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  1. Just gonna point out I have more Kayfabe wins in the past 6 months than Beastly, Marker/Buddy. Not the point, “The Master” has set me a challenge. At Night of Legends, JoshsNow vs Kieron Black
  2. Good to see this. I hope Kofi gets another run with the WWE belt at some point in the future
  3. Ah that’s sad to hear. Watched Viper live and the triple threat match with her, Storm and KLR will be great. Hope she gets better soon
  4. I agree with Beastly and Amai, MITB 2011 was a stunning show. The last 40 minutes was arguably one of WWEs greatest ever moments and the rest of the show was great as well
  5. For me it’s Charlotte Flair. Even back in NXT when she kept putting on great matches with the likes of Natalya and Sasha Banks, she then carried on her momentum in WWE. She followed up her NXT Women’s Title victory by becoming the final Divas Champion and then became the first ever Women’s Champion by putting on Match of the Night at Wrestlemania of all places. She then won the title several more times, putting on a great feud with Sasha Banks and then putting Bayley over. In 2018, she became the first person to beat Asuka before putting on epic matches with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey. She deserves this accolade
  7. Who’s the Greatest ever player, Messi or Ronaldo? For me, I will compare the two players I believe to be the 2 greatest ever players, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Leo Messi Major Trophies (14): 10x La Liga, 4x UCL Minor Trophies (20): 6x Copa Del Rey, 8x Spanish Supercup, 3x UEFA Supercup, 3x Club World Cup Major International Trophies (0): Did however win a Olympic Gold Medal and the U20 World Cup, But they don’t count CristianoRonaldo Major Trophies (11): 3x Prem, 2x La Liga, 1x Serie A, 5x UCL Minor Trophies (16): FA Cup, 2x League Cup, Community Shield, 4x Club World Cup, 2x Copa Del Rey, 2x Spanish Supercup, 2x UEFA Supercup, Portuguese Supercup, Italian Supercup Major International Trophies (2): UEFA Euros, UEFA Nations League So it’s fair to say trophy wise very little separates them. Messis Record is slightly better, although Ronaldo tops him for International Trophies, So now let’s compare them on individual achievements Messi World Player of the Year Awards (11) 6x Ballon D’or, FIFA World Player of the Year, Best FIFA Men’s Player, 2x UEFA Men’s Player, UEFA Club Footballer Of The Year Goal Related Awards (13) 6x European Golden Shoes, 6x Picchini Trophy, U20 World Cup Golden Boot Forward of the Year Award (9) 2x UEFA Forward Of The Year, 7x La Liga Forward Of The Year Best Player in Tournament/League (17) 9x La Liga POTY, 2x Club World Cup Golden Ball, Club World Cup Silver Ball, 2x Club World Cup MVP, World Cup Golden Ball, Copa America Golden Ball, U20 World Cup Golden Ball Young Player of the Year Awards (5) Golden Boy, Copa America Best Young Player, 3x FIFPro Young Player of the Year National Awards (11) 11x Argentine Player of the Year Team of the Year (23) 13x FIFPro World XI, 10x UEFA Team Of The Year League/Tournament Specific TOTYS (7) 4x Copa America Dream Team, 2x La Liga Team of the Year, World Cup Dream Team All Time Awards (2) Argentine All Time XI, UEFA All Time XI Other Awards (4) Worlds Best Playmaker Ronaldo World Player of the Year Awards (13) 5x Ballon D’or, FIFA World Player of the Year, FIFPro World Player of the Year, 2x Best FIFA Men’s Player, 3x UEFA Best Men’s Player, UEFA Club Footballer of The Year Goal Related Awards (6) 4x European Golden Shoe, Euro Silver Boot, PL Golden Boot Forward of the Year Awards (2) UEFA Club Forward Of The Year, La Liga Club Forward Of The Year Best Player in Tournament/League (14) 2x PL Player of the Year, 2x FWA Footballer Of The Year, 2x PFA Player of the Year, La Liga Best Player, La Liga MVP, Serie A MVP, Serie A Footballer Of The Year, Club World Cup Golden Ball, 3x Club World Cup Silver Ball Young Player of the Year Awards (3) 2x FIFPro Young Player Of The Year, PFA Young Player of the Year National Awards (4) 4x Portuguese Player of the Year Team of the Years (26) 13x FIFPRO World XI, 13x UEFA TOTY League/Tournament Specific TOTYs (21) 6x UCL Squad Of The Season, 3x Euro TOTY, Nations League Team of the Tournament, World Cup Dream Team, 4x PL TOTY, 3x La Liga TOTY, 2x La Liga UEFA Team Of the Season, Serie A TOTY Other Awards (2) FIFA Puskás, BBC Overseas Sports Personality Of The Year All Time (1) UEFA All Time XI I believe from all this, Messi has the better record, so far Ronaldo hasn’t been able to best Messi. Let’s have a look at stats (NB: These stats are based on major tournaments in the past 10 years. Major tournaments defined as UCL, League and International Trophies) Messi: 485 appearances, 481 goals, 174 assists, 259 Man of the Match Awards, 85 minutes a goal, 236 minutes per assist, 63 minutes per goal contribution Ronaldo: 474 appearances, 469 goals, 128 assists, 150 Man of the Match Awards, 88 minutes per goal, 322 minutes per assist, 69 minutes per goal contribution Messi tops the stats and because of that, I believe Messi is the GOAT
  8. TEW Goats (Sheridan, Hans and Arius) beat Bah Humbug (Meko, Aaron, Alex Costa) 450-420 Now we have a rematch, a 2019 recap quiz. Sheridan has dropped out, so who wants to join TEW Goats for a 2019 RECAP QUIZ. ONE SPACE AVALIABLE
  9. I love Black but I would say CM Punk. The man is arguably the greatest wrestler ever, if not certainly one of. It’s gonna take a lot to beat him
  10. Batista going in is great, he deserves it. However, I don’t get the need for all the 2x inductees really. It’s probably just me being petty, but Sean is gonna be a 2x inductee just from being in DX and NWO. My prediction for this year to join Batista; Christian. I think he fully deserves an induction
  11. Hogan vs Warrior. I don’t think either of the 2 matches were brilliant, but Hogan/Warrior had a special feel to it so for me I am going to go with that one
  12. 15 vs 12 19 vs 18 31 vs 26 14 vs 23 29 vs 24 3 vs 17 13 vs 7 22 vs 25 vs 21
  13. I am actually gonna say Orton. He held the World and IC belts, had one of the best NO DQ matches ever with Cactus Jack at Backlash, had a match of the night at Vengeance with Edge, and then his rematch with him was one of the best matches I have seen on Free TV. His duo of matches with Benoît was great and I believe he deserves Wrestler of the Year
  14. September 2nd 2019 Welcome to Carnage. On tonights show we see Brad face Ropati in an MITB Qualification match and Yelich defend his Undisputed Championship against Monda. However kicking us off was the Premium Champ KENJI, who was set to retire his title in 3 weeks time at Bad Blood when he and NXT Champ Bob merge their titles into the European Championship And tonight he was here to talk about the match, talking about the honour it bought him to be the final champion of a prestigious line and how he looked forward to doing battle against Bob Bob responded however, and was not so kind in his words, believing he would smash KENJI at Bad Blood. As they began to stare down, Chaos suddenly ran into the ring and blindsided both men, similar to what they have been doing to Nate and KENJI over the past few weeks and to what they did to Bob and Raven last week And it was the latter man who made the save, Raven chasing FDS and Ark out of the ring. He didn't finish there, challenging FDS to a match RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. GM Bailey came out and made the match official Raven vs FDS Chaos have been randomly attacking people for weeks, and now Raven was looking to get revenge on FDS and pick up a big victory over a BPZ legend after losing to Bob last week And he won in fairly quick fashion, ducking underneath an FDS clothesline that hit Ark, who was on the apron, and then rolling up FDS for the 3 count. Ark and FDS tried a post match assault but Raven was long gone MITB Qualification Match: Brad w/Joh vs James Ropati w/George After George qualified over Joh last week, 2 men looked to join him, George's tag team partner James Ropati and Johs tag team partner Brad. Ropati came in with momentum following his tag title victory over UN at SummerSlam However momentum was reversed here. Ropati hit a Curb Stomp to Brad but Joh distracted the referee, causing a brawl between George and Joh on the outside. With Rop distracted by the madness he suddenly turned into a Bitter Music by Brad. Brad then followed up by locking in a Sharpshooter causing Ropati to submit and sending Brad to the MITB Ladder match in 3 weeks time When we returned to the ring, Blade was stood in the ring, the first time we had seen him since he had lost in the Undisputed Championship match after betraying and injuring his partner Kieron Black, who returned later in the match to cost him the match Blade now explained his actions, saying Kieron was bringing him down in his career, costing him success and that he knew the only way forward was to go solo This bought out Kieron Black, who was holding 2 steel chairs. Kieron handed a steel chair to Blade and challenged him to fight with chairs, not words. As it looked like it was about to kick off GM Bailey ran to the ring and restored order He then came up with a genius brainwave. Blade vs Kieron at Bad Blood, in a Number One Contenders match. The winner would receive a title shot at the first Carnage exclusive PPV in over a year, which would take place after Bad Blood Next we cut to a vignette at a ranch where it was revealed Jason Ryan resides, who is Carnages most recent free agent pick. He sits there polishing his gun and talking about a need for revenge on a company that betrayed him Suddenly he sees someone coming and turns off the camera, saying its private. However as the camera turns off we hear the man who was in last weeks vignette speak before the feed cuts off BPZ Undisputed Championship: Yelich (c) vs Monda w/Brad and Joh After a victory for UN earlier in the night, they were hoping to help Monda overcome Yelich here tonight. Flynn was on special guest commentary, as Yelich made the first defence of his title Yelich nailed Monda with a Concussion Syndrome but as he went to cover Joh pulled Monda out of the ring. The ref had a go at Joh and as he was distracted, Brad rolled into the ring and hit Yelich with a Bitter Music. The ref ejected Joh and Brad out of there and Monda covered an unconscious Yelich but Yelich kicked out 2.999 seconds. Monda couldn't believe it and neither could a surprised Flynn on the commentary team After a bit more back and forth action, Monda eventually went to the top rope. However he was joined by Yelich, who cradled him and nailed him with a Top Rope Concussion Syndrome for the 3 count However Yelichs celebrations were very short lived as Flynn ran into the ring and began battering the grounded Yelich with elbows. Flynn held Yelichs title high to close Carnage BAD BLOOD CURRENT CARD MITB: George vs Brad vs ???? vs ???? vs ??? vs ??? vs ??? European Championship: KENJI vs Bob IC Championship: Julius vs Hans vs Bart Number One Contenders Match for the Undisputed Championship: Blade vs Kieron
  15. Sameer Flock Royal Flush Bash Mikey Raven, Storm, FDS
  16. The sign ups are closed. Our Christmas quiz will be a 3v3 game Meko, Aaron and Alex vs Sheridan, Hans and Arius
  17. The final is complete. And the result Kieron 140-140 Meko What a match. Kieron took an early 40 point lead, before Meko pulled 1 back when he finally got a Sports question right as the answer WAS Wayne Gretzky. Meko pulled it to 110-90. Kieron correctly named the year Wii Sports and Tetris were released, to pull it to 110-110 but Meko took the Numbers round to take a 130-110 lead. However Kieron answered 3 in a row correct to go 140-130 up but Meko got the penultimate question to bring it to 140-140 The final question was not correctly answered by either, sending us to a SUPER OVER WHICH WAS WON BY, THE FIRST EVER 2X CHAMP KIERON BLACK WINNERS S1: Bart S2: Kieron Black S3: Meko Clash of Champions: Echo Wilson S4: Kieron Black Christmas Special: Thats right, BPZ Brightest Star are having a Christmas special episode. If you want to sign up, just say I’m in
  18. SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED Part 1/7 Its been 2 years since the events of Murder on the BPZ Express and 1 year since the events of Death on the Michigan. Of course, the negative publicity from all the deaths, and the fact that Necce and Akki were proved to be murderers led to the BPZ falling as a major promotion However BPZ changed what they were, becoming a wrestling training centre. However the facilities Arne great, the wrestlers having to stay in caravans, and the only other facilities being a bar, a lake with woods and a wrestling ring for training Today the young recruits at the training centre were being treated a visit by Smith, Nate and Kai, all former BPZ Superstars. We then see Smith and Nate driving towards the centre Smith: So this is it? Nate: I think so. Smith: Wait, weren’t we mean to pick up Kai? Nate: Yes Smith: Why didn’t you remind me? Nate: Because it’s Kai Smith: Fair enough Meanwhile, we cut to inside the caravan park, where we see one of the new recruits Owen Dalton leaving their caravan. What he doesn’t notice is that on his caravan reads the words “You Will Die Tonight” in giant red graffiti Owen begins to leave the caravan and makes his way to the lake, where he looks at a camera that has been set up. He begins to check the camera and laughs to himself before picking up his phone Owen: Hello, you were right. I’ll start walking back to the caravan However Owen sees a masked figure looking at him, holding a pole. Owen looks at him confused, before suddenly the masked figure impales Owen with the pole and runs away as Owen falls to the floor. Meanwhile, we cut back to Smith and Nate who are stood in the reception/bar, Nate on FaceTime to Kai. Kai: I can’t believe you forgot me Nathaniel. Think of how annoyed the recruits will be Nate: Yes, I’m sure they will be devastated. Anyway, Kai we seem to be losing reception. Goodbye Smith: Did you just fake losing reception? Nate: No George: He’s right. You rarely get reception in these parts Smith and Nate jump out of their skin before seeing George there, covered in red paint Smith: Why are, you, in red? George: I was just... busy running errands. It’s good to see you guys again. Brenden: Yes, it is. Brenden and Keeley come out from a door behind the bar and shake hands with Smith and Nate Brenden: It’s good to see you, let me give you a quick intro. You’ll be staying in Caravan 4. Some of our recruits include Owen Dalton, Hans Clayton, Mikey, Arius and Gunner Flynn. You’ll get to know them all. Our staff include me, Keeley and Chef George and a few others. Anyway get a good nights sleep and we can begin training in the morning Meanwhile, we saw the body of Owen Dalton, a pole impaled through him. Suddenly Owens eye opens
  19. Wow this is looking like it’s gonna be a good show Hans. I’m predicting Bart, Sheri and Jon, Yelich and Bashka. Cannot wait for it
  20. We are post match after Bailey beat Kieron and Josh in a handicap match in fairly quick style. Josh turned his back as Kieron demanded to start the match, and Kieron fell victim to a Career Killer for the 3 count. Now Gary Green comes to the ring, mic in hand, looking furiously at Kieron Black who is on the floor. Josh walks over to his manager, who begins to speak whilst staring Kieron down Gary: Kieron. Oh Kieron. There’s a reason we didn’t even want to team with you. You are weak, and you just showed it then. There’s a reason your success in this company has been, limited. You just don’t have what it takes to cut the creme de la crope. Now the only reason we didn’t destroy then is because The Master asked us to team, and you’re very lucky Kieron The Master doesn’t want you destroyed now because trust me Josh would take great pleasure in destroying the man who cost Josh a victory Suddenly Gary’s phone vibrates and as he checks it, a huge smile crosses his face as he turns back to Josh Green: The Master says “DESTROY” Josh wastes to time in obeying those orders, nailing Kieron with a massive headbutt which sent Kieron on his back where Josh followed up with a Great Scott Josh now laughs before suddenly picking up Kieron’s body and hauling him out of the ring. He then strips the Spanish announce table, before HE CHOKESLAMS KIERON THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE Kieron begins to crawl to the English announce table, trying to get away from Josh, but Josh keeps going, and then flips the announce table onto Kieron, burying his body Eventually now the medics get here and clear Josh away, and Gary and Josh leave as Kieron is put on a stretcher and we go to commercial break
  21. WWE Presents 205 Live! 18th April 2017 The pyro hits as Hail The Crown plays us in to kick of the evening. This is 205 Live! Tom Phillips: Ladies and gentleman welcome to the first ever historic show of 205Live. I am Tom Phillips I am next to Corey Graves and Corey, what a night we have here tonight Ladies and gentleman welcome a new start and most importantly a new era for 205 Live! My name is Tom Phillips alongside Corey Graves and we are live from the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville. Cory what a night we have in store. Corey Graves: What a historic night this should be, we start things off with our General Manager Triple H in the ring ___________________________________________________________ The General Manager Triple H started in the ring, alongside WWE Cruiserweight Champion Zack Sabre Jr. He congratulated ZSJ on his title victory, before Brian Kendrick came out Kendrick claimed he had a lot of respect for Sabre Jr and was excited to face him, but promised to come out on top. However, Noam Dar came out and mocked both men in the ring, claiming he deserved a title match, to which Kendrick reminded him that he had eliminated Dar in the battle royal last night Triple H then came up with an idea for a match; Noam Dar vs Brian Kendrick, if Dar wins he gets added to the match at Clash of Champions ___________________________________________________________. Ariya Daivari vs Cedric Alexander Now it was time for what Triple H described as a proving match, Cedric Alexander vs Ariya Daivari And it was Alexander who came out on top, putting away Daivari with a Kick to Kill. __________________________________________________________ We come back to 205 Live to see Kalisto backstage with his old tag team partner Sin Cara. They were confronted by Tony Nese and Drew Gulak, who mocked the duo for having to come down to 205 Live to gain success After a slight confrontation, Triple H came and separated the two, before announcing they would settle their differences after the commercial break __________________________________________________________ Drew Gulak and Tony Nese vs Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara and Kalisto) The former NXT Tag Team Champions teamed up to face the duo of Drew Gulak and Tony Nese And Kalisto believed he had the pinfall on Nese when he hit a Salido Del Sol but Gulak broke up the pinfall. Sin Cara ran into the ring and the two brawled, until Gulak locked Cara in a Gu Lock Kalisto turned around into Nese and Nese hit him with a Reverse Pumphandle Piledriver for the 3 count __________________________________________________________ A vignette begins to play announcing a new 205 Live exclusive PPV in January, 205Live Takeover Orlando. Triple H then announced that 205Live stars would not appear on WWE PPVs often after Clash of Champions, with them staying on their own brand exclusive PPVs __________________________________________________________ Brian Kendrick vs Noam Dar Kendrick faced Noam Dar in our main event, with a lot on the line if Dar could win. Cruiserweight Champion ZSJ watched this from the sidelines The two fought in a very technical matches, both locking in big submissions on each other. Kendrick locked in the Captains Hook but Dar reached the ropes, and then later on Dar locked in a Champagne Super Kneebar but Kendrick got to the ropes Eventually, Kendrick won with a Sliced Bread #2, getting the 3 count. After the match Sabre Jr and Kendrick stared down to close the show __________________________________________________________
  22. BPZ Brightest Star Semi Finals Kieron 150-60 HOWEVER BIC AND MIKEY BOTH DROPPED OUT IN SOME SORT OF BULLETPROOF PROTEST (i think) SO WE HAD A SECOND CHANCE match. The losing semi finalist Alex had the chance to face Kieron again, if he could beat last years winner Meko Meko 150-50 Alex Costa And that settles our final. Kieron vs Meko III. A rematch from last years final. Whoever wins becomes the first ever 2x CHAMP. Kieron won the first battle in last years quarter final but Meko won the final last year. Who will be champ. Predict below @Kieron vs @Meko750 (Raven)
  23. JoshsNow


    THE GOAT DIARY RETURNS. Slim, ya know how much I love this and I am liking the reboot of it. Early predictions for next weeks Raw are Charlotte, Gallows and Anderson, Aries, and early predictions for Payback are Moxley and Rollins/Ziggler. Cannot wait for more Slim
  24. Disclaimer: In the event of a murder please don’t dial B, dial M A dark cloud descends over the sky. You can feel it in the air. The BPZ stars can feel it. There will be a Murder. After Murder on the BPZ Express and Death on The Michigan (both linked below), the final part of the trilogy arrives, http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18577-murder-on-the-bpz-express http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21455-death-on-the-michigan/ If you want to be in this series, just sign up below and say I’m in
  25. August 27th 2019 The show started with Ryan Reeves and Sheridan in the ring. Ryan first thanked his beautiful girlfriend Sheridan for all her help and support in their relationship, before deciding to make a big announcement Now he was back as Evolve GM, he realised at SummerSlam how much he missed competing. Therefore he was leaving his role as Evolve GM, and giving the power to Sheridan. Sheridan thanked Ryan and began her reign as Evolve GM by announcing some big matches for the next few weeks. Next week, the last defence of the NA title and US Title would be made, when Bart would face a mystery opponent revealed later tonight, and Hans would defend against Echo Wilson. As for tonight, we would see the beginning of the Evolve Tag Team Championship Tournament, with 4 first round matches tonight; The Kingdom (Julius and Bart) vs Bulletproof (Hans and Isaiah Carter), The Kingdom (Echo and Slim) vs SSW Club (Maasa and Epic), SSW Club (Josh and Bulldozer) vs Bulletproof (Mikey and Alex Costa) and finally our opening contest, The Mave Effect versus The Clapspiracy Mave Effect (Akki and Mave Deltzer) vs Clapspiracy (Cpe and Maestro) The Clapspiracy went into the match unbeaten on Evolve, whilst their opponents The Mave Effect were winless in both tag and singles competition since Evolve began, seemingly making this match easy to predict But that was proven incorrect, Akki nailing Cpe with a Khallas to gain a massive win for The Mave Effect. As they celebrated, one question remained, could they do an upset in this tournament? The Kingdom (Echo Wilson and Slim) vs SSW Club (Maasa and Epic McDonald) Next up, The Kingdom teamed up to face the debuting SSW Club. Echo was looking to bounce back from his SummerSlam defeat in tag action before his massive match with Hans next week, and his partner Slim was looking to get his first win since returning And they did that in fairly easy style. Echo took out Maasa with a Bloody Sunday on the outside before Slim finished Epic off with an Essential Eliminator to create a meeting with the winner of tonights main event After those words we saw one of the 4 men competing in tonights main event, North American Champion Bart. He walked backstage to Sheridan, asking her who his opponent was for next week. Sheri smiled to herself, before simply telling Bart to turn around. Bart turned around, INTO WILLIAM SMITH. Smith stared down with Bart, the crowd erupting for the returning hero. Bart gulped before Smith walked away, a massive match set for next weeks main event Bulletproof (Alex Costa and Mikey) vs SSW Club (Bulldozer and Joshua Scott) Bulletproof were looking to gain big shots against the experienced but success-less team of SSW Club. Mikey was unbeaten in BPZ post Brand Split, whilst Alex was on an unbeaten run, contrary to Bulldozer and Scott who hadn't won since a victory over Julius and Arius in June. It was a close affair as well. Mikey nailed Joshua Scott with an Adrenaline before Bulldozer hit him with a Superkick. However Alex Costa suddenly appeared and nailed Dozer with a Rise of Salvation for the 3 count and the chance to face The Mave Effect in 2 weeks time in the next round The Kingdom (Bart Hoogveld and Julius Jones) vs First Class Express (Hans Clayton and Isaiah Carter) What a main event. Hans and Julius, potential opponents at Bad Blood shared the ring, the debuting Isaiah Carter and the North American Champion Bart joining them, with all 4 men on a winning run at the minute, it would make for an interesting fight It stole the show as well. After about 20 minutes, we ended up with a brawl, with all 4 men in the ring and Clayton and Jones legal. Carter nailed Hoogveld with a No Regret, before turning into a Hells Welcome from Julius On the outside a mass brawl began between Mikey and Costa and Wilson and Slim, creating pandemonium everywhere. Julius joined the brawl, before HANS CLAYTON SUICIDE DIVED ONTO EVERYONE Hans threw Jones into the ring, and then scaled the ropes and nailed Julius with a Shooting Hans Press to gain the 3 count and to set up a meeting with Echo Wilson and Slim in 2 weeks time

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