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  1. Congrats to @Flynn who at SummerSlam made his 4th defence of the Universal Championship, the third reign to do that after his first reign and Necce's

    Commiserations to @GeorgeAK @Blade and @Slim. They finished as 24th longest reigning champs and 22nd in the combined stats. George and Blade finished as 30th for single combined whilst Slim has held the Tag Team Championship for more combined days than anyone else in history. With this reign he also equalled Flynn as having 5 reigns with the belt. They also made the 10th most defences and 9th for combined defences. Slim made his record breaking 10th defence of the belts whilst George and Blade sit 30th.

    Congrats to @BiC and @Hans who became the 30th Tag Champs. Hans became the 38th person to win the Tag Titles. BiC also becomes the 18th man to be a 2x Tag Champ

    Congrats to @Meko750 (Raven) who becomes the 6th person to be a 2x NXT Champ. 

    Finally a special congrats to @Arius who's NA Title reign is the 14th reign in BPZ history to pass the 150 day mark

    1. Bart


      The Universal Championship isnt a thing anymore. Other than that thanks for keeping FCR updated Josh 

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