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  1. Wow, wow, wow. I am in love with this Hans. The NJPW idea is brilliant, it’s one I have seen rarely in the past and even then I don’t think I’ve ever seen one near the level of presentation you’ve put on. Absolutely stunning Hans. I’m excited for more
  2. BPZ Forum Championship Records UPDATE

    I don't do these often now but I figured this deserved some special mention. @BrendenPlayz and @Sameer's current Tag reign is now the 2nd longest of all time at 98 days. They are only 3 weeks off equalling Slim and Smiths 119 day record and with them making no defences until Emergence in 3 weeks time, it seems certain they should do that

  3. Who do I see being relegated from the Premier League next season. @GeorgeAK 20. Aston Villa - Villa return after a 3 year absence from the Premier League and won the Play Off final on their second attempt and whilst I like Dean Smith Villa have a history of not being very patient with their managers. If Smith stays I see them doing better but if threatened by relegation at Christmas then Villa will probably sack and that will cost them 19. Sheffield United - The team who in my opinion are the weakest of the 3 teams that got promoted, I don’t see Yorkshire’s only Premier League team completing a fairytale campaign like Huddersfield did in their first season. They’ve lost their Number One keeper and failed to replace him and Henderson got Sheffield a lot of points last season. His loss will impact them massively and I believe it will see them down 18. Brighton - Brighton only won 2 Premier League games in 2019 and one of them was at home to Huddersfield. They capped this off by sacking Chris Hughton, a move I believe will cost them as they finish 20th That is Who I think will be relegated. Tomorrow I give my thoughts on James Rodriguez. What are your thoughts on James Rodriguez? Do you see one of these teams staying up? Please continue to send in questions for me to answer. Thanks for reading
  4. Who is the best English Keeper of all time It has got to be Peter Shilton hasn’t it. During his career he appeared in 10 PFA Top Division Team of the Years, a record for any player and the PFA later named him as the best English league goalkeeper in the past century. In 1971 he was Leicester’s goalkeeper as they won the 2nd division and the Charity Shield But it was at Nottingham Forest No.1 he became well known. In 1978 he was named PFA Player of the Season as Forest won the First Division and in the next 2 years won a Charity Shield, a League Cup, a European Supercup and back to back European Cups in 1979 and 1980. Afters Nottingham Forest Won the European Cup in 1980, the IOC named Shilton the 1980 European Footballer of the Year Award and in his final season at Forest he won the Nottingham Forest POTY Award It was in his later career he found success on the international stage as he played for numerous clubs such as Southampton, Derby, Plymouth, Wimbledon, Bolton, Coventry, West Ham before he retired at Leyton Orient. At Southampton he was named their best player for back to back seasons and he became England’s No.1 There he keepered England to 3 Rous Cups and took them to 4th in the World Cup at the age of 41. He holds the record for most clean sheets in the World Cup Finals with 10 and played 125 games for England, a record for any player. He finished his career having played more games than any other player had, has, or probably ever will as he played 125 rimes. The IFFHS named him among the top 10 keepers of the 20th century and he was given a FWA Tribute Award in 1991. In 2002 he was inducted into the English Hall of Fame and was later named in the Football League 100 Legends list Peter Shilton is the best English goalkeeper of all time Thanks for reading and continue to send in questions. Tomorrow I answer George’s question “Who do I see being relegated from the Premier League next season”
  5. A lot of you may have noticed I have been inactive for the past week or so. Well from Saturday to Tuesday I was on my DofE and I returned to learn my Grandad has suffered a stroke, hence why I haven’t been posting much since my return on Tuesday. However things are looking better for him, he is able to use his hands although he’s struggling with his legs and he will be home tomorrow so I should be active once again. Just thought I owed you guys an explanation, and here’s to one week of grinding before KOTR 🥂

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      No need for one, your real life comes before the forums 10 times outta 10.

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      Slim put it perfectly. But if you need anything I am sure you can talk with anyone here.

  6. Is CR7 the greatest of all time now that he has become the first player to win 3 major leagues Only behind Lionel Messi as the greatest player to grace this planet. 689 goals in 1 career. That is insane. He was won Supercup in 4 countries, the league in 3 countries, the Club World Cup In 2 countries, the domestic cup in 2 countries, the Champions League in 2 countries and he has also won 2 Super Cups and 2 League Cups. He has also won 2 international trophies, he has won the Ballon D’or in 2 counties, 3 Best Player in Europe awards, the European Shoe in 2 countries, the Onze D’or in 2 countries, winning a FIFA and FIFPro World player awards in 2008, winning best UEFA Footballer and Forward in 2008, named World Soccer POTY in 2 countries, has a Bravo Award, a Puskas, 2 Portuguese POTYs, was named in FIFPro World XI in 2 countries, named in UCL TOTY in 2 countries, he has won best player in 3 countries, in the Prem he was also named Young Player of the Year and won the Golden Boot, and at Real he won La Liga Best Forward, and got awards by the BBC and Globe Soccer. He has also been named in 2 leagues TOTY and was named in the top 2 players at the Club World Cup for 2 countries. He is the top scorer in 6 competitions, has been named in a TOTY at 3 international competitions, was second highest goalscorer in 1 international competition and was named in UEFAs Ultimate Team He has won the most Ballon D’ors and made the most appearances in the FIFPro TOTY (both tied with Leo Messi.) He has scored more goals in the Club World Cup, UCL (including most goals in 1 calendar year, in a season, in the knockout stages, in the quarters, in the semis, most scored in 1 Group Stage campaign and most scored in 1 knockout campaign, as well as scoring 8 hat tricks in the UCL), the Euros (where he has also made the most appearances and scored in a record 4 Euros), scored more goals than anyone in both the Euros Qualifiers and WC Qualifiers. He is the record scorer for Portugal and Real and the record appearance maker for the former. He was the fastest player to score 100, 150 and 300 in La Liga history and has scored the most hat tricks in La Liga history He is one of the best finishers in the world, and is talented at dribbling, passing, shooting from range, using his physicality and winning aerial duels. Contrary to popular belief, he isn’t selfish, he makes an insanely high amount of key passes. In case you want to know my Top 10, it is Rummeniege, Keegan, Di Stefano, Ronaldo, Beckenbauer, Van Besten, Cruyff, Platini, CR7, Messi Please send in questions. Tomorrow the question is, who is the best English goalkeeper ever?
  7. Van Dijk vs Suarez in 2019 I believe Suarez won this one. Although Liverpool won the war, Suarez won the battle. Suarez scored at Camp Nou to give him the victory and whilst VVD silenced him at Anfield, Matip did a lot of the work that night especially on Suarez and Messi. VVD was left to man mark a very poor Coutinho who drifted out wide anyway Van Dijk vs Kane in 2019 Van Dijk did walk this one. In all 3 games played between them it was VVD who was clearly the better player and it showed as in all 3 games Van Dijk came out on top. As a result of these findings I will modify the list 9. Suarez 8. VVD 7. Kane If VVD does this season next season, he will earn a place much higher on this list
  8. Are Allison and Ederson the best goalkeeping duo of all time? No. No they are not. Allison is among the best in the world, only rivalled by Courtois and Oblak in my opinion. But Ederson is nowhere near that level. His only good stat is his passing and when you’re playing among the best players in the world it’s fairly easy to find a pass 4 out of 5 times as he does. They aren’t the best first and choice keeping selection ever in world football. They aren’t even it now. I would say even Oblak and Handanovic are better. I believe Oblak is as good as Allison and Handanovic are better than Ederson. I still stick to my beliefs that the best goalkeeping duo in world football right now is Courtois and Navas at Real. I have thought long and hard about who is the best keeping duo of all time and I cannot decide. But if Ederson and Allison aren’t even the best right they won’t be the best ever in world football Responding to your comments Give me some reasoning behind this and I may edit it Thanks for reading and please send in some questions for me to answer. Tomorrow I answer where does CR7 place amongst the greatest of all time after this season he became the first player to win 3 major leagues.
  9. Julius Sameer Echo Wilson George Arius Flynn Raven UN SSW Club Joshua Scott Zack Gibson Check Kayfabe Moveset Thread for Moveset, Theme Song and Spots Style: Brawler
  10. We are here at the BPZ European tour and at tonight’s Carnage we are in Italy, home to one of BPZs most recognisable superstars Angelo Catio. The crowd erupt in boos as for the first time in 6 weeks JoshsNow is in a BPZ ring. He has spent the last few weeks trying to find who attacked Bulldozer on vignettes and this is only the 4th time this year he has appeared live on Carnage. He walks out with Bulldozer, making their way to the ring with the recent promo series culminating in the accusation that Alex Costa attacked Bulldozer. They stand in the ring, absorbing the boos of the crowd (although a small section of the crowd appears to be chanting for them) before Josh begins to speak Ladies and gentleman, we are SSW Club, future BPZ Tag Team Champions and I personally am JoshsNow, Manchester’s Number ONE Josh shouts his loud catchphrase as the crowds small affection for him dies out and the boos ring across the crowd. The chant “Stand Up if you hate Josh Scott” begins and the crowd all stand up as Josh shakes his head at the Italian Crowd Sta zitto. And for all you uneducated Americans sitting back home that means SHUT UP. You see back in my home country of England we are educated so we learn all sorts of languages, even the stupid ones like Italian The crowds boos intensify and chants of “Sit Down if you Hate Josh Scott” begin and the crowd all sit down as Josh continues his rant STA ZITTO. We all know England is better than Italy, that’s why we have the KOTR PPV and you guys are stuck with the preliminary shows The crowd start signing “shoes off if You Hate Josh Scott” as Josh shake his head, deciding to ignore the crowd and focus on what he has to say I AM MANCHESTERS NUMBER ONE, or just to appease you Italians, I AM MANCHESTERS NUMERO UNO, I AM ITALYS NUMERO UNO AND I am soon to be recognised as not only BPZ’s Numero Uno, but also as the Worlds Numero Uno Now back to the matter on hand, in a few weeks time, at Wembley Stadium, we have the King of the Ring pay per view. It features the KOTR tournament, a tournament I chose not to be part of. One of the finalists will be one of my proteges as Julius goes head to head with George, again proving why I am the greatest mentor in BPZ history. Bulldozer I hope you are truly listening to my advice because one day you will be the greatest star in BPZ history The crowd meet this claim with mockery, and Josh’s face tightens up in anger before he again decides to address the crowd We also see a World Championship match between Sameer and Bailey. It’s weird how these 2 are having such a great feud and yet neither can keep my name out of their mouths. Both have managed to include me in their insults with cheap shots, and I give a warning to both of you, I haven’t forgotten about the BPZ World Championship and although I’m focusing on something else right now I have very much got my eyes on that title in the long term But for now me and Bulldozer can set our sights on the 3rd match at KOTR, the Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match between myself and Bulldozer, Angelo, Joh and Monda in the United Nations, Blade and Kieron in a Deadman’s Hand and Raven and Alex Costa. This match has two bonuses. Not only do we get a Tag Team Championship match upon winning, we also get our hands on Alex Costa Alex, your first mistake at Power Trip Cup was attacking me and Bulldozer after my match with Raven. Your second mistake was running Bulldozer over with that car. A Fatal 4 Way Match is a No DQ match and during that match you are going to pay Alex. But you know what, forget it, I don’t wanna wait until Wembley, me and Bulldozer want to take revenge on you now. Get your ass out here Costa Josh drops the mic and he and Bulldozer stand united, waiting for Alex Costa to come out when someone else’s theme song begins to play
  11. JoshsNow

    WWE Reborn

    I have to admit, MITB was the first time I’ve read this diary, and although I will have to read back to see the origins of this story I have to say what a show. I’m glad we get to see a rematch between Storm and Lynch and I also assume we will see rematches between Cena/Almas, Dunne and Cody as well. I think Cole winning MITH was the right move and I see him slotting in to what seems to be a big storyline with Ohno, Crews, Rollins, Reigns and Lesnar. I also wonder if Ali will fit into that as well. I like Cesaro as US Champ and Revival as Tag. I’m excited for SummerSlam, seeing how you use MJF and I am very much excited for more. Stunning show BiC
  12. Won’t be on until Wednesday because I have got my DofE Silver

  13. Who are the top 10 players in the world right now Honourable Mention: Allison Won the UCL and Copa America and was named in Team of the Tournament for both. He also won the Golden Glove in the Copa America and Premier League and was integral in both competitions (10) Sadio Mane Another Liverpool player who was integral to Liverpool this season, he was named in both the Premier League and UCL Team of the Years, winning the latter and receiving the Golden Boot in the former, and won the Onze D’or, awarded to the worlds best player (9) Harry Kane Although he didn’t win a trophy this season he was the difference maker for club and country as he received silver in the UCL and bronze in the Nations League. To top that all off, he became Harry Kane MBE (8) Virgil Van Dijk Another UCL winning player who was integral to the team, he won Liverpool Fans and Players POTY, was named in the TOTY for the Prem, Nations League and UCL and he was named Premier League and PFA POTY (7) Luis Suarez An integral part to Barcelona’s La Liga winning side. (6) Neymar Won the Ligue 1 with PSG and was named in TOTY for it, he is the the difference maker for both PSG and Brazil (5) KDB He is integral for Belgium and for club he won the domestic treble this season. He was also excellent in the Champions League, despite City’s elimination he was named in the UCL TOTY (4) Eden Hazard This is where Hazard ranks on my list. He has carried Chelsea and Belgium for the past year, taking Chelsea to two finals and winning one of them. He dominated Chelsea’s awards ceremony, winning Players Player, Supporters Player and Goal of the Season, as well as taking home the PFA Fans Player of the Year, was named in the UEL TOTY and got more assists than anyone else in Europe (3) Mo Salah Integral to Egypt and Liverpool’s difference maker, he was their top scorer and was also the top scorer in the Prem. He became the fastest Liverpool player to reach 40 and then 50 PL goals and was rewarded by a UCL win at the end of the season. To top that all off he was named in Time 100 (Top 2) Ronaldo and Messi I can’t separate them. First Messi, he is the difference maker for club and country and as well as winning back to back La Ligas he also won a 3rd consecutive Golden Shoe (after being La Liga Top Scorer for the 3rd consecutive year and being top scorer in the UCL for the 6th time), won a 3rd consecutive Picchini Trophy, was the playmaker of La Liga for the 2nd consecutive year and was awarded a Cruz de Santi Jordi As for Ronaldo, this season he not only won the inaugural Nations League, he was named in the Team of the tournament and was top goalscorer. He also took to life in Serie A, not only winning it but also being named MVP. He was also named in the UCL Team of the Tournament for the 6th consecutive time, proving his class
  14. We see Josh, Gary Green and Bruce Willis sat inside the room, looking at the 10 suspects sat in front of them. They know it is one of them, but who could it be. They all exchange looks nervously as dramatic music plays, and we cut into a slightly edited version of the opening theme As the theme hit instead of the weird montage we see some highlights of the series. We see Brenden chasing Gary Green and we zoom in on the face of Gary Green. We then see Josh throwing himself out of a vent and the screen freezes, zooming in on Josh. We then see Gary sitting in interview rooms, Julius stood over Gary and Josh on the London Eye, Green hypnotising Bulldozer and numerous other clips before the montage ends. We return to see Josh, Green and Willis in the room Green: So the 10 suspects we know it must be. Aaron, Alex Costa, Bashka, BiC, Brenden, Cody, me, George, Raven and Sheridan. Willis: How do you guys know that? Josh: Jesus Christ Bruce have you not been paying attention Willis: I have no idea who you are Josh: Back at you. Now, we know that because we hacked into Brendens computer and found some limited security camera footage and we know from other footage it is one of these people who did it. However when we watched the footage again I discovered Gary had made some mistakes. George wasn’t at the show that day and doesn’t appear on the footage and look at Aaron here Josh pulls out a very smashed tablet and places it on the table. Willis and Green have to squint but we can see Aaron North turn left into Brads locker room before he leaves the guerilla position. He doesn’t leave until 9:47pm, after Bulldozer had been run over. Willis: So whoever that guy is, Aaron, he is innocent Josh: Yes he is Gary: Why is your tablet so smashed? Josh: I dropped it when I went to an anniversary party 2 Wednesdays ago. Green: Ah Ok. So do we shred these 2 With that Gary picks up the pictures of Aaron and George and puts them in a shredder, shredding them. We’re down to 8. Josh: Ok let’s go in alphabetical order. Alex Costa. Now he claimed he was on the phone to the president at the time. Willis: Donald Trump? Green: No Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, the President Of Portugal. Alex claimed he was getting a medal from the president and was on the phone when Bulldozer was attacked. It’s true, I tried to call Sousa to verify it but he didn’t answer Willis: How do you know he is telling the truth then. Green: He was on the phone for nearly an hour, starting at 9:43pm. Bulldozer was attacked at 9:45, therefore Alex’s alibi checks out and he is innocent and therefore we can shred him Green shreds Alex Costa, taking us down to 7 Green: Now as I was telling you both, I hypnotised Bulldozer to get some information. And he backed up Cody and Brenden with alibis Willis: How so? Josh: Cody said he was at KFC when Bulldozer was attacked. How could Bulldozer provide him with an alibi Green: Bulldozer remembered seeing Cody eating KFC across the parking lot. It’s likely Cody did go to KFC, he just didn’t know what time he was there. Cody was seen seconds before Bulldozer was attacked so therefore it can’t be him Willis: What about this Brenden guy? Green: Bulldozer saw Brenden talking with the interviewer after Bulldozer had walked away. Therefore both are innocent and they can be shredded Brenden and Codys pictures are picked up by Green and put into the shredder. With that he has eliminated it to 5 suspects, BiC, Bashka, Green, Sheridan and Raven. Suddenly Willis stands up Willis: Well Gary only booked me to do this sh*tshow for 20 minutes and my time is up. Yippee Ki Yai y’all Willis leaves and Josh and Gary shrug at each other before looking at the 5 suspects Josh: And then there were 5. Well I mean didn’t BiC want Bulldozer dead and say that he would run him over himself? Green: Yes that is true but you’re forgetting something. The car wasn’t found Josh: So it probably was a personal car as you assumed hence they must be hiding it Green: BiC couldn’t drive, he had a bad ankle and he couldn’t put any pressure on it. Josh: What does that have to do with what you just said? Green: Nothing, I just wanted to show off. Now let’s shred BiC The photo of BiC is shredded Green: So it’s down to Raven, Bashka, me and Sheri Josh: Well we know it’s not you, you were kissing a picture of my wife Green: Why yes I was Josh: And Sheridan saw you which means she couldn’t have been in the car. So she is innocent too Green: Put them in the shredder Green shreds Sheridan’s picture before Josh picks up Gary’s and violently shreds it. Then we see the final 2 suspects, Bashka and Raven. Which one will it be? Josh: Well I know it isn’t Bashka Green: And I know it isn’t Raven Josh: Explain Raven first Green: Remember what I said earlier about the car being a personal car. Raven doesn’t own a car. And he has no family because he left them in Britain. Therefore he can not have been driving the car and therefore is innocent. How do you know Bash is innocent Josh: I went back into Brendens office to see if I could dig anything more up from the night. I found one late piece of security footage and it showed at 9:44 Bashka stood outside calling for a taxi. The taxi arrives 7 minutes later Green: Hang on it has to be one of those people, how can it not be? Suddenly Gary’s phone starts ringing. He looks confused at who is phoning before he picks it up Gary: Who is this? Oh. Hello President De Sousa. Yes this is Mr Green talking. Yes I phoned earlier because I understand you were talking to a Alex Costa. Yes you were that is good to hear, now did you hear the sound of a car hitting a Bulldozer during this call. Aha ok, erm yes I understand what you mean. Where was Alex at this time do you know? Wait how do you know that. Really. Ok thank you President De Sousa. Gary puts the phone down and looks seriously surprised Green: That was the Portuguese President. He informed me was speaking to Alex Costa and that he had heard a sound similar to a car hitting something quite near. Josh: So Alex was near, that goes against his original statement that he was far away Green: And, the President said he was speaking to Alex and Alex was speaking hands off. So Alex was driving Josh: Alex was driving. That means he is the only suspect that fits. He has motive and now we have evidence. It was Alex Costa Green: I’m gonna go tell Bulldozer Green runs out of the room and Josh goes to join him before picking up the phone that had been filming this entire segment Josh: Alex I don’t know if you’ve been watching this but if you are watching it right now I promise you that when we meet in the Fatal 4 Way Tag match at KOTR you are going to suffer. If you honestly thought you could run over my best friend and get away with it you are mistaken, you shall pay Josh turns off the phone and the screen turns black. The words The End appear on the screen, only to be followed by the words “Or is it?”
  15. Who do you mean by that 🧐 On a serious note, whilst I don’t think we should bring back Euro we should certainly change the grade boundaries, I think it should be back to 250 for US, 1.75k for IC and 3.75k for World as it was a few years ago However I strongly disagree with your last paragraph. Saying only certain guys can challenge for World is a discredit to the forums and builds up a sense of elitism which we certainly don’t want. If you have made the required post and rep you have obviously done enough work in the forums and therefore deserve to be a World guy. Of course I might be slightly bias but I still think it’s a poor idea
  16. Who deserves to win the Ballon D’or as of July 2019 82% passing accuracy. 3 key passes a game. 1 through ball per game. 6 successful dribbles a game. 44 goals, 9 of those from long range. One of the greatest goals ever seen when he scored that free kick against Liverpool As of July 2019, Leo Messi deserves to the win this years Ballon D’or Please continue to send in questions. Tomorrow I do another Top 10, who are the top 10 players in the world right now? Thanks for reading
  17. After I won my first 2 matches, I planned on doing an unbeaten gimmick 69 losses later...
  18. Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent 141. Today after an interview with Julius, we write down his top 5 highlights of his BPZ Career so far 5. Winning NXT At December to Dismember 2017, Julius beat Legends to win the NXT Championship. It was his first title in his first ever BPZ Match and a great start for the newcomer that has helped pave the path for a great career (4) Winning Tag with Ropati at Mania The Saviours faced The Big Ballers on the Grandest Stage of Them All with the tag titles on the line. The Big Ballers had dominated the tag division since winning the belts at December to Dismember from The Frontier/Flock. However Julius and Ropati ended that with a massive victory at BPZMania. Although the title reign itself wasn't as successful, the victory was enough to place on Julius' top 5 list (3) Beating Slim in the main event of SummerSlam After the World title was vacated due to insane events that happened with Slim and Flynn at Judgement Day, it was Julius who won the vacant title, which was good because it meant the title was kept within Slim's stable The Kingdom which featured Julius, Slim, Bart and Echo Wilson. However Slim confronted Julius after his victory and challenged him to a match at SummerSlam. It caused a civil war in The Kingdom as Bart and Echo were forced to pick sides but in the end they chose Julius' side as he beat one of BPZs greatest stars (2) Turning on Flynn and joining The Kingdom Julius may be known as more of a solo wolf these days but that certainly wasn't the case during his first few months in BPZ. In his first month he teamed with Josh in the JoshTourage until he turned on Josh by making Josh the fastest elimination in Royal Rumble history. 3 months later he joined Flynn and Ross in ROA by once again attacking Josh, who was feuding with Flynn over Josh's IC Title. However a few months after that Julius shocked the world as Echo Wilson recruited him to Kingdom and he did so by attacking Flynn. By taking out one of the biggest stars in the company this gave Julius a name for himself in BPZ (1) Winning the World title at KOTR As mentioned earlier, in June 2018 the world title was vacated at Judgement Day following a fiasco with Slim and Flynn. It was announced that the winner of KOTR would become World Champion. Julius started by beating Prince, then former IC Champ FDS. In the semi final he faced former partner Josh, who had knocked out Julius' tag team partner Echo Wilson during his tournament run, and Julius dominated him. In the final he beat Johnny to finish off a remarkable rise to World Champion in just 7 months Thank you for reading. Hopefully we will be back tomorrow with a Match Review. Goodnight
  19. We had the go home show of Evolve before KOTR and with the card finalised, many fear this would be just a filler episode of Evolve. It took less than 1 minute though for those rumours to be squashed, as the show kicked off with the North American Champion Arius in the ring After drawing with Julius in the KOTR Quarter Final last week, Arius issued a North American Championship Open Challenge, perhaps trying to call his opponent out of hiding. However the man who answered the challenge was not the man he expected, it was the former Universal Champion Bart. Bart announced he hadn't felt the same since losing the Universal Championship, with Bart having held a title of some sort since the start of 2018 until he lost Universal. Desperate to get that trend back on track, he claimed he was ready to put down Arius, the match was made for later tonight 8 Way United States Championship Number One Contenders Battle Royal: Mave Deltzer vs Akki vs Bulldozer vs Alex Costa vs Mikey vs Sheridan vs "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers Next up we had an 8 man US Title NOC Battle Royal, with the winner facing US Champ Hans at some point in the future. Bulldozer was recovering from an injury, Mikey was making his Evolve debut whilst Mave, Akki, Alex, Sheridan and Odyssey Sellers were looking to bounce back from disappointing KOTR losses. However as those 7 stood in the ring, obviously confused due to the announcement it would be an 8 way battle royal when "Keep It 100" plays and to the shock of the audience, we saw Echo Wilson for the first time in months, obviously him being the 8th man At first Mave and Akki tried to team up on everyone else, which proved to be a successful strategy, until Akki threw Mave out of the ring, eliminating him. Mave wasted no time getting up, going back into the ring and eliminating Akki, before the two were escorted out by refs Sheridans smaller stature helped her, as she escaped elimination attempts by Bulldozer and Alex as her feet weren't long enough. Eventually she managed to pull Bulldozer over the ring and eliminate him, only for her to be Superkicked by Echo Wilson, leaving us with 4 Crip and Echo showed their technical skills by going head to head, whilst Mikey and Alex did battle. Mikey managed to eliminate Alex before going over and taking out both Crip and Echo. Mikey then threw Crip over the top rope but was then low blowed by Wilson, who threw him over the top rope after this to win the match and become Number One Contender to Hans' United States Championship North American Championship: Arius (c) vs Bart Bart was hoping to hold a title once more but in his way was Arius, who had had a similar start to Bart in BPZ. Both had won US and NXT, whilst Bart had claimed the Global title and Arius the North American As could only be expected this match was stunning. As Arius tried to set up Bart for The Final Testimony, suddenly Julius' music hit and he began making his way to the ring. One lapse in concentration for Arius is all it took, as Bart escaped the Final Testimony. Bart began to dominate this match, with Julius watching on from ringside. Bart proved his skill, eventually putting Arius away with The Last Breath becoming North American Champion. After the match Julius and Bart raised their titles in the air, the two former Kingdom member standing over Arius After this we returned to see Echo Wilson in the ring, after his return earlier in the night. Echo talked about his disappointment about his last US title reign and that is why he wanted to return to BPZ, to make things right. He seized his opportunity and has now earned a match against, in his words "the most overrated champion in BPZ history." These words bought Hans out to the ring, who mocked Echo, claiming most newbies wouldn't even know who Wilson was because all he had to show for his years in BPZ were reigns with the US Championship and Premium Championship Echo criticised Hans, claiming he was labelled underrated so much he was now overrated. Echo then did his signature taunt, putting his hands behind his back, and claimed he could beat Hans like this. Hans claimed that if Echo was so good, to fight Hans right here, right now for the US Title Echo surprisingly agreed, despite already having wrestled earlier in the night. However as the ref got both fighters prepared and got them in the corners, suddenly Julius and Bart blindsided Hans and beat him down United States Championship Match: Hans (c) vs Echo Wilson The bell didn't immediately ring, the ref sending Julius and Bart up the ramp first and then he checked whether Hans was Ok to fight. Hans stuck his thumbs up, then smiled at Echo and beckoned his hands towards himself, telling Echo to come on And as the bell rang for the second title match of the night, Echo did just that, immediately hitting Hans with a Superkick, then one to the knee, and then finishing off his famous trio of superkicks by hitting another one to the face of the now kneeling Hans. The crowd booed as Echo covered and Julius and Bart stood on the ramp smirking but Hans somehow kicked out at 2. A shocked Julius and Bart rang to the ring and Julius jumped onto the apron, distracting the ref who tried to send him back to the back This gave Bart the opportunity to grab a steel chair and he tried to hand it to Wilson, but Hans jumped up and snatched the chair of Bart, before he rammed it into the chest of Bart and then Echo. Hans threw it out of the ring as Julius was eventually ejected to the back by the ref The refs concentration turned back to the match as Hans scaled the ropes, looking for the Shooting Hans Press. However as he jumped, Echo lifted his knees up and then inside cradled Hans, covering for the 3 count After the match, new United States Champion Echo was handed his belt and was joined by Bart and Julius who individually raised their belts too. It seems The Kingdom could be back and that they are ruling Evolve, as the screen turns to black for the last time before KOTR Thanks for all the predictions on KOTR. For those of you who haven't predicted here is the final card, as confirmed on the last Carnage. If you also want to predict who FDS' mystery opponent will be, feel free to. Thanks for reading and hopefully KOTR will be out tomorrow KOTR: Bashka vs KENJI Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs JoshsNow World Championship. If Sameer wins Ryan is removed as Evolve GM: Sameer (c) vs Ryan Reeves with Special Guest Referee BrendenPlayz Premium Championship: FDS vs ??? Tag Team Championship: United Nations (Angelo Catio and Joh) vs Epic and Arrow Deadmans Hand (Blade and Kieron) vs Flynn and Yelich
  20. World: Julius, Bash, BiC, Bailey IC: Arius, myself, George, Hans US: Yelich, Bob, George, Alex Costa NXT: Maasa, Bob, KENJI, Bulldozer Premium: FDS, Mark, Bob, BiC
  21. ****1/4. I think this was the best write up of the first round. Excellent work Nate. Really loved how Alex played the heel because he was fighting in Ireland. Keep up the excellent work Nate
  22. ***1/4. Great match write up Hans, liked how we had a technical start and it turned into such a fast paced match. Good work
  23. Josh stands there stunned to shock from the attack by Bulldozer, before shaking his head angrily. He is about to say something when Gary interrupts, calmly speaking Green: Bulldozer, you’re attacking the wrong people here. You’ve got to keep in mind we didn’t need to take this case, we only did because the police refused to help. You should be screaming at them, not having a go at us. We have got it down to 4 suspects out and me and Josh are about to sit down now and find it out once and for all. Then Bulldozer you will get your revenge Josh: As for the Tag thing, I am pretty sure Raven did it so it will be a triple win. First of all, you get revenge on Raven for running you over. Second of all, we earn a shot at the Tag titles even though we should be number one contenders automatically, as you have said. Thirdly, we will soon be winning the Tag titles. Always look on the bright side Doza. Besides, how are we supposed to win Tag, if we aren’t on the same page Green: Hug it out, hug it out Josh and Bulldozer: Shut Up Gary Josh and Bulldozer share a smile at each other, United by them both finding Gary Green to be an annoyance. They hug it out, although Alice doesn’t look impressed. Bulldozer apologises to Josh before he and Alice leave the locker room. Josh turns to Gary and shakes his head Josh: Gary, What are you doing. You were kissing a picture of my wife and you expect me to forgive you? It’d be weird if you had a picture of my wife in your pocket. It’s extremely weird to kiss a picture of a girl. This is off the charts Gary: Josh I’m sorry but I’m going to make it up to you. I calmed Bulldozer down and I am going to solve this mystery. Josh: Gary, we’ve had 4 episodes and we’ve been unable to solve the case. We’ve only got 1 episode left. How are we supposed to solve it Gary: With this man And with that Bruce Willis steps into the room. Gary is smiling happily and Josh looks confused Josh: Who is that? Gary: Bruce Willis, he’s a famous actor Josh: Never heard of him, how is an actor supposed to help us Gary: He played Detective John McClane in the Die Hard film series Josh: The What? Gary: Die Hard Josh: Never heard of it. Is it English Gary: No, it’s American Josh: Explains why I’ve never heard of him. But I guess it’s time for us to solve this mystery once and for all. Who attacked Bulldozer Willis: Yippee-Ki-yai Josh looks weirdly at Willis before Gary puts out a table and lays a picture of the 10 suspects on the table. Josh gets his tablet out and Willis, Green and Scott look at the pictures as the screen turns to black
  24. **** - Excellent match Arius, the best of the round so far
  25. Will Eden Hazard flop at Real Eden Hazard is one of the best players in world football. He is in his prime right now and Madrid will get 2 more world class years out of him at age 28. In the Prem this season he scored 16 goals and assisted 15. In La Liga, where Madrid will tend to score more goals, who knows what damage he can do. I certainly don’t think he will be a flop though Thanks for reading and continue to send in questions

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