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  1. What do I think of the transfer window so far and any predictions I have for the rest of the window ( @GeorgeAK) For this I will be reviewing some of the big transfers from Europe’s biggest teams and who I see them signing. For this I won’t do the 5 Real signings because if you scroll up I have done my opinions on them. As for United’s 2 signings, I believe Dan James will be the best winger at the club and was a good signing by United, although I believe £15 million was a lot for him. I also believed they overpayed on Wan Bissaka, but they did need a RB and he is a United quality player. Inter meanwhile snatched up Diego Godin on a free. He is still a world class player and brings a lot to Inter. He will give them a good few years at CB. Brilliant signing Chelsea have a transfer ban but they managed to get Mateo Kovacic. In my opinion, I believe that is a signing they will come to regret. He adds nothing to Chelsea and they have payed over the odds for him. Poor signing Liverpool have taken a punt on Young Sepp Van den Berg. I don’t think this Dutch CB will ever be as good as the one they have right now and from what I’ve seen on him I don’t think he is going to be good enough. However if one day he develops into a world class player, then Liverpool will be buzzing. I think it’s too soon to make a call on this one Meanwhile Barcelona got Neto. Now Barcelona, what a deal. I don’t know how they got him for a mere £26 million, this boy is world class and in my opinion he is better than Ter Stegen. Brilliant signing Finally Atlético Madrid have been on a spending spree. The first one, Marcos Llorente, surprised me. I don’t believe Real would have given a player to a Atletico unless they didn’t believe he would be a threat. Poor signing. Hector Herrera however is still a great player and for Atletico to get him on a free is a decent signing. Finally they bought Joao Felix Who I believe has the potential to be one of the worlds best players. But potential and what they end up being are different things and £113 million could end up being looked at one day as either a great signing of an overpriced one Spurs went into the market getting Jack Clarke and Ndombele. They needed Ndombele and I believe he will be great for Spurs but the question is did they overpay with 65 million. I also think they payed a lot for an untested Jack Clarke and I don’t think he is going to be as good as predicted. Poor signing Now my 2 big predictions for the rest of the window. Zaha to Arsenal for £60 million Pogba to Juventus for £150 million Thanks for reading. If you have any debates please post below and continue to send in questions.
  2. Gimmick: A veteran who returned from retirement because he wanted more respect Interaction with Fans: They hate his guts, especially in Liverpool where they will often take their shoes off if they hate Josh Scott Mannerisms: Very cocky in the ring Signatures/Finishers/Moves: Kayfabe Moveset Thread Wrestling Style: Brawler How does he carry himself: Often enters in a Man United shirt Further Details: Part of SSW Club
  3. JoshsNow Manchesters Number One Kayfabe Moveset Thread Manchester, England
  4. Ay yo what's up dude, I'm Josh, and I'll be your tour guide throughout the adventure we call 'BrendenPlayz Forums'. Most people are interested in the "Kayfabe" section which you can find directly below the "Introduce Yourself" section. In there Bart has added a great section introducing it because it’s hard to figure out originally which I’ll link below. I recommend reading this post before doing anything though. Another section that is widely popular is the diaries section, where you can do basically anything, whether it be a WWE Brand Split diary or a Call Of Duty diary, we welcome them all. Not good at creative writing? That's okay, because we have sections for TEW (Game I will link below), and WWE 2K19, where most members post their Universe Modes and write them up for members to enjoy. Links to all three sections + EWR: http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/88-wwe-2k19/ http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/84-total-extreme-wrestling/ http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/60-diaries/ http://greydogsoftware.com/tew-2016/ We also have Title Votings every month that are based on contributions to the forums, and once you reach 25 posts (which I'm sure you will), you will be able to view the awards section where all of the votings are posted. We have a voting at King of the Ring, which has the NXT Title, which is held by Meko. Anyways, please read the guidelines because a lot of new members don't and end up breaking rules, so take a minute to check those out. So, welcome to the forums dude and I hope you stay active!
  5. The show opened with Universal Champion Flynn in the ring. He said he would like to apologise for the teams Bragging Rights performance but promised it was a one off. In the meantime, he would like to issue yet another Undisputed Championship Open Challenge. The challenge was answered by former rival Blade, and Bailey made it officially as our main event KOTR Round of 16 Match: George vs Brad This match was an excellent way to start the show, pitting the veteran Brad against the returning George. George was keen to get momentum going whilst Brad would be looking to rebound after being a part of the disappointing Team Carnage last Tuesday. Both men proved their versatility and desperation to advance in this tournament, Brad escaped a Black Out pinfall attempt and George managed to reach the ropes when Brad locked in the Wall of Fakers. However it was the unfancied George who won the match, catching a Codebreaker attempt from Brad and hitting a Disintegration for the 3 count. KOTR Round of 16 Match: Bob vs Yelich Two dark horses for this tournament went head to head as the young Bob faced a man who had been here a long time but never quite broken into the main event scene in Yelich However Yelich got the much needed win, pinning Bob with a small package to set up a quarter final clash with KENJI A vignette video played, showing the country of Ireland before it was announced that Joh would be Carnages next free agent pick Undisputed Championship: Flynn (c) vs Blade There was no love lost between these 2 former rivals, who tore the house down as they battled for the coveted Universal Championship Flynn eventually got the upper hand, almost taunting Blade as he took advantage of the match. When he hit an FKO, he thought he had the 3 but Blade kicked out, much to the joy of the crowd. Blade began to rally back, but when Flynn ducked a clothesline, Blade hit the ref, knocking the referee down Flynn then hit Blade with a chair, and with no ref to see, he couldn't be disqualified. Flynn then undid the top turnbuckle in one of the corners, completely exposing the steel. However when he tried to Irish Whip Blade into it, Blade reversed and Flynn was sent face first into it However as Flynn lay unconscious on the floor, Blade was suddenly struck with a steel chair, by Yelich. Yelich then put Flynns arm onto Blade and left the ring as the referee got up. The crowd booed as the ref counted 3 in Flynns favour, meaning Flynn retained the Undisputed Championship. After the match, Yelich raised Flynns hand and the two embrace, leaving the audience to wonder about the potential partnership between these 2 superstars
  6. The month started with Everton awarding their Player of the Month award to Emil Forsburg, However Davy Klaassen took home the Premier League Player of the Month Award. In other news Ronaldo Koeman was offered an international job Premier League: Everton 4-2 Spurs HT: 2-2 Davy Klaassen 11’ (1-0) 53’ (3-2) MOTM: 9.3 Karim Bellarbi 22’ (1-1) Dele Ali 25’ (1-2) Gylfi Sigurdsson 37’ (2-2) Theo Walcott 78’ (4-2) Everton had 7 shots to Spurs 6 Carabao Cup Third Round: Everton 1-0 Southampton AET Davy Klaassen 117’ MOTM: 8.9 Everton had 18 shots to Southamptons 5 Premier League: Everton 3-0 Bournemouth HT: 1-0 Davy Klaassen 15’ Dominic Calvert Lewin 75’ MOTM: 9.5 Gylfi Sigurdsson 89’ Jordan Pickford saved a penalty in the 85th minute Everton had 7 shots to Bournemouth’s 3 Premier League: Manchester United 1-4 Everton (HT: 1-0) Marcos Rashford 31’ (1-0) Fernando Torres 59’ 79’ (1-1) (1-2) Luke Garbutt 86’ (1-3) Emil Forsburg 90’ (1-4) Seamus Coleman was MOTM (9.5) Man U had 1 shot to Everton’s 15 Everton carried on their 100% league record and we are still unbeaten in all competitions. Once again, the first thing I ask is, who was our Player of the Month. Also, should I take up international management or just focus on Everton, thank you for reading
  7. What do you think of Eden Hazard going to Real Madrid (please send me questions to answer so I don’t have to keep making them up) I think it is brilliant for Real Madrid. They signed one of the best players in the world, for less than £100 million in today’s market. Neymar cost 2x as much as that and Hazard is a better player. I am guessing he will play either on the wing or in attacking midfield. The other players that can play that position are Bale, Isco, Vinicius Jr and Lucas Vázquez. Hazard is much better than all of them and will easily fit in on the wings in a 4–3–3 system. Hazard brings to Real great dribbling, excellent finishing, he is an exceptional passer, playing key passes and through balls brilliantly, and will also put in lethal crosses from the wings. And although he doesn’t contribute much defensively, he can hold the ball up brilliantly despite his size and defend from attack. Also, he is an exceptional free kick taker. Finally, his stats. He was involved in 31 goals directly last season, scoring 16 and assisting 15, and that was in the league alone. Benzema was directly involved in 27 goals directly in La Liga, Jovic 22 in Bundesliga, with those 2 being the two closest to him. He also made 2.7 key passes and 4.1 dribbles, more than any of Real’s players Overall it’s a very good signing Responding to your comments You are mainly right with your stats. It took Messi 5.7 shots to score one goal and he scored one every 80 minutes. A goal a game is still an incredible ratio. Anyway although the past 5 Ballon D’or winners have won the UCL, there have been examples where the winners haven’t won a trophy at all - Ronaldo in 2013 where he only got to the semis and he won nothing else, in 2012 Messi won the Copa Del Rey and reached the semis of UCL and still won it, in 2010 Messi won La Liga and got to semi finals of the UCL, in 2004 Schevchenko only won the Serie A and only reached the quarter finals of the UCL. You don’t always have to win trophies to win the Ballon D’or
  8. : BRAGGING RIGHTS SPECIAL The show began exactly as Carnage did, with Brenden stood inside the ring alongside Ryan Reeves and Bailey alongside him. He announced that tonight, the 2 general managers would select competitors to go head to head in 3 matches. Whoever won the series would get the first free agent pick. The matches were announced as a champion vs champion match, between Undisputed Champion Flynn of Carnage and World Champion Sameer of Evolve. Also, in the shows opening Julius from Evolve would face rival Yelich from Carnage in a rematch from Judgment Day. Finally there would be a 3v3 elimination main event as Arius, Hans and a mystery member would represent Evolve against FDS, Brad and KENJI. Flynn vs Sameer The two World Champions of the respective brand went head to head in a dream match that felt almost wasted as the opening match of Evolve. However the two men fought like it was the main event of BPZ Mania It concluded with Sameer hitting a Blockbuster to Flynn, only for Flynn to kick out. Sameer then scaled the ropes for a Frog Splash but Flynn reversed into an FKO out of nowhere but again we saw a late kickout. As Flynn went for a second one, Sameer placed him in a Back Wraistlock and rolled him up for a 2. However Sameer used his speed and quickly followed up with a Curb Stomp for the victory. 1-0 to Evolve Yelich vs Julius After their cracking match at Judgement Day, fans were hoping to see a fun rematch but a pre match attack from Julius meant it was one sided from the very beginning Julius seemed to take all his frustrations from his defeat to SSW Club, toying around with Yelich for the entire match before eventually putting him away with an End of Days. Julius raises his Intercontinental Championship high, a statement made to Arius perhaps through this one sided contest. 2-0 Evolve Backstage, Ryan, Bailey and Brenden watched the action unfold on the TV, with Bailey shaking his head at Carnage's performance tonight. Meanwhile Brenden congratulates Ryan on his victory and awards him the first free agent pick, before he asks if Ryan had anyone in mind. Ryan admits he does, before Bart appeared stood next to Ryan. It was announced Bart would be Evolve's mystery partner in the main event Team Carnage (KENJI, Brad and FDS) vs Team Evolve (Bart, Arius and Hans) These 2 teams went the distance in an incredible contest. Hans and Arius put their recent differences aside as Brad and KENJI were forced to do. The match started with Arius and KENJI going head to head, with Arius perhaps gaining the advantage. However their epic war was interrupted by Julius, who ran into the ring and attacked Arius. He locked Arius in the Death Vice before leaving the ring. Unsure what to do, the ref disqualified KENJI but that didn't matter as Brad quickly evened up the odds by pinning Arius. ARIUS AND KENJI ELIMINATED Two of BrendenPlayz's veterans now represented Carnage in Brad and FDS, two guys who had given a lot to company but had never won the top prize. Their opponents were two guys being tinted as future superstars of the company in Bart and Hans. And young prevailed over old as Bart made Brad tap out to a Cardiac Arrest, before Hans finished FDS off with a Shooting Hans Press, to give Team Evolve a clean sweep over their Carnage rivals
  9. Gary and Josh are stood outside the interrogation room they will be using the interview their lead suspect. Gary turns to Josh and smiles Gary: So Josh we caught our lead suspect and placed her in our interrogation room Josh: Yes, we caught her. And we shall interview her now Gary: Alright, seeing as I will be interrogating, what are the rules of this interview Josh: Rule Number One, you do not talk about Fight Club Gary: Why would I mention Fight Club Josh: Rule, Number 2, you do not mention her name at any point Gary: Why can’t I say She... Josh: Because we don’t want any complaints about unlawful use of her character, do we now And with that, Scott and Green stare at the camera and raise an eyebrow before we cut into the shows theme song And with this a theme song begins playing. During the song we see random images of BPZ Headquarters that make no sense in that order before we see Gary Green Running up and down before the camera zooms in on his eyes. We see more random images and then we see Josh looking into a magnifying glass and we zoom in on him. We then see Gary and Josh loading guns, running away together, investigating, eating doughnuts and laughing and hanging around in strip clubs. The montage ends with us seeing the interrogation room and Josh and Gary sat in it Green: Are we ever going to do any of the things in that montage, because my birthday is this month and the strip Club looks pretty good Josh: Gary I think the problem of who attacked Bulldozer is more important than your birthday. And it wasn’t her? Green: No, it wasn’t, because she has an alibi. Josh: What is the alibi Gary remains perfectly still and refuses to speak, and suddenly, a look of pain flashes across Josh’s face Josh: Oh my god, there is something you aren’t telling me about the case Gary: Remember how my alibi was that I was vaping in the car park when it happened Josh: You’re anti nicotine. You weren’t vaping. What were you doing? Green: Josh I promise you I didn’t run him over Josh: I believe you Gary, but the truth is you interfered with my important investigation. And for that I am suspending you from the investigation and investigating you later Suddenly Josh stands up and walks behind Gary, before quickly handcuffing Gary to the table. Gary tries to pull away but realises the table is fixed down and his hopes are useless. Gary looks at Josh, clear pain in his eyes as Josh smiles politely at him Josh: I will continue the remaining investigation Suspect 1: Aaron North Josh is looking through the security camera footage that Gary had transferred from Brendens computer to Josh’s tablet. He looks at the security footage of people leaving and entering the guerilla position, and he sees Aaron North looking like he is about the leave, however at the last minute we can see Aaron turn left into Brads changing room. Aaron is still in there by the time the car hits Bulldozer. Josh grabs his list and ticks innocent next to Aaron’s name Suspect 2: Cody Cody is sat in McDonalds, eating a Big Mac when Josh walked in and sat next to him Josh: Hello Cody, my name is Josh, how are you? Cody: I’m good, just a little tired but it’s good to be here Josh: Great. CCTV shows you in the Power Trip Cup parking lot at the same time Bulldozer was attacked. What were you doing there? Cody: Going to get my car and go to KFC Josh: So you were driving when Bulldozer was attacked? Cody: Probably, I didn’t even know he got attacked Josh: Do you have any animosity against Bulldozer? Cody: Uhh, Back when I wrestled, I did call him out, so yeah I guess Josh: So you’re admitting to attacking him? Cody: No Josh: Damn, That normally works. Thank you for your time Cody Suspect 3: Raven There is a dark room and Josh opens the door, before flicking the light switch, only for it to not turn on. Josh turns the torch on his phone and it lights up the face of Raven who is just standing there. Josh almost jumps out of his skin but keeps his calm as Raven raises his bat Josh: Raven, can you put the bat down I am only here to ask questions Raven: What do you want Josh? If it’s another match, I will gladly put you down again Josh: Alright listen to me you got lucky and won with a Small Package Raven: Ooh sounds like I touched a nerve there. Now, what do you want, unless you just intend to waste my time Josh: Alright Raven, we have CCTV of you in the parking lot at Power Trip Cup between 9:40 and 9:45pm. What were you doing there? Raven: Well I was trying to hunt down a few of your lackeys. Couldn’t find them anywhere though Josh: So you didn’t see Bulldozer between those minutes? Raven: Can’t say I did. If I were going to take out the trash, I’d have done it a bit more personally than with a car Josh: Listen Raven you’re my Number One Suspect. No alibi and a history of hatred towards my club. Perhaps it is time to take out the trash And with that Josh swings for Raven but Raven suddenly vanished into thin air. Raven appears behind Josh and smiles sadistically Raven: Trust me Josh... out of all the members of Super Sh***y Wrestling, Bulldozer’s blood is the one I have the least interest in spilling. But if you want to take out the trash, you’ll have to try a bit harder than that Suddenly the lights turn on in the room and Raven is no longer there. An annoyed Josh opens the door as he prepares to interview his final suspect Suspect 4: Brenden We are back in Brendens office, which has so far featured in all 3 parts of the show. Josh knocks on the door, before walking in with a latte Brenden: Ah the coffee boy finally bought my latte. I have been waiting weeks for that Josh gives a polite smile and begins to walk out of the room before, as he gets to the door, he suddenly locks it and turns to Brenden dramatically. However Brenden takes no notice and sips his latte, his eyes firmly fixed on his computer Brenden: I forgot to mention, I don’t like lattes. Can you get me a Pepsi Max please Josh: No, you don’t understand Bren. I locked the door Brenden: That is MrPlayz to you, and why did you lock the door Josh: I’m here to ask you a few questions Brenden: Wait I know who you are. You’re Joshua Scott aren’t you. Ha, I have seen you going round, like you’re some future Hall of Famer just because you what, “beat Slim and Flynn in a fortnight.” The only relevant thing you have done for my company you never update. You’re just a jobber who turns up once every few months to moan at the company and it makes me sick. Going backstage and showing up every blue moon to have a cry, you know what Josh you have no right to. You get beat every time you step in that ring. And you know why. Because you can never accept why you lost, you go on the Internet and write an essay on how the company has robbed your talents. You are in SSW Club for gods sake. Yes I was in the parking lot when the car hit Bulldozer, but you can ask his ugly girlfriend because she was talking with me at the time about how he deserves a push. I didn’t attack him because I don’t care about him or you for that matter Josh so please don’t bother me with these stupid accusations any longer. Josh just stands there, his face shocked as Brendens rant ends. Suddenly Josh’s mouth curves into a smile and he stares at Brenden Josh: So you recognise me Brenden: Unless you have a Pepsi Max on you, get the fuck out of my office you jobber prick Josh: You are very lucky I have a Pepsi Max in my pocket Josh empties his pockets and throws the Pepsi Max to Brenden. He then storms out of the office, obviously annoyed by this confrontation. We cut to the interrogation room as Josh walks in. He looks at Gary, only for him to realise Gary has escaped. As Josh tries to wonder how that is possible, he is suddenly punched from behind and he falls to the floor unconscious. Gary walks up to Josh, mixed emotions on his face as he looks up at the man who knocked Josh to the floor Gary: Thanks for saving me, future King Julius And with that we see the man who attacked Josh. His former tag team partner and current rival, Julius
  10. Become a mod Win World Two simple goals I hope to achieve one day on the forums
  11. BiCs cash in or me and George vs Slim and Akki are all close, but the best voting ever has to be Team Smith vs Team Flynn
  12. 1. Sameer 2. Julius 3. Bailey 4. Hans 5. Arius
  13. Why did Man United halt their Harry Maguire bid? Was it to lower the price? The Perhaps they saw that Harry Maguire was going to cost them £100 million, when really Maguire should be half of that. I give Maguire credit, he would be the best CB if he came but after a stunning World Cup, he hasn’t actually done a lot yet. Of course he is going to hit his prime soon and perhaps that will be the best time to get him. But I think we would get a good 3 years out of Maguire, but then I would feel we would have to look for other options. There is no need to pay £100 million for a player of that quality. Perhaps they still want Maguire because of what he would add to the team and they are trying to lower his price but perhaps they are seeing that Leicester don’t want to sell Maguire unless it is for a lot. Personally I think Man United should look for much cheaper options, like Fabian Schar from Newcastle. He looks much better than Maguire, and despite being 2 years older, I feel like he still isn’t in his prime yet and United could get a lot out of him. Responding to your comments I believe Bash perfectly summed up Messis stats this season
  14. Monday Night Carnage The show begins with Brenden, Ryan and Bailey stood in the ring, ready for the the draft. For this, each GM got 10 picks each. Evolve, got the first pick and they chose World Champion Sameer, before Carnage chose Undisputed Champion Flynn. Evolve next chose Intercontinental Champion Julius, before Bailey chose FDS. Ryan chose US Champion Hans as his 3rd pick and Bailey then chose NXT Champion Raven. North American Champion Arius was then Evolve's 4th pick before KENJI became Carnage's. In the 5th pick of the round, Evolve took Sheridan whilst Carnage took Yelich. Ryan chose his former GM rival Bashka as his 6th pick and Bailey chose Brad. Crip was chosen as the 7th pick for Ryan, followed by George for Carnage. Round 8 saw Akki go to Evolve, and Bob go to Carnage. Akkis tag partner Mave was Ryan's 9th pick, as Bailey chose Blade. Alex Costa was the final pick for Evolve, followed by James Hunter for Carnage. As Epic and Arrow were undrafted, they went to Carnage due to Evolve having the first pick However, Bulldozer and Josh came out and called it disgraceful that SSW Club weren't drafted. Brenden promised to give them a chance in tonights main event. If they won, they went to Evolve, if they lost, they were fired. Their opponents, Julius and Arius The King of the Ring bracket was announced on the screen after the break. The matches were Carnage (1) FDS vs James Hunter (2) KENJI vs Blade (3) Yelich vs Bob (4) George vs Brad Evolve (1) Julius vs Alex Costa (2) Sheridan vs Akki (3) Crip vs Bashka (4) Arius vs Mave It was then announced the tournament would start tonight Quarter Final: FDS vs James Hunter Here we saw a clash of two contrasting stars but to the surprise of most people it was James Hunter who started the match on top, using his skillset to work at FDS However it would still be FDS who advanced to the Carnage semi finals and overall quarter finals when he pinned Hunter with a WRSTLMaker for the pinfall KOTR Quarter Final: KENJI vs Blade With two of BPZs most exciting stars going head to head, we saw an incredible fast paced match between the 2 We saw KENJI lock in a Bermuda Triangle only for Blade to counter into a Sitout Last Ride Powerbomb for a 2. As Blade got up he swung for KENJI who responded by ducking and hitting a Horizon Suplex Hold for a 3, seeing KENJI advance to face either Yelich or Bob next After the match, we saw Brenden backstage. He announced that Sameer would vacate the Premium and they would vacate Tag because of the new rule that a champ cannot hold more than one belt. He announced both would go to Carnage who would have the NXT, Undisputed, Tag and Premium titles exclusive to their brand. Evolve would have World, IC, US and NA. Evolve Showcase: Arius and Julius vs SSW Club (Bulldozer and JoshsNow) This matchup turned into a domination. With two of the favourites for KOTR potentially meeting in the quarter finals, it was amazing to see the teamwork between the two as, with Bulldozer struggling to go past 10 minutes due to his recent injury, they double teamed Josh for a long period of time Julius looked down mockingly at his former partner, who was practically unconscious on the floor, before he turned around, as Arius hit his teammate with The Sentence. Arius looked at Julius on the floor, before smiling and softly saying to Julius "This is my year." As Julius lay down, Josh covered him for the 3 count. SSW Club have a place on Evolve but the real story heading into Evolve tomorrow will be the possible quarter final match against Julius and Arius coming soon. Goodnight
  15. The Return of Green Agent Corner: 2019 Half Year Review Hello, my name is Gary Green and welcome to our mid 2019 BPZ Wrestling Review. On todays show, we will rank the 5 best matches of the year, the best promos, and culminate with the power rankings. We also feature an interview with BPZ Legend Bashka about his career in the company Top 5 Promos of the Year (So Far) (5) "Hunger" by Julius - June 3rd 2019 As Josh Trenton asked Julius a simple question, he did not expect the brilliant rant that followed. Julius poured his emotion into this promo, showing us how much the Power Trip Cup meant to him after his defeat in the finals last year (4) "Egotistical" by Sheridan - June 20th 2019 Sheridan stole the show at one of her speeches, calling out Flynn for his misogynistic comments. An extremely powerful promo, it completely earns 4th place on my list (3) "The King Returns - An Open Challenge" by Flynn and Sheridan - June 17th 2019 Upon his controversial victory over Bart the night prior, Flynn issued an open challenge to anyone, and who would have thought that Sheridan would be the one to answer the call. She pointed out her history with Flynn and how she had improved but Flynn mocked her and promised to beat her to a "bloody pulp." As the match was set it was a genuine goosebumps moment and as a result one of the best promos of 2019 (2) "Greatest of All Time" by Bashka - June 19th 2019 Bashka took us through his belief on winning the World title, his problems with Bailey, his thoughts on the other competitors, his training and why he is the greatest of all time in a very short space of time. Brilliant promo by Bashka and I can say no more, it earns 2nd on my list (1) "Bitter" by Sheridan - June 3rd 2019 I have read this promo so many times and can not ever figure out what is so amazing about it. In an interview with Josh Trenton, Sheridan gave some brilliant answers and I think what makes the promo so good is the way she says it, the words she say. After this promo I genuinely believed Royal Flush could win Tag And I apologise that all the promos came from the same month but I legitimately thought all of them were the best 5 from 2019 so far And that means promo of the year so far is "Bitter" by Sheridan. And Sheridan proved herself as promoer of the year so far, having 3 of the top 5 promos in our list, and Flynn vs Sheridan proved itself to be a great feud with 2 promos of that feud featuring on the list Blast From The Past Now it is time for us to review a great match from the past. This month, I choose the main event of BPZ Mania II, Slim vs Smith. Highlights Smith hits Slim with a Knee Strike to Slims face Smith countered Slims suicide dive with a forearm Slim hit Smith with a Punt Kick from the Apron Slim locked in a headlock as he tried to wear down Smith Slim hit a Chop Block to Smith that required medics to check it out Smith hit the Black Rose Slim hit a Rebound German Suplex Slim connected with a Running Knee Strike to the back of the head Slim hit an Essential Eliminator for a 2 Smith hit an Elbow Drop to Slim on the announce table Smith hit a Burning Hammer for a 2 Smith hit a Pele Kick to the back of Slims head Slim hit a Missile Dropkick to the back of Smiths head and then followed up with a Throne of God for a 2 Slim won with a Lights Out NEW RATING: 6 STARS Interview with Bashka Green: 3x World Champion, former MITB Holder, former Tag, Intercontinental and Premium Champion, Bashka has had an incredible career in BPZ and has helped turn it into the major driving force it is today. But how did this come out. What happened behind the scenes. Find out in this interview with the legendary Bashka himself. Hello Bash Bashka: Hello Gary Green: You signed with BPZ in November 2014. How did that come about? Bashka: Well I’ve always been a fan of professional wrestling and I’ve known from a young age that it’s always been something I’ve wanted to do. However, I never really had the available resources to make that dream come true by growing up in Sydney, Australia. Wrestling isn’t really a huge thing over there but I heard about the BPZ Performance Centre and so I moved everything I had at the age of 20 over to the United States and have been perfecting my craft ever since. Eventually, I signed with the company and made my debut shortly after. Green: Can you talk us through everything that happened in the first few months? Bash: The first few months weren’t the best for me, in the early days of my career I was annoying and I seemed to clash with many of the other superstars in the back. However, Brenden believed in me and saw the potential I had which is how I rose to the top so quickly. If somebody like me from back then showed up today I would want them gone. Luckily I was good at what I did so Brenden could overlook my toxic personality. Green: So would you attribute quite a bit of your success today back to how Brenden helped you then? Bash: I definitely would, Brenden is a great business man who wouldn’t let his personal issues get in the way of business. He made things tough for me but he always knew I could get through whatever he put in my way and I owe where I am today to him Green: Of course your hard work in changing wasn't unnoticed and then on April 16th 2015, a scenario happened that many thought was impossible only 4 months prior. You won the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. Talk me through the emotions going through your head when that happened? Bashka: Well the emotions that were going through my head on that incredible night were a build up of feelings from the past 2 or 3 months. In February I had my first legitimate World Championship shot against Bailey and Nebakos and it came down to the wire between me and Bailey. It was on that night I truly made my name known and then the next month I I had another intense match with Bailey where I made people think “wow, maybe this kid isn’t just a flash in the pan”. And then I did it, I finally came out on top after plenty of times where the higher ups didn’t think I could do it. It was an emotional journey leading up to that point and I can still look back on it 4 years later and say it was one of the best moments of my life. Green: However the incredible journey lasted only one month until Bailey won it back. Was there ever a bit of annoyance on your part that you had worked so hard for the title only to not be given a long run? Bashka: Well I discovered something from winning that and that was that the hard work doesn’t stop once you reach the top of the mountain, you’ve got to keep working to stay there and that lesson was proven to me when I was defeated a month later. It motivated me to work harder which I did. Of course the annoyance was there but the lesson learned was more important. Green: Then came Bad Blood 2015. Often considered the greatest PPV in BPZ history, it was of course a successful one for you winning MITB and Tag with Tamer. Did u know when you won MITB that you would soon be regaining World? Bash: September 2015 was a resurgence for me and I owe that to my great partners at the time Smith and Tamer. They motivated me once again to keep working and I did that, winning Tag and MITB. In that same night, my partner Smith dethroned my long time rival Bailey for the World Championship and it never occurred to me that I may have to turn on my partner to regain that belt until the opportunity was right in front of me. Green: How did Smith feel about you taking World off him? Bash: He held a grudge about it for a while since he worked so hard to get to that point and The Pride were on a great run but I think he got over it when he had one of the greatest runs in BPZ history as part of The Order. I haven’t talked to him much since he left BPZ but I imagine he’s not holding that grudge anymore. Green: Do you ever have any regrets about how The Pride ended? Bash: Looking back on it, I may have gained a World Championship from what I did but I always wonder what could’ve happened if I didn’t and The Pride continued to dominate like we did in our short amount of time. Afterwards, me and Tamer continued to work together but it felt like things weren’t the same without Smith. Green: Then you became a 3x champ after losing the title to Bailey shortly after winning it, only to win it back a few weeks later. Was the feeling still the same for you? Bash: I’ve held the top prize three times but I’ve never really had a reign that made me proud when I look back on it, and this is a driving force in my pursuit of it at Judgement Day. I want to not only be able to say I’m a 3x Champion, but after Judgement Day I want to say I’m a 4x Champion with a reign to be proud of. Green: What is your relationship like with Bailey? Rumours have always suggested you have had a friendly competitiveness Bash: Me and Bailey have never really been the best of friends, we don’t really have any interests that would make us really good buddies but we’ve evolved together, and we have a mutual respect for each other. If you asked me this question in early to mid 2015, I would’ve told you that we despised each other because we actually did. Green: What was the reason why you despised each other? Or was it as you just said, you evolved together and were rivals with each other? Bash: Well like I said earlier, when I signed I wasn’t the most popular guy and Bailey really didn’t like that about me and his hate for me was made stronger when I was seen as a road block for him getting his first ever World title which he’d been fighting for months for. Green: Someone else who has strongly been involved in your career was Brad. What is your history with him? Bash: Well during 2015 I saw Brad make his way up the ranks in BPZ and our paths never really crossed. The first match I ever had with him was at Mayhem 2016 for the Intercontinental Championship in which I won. We’ve had a few World title matches since then where we’ve both been the challenger but until recently, I haven’t really had much notable history with him. Green: Now Bashka, a few things we ask is do you have any funny stories from your time in BPZ? Bash: Well although this was a bad moment for me, it’s quite funny looking back on it. So back in the early days of BPZ we did a test run of a brand split which lasted about a month or two in which me and Bailey were managers. We did our draft with all the superstars present and when I chose Joh, you could hear him yelling “FCK OFF, FCK RIGHT OFF” and everybody lost it. Green: That is brilliant. Of course you got a second chance as Carnage GM in October 2016 before you left. How come you left the role? Bashka: I left the role because I didn’t believe I was needed anymore and I thought that my colleague at the time, Chris White could do a better job than me so I left the role in his hands. Green: Has there ever been a time you have ever thought about leaving BPZ? Bash: There’s been several moments where I’ve considered and attempted to retire from wrestling altogether but just as I think I’m getting away, I get roped back in for another run. I just can’t seem to stay away from this place. Green: I guess you have unfinished business here Bash: I guess I do, and that’s why I’m back for good. Green: Well thank u Bashka for your time Bashka: No problem Gary The Best 2 Matches of The Year So Far (2) Hans vs Arius vs Aaron North vs Peter Wilchester vs Kenji vs Birdman vs Bulldozer vs Buddy Ace: Ladder Match for the NA Championship - World at War - ****3/4 These 8 young superstars stole the show with one of the greatest matches in BPZ history. An amazing showcase and an amazing way to debut the division. 4.75 stars (1) Sameer vs Brad vs Blade vs Josh vs Bailey vs Bash - 6 Pack Challenge for the World Championship and Sameer's cash in - Judgement Day ******1/4 Unbelievable. A great match by itself, it was heightened when months of suspense was ended as Sameer cashed in his MITB Briefcase on his friend Bailey, winning his first World title by pinning Brad. 6.25 Stars Power Rankings And finally we conclude on the power rankings. Who has been the best star of 2019 so far. Lets go (10) BiC BiC hit his peak between March and May, where he won the Intercontinental Championship on the grandest stage of them all before reaching the finals of the Power Trip Cup (9) Hans Hans has already won 2 titles in his first year in the company, NXT and US, and after a slightly disappointing Power Trip Cup he will be looking to put on a performance in KOTR (8) Jonathan Jonathan has featured as more of a Tag team guy, teaming with Bart to beat Echo and FDS and forming Royal Flush who came very close to winning the Tag Titles. However he has also featured as a singles competitor, reaching the semis of the Power Trip Cup (7) BrendenPlayz The boss has had his most successful year yet, being Tag Champ for all but 14 days of the year with Sameer and also featuring in an incredible War Games match (6) Flynn The current Undisputed Champion has had a great way, also holding the BPZ World Championship. He has also secured victories over Bailey and Yelich. And talking of the former (5) Bailey The man claimed his 6th world title on the grandest stage of them all and it looked like he would never lose it, with it taking a Sameer cash in for that to happen. He also won the Royal Rumble and won the War Games match (4) Arius Arius has taken to BPZ like a fish to water, winning 3 titles in 2019, NXT, US and North American. At the rate he is going, next time we do FAC at the end of the year I could easily be calling him a World Champion (3) Bart It was a shame to see Barts incredible Undisputed Championship run end the way it did but along the way he defeated such stars as Echo Wilson, Necce, Hollow and Julius. He had a phenomenal first 4 months of 2019, also retaining the IC Championship twice and trying his hand at Tag Team Wrestling with Jonathan (2) Sameer Triple Crown Champion. Sameer topped off an incredible first 6 months at Judgment Day when he cashed in his MITB Briefcase to become World Champion and also claimed the Premium Championship. He has also dominated the tag team scene, him and Brenden not only survived War Games together but they have also beat the likes of Royal Flush, The Frontier, New Blood and Hells Alliance (1) Julius He headed into the year with the World and US Championships and after June he holds the Intercontinental Championship, having also claimed the Tag Titles with Ropati along the way. Julius has been dominant and he could hold another title very soon, as his Power Trip Cup victory means he will have the chance to challenge Flynn soon That is the 6 month review. Join me in the 6 months time to see if anything has changed by the end of the year. Goodnight and thank you for watching
  16. Name: Joshua Scott Born: April 8, 1990 Debut: March 2010 Nationality: English Based in England (North) Active Wrestler Style: Regular Body type: Skinny Size: Light Heavyweight min middleweight Max: Heavyweight moves: hammerlock, rear naked choke, and the deal (falcon arrow) face gimmick: Not sure - Something along the lines of Gentleman Jack Gallaghers character heel gimmick: Whichever gimmick is closest to Zack Gibsons character preferred role: wrestler Use a Zack Gibson photo
  17. Alright, I am going to start the PS4 Video Game tournament. And the Game of the first round is FIFA 19 The first round matches are @GeorgeAK vs @James Hunter @Ropati4 vs @amai Good luck. When you have completed the game post your results on here please.
  18. bpz.com BRENDENPLAYZ ANNOUNCES RETURN OF THE BRAND SPLIT After an incredible Judgement Day, Brenden shocked the world by announcing after the show that the Brand Split would be returning to BrendenPlayz. Carnage would air on Monday Nights and Evolve on Tuesday Nights, with Bailey being the General Manager of Carnage and Ryan Reeves being the General Manager of Evolve. It was announced tomorrow nights Carnage would feature the draft, with each GM getting 11 picks each. Evolve will get the first pick and the following night on Evolve will feature Bragging Rights. The first PPV of the new era will be the King of the Ring pay per view on July 28th, with the buildup beginning following the first week. Join us tomorrow night on Carnage for the Draft
    Congrats to @Sameer on becoming the 13th World Champ. He also lost the MITB Briefcase, coming 3rd for days and combined days in the process. He also finished last for both defence stats. Sameer also became the 2nd person to hold the Premium Championship 3 times. 
    Commiserations to @bailey14 who's reign was the 5th longest and 5th most defences in World history. He also has made more combined defences than anyone and has held the belt for the 2nd most combined days.
    @Julius has also become the 4th longest reigning IC Champ and moves to 7th in the combined stats
    @FDS finished as the 19th longest reigning champion for Premium, made the 13th most defences, as well as moving to 9th in combined days and 7th in combined defences
    @Arius finished as the 2nd longest reigning US Champ, and made the 4th most defences. He also moved to 4th in combined days and 5th in combined defences
    Congrats to @Hans on becoming the 29th person to win the US Title
    Congrats to @Meko750 (Raven) on becoming the 35th person to win the NXT Champ
    @BobdaBomb finished his NXT title run with it being the 24th longest ever reign and 9th for most defences. He finished as 10th for combined defences and 24th combined days

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  20. Should Bernardo Silva win the Ballon D’or Does Bernardo Silva deserve the Ballon D’or 2019. No and here is why. Often it is based on two things, international performance and UCL performance. It shouldn’t be based on just those but it often is. And whilst Bernardo Silva won the Nations League, it wasn’t because he was Portugal’s best player. He has only really burst onto the scene this year and whilst he played a pivotal part in the victory, it was CR7 who was the difference maker. And once again he wasn’t help by club performance. Sure they won 4 domestic trophies but once again it wasn’t him that was the difference maker. That was Raheem Sterling. Admittedly he was one of the best players in the UCL campaign for City and was pivotal in the quadruple run but still wasn’t the difference maker and it is difference makers that win Ballon D’ors However he was named in the Nations League Team of the Tournament and was MOTM in the EFL Cup Final so he has still had a phenomenal season that could possibly see him in the Top 5 but no he doesn’t deserve to win the Ballon D’or This man deserves to
  21. The episode starts with Gary Green and Josh stood atop a building at night, looking at the dark city below. Josh: The city is much more beautiful at night Green: Like our friendship Josh: Erm yes I guess. Anyway, there has been an attack in a car park. Bulldozer run over by a car Green: Sounds like a job for us 2 to solve. Cue the music The iconic theme song of this series hits, followed by the weird opening montage. During the song we see random images of BPZ Headquarters that make no sense in that order before we see Gary Green Running up and down before the camera zooms in on his eyes. We see more random images and then we see Josh looking into a magnifying glass and we zoom in on him. We then see Gary and Josh loading guns, running away together, investigating, eating doughnuts and laughing and hanging around in strip clubs. This weird montage is ended by the songs end and we return to see Josh and Gary in an office Josh: Ok Gary, are you clear on the plan Green: Of course I am but perhaps we should explain one more time Josh: We have 10 suspects. Well 9 because I know you didn’t do it. I want you to go interview all of them in secret. I have placed a camera in your hat to record everything they say. Good luck Gary Suspect 1: BiC We see Gary knocking on the door of BiC. No one answers but BiCs car is in the drive Green: BiC I know you’re in there. Did you attack Bulldozer? BiC: Can’t Talk my ankle is hurting. Wait someone ran over Bulldozer? Green: Yes, and I believe that person is you. I’m smashing the door down Gary smashes the door down and at the same time BiC opens it, causing Gary to shoulder barge through an open door and collapse on the other side. He lies on the floor and talks to BiC like that Gary: If you were injured, why did we capture you on CCTV at the Power Trip Cup arena during the hours of 9:40 and 9:45pm on June 16th 2019 BiC: Because that’s when I got injured, ya dickhead, ya know I used to be an MMA star, not star on this low budget talk show pieces of trash that this company puts out. Wait are you recording? Green: Erm no. But if I was, which I am not by the way, would you like me to edit out what you just said BiC: No, but I didn’t run over that dumbass kid called Bulldozer. How does a guy named Bulldozer get run over anyway? I wish I fucking hit him, coming in here with a 2nd grade name like a dumbass. “Bulldozer”, fucking hell Green: Did you see a car running over a Bulldozer when you were in the car park? BiC: I was too busy dying to notice anything but I did hear some commotion, just figured there was another hooker on the loose. Is Bulldozer dead? Green: No he is alive. Of course that’s good news isn’t it? BiC: No. Not at all. Ima hit him if I see him BiC jumps off his seat, grabs his car keys and limps out. We hear the car engine sounding and in the window we see the car driving out of sight. Gary stands up, sits in the seat and takes a pen before writing on a piece of paper; BiC - innocent Green: Another great job done Suspect 2 - George George and Gary are sat in an interrogation room for this one. Gary smiles at George who doesn’t return the smile Green: Hello there George, my name is Gary Green, nice to meet you George: Nice to meet you Gary Green: So where were you between 9:40 and 9:45pm on June 16th 2019 George: I, umm, was at home alone. Thinking about how I let everyone down Green: Well as fun as that sounds, we have CCTV imagery of you suggesting you were in the car park at the same time Bulldozer was attacked. What do you have to say to that buster George: I think you got the wrong guy. I wasn’t at the arena. I didn’t even watch the show Green: Oh do u know who Bulldozer is George: You just said who he was. He was the guy that got hit Green: Did u have any reason to run him over? George: Well no I haven’t done anything with BPZ since he arrived Green: Oh Ok. This interview got awkward didn’t it George: Yeh I think you should leave Green: It’s been lovely to meet you George. Please don’t burn my house down George: And you Gary. And I don’t plan on doing so Green: Wonderful news Suspect 3: Bashka Gary is sat back in the interrogation room, this time he is sat with Bashka Green: Hello there Bashka, I am Gary Green, I need to ask you a few questions. Where were you on the 16th June 2019 between 9:40 and 9:45pm Bashka: How would I know? What kind of person keeps an exact record of their location and time wherever they went Green: I do. I keep it in a book. Anyway I know where you were Bash. You were leaving the guerilla position at the Power Trip Cup show. Why did you leave Bash? What were you doing Bash? Can I call you Bash? Bashka: I was leaving because the show was over and I was heading home, I don’t stay at our venues overnight. And no you must call me Mr Bashka Green: Did you see Bulldozer get attacked Mr Bashka Bashka: I’m going to be completely honest with you, I have no idea who Bulldozer is. Is he that guy who works in catering? Green: He is a wrestler. He is part of SSW Club with my friend Josh. Do you at least know who Josh is? Bashka: Yeh he’s one of the fillers from the World Title match Green: You know Mr Bashka Sir, I feel like you’re innocent so I’m going to leave it here Bashka: Innocent, why, what happened? Green: Bulldozer got hit by a car. Did you see anything whilst you were in the car park. Like a car running over a Bulldozer? Bashka: I don’t even remember what I had for dinner last night, let alone somebody getting hit by a car. I only focus on the important things around here Green: And Bulldozer being hit by a car isn’t important? Bashka: I guess not Green: Now thank you for your time Mr Bashka. Can I have your autograph? Bash: For a small fee of $50 Green: Of course I would be willing to pay that it’s good to be alongside a real star when you spend all your time with Josh. Oh shit I didn’t turn the hat cam off Suspect 4: Alex Costa Gary walks up to Costa backstage at Judgement Day, after Alex has just lost in the United States Championship Match. Costa seems very aggravated and annoyed Green: Hello Alex, my name is Gary Green. Costa: You again, didn’t I kick your ass a few weeks ago. Well what do you want Green: Yes you did, you hit me with a Destino. But as mature adults I am sure we have already moved past that Alex: Yes, Yes, frankly out of everyone at your little stable, you are the one I least concern about, so what do you want or are you just wasting my time Green. Erm, we have surveillance of you leaving the arena at Power Trip Cup between 9:40 and 9:45pm. What were you doing? Costa: What was I doing? Why do you want to know? Alex chuckles to himself before realising what Gary is implying Costa: Wait you honestly think I ran over your little buddy Bulldozer? That jobber? Sorry but I was busy with other things. See we got this show in 2 weeks in my home country, the great nation of Portugal and well I was talking to the President who wants to me to receive the Medal of the Order of Santiago for how well I am representing my Nation abroad. So yeah I went outside to take the call because reception in the arena sucked Green: Did you attack Bulldozer? Costa: No I didn’t I was on the phone the whole time, heck I didn’t even know your friend had gotten attacked before I heard his girlfriend screaming for help. Certainly pissed me off all that noise Green: Do you have any animosity towards him? Costa: Not really I just don’t care about him. He was holding my mentor back but thankfully he decided to leave and look where that got him. He is now one of the top stars of NXT. Green: Well thank you for your time Alex Costa: Yeh sure whatever man Costa walks off as we turn to the next suspect Suspect 5: Sheridan There is a black screen rather than a video of Green interviewing anyone. After about 20 seconds of this, we cut back to Josh and Gary in the control room Josh: Gary what happened about interviewing Sheridan Green: She told me no when I asked for an interview, so I didn’t interview her Josh: That seems a bit suspicious to me. Back to Brendens office we go to investigate Next thing we know, Josh and Gary are in the vent that leads to Brendens office again. They look down at Brenden through the vent as he types in on his computer. Eventually he stands up and starts looking around curses under his breath Brenden: Where’s that idiot coffee boy with my latte Eventually Brenden leaves and Josh tries to force his way through the vent but can’t Josh: The vent is locked. Green: Well it was a bad idea let’s be honest. Last time we were in Brendens office he charged me with trespassing. It would have been a bad idea to risk it again because I had to pay a £1000 fine last time Josh: Hang on doesn’t Brenden need a coffee boy Green: Yes Josh: And last time we were in there, he recognised you and mistaked me for a coffee boy. Don’t really know how because I am the biggest star in BPZ. So what if I get a coffee boy disguise and Josh starts whispering to Gary and Gary is nodding along. Suddenly we cut to inside Brendens office and we hear a knock on the door Brenden: Who is there. Voice: The coffee boy Brenden: Ok, come in Suddenly the coffee boy comes in and Brendens face turns to disgust Brenden: Wait, a minute Gary Green. Why the hell do you think you can come in my office after what happened? Green: Well I am going to be honest. I tried to convince Josh to be the coffee boy and distract you but he was having none of it Brenden: Who is Josh. It doesn’t matter get here right now Green drops the lattes and runs, with Brenden in pursuit. Josh runs into the room and locks the door before going on the computer. He types in Sheridan and Bulldozer and although we don’t see what the result is, we see Josh’s face light up in shock. Josh takes a picture of the screen and at the same time we hear Gary screaming as he runs past. Josh opens the door and at the same time, knocks Brenden to the floor Who was running past the door. Josh and Gary run away and catch up in the car park Gary: Did you find anything Josh: Yes, last month Bulldozer complained of sexual harassment from Sheridan who was apparently making “unwanted advances” Gary: How convenient would it be if Bulldozer was out of the way Josh: Gary, I think we’ve found our culprit And with that, Gary and Josh smirk with their arms crossed and the screen freezes, with the words to be continued flashing at the bottom

    I am bringing this back. Only one update today. @Sameer is now 3rd for combined individual days for Tag

  23. BiC winning KOTR and World. No one ever took him seriously to win KOTR, with Nate the clear favourite due to Slim fixing the votes in his favour (please don’t try to deny it.) However BiC beat Nate and then Slim to complete a massive upset
  24. Obviously the feud with @GeorgeAK has been going on forever and we have had a great feud that has lasted 2 years and we have only had 1 match. But my one true rival is @Echo Wilson. When you return, I think 1 more match

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