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  1. I like Bashs idea of him returning as a part of the club. However, it is unrealistic and something we have been wanting since 2016. So I very much doubt that it will happen. Balor needs this little break and it will be great for him to recharge and get a good rest whilst the creative team can think of something else for him to do.
  2. At least the match wont be a trainwreck. Obviously the biggest draw isn't going to be the womens title match. Although we all want the match to be good, we need those bathroom breaks. Natalya is better than people make out she is, and working with Becky, they for sure will be able to have a decent match.
  3. GeorgeAK

    WWE Reborn

    Your shows are really well written. Im a bit disappointed that after reading the "and his name is John Cena" line that no music started blaring out. On a serious note however, ur shows are well written and ur storyline development is really good. I like how you are using news snippets to advance storylines as that is something I have done in the past. Keep it up.
  4. At the moment english football is in a blimp. The national squad are poor and although there is a fair amount of young talent working their way up, they may become the next Ravel Morrison. This is because of their treatment. In other countries, their national leagues are littered with players playing in their national countries. Like, the Italian, German and French leagues are mainly full of players of that nationality. However, in England, even newly promoted sides are looking abroad for new signings to help them stay up. With Wolves essentially buying half of the Portugal squad for last season. With teams sending their English players either into lower leagues or abroad to shine in other countries. Not only does this hinder their development, but in cases like Jadon Sancho a player could develop into a great player but have no experience playing with or against other english players. Meaning their international performances are strongly affected in a negative manor. How do you battle this? Its simple, the FA have to take action, putting a new rule in that a squad must have a certain amount of English players in their team each Premier League season. Currently their is a similar rule, the foreign nation rule. Which permits each team a maximum of 17 foreign players in their squad. However, it doesn't state they must have a full 25 man squad. It just says the maximum you are allowed is 25. So some sides have 17 foreign players and 4 or 5 english players. To combat this, I would change the rule, instead of capping the amount of foreign players, set a minimum bar of the minimum number of English players you must have in their squad. Lets say at 10 perhaps. This would force clubs to not loan away young players for no reason (Of course if a player needs to be loaned out because they are too young or just not good enough then that is acceptable) instead giving them a chance. For example, Liverpool could have their 10 players be: Henderson, Lallana, Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gomez, Alexander-Arnold, Kent, Brewster, Jones and Clyne. Personally, I feel like this would start to solve the problem. As if we give our young players a chance then they will have more belief. It could potentially lead to other nations coming in for our youngsters, just like how Bayern are in for Hudson-Odoi right now. Let me know what you think.
  5. Was gonna put Sweet Caroline here after yesterday but i've been spamming that enough. So check out this:
  6. MOTN for me as well. Thoroughly enjoyed this match. Although there was the botch, the spots in the match were good and it was enjoyable to see two guys who looked like unstoppable forces collide in a fierce battle to put the other down for 10 seconds. I really enjoyed the match and I feel like the right man won in Braun as he needs to try and get some of the heat he once had back. Hopefully this isn't the last of their feud and we can get something fresh or another stipulation for Summerslam.
  7. The WWE need to just pick one champion and run with it. With the way the guys near the IC title are being treated recently, it is clear to see the lack of faith installed into them by the WWE. For this title to be important, you can't have title changes as frequent as the 24/7 title. Its outrageous. Also, how is Balor vs Nakamura on the kickoff show? That easily could have main evented if it were for a belt that wasn't being mistreated severely.
  8. I would have won that triple threat with one arm tied behind my back! Nah fr, this is great so far, would be better if you added commentary but I understand that that can take a long time. Keep this up.
  9. Yay finally, please say this feud is over. Lacey Evans needs a career change and I hope that we can have a decent title feud now that Brock has the strap.
  10. Good match. I feel like both guys were holding back a little bit, potentially hinting at a rematch in the near future like at Summerslam. Where there could hopefully be some high impact spots.
  11. Philly arent a playoff contender for me. I see them as a regular season team, their young core just cant do it in the playoffs and they will struggle to get of the east again this year, with either the Bucks or Nets taking them down imo. Also as Julius said I dont think the Spurs will make the playoffs. I would say that one of the LA teams will win the NBA.
  12. I don't watch much indie wrestling. But from what I have saw and considering you guys havent put the big names, I am going to go with Joe Hendry. Hes a decent wrestler with a lot of charisma who is great on the mic.

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