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  1. Metacritic Game Round Up: March 2021 Nobody fucking produced any games. That is all. OOC: (Quaratum ( @Meckolegend) and Paradox Interactivity ( @Aidanator) have been eliminated from the game. Toxik and Jo have one strike, Meko and Steph have 0 strikes, everybody else has 2 strikes. Could be a lot of people going bust soon. If you want to join the division, DM me, we have spots available)
  2. We are live on Carnage in a packed arena, and we are a week away from Heroes Immortales which will feature some incredible matches. FD takes on Max Volare in a Number One Contenders Match, we see Brother versus Brother as Julius faces Slim, and the rest of the Good Brothers are in action, with Ropati and Flynn teaming alongside Abdul Kabu to take on Epic Obama and the Grizzled Young Veterans. Talking of the Grizzled Young Veterans, here comes one half of them, Manchesters self-proclaimed Number One Joshua Scott. The crowd erupt into boos as the first few notes of Seven Nations Army
  3. Forgot I created this. I don’t really know why I created it 3 months after my debut, I’d barely done anything. But here we go. 5. Who Attacked Bulldozer This was not originally on the list but I had to include it, because for me it’s one of my favourite things I’ve ever produced on the forums. Toxik had planned this since SSW was formed, with the original plan being one of us running him over and him getting a Batista gimmick. I agreed to do it, and after a few delays Toxik wrote the promo where he got hit and was continuously mocked. Realising we had no chance of making this f
  4. Survivor Series 2020 was the best PPV since the peak years of Mania2-Mania3. Even though I wasn’t involved, seeing so many votes was breathtaking. Recently, I think we’ve had some great Kayfabe PPVs. Hail To The King was sublime, NOL was really good, and Valor’s last Chapter show was pretty good as well if I recall. My top 3 remain SS2017, Mania 2 and KOTR 2017.
  5. Nothing has changed in those 6 months. Flynn is still the best ever rise to the top. Julius is close, because I was there to see it, and Arius is too, but Flynn was just a different level. To accomplish all he did in 7 months was insane.
  6. The 5v5 match at Survivor Series is easily the most politicised match the forums has ever seen, but it made for entertaining viewing even if I got dragged into the political aspects of it a bit. Me and George vs Slim and Akki for the Tag Titles at that same Survivor Series was one of my favourite personal votings. Slim and Akki were easy favourites but me and George worked our socks off in all aspects of the forums (tag was a contribution title at the time). We peaked with a segment where we announced Slim was the third member only for it to be a prank (2017, what a year.) However Slim, w
  7. @“The Hive” had an amazing diary called “Breaking Ground.” It was only about 5 episodes but it was sensationally wrote and very entertaining. Would’ve loved to see its conclusion and ending.
  8. Dolph Ziggler probably. Takes a lot of defeats but is occasionally rewarded with a title and a push.
  9. JoshsNow


    OOC: What a promo
  10. Nah, Slim posted it on the introduction post of a friend of mine in 2017. I wouldn’t ever copy you 😉
  11. Alex copied it from me. I copied it from Slim. Brad also used it at some point as well. I don’t know who originated it though. Also I know I’m late but welcome to the forums @ParagonPerfection
  12. He didn’t stick around.
  13. This is a little bit late but congrats to everyone who made it in!

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