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  1. JoshsNow

    Champions League Sweepstake

    Josh: Spurs and Juve Ropati: Barcelona and Schalke Nate: At Madrid and Real Madrid Smith: Ajax and Porto Mark: Liverpool and PSG Bart: Lyon and Man City Alex: Dortmund and B Munich Maasa: Man U and Roma
  2. JoshsNow

    Champions League Sweepstake

    We’re down to the final 16 of the Champions League and I feel like it’s time to do a Sweepstake. 1000 BPZ Dollars up for grabs. To sign up just say I’m in
  3. JoshsNow

    Monthly Entertainment Recap

    Welcome to my January Entertainment Recap with me JoshsNow. Every month we will go through movies and TV Shows I recommend. Its only short and if you have any suggestions for me to improve or if you want me to go into detail with anything at any point just please let me know. Let’s begin with movies Don’t Watch At All A Dogs Way Home Homes and Watson Watch when it comes onto Netflix/Sky/DVD How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Ralph Breaks The Internet Mary Poppins Returns GO TO YOUR CINEMAS NOW FOR Bumblebee Aquaman Bohemian Rhapsody Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse My February Movie pick is Fighting With My Family. Should be great. Now for TV Shows Watch The Bodyguard Black Mirror Haunting of Hill House The Orville Titans I know its only a short recap but if you have any improvement ideas let me know and thank you for reading. EDIT: Can a mod please move this to Entertainment
  4. JoshsNow

    Hi all

    Ay yo what's up dude, I'm Josh, and I'll be your tour guide throughout the adventure we call 'BrendenPlayz Forums'. Most people are interested in the "Kayfabe" section which you can find directly below the "Introduce Yourself" section. I recommend reading this post before doing anything though. Another section that is widely popular is the diaries section, where you can do basically anything, whether it be a WWE Brand Split diary or a Call Of Duty diary, we welcome them all. Not good at creative writing? That's okay, because we have sections for Extreme Warfare Revenge (Game I will link below), and WWE 2K19, where most members post their Universe Modes and write them up for members to enjoy. Links to all three sections + EWR: http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/88-wwe-2k19/ http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/50-extreme-warfare-revenge/ http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/60-diaries/ http://homeofprowrestling.com/tew/ewr/software.html We also have Title Votings every month that are based on contributions to the forums, and once you reach 25 posts (which I'm sure you will), you will be able to view the awards section where all of the votings are posted. We have a voting at St Valentines Day Massacre, which has the NXT Title, which is currently vacated. Anyways, please read the guidelines because a lot of new members don't and end up breaking rules, so take a minute to check those out. So, welcome to the forums dude and I hope you stay active!
  5. JoshsNow

    Green Agent Corner

    Welcome to the FAC January Review. FAC has entered a new format and I’m now doing episodes in Monthly Instalments. Today we have special guest Echo Wilson, where we will conduct first an in-character interview and then he will join us in the studio to put together a list. Also, we review all their matches this month, and review some classics from the past, as well as going through all the shows from the week and naming our Top 10 Superstars of the Month. Let’s get into it Recap Carnage (1st Jan-NOL) Arius Promo ** ½ Flynn promoed, Bailey came out and the two went back and forth *** ½ Julius promo *** Angelo promo * ½ New Bloods promo ½ Jason Ryan promo ** Buddy Ace promoed, Sameer responded **** ½ Bart Promo *** Maasa Promo Julius Promo *** ½ Owen promo * ½ Brenden Promo, Owen interrupts ** ½ Maasa promoes, Dikey interrupts ½ Ark promo ** Angelo promo * ½ Maasa promo ½ Julius promo **** Owen promo * BiC promo **** Bart promo **** ½ Maasa promo BiC promo ** Yelich promo, BiC interrupts *** Arius promo ** ½ Owen promo * ½ Angelo promo *** Bart promo, Julius interrupts ***** Prince promo **** Ropati promo ** ½ Night of Legends Carnage Scramble ** ¼ FDS vs Kieron Black * ¼ Carnage Showcase ** ½ Carnage (Night of Legends – Royal Rumble) Owen promo *** ½ Alex promo *** Kieron promo ½ Kieron promo * ½ Brett promo ** Hollow promo * ½ Bailey promo, BiC and Bailey go back and forth **** Marker promo, Julius and Buddy Ace appear *** ½ Maasa promo, Alex and Maasa go back and forth, Dikey and Maasa go back and forth ½ Black vs Garcia HIAC * ¼ Crippler promo **** BiC promo *** ½ Jason Ryan promo ** ½ Marker promo ** ½ Jason Ryan promo ** ½ Kieron promo * ½ Owen, Crippler and Alex go back and forth *** James Hunter promo ½ Nate promo, interrupted by Bic ***** Yelich and Flynn go back and forth **** ½ Owen promo, interrupted by Alex ** Wallace promo interrupted by Alex and Owen ½ Kieron promo interrupted by Crippler ** ½ Storm promo *** ½ Hollow promo *** Necce promo *** ½ Julius promo ** ½ FDS promo, interrupted by Bailey and BiC *** Owen promo interrupted by Alex * ½ Buddy Ace promo interrupted by Mark **** Jason Ryan promo * ½ Ropati promo ** Brett promo interrupted by Bart * ½ Kieron promo Bart promo **** ½ Arius promo interrupted by Maasa and Alex ** Owen promo interrupted by Maasa ½ Angelo promo interrupted by Julius *** Hans promo interrupted by Alex *** ½ Brenden promo ***** ½ Maasa and Alex go back and forth ½ Echo Wilson promo *** ½ Owen promo interrupted by Alex * Alex promo ** Josh promo *** ½ Bart promo interrupted by BiC ***** ½ Buddy Ace interrupted by Jason Ryan ** FDS promo **** Sameer promo **** Mikey, Alex, Mave, Hans and Crippler go back and forth * ½ Arius promo *** ½ Necce promo ******** ½ Echo promo ** ½ Alex and Gill go back and forth ** Cody promo ** Royal Rumble BiC vs Bart *** Flynn vs Yelich *** ¼ Royal Rumble Match ********* ¼ Carnage (Royal Rumble – 31st Jan) Suby promo ** ½ Alex, Crippler and Owen go back and forth * Akki interrupts Cody promo * Necce, Bailey and Mave go back and forth ½ Bailey and Julius go back and forth **** Nate interrupts Wallace promo *** FDS promo **** ½ Cody promo ** Joh promo **** Owen interrupts Alex promo ** Buddy Ace promo * ½ Mikey promo * Gill promo ** ½ Ropati interrupts Flynn promo ****** Bailey promo **** ½ Alex promo ** Yelich promo **** BiC interrupts Echo promo **** Gill promo ** ½ Arius promo ** FDS promo *** ½ BiC promo **** ½ Mikey, Alex, Cody and Gill go back and forth * ½ Interview Section 1 Josh: Alright let’s try get this started. Echo, welcome to the show. Do you want to talk us through the month? Because it has been a tough month for you Echo: First of all, don't ever speak to me like that ok Josh? Let's kick things off with one simple truth. I'm better than you, and you know it. Tough Month. Sure, it looks like that to the common eye but tell me when has someone ever come back with more ferocity and more determination than me. I don't really care to be honest about what I did because it can't really be changed now. So, what I am looking forward to is more important, me breaking more records, winning more titles, solidifying my status as an all-time great. Something I don't think you can say about yourself........so shut up Josh: Echo, you don't come onto my show and speak like that. What makes you already think you're an all-time great Mr Wilson Echo: I mean, look at me. Do you not smell the aura of greatness about me? As far as I'm concerned, I'm your guest, and hosts do not treat their guests this way. Also, everything I touch turns to absolute gold, you have to understand this Josh. So, when I agree with my agents who tell me that this is a good opportunity, I make this show my own damn show. I didn't come down here for arguing, I thought I came here for an adequate interviewer, move on Josh: Ok. Well what are your plans for Mania Echo? Echo: Well, that's a secret isn't it. I wouldn't be keeping this aura of mystique about me if I let all of my plans loose on a B Show like this. but I will tell you this. By Mania, I will already be Global Champion and possibly more. So, you can keep your little nose out of my business and wait like all of the other drooling fans who are tracking my every move. Sitting in your basement, with your bowl of Cheetos, doing your little detective work. What makes you worthy to be an insider Josh? Gary Green: One minute I'll take over this interview, Josh is clearly being unprofessional, sorry about this Mr GOAT Wilson. Now, your opponents at the upcoming PPV where you challenge for the Global Championship. What are your thoughts on them? Echo: Appallingly bad, is the words that come to mind when I think of them. Two of them, Kieron and Yelich, are two guys who I've trumped before on multiple occasions. With Yelich being a guy who I've used frequently, time and time again, to make myself look better. He is merely a stepping stone and no matter what idiotic phase he goes through, he will always be a supporting cast member. Kieron, let’s not bring this guy up, how many times does he have to take L's before he sees that he's a B Level guy. Lastly, FDS, the most intriguing of all of these guys in my opinion. He's completely fresh in my eyes but what do I know. He's a fuckin psychopath. How are we letting guys who drink blood, kill people, skin them alive and eat them for dinner into our company? We are professionals here, FD knows nothing about professionalism unless it involves how to slice up the body that he's been keeping frozen in his basement for a few days. That is disgraceful. Green: I agree FDS is a disgrace. Final question of this part of the interview Echo, and this was wrote by Josh is this so ignore the ridiculousness of this question, how did you feel learning long-time rival JoshsNow had retired? Did you not care or did some part of you respect your rivalry Echo: Listen, one thing that people need to get through their skulls. I'm not a bad person. I'm not a cruel person. But can I say to the point that I care? No. I don't care that much. But what I do know is that it will be a shame for me never to beat Josh again. I guess you could say he's had enough? And that is not a bad thing to say. It is a respectable thing to say, meaning that I respect Josh as a person who was willing to sacrifice himself for my cause. He always knew who he was across the ring with and although he was thick headed, like no other, do not get me wrong. Josh did have a certain feeling about himself where he knew his place. He knew that whatever he did would always be outshone by me. So, in that sense I respect his ability to step back and let the real competitors shine. And then his ability to make others look good was also a plus. He will be missed in that regard, yes. Green: Thank you and that is Section 1 complete Blast from The Past Welcome to Blast From The Past where we look at Past matches. In the future if you have any matches from the past for me to review or even re-review I will but for now we will stick with this one War Games 2018 Key Points Slim hits Flynn with a Hangman Neckbreaker ROA kicked Slim to death in the corner Ross and Flynn hit a Pop Up Roundhouse Kick to Bailey Prince hits Flynn with The Crowning Prince hits Ross with Disciplinary Flynn hits Slim with a middle turnbuckle Exploder Suplex Julius attacks Echo Wilson before he can enter Ross hits Echo with a Five Star Attachment Slim hits Ross with the Essential Eliminator Prince hits Slim with a Crowning to the back of the head Flynn hits Prince with an FKO Bailey hits a Moonsault to Flynn off the top of the cage Slim hits a Skull Shatter to Bailey Flynn hits Echo with a V-Trigger Ross hit the RossCutter to Slim ROA hit the A&O Special to Slim for the 3 Analysis What a match, full of insane moments. I’m awarding this **** ¾ Section 2 Green: Now welcome to Section 2. This is Fans Question. We had one question sent in by a Mr Necce. He asked "How big is your dick" Echo: Necce, he sounds a bit too interested doesn't he? Well, that information is classified but imagine like a yard stick ruler and then you'll get a relative glimpse of my size. Although of course I am humbling myself. My dick or whatever is much larger than a yard stick Green: What’s weird is that he sent that question in 20 times. Now, Echo your promo of the month (I gave him my nominees) Echo: I am The Emperor by Emperor Nate Green: Thank you Echo for your time Top 10 of the Month 1. Bart 2. Bailey 3. Ropati 4. Nate 5. The New Flynn 6. Crippler 7. Arius 8. Hollow 9 and 10. The Big Ballers Overall the Superstar of the Month goes to Universal Champion Bart. Congratulations and also congratulations to Nate on his Promo of the month award. Join me next month for another edition of FAC Monthly Report. Goodnight
  6. JoshsNow

    Who Would You Like To Tag With In BPZ?

    If I ever come out of retirement @Echo Wilson you know you want to
  7. JoshsNow

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    Julius Bart Bailey Flynn Necce
  8. JoshsNow

    My Experience at WoS

    I have to admit, having been a bit dubious due to the quality of the 2 shows with NXT UK I had been to and the slightly disappointing TV show but the event completely surprised me in a good way Match 1: Joe Hendry and BT Gunn beat Alpha Bad (Kip Sabian and Iestyn Rees) * A poor start to the show saw a Tag Team match that other than seeing the names was poor. Post match Rampage and Samuels attacked Hendry and Gunn until Sysum made the save. A very generic video from Stu Bennett introduced SoCal Val as that nights GM where she made a match between Sysum and Rampage for the WoS title in the main event, and made Samuels fight Grado next Match 2: Sha Samuels beat Grado *** After the first match and hearing this match was next I was incredibly bored but they worked a physical, very good match that included comedy with Grado using the ref to confuse Sha and complaining about Sha not being able to German him saying he isn’t that fat. It ended in a victory for Sha but a very surprisingly good match Match 3: Adam Maxted beat Nathan Cruz in a Ladder Match **** An absolutely stunning match that saw some ridiculous stuff happen in this ladder match. Everything they couldn’t do on the TV show they did today, breaking the only ladder when one was backflipped onto it, before during a Nathan Cruz Sunset Flip Powerbomb the smaller replacement ladder broke from their weight and both fell on their necks. They didn’t die and Maxted won in a great match Match 4: Will Ospreay beat Robbie X and Martin Kirby in a Triple Threat Match **** Featuring a great wrestler in X, the best high flyer in the world Ospreay and an excellent wrestler in Kirby, Kirby tried to get out of the match by saying he had the sniffles until he was threatened with being tired. X held Kirby in the ropes as Ospreay stretched an elastic band from behind Kirbys head went into the crowd with it and smashed it back into Kirbys face. He then did the same thing to Kirbys groin area, before him and X went to opposite corners with the band, released it into Kirby and Lyndsey. When the comedy was finished they put on a stunning wrestling match that earns 4 stars. After this Robbie X signed photos during a break Match 5: Gabriel Kidd vs Crater: ** The 36 stone Crater killed someone. Weirdly enjoyable. With chants for “Cyanide” (Craters name throughout the rest of Britain) poor Gabriel’s Kidds talents were rarely showcased but when they were he looked stunning Match 6: Viper beat Bea Priestley to win the WoS Women’s Championship ** Bea’s 5 day reign was ended by Viper who shockingly beat her in an enjoyable match. 2 stars Match 7: Justin Sysum beat Rampage to retain the WoS World Heavyweight Championship *** A good way to end the show, Sysum and Rampage worked a solid match until the ref got knocked down and Samuels, Rees and Sabian came out until Grado, Hendry and Gunn made the save. Sysum took everyone out on the top of the stage but as the ref got up and counted to 8 for a Countout, Sysum sprinted from the stage to the ring leaped through the ropes and Speared Rampage, the best move I have ever seen live. He followed up with a 450 Splash to retain Overall: *** Good show, highlights were the ladder match and Triple Threat Match as the show completely proved my opinions wrong. Also got another pic with Alex Shane which is a bonus. If they let them do this type of thing in a Season 2 it will fare a lot better
  9. Off to WoS Tour tonight in Blackpool. Should be interesting 

  10. JoshsNow

    BPZ Brightest Star (Game Show)

    Well this is a year old but might as well update results Semi Finals Bart 100-60 Ropati Summer 80-60 Poi Finals Bart 80-70 Summer Meaning @Bart was the first winner of BPZ's Brightest Star A second series is being ran. Please sign up now and first 8 get in. Who will be BPZs Brightest Star 2019. Just say "I'm in" or "I'm interested"
  11. JoshsNow

    The 2019 Royal Rumble Match

    Nothing deserves to take away my most repped post in history moniker more than this Bailey. Amazing match write up and congrats
  12. JoshsNow

    A Final Touch

    BPZ Carnage is towards the end of the show when it announces it has a live broadcast from someone who hasn’t been seen for a while. As the crowd question each other as to who it could be, the question is answered when JoshsNow’s face appears on the titantron Hello Carnage Despite the inactivenes for months, the crowd still love the Gentleman and erupt when he appears. A tear falls down his eye as he hears the crowd and smiles It has been a while since I was here. Last time I was here I complained about Bailey and lost to him. After that I moved to Evolve. After MITB disappointment I clean sweeped The Global Series and went on to face Jason in the final. Since then I have appeared 3 times. I appeared in a post match interview challenging Gary Green to a match, I called out The Flock and I called out Storm. 3 times in 3 months. A few months ago you would see me 3 times in a week Last time I appeared in BPZ, Evolve existed. And now it’s time to reveal my absence. I’m afraid during that match with Jason I suffered injuries that were potentially career ending. Those words didn’t ring true with me, and I kept pushing to carry on, trying to organise matches at Survivor Series, Evolves PPV and then at Night of Legends, ignoring the doctors Ignoring the doctors was my worst mistake. I wonder if maybe I’d just taken more of a break, whether I’d be coming out here today announcing I was still wrestling, and not speaking to you today, from my county home in Yorkshire, telling you I was retiring Suddenly the crowd realise what this speech is and scream “No” but unfortunately Josh nods I can not thank you enough BPZ for what you have bought me. These past 2 and a half years I have adored my time here. It is now time I parted. Thank you BPZ. Parting is such sweet sorrow The screen turns off and Carnage fades to black leaving everyone at home and in the arena shocked OOC: Sorry to everyone my inactiveness has let down - Storm in particular. I will try to be more active but I’ve got too much on my plate to be fully active. I will post FAC and PL Weekly Review monthly but other than that I may not spend as much time. I would have loved to have done more on the forums, hold a title for more than 1 defence, win World even maybe one day but thank you everyone on here for the memories and for making BPZ an enjoyable experience for 30 months
  13. JoshsNow

    Pick a number

    Men: 14 Women: 30
  14. After the amazing show the night before this was nowhere near as good. But it was still good. I’d give it a C as I came out enjoying it but what it was in essence was 3 tapings for NXT UK. We got a bonus match as Flash Morgan Webster lost to Luke Menzies who made his debut I think and he looked very impressive. Plus he’s from near where I live so I was cheering him. Plus we saw two Walter matches and the only star that didn’t compete really was Pete Dunne. Of course nothing topped Walter coming out last night which was possibly one of the greatest moments of my life but I’ll summarise the shows Show 1 Pete Dunne came out and promoed only to be interrupted by Gallas who were interrupted by “You tapped Out” chants. Joe Coffey said if anyone in the back wants to challenge him he would or something along those lines when the lights went out and everyone erupted as WALTER arrived. Gallus fleed as Dunne stared down with WALTER to end the segment We got 3 C matches as Nina Samuels faced Lana Austin, Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams faced T-Bone and Saxon Huxley before Eddie Dennis won, which is great because he’s one of my favourites The taping ended with the match of the night an A match as Devlin faced Banks. It could’ve been higher had the ending not been so screwy but I a great match Show 2 We had 2 C matches and a promo again as Dave Mastiff beat Primate and Jinny beat Kasey Owens, with the promo being Grizzled Young Veterans promoing to a hate filled crowd before we saw Sid announce they would defend against Lorcan and Burch in an NXT vs NXT UK clash WALTER then appeared in a B match, receiving that rating because even though it was that 1 sided it was WALTER. Main event was Moustache Mountain vs European Union, Moustache MountIn needed a win and it was a great match Show 3 No promo and similar to the last show 3 enjoyable matches as Xia Brookside beat Candy Floss, perhaps overshadowed by Rhea Ripley attacking them both post match until Storm attempted to make a save. Joe Coffey beat Ashton Smith and Wild Boar lost to one of my favourite wrestlers Joseph Conners Two B matches - Ligero vs Mark Andrews was good and with Ligero my first wrestler I liked its great to see him in NXT UK, and Walter vs Coffey was ace. Walter is going to be great Overall a C, a very enjoyable show and the atmosphere was great
  15. JoshsNow

    NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool

    I went to Blackpool last night thinking to myself This is the greatest show I will have ever gone to At the end of the night I realised something. That was the greatest wrestling show I will ever go to. And oh my god it was insane. (1) The 3 pre show matches weren’t anything special but they were all enjoyable. Aichner and Barthel remind me a bit of the Bar and they have great future, whilst Ligero and Jinny winning was excellent to see (2) What an opening match. The show couldn’t have started any hotter and we were on Row L so we weren’t far away but not too close so every Suicide Dive we just saw them flying and assuming connection. I have to admit, I took my shoes off cause I hated Gibson. (3) When Devlin attacked Banks I picked then to go to toilets. I have to admit I was surprised to come out of the toilets and see Finn Bálor come to the ring but they put on a good match (4) The next 2 were different. Ripley vs Storm was enjoyable and the emotion for Storm was wonderful whilst the No DQ match was insane (5) What a main event. MOTN in my opinion but that could be because I wanted Dunne to win so much and the crowd was rabid. The “Are You Watching Vince McMahon” was a highlight chant and it was a great match and I thought the show would had given me everything (6) Then the first note of WALTER’s theme song hit and 95% of the crowd knew who it was. It was insane and I don’t think I’ve ever been in an atmosphere like that. (7) After the show as we were leaving “The Game” hit and everyone ran back as Triple H came out and clapped the crowd. A niceness little touch to end the greatest show I’ve ever been to