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  1. Similar to the Wrestlers Best Year Thread, I name a video game series and you tell me the best game in the series. Earlier on on in the Chat people were arguing about which Super Mario Party game was the best so we will start there. What was the best Super Mario Party game?
  2. JoshsNow

    Hype Package

    After a big announcement about the 2019 Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament, we see a hype video begin to play, which shows the history of the tournament. We see The Big Ballers winning in December 2018, Ruin winning in March 2018 and Neb and Flynn winning in April 2017. We see Josh’s disappointment as he fails in the first round of all the previous 3 tournaments before the screen flickers and for a brief second we see the terrifying mask of Joshua Scott until it turns to showing Josh’s defeats with partners FDS, Julius and Storm Gary Greens voice begins to play over the hype video Failure. Time and time again All of Josh’s defeats in the tournament are shown on repeat, the words failure being repeated That was the old Josh. He chose partners perceived to be great, but together they had no chemistry. That is why this time, The Master has taken over and chose the perfect partner for him We now see the incredible Moveset of the highflier Marker, who is Josh’s Tag Team partner in the tournament And The Master has delivered. Josh’s dominance, combined with Markers ability, will mean no team can stand in our way. There chemistry is perfect. And of course Marker has been part of Tag team success in the past We see Marker stood with Jason Ryan, Buddy Ace and Necce of The Frontier holding the Global Championship Tag Team Championships This year will finally be Josh’s year. No team can stop them The clip changes to showcase some of the other teams in BPZ Bulletproof can’t stop them. Brad and FDS can’t stop us. JRE can’t stop us. The Thundermans, wait, are we seriously mentioning these idiots? The video carries on showcasing more images of Josh and Mark, more images about the Tournament before the hype package comes to a close with Gary Green appearing on the screen BPZ panic. The Bludgeoning is coming. Josh returns to Carnage next week. The titantron shows a graphic of Josh and Marker stood together with the words “Josh and Marker have announced their entry for the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament” appearing as the screen turns to black
  3. Just to confirm that me and @MARKER are a team
  4. The two 5v5v5 matches both seem poor, and I wonder whether WWE May have been better having WWE vs NXT in the Survivor Series matches. However I feel instead like this will just be a crap match as there just simply isn’t enough talented women on the main roster to make this great
  5. Nothing like a bit of political satire
  6. No, maybe one day in the far future, but I don’t think it will be anytime soon If it was anytime soon, I believe WWE would have saved his return for Survivor Series (imagine the Chicago crowd) or the Royal Rumble (If they had have done that I genuinely think it would have been the greatest crowd reaction ever.) the fact they did it on WWE Backstage suggests at the minute there is no in ring return But if we have learnt anything from the last week about Punk and WWE, never say never
  7. 3 days until Football Manager 2020 comes out. Cannot wait for it
  8. Just caught up on this and it is brilliant so far. Good to see you had the female wrestler of the year and interesting to see Dolph as your highest ranked male. Keep up the great work you two
  9. This looks so so good Arius. Not only am I loving the premise and the format, I also find myself amused by the PPV names. I really cannot wait to see what happens with this diary. Keep up the great work
  10. I agree with two people on this one. The first is Mikey. When I first saw this, Humberto Carrilo came to mind and I believe he would be a great fit for it However I most agree with Julius. The character never worked and WWE should probably retire it
  11. The poor man hasn’t won a singles televised match by pinfall since 2017, of course he should be asking for his release. I am yet to truly be impressed by him as a wrestler, he had those 2 awesome ladder matches (TLC 2015 and Mania 2016) where he was brilliant in both but other than that I haven’t seen too much. Will be interesting to see if he delivers
  12. I like the mix of opinions from 1999 to 2009/2010. For me his best year was 2009. Not only did he have the great first match with Michaels he had a run with a World title Next Up Brian Pillman
  13. To make life easier, I am just going to keep the majority of the current champions for mine World Championship: BiC vs Bashka Bashka returns and wins the Rumble, setting up a match against the man who kicked him out of Bp Intercontinental Championship: Arius vs Hans Arius faces tough competition against the man who took the US Title from him Undisputed Championship: Flynn vs Slim It seems inevitable that these 2 will meet again and I believe that will happen at BPZ Mania A few other matches on there but those are the 3 I see happening
  14. Gary Green The Boss 31 5’10’’ 140lbs Manchester, England No one knows what Gary did, but everyone in the prison is terrified of him, even the guards. Nearly every guard works for him, and if you make it into his inner circle then you tend to be safe. He is a very dangerous man Unknown (Make up whatever you want)

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