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  1. Josh stares at Mikey Who outstretches his arms before Josh starts walking towards him. Josh then turns around and signs the contract. He seems to ignore Mikey, walking past him but just as Josh is about to leave the ring, he seems to change his mind and begins to speak.

    I know what you want me to do Mikey. You want me to attack you, and then you believe in a brawl you can beat me and head into Bad Blood with the momentum. But last time we had a brawl I came out on top and I won’t give you the satisfaction of what you want Mikey. But you do me one favour and one favour only Mikey you leave Gary out of this, he’s not a wrestler, but we are. Leave him be and see you at Bad Blood

    Josh then leaves the ring, making his way to the back leaving a smug Mikey in the ring. Gary begins to tidy up the contract as we head to commercial.. no MIKEY HAS JUST KICKED GARY GREEN. Gary Green is stunned as Mikey follows up with a Falcon Arrow. Josh has seen what was going on and runs to the ring where he mounts Mikey and rains down punches on him. 

    Josh now rolls out of the ring and grabs a Steel Chair and begins to smash Mikey with it. “Manchester’s Number One” seems to have snapped here. He orders Gary to hold up Mikey. Gary holds Mikey and Josh goes to hit him with the chair, but Mikey moves and Josh drives the chair into Gary.

    Josh drops the chair in shock but suddenly Mikey grabs him and hits him with the Cosmic Ascension


    Mikey looks down at Josh smug before leaving the ring, having successfully gained the momentum heading into Bad Blood

  2. Chapter 3 - The Plan

    And for the fifth time today my head was smashed against the mat. And we were only a minute in. Julius was just toying with me, with Alex Shane telling Jones he was free to do whatever he wanted. 1 down 19 minutes to go. I tried to reminisce about what happened earlier

    Earlier in the night, I had caught up with my Uncle, who was in the changing rooms by himself and thanked him for his actions. And whilst he admitted to helping me win, he begged me not to tell anyone, as it could cost him his job. I agreed with him. Of course that was a move I now regret, as Julius Jones was destroying me in tonight’s main event.

    Shane’s actions surprised me. It was clear he didn’t rate me as a wrestler but now this was over the top. But he was furious his new star wrestler had been beat and he was letting Jones get revenge. If Shane was truly a smart businessman though, he would let me actually match Jones and beat him so Shane had a more credible opponent  than when I roll up Jones after 20 minutes of punishment. Shane would look better if he beat the man who beat Julius Jones rather than beating, the man who fluked Julius Jones

    Suddenly I was crawling back up to my feet, Blood in my mouth, as I saw Julius sprinting across the ring at me. As instinct I ducked, but then Julius ended up going into the referee. The ref fell to the floor and suddenly Julius looked confused as we had the ref unconscious which wasn’t planned. I took full advantage, punching Julius where it hurts causing him to fall down in a heap

    The ref was getting back to his feet and suddenly I saw my chance to win early and stop this punishment. I hit my patented Sunset Flip Powerbomb but Julius kicked out at 1. I was furious that Jones had chosen to completely no sell my finisher. But I didn’t have much time to react but Julius was back on his feet and it was in that moment I knew I was about to die. 

    Not only was Julius ready to finish me before the match, I had just low blowed him. Then suddenly I felt his sledgehammer fist hit me in my face and I collapsed back into the corner. I saw him walk to the other corner and suddenly sprint at me, to which I ducked down but in the process I also removed the turnbuckle pudding, causing Jones to run face first into metal

    He screamed in agony as I followed up with a pin whilst I put my feet on the ropes. I think the ref noticed but by this point he knew the safest thing was to end the match. I covered with a slightly quick ref count but Julius still managed to get out at 2. I cursed to myself but I could tell this time Julius was hurt.

    I suddenly had a flashback to when I used to play-wrestle with my Uncle when I was 6, and I used to always kick out of all his moves. When he got bored, he just put me in a Grounded Wrist Lock, a very painful move. I looked down at Julius and smiled. I was going to put him in the Grounded Wrist Lock


    And I did just that, mounting him and locking it in but even I was surprised how quickly Jones tapped. I quickly made my way to the back, high fiving a few fans before heading backstage to face the wrath of Shane

    And a wrath I faced. Not only had I apparently changed the result of the triple threat, I had just beaten Jones in 6 minutes. Shane was demanding to Green I be removed from the World title match at Brit Wres Fest, 4 months away. However Green kept him calm and I realised the amount of respect for this man. He must see something in me I realised, to stick up for me so much against his prize man. 

    Eventually Shane agreed to remain calm, but he drafted up a contract and demanded I come back the next day to finalise it. I returned the next day and read the contract. I was going to bring my Uncle but whilst we both agreed we were now on good terms, we decided it wasn’t the best idea for people to see us together. After all everyone at FWA thought we hated each other and it should stay that way.

    I read the contract and looked at the main terms and conditions. It was a 6 month contract that established I could only wrestle for FWA, who didn’t do a show for another 4 months. I also had to agree to pay a very high fine if anything like the past few days every happened again

    Shane looked surprise when I signed the contract. Who wouldn’t want to wrestle for 4 months? It turns out I didn’t. I had to university to deal with and this turned out to be the perfect contract. I wished them both luck and told them I would see them in a February, ready for a World title match. Even if I didn’t win, I planned on stealing the whole show and then once the 6 months were over, I could move on to bigger and better things 

  3. Episode 5/15

    Brenden: 50 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS FOR A PICTURE WITH LEGENDARY BPZ STAR KAI. Sheridan can you come over here too and try raise some cash

    Brenden was trying to bring in money, a recurring theme throughout the trip. Meanwhile Sheridan was ordering food but when she was called over Nate agreed to take over the order. He then began to belittle and flirt with the girl behind the bar. Brenden sent Kai away, who walked towards where Bulletproof were stood before cursing 

    BiC: Kai what’s wrong 

    Kai: I forgot my attire

    BiC: I’ll go unlock the bus for you

    Keeley and Toxik caught up to Hans and Bashka who started walking forward as BiC checked all his pockets. 

    BiC: Dammit Kai I must have left the keys in the ignition. Can you lock up after you get your attire

    Kai: Of course

    Bashka: Come on, we’re going to grab some food. Kai will you be joining us?

    Kai: Just give me a minute 

    Kai walked back to the bus, in the process walking past Bob and Meko. As he left the area, he saw Arius throwing knives at the wall. Kai pretended to ignore him, breathing a sigh of relief when he reached the bus. He grabbed his attire and then came eye to eye with the two masked men on the bus. Kai grabbed the keys and began to run, eventually making it into the safety of the arena assuming he was safe, however he heard footsteps and began to run again. He made it to the ringside area where a Hell In A Cell was set up for tonight’s main event. He began to scale the cell, reaching the top assuming he would be able to climb faster than his pursuer. However he turned around and looked at his pursuer in shock 

    Kai: You. Why you? Wait, you killed Bailey didn’t you

    The pursuer didn’t answer in words, instead grabbing Kai and throwing him off the 20ft Hell In A Cell structure. Kai fell to the floor below, where his body twitched once, before stopping still 

  4. (OOC: 100 BPZ Cash for anyone who correctly predicts the murderer)

    Part 4/15

    Hans: Well that was a shock wasn’t it

    The entire coach nod solemnly with the image of the dead body of Bailey fresh in their minds. Brenden and BiC are outside talking with PC James Ropati

    Brenden: So what’s the verdict James. Also nice to see you again

    James: Yes Brenden I’ve not seen you since you brutally beat me down during War Games and ended my career in wrestling 

    Brenden: How do you find being a police officer in Australia 

    James: Cut the cheap rubbish Brenden I’m here on Business terms. We’ve deemed it an accident 

    BiC: There is no way it’s an accident. Bailey didn’t drink alcohol. He was massively against it.

    James: It was clear he was a lier. Death by alcohol poisoning

    BiC: But

    James: You seem awfully sure BiC. Maybe I should be suspecting you more. My verdict is done

    Ropati left leaving an annoyed BiC and Brenden behind. Both step on the bus

    BiC: He’s said it was an accident 

    Hans: Ridiculous 

    Keeley: Bren, does that mean the shows are off

    Bren: It’s an accidental death so no. Onto Melbourne for Carnage and Bad Blood we go

    BiC: It wasn’t an accident 

    Brenden: BiC, if you keep arguing that people are going to suspect you

    Keeley: That BiC does look like a murderer 

    Meko: ENOUGH

    Everyone turns to Meko Who is wobbling and slurring at the same time. He falls back down on his seat and Bob helps prop him back up 

    Meko: How about we sing a song and raise spirits

    Arius: 🎵Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound 🎵

    Everyone turns in shock to look at Arius who beautifully belts out Amazing Grace whilst sharpening his knife. Upon everyone’s sudden reaction to him, he stops singing, puts the knife in his bag before bringing out another one and sharpening that

    Bob: Me, me and Mek, Meko were thinking something more upbeating? You ready Meko?

    Meko: I was born it Bobby

    Both: 🎵500 bottles of beer on the wall, 500 bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around, 499 bottles of beer on the wall 🎵

    4 hours later, and the entire team have earplugs in however this doesn’t seem to have fazed Bob and Meko Who carry on singing. Nate Sawyer and Sheridan are arguing in sign language, Arius is still sharpening his knife, Kai and Toxik have fallen asleep and Bulletproof are talking. Sheridan again becomes fascinated by Arius, pointing him out to Sawyer as both watch with panic in the eyes. They seem to be agreeing on something as they point out Arius. Suddenly the coach stops and everyone runs out, much to the surprise of Bob and Meko. Bob and Meko leave however what they don’t notice is that BiC has left the keys in the ignition. And they also don’t notice 2 masked men suddenly run onto the bus and grab the keys...

  5. Episode 3/15: The Murder

    An amazing house show has finished and now they are all sat in the bar celebrating. Bob and Meko are downing pints, whilst Nathan is trying to take Sheridan’s beer of her, claiming a “woman shouldn’t drink a mans drink.” Kai is trying to ignore Toxik who keeps going on about Alabama, to the point Kai stands up and leaves. Bailey is filming Keeley, Brenden is talking to Bashka and First Class Express are taking photos with fans but only female fans.

    Brenden: Well everyone remember we have a show tonight so don’t go too crazy 

    Bailey: Back in my day we didn’t drink like this 

    Brenden: If you’re so annoyed by it Bailey stop filming the love of my life and get to the locker room

    Bailey happily obliges, standing up and walking out, before he nods to himself and starts looking at his camera. He smiles before getting to the locker room and sitting down and watching something

    Bailey: Ah the perfect evidence to destroy Keeley’s career. I would have a celebratory drink but, wait what are you doing here?

    Bailey suddenly looked up to see someone he knows standing above him but he can’t see who it is. All he see is the person pull out a gun and smack it around Bailey’s head. He then looked at the unconscious Bailey and began to pour alcohol down his throat until eventually Bailey coughed and spluttered before drowning to his death. 

    30 minutes later 

    All the BrendenPlayz superstars are sat outside the locker room waiting for Bailey. Brenden is questioning where he could be and Kai suggests he could already be in the locker room. However when they open the locker room door they were met with a great shock as they saw the dead body of Bailey lying on the floor

  6. lw3N7we.png

    We started the show with a contract signing for the Tag Team Championship match between The Commonwealth and the UN at SummerSlam. George and Ropati came out first and began their customary trash talking of the UN, to the cheers from the crowd who had come to dislike UN since their formation

    This bought out UN who remained silent as they walked to the ring and signed the contract in silence. George and Ropati didn't relent, signing the contract and saying that Commonwealth not only had experience as a tag team but they also had the advantage of being a surprise to UN.

    Suddenly Brad picked up the mic and spoke for the first time, announcing that UN had the numbers advantage. George and Ropati looked at each other confused before they were suddenly blindsided by Monda. Monda announced himself as Carnages newest draft pick and that he had agreed a deal with his brother Bailey that would see Monda get a "special reward." Joh concluded the signing by announcing this wasn't the last we would see of UN tonight

    Epic vs James Hunter

    James Hunter had returned to BPZ two weeks ago declaring war on Epic and Arrow and after a victory over Gargano he was looking to replicate it over Epic

    He successfully did. Arrow tried to intervene by distracting the ref and throwing a chair into the ring but this allowed Hunter to hit Epic with the chair and win with the 3 count. After the match Epic snapped and attacked Gargano, before shaking hands with James Hunter, signifying the start of a new alliance 

    We started the show with a contract signing for the Tag Team Championship match between The Commonwealth and the UN at SummerSlam. George and Ropati came out first and began their customary trash talking of the UN, to the cheers from the crowd who had come to dislike UN since their formation

    This bought out UN who remained silent as they walked to the ring and signed the contract in silence. George and Ropati didn't relent, signing the contract and saying that Commonwealth not only had experience as a tag team but they also had the advantage of being a surprise to UN.

    Suddenly Brad picked up the mic and spoke for the first time, announcing that UN had the numbers advantage. George and Ropati looked at each other confused before they were suddenly blindsided by Monda. Monda announced himself as Carnages newest draft pick and that he had agreed a deal with his brother Bailey that would see Monda get a "special reward." Joh concluded the signing by announcing this wasn't the last we would see of UN tonight

    We returned from commercial break to see Emperor Nate stood in the ring. He talked about his return but as soon as he stated the sentence "his Premium Championship" it bought out the current one KENJI

    KENJI thanked Nate for his help last week but reminded Nate who the Premium Champ was. Nate offered to make a proposition, he provide KENJI with cover from Chaos in return for a Premium Championship shot later down the line

    This bought out Chaos who mocked Nate and his "stupid" return but reminded him of one important thing - that FDS would be the Premium Champ come SummerSlam. After tensions began to rise Bailey came out and decided to "channel the spirit of Nate Long" - and "book a Tag Team match playas"

    And there would be one last twist. The winning would pick the stipulation of the FDS vs Ark match at SummerSlam

    KENJI and Nate vs Chaos (FDS and Ark Universe)

    It was an interesting clash here as the relatively experienced team of Chaos took on KENJI and Nate who's limitations as a team would come out as Chaos worked them down

    However once Nate managed to make the hot tag to KENJI the team didn't look back. Eventually KENJI tagged Nate back in and Nate isolated Ark and outwrestled him, however Ark thought he may have a chance when he floored Nate and FDS pulled KENJI off the apron

    However KENJI suddenly locked in a Bermuda Triangle to FDS outside the ring. Ark didn't notice and scaled the ropes before jumping through the air, attempting a Crossbody but Nate reversed into a Superkick for the 3 count

    Bob was in the ring celebrating his NXT Championship victory last week. He mocked Meko who came out and demanded a rematch. Bob reminded him he had thrown away his rematch clause and he would have to earn it

    Meko said he would take anyone on and this bought out James Hunter and Epic, both of whom wanted to become the first co-NXT Champ somehow. This bought out Arrow and after a 5 way showdown the Carnage GM Bailey came to the ring and made a massive Fatal 4 Way match for next week - Meko vs Hunter vs Epic vs Gargano. The winner would challenge Bob at SummerSlam for the NXT Title

    Deadmans Hand (Blade and Kieron) vs Flynn and Yelich

    The 4 men who meet for the Universal title at SummerSlam collided here in a rematch from KOTR. After they stole the show there, it was no coincidence they did so again

    Deadmans Hand dominated the start of the match and it carried on its crazy form from KOTR with Blade hitting a Full Nelson Powerbomb to Yelich only for Flynn to enter the ring and hit an FKO to Blade. This bought Kieron in who hit Flynn with a Sister Sophie only to turn around into a Concussion Syndrome from Yelich

    The entire crowd lost their minds after that crazy sequence as all 4 men lay on the floor. Suddenly however UN ran into the ring and began to attack all 4 men, resulting in the match being declared a No Contest. Monda called for a mic and revealed the gift his brother had given him - at SummerSlam it was going to be a Fatal 5 Way Match because the American Hero Monda was now in the match

    SummerSlam Card (Not Finalised)
    World Championship: Sameer (c) vs Bashka
    Universal Championship: Flynn (c) vs Monda vs Blade vs Kieron Black vs Yelich
    Intercontinental Championship: Julius Jones (c) vs Slim
    United States Championship: Echo Wilson (c) vs Ryan Reeves 
    North American Championship: Bart (c) vs Arius
    Tag Team Championships: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs The Commonwealth (George and Ropati)
    Premium Championship: KENJI (c) vs FDS (STIPULATION TBC)

  7. Chapter 2 - Number One Contender

    Well I get the impression Alex Shane doesn’t like me. After not only not phoning me for 2 years, he then organises my Uncle to turn on me in my FWA debut. And then he books himself to win the World title in the main event of the show against the Australian Julius Jones. Let’s just say I wasn’t in a congratulatory mood for him when I confronted him after the show. When I asked him what he was thinking his answer was short but effective

    Shane: Lees the bigger star

    Josh: So you didn’t want to tell me about it beforehand 

    Shane: You’re deadweight Josh, I don’t really care about you, I just needed to put Lee over as a big heel

    However before our confrontation could escalate, Lee and Jonathan appeared

    Jonathan: Well it succeeded. Josh’s match with Gallagher has been retweeted on social media which has put him over. When Lee turned on him, it has sparked a lot of hate for Lee

    Shane: Well good, because in a few months time, FWA are hosting the first Brit Wres Fest and we want a big main event for the first match. Lee Scott vs Alex Shane,  FWA World Championship

    Jonathan: And it all starts tomorrow. Lee you’re going to face Josh and Gallagher in a Triple Threat Match to open the show and in the main event you’re going to beat Julius Jones in a NOC match. 

    Shane: Now get some rest

    And we were sent away to the hotel room for the night. Lee tried to apologise but I didn’t want to listen. I felt betrayed. I claimed I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to get back home. And that’s how I ended up getting a midnight tube home to Central London

    October 31st 2010

    I was hoping the second night of the show would go better than the first. Then again I had received a lot of praise on social media. I had never really got the social media fad, but suddenly the likes of Twitter and YouTube were starting to get attention. I wondered if they would pay off in the long term but decided against it. I spent my morning watching a giant dragon named H.R. Pufnstuf Wrestling on these social media platforms in a surprisingly good match

    I made sure to ignore Shane, Lee and Rees and Redman when I walked in and walked over to Gallagher and Raven who I got talking more to. Raven seemed like an interesting character to say the least, and I liked his “Gentleman” gimmick. That being said, I also liked “The Hero” gimmick Gallagher was doing. I would like to fight Gallagher at some point in the near future but not in FWA

    I had decided that after tonight I would not be working with Shane again. I would put the Bad Blood with my Uncle behind me and move on in life. The Gallagher match had convinced me to continue wrestling but I would find some other promotions. Then a towering figure made his way towards us and gave the biggest smile I have seen a guy give. It terrified me

    He introduced himself as Julius Jones from Australia. All I could think to myself was, if Lee and Shane fought him in real fights there would only be one winner. He was similar to Raven, unlike me and Gallagher he had no interest of making it into the WWE. He wanted to work the independent scene.

    He seemed friendly but the more and more he talked he terrified me. He once told us he had only gone off script once, and that was to punish a guy who had gone off script. All the hatred about going off script reminded me off.  one thing, when facing him, never go off script. Suddenly Jonathan Green was rushing me and Gallagher to the guerilla position to prepare for our match


    Me and Gallagher both got very good reactions when we came out mainly because it was a similar crowd to last night and thus they recognised us. My Uncle got a big reaction of boos, although that may have been aided by the fact he came out with Rees and Redman.

    With my Uncles size advantage, me and Gallagher began to team up, eventually taking him down and hitting a Double Suicide Dive onto his trio. For the next 5 minutes me and Gallagher fought it out and delivered a mix of technical and high flying action. However Lee, Rees and Redman suddenly ran back in and began to beat us two down. Gallagher was thrown out of the ring and the beat down continued on me as the ref ejected Rees and Redman from ringside. Lee then began to lift me up and whispered to me as he did “Reverse into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb.” Confused I did as he lifted me up for a Powerbomb, I then flipped him over and covered him. The ref counted 1,2,3 and Lee powered out as the ref just finished his 3 count. 

    The crowd cheered as I looked around in shock. Gallagher and the ref both looked surprised, and the crowd started to notice until my music began playing and I began to cheer like it was planned. I was rushed to the back where I suddenly realised I would be facing Julius in the main event

    I wasn’t greeted by happy faces backstage. If I thought Shane’s was a picture of angriness, I worried hat Jonathan’s would be. But he came up to me and smiled

    Jon: These things happen. As wrestling companies we adapt. Between me and you I think Josh vs Shane will be a bigger main event for a Brit Wres Fest

    Josh: So I am going to face Julius and win tonight 

    Shane: No

    Jon: Yes. I am in charge here and yes. Go get ready, looks like Lady Luck has found you’re favour 

    Shane: Or it could do with the fact that you shooted and caught Lee out with the Powerbomb

    Shane shook his head before he and Jon walked away. I wanted to correct and inform them that Lee had leg me win but to be honest they didn’t want to hear that, and I thought best to not put my Uncles career in jeopardy. And to be honest, I wasn’t sure that was what had happened. So I stayed quiet and let Shane assume I hadn’t just cheated. However as I walked backstage it became clear it wasn’t just Shane who thought I had gone off script. I got a few dirty looks off the locker room but none as dirty as the one Julius gave me. It looked like he wanted to kill me and remembering his comments about people going off script earlier on in the night, I wondered who would be the real winner come the end of tonight’s 20 minute main event 

  8. Echo Wilson: And why would I help you? I don’t want to take down Brenden, and you shouldn’t either. He puts food on your plate 

    We see Echo talking to a masked man in a pub, and when Echo rejects them, he nods at Echo, before throwing a bag of money onto the table. Echo looks at the bag of money and smiles at the two masked men

    Wilson: How could I be of assistance?

    Meanwhile, back on the First Class Express, we see BiC asleep on the passenger seat before the driver suddenly slaps him around the face

    BiC: What? 

    He looks up to see Hans driving the bus

    Hans: We’re almost there. Although we won’t be competing, I didn’t want to leave you asleep in the bus, wake up. 

    BiC looks around the bus to see everyone else also waking up. Bashka is sat near his Bulletproof partners, and behind him in the seats are Brenden and Keeley. Behind them is Bailey, Who seems to be keeping a watchful eye over them both. On the other side, Nate and Sheridan have the front seats and have been arguing the entire journey about “how women have too many rights these days.” Behind them is Toxik and Kai, with Toxik talking about great Alabama is. Behind them are Bob and Meko who have been making the most of the free alcohol on the journey with them not having to wrestle until the evening. Sat on the back row by himself is Arius, who holds a bag very closely whilst sharpening a knife. He focuses back on Kai who seems to be on the verge of snapping 

    Toxik: So in Alabama, we do things much better

    Kai: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALABAMA IS GREAT. Now I’m going to sit next to Bailey

    Kai stands up and sits next to Bailey who looks irritated at Kai’s presence as Toxik listens in on the conversation 

    Kai: Don’t look so annoyed. Wait have you got a video recorder. What are you doing?

    Bailey: Waiting for Keeley to slip up and say something that I can use to blackmail her. Normally Brenden makes sure we’re separated on the plane. I’m not going to get a better chance than this 

    Kai: I might go ask Bob and Meko for a drink

    Bailey: You’re a professional athlete Kai why are you drinking? Idiot.

    Suddenly the bus pulls to a stop and everyone gets off. Toxik catches up with Kai, with Kai visibly shaking at every word Toxik says, Arius gets off sharpening his knife, much to the confused interest of Sheridan and Nate, who put their arguing aside to look at Arius as they too exit. Brenden and Keeley get off closely followed by Bailey. Bob and Meko get off before finally Bulletproof get off and grab some of the suitcases from under the bus. A car pulls up behind the bus featuring Echo and the masked man but Bulletproof don’t notice. They leave the luggage compartment open before walking away

    Bash: Aren’t you going to close that

    Hans: Watch this 

    Hans presses a button on the keys and the luggage compartment very slowly closes by itself. Hans and BiC look in amazement but Bash doesn’t look too impressed. The three turn their backs and begin walking to the show. What they don’t notice is that just as the luggage compartment doors are about to close, the masked man suddenly jumped in, followed by another masked man who had been on the bus since it set off yesterday. The two men hid in the luggage compartment and gave one last thumbs up to Echo as the doors closed and Echo drove away

  9. 2 Years ago I created a diary called Murder on the BPZ Express and last year I created the sequel, Death on the Michigan. But with me planning to make a trilogy I decided a lot of new members wouldn’t have read either of the first two and even then, a lot of the jokes in the first 2 are outdated now, so I have decided to reboot the first 2 before bringing out the third. Enjoy 

    Episode 1/15 (Friday 20th September 2019)

    BiC and Hans are sat on the First Class Express, talking to a couple of girls whilst showing off the Tag and US belts. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. BiC goes to check who it is when suddenly he opens the door and immediately shuts it 

    Hans: Who was it?

    BiC: It was Brenden

    Hans: Is he Ok after Bashka destroyed him at SummerSlam. And I mean girls he destroyed him. Humiliated him

    BiC: Well I don’t know but he’s the boss, we have to let him on. And he can’t see all this. Get the girls out of here.  

    Hans tries to get the girls out of the back window as BiC opens the door and smiles to Brenden, whilst holding his Tag belt.

    BiC: Sorry the doors a bit heavy, I couldn’t quite keep it open. Not as heavy as this wonderful tag belt I hold though. Can I help you Brenden?

    Suddenly Bashka appears behind Brenden, as does Keeley, Bailey, Arius, Bob, Meko, Nate Sawyer, Sheridan, Mirage, Arrow and Kai. Hans suddenly appears as we see three girls running away from the bus behind the superstars. 

    Hans: Bashka, why have you bought this mix of characters here?

    Brenden: I will explain. Keeley booked the wrong plane tickets and we have no way of getting to our next 3 shows. Bash came up with the idea of travelling on your stupid party bus. And we were wondering if out the kindness of your heart you could take us there

    BiC: It’s probably going to be a no

    Bren: I will double your weekly wage.

    Hans: No

    Bren: I will buy you both a round of cocktails after the house show

    Both: Deal

    Brenden: Ok we have two shows booked for tomorrow, in the morning we have a house show and in the evening we have Carnage. Then we travel to a hotel and in the morning we prepare for Bad Blood. For tonight everyone is getting some sleep on this bus

    BiC: What about everyone else. 

    Brenden: They travelled yesterday they’re not doing these shows, come on everybody

    Bash, Bren, Keeley, Bailey, Nathan, Sheridan, Mirage, Kai, Arius, Bob and Meko board leaving Arrow stood outside. He is about to get on when suddenly the doors close 

    BiC: Sorry Arrow, there’s alcohol on this bus. No one under the age of 14 allowed. 

    The bus speeds off leaving Arrow there. He picks up his phone and begins to call for a taxi. BiC drives The First Class Express Forward, not noticing that as they stopped at the traffic lights, a masked man suddenly jumped onto the back of the bus. He held on as the bus sped off, ready for the overnight journey 

  10. Chapter 1: Frontier Wrestling Alliance - 2010

    My career had seemed to hit a stop fairly quickly into it. All had started when my Uncle, now a good age of 31, expressed an interest in pursuing his dream of becoming a professional wrestler. He had spent his working life doing something he didn’t enjoy and now seeing he had realised his age and decided to train under the legendary Alex Shane, who had just opened his wrestling school. However Shane operated from London, so my Uncle has to move down South from the beautiful city of Manchester we had resided in before. With me not ready to go to university yet and with my Uncle Lee always trying to get me interested in pro wrestling, I decided to join him and take a gap year learning how to be a pro wrestler

    I made that decision in May 2008. We were now in October 2010. I was in my second year at the London University of Economics studying finance. After I graduated from Shane’s course he had promised he would get me and my Uncle big gigs because he could see we had talent. However I had still not heard anything from him

    It dawned on me today that I was sat in my Uncles flat, that I was 20, nearly 21 and had yet to really do anything in my life. I was turning down parties so I could go put on a costume and wrestle in high school gyms with my Uncle under the ridiculous names of Josh Diamond and Lee Diamond. Many times I had thought I would call it quits but when I tried to tell my Uncle, he would often explode with the news the local high school president had allowed us to use the big sports hall or something. It got harder and harder to tell him, but I wasn’t expecting what happened today when I tried

    He burst into the room looking all excited. I put on an excited face, waiting for the news that we were performing at an even bigger high school or something 

    Lee: Alex Shane called us

    Ok, I wasn’t expecting that 

    Josh: Really? After all this time

    Lee: Yeh he knows a man named Jonathan Green who owns a business called Frontier Wrestling Alliance. You know who wrestled there?

    Josh: Enlighten me

    Lee: AJ Styles and CM Punk. We can join them and make it into the WWE too. And right now they are doing a storyline where American invaders keep attacking all of the best British talent and with a lot of them gone, they wanted young stars to fight off the Invaders in a big 2 night event

    Josh: And it’s not in a high school gym?

    Lee: No it’s at the ExCel Centre in London. But more good and bad news. Good news: we get paid £1000

     Josh: It must be big bad news then

    Lee: Yes, I have to wrestle 3 matches and you have to wrestle 4. 

    Josh: What

    Lee: You will see how it goes when we get there, just trust me

    That much was going to be easier said than done 

    October 30th

    This was it, my first big wrestling event. On the first night of this show I was wrestling twice and tomorrow twice. I had spent the entire tube journey listening to my Uncle talk about how this would be the first step to WWE. I listened and listened and was delighted to see Alex Shane and Jonathan Green. Well not Shane realistically, but I didn’t have chance to speak to him, he took my Uncle aside as Green explained the premise of the show to me

    He told me I would be facing “The Hero” Jack Gallagher in both our debuts, but after 15 minutes the match would end in a draw after my partner Lee Diamond and Jacks partner Raven interfered. Then the Diamonds would win in a tag match until we would be attacked by Iestyn Rees and Joel Redman. I had no idea why but that was what I was told. I met all 4 men before the match. I got talking to Raven especially, who told me about his remarkable story in the company, from crew worker who had to fill in to the plucky babyface he is today. At 18 he was a similar age to me, and we seemed to share similar ambitions

    Now it was time for the match. Me and Lee came out, playing the heels, introduced as Josh and Alex Scott. I was guessing Mr Green didn’t like a Diamond as a ring name. Then Gallagher came out by himself as we locked up 

    To say we stole the show would be an understatement. For 10 minutes, me and him delivered jaw dropping combos and had unbelievable chemistry. However me and Lee quickly established ourselves as heels, with him constantly interfering, until Raven came out and evened the scores, resulting in a massive brawl. As planned we had a tag match which ended with Lee winning with his wonderful submission move the Grounded Wrist Lock. As I raised Lees arm I saw Rees and Redman running to the ring, and then suddenly I was on the floor. I looked up and saw Lee towering above me, me unconscious after he hit me with that forearm smash. Suddenly the bell rang and I realised an impromptu match had been made, Rees and Redman against me and Lee, although Lee seemed to have sided with them. Things started clicking in my mind, Shane pulling Lee aside for a talk, Green not giving a reason for the Rees and Redman attack. It was so Lee could side with them. And as I was brutally beaten and pinned within the first minute, I learned one of the main rules of pro wrestling on my first big night - never trust anyone 

  11. Whilst “Manchesters Number One” Joshua Scott isn’t the most successful BPZ Star in terms of victories, he has been impressive when he won, winning the Intercontinental Championship, the Tag Team Championship, the United States Championship and the NXT Championship. However his story has been a long and winding path of slight disappointment as he became desperate to make his way to BPZ, working his way through the British independent scene until he finally achieved his dream. This is the story of JoshsNow

    (If you’re interested in being part of the diary, sign up below)




    Any other Background Information: 

  12. “King of All Time” hits and for the second time on tonight’s Carnage, JoshsNow is making an appearance. Earlier in the night he confirmed his participation in this Septembers Money In The Bank Ladder Match and now he obviously has something to say following Mikeys harsh words about him. He is followed by Gary Green who hands him a microphone. Josh takes the mic and rolls into the ring where he stares down with Mikey before beginning to speak 


    Who the hell do you think you are?

    The crowd erupt in cheers as their hero stares down Mikey who laughs and begins to answer but Josh interrupts before he can

    Because I will tell you who I am. I am “Manchester’s Number One”, I was “The Last Man Standing”, I am “The King of All Time” But most importantly, I am “The People’s Number One”

    The crowd clap at that last statement as Josh turns his attention back to Mikey

    And I will tell you who are. You are “The Shortest Reigning NXT Champion.” That’s right you managed to have a shorter reign than me at 21 days and even Ark at 7 days. You are “The Man Who Beat Bulldozer.” Well done, do you want a medal for that? 

    You have been here 9 months and that’s all you have done Mikey? In 9 months in BPZ I was a US Champ, a KOTR Quarter Finalist and a Tag Champ. In those first 9 months I went to war with some of the best this company has ever seen: Slim, Flynn, Brad, Ross, Echo Wilson, BiC.

    And whilst you claim I am a glorified midcarder, not only do I have those achievements to my name, I also won the Intercontinental Championship on the grandest stage of them all, I reached the semi finals of the King of the Ring tournament. I have, along with the 5 I named, stepped in the ring with Alyx Wilde, Bailey and Julius and come so so close to winning. I beat Ryan Reeves, I beat Echo Wilson. I have done so much in my career here so Mikey, next time you want to talk about me, make sure you get your facts right.

    SSW Club was a mistake, you are correct. Turning my back on these fans was a mistake. At Bad Blood, I am going to rectify those mistakes. And I am going to become Mr Money In The Bank. And I am going to become Mr Number One Contender to The North American Championship. Cause Mikey now we got Bad Blood. And at Bad Blood, you’ve made this personal and now you’re going to get hurt. This is what a “piece of trash” sounds like Mikey. Are you satisfied?

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