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  1. Welcome to my new sports post I will be doing. I have the football debates and I don’t want those to stop, but these are designed not for debates, but for discussing all of footballs latest news. Today’s question will be simple Who Should Manchester United be looking to sign? Now it’s clear Manchester United are looking for a short term deal for a striker to replace the injured Marcus Rashford. However transfer deals haven’t been United’s strength, the only deal of the window being the sale of Ashley Young Yesterday Sky Sports reporter Manchester United had made contact with Leicester City and Shanghai Shenua about loan deals for Islam Slimani and Odion Ighalo. There’s no denying both are having good seasons, Slimani especially with 7 goals and 7 assists in 13 games on loan at Monaco this season, but it’s a shambles when you consider United started the month linked with Haaland, Sancho, Maddison and Fernandes However United do need a striker. And most likely an older striker, a short term deal would be perfect in this scenario, despite Solksjaer saying he didn’t want that. But Martial isn’t a Number 9, and United cannot expect to put all their hopes on 18 year old Mason Greenwood So I am going to look at all 3 possible a united options who I think could fit the bill, and which one I think would be best suited. Let me know what you guys think on it (3) Olivier Giroud Spurs. Inter. Everton. Barcelona. These are just some of the clubs being linked with the man desperately trying to force a move from Chelsea as he hopes for a space in Frances Euro 2020 team. As Conte tries a swap deal with Llorente, Giroud moving to Inter looks less and less likely as the window moves on Lampard clearly doesn’t want him, and United could do with his EPL experience. He would benefit too, he would get a lot of playing time with Rashford injured. However would Frank sell him to a direct rival for fourth place (if you can call United that?) (2) Dimitri Payet Despite being linked to his former club West Ham, it seems unlikely he will ever return there. He’s been far and away Marseilles best player this season, scoring 6 goals, the second highest at Marseille, and more impressively, he has made 66 key passes this season, the most in Europe’s top 5 leagues, the closest being Kevin De Bruyne on 60 Even as he reaches 33, he’s at his creative best. In 18 months with West Ham he established himself as a great player, and right now United are having to use players like Dan James every week, who was just bought as a squad player. With the lack of creativity United showed against Burnley, Payet would be a great deal (1) Dries Mertens Again another player who has been linked with a move away from his club, but not linked with Man U. Monaco and Arsenal lead the race for his signature it seems. Napoli are in free fall this season, with 1 win in their past 10 games and 3 points since sacking Ancelotti 5 games ago, to the point where they are in serious trouble of becoming stuck in a relegation battle. Big clubs should be trying to get as many of Napolis players as possible right now. Mertens is in the twilight of his career at age 32 and with his contract expiring soon, it looks unlikely Napoli will resign him, looking to a future with the younger Milik and co instead. Maybe now is the time for Mertens to finally get the PL move Who Would I Want? Dries Mertens: For me although he is arguably having the poorest season, he’s a quality player. £40 million would be a fair price for Mertens, although I’d be willing to pay up to £70mil for a player of his quality. Who do u guys think United should get? What did u think of the show? Thanks for reading
  2. Imperium Rhea Ripley Finn Balor Angel Garza Moustache Mountain KLR Imperium vs Undisputed No
  3. Hans, Meko and Flynn won The Quiz of The Year, whilst The Quiz of the Decade was won by Bart and Julius. That means of the 3 special episodes, Meko, Bart, Julius, Flynn, Sheridan and Arius won 1, and Hans won 2. Now, the 5th season begins To sign up, say I’m in
  4. Welcome to tonight’s Carnage, and we are one week away from the massive Royal Rumble Show, featuring the titular match. However another big story from last week was that Joshua Scott could be forced into retirement if he fails to win any of his next 3 matches. And his first match comes against the man who has been impersonating him for months, Pablo, who is accompanied to the ring by Gary Green. Gary has promised to remain neutral in this entire thing, wanting Pablo to win but not wanting Josh to retire Now both stand in the ring, awaiting the entrance of Joshua Scott The crowd erupt as the music of Joshua Scott, the iconic “Seven Nations Army” hits. Josh hasn’t used this song since July 2018 when he suffered heartbreaking defeat to Julius in the KOTR tournament, but it was symbolic of him in the past, to the point where The White Stripes performed for him at Mania Josh gets into the ring and stares down with Pablo. Pablos record is 1-1, he beat Arrow in 23 seconds but lost to Isaiah Carter in 37 seconds. Basically, he doesn’t wrestle long matches. It should be interesting to see how Josh deals with this knowledge in this interesting match Pablo walks towards Josh SUPERKICK. JOSH COVERS PABLO, BUT PABLO KICKS OUT BEFORE 1 Josh looks devastated, wondering what it will take to put away this man mountain. Josh now goes to the corner, looking for his finishing move, the Seven Nations Army, the Spear, whatever you want to call it. Josh charges at Pablo, who moves out of the way AND JOSH HITS THE REF. Josh checks on the ref and turns back to Pablo, who nails him with a massive Side Slam and then a Great Scott And it was that exact same Great Scott that got Pablo his win over Arrow but obviously there is no referee when Pablo covers. Pablo wastes no time in rolling out of the ring and grabbing a steel chair. As he rolls into the ring, Gary Green is in the ring, checking on the referee. Gary holds Pablo back and calls for a microphone from ringside Gary: As we have no referee, and I am a neutral man in this match, I SHALL REFEREE THIS MATCH Pablo holds the chair still, and Josh asks Gary to take the chair off Pablo, or DQ him. However Gary doesn’t respond, and his smirk turns into a sick smile as he turns to Josh GARY GREEN JUST RAN AND LOW BLOWED HIS BEST FRIEND. The crowd are silenced as Josh holds his groin in pain, before turning to Pablo, who nails him with a chair shot Pablo covers the broken body of Josh and Gary counts the 3 count. The crowd boo as Gary raises Pablos hand, and the two swiftly leave the ring. Pablo and Gary celebrate on the apron, as Josh looks on devastated. That is 1 loss, Josh must now win one of his next 2 matches or else his career is over. Tonight leaves us with many questions. Why did Gary betray Josh? What is next for Josh? And will he be retired?
  5. I agree with the above, Jorge Masvidal is the answer here. At Number 3 in the Welterweight rankings, McGregor beating him would be a good step for him as he looks to become a three division Champion However it won’t be easy. Remember Masvidal is the man who knocked out Diaz, which McGregor couldn’t do in 2 matches and I could see Masvidal beating him personally For me he should choose Gaethje, the fight would be electric as Sheri said and I think McGregor would beat him, it should be interesting
  6. I haven’t kept up with ratings for a long time but seeing Smackdown ahead of Raw is a shock, especially because Smackdown was really poor in my opinion this week, whilst Raw had one of the best shows it has had in a while
  7. The mans not won a singles match since April 2018. For me I haven’t seen him feature much in WWE recently and that’s probably for a good reason. Maybe Matt needs to retire once and for all
  8. Nash.... Nash still wrestles? I swear he retired in 2016. His last WWE match was in 2014 and his last wrestling 1 on 1 “match” in WWE was that Sledgehammer match in 2011 against HHH. It’s been painful to watch Nash wrestle anytime past 2008 and so I am glad the man can rest
  9. This is ridiculous in my opinion. The Harlem Heat rumour seems to be gaining pace and if WWE choose to destroy one of the best teams in the world then it’s disgraceful. I’m not asking for them to give Revival a good run or anything, but this is a joke
  10. For me Reys powers are fading. He’s not a bad wrestler, there’s no doubting that, but he’s not the man he once was and he hasn’t been since 2016. He deserves to go out whilst he is still on top and right now seems like the right time. Andrade also seems like the perfect man to retire him
  11. A legend who paved the way for many. From what I saw of him he wasn’t the greatest in ring wrestler but that doesn’t matter, he created a lot of WWE history, being the first black WWE Champion (when he won Tag), making history with many NWA titles and of course fathering the Rock. RIP Rocky
  12. Always good to see her return, we haven’t got to see her truly yet in WWE as how good she is as a singles competitor, and I am hoping to see more of her
  13. I don’t really have much more to add on this. It won’t lead to anything, will be a comedy segment must likely that is used as an attempt to boost ticket sales. Personally I don’t enjoy these segments when they air on TV but not like it matters in this case
  14. I agree with Bart, this is a terrible move on WWEs part. Wrestle mania is the one show that appeals to 3 types of fan, the full time wrestling fan, the casual fan who watches some of the shows and the casual fan who might tune in. By creating a massive storm of bad press, especially at this time, could be a nightmare for the, as it may turn off the latter completely. It’s a bold risk
  15. I remember when he was being called the next Rey Mysterio. He’s clearly not and hasn’t done anything to show he can be. The free agent thing seems like a desperate grab for attention
  16. JoshsNow


    In 2017, BrendenPlayz Wrestling presented 3 events of BFC - BrendenPlayz Fighting Championship. Each presented a massive tournament - Nanovirus, Xavier King and Big Dog coming out on top Now BFC has announced its return. Who will reign supreme in the first season of this new up and coming MMA promotion, presented live on Netflix SIGN UP SHEET Name: Age: Weight Class: Height: Reach: Fighting Style:
  17. This is truly horrible and shocking to see. Harlem Heat lingerie!? And if they fight Revival and squash them it would be a disgrace but unfortunately I see it happening as WWE do their best to bury them
  18. I don’t need votes because of my success BUT I AM IN ANYWAY
  19. It’s been a month since we last saw Joshua Scott, Gary Green, Ryan Red and Barry Blue. Now we see the 4 of them stood in an office inside BrendenPlayz Headquarters with an important looking person behind the desk Gary: Hello Mr James Cunner. Thank you for having us Cunner: Ryan, Barry, Gary. Josh. Welcome guys. As you know I am one of the main guys behind the scenes at BrendenPlayz. Now one month ago, I suspended Josh for his brutal attacks on the following people; Kieron Black, Crippler, Marker, Arrow Gargano, Bryan Danielson, several backstage staff. Now I have been looking through Josh’s record and I have no choice here I am sorry. Josh you’re FI ???: WAIT All 5 men in the room look to the door, and there is a shocked expression on the face of Gary Green and James Cunner Green and Cunner: JOSH? Ryan: Wait that’s Josh? I thought Josh was the big guy Cunner: So did I. Gary, what’s going on here Josh: Perhaps I can explain. 4 months ago I suffered heartbreaking defeat to Mikey, was booed by the fans and then mocked in my hometown of Manchester. Then Gary and an old enemy of mine, the man you people may know as “The Master” came to me with a proposition. I take a break from wrestling and replace myself with an imposter. I personally thought people would notice when “I” suddenly became 6 foot 8 and 315lbs but surprisingly no one did. This imposter would follow The Masters orders and gain a few victories on my part. He would cover himself with a mask to protect his identity. Basically it was a win win for all parties. The Master got himself a security guard to take out his enemies, my reputation would improve Unfortunately it backfired. The imposter turned out to be a crap wrestler, being humiliated by Isaiah Carter, and then he began attacking people at random which damaged my reputation. When I realised I was going to be fired I had to step in. So here I am. Barry: So Gary, you knew all along and you kept it quiet Gary: Yes Barry: So who’s the guy behind the mask Gary: Pablo Ryan: Wait wasn’t Pablo a completely different character? Cunner: So wait, that guy isn’t you. Doesn’t that break about every employment rule in your contract Josh? Josh: No check Clause 8.8 of my contract James checkers Clause 8.8 of the contract and reads it aloud James: Clause 8.8; if Josh chooses to take a break from the wrestling business he may choose an imposter to hide under a mask and pretend to be him for a maximum amount of 12 months. That imposter will also be awarded with a contract in BrendenPlayz following Josh’s return to wrestling Why the hell did we put that in your contract? Josh: Doesn’t matter. Don’t care. Now about that firing Cunner: Alright Pablo and the Colour Brothers you stay. Josh you’re fired Josh: WAIT. For what? Cunner: When I said I was firing him for his record, I didn’t mean his violence record, I meant his win loss record. Pablo has a 1-1 record, you have a 12-1-69 record, slightly different Josh: No, no, no, please James, give me a second chance. James: Alright Josh, you have been a good wrestler over the years for us, so I will give you a second chance. You must win at least one of your next 3 matches in order to stay in the company. If not you must retire Josh: Retire, why would I retire? James: Read Clause 8.9. Josh: If Joshua Scott is forced to leave BrendenPlayz due to his utterly shit W/L record and is given 3 chances, if he fails to take those chances he will not just be forced to leave BPZ, he will be forced to retire as a wrestler James: Who conducted these contract negotiations. Wait, doesn’t matter, don’t care. Now I suggest you pick a few easy matches Josh, just to try get a win Josh: PABLO I CHALLENGE YOU James and Gary both slap their heads in frustration as Josh stands up to the much taller man. James: Fine, it’s official. 3 chances Josh. 3 chances remember Josh leaves the room after a lot of confusion, setting up an epic match, Pablo vs Josh. If Josh loses, he could be one step closer to retirement.
  20. 1 year ago today I went to my first NXT UK Takeover Blackpool. Now one year on I visit the second, but how did I find it inside the arena? Pre Show: Kassius Ohio vs Dave Mastiff and A Kid vs Joseph Conners Two interesting matches to kick things off. I won’t reveal any results for spoiler reasons. The first was A Star vs Joseph Conners, a technical master class that I would give a B, the second was Mastiff vs Ohno. This was a poor match until an incredible ending that saw a massive move off the top rope. I will give it a C Trent Seven vs Eddie Dennis - Rating: B Good match here which saw Progress Champ Eddie Dennis come out on top. I am a huge fan of Eddie Dennis, his promo work is unreliable and in the ring he is incredible, defo a future NXT UK Champ. He hit a massive Jackknife to Trent out of the ring (he may have landed in the crowd, I couldn’t see) and surprisingly put away Trent in quick fashion, perhaps too quick. A B rating NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) beat Toni Storm and Piper Niven - Rating: A I stood up by the bar for most of the show, this was the only full match I sat down for. This made it hard to see but from what I could see it was incredible. They told a great story carrying on from what they had told in NXT UK, and it seems like it is now time for Storm to move up to NXT after this match. Great match Tyler Bate beat Jordan Devlin - Rating A* Stunning. One of the best matches I have ever seen live. The first 15 minutes were an incredibly quick pace, perhaps too quick, but the final 10 minutes were perfect. It started when Bate hit the Aeroplane Spin so many times the crowd lost count, and then carried of with multiple insane sequences of moves. In fact, I was so impressed by one of the sequences that I sent a video of it to a few of my mates who can’t get their heads round wrestling just to show them what they are missing out on, and even they begrudgingly admitted how good it was. Stunning match Tag Team Ladder Match: Gallus retained - Rating: A Another great Match. I imagine this one was better on TV, I couldn’t see Andrews and Webster’s jump off the ladder really and missed a bit of the ending but from what I saw it was pure chaos. Perfect. I loved the match, although I was unhappy with Gallus retaining. A NXT UK Championship Match: WALTER beat Joe Coffey - Rating: B Unfortunately it felt like we ended on a flat note. A great match to end the show but just not as good as everything else. It felt overbooked and that really seemed to kill the crowd. Dragunov bought the one massive reaction but even he was dismantled by WALTER as if he was nothing. However the show ended well post match when obviously Undisputed came to the ring. I was annoyed however because the seats I was meant to be sitting in would have been right next to where Undisputed came out (we had aisle seats) but Undisputeds appearance was insane. That concluded an incredible show Overall Rating: B+
  21. What a show. Don’t know what it was like on TV, will have to watch a future date but at the show itself, incredible 

  22. Off to watch NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II. Can not wait

  23. Can’t argue here (that’s a first) @Bart deserves it more than anyone else. Ever since Bart joined 3 years ago he was a Great member, then he became a great mod, and then a great global mod. Congrats Bart
  24. For me it was beating Echo Wilson in KOTR. All before the tournament people were predicting a Julius vs Echo match, and many seemed excited for the Kingdom battle. However despite never winning a close voting before (other than IC at Mania) and nearly all my votings to Echo being me losing my 1 vote, this time the field reversed and I won by 1 vote to reach the KOTR semi finals.
  25. Ay yo what's up dude, I'm Josh, and I'll be your tour guide throughout the adventure we call 'BrendenPlayz Forums'. Most people are interested in the "Kayfabe" section which you can find directly below the "Introduce Yourself" section. In there Bart has added a great section introducing it because it’s hard to figure out originally which I’ll link below. I recommend reading this post before doing anything though. Another section that is widely popular is the diaries section, where you can do basically anything, whether it be a WWE Brand Split diary or a Call Of Duty diary, we welcome them all. Not good at creative writing? That's okay, because we have sections for TEW (Game I will link below), and WWE 2K20, where most members post their Universe Modes and write them up for members to enjoy. Links to all three sections + TEW: http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/168-wwe-2k20/ http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/84-total-extreme-wrestling/ http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/60-diaries/ http://greydogsoftware.com/tew-2016/ We also have Title Votings every month that are based on contributions to the forums, and once you reach 25 posts (which I'm sure you will), you will be able to view the awards section where all of the votings are posted. We have a voting going on in a few weeks called the Royal Rumble , which features the NXT Title, currently held by Meckolegend Anyways, please read the guidelines because a lot of new members don't and end up breaking rules, so take a minute to check those out. So, welcome to the forums dude and I hope you stay active!

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