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  1. The Start Of A New Journey (Again) (Again) So, this is something that I have done before, twice, and it did fail before, twice. But they do say that third times the charm so let's try again. Basically, I lost my plans for the WCPW diary so I will be replacing it with this! A Game Chan- Georges Championship Wrestling! The reboot of the reboot. In this diary, I will be booking wrestlers that you guys create! To sign up, fill out the information below. Name (And Nickname): Age: Weight: Height: Figurehead: Alignment: Theme: Wrestling Style: Signature Moves: Finishing Moves: Backstory (Optional):
  2. Welcome to BPZ: Behind The Mask. My name is Jimmy The Jabroni and today is a day where the sun came up and in a bit, the sun will go down. That is how the sun works just in case you didn't know. Life skills with Jimmy! Today though, we have some exciting news for you all, which BPZ star is leaving, what matches have been added to Valor Chapter 2: Exodus and Jjjjjjulius? GRV Set To Be Released? And we start off with news of another leaving of the company. As it seems the name Exodus has caused a mass Exodus of members of the Valor roster. Now making his way out of the company is The GRV, who is reportedly set to be released for foul comments made to other wrestlers behind the scenes. GRV is yet to apologise for his actions, instead backing them up by saying he believes he is correct on the matter in hand. As for his match with Tony Tastic at Valor Chapter 2: Exodus, it is reported he will be part of the match as his last ever in the company. After coming back to BPZ earlier this year, GRV picked up a victory as he managed to defeat Austin Mirage, before this feud with Tony Tastic started. With the blowoff match, of course, being his last, it will be interesting to see how the Egyptian crowd will send him off. New Matches Added To Chapter 2 Card! When you think of matches being added to a show last minute, instinctively you see it as a bad thing, perhaps the booker of the show having gaps and needing filler matches. Gladly, this isn't the case with two new matches which have been added to the card for Valor Chapter 2 in just a few days. As Ogre vs Siege, a battle between two rookies which has been brewing recently on Valor, and Heel Akki vs Jim Lopes, an introduction feud for Jim Lopes, have both been added to the card for Chapter 2! I should probably quickly give my opinion on both. As for Ogre against Siege, I think Ogre will win, he did beat Austin Omega at Chapter 1 so I think that BPZ perhaps have something planned for him, maybe an NXT Championship reign when some of the current guys like Austin Omega move up to the US scene. As for Akki against Jim Lopes, Akki is the perfect guy to put Jim against to allow Jim to get a good debut win, so I'll go with Jim there. Julius On BPZ TV! Lastly, we have just a short update on Julius. The former BPZ World Heavyweight Champion who left the company earlier this year. Since leaving though, he has come back on occasion, during the last appearance he did a little promo with Sheridan ahead of her US Title defence at King Of The Ring. Now though he has made another appearance on BPZ TV as he appeared in Sameers recent promo, helping to motivate his former Creed brother ahead of his match for the Undisputed Championship against Slim. What does this mean for the rumoured Julus return? Sadly not much, as it is thought that Julius will only be making these appearances on-screen rarely to help out feuds, and will not be returning to in-ring action. That is all we have time for as of right now here on BPZ: Behind The Mask, I have been your host Jimmy The Jabroni, and until next time. Make sure your pet elephant didn't escape!
  3. Happy Birthday @Toxik431
  4. As the man rushed into the room, the cameras would cut away, at first leaving fans a little confused as to what was happening. They were watching as Bart and Smith sent a message to their opponents in the Tag Team Championships match at Exodus, but now the camera had cut away? The confusion was all cleared up though as Eric Shun walked into frame in the new scene, up on the balcony he was on before his little adventure to the Sphinx. It was a few days after that trip to the Sphinx, however from what we could see of his hotel room and the balcony, things were relatively the same. The blow up doll was still on the bed, although now it looked used, looking out over the balcony the streets of Egypt were still once again packed, with the Pyramids in the background providing a nice scenic view. The only thing that was different now was that Eric Shuns Agent was also present. After a few seconds of silence, Eric Shun would begin talking to his agent. Eric Shun: “So. How did you get here?” Eric Shuns Agent: “For the hundredth time Eric. Bart called me and asked me to keep an eye on you.” Eric Shun: “But, I don’t need looking after anymore. I’m a former InterHerBum Champion, I’m fine trust me.” Eric Shuns Agent: “What you just said is basically why I need to be here. Eric I left you alone for what, three weeks since your return.” Eric Shun: “And I behaved amazingly!” Eric Shuns Agent: “No. You had sex with Alice Mirage, almost got your shun chopped off then posed nude on the Sphinx!” Eric Shun: “And I had a great time doing it!” Eric Shuns Agent: “The point is Eric, if it wasn’t for me, you would be arrested right now.” Eric Shun: “Prison’s just a new place to record some uhhh “wrestling”. We all know what Eric means there. Eric Shuns Agent: “You can’t record p*rn in jail Eric!” Eric Shun: “Ah damnit.” Eric Shuns Agent: “That shouldn’t even be your focus right now Eric. You have a match in a couple of days against Marc Aaron Newton. And if you win you get a huge opportunity at SummerSlam to become a champion.” Eric Shun: “I’m Eric Shun, I’m always a champion!” Eric Shuns Agent: “I’ll just ignore that. Eric this is a really good opportunity for you, all you have to do is win this one match.” Eric Shun: “Fine. You’re the expert with this kind of thing anyway. What do you suggest I should do.” Eric Shuns Agent: “Well, the first thing I think you should do is build up an Egyptian fan base, that way you can have people cheering you on during the match.” Eric Shun: “I have fans from all over the world I’ll have you know!” Eric Shuns Agent: “How can I say this, a lot of your product is censored here Eric. The stuff you do isn’t really suitable for Egyptian TV. You do understand Egypt and America have a lot of differences right?” Eric Shun: “Pfttt yeah of course I do.” Eric Shuns Agent: “Which is why not many people know who you are.” Eric Shun: “What? Everybody knows me, I am The Big One Eric Shun! The Mass Debater, Mister Steal Your Girl! I’ll even prove it.” Eric Shun would then lead the cameraman and his agent across to a desk set up near an air conditioning vent. On the desk was a laptop, as Eric opened the laptop, the next five seconds would be blurred as he closed multiple tabs of explicit content. However, eventually he would find himself on google. For a few seconds, Eric would sit and wonder what to search to show to his agent that the Egyptian public do know him. Until he finally got the idea, he spoke as he typed. Eric Shun: “Can...Egyptians….watch….p.o.r-” Eric Shuns Agent: “No!” Eric Shun: “Fine. How about this, Guy….with….massive….peni-” Eric Shuns Agent: “No! Not that either. How about we go out onto the streets and we ask if people know you.” Eric Shun: “Fine.” A quick time lapse would show Eric Shun and his agent walking out onto the streets of Egypt. They would walk to a busy town centre, where the conversation between the pair would be picked up again. Eric Shuns Agent: “Now Eric, let me show you what I mean.” Eric Shuns Agent would look around for someone to talk to, before approaching a lady and asking her a question. Eric Shuns Agent: “Excuse me madam, do you know who Eric Shun is? Street Lady: “No I don’t sorry.” Eric Shuns Agent: “Well, this is Eric Shun, he is a BPZ Wrestler-” Eric Shun: “Allow me. I am The Big One, Eric Shun. How about you get a little taste of the Shun.” Street Lady: “Oh really? Well I am Princess Cleopatra, I am a member of the Egyptian Royal Family. Nice to meet you.” Eric Shun: “Why don’t you come with me so I can go presidential on you.” Eric Shuns Agent: “Royal Family, not Presidents family you idiot.” Princess Cleopatra: “Did you just insult the king! Get him!” For the next 30 seconds a compilation of Eric Shun and his Agent being chased in a wild goose hunt around the streets of Suez would be shown. Multiple times the pair would almost be caught before finally they were able to hide behind some dumpsters, where Eric Shuns Agent phoned for help. Eric Shuns Agent: “Hi Bart, you are speaking to the agent of Eric Shun. We are in uhhh a not so pleasant situation here, do you have a minute?” Bart: “What has Eric done this time?” Eric Shuns Agent: “Uhmmm, let’s just say…-” The noise from the phone call would alert the horde of people to the location of Eric and his agent. A scream of “Get them!” would make Eric Shuns Agent drop his phone and dart off, with Eric Shun slightly behind. Eric Shun: “Now what?” Eric Shuns Agent: “Follow me, we’re going to their suite.” The pair would continue to run, not realising that the group who were chasing them had stopped. They kept on running and running until they arrived at the suite, where they burst in without any warning. Bart: “Now at Exodus-” Bart would be cut off mid sentence by the pair making their obnoxious entrance. Eric Shuns Agent: “Thank God you guys are here. There’s this huge group of people chasing us and-” Smith: “What are you guys doing here?” Eric Shuns Agent: “Theres a bunch of people chasing us and..” Bart: “And Eric was a part of it? Eric what did you do this time?” Eric Shun: “Nothing really I promise.” Bart: “I don’t see how doing nothing could get an angry hoard chasing you. Now either you tell me or your agent will.” Eric Shun: “Fine. I tried it on with Princess Cleopatra.” Bart: “You did what?” Smith: “Ay congrats man put it here!” Smith would offer Eric Shun a high five, which Eric would accept. Bart: “Smith this isn’t the time. Eric, you do realise how much trouble you could have got the company into.” Eric Shun: “It was a mistake, it won’t happen again.” Smith: “Eric that’s kinda what you said after everything that happened with Sarah Orton, then Alice Mirage then Jenna Jameson.” Eric Shun: “I know I know, but I mean it this time. How was I meant to know she knows the President?” Eric Shuns Agent: “How many times do I have to tell you, the Royal Family and the President aren’t the same thing.” Eric Shun: “How was I meant to know that?” A silence would fall over the room for a few seconds, Smith would grab his phone and begin typing, before the silence would be broken by Bart. Bart: “Eric, I knew you did some weird things but. This? This is too far Eric. I’m really speechless right now. I’m meant to be focusing on this match with AK-17 in a few days but here I am looking after you.” Eric Shuns Agent: “Hey!” Bart: “No offence. I’ll deal with the Egyptian authorities, just get out of here Eric.” Both stunned to silence, Eric Shun and his agent would hang their heads in shame as they left the room. Before Bart would turn back to the camera and look to continue his promo. Smith: “Hey Bart, I just googled, apparently Egypt hasn't had a Royal Family since 1953.” Fade to black.
  5. Welcome back to BPZ Locker Room, after a Carnage and Valor solo show, I decided to bring back the duo shows, however, I will be writing it like I am jumping back and forth from Carnage to Valor as obviously Valor is in a different country right now. So join me as we find out, what have the Death Riders been doing, why is everyone bullying GRV and who are making their return to the locker room! " - Indicates Speech * - Indicates Actions (Disclaimer - This is meant to be a joke, please don't take anything said seriously!) ------------------------------------------------------- *The episode would start with Bart and Smith standing in front of the Valor locker room. With the shows only days away, nerves were beginning to set in for some of the guys. But, Bart and Smith had the perfect idea to lower those nerves, a return!* Bart: "Alright guys. I hope we are all doing well. Obviously we all know the show is in a few days, I trust you have all managed to stay healthy and fit for the show no matter what your form of exercise is." *Bart would look at Eric Shun.* Bart: "But, we do also know that for a few of you guys might be nervous, Nardie this is your debut so if you are then I understand. As well as a few of you guys who have never worked a place like this. But don't worry, I have some guys back here to help settle your nerves." Smith: "Come on in guys!" *As Smith would say this the Egyptian Police would walk in with Toxik. A collective sigh could be heard from every single person in the locker room. The Police sat Toxik down and uncuffed him before leaving.* Slim: "Your big surprise was bringing this dude back?" Bart: "What. No. He wasn't mean to come back." Toxik: "I wasn't meant to come back? Me! Do you know who you're talking to! Listen here you little fucker!" Gunner: "Here we go again." Toxik: "Icon, I have had enough of not being treated like a human! I am God! I could beat you all up at the same time! I know two ground-based submissions you know!" Sameer: "Toxik bro, what ground-based submissions do you know?" Toxik: "The rear naked choke and the guillotine choke." Necce: "So the two easiest submissions?" Toxik: "Listen here Mr Know It All, once I had a fight and I rested my feet on the guys neck and wrenched back on his knee!" Necce: "Toxik buddy you're like 5 foot 2, were you fighting a toddler or something?" Toxik: "That's it!" *Toxik would storm Necce and try to put him into submission. Using one arm, Necce would hold Toxik off, before knocking him out with a clean punch.* Echo Wilson: "At least some things never change." Bart: "Well now for the real surprise, welcome Ogre and Siege!" *Ogre and Siege would then walk into the locker room, the sight of Toxik unconscious on the floor spooked them a little bit, but they settled in perfectly. Over in the Carnage locker room though, there was drama.* Buddy Ace: "Flynn. Why the fuck are you making us do this match against those jobbers. We are better than that." Flynn: "Look. All you need to do is beat them and you face the Tag Champs. Creed." Alex Costa: "Don't forget, it could be AK-17!" *Everyone including Alex would laugh at this point.* Flynn: "It's the Thundermans, how hard can they be to beat?" *As Flynn said this the door of the locker room would be kicked off as the Thundermans would enter, Steph and Arrow! They would pose like Superman before entering the room.* Arrow Thunderman: "Jason Ryan you are an alcoholic and you drink because you are sad and you have no life Jason Ryan that is why nobody likes you and you lose cos you aren't very good I am a Thunderman and I am a million times better than you cos I don't drink all you are is an alcoholic who can't go five minutes without having a beer Jason Ryan and you know it is true look at the floor it is full of bottles with you name on it and oh what is that in your bag oh it's a weed." *Arrow would excitedly run over to Jason Ryans bag and pull out some weed, everyone else would be stunned to silence by the sheer amazingness of the words said by Arrow Thunderman to even acknowledge what was happening. After a few seconds of silence, Flynn would talk.* Flynn: "Uhm. Thank you for that Arrow, that was very interesting." Steph: "Wait do we have to face other people for the Championship?" Bailey: "Yeah of course." Steph: "Oh, I'm dropping out then." *Steph would run out of the locker room, still waiting for his Championship Match. Meanwhile, in the Valor locker room, things were beginning to kick off, as GRV had finally arrived.* GRV (On Phone): "Okay Tahlesha. Bye Tahlesha." Slim: "Is that your girl bro?" GRV: "Yeah Slim. She is what you would call a baddie." Slim: "Does she know about the OnlyFans subscriptions bro." Sameer: "This dude paid for an OnlyFans subscription then pretended to be dating the girl bruh." *Everyone would start laughing.* GRV: "I don't see what is wrong with that." Addy: "So much is wrong with that." GRV: "Anyway, I came here today to announce something." Aaron: "You spent 400 dollars for a selfie with someone again?" GRV: "That's it! Forfeit the match! I am done here! This is too much!" Bart: "GRV relax." GRV: "Fine! I'll do the match Jesus. Now can I do my announcement?" Slim: "Sure." *As GRV went to speak his phone would go off.* GRV: "Give me a second guys." GRV (On Phone): "Hi Tahlesha.... no Tahlesha..... but I don't wanna be the bottom anymore Tahlesha.....yes I know you could just date Paul instead Tahlesha......okay I'm coming Tahlesha." GRV: "Sorry guys, I've gotta go." ------------------------------------------------------- This is where we are going to end Episode Six. If there is anything you would like me to add or improve for the next episode then do let me know. Also if I haven't included you it's nothing personal, I will be trying to include everyone at some point!
  6. Welcome back to BPZ: Behind The Mask, I am your host Jimmy The Jabroni and today I will be giving you my predictions for Valor Chapter 2: Exodus. All the matches that I will be predicting today are up on BPZ.com, so if you want to follow along please do! We will now start the show by listening to the amazing theme song of the PPV. Bob Sparks vs Necce The first match that I am going to be predicting and what a match it is. This for me has the potential to be the match of the night, the promos these guys have been doing back and forth have been outstanding, personally I see this as the best-built feud on the card. As for who will win though? I think I am going to have to go with Necce. I think this match was made for Necce to get his win back from Bob after what happened last year in the PowerTrip Cup. I also think it would be cool if BPZ had this narrative where Bob can only beat the top guys in tournament matches, and not being in a tournament is like a mental barrier he has to overcome. This is sure to be a fantastic match though. Jimmy The Jabroni Predicts: Necce Story of Temples | Arius vs Gunner vs Mikey vs Yelich vs ??? We are three days. Three days away from this match, and the mystery man hasn't been revealed. Is this some sort of joke? Are we really going to go into the match without knowing who this mystery dude even is? Seriously? Stupid. Anyway, as for who will win, I think it will end up being Yelich and Mikey. Yes, I know Arius is the World Heavyweight Champion, but hear me out. Arius isn't the type of dude who would wanna be able to go for two major belts at the same time, I think he would want someone else to get the opportunity over him. And with this being Gunners last match, thats leaves Yelich and Mikey. And it makes sense! Yelich could pick to go for the Tag Team Championships, and Mikey could go for Undisputed! Jimmy The Jabroni Predicts: Yelich & Mikey SummerSlam Qualifier | Addy vs Austin Omega Now the first of the two SummerSlam Qualifier matches for the new championship which is set to be introduced. Addy against Austin. After Austin defeated Addy for the NXT Championship at King Of The Ring, fans have wanted to know when these two would next clash, and it looks like the answer is now. I think though that Addy will walk out with the victory. BPZ has already given Austin the NXT belt, so I don't think he needs the victory as badly as Addy does, especially if you remember when Addy stated he would no longer be going after the NXT Championship. Going after this new belt would give Addy something to do, and that is what he needs badly. So, Addy wins. Jimmy The Jabroni Predicts: Addy SummerSlam Qualifier | Eric Shun vs Marc Aaron Newton And the other SummerSlam Qualifier, as Eric Shun takes on Marc Aaron Newton. This match should be an interesting one, but I think I am going to have to go with Eric Shun here. Let me explain. For me it feels like facing Austin Mirage was a warm-up match for Eric Shun so that he can go on and be in the finals of this tournament, allowing himself to get all of his ring rust out of the way against Austin Mirage. Meanwhile, for Marc Aaron Newton, I can see him being an upcoming challenger for the Tag Team Championships. If his partner Yelich wins the Story of Temples match, I think he would challenge for tag with him. Which in the end would provide a win-win scenario for both guys as they would both receive Championship opportunities. Jimmy The Jabroni Predicts: Eric Shun Tony Tastic vs TheGRV The debut of Tony Tastic. I know BPZ has done crazier things in the past, but surely they won't have Tony be built up for a couple of months to lose his first match. I think this one is almost st in stone for Tony Tastic to pick up his first victory in the company. I also have a sneaking suspicion that this match may act as a Number One Contenders match if need be for the new Valor Championship. So yeah, Tony Tastic wins. Jimmy The Jabroni Predicts: Tony Tastic BPZ Tag Team Championships | Bart & Smith (c) vs Angelo & Echo Wilson Okay, so I know I just said Tony Tastic losing would be a really dumb thing for BPZ to do, but I think I just thought of something that would be dumber. And that thing would be having AK-17 win this match. It would make very little to no sense, a Carnage guy coming over to a Valor show and winning? Why? No. Don't do it, please. I know Angelo is on his retirement tour, but still. He doesn't need a belt right now, this could go perfectly into a feud between Angelo and Echo for SummerSlam if BPZ book things correctly. I think after everything I have said, you already know who I am predicting. Jimmy The Jabroni Predicts: Bart & Smith [Creed] BPZ Undisputed Championship | Slim (c) vs Sameer This is a huge one, Slim against Sameer. This feud has been great so far, and it is really one of those matches where no matter what the outcome is you can't really get mad at BPZ I think that I am going to go with Slim retaining though. Mafia is meant to be this group that can't be broken down, so I think that Slim losing both of his World Championships wouldn't be a smart move from BPZ. Anyway, Sameer has the Intercontinental Championship, so does he even need the Undisputed belt? I think that ever so slightly, Slim takes this one. Jimmy The Jabroni Predicts: Slim That is all we have time for as of right now here on BPZ: Behind The Mask, I have been your host Jimmy The Jabroni, and I will see you next time where I will be force feeding cats waterelon.
  7. As of right now here are my top 5. (Excluding myself) (No particular order) 1. Akki 2. Austin 3. Josh 4. Arius 5. Ropati
  8. Made this for the MLG 420 Blazer Addy
  9. Welcome back to BPZ: Behind The Mask, I am your host Jimmy The Jabroni and today we have something so special it will jump off the screen, into your coffee, get hyper then go make toast and come back, jump back into the screen and then do a barrel roll just to show how special it is. What I am trying to say is it's a back to back news day! Today find out which wrestler is planning to leave the company, which wrestler just came back, a rumoured tag team and what BPZ segment this week was a work? Return of The Moneymaker! Lately in BPZ, the big trend has been people making their return to the company. Whilst some returns are people being completely re-signed, for example, Alyx Wilde, some have been contracted members of the roster making their on-screen return, for example, Eric Shun. Well, today it seems another member of the BPZ roster is joining that latter group as The Moneymaker, Amai officially made his return to BPZ TV recently with an appearance on Valor. He addressed the state of the NXT division since his last appearance, and found out live that Addy is no longer BPZ NXT Champion, which left Amai in a predicament, will he go back on his word and challenge for the NXT Championship again? Knowing Amai probably. But either way, it is great to see him back. Gunner Leaving BPZ? Despite all the fantastic returns recently, sadly a lot of people have also been leaving BPZ. And it is likely that another name will be added onto that list seen. As reports out of BPZ last night informed us that Gunner may in fact be having his last match for BPZ at Chapter 2: Exodus, where he will take part in the Story of Temples match. Throughout his career, Gunner has always been a consistent guy that BPZ has been able to rely on in matches. He has also had multiple title reigns with the Premium Championship, the most recent coming at BPZMania. It isn't entirely bad news though, as reports also say Gunner will still be under contract with the company, but not in an on-screen role. Instead helping in the development side of things. New Monster Tag Team? The rise of the Tag Team division in BPZ has been constant since late last year. And now with Creed holding onto the tag title belts for an astonishing amount of time, it seems that more and more eyes are being drawn to Tag Team wrestling in BPZ. To give the people what they want, it seems that BPZ is going to be creating a huge tag team to give Creed someone to battle the belts for, that team being BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Arius teaming up with Tamer. Of course, none of this is confirmed as of right now and it is just a rumour, but if it were to come true, it would be a huge team to reckon with. BPZ "Work" Exposed One thing that is taken very seriously in BPZ is the wellness policy, BPZ do their best to stay on top of all the testing and suspensions to uphold the BPZ Wellness Policy. In the past stars of the company such as Slim and Flynn have been suspended due to violations of the policy. Which is why a certain segment on BPZ Carnage recently raised a few eyebrows, as Arrow Thunderman dropped a devastating promo on the Death Riders where he claimed Jason Ryan had been smoking weed in the locker rooms. Of course, any type of drugs which are non medically prescribed are prohibited in BPZ and will make a wrestler end up with a suspension if they take them. Which is where the confusion started, with Jason Ryan not being suspended, we are 90% sure that this segment was indeed a work. That is all we have time for as of right now here on BPZ: Behind The Mask, I am your host Jimmy The Jabroni, and until next time, until next time, time next until!
  10. Episode 9: Grizzlies & Spurs Injury Report: Brook Lopez | Broken Left Leg | 6-8 Weeks Lauri Markkanen | Sprained Left Knee | 1-2 Weeks Coby White | Sore Left Wrist | Day-to-Day Vincent Poirier | Pinched Nerve In The Back | 1-2 Weeks Derrick Jones Jr | High Left Ankle Sprain | 1-2 Weeks Terry Rozier III | Broken Right Ankle | 6-8 Weeks P.J. Washington | Broken Right Hand | 2-4 Weeks Emmanuel Mudiay | Torn Right Elbow Ligament | 6-8 Weeks Bojan Bogdanovic | Broken Right Ankle | 1-2 Weeks Aaron Gordon | Bruised Left Hip | 2-4 Weeks Nikola Vucevic | Broken Nose | 1-2 Weeks Mohamed Bamba | Strained Groin | Day-to-Day Dwight Powell | Ruptured Left Achilles | Season Michael Beasley | Sprainted Right Toe | 1-2 Weeks Brandon Ingram | Hyperextended Right Knee | 1-2 Weeks JJ Redick | Sprained Left Knee | Day-to-Day Dwight Howard | Pulled Lower Back Muscle | 1-2 Weeks Christian Wood | Left Knee Tendinitis | 1-2 Weeks Chris Boucher | Torn Right Hamstring | 4-6 Weeks Terence Davis | Bruised Right Hip | Day-to-Day Austin Rivers | Twisted Right Knee | Day-to-Day Jeff Green | Sprained Right Knee | Day-to-Day Jakob Poeltl | Sore Right Wrist | Day-to-Day Lonnie Walker IV | Pinched Nerve In The Back | 1-2 Weeks Devin Booker | Twisted Right Ankle | Day-to-Day Ricky Rubio | Twisted Right Ankle | Day-to-Day Mike Muscala | Sprained Right Knee | 1-2 Weeks Damion Lee | Pulled Right Calf Muscle | 4-6 Weeks Bradley Beal | Bruised Right Hip | 2-4 Weeks Ish Smith | Bruised Left Bicep | Day-to-Day Our second game against the Thunder was a really tough overtime clash which we spent a lot of energy in to get the win. However, it was the first of a back to back, with the second being our match against the Memphis Grizzlies, a young team with a lot of energy. This one might be tough. Game 16 Los Angeles Lakers @ Memphis Grizzlies Quarter 1 During the early stages of the first quarter, the fatigue from our game against the Thunder was showing. During the first three or four minutes we weren’t playing that well and the Grizzlies were able to build up a lead over us. However after a few minutes something changed and suddenly everything seemed to be working just fine for us, our shots were falling and our defense improved, allowing us to lead the game going into the second. Quarter 2 The second quarter was really a scoring battle between Ja Morant and Anthony Davis. Both men would drop double digit points in the quarter alone, getting to the rim with ease. Ja was also able to get a couple dimes on some threes, with Brooks, Jackson Jr and Clarke all knocking down shots on passes from him. At halftime we were down 67 - 68. Quarter 3 In the third we continued our good scoring. LeBron got us going with a nice three ball, before Derrick Rose came back into the game and put on a show, helped by Kyle Kuzma who had 16 points off of the bench. The only thing that didn’t go well for us in the third was the shooting of Luke Kennard, as he went 0-3 from 3pt in the game, two of those attempts coming in the third. Quarter 4 The fourth was all about holding onto a slim lead we had, and that was something we were able to do well. The game stayed close but Memphis never looked like they were going to be able to go on a run to steal the game from us and we collected another win. Final Score Los Angeles Lakers 128 - 121 Memphis Grizzlies Game Leaders Points - A. Davis (LAL) 28, J. Morant (MEM) 25 Rebounds - A. Davis (LAL) 10, J. Valanciunas (MEM) 12 Assists - L. Kennard (LAL) 9, J. Morant (MEM) 10 Steals - L. James (LAL) 3, J. Winslow (MEM) 3 Blocks - L. James (LAL) 2, G. Dieng (MEM) 2 Game 17 Los Angeles Lakers @ San Antonio Spurs Quarter 1 After a slow start to the first in our previous outing, we knew we had to do better against San Antonio, and we did just that as we exploded out of the blocks with a huge first quarter, dropping 41 points. LeBron James had a huge bounceback game from his 17 point outing as he dropped 10 in the first alone. Even on the defensive end we were strong, something that we hadn’t been in a few games. Quarter 2 In the second, the game was much slower. Both teams were missing shots and it was honestly quite a boring quarter. LeBron had cooled down and nobody was picking up from where he left off. However, we were able to hold onto our commanding lead going into halftime, 63 - 43. Quarter 3 Coming out of halftime we warmed up again with LeBron getting back to how he was playing in the first quarter. Getting easy buckets and generating shots for other guys as well. Luke Kennard was also playing the role of playmaker really well, as he was able to help us get open shots too. Quarter 4 We kept our starters out during the fourth, allowing our bench to get time to play. We did end up winning the match comfortably in blowout fashion. What could have been the reason why San Antonio were so poor was their 3-22 performance from 3pt. Final Score Los Angeles Lakers 122 - 89 San Antonio Spurs Game Leaders Points - L. James (LAL) 38, D. DeRozan (SAS) 23 Rebounds - A. Davis (LAL) 18, R. Gay (SAS) 7 Assists - L. Kennard (LAL) 10, D. Murray (SAS) 6 Steals - L. James (LAL) 2, D. DeRozan (SAS) 3 Blocks - A. Davis (LAL) 4, J. Poeltl (SAS) 4 [Next Time: Pelicans & Wizards] Current Record: 17-0
  11. What Arrow thinks the Death Riders locker room looks like.
  12. Episode 6 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *We start off in the dungeon currently holding Smith. He is chained to the wall by his wrists, seated on a metal chair. Across from him is Flynn. The pair stare eye to eye before Flynn breaks the silence.* Flynn: "Why? You took their lives. You did that. Nobody else had any influence on your actions Smith." Smith: "I know." Flynn: "So. Tell me why. You didn't have to do that." Smith: "Flynn we're at war with one another." Flynn: "You're right we are. On the battlefields, we are at war. But you invaded our home space for what reason? To take two, possibly three innocent lives. You're something else Smith." Smith: "Three?" Flynn: "Don't try and downplay what you did now. You killed those men Smith. Monda, Toxik saw you kill. Blade you killed during the chase, and BiC you murdered as well." Smith: "BiC? I never saw BiC." Flynn: "It's probably not in your best interest right now to lie to me Smith. I have men searching the perimeter for his body right now." Smith: "Then call them off. You're only wasting your own time." Flynn: "And why should I trust you?" Smith: "This is all one big understanding, we came here for drugs. Monda caught me by surprise and Blade I... I panicked." Flynn: "This is no understanding, you took two lives. That's unforgivable." *From the dungeon, we would cut to the barracks, where all the soldiers had been rounded up by Slim and Bailey. Today was meant to be the day that Slim took his new army to the backup camp, but the search for BiC had called that off.* Slim: "Listen up. We searched the premises, no sign of BiC. That tells me one thing, one of you guys must know something. One of you must be hiding some crucial information from us. So whoever it is, spill." *There would be tension in the room as everyone stayed silent. Of course, BiC had told the soldiers of his plan but sworn them to secrecy, thus far they were staying true to their word.* Slim: "Looks like I am going to have to ask everyone one at a time then. Brad, do you know where BiC is?" Brad: "No." Slim: "Bob, do you know where BiC is?" Bob: "No." Slim: "Necce, do you know where BiC is.? Necce: "No." Slim: "Gunner, do you know where BiC is?" Gunner: "Yeah he went to the ROW camp, I mean no." *Everyone in the room would shout at Gunner apart from Slim and Bailey who grinned.* Slim: "Now that wasn't hard was it." *Slim and Bailey would turn around the leave the room, with Slim poking fun at Bailey as they left." Slim: "You know you could have said something to Bailey, you kinda just stood there looking stupid." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *We would then cut to the ROW Camp. Inside Brendens office, Brenden would be stood with Bart and Julius. Watching out as everyone completed the physical tests.* Brenden: "How many more to go?" Bart: "Ropati, Arius and Wallace." Brenden: "How have the tests so far been?" Bart: "Mixed bag. Some great tests, Nebakos and Hans flew through it. Some guys who showed promise, Austin being one of them." Brenden: "Good, Julius go watch over the last few." *Julius would go outside to watch the rest of the tests. Ropati and Arius would complete the tests with ease, however, Wallace would struggle. Whilst Julius was watching though, Bart and Brenden would plot away.* Brenden: "Julius needs to go." Bart: "Are you going crazy." Brenden: "No, hear me out. We send Julius with everyone who failed in a boat, rig the boat, boom, explosion." Bart: "Yeah but, why Julius?" Brenden: "He's a threat to us Bart, can't you see. He knows we're up to something." Bart: "Fine. But this is your call." *Julius would then enter the room with the entire crew of soldiers, Brenden and Bart would fake smiles to welcome them.* Brenden: "Congratulations everyone for completing the tests today, we are extremely proud of you all. Obviously we all want to be the best, so this was a huge step for us to take. We have isolated a few people who we believe need to be helped a bit more, and they will be spending time with Julius to work on mainly their conditioning. They are GRV, Yuvraj and." Julius: "And Wallace." Brenden: "So Arius and Ropati were good?" Julius: "Yes they were." Ropati: "Thank God for that." Brenden: "Well congrats to you and everyone else, but I am very busy, so if everyone could file out. Please can the three guys I named go off with Julius and he will take you where you are needed." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Whilst this was all going down, back at the UK camp, the army were preparing to attack and invade the US camp to get back their leader, Smith.* Nate: "Come on guys, everyone ready?" Gwyn: "Almost Nate. We're just waiting on Mecko and Sheridan." Nate: "Come on where the fuck are they?" *Mecko and Sheridan would still be in the kitchen, their usual meeting spot to allow Mecko to simp over her.* Mecko: "Aren't you nervous by all this." Sheridan: "Yeah, it's a bit crazy." Mecko: "You know if you ever get too scared..." Sheridan: "Mecko I know you have me don't worry. You're my friend." Mecko: "Yeah exactly." Sheridan: "It's just that, a lot of things are on my mind right now. But, I think it's time to tell you." Mecko: "Then tell me." Sheridan: "I...I'm not a woman." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. Welcome back to BPZ: Behind The Mask. I am your host Jimmy The Jabroni, today on the show we have some fantastic news for you all so everyone can stay up to date with what is happening with BPZ! So, let's find out which BPZ star has returned, what gender is the baby of Bob Sparks and what the date for BPZ SummerSlam is! Mave Deltzer Returns! We start off with news of another return to BPZ. As it seems like BPZ are continuing to do a good job of bringing people back into the company to deal with Hans Clayton and Sheridan leaving. This time it is Mave Deltzer who is returning to the company. It has been almost a year since Mave left BPZ following a loss in the battle royal for the NXT Championship at Bad Blood, being eliminated in that match by Nathan Sawyer, but now it seems he is coming back and is ready to try and make an impact. In his return promo, he spoke about Nathan Sawyer and how Nathan would never be able to beat him one on one. So will we be seeing Nathan Sawyer return soon too? Who knows. Bob Sparks Baby! Next up we have news about Bob Sparks. I wasn't sure if we were going to report this as it is involving the private life of Bob Sparks, but then there was a segment on Valor where there was a gender reveal for the baby. Yes, that's right Bob Sparks is having a baby, no he isn't the one that's pregnant. Instead Alexa Merci is, you know, his wife. Anyway, it was revealed that the child is going to be a girl! So congratulations to Bob Sparks and Alexa Merci. Also if you haven't already check out that segment from Bob Sparks, it was fantastic. BPZ SummerSlam Date Announced! Lastly, for this episode, we have some news regarding the biggest party of the summer, SummerSlam! Every year BPZ SummerSlam is a must watch show, the second biggest of the BPZ calendar. And this year looks like it will be no different. Just recently though, BPZ officially announced the date of the show, that being the 30th August. As well as the date, they also released a lot more information about the show than they usually do, with an early match card released too. However, we are not going to be reporting that as it is subject to change. Thus far all we know for sure is that Arius will be defending his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship against Ropati, FDS will be taking on Flynn and Bailey will be facing Kenji. With Intercontinental Champion Sameer the only other man advertised for the show. That is all we have time for as of right now here on BPZ: Behind The Mask. I have been your host Jimmy The Jabroni, and until next time. Remember to breathe!
  14. Episode 8: Thunder Twice! Injury Report: Lauri Markkanen | Sprained Left Knee | 2-4 Weeks Vincent Poirier | Pinched Nerve In The Back | 2-4 Weeks Derrick Jones Jr | High Left Ankle Sprain | 1-2 Weeks Jimmy Butler | Sprained Left Finger | Day-to-Day Terry Rozier III | Broken Right Ankle | 6-8 Weeks Malik Monk | Sprained Left Ankle | Day-to-Day Emmanuel Mudiay | Torn Right Elbow Ligament | 6-8 Weeks Bojan Bogdanovic | Broken Right Ankle | 1-2 Weeks Aaron Gordon | Bruised Left Hip | 2-4 Weeks Mohamed Bamba | Strained Groin | Day-to-Day Dwight Powell | Ruptured Left Achilles | Season Michael Beasley | Sprainted Right Toe | 1-2 Weeks JJ Redick | Sprained Left Knee | Day-to-Day Dwight Howard | Pulled Lower Back Muscle | 1-2 Weeks Christian Wood | Left Knee Tendinitis | 1-2 Weeks Chris Boucher | Torn Right Hamstring | 4-6 Weeks Terence Davis | Bruised Right Hip | Day-to-Day Austin Rivers | Twisted Right Knee | 1-2 Weeks Jeff Green | Sprained Right Knee | Day-to-Day Lonnie Walker IV | Pinched Nerve In The Back | 1-2 Weeks Devin Booker | Twisted Right Ankle | Day-to-Day Rodney Hood | Left Shin Splints | 1-2 Weeks Carmelo Anthony | Sprained Left Foot | Day-to-Day Damion Lee | Pulled Right Calf Muscle | 4-6 Weeks This episode would be weird, having to face the Thunder twice in a row. After back to back good performances we were confident. Even on paper the games look like wins for us as our team player for player is better than the Thunder. Game 14 Oklahoma City Thunder @ Los Angeles Lakers Quarter 1 We started the first quarter very well, exploding out of the blocks on a 7-0 run and forcing the Thunder to take an early timeout. After that they would try to come back but we would be able to force turnovers to continue to pick up points at around the same pace they were making them. By the end of the quarter we were up and had played very very well. Quarter 2 As we moved into the second, we tried to continue our high output, however it was harder to do, especially considering how well we shot in the first quarter of the game. We did try though and we managed to put up a 30 point quarter thanks to a late burst from LeBron James who got takeover after coming back into the game off of the bench. Entering halftime we were up 52 - 64. Quarter 3 LeBron would continue his rampage to start the third quarter, however we did have to adapt when our subs came in. After a little bit of struggling we found our feet and hit a great stride, both scoring well offensively and locking up defensively, allowing us to see out the quarter with a strong lead. Quarter 4 We didn’t really do much in the fourth, the starters were out the entire time and we just saw out the clock for another victory. Final Score Oklahoma City Thunder 97-108 Los Angeles Lakers Game Leaders Points - L. James (LAL) 29, D. Schroder (OKC) 26 Rebounds - A. Davis (LAL) 16, S. Adams (OKC) 15 Assists - D. Rose (LAL) 7, C. Paul (OKC) 9 Steals - K. Caldwell-Pope (LAL) 2, C. Paul (OKC) 5 Blocks - A. Davis (LAL) 5, S. Adams (OKC) 3 Game 15 Los Angeles Lakers @ Oklahoma City Thunder Quarter 1 We would really struggle badly in the first quarter, for the first half of the quarter our shot just wasn’t falling and we quickly plummeted to a 10 point gap. We did fight back though, going on a small run thanks to Anthony Davis. But still we were unable to leave the first with a lead. Quarter 2 For us the first quarter just wasn’t acceptable, we knew we had to step things up big time in the second quarter, and that is what we started to do, as LeBron James and Anthony Davis took over, however they also had Chris Paul and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander playing amazing basketball as well, so despite our great quarter, we barely made up any ground and we went into halftime down 56 - 65. Quarter 3 Our hot hand would continue into the third, Luke Kennard started us off well with back to back three pointers, before Derrick Rose came in and played really well to carry our bench. We changed our rotation to make sure we always had at least one of our big three on the court at all times and it paid off, as when Rose came out LeBron and AD came in and we were able to stay hot, cutting down the lead to just 5 at the end of the third. Quarter 4 I could talk about the entire fourth of I could talk about the ending. It was a really close one, we kept our starters in the late game, LeBron had a second triple double of the season and AD was closing in on a 40 point game. It all started when LeBron hit a clutch three pointer to put us up by two. However, down the other end Shai would get a layup to tie things. LeBron would then make a pair from the line before Shai would cancel the points out again. The Thunder would take a late lead through Adams though. But with under a minute left, LeBron James would drive and get the and one! He made the free throw too to put us up by one. They would then miss before Derrick Rose would be sent to the line. Rose though would go one of two, giving us a two point lead. This meant it all went down to the final possession, the Thunder inbound to Gallinari, who finds Schroder who hit a layup on the buzzer to tie the game! Overtime In overtime though we would get the job done mainly thanks to LeBron, who was still hot from his late fourth quarter explosion. And we would get the win. Final Score Los Angeles Lakers 139-132 Oklahoma City Thunder Game Leaders Points - A. Davis (LAL) 39, S. Gilgeous-Alexander (OKC) 28 Rebounds - A. Davis (LAL) 18, S. Adams (OKC) 17 Assists - L. James (LAL) 12, C. Paul (OKC) 8 Steals - L. James (LAL) 2, C. Paul (OKC) 3 Blocks - J. McGee (LAL) 3, A. Roberson (OKC) 2 [Next Time: Grizzlies & Spurs] Current Record: 15-0
  15. Welcome back to BPZ Locker Room. Last episode, we visited the Carnage locker room on the night of their North American Championship qualifiers, tonight though we are going to the BPZ version of Saudi Arabia, as we join the Valor half of the roster in Egypt. Find out why everyone is laughing at Toxik yet again, how is Echo Wilson treated in the Valor locker room and which Valor star has been arrested? " - Indicates Speech * - Indicates Actions (Disclaimer - This is meant to be a joke, please don't take anything said seriously!) ------------------------------------------------------- *The episode would start off with Bart standing in front of everyone in the locker room. In his hands would be a manual of all the laws in Egypt, he would be going through them all for everyone.* Bart: "Alright guys, most of us are here now so we should really get started on this stuff. As we all know this country is a little dangerous in terms of it's laws. So we have printed off some laws that you guys might not know about for us to just run through so nobody gets in any trouble ahead of the show." Slim: "Sounds good." Bart: "Alright first thing. No defaming Islam, that's punishable by jail time." Toxik: "What do you mean! Trump does that all the time!" Mikey: "Uhhh. Toxik, Trump is rarely right about anything." Toxik: "Did you just insult the lord and saviour that is Donald Trump." Mikey: "Yeah hes an idiot Toxik." Toxik: "Just because he runs America and America isn't Japan and you guys are all just Japan marks. Even though for the record, Japan is very disconnected from the rest of Europe." Addy: "Japan isn't in Europe you fucking idiot." Toxik: "What really? Cos if so I wanna know if Rome and Greece are the same thing or if they count as different countries." *The whole locker room would begin laughing at Toxiks stupidity. Causing him to stand up and get mad at everyone.* Toxik: "You laugh now. But if any of you saw me in real life you would be scared." Smith: "Toxik this is real life." Toxik: "Oh yeah! Well I know two ground-based submissions and I could beat up anyone in this stupid country including the stupid president." *As soon as Toxik would say this the door of the locker room would be kicked off its hinges and the Egyptian army would enter. They would easily pin down Toxik who would try to do one of his ground-based submissions but instead would end up hurting himself, with ease the army would drag him away.* Bart: "Oh. Law number two, criticism of the president can lead to fines or jail time." Smith: "Well thank fuck we don't have to book him now." Bob: "Can we just go back to America and leave him here." Gunner: "For real can we." *During the discussion, Echo Wilson would arrive at the door of the locker room. Everyone would give him a weird look except from Brad who would run up to him and hug him.* Brad: "Echo! Thank God you're here, you are the only person who would be able to team with me to face Creed." Crippler: "Well I mean, myself, Toxik, Amai, Ryan, Maestro, Tamer, Akki, Blade and Beastly King all rejected the off-" Brad: "There was genuinely nobody who I could have picked apart from you Echo. You saved the show!" Echo: "What about the guys tha-" Brad: "You saved the show!" *Eric Shun would then walk into the locker room, with a group of women following him.* Bart: "Eric! What on earth are you doing!" Eric Shun: "Turns out, public sex is also illegal, mind if I?" Bart: "No you cannot use the back room for having sex." Smith: "I'll let you if I get one of the birds too." Eric Shun: "Deal." Sameer: "Damn Smith, you getting in there my boy." *Bart would walk over to Smith and pull him to the side to have a word with him, however they were interrupted when Barts phone would go off." Bart (On Phone): "Yes, this is Bart... Wait what do you mean... Really?... How?....Yelichs been arrested?....Hydrogen bomb.....Oh God." ------------------------------------------------------- This is where we are going to end Episode Five. If there is anything you would like me to add or improve for the next episode then do let me know. Also if I haven't included you it's nothing personal, I will be trying to include everyone at some point!
  16. MITB Ladder Match: Arius vs Bashka vs Brad vs BrendenPlayz vs FDS vs George Kent Sameer (c) vs Ryan Reeves - World Championship Yelich Anderson (c) vs Jeremiah Flynn - Undisputed Championship Blade vs Kieron Black - Number One Contender to Universal Championship Hans Clayton vs Julius Jones vs William Smith - Intercontinental Championship (Unification of US, IC and NA) Bob Sparks vs KENJI - European Championship (Unification of NXT and Premium) Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Championship: Bart Hoogveld vs Joshua Scott
  17. Welcome back to BPZ: Behind The Mask, I am your host Jimmy The Jabroni and today we are only 6 days away from Valor Chapter 2: Exodus. However, the full match card is still not announced, with a spot still remaining in the Story Of Temples match. Currently, Mikey, Arius, Yelich and Gunner have all been confirmed to be in the match, which leaves one last spot up for grabs. But, who will that final spot go to? Who knows. We can guess though, so here are our top 5 people who could be the last man in the Story Of Temples match. What a catchy title. 5. Austin Mirage Before I get into the reasoning behind Austin Mirage being on the list, I just want to give a little disclaimer. Akki and Jim Lopes both will not be on the list as I believe their current feud may lead to a match at some point in the near future, and as of late BPZ haven't had many people be in two separate feuds at once. Anyway, Austin Mirage comes in at number five. Throughout his BPZ career, Mirage has only picked up the single win, it is clear to see that BPZ doesn't have much faith in him right now, but he could be someone that picks it up and becomes a decent midcarder after a bit like George AK. Austin might be in the match as a placeholder, to allow BPZ to protect other people in the match and give him a little experience in a big quality match. 4. Amai As of late, there has been a lot of talk that Amai may be coming back on screen soon. Amai hasn't really been seen much on screen in comparison to earlier this year where he had a good feud with Brad and a run as the NXT Champion. But, taking up the last spot in the Story Of Temples match could be a good way to get him back on screen. There are however reasons why BPZ won't do it. Of course his Inner Circle stablemate Mikey is in the match, and BPZ may not want both of them to be in the same match, however, there is again a counter-argument to that which is purely the number of times as of late that BPZ has forced stablemates to go at it in the wrong, most notably Hans and Sheridan facing in the Quarter Finals of the King Of The Ring tournament. So at the end of the day, who really knows. 3. Blade Coming in at number three we have Blade. Blade is BPZ's mister reliable. He is a guy who normally fills a spot in a match or tournament when BPZ don't have anyone else to throw in. Entering last years Survival Games to take up a spot when needed to as well as entering the Rumble match when needed to and the Money In The Bank ladder match. Despite this though, Blade would be the last resort for BPZ, as they would surely much rather have someone who can use the match to build their character or get experience in high calibre matches take the spot instead. 2. Ryan Reeves At number two we have Ryan Reeves. Ryan made his return to BPZ sporting a new look a few months back, people were doubtful of his return but the general consensus was that it was a great return. During that return, he would call out Sheridan for a match at Chapter 2. Whilst, of course, Sheridan is now gone from the company on break, I find it hard to believe that BPZ would have Ryan come back to cut that promo if he wasn't going to be somewhat involved in Chater 2 anyway. Now with this last spot in the Story Of Temples match being kept a mystery, it would be great if the last man in the match was revealed to indeed be Ryan. 1. Tamer Despite everything that I have said in this episode so far, by far the most likely person to be in the Story Of Temples match is Tamer. Tamer has consistently been available to BPZ since the start of the brand split, and whilst they haven't always used him, it has been clear that he is a viable option each and every time. People really thought Tamer was going to be on the card when it was announced that Bizzy was not going to be taking part in the Tag Team Championships match and that someone else would be instead. With everyone thinking that Tamer would be the man to assist Angelo. However, it seems that BPZ has different plans for Tamer, and those plans could very well include him being a part of the Story Of Temples match, which would match the match unmissable. That is all we have time for as of right now here on BPZ: Behind The Mask. I have been your host, Jimmy The Jabroni, and enjoy the rest of your day!
  18. Welcome back to BPZ: Behind The Mask! I am your amazing host who has never got a single thing wrong in his life ever, Jimmy The Jabroni and today we have some news for you all. Who will Alyx Wilde be facing in his return match, which star has mega heat backstage, and what tag team are seriously annoyed by their recent booking. Alyx Wilde Return Match Confirmed! We start off with some news regarding the newly returned Alyx Wilde. Who came back last week on Carnage ahead of the North American Championship qualifiers where he spoke about himself for a bit and the impact he wants to have on the current landscape of BPZ. However, now it seems that BPZ has found Alyx an opponent for his return match to the company. As currently he is set to be facing Joshua Scott on Carnage. Coming off of a horrendous loss against Alex Costa where Joshua Scott was blindfolded, surely BPZ won't give the win to Josh here. And if they do then you really have to ask questions about the booking. Nonetheless, I for one will be ecstatic to see Alyx back in a BPZ ring. Major Heat On Carnage Wrestler! Recently, we here at BPZ: Behind The Mask reported the return of Isaiah Carter to the company, this brought a lot of hype back to BPZ, as with stars such as Sheridan and Hans leaving, it was good to see BPZ is trying to fill the gaps left. However, it seems that one of the moves they made has already backfired. In his return segment, Isaiah Carter would interrupt Raven and attack him before being attacked himself by Flynn. Apparently the move for Isaiah to attack Raven and call out a number of names on the Carnage roster has not gone down well backstage. With multiple names reportedly saying they are refusing to work with Isaiah anymore after his actions. It will be interesting to see how BPZ will react to this. Tag Team Unhappy With Booking Lastly this episode we have another piece of news coming from the Carnage half of BPZ. As a tag team over there are reportedly said to be very unhappy with their booking as of late. That team is the Death Riders. Whilst, of course, Ropati and Bailey have been doing well as of late, the actual tag team for the group, consisting of Jason Ryan and Buddy Ace haven't been. The pair both ended up losing their qualifier match for the North American Championship qualifier and now have been booked in a tag match against the Thundermans. This decision is said to be what has made the pair annoyed, as they strongly believe they are miles ahead of the Thundermans and it is unfair to them that they have to do the match. At first, they were refusing to do the match, but now it seems like they are very unwillingly going to do the match, as rumours that the winner will be able to take on Creed have been circling. That is all we have time for as of right now here on BPZ: Behind The Mask. I have been your host Jimmy The Jabroni, and I will see you all, next time!
  19. Eric Shuns theme would play through the Valor arena. However, due to the exclusive video on BPZ.com the fans in the arena already knew that “The Big One” was already in Egypt, after seeing his antics on the flight into Cairo. So it really came to nobody's surprise when instead of Eric Shun coming out to the ring, a video was played on the titantron. The video would start with Eric Shun standing on a balcony of a hotel. Eric would be wearing swimming shorts and no shirt, with sunglasses on. He was looking down onto the busy Egptian streets as people walked to and from work or shopping or wherever they were going. Out to his right was a busy marketplace, packed to the brim full of people buying and selling goods. Eric would stand there and admire the scenes for a few seconds before addressing the camera. Eric Shun: “Here we are. Sunny old Egypt. Full of hot weather and even hotter women. But, that’s only half the reason I’m here. In just over a week I will be facing Marc Aaron Newton at Chapter 2. For some reason he didn’t like seeing me on the plane, I wonder why. So, I thought I would try to defuse the tensions, I’m a good man after all. So that’s why I thought today we would make him a nice postcard to send home to his family wherever he lives.” Just as he finished talking, Eric Shuns phone would vibrate in his pocket. He would take it out and look at what the notification was. Eric Shun: “Oh the Uber is ready. I don’t know how they got here, there isn’t even Uber in this part of Egypt. And don’t worry, I made sure we got a really good looking female driver. Just because they uhhh, they’re safer on the road. That’s all.” Eric would stop talking and began walking through his hotel room to the door. Ignoring the blow up sex doll on his bed as he left the room. Eric Shun: “We should probably do some kind of jumpcut to us being in the car.” And just like that through pure magic (no editing) Eric Shun and the cameraman were in the car. Eric Shun was sitting in the front seat next to the female driver, with the cameraman in the back. As they drove, Eric Shun placed his hand on the thigh of the driver. Eric Shun: “Take me to the Sphinx babe!” Uber Driver: “ابتعد عني أنت تزحف” [Translation: Get the fuck off me you creep.] Eric Shun: “I think she likes me. I think she said something about it being free of charge.” Uber Driver: “أنا أشحنك مرتين الآن.” [Translation: I’m charging you double now.] Eric Shun: “Anyway, what I was thinking. Let’s go to the Sphinx and when we get there I’ll just climb on it and pose.” Uber Driver: “هذا غير قانوني أيها الأحمق” [Translation: That’s illegal you imbecile.] Eric Shun: She said it’s a great idea. I agree, it beats my other idea of spray painting myself onto it.” When Eric stopped speaking, there would be a time lapse of the journey. Multiple times during the time lapse Eric would try to make advances on the driver, putting his arm around her, leaning in for a kiss and trying to scootch over to her seat. Everytime it ended in her slapping him round the face. Finally, they arrived and the car stopped. Eric Shun: “Thanks for the drive! I’ll give you five stars.” Uber Driver: “500 جنيه مصري من فضلك.” [Translation: 500 Egyptian Pound please.] Eric Shun: “I think she’s asking for money. Fuck. Don’t worry, watch this. I don’t have any money, but I could pay you in another way.” Eric Shun would wink at the driver who would push him out of the car. As the car sped off, Eric Shun would get up and dust himself off. Eric Shun: “We’ll that’s never happened before. Who cares though, we’re here. Here to get Marc Aaron Newton a fantastic postcard for his family!” Eric Shun would turn around to see that the Sphinx was closed off, and nobody was allowed to go up to it and touch it. Eric Shun: “Damn. It’s closed. Don’t worry, I’m getting that postcard. I think those women over there work for the people who look after this thing. Let me go work my magic.” The camera would go black for a few seconds before returning back to normal, Eric Shun would be in front of the camera again, extremely sweaty. Although now they were a few metres in front of the Sphinx. Eric Shun “Give me a boost up will you.” Eric would get up onto the sphinx and pose for the camera, somehow removing his shorts in the process which meant half the screen was now a blur. But, he had managed to get his postcard. However, just as he was about to get down, redress and escape a siren could be heard approaching. Egyptian Police: “Get off the Sphinx! And put your hands up.” Eric Shun: “Shit. Shit. Shit.” Eric would quickly look around for an escape, with the only viable option being to make a run for it to a nearby road. Egyptian Police: “Sir you are not allowed to be nude of the Sphinx, get off and put your hands in the air.” Eric Shun: “Why couldn’t it have been a female cop.” Eric Shun would jump off and make a run for it. The cameraman would barely be able to keep up with Eric as the police closed in on foot. However, as he reached the road a car stopped and the doors opened. Eric Shuns Agent: “Eric get the fuck in you idiot.” Eric would jump into the car, the cameraman barely making it in too. The mission was successful, and Eric Shun had got Marc Aaron Newton a nice postcard to give to his family. And what a postcard it was.
  20. Episode 7: Kings & Hawks Injury Report: Jordan Bell | Deep Left Thigh Bruise | Day-to-Day Vincent Poirier | Pinched Nerve In The Back | 2-4 Weeks Trae Young | Hyperextended Right Knee | Day-to-Day Derrick Jones Jr | High Left Ankle Sprain | 2-4 Weeks Jimmy Butler | Sprained Left Finger | Day-to-Day Terry Rozier III | Broken Right Ankle | 8-10 Weeks Emmanuel Mudiay | Torn Right Elbow Ligament | 8-10 Weeks Bojan Bogdanovic | Broken Right Ankle | 1-2 Weeks Mohamed Bamba | Strained Groin | 1-2 Weeks Dwight Powell | Ruptured Left Achilles | Season Caris LeVert | Sprained Right Toe | Day-to-Day Dwight Howard | Pulled Lower Back Muscle | 2-4 Weeks Christian Wood | Left Knee Tendinitis | 2-4 Weeks Chris Boucher | Torn Right Hamstring | 6-8 Weeks Terence Davis | Bruised Right Hip | 1-2 Weeks Austin Rivers | Twisted Right Knee | 1-2 Weeks Jeff Green | Sprained Right Knee | 1-2 Weeks Lonnie Walker IV | Pinched Nerve In The Back | 2-4 Weeks Rodney Hood | Left Shin Splints | 1-2 Weeks Zach Collins | Twisted Left Ankle | Day-to-Day Damion Lee | Pulled Right Calf Muscle | 6-8 Weeks The Kings would be a fun match for us, although we should win comfortably, seeing matchups such as De’Aaron Fox versus Derrick Rose will be fun. In fact both of the matches in this episode should be easy wins, especially if Trae Young isn’t back in time for our match against the Hawks. Game 12 Sacramento Kings @ Los Angeles Lakers Quarter 1 The first quarter was huge for us, despite the Kings taking an early 6-2 lead, we were then able to lock them up for the remainder of the quarter and just pour points in on the other end. In the first quarter alone, Anthony Davis had 9 and LeBron 8 as we absolutely cruised to a 40-11 lead. Quarter 2 In the second quarter, LeBron would take over, dishing out multiple assists, grabbing rebounds and even throwing a monster dunk over Nemanja Bjelica, he would end the half with 16 points. Even our bench was playing fantastic though, as Kuzma and Danny Green went off as well, hitting multiple shots each. We went in at halftime up 36-74 Quarter 3 The third quarter was when Anthony Davis would have his turn taking over, he would make a free throw and a three pointer in the first minute of the quarter, before finishing an alley-oop off of a lob from LeBron. Davis would then string four consecutive mid range buckets together to bring himself up to 29 points in just the third quarter. On the defensive end he was great to, altering shots and grabbing rebounds, by this point of the game he already had 16 rebounds. Quarter 4 Davis would continue his hot form into the fourth, starting the quarter with an and-one dunk, before hitting a few more shots before finally being pulled from the game. When he and LeBron were both out, it was time for Derrick Rose to take over, who headed into the fourth quarter on 11 points in the game. Rose would drive to the basket multiple times as well as hitting mid range and three point bombs in the fourth to get 27 points in the game, as we cruised past the Kings to an easy victory. Final Score Sacramento Kings 89-135 Los Angeles Lakers Game Leaders Points - A. Davis (LAL) 37, B. Hield (SAC) 24 Rebounds - A. Davis (LAL) 20, B. Hield (SAC) 6 Assists - L. James (LAL) 12, D. Fox (SAC) 9 Steals - J. McGee (LAL) 3, R. Holmes (SAC) 2 Blocks - J. McGee (LAL) 2, A. Lex (SAC) 2 Game 13 Atlanta Hawks @ Los Angeles Lakers Quarter 1 Coming off of the game against the Kings, we got a massive boost as we found out Trae Young wouldn’t be playing in the game against us. In the first quarter we looked to set the tone strong, as we once again had a strong first McGee played well in the post, Davis had 10 in the first quarter and LeBron had 5, 5 and 5 after the first quarter. However, they still were keeping things kinda close without Trae. Quarter 2 In the second we looked to keep things up as the bench came in. Omari Spellman hit back to back threes as we rested LeBron and AD for a bit. After that, Kuzma and Danny Green would make a few buckets as well to keep us going. Despite this though, both teams ended the second quarter with 30 points on the quarter, meaning there was no difference to the score at all and we kept a slim lead headed into the second half, 57-64. Quarter 3 In the third we expanded our lead slightly again. Whilst we weren’t playing anywhere near as good a defence we were against the Kings, we were making up for it with our offensive production. LeBron and Anthony Davis had fantastic third quarters, both men scoring at will in the third, although Davis was unable to make a three. Something we also did really well as a team was getting to the free throw line, as a team we visited the stripe 30 times in the game, making 24 of the shots. Quarter 4 The fourth was all about LeBron, as he was chasing our first triple double of the season. Did he get it? Yes he did, as he picked up his tenth assist of the game by driving and passing out to Alex Caruso for a corner three. In the end we would dominate the fourth and build up a comfortable lead to secure the victory. Final Score Atlanta Hawks 102-123 Los Angeles Lakers Game Leaders Points - A. Davis (LAL) 28, J. Collins (ATL) 19 Rebounds - L. James (LAL) 11, C. Capela (ATL) 11 Assists - L. James (LAL) 10, K. Huerter (ATL) 9 Steals - J. McGee (LAL) 3, J. Teague (ATL) 4 Blocks - J. McGee (LAL) 3, D. Bembry (ATL) 2 [Next Time: Thunder & Thunder Again] Current Record: 13-0
  21. Name: Eric Shun Age: 24 Position: TE College you went to: LSU City,State your from: England
  22. Welcome back to BPZ Locker Room. Today is all about Carnage, as Valor has left for their trip to Egypt, only Carnage stars are left in the locker room which sadly means there will be no bullying Toxik today. Find out, which stars are at each other's throats and which are avoiding each other! " - Indicates Speech * - Indicates Actions (Disclaimer - This is meant to be a joke, please don't take anything said seriously!) ------------------------------------------------------- *The episode starts with Flynn stood in the middle of the locker room. For once the guys actually have space instead of being cramped together. Some of the Carnage guys are missing though, the eight involved in the North American Championship qualifiers to be exact.* Flynn: "I really hope tonight goes well." Bailey: "It'll be fine. Nothing can go wrong anyway." Flynn: "True. It's just that with Valors show coming up, if we smash this one out of the park-" Ropati: "Flynn relax dude. We good. HEY! WHY DOES MY NAME NOT SAY KING ROPATI!" King Ropati: "That's better." *After Ropati got his name sorted out, the doors of the locker room would be kicked open, in running would be Jason Ryan after his loss to Prince. Everyone would stare confused for a bit before Prince would sprint in with the mandem behind him.* The Mandem: "You what fam? Are you skunked? You're mad. Suck your mum G." *The Mandem would surround Jason Ryan and lightly stab him before doing gun fingers at him and leaving.* Prince: "That's what I thought fam. Dickhead fam." Cody: "Prince it don't work when you say it. You got a higher pitched voice than Arrow." Prince: "Shit. The pills must not have worked." *For a few seconds there would be an awkward silence.* Bailey: "Imagine being stabbed by Prince bruh." Jonathan: "Imagine ducking me bruh." *Bailey would turn around and see Jonathan before sprinting off into the distance. As everyone laughed, Epic and Jo Nathan would return to the locker room.* Flynn: "Guys, let's all settle down. I have a match to announce. So we all know we have a fair few tag teams right now, one of which have been asking to face Creed for ages now. So I decided why not give them a challenge. So we are going to have The Thundermans versus the Death Riders." *Jason Ryan would spring up from the floor, no longer caring about his stab wound. Fear built up in his eyes as he shook his head in disbelief.* Jason Ryan: "No. No. No. You can't do that. They're too strong." *Whilst he was speaking a bright light would shine from the entrance as the Thundermans would enter!* Arrow Thunderman: "Jason Ryan you is an alcoholic!" *The devastation of the insane violation from Arrow would cause Jason Ryan to collapse to the ground in pain.* Arrow Thunderman: "Can we face Creed now Flynn?" Flynn: "Well I- uhh. You see." *Luckily Flynn was saved by the arrivals of Alex Costa and Joshua Scott.* King Ropati: "He was blindfolded and you lost in a minute, FD must have really beat you up bad." FDS: "Ayyy Josh is back. Come on Josh." *FDS would grab Josh and bring him outside to resume the beating* Flynn: "So now we only have Meko and Odd to wait on then the show is over." *As Flynn spoke, Isaiah Carter would enter.* Isaiah Carter: "Hey Flynn. So I was thinking, can I go do a promo?" Flynn: "Can it wait, we have a match on right now.' Isaiah Carter: "Oh really who between?" Flynn: "Meko and Odd." Isaiah Carter: "Oh well after, can I do a promo with Meko-" Flynn: "Sure I guess." Isaiah Carter: "Where I beat him up. Oh you said yes! Amazing!" *Isaiah Carter would run off towards the ring, with Flynn and two of the three other members of FD-Gun chasing him.* ------------------------------------------------------- This is where we are going to end Episode Four. If there is anything you would like me to add or improve for the next episode then do let me know. Also if I haven't included you it's nothing personal, I will be trying to include everyone at some point!
  23. Welcome back to BPZ: Behind The Mask! I am your host Jimmy The Jabroni, and today we have a good topic to discuss. Rumours as of late have suggested that Jonathan wants to be traded away from Carnage to the Valor brand so that he can team up with Tamer and Necce. However not much has come out about who he will be traded for, so here are the top 5 people who could be traded for Jonathan. 5. Mikey We start off with Mikey, who is probably the least likely of the five guys on this list to actually be traded. But, hear me out. Not only would Mikey be a great addition to the Carnage midcard and a great challenger to whoever wins the North American Championship at SummerSlam, having been the North American Champ before. There is also slight reasoning for why Mikey may be traded, it is no secret that the Death Riders haven't been performing brilliantly on Carnage of course with exception of Ropati, so perhaps Mafia might move Mikey from the Inner Circle to the Death Riders to help them out. He would also be able to revisit old feuds if this were to happen, perhaps being able to reignite his rivalry with former tag team partner Alex Costa. 4. Addy The reason that Addy is on the list is quite similar to Mikey. But, personally I think it would be a better choice. Mikey, of course, is in the Temple match at Chapter 2, which means he could win an Undisputed Championship shot that will see him stay. And whilst Addy is in the tournament for the new Valor title, there have been high tensions between himself and members of the Inner Circle recently, which could perhaps see him be screwed out of his match against Austin Omega by one of the Inner Circle members. This trade to Carnage could be big for Addy as he could perhaps be the saving grace of the Death Riders, or the man who tears them to pieces. 3. Gunner Next up we have Gunner, much like Mikey, Gunner, of course, is in the Story Of Temples match, which very well could see him earn an Undisputed or Tag Team Championship opportunity. However, on the flipside, there are rumours that Gunner was unhappy not to be included in the four-man tournament for the new Valor belt, as being a midcard champion is something he wants right now. With his lack of involvement, this could mean he is unlikely to be getting a shot at the belt anytime soon, as rumours suggest that the first challenger for the belt could be the winner of the Tony Tastic vs GRV match at Chapter 2. A trade to Carnage could very well see Gunner be a prominent midcard helper, which would allow BPZ to move FD-Gun and the Death Riders into a feud with each other rather than being in the conversation for the North American Championship belt. 2. Angelo Caito As we all know, Angelo Caito is currently embarking on a retirement tour which has thus far seen him get a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity and a Tag Team Championship opportunity. However, there are talks that Angelo wants to move over to the Carnage show to finish his tour on the brand where he spent the majority of his career. He also is reportedly interested in facing some of the Carnage guys in matches for his retirement tour, with names such as Echo Wilson and Flynn being rumoured. This does, of course, give BPZ a big opportunity coming up, if Creed retain against AK-17, the challengers could implode in the ring, giving BPZ the perfect chance to trade Angelo to Carnage to have a feud with Echo Wilson. 1. Bob Sparks Coming in at number one we have Bob Sparks. Of course, coming up at Chapter 2, Bob is in a match with Necce, who is rumoured to be in the group that Jonathan is moving to Valor to form. This again creates the perfect opportunity for BPZ. As this new group could beat down Bob bad, and say he has two weeks off TV and secretly is traded to Carnage for Jonathan. The reason why this is number one on the list though is that there are really strong rumours circulating right now that this trade is going to be what happens, with Bob also reportedly not wanting to stay on Valor without his friends in the Cut-Throat Crew. However, with all this said it is still unsure for a fact who Jonathan will be traded for in the end, but when we do know you can trust us to bring you the news! That is it for this one, I have been your host Jimmy The Jabroni, and stay safe kids and grandparents!

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