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  1. JoshsNow


    “Gentleman” plays and the fans erupt as for the first time in 1 Month Josh appears. He announced he would appear in the Tag Team Classic with Storm but failed to appear, leading to a local competitor taking his place And now Storm has been bad mouthing him and it seems like Josh has been annoyed by this lack of respect from “The Phenomenal One.” He calls for a mic and stands face to face with Storm, who matches the stare with a man he had been desperate to team with and had yet let him down. You want to say that to my face Storm? The crowd erupt as the words of JoshsNow ring true with the crowd desperate to see their missing hero A few months ago you could only sing my praises and now you say I embrace failure and that I am owned and dictated by these people. You remind me so much of me Storm in the sense that you lose a lot but don’t stop so it seems hypocritical you criticise me. And now you offer me a challenge for Crossfire. Well guess what Storm. I don’t accept The annoyed murmers of the crowd are audibly heard, why is Josh not wanting this match after all Storm has said? Sorry but I can tell you don’t really want to fight me. You’ve always sung my praises and I have always sung yours, we are both talented competitors and I know you’re mad at me for abandoning you in that Tag match and for that I’m sorry. I don’t want to fight you Storm, I want to apologise and maybe Team up. Can you accept that? And with that Josh offers his hand out but the Question is will Storm accept
  2. JoshsNow

    Wine and Dine

    OOC: For all 3 of you
  3. JoshsNow

    BPZ Predictions League

    Bryan Charlotte Nia Seth Bar Buddy Braun Truth and Carmella Riott Lashley Rey Drew
  4. JoshsNow

    Your Posting Milestones

    On 3.1k, which means I'm just over 600 off World
  5. JoshsNow

    Your Reputation Milestones

    Random one, passed 1.55 so I guess that's an accomplishment
  6. JoshsNow

    The Coward

    The crowd erupt as for the first time in 3 weeks, since the Global Series in fact, JoshsNow is here on Evolve. He appears on the apron and waves as if it hasn’t been weeks since we last saw “The Gentleman” Of course the last time we saw him he issued a challenge to Gary Green following Green costing him the Global Championship: Josh vs a client chosen by Green. So far there has been no response by Green but has Josh enters the ring with a microphone you have to think his words may be related to that. Hello The crowd erupt with these words, missing their hero after weeks Sorry it has taken weeks to recover from the most brutal match I have ever been involved in against Jason Ryan. For those of you who have forgotten it let me spoil the ending. I lost. I got beaten up bad and despite that I still believed I had it won until a man I had considered my best friend, my former manager Gary Green cost me the match And for weeks I have blamed Gary for losing the match. As I sat at home, longing to be in a wrestling ring I have watched Evolve and Carnage, sure he would appear But it seems our friend is a coward. You see he has refused to answer my challenge in anyway perhaps seeing the anger I issued it with, understanding I would hurt his man or him. The only time I saw him was on his new show Smarks Daily, as it seems he has forgotten about FAC too. You see Gary is a coward Or maybe his client was The fans look confused as Josh stares into the camera with particular intensity after that statement with it seeming to make little sense. However the intensity soon runs away and Josh takes his time, moving around the ring before saying his next words And he is a coward don’t get me wrong. But I believe I may have been shooting the wrong man. He cost me the belt but he didn’t cost me the 3 weeks of action I have been annoyed about. That honour belongs to the man who brutally attacked me, insulted my family and gave my Father concussion. The man I am truly mad at is Jason Ryan So, seeing as it seems I don’t have anything to do at Survivor Series I have a proposal. Jason you got lucky but I am here to challenge you to a Global a Championship rematch The crowd start chanting “Yes” repeatedly as Josh stands in the ring smiling Hell I don’t want you coming out here saying you’ve got a Premium Title match. I don’t want you having an excuse. I’m back from injury these fans are up for it, I want a match right here, right now The crowd erupt once more excited at the proposal of a Global Title match in front of them Jason get your ass to the ring Josh drops the mic and awaits the arrival of one of his most recent rivals
  7. JoshsNow


    Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your stay
  8. JoshsNow

    Page 1.

    Welcome to the forums. I’m someone who remembers taking a while to get into wrestling but now I’m a massive fan so if you have any questions join the Discord and I’m happy to answer them
  9. JoshsNow

    I come as a friend.™

    Welcome to the forums. Hope you enjoy your time
  10. In response to numerous criticisms I will change 3 things.

    (1) I will stop reviewing promos unless it really is the best promo I’ve ever seen

    (2) I will @ you on Discord rather than reviewing a Match Write Up to give my rating

    (3) All Match ratings have changed the scale for GAC so all matches are being knocked down .5 stars. Any match rating I’ve ever given is now .5 stars less. This is to stop the number of 5 Star matches 

    1. Julius01


      Who+ever+is+criticising+you+needs+to+shut+the+fuck+up+and+get+over+it.+Numerous+people+enjoy+what+you+do+Josh+and+no+one+wants+you+to+stop.+Whoever has+an+issue+with+it+ignore+it+and+stop+being+so+fucking+butthurt 

  11. JoshsNow

    Flock Appreciation Night

    OOC: Great promo Jason, really enjoyed it.
  12. Will be inactive most likely until Saturday as I am in Blackpool 

  13. JoshsNow

    Your Top 5 Moments of your Kayfabe Career

    (5) Forming Kings of Wrestling I didn’t really know much about the forums or Kayfabe but Ropati helped me a lot and it helped me as a Kayfabe star (4) Global Series I would’ve never imagined I’d win a Group where I was predicted to be last and to top Slim, Flynn and a very inform Marker was great. It was the first time I’d won 3 matches in a row so that was nice (3) Beating Echo at KOTR Talking of big wins this was one of the biggest of my career. Despite being numerous votes down I clawed it back and it really gave me a more positive outlook on the forums in that I could beat these active stars and comeback from behind (2) Josh-Tourage In those 2 and a half months I don’t know if I’d ever had as much fun on the forums. We had everything planned out and for us to almost beat The Order in such a controversial match and to only controversially lose was great (1) Feuding with Echo/Summer Going to combine two because this has formed a great basis of my Kayfabe career. This feud helped me when I first started and it finished 1-1 although we were still feuding a lot. Ever since Halloween Havoc I have had problems with Echo and we’ve only faced 1 on 1 twice with the score 1-1. Still waiting on the trilogy.
  14. JoshsNow

    Who's Your BPZ Mentor?

    Didn’t really have a mentor. Slims always been a massive help telling me when to switch gimmicks and has helped me win numerous belts with his advice but other people were Ropati, Marvsta and CW who all really helped me when I started
  15. JoshsNow

    Survivor Series

    We are live on Evolve and as we reach the midpoint we are shown what happened following Global Series. JoshsNow, after his heartbreaking loss, is sat in the medical room as many people attend to his injuries. John Trenton walks in and the medical people leave, leaving John and Josh in the room John: Josh are you available for an interview Josh: Sure John: How are you doing Josh: I’ll be honest John I am in a lot of pain. But do you know what hurts more than that John: What Josh: The fact I was so close. The fact that I know if I did a bit more I could’ve had that belt, a belt that has evaded me for so long. But do you know what hurts even more than that John: Once more what? Josh: When Gary Green hit me with a Steel Chair. And it’s not the physical pain from that no it’s the emotional pain. Me and Gary we go back to 2015 when he was just a reporter working at PROGRESS. We became good friends and when he needed a job, I needed one more person for my new BPZ Neccework show which was called Free Agent Corner and I got him the job. I helped him make a name and although we disagreed a few times on the screen, off the screen we were always good friends. And then when he wanted to get involved in the TV I agreed to feature him in a segment. I don’t know if you remember it John it was “An Invitation to my Study” for the KOTR finalists John: I do Josh: So I helped him make a name. I helped him become a star. I allowed him to be my manager but he got out of hand. He became desperate to drive my dark side out of me but he couldn’t and in frustration he slapped my Father. And for that I was annoyed with him and sacked him as my manager I forgave him though and I assumed there was no way he could be mad at me. Which was why that steel chair shot hurt so much. Why would my best friend cost me the Global Championship. But I know now that the friendship is over. Gary never saw me as a friend but rather as a stepping stone. Like so many before him, Gary wanted to use my talent to get over. People like Summer, Ross, Echo, George and Julius have all done it and now Gary thinks he can do. But he can’t. You see Gary I want my revenge and although my intent was to challenge you to a match I know that you can’t wrestle and so I won’t. Instead I want you to choose someone to fight me at Survivor Series After all you are “The Special One.” Surely you can find a client good enough to take me down. Gary I await your response And with that Josh smiles at John before limping out of the medical room, making the challenge clear. At Survivor Series JoshsNow vs someone of Gary Greens choice leaving the fans to wonder, who could the man chosen be