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  1. 1. Messi - Hes the GOAT. Nothing else you can say, he has the ability to turn games around at any point and every defender in the world is scared of facing him. 2. Ronaldo - Amazing, although Juve have been struggling in some peoples eyes, Ronaldo has proven that he carried a team to winning back to back Champions Leagues, before leaving them and maybe doing it with another. 3. Modric - Fully deserved to win the ballon d'or last year. By far the best midfielder in the world and he has proven that he is time and time again.
  2. Still first at this point, managed to build myself a little lead up, had an amazing run of form in January and February, getting over 100 points in a gameweek without playing a power-up. Lately I have been alright, getting the right amount of points per week to maintain my spot in 1st, but not enough to lengthen my lead. Just hoping I can win this year and become the first two time champ.
  3. Damn, wish I could have been in this... good luck to y'all and hopefully marker wins.
  4. Whoa, this stuff is insane. Keep this work up hans.
  5. Name: Ben Dover Nation: Italy Skin Tone: White Height: 6'3 Weight: 190lbs Position: PG Strength: (Driving, Mid range shot, 3pt's, Defence ETC) Only 1 allowed : Driving Weakness: (same as above) Must have 1: Mid Range Tendencies: (likes to shot 3's, doesn't like to shoot mid range, doesn't like to drive) if you don't specify it'll be normal: Likes to drive in when possible, also settles for the 3 when need be.
  6. Dean Kellings

    The Hand

    An element of confusion had remained constant since the previous weeks Carnage show. Although fans weren’t on edge, they knew that something seemed off about the character that had been preaching to them the previous week. Despite this, nobody could quite figure out anything that was attemptedly being concealed or hidden completely. That may have been what made the appearance stay present in the brain and thoughts of every single member of the audience who not just were present the previous week, but watched the show from home. Throughout the night, the tension that had been built up only seemed to rise, until some fog joined it. The titantron flickered once more just like power to it had been lost. And as the fog built up almost into a cloak of smoke. The speakers in the arena blasted out one familiar song. Emerging from the fog came a figure, the same figure from the prior week. The same cloak hanging to the floor, the same hat upon his head and suit being worn. He stayed, immersed in the fog almost as if he was taking in each moment, before he broke the silence he had created. The human hand, each man and woman have two. Spectacular, the way the lines displayed on them almost seem to be telling their own story to us. The patterns on our knuckles, swirls on our palms and the slightly visible veins popping out as if they were hidden details that only some can see. These three elements, are for me vital. You see, if we use these elements, and study them. Assess them and identify everything that can be identified in them. Then we can map out our futures entirely. From the current day right up until our death beds. And, if you want to know why this information is important then I will tell you so. You see, in our current world we have some intellects; people who can be given the smallest slither of information and are able to produce an outstanding essay or speech describing each tiny detail like they are squeezing all of the water out of a cloth. And these intellects pick up these small details themselves, hence why I am talking right now. Therefore meaning, if you were to consult one of these people, then you yourself are in a much greater position in life. Personally though, I see things in a different light. You see, when I see my hand when it is held out in front of me. I bend down all fingers apart from the one in the middle. And say f*ck you to everyone who tried to get in between me and the inevitable success that I will achieve. It is as simple as that, they try to analyse what is made easy. They try to take the hard path, through treacherous matches and trials just to get to the same place I can get to in half the time. Last time I was out here, I told you all the story of a man with everlasting power, I told you what it means to have everlasting power and how you obtain it. Well, now let me expand on that some more. It takes one thing to have something, something that is valuable and could be very important for you in life. It takes another kind of smart to use it in exactly the right way. And I know that a lot of people will have what they think is the perfect recipe for success wherever they go and in whatever they do. But, all they are doing is examining the hand. They are merely looking at the surface and not what is underneath it. Now, I am not going to tell some sissy story about how everything you have is inside you, inside your bones and blood and all you have to do is bring it out. I am going to tell you all some hard, hard facts. To succeed, to get everything you could want in life. It isn’t the hand you have to look at to read and find answers in, neither is it your face or your foot. It is your skin itself. Every single day your skin will die and replace itself with new tissues. It is constantly changing, it is resilient. Your skin doesn’t care if you get cut or get a bruise. It lets something else deals with it and tries to return doing what it was doing. And that has a knock on effect to you. You feel exhilarated, exuberated, ready to do anything. And all you have done is take the short path, the easy road. Whilst other who will take time out and prepare endlessly will get to the same place as you, but with more effort put in. More energy used, and that will be their ultimate demise. Upon this last word from the figure, the fog that littered the stage lifted slowly, and when it had finally disintegrated, the figure had gone too. Leaving only the microphone on the ground, and the fans in the area to think about what they had just heard.
  7. Right now I got my own spotify playlist I have been listening to a bunch whilst I study and write stuff. I also have some calmer stuff that I listen too when im not sure what to write in a promo or diary just to clear my head. And for some reason I am addicted to my theme song, no clue why tho
  8. The Fountains Abbey The remnants of an old, medieval abbey. Half crushed, half collapsing every moment. Engulfed by an array of trees, each with differing stature and height. Widely known, as one of the most haunted places in the world. Overtime many stories of shocking events have came out of this woods. Murders formerly common, desperate shrieks emerging at night still are to this day. So what happens when a group of people find themselves lost in the fog of the abbey late at night. One with different intentions to the others. SIGN UP - NAME - GENDER - AGE - CHARACTER BACKSTORY -
  9. Welcome bro, hope to see you around
  10. My MVP Award Predictions For me the MVP conversation this year is very open, there are a few guys who you could say all deserve the MVP award, in no particular order here are the top 10 guys who I think could win the MVP award this year. Let me know who you got. James Harden - 36 Points, 6.5 Rebounds, 7.5 Assists, 2 Steals Giannis Antetokounmpo - 27 Points, 12.5 Rebounds, 6 Assists, 1 Steal Paul George - 28 Points, 8 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 2 Steals Russell Westbrook - 23 Points, 11 Rebounds, 10.5 Assists, 2 Steals Kawhi Leonard - 27 Points, 7.5 Rebounds, 3 Assists, 2 Steals Nikola Jokic - 20 Points, 11 Rebounds, 7.5 Assists, 1.5 Steals Kevin Durant - 27.5 Points, 6.5 Rebounds, 5.5 Assists, 1 Steal Kyrie Irving - 23.5 Points, 5 Rebounds, 7 Assists, 1.5 Steals Stephen Curry - 28 Points, 5 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 1 Steal Joel Embiid - 27 Points, 13.5 Rebounds, 3.5 Assists, 0.5 Steals
  11. Happy birthday @Ark Universe
  12. Thirteen days stood between the current date and BPZMania. Fans in each section of the arena were energised, with mexican waves, signs and chants producing an electrifying atmosphere. It almost seemed as if the day was too perfect. But, this positive buzz was soon halted. Replaced, by an eerie silence. Smoke rose from the stage and the titantron buffered and cut like the signal had been lost. Before, alas music came from the speakers, and a hooded figure walked out onto the stage. Engulfed by the smoke, although unscathed, stood the figure of a seemingly new arrival to BPZ. Nothing had been said about anyone new being employed, and nothing had been said about anyone returning. The smoke cleared to a thin fog, revealing a man in a full suit, wearing a long jacket and hat. Head tilted slightly downward as if he was concealing his identity. Microphone in hand as well, which he slowly lifted to his lips. Everlasting power, a signal. A signal that you are respected, you are doing something right. A signal that is earned, not bought or granted by an overseeing leader. You see, many people aspire to get to a level where everlasting power is bestowed in them, but rarely does anyone make it that far. They will get themselves excited and pumped up like they are at the start of a one-hundred meter race, getting comfortable in the starting blocks. But, nothing in life is a basic, easy, straightforward sprint. Especially when it revolves around something as key and important as power. The analogy I would instead use is a marathon. The task many strive towards is a marathon, whilst they treat it like a sprint. Using all their energy and exposing themselves in the process of trying their hearts out to try and complete what they will inevitably fail at doing. I say rarely, as only a few men that I know of have achieved this feat. And ladies and gentlemen, you really must have done something amazing, spectacular, outstanding, because not only do you get to know about this man, but you get to see him right in front of your very eyes. You see, I am one of a minuscule group who know how it feels to have everlasting power inside of them. For me, it is engraved into my heart, my soul and my brain. It is its own person inside of me, helping me with every decision that I make. Impressive, isn't it. How getting up and actually doing something with the life you have been given can get you here. Its like, I have assembled my psychological stature on top of mount Kilimanjaro, and I am just looking down at all of you beneath me. That is how it feels. I am more of a person now, they say that we do not use our brain to its fullest extent. Apart from me, I use every single part of my brain. My cerebral cortex, cerebellum and medula all work constantly, twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Purely because that is what you need to be great, you need to have that fire en-stowed inside of you. A burning light that is hard to see for others but easy for yourself. And once you do obtain these things, reflect, look in the mirror and think. The figure lowers the microphone before turning around, as he turns the fog lifts and slowly disintegrates into nothing. The fans in the arena are so astonished by this that they do not even realise, the hooded man had gone.
  13. MY WRESTLING STORY I always knew that wrestling was what I wanted to do in life. From a young age right up until now. I can vividly remember growing up, hearing about some greats such as Bruno Sammartino, and witnessing some greats like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Wrestling inspired me, every Monday Night and whatever night they decided to air smackdown that week were my hours to get away from it all. I would sit down, turn the television on and I would forget that everything else even existed. So what if I was falling asleep in class the next day and turning up with unanswered homework. Wrestling was my life. Who needed an education when instead of working hard and studying you could watch CM Punk and John Cena battle back and forth with powerful words taking chunks out of each other before they even stepped foot inside the ring. That was where I went wrong. I was cocky, walking into results day I was ambitious. I knew I had passed, straight A’s I thought the entire time. Right up until I entered the hall where I would pick up my results. I had failed. Ehhh, so what. An education isn’t the most vital thing is it. I mean, people have lived amazing lives without them right? Right? That was kinda what I told myself for the next few months as I consolidated myself and my failure by re-watching old wrestling tapes and practising moves onto my bed. It took awhile for me to realise how integral an education was, I was ignorant. Ignorant to the fact that if I didn’t get my life back on path soon, I would have gone to wayward to get back on track. At that point I realised I had to do something, so I started thinking. I evaluated every option I had in my head. I could resit all my exams and probably fail them all again, go to work with my dad as a mechanic and hate most hours of my day. Or I could take a risk, go after the thing I enjoyed the most. Professional wrestling. All the hours I had spent watching each show no longer felt wasted, instead they seemed to be an investment. I thought deeply about what the people in that ring would have to be doing to get into that shape, and know how to perform the moves they did. So I started working hard, I hit the gym, did cardio workouts and yeah a little yoga too. And eventually, I was in the best shape of my life. From there my luck began to turn around as well. Once I was in good shape and I knew myself I was 100 percent ready, there was only one thing I could really do. I had prepared, I was ready. Failing at getting an education wouldn't hold me back, never would it. I had worked, hard, harder than I ever had before, achieving what I never thought I could. But, I knew there was still one thing in-between me and getting where I wanted to be, I needed to have a trial.
  14. BPZ Observer Hello everyone, welcome to the inaugural episode, the announcement episode of the new place to find all your BPZ news, top tens and rants. The BPZ Observer! I am going to be your host, Jimmy The Jabroni. Yes I am back, worship me and worship me right this second. And this time, well this show is going to be the best you have seen, so stick around for well, everything I said before!
  15. Well, someone has to go as a female, i'll take the hit boys. Name: Gina Marie Nickname: G Gender: Female
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