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  1. BPZ Whatculture

    Hello. I am secret agent 3458. HAHA. Tricked you, its really Jimmy the Jabroni from BPZ WhatCulture. Got ya! Anyway, this is the fast count. We start this episode of the Fast Count with more Survivor Series news. The show itself is this weekend and finally we have a full card for the show. With a great pool of talent that are going to be active on the show. With such matches as Team Smith V Team Flynn, Jonathon V Brad, and The NXT Open Challenge, among many, many more. But, which team is going to win on the weekend, Team Smith or Team Flynn. I say Team Flynn, I mean, I am still scared of his eyes. Jeez. Gives me the spooks. Next up is the shocking news of another BPZ return! This time it is the return of Tamer! I know right! Insane. Returning after Redemption during the celebration of Flynn. The lights went out and the number 5 was distributed on the titantron in blood. Probably not actual blood but yeah. Tamer then went onto cutting one of the best promos in recent times. And I cannot wait to see what he does now. Our third piece of news this week is the completely, crazy, mental, insane news. And it doesn't make any sens at all. Slim has joined the Josh-Tourage. I know right! Mental. But it makes no sense. Slim & Akki have been teaming for a few weeks now so I don't think this is going to happen but I may be wrong, if Slim is joining the Josh-Tourage then they have the tag team titles around their waists already. But I am sceptical though, as Josh announced it and Slim never came out. What will happen? Let me know your opinion in the comments below. Now it is the part of the show where everyone bullies me. Wrestler of the week. This week for somehow managing to get Slim to join himself and George in the Josh-Tourage it is Josh. Wait, maybe, maybe Josh is a secret agent and, and he is gonna get Dan Matha in next. If he does that then he is winning Wrestler Of The Week next week too. Damn. And that is all we have time for this week on the Fast Count. Now its time for me to do as many star-jumps as possible in a minute. So, make sure you tune in for more Fast Count, I have been Jimmy the Jabroni, you already know that and bye!
  2. The Road To Change

    The titantron changes to an image of George AK sitting in an empty waiting room, it seems dull. Just a few chairs scattered around, A few misplaced flowers, and colours that mad the room feel dark. George remained seated until he heard his name, and he got up and walked into a room. Therapist: Hey, George, nice to see you, I brought you here toady as I have seen some problems with your attitude. I frequently watch Carnage and Evolve, and I am really worried about you George. So please open up to me. George: About what, I, I feel fine. Therapist: Do you, are you sure? Tell me George, is there anyone, anything that has been bugging you recently? George: Myself really, but nobody else. Its not important. Therapist: Oh, I think it is. Everything is important. Are you sure there isn't anything important wrong? George: Well, I dont mean its not important, but at the same time, I do. Therapist: Continue, George. You can tell me anything, nothing you say leaves this room. George: I, I was failing class, real bad. I was averaging 5/50 on tests. And, and one day, one day. I was sitting in my dads office, stressed, paranoid, annoyed. I was staring at the blackboard in the corner, as people come into my dads office for a meeting. There were, tens of people in there, including this one women. Whenever I looked up, she seemed more interested on me than on the important meeting that was going on around me, and I realised that. We always linked eyes, whenever I looked up. And I, had no clue who she was, she picked up a marker pen and went to the blackboard. She said "She could see something in me". Something that nobody realised was there, nobody cared to know was there. My parent had given up on me, my friends, well at least I thought they were, my friends turned their back on me. And I saw something different than that in this women, so I looked at the blackboard. The date was 12th January 2004. I will always remember that date. And as she was drawing on the board, she drew pictures. Off a young boy, didn't listen in class, much like me, felt isolated, much like me. And she drew this boy, travelling the world, speaking to millions of people, speaking in front of a million people. Keep in mind at this point. I was failing all classes. Thinking of joining the army, thinking that, that was my only option, other than being homeless. And I was looking up at this drawing on the board, of a boy in the same situation as me, with the opportunity to travel the world, meet and speak to millions of people. After drawing the picture she sat down. And for the rest of that meeting, I was fixated on the drawing. Until the end, where the women came up to me and told me that the drawing was based off of me. I was shocked, I insisted that I would never be able to do that. But look at me now, I have travelled the world, spoke to millions of people. And at the time of me in that meeting, I believed that the important part of the drawing was the boy travelling the world, speaking to millions of people, but I was wrong. The most important thing, the most important lesson I have ever been told was by that woman. You see, now I realised that the important thing in that drawing, you couldn't see. The most important factor was the heart of that boy, the determination. And well, I had that, and that is why I am here today. And that message has stayed present with me ever since. It has protected me, directed me and corrected me many many times. And to quote Denver Washington "Fail Big, thats right. Fail big. You only live once, so do what you feel passionate about, take chances, professionally don't be afraid to fail." Fail big, because when you fail big, you will learn many many more lessons than somebody who changed their answer last minute as the answer came up on the screen in class. And, one thing that always seemed to get me was the old IQ test. Im pretty sure you have seen it, the nine dots. And with five lines you had to connect these dots without letting your pencil leave the paper. And to do it you had to go outside the box. And going outside the box is how you should think in life. That should be the first thing you go to when you are stuck or need help. So don't be afraid to go outside the box, maybe treat it as a boundary, beat that boundary, go pat it. Show everyone who ever doubted you wrong. Dont be afraid. Dont be afraid to fail big, or to dream big. That was my new mentality as the boy in the meeting. And I had to remember that any dreams without goals are worthless. Purely dreams, that will lead to one big pot of disappointment. Im not saying dont have dreams, but have the goal at the end. That is what I remembered as that boy, so I set myself, goals. |For life, for every year, every month, week and day. So I could show that woman that she was right about me, and I could show my parents, show my friends, show them I am and was nowhere near to being a flop. And quickly I realised that achieving these goals, reaching these targets. Was all about showing, heart and determination. The same things that I believed that boy was showing. It got me here, because I worked hard, in every little thing I did. In this world were all we do is text, tweet, snapchat each other. Whatever you do. Remember, there is a difference between looking busy and being busy, there is no point doing loads and loads of things, if there is no goal to get to. And that is very close to another famous Denver Washington quote. Which I am sure I don't have to say. But my main message, throughout what I have been saying in these past minutes. All comes from that woman who believed in me. Aspire to make a difference. After saying these words, George got up and left the room, leaving the therapist alone. After the therapist was sure that George had gone, she said to herself. Therapist: I knew he was going to do big things.
  3. Prince's BPZ FIFA Challenge

    Go on then, when
  4. BPZ Wrestling League

    Wrestlemania Match List John Cena V The Rock (WM28) Stone Cold V Shawn Michaels (WM14) Bryan V Orton V Batista (WM30) Kurt Angle V Brock Lesnar (WM19) Undertaker V Shawn Michaels (WM25) AJ Styles V Shane McMahon (WM33) Bret Hart V Stone Cold (WM13) Rollins V Reigns V Lesnar (WM31) Chris Benoit V Shawn Michaels V Triple H (WM20) Shane McMahon V Mr McMahon (WM17) CM Punk V Undertaker (WM29) Kurt Angle V Shawn Michaels (WM21) Matt Hardy V Jeff Hardy (WM25) Undertaker V Triple H (WM28) Deadline for voting is Friday. Remember you get 5 upvotes and 1 downvote, be sure to DM me your votes on Discord.
  5. BPZ Wrestling League

    Never too late Akki
  6. BPZ Predictions League

    Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto: The Shield vs. The New Day: The Miz vs. Baron Corbin: Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte: The Bar vs. The Usos: Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles: Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Women): Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Men): will there be any surprise returns? No will Carmella cash in? No will there be any sole survivors if so who? Kurt Angle
  7. WWE Offering Survivor Series for $24.99

    I agree ross, good idea but dumb pricing.
  8. Dont they only have 4 women announced, I think if so they will get a big return into their team, and most NXT guys are ruined on the main roster and WWE might do that again by making Asuka lose.
  9. Your Posting Milestones

    400 posts now, road to 500 starts now.
  10. This match, well. Smackdown probably will win (sadly) and it will completely ruin any momentum Asuka had left, so. If that happens, good job WWE

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