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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Emperor Nate Have a cracking day lad
  2. WWF Championship Match: Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold Steve Austin World Heavyweight Championship Match: Triple H vs The Rock Hell In a Cell Match: Goldberg vs The Undertaker WWF Intercontinental Championship: Ric Flair vs Kurt Angle The Outsiders vs Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit Kane vs Sting WWF European Championship Match: DDP vs Eddie Guerrero WWF United States Championship Match: Booker T vs Edge WWF Tag Team Championship Tables Match: Dudley Boys vs Hardy Boyz WWF LHWC/ WCW CW Championship Match: Rey Mysterio vs X-Pac Texas Bull Rope Match: Scott Steiener vs The Big Show
  3. Hello. After such a long time from being here I am here once more. YES! It is me, Matt Mattson and this is a BPZ Wrestler Review. And today we are going to go through the life of Arius! Not the life of, but like. Yeah I think you understand. Gimmick - 8.5/10 The gimmick of Arius is amazing. There is no other way of putting it, he is a unique character that we have never seen before in BPZ. Every time he is on the show you feel like you have to see what happens because of the fine details he adds into his promos to make himself stand out. Move-Set - 8/10 In the ring Arius is good too. He could hold his own if not shine against most of the BPZ roster. And for that he gets a high score. History - 6.5/10 Compared to some of the other guys in BPZ. Arius is relatively new, meaning he scores lower on the history side of things. However, he is building a good history for himself with some of the matches he is having. And if we revisit Arius in the future this mark will for sure be higher. Usage - 8/10 Arius could be a main-eventer right now. He deserves a shot at the World Heavyweight Title and it is sad that he is not getting one. However, during his time as NXT and US champion, he was booked really well. And overall he is used well. Career Accolades (Might Be Inaccurate) 1x & Current North American Champion 1x United States Champion 1x NXT Champion Arius Overall - 31/40 That is all we have time for today here on the BPZ Observer. Be sure to come back next time when you will be in the questionably safe hands of Jimmy the Jabroni! Me, I am Matt Mattson, and I will see you later.
  4. I'll make it when I stop crying about the meme dying
  5. I am replacing Kieron as @Blades teammate.
  6. George AK's theme would play through the speakers situated in the corner of the room. Everyone would turn towards the entrance waiting for George to appear, backing up Blade's statement and announcing himself that he was the official partner for Blade. When he entered the room, you could instantly tell he meant business just from his attire. A Gucci Black and Gold slim jacket was slung over the shoulder of his white shirt. A skinny black tie clipped to it by a tie clip. The suit was rounded off with plain black trousers and Loafers. With microphone in hand, George began walking round the room to join his new tag team partner. Whilst simultaneously addressing those in attendance. "I know most likely you are all confused, you might think I have betrayed you and gone to the dark side. But no. I can promise I am still the same me. I haven't changed in anyway. I won't abandon my old ways, and I won't turn my back on what matters to me the most. That being the BPZ Universe! This is a business opportunity for me, a chance to add to my list of achievements and accolades that so far is a short one. A chance for me to learn from a veteran, and improve myself. You see, as Blade said he was meant to be teaming up with his usual tag partner Kieron. But, he cannot wrestle at King Of The Ring. So he had to improvise. I offered my help to him, rising to the challenge of becoming a Tag Team Champion. Low and behold he accepted, and thanked me in advance for offering my help. I don't pay much attention to the tag team scene, so I didn't know much about this match. Last time I payed attention to the scene was when the JoshTourage was a thing. And we all know how that ended." George winks at Josh, clearly hinting that he is talking about his victory over Josh at Night Of Legends 2018 following their Tag Team break up. "But umm, Blade. You said this might be a bit tough for me. And excuse my french. But what the f*ck is this." George points to all of the other tag teams one at a time before reaching Blade and standing next to him. "I mean first of all. How on earth is Bulldozer even here. This guy supposedly got hit by a car a few weeks ago and he's now here like jack all happened to him in the first place. What! I mean, you have to be seriously idiotic to believe any word that leaves his mouth at all. I did some homework before coming here, I went onto the BPZ Neecework and typed in Bulldozer highlights and the screen went blank. Bulldozer what have you even done here? Whats the point of you being in this room? Same with you Josh. I think Gary Green has more talent than you. SSW Club? What, Super Sh*tty Wrestling Club? Then there is the United Nations. Just a second rate Commonwealth. Lead by Angelo, the guy who changes his name every week and is in and out more than the Hokey Pokey. I would say I am sorry for coming for all of you guys like this but I am not. The fact that you washed up retirees are getting any attention whatsoever is astounding. How are you guys in the running for any titles. How are you guys even running? You all look about 70!" "Lastly, the two guys who I probably have the most respect for here. Just because they will be so kind to let me or Blade pin them this weekend. Lemme give you guys some advice. This, is not NXT. You can't come here saying the exact same thing you always say. Oooooh I am gonna win because I am better than you. That wont work. This is the big time now. And if you two don't buckle your ideas up right away. Then God help you, because I know what will happen to you. And trust me, it isn't pretty." At this point George would finish talking and take his seat next to Blade. Readjusting his tie and placing his jacket over the back of his seat before he took his seat.
  7. This should be moved to the entertainment thread. But as of right now my favourite song is Slayerr.
  8. GeorgeAK


    These were the shit. Everywhere you went you saw someone who had a pair of these. Amazing shoes, could even light up.
  9. I think Stone Cold in 1998. He was amazing, probably the biggest name in wrestling at the time. Crazy fan reaction and was booked perfectly. Honourable mention would be Lesnar 2002-03 and Punk in 2014, as both of those years were amazing for Brock and Punk respectively.
  10. I really enjoyed the show. First time I watched Raw in a long, long time. Most of the segments were really enjoyable and I feel the WWE did well to make sure that the legends didn't ruin any feuds for summerslam. Loved that Santino segment with Drew.
  12. These match cards are amazing. I can't wait to see the ones for Summerslam when I will be the one holding the Premium title. In all seriousness keep doing this your really good at it.

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