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  1. Martin Tyler: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to FIFAs new latest idea. The Football Royal Rumble for the 2019 Ballon D’or. Joining me is Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher and Didier Drogba

    Neville: Nice to be here Martin. Of course after the 2018 Ballon D’or results, we couldn’t rely on another voting after Modrics victory. Didier what did you think of last years victory for Luka Modric

    Drogba: A disgrace. It was a fucking disgrace

    Carragher: I agree Didier, how the hell did Mohammed Salah not win the award, the little dancer. But now the 2019 Ballon D’or will be decided by a Royal Rumble, featuring the 30 nominees

    Tyler: Now lets begin. Who will be Number One

    (1) Leo Messi
    And here is Number One, the European Golden Shoe winner and one of this year’s favourites. He makes his way to the ring, ready for whoever Number 2 will be 

    (2) Cristiano Ronaldo

    OH MY GOD. The crowd erupt as CR7 makes his way to the ring, staring down with his mortal enemy. The two stare down as the bell rings. These 2 waste no time, each throwing punches at each other. Ronaldos physicality allows him to take control, and he shouts “stupid dwarf” at Messi as he tries to throw him out of the ring. However Messi stays in and Ronaldo furiously waits for number three to arrive

    (3) Donny Van De Beek

    And here comes the young Ajax man. Van De Beek comes into the ring, and Ronaldo comes straight after him, obviously upset over Ajax eliminating Juve last year in the UCL. However Messi and Donny team up on CR7, forcing Ronaldo to roll out of the ring. The two continue to trade shots, as Number 4 comes to the ring 

    (4) Marquinhos

    And here comes the enforcer of PSG. He sees Ronaldo on the outside, and takes him out with a big boot. He then rolls into the ring and floors Van De Beek, then Messi. Messi however holds up 6 fingers, reminding Marquinhos of the 6-1 victory 3 years ago. Marquinhos snaps and unloads with stomps on Messi, before awaiting the entrance of number 5

    (5) Joao Felix

    And here comes the wonder kid. He looks nervous entering the ring, perhaps dreaming of the days when he was back at Benfica. He enters the ring nervously as he stares down with Marquinhos. On the outside, Simeone screams at Felix to do something but Felix freezes and Marquinhos responds with a headbutt. Marquinhos tries to eliminate Felix but is unsuccessful as number 6 comes to the ring

    (6) Gini Wijnaldum

    ”YES” screams Jamie Carragher as he promises his co commentators the winner has just come to the ring. Wijnaldum looks like it, immediately taking down Marquinhos, and then Leo Messi. He then comes face to face with Van De Beek, and the two Dutchmen look each other down before both look at Felix, before nailing Felix with a double clothesline. The Dutchmen have formed an alliance, and stare down Ronaldo as he returns to the ring, and number 7 enters

    (7) Karim Benzema

    ITS BENZEMA. THE CROWD ERUPT AS RONALDO SMILES, WITH HIS OLD TEAMMATE BENZEMA RUNNING TO THE RING. Benzema stands alongside Ronaldo as the two stare off with Van De Beek and Wijnaldum, only for Benzema to clothesline Ronaldo. Benzema looks down at his former partner, before trying to eliminate him. Ronaldo fights back and takes advantage in his brawl with Benzema. Now the Dutchmen await Number 8

    (8) Marc Andre Ter Stegen

    Its Ter Stegen coming in, WHAT THE HELL. TER STEGEN WAS JUST BLINDSIDED BY A MASKED MAN. The masked man looks down at Ter Stegen and leaves, as action returns to the ring. Van De Beek and Wijnaldum carry on their assault, looking for the first elimination of the match, targeting Marquinhos. Messi and Benzema lay on the floor as Ronaldo and Felix stand off. The present of Portugal and the future of Portugal stare each other down as Number 9 enters

    (9) Kalidou Koulibaly

    Here comes Koulibaly. He runs into the ring, and steamrolls Marquinhos. He clotheslines Messi, and then dropkick Benzema. Suddenly he turns his attentions to the Dutch duo and the Dutch duo unload on him, before Wijnaldum and Van De Beek, throw him over the top rope


    WE HAVE OUR FIRST ELIMINATION. KOULIBALY IS GONE. He furiously leaves as the Dutch duo celebrate, only to be attacked from behind by the Portuguese duo of Ronaldo and Felix. CR7 seems to have found himself an ally, as they await number 10

    (10) Hugo Lloris

    We see Lloris drinking backstage, before somebody calls his name. Lloris desperately fumbles for his car keys and shouts “I’m fit to drive.” However he collapses, and numerous FIFA officials surround him. They shout for the back up option to come to the ring

    In the ring, Benzema has taken control of the match, and looks as number 10 enters. OH MY GOD ITS MATHIEU VALBUENA. Benzema looks panicked as he sees this entrance, and runs to the outside, and takes a camera, pretending to be a cameraman, perhaps an ironic choice given his history with Valbuena

    Valbuena is only here for one man, and he unleashes a brutal steel chair beat down on Benzema. Valbeuna rolls Benzema into the ring, and throws him out. Valbuena then leaves himself, as number 11 comes to the ring


    (11) Son Heung Min

    Here comes “The Animal” Heung Min Son. Son runs into the ring, where Messi, Ronaldo, Felix, Wijnaldum, Van De Beek and Marquinhos remain. Son goes straight, for Messi, nailing him with a Dropkick that busts Messi open. Son falls to his knees and begins to pray, as if apologising. He didn’t have long to do that though as Wijnaldum got his second elimination of the night by throwing Son over the top rope


    (12) Dusan Tadic

    Here comes Dusan Tadic, who stole the show at the Bernabeu last season for Ajax. He rolls into the ring and stares off with Wijnaldum. The two stare down, but Van De Beek tries to break it up. Both men try to convince Van De Beek to side with them, and the young man looks conflicted, before clotheslining Wiljnaldum. Now Tadic and Van De Beek await number 13

    (13) Pierre-Emerick Aubamayang

    Here comes Arsenals’ Auba, and he runs into the ring, and is straight away laughed at. The people in the ring remind him he isn’t meant to be fighting tonight, he is meant to be fighting on Thursday night instead. Auba remembers this and nods, before eliminating himself


    However, suddenly Ter Stegen runs into the ring and goes to battle with Tadic and Van De Beek. Of course Ter Stegen was attacked earlier but he is back and fighting as the clock counts down for 14

    (14) Joe Gomez

    Here comes Joe Gomez. Joe runs into the ring and stares down with Tadic and Van De Beek, helping his Liverpool teammate Wijnaldum up, and the 4 engage in a mass brawl. Meanwhile, Ronaldo is ordering Felix about, and looks at the bust open Messi on the floor. Ronaldo tells Felix to attack Messi and Felix complies, with Ronaldo sitting back and smiling. The clock counts down as Marquinhos and Ter Stegen do battle

    (15) Antoine Griezmann

    AND HERE COMES BACKUP. Griezmann runs to the ring and immediately joins the battle with Messi, Ronaldo and Felix. The two back off, and Messi and Griezmann stare down with Ronaldo and Felix. As the two stare down, Griezmann asks to stand  in Messis spot because he performs better there but Messi refuses. The two argue and Ronaldo and Felix take advantage by beating them down

    (16) Bobby Firmino

    A bright light engulfs the arena, which turns out to be the teeth of Bobby Firmino. Firmino runs to the ring and stands alongside Gini and Joe. The 3 take down Ronaldo and Felix, and begin to try throw Messi over the top rope. However Ter Stegen appears and floors Firmino, only to be taken out by Wijnaldum. Wijnaldum gets involved in a brawl with Van De Beek and Tadic, leaving just the two centre backs Marquinhos and Gomez. Gomez comes out better and waits for number 17 to come to the ring 

    (17) Raheem Sterling

    ITS RAHEEM STERLING. The crowd erupt as Sterling runs into the ring and stares off with Gomez, the other 10 men in the ring unconscious around the ring, with Ronaldo rolling out of the ring, and then under the ring. Sterling and Gomez stare off, only FOR STERLING TO LOW BLOW GOMEZ. Griezmann takes advantage by throwing Gomez over the top rope


    Now Griezmann and Sterling exchange punches as number 18 comes to the ring

    (18) Luis Suarez 

    HERE COMES THE ANIMAL. Suarez runs into the ring, and stares face to face with Sterling and Griezmann. His former striking partner, and his former striking partner. A rare bit of compassion appears on the face of Luis Suarez, who follows up by punching GRIEZMANN IN THE FACE. Suarez now looks and hugs his former PARTNER STERLING. However Sterling pushes away and starts screaming that Suarez just tried to bite him. It turns out Suarez just double crossed Sterling. We think. The two exchange punches as the countdown begins

    (19) Matthias De Ligt

    Here comes the former Golden Boy, and the 6 foot 2 defender wastes no time running to the ring, throwing the smaller Sterling to the floor. Suarez watches on as De Ligt takes out the entire ring, before De Ligt suddenly turns and stares down with Tadic and Van De Beek as the clock counts down

    (20) Eden Hazard

    Now Hazard, erm, jogs to the ring at full pelt, interrupting the reunion between new and old Ajax teammates. Hazard tries to attack the trio but all 3 suddenly turn towards him, and Tadic nails him with a Dropkick. Van De Beek clotheslines him out of the ring and onto the apron, and De Ligt follows up with a Big Boot to eliminate Hazard


    The 3 carry on their stare off, Tadic and Van De Beek staring down with De Ligt, the man that left Ajax for Piemonte Calcio. Meanwhile Suarez helps Messi and Griezmann to their feet, Firmino and Wiljnaldum stomp at Sterling, whilst Marquinhos picks on Felix and Ter Stegen as the countdown begins

    (21) Frenkie De Jong

    OH MY. ITS FRENKIE DE JONG. The crowd erupt as De Jong runs down to the ring and joins the battle, siding with De Ligt against Tadic and Van De Beek. AND THE BATTLE BETWEEN CURRENT AND PAST AJAX TEAMMATES BEGIND. Tadic and Van De Beek vs De Ligt and De Jong. De Ligt takes full advantage, getting his second and third elimination of the match by eliminating Tadic and Van De Beek, and fair play to the latter, who lasted nearly 30 minutes in this match. Suddenly De Ligt is stomped on by De Jong, Suarez and Messi as Griezmann watches on. Suddenly Griezmann attacks Suarez, possibly angry about the earlier attack. However Messi doesn’t waste time, throwing Griezmann over the top rope. Ter Stegen joins in the assault, and De Ligt finds himself 1 on 4 against Barcelona’s best. However suddenly they are blindsided by Wijnaldum and Firmino as the crowd erupt. Firmino throws out Ter Stegen, and then De Jong, as Messi and Suarez fight Wiljnaldum and Firmino. Meanwhile Joao Felix is back on his feet and he eliminates De Ligt, and cheers at successfully gaining an elimination as the countdown begins


    (22) Riyadh Mahrez

    The Algerian now joins the fray, and stands alongside Sterling, creating a standoff between duos. Sterling and Mahrez of City, Messi and Suarez of Barca, Wijnaldum and Firmino of Liverpool, and the 6 go to war with each other, exchanging punches. Meanwhile Marquinhos and Felix continue to do battle, as the countdown begins again 

    (23) Bernardo Silva

    AND HERE COMES THE THIRD MAN FOR CITY. Silva immediately joins the brawl, helping City to come out on top against Liverpool and Barca. Silva follows this up by grabbing his Portuguese teammate Felix, and throwing him out of the ring, as Marquinhos rests. However suddenly the 3 city men turn to see Firmino, Wiljnaldum, Messi and Suarez stood together, and suddenly the numbers game is against City. A brawl begins once again, with Wiljnaldum gaining eliminations by throwing out Silva and Sterling, whilst Firmino eliminated Mahrez, to leave 5 in the ring, as the countdown begins again


    (23) Robert Lewandowski

    Here comes the Polish and Bayern superstar striker, Lewandowski. All 5 men in the ring turn their attention to the apron, as the Eastern European makes his presence known. And he wastes no time running into the ring and flooring Suarez, then Marquinhos, before brawling with Messi. Just as he looks like he is about to eliminate Messi, he can’t quite manage it as Messi holds on for dear life. Suddenly Firmino tips Lewa over the top rope, eliminating him


    A shock elimination as now we look to the countdown for the next person to arrive

    (24) Sadio Mane

    And now Firmino and Wijnaldum are joined by Mane. Mane now helps the Liverpool trio as they tear about the other 3 men in the ring, in Messi, Suarez and Marquinhos. However they seem unable to eliminate anyone, as we await number 25

    (25) Mohamed Salah

    The Liverpool domination continues, with 4 of the 7 men in the ring currently Liverpool players. And the domination continues, it’s strange, almost as if Liverpool don’t want to eliminate anyone, they are just weakening their opponents as we await the next few entrants

    (26) Trent Alexander Arnold

    And it’s yet another Liverpool player. One of the best right backs in the world today, if not the best, the young Trent Alexander Arnold is looking for a Ballon D’or. But for now, he helps his teammates, by throwing 5 steel chairs into the ring. Wiljnaldum tees up on Marquinhos, Trent goes after Suarez, whilst Mane, Firmino and Salah all attack Messi, who is more battered and bruised than he was after Chris Smalling broke his nose. Now we await number 27, will it finally be some help for the other 3?

    (27) Loris Karius

    WHAT THE HELL. Everyone turns to the ramp in shock as Karius runs to the ring, a steel chair in hand, and stares down with his 5 former teammates. The 5 Liverpool men stare down with Karius, looking extremely angry at him, as if they still hold a grudge against him. Karius steps forward with the chair, only to drop the chair. He shouts “not again” as suddenly the Liverpool team descend on him like a pack of wolves, all 5 smashing their chairs on him. They don’t even seem to notice that the countdown has begun to welcome number 28

    (28) Sergio Ramos

    HE IS HERE, THE ANIMAL HAS ARRIVED. Ramos runs into the ring and wastes no time going straight after the Liverpool contingent in the ring. Ramos rugby tackles Trent to the floor and throws him over the top rope. Ramos then fights off the other Liverpool members with just his bare hands. He helps Karius up to his feet, ONLY TO ELBOW KARIUS IN THE FACE. Karius looks concussed but Ramos shows no emotion, throwing Karius over the top rope. Gini Wijnaldum, who has been in the ring for 35 minutes with 4 eliminations to his name, is next to go, as Ramos shows no mercy. Now Ramos places Salah in an Armbar, a brutal reminder to what Ramos did to Salah in the 2018 Champions League Final. However he armbar is broken up by Suarez, and Suarez and Ramos stare down, a confrontation that never ends well. However Salah runs up and CLOTHESLINES RAMOS OVER THE TOP ROPE. Ramos stares down with Salah in shock at being eliminated. The countdown begins again, leaving 6 men in the ring


    (29) Kylian Mbappe

     And on the ramp stands the PSG wonderboy, ready to enter this... OH MY GOD. THATS NEYMAR. Neymar just ran out of the Guardiola position, sorry guerilla position, and threw Mbappe off the ramp and to the floor below. Medical personnel check on Mbappe as Neymar takes his place, rolling into the ring, and checking on his teammate Marquinhos. However suddenly Suarez takes out Neymar from behind and throws our Marquinhos, who had been in the ring since Number 4, 40 minutes ago. Neymar turns around and stares down with Suarez, before he is joined by Messi, and suddenly MSN are reunited. The crowd erupt in cheers as the trio look to the other 3 men in the ring, Salah, Mane and Firmino. The current best front 3 in the world vs the formerly best front 3 in the world. SMF vs MSN. The crowd erupt as the 6 engage in a mass brawl, as the countdown begins for the last time tonight


    (30) Virgil Van Dijk

    OH MY. HERE COMES THE MAN MOUNTAIN. Van Dijk gets into the ring and everyone’s attention turns to him. Suarez and Neymar go for Van Dijk, leaving Messi at the attack of Liverpool’s front 3. Messi tries to fight back and succeeds, lifting Salah over the top rope and onto the apron, WHERE RAMOS PULLS HIM DOWN. RAMOS HAS JUST ELIMINATED MO SALAH

    The crowd boo as Ramos carries on the assault, ignoring the refs to the surprise of no one. He grabs the shoulder of Mo Salah and judo throws it over his arm, dislocating his shoulder, now Ramos leaves his assault done.


    Meanwhile Van Dijk is being beat down by Neymar and Suarez, and now Neymar looks to pounce, ONLY FOR SUAREZ TO THROW HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE, THE CROWD ERUPTING AS NEYMAR LOOKS ON IN SHOCK. Suarez shouts “That’s how it feels to be stabbed in the back.” However the tactic doesn’t work as Suarez turns around into a Van Dijk clothesline that eliminates him


    Meanwhile Mane and Firmino continue to assault Messi, and they roll him over to Van Dijk. Virgil holds him up, and shouts little dwarf in his face, to which Messi replies by slapping him. VVD laughs before throwing Messi over the top rope BUT SUAREZ CATCHES HIM. THE CROWD CHEER PROFUSELY AS MESSI, THE NUMBER ONE ENTRANT STAYS IN THIS MATCH

    Mane notices this and turns around, just as VVD BIG BOOTS FIRMINO OUT OF THE RING. Bobby is gone, and Mane loses it, screaming at VVD to ask why he did that. VVD replies every man for himself, before Mane shows him that Messi is in this match. VVD nods before suddenly swinging for Mane, but Sadio sucks and catches Virgils leg with a well timed kick, sending him to his knees. The crowd cheer as Mane now grabs a steel chair and swings it at Van Dijk, brutally beating down the big Dutchman


    Mane carries on this assault, as Suarez returns Messi to the ring. Mane picks up his teammate, before trying to throw him over the top rope but VVD holds on and headbutts Mane, knocking him to the floor. SUDDENLY HOWEVER MESIS RUNS AND NAILS VVD WITH A CLAYMORE KICK WITH SUCH POWER IT SENDS VVD OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR


    WHAT A TWIST. Messi eliminates a man twice the size of him. Now we are left with Mane and Messi. The two square up with each other and exchange punches, as Carragher exclaims his love for Sadio Mane. Now Mane begins to gain advantage, and with Messi having been in the ring for an hour it’s no surprise. Another Mane punch sends Messi to the floor and Mane smiles BEFORE RONALDO RUNS INTO THE RING AND THROWS SADIO MANE OUT OF THE RING. WHAT THE HELL


    Of course. After Sterling’s entrance Ronaldo rolled under the ring and that is where he has been since. Ronaldo has returned fresh of energy and now the two men that started this match end it. Ronaldo looks at the bloodied face of Leo Messi as Messi climbs up the ropes, and chuckles to himself. Ronaldo uses the ropes for momentum and runs at Messi for the clothesline, BUT MESSI DUCKS AND RONALDO GOES FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE. LEO MESSI HAS WON THE ROYAL RUMBLE AND THE BALLON DOR

    Winner: Leo Messi

    Carragher: NOOOOO SADIOOOO

    Tyler: Would you believe it, Leo Messi has overcome the odds to win his 6th Ballon D’or. Didier what are your thoughts


    Neville: Personally what a win for Leo Messi, I am truly excited to see what happens next year to decide the Ballon D’or. Bake off, rap battle, maybe even a voting

    Tyler: Thank you all for watching, goodnight

  2. Great we have all 8, and here are the Sweepstake results

    Josh - Bayern Munich and Valencia

    Bart - PSG and Napoli

    Kieron - Liverpool and Atletico Madrid

    Ropati - City and Spurs

    Cody - Real Madrid and Lyon 

    George - Dortmund and Chelsea

    Prince - Leipzig and Juventus

    Nate - Atalanta and Barcelona

  3. It’s back. After last years success which saw Marker claim 10000 BPZ Dollars as Liverpool won the UCL, the sweepstake returns. There are 8 spots, with everyone receiving 2 teams. To sign up, just say “I’m in”
    Currently Signed 7: George, me, Bart, Cody, Kieron, Rop, Prince

    One spot left

  4. Boos ring out through the arena as suddenly the music of Pablo and Gary Green hits. After Gary’s betrayal on Josh he gets a brutal reaction, and Pablo gets the same reaction as he normally does

    Cody looks at Pablo annoyed, confused at Pablos arrival when Cody already answered the open challenge. However Pablo suddenly kicks Cody in the stomach, and lifts him up into the Powerbomb position

    OH MY GOD. PABLO JUST POWERBOMBED CODY OFF THE STAGE. He looks down at the destroyed body of Cody as medical officials all around check on him, and get ready to take him to a local medical facility. 

    Pablo now looks at Arius and smiles happily to himself, before he begins walking down to the ring... ONLY FOR JOSH TO APPEAR. THE CROWD ERUPT AS JOSH APPEARS WITH A STEEL CHAIR AND BEGINS SMASHING IT OVER THE BODY OF PABLO


    As it happens Gary screams that The Master has ordered them both to leave and Pablo obeys, running away from Josh as he and Gary Green run off

    Josh now looks around, first at Cody, unconscious on the floor and then at the IC Champ in the ring. Josh grabs a mic and begins to speak

    Mr Arius. Mr Arius. It’s amazing to think you have been here a year, and this is the first time we have met. All I have heard since I returned in April was “Arius is going to be the next big thing.” “Arius is going to be the first post 2015 World Champ.” I don’t know if you’ve heard Arius, but that’s what I have been promising to do for 3 whole years

    So it only seems fitting that I prove to the world why I will be the first post 2015 World Champ. Cody’s half dead, Pablo has fled, I believe it’s my turn to answer your open challenge, Arius I accept

    Arius smiles as Josh rolls into the ring, ready for his second match of the retirement series. Will he come out on top this time?

  5. Welcome to my new sports post I will be doing. I have the football debates and I don’t want those to stop, but these are designed not for debates, but for discussing all of footballs latest news. Today’s question will be simple

    Who Should Manchester United be looking to sign? 
    Now it’s clear Manchester United are looking for a short term deal for a striker to replace the injured Marcus Rashford. However transfer deals haven’t been United’s strength, the only deal of the window being the sale of Ashley Young

    Yesterday Sky Sports reporter Manchester United had made contact with Leicester City and Shanghai Shenua about loan deals for Islam Slimani and Odion Ighalo. There’s no denying both are having good seasons, Slimani especially with 7 goals and 7 assists in 13 games on loan at Monaco this season, but it’s a shambles when you consider United started the month linked with Haaland, Sancho, Maddison and Fernandes

    However United do need a striker. And most likely an older striker, a short term deal would be perfect in this scenario, despite Solksjaer saying he didn’t want that. But Martial isn’t a Number 9, and United cannot expect to put all their hopes on 18 year old Mason Greenwood

    So I am going to look at all 3 possible a united options who I think could fit the bill, and which one I think would be best suited. Let me know what you guys think on it

    (3) Olivier Giroud


    Spurs. Inter. Everton. Barcelona. These are just some of the clubs being linked with the man desperately trying to force a move from Chelsea as he hopes for a space in Frances Euro 2020 team. As Conte tries a swap deal with Llorente, Giroud moving to Inter looks less and less likely as the window moves on

    Lampard clearly doesn’t want him, and United could do with his EPL experience. He would benefit too, he would get a lot of playing time with Rashford injured. However would Frank sell him to a direct rival for fourth place (if you can call United that?)

    (2) Dimitri Payet

    Dimitri Payet has scored eight goals in 19 appearances for Marseille this season

    Despite being linked to his former club West Ham, it seems unlikely he will ever return there. He’s been far and away Marseilles best player this season, scoring 6 goals, the second highest at Marseille, and more impressively, he has made 66 key passes this season, the most in Europe’s top 5 leagues, the closest being Kevin De Bruyne on 60

    Even as he reaches 33, he’s at his creative best. In 18 months with West Ham he established himself as a great player, and right now United are having to use players like Dan James every week, who was just bought as a squad player. With the lack of creativity United showed against Burnley, Payet would be a great deal

    (1) Dries Mertens


    Again another player who has been linked with a move away from his club, but not linked with Man U. Monaco and Arsenal lead the race for his signature it seems. 

    Napoli are in free fall this season, with 1 win in their past 10 games and 3 points since sacking Ancelotti 5 games ago, to the point where they are in serious trouble of becoming stuck in a relegation battle. Big clubs should be trying to get as many of Napolis players as possible right now. Mertens is in the twilight of his career at age 32 and with his contract expiring soon, it looks unlikely Napoli will resign him, looking to a future with the younger Milik and co instead. Maybe now is the time for Mertens to finally get the PL move

    Who Would I Want?

    Dries Mertens: For me although he is arguably having the poorest season, he’s a quality player. £40 million would be a fair price for Mertens, although I’d be willing to pay up to £70mil for a player of his quality. 

    Who do u guys think United should get? What did u think of the show? Thanks for reading 

  6. Hans, Meko and Flynn won The Quiz of The Year, whilst The Quiz of the Decade was won by Bart and Julius. That means of the 3 special episodes, Meko, Bart, Julius, Flynn, Sheridan and Arius won 1, and Hans won 2.

    Now, the 5th season begins

    To sign up, say I’m in

  7. Welcome to tonight’s Carnage, and we are one week away from the massive Royal Rumble Show, featuring the titular match. However another big story from last week was that Joshua Scott could be forced into retirement if he fails to win any of his next 3 matches.

    And his first match comes against the man who has been impersonating him for months, Pablo, who is accompanied to the ring by Gary Green. Gary has promised to remain neutral in this entire thing, wanting Pablo to win but not wanting Josh to retire

    Now both stand in the ring, awaiting the entrance of Joshua Scott

    The crowd erupt as the music of Joshua Scott, the iconic “Seven Nations Army” hits. Josh hasn’t used this song since July 2018 when he suffered heartbreaking defeat to Julius in the KOTR tournament, but it was symbolic of him in the past, to the point where The White Stripes performed for him at Mania


    Josh gets into the ring and stares down with Pablo. Pablos record is 1-1, he beat Arrow in 23 seconds but lost to Isaiah Carter in 37 seconds. Basically, he doesn’t wrestle long matches. It should be interesting to see how Josh deals with this knowledge in this interesting match 

    Pablo walks towards Josh



    Josh looks devastated, wondering what it will take to put away this man mountain. Josh now goes to the corner, looking for his finishing move, the Seven Nations Army, the Spear, whatever you want to call it. Josh charges at Pablo, who moves out of the way


    AND JOSH HITS THE REF. Josh checks on the ref and turns back to Pablo, who nails him with a massive Side Slam and then a Great Scott


    And it was that exact same Great Scott that got Pablo his win over Arrow but obviously there is no referee when Pablo covers. Pablo wastes no time in rolling out of the ring and grabbing a steel chair. As he rolls into the ring, Gary Green is in the ring, checking on the referee. Gary holds Pablo back and calls for a microphone from ringside

    Gary: As we have no referee, and I am a neutral man in this match, I SHALL REFEREE THIS MATCH

    Pablo holds the chair still, and Josh asks Gary to take the chair off Pablo, or DQ him. However Gary doesn’t respond, and his smirk turns into a sick smile as he turns to Josh 


    GARY GREEN JUST RAN AND LOW BLOWED HIS BEST FRIEND. The crowd are silenced as Josh holds his groin in pain, before turning to Pablo, who nails him with a chair shot 


    Pablo covers the broken body of Josh and Gary counts the 3 count. The crowd boo as Gary raises Pablos hand, and the two swiftly leave the ring. Pablo and Gary celebrate on the apron, as Josh looks on devastated. That is 1 loss, Josh must now win one of his next 2 matches or else his career is over. Tonight leaves us with many questions. Why did Gary betray Josh? What is next for Josh? And will he be retired?

  8. I agree with the above, Jorge Masvidal is the answer here. At Number 3 in the Welterweight rankings, McGregor beating him would be a good step for him as he looks to become a three division Champion

    However it won’t be easy. Remember Masvidal is the man who knocked out Diaz, which McGregor couldn’t do in 2 matches and I could see Masvidal beating him personally

    For me he should choose Gaethje, the fight would be electric as Sheri said and I think McGregor would beat him, it should be interesting 

  9. I haven’t kept up with ratings for a long time but seeing Smackdown ahead of Raw is a shock, especially because Smackdown was really poor in my opinion this week, whilst Raw had one of the best shows it has had in a while

  10. For me Reys powers are fading. He’s not a bad wrestler, there’s no doubting that, but he’s not the man he once was and he hasn’t been since 2016. He deserves to go out whilst he is still on top and right now seems like the right time. Andrade also seems like the perfect man to retire him

  11. A legend who paved the way for many. From what I saw of him he wasn’t the greatest in ring wrestler but that doesn’t matter, he created a lot of WWE history, being the first black WWE Champion (when he won Tag), making history with many NWA titles and of course fathering the Rock. RIP Rocky

  12. I agree with Bart, this is a terrible move on WWEs part. Wrestle mania is the one show that appeals to 3 types of fan, the full time wrestling fan, the casual fan who watches some of the shows and the casual fan who might tune in. By creating a massive storm of bad press, especially at this time, could be a nightmare for the, as it may turn off the latter completely. It’s a bold risk

  13. 6150-batam-fighter-club.jpg?1509307650
    In 2017, BrendenPlayz Wrestling presented 3 events of BFC - BrendenPlayz Fighting Championship. Each presented a massive tournament - Nanovirus, Xavier King and Big Dog coming out on top

    Now BFC has announced its return. Who will reign supreme in the first season of this new up and coming MMA promotion, presented live on Netflix




    Weight Class:



    Fighting Style:

  14. 1 year ago today I went to my first NXT UK Takeover Blackpool. Now one year on I visit the second, but how did I find it inside  the arena?

    Pre Show: Kassius Ohio vs Dave Mastiff and A Kid vs Joseph Conners

    Two interesting matches to kick things off. I won’t reveal any results for spoiler reasons. The first was A Star vs Joseph Conners, a technical master class that I would give a B, the second was Mastiff vs Ohno. This was a poor match until an incredible ending that saw a massive move off the top rope. I will give it a C

    Trent Seven vs Eddie Dennis - Rating: B

    Good match here which saw Progress Champ Eddie Dennis come out on top. I am a huge fan of Eddie Dennis, his promo work is unreliable and in the ring he is incredible, defo a future NXT UK Champ. He hit a massive Jackknife to Trent out of the ring (he may have landed in the crowd, I couldn’t see) and surprisingly put away Trent in quick fashion, perhaps too quick. A B rating 

    NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) beat Toni Storm and Piper Niven - Rating: A

    I stood up by the bar for most of the show, this was the only full match I sat down for. This made it hard to see but from what I could see it was incredible. They told a great story carrying on from what they had told in NXT UK, and it seems like it is now time for Storm to move up to NXT after this match. Great match

    Tyler Bate beat Jordan Devlin - Rating A*

    Stunning. One of the best matches I have ever seen live. The first 15 minutes were an incredibly quick pace, perhaps too quick, but the final 10 minutes were perfect. It started when Bate hit the Aeroplane Spin so many times the crowd lost count, and then carried of with multiple insane sequences of moves. In fact, I was so impressed by one of the sequences that I sent a video of it to a few of my mates who can’t get their heads round wrestling just to show them what they are missing out on, and even they begrudgingly admitted how good it was. Stunning match 

    Tag Team Ladder Match: Gallus retained - Rating: A

    Another great Match. I imagine this one was better on TV, I couldn’t see Andrews and Webster’s jump off the ladder really and missed a bit of the ending but from what I saw it was pure chaos. Perfect. I loved the match, although I was unhappy with Gallus retaining. A

    NXT UK Championship Match: WALTER beat Joe Coffey - Rating: B

    Unfortunately it felt like we ended on a flat note. A great match to end the show but just not as good as everything else. It felt overbooked and that really seemed to kill the crowd. Dragunov bought the one massive reaction but even he was dismantled by WALTER as if he was nothing. However the show ended well post match when obviously Undisputed came to the ring. I was annoyed however because the seats I was meant to be sitting in would have been right next to where Undisputed came out (we had aisle seats) but Undisputeds appearance was insane. That concluded an incredible show

    Overall Rating: B+

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