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  1. JoshsNow

    World Cup Sweepstake

    Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabia have all been eliminated, meaning @Name Redacted has lost one of his teams and @SilkySlimer is the first person eliminated as both his teams have gone
  2. JoshsNow

    Free Agent Corner

    Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 111 where me and Gary Green preview Carnage Power Trip Redemption for the ownership of FAC. Opening Match: Brother vs Brother: Bailey vs Monda Josh: Brother faces Brother as Bailey takes on Monda. Monda revealed his relationship to Bailey however Bailey denied it. Today it’s time for Monda to get redemption, will he? I say no, Baileys winning Green: I’m saying Monda Josh: Split decision Champion vs The Return: Apex vs George Josh: Although George has been under the wing of Josh he has been successful, winning the NXT Championship. His next challenge is a very experienced man, the beloved Apex who is making his return. Will the champ prove himself, or can the fans power Apex to a return win? I say George will win Green: I agree George Josh: Full house for George Grudge Match: Brad vs Peter Wilchester Josh: It all started when a bored Peter Wilchester who had recently been suspended, began brainstorming ways of how to beat Echo Wilson. After calling Bret Hart, Edge and his Mum, he came to the conclusion the best way to get to Echo was through his partner. Can Peter get to Echo? Or will Brad step up for his partner? Saying Brad Green: Going with Peter Wilchester Josh: One vote for Brad and one vote for Peter United States Championship Match: Echo Wilson (c) vs JoshsNow Josh: It’s time. The US Title is defended on a rare occasion on a Carnage show as JoshsNow looks to gain redemption on Echo Wilson, who beat him twice at Halloween Havoc and took everything away from him. Will he do it? Or will Echo make it 3-0? As you could guess, I’m going with myself Green: Saying Echo Josh: We’ve got a third split decision Grudge Match: FDS vs BiC Josh: After a lauded feud between the two we finally get the grudge match we’ve been waiting for. It started when BiC stole JoshsNow from FDS, and then proceeded to use these mind games to beat FDS and knock him out of KOTR. FDS, set to leave Carnage, chose his last match on Carnage to be against rival BiC. Will he go out on a bang. Or is BiC too good? Thinking BiC here Green: Going FDS Josh: One vote for FD, one vote for BiC Grudge Match: Fear vs Bash Josh: It is time for the debut match of Fear. On Evolve he picked up a feud with Bash and now it comes to a conclusion tonight? Can the OPG prove his worth on Carnage? Or will the OGM prove it’s still his brand? Saying Bash Green: Thinking Fear Josh: A fifth split decision Main Event: Universal Championship Match: Flynn (c) vs Ross Josh: The main event is arguably the biggest main event in Carnage history. Flynn takes on his former friend and partner Ross, who betrayed him at Halloween Havoc for the biggest prize on Carnage TV. Will Flynn defeat his new nemesis? Or will we finally see a new Universal Champion? I say Flynn Green: I agree Josh: Two votes for Flynn ••••• Now time for the results. I won 6-4, which means I’m finally back to being full host of FAC. Join me tomorrow for a review of his show. Goodnight
  3. JoshsNow

    Talking Carnage

    We are live after the first Carnage since Power Trip Cup, where Renee Young and John Trenton are currently doing the Carnage post show - “Talking Carnage.” Joining them first is “The Gentleman” JoshsNow Renee: First, let me introduce a man very familiar to our first guest, John Trenton John: Thanks for having me on Young: No problem. Now please welcome my first guest, “The Gentleman” JoshsNow. Josh: Hi Renee Young: Good to have you on. Now, listen you are fresh off a loss to Angelo Catio. This means that you can’t challenge for the Intercontinental Championship at Judgement Day. Do you have any other plans? Josh: Renee, at Judgement Day I’ll be watching as a fan only. I’ll be resting for the King of the Ring tournament Renee: So, as for that loss to Angelo, is there a reason? An excuse some may call it? Josh: There sure is Renee. The reason I lost is because I wasn’t good enough. He fought hard and earned my respect. What annoyed me however is that even Bailey, the general manager wanted me to lose that match. He only made that match because he knew I would fail. You know why? Because he is a man stuck in the past. He is stuck in the days of 2014-15 back when he was relevant. That’s why he made me defend IC against Flynn, because he didn’t want the belt to be on a 2016 guy. That’s why the man he claimed was “The Future of Carnage” is a 2014 guy. He was so happy that a 2016 or afterwards guy had held World, IC, Universal, won KOTR, MITB or Royal Rumble or main evented Mania. Then I changed that by winning IC. And because I spoke the truth out against him, Bailey did the next best thing to hating me, he ignored me. He doesn’t care about building Carnage up for the future. He only cares about Carnage now. But you know what Renee Young: What Josh: I’m going to prove everyone that believes 2015 is the present wrong. The future starts now and I prove that at KOTR. I was already the first IC Champ from the post 2015 era and I will become the first KOTR winner from post 2015 and the first World Champion from post 2015. Maybe then all the Baileys in the world can see that they’re living in the past, I am the present and at KOTR I prove that. Thanks for having me on With that Josh storms out, his mind obviously distracted by anger at his loss and Bailey.
  4. Mine has gotta be a tie between myself vs Flynn and the IC Title match. I enjoyed writing the match and the crowning moment for IC whilst with me vs Flynn I enjoyed the story based work
  5. JoshsNow

    AJ Styles Revealed As WWE 2K19 Cover Star

    Deserving completely, him or Lesnar are the World Champs and Styles deserves this opportunity
  6. JoshsNow

    World Cup Sweepstake

    Listen we’re not going to do a redraw because then it could be pointless. Anytime someone gets a team they don’t like complaints will occur. I did it fairly and like an actual Sweepstake would be done
  7. JoshsNow

    BPZ Predictions League

    The Club Elias Reigns Carmella Ronda Zayn Cass Natalya Miz Styles
  8. JoshsNow

    Free Agent Corner

    Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 110. Today I, Gary Green, am having an interview that loses all control with Jonny, Nano, Echo and Flynn. Green: Welcome Nano: ... Jon: I was told we would talk about the history of cults Green: Actually we’re doing an awards show Echo: Who else is going to win awards because all I see is a bunch of gold statues with my name on them Nanovirus: Yes your participation awards for showing up Green: Wow. Now the first award is BPZ Best Original Show. Two shows were voted for, FAC and BPZ Sins Kills: And you coerced me into being here. Expect your family to be massacred Nano: I don’t do rigged segments Echo: What a joke this panel is, look if your own show is nominated, then I feel like the system is rigged, let’s get this over with. Green: The winner of this first award, to avoid this criticism, with 6 votes to 1 is FAC Nano: You are a sad man you know this. I hope Johnny murders your family Green: Wow. Harsh. Nano: Mind if I meditate, I have a daily bulls*it intake Green: Why did I invite 2 physchos onto the show Jon: Echo and Nano are rather crazy Echo: I think you have the fingers pointed at the wrong guys, you are the cult leader Nano: You needed us Gary remember Jon: Echo, Kingdom died years ago Nano: Echo are you pretending to be Alyx Wilde from 2017 Echo: I’m the bigger and better version of everyone else, Alyx and all other Kingdoms are beneath me, Gary please put me out of my misery Green: Talking of Nano and Echo it’s time for Tag Team of the Year. The 2 nominees are AK-17 and Pride Johnny Kills hums loudly Green: I forgot why I invited Jon on Jon: Ruin happens to be undefeated in Tag Team contests Mr Stats Nano: Gary you’re wasting my time get on with the show Echo: Is there even a question here? It’s obviously AK-17 or should I say AK-Echo because I carried Brad to the Tag Titles Nanovirus turns to Echo Nano: You ever, and I mean ever say you carried me again, I will reach over there, drill my hand into your chest, rip your heart out and watch you die and go to hell, where I will be to torture you for the rest of mankind. You understand me? Jon: RUIN ARE UNDEFEATED Green: You just lost didn’t you Jon: That didn’t count. FD was drunk and I wasn’t meditating Green: It finishes 3-2. The winner was Pride. Nano turns to Gary and he slowly stands up. He walks over to Green and leans down, a fire raging in his eyes as he stares into the soul of Gary before heading back to his seat Jon: It’s fine. Pride comes before a fall, Ruin causes that fall Echo: This is why I don’t appear on this show, it’s an entire waste of time, if I wasn’t contractually obligated to appear on a BPZ Network show then I wouldn’t be here Jon: Please get onto it, I have a hit list prepared for FD Green: Time for Double Cross of the Year. The nominees are Slim for his turn on Smith, Josh for his turn on Chaos, Josh for his turn on Rop, Flynn for his turn on Slim and Slim for his turn on TTG Nano: Oh Flynn: No Green: It’s a tie. Winners are Josh for his turn on FD, Flynn for his turn on Slim and Slim for his turn on Smith. Now for Superstar of the Year. This came down to Slim and Smith. The winner was Slim. Flynn: What. I’m Superstar of the year every year. Nano: Not in my world bish Flynn: If I’m not, what does that make you Nano: In my world SSOTY is Lord Jesus himself Flynn: Superstar is one word. So it would be SOTY Nano: You’re one word Flynn: Yeah I’m Flynn Nano: Exactly. You’re one word Flynn: Uh what do you want Green: Stop guys we’re going to play some games. Nano: Ok Echo: Who can shove the di*do furthest up Joshs a*s. Jon: Die Green: I say a word, you say the first thing that comes into your head. JoshsNow Nano: Advil Jon: James Ellsworth Echo: Sexually Confused Flynn: Totally delusional. Get over yourself also goes into my head. Green: Next, Slim Nano: Steroids Flynn: 2nd place. Jon: Cancer Green: Finally Flynn Nano: A hooker Jon: What’s it like to be 21-0 Nano: 14-0 thank you very much Flynn: Literal God Hood Green: Finally congratulations to everyone but Brad for winning Rivalry of the Year which was Survivor Series. Thanks for being on. Join Josh tomorrow when me and him fight for the ownership of this show as we do Carnage Power Trip Redemption. Goodnight
  9. JoshsNow

    World Cup Sweepstake

    Just for those wondering ( @bailey14 and @Ross) I used a random generator to put the 32 teams in an order and then gave the first 2 to me, the next 2 to Julius (who signed up first), the next 2 to Silky and so on
  10. Interesting to see if she will do what her Dad did and come to WWE. She has a lot of experience in her blood so she could do well
  11. JoshsNow

    I Can't Odd's Subpar Universe Mode

    Wow what a match Lesnar vs Joe will be. Meanwhile good to know I got 3/3 for once but great show Odd and I am excited for more
  12. JoshsNow

    World Cup Sweepstake

    Thanks to everyone for their entries. The teams have been randomly selected and here they are Josh - Australia and Brazil Julius - Germany and Argentina Silky - Egypt and Morocco Rop - Nigeria and Senegal Bailey - Tunisia and Iran Ryan - Japan and South Korea Kieron - Saudi Arabia and Belgium TRP - Croatia and Denmark Echo - England and France Nate - Iceland and Poland Tamer - Portugal and Russia Flynn - Serbia and Spain Ross - Sweden and Switzerland Mark - Costa Rica and Mexico Slim - Panama and Colombia Prince - Peru and Uruguay Winner gets 200 BPZ Dollars, runner up gets their money refunded. Good luck
  13. Suzuki ZSJ Cody Ospreay Dunne Suzuki
  14. JoshsNow

    NJPW Best Of The Super Juniors Night One Card

    Didn’t follow it but Takahashi seems like a deserved winner and from what I can tell an incredible match to end it all
  15. Interesting start Ross. A great show to kick it off with an incredible main event, but an poorer opener. Great show Ross and I am excited for more

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