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  1. I am the type of person where I feel like I have to be making visible progress all the time to make what I am doing feel worthwhile. I can't allow myself to work hard with something unless I get some sort of reward in the end. But its weird because the reward I want to get is like this made up fixation in my head. I know it will never happen yet I still grasp at straws to get it. It won't ever come and I know that yet still I want it to. The point is, I am not happy being me. I'm tired of telling myself everyday that everything will be okay. I'm tired of making jokes about how I feel to hide the pain. I guess I just see rain when everyone else sees sunshine. But I get an umbrella out and try to guard myself. Its weird and dumb but it is just how I feel. This whole thing probably makes zero sense and I am probably just rambling on and on. My life is a cycle. I find something that I am happy doing and I enjoy it for a certain amount of time, then I reach a stalemate. I hit a wall that I can't get through. From then on doing that thing feels like a chore and it feels like I am wasting myself and what I am doing with myself. But still, I make the choice myself to keep on doing that thing. Bringing my morale further and further down. Right now the thing that is bringing me further and further down is living. Why do we live? For higher powers that we will most likely never meet to order us around and tell us what we can and can't do in our own lives. I don't want that. I just want a life where I am free. Free from myself. Free from the constraints that I hold against myself to try and keep myself on track. I just want to be happy. But I probably never will be. Its been like 3, 4 years and still people are saying it will get better eventually. And I have waited, and waited and waited for so long but still there has been no improvement at all. So I guess the problem isn't society, if these people who say this to me are so sure of it. It has probably happened to other people. Meaning I am the problem. I feel pressurised. Stuck. There are so many problems in my head. Everyday I think of another 20 at least. All I want is a simple life. A happy life, I can't even remember the last time I was even happy. And all of this I have said is only a little inside into how I feel right now. I am sorry for always clogging up the forums with this kind of stuff. But I promise I won't do that anymore. I can't stay. You guys are all amazing and being here has acted like a painkiller to everything that has been going on to me. But eventually, when you take the same painkiller again and again. It loses its affect. And I guess the affect has worn off. I want to go and try and be someone. I want to try and be myself and make myself into a well known name. And it is all planned out in my head what I want to do. I just have to get up and actually do it. That all starts with me just saying goodbye.
  2. Another injury costing us a promising womens wrestler. It just shows how important it is for companies to make sure that their wrestlers are ok. As stress injuries are getting more common.
  3. GeorgeAK

    WWE Battles

    Elimination Chamber vs Hell In A Cell Last Man Standing vs TLC vs Iron Man (TLC & LMS tied so both advance) Singles vs Street Fight
  4. Source - PWInsider.com More stuff announced for Raw. Show should be decent.
  5. GeorgeAK

    War Between Worlds

    Kenny Omega vs Dolph Ziggler AJ Styles vs Jay White Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks PAC vs Tomasso Ciampa Shingo Takagi vs Will Ospreay Seth Rollins vs Johnny Gargano
  6. Everyone be sleeping on Leicester. SMH! Im gonna rank the important bits of the league. 1. Liverpool (This is more me hoping they do it rather than me being confident) 2. Man City 3. Tottenham 4. Arsenal (Why are people not saying Arsenal are a top 4 team, all they needed was a playmaking midfielder and they got Ceballos) 5. Man U (Slightly better defence than Chelsea do) 6. Chelsea 7. Leicester (Wouldn't be surprised if they got top 6) 18. Newcastle 19. Brighton 20. Aston Villa (THE VILLAS GOING DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWNNNN) Elsewhere - Wolves have a poor season as they are not able to cope with the Europa League. Pretty much switch league position with Burnley, who struggled last year because of the Europa League but should do fine now. Bournemouths lack of a solid CB haunts them again and they have a collapse at some point in the season that prevents them from getting 7th. West Hams injuries cost them 7th. Pukki carries Norwich (Like I said before the season) Sheffield United beat expectations by finishing as a lower mid table team. Watford struggle as they are used to having new systems every season as they usually have a new boss everywhere. This pre-season must have been different to their previous ones. They will struggle.
  7. Had to post the old-school classic.
  8. Ricochet vs Samoa Joe = W Baron Corbin vs Cedric Alexander = L All I hope from tonights raw is that it is entertaining. Not much more. I just want the show to be watchable. As for King Of The Ring, I hope that we get to see a Ricochet vs Cedric Alexander final for Raw. I doubt it though. With the way they have been booking Corbin recently, I see him beating Cedric and facing probably Samoa Joe in the Raw final. Which will probably be a snooze-fest.
  9. GeorgeAK


    With School and Work approaching, I am 100% sure that my routine will be changing a lot soon. But as of right now normally I try and find time to talk in discord and post on the forums. Sometimes I chill on PS4 or just play basketball in my back garden.
  10. How are we all doing. Me? Fine, spectacular you could say. I am Jimmy the Jabroni and this is the BPZ Observer. Today we have, some BPZ Twitter for you all. So without further ado. Lets get into the tweets. Well. That was something. Anyway, that is all we have for you in store today here at the BPZ Observer! I have been your host Jimmy the Jabroni. And be sure to come back soon!
  11. Ultimate Warrior Vs Hulk Hogan for sure
  12. Neville Cedric Alexander Buddy Murphy Drew Gulak Tony Nese Rich Swann Enzo Amore TJP Brian Kendrick Kalisto Akira Tozawa
  13. Ziggler and Roode will proably win. Rollins and Braun will argue or something after the match and that tension will flow over into their universal championship match later on. The tag team division for Raw is just really confusing right now. It makes barely any sense to me as for why they are passing up on so many other tag teams. You literally have guys right there in front of you that have been working together for a long time and have done well together for a long time and you are passing up on them for people who were thrown together at the last moment? They really need to sort it out.
  14. Bayley is kinda boring as champ. She has been pretty much the same since 2016 it feels like. And she needs to have a little bit of time to add something new to her character. Meanwhile, as others have said Charlotte has shown in the past she can have a good title reign. And I feel like now is the time to give her another one.

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