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  1. CM PUNK Gimmick - 9.5/10 Punk's gimmick was amazing, during his time he was exactly what the WWE needed. He interested fans and boosted ratings. All due to his amazing gimmick. Move-Set - 7.5/10 Although Punk was never bad in the ring, he was never the best in-ring performer. He was good, don't get me wrong, and him being good helped him develop his promos and character as a whole as what he said was more believable because his move-set matched his I don't care, I will do what I want kind of gimmick. Usage - 8.5/10 The summer of Punk was amazing, his promos were great, the Undertaker feud was good too. But despite all of this, we all know Punk was not used perfectly. He was used well, but in some areas he could have been used better. History - 7/10 Punks time with the WWE was short and sweet. He managed to do a lot during his time and therefore proved how he is an amazing wrestler. MATCH REVIEW CM Punk Vs John Cena (MITB 2011) This match really showed just how good CM Punk was, the build up to the match was immense and the performances from both men were fantastic. This match really typified just how good CM Punk is. Every involved for him in the match was good, with the match possibly being one of the best this decade. CM Punk Overall - 32.5/40
  2. In no particular order. Bob Marker Brad Josh Poi (Back when he was here)
  3. I really can't rank the top 5 so take this as being in no particular order. Bart Julius Necce Smith Flynn
  4. REBUILDING THE BULLS 2020-21 Season Roster - Zach LaVine - SG - 25 - 88 Lauri Markkanen - PF - 23 - 87 R.J. Barrett - SF - 20 - 85 Wendell Carter Jr - C - 21 - 83 Kelly Olynyk - C - 29 - 80 Kelly Oubre Jr - SF - 24 - 80 R.J. Hampton - PG - 19 - 80 Mitchell Robinson - C - 22 - 79 Shabazz Napier - PG - 29 - 78 Landry Shamet - SG - 23 - 77 Walter Lemon Jr - PG - 28 - 74 Mike Scott - PF - 32 - 73 Tyler Bey - SG - 22 - 73 * P.J. Washington - PF - 22 - 73 Marcos Louzado-Silva - SG - 22 - 71 * = Assigned to Windy City Bulls Rotation - R.J. Hampton 35 Mins Zach LaVine 35 Mins R.J. Barrett 35 Mins Lauri Markkanen 35 Mins Wendell Carter Jr 35 Mins Kelly Oubre Jr 20 Mins Kelly Olynyk 15 Mins Mitchell Robinson 12 Mins Shabazz Napier 10 Mins Landry Shamet 8 Mins SEASON OVERVIEW Things started off well for us, getting a good few wins under our belt early on. We had a good record at 14-7 but then we had a 9 game loss streak and now we sit in a poor position at 16-18 and sitting at the 9th position in the east. Things started to get better for us heading towards the all star break. Getting up onto 26-26 when the all star captains were announced. Yet again we had no all star players and we were in a precarious position. We were extremely inconsistent for the rest of the season, ending up with a 38-44 record, missing out on playoff basketball by 1 game. Our losses came in groups and our wins by themselves. Here are the season awards - MVP - James Harden 32.6 Points 6.4 Rebounds 9.4 Rebounds 2 Steals ROTY - LaMelo Ball 19.1 Points 2.5 Rebounds 7.2 Assists 2 Steals 6th Man - Enes Kanter 16.4 Points 10.7 Rebounds DPOY - Giannis Antetokounmpo 28 Points 11.5 Rebounds 6 Assists 1.7 Steals 2.4 Blocks MIP - Michael Porter Jr 17 Points 5.2 Rebounds 1.3 Assists 1.2 Steals COTY - Tyronn Lue All-NBA 1st Team G - James Harden G - Stephen Curry F - Giannis Antetokounmpo F - Zion Williamson C - Nikola Jokic All-NBA 2nd Team G - Russell Westbrook G - John Wall F - Kawhi Leonard F - Luka Doncic C - Anthony Davis All-NBA 3rd Team G - Damian Lillard G - Chris Paul F - Kevin Durant F - Kristaps Porzingis C - Joel Embiid All-Defensive 1st Team G - Russell Westbrook G - Victor Oladipo F - Giannis Antetokounmpo F - Kawhi Leonard C - Anthony Davis All-Defensive 2nd Team G - John Wall G - Chris Paul F - Zion Williamson F - Robert Covington C - Rudy Gobert All-Rookie 1st Team G - LaMelo Ball G - R.J. Hampton G - Anthony Edwards G - Theo Maledon F - Isaiah Stewart All-Rookie 2nd Team G - Ayo Dosunmu G - Cole Anthony G - Kevin Porter Jr F - Kahil Whitney C - James Wiseman Playoffs 1st Round Eastern Conference Cleveland Cavaliers 3-4 Washington Wizards Milwaukee Bucks 4-0 Atlanta Hawks Philadelphia 76ers 4-3 Detroit Pistons Boston Celtics 4-3 New York Knicks Western Conference Houston Rockets 4-1 Minnesota Timberwolves Phoenix Suns 3-4 Denver Nuggets Oklahoma City Thunder 1-4 Los Angeles Lakers Utah Jazz 4-0 New Orleans Pelicans 2nd Round Eastern Conference Milwaukee Bucks 4-2 Washington Wizards Boston Celtics 3-4 Philadelphia 76ers Western Conference Houston Rockets 4-0 Denver Nuggets Utah Jazz 2-4 Los Angeles Lakers Conference Finals Eastern Conference Philadelphia 76ers 4-3 Milwaukee Bucks Western Conference Houston Rockets 4-0 Los Angeles Lakers NBA Finals Houston Rockets 4-1 Philadelphia 76ers Finals MVP - James Harden
  5. Troydan - Really funny youtuber, makes NBA 2k content. Pack openings are a speciality of his as well as hosting tournament every sunday night. He always finds a way to make each video entertaining and funny. 2 Hype - 2 Hype are basically the american version of the sidemen. They are a group of basketball/2k youtubers who all live in the same house and make videos together. They are really funny and watching their videos is great entertainment. A few members of 2 Hype are: Jesser, Kristopher London, Jiedel and Zack TTG. The Football Terrace - Not many of you will know about this guy. He's called Terry and he runs his own youtube talk show for football. He normally livestreams transfer updates or match reactions and lets his viewers call up to have their say. KOT4Q - Another basketball youtuber, Kenny does quizzes and videos about the NBA. They normally are quite serious videos as oppose to some youtubers who will do this as a joke. But despite this Kenny makes it entertaining enough for me to click on his videos whenever I see a new upload. Sunless Khan - A Rocket League youtuber who does experiments to find out stuff about the game that we as players never knew. He invents new gamemodes and plays them with his friends and his videos are quite good.
  6. I always kinda stick to the same few games. As I have had exams recently, I haven't been playing many games so I didn't want to start learning how to play a new game during the exam period. Normally, I play either: Rocket League because im pretty good at it and I enjoy it, NBA 2k19 I have been getting into My Team for the first time ever as well as doing rebuilds and playing park. Lastly I have been playing Fifa 19, although there are some glitches with Fifa, there are glitches with every major sports game. I enjoy playing fifa because normally I do 8 man tournaments with my friends double elimination style and its quite entertaining when everyone is getting mad or trash-talking each other.
  7. A few songs I've been enjoying recently: Makin Moves - Dbae Tha Truth Ft D-Rock Ransom - Lil Tecca Sanguine Paradise - Lil Uzi Vert
  8. REBUILDING THE BULLS POST SEASON 2020-21 Player Retirements - Zach Randolph, Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson, J.J. Barea Draft Lottery Results 1) Orlando Magic 2) New York Knicks 3) Chicago Bulls 4) Indiana Pacers 5) Minnesota Timberwolves 6) Charlotte Hornets 7) Brooklyn Nets 8.) Phoenix Suns 9) Celtics (Via MEM) 10) San Antonio Spurs 11) Los Angeles Clippers 12) Detroit Pistons 13) Los Angeles Lakers 14) Hawks (Via DAL) Amazing draft lottery for us, potentially we could draft a Point Guard, or look into trading the pick for an established superstar. Staff Signing Only one change for us as we sign Kuba Gooding a great Head Scout. NBA Draft 1) Magic select Anthony Edwards 2) Knicks select Isaiah Stewart 3) Bulls select R.J. Hampton 4) Pacers select James Wiseman 5) Timberwolves select LaMelo Ball 6) Hornets select Ochai Agbaji 7) Nets select Jalen Smith 8.) Suns select Bryan Antoine 9) Celtics select Cole Anthony 10) Spurs select Precious Achiuwa 11) Clippers select Kahlil Whitney 12) Pistons select Theo Maledon 13) Lakers select Trendon Watford 14) Hawks select Scottie Lewis Great draft for us, we finally patch the hole in our team that was the Point Guard position, allowing us to let Derrick Rose walk in free agency. We also drafted two Shooting Guards in the second round: Tyler Bey and Marcos Louzado-Silva. Player/Team Options Lauri Markkanen, Wendell Carter Jr, Mitchell Robinson, Landry Shamet and Chandler Hutchinson were all under team options. We accepted all of them for 2 years apart from Lauri who is on 1 year. Kelly Olynyk also accepted his player option. Whilst this isn’t terrible for us it also isn’t good as he takes up 13 mil of our cap space, perhaps we will look into trading him. Free Agency We had a couple of free agents, we let Derrick Rose, Lance Stephenson, Trey Burke and Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot all walk. Meanwhile we signed Kelly Oubre Jr, Shabazz Napier and Mike Scott. So we had backups and because we needed 14 players. Training Camps Zach LaVine - Perimeter Shooting R.J. Hampton - Combo Guard TRADE ALERT! Chicago Bulls trade Chandler Hutchinson, 2022 1st round top 10 protected, 2021 2nd round NO swap best (CHI), 2022 2nd round CHI swap best (DET), 2024 2nd round unprotected to the Washington Wizards for 2021 1st round unprotected, P.J. Washington and 2023 1st round lottery protected.
  9. GeorgeAK


    Twas the night after the BPZ Power Trip Cup. An air of jubilance filled the crowd after an outstanding pay per view with many marque matches. Each fan in the arena was exuberant, exhilarate and extremely excited for the night of action that stood before them on carnage. As every fan intensely waited for anything to happen, the titantron image changed. Showing the insides of a house. A wooden coffee table, next to a fireplace that wasn’t lit. On the floor multiple bottles of Jack Daniels and cans of Fosters. An ashtray had been knocked over, and a second was completely full. On the coffee table were 5 packets of cigarettes scattered around. As the camera panned around, it focused on the owner of the house, a man dressed in a gown, with slippers on. As the camera panned up, it was evident that the man who owned the house was retired BPZ superstar George AK. His hands were shaking, his entire body tense. He seemed to be vibrating like a particle full of energy. Tears dropped down his cheeks. He looked lost, empty. “It’s done, I’ve done it again. Always me, I always get myself into these kind of situations. I’ve let them down, why can’t I do it. I’m a coward, I make promises, ask for the world from everyone, and in return they get one week. One week of me. One week of me talking to them just for me to return to hibernation once again. Why? Always was me, always will be me. I’ve had my glory days, I ruined them. I’ve had my chances, had my time. Why can’t I accept that I am over?” “I arrive, I make promises that I full well know I can’t keep. I ask questions of myself that I have never ever asked before and don’t ever wanna ask again. Then I go, I leave everyone wondering, why? Sometimes I think, what is the point. Why do I do all of this, why do I bail out whenever the time suits me.” “Then I realised because it is me, it’s in my nature. I can’t control and I damn well don’t want it to happen. But I am hopeless, there is genuinely nothing that I can do to stop it. I am inferior, it is superior to me. And that thing that is superior is also me. I am so little and so much. I ask for the world and try to take it away from every single person who deserves it for my own personal demand.” “I am not a good person, but I wouldn’t say I am a bad one. I am challenged, by myself. My day to day life is restricted by me. And I need to change that. But, I can’t I have tried time and time again to make the change that will make my life an easier one, a better one. And sometimes it takes everything away from you.” “And then you hit rock bottom, and I know that feeling myself, as you can see. You turn to anything. You have no friends because your false pretences have steered them clear of you. You see, my only friend is the bottom of the bottle, the lighter that sparks my own demise. I don’t do it to myself purposely, but at the same time I do.” “That’s why I need to change. I need to alter things about my life. Go back to the drawing board and think. Strategize, think. Even though I have done all I think I can, I can’t give in. I have to fight on. I am seen as a quitter, a coward and a joke. But they don’t know the truth” “Because I’m not. I know I have something inside me. I can make a change, I have to. There is a fire inside of me, one that I have to try and show. Can I? Who knows, who cares. Me. Living like this isn’t me, this isn’t who I am. Why do I treat myself like this? Why do I do it to myself, I have to change. So I will. ” George stands up, looks around and leaves the cluttered room. Evidently distraught by what he has let himself become. As the titantron fades to black.
  10. Well, I mean it clearly has to be Taker Vs Michaels at WM. Nothing else has even came close to that.
  11. REBUILDING THE BULLS 2019-20 Season Roster - Zach LaVine - SG - 24 - 86 Lauri Markkanen - PF - 22 - 83 Derrick Rose - PG - 31 - 81 R.J. Barrett - SF - 19 - 80 Kelly Olynyk - PF - 28 - 79 Wendell Carter Jr - C - 20 - 78 Mitchell Robinson - C - 21 - 77 Landry Shamet - SG - 22 - 76 Trey Burke - PG - 26 - 74 Rodney McGruder - SG - 28 - 74 Lance Stephenson - SF - 29 - 74 Walter Lemon Jr - PG - 27 - 73 Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot - SF - 24 - 71 * Chandler Hutchinson - SF - 23 - 71 * Antonio Blakeney - SG - 23 - 71 * = Assigned to the Windy City Bulls Rotation - PG - Derrick Rose 33 Mins SG - Zach LaVine 35 Mins SF - R.J. Barrett 35 Mins PF - Lauri Markkanen 35 Mins C - Wendell Carter Jr 33 Mins 6 - Kelly Olynyk 20 Mins 7 - Mitchell Robinson 17 Mins 8 - Landry Shamet 12 Mins 9 - Trey Burke 10 Mins 10 - Lance Stephenson 10 Mins SEASON OVERVIEW The season started shakily, we were losing games early on, probably down to the low chemistry of the team. We managed to pull it back but we didn’t get above .500 for the entire of 2019. Going into the new year we sat at a record of 14-19. Our team chemistry was at 84% and we were the 9 seed. Getting in the playoffs was an option, but we needed to do well. As we approached the trade deadline, we managed to pull things back and get above .500. Although we didn’t have any all stars in our roster we managed to get a record of 28-25. We decided not to make any changes to the roster, as we sat as the 6th seed. However, when things began to look better for us, we went on a horrible losing streak. A month after having a positive record, we ended up at 31-39 and at the 10 seed. As this point we decided to give our experienced players less minutes and give more to our younger players so we could try and get as high as a pick as possible. At the end of the season we ended up with a losing record of 33-49 and as the 12th seed in the east. The season awards finished as follows: MVP - Stephen Curry 37.5 Points 6.8 Rebounds 7.6 Assists ROTY - Zion Williamson 21.9 Points 8.3 Rebounds 5.2 Assists 2 Steals 2 Blocks 6th Man - Montrezl Harrell 14.7 Points 8.1 Rebounds 1.4 Blocks DPOY - Giannis Antetokounmpo 27.5 Points 12.2 Rebounds 1.9 Steals 2.4 Blocks MIP - Marvin Bagley III 17.8 Points 9.4 Rebounds 1 Steal 1.9 Blocks COTY - Mike D’Antoni All-NBA 1st Team G - Stephen Curry G - Damian Lillard F - Giannis Antetokounmpo F - Zion Williamson C - Nikola Jokic All-NBA 2nd Team G - James Harden G - Russell Westbrook F - Kawhi Leonard F - Paul George C - Anthony Davis All-NBA 3rd Team G - Ben Simmons G - Kyrie Irving F - LeBron James F - Kristaps Porzingis C - Nikola Vucevic All-Defensive 1st Team G - John Wall G - Victor Oladipo F - Giannis Antetokounmpo F - Kawhi Leonard C - Anthony Davis All-Defensive 2nd Team G - Russell Westbrook G - Chris Paul F - Draymond Green F - Paul George C - Rudy Gobert All-Rookie 1st Team G - Ja Morant G - Darius Garland G - Coby White F - Zion Williamson F - R.J. Barrett All-Rookie 2nd Team G - Jarrett Culver G - Nickiel Alexander-Walker F - Sekou Doumbouya F - Michael Porter Jr F - Nassir Little Player Stats (Just For Starting 5) Zach LaVine 21 Points 4 Rebounds 4.1 Assists 0.8 Steals 0.2 Blocks R.J. Barrett 17 Points 6 Rebounds 6.7 Assists 1.5 Steals 0.4 Blocks Derrick Rose 16 Points 1.8 Rebounds 4.8 Assists 0.8 Steals 0.2 Blocks Lauri Markkanen 14.2 Points 7.8 Rebounds 0.6 Assists 0.7 Steals 0.4 Blocks Wendell Carter Jr 10.4 Points 7.9 Rebounds 2.7 Assists 0.8 Steals 2.4 Blocks Playoffs 1st Round Eastern Conference Philadelphia 76ers 4-1 Miami Heat Toronto Raptors 4-2 Washington Wizards Cleveland Cavaliers 4-3 Milwaukee Bucks Boston Celtics 2-4 Atlanta Hawks Western Conference Houston Rockets 4-0 Sacramento Kings Denver Nuggets 3-4 Portland Trail Blazers Oklahoma City Thunder 2-4 New Orleans Pelicans Utah Jazz 4-2 Golden State Warriors 2nd Round Eastern Conference Philadelphia 76ers 2-4 Toronto Raptors Cleveland Cavaliers 3-4 Atlanta Hawks Western Conference Houston Rockets 4-2 Portland Trail Blazers Utah Jazz 2-4 New Orleans Pelicans Conference Finals Eastern Conference Toronto Raptors 4-2 Atlanta Hawks Western Conference Houston Rockets 4-3 New Orleans Pelicans NBA Finals Houston Rockets 4-3 Toronto Raptors Finals MVP - James Harden
  12. Fifa 08 on the DS on Christmas, throwback right there.
  13. GeorgeAK


    Cya later Storm. I always tried to mentor you when u started so its kinda sad to see u go, i'll still check in on ur youtube to see how you're doing every now and then.
  14. REBUILDING THE BULLS POST SEASON Player Retirements - Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki, Jamal Crawford, Tyson Chandler, Nene, Dwyane Wade, Kyle Korver HOF Inductees - Dirk Nowitzki, Dwyane Wade, Vince Carter Draft Lottery Results 1) Mavericks 2) Cavaliers 3) Grizzlies 4) Knicks 5) Suns 6) Bulls 7) Hawks 8.) Wizards 9) Pelicans 10) Celtics (Via MIN) 11) Lakers 12) Heat 13) Celtics (Via SAC) 14) Hornets Quite a disappointing draft lottery as we end up with the 6 pick. We desperately need a guard so I am going to try and trade up to get Ja Morant or RJ Barrett. If we can’t then we just have to hope someone falls to us like Coby White or Keldon Johnson. Staff Signing During the staff signing period, we sacked our head coach and signed Michael Stauffer. We also tried to get a trainer as currently we had none. We ended up getting Sean Lee. NBA DRAFT 1) Mavericks select Ja Morant 2) Cavaliers select Zion Williamson TRADE ALERT! Memphis Grizzlies trade their 3rd overall pick to the Cavaliers for Kevin Love and a 2021 1st round lottery protected pick 3) Cavaliers select Nickeil Alexander-Walker TRADE ALERT! New York trade their 4th pick and Mitchell Robinson to Chicago for the 6 pick, Kris Dunn and the 38 pick. 4) Bulls select RJ Barrett 5) Suns select Coby White 6) Knicks select Sekou Doumbouya 7) Hawks select DeAndre Hunter 8.) Wizards select Rui Hachimura 9) Pelicans select Darius Garland 10) Celtics select Keldon Johnson 11) Lakers select Cam Reddish 12) Heat select Jarrett Culver 13) Celtics select Brandon Clarke 14) Hornets select Bol Bol Player/Team Options & Qualifying Offers We had 2 players on team options, as both of their contracts are small we decided to resign both Walter Lemon Jr and Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot. Players That Rejected Their Options Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard Kyrie Irving Jimmy Butler Julius Randle Khris Middleton TRADE ALERT! Chicago Bulls trade Otto Porter to the Los Angeles Clippers for Landry Shamet and Rodney McGruder. We made this trade to free up cap space, giving up a big contract to get 2 very small contracts. Free Agency We still needed a PG, so we went in for Kyrie, Kemba and D’Angelo. Kyrie resigned with the Celtics, Brooklyn matched our contract offer to D’Angelo and Kemba resigned in Charlotte. This meant we were left unable to get a star point guard, so we signed Derrick Rose on a one year deal worth 19 mil. We also got Lance Stephenson and Trey Burke to help our depth. Training Camps Lauri Markkanen - Untapped Potential Wendell Carter Jr - Untapped Potential TRADE ALERT! Chicago Bulls trade Denzel Valentine and Cristiano Felicio to the Miami Heat for Kelly Olynyk.
  15. WEEK ONE & TWO The first two weeks of the Champions League is over. The league is underway, some good games and some shocking results. But here is what happened: WEEK ONE Lyon 0-0 Ajax A nil nil draw to open the tournament. In a game dominated by Ajax. Neres, Schone and De Jong all had chances, but the best for them fell to substitute Dolberg. Who rose and met a ball from Tadic but headed slightly wide. The best chance in the game though fell for Lyon, as after De Ligt came off with a slight injury, their defence crumbled. A scramble in the box lead to a loose ball that fell to Fekir, who struck the post! PSG 1-1 Tottenham And the first goal of the Champions League goes to… PSG. Cavani to be exact, scoring a first time finish off the back of a through ball from Dani Alves. Tottenham quickly equalised through a neat finish from Son. And in a half dominated by Tottenham, the teams went into half time 1-1. PSG dominated the second, but the score never changed. Valencia 0-0 Chelsea A third straight draw to open the season. Chelsea dominated with both Willian and Higuain hitting the crossbar. The first half was dull but the second was much better. Atletico Madrid 1-0 Dortmund The first win for a team in the tournament in a one goal game. And it was Griezmann who got the one goal as well, as he scored the rebound from a shot of his own that hit the crossbar. Dortmund tried to get back into it in the second half, but Atletico defended well, preventing any major attacks. Roma 1-2 Juventus It was a tight game between two of the four qualified Italian sides, with Roma taking the lead early on due to a nice finish from Edin Dzeko. However, the early goal only seemed to wake up Juventus, who got 2 in 10 minutes from Matuidi and Dybala to give themselves the lead. A third from Ronaldo was disallowed for offside just before the half time break. After half time, Juventus defended well, their only attack being a run from Bentancur through the entire Roma team, he looked as if he was brought down at the end but no penalty was given. Roma were stuck to longshots, apart from one late chance, a Cengiz Under cross was flicked on by Dzeko at the front post. El Sharawaay came sliding in but just couldn’t get to the ball. Full time, Juventus win. Napoli 0-3 Bayern Munich It was actually the Italian side that went through qualifying prior to this game that dominated to begin with. The first half being almost completely theirs. Insigne hit the crossbar with a tough tap in from a tight angle, just before Mertens forced a great save out of Neuer. In the second half it was all Bayern though, James forced 2 amazing saves from Meret. And Coman gave Bayern the lead with a tough finish after a good pass from Muller. Late on there was controversy surrounding the second, Koulibaly was seemingly tripped by James. The referee gave nothing, as the defender fell he inadvertently knocked the ball away from Meret who had dived to collect the ball. Lewandowski was in the right place to make it 2-0. The third was also from the Polish striker, but this one was nicer. He won the ball from kick off, took a touch and smashed one from the edge of the box straight past Meret and into the back of the net. Bayern win. Schalke 1-0 Real Madrid The first shock of the Champions League, Real Madrid dominated with chance after chance. But it was Schalke who scored the only goal. A cross headed into the back of the net by Steven Skrzybski. What a win for Schalke. Inter Milan 1-2 Manchester City City opened the scoring early on, a scramble in the box was eventually converted by Bernardo Silva. But Icardi soon equalised with a near post header. Handanovic kept Inter Milan in the game making great save after great save. But in the 81st minute he was beaten for the second time thanks to Ilkay Gundogan. City take a 2-1 win against Inter. Porto 2-1 Manchester United And another shock, this time in favour of the only Portuguese side left in the competition. They started on the front foot, as an attack on the near side lead to a pinpoint cross being headed in by Aboubakar. Then Hector Herrera made it two in added time before half time. After half time, Luke Shaw got one back for Manchester United and they started to be on the front foot in the last twenty minutes. But it would prove to be too late, and they pick up their first loss in their first game. Barcelona 1-1 Liverpool In the final game of the gameweek the prior seasons champions made the perfect start. As Mo Salah broke in-behind the barca backline and began bearing down on Ter Stegen before passing to Mane for the simple tap in. But the lead wouldn’t last long as messi would get the wrong side of robertson, cut in past Van Dijk and send a rocket into the top corner. The rest of the game was back and forth action with little penetration. One one. WEEK TWO Manchester United 0-0 Barcelona Week two started off with probably the best nil nil draw ever. A really end to end game, both sides had 8 shots on target and possession was even. For either side to win the game would have been unfair on the losers. Sergi Roberto will get praise from Barcelona fans after his goal line clearance in the 90th, as will Chris Smalling from United fans for his man of the match performance. Liverpool 1-2 Lyon A huge shock at Anfield, as Liverpool are outplayed by Lyon. Traore scored for Lyon early on. Van Dijk equalised with a header from a corner, but then 3 minutes later Fekir restored the lead for Lyon. Lyon play well defensively, scoring from 2 of their 3 shots in the game. Although the stats were in favour of Liverpool, the result wasn’t. Manchester City 1-1 Porto A surprising even game between these two sides. Man City looked on top for most of the game after a first half goal from David Silva, but they were pegged back after a late equalizer from Francisco Soares meant the points are shared. Real Madrid 2-2 Inter Milan A somewhat surprising result in this one. Icardi was immense though, scoring two in the first half to give the Italian side a 2 goal lead going into the break. They were dominating the start of the second half too, however they were unable to add any more goals to the scoreline. Then the unthinkable occurred, Gareth Bale scored one for Real Madrid, the comeback was on. And completed in the 89th as Casemiro scored after the ball broke free from a corner. Great game. Bayern 2-1 Schalke Quite an even game between these two German sides. James gave Bayern the lead with a fantastic volley early on, but Nabil Bentaleb equalised in added time. The entire second half was full of end to end action, although not many chances were created. In the end it took an 88th minute goal from Arjen Robben to split the two sides. Juventus 1-0 Napoli Juventus, coming off of a win in their first game needed to build up momentum. But their first half wasn’t amazing. They struggled against Napoli, with the first half being quite even. The goal eventually came in the second half, in the 65th minute. With Mandzukic scoring a header from a corner. Dortmund 2-0 Roma Complete dominance in this one. Roma failed to even have a shot on goal because of how well Dortmund performed. Their opening goal came 10 minutes before half time, as Gotze accelerated into the box and finished well to break the deadline. In the second Jadon Sancho made it two with a shot across the keeper. Good win for Dortmund and an amazing performance. Chelsea 0-1 Atletico Madrid Tough one to swallow for Chelsea, they dominated the game, kept Atletico to only 2 chances. But despite this, Sauls sole goal gave Atletico the win. Chelsea had chance after chance, but just weren’t able to get the goal. Much like in their game against Valencia, as Jan Oblak ends up with 8 saves in the game. Tottenham 2-1 Valencia Good result for Tottenham, good performance as well. The side representing north london dominated this match. Completely controlling the tempo in the first half, and getting their reward in a tap in by Son. However, the second half saw the resurgence of Valencia. As they had a great period of control for the first 20 minutes of the second half. And they got their reward through an equaliser by Santi Mina. However, there was still one more twist left in the tale. As a header from a Trippier cross by Harry Kane, which Neto got a hand to struck the post and snuck across the line and in to make it advantage Tottenham with 10 minutes remaining. A lead that they held onto for the lead. Ajax 0-2 PSG PSG bounce back from dropping 2 points against Tottenham. And they really did start strong. Di Maria netted inside 20 minutes and they continued to press right up until minutes before half time where Neymar made it two. However, after the break it was a completely different story. The tide had turned completely as it was now Ajax in full control. But, despite all their pressure they were not able to even get one goal back, losing 2-0. LEAGUE TABLE 1. Bayern Munich 2. Juventus 3. Atletico Madrid 4. PSG 5. Porto 6. Manchester City 7. Tottenham 8. Lyon 9. Dortmund 10. Schalke 11. Barcelona 12. Inter 13. Liverpool 14. Real Madrid 15. Valencia 16. Manchester United 17. Chelsea 18. Ajax 19. Roma 20. Napoli

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