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  1. I will be replacing Crippler as @Kierons partner
  2. September 14th 2016 What a tournament it has been so far. 3 months, 28 matches so far. Tonight we see the finals of the Cruiserweight Classic, as TJ Perkins, Zack Sabre Jr, Kota Ibushi and Gran Metalik compete for the chance to win the Cruiserweight Classic. Lets have a look at a recap of the show Zack Sabre Jr beat Gran Metalik via Submission at 13:13 Kota Ibushi beat TJ Perkins via Pinfal at 14:52 After the semi finals, Triple H comes out and unveils the Cruiserweight Championship, which he reveals the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic will receive. He then makes an even bigger announcement. Starting on Tuesday 20th September, 205Live will begin, where the Cruiserweights will have their own show every Tuesday night. The original roster will be tonights 4 semi finalists, Kalisto, Lince Dorado, Akira Tozawa, Jack Gallagher, Brian Kendrick, Tajiri, Ariya Daivari, Rich Swann, The Bollywood Boyz, Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar, Tony Nese, Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak. He also announced that the entire roster (minus the 4 semi finalists) would now compete in a 15 man battle royal where the winner got a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship at Clash of Champions Brian Kendrick won the 15 man battle royal ZSJ beat Kota Ibushi by Submission in 17:47 to Become NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion Join us next Tuesday for the first ever episode of 205Live!
  3. NXT Roster Angel Garza Arturo Ruas Cameron Grimes Cezar Bononi Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan Moss and Sabatelli Dexter Lumis Isiaah Swerve Scott Joaquin Wilde Killian Dain Kona Reeves KUSHIDA Lio Rush Mansoor Matt Riddle Raul Mendoza Velveteen Dream Shane Thorne Boa Bronson Reed Singh Brothers Ariya Daivari Brian Kendrick Jack Gallagher Tony Nese Eddie Dennis Mike Kanellis Aliyah Bianca Belair Candice LeRae Deonna Purazzo Io Shirai Jessamyn Duke Mia Yim Taynara Conti Tegan Nox Vanessa Bourne Xia Li
  4. This diary looks promising Slim, and I hope to see you stick with it. My early prediction is Pentagon Jr, But I like the block stylings and I am excited for the debut of this tournament Slim
  5. Yo what's up I am Gary Green, the only guy who seems to be employed by Smarks Daily these days. Now today we are doing the top 5 CHAMPIONS IN BPZ DURING 2019 (5) Sameer (World Championship) Sameer had one of 2019s best moments, when he cashed in Money In The Bank during a fatal 5 way match at Judgement Day. However when this happens, most superstars struggle to live up to the moment. However Sameer surpassed it, putting on a contender for feud of the year with Bailey heading into King of the Ring and then overcoming the odds to beat KOTR winner Julius at SummerSlam. When his reign was ended at Bad Blood by Slim, at 84 days long, Sameers first World title reign was one to be proud of (4) Arius (United States Championship) When you end the greatest US title reign in history as Arius did by beating Julius at St Valentines Day Massacre, it was always going to be hard for Arius to keep it up. However he ended up having one of the best reigns of the year. He beat Ropati and Yelich at Mania, won a F4W match at Backlash, then beat Hans at Mayhem before Hans won the title off him at Judgement Day. He did a great job of keeping the prestige of US going after Julius' defeat (3) Big Ballers (Tag Team Championships) After losing the belts at Mania, Big Ballers won the belts back at World at War and preceded to have a great reign with the belts, including having the longest tag reigns ever. They had a great program with Royal Flush before losing the belts to United Nations at Emergence (2) Arius (North American Championship) After one of the matches of the year at World At War, Arius was crowned the inaugural BPZ North American Champ. He went on to become 1 of 10 BPZ champions to have held the belt for more than 160 days, having one of the longest reigns in BPZ history. And although his reign was often criticised for him not defending the belt, he made the second most defences of ANY kayfabe champ ever in the end with 4 (only Flynn has made more defences in a reign, something he has done twice,) with him having great feuds against KENJI and Yelich, and also defending against Aaron. He very much deserves his second spot on this list (1) Flynn (Undisputed) Who else could it be? His Universal reign was the highlight of 2017, and he again had the best reign of 2019, bringing prestige to a new belt. After beating Bart in July, he defended it time and time again, against Jonathan, Sheridan and Toxik. He made big defences against Julius and Bart and most recently retained it over his brother. One of the longest reigns in BPZ history deserves its place as number one on this list That's all from me today. I am Gary Green, thanks for reading. Join me on Sunday for 5 Things BPZ Wants You To Forget About BRAD.
  6. Gary Green looks at the ramp extremely confused as to what just happened. He turns to the audience and begins to speak What the hell was that. Arrow get back out here now and try to translate what you just said Arrow doesn’t appear and Gary again chuckles to himself before beginning to speak Is there something wrong with you Mr Rhodes. Do you have special needs or something? For one you seem unable to formulate a sentence, I barely understood a word you said there But I did manage to understand that you accepted the challenge against Josh and I am so confused. Didn't you just get destroyed by Josh? Are you an idiot? Well whatever I don’t care by this pointless Josh will just kill you a second time Because you see Arrow your comments backstage haven’t gone unnoticed. Can you come out here a second Arrow so we can talk face to face and not you, ya know, spouting some meaningless shit out of your mouth Arrow eventually returns to the ramp and begins walking to the ring, interested in what Gary has to say Thank you for joining me Arrow. Now I have heard you have been saying some things backstage. One of those is about how easy it would be to bury Josh Arrow: Yes it would be Green: Right. Ya see, I think that show your delusion. You can put on this arrogant act and pretend you’re going to bury Josh but surely you’re not that stupid. You’re close, but even you must know that believing you can bury Josh is stupid. You must also agree threatening to attack me is a stupid idea. Do you agree Arrow? Arrow: No it’s a great idea Arrow suddenly pushes Gary Green, who seems to find Arrows aggression amusing before he turns his back on Arrow. However Arrow suddenly grabs him and HITS THE CROSS RHODES Arrow looks at the body of Gary Green unconscious in the ring before standing tall. Could Arrow do the same move to Josh and upset him this weekend at Survivor Series?
  7. Welcome to the last Carnage before Survivor Series. With an epic Survivor Series Show featuring Creed vs Bulletproof and Kamil Pudalek vs Isaiah Carter, the Carnage crowd waits in anticipation at what is set to happen tonight However the music of one of England’s more famous bands means the arrival of Gary Green, who of course isn’t competing at a Survivor Series. Neither is his client Joshua Scott, Who isn’t with him today. However last week, Josh was given the opportunity to fight at Survivor Series against Arrow Rhodes but Josh turned it down, instead choosing to brutally injure Arrow. Now, we see Gary Green walk to the ring as we wonder what he has to say tonight. He gets into the ring and calls for a mic before beginning to speak Hello ladies and gentlemen. First let me address the elephant in the room. My client is not here today because he doesn’t have to be. Why should he have to be here, when all he gets are challenges from superstars who couldn't last 2 seconds in the ring with Joshua Scott, such as Arrow Gargano, oh sorry I mean Arrow Thunderman, whoops sorry I mean Arrow Rhodes But however Josh is thirsty for blood. He very much enjoyed his destruction of Arrow and he wants more. And seeing as he’s open for Survivor Series, I would like to announce a Joshua Scott Open Challenge for Survivor Series. Now no one in their right mind would accept this challenge, it is practically suicide. But I know for a fact there are plenty of people in this company who believe they are more than they are. And I am giving all of them a chance to prove it. The NEW Joshua Scott is yet to fight a match in this company, so who wants to be his first victim. Step right up for a match at Survivor Series Gary extends his arm to initiate the challenge, but after a period of 30 seconds, no one has come out. Gary chuckles to himself and smiles I told Josh this would happen. I told him that no one would step up. They are all afraid, too scared of losing. Well that’s Ok because Josh will destroy anyone and everyone until someone steps up to the chal... However Gary’s words are interrupted as a familiar theme tune begins to plays
  8. Another great show Smith, I like all the links in this story, and I am also enjoying my current storyline. I am excited for Bad Blood Smith
  9. BPZ Brightest Star Quarter Final Summary Mikey 150-60 Rop It started off close, being 30-30 after 2 rounds before Ropati pulled into the lead by going 60-30 up. Mikey however then took 120 consecutive points, the second highest in history, to win the game BiC 150-130 Meko BiC upset Meko as the defending champ suffered elimination in a tight match. It looked like Meko could run away with it by taking a 20 point lead but BiC kept it tight and after 2 rounds it was 30-30. However Meko ran away into a 70-30 lead until BiC took a consecutive 60 points to bring it to 90-70. Meko bought it back to 90-80 but BiC took 20 consecutive points to take a 30 point lead. However Meko pulled it back to 120-120 with the final round still to go. BiC took 20 points in a row to take a 140-120 lead, and although Meko pulled it close, BiC won the match Kieron 150-90 Bart The first ever meeting between 2 champions on Brightest Star saw a good match. Kieron took a 20-0 lead but a back and forth exchange saw Bart make the comeback to 30-30. Kieron again pulled 20 points in front to 50-30. Bart kept trying to peg him back but Kieron then extended the lead to 80-50. Bart bought it to 80-70, but Kieron extended it to 100-70. Bart kept pulling it back as he hoped it to extend his unbeaten streak, back to 100-90 but Kieron went on a run of 50 consecutive points to win his match Alex 150-90 Gwynfro A solid match between these 2 as both looked to advance to the semis. Gwyn took a 40 point lead early on by going 50-10 up. However Alex took 30 consecutive points to make it 50-40 however KENJI regained a 30 point lead with 70-40. Alex bought it to 70-60, however Gwyn extended his lead to 90-60. Alex finally completed the comeback and took 90 consecutive points to win UPDATED RATINGS (1) Kieron (7-2) (2) Meko (5-3) (3) Bart (4-1) (4) Echo (3-2) (5) Mikey (2-0) (6) BiC (2-1) (7) Joh (2-2) (8) Ropati (2-3) (9) Alex (2-3) (10) Hans (1-1) (11) RedArrow (1-1) (12) Odd (1-1) (13) KENJI (1-1) (14) Arrow (0-1) (15) Aidan (0-1) (16) Smith (0-1) (17) Ark (0-1) (18) Jason (0-1 (19) Storm (0-1) (20) Poi (0-1) (21) Cody (0-1) (22) George (0-2) (23) Kai (0-2) (24) Aaron (0-2) SEMI FINAL MATCHES Kieron (1) vs Alex (9) BiC (6) vs Mikey (5)
  10. JoshsNow


    We are welcome to tonight’s episode of Carnage, and this is the penultimate episode of Carnage before Survivor Series. We are promised the debut of a new superstar and we see local talent Will Hallam in the ring. Will warms up in the ring before some unfamiliar music begins to play The crowd look confused at the introduction of this music before a man begins to make his way down to the ring. He is introduced to the audience as Kamil Pudalek, or “The Modern Day Maharajah” He is accompanied to the ring by an unknown man, and the crowd still seem confused as the bell rings for this match to begin. Pudalek wastes no time, running straight at Hallam and nailing him with a Shoulder Block Pudalek immediately follows up by lifting up Hallam and nailing him with a final move, called the Khalas by the commentators, for the 3 count After Pudaleks amazingly quick victory, the man who accompanied him to the ring calls for a microphone, and has it handed to him as he announces Pudaleks victory For those of you ignorant Americans who do not know the names of the two most famous names in Indian wrestling, let me introduce ourselves. I am Gary Singh and this is Kamil Pudalek. I am the original owner of Indian Championship Wrestling, and this is the man who held my World Championship 5 times. Around this time last year, we left ICW and began touring America, where Kamil won World title after world title in different promotions, and became the best wrestler outside of BPZ Yet you thick Americans can’t get it through your thick skull that anyone outside America can be great, and you BPZ fans try to ignore the rest of Wrestling, believing your so called superstars are the best. The likes of Bart and Julius wouldn’t last a second in ICW. But I see you morons aren’t going to believe us, so “The Modern Day Maharajah” is going to prove this the old fashioned way The best in the world, against your World Champion. I hear that no one in this company has the spine to challenge Isaiah Carter, so Kamil will stand up and be counted. Survivor Series, Pudalek vs Carter. I await your response next week Mr Carter Gary then drops the mic and bows to Pudalek, who holds his arms out wide as the fans boo him, and Pudalek replies by shouting “Bakavaas Karana” to the fans, before both exit the ring, the challenge made. Will Carter respond and defend his World title against the self proclaimed “modern day Maharajah”?
  11. This diary is really interesting Aaron. I haven’t heard much of Blackcraft Wrestling before, but from what I can tell their style should be an interesting mix with Lucha Underground. I’m excited to see what you do with this diary Aaron
  12. You made yourself World Champ? Also what happened to Arius’ Royal Rumble win. I’d like to have a bit more detail on this, like news, show ratings, background to the matches, because you have the bases of a decent diary Arrow. Improve it a bit and I will be excited for more
  13. Gary Greens music hits and the crowds reaction turns mixed, part boos upon seeing Josh Scott and part cheers upon hopefully seeing Arrow getting beaten up. Gary Green appears with a mic in his hand and “The Monster” Joshua Scott next to him Recently, The Master see Josh free to destroy BPZ and now with the look Gary Green is giving Arrow, it seems like that will be bad news to Arrow. Gary stops on the ramp before smiling and turning to JoshsNow Green: Finish him Josh nods and slowly removes his mask, before running down to the ring to confront Arrow Arrow drops the mic and beckons Josh into the ring, who does just that and immediately nails Arrow with a SEVEN NATIONS ARMY Josh doesn’t stop there, picking Arrow up by his head and throwing him to the outside of the ring Josh now exits the ring as Gary Green begins to make his way to the ring, ordering Josh to carry on. Josh does just that, throwing Arrow into the ring post and then the steel steps, before throwing Arrow back into the ring Josh and Gary Green now join Arrow in the ring. Josh puts one foot on Arrow and Gary Green crouches down and begins to speak to Arrow Green: Mr Rhodes, what was going through your mind. Do you even know what you are talking about. Josh doesn’t listen to the Mayor of Manchester, he attacked him, what the hell are you on about? Josh doesn’t even care about Manchester anymore, what the hell are you on about? And what the hell is soccer? Now, you want a match against Josh at Survivor Series. And you want it to be FD Rules? You do understand you can’t have an FD Rules match without FD? It’s kind of in the name. Anyway, in response to your request, we would like to turn it down. Josh has no interest in humiliating you at Survivor Series, he doesn’t care about wins and losses. So thank us Arrow because for your sake you aren’t going to have your career ended at Survivor Series. But Josh is about to finish you now. HIT THE GREAT SCOTT 7.0 Josh takes his foot off Arrow and follows Greens instructions, nailing Arrow with a massive Running Splash Josh and Gary look down at the broken body of Arrow, leaving him unconscious in the ring as we cut to commercial break
  14. Yo whats up I am Gary Green of Smarks Daily. Now recently we saw the return of BPZ Hall of Famer, the OPG Poiunight, but his history certainly has some interesting stuff when we start to look back. With that being said, this is 5 things BPZ want you to forget about Poi (5) BrendenNight In 2015, Poi decided a new gimmick (of which he has had many) and became the stunt double of BrendenPlayz. This involved him going into Chat and copy and pasting everything Brenden said. It ended within a few hours when he was told it counted as spamming, but it was still an interesting period for BPZ (4) BPZ Fastlane What's a better idea, than writing your own PPV? When Poi had the idea in 2016, it generated buzz upon its creation in the diaries section. Bailey had just won the Rumble, and was set to face Bash at Fastlane, and then nothing happened. He stopped writing it and it all came to a stop. Of course these days BPZ diaries are more common but its a shame Pois idea ended like this (3) Beef With Ross It is pretty well documented that Poi did not get along well with one of BPZs major stars at the time. Ross tended to act "dickish" towards Poi at times, putting Poi down and making his life hell. However luckily Poi and Ross buried the hatchet before Poi left, but it is still a good thing Ross isn't back to see Pois return (2) Begging against Necce The opportunity to face Flynn at BPZ Mania. As many know the match was won by Necce who went on to have a historic feud with Flynn. But for most of the match Poi was level with Necce on votes. Poi however never votes for himself and instead he voted for Necce, keeping things level. This led him to ask Necce to vote for Poi, which Necce screenshotted and showed everyone If youre confused by Pois thinking to (a) not vote for himself and then (b) beg his own opponent, well join the club (1) Never Winning a Kayfabe Or Gimmick Related Title Poi, the man who created kayfabe. The man who created gimmicks. And yet he has never won a gimmick related Slammy or a kayfabe title. His only title comes in the form of a Premium title. It is a shock when you realise how long he has been around for, but perhaps it can change upon his return Thanks to @Poiudust for giving me this information. I have been Gary Green, this has been the revival of Smarks Daily. Goodnight
  15. JoshsNow

    Mark My Words

    On an episode of Carnage which features two big matches, one between Raven and FDS and one between Prince and Sameer. We however cut backstage to Marker, who is sat there taping his wrists when he suddenly sees someone walking towards him and looks up to see who it is The camera cuts to show the two men he is looking at, Gary Green and Joshua Scott, who walk towards him. Marker gives a polite smile but the two don’t return the favour Mark: What’s up guys? You don’t seem too happy Green: We just have a bit of news to deliver to you. We have decided to leave the tag tournament We see Marks expression turn to shock as he tries for absorb the information that had just been delivered to him Mark: But why? Green: The Master has said he wants a different team to win the tournament and that we would interfere with his plans. So we dropped out Mark: WHAT We see Marks face get close to Gary Greens as his expression turns to anger Mark: WHO IS THE MASTER. LET ME SPEAK TO HIM Green: You are not worthy enough to know The Masters name Mark: I am my own man, I don’t believe The Master is anything special Green: That is a coincidence because The Master sent me a text about you. Mark: Why.. what did he say? Green: I will read you the text. Marker may be a talented in ring prospect but he is going to be trouble in the long term. I need Josh to take him out. Marker looks at Gary confused before SUDDENLY JOSH JUST HITS MARKER WITH A CLUBBING BLOW Josh follows up with more stomps and punches before picking Marker up by the neck near equipment boxes. Markers begs for mercy but Josh laughs to himself before throwing him over the equipment boxes Josh and Gary smile at the battered body of Marker as medical officials begin to check on him. Josh and Gary carry on walking until Gary gets a text on his phone which he reads out loud with a smile on his face Green: A message from The Master. Well done for disposing of the weak link, but for now I have no more instructions for you. You are free until needed again. Destroy anyone and everyone that gets in your path
  16. Dammit we finished second to Leeds. But great to be called up and included in TOTY for the Championship. Excited for the next season Rop
  17. JoshsNow

    A Lovely Dream

    Interesting start to this diary Gunner, excited to see what you do with this
  18. Similar to the Wrestlers Best Year Thread, I name a video game series and you tell me the best game in the series. Earlier on on in the Chat people were arguing about which Super Mario Party game was the best so we will start there. What was the best Super Mario Party game?
  19. JoshsNow

    Hype Package

    After a big announcement about the 2019 Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament, we see a hype video begin to play, which shows the history of the tournament. We see The Big Ballers winning in December 2018, Ruin winning in March 2018 and Neb and Flynn winning in April 2017. We see Josh’s disappointment as he fails in the first round of all the previous 3 tournaments before the screen flickers and for a brief second we see the terrifying mask of Joshua Scott until it turns to showing Josh’s defeats with partners FDS, Julius and Storm Gary Greens voice begins to play over the hype video Failure. Time and time again All of Josh’s defeats in the tournament are shown on repeat, the words failure being repeated That was the old Josh. He chose partners perceived to be great, but together they had no chemistry. That is why this time, The Master has taken over and chose the perfect partner for him We now see the incredible Moveset of the highflier Marker, who is Josh’s Tag Team partner in the tournament And The Master has delivered. Josh’s dominance, combined with Markers ability, will mean no team can stand in our way. There chemistry is perfect. And of course Marker has been part of Tag team success in the past We see Marker stood with Jason Ryan, Buddy Ace and Necce of The Frontier holding the Global Championship Tag Team Championships This year will finally be Josh’s year. No team can stop them The clip changes to showcase some of the other teams in BPZ Bulletproof can’t stop them. Brad and FDS can’t stop us. JRE can’t stop us. The Thundermans, wait, are we seriously mentioning these idiots? The video carries on showcasing more images of Josh and Mark, more images about the Tournament before the hype package comes to a close with Gary Green appearing on the screen BPZ panic. The Bludgeoning is coming. Josh returns to Carnage next week. The titantron shows a graphic of Josh and Marker stood together with the words “Josh and Marker have announced their entry for the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament” appearing as the screen turns to black
  20. Just to confirm that me and @MARKER are a team
  21. The two 5v5v5 matches both seem poor, and I wonder whether WWE May have been better having WWE vs NXT in the Survivor Series matches. However I feel instead like this will just be a crap match as there just simply isn’t enough talented women on the main roster to make this great
  22. No, maybe one day in the far future, but I don’t think it will be anytime soon If it was anytime soon, I believe WWE would have saved his return for Survivor Series (imagine the Chicago crowd) or the Royal Rumble (If they had have done that I genuinely think it would have been the greatest crowd reaction ever.) the fact they did it on WWE Backstage suggests at the minute there is no in ring return But if we have learnt anything from the last week about Punk and WWE, never say never
  23. 3 days until Football Manager 2020 comes out. Cannot wait for it

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