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  1. Im back init

    1. JoshsNow


      Welcome back 

    2. Julius01


      Yes Welcome back George 

  2. George AK


    Welcome to the forums, hope you have a good time.
  3. George AK

    BPZ RolePlay

    Slim = Jobber, so not him. I pick Josh.
  4. George AK

    Smith's Graphics

    Could you do me a BROKEN Matt sig pls, thanks.
  5. George AK

    The Fable

    Replays of Josh throwing George down the stairs of his home have been playing over and over for a few weeks of Carnage TV. Some fans have begun to wonder what has happened to George after not seeing him on TV, and him releasing some interesting tweets. Concern rose amongst fans, but all their concerns were put to rest as on the titantron George appears. Many, many fans in the arena go mental. Clearly having new found sympathy for George. As the camera pans out it shows George in a hospital bed. Alone. He is shivering as if he is cold, but laughing simultaneously. The grinding noise of his teeth bouncing off one another are heard, as his cheeks shake too. George - It is weird. Courage. Determination. Power. Tis what a man seeks for in life. Shall that man receive the POWEERRRR, no. That man will seek, that man will try, and try and try. But shall he, do anything. Shall his inner demons be fulfilled, and turned into the great Yukanda. His vessels be transported into a great man, will he be able to insert. INSERT. Insert some normality into the world. Which man should gain this great control over our well being. But me. George sniffs the air, before putting his hand over his face. Bolts of what seem to be energy fly from his hand to his face. His eyes suddenly turn yellow, his hair stands high as if he were just electrocuted. George - And now I say, thy power, determination and courage has been FULFILLED into me internally. I must find the great Yukanda, he has given me this power just received. I need to be able to make up for this OPPORTUNITY bestowed onto my shoulders. I must find a way to INSERT my gift into the world. Into each man and woman. Yeessss. That is how I will show my gratitude to the great Yukanda. When shall I start. Who shall receive the GIIFFTTSSS I have. Oh I know. Mista Jeramiaha. I must INSERT parts of myself into him. INSERT, INSERT. The video ends with George getting up off of the hospital bed and laughing to himself, as the camera pans away and fades to black. Leaving all the fans confused.
  6. I wanna apologise quickly. Last week I made a post saying how I was leaving, but since then I have missed the forums. But at the time of me posting that I was really stressed and a bit down in the dumps. But I am back now and if you want to slate me for it then go ahead.

    1. Poiudust


      Welcome back bud

    2. BrendenPlayz


      great to see you back

  7. George AK

    Until Next Time.....

    Nearly a year ago now, when I came back here I was excited. I have been gone since October 2016 and I thought it was a fresh start for me. It was like I was a new member again. Slim and Prince both asked me to come back so I did and I thank them for doing that.Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to have had the great experiences I have had here on the forums since then. Which for the most part have been great. From August 2017 to mid December 2017 I was really enjoying being a part of the forums. Sure I was nowhere near as good as other people were. In fact I was probably the worst person on the whole forums. But I was having fun. Discord was funny, everything was enjoyable. Then going into 2018 something changed. I wasn't enjoying being here, I was starting to feel more depressed everyday, I have problems outside of the forums I was trying to escape from by going to the forums where I would get taken the piss out of. Not just that though, I was starting to feel singled out. Mods were reprimanding me on my behaviour in chat but when someone else did the exact same thing some of them wouldn't care. This was all at the same time of more stuff outside of the forums in my life being complicated. Everyday I would feel more and more depressed, people would try and help but they had now clue how it felt. You can't just say oh talk to me whenever you want to. Because if I really did tell anyone how I actually felt inside, you wouldn't care. If you now take in mind everything I have just said, I think it wouldn't be a big shock to most of you to when I say that I am leaving the forums. But quickly before I go I want to thank some people. Akki. Akki was probably my best friend on the forums. He was one of 3 or 4 guys who could actually make me laugh. Although we had our ups and downs as friends, with times where we would be at each other's throats constantly, and times where we would go around raiding random discord servers. But no matter what was happening, whenever I would see Akki in chat he would always make me laugh. Whether it was him not knowing what a t-shirt is, or his dog that always used to bark whenever Sameer spoke in chat. But there is also one or two last things I want to say about Akki. For me Akki was one of the most mature people on the forums. When he made jokes he always seemed to know the right time to stop. All that isn’t the only reason I want to thank Akki or all the things I want to thank him for. Another thing I want to thank him for is for rap. Akki showed me a way I could subtly let my feelings out to everyone. I had saw his songs ‘NWH’ and ‘Like A’ and I thought I could do it myself, so I did. But I guess I am cursed here or something as event that turned into a way for me to take digs at other members of the forums and for other members of the forums to take digs at me. Overall though, thanks Akki. The next people I want to thank are the Commonwealth. This might be a bit nostalgic for those who are reading this further on in the future and just remembering this group now. But Ropati and Yelich, they helped me a lot. Not only did they make me not leave the forums in late December, they helped me improve the quality of my posts greatly, and the quality of my kayfabe. Good luck to you guys in the future, hopefully you can get a win for the Commonwealth and thanks. Next up I wanna thank Josh. Before I joined the Josh-Tourage with Josh I was seen as a guy who was going to win a title in a dead division. If you compare that to when the Josh-Tourage split up, I was the second longest reigning NXT Champ in history, had almost won the Tag Team Championships twice and was set for a big feud. I feel like as well as the Commonwealth. Josh gave me the confidence to post the amount of times that I was. He helped me be able to keep 4 or 5 diaries updated. Not just that though he also helped me have the best night of my career. Me and Josh was the hottest feud going into Night Of Legends, where not only did I manage to beat him, the Commonwealth was born. Sorry for bailing on the rest of our feud going into mania, but thanks Josh. Now I am going to speed the pace of this up a bit. I wanna thank Nate and Smith now. I feel as if they kinda knew what sort of mood I was in all the time, whether it was Nate being lenient to me in chat when he could tell I was pissed off. Or both of them messing around with me on PS. Thanks to you both. And also R.I.P. Donkey. Ark now. Although it might not seem like me and Ark were friends, I counted us as friends. He allowed me to do BPZ Whatculture which was what I probably enjoyed doing the most. So on behalf of Jimmy The Jabroni, thanks. Brad and BiC now. I am putting these guys together as they both kind of did the same thing for me. They both were always open to me and funny at times. Whether it was me and BiC’s legendary Gucci Gang discord DM (Where we posted Gucci Gang 500,000 times) or Brad managing to always come into chat at the right time to be able to just put “O”. Thanks guys. Now I wanna thank the man of many names, Kazma, Poidust, Poinight, Enlightenment. Whatever you wanna call him. Poi was a good friend for me. We did used to talk in DM a lot. It was mainly him opening up to me about his problems and me doing the same. He made me realise that there are much worse things that can happen to me in my life. So for that thanks Poi. Last person I wanna thank is Brenden. The creator. Thanks for making the forums an enjoyable place for people, whilst it didn’t end great for me I can tell why people enjoy their time here. Thanks. Overall, I don’t know if I will come back here one day. I don’t know if I will ever talk to any of you guys again. I might come into chat every now and then just to say hello and see how people are doing. But I don’t know if I will be posting again here in the future, not ruling it out. Just not sure. George AK out.
  8. Just wanna apologise to everyone I have annoyed or been a dick too in chat lately. Got an operation soon so I am just worried about that tbh. But your gonna see a new me from now on.

    1. Kyle


      You've been a dick? Seriously have not noticed but if you have been respect for apologizing, I want to wish you some good luck on your surgery. 

    2. Nanovirus


      You were a dick? You've been the same for me. Unless me being a asshole and you acting like one is normal talk for us both, who knows.

    3. Poiudust


      You were a dick? You’ve seemed fairly normal. Good luck on your surgery. Hope things work out

  9. George AK

    Improve The User Above

    Make sure you know the right places to post certain things. Dont just cancel a diary if it isnt going well, try to make it more interesting instead. Dont make one diary and then say that you are coming back out and say something different. Either make 2 separate ones or one big one.
  10. George AK

    EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand Votings

    These votings are based just off of kayfabe not forum contributions
  11. George AK

    Sticks And Stones

    On the go-home show for Carnage ahead of the St Valentine's Day Massacre pay-per-view. The titantron goes form black, to being occupied by the face of GeorgeAK. He is at his home, sitting on a brown leather chair. Behind him is a rug, and a white fireplace with a small flame encased in it. The fireplace is flanked by two bookshelves filled with all sorts of historic novels, by authors such as Charles Dickins, Jane Austin and Agatha Christie. Mounted on the walls are shelves with vases and jugs on. And tied to the walls are Commonwealth flags. In front of the chair George is sat on is a coffee table, with a brandy snifter on it. George pours himself a glass of brandy. He takes a swig and begins to speak. George - They say, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words cannot do a thing. Keep that in mind. Because you see, I don't agree with that. Not because of anything that has ever been said to me, no. Instead because of words I have dished out to people myself. You see, last week on Carnage, I was attacked. You all saw it, some of you sick people even cheered it. The moment where, I was merely doing what I am payed to do time and time again. That is coming out into the ring and having to put up with the constant abuse hurled at me for no logical reason. By fans who pay to see me, they know when they buy tickets to see Carnage that they are going to be able to see the three best members on the paycheck of BPZ, them being Ropati, Peter Wilchester and myself. But whenever we come out and make the money that they paid to see us worth it, what happens. They try and take over, they try to be something that they are not. They try to get involved, but who asked them too. George stops himself, takes another sip of brandy and a deep breath. Before going again. George - But, that isn't even the worst part of this story. This isn't even the beginning of it. In fact, the start of this story is actually Night Of Legends, the night where I beat Josh in a street fight match, finally making him pay for wasting months of my career. And he couldn't cope with that. He could not cope with the fact that I am much better than he is or will ever be. So he went and retired. He threw another little hissy fit and decided he wanted a career change. George chuckles to himself. He again sips his brandy and goes again. George - So I went and did the honourable thing. I held a retirement party for you Josh. I was the only one who cared, but you came and spoilt your own party. But why did you come out and spoil it. Because you could not handle the truth. Every single word I said that night was true, and for you those words hit harder than anything you had ever faced on your life, because it made you try and defend yourself in an infamous way.... Suddenly a car pulling up outside can be heard, quickly followed by a huge smash, as the cameraman falls to the floor. With the last image he caught being the look of shock and horror planted on the face of George.
  12. I have an idea to control behaviour of common offenders in chat. We could introduce a report for those people, for example you can get a maximum of 3 ticks per day based off of your behaviour in chat, but if u misbehave you get a cross. And if you get a certain amount of crosses in a week then u get banned from chat for a few days, whereas if you get loads of ticks you are no longer on report. Lemme know what you guys think.
  13. George AK

    Your BPZ predictions for 2018!

    That went well lads.
  14. George AK

    Top Female Star Rumoured to be turning Heel

    I don't think that they should turn Bayley heel. I dont think her personality would suit it and if your coming off the back of a gimmick where you just hug people, then how are you going to get heat? I think if they turn any of the top women heel it should be Sasha.
  15. George AK

    NXT Holding Tryouts For Several Names

    Good to have tryouts for fresh blood, but I don't think that any of these guys will be big in the WWE. I mean try and imagine Roman Reigns, AJ Styles or John Cena facing someone called Todd Clever.

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