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  1. George AK

    Hi my name's maddrix .i like pro wrestling

    Welcome bro. Any questions just ask.
  2. George AK

    BrendenPlayz vs Twitch TEW2016 Mod Sign Up

    Born - 3rd August 1996 Set To Debut - 3rd July 2016 Gender - Male Race - White Nationality - Italian Active Wrestler Style - Technical Body Type - Toned Size - Light Heavyweight Minimum Size - One below light heavyweight Maximum Size - Heavyweight Moves - Game Ender (Piledriver) Splash In The Pool (450 Splash) Face Gimmick - Complete Idiot. But can be smart at times. Heel Gimmick - Heel Sami Zayn Mask - No Hair - Yes Favoured Role - Wrestler Pictures - Sami Zayn Bio - One of the weirdest characters in the company. George AK is back in BPZ after many spells of wrestling and then just forgetting he is a wrestler. His family had big sights for him, but he was a high school drop out who learnt how to wrestle from fights on the streets. Once he impressed at a trial, and one contract later. He was a professional wrestler.
  3. George AK

    Who are your biggest BPZ rivals?

    Update. Josh - We have been on and off feuding for a while since the Josh-Tourage. Bart - The whole Karico Brand thing. Prince - The whole Karico Brand thing.
  4. George AK

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Finding Nemo. Yeah I had no childhood. He was still lost all that time.
  5. George AK

    Thick Skinned

    As the first Carnage after Halloween Havoc was nearing its conclusion. The titantron changed to an image of the asylum that it was well known George AK was inside. Fans inside the arena weren't really sure how to react, as George doesn't seem the same person as the cocky guy who didn't care about eight months ago. As the same question remained fixed in the minds of fans, the titantron changed to a live video. A live video of George AK inside his cell, clearly still shaken up by the visit of Lee Matthews a few days earlier. Evident by the rocking back and forth and the motivational song he was singing to himself. George AK (Singing): From now on, these eyes will not be blinded by the lights. From now one, what's waited til tomorrow starts tonight. However, midway through his greatest showman serenade, he isn't interrupted by a familiar character, a man with a briefcase. Lee Matthews. Lee is allowed into the cell of George, and he strategically stands in front of the panic buzzer installed on the wall. Lee Matthews: Hey George. George AK: Ugh, briefcase monk get outta here. Lee Matthews: What on earth is a briefcase monk? George AK: A Scottish monk with a briefcase. Now get out or I will do a song. Lee Matthews: George, please. I won't bring up the company again. I promise. George AK: Song it is then. ABCD you don't wanna mess with me, your mama your dada your bald headed grandma. She 99 she thinks she's fine but she goes out with Frankenstein. Lee Matthews: Umm wow. That was great. George AK: So was your mom. Lee Matthews: Stop talking about my mom. George, this isn't serious. You are needed. Remember what I told you about the mission you were sent in, when you were made to fail by people who befriended you. George AK: Hi. I'm bob I'm a goldfish and a goldfish has a memory of. Hi. I'm bob I'm a goldfish and a goldfish has a memory of. Lee Matthews: Okay. I get it. You don't wanna talk to me. I'm guessing you dont believe me or something. So I'll go. I'll come back soon. I'll just leave this here. Lee puts his briefcase down on the table before getting up and leaving the cell. He exchanges a quick glance with George on his way out. As soon as he is out of sight, George gets up and checks the briefcase. It's holds a few papers, non substantial to George. Until he sees a BPZ contract for Carnage TV. George's face changes. The usual pale, childish face grows wicked, almost as is he has just remembered something huge. He gets up paces side to side with a new found energy injected into himself. Before leaning into the door and whispering to himself. Josh. Fades to black
  6. George AK

    Football (Soccer) Discussion

    How are they overrated?
  7. George AK

    The Man With The Briefcase

    For the second week running. The titantron pictures the same asylum George AK is being held in. We get to see the asylum in a little more depth. As the camera shows a calendar showing how many days have passed since the last injury (0), and a sign for a lost plant pot named Scott. However, soon it is seen that this week the cameraman is not alone. Just as the same two officers lead the camera towards the cell of George AK, a man carrying a briefcase and wearing a suit is pictured. His hair is neat and brown and his face newly shaved. As he approaches George's cell he gets one last warning. Officer 1: Good luck. The Man: Umm, thanks I guess. I don't see why- George AK (Singing Inside Cell): I'll give them shelter like you've done for me. And I know I'm not alone, they will carry on for us. Until your gone. Officer 1: That's why. The man enters George's cell. Which is essentially entering the bedroom of a mixture of a 11 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. He sits on a chair and lays his briefcase carefully down on a small table that lies in front of him. The Man: Hello George. George AK: Hello briefcase monk. The Man: What the- Anyway. George my name is Lee Matthews. George AK: Oh are you here for my Einstein theory. Well you see how Einstein is a German name and Albert is not... Lee Matthews: No George, I have been sent here to retrieve you. George AK: Oh don't worry. I'm not Scott the Plant Pot. Lee Matthews: George can we take this seriously please, you were sent on a mission by a great man. But it turns out this great man was a lie, a fraud who was attempting to trap you. But your idioticness meant you were unable to do the most simplest tasks. So this man sent you on the hardest task he had. And he sabotaged some vital safety equipment needed to perform the task you were sent on. You were left for dead, scarred for life, and sent here. George AK: Wow. Great story, are you an author? Lee Matthews: George, this is real. Whilst all of that was occurring, it was being documented, by a company you worked for. They were trying to keep tabs on you for your own safety. And now they have found you. And they want you to return. George AK: What, are you on about. Lee Matthews: See George, I knew this normal side of you is still here, I believe I am talking to it now. But even at that I have been told not to name the company. George AK: Just say it. Lee Matthews: BPZ. George AK: Come on George you can do it believe in yourself and you can do it. Come on George you can do it believe in yourself and you can do it. George presses a buzzer by the door, and immediately nurses rush in and hurry Lee and the cameraman out. Lee Matthews: What, what happened? Nurse 1: He pressed the panic button. Every cell has one, a patient presses it when they are freaking out and need help. I think it's best you go now. Camera fades to black.
  8. George AK

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    West 1. Warriors 2. Rockets 3. Utah 4. OKC 5. Lakers 6. Pelicans 7. Trail Blazers 8. Nuggets East 1. Celtics 2. 76ers 3. Raptors 4. Bucks 5. Indiana 6. Wizards 7. Pistons 8. Cavaliers MVP - Giannis ROY - Doncic WCF - Warriors Beat Rockets In 6 ECF - Celtics Beat Raptors In 5 Finals - Warriors Beat Celtics In 6
  9. George AK

    Football (Soccer) Discussion

    My Top 30 Ballon D'Or Prediction 30 - Benzema 29 - Cavani 28 - Rakitic 27 - Mandzukic 26 - Marcelo 25 - Isco 24 - Lloris 23 - Mane 22 - Firmino 21 - Pogba 20 - Godin 19 - Alisson 18 - Griezmann 17 - Suarez 16 - Kante 15 - Oblak 14 - Aguero 13 - Varane 12 - Ramos 11 - Courtois 10 - Bale 9 - Hazard 8 - Kane 7 - De Bruyne 6 - Neymar 5 - Modric 4 - Messi 3 - Salah 2 - Ronaldo 1 - Mbappe
  10. George AK

    Your Posting Milestones

    Just hit 1k posts. Only took me two years and five stints of being here on and off.
  11. George AK

    Patient 27

    Midway through Carnage the titantron changes from it's normal state to an unusual image. A mental institution in the middle of nowhere. Stone walls with cracks in places, iron windows and high tech very fancy doors. A few patients can be scene in rooms alone, either sitting on a bunk or single bed. It all seemed weird. Why was BPZ TV showing this during Carnage. The endurance of the fans both at home and in the arena payed off though, as George AK appears, being taken to a cell by a few officers. Officer 1: Wait, lemme get this right. He was found singing and dancing in the canteen using a mop as a microphone? Officer 2: Umm yeah, that's where I found him. George AK: Hey get off, Scottish monks. Yeah you heard me, monks. Officer 1: What are you on about? Officer 2: And he used to be employed in BPZ The two officers open the cell door and put George inside. Before having a conversation outside. Officer 1: Well that guy is in idiot. Officer 2: What did you expect. Officer 1: Hmm, someone a bit more stable. Officer 2: Come on man we work in a mental institution, this guy isn't Albert Einstein. George AK: Ohh I have a theory about him. You see Albert isn't a German name and Einstein is, so I think that they are actually two differently people and Einstein is stealing Alberts work. Officer 2: Shut the fuck up. George AK: Oh. Officer 1: Man I really need a new job. Both officers then begin to walk away, leaving George to amuse himself. Which he does, as the camera cuts back to see him umm, dancing? George AK: Da da da da da da da, da da da da da da da dum. TEQUILA!!!!! (Other Patients): Shut up!
  12. George AK

    BPZ NBA 2k19 My League Online

    I'd be down for this
  13. George AK

    BPZ Whatculture

    HAPPY 7th Birthday Jimmy The Jabroni On behalf of all of us working here at BPZ WhatCulture. We would like to extend our congratulations to Jimmy The Jabroni on his 7th birthday. Don't drink too many fruit shoots little man.
  14. George AK

    Five Members You Would Run A Forum With

    Wow. People cant count to 5. Anyway I'd go for. Julius, Smith, Ark, Josh & Bart