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  1. If it's cool for me to join then I'm in. (P.S. are Bedroom Brawls allowed?)
  2. Updated the Win/Loss record for Survival Of The Fittest and the round 1 Valor matches. I also will soon be adding two new sheets, ranking the most wins and the most losses.
  3. The theme song of Atlas Champion Eric Shun plays throughout the Valor Arena. Fans in the arena explode into cheers for “The Big One”, showing their clear support for him. As the theme continued to play, it became apparent that Eric Shun would not be coming down to the ring. As per usual for him, a video would play on the titantron. The video would very clearly be Eric Shun backstage at America’s Got Talent. He would be sitting in a waiting room alone, evidently every other contestant had already been called out onto stage. Eric would be wearing a black suit, with a bow tie and a
  4. Hello everyone and welcome back to BPZ: Behind The Mask. I am the tremendous, amazing, shamazing, scrumptious uhhhh very smart, Jimmy The Jabroni and today I will be going through the entirety of the recent Carnage Power Trip, Survival Of The Fittest. Where we saw the first round of Survival Games matches for Carnage, as well as three huge Championship matches, where one belt changed hands. Without any further waiting, let's get started. Isaiah Carter Defeats Raven The first match of the night would be a Survival Games: Monaco Grand Prix match between Isaiah C
  5. 3.9k, almost in 4k gang. Be there soon boys...
  6. Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls and welcome back to BPZ: Behind The Mask. I am your amazing host, the best on planet earth if you ask me, no bias at all of course. Jimmy The Jabroni. And today, with Survival Games Round One just around the corner, I thought that today I would give everyone my personal predictions for the first round of Survival Games matches. Now, don't throw your tomatoes yet, I know BJ Worthy gave his predictions for the Carnage side of the matches during the Survival Of The Fittest predictions, but I am not him, so I have slightly different opinions on how things
  7. Hey man, welcome to the forums! I speak on behalf of everyone here when I say we're glad you're here. If you have any questions at all feel free to ask, the best people to ask are probably the moderators (Guys in Green and Dark Blue), but most of us have been here for long enough to know the answers to some questions you might have. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. Day 1 of being hypnotized by Arius' pfp.

  9. Valor returns from an advertising break as the soft, calming theme song of Eric Shun plays throughout the arena. It had been about a week since he walked out of his two matches at BPZ SummerSlam victorious in each. Entering the show with nothing, and leaving with two Championship belts to show for his effort. One being the Premium Championship and the other the Atlas Championship, which he won in a roughly fought contest against Austin Omega. Instead of coming down to the ring, as per usual a video would begin to play on the titantron. The video would start with
  10. Right now I've been playing NBA 2K21. I know not a lot of people are gonna get the game on current gen as PS5 is coming out soon. But I dont see myself getting PS5 for about a year, so why not get 2k21. The game is good, miles better than 2k20. The only downer on the game is shooting, which was broken for the first few days, but a recent patch has helped that a bit. I like how it takes skill to perfect time shots this year, I see myself playing this a lot more than 2k20. So far MyTeam has been where I have spent the majority of my time so far, right now I have a starting 5 of Damian Lillard, K
  11. It's a shame that AOP are out of the WWE. Correct me if I am wrong but they never really got a chance on the main roster. After how good they were in NXT I expected better for them on the main roster. But I guess that is what happens when you have a huge talent pool like the WWE do. As someone who never watches NXT, I remember really only one thing about this team. The insane tag team match they had with DIY and TM-61? (Forgot the third team in that match). From that one match they looked amazing.
  12. This is what Prince thought of when making the Karico kidnapping promo series.

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