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  1. Update on the situation Source - NoDQ.com
  2. Hey Richard. Welcome to the forums, hope you have a good time here, its always great to have someone new join. You should really consider joining our discord as well so you can talk with everyone who uses the forums in there. If you're confused by anything at all, then you can basically ask anyone and they should be able to help you.
  3. Toxik not only thinks that travelling is a FOUL not a violation a FOUL. But he also thinks alley oops are illegal if they don't hit the backboard. Surely a human this dumb doesn't exist.
  4. This may just be the funniest video ive watched
  5. BPZ NO HOLDS BARRED Hello. I am me and I is who I am. I am- wait. I confused myself again. Anyway, recently we witnessed one of the craziest feuds in BPZ history. As Eric Shun and Arrow Orton went at it about Babies, Dr Phil and Porn. The match was originally billed to be on a Carnage show, but after the positive reception the feud gained, it was pushed all the way up to the co-main event of the St Valentine's Day Massacre PPV. But how did a feud between a former Pornstar and the man of 10000 gimmicks get this high up on the card? I think it is time for a FEUD REVIEW! The feud all started at the Royal Rumble PayPerView, where after an unusual confrontation between Eric Shun and his Agent, his Agent sarcastically told Eric to do whatever he wanted to do. One Raid Shadow Legends plug later and he was in the parking lot chatting up Arrow Orton's then-girlfriend Sarah. One thing leads to another and the pair had sex in what I can only imagine being a portable bedroom transported around by Eric Shun if worst comes to worst. However, just as they finished, the door was kicked down and in came Arrow Orton, as he charged Eric Shun assaulting him. The pair would fight through the Anaheim streets until Eric Shuns Agent would help Eric Shun getaway. The next week on Carnage Arrow Orton and Sarah had a segment where it was revealed Sarah was pregnant. However, they had no clue who the father of the baby was, was it Arrow Orton or Eric Shun? Arrow Orton had the perfect idea that only a wrestler would ever come up with. Go onto Dr Phil to find out in front of the entire world. I mean come on, would you rather be told who the father of your girlfriends baby is in private or in front of the whole world. Just after this segment was shown on TV, cameras cut to Eric Shun at his house where he and his agent frantically tried to prepare for the appearance on Dr Phil, as he and his Agent visited a suit shop to get dressed up for the occasion. Before you could even say this feud is batshit crazy, the pair appeared on Dr Phil. Eric Shun was brought out first after he was caught flirting with female members of staff. He was interrogated by Dr Phil until his Agent ran on stage and revealed to the world that Sarah and Eric Shun had had sex. At which point, Arrow Orton was brought out and he lost his shit. He delivered a huge verbal assault to Eric Shun before stealing the results of the DNA test from Dr Phil and revealing them to the world. Eric Shun was indeed the father of the baby. At this point, the popularity of the feud skyrocketed, with everyone interested to see what would happen next in this embargo. The answer was a proposal. As Arrow Orton would tell Sarah how no matter what would happen, he would be there for her. Before engaging to her right there and then on Carnage. She would accept the proposal and the wedding would be set. Arrow Orton went to extreme limits to ensure the wedding was Eric Shun proof. At the same time though, Eric Shun was being reprimanded by his Agent for his actions. His agent took all of his recording equipment away and left him in his bedroom, the only time Eric Shun has ever been in there by himself. However, he had snuck a phone in. And he received a text from a long time friend Dixie Normous, who offered her help to get Eric Shun in the wedding. The next week on Carnage, Eric Shun would escape from his home, jumping through his lounge window and running down the streets to meet up with Dixie Normous, leaving his Agent storming after him. Meanwhile, Arrow Orton and Sarah's wedding was going on. With the pair about to be named husband and wife until! The doors of the chapel were kicked open and in came Dixie Normous. Arrow Orton confronted her, thinking it was Eric Shun. Until Eric Shun did come in! Blindsiding the groom. The pair would fight until Eric Shuns Agent would arrive and break it up. The next time we would see the pair would be on Valentine's days special of Carnage. As Eric Shun opened the show by jerking off to Babestation as his Agent had a mental breakdown. It was then revealed by his Agent that Eric Shun was being trained for a pair of matches, an Intercontinental Championship match against Slim and a one on one match against Arrow Orton. Speaking of Arrow Orton, he took his now-wife Sarah on a candlelight dinner to celebrate their first Valentines night together. Where Arrow Orton would announce that he was facing Eric Shun at St Valentine's Day Massacre, where the loser would pay Child Support for their unborn baby. That would cap off the thrilling and confusing feud which was Arrow Orton versus Eric Shun. Who won the match? Go onto the BPZ NecceWork to find out. I have been your host Jimmy the Jabroni, and this has been feud review!
  6. REBUILDING THE MAGIC The Orlando Magic are known historically for being the team that drafted Shaquille O’Neal, more recently, they are known for being a team that have missed out on All-Stars such as Domantas Sabonis and Victor Oladipo. However, more recently the Magic have found themselves back into the playoffs after a long break. But, their current roster is nowhere near good enough to win the league. They find themselves stuck in NBA purgatory. It is our job to get them out. Roster - Nikola Vucevic Jonathan Isaac Evan Fournier Aaron Gordon Mohamed Bamba Markelle Fultz D.J. Augustin Terrence Ross Michael Carter-Williams James Ennis Al-Farouq Aminu Khem Birch Wesley Iwundu Melvin Frazier Jr Gary Clark Vic Law B.J. Johnson When we took over, the Magic were the 8 seed out East, with a record of 24-32. The goal for us for the rest of season 1 was to let the young guys grow. The possibility of us dropping out of the playoffs was low, and even if we did it wouldn’t matter much to us as we would have a lottery pick in the draft which is useful for us anyway. By young guys, I mean Jonathan Isaac, Mo Bamba and Markelle Fultz. It would be after a couple games that we would be able to do this though due to injuries. So by the time we switched to our young team we were at a 26-34 record. We ended the season with a record of 37-45, which was good enough to give us the 8 seed. Award Winners - MVP - Giannis Antetokounmpo ROTY - Ja Morant 6th Man - Dennis Schroder DPOY - Kawhi Leonard MIP - Bam Adebayo COTY - Mike Budenholzer (66-16) Stat Leaders - Points - Evan Fournier (19.1) Rebounds - Nikola Vucevic (11.6) Assists - Markelle Fultz (4.8) Steals - Jonathan Isaac (1.5) Blocks - Jonathan Isaac (2.1) Playoffs - The playoffs wouldn’t last long for us. As we had to go up against the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round. Just kidding! We went 1-0 up in the series thanks to a 20/23 game from Nikola Vucevic, Mo Bamba would also have a double double. But then, we lost game 2 as Giannis put up 39 points and 17 rebounds and Khris Middleton put up 28. Game 3 would be better offensively for us, but we would lose again despite 38 points from Aaron Gordon. Mainly due a 31 point triple double from Giannis Antetokounmpo. However! We would tie up the series at 2-2 in game 4, as Aaron Gordon would have another big game getting 29 points and 9 rebounds, whilst Vucevic recorded 28 points and 13 rebounds. Sadly, we would lose the series overall as Milwaukee took games 5 and 6 to win the series 4-2. A Middleton 42 point game and a 27/15 game from Giannis would be too much for us in the end. In the Finals, the Bucks would face the Clippers, the Clippers would win in 6 games, with Kawhi Leonard winning his 3rd Finals MVP award on his 3rd team. Putting up 28 points, 3 steals and 8 rebounds a game across the 6 game series.
  7. Welcome back to my sports shack. Today I am going to be going through my predictions for the upcoming weekend of Premier League Football. With the Carabao Cup Final being this Sunday, Aston Villa and Manchester City will not have matches. This means of course their planned opponents for this gameweek won’t either, they are Sheffield United and Arsenal. Norwich vs Leicester After failing to score against Manchester City, the goal drought of Jamie Vardy continues. However, I think this is the game where that ends. Vardy came close in the City game, hitting the post and he looked his normal sharp self. Which isn’t just a good sign for him personally, but for the team as a whole. We all know Leicester are at their best when Jamie Vardy is at his. With that being said, their opponents are a team who do well against top tier teams. Norwich have beat Manchester City, held Liverpool to only scoring once and got two themselves against Chelsea. Whilst only once out of those three games did they pick up points, they showed flashes of how good they can be. I can see the game this weekend following that pattern, so I predict a 2-2 goal and Jamie Vardy to break the scoring drought. Brighton vs Crystal Palace The M23 derby. Always a fiesty game when these two face each other. I think though, Brighton will win this one. Brighton are coming off of an impressive 1-1 draw away against Sheffield United. And whilst they are in no way a team who get momentum or lose momentum in any way, I think this could be an eye opener to them. Brighton have always been a team that have been praised for their defence and criticized for their lacklustre attack. This defence facing a Crystal Palace side who are bottom in the league on goals scored this season all seems to line up in one way. A clean sheet for Brighton. But, I do think Brighton may be able to score one down the other end. Score prediction, 1-0 Brighton. Bournemouth vs Chelsea It is well documented the struggles that Bournemouth have gone through this season. Recently though, they seemed to have turned a corner, whilst they still aren’t picking up as many points as they might have liked to, their play on the pitch has been good. Just last weekend against Burnley, VAR robbed them of a victory, disallowing 2 goals and giving Burnley a penalty which was a very harsh decision. Meanwhile, Chelsea seem to have top goalscorer Tammy Abraham back from Injury. Without him they have still been creating chances, but poor finishing has haunted them. That all may change with him back in the scene. Score prediction, 1-2 Chelsea. Newcastle vs Burnley Burnley find themselves in a good run of form. They seem to be solid defensively and confident going forward despite their injury woes. They face Newcastle who have been struggling with injuries too and struggling in front of goal. This is much like the Brighton/Palace game, where I said one defensively good team and one poor attacking team. And I think that this game may follow suit scoreline wise as well. I can see Burnley keeping a clean sheet and getting goals themselves, 2-0 Burnley. West Ham vs Southampton Currently, West Ham find themselves in the middle of their hardest run of games of the season. This match against Southampton is the ray of light amid the storm. And they need to take advantage of it to get some points on the board. It will be very tough for them, West Ham have dropped a Premier League high 19 points from winning positions this season, in fact if they hadn’t dropped any points from winning positions they would be 5th. Them instead being in the relegations lets you know what type of season they have had. Meanwhile, Southampton recently have been finding ways to score without their main man Danny Ings, as Shane Long has hit a good patch of form. But for me, Southampton are the definition of a mid-table team. They don’t look like they can challenge for Europe, and they certainly aren’t looking over their shoulder at the relegation zone. They have nothing to play for and because of that I give the edge to West Ham, 2-1. Watford vs Liverpool Watford have severely cooled off since their hot streak which started when they appointed Nigel Pearson. In fact Nigel Pearsons first game for them was in the reverse fixture at Anfield. Since then Watford have pushed up a notch, escaping bottom of the table and trying to now escape the relegation zone. However, all runs like this have a tough period. And I feel like this will be Watford's tough period now, as they face a Liverpool team who just seem to be immune to losing in the Premier League. Mohamed Salah has recently hit form for Liverpool at the perfect time, with 5 goal contributions in his last 4 games (4 Goals and 1 Assist). I think he will continue his good run scoring both goals in a 2-0 Liverpool win. Everton vs Manchester United After losing to Arsenal last week, Everton need to get something from this game against Manchester United if they want to maintain any hope of European Football. And I think they just might, Everton have shown that they can score recently. But at the same time they have also shown they are prone to conceding. Manchester United recently have been lifted by the good play of Bruno Fernandes, however can he keep it going? Bruno has dictated play recently for Manchester United, and has helped them immensely in their recent victories. But, I don’t think he will be able to keep up this high standard of play every single game. He is bound to have a slip up somewhere, and for me this slip up may come in this game against Everton. I see both teams scoring, but neither getting the win. 1-1. Tottenham vs Wolves The injury struggle that Tottenham are enduring is well known and talked about a lot. With no Harry Kane and no Heung Min Son, Jose Mourinho has been limited to very few options going forward, him avoiding the risky selection of Troy Parrott hasn’t helped either. Last week in their game against Chelsea, there was a large part of the game where Tottenham just didn’t look dangerous, there wasn’t anything about their attacks at all. And it just meant that Chelsea were able to defend comfortably. In fact their only goal was an Own Goal. Wolves are far better defensively than Chelsea, and these mistakes won’t happen for a Wolves defence. With that being said I do think Tottenham will score, but I can’t see them winning this match. 2-1 Wolves.
  8. NWA Tag-Team Championships: Wildcard (c) vs The Dawsons vs Smash N Dash Connection (Barrington Hughes and Kotto Brazil) NWA National Championship: Aaron Stevens (c) vs ??? NWA Women's Championship: Allysin Kay (c) vs Melina Colt Cabana vs Eddie Kingston NWA Television Championship: Eli Drake (c) vs Mr Anderson Marty Scurll vs Tim Storm NWA World Championship: Nick Aldis (c) vs James Storm Bonus Questions: Two matches will receive a 61 match rating. What will they be? (1 point for each) Cabana/Kingston Aaron Stevens/??? Who will answer Aaron Steven's Open Challenge? Homicide
  9. Our defence is shit. Sell them all. But for real, good first game from me. A goals always nice, up the Kiddy Fiddler!
  10. Kofi winning the title was his wrestlemania moment. It was pretty much his reward for his loyalty to the company over his long tenure. Do I think it will happen again? No. It was a one and done thing as others have said, it will be nice to see him as champ for a brief moment, maybe as a transitional champion somewhere in the future. But realistically I don't see it happening. Then again, it is the WWE and weirder things have happened.
  11. SEPTEMBER REVIEW After a strong August from both Liverpool and Manchester City, the title hopefuls had their next matches the day after transfer deadline day. For both sides it was business as usual, Manchester City beat Brighton 2-1 at home, and Liverpool won 4-0 at Turf Moor. Meanwhile, in a clash of newly promoted sides, Fulham would beat Leeds 2-0. Manchester United and Chelsea would both score 4 against their opponents to win their games, their opponents being Southampton and Sheffield United. Crystal Palace, Leicester, Villa and West Brom would all draw. On Sunday was the North London Derby, as Tottenham would run out 1-0 victors at the Emirates. Meanwhile, Wolves would win 3-0 against Everton. After the first international break of the season, Liverpool would slip up, dropping points for the first time in a 1-1 draw with Newcastle. Manchester United against Leicester, Wolves against Chelsea and Aston Villa against Leeds would also end 1-1. This would mean that Manchester City would go top of the league after their 4-0 drubbing of Fulham. The two teams who had both just conceded 4 faced off, as Southampton would bounce back from their large defeat winning 3-0 against Sheffield United. Brighton would lose again, this time it was 2-0 against Burnley. Whilst Everton and Arsenal would also bounce back from losses to pick up 3 points. Friday Night Football would host a 1-1 draw between Southampton and West Brom to kickoff gameweek 6. The rest of the sides would all play on the same day. Tottenham beat Leicester 3-1 in the early kick off. Before the 3pm games saw Sheffield United pick up a rare win against Everton at the Goodison, Leeds lose at home to Manchester United, Arsenal squeeze past Aston Villa 1-0, Burnley dismantle Fulham 5-0, Palace get played of the park in a 1-4 loss to Wolves, Manchester City confirm their top spot position with a 3-0 win against Watford and Newcastle share points with Brighton. The late game would be the big one, as Chelsea and Liverpool faced off at Stamford Bridge. Liverpool would end up 3-1 winners. The last gameweek of September saw Leeds pick up their first win of the season against West Brom. The other newly promoted team Fulham would draw against Crystal Palace, whilst Aston Villa, Wolves and Newcastle would all pick up 2-1 wins at the expense of Leicester, Watford and Burnley. Chelsea would pick up a 2-0 win at home to put their loss against Liverpool behind them, Liverpool themselves would beat Sheffield United 3-0. As did Tottenham against Southampton. Sunday saw Everton lose against Manchester City, 4-0. And Monday Night Football hosted a huge match between Manchester United and Arsenal, where Arsenal would win at Old Trafford, 2-1. Here is how the Premier League looks after September. 1. Manchester City (21) 2. Liverpool (19) 3. Tottenham (18) 4. Wolves (16) 5. Arsenal (13) 6. Chelsea (12) 7. Newcastle (12) 8. Manchester United (11) 9. Leicester City (9) 10. Aston Villa (9) 11. Southampton (8) 12. Burnley (7) 13. Crystal Palace (6) 14. Everton (6) 15. Sheffield United (6) 16. Watford (5) 17. Brighton (5) 18. Fulham (4) 19. Leeds (4) 20. West Brom (2) Here are the big talking points of September: Man City Last 100% Record Sheffield United Defensive Woes Everton's Struggles Continue New Arrivals Struggles Continue Aston Villa Resurgence? Here are the top 10 goalscorers of the Premier League: Mohamed Salah (8) Bruno Fernandes (7) Raheem Sterling (6) Sergio Aguero (5) Jordan Ayew (5) Johann Berg Gudmundsson (4) Chris Wood (4) Harry Kane (4) Dele Alli (4) Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg (4) Here are the top 10 assisters of the Premier League: Raheem Sterling (4) Jack Grealish (4) Keita Balde Diao (4) Sergio Aguero (3) James McArthur (3) Ilkay Gundogan (3) Hakim Ziyech (3) Nabil Bentaleb (3) Joao Moutinho (2) Diego Perotti (2) Here are the top 10 most clean sheets in the Premier League: Ederson (5) Hugo Lloris (4) Kepa Arrizabalaga (4) Kasper Schmeichel (3) Rui Patricio (3) Alisson Becker (3) Alex McCarthy (2) Bernd Leno (2) David De Gea (2) Nick Pope (2) Also, throughout August and September, the Carabao Cup has been going on. Here is a full list of all results per round. Round 1 Burton 1-1 QPR (QPR Win 4-3 On Penalties) Tranmere 1-0 Accrington Stanley Northampton 1-3 Blackburn Cardiff 1-0 Bolton Colchester 1-2 Sunderland Peterborough 1-0 Shrewsbury Luton Town 1-2 Millwall Wigan 4-0 Derby Norwich 2-1 Swansea Bristol Rovers 2-0 Salford Fleetwood 0-1 Brentford Forest Green Rovers 1-0 Crewe Grimsby 3-0 Barrow Hull City 2-2 Portsmouth (Hull City Win 4-3 On Penalties) Yeovil 1-2 Leyton Orient Middlesbrough 1-2 Sheffield Wednesday Walsall 1-3 Gillingham West Ham 4-0 Carlisle Stevenage 0-3 Huddersfield Stoke City 3-0 Southend Bradford 0-1 Wimbledon Coventry 3-1 Exeter Bournemouth 2-0 Blackpool Nottingham Forest 1-0 Rochdale Doncaster 3-2 Oldham Lincoln 0-2 MK Dons Preston 3-1 Cambridge Newport 1-0 Swindon Macclesfield 0-2 Charlton Rotherham 1-0 Mansfield Crawley 1-2 Plymouth Bristol City 1-1 Reading (Bristol City Win 4-3 On Penalties) Ipswich 1-1 Birmingham (Birmingham Win 5-4 On Penalties) Sunthorpe 1-3 Barnsley Cheltenham 2-1 Port Vale Oxford United 0-2 Wycombe Round 2 Stoke City 5-1 Sunderland Bristol Rovers 1-4 West Ham Forest Green Rovers 1-1 Tranmere (Forest Green Win 4-3 On Penalties) MK Dons 2-0 Leyton Orient Cardiff 2-0 Doncaster Cheltenham 0-3 Crystal Palace Preston 3-2 Hull City Rotherham 0-4 Wigan Manchester United 3-0 Barnsley Bournemouth 4-0 Grimsby Peterborough 1-3 Tottenham Wycombe 1-3 Aston Villa Sheffield Wednesday 0-5 Chelsea Fulham 2-0 Blackburn Huddersfield 1-2 Millwall Wolves 2-0 Wimbledon Gillingham 0-4 Arsenal Burnley 1-0 Birmingham Plymouth 0-2 Brentford Charlton 1-2 QPR Everton 3-0 Newport Norwich 3-0 Coventry Southampton 0-2 Nottingham Forest Brighton 3-1 Bristol City Round 3 Manchester City 3-0 Brighton Everton 2-0 Cardiff Sheffield United 1-4 Bournemouth Manchester United 1-0 Newcastle Fulham 0-0 West Brom (Fulham Win 5-4 On Penalties) Liverpool 3-1 Aston Villa Chelsea 4-0 Watford QPR 1-2 Preston Arsenal 4-0 Millwall Wolves 2-1 Leicester Norwich 2-0 Leeds Crystal Palace 1-0 West Ham Spurs 3-0 MK Dons Brentford 1-0 Burnley Forest Green Rovers 0-5 Nottingham Forest Wigan 2-4 Stoke To end this update, I will be listing the top 6 teams in the Championship, League One and League Two. I will do the top 7 for League Two. Championship: 1. West Ham (30) 2. Bournemouth (25) 3. Sheffield Wednesday (25) 4. Stoke City (24) 5. Cardiff (21) 6. Huddersfield (19) League One: 1. Sunderland (25) 2. Wigan (25) 3. Luton Town (25) 4. Doncaster (24) 5. Peterborough (23) 6. Fleetwood (22) League Two: 1. Plymouth Argyle (26) 2. Walsall (23) 3. Colchester (23) 4. Salford (21) 5. Scunthorpe (20) 6. Southend (20) 7. Mansfield (18) Next time we will be going through the month of October, we will also check in on how the Champions League and Europa League are doing.
  12. As the St Valentine’s Day Massacre show begins to come towards its end, it is time for the co-main event. A one on one, loser pays child support match between Eric Shun and Arrow Orton. This all started at the Royal Rumble PayPerView when Eric Shun impregnated the girlfriend, now wife of Arrow Orton. Since then Arrow Orton has sworn that he will provide for their new child, for him that starts right now. By winning this match and forcing Eric Shun to pay child support money. Announcer - “The following match is a loser pays child support match and is set for one fall! First, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Accompanied by his wife Sarah, Arrow Orton!” Arrow Orton emerges from the back, walking down to the ring with his wife. He looks focused, ready to make Eric Shun pay for his actions. He walks his wife down to ringside and sits her down by the commentary table which had lousily been reassembled after it was destroyed in the tag team match earlier on in the night. After this he gets into the ring and waits for his opponent. Announcer - “And his opponent, from Your Girlfriends Bedroom, he is the Intercontinental Champion. The Mass Debater, The Big One, Mr Steal Your Girl. Eric Shun!” Here his opponent comes. The new Intercontinental Champion, Eric Shun. Accompanied himself by a group of women, all walking together in a line and holding his Intercontinental Championship belt. Eric himself once again had a towel around his waist after he threw it into the crowd prior to his earlier match. I think in fact one of the women walking to the ring with him is the one who caught it. Anyway, as Eric Shun enters the ring he winks at Sarah Orton, angering Arrow Orton who tries to leap at him but the referee stops him. Eric Shun gets rid of his towel and throws it into the crowd again. And now the referee signals for the bell and we are underway. Arrow Orton, Eric Shun, loser pays child support. As they lock up now to begin, perhaps some chain wrestling to begin the match. Knuckle lock from Eric Shun, he spins Arrow Orton around and just pushes him into the turnbuckles. Arrow turns around quickly though. As Eric Shun crotch chops in the direction of Arrow Orton, taunting him. The two lock up again, Arrow Orton gets control this time and manages to take down Eric Shun with a snapmere takedown. And he taunts back, firing invisible gun shots at Eric Shun who is seated on the mat. Eric Shun though, gets back up to his feet and they go at it again. Eric Shun takes control, trying to twist the arm of Arrow Orton out of its socket. But Arrow Orton kicks Eric Shun in the gut, making The Big One release his hold and giving Arrow time to shake about his arm and make sure it's okay. However, Arrow uses too much time as Eric Shun plants him with a clothesline. Arrow Orton is fresh though, having had no prior match before this fight, and he gets right back up to his feet. Eric Shun looks to keep his momentum going with a few shots to the head of Arrow Orton before an Irish Whip into the corner. Big splash perhaps from Eric Shun? No! Arrow Orton moves out of the way and Eric Shun goes flying into the turnbuckles and rebounds out into the middle of the ring, where Arrow Orton takes him down with a neckbreaker. Quick pinfall attempt but Eric Shun escapes at one. Both men return to their feet, as we are at a stalemate again. Punch from Arrow Orton, dodged by Eric Shun. What is Eric Shun setting up now! Pump Handle Slam! With some extra Eric Shun with it! And now Sarah Orton is getting involved, unhappy with the actions of Eric Shun after the move, or maybe before, or maybe both. Sarah Orton is up on the apron screaming at Eric Shun who winks back at her. Wait! Rollup! One! Two! OHHH! Arrow Orton almost got Eric Shun off of the rollup. Sarah Orton gets down off of the apron, she provided the perfect distraction for Arrow Orton. Who now is looking to stay in control of this match as he sends Eric Shun down with a clothesline. Shun gets right back up, kick go the gut from Arrow Orton. DDT! No! Reversed by Eric Shun who changes it into a backdrop on Arrow Orton. Who gets right back up and charges Eric Shun, who catches him with a back elbow. Eric Shun with the pin. One! Two! Arrow Orton kicks out. But Eric Shun looks to stay on top of the match as he holds Arrow Orton in a headlock. And now he is transitioning into a sleeper hold! Or as he calls it the “Sleep With Her” hold. Arrow Orton looks like he has nowhere to go, but he refuses to tap out. Eric Shun is putting all of his might into this hold right now. But still Arrow refuses to give in. But wait, Arrow is fighting back, as he begins to stand up. And he jumps onto his back! Planting Eric Shun on the mat. A great show of resilience there. Arrow Orton returns to his feet, as does Eric Shun. But Arrow was up first, kick to the gut by Arrow. And a vertical suplex! Cover by Arrow Orton. One! Two! Eric Shun escapes at two, perhaps signs of fatigue from his earlier match kicking in now. Arrow Orton has to keep this pressure on, and he looks to do so as he backs Eric Shun into the corner turnbuckles. Now he begins to go to work, as he elevates himself onto the second rope. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten strikes to the head of Eric Shun by Arrow Orton. Who now ends it with a running bulldog! He isn’t done there though, as he lifts Eric Shun up and gets him in position for his signature rope hung DDT. Big move from Arrow Orton! He goes right for the cover! One! Two! Rope break! Eric Shun got his foot on the rope at the last moment. Great ring awareness from Eric Shun as he manages to force the rope break. Keep your eyes on Arrow Orton though, he looks to be setting up for another huge move. Eric Shun, is stirring up to his feet. Flying Cutter from Arr- No! Eric Shun pushed him into the ropes. SUPERKICK BY ERIC SHUN! Both men crash down to the mat! What a way to even out the match there by Eric Shun. As now, both men slowly climb to their feet, both using the ropes for leverage. And now, they are face to face in the ring again. Forearm by Eric Shun, forearm by Arrow Orton. Now Eric Shun, Arrow Orton. These two are just going back and forth with their offence. But now it looks like Eric Shun has taken control as he manages to string a few forearm shots together, successfully backing Arrow Orton up to the ropes. Irish Whip by Eric Shun, who takes out Arrow Orton with a shoulder tackle. Arrow Orton returns to his feet though, back suplex by Eric Shun! Arrow Orton tries to avoid the pinfall by scampering to the corner of the ring. Reverse Bronco Buster by Eric Shun! And he does it with authority. Sarah Orton at ringside is shocked, as Eric Shun blows her a kiss afterwards. Arrow Orton has rolled out to the middle of the ring. This could be it. Eric Shun with the pin. One! Two! No! Kick Out from Arrow Orton, who is refusing to give in! Eric Shun is in shock right now! He can’t believe that Arrow Orton is still managing to kick out. Eric Shun has to keep the pressure on though and he does with an elbow to the back of the head of Arrow Orton. Now Eric Shun has picked up Arrow Orton, is he looking to put him through the ropes and into the metal ringpost? Yes he is! Oh! Reversed by Arrow Orton, drop toe hold, Eric Shun bounces face first off of the bottom turnbuckle. Straight into a roll-up from Arrow Orton, but Eric Shun escapes at 2. Clothesline by Arrow Orton, Eric Shun gets right back up and charges at him again. Drop kick by Arrow Orton now. Eric Shun backs up to the ropes. Arrow Orton looks to put Eric Shun other the top rope with a clothesline, but Eric Shun ducks, Arrow Orton goes crashing to the outside of the ring. And now. Are we about to see air Shun? Eric Shun takes the run up! Arrow Orton returns to his feet and stops him in his tracks. Amazing work from Arrow Orton. Who now is climbing up to the top rope. Elbow drop onto Eric Shun! Cover from Arrow Orton. One! Two! No! Eric Shun again escapes. He really doesn’t want to have to pay child support does he. Frustration must be kicking in for Arrow Orton right now. He lifts up Eric Shun again, and plants him with a second vertical suplex. Eric Shun looks in danger now, as Arrow Orton looks to be setting up for his second rope DDT again, but Eric Shun stops him, punching Arrow Orton in the gut as he teetered on the ropes. Eric Shun climbs out of the ropes now and the two square up face to face again. Collar and Elbow tie up, Eric Shun wins it, pushing Arrow Orton out to the corner turnbuckles. Huge chop from Eric Shun! Sending Arrow Orton stumbling out into the middle of the ring. Arrow Orton looks for a back elbow, but Eric Shun dodges and just pushes Arrow Orton away from him to the other side of the ring. Arrow Orton turns around slowly… Straight into a Sexually Transmitted Disaster by Eric Shun! Cover. One! Two! Three! It’s over! Eric Shun has beat Arrow Orton. Meaning that Arrow Orton has to pay child support! The girls who walked out with Eric Shun invade the ring, helping Eric Shun up and celebrating with him, as Arrow Orton lays on the mat holding onto his head. Sarah is leaning into the ring to help her husband. As the Eric Shun parade begin to walk to the back. Announcer - “And your winner, by way of pinfa-” However, the lights in the arena go out. Everything goes silent. Then a familiar theme song plays. [Reply Planned]

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