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  1. @GeorgeAK let’s reform the greatest tag team in BPZ history @Slim When I first joined, I may have slightly begged to join The Supremacy but never quite made it. I know this one won’t happen but it’s still a dream
  2. Glad to say I’ve finished my GCSE’s, got 3 days of Duke of Edinburgh and then Further Maths AS Level on Tuesday and then I should be fully active for the next 3 months. 

  3. Necce Kieron Black Ark Universe Alyx Wilde Yelich
  4. I agree with the statement that I do truly believe Varane is the best defender in the world. But I think it is time he and Real part ways. This season he started only 39 of Real’s 53 games. Also he’s injury prone. Ever since a big injury a few seasons again, he has had many minor ones and seems to be picking up more as age goes on. As the best Centre Back in the world I believe Real could still charge over £100 million for him and that will help with Financial Fair Play, especially after spending £300 million. Just my personal opinion but of course if Varane stays then it’s certainly up for grabs
  5. I feel like Bailey May be abusing the status updates

  6. Alright I will bring this back but not in as much detail. I will give you a quick recap of everything so far Season 4 - So this is the season the diary was in. I ended up finishing 15th Highlight of the Season: Being 3-1 down at half time to Shef Weds and winning 4-3 in the 90th minute Season 5: 4th in Championship, won Playoffs to get FGR promoted to Prem Highlight of the Season: Ending the season by winning 7 of the 8 final games, and drawing the other one Season 6: 4th in Premier League HOTS: Coming back from a 3-0 deficit after 20 minutes to beat Leicester 4-3, with 3 goals coming in the final 5 minutes Season 7th: 8th in Premier League, lost in CL Playoffs, 3rd in Europa League Group Stage HOTS: Beating Napoli Season 8: 10th in Premier League HOTS: Being 19th with 3 games to go against Chelsea, Spurs and United, and taking 9 points to finish 10th Season 9: 3rd in Premier League, FA Cup Winners HOTS: Signing Kyllian Mbappe Season 10: 1st in Prem, Semi Finals of the Champions League, Community Shield winners HOTS: Having not scored a single goal after 3 UCL games and being on 1 point, only to complete victories against Dortmund, Milan and Anderlecht to top the group Now, Forest Green Rovers venture into Season 11 as champions of England. Can they be Champions of Europe too?
  7. Hello and welcome back to Football Debates. Today my question is from Alex who asks “What are your thoughts on Reals signings.” Their first signing was 60 million euro forward Luka Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt. Luka had an amazing season, scoring as many goals as Benzema and Bale combined. The question is he has had one good season, so was he worth all the money. My answer is yes However I don’t believe Rodrygo was worth €45 million. I’ve heard people raving about him but he is yet to be proven. He’s yet to have a great season like Jovic. It’s possible he could be the next Neymar but he needed one more season to be worth this much Next two players I hadn’t heard of - Ferland Mendy and Eder Militao. I think they may have overpayed for these players also but the stats don’t lie, they’ve had incredible seasons and could easily slot into Real’s team Finally the main man Eden Hazard. I have to say €100 million. What a bargain. Hazard could’ve been pushing Neymar for me as the most expensive player ever so to see Chelsea agree to sell him for only half of that surprised me Overall I’d expect the, to spend €300 million of these players so Perez has done good business to pay €303 million. Was it a good move. Have a look at my predicted Real team for next season and tell me Navas Carvajal Militao Ramos Mendy Hazard Kroos Modric Jovic Benzema Bale Remember Guys keep sending me in questions and give me feedback on how many football debates I should answer per post. Thanks for the question @Alex Costa Tomorrow, who is the most overrated player currently playing in world football. Thanks for reading
  8. A few here BPZ Mania 2018 - Winning the Intercontinental Championship. It was a great occasion as I wasn’t going for IC and FDS had been more active than me. I’d also never won a close vote, I’d always won votes by at least 10 votes, so when I pulled it from 13-8 to 12-12, I was happy but I assumed I was going to lose. I was buzzing when I won the vote the next morning. Of course I later figured out Slim and Bailey had been begging for me but I would relive the vote itself rather than the discovery the next morning KOTR 2018 - The whole July was brilliant, with the belief England would bring the World Cup home which would be the basis of my promos. Of course after I barely beat Ryan I didn’t think I had a chance against Echo. However a great promo got me shockingly through to the semis where I was beaten by Julius Survivor Series 2017 - I still maintain this is the greatest PPV in the history of the forums. The Team Smith vs Tema Flynn feud which to the surprise of no one turned into a Slim and Ross vs Flynn and Bailey feud. However it is the second greatest feud in forums history (and also started the greatest feud when Flynn turned on Necce) but that wasn’t the main reason. It’s when begging on the forums reached a new high, with everyone desperate to win that match. It went to extra time and wasn’t the only vote, as me and George took The Order to extra time for the tag titles. It had been controversial enough, Flynn convinced us to play mind games by having us say Slim is the new member of our team but it resulted in Slim originally leaving us out of the vote, until many people said they would vote for us if we had been in the vote, to which point another mod added us. That match too resulted in begs, the only time I have ever done it, but it was Slim Who again proved himself to be a master of it, winning both votes. However the weekend itself was fun as the forums split in half and then rejoined like nothing had happened
  9. Become more active Win World Retain a championship rather than losing it on the first defence as I have done the past 4 times Win a Slammy Restart British Invasion
  10. JoshsNow


    We are live on Carnage before the lights go out in the Carnage arena. Suddenly the titantron buzzes to life and we see the hated face of JoshsNow. The crowds begin to boo as Josh smiles, and a torch suddenly shines in Josh’s face Josh: Gary that’s too bright. We don’t need a torch Gary: Sorry Josh The torch is turned off and we see the face of Josh appear once more. The crowd are chanting abuse but of course Josh can’t hear them Well, well, well. We finally heard from the Mr Raven didn’t we. And as I waited for some message that could strike fear into me, waiting for a message that would mentally gain him the advantage. I have heard that Raven was a master on the mic, but I saw straight through him Raven is a broken man. This sport can break some people and poor Raven, without a victory to his name, is clearly not cut out for him. You see Raven, you criticise my nonchalance and say I am unable to change strategy but that’s where you are wrong. I have changed my strategy many times and that has enabled me to reach the final of the inaugural Global Series, reach the semi finals of the King of the Ring tournament and win the Intercontinental Championship at BPZ Mania. It is that which has enabled me to win 4 championships in this company. What have you done kid? Nothing The fact that you have these keyboard warriors drooling over your every performance still amazes me to this day. I have watched you since the day you joined SSW Club Raven and I have to admit, at first I was impressed. But then I saw through you. You don’t have “it.” You don’t have the confidence. And I think it was shown when you first walked in with that mask to hide yourself. You lack confidence Raven So when I first met you, Toxik and Mave, I was excited at seeing your potential. Yes, I could see your issue but I knew that if you worked with me, we could get past your confidence issue. All you needed was one win and you would be a superstar But unfortunately your lack of confidence cost you. You began to doubt yourself when you didn’t get that win and you began to listen to the voices of the Internet. They said “Leave SSW Club” and you believed them. And was this a great move Raven? No, because once again you lost. And now, again, you hide behind some face paint like a coward and hide in the shadows. And at Power Trip Cup Raven all I’m going to do is pile onto that misery. And what will you do then. Go to the mask? Put face paint on? Quit? You lack balls Raven and it’s as simple as that. I have plenty. And at Power Trip Cup, you’re going to have to fight me like a man. And you’re scared of that. You see Raven Suddenly, the lights on the titantron turn on. We can see the figure of Josh but the screen is complete darkness Josh: Gary why did you turn the lights off. Gary? Gary? Unknown: Gary isn’t here And with that the lights turn back on, and we see Raven standing there, staring down with Josh, holding a baseball bat in one hand Raven: You wanted me to fight you like a man, well here I am.
  11. What a show we’ve had here at Mayhem, BiC beat Bob, the Tag Team Championship match went to a double count out and FDS became a 2x Premium Champion. And now, as the steel cage lowers we know it is time for the penultimate match of the night, as Julius defends his Intercontinental Championship against his former mentor Josh. A video package airs and we see the forming of the Josh-Tourage between these 2 men, before we see the betrayal, as Julius attacked Josh in the ramp during the 2018 Royal Rumble, threw him into the ring and saw Josh become the fastest elimination in Royal Rumble history. It fast forwards to Julius joining Revolution of Attitude by attacking Josh, who was feuding with Flynn. We see the King of the Ring semi final, where Julius ended the match by locking Josh in a Vice Grip. Josh stuck up two fingers at Julius as he passed to unconsciousness The video package changes and the words “A downfall appeared.” We see Josh being beaten by Jason Ryan, Bailey and Prince as the words “And an uprising began.” We see Julius’ winning the World Title, defending it against the likes of Slim and Brad before winning the Intercontinental Championship. The video ends with both men staring at the camera The first 16 seconds of Dvorak Symphony play as the room turns to darkness before “Manchester’s Number One” appears on the ramp and the music cuts off. JoshsNow points to the sky as the crowd start all raising their shoes in hatred for this man He begins to make his way to the ring as new music hits, Josh’s iconic song “Seven Nations Army.” Gary Green emerges from backstage and begins to join Josh on the ramp. Josh surveys the angry fans raising their shoes and ignores them, making his way to the cage. Green stays on the outside of the ring, watching as Josh begins to scale the cage. Once he makes it halfway, he jumps to the floor and begins to take off his jacket in anticipation of his opponent As Josh prepares himself in the ring, the lights in the United Centre dim as "Gallantry" begins to play. After about 20 seconds Julius steps out onto the ramp with one sole spotlight following him down the ramp. He stops to take a look at the capacity crowd before raising his Intercontinental Championship above his head as the lights in the arena turn back on. Julius stares intently at Green as he confidently marches down to the ring. He doesn’t break eye contact as he reaches the bottom of the ramp, snarling at Green who jumps as Julius nears Julius walks through the door of the cage, and confidently hands the referee the Intercontinental Championship. The ring announcer announces the title match as the ref raises his belt and Julius begins to prepare himself As both men stand in their respective corners the referee calls for the bell to begin this title match Immediately, Josh wastes no time, running straight at the Champion and battering him with elbows. Green cheers on as Julius is caught out by the early onslaught and Josh Irish Whips him to the other side of the ring. Josh then sends Julius face first to the mat. He then picks him up and throws him back into the corner, as Josh makes the best start to this match Josh climbs to the second rope and begins to rain punches down on Julius in the corner. He shouts something at the crowd before busting Julius open with his final one. The audience could only watch in shock as Josh grabs the bloody “Death Machine” and brings him into the middle of the ring where he nails him with an Uppercut Julius tries to get to his feet, before Josh kicks him back down almost mockingly He begins to stomp all over the body of Julius, damaged from the restaurant brawl only days ago and his earlier match against Jonathan, paying particular attention to the arm and to the injured leg, the arm in particular Josh brutalising with a nasty stomp He picked up Julius by the hair and nailed him with a headbutt and then a chop. He then smiled as the “Woo” chants arose above the crowd after such a brutal chop. However that smile cost him as he went for another and Julius lifted him up into an Atomic Drop. Julius then ran against the ropes and nailed Josh with a brutal lariat. Both men lay on the floor, as Josh gets to his feet first, slamming Julius’ head into the mat. He then stomps on the arm he’s been targeting before laughing and whispering something into Julius’ ear. Julius swings wildly as Josh steps back, before lifting Julius up by the hair. He begins to wrench the arm of Julius, which he has been targeting all this match but Julius nails him with a brutal punch Josh still has hold of the arm, and staggers backwards, before Julius tries to break the hold with a headbutt However Josh still weakly grabs hold of the arm before jumping to the floor and taking Julius down with him. Josh gets back to his feet, no doubt not wanting to waste any time and allow any space to Julius. He sees Julius on his knees and nails him with a brutal forearm strike Josh now looks at his grounded opponent, having done an excellent job in not allowing the dominant Julius any spare time. He now seems to notice the cage for the first time and smiles sickingly at his opponent. He grabs Julius and tries to throw him into the cage but Julius uses his leg to block the move and nails Josh with a punch. He pulls him to the middle of the ring and nails Josh with a DDT The crowd shout both men’s names as both men lie on the floor. We cut to Gary Green looking on nervously as Julius begins to crawl to the door, only for Josh to grab him in an attempt to stop him. Julius gets to his feet and nails Josh with another strike, who responds back with one to the boos of the crowd. Julius punches back, again to a boo and Josh fires back. The exchange ends when Julius knocks Josh to the floor with a punch before following with a Leg Drop. Julius looks down at his handy work before slowly beginning to scale the cage, getting his body to the top of the cage before Josh grabbed the leg, pulled him onto the ropes and nailed Julius with a strike. Josh followed up with another one to the back of Julius’ head, sending Julius to the floor. Josh then followed up with a headbutt as Julius fell to one knee. Josh lifts Julius up now, smiling as he nails another headbutt before attempting a gut kick, but Julius catches if, only for Josh to connect with an Enzuigiri. Julius is out as Josh begins to scale the cage and he manages to get one leg over. However Julius is back to his feet and grabs the other leg of Josh, before managing to pull all of Josh’s body back into the ring Josh is still on the cage though and Julius nails him with a gut strike. Josh has now got his feet on the ropes and Julius grabs him, and nails him with a Back Suplex off the cage. Both men lay on the floor as Julius begins to crawl towards the door, but Gary Green blindsides the referee manning the door. The crowd boo as Julius gives Green a state of death only for Josh to Irish Whip him to the opposite corner. Josh runs over and Julius attempts a rebound big boot but Josh catches Julius’ leg and nails him with a kick to the underside of Julius. Josh follows with 2 kicks to the knee of Julius, one Josh hit with a glass bottle only a few days prior, but this seems to wake Julius up who hits Josh with a punch. Josh fires back, but he is stunned and he stutters backwards When Josh walks back, Julius nails him with a gut kick and places him in a headlock, before running across the ring and nailing him with a Bulldog. Both men lay down as Julius begins to crawl to the door, but again Green refuses to open. Julius stands up and attempts to punch Green through the cage, but Gary jumps back and Josh pulls Julius down, and back into the ring. Josh now has hold of Julius’ ankle, before running towards the door which Gary had opened for him. However Julius grabbed hold of the ankle, and pulled him back into the ring before charging for the door himself. He gets there as Gary tries to lock it but he uses brute force to keep the door open, knocking Green to the floor in the process. Josh takes Julius down the ankle and pulls him back, before making a sprint towards the unlocked door. Josh’s hands reach the floor before Julius piles his body on top of Josh and begins to pull him back. Josh grabs hold of the steel steps and clings onto them before Julius locks in an STF in an attempt to make Josh release the steel stairs, however Josh bit the fingers of Julius. Josh made one last spurt but was pulled back into the ring by Julius and nailed with an Elbow Drop. Both men lay tired on the floor after that exhausting change before both get to their feet. Julius goes for the cage, getting his body over before Josh grabbed his ankle. However Josh’s exhaustion proved too much as Josh had to try get two hands from Julius, before throwing him off the cage and back to the mat. Julius fell from almost the top of the cage and now lies unconscious on the floor. Josh is down too before he begins to climb the cage, taking his entire body over the cage. However Julius quickly scaled the cage and stopped him, grabbing his head and pulling him over the top rope. Both men now rest on the top turnbuckle. Josh hit 3 strikes to Julius, who returned the favour. Josh nailed one, and Julius responded with 2, before Josh hit a brilliant punch that knocked Julius to the Mat. Julius got back up and begin rushing to Josh, perched on the top turnbuckle, who knocked Julius back with a Kick. However Julius refuses to give him, beginning to scale the ropes and grabbing Josh looking for a Superplex, BUT JOSH REVERSED INTO A GREAT SCOTT 6.0 Josh lays down too long for him to cover, but kips up and runs at the cage, leaping onto it. By the time Julius arises, Josh is on the other side of the cage and Julius tries to pull him back by his head and manages to pull the majority of Josh’s body over but Josh’s arms still grab the other side of the cage. Julius now begins to climb the cage, getting halfway over before Josh joins him up there Both men are now at the top of the cage, and Josh nails a headbutt, before following up with two elbows. He grabs Julius’ head before punching him, screaming “you should have never left the Josh-Tourage” before almost knocking Julius off with a punch. Julius follows up with 2 gut punches and regains his composure Julius swings his leg around and kicks Josh in the gut. Julius smashes Josh’s head into the cage and Josh returns the favour before both men go crashing down back to the Mat. Julius gets up first and begins to scale the cage but sees Josh coming towards him. Julius now looks for a Diving Axe Handle off the cage, but Josh hits a Superman Punch Julius falls on his knees in front of Josh and Josh nails him with three more strikes. Josh now looks down at Julius, and begins to try lock in the Old Trafford before trying to lock in the Vice Grip. Will he successfully lock in the same move Julius made him tap out with last year? Julius fights out and begins to stand up with Josh on his back, before smashing him into the corner. Josh stumbles off and Julius locks in a headlock, before knocking Josh to the floor Josh gets back up and Julius runs at him, but Josh steps out of the way before bouncing off the ropes. Josh Irish Whips him into the other set of ropes before ducking under Julius on the first rebound but on the second rebound the two collided and both fell to the floor. However Josh fell down next to the cage door and Gary opened the door, before beginning to pull Josh out. Julius however grabbed one of his ankles and began a tug of war with Gary, which Julius easily won. He pulled Josh back in the ring and locked in a headlock as Green quickly padlocked the door. Julius put Josh in a headlock and began beating the chest of Josh, before hitting a Double Elbow Drop when Josh fell to the floor. Julius began to scale the cage and gets one leg over but Josh pulls at the leg inside the cage, eventually forcing Julius back in. Julius, using the top rope for balance, began kicking Josh in the face, which gained him some space but when he tried to scale the cage, Josh grabbed his leg again. Josh used all his strength to pull Julius off the cage and Julius landed crotch first on the top rope. Julius holds his private area as Josh lays hurt next to him. Josh begins to crawl to the cage which again Green has opened for him but Julius desperately crawls after him, grabbing his ankle but Josh kicks off. Julius gets to his feet but Josh kicks him in the face. However this seems to anger Julius who grabs Josh’s feet and pulls him away from the door, before hitting a Falling Headbutt. Julius stares at his opponent considering whether to go for the first pinfall of the match or try scale the cage. He decides to opt for the latter, scaling the top rope before looking down at his opponent. Julius leaps off the top rope, looking for a Diving Elbow Drop perhaps but Josh rolls out of the way and Julius goes crashing to the mat Josh uses the ropes to pull himself up and begins to climb the cage, and once again he only gets halfway over before Julius joins him. Josh gets his entire body over the cage and drops to the floor, only for Julius to get his arm through the cage and catch Josh’s arm. Josh’s feet is only millimetres off the ground as Julius begins to scale the cage himself, grab the rest of Josh’s body with his free hand and haul him over the cage. Josh gets mostly off the cage before he is thrown to the floor by Julius, who begins to scale the cage himself. Josh gets up as Julius is halfway over, but Julius kicks Josh down and gets all his body over the cage. However Josh leaps up the cage to stop him, before putting Julius on his shoulders, on the top of the cage, and falls to the ground. Julius lays unconcious as Josh cockily slowly scales the cage, getting halfway over before adrenaline goes through Julius and he pulls Josh to the Mat. There Josh tries to throw Julius into the cage, but Julius blocks it with his leg and sends Josh face first into the cage. Both men lay on the floor again before Julius begins scaling the cage. Josh gets up as Julius is halfway over but begins to stagger and Julius gets his entire body over before Josh joins him on the cage. Josh uses Julius’ head to pull him back into the cage as both rest on the ropes, where Josh hits a German Suplex off the cage. Josh then wastes no time, locking in the Old Trafford on Julius. Josh wrenches the arm of Julius who begins to tap but stops. Both Green and Scott scream tap at Julius who refuses to tap, until a frustrated Josh releases the hold. Realising Julius won’t tap out, he begins to scale the cage and gets halfway over before Julius climbs to the top rope and pulls him down. However Josh fires back with 3 strikes and Julius falls off Now Josh realises he has the victory and begins to scale the cage, but slips and falls crotch first on the ropes. A disastrous mistake by Josh. And now there is commotion on the outside of the ring as the true referee gets back to his feet and demands Green moves away from the door. He returns to the cage door and by now Julius is back on his feet and demands the referee open the door. The ref complies, opening the door, as Julius begins to walk down the steel steps slowly and cockily, before Gary Green jumps onto Julius. Gary Green begins hitting punches to Julius but Julius throws him off and Green goes flying into the cage. Julius has a chance to win but with anger coursing through him, he clearly doesn’t think straight and returns to the ring, where he nails Green with a Claymore Josh now is back on his feet and charges at Julius, looking for a Seven Nations Army But Julius catches him with a Claymore before taking out his frustrations by full mounting Joshua and hammering him with punches. Julius now leaps to the floor with the cage door still open and gets his hands to the floor but Josh instinctively grabs Julius’ ankle and prevents him reaching the floor. Josh pulls Julius back him and the two roll across the ring on each other, exchanging punches before Josh ends up on top in the same corner Gary Green lays half dead. Josh hits a flurry of punches before attempting to crawl quickly to the cage door but Julius is again not far behind him, getting to his feet and grabbing Josh’s legs before pulling him back in. He still has hold of Josh’s legs and slingshots him into the cage. Julius climbs to the opposite corner slowly, having got disoriented along the way but by the time he reaches the cage door he has taken too much time as Josh leaps and grabs hold of Julius’ ankles. Julius is pulled in before both climb up on each other. Josh is first to react, pushing Julius into the corner before Irish Whipping him into the opposite one. Julius reacts by attempting a body slam on Josh, who falls behind Julius and locks in a Waistlock. He then tries to run Julius into the cage but Julius Snapmares Josh back first into the cage. However Julius caught his bad leg in the cage in the process and is now struggling to get to his feet. He eventually begins to scale the cage, getting his entire body over before Josh grabs hold of Julius’ hair and tries to pull him back. Julius attempts to poke Josh in the eyes but Josh reacts by pulling Julius’ over the cage, hair first, forearm smashing his head into the cage, before Irish Whipping Julius across the ring and nailing him with a Spinning Heel Kick Josh begins to scale the cage, as it looks inevitable that we have a new IC Champ. However Julius grabs Josh’s ankle as he gets halfway over, but Josh kicks Julius back to the ground and gets his entire body over. Julius leaps up the cage and joins Josh, holding onto Josh for dear life Julius begins to pull him back over and succeeds, with both men attempting to smash each other’s faces into the cage but both blocked. Julius elbowed Josh in the midsection But Josh reacts with 7 punches however non seem to faze Julius who now seems in a zone. Julius swings his leg around, knocking Josh to the floor but meaning Julius almost loses his balance in the process. He regains his balance and begins to scale, getting halfway over before Josh hauled him back into the ring arm first and in there nailed him with a Forearm Strike He hits another Uppercut before Irish Whipping Julius into the ropes but Julius reverses it. Julius attempts a chop on the rebound, but Josh ducks it and nails Julius with a rebound shoulder block. Both men are down but Gary Green arouses Josh, who checks on Green before scaling the cage. He gets both legs over before Julius joins him and nails Josh with a Superplex off the cage Julius keeps trying to get up but can’t force himself up, before slowly crawling to the cage door which the ref opens. Josh is unconscious before Green keeps stamping on Julius’ bad leg, stopping his route. Josh now joins in the assault as the crowd boo at this 2 on 1 situation. The referee in charge of the cage door demands Green leaves and he complies leaving Josh and Julius in the ring alone. Green scales the cage as Josh stares down with his rival before calling for his big move, the Seven Nations Army, and connects. Josh crawls into the cover but Julius rolls through and locks in a Vice Grip Josh begins to tap, but Gary Green has again left his mark in this match as he distracts the referee, who is trying to eject him from ringside. A frustrated Julius smashes Josh’s head to the floor and decides to try scaling the cage himself as Gary is ejected from ringside. Josh lays unconscious on the floor as Julius manages to get his entire body over the cage. Julius begins to drop but Josh rushes to his feet and jumps on the cage, grabbing Julius’ hand at the last minute. He begins to pull Julius back into the ring and manages to get him back onto the inside of the cage, before nailing Julius with a strike that sends both men to the floor. Josh begins to crawl to Julius’ body looking for a cover. The referee on the outside counts 2 before Julius kicks out. However Josh still carries on his crawl and reaches the cage, which he begins to scale. He gets halfway over before Julius joins him. Julius grabbers Josh’s arm, but Josh used his momentum to get his entire body over the cage as Julius gets halfway over the cage, sitting on top of it as Josh begins to try scale down. Josh send Julius back with 2 punches but Julius is undeterred and climbs over the cage. Now both men begin their descent off the cage, trying to get to the bottom fastest, for the Intercontinental Championship. Josh nails Julius with 2 punches as he waves sarcastically at Julius before letting go of the cage and dropping to the floor... no his foot is stuck in the cage. Josh has got his foot stuck in the cage and as he desperately tries to free it Julius drops to the floor, retaining the Intercontinental Championship. He has done it. What a match. Josh drops to the floor, the anguish visible in his eyes as Julius begins to make his way to his feet after that brawl fest. Both men scaled the cage multiple times but were stopped for all but 1 time. We saw punches, interference by Gary Green multiple times, all for the Intercontinental Championship but it is retained by Julius. It is yet another failure for the SSW Club and as the referee announced Julius as the winner Julius raises his title belt right above “Manchester’s Number One.” He smirks as he walks up the ramp with one question remaining “Who Can Take The Title Off The Death Machine.” Now it’s time for our World Championship main event
  12. Another sweepstake, BPZ Dollars on the line. This time it’s for the Cricket World Cup. To sign up just say “I’m in”
  13. Sorry I was going to update this when Liverpool fans shut up about winning the Champions League But seeing as that won’t happen I will do it now. @MARKER‘s Liverpool beat @Ropati4‘s Barcelona 4-3 on aggregate My Spurs beat @Smith‘s Ajax on a way goals And in the final @MARKER won the tournament and claims 400 BPZ Dollars (yes those still exist)
  14. JoshsNow


    We are live on YouTube for Gary Greens new series - “Being The Green.” The camera turns on and we see the familiar face of Gary Green, in the woods Green: Hello everyone and welcome to mine and Josh’s brand new series, Being the Green. Upon the request of our many fans we are using this series to show what happens in our everyday lives. Following Josh’s defeat to Julius, we have flown back to England because Josh doesn’t want to spend anytime outside “The One True Country” unless he has to. Anyway, he has a match against Birdman in 2 weeks so we will get to see how he prepares and how... Suddenly there’s a loud gunshot and we hear something hitting the floor. Gary drops the camera and we hear footsteps walking towards him Gary: F**king hell Josh. What are you thinking Josh picks up the camera and balances it on a tree so we can see both men Josh: Keep hold of the camera Gary. I’m pigeon shooting what did you expect. Don’t swear on BPZ TV Gary: We’re on YouTube not Carnage. Besides aren’t we live Josh: Yes Gary: Then how did it get bleeped out oh never mind. Anyway did you just kill a bird Josh: Yes. Well I was trying to shoot a clay pigeon but my phone beeped and I ended up hitting the real thing. Could you check my phone Gary: Sure Green pulls out the phone and shakes his head Josh: What is it Green: Get ready to pack your things. It’s a message from Bailey. He’s been watching our live stream Josh: He has? Green: Well his assistants brother has been watching it, but he’s found out we’re in the UK and wants us to fly back to the States immediately. Come on. Not the best way to end the first episode is it. Gary Walks off camera and Josh goes to join him, but suddenly picks up the bird smiling to himself. He stares at the camera Birdman, if that’s the name we are really going for here, you have already made a big mistake. When I first got here, I saw the websites naming me as favourite for the NXT Championship, and you know what I did. I ignored them. I didn’t listen to the hype I got my head down and won my first 2 matches. Instead you let the hype go to your head. You legitimately believed you didn’t need my Club. Well guess what Raven you do. No matter how much you try to deny it you do. And you told us all to go our f ourselves. That was a mistake Raven. You’re no British wrestling legend. I have proved time and time again I am Britain’s greatest export, and in Texas you’re going to see that. I’m going to give you one last chance. I’m going to be at Sam Antonio Comic Con on Thursday, you wanna apologise and come crawling back to SSW Club, talk to me then. “I will be successful once I leave SSW Club” quoth Sir Raven nevermore

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