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  1. Brilliant first episode Owen. A god named Mesnate (is that midnight?) is interesting and I am interesting to see where this goes Owen
  2. Joshua Scott English Huddersfield Town White 5’10 100lb Central midfielder - Anchor Man
  3. Chapter 10/15 It’s the morning and a knock is heard on BiCs door. He looks annoyed at being woken up, especially having set rules yesterday where he was to wake everyone up so that there would be no accidents. The girls seem to have vanished, leaving Hans and BiC in the room. BiC opens the door and sees Bob standing there BiC: Did you forget about the rules, I wake everyone up Bob: What rules? BiC: Oh yeh you and Meko went to bed early when you went with the doctor. I’ll explain when we are on the coach. Now you knocked? Bob: I woke up and Meko wasn’t there. I gave him an hour but he is still missing We cut forward another 30 minutes to see nearly everyone looking around the hotel grounds trying to find Meko when the last remaining people - Brenden, Keeley and Arius arrive Hans: Where were you, I said get down here 30 minutes ago Brenden: Me and Keeley were having breakfast. I don’t know about Arius Arius: I had to pick up some ashes Suddenly a scream is heard. It’s the Indian doctor who has opened the cricket shed and found the body of Meko inside. Everyone crowds around Bob: He he is dead. It’s all my fault Nate Sawyer: How so? Bob: You May have noticed towards the end of yesterday we were sober. We agreed a pact to say sober for the rest of the year. However I only lasted 8 hours. He found out and we argued and then he stormed out, that was the very last time I saw him Doctor: It looks like he died of a head injury Sheri: From this She picked up the blood stained cricket bat and showed it to everyone BiC: This is what is going to happen. We stick to the plan Bob: I will stay here with Meko Doctor: Same I will too BiC: Then lets go to Survivor a Series the sooner the better In 5 minutes, the bus drives away to Survivor Series as the two masked men watch it drive away. One of them picks up a phone Masked Man: Hello I have seen a murder take place. The murder of Meko. And the murderer. BiC The man hangs up before the two take off their masks to reveal Arrow and Steph behind the masks. They then share a smirk before getting in there signature car and Arrow drives, Steph sending a text to Julius as they drive behind the First Class Express
  4. It’s time to answer the one question everyone has always considered, what would happen if BrendenPlayz’s superstars were all in the same school what do you mean you have never thought of that question before It is the question this new diary will answer. With all the popularity hierarchies and fights, it is sure to create an interesting environment. If you want a specific part you can sign up below Name Friends Enemies
  5. The majority have said 2019, and its interesting to see Mecko throwing 2015 into the mix. Personally I thought it was 2014, he had the awesome match against Bryan and then a great feud against Cena. Next up Kane
  6. After an awesome documentary we see the credits as the BPZ Network special comes to a close. However the credits are suddenly interrupted by seeing Marker in his dressing room when suddenly there is a knock on the door. Marker opens it and is slightly surprised by the man outside Marker looks up at the intimidating figure of JoshsNow before Gary Green walks into the room. He asks for a seat, and Marker politely complies to which Gary takes a seat with Josh behind him and begins to speak Gary: May I introduce myself. I am Gary Green. We met before in The Frontier, where I mocked the Frontier and then I cost Josh the Global Championship by helping Jason win it. Mark: I know who you are Gary Gary: Good. Now may I start by saying how moving your documentary was. Bought a tear to my eye. Same with Josh Marker looks up at Josh and looks confused, perhaps finding it hard to believe a tear came to the emotionless face of JoshsNow, hidden behind the sheep mask Marker: Thank your Mr Green, but why are you here? Gary Green: I am here on behalf of JoshsNow, who does his work on behalf of the Master. Recently he sent us a text asking us to find you Marker: Me, why? Green: Josh needs a partner to wreck havoc with. To destroy the tag team division as we know it, someone to join him in doing the Masters bidding. And after all, if you want a Championship you’re going to need a monster in your corner. Do you want to join me? Gary offers Marker his hand, who begins to debate whether to take the hand of Gary Green and form an allegiance with JoshsNow
  7. Yelich BP Gunner Mikey Flynn Prophecy Ark Ropati/Odd Josh
  8. Ok one win let’s make a comeback Bulldozer. On a serious note, I am glad to see this back Hans and I am excited for more of this
  9. JoshsNow

    The Master

    Carnage starts with interviewer John Trenton preparing himself for his next interview, with the “Monster” JoshsNow his guest. Over the past few weeks Josh has created a stir since Gary Green transformed him, and under the orders of “The Master” Josh has been an unstoppable force, taking out Isaiah Carter and although we believed him to have suffered defeat to Carter, it turns out lookalike Pablo took his place. Josh has recently gained a notorious reputation of taking out non wrestlers, interviewer Bryan Danielson and Mayor Andy Burnham both in hospital after messing with Josh Suddenly John turns and sees his old friend Gary Green walking towards him professionally, behind him the behemoth that is Josh Scott. Gary Green gives a polite smile to John, the previous friendliness between the trio seems to be long gone John: Hello Gary. Hello Josh Gary: Hello John how are you John: I am doing goo- Green: Have you got some questions for me and Josh Trenton: Just the one at first, it’s the question we all want to know. Can you tell us about the Master? Green: The Master needs very little explanation for now. All that we will reveal is that he has a deal with Josh. For now Josh obeys his orders and Josh gets to do what he enjoys most. Destroy people. Josh has no cares anymore. In an old age, he cared about winning championships and making friends. Now he cares about none of that, he just wants to destroy Trenton: How did you first meet the Master Green: He heard the news about Andy Burnhams mysterious attack and phoned me up with a business proposal. He was fed up with his current situation and needed someone to take out his enemies without anyone knowing it was him. His first target was a longtime enemy of his who Josh was going to attack at Survival Games. But just as his match came to a close and Josh got ready to destroy we suddenly got a phone call from The Master. He informed us we had a bigger fish to fry and that Slim was soon being stripped of the World Championship. He knew BiC was going for it and he wanted us to take BiC out. We obeyed him all the way, and it was all good for Josh as he got to put Carter through a car window and a table. Now we await our next orders from the Mas... Suddenly we hear the ping and Gary picks up his Nokia Brick and reads the message with glee on his face Trenton: What is it Gary Green: A text from The Master. He has got news for us. He has told us one isn’t enough, we just find more Trenton: What do you mean Green: He has given me a name. He has ordered me to find this person and offer him to join us. And then Josh and him can wreck havoc on the Tag Team Division Trenton: So this means Green: Josh is getting a Tag Team partner. Gotta go Johnny boy. Gary Green goes and Josh follows, John relieved he came out fine in the incident with his former friends. However the question still remains who is the Master and now more importantly, who has he found to team with Josh?
  10. Interesting to see 1998 and 2001 coming up between the 2 I would argue 2001. He won 2 world titles and the tag titles, put on Match of the Year against HHH, one of the best Mania main events ever, had one of the greatest tag matches of all time when him and Hunter faced Benoit and Jericho, had the best wrestling match ever shown on free TV against Benoit, had an awesome duology against Angle and took part in WWEs best ever Survivor Series match Next Up Bray Wyatt
  11. Hang on a minute, I never worked for Shitty Style Wrestling. I hope this show gets its facts right in the future but I have to admit, that Mr Carter is a very nice philanthropist
  12. It’s the first Carnage after an incredible Halloween Havoc show and we see BPZs newest interviewer Bryan Danielson getting ready to conduct his next interview. He strongly resembles BPZ Wrestler Jeremiah Flynn although based on the number of Flynn’s they have appeared in recent weeks it could very well be another one of Brendan’s illegitimate sons He sits down in an interview room looking very excited for his first day when suddenly BPZ producer Danny Cowley comes over to him Bryan: Who is my first interview going to be Cowley: Well, erm, someone no one else wanted to interview Suddenly JoshsNow and Gary Green appears around the door. Cowley runs behind the camera as a nervous Danielson begins to speak Danielson: Erm, welcome Josh, how are you Silence Danielson: Ok I think I have this now. Gary, how is Josh doing? Green: Josh is feeling quite bored at the minute. He hasn’t been able to destroy anyone yet. The Master is keeping him saved for a bigger project. So I would suggest keeping your questions short and sweet new guy or else Josh might take out his boredom on you Danielson: Oh ok. Now, how do you rebound following your embarrassingly quick defeat to Isaiah Carter at Halloween Havoc Gary gives a very confused look to Danielson, then back to Josh whose sheep mask gives nothing away, then Gary gives a confused look to the producers. Suddenly Gary breaks out laughing and Danielson begins to nervously laugh too Green: Is he being serious? Danielson: Yeh, am I being serious? Green: Has he seriously not figured it out yet? Danielson: Yeh have I not. Wait, what am I supposed to figure out? Green: Josh didn’t lose to Isaiah Carter at Halloween Havoc Danielson: Yeh he got buried. Green: No he didn’t Danielson: Elaborate Green: The day before Halloween Havoc, I got a call from The Master saying there had been a change of plans. He wanted Carter to win the World title and he knew Josh would destroy Carter in the ring. Therefore he asked Josh to pull out of the match. However The Master also accepted BPZ management would not be happy, so he arranged for Pablo to take Josh’s place Danielson: Who is Pablo? Green: Someone Who looks a lot like Josh Danielson: I am sorry, but I would have noticed if Josh had been replaced by a double. They can’t look that alike. Green: You sure? Stand up a minute. Josh take off that mask. PABLO Danielson stands up, Josh takes off his mask and suddenly a large man walks in before sitting opposite Josh on the table and it looks safe to say, Pablo and Josh do look quite alike Danielson: BAH GOD. YOU WERE RIGHT GARY Green: You see, Josh didn’t lose at Halloween Havoc. Pablo did. And Josh is still ready to take out anyone in his path. And we have just had a text from The Master. It says “that interviewer is being very rude to my Monster. Josh has my permission to destroy him” Josh suddenly stands up and stares down Danielson, Who begins to flee but doesn’t reach far as we hear loud sounds and screaming coming from outside. Inside the interview room, Gary Green smiles to himself at the chaos that is happening as we cut to commercial break
  13. Off on my DofE Gold from Monday to Thursday, then I am on holiday from Friday to Sunday. See you all next Monday

    1. Arius


      Good luck with it all mate!

  14. Name: Gary Green Nickname: "The Bobby" Height: 5'11 Weight: 160lbs Build: Skinny Appearance: Gary Green Adam Tsekhman Power: Mind Control General Backstory: Bumbling Officer Gary Green is often questioned how he made it onto the police force. Even he doesn't know. People just seem to do whatever he wants despite his incompetence. However what he doesn't know is that he has truly powerful mind control that if in the right hands could enslave the entire human race. Luckily for them, it is in the hands of Gary Green Allegiance: Police Preferred Last Words: "I am not ready to go"
  15. This is a pretty small thing, but I am still surprised that The Title Voting Requirements are in Forum Awards, where they cant be accessed by new members. As a result this could be confusing for new members. I feel like we should move the post into General Discussion or something. Like I said a very minor thing

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