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  1. Free Agent Corner

    Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 70. Today we have a very, erm, interesting "Interview" with Slim and Flynn Josh: Welcome to the 70th edition of FAC, and its the second Slammy Awards. First, despite the fact he isn't here, xCozza, you have won Breakout Star of the Year. Now, my next award, Match of the Year, the Royal Rumble. Flynn. Do you have anything to say? Slim: Boo Flynn: I defeated 29 other men imao Josh: Now for the main award. The Double Cross of the Year. It's awarded to both of you Flynn: Lmao what a bunch of idiots. Josh: Do you have any words to say. Whose idea was it? Slim: Mine and Flynn's Flynn: Just mine. This guy's an idiot. Who fell for it. Josh: So Flynn. How did you come up with the idea. Slim: You're bias. OH WHAT'S THAT SOUND. ITS BIAS. Flynn: No, I came up with it when I decided the main event sucked without me. So I decided to FKO the s**t out of Slim after tricking him into destroying his mighty faction Slim: What Josh: Lol Slim: N***a. Josh: That sounds true, now moving on Slim: Is this what the award is about. Oh Flynn: Yea Josh: Yes Flynn: Heada*s Slim: I thought we meant when Flynn Speared me at Bragging Rights. Flynn: ALL OF THESE AWARDS ARE BECAUSE OF ME Slim: Oh yea then Flynn did it Josh: Aah. Slim: I was shocked. I kind of knew though Flynn: I don't even know why Slim is here right now. Slim: Cause Flynn was like Josh: Glad we settled this Slim: Trying to influence me. Flynn: I was like Slim: Trying to influence the votings. Make Nate and Alyx tie Flynn: Turn around. Josh: It was a clever move to be honest. Slim: It was weird Flynn: FKO Slim: Yea, but it didn't matter in the end did it. Josh: But everyone knew Alyx and Nate were gonna tie Flynn: Yeah, it did. Josh: I voted for..., Which I say as I can't say his real name Flynn: I won this award, which is why I did it. To win this specific award. Josh: I've awarded it to everyone here. Now, moving on. Flynn: Ok, next question. Josh: All 3 of you Slim: What? Josh: Final question about the award before I do one thing more Flynn: One more thing. Not whatever the f**k you just said Josh: Did this benefit or not benefit your career Slim: Yes Flynn: Yes Josh: And how? Flynn: It made me a star because I was a nobody before. Josh: You were already a 2x World Champ. Slim: I beat them all, just a week later. Flynn: Don't remember that Slim: Proving I was truly the best. Josh: Seeing as he isn't here. What about Alyxs career. Flynn: Josh, quote this Josh: Ok Slim: Made it s**tier lol Flynn: I RUINED ALYX WILDE'S CAREER AHAHAHAHA Slim: This legitimately ruined Alyx lol. Flynn: I BURIED HIM. AND HIS S**TTY DARK GIMMICK. I RUINED IT Slim: Josh quote this. I avenged Alyx by making Flynn blow a 10 vote advantage. LMAO Josh: Lol. Ok. Flynn, remember when you threw a 10 vote advantage Flynn: Josh. Remember when you beat me ever Josh. Remember when I made this show relevant. Today marks that day Slim: Remember when I beat you. Twice. Haha Josh: Erm. I don't remember losing to any of you. Slim: Me and Flynn beat Josh and Ropati Josh: And then you beat me up. I remember well Slim: Oh yeah Imfao. Josh: Lol Slim: Good times Josh: It's bad being beaten up was the highlight of my career. And then in the next 11 months I lost 24 times. Final thing. Here's your awards. And now we'll play a game Slim: Alright n****h. Hurry up. I've got s**t to do. Josh: Any suggestions Slim: You have got to be kidding. THIS IS UNPROFESSIONAL. You don't even have the game ready. Josh: I've never done a game before on FAC. Fine, I say a forums member and you say the first word that enters your head. Slim: Ok Josh: Josh Slim and Flynn (I'm not joking, they said it at exactly the same time): Jobber Slim: Lmao Flynn: Keep it moving Josh. Josh: Echo Wilson Flynn: Second place Slim: Monday Night Raw. Josh: Alyx Wilde Flynn: Bust Slim: Wasted talent Flynn: Agreed Josh: Nate Slim: Lazy Flynn: Overrated Josh: Akki Slim: Underrated Flynn: Glorified Jobber Josh: Bailey Slim: Overrated Flynn: Teacher Josh: Final 2. Slim Flynn: Who? Slim: Cocky Flynn: Oh my arch rival. WHO WILL PAY FOR HIS SINS AND BURN IN HELL MOTHERF**KER Josh: And finally Flynn Flynn: The King, the God, The Almighty One. The face of BPZ Slim: Snake. Flynn: King snake Slim: Love it how Josh forgot Smith Josh: Ok. Smith Slim: P***y Flynn: P***y Slim: Now Josh, you're welcome Flynn: You are welcome. We just made this show relevant Slim: You just had Stone Cold and Rock on Flynn: Now Josh, we have a question. What's it like to know this show has reached its peak and it's all downhill from here Josh: Please. I still have 1 more award to award next week. Slim: What is it? Josh: Superstar of the Year. One of you two has won it Slim: Oh lol. Me Flynn: Me. Obviously me. Just hand it to me Slim: Just award it right now. Josh: Ok, I'll award it right now. First why do think you should win it Slim: I beat him twice lol Flynn: I beat this jobber twice lol Slim: 310 days as World Champ. I overcame a 10 vote advantage Flynn: 200+ days as Universal. I beat him despite having all the sheep against me. In what was a 2 on 1 handicap match against him and Ross. Slim: I created the best faction in the Order with my best friend Smith. Flynn: Won the Tag Classic and the Rumble Slim: Won the Mania Main Event Flynn: Defended a title more than anyone has defended a title. Slim: Won the World Title again Flynn: Carried the Mania Main Event. I was also IC Slim: Who won Josh? Josh: Ok, the grand reveal. Flynn: I created the Foundation which still stands Josh: Wait. It does? Flynn: Kinda. With me and Bailey. And I'm going to win at SS Slim: Reveal it Josh. Flynn: Wait, let me remind you Josh. I have FAC open and my finger hovering above delete Slim: Same Josh: The winner of Superstar of the Year. Will be revealed after the advert break ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Survivor Series. Coming 26th November. Don't miss it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Flynn: Continue Josh: I'm counting up the votes from our 4 fans. Slim: Lmao Flynn: Who are these s**theads. Josh: Slim, Smith, BiC and me Slim: Oh I won Flynn: Bro. What the f**k. Those are all Slim marks Josh: And the winner, with 100% of the votes is... Flynn: Bro, what the f**k is this biased s**t Josh: Believe it or not. SLIM Flynn: Kill yourself Slim: YES Flynn: Alright, he's going out first at SS Slim: I DID IT. I'd like to thank, my Mum, my Dad, BrendenPlayz, I'm coming for you nigguhhh Josh: A challenge on FAC. @BrendenPlayz do you accept? Slim: He's too Pu*sy to accept Josh: If you accept, come on the next episode of FAC. Slim: He'll talk about how he's already beaten me. But he's just too pu*sy. Flynn: If you lose. Permaban Slim: Fine. I'll go to NJPW with his World Title Flynn: STFU YOU'RE F*CKING BLACK Josh: And this is where we stop the show. Flynn: Fu*k this show Slim: No. You don't stop the show I do. Goodnight ladies and gentlemen. But first I'd like to read out a list of accomplishments in BPZ for me. First in 2015, I won the BPZ NXT Championship. Then, once again in 2015, I won the United States Championship. You know what I cant be arsed. Goodnight. Flynn: I've won more Slim: Not Slammies. I've won 17 Flynn: Those don't matter Slim: They do Josh: And that's a wrap. Goodnight
  2. Your Posting Milestones

    1.45k. Taken me 10 days but now 300 on the #RoadToIC
  3. The Third Man

    JoshsNow waits as "Where's Your Partner Gone" chants arise throughout the crowd. Ladies and gentlemen Slim "He's not coming" chants begin from Carnage crowd Ok. Maybe he's not coming tonight. It doesn't matter. It's probably traffic or something. The point is, at Survivor Series, he's coming to be my partner, so we can take the Tag Titles. Kapiche The crowd boo as Josh and George exit the ring at the exact same time before starting to walk down the ramp exactly together
  4. The Third Man

    It is the final Carnage before SS, and it is kicked off with a chorus of boos as "I Came To Play" hits and JoshsNow comes to the ring. He smiles as he stands in the ring. The boos turn to cheers as George joins him in the ring. George is dressed exactly like him, and holds his mic just like him. As Josh nods, George also nods. The crowd like it and chant "George AK." Josh is great? Yes I agree. The crowd boo as Josh purposely misheard them. Anyway, tonight George. I've changed my mind on what I said last week. I said "we will team as partner and stunt Double." But I've decided that won't work. George, we are not going to team. Do you think you're good enough to counter AK17 and Undisputed, even with all their arguments. And we need to counter Slim and Akki. Well my friend I have the perfect counter. My partner at Survivor Series, please welcome Slim
  5. BPZ Booking Competition

    Let's go. I'm in
  6. BPZ Predictions League

    Enzo The Shield Corbin Charlotte The Bar Brock Lesnar Team Raw (Women's) Team SD (Men's) Yes - Paige Yes Asuka
  7. WWE Role Play: My Version

    What move do you look for?
  8. WWE Role Play: My Version

    Titus O'Neil comes out and challenges you to a match tonight. Do you (A) Accept (B) Decline
  9. Your Reputation Milestones

    Hit 700 rep on Wednesday, took me over 3 weeks to do 50. #RoadTo1000
  10. WWE Role Play: My Version

    Next week do you (A) Promo (B) Compete
  11. WWE Role Play: My Version

    Do you (A) Self Promote (B) Call Out
  12. Free Agent Corner

    Imagine a FAC Episode featuring 3 members of TTG. Imagine if those 3 were Nate, Flynn and Slim. The next Slammy Awards Ceremony sees these 3 men in 1 interview, with their awards given. Flynn recorded MOTY Award for the Royal Rumble, The Implosion of TTG is awarded as Double Cross of the Year and all 3 of them recieve it. If you have any questions to ask you have 24 Hours before the show begins @Slim@Flynn@Natedog
  13. I expect Corbin to win here, he's a good big man wrestler, but it could come with interference. I do think it should've been a different match though, it's been nice to give Cara a chancd
  14. I expect Paige to be the SD member now, wouldn't surprise me
  15. 2018 Survivor Series Location Set.

    Everytime I see one of these articles, I beg for it to be UK. But Staples Center will be good

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