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  1. JoshsNow

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    (1) Julius (2) Echo Wilson (3) Bart (4) Necce (5) The Frontier
  2. JoshsNow

    What Are Your Ultimate BPZ Goals?

    Winning World Being a mod Main eventing Mania
  3. JoshsNow

    Your Posting Milestones

    Hit 3.05k recently, making me 700 off on my #RoadToWorld
  4. JoshsNow

    Your Reputation Milestones

    Hit 1.5k rep the other day. Now I begin the #RoadTo2K
  5. On Monday it’s been 2 years since I made my first post. Can I just say it’s been an amazing 2 years since I fully joined and thank you everyone for making it that

    1. Storm
    2. BrendenPlayz


      thanks for all your contributions

  6. JoshsNow


    Best promo ever again. I’m getting almost bored of saying that Necce
  7. JoshsNow


    Brilliant Angelo
  8. JoshsNow

    Football (Soccer) Discussion

    I know it’s a tough opinion but I just felt the whole word exploded when Salah had admittedly an amazing season last year but he couldn’t deliver it again I felt. There’s still a chance he could but I’m not too sure I don’t know what it is with Mbappe but he hasn’t really proved himself yet. He’s played in Ligue 1 which isn’t too impressive and in the World Cup he only played well in 2 games
  9. It’s here. Flynn meets JoshsNow in a rematch of their epic match for the Intercontinental Championship back in April at Carnage Power Trip: World at War. 6 months later, now both on the opposing brand of Evolve fighting to challenge for a title at Global Series. Our main event is next on Evolve And here comes “The Omega” Flynn. The crowd give him a massive ovation as Flynn steps out and raises his hands up, hoping to put the loss behind Marker behind him. He makes his way to the ring, a loss tonight confirms Jason Ryan vs JoshsNow, but a win means Mark, Flynn and Josh all tie on 4 points following Markers victory earlier on in the night. He walks to the ring, stepping past someone and engaging in words with someone in the front row who the announcers identify as JoshsNow’s father. The words seem to be friendly and light hearted but who knows what is being said And almost on cue arrives “The Gentleman”. He walks out and puts his hands on his hips before walking to the ring. However the amazing rock music is cut out and Josh, who is in the middle of making his entrance turns around shocked. Gary Green steps out to boos from the crowd, a contrast to what Flynn and Josh received. Josh sighs and makes his way to the ring regardless, walking with Gary Green as we hear the crowd murmuring their disapproval as Josh steps in the ring ready for this bout. The bell rings and no love is lost between these two who pick off from where their last match left off. Josh runs immediately AND HITS A SEVEN NATIONS ARMY. Josh wastes no time and scales the ropes and connects with a Frog Splash. He covers. 1, Flynn kicks out. An explosive start to this match here and Josh takes Flynn out almost immediately here Flynn recovers from the Frog Splash and gets up and Josh connects with a Codebreaker before hitting a Bullhammer. Josh is hitting all of his finishers here and carries on hitting a Fallaway Slam and then scaling the ropes to hit a 630 Senton and complete the Great Scott Entente. He covers and again only gets a 1. What will it take to put Flynn away Josh asks himself. He suddenly gets an idea and runs off the ropes and hits a JOSHCUTTER. He hasn’t finished there, locking in an Achilles Lock in the centre of the ring The referee asks Flynn if he wants to tap and we see the first sign of Gary Green in the match as he screams abuse at Flynn who manages to push himself towards the ropes and grabs them to a round of applause as the fans, fed up of Green, seem to turn towards Flynn. Josh wastes no time, charging at Flynn who ducks with lightnig speed underneath Josh and plants him with a German Suplex. The fans roar as Flynn now lifts up Josh AND PLANTS HIM WITH A KINGS WILL. Flynn shockingly doesn’t cover, perhaps recalling that Josh is one of the few men to have kicked out of that move Flynn now throws Josh to the outside, wasting no time as he now strips the announce table and turns back to Josh, who Superkicks him towards the barricade, and runs towards Flynn leaning on the barricade. GENTLEMAN’S DROPKICK. Josh doesn’t finish there before throwing him into the ring and hitting a Frog Splash. Josh covers as Gary Green celebrates but Flynn kicks out at 2. Josh now lifts him up and hits a Skull Crushing Finale before locking in a Figure 4 Leglock but Flynn grabs the ropes again. Josh now goes to the corner and shouts Seven Nations Army before charging at Flynn BUT FLYNN DUCKS AND THE REF IS DOWN. Josh tries to revive the ref and turns back to Flynn FKO FROM FLYNN. Flynn now revives the ref but on the outside Gary Green shouts “NOW.” Suddenly a fan runs down and into the ring and WAIT A MINUTE ITS THE WORLD CHAMPION JULIUS HERE ON EVOLVE. Julius runs into the ring, and plants Flynn with a Hells Welcome. Gary Green rolls in and looks to shake Julius’ hand, as they were briefly acquainted during Greens time as friends with Echo Wilson and it seems like Gary set this up. Julius however ignores it and rolls out, before leaving Evolve. Josh gets to his feet as Gary walks to him and hands him a pair of brass knuckles. Gary screams at Josh to prove his loyalty and use them, given what extremes Green has gone to. Flynn slowly makes his way to his feet as Josh holds the brass knuckles and is about to swing, but stares straight at his father who looks at him disappointed. Josh says no, and refuses to use them so Gary slaps him. And Josh responds by hitting Green with the brass knuckles. Green falls and rolls out of the ring, holding his face, before walking over to Josh’s father and slapping him too. Josh’s father however is taking none of it and leaps over the barricade and kicks Green low as the crowd erupt in cheers. In the ring the ref gets up and a distracted Josh turns to Flynn, FK.. no Josh pushes him into the ropes and reversed into a Crucifx Rollup. 1,2,3. The crowd erupt in cheers as JoshsNow makes the final of the Global Series. We see Gary Green walking to the back to jeers of the fans as both men stand up and just like their epic classic in April, shake hands as their Series becomes 1-1. Flynn tells Josh he deserves it before rolling out to let Josh celebrate. Joshs father comes in and shakes his hand, and his father raises Josh’s hand as we close Evolve two weeks before Global Series.
  10. JoshsNow

    PWG: The Animal Kingdom

    Ricochet Fish Cody Castle Hero Cobb
  11. JoshsNow

    Football (Soccer) Discussion

    This is Modrics year with Ronaldo and Messi in the top 3 also. Salah and Mbappe will it be in there because they are two of the most overrated players in the world
  12. JoshsNow

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    Great two shows in NXT and 205 Live. First NXT. Ambrose/McIntyre is a great feud and your Women’s and Tag scenes are good too. Meanwhile an intriguing main event and a great win for Lars Sullivan. Also big debut for Dream and I’m excited for Almas’ debut next week As for 205 what a show. As Julius said this TJP vs Rhyno feud is brilliant and I’m enjoying Drake as GM already. Amazing way to end the show with Undisputed also. You also built up Itami, Ali and Gable and aim guessing not you have big things planned for them all Then you capped it off with two solid shows with your Tag, Women’s and Songle scenes all being advertised well. The 2019 season is already one of the best pieces of work I’ve seen on the forums and I am excited for more
  13. JoshsNow


    We are live midway through Evolve when the titantron suddenly shows us the famous study of JoshsNow. In there we see Gary Green lecturing Josh Gary: And that is why if you lose tomorrow your life is over. This is important cause if you don’t win you don’t qualif... Josh yawns Green: Sorry am I boring you? Josh: A bit yeah. I understood the importance of this match when you first stated it 2 hours ago. I’m a bit bored after your 2 hours of negativity. Green: Your point? Josh: You’re too negative Green: And you’re too positive. Would a battery work if both ends were positive? No. It’s the same here. Josh: Listen Gary you’re putting too much pressure on this Gary: I’ll show you why. Where’s your remote Josh: Here Josh tosses Green the remote who catches it and then switches it to HDMI. He turns on the BPZ Neccework, available for just $9.99. Josh: The Neccework? What are we watching? Green: Carnage Power Trip: World at War Gary switches it on and skips to the Intercontinental Championship match between Josh and Flynn although Green has sped it up to save time. We glimpse the memorable moments. The brawl on the outside, Josh kicking out of the Powerbomb, the Gentleman’s Dropkick, William III. He then stops it and we see Josh attempting the Spear but it was reversed into an FKO and then a V-Trigger. Josh watches this, the anger of that match coming back to him. Gary smiles Gary: Do you still want it to be a nice clean fight? Do you still not care if you lose? Do you see the pressure Josh is about to nod when the screen catches his attention. On it we see Josh shaking Flynn’s hand and thanking the crowd for their support. Josh turns to Gary Josh: No Gary. Because that is not what it’s all about. That you see on the screen is what it’s all about. The fans the respect. It’s weird Gary that you demand respect but yet you do nothing to deserve it. Cause you are so one dimensional you can only see about winning. It is more than that Gary. Stop trying to bring this dark side out of me. You are not my manager. But you are my friend. So you can be in my corner but don’t be doing anything stupid. I’m going to see my wife and child. Goodbye Gary And with that Josh leaves the room. Gary texts someone and puts his phone down before he starts speaking to himself Green: There’s gotta be a way to the bring his dark side out. Everyone has an Edward Hyde As he says that he looks back at the screen and smiles as he sees the ending image for that match. George standing over the mangled body of “The Gentleman.” He smiles before his phone buzzes and the screen turns to black
  14. JoshsNow

    Pulling Back The Curtain

    Brilliant again Yelich.
  15. JoshsNow

    Global Series Round 3: Jason Ryan vs Buddy Ace Block A Finals

    45 minutes of pure genius. Somewhere between 0 Stars and 7 stars

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