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  1. Welcome back to the newest news show all about BPZ! We are back from our winter break and we are ready to newsify you! Is that a word? It is now. I am your host Jimmy the Jabroni and this is the BPZ news show! 1. Flynn & Slim Suspended! We begin today with some huge news. As you may know, BPZ juggernauts Slim and Flynn were planned to square off for the Undisputed Championship at Night of Legends. However, the match was called off after Flynn attacked Slim. Slim was deemed unfit to wrestle, and because of the attack, Flynn was stripped of his Undisputed Championship. However, reports this week tell us this was all a big cover-up from BPZ. As Flynn and Slim both reportedly failed drug tests before the huge show. BPZ decided to suspend them both for violating the wellness policy. Whilst they still are appearing on BPZ TV, they are not allowed to be involved in any in-ring action until after the Royal Rumble PPV. Not a good start to the year for those two! 2. Rumble Winner Leaked? We currently stand only days away from the BPZ Royal Rumble event, one of the biggest events of the wrestling calendar. 30 men will all battle it out in the main event to see who will go on to main event BPZMania. However, we have had leaks roll through to us of who the winner is likely to be. A picture was put on the instagram story of one of BPZ's head bookers. The image showed the booking team in a meeting, but if you zoomed in you could see 6 names written on a piece of paper. We believe these 6 names to be the names of the last 6 in the BPZ Royal Rumble match this Sunday! The 6 names where: Bart, Arius, Hans Clayton, Eli Smith, Bailey and Buddy Ace. 3. Marker Gone For Good? BPZ Wrestler Marker, is one of many who are constantly in and out of the company. However, after his most recent spell, there are reports that the irish star may in fact be gone for good. We have had reports in the past of him being unhappy with his current position in BPZ, for example at Summerslam 2019, where he believed he deserved to be crowned Premium Champion. But, these reports seem more serious than those in the past. And there is strong doubt that we will ever see Marker in a BPZ ring again. That is all we have time for right now. Be sure to check back here at BPZ WorldWide for daily splurges of BPZ content. I have been your host Jimmy the Jabroni, and this has been BPZ WorldWide!
  2. Just finished playing through the free Uncharted bundle for PS Plus. The game is amazing, I had heard of it and the hype surrounding it before playing it, and honest it lived up to the hype and some. Never a dull moment, the puzzles kept you on your toes and all round was really really fun.
  3. Just started playing Just Cause 3. Downloaded it when it was free for PS Plus a while back and only started it now. Its a really fun game, you have to liberate provinces from this leader who abuses his power. There are sidequests you can also do and the large map means theres more area for chaos.
  4. Liverpool 2019/20 Liverpool have been amazing this season. Its actually unbelievable, over halfway through the league, we are yet to lose and have only dropped points once. We play amazing football and we just look outstanding. 5 Players in the team of the year, 10 nominees for the Team Of The Year. Its mental, I remember us finishing 7th and 8th season after season, playing thursday night football regularly. Now we are the Champions League Holders. We are back where we belong and now all we need is that Premier League title to top it all off.
  5. Football (The good one) Basketball Cricket (Idk I only really watch 2 sports)
  6. I realised we have a lot of buddy meter quizzes made by people on the forums. I'm not sure if we have a thread for them so I decided to make this one. If there is an already existing thread then uhhh fuck. Anyway here are the buddy meter quizzes I made. https://buddymeter.com/quiz.html?q=1PfMTZY https://buddymeter.com/quiz.html?q=URbwgHB The first link is about me in general, and the second is about my kayfabe career.
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Thelastemperor
  8. Liverpool 2019/20 It might seem cocky me being a Liverpool fan and writing this, but its hard not to agree. Liverpool currently are the holders of the Champions League and are steamrolling the Premier League. They had 10 nominations for the Team Of The Year and ended up getting 5 players in the team. They have the best goalkeeper, centre back and fullbacks in the world. And have only conceded 14 goals in 22 games, even with starting goalkeeper Alisson injured for a period of time. Surely this team has to go down as one of the greats.
  9. THE END OF A UNIQUE SEASON The 2019/20 football season has been one of, if not the weirdest we have ever seen. The Premier League standings were shocking, and a sight that many fans thought they would never ever see. As Liverpool FC rewrote history and matched the invincible season, set by Arsenal in the 2003/04 campaign. That wasn’t the only big surprise though, all over the league there were shocks. Making this season one to remember. Liverpool became Premier League champions for the first time in 30 years, and they did it in emphatic fashion, not losing a single game and only dropping points against Manchester United and Manchester City away. They broke all kinds of records along the way, and even officially won the title at Goodison Park, the home of their rivals. The remaining Champions League slots were fought for until the last day. Whilst Manchester City secured their place in the Champions League, finishing 2nd despite having what is seen to be a disappointing season. Leicester City were in a great position come Christmas, but in the second half of the season dropped significantly, and allowed Chelsea to take advantage and finish 3rd in the league. Securing their Champions League place. Leicester would end up finishing 4th and going into Champions League qualification rounds. However, they only secured their Champions League finish with their last day victory against Manchester United. Who due to that loss finished in 6th place and sacked Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and immediately replaced him with former Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino. It would be Wolves who finished 5th, securing another season of Europa League football. Despite their problems with VAR throughout the season, and their congested fixtures following a good run in the Europa League, they were able to stay consistent enough to secure themselves more European Football. The same could not be said for Arsenal, whos extremely poor season saw them finish in the bottom half of the Premier League table. Fans would show their frustration with a mass walkout during their last game of the season at home against Watford. The other side of North London wasn’t really much better. A poor season from them saw them go from Champions League finalists to barely scraping a place in the Europa League, finishing in 7th place. Jose Mourinhos would announce his side would be coming back strong next season, and that he had high ambitions for the club. We now go from two unhappy sides to one extremely happy side. Sheffield United were early favourites for relegation, and almost everyone predicted their instant relegation back into the Championship this season. However, Chris Wilders men were able to prove everyone wrong, having an outstanding first season in the top flight, going so far as to finish in 8th place and have the second best defensive record in the league. Can they build on their foundation next season, or will second season syndrome cause a drop in the table for the Blades. Rounding out the top half of the table would be Southampton and Everton. The pair would both have poor starts to the season, but both were able to turn things around. Southampton saw the outbreak from Danny Ings, who proved his worth, scoring 23 goals on the season and carrying the Saints to a top half finish. Meanwhile for Everton, the sacking of Marco Silva and appointment of Carlo Ancelotti would be the difference maker. With a huge upturn in form helping them finish in the top half of the table. Most other teams in the league were involved in a fierce relegation battle. Crystal Palace had a dip in form in the middle of the season but were able to steer themselves to safety, finishing 12th in the league. 13th would end up being Burnley, who despite their mid-season struggles did just enough to stay a comfortable distance away from the relegation zone. Brighton had a good season for their standards, avoiding relegation again in a season where critics were sure of their demise. The seagulls were able to finish 14th, with their home form essential to their success. A mid season rush of injuries would almost be the downfall for the toon. Steve Bruces’ Newcastle side were rushed by 10 injuries to key players in their main squad during the winter months. They coped as well as they could, still somehow managing to pick up points, but they couldn’t sustain the form and had a drop towards the end of the season. Although the drop wasn’t big enough to see them go down. Watford made a great escape this season. They had an abysmal start, loss after loss after loss. But it would turn out to be the appointment of Nigel Pearson which would save the Hornets. As he would transform the team into a decent side in the second half of the season, picking up big wins against Manchester United and Wolves. Their impressive form saw them pull of a great escape which not many anticipated, as they finished 16th. Bottom of the table would end up being Norwich. Norwich had a poor season, going forward they relied on the goal scoring threat of Teemu Pukki, and after his great run of form at the start of the season, he went dry for most of the rest of the season. Norwich saw themselves in big trouble, leaking goals from the back and not getting many themselves. They would be cut adrift from the rest of the league, finishing rock bottom of the table, 12 points from safety. 19th would be Bournemouth, the Cherries had a season blundered by injuries. They were unable to cope without key players they had missing in midfield, a poor attacking season from Josh King and Callum Wilson didn’t help much either. And the Cherries will be playing their football in the Championship next season. The 18th spot would go down to the last day of the season. As West Ham United hosted an Aston Villa team who looked safe, but a poor run of form dropped them right back into danger. As they only picked up 7 points from a possible 21 going into this game. To stay up all West Ham needed to do was not lose, and they did a good job of that, taking the lead through Sebastian Haller in the first half. However, it would be Jack Grealish, writing himself into Aston Villa folklaw with two late goals to keep Aston Villa in the top flight, and send West Ham down to the Championship. From a more corporal point of view, the season was deemed as a failure by the Premier League themselves, who had been trailing VAR. They had witnessed the backlash from fans, manager and players and had decided to take action. As they announced they were having a meeting about the future of VAR. The following is the full Premier League table for the 2019/20 season. 1. Liverpool 2. Manchester City 3. Chelsea 4. Leicester City 5. Wolves 6. Manchester United 7. Tottenham 8. Sheffield United 9. Everton 10. Southampton 11. Arsenal 12. Crystal Palace 13. Burnley 14. Brighton 15. Newcastle 16. Watford 17. Aston Villa 18. West Ham 19. Bournemouth 20. Norwich The Championship would have a weird season too, a competitive title race between West Brom and Leeds saw the promotion of both teams into the Premier League, as Leeds not only broke their promotion curse but lifted the title as well, but they only won the league by 5 points. Meanwhile the playoffs would be contested between Fulham, Brentford, Swansea and Millwall. In the first round there would be victories for both Fulham and Brentford, keeping Swansea and Millwall in the Championship for at least one more season. In the playoff final though, it would be Fulham who won, gaining their instant promotion back into the top flight, and leaving Swansea to fight for another season. Elsewhere in the football league, Luton, Wigan and Barnsley would be relegated into League One. Whilst Wycombe, Ipswich and Coventry would go up into the Championship. Bolton, Southend and MK Dons would drop to League Two. Whilst Swindon, Exeter, Bradford and Northampton would go up into League One. Morecambe would be relegated from League Two, replaced by Barrow and Yeovil.
  10. Borussia Dortmund (GER) v Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) Atlético Madrid (ESP) v Liverpool (ENG, holders) Atalanta (ITA) v Valencia (ESP) Tottenham Hotspur (ENG) v Leipzig (GER) Chelsea (ENG) v Bayern München (GER) Napoli (ITA) v Barcelona (ESP) Real Madrid (ESP) v Manchester City (ENG) Lyon (FRA) v Juventus (ITA) If this is right you all owe me a tenner.
  11. Just reached 2.2k posts. Slowly getting my way up there to 3k.
  12. Been collecting trophies recently. Haven't purposely been trying for any, just been playing through the free Uncharted series for PS Plus. It's gotten me about 40ish trophies, mainly bronzes. Most recent trophy was for collecting 40 treasures. In the game there are hidden treasures you can find, it isn't part of the main quest but it is a nice side addition.
  13. On the penultimate Carnage before the BPZ Royal Rumble, the camera pans around the outside of the arena. Showing many fans who didn’t have tickets stuck outside, and giving a good view of the Carnage arena itself. Fans inside the arena waited, expecting the riveting action of Carnage to soon continue. However, the camera on the outside of the arena picked up a small camera set on the ground. Quickly, the panning camera shot would be switched for the camera shot on the ground. “Look Eric. You need to make yourself look appealing to the audience, and not in that way, we don’t need another scandal.” “I got it. Don’t worry.” The pair stood talking were newly signed BPZ wrestler Eric Shun and his agent. With them were a camera crew. Although it wasn’t the usual place for a camera crew and Eric Shun to be. They would begin recording. “Oh hey. Didn’t see you there-” “CUT!” “Howdy. I’m-” “CUT!” “What do you want me to do then!” “CUT! Eric, you need to sell yourself to this new audience okay?” “You join me outside the Carnage arena. Home of BPZ Wrestling. For years fans have tuned in to watch this show from all over the world. Australia, France, Germany, The United Kingdom. All countries that draw millions of views of BPZ Wrestling.” “And the legal thing!” “Oh yeah. I am also banned from all four of them. Starting from today, I will join BPZ Wrestling. I will begin my journey, fighting from the bottom of this company to the top. My name is Eric Shun, world renowned celebrity. And this is my story.” “Anddddd CUT! Good job Eric. That should do the trick. I would say go enjoy your day off, but we both know what that would make you do.” As the pair spoke a third man would approach them, accompanied by two hookers. “You alright lads. Umm, says I got a delivery here for an Eric Shun. Are either of you him?” “Perfect. Come with me ladies.” Eric would take a camera and tripod that was laying on the ground and walk inside with the two hookers. Leaving his agent alone. His head in his hands. “Oh for f*ck sake.” Here the camera would stop recording and fade to black, Eric Shuns’ watermark would end the segment.
  14. Happy birthday @Death Notorious Angel

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