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  1. Dean Kellings


    As Carnage began, fans were met by George AK opening the show for the first time in his career. He looked very dejected, evident by how he hung his head down almost in shame on his way to the ring. Instantly, the fans in the arena could easily tell that something was wrong. As he entered the ring, he stood essentially soaking in the cheers from the crowd. Before he began to speak. July of 2016. I became a professional wrestler, I went home told my parents, in fact my entire family. I was excited. I had done it, my childhood dream was complete. And in fact on that same night I was signed here, at BPZ. But from the start I guess you could say that I was cursed, as I joined during the late stages of a period of time where all the youngsters were taking over together as one. The nexus. I really enjoyed it, for about two weeks. Then it all crashed down, people began to leave the nexus and go off to do their own thing. So, I tried to do the same thing. From August to October I chased the NXT and Premium Championships, of course without success. Many nights I can vividly remember coming home battered and bruised. Until I had enough, and in October 2016 I decided that this professional wrestling thing wasn't for me. But, my choice didn't last long. I was gone for a while though, and during that time I did a lot, and I mean a lot of thinking. Yup, thinking. I thought about my future, I had a crappy job at a convenience store and I couldn't really afford my rent anymore. So, at that point I chose to come back, so I called up Brenden, and I thank him so much for doing this. He accepted me back in. However, as soon as this happened, everything just seemed to flow back to me. Well, I mean all of the negative stuff. In the locker room I felt like I was being abused, but luckily for me nobody else seemed to think that way. It was weird though, when I wasn't here wrestling I missed this place. But when I was here then I hated it. Anyway, I came back in august of 2017, and during that time I guess you could say I was successful. During that specific stint with the company I won the NXT Championship, which to this day is still the only major title that I have won. But way before that, only a month after my return, I was already struggling. I felt depressed essentially every single day. And continuing to lose every single match didn't help either. I kinda blamed it on the curse that, at that point I had identified in my mind as a thing. Which then made my NXT Championship win at Halloween Havoc 2017 even more monumental for me, I stayed grateful for the opportunity the entire time that I was champion for. because, that win taught me something. It taught me never to give up, so when I looked back at everything that I had been through up to that point in my career, then looked on my shoulder and saw what I had managed to do, I knew it was worth it. So never giving up became my motto. During that time my depression was terrible, and I had some personal issues I was dealing with as well, so that motto has helped me a lot. Next was the Joshtourage, the Joshtourage was a tag team between myself and Josh. Things were great, he mentored me and together we came exceptionally close to winning the BPZ Tag Team Championships. But then just like every good thing that happens to me, it was trumped by the curse. As me and Josh broke up and well, the rest really is history. Now, at this point of my career, I really should have seen how being a part of tag teams and stables really wasn't ever going to work for me. But, I guess I would never realise that during my time here, so I joined the Commonwealth with Ropati and Peter Wilchester. We were pushed to the moon, as almost the three who were going to be the next big things. But, that broke up too as I decided that after all that I had had enough once again. So once again I left for a little bit. When I returned it was late 2018, and a lot of things had changed. I began to feel like, there were things going on that I wasn't being told about. And really. That brings me to right now. Nothing much has happened in this stint here for me. I just think that the curse has evolved. Evolved so badly that I can't stay here. I know I have made a big point about never giving up, but I am seeing this as not giving up, but adjusting. Changing what I am doing, I know that I am going to succeed one day. But not here. So that is why, I am leaving BPZ for good. I am retiring. I have said everything that I need to say, and I hope that everyone here tonight are able to infer what needs to be inferred from this speech. And, now just like so many greats have done. And say, bye. The fans in the arena gave George a standing ovation as he left the ring, he walked to the back giving out high fives to fans. Before finally, standing at the top of the stage and soaking in all of the applause from the fans. Before he walked to the back entirely, and the titantron changed showing a montage of George in the ring. Before settling on the text "Bye George AK".
  2. Dean Kellings

    BPZ Basketball Fantasy League

    Ive been really bad for most of this season. Recently though I am on a 2 game win streak which is very likely to become 3 games unless Ross has a monster night. Glad with my team, have Oladipo, Adams, Tatum, Thompson and Gobert as my main players and Gallanari has been a big surprise for me with the amount of points he is putting up on average.
  3. I wouldn't want to watch any of the early manias, purely because I haven't been watching wrestling for that long so I wouldn't understand anything. So if I had to pick a recent one it would be 27 for sure.
  4. Dean Kellings

    Will WWE survive the next 10 years

    WWE will still be around in 10 years. Although over companies have fell rapidly in the space of 10 years, I think Vince McMahon and Triple H know way to much about wrestling to let it happen. Although the WWE are experiencing some tough times right now with ratings going down. I think when some new talent come through ratings will naturally begin to rise.
  5. Dean Kellings

    My introduction

    Welcome man, hope I see you about for a long time. Enjoy your time here bro.
  6. Dean Kellings

    What Current NXT Star Do You See Making It Big?

    Definently agree with you in Adam Cole. Possibly the velveteen dream as he has shown how charismatic he is and is already is popular with fans. Lastly I think Matt Riddle, I remember watching him in the indies and he was brilliant. If booked correctly he could be a big star.
  7. Dean Kellings

    Do you think Gargano should move to the main roster?

    I do think he is ready for it, and I would like to see him on the main roster as I believe he can have some amazing feuds. But the WWE know when the best time to move him up is, so hopefully he isn't just thrusted on the main roster with no backstory. Maybe he could be introduced at the royal rumble. Or maybe the raw after wrestlemania.
  8. Dean Kellings

    My Universe Mode storylines

    Good commitment to this series man! Only one slight change you could make, sometimes it is hard to read the results if they are listed how they are, so maybe spreading them out like this would be better. Tyler Bate beats Pete Dunne Ohno beats Lorcan Otherwise, liking the start of this, keep it up.
  9. Dean Kellings

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    Nice to see this still going on, great work. I like how instead of typing match write-ups constantly like in the majority of diaries, you tell the story of the match through screenshots. Keep this up!
  10. Dean Kellings

    Your Reputation Milestones

    Hit 800 rep yesterday, pretty good. Hopefully I can get to 1k rep soon.
  11. Dean Kellings

    BPZ Wrestlers Review

    Hello, it is me. The man of two first names, yep. Matt Mattson, and this is the BPZ Wrestler Review. So that means you are either really bored or you've clocked on the wrong thing. Lets hope you picked the option where you tuned in because of how brilliant I am. Wait, that isn't an option? Anyway, this week we are going to look into the career of Bart. Gimmick - 8/10 Bart can make some great promos. This is mainly because of his good gimmick, allowing him to express himself whilst staying intimidating and getting his point across. Although he has only been in BPZ for around a year and a half, it does feel like it hasn't been that long. This is because each promo he makes is unique and fresh. Move-Set - 7.5/10 Bart is capable of putting on some good matches. We have seen him win one on one matches, tag teams matches and stipulation matches. This is due to his move-set, although it isn't the best we have seen, it is very versatile. And I like versatility, so I like his move-set. History - 7/10 Bart hasn't been here as long as some of the other guys that I have reviewed. But in the time that he has been here for, he has been great. And he may have already written his name in the hall of fame. Usage - 8/10 Bart is constantly used well no matter the division he is in. Whether it was being NXT Champ during his time in NXT or US Champ when he entered the main roster. The only slight negative side being Bart not have being pushed towards the World title just yet. Career Highlights - Throughout his career, Bart has won many titles and accomplished many things. Lets take a look at what he has done. 1x BPZ Global Champion 1x & Longest Reining BPZ United States Champion 1x & Current BPZ Intercontinental Champion 2x BPZ Tag Team Champion 1x & Longest Reigning BPZ NXT Champion Bart Overall - 30.5/40 This is all we have time for in this specific episode of BPZ Wrestler Review, next week we will be going into the career of Bailey.
  12. When I was a kid I only watched occasional shows, but I used to watch every royal rumble. My parents didn't like me watching wrestling as a kid so I only started watching when they thought I was old enough which was about 5 years back now. But I only watched WWE at that point. Since then I have watched some indi matches, but I have mainly stayed loyal to the WWE. So to answer the question I would say that the royal rumbles in the WWE attracted me to wrestling.
  13. Dean Kellings

    Football (Soccer) Discussion

    Throwing a new argument out there, whos going down? So many teams seem awful. I got Cardiff, Huddersfield and Newcastle
  14. Dean Kellings

    Greatest Championship Winning Moments

    i only have 2, Daniel Bryan winning at mania and Rollins winning at Mania ok and ellsworth
  15. Dean Kellings

    Surprised Returns that WWE will at the rumble

    Hopefully some NXT and 205 live guys are used like they always are. The usual candidates like Kane and Goldust maybe too. But I hope we see Shawn Michaels or Batista