FDS seemingly having to find a new version of himself.” “Do you wanna touch” by Joan Jett starts to play suddenly as footage of “The WRSTLR” FDS begins to play on screen. “In an extreme departure from The Emperor Of Chaos, FDS would become “The WRSTLR” a character that seemingly despised Deathmatch Wrestling and hated the idea of comedic entertainment in pro wrestling. Gone was the pageantry of destruction that The Emperor Of Chaos embodied and in came a much more basic stripped back version of FDS. He would only talk in blatant sentences and would be very no nonsense about his approach to things. This attitude would pay dividends for FDS as he would not only be successful in his first title pursuit under this moniker but he would then quickly go on to defeat Monda in his return match. It should be noted there was a reason as to why FDS became this version of himself, he felt that the deathmatch style was overplayed in BPZ, that it had lost the beauty that it previously had and was no longer an individual identity and was more just the normality in BPZ. The WRSTLR was a way to escape this, in an attempt to become a character that was not like anything BPZ had ever really focused on and he would be successful in this manner. The fans despised his words but were remarked by FDS’ extreme shift in terms of his in-ring repartoir to a point where the fans began to cheer for the WRSTLR and actually preferred his style to the suicidal, homicidal style he had previously utilised. FDS though would make his appearances limited under this persona and thus managed to gain an impressive win, loss record from this defeating not only Monda but his former tag team partner Ryan Reeves for the third time and although losing it quickly after he would capture the Premium Championship for the second time. The Emperor Of Chaos was not completely gone however as FDS would prove that he could not stay away from the Deathmatch wrestling style due to one man provoking this side of him.” An image of Josh Scott appears on screen, what follows is the events that took place during the second ever FD Rules match between Josh and FDS. “Josh Scott. The man who two years ago had betrayed FDS for who some may say is his greatest Rival: BIC. We had never seen the explosion of FDS and Josh one on one for some reason but the anger FDS felt towards thi man was so palpable that when he told Josh that they would fight in an FD Rules match and when FDS entered for this match he was not the WRSTLR, he was the possessed by The Emperor Of Chaos. FDS would destroy Josh, completely maiming “Manchester’s number one” and not even giving him a chance ending the match via knockout after FDS brutally dropped him on his head with Lay You To Sleep. This would be one of the final times we would see FDS as The Emperor Of Chaos as he has not returned since. FDS would then enter the Survival Games tournament and would arguably have the best matches of the tournament with incredible bouts with the matches against Julius Jones in a surprisingly technical rematch from their King Of The Ring 2018 bout, Jonathan in an emotionally charged contest that saw the two Ruin brothers collide and in one of FDS’ favourite but yet embarrassing matches against KENJI in a pure wrestling match that showed that FDS could still go against the best of them. Now as I am sure you all are aware FDS is set to face KENJI in the First Round Of The Power Trip Cup, I don’t know what FDS’ exact feelings are but from his training I can tell you one thing: He is concentrated. He is more motivated than ever to defeat KENJI and avenge his loss on his home soil. FDS would then have a rather confusing end of the year becoming “The Mad King” in a very odd persona change that seemed to be not quite the WRSTLR but not quite The Emperor Of Chaos either. FDS also briefly joined the United Nations in a strange move but it just seemed as if he was once again in a point of loss, as if the loss to KENJI had sent him into a spiral but suddenly towards the end of the year, videos similar to those that played at the end of 2018 began to play as suddenly something new began to appear to be on the horizon for FDS. Join us next time for the finale of the Life and Times of FDS where we cover The Silencer and Bulletproof.” Fade To Black
  18. Week 6 of Season V of the pokemon Showdown Tournament has concluded! Here are the results and replays from Week 6: A Block: Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl) defeat Alex (Team Galarian Rapidash) Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) defeat Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) Hans (Team Indeedee) defeat Meko (Team Duraladon) (Because Meko has lost his will to live) B Block: FDS (Team Arctozolt) defeat Bob (Dragapult) Epic (Team Frosmoth) defeat Aaron (Team Arctovish) Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) defeats Sheridan (Team Runerigus) by Forfeit Moving Into Week 5 Here are the current Standings: A Block: Week 5 Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) - 5 points (5-0-0) Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) - 5 points (5-1-0) Storm (Team Corviknight) - 3 Points (3-2-0) Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) - 3 Points (3-2-0) Hans (Team Indeedee) - 2 Points (2-3-0) Meko (Team Duraludon) 0 Points (0-5-0) Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) - 0 Points (0-5-0) B Block: FDS (Team Arctozolt) - 5 Points (5-0-0) Bob (Team Dragapult) - 4 Point (4-1-0) Sheridan (Team Runerigus) - 3 Points (3-3-0) Epic (Team Frosmoth) - 2 Points (2-2-0) Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) - 2 Points (2-3-0) Aaron (Team Arctovish) - 1 Point (1-4-0) Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) - 1 Points (1-4-0) Moving into week 7 we have the following matchups A Block: Meko (Team Daraludon) VS Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) VS Hans (Team Indeedee) Storm (Team Corviknight) VS Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) Bye: Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) B Block: Bob (Team Dragapult) VS Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) FDS (Team Arctozolt) VS Aaron (Team Arctovish) Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) VS Epic (Team Frosmoth) Bye: Sheridan (Team Runerigus) Good luck to everyone and remember that you must bring your assigned mon to EVERY Battle.
  19. The Life and Times Of FDS, Narrated by J.R. Flint: The Mind Of A Sadist (4/6) Read Part 1 Here Read Part 2 Here Read Part 3 Here Interior: A familiar cigar lounge, a red leather couch in the centre of the room, a projection screen in front of it, behind it a hole in the wall where a Film Projector is, A table in front of the couch clear as day, noticeably absent a scotch bottle and glass. J.R. Flint is pictured seated on the couch. He looks at the camera and begins to speak in a story telling like tone. “Halloween Havoc 2017. The Night everything changed for FDS, the night the landscape shifted in BPZ. Smith would barely walk out with the Intercontinental Championship after managing to get a victory roll on FDS this would cause FDS after months and months of coming up short to finally snap. He would attack Smith viciously, beating the living hell out of him and attempting to end his career with a maneuver so vicious that nobody in the history of BPZ has ever kicked out of it, the burning hammer onto a steel chair known as Lay You To Sleep. FDS would transform into an entity known as the Emperor Of Chaos. A Vicious, vile creature with no sympathy and no concern for anybody in BPZ… not even himself. He would tear through anyone who got in his way, starting with the man who stole his protege and stole the King Of The Ring tournament from him, defeating BIC in a match so vile and so brutal that is rarely seen in BPZ. The FD Rules match, win by knockout or submission, no disqualifications, no count outs. After that, FDS would move to Evolve after almost a full year on the Carnage Roster he would quickly defeat Ark to become Number One Contender to the Evolve Global Championship and would defeat the reigning Champion Nate to win the title but before that FDS had more retribution in mind. At Survivor Series, FDS would once again challenge for the Intercontinental Championship and FDS would ruthlessly beat the living hell out of Smith, doing everything he possibly could to torment and torture the man who made his life hell for months. FDS would capture the Intercontinental Championship and would move into 2018 with not one but two championships around his waist.” Footage of FDS with his two championships begins to play, FDS kicking the Intercontinental Championship around the arenas, blatantly disrespecting the title while coveting the Evolve Global Championship. “FDS though would then face some interesting developments.” Footage of Jonathan begins to appear on the screen before cutting through to Slim then to Ark. “FDS’ first challenger for the Global Championship would be Jonathan. The two men would face off in a brutal war with both men beating the living hell out of each other much to the glee of the fans. The interesting thing about the Emperor Of Chaos is despite his disdain for the crowds and the crowds booing him at events it was always recognised that FDS was exceptional in the ring and thus the fans would appreciate his matches and Jonathan had been a consistent fan favourite for a long time, the two men had an excellent match and in a way it seemed like despite their seemingly different morals the two men had earnt each others respect after a brutal battle at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in 2018. FDS’ night though at the Rumble would not end there as he would have to defend his Intercontinental Championship in a steel cage match against a man who he knew all too well, Slim. The men would have a brutal contest similar to FDS’ other matches but for the first time in a long time FDS would lose in one on one competition with Slim defeating him to win the Intercontinental Championship but the disappointment would end their for FDS as the To The Top winner Ark Universe would sprint down to the ring and cash in his contract on FDS to win the Global Championship.” The slides then change to FDS leaving after losing his titles at The Royal Rumble, the anger showing through his rage in backstage segments then switching to images of Necce and footage of their dominance as a tag team. “FDS’ rage however would only grow more from here. He would team with a man with similar ideals to him, two of the most dangerous men in BPZ due to their willingness to do anything to win. This rage seemed to drive FDS so much to the point where he would attack Slim backstage before an Intercontinental Championship triple threat and then would win the Intercontinental Championship for a third time and would carry the title he walked out of BPZMania II with into BPZMania III. The partnership between FDS and Necce seemed to be paying off until what happens with two combustible elements happens, they explode.” The footage of FDS and Necce brawling after their tag team match at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre with the footage of the two mens deathmatch noted to be one of the most violent matches in BPZ. “FDS and Necce would fight at Bragging Rights in a deathmatch which quite literally embodied that name as the two men seemingly were trying to murder each other. Neither man seemingly wanting the other to hold back with unprotected chair shots to the head, uses of blades to cut each other open, thumbtacks being driven into each other, broken glass being used to stab into each other and even more gory vile things. The two men however seemingly had tricked the entire world.” The footage of FDS and Necce seemingly laughing after their match and then being joined by Jonathan, the formation of Ruin then plays on screen. “Ruin. A group that would be full of so much potential and to a point live up to some of that potential. Necce, Johnny Kills and FDS, three of the most sadistic men in BPZ all willing to do whatever it took to create havoc within BPZ. FDS while having a minor upset after a brutal No Disqualifications match with Smith to bring their rivalry to a close would focus on Ruin’s goals as the group would look to accomplish.” The Night of BPZMania III would play through from the perspective of FDS, focusing on the crushing disappointment FDS would face throughout the evening. “However, FDS would face many difficulties at BPZMania III, although Jonathan and FDS would manage to capture the BPZ Tag Team Championships in a ladder match defeating Bart and Slim for the titles the rest of the night would seem to be a night of pain for FDS. He would lose the Intercontinental Championship to his former protege Josh in a loss that seemingly would haunt FDS for years after the fact. FDS would look for hope in the Money In The Bank ladder match however in a match that he seemed destined to win. He would scale the ladder and look to be about to retrieve the briefcase before being pulled off the ladder and hit with a maneuver he was all too familiar with… the FKO. Flynn would steal the Money In The Bank briefcase from FDS and leave the Emperor Of Chaos in a bloody mess. BPZMania III would be the night that seemingly killed the drive of the Emperor Of Chaos.” Footage of FDS over the next few months would play seemingly with an empty pained expression on his face. Even after he and Jon would retain the tag team championships at backlash he would seem quite unsatisfied. The footage of FDS’ losses would then begin to play as FDS would seemingly begin to unravel. “FDS would find himself in a place of hardship. No drive to succeed. Phoning in his performances. Seemingly lacking the aggression that made him so successful as the Emperor Of Chaos. He and Jon would lose the tag team championships to the Kingdom due to this and Ruin would fall apart as Jon would become frustrated with FDS. FDS would then go onto build up several losses and after an unsuccessful world title challenge against the man who stole the Money In The Bank Briefcase from him, Jeremiah Flynn, FDS would be entered into the King Of The Ring Tournament once again and while he would make it to the quarter-finals he would be defeated by eventual tournament winner, Julius. After this loss, FDS would announce that he would be taking time off due to injuries but it was more than that. FDS’ frustrations had turned into apathy and his rage that drove him had dissipated into disappointment. This was a stage in FDS’ career where when he was presented with a new contract from BPZ he considered hanging up his boots and not returning at all. This was a man broken, a man who had given everything he had to a place only for it to all be thrown back at him and for him to be rejected and even when he finally started doing things his way, he failed. This would cause FDS to be labelled with the stigma of being good but not good enough which would continue to carry over through when he would return at the end of 2018. Join us next time when we look at the return of FDS and the Persona of the WRSTLR.” Fade to black
  20. Ladies and Gentlemen, the fourteen participants for the Fifth Season of the Pokemon Showdown Tournament have been confirmed! And with that the Blocks have also been Confirmed as well as each participants main pokemon here are the blocks: A Block B Block Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) Bob (Team Dragapult) Meko (Team Daruladon) FDS (Team Arctozolt) Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) Hans (Team Indeedee) Sheridan (Team Runerigus) Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) Aaron (Team Arctovish) Storm (Team Corviknight) Epic (Team Frosmoth) The schedule for the tournament is as follows: A Block: Week 1 Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) defeats Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) Storm (Team Corviknight) defeats Hans (Team Indeedee) Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) defeat Meko (Team Daraludon) Bye: Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) Week 2 Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) defeats Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) Storm (Team Corviknight) defeats Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) defeats Hans (Team Indeedee) Bye: Meko (Team Daruladon) Week 3 Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) defeats Meko (Team Daraludon) Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) defeats Storm (Team Corviknight) Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) defeats Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) Bye: Hans (Team Indeedee) Week 4 Storm (Team Corviknight) defeats Meko (Team Daruladon) Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) defeats Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) Hans (Team Indeedee) defeats Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) Bye: Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) Week 5 Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) defeats Storm (Team Corviknight) Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) defeats Meko (Team Daruladon Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) defeats Hans (Team Indeedee) Bye: Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) Week 6 Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) VS Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) Meko (Team Daruladon) VS Hans (Team Indeedee) Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) VS Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) Bye: Storm (Team Corviknight) Week 7 Meko (Team Daraludon) VS Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) VS Hans (Team Indeedee) Storm (Team Corviknight) VS Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) Bye: Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) B Block: Week 1 Bob (Team Dragapult) defeats Sheridan (Team Runerigus) FDS (Team Arctozolt) defeats Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) defeats Aaron (Team Arctovish) Bye: Epic (Team Frosmoth) Week 2 FDS (Team Arctozolt) defeats Epic (Team Frosmoth) Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) defeats Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) Sheridan (Team Runerigus) defeats Aaron (Team Arctovish) Bye: Bob (Team Dragapult) Week 3 Bob (Team Dragapult) defeats Aaron (Team Arctovish) Sheridan (Team Runerigus) defeats Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) Epic (Team Frosmoth) defeats Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) Bye: FDS (Team Arctozolt) Week 4 FDS (Team Arctozolt) defeats Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) Sheridan (Team Runerigus) defeats Epic (Team Frosmoth) Bob (Team Dragapult) defeats Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) Bye: Aaron (Team Arctovish) Week 5 FDS (Team Arctozolt) defeats Sheridan (Team Runerigus) Bob (Team Dragapult) defeats Epic (Team Frosmoth) Aaron (Team Arctovish) defeats Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) Bye: Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) Week 6 FDS (Team Arctozolt) VS Bob (Team Dragapult) Sheridan (Team Runerigus) VS Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) Epic (Team Frosmoth) VS Aaron (Team Arctovish) Bye: Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) Week 7 Bob (Team Dragapult) VS Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) FDS (Team Arctozolt) VS Aaron (Team Arctovish) Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) VS Epic (Team Frosmoth) Bye: Sheridan (Team Runerigus) Team Building Please reply to this thread with your team with this season and make sure it follows these criteria: - The Team should be made of Eight Pokemon, including your assigned pokemon, and should be made up of pokemon of the two types of your assigned pokemon - When Making your team please only use pokemon available in generation eight pokedex, pokemon not available in this dex will be rejected and will be asked to be replaced. You can find a list of Pokemon in the Galarian Pokedex here - No Legendaries or Mythicals will be allowed in this tournament, Including Silvally and Type Null - If you have access to one you may only use one pseudo legendary pokemon on your team, for the definition of a pseudo legendary please see here. - You should be building this team in the Gen 8 OU Format on Showdown - Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing is illegal - Smogon Wide Clauses apply, you can find those clauses here - In every battle for this tournament you must use your assigned mon With that I wish you good luck trainers, you have a week to submit your teams.
  21. Week 5 of Season V of the pokemon Showdown Tournament has concluded! Here are the results and replays from Week 5: A Block: Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) defeat Hans (Team Indeedee) Alex (Team Galarian Rapidash) defeat Meko (Team Daruladon) Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl) defeat Storm (Team Corviknight) B Block: FDS (Team Arctozolt) defeat Sheridan (Team Runerigus) Bob (Team Dragapult) defeat Epic (Team Frosmoth) Aaron (Team Arctovish) defeat Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) Moving Into Week 5 Here are the current Standings: A Block: Week 5 Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) - 4 points (4-0-0) Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) - 4 points (4-1-0) Storm (Team Corviknight) - 3 Points (3-2-0) Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) - 3 Points (3-1-0) Hans (Team Indeedee) - 1 Points (1-3-0) Meko (Team Duraludon) 0 Points (0-4-0) Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) - 0 Points (0-4-0) B Block: Bob (Team Dragapult) - 4 Point (4-0-0) FDS (Team Arctozolt) - 4 Points (3-0-0) Sheridan (Team Runerigus) - 3 Points (3-2-0) Epic (Team Frosmoth) - 1 Points (1-2-0) Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) - 1 Point (1-3-0) Aaron (Team Arctovish) - 1 Point (1-3-0) Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) - 1 Points (1-4-0) Moving into week 6 we have the following matchups A Block: Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) VS Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) Meko (Team Daruladon) VS Hans (Team Indeedee) Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) VS Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) Bye: Storm (Team Corviknight) B Block: Sheridan (Team Runerigus) VS FDS (Team Arctozolt) Bob (Team Dragapult) VS Epic (Team Frosmoth) Aaron (Team Arctovish) VS Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) Bye: Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) Good luck to everyone and remember that you must bring your assigned mon to EVERY Battle.
  22. Pick Hypno because psychic is OP in Gen 1
  23. 6 Years and i've been here for most of them. It's hard to believe that this place has lasted this long and it's weird through the highs and lows, the ups and downs we've managed to stay together this long but there's just something great about it. We've had different people come and go but as a group we've stayed together. Although some things are divisive sometimes at the end of the day we are a family and i'm glad we've all been here for so long. Happy Anniversary Forums and I guess I should list my top six moments of the last six years. 1. Winning the United States Championship all the way back at the first votings in 2014 2. The old Battlefield group back in 2015 and mainly because I remember this quite well Keeley ranting at me because I was above her in the leaderboard for playing objective 3. Returning to the forums in 2016 and remaining active for a much longer period of time than I previously had. 4. Becoming Mod in 2017 and moving up to senior mod eventually 5. Winning the Intercontinental Championship three times 6. Beating Smith at Rumble earlier this year Bonus: Murdering Josh Thank's for six years guys, heres to six more and another six more after that because edgy.
  24. The Life and Times Of FDS, Narrated by J.R. Flint: Rise Of The Rainmaker (3/6) Read Part 1 Here Read Part 2 Here Interior: A familiar cigar lounge, a red leather couch in the centre of the room, a projection screen in front of it, behind it a hole in the wall where a Film Projector is, A table in front of the couch clear as day, noticeably absent a scotch bottle and glass. J.R. Flint is pictured seated on the couch. He looks at the camera and begins to speak in a story telling like tone. “In February of 2017, FDS turned on his tag partner Ryan Reeves, hitting him with a maneuver he would become synonymous with: The Rainmaker. This would begin a character change that while many people overlook in terms of its actual ability it’s influence on FDS would go on to show it’s face for years to come whether it would be within his moveset or would the opponents he would face or those he would team up with no matter what this character had some impact on the future of FDS and it all started with FDS turning on his tag team partner. Continuing in we make it to BPZMania II, FDS finds himself in the intercontinental championship match yet again and surprisingly to the shock of many he finally captured the gold. The first and only piece of gold the Rainmaker would strike during his tenure as the character but in a lot of people's eyes not his most significant achievement considering the run he would go on. He would quickly lose the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash to Smith after also falling to Apex at New Beginnings in the legendary Tokyo Dome. FDS would have an interesting month but would find himself in a position many had never seen him in before.” An image of Flynn during his Universal Championship reign in 2017 shows up on screen clips then begin to cycle through of the Number One Contenders match between Yelich, Blade and FDS from hardcore knockout then moving through confrontations between FDS and Flynn during their Universal Championship rivalry. “FDS would recover however, winning a Number One Contenders match against Blade and Yelich to get a shot at the newly created Universal Championship… the champion? A man FDS knew all too well from their doubt from only 6 months ago… Jeremiah Flynn. Flynn throughout the rivalry would bring up how he decimated FDS in their first encounter, breaking his bones and he even proposed the same stipulation from their last match. So it was set TLC for the Universal Championship, FDS VS Flynn at Judgement Day. The two men ripped each other to shreds and had one of the most brutal contests on the card with both men beating the ever living hell out of each other, Flynn seemed to be caught off guard from this much more dangerous version of FDS and would only manage to defeat FDS with an FKO off a ladder. FDS would move on from this going into the King Of The Ring Tournament for the third time. FDS had an unfortunate history with the King Of The Ring Tournament up to this point always being eliminated in the first round but this year, something was different. Surrounded by his new brethren in the CHAOS Faction with Josh Scott and Ark Universe at his side, an air of confidence would surround FDS. He would begin with an impressive performance defeating Yelich in the first round and then face his stablemate Ark Universe in the quarter-finals avenging his two losses to him from the previous year advancing to the semi-finals. FDS was in high spirits and was in a great position to possibly win the entire King Of The Ring tournament but suddenly a figure who FDS would develop quite the history with would appear in his life.” An Image appears on screen of BiC also known as Isaiah Carter from 2017, clips would then begin to play of Carter turning FDS’ stablemate Josh over to his side and highlights of FDS and BiC’s match would begin the play after this. “BiC, a man who is now known as Isaiah Carter, would face FDS in the semi-finals of the King Of The Ring Tournament in an incredible match up. The week before this after the quarter-finals, BiC had turned Josh Scott against FDS bringing him under his wing as a protege marking the first of many reasons as to why FDS has a hatred towards Josh Scott, this fact would be worsened as BIC would hit FDS in the face with Brass Knuckles before hitting no regret to advance to the finals but the wound would dig further into FDS as Josh would attack FDS after the match cementing his betrayal of FDS and the CHAOS faction. This would send FDS into a downward spiral, the CHAOS faction would be disbanded, FDS would lose to not only Smith in another attempt at the intercontinental championship that also featured Prince but also would lose to Flynn at Summerslam in a six-man Armageddon Hell in a Cell match. FDS would seemingly have no direction as he would consistently gather up large amounts of losses throughout the next few months until the annual BPZ Draft where FDS looked to find a new beginning on possibly moving off of Carnage, a place he had been for the last 11 months at the time. This however would not be the case and then the rage that FDS had accumulated over the last eleven months would finally seemingly explode as FDS would head into his first ever one on one challenge for the Intercontinental Championship against Smith at Halloween Havoc.” The match graphic for the Halloween Havoc Intercontinental Championship match between FDS and Smith would appear on screen, highlights of the match would then begin to play as the two men would fight and then as the victory roll hits the camera focuses in on FDS before it slowly fades as the screen fades from red to black. “This match would see the birth of a character so iconic towards FDS that every other character he would have would draw comparisons to it and it all began after FDS finally could not contain his frustrations with BPZ, the BPZ Universe and most importantly… himself. Join us next time as we go into the one you’ve all been waiting for, FDS as The Emperor Of Chaos.” Fade to Black
  25. Week 1 of Season V of the pokemon Showdown Tournament has concluded! Here are the results and replays from Week 4: A Block: Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) defeat Alex (Team Galarian Rapidash) Storm (Team Corviknight) defeat Meko (Team Daruladon) Hans (Team Indeedee) defeat Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) B Block: FDS (Team Arctozolt) defeat Flynn (Team Dracozolt) Sheridan (Team Runerigus) defeat Epic (Team Frosmoth) Bob (Team Dragapult) defeat Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) Moving Into Week 5 Here are the current Standings: A Block: Week 5 Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) - 3 point (3-0-0) Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) - 3 points (3-1-0) Storm (Team Corviknight) - 3 Points (3-1-0) Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) - 2 Points (2-1-0) Hans (Team Indeedee) - 1 Points (1-2-0) Meko (Team Duraludon) 0 Points (0-3-0) Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) - 0 Points (0-4-0) B Block: Bob (Team Dragapult) - 3 Point (3-0-0) FDS (Team Arctozolt) - 3 Points (3-0-0) Sheridan (Team Runerigus) - 3 Points (3-1-0) Epic (Team Frosmoth) - 1 Points (1-2-0) Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) - 1 Points (1-3-0) Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) - 1 Point (1-3-0) Aaron (Team Arctovish) - 0 Points (0-3-0) Moving into week 5 we have the following matchups A Block: Mikey (Team Grimmsnarl, Champion) VS Storm (Team Corviknight) Meko (Team Daruladon) VS Alex Costa (Team Galarian Rapidash) Gwynfro (Team Dracozolt) VS Hans (Team Indeedee) Bye: Arius (Team Galarian Weezing) B Block: Sheridan (Team Runerigus) VS FDS (Team Arctozolt) Bob (Team Dragapult) VS Epic (Team Frosmoth) Aaron (Team Arctovish) VS Blade (Team Galarian Stunfisk) Bye: Flynn (Team Mr. Rime) Good luck to everyone and remember that you must bring your assigned mon to EVERY Battle.

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