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  1. At the moment english football is in a blimp. The national squad are poor and although there is a fair amount of young talent working their way up, they may become the next Ravel Morrison. This is because of their treatment. In other countries, their national leagues are littered with players playing in their national countries. Like, the Italian, German and French leagues are mainly full of players of that nationality. However, in England, even newly promoted sides are looking abroad for new signings to help them stay up. With Wolves essentially buying half of the Portugal squad for last season. With teams sending their English players either into lower leagues or abroad to shine in other countries. Not only does this hinder their development, but in cases like Jadon Sancho a player could develop into a great player but have no experience playing with or against other english players. Meaning their international performances are strongly affected in a negative manor. How do you battle this? Its simple, the FA have to take action, putting a new rule in that a squad must have a certain amount of English players in their team each Premier League season. Currently their is a similar rule, the foreign nation rule. Which permits each team a maximum of 17 foreign players in their squad. However, it doesn't state they must have a full 25 man squad. It just says the maximum you are allowed is 25. So some sides have 17 foreign players and 4 or 5 english players. To combat this, I would change the rule, instead of capping the amount of foreign players, set a minimum bar of the minimum number of English players you must have in their squad. Lets say at 10 perhaps. This would force clubs to not loan away young players for no reason (Of course if a player needs to be loaned out because they are too young or just not good enough then that is acceptable) instead giving them a chance. For example, Liverpool could have their 10 players be: Henderson, Lallana, Milner, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gomez, Alexander-Arnold, Kent, Brewster, Jones and Clyne. Personally, I feel like this would start to solve the problem. As if we give our young players a chance then they will have more belief. It could potentially lead to other nations coming in for our youngsters, just like how Bayern are in for Hudson-Odoi right now. Let me know what you think.
  2. Was gonna put Sweet Caroline here after yesterday but i've been spamming that enough. So check out this:
  3. MOTN for me as well. Thoroughly enjoyed this match. Although there was the botch, the spots in the match were good and it was enjoyable to see two guys who looked like unstoppable forces collide in a fierce battle to put the other down for 10 seconds. I really enjoyed the match and I feel like the right man won in Braun as he needs to try and get some of the heat he once had back. Hopefully this isn't the last of their feud and we can get something fresh or another stipulation for Summerslam.
  4. The WWE need to just pick one champion and run with it. With the way the guys near the IC title are being treated recently, it is clear to see the lack of faith installed into them by the WWE. For this title to be important, you can't have title changes as frequent as the 24/7 title. Its outrageous. Also, how is Balor vs Nakamura on the kickoff show? That easily could have main evented if it were for a belt that wasn't being mistreated severely.
  5. I would have won that triple threat with one arm tied behind my back! Nah fr, this is great so far, would be better if you added commentary but I understand that that can take a long time. Keep this up.
  6. Yay finally, please say this feud is over. Lacey Evans needs a career change and I hope that we can have a decent title feud now that Brock has the strap.
  7. Good match. I feel like both guys were holding back a little bit, potentially hinting at a rematch in the near future like at Summerslam. Where there could hopefully be some high impact spots.
  8. Philly arent a playoff contender for me. I see them as a regular season team, their young core just cant do it in the playoffs and they will struggle to get of the east again this year, with either the Bucks or Nets taking them down imo. Also as Julius said I dont think the Spurs will make the playoffs. I would say that one of the LA teams will win the NBA.
  9. I don't watch much indie wrestling. But from what I have saw and considering you guys havent put the big names, I am going to go with Joe Hendry. Hes a decent wrestler with a lot of charisma who is great on the mic.
  10. After last night I am kinda looking forward to this show. The Brock cash in being the main reason why as I wanna see any escalations from that story. But it really should be interesting.
  11. NEVILLE SUSPENSION TIME RELEASED After witnessing the path of destruction caused by Neville over the last few months. NXT general manager saw no other option than to suspend Neville. We saw this happen on the previous episode of NXT, as Neville was taken away by security. However, up to this point we had no clue how long the suspension would be for. That has now changed though, as the WWE have released a statement declaring that Neville will be off of TV for the rest of November. Including the NXT TakeOver events and any main roster payperviews too.
  12. Man U really overpayed for Maguire. If you think that Liverpool got VVD for 75 mil, there are many better options than Man U could have pursued. With that being said, most of those players wouldn't want to go down a level from CL to EL deciding to go to other clubs. Also, how tf are Barca gonna get: Messi, Suarez, Griezmann, Coutinho, Dembele, Malcolm and potentially Neymar into one attack. Thats what you call depth.
  13. I have seen highlights of the match. And this seems like it was a decent match. I expected it to be bad, as an old Taker mixed with Shane just isn't great. But I feel like Taker was managed well, not being left in the ring for too long and allowing him to get sufficient breaks. It was still difficult to watch Taker take bumps just because of his age. But overall, this match was decent.
  14. Hello, Jimmy, Jimmy the Jabroni. Nah, doesn't really have the same ring to it does it. Damn, I was thinking on that one for 5 whole seconds. Anyway WHAT JUST HAPPENED! As you would know, the BPZ King Of The Ring quarter finals have just concluded, and oh my god! Another huge shock. But, lets take things slowly and go through everything at a calm and collective - OH MY GOD THE SHOW WAS AMAZING DID YOU SEE IT - way. Starting with Bob Sparks against Hans Clayton. This match was a decent one, after his shock win against Prince, Bob had already got his shock win for momentum. So it was kind of easy to see that a lose here against Hans wouldn't hinder him in any way. Thus meaning there was no surprise when Hans beat Bob and advanced to the semi-finals. Good job Hans, unlucky Bob. Next up was the other match on that side of the bracket, as Nate and KENJI faced off. Both men hot, coming off of their first wins in a long time. However, on the night it was Nate who was better as he edged past KENJI in a close match that both men shone in. Well done from Nate, as now he has an opportunity to get to his third King Of The Ring final as he faces Hans in the semis and KENJI is left with a little momentum with him that he should use to try and capture the NXT Championship. On the other side of the bracket, we had Julius defeat Marker. This was an outcome that most people saw coming. Julius has looked unbeatable recently, and he proved that he is unbeatable with this win. He continue to the semi-finals himself with a lot of momentum. Meanwhile, Marker is left at the drawing board again. Deciding what he should do next to try and bounce back from this tough loss. Lastly, we had the main event. And the shock. As for the very first time in his BPZ career, Arius was pinned! As George pulled off a huge shock pinning the unstoppable Arius to advance to the semi-finals himself to face Julius. However, for Arius he needs to evaluate what went wrong and ensure it doesn't happen again. As he has to defend his North American Championship soon and can't afford to be stuck dwelling on any loss. That sadly, is all we have time for today here on the BPZ Observer. Be sure to come back tomorrow so that I can maintain a stable income. If not then you are a complete monster and Jimmy the Jabroni doesn't like you! And Santa will put you on the naughty list.
  15. We return from a break, seeing a panning shot of the surroundings of the Greek streets as the main event of the evening is being prepared. Arius, the only man in BPZ to not have been pinned, The Revenant, against George AK, the self proclaimed Eighth Wonder Of The World. One of these two men will be eliminated tonight, and the other will go to the semi-finals of the King Of The Ring tournament. Who will win? Who will lose? Nobody has a clue. Here comes Arius. Surrounded, protected by his ghouls, 2 either side of him as he walks down to the ring. Slowly, methodically mentally preparing himself for this match. Oh wait! Thats not one of his ghouls its George AK! His opponent! George attacks Arius from behind, with a double axe handle to the back of the head. As they approach the ring now, George still beating down Arius. As now Arius scrambles onto the apron. The barrage continues. What is George looking for now. Oh my lord! A piledriver onto the apron. The kiss of death from George, thats his old finishing move that was retired because of how dangerous it was, Arius could be done already and this match has only just begun. George rolls Arius into the ring and goes for the cover. 1,2, WHAT. Somehow Arius lifts his shoulder, how is he even conscious! George is shocked. George hits the ropes, looks to come back for an elbow drop but Arius dodges and gets right back up to his feet. George, second chance opportunity now. Caught by Arius, who slowly lifts George up! Devastating move from Arius! Oh lord. Both men are down, Arius is lying flat whilst George is curled around the bottom rope. You can already tell the tone of this match. As George finally rolls to the outside for a breather. But he won’t get much of one, as Arius comes in with the suicide dive! Taking out George AK, down onto the concrete floor. Both of these men are sending a statement out right now. As Arius rolls George into the ring this time. Who gets up onto one knee. Arius though from behind german suplex! George gets right up, superkick from Arius! Clothesline in return from George as both men collapse to the ground. What a match this has been so far! Arius looks to take it though, as he crawls across and gets his arm over George, 1,2, OH! What, how did he even manage to kick out, I thought for sure that would be it. But Arius, looks fired up as he helps George to his feet. And goes for a stiff strike but George dodges, a kick to the midsection on Arius! And is he going for it! Disintegration! Cover from George, surely he has the match won! 1,2 NO! Again, what a great show of resilience from Arius, having the power and determination to kick out once again! George is pulling out all the stops and Arius looks like he has all the answers right now. But still George continues. As he looks to help up - inside cradle! Arius could steal it! No, George escapes at two. So close yet so far from Arius. Both men up right away, as they circle each other in the ring both waiting for the other to make the first move. Which they both do! Oh my! Look at this, Arius gets the advantage though as he forces George back. Arius charges but George trips up Arius who ends up on the mat. And I think George has seen an opportunity here. What is he going for now? What! How do you even describe that, George, pin on Arius. 1,2, HOW ON EARTH! He managed to escape again! This match is just pure pain back and forth. I mean look at George, surely he is thinking to himself about what else he can even do! He drags himself back up, but Arius is already up! Arius! What a move, he transitions right into the cover. 1,2,NO! Another kick out from George. How is this match still going on. Arius is in shock, you can tell from his body language. As he is just letting George get back up now, no wait! Arius charges, so does George! Running knee from George! Arius is down. Black Out from George! Cover. 1...2...3! Wait no! Arius somehow got out, how on earth. George is in the zone though, as he gets Arius up and sends him to the ropes with an irish whip. Arius ducks underneath the elbow from George. Before it is Arius whos elbow is blocked. Hold the phone, George is rolling Arius up 1...2...3! He got him off of the role-up. He did it! Arius has been pinned for the first time ever in BPZ! The crowd is in shock. They got behind George as a joke, but now he has knocked out joint favourite Arius! What a way to end tonights show. George AK moves on to face Julius in the semi-finals of the BPZ King Of The Ring 2019. As he celebrates in the ring. Before extending his hand out to Arius, who would slap it away. Before the show would go off air.
  16. Right. Ok. I am changing my vote to the BPZ King Of The Ring Quarter Final voting between me and Arius. That voting was insane. I built up an early lead and had a slim lead for all of the first day. Then Arius came back, getting quite a few votes in a row to take the lead. In the end the voting went right down to the wire, with the lead switching hands 5 or 6 times in the last hour. Before someone switched to me to break the tie with just 3 minutes left of the voting.
  17. Hey guys welcome back to my sports shack. Today I am going to be going through the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup and explaining what made it so amazing. First of all let me give you some context. The tournament this year was held in England & Wales. The home side had the self proclaimed best team in the world and they were challenged by fans to go out and show that. Meanwhile New Zealand were dark horses, lead by amazing batsman Kane Williamson, New Zealand were purely an amazing fielding side that fans maybe expected to barely get into the top 4. During the group phase, where each side plays 9 games against all other teams in the competition, New Zealand flourished. Being one of the last teams to lose a game and having a strong run until collapsing at the end to finish 4th on 11 points. Meaning they qualified for the semi-finals against the side that only lost 1 game, India. However, England looked shaky winning games but only showing the brilliance they promised on a few occasions. Things got even worse as they lost to Sri Lanka out of nowhere. Meaning they needed to win probably 2 of their last 3 games, against Australia, India and New Zealand. They somehow managed to win the last two and qualified in 3rd to face Australia. The last 2 group games seemed to feed England confidence, as in their semi final match they went and beat the side they had lost to just 16 days prior. Meanwhile New Zealand did the unthinkable, knocking out the Indian side that had only lost to England so far. This meant the stage was set, the final England versus New Zealand. Most games in the tournament were won off of the toss. Allowing teams to decide whether they wanted to bat or bowl first being extremely important, as nearly all the games were won by the team who batted first. New Zealand won the toss and decided to bat first themselves. New Zealand did decently in their batting phase. Not putting up amazing individual numbers but managing to put up enough each that England had a somewhat difficult job against the best fielding side in the world. As New Zealand got 241 runs meaning England needed 242 for the win. However, things started to go badly for England as they lost a few early wickets and put themselves in a precarious position. Fast forward to the end of the match and this was the situation. As England sat on 220/6 with 10 balls remaining to get 22 runs. However, Plunkett then tried getting a boundary for England. But his shot didn’t have enough power on it and he was caught. Jofra Archer would soon go out as well, just like Adil Rashid. This meant that with 4 balls left, England were 15 runs off. With Ben Stokes and Mark Wood batting. Then Stokes went insane. Getting a six out of nowhere sending the crowd into a frenzy. Then came the controversial moment, as Stokes hit a shot for two. Leaping back to get to his crease to avoid the run out. However, as he leapt he unintentionally hit the ball out to the boundary. Meaning England get another six runs. Then there was a single, meaning from 1 ball England needed 2 runs to win and 1 to tie. And in the last ball they got 1. Meaning that the final went to a super over. Where both teams get 1 over to try and score as many runs as possible, with a tie being won by the side with the most boundaries. England set a great target score getting 16 runs. Before New Zealand got 15. Meaning the teams tied and England won the world cup on tiebreak. Amazing. I leave you with this.
  18. Another idea I recently had. On youtube you have the watch later playlist that you can add videos to that you dont have the time to watch at that moment. I think we should have a read later option on here, allowing u to save promos or diaries that you want to read later into one area so you can do just that.
  19. If u win ur last 3 rounds you can still qualify. Also if you really tryhard you can get into the solo competition.
  20. Quick update. Although I have no screenshots of it. When you load up NBA 2k19, a pop-up appears announcing 10% off of NBA 2k20 legend edition. Advertised as coming with: VC, MyTeam Packs, Apparel and Additional In-Game Items!
  21. Official Unofficial Poster For BPZ Summerslam!

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