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  1. I am the type of person where I feel like I have to be making visible progress all the time to make what I am doing feel worthwhile. I can't allow myself to work hard with something unless I get some sort of reward in the end. But its weird because the reward I want to get is like this made up fixation in my head. I know it will never happen yet I still grasp at straws to get it. It won't ever come and I know that yet still I want it to. The point is, I am not happy being me. I'm tired of telling myself everyday that everything will be okay. I'm tired of making jokes about how I feel to hide the pain. I guess I just see rain when everyone else sees sunshine. But I get an umbrella out and try to guard myself. Its weird and dumb but it is just how I feel. This whole thing probably makes zero sense and I am probably just rambling on and on. My life is a cycle. I find something that I am happy doing and I enjoy it for a certain amount of time, then I reach a stalemate. I hit a wall that I can't get through. From then on doing that thing feels like a chore and it feels like I am wasting myself and what I am doing with myself. But still, I make the choice myself to keep on doing that thing. Bringing my morale further and further down. Right now the thing that is bringing me further and further down is living. Why do we live? For higher powers that we will most likely never meet to order us around and tell us what we can and can't do in our own lives. I don't want that. I just want a life where I am free. Free from myself. Free from the constraints that I hold against myself to try and keep myself on track. I just want to be happy. But I probably never will be. Its been like 3, 4 years and still people are saying it will get better eventually. And I have waited, and waited and waited for so long but still there has been no improvement at all. So I guess the problem isn't society, if these people who say this to me are so sure of it. It has probably happened to other people. Meaning I am the problem. I feel pressurised. Stuck. There are so many problems in my head. Everyday I think of another 20 at least. All I want is a simple life. A happy life, I can't even remember the last time I was even happy. And all of this I have said is only a little inside into how I feel right now. I am sorry for always clogging up the forums with this kind of stuff. But I promise I won't do that anymore. I can't stay. You guys are all amazing and being here has acted like a painkiller to everything that has been going on to me. But eventually, when you take the same painkiller again and again. It loses its affect. And I guess the affect has worn off. I want to go and try and be someone. I want to try and be myself and make myself into a well known name. And it is all planned out in my head what I want to do. I just have to get up and actually do it. That all starts with me just saying goodbye.
  2. Another injury costing us a promising womens wrestler. It just shows how important it is for companies to make sure that their wrestlers are ok. As stress injuries are getting more common.
  3. Elimination Chamber vs Hell In A Cell Last Man Standing vs TLC vs Iron Man (TLC & LMS tied so both advance) Singles vs Street Fight
  4. Source - PWInsider.com More stuff announced for Raw. Show should be decent.
  5. Kenny Omega vs Dolph Ziggler AJ Styles vs Jay White Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks PAC vs Tomasso Ciampa Shingo Takagi vs Will Ospreay Seth Rollins vs Johnny Gargano
  6. Everyone be sleeping on Leicester. SMH! Im gonna rank the important bits of the league. 1. Liverpool (This is more me hoping they do it rather than me being confident) 2. Man City 3. Tottenham 4. Arsenal (Why are people not saying Arsenal are a top 4 team, all they needed was a playmaking midfielder and they got Ceballos) 5. Man U (Slightly better defence than Chelsea do) 6. Chelsea 7. Leicester (Wouldn't be surprised if they got top 6) 18. Newcastle 19. Brighton 20. Aston Villa (THE VILLAS GOING DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWNNNN) Elsewhere - Wolves have a poor season as they are not able to cope with the Europa League. Pretty much switch league position with Burnley, who struggled last year because of the Europa League but should do fine now. Bournemouths lack of a solid CB haunts them again and they have a collapse at some point in the season that prevents them from getting 7th. West Hams injuries cost them 7th. Pukki carries Norwich (Like I said before the season) Sheffield United beat expectations by finishing as a lower mid table team. Watford struggle as they are used to having new systems every season as they usually have a new boss everywhere. This pre-season must have been different to their previous ones. They will struggle.
  7. Had to post the old-school classic.
  8. Ricochet vs Samoa Joe = W Baron Corbin vs Cedric Alexander = L All I hope from tonights raw is that it is entertaining. Not much more. I just want the show to be watchable. As for King Of The Ring, I hope that we get to see a Ricochet vs Cedric Alexander final for Raw. I doubt it though. With the way they have been booking Corbin recently, I see him beating Cedric and facing probably Samoa Joe in the Raw final. Which will probably be a snooze-fest.
  9. GeorgeAK


    With School and Work approaching, I am 100% sure that my routine will be changing a lot soon. But as of right now normally I try and find time to talk in discord and post on the forums. Sometimes I chill on PS4 or just play basketball in my back garden.
  10. How are we all doing. Me? Fine, spectacular you could say. I am Jimmy the Jabroni and this is the BPZ Observer. Today we have, some BPZ Twitter for you all. So without further ado. Lets get into the tweets. Well. That was something. Anyway, that is all we have for you in store today here at the BPZ Observer! I have been your host Jimmy the Jabroni. And be sure to come back soon!
  11. Ultimate Warrior Vs Hulk Hogan for sure
  12. Neville Cedric Alexander Buddy Murphy Drew Gulak Tony Nese Rich Swann Enzo Amore TJP Brian Kendrick Kalisto Akira Tozawa
  13. Ziggler and Roode will proably win. Rollins and Braun will argue or something after the match and that tension will flow over into their universal championship match later on. The tag team division for Raw is just really confusing right now. It makes barely any sense to me as for why they are passing up on so many other tag teams. You literally have guys right there in front of you that have been working together for a long time and have done well together for a long time and you are passing up on them for people who were thrown together at the last moment? They really need to sort it out.
  14. Bayley is kinda boring as champ. She has been pretty much the same since 2016 it feels like. And she needs to have a little bit of time to add something new to her character. Meanwhile, as others have said Charlotte has shown in the past she can have a good title reign. And I feel like now is the time to give her another one.
  15. I feel like Shinsuke is gonna win here. Him and Zayn need a win for their partnership to gain credibility. Yes, the WWE may want The Miz to equal Jerichos record since Jericho is AEW Champ right now. But I feel like them doing it now is too soon and they can hold off for a bit. The match should be alright, nothing special. I expect Zayn to get involved somehow and maybe cost Miz the match.
  16. I don't know much about NXT. Im just going from the hype I have heard around each wrestler and the statistics you gave. Asuka Shayna Baszler Bayley Charlotte Flair Sasha Banks Paige Ember Moon Kairi Sane
  17. Get advertised for a forum PPV, I never get advertised, and main event a forum PPV, I have never main evented. As well as that the usual stuff that will probably never happen like win world or get hof.
  18. Carnage is nearing its end. The show has been packed, with the fallout from SummerSlam taking up the entirety of the show. Although, there is one man that hasn't been heard of. In fact, he hadn't even be seen of. That man was the Premium Champion, George AK. On the titantron, a video editing of the brutal attack he suffered from the hands of Icon would play. With thuds edited in for each chair shot. And an echo sound effect added to the part where Icon confirmed he would be Georges' next challenger for the Premium Championship. At the end of the thirty-second clip, the camera would cut to the entrance of a Los Angeles hospital. As the crowd got accustomed to the change of scenery. The image shown would change slightly. With the American flag waving in the wing, signalling that instead of an image being presented, it was in fact a video. A video from George AK, as the battered and bruised Premium Champion, would walk out from the hospital with a knee brace and a back brace on still with his Premium Championship over his shoulder. In clear pain with every step he took. As he continued to approach the camera, he would take a deep breath and begin to speak. "You know. Right now I may look hurt. I may look injured and in pain. And to be brutally honest I am in pain. Last night I went through the most destructive and dangerous match I have ever been in during my entire wrestling career. I got put through a ladder. I got hit right in the face with a ladder. And most importantly, I proved everyone wrong when I climbed that ladder and I retained my Premium Championship. My entire career has been tainted by the opinions of fans and online idiots who think that the words they say have any affect on me. Since my return to this company, time after time after time again I have been doubted. I haven't been given respect, I haven't been shown what I deserve. Constant pain, fighting, anguish. That's all it has been for me. I am fully deserving of being here, and once more last night I proved that to the world. But still, people doubt me, respect isn't placed on my name and I barely make any progress on changing that." "You see, it is that kind of pain that bothers me the most. I can have any physical injury you want me to have and I will still go out to the ring ready for battle. But what I hate, is when I am underestimated. When I am doubted. Mentally it hurts me. Emotionally it hurts me, that is the pain that I detest the most. And well, last night after my match someone tried to bestow some of their mental and emotional pain into me. By brutally attacking me after my match because they failed in winning their own match. Now, Icon. I would warn you about what you are getting yourself into but. You dived in headfirst. You threw caution to the wind and made a rash decision to try and get yourself some attention after you failed your main objective of winning the BPZ United States Championship." "Quickly you decided that you needed a plan B. Something to fall back on, something that could cushion your inevitable fall. You were never, ever going to win that United States Championship match. You didn't have a chance. So you planned out your every move following that match. You knew you would lose and you knew you would take your anger out on me afterwards. And that was exactly what you did. I remember every second of it Icon. Every crutch shot, every chair shot. Every scream I let out. I was in agony. And you didn't take a moment to care. You instead went again and again and again. Punishing me for no reason at all." Clearly annoyed, George tries to enthusiastically react, but the pain he is in stops him. Reminding him of his physical condition and situation. Instead, he takes a moment to gather himself, before beginning to speak again. "And well, you were successful. You put me in the position that I am in today. You made it clear what your intentions were last night. And now I am going to tell you mine. You set the challenge, and I accept it. Me versus you, one on one for my Premium Championship at Bad Blood. And you may look at me now and see this as an easy win because of my current state. But this won't hold me back. Nothing will hold me back Icon. I am going to beat you from pillar to post. And well, maybe when I am done I will pay your bill for the very hospital right behind me. Nobody and I mean nobody. Attacks me and gets away with it. You got that? George finishes his sentence and continues walking down the street. The camera pans around to see him walk off into the crowd Los Angeles street. Until finally fading to black.
  19. Hello. What. My. Just. Name. HAPPENED. I can't even speak right now but stuff happened and stuff was good and now I don't english well AHHHHHHHH. BPZ SummerSlam, BPZ Observer. Jimmy the Jabroni. WHAT JUST HAPPENED! The first match on the card for BPZ SummerSlam was the Intercontinental Championship match between Bashka and Slim. However, just as the match was about to begin. Blade would come out and to everyones surprise announce he was joining the match. Giving Syndicate a 2 on 1 advantage against Bashka. However, Bashka managed to get the victory and retained his title. No clue why Blade joined. Really weird move from the bookers at BPZ. But I guess it made Bashka look strong. Not really sure to be honest. But yeah, Bashka won and retained his IC belt in the process. Up next was the last man standing match between Josh and Mirage. It was quite back and forth. Both men got their time to shine and eventually it was Josh who got the victory. It was a decent match. Nothing special and it wasn't a trainwreck. It filled its spot right on the card and it ended the feud well. I feel like letting Josh win was a decent decision. As now Josh can focus on building momentum from the victory and Mirage can focus on being in the NXT division. After the last man standing match was the fatal-4 way for the BPZ United States Championship. The match was decent. Hans dominated and got the win in the end. Icon performed well, and even at one point looked like he was going to win. After winning NXT last month. Mikey struggled a little in this match. But he still managed to get his offence in. The match served its purpose well I feel like the correct guy won. The North American Championship match was my personal vote for match of the night. As Arius and Yelich went at it for 20 minutes! Before the match ended in a time-limit draw. It was a great match, both men threw caution to the wind in an attempt to get gold. And well, Arius managed to retain although it will be a tinted accomplishment. After the match it would be announced that the two are going to have a rematch at Bad Blood. 100% watching that. Up next was the Premium Championship ladder match. Where all four men let havoc reign for a bit before George AK would retain his belt. The match was good, and the high risk spots in the match made it an enjoyable ladder match. You really have to question whether some of these guys even want to have necks after the things they do to them. But yeah, George got his offence in, as did Marker, Ark and Kieron. And overall it was a decent match that filled the spot on the card well. After that was the Bashka versus BrendenPlayz match. Honestly, with Bashka retaining earlier in the match I expected this match to be won by Brenden. However, Bashka fought hard. And managed to get a well-fought victory in this match. Both men got their offence in and put on a good show. And well, I think the main question coming out of this match is, what is next for BrendenPlayz? After that we went back to Championship matches, as the Tag Team belts were on the line between Deadman's Hand (Slim & Blade) and First Class Express (Hans & BiC). And it was First Class Express who got the victory. Defeating the Tag Champions and stealing their gold. Making the night a very successful one for First Class Express. Everyone got their offence in and yeah, decent match. Then we went into the second of the big four matches. As Flynn and Bart went at it for the Undisputed Championship. In a back and forth match, it would eventually be Flynn who got the advantage and knocked off Bart. Retaining his Undisputed belt in the progress. However it was what occurred after the match that was the talking point. As Flynn announced he was a part of Bullet Proof. Aligning himself with BiC, Bashka and Hans. Next would be another of the highly anticipated matches. As The Bailey would have his last match before going to Hollywood to film. And as expected, he was defeated by the returning Eli Smith. The match was a great one, both men got in a lot of offence and it was a real SummerSlam match. Smith managed to get the advantage and win the match. However, the two would sit next to each other in the ring afterwards. Barely able to move. A real testament to how good the match was. The penultimate match was a battle royale for the NXT Championship. I would go through everyone in the match but that would make this even longer. But what I am going to say is that Meko won! Getting his second NXT title reign. Arrow came so close as well! If only he actually had the strength to lift someone over the bottom rope at least. We may have even seen the last of Bob in NXT. As he was visually frustrated after he was eliminated by the work of multiple people. Overall though, this was a good match. And was something fresh compared to the other matches that were on the card. In the main event. Sameer defended his BPZ World Heavyweight Championship against the King Of The Ring winner, Julius. The match was cool. Both men had their time to shine and it just looked like they were both enjoying main eventing SummerSlam. In the end though, it would be Sameer who got the win. Continuing his run with the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship, and leaving Julius stuck in a rut of losing title matches. That is all we have time for today here on the BPZ Observer! I have been your host Jimmy the Jabroni. And please, ummm I don't have anything planned to say here.
  20. Really like the look of the new logo. Brings me back to when I just used to see random matches that had been reuploaded onto YouTube. With Smackdown also going back to Friday I feel like the shows will get better. As WWE will have a few days to see what the fans think of the recent shows. Looking forward to the changes.
  21. Name: George AK Heel or Face: Face Height: 6'3 Weight: 210lbs Fighting Style: Technical High Flyer Standard Moves: Mainly High Flying Moves, Good Technician Signature Moves: Suicide Dive, GTS Finishers: Package Piledriver
  22. WCPW Built To Destroy Preview This feud dates back to our first ever show. The first match to be exact. As Joe Coffey faced El Ligero, but the match would be ended prematurely. As Primate would come out and distract Joe Coffey. Leading to El Ligero picking up the win. After the match Coffey would chase down Primate. Sparking this feud. Since then, we have seen these two go one on one, however that match ended in a double disqualification as the pair attacked each other with steel chairs. The following week, Primate would attack Joe Coffey before Coffeys scheduled main event bout with Joe Hendry. Last week, general manager Adam Pacitti announced that the two would go at it at this show. In a No Disqualification match. Over the course of the past month, these two have crossed paths quite a lot. It started when both men struggled. Losing their first matches with the company. Prince Ameen then went to Gabriel Kidd, forcing the rookie to wrestle his matches for him. Which Kidd did once, however, he was unsuccessful and lost against El Ligero. After that, Kidd refused to take Ameens spot in a one on one match with Noam Dar on Loaded #4. Forcing Ameen to wrestle the match, where once again he lost. Sparking this match between the two. Who will pick up their first victory in WCPW? The pilot episode of WCPW got international attention from wrestling fans all over the world, as well as wrestlers themselves. For example, Jay Lethal. He saw the first show and agreed to show up and wrestle for WCPW. He put his ROH World Title on the line against Noam Dar on Loaded #2. After successfully defending his gold. He got on the mic and promised he would return to WCPW. Meanwhile, Martin Kirby was using the microphone for different reasons. As on Loaded #2 he got on the mic and spoke about how he had been mistreated for years, even though it was the second week of the company. General Manager Adam Pacitti, eventually had enough of Martin Kirby moaning. And gave him a match against El Ligero, where the winner would face Jay Lethal at Built To Destroy. Kirby would win and put himself into this match. Joseph Conners has had an unusual start to life in WCPW. Despite his two early victories in the company, he wasn't satisfied. And decided to attack Noam Dar in a brutal fashion. Delivering multiple Package Piledrivers to the Scottish Supernova. Setting up this match. For Dar, he hasn't been as successful as he would want to be during WCPW. As whilst his matches have been enjoyable, he hasn't come out on top in the biggest one of them all. An ROH World Title match against Jay Lethal. Is now his chance to get a big victory? Lastly, the main event of the evening. With the WCPW Heavyweight Championship on the line, Big Damo and Rampage Brown will square-off. The path to this match has been interesting. As when WCPW was announced. Rampage Brown was promised a Championship match. And in the end, he would be given it right away. With his name being put into this match. To face him, we would have a number one contenders match between Big Damo and Joe Hendry. Which Damo would win. Since then these two have begun to butt heads. As Damo would attack Rampage after his match against Drake, just a week after using Rampages' piledriver finisher himself to beat Joe Hendry. Who will become the first WCPW Heavyweight Champion? Thanks to Arius for making the match cards for me. I will be splitting the PPV into two posts as I will be writing up full matches for each match. Expect the first part to be up by Wednesday. It isn't too late to predict either if you haven't already.

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