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  1. I was originally on the 5v5 but for some reason I've been kicked off it. Fun times
  2. Free Agent Corner

    Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 85. Today we are going to preview, review and Up and Down various Kayfabe matches between June and July. PART 1: PREVIEW Josh: Joining me is Gary Green. Let's go with the first match Flynn vs Ark Universe Josh: When FD won the No.1 Contenders match, Chaos called out Flynn and the Foundation who came out. Flynn and FD shot words but Ark interrupted them and reminded Flynn that he had been robbed in the past against him before Flynn set a challenge. But who will win in this Submissions Match? I say my friend Ark Green: I agree with you Josh: Full house for Ark Flynn vs Xavier King Josh: Flynn called out Slim but was interrupted by Xavier King who challenged him to a match, which Flynn accepted. Will "The King" claim his crown or will "The Real King" retain his gold. Flynn will win Green: Going with Flynn Josh: Two votes for Flynn Angelo Catio Vs Akki Josh: Catio came out and issued an open challenge with the winner joining him and Nate in a Global Championship match at KOTR. Akki came out and accepted the challenge, but can "The Maharajah" claim his space in the spotlight or will Catio keep it to himself. Going with Angelo Green: Going with Akki Josh: We disagree it seems. 1 for Angelo and 1 for Akki Angelo Catio Vs Flynn Josh: By this point the Slim Vs Flynn match and Catio Vs Nate match is destroyed and no one knows what is occurring anymore. I think if Flynn wins something happens. Let's just predict this mess. Flynn Green: I'll just go the same Josh: Another agreement. Results will be revealed at the end of the episode. PART 2: REVIEW 4. Angelo Catio Vs Akki: 3 Stars Disappointing to see these 2 not deliver as they could've done something special. 3. Angelo Catio Vs Flynn: 4.25 Stars Flynn started by spearing Angelo who rolled out of the ring, before Flynn taunted and hit a Suicide Dive to send Angelo into the Announce table. Angelo regained advantage with an Uppercut before hitting a Crossbody off the table. As Flynn leaned across the barricade, Angelo charged but Flynn moved sending Catio straight through the barricade and then hit an Apron Powerbomb. At the count of 8, Flynn threw Angelo through the barricade before rolling in at 9 and winning via countout. A special treat on free TV that showcases a short match of brutality. 2. Flynn vs Xavier King: 5 Stars King was caught off guard by a Big Boot and then hit by a German Suplex. Flynn would hit a second and then ground and pounded on King with knees and stomps before deadlifting King into a third German. Flynn labelled himself the King but then missed a running Senton, and when he charged at a cornered King he received an elbow for his troubles. King looked like he'd garnered momentum but as he went for a Springboard Disaster Kick Flynn hit a 4th German, then a stiff right and then a spinning forearm to the back of King's skull. King was checked by medical staff before the match was restarted, with King dropkicking Flynn to the ground, following with a Lionsault that sent Flynn to the corner where King hit a Gravity Corner Fall. King then went for a second but Flynn countered with an STO. Flynn then regained control with a 5th and 6th German sending King out of the ring and then Flynn taunted and attempted a suicide dive but missed and went straight through the barricade. King got into the ring and dived from the ring onto Flynn. Both men crawled to the ring where they met in the centre. King connected with left and rights but when he ran against the ropes he returned to be met with an Atomic Drop and then a Big Boot from Flynn. Flynn proceeded to hit a Running Senton but didn't cover as he wanted to punish King further. He went for a Spear but King hit a kick however Flynn bounced up with an FKO but medical staff checked on King before Flynn could make a cover. Flynn attacked all the medical staff and went for a 7th and 8th German Suplex. Flynn slapped King and went for a 9th but King hit a No Regret for a mere 1. An annoyed King followed up with a brutal knee to the temple and then hit a second for a 2. King scaled the ropes and leaped but was caught in the King's Will. Flynn covered for the first and last time in this match as the ref counted 3 for a Flynn win. Excellent match, featured little finisher kickouts and insane moves. Full 5 deserved 1. Flynn vs Ark Universe: 5.25 Stars Just months after putting on a classic with Slim, Ark topped it against Flynn. Both men started by circling each other looking for a test of strength but Ark ducked under Flynn and hit a dropkick to the knee to send Flynn down to his knee. Ark ran the ropes but when he returned he was taken down by a huge shoulder tackle. Flynn went for a Deadlift German Suplex but Ark landed on his feet and hit a picture perfect dropkick. Ark then focused on the previously attacked right knee with kicks but was instead turned inside out with a Clothesline. Flynn stomped all over Ark before trying to toss him over the ropes but Ark landed on the apron. Flynn charged but was sent onto the concrete floor by Ark. Ark would proceed to hit a Superman Plancha and when that connected he went for a second one but Flynn stopped that one with a nasty forearm. Flynn rolled back in as Ark returned to his feet only to receive the atomic drop/big boot/running Senton combo. Flynn would look at the seated Ark in the corner and facewashed him but Ark escaped with a knee Dropkick. Ark attempted a Triforce but instead hit a Syuri Knee and then locked in a Triforce. Flynn escaped by slamming Arks head into the mat before arising in opposing corners. Flynn would charge at Ark but missed before Ark then charged at Flynn but was met with an STO. Flynn hit a Senton and then locked in a Carmal Clutch but Ark escaped by crawling under Flynn and delivering a kick to Flynn's head. Ark then targeted the bad limb by locking in a Single Leg Boston Crab but Flynn used his leg to kick Ark to the outside. When Ark returned, Flynn was ready and hit a Chimera-Olex combo multiple times to hurt the head of Ark. Flynn would hit a forearm before grabbing Arks throat and screaming at him but Ark slapped him in the face. Flynn in anger hit a stiff right to Arks throat and then hit a Flapjack to Ark that sent him throat first into the top rope. Medics pulled Ark out of the ring but an annoyed Flynn threw him into the apron and then, in the ring, hit Ark with an Essential Eliminator but before Flynn could capitalise the ref checked on Ark. Flynn then locked Ark in a Guillotine but before he could fully lock it in Ark hit multiple Uppercuts to Flynn and then hit a Diving Shoulder Tackle to Flynn's leg. Ark locked in a Triforce but Flynn escaped by rolling to the ring. Flynn returns to the ring as Ark scaled the ropes and dived only to be hit with a stiff shot to the throat. The medics tried to check on Ark but Flynn pushed them off and hit a Guillotine to Ark before going for a Powerbomb but Ark reversed into a DDT. Both men were down but made it to their feet where Flynn was sent to his knees with a kick to the knee from Ark. Flynn sent Ark into the ropes with a forearm and Ark returned just as Flynn bounced up with an FKO. Flynn stomped Ark's fingers before telling Ark to "respect him" and offered his hand. Ark kicked it away before Flynn throat chopped him and locked in a Coquina Clutch for the win. An excellent contest that truly told a Story Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars PART 3: UPS AND DOWNS Angelo Catio Vs Akki: Nothing A match not good enough to give either way. Flynn vs Ark: UP Shocked expectations with an incredible match only ruined by Flynn burying Ark. Flynn vs Xavier King: SUPER UP Couldn't fault this one. Flynn didn't bury Ark in this one and although it wasn't as good as the last title match it was still an incredible match that exceeded expectations Angelo Catio Vs Flynn: DOWN A disappointing match that was short and relied on brutality despite Flynn's interesting win With the Super Up that is 3 Ups and 1 Down. Now for the Preview results, with 5 points was me and with a mere 3 points was Gary Green. That concludes it, join us tomorrow for a preview of the KOTR PPV
  3. Your Posting Milestones

    Took me a week but I'm on 1.8k posts. #RoadTo2.5k
  4. Necce picks up the shiny thing but is attacked by a parliament of magpies and Josh covers for the win
  5. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    Quality 8 Story 7
  6. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    Quality 7 Structure 6
  7. Sticks And Stones

    We switch to camera 2 outside the house where we see JoshsNow smashing the window with his umbrella as he stares down George intently. George starts to run but only makes it partway up the stairs when Josh catches him midway up the stairs. He has George in a headlock and starts shouting at him George you turned on me. I made you a star and you didn't even say "Thanks." Not once. You see George you are ungrateful. And I have made a promise to these fans, that I am No Longer a Stepping stone and I intend on keeping that. Sorry George, but you'll be too injured to fight me at Mania Josh then throws George down the stairs as Cameramen and paramedics swarm George, as Josh looks up from the top of the stairs. You can see remorse in Josh's eyes before he decides to just simply walk away, despite knowing he won't be able to face George at Mania
  8. Free Agent Corner

    Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 84, today we are creating the first ever BPZ Top 10 List 10. JoshsNow What would a list be without me. After a great return, I put myself at No.10 9. RedArrow The NXT Champion earns himself a place on the list 8. BiC After recently returning, BiC is back with a vengeance to be the best 7. FDS Taking on the World Champ in the main event of a PPV is a big thing, and FD earns himself the Number 8 place 6. Ross Although he hasn't been seen for a while, Ross made a triumphant return at a Press Conference, delivering a message to Smith. 5. Commonwealth After making an impactful debut, they have been incredible recently and it will be interesting to see how they carry on their TTC form without George. 4. Slim Carrying a feud with Ark and now being a Triple Champion he could soon be a grand slam champion. 3. Brad Him and Flynn are creating a feud of the year candidate, with both men's amazing form earning them a place on this list. 2. Flynn Talking of the feud, Flynn also gets a place on the list, with an amazing record setting reign behind him. 1. Smith The champ earns his place at the top of this list, influencing a lot of stars lower down on this list. That was that, join me tomorrow for a preview, review and Ups and Downs of numerous Kayfabe matches between June and July. Goodnight
  9. As Yet Untitled

    Use the more popular guys instead of the better wrestlers
  10. Prediction Wrestlemania 34 Matches

    It would have been too long of a card if you include 3 more matches
  11. Rate The User Above.

    10/10 as his rank says "Best in the World at What he does"
  12. Improve The User Above

    Remember a few things when posting in forum games - For example your improvement for me was "Win NXT" which unfortunately I can't Win NXT - Talking of that lol, I know you can't this month but theres always next month, make it Storm Mania Keep on improving your work - As you read FCW and your promos you can see your getting the quality into your work, so keep up the good work
  13. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    Quality 9 and Structure 9, great gimmick and one of the best
  14. Until Next Time.....

    George my friend it's sad to see you go and I would love to see you stay but I understand your reasons. Have a good life and we hope to see you again. I guess we'll have to postpone our Mania match until later on. Hope your operation goes Ok and overall wag1 George
  15. Improve The User Above

    Stay as Jericho - Its been one of your best gimmicks and it will be good to stick with it Win Uni - You have a good chance and it will be a massive victory Carry on being friendly - It was good to welcome Sheridan and if you carry on doing that you'll have a great reputation

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