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  1. I’m T-Muscles. I actually think I’ve come out of that quite well
  2. To carry on the 2002 theme I’ll throw in another. Vengeance 2002. Other than Booker/Big Show, every match is watchable. We get some great matches like Rock vs Taker vs Angle in a stunning main event with all 3 looking great HHH deciding Raw or SD (which led to the HBK feud) Christian and Lance Storm vs Edge and Hulk Hogan for the Tag Titles. Hogan was super over, and these 3 carried him to a great match anyway RVD vs Lesnar. RVD takes some right batterings here. Their chemistry was off the charts Young John Cena vs Chris Jericho. We got a preview of a feud we would se
  3. JoshsNow

    Pre Match

    WE ARE LIVE on Carnage as part of this Bad Blood Festival, and it is time for our main event. Mr Slim vs Joshua Scott. Who will be victorious? The music of Seven Nations Army begins, but soon cuts out, indicating the arrival of Joshua Scott. The crowd react in universal boos, chanting “Stand Up If You Hate Josh Scott.” Joshua Scott ignores them as he makes his way to the ring. On the way to the ring, he calls for the mic, before beginning to speak. The crowd continue to boo him, as Josh begins to speak before his main event matchup Nah nah nah nah nah. ALL OF YOU SHUT THE HELL UP.
  4. You are the greatest forums member of all time and it shouldn’t be disputed now
  5. Just bought Splatoon 2 and the Octo Expansion Pass Next game I plan on buying is UFC 4
  6. (Are we doing this for best cruiserweight all time? Yeh I will) As everybody else has said Rey Mysterio Someone I’m surprised no one else has said - Chavo. 4x Cruiserweight Champion between 2004 and 2007 (272 days as champ.) Incredibly entertaining, reliable and could wrestle any style of match
  7. My pick is Big E, but he’s already been mentioned by BiC and Austin so I’ll go with someone else Calling Matt Riddle for the 2021 Royal Rumble Dont know with the women’s
  8. Every single person has said him by now, so the answer is obvious for me Roman Reigns
  9. Fully Loaded 2000. With 3 main events, 2 of which are brilliant. Taker vs Angle was a let down, but the title match between Rock and Benoit and Triple H vs Y2J in a Last Man Standing match were stunning. Val Venis stole the show though with a great performance against Rikishi in an IC Title steel cage match
  10. JoshsNow


    We are live on Carnage, just a few days removed from Survival of the Fittest. Earlier in the night, Joshua Scott called out Mr Slim because Josh was fed up of not being given opportunities. Slim came out, and Josh challenged him to a match in the main event of next weeks Carnage. And if Josh pulls off the upset victory, he gets a title shot. Slim accepted the match, and that means next week, two veterans of the company collide for the first time next week 1 on 1. Now Josh Trenton is with one of those competitors, let’s hear live, from “Manchester’s Number One” Trenton: Joshua Scott,
  11. This is the greatest promo of all time. Also greatest title of all time to a promo
  12. Jesus, another stunning show. I mean, Slim vs Neb, on Valor, I don’t have any more to say. No Mercy shaping up to be a great show Going to have to say, the best show of Week 2 in my opinion was Sheridan’s Carnage though but to all 3 of you keep this up
  13. I’ve got two. My favourite is WrestleMania 10, same as Austin My second favourite is Survivor Series 1995 After a few poor Survivor Series, this was a great return to form. The elimination matches regained the importance they once had, and their was an epic main event. The opening bout was full of lower level talent, but it was the culmination of numerous feuds and felt important The Bodydonnas faced The Underdogs, and both teams went all out. It was packed with stunning high flying spots and aerial attacks. Next was an all women’s elimination match featuring numerous Jap
  14. Just a general question, what’s the reason for making topics archived. Like is there a reason for it? It just feels like an inconvenience more than anything
  15. JoshsNow


    You actually believe everything you just said don’t you, you delusional piece of shit Slim continues to stare at Josh, who begins pacing the ring, and speaking back to Slim You have handed me fuck all Slim. My least successful time in this company was under your “leadership” of Evolve. Every single big break I have had in this company I’ve had to work my ass off for Yes you gave me a contract, but you had already handed a contract to all the other free agents I came up with, Razor, Nanovirus, SummerGamz. You didn’t hand me my contract. You made me fight in a triple threat match

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