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  1. Happy birthday @Death Notorious Angel
  2. Imagine, I've feuded with Bart during his time in NXT and US. Goes to show his class that hes now up at the top of the whole forum. Thats commitment. Congrats Bart.
  3. Im in this bitch, pls give me every number ty
  4. Whalecum dude. Hopefully you enjoy it here and if you got any questions feel free to ask!
  5. Can't wait to fight either Meko or Kenji at BPZMania! But fr, good luck to everyone in every match. Should be fun to be in the Carnage Scramble, not something I have done before, and I have some kayfabe in plan to build up to this match.
  6. After gameweek 18, which saw a blank for all Liverpool/West Ham players. Here is how the table looks. Maestro (1020) Prince (995) Marker (988) Kieron (978) George (963) Alex (921) TEAM OF THE WEEK 65 POINTS! Nate (916) Kai (900) Ropati (883) Smith (836) Josh (814) Junxi (809) Summer (778) Monda (772) Bart (758) Cody (112) Some slight changes to the table this week. Prince moves up into second, overtaking marker who drops to third. A 2 spot jump for Alex who with his team of the week performance jumps from 8th to 6th. The only other change being Monda overtaking Bart, moving from 15th to 14th. Here is how BPZ did in the cup. Cup Results Maestro 40-20 Kima Wa Dole Marker 43-32 2 Girls 1 Schlupp Ropati 34-20 Jack FC Alex 65-30 Hossam Smith 42-57 Pool Party A successful week in the cup for most representing BPZ. With only Smith being eliminated in the second round. Commiserations to Smith and congratulations to everyone who made it through into the third round of the cup, and good luck in your gameweek 19 tie.
  7. Division Requirements will change as the forum will become top heavy. Only 1 of the current 4 stables at most will still be a thing. Someone who joined after 2015 winning world. One of the current belts will be eradicated.
  8. Been playing a fair amount of both Fifa and Rocket League recently, on Fifa I have been doing a Stevenage career mode as they are irl the worst english team on the game. Currently I am just outside the playoffs in league two and approaching the halfway mark of my first season. On Rocket League I am playing a lot of competitive play to try and improve. Currently at a Diamond 1 rank, working to get to Diamond 2 or 3.
  9. 8th Anniversary of the best song to ever be made.
  10. I mean you don't really even need the stats to show it. Messi is the best player of all time! Ronaldo gets overhyped because he has played in several leagues and done well in every league. When if Messi went to the same leagues as Ronaldo he would be just as good as well.
  11. Yeah, this again. I'm not milking it dont worry. I just NEED that graphics role. Hmmm, the moderators said not enough people use my graphics. So I decided to make myself a graphic that I will use! Genius plan. If anyone else wants a kids dreams to be fulfilled just ask for a graphic and use it, accompanied by the #GiveGeorgeGraphics!
  12. Hello. Hello. Hello. Welcome to the newest news show, bringing you the very best news from BPZ wrestling. As soon as it happens. I am your host, Jimmy the Jabroni. And let's begin today's episode. 1. BPZ Rumble Entrants? We start off with news about one of the most entertaining periods of the BPZ calendar! The BPZ Rumble! 30 Stars, all competing with the goal obviously being to win and main event BPZMania. Every 90 seconds, a new star will enter the match, with elimination only coming from being thrown over the top rope, and both feet hitting the floor. Now, the official date for the BPZ Royal Rumble hasn't yet, but some of the competitors have been leaked. 19 of the 30 stars for the match have been leaked into the hands of the mainstream media. They are Slim, Joshua Scott, Crippler, Raven, Buddy Ace, Hans, Alex Costa, George AK, Mirage, Bob, Echo Wilson, James Knight, Jack Bishop, Bailey, Yelich, Darius Shiba, Mikey, Dr X and ArrowRhodes. The other 11 spots aren't yet known, but we will bring you updates as they occur. 2. Gunner Flynn Suspended! The next piece of news is that former Premium and US Champion Gunner Flynn has been suspended for violating the BPZ wellness policy. Rumour has it he was meant to win the Number One Contendership for the North American Championship at Winter Warfare. But then after failing a drugs test the decision was decided to have Raven win instead. It is thought that Gunner Flynn will continue to be on BPZ TV cutting promos, but he will not be allowed in any matches for a month! A time period that means we will not see him at either Night Of Legends or the Royal Rumble. With his next in-ring action rumoured to be at St Valentines Day Massacre. 3. Return Of Mirage? This last one isn't really a piece of news but more speculation. After dropping the SSW World Championship, it is heavily rumoured that Mirage will be returning to BPZ soon. This is because of the aforementioned leak of some of the participants in the BPZ rumble. If Mirage is to come back it will be interesting to see how he is booked, considering he is without a win in BPZ. Will his SSW success bring life back into the so-far lacklustre career of Mirage? That is all we have time for as of right now here on BPZ Worldwide, thank you for joining me and hopefully, we will see you again soon!
  13. Another gameweek has gone past. Here is how the league table looks after gameweek 17: Maestro (980) Marker (945) Prince (932) Kieron (919) TEAM OF THE WEEK 82 POINTS! George (919) Nate (883) Kai (867) Alex (856) Ropati (849) Smith (794) Josh (778) Junxi (774) Summer (754) Bart (728) Monda (720) Cody (50) A few changes to the standings this week. The obvious one being Cody joining the league, he will probably be in last the entire season so congrats to him. Elsewhere we had some changes in the mid table area as Alex overtook Ropati and Nate overtook Kai. Kieron broke into the top 4 on tiebreaker after a huge week from his sees him overtake George. The biggest climber this week was Smith who jumped 2 places to 10th, whilst Junxi dropped 2 places to 12th. Cup Results Maestro 62-56 Goals Aloud Marker 68-55 Muslim Footballer BDG George 51-62 Borussia Teeth Kai 45-51 Inul Daratista FC Ropati 37-35 hman778 Alex 57-50 Zoz650 Junxi 34-62 Mukhs xi Smith 77-54 Good Ebening Summer 57-79 Vallekas Pride Overall a decent week in the cup for the BPZ players. With 5 of the 9 members going through into the next round. However, George, Kai, Junxi and Summer were all eliminated in the first round. Congrats to the winners, commiserations to the losers and good luck in the next round!
  14. Happy Birthday @bailey14 Enjoy it.
  15. 1.8k rep. Road to 2k continues.
  16. Tournament Match: David Starr vs WALTER Tournament Match: Roderick Strong vs Drew Gulak Shane Strickland and Matt Riddle vs The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz) Tournament Match: La Sombra vs Darby Allin Tournament Match: Bandido vs Keith Lee Tournament Match: Dragon Lee vs Kevin Steen Tournament Match: Tommasso Ciampa vs Ricochet The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon JR and Fenix) vs Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero)
  17. Winning my first title. It wasn't just my first title win but my first win on the forums as a whole. It meant a lot to me because I really thought I was just a useless member of the forums up to that point. I had been here for a year without a win and like others do now I was ridiculed for it. Having that win under my belt gave me confidence and within a few months I was one of the last 6 in the rumble.
  18. The 24/7 title is meant to be a dumb title just to fill up some space on the show. Like Hans said the hype has died down and the WWE need to find a way to rejuvenate the belt. Personally, I think the WWE should try and make it as dumb as possible. Lets say we get R-Truth involved again and say every week he tries to have a serious match for the belt, forgetting it is the 24/7 belt and anyone can go for it at any time. All the matches end in a mass brawl and Truth gets confused as to why. Another idea could be that the WWE could try and bring in as many celebrities and former stars back for segments with the belt as possible. To try and make the fans talk about the belt that bit more.

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