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  1. Stable Name: WSS Club Main Event: Roman Reigns (2.5 million) 4 Midcarders: Keith Lee (0.95 million), Wes Lee (0.55 million), Zack Gibson (0.5 million), Boa (0.3 million) Women’s: Bianca Belair (.5 million) Open Pick: Io Shirai (.5 million)
  2. 1. Fine. It seems everybody on the forums knows how good they are, so I will say fine. 2. Again, fine. 3. Underrated 4. Underrated 5. Overrated
  3. What a night we had at Night of Legends, and the following Carnage has seen some excellent segments already. Heel, Sandman and Wallace begin to talk to us about the Shake Up and then the upcoming Carnage Wildcard special in three weeks which features Joshua Scott facing his Grizzled Young Veterans tag team partner Jack Bishop for the BPZ North American Championship. As if on cue, the first few notes of “Seven Nations Army” hit before cutting off, and out steps the North American Champion Joshua Scott to a chorus of boos. At NOL he was successful in defending his title against Alex Costa,
  4. Yeh, yeh I was invited I just erm.. chose not to come. GYV throw it own parties and they are bigger than anything you guys could throw 😢
  5. Want to bring this back, I feel (as do many in Chat) that we should do more with the tag division, so it would be good to try keep track of the tag teams. I think currently we have Carnage FD-Gun (KENJI and Raven) (and FD) (c) Julius and Ropati (and Flynn) Grizzled Young Veterans (Josh and Owen) EBiC (Epic and BiC) ? (I think) Valor Cut Throat Crew (Hans and Bob) Lunacy (Danny Dark and Siege) (and Nardie) Bad Influence (Brandon Hendrix and Mikey) (and Austin Omega) Chimera (Jon and Necce) (and Tamer) If anyone is forming a team, please p
  6. Well this aged well. Cant wait for my 4th retirement guys.
  7. Surprised no one has said Benoit vs Kurt Angle yet from 2003. A technical masterclass. A very good intense match that I recommend watching.
  8. Top 10 Wrestlers In The World: 2020 Review. Part 4 (20-11) 20. Kaito Kiyomiya Kaito may have held the GHC Heavyweight Championship throughout 2019 but his reign lasted just 4 days into 2020 when he lost his belt in a classic against his former mentor Go Shiozaki. He and Shiozaki had a great series throughout 2020, one of many in NOAH. Whilst Kiyomiya didn’t have as successful a year as he did 2019, the young man is still improving and is the future of NOAH. He’s extremely talented, and with some of the matches he’s had this year, he deserves his spot in the top 20. 19. Taka
  9. A graphic begins to play on the title screen, advertising the second instalment in the “Grizzled Young Veterans Visit...” series. After a disastrous trip to Manchester, this time GYV will be visiting Portugal, the home country of the “Portuguese Assassin” Alex Costa, Josh’s opponent for Night of Legends. We see Josh walking through the streets of Lisbon, shouting at somebody on the phone before he hangs up and looks straight into the camera. He is more clothed than normal, still wearing his Manchester United scarf and North American Championship though. He looks straight into the camera a
  10. Valor - Bailey, Alex/Josh, Prince, Kieron, Arrow, Mecko Carnage - Sameer/Tamer Sheridan/Mikey, Yelich, Addy, Bob, Gunner Basically for the slashes it’s whoever loses the match will swap brands. I agree with Bob and think Bailey will go to Valor regardless of whether he wins the belt or not.
  11. JoshsNow


    Welcome back to Carnage from our latest advertisement break. Now earlier in the night, we saw an intense contract signing between Joshua Scott and Alex Costa. Both men, as well as the BMF Champion Mr Slim, exchanged words, and it ended with the lights going off and Alex Costa appearing with mysterious face paint. Now we have word we are going to get a backstage message following this contract signing. The camera cuts to darkness backstage. Suddenly a man walks into focus, and the crowd gives a mixed reaction as it seems to be Alex Costa, wearing the face paint we saw earlier. Alex i
  12. Top 10 Shows of 2020 10. NJPW: New Japan Cup (June 16th-July 11th) Grouping these 9 nights together. Overall the 2020 New Japan Cup was an enjoyable one which saw EVIL triumph in the final before an incredible twist as he turned on his Bullet Club stablemates. It was good to hear fans throughout the cup which bolstered it, and overall it was a good cup with some very good matches. I was however disappointed with the final of the tournament, meaning the NJC cannot rise higher than 10th. 9. AEW Full Gear (November 7th) The best AEW PPV of the year in my opinion. They delivere
  13. Looking through old videos has bought me back to this, and frankly this is extremely scary it’s 2 years ago, it feels like yesterday. Was a lot of fun. I mentioned in this Dennis and Conners were among my favourite stars. Still can’t believe Conners isn’t a bigger star by now and I’m hoping Eddie Dennis moves into the championship picture soon or that he re joins forces with Mark Andrews and goes for the tag titles.
  14. Still can’t believe this was 2 years ago, was looking at some old videos, and my god that reaction when WALTER came out is up there as one of the most insane crowd moments I’ve ever been a part of, in football, wrestling or anything else. I’ve been to some great shows over the years, like Progress Wembley and Manchester, and Blackpool II, but this is still the best show I’ve been to. Really hope that fans are allowed back into shows soon, I know obviously why fans aren’t allowed in, but it’s moments like WALTERs debut that make you realise how important fans are.
  15. Top 10 Wrestlers In The World: 2020 Review. Part 3 (30-21) 30. EVIL EVIL had a successful year in terms of championships, his best ever year, winning the NEVER 6 Man Titles, and both the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental titles, as well as the 2020 New Japan Cup. However really these accomplishments didn’t reflect an improvement in his wrestling ability. EVIL had a decent year in ring, but not at the level we are used to, and since joining Bullet Club I haven’t really been able to get into him. However he is the circumstance of poor booking, and with all his accomplishments

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