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Eric Shun

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Status Updates posted by Eric Shun

  1. Discord is back up everyone!

    1. Gunner


      Not for me 

    2. Eric Shun

      Eric Shun

      Try refreshing ig. There are a few of us talking in chat rn and everything seems fine.


  3. Can we all give props to Arius for posting links to all the promos in the kayfabe based title. Nobody else would do that kind of stuff. GG Arius.

    1. Arius


      Thank you man. 

  4. All I want for my birthday is the Graphic Designer role in discord. :(



  6. When you sleep in the daytime then put 8d audio on. Bruh.

  7. So uhh. Kinda an awkward time for me to make my 5th comeback. 

  8. Im back init

    1. JoshsNow


      Welcome back 

    2. Julius


      Yes Welcome back George 

  9. I wanna apologise quickly. Last week I made a post saying how I was leaving, but since then I have missed the forums. But at the time of me posting that I was really stressed and a bit down in the dumps. But I am back now and if you want to slate me for it then go ahead.

  10. Just wanna apologise to everyone I have annoyed or been a dick too in chat lately. Got an operation soon so I am just worried about that tbh. But your gonna see a new me from now on.

    1. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      You've been a dick? Seriously have not noticed but if you have been respect for apologizing, I want to wish you some good luck on your surgery. 

    2. Death Notorious Angel

      Death Notorious Angel

      You were a dick? You've been the same for me. Unless me being a asshole and you acting like one is normal talk for us both, who knows.

    3. Poiudust


      You were a dick? You’ve seemed fairly normal. Good luck on your surgery. Hope things work out

  11. New Promo Addressing The Royal Rumble

  12. Please read these guys, really think I've done a good job in these.

  13. Sorry for being inactive for the past few days. Been really ill but im back now.

  14. Today marks 1 year from my last fit. Hope it continues this way.


    1. Poiudust


      Glad to hear that your ok mate. I’ve only known you for about two-three months, but I’ve grown to like you a lot George. I hope you continue to stay with us for a long time and keep making shitty promos.

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