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  1. George AK

    BPZ Whatculture

    HAPPY 7th Birthday Jimmy The Jabroni On behalf of all of us working here at BPZ WhatCulture. We would like to extend our congratulations to Jimmy The Jabroni on his 7th birthday. Don't drink too many fruit shoots little man.
  2. George AK

    Five Members You Would Run A Forum With

    Wow. People cant count to 5. Anyway I'd go for. Julius, Smith, Ark, Josh & Bart
  3. George AK

    BPZ Wrestlers Review

    HHHHOWDY PARTNER!!!! I am the man of two first names. Matt Mattson, and today I am back with the only thing I ever do, the BPZ Wrestler Review. Today we review the career of Echo Wilson, lets see what we can uncover. Wait I'm not a detective. F*ck. Gimmick - 8/10 Echo Wilson is a very unique gimmick. Nothing like it had been seen before the arrival of Echo into BPZ. It is fresh, unique and allows Echo himself to give good promo after good promo almost effortlessly. Eight out of ten for me. Move-Set - 8/10 Now is what I say every week. As long as a persons move-set fits their gimmick it works for me. Exactly that happens with Echo for me. His move-set is good, it has some great moves in it and it fits what he says on the mic. Usage - 8/10 Wow, all eights so far. Interesting. But this is deserved. Although Echo is extremely sought after and a cornerstone of the Kingdom stable. He is not always used to the best possible level. For example, remember when BPZ forced Echo into the tag team tournament, giving him a week to prepare then making him go out in round one. Yes, this is just one example of Echo being booked poorly, as for the most part he has not. He has been booked well all round. Hence the eight from me. History - 7.5/10 Echo Wilson has been able to do a lot in BPZ. Especially if you consider he hasn't even been here for 2 years yet. With that being said, he already has had a lot of memorable moments in the company. Hence the 7.5 rating. Career Highlights - Throughout the career of Echo Wilson has managed to secure himself a few titles so far. Let's see what he has achieved. 2X & Current BPZ Premium Champion 2X & Current BPZ Tag Team Champion (W/Brad As AK-17) (W/Bart & Julius As Kingdom) 1X BPZ United States Champion 2X BPZ NXT Champion Echo Wilson Overall - 31.5/40 That is it for the review of Echo Wilson. Up next is a true BPZ legend. Necce.
  4. George AK

    Kayfabe Moveset Thread

    Kayfabe Move-Set Update For New Broken George AK Gimmick Tron - (Coming Soon) Fighting Style - Brawler/Technical Regular Moves: Clothesline, Punches, Kicks, Chop, Headbutts, German Suplex, Vertical Suplex, Side Suplex, DDT, Striking Combos, Headlocks, Lariats, Anything Else That Fits This Chain Signature - Hanging DDT Finishers - Despair (Codebreaker) Kiss Of Death (Apron Piledriver, Not To Be Kicked Out From)
  5. George AK

    BPZ Whatculture

    HELLO! I AM THE WORLDS FIRST SIX YEAR OLD TO HAVE A JOB AND SOON IM SEVEN SO I HAVE A SUGAR RUSH!!!!! Aghhh. I am Jimmy The Jabroni and welcome to the extremely Fast Count. News Story #1 And as we used to do before I was grounded, we start off with Pay-Per-View news. And this time it is all about Evolve. To be more specific, Evolve TakeOver: Fallout. The show took place in the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, and it had some brilliant matches. Insert spoiler alert here. Ah thats your warning. Now these are the results. Bart managed to successfully defend his Global Title again against Johnny Kills. Slim defeated Storm in a one on one match. Peter Wilchester defeated Sameer and Kieron Black in a triple threat match. Brad defeated Ark Universe. And lastlyyyyyy, The Marker beat El Pero De La Najico. Wow, I can still do it all in one breath. News Story #2 Next up is news of a monster trade that occured. I mean a um big trade, not a umm monster one. Because there are no monsters in BPZ. Sorry if I confused you in any way at all, I really didn't mean to I promise I didn't I promise. Well umm yeah. A huge trade was made in the week between 4 of BPZ's best. The Global Champion Bart and LAOCH, were traded for Universal Champion Flynn and Necce. Following the trade, it is unknown what is going to happen with the brand exclusive titles. But we here at BPZ WhatCulture believe that Bart and Flynn will exchange titles. Making this a little bit less of a confusing trade. News Story #3 And to half end this show. The final news story. On the day of this episode going out, Carnage GM Bailey, and Evolve GM Ross, agreed on having the BPZ Draft tonight. Who will go number one? Well, some people we know cannot be number one. This is because each brand are able to save 4 members. Automatically, the 4 men in the trade were saved, meaning each brand actually had 2 saves. And those saves have been made already. Evolve saved Slim and Smith, and Carnage saved Julius and Echo Wilson. Wrestler Of The Week Now the normal segment that ends this amazingly brilliantly good show. Wrestler Of The Week. This week it is easy. Bart. After defending his Global Title yet again in the main event of Fallout, he also made headlines being traded and was saved in the draft. If that isn't a week deserving of Wrestler Of The Week then well, I don't know what is. And that is all we have time for this week on the fast count. I have been Jimmy The Jabroni, I work for BPZ WhatCulture, and I will see you this time next week.
  6. George AK

    Most Overrated Forum Members

    This thread is pretty much the exact same as the list 5 underrated forum members thread, but with overrated people and you only list 3. Enjoy yourself and dont get butthurt.
  7. 1. Ark 2. Brad 3. Josh 4. Jon 5. Yelich
  8. George AK

    Backstage Politics THE GAMESHOW!

    Im in for whenever i can get a slot
  9. George AK

    BPZ Wrestlers Review

    Hello wonderful people. It is me again, I say that a lot don't I. Well, my name is Matt Mattson, I am the man of two first names. And welcome to the BPZ Wrestler Review. This episode is on Brad. After spending days re-writing the script it is ready. So here is the review on the man who is an integral part of BPZ. Brad. Gimmick - 7/10 Due to him being a veteran of the company. Brad naturally has had many many gimmicks over the years. Some great some not so. Angelo Caito was and is amazing. But umm, maybe forget the Adam Blampied gimmick. That was creepy. Apparently Jimmy The Jabroni got banned from watching that because it gave him nightmares. Move-Set - 8/10 The main thing for me when it comes to someones move-set is if it fits their gimmick. And for Brad, sure it does. You rarely if ever see him doing amazing moves that stun the crowd unless the move fits his gimmick. Saying that, he still does find ways for his matches to be extremely enjoyable and apparently he is good to work with. So for me it is an 8 in the move-set area for Brad. Usage - 7/10 Brad is a great wrestler, there is no doubting that point. Even though he does not win every match, he makes things enjoyable. That is why it is frustrating when we see Brad be snubbed titles matches. Him being snubbed his matches means that for me, he is not used brilliantly. History - 9/10 Much like FDS. Brad plays the role he is set very, very well. Wrestled against greats who now are retired too. Lets just hope he is writing the next chapter in his history today. Career Highlights - Brad has had many titles over the years, although the World Heavyweight Title does seem to elude him, it only makes a dent on a strong title resume: 1X BPZ Global Champion 3X BPZ Intercontinental Champion 1X BPZ Premium Champion 1X BPZ Tag Team Champion (W/Echo Wilson as AK-17) 1X BPZ United States Champion 1X & Inagural BPZ NXT Champion Brad Overall - 31/40 Next up, we look into the career of the man who was Brad's partner in his tag team championship reign. Echo Wilson.
  10. George AK

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    Completely agree, it sucks pretty much having the WCF being the NBA Finals right now. But I don't see anything changing soon. Changing the way the playoffs work would be a lot of work. Not just in the post season but they would need to find a new way for the regular season to work. I mean, if we are having a 1-16 playoffs based of the best records in the NBA. Will we even need the Eastern and Western conferences?
  11. George AK

    BPZ Wrestlers Review

    Hi, it is me again. The man with two first names, Matt Mattson. And we are back this week with another BPZ Wrestler Review. And like last time, we look into the career of another seasoned veteran of BPZ. A man who still may add to his resume. This week, we focus on FDS. Gimmick - 8.5/10 Throughout his career, FDS has had many, many gimmicks. They have been good ones. Especially when he went insane and was compared to a goth in promos. He is always able to add unique elements into his gimmick that nobody really thinks of. Little things that stack up to create a great character. This character development is maybe why the fans of BPZ are so intrigued by him. Nevertheless, his gimmicks are always, great. Move-Set - 9/10 As you may know. The most important thing for me when it comes to your move-set is whether it matches your gimmick. There really is no point in having a monster heel be doing high flying move after high flying move as it stuns the crowd, almost turning them onto his side. Especially for the casual fan who tunes in every now and then. But, in the case of FDS. His move-set has always matched his gimmick. He has been in amazing death matches and brawls, as well as technical masterpieces. That is why I give him a 9.5. Usage - 7/10 This is where things start to go downhill for FDS. And it is really something that he cannot control himself, the way he is used. For someone like FDS you would expect him to be used so well, especially with the respect he has built up over the years. But sadly this is not true. FDS has won many titles, but he has also lost most of them very quickly. It is a shame for such a good wrestler. History - 9/10 Although he is not used well. FDS plays a huge part in BPZ history. He has held titles that not many other have, wrestled with greats who have now retired. But himself, he has stayed throughout all of this, thus why I personally mark him highly on his history. Career Highlights - Just like I said in the introduction. FDS has done a lot in his career, although he still has time to add to that, let's see what he has accomplished so far: 1X BPZ Evolve Global Champion 1X & Longest Reigning BPZ Carnage Television Champion 3X BPZ Intercontinental Champion 1X BPZ Premium Champion 2X BPZ Tag Team Champion (W/Jon & Ryan) 1X BPZ European Champion 2X & First Ever BPZ United States Champion FDS Overall - 33.5/40 Next time, we look into Brad. And we mean it this time.
  12. George AK

    [NBA] National Basketball Association Discussion

    This off season has been great so far. Kawhi Leonard ----> Toronto Raptors Demar DeRozan ----> San Antonio Spurs Paul George ----> Oklahoma City Thunder Carmelo Anthony ------> Houston Rockets LeBron James -----> Los Angeles Lakers DeMarcus Cousins ---> Golden State Warriors
  13. George AK

    BPZ Wrestlers Review

    Hello, I am back. Yes, it is me the man with two first names, Matt Mattson. Welcome back to the BPZ Wrestler Review with probably the most controversial figure in BPZ right now Brad. Wait, what do you mean that episode was meant to be months ago and I didn't do it so you burnt the script. Ugh. Looks like we are going to have to come back to Brad sometime in the future. Lets just do an easy new one. Lets go for Nebakos. Gimmick - 9/10 Neb always managed to have fresh gimmicks which kept the fans enticed into what would happen next. Personally, I loved the Nebby Amore gimmick, he played the role so well and you could tell that he was able toe effortlessly pull lines out of nowhere really and make amazing promos. Move-Set - 9/10 Even if you do have, or had good gimmicks like Neb. You always need to be able to back it up in the ring by putting on amazing match after amazing match to keep the fans interested and invested in you. This was something Neb was able to do. He had a lot of great matches in his career. Such a shame we might not be able to see him have one more run. Usage - 9.5/10 Neb was always used brilliantly. BPZ knew he was a star so he was always booked in the biggest and best feuds. History - 9.7/10 Come on. Neb is arguably the GOAT. He changed the company we know today, and although those changes were subtle and beginning to fade away. I am sure they will never be forgotten. Career Highlights - During his career, Neb did a lot. That is the main point of what I have been saying today. Here is a round up of all his accomplishments: 3X BPZ World Heavyweight Champion 1X Money In The Bank Winner Longest Reiging Money In The Bank Briefcase Holder 1X BPZ Intercontinental Champion 1X BPZ Tag Team Champion Nebakos Overall - 37.2/40 Next time, we look into the career of FDS.
  14. George AK

    [NFL] BPZ Fantasy Football 2018/19

    I may as well join to see if I know more about the NFL than I let myself think I do.
  15. George AK

    BPZ Whatculture

    Guess whos back. Back again. Jimmy back, tell your friends. Yess that is right. Mom finally ungrounded me for staying up until 8:30pm and now I am able to be back, presenting my favourite, your favourite, my goldfishes favourite, ummm Jimmy the Jabronis favourite. The fast count. News Story #1 And we start of with the news from the recent pay-per-view King Of The Ring. This show was quickly deemed the most controversial in BPZ history, after some shocking results left uproar. Is that the word. Well thats what it says on the script. It left uproar throughout all of BPZ. Fans were disguised by some of the results, however others rejoiced the outcomes. The main news from this however is the fact that one BPZ wrestler has left the company due to the events of the Intercontinental Championship match, where Sameer won the belt. That wrestler is The Last Emporer. He issued the following statement before his departure. "Now look, I'm not going to judge anyone but what I will say is that if this is how this company is going to be, then it'd be pointless to continue to be here for me personally. So, what im saying is, im done. This is TLE signing off for good. Good luck to all." All of us here at BPZ WhatCulture wish TLE the best of luck in all of his future en-devours. News Story #2 Now we swiftly move from a departure to a return. Yes not just am I back but also is George AK! Yes the now two year veteran returned this week on Carnage with a rather interesting speech which definitely didn't make me scared at all I have no clue what you are on about I didn't cry okay! Umm where was I? Oh yeah. George returned saying what followed was his final mission, he was to locate his brother, who works in BPZ. Look this whole thing is really confusing okay. Lets just move on. News Story #3 Our final story this week is the draft. See I have been grounded for half a year so I am not really sure whether this is news or not so don't egg my house again if it isn't. But it was announced that after Summerslam the BPZ draft will return. One of the most anticipated nights of the year, who will end up where is the main question. Man, the draft really is crazy. Wrestler Of The Week And we are approaching the end of the show now, but before we leave it is time for the wrestler of the week. If you are new or have forgotten this is a weekly segment of the show where I pick the best wrestler of the week and they get their name put into history as one of the people picked as wrestler of the week. I also send them a packet of nacho cheese doritos, but I have never been thanked for that. This week the wrestler of the week is Julius. After winning the United States and World Heavyweight Championship in the same night it is very hard to build a case for anyone else to win wrestler of the week this week. Keep trying though guys. I mean that by the way. This is the only part of the show that gets views. And that is all we have time for this week of the fast count. If you can count fastly to 100 quickerly than me then I will send you the doritos instead of Julius. Come back next week for more of my brilliance, oh and the show will be on too.

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