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  1. Yo whats up I am Gary Green of Smarks Daily. Now recently we saw the return of BPZ Hall of Famer, the OPG Poiunight, but his history certainly has some interesting stuff when we start to look back. With that being said, this is 5 things BPZ want you to forget about Poi (5) BrendenNight In 2015, Poi decided a new gimmick (of which he has had many) and became the stunt double of BrendenPlayz. This involved him going into Chat and copy and pasting everything Brenden said. It ended within a few hours when he was told it counted as spamming, but it was still an interesting period for BPZ (4) BPZ Fastlane What's a better idea, than writing your own PPV? When Poi had the idea in 2016, it generated buzz upon its creation in the diaries section. Bailey had just won the Rumble, and was set to face Bash at Fastlane, and then nothing happened. He stopped writing it and it all came to a stop. Of course these days BPZ diaries are more common but its a shame Pois idea ended like this (3) Beef With Ross It is pretty well documented that Poi did not get along well with one of BPZs major stars at the time. Ross tended to act "dickish" towards Poi at times, putting Poi down and making his life hell. However luckily Poi and Ross buried the hatchet before Poi left, but it is still a good thing Ross isn't back to see Pois return (2) Begging against Necce The opportunity to face Flynn at BPZ Mania. As many know the match was won by Necce who went on to have a historic feud with Flynn. But for most of the match Poi was level with Necce on votes. Poi however never votes for himself and instead he voted for Necce, keeping things level. This led him to ask Necce to vote for Poi, which Necce screenshotted and showed everyone If youre confused by Pois thinking to (a) not vote for himself and then (b) beg his own opponent, well join the club (1) Never Winning a Kayfabe Or Gimmick Related Title Poi, the man who created kayfabe. The man who created gimmicks. And yet he has never won a gimmick related Slammy or a kayfabe title. His only title comes in the form of a Premium title. It is a shock when you realise how long he has been around for, but perhaps it can change upon his return Thanks to @Poiudust for giving me this information. I have been Gary Green, this has been the revival of Smarks Daily. Goodnight
  2. JoshsNow

    Mark My Words

    On an episode of Carnage which features two big matches, one between Raven and FDS and one between Prince and Sameer. We however cut backstage to Marker, who is sat there taping his wrists when he suddenly sees someone walking towards him and looks up to see who it is The camera cuts to show the two men he is looking at, Gary Green and Joshua Scott, who walk towards him. Marker gives a polite smile but the two don’t return the favour Mark: What’s up guys? You don’t seem too happy Green: We just have a bit of news to deliver to you. We have decided to leave the tag tournament We see Marks expression turn to shock as he tries for absorb the information that had just been delivered to him Mark: But why? Green: The Master has said he wants a different team to win the tournament and that we would interfere with his plans. So we dropped out Mark: WHAT We see Marks face get close to Gary Greens as his expression turns to anger Mark: WHO IS THE MASTER. LET ME SPEAK TO HIM Green: You are not worthy enough to know The Masters name Mark: I am my own man, I don’t believe The Master is anything special Green: That is a coincidence because The Master sent me a text about you. Mark: Why.. what did he say? Green: I will read you the text. Marker may be a talented in ring prospect but he is going to be trouble in the long term. I need Josh to take him out. Marker looks at Gary confused before SUDDENLY JOSH JUST HITS MARKER WITH A CLUBBING BLOW Josh follows up with more stomps and punches before picking Marker up by the neck near equipment boxes. Markers begs for mercy but Josh laughs to himself before throwing him over the equipment boxes Josh and Gary smile at the battered body of Marker as medical officials begin to check on him. Josh and Gary carry on walking until Gary gets a text on his phone which he reads out loud with a smile on his face Green: A message from The Master. Well done for disposing of the weak link, but for now I have no more instructions for you. You are free until needed again. Destroy anyone and everyone that gets in your path
  3. Dammit we finished second to Leeds. But great to be called up and included in TOTY for the Championship. Excited for the next season Rop
  4. Interesting start to this diary Gunner, excited to see what you do with this
  5. Similar to the Wrestlers Best Year Thread, I name a video game series and you tell me the best game in the series. Earlier on on in the Chat people were arguing about which Super Mario Party game was the best so we will start there. What was the best Super Mario Party game?
  6. JoshsNow

    Hype Package

    After a big announcement about the 2019 Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament, we see a hype video begin to play, which shows the history of the tournament. We see The Big Ballers winning in December 2018, Ruin winning in March 2018 and Neb and Flynn winning in April 2017. We see Josh’s disappointment as he fails in the first round of all the previous 3 tournaments before the screen flickers and for a brief second we see the terrifying mask of Joshua Scott until it turns to showing Josh’s defeats with partners FDS, Julius and Storm Gary Greens voice begins to play over the hype video Failure. Time and time again All of Josh’s defeats in the tournament are shown on repeat, the words failure being repeated That was the old Josh. He chose partners perceived to be great, but together they had no chemistry. That is why this time, The Master has taken over and chose the perfect partner for him We now see the incredible Moveset of the highflier Marker, who is Josh’s Tag Team partner in the tournament And The Master has delivered. Josh’s dominance, combined with Markers ability, will mean no team can stand in our way. There chemistry is perfect. And of course Marker has been part of Tag team success in the past We see Marker stood with Jason Ryan, Buddy Ace and Necce of The Frontier holding the Global Championship Tag Team Championships This year will finally be Josh’s year. No team can stop them The clip changes to showcase some of the other teams in BPZ Bulletproof can’t stop them. Brad and FDS can’t stop us. JRE can’t stop us. The Thundermans, wait, are we seriously mentioning these idiots? The video carries on showcasing more images of Josh and Mark, more images about the Tournament before the hype package comes to a close with Gary Green appearing on the screen BPZ panic. The Bludgeoning is coming. Josh returns to Carnage next week. The titantron shows a graphic of Josh and Marker stood together with the words “Josh and Marker have announced their entry for the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament” appearing as the screen turns to black
  7. Just to confirm that me and @MARKER are a team
  8. The two 5v5v5 matches both seem poor, and I wonder whether WWE May have been better having WWE vs NXT in the Survivor Series matches. However I feel instead like this will just be a crap match as there just simply isn’t enough talented women on the main roster to make this great
  9. Nothing like a bit of political satire
  10. No, maybe one day in the far future, but I don’t think it will be anytime soon If it was anytime soon, I believe WWE would have saved his return for Survivor Series (imagine the Chicago crowd) or the Royal Rumble (If they had have done that I genuinely think it would have been the greatest crowd reaction ever.) the fact they did it on WWE Backstage suggests at the minute there is no in ring return But if we have learnt anything from the last week about Punk and WWE, never say never
  11. 3 days until Football Manager 2020 comes out. Cannot wait for it
  12. Just caught up on this and it is brilliant so far. Good to see you had the female wrestler of the year and interesting to see Dolph as your highest ranked male. Keep up the great work you two
  13. This looks so so good Arius. Not only am I loving the premise and the format, I also find myself amused by the PPV names. I really cannot wait to see what happens with this diary. Keep up the great work
  14. I agree with two people on this one. The first is Mikey. When I first saw this, Humberto Carrilo came to mind and I believe he would be a great fit for it However I most agree with Julius. The character never worked and WWE should probably retire it
  15. The poor man hasn’t won a singles televised match by pinfall since 2017, of course he should be asking for his release. I am yet to truly be impressed by him as a wrestler, he had those 2 awesome ladder matches (TLC 2015 and Mania 2016) where he was brilliant in both but other than that I haven’t seen too much. Will be interesting to see if he delivers
  16. I like the mix of opinions from 1999 to 2009/2010. For me his best year was 2009. Not only did he have the great first match with Michaels he had a run with a World title Next Up Brian Pillman
  17. To make life easier, I am just going to keep the majority of the current champions for mine World Championship: BiC vs Bashka Bashka returns and wins the Rumble, setting up a match against the man who kicked him out of Bp Intercontinental Championship: Arius vs Hans Arius faces tough competition against the man who took the US Title from him Undisputed Championship: Flynn vs Slim It seems inevitable that these 2 will meet again and I believe that will happen at BPZ Mania A few other matches on there but those are the 3 I see happening
  18. Gary Green The Boss 31 5’10’’ 140lbs Manchester, England No one knows what Gary did, but everyone in the prison is terrified of him, even the guards. Nearly every guard works for him, and if you make it into his inner circle then you tend to be safe. He is a very dangerous man Unknown (Make up whatever you want)
  19. We see the terrifying mask of JoshsNow look down at the drunk man on the floor and put his hand awkwardly around Marker, as if trying to comfort him before Gary Green appears. Gary looks down at the man and smiles solemnly before Green begins to speak A drunken waste of space. So sad to see it. I am glad to see you are unharmed Marker, The Master must have chosen you for a particular reason so making sure you are alright is our main priority Now you mentioned the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament. Whilst none has been announced, one can assume there shall be one and if there is, we shall walk it. With Josh’s dominance and your skill, not one team would be able to stop us And that includes Creed and Bulletproof. They face on tonight’s Carnage for the Tag team titles, with the winner of that match most likely being our opponents when my client and you inevitably win the Tag Tournament. Isaiah, You may be thinking you beat Josh three times but the truth is you beat the old Josh twice and Pablo once. You are yet to face The New and Improved Josh. No one has stepped in the ring with the New Josh. Because no one would stand a chance in the ring with Josh. Or Marker. And the era of this amazing Tag Team starts in a few weeks time when Marker wins Premium. But for now BPZ be warned. The Master has chosen these 2 to tear BPZ apart. There is something coming, watch out or because there is going to be a, umm what’s the word. Suddenly we see Josh remove his mask for the third time since becoming the new Josh and he stares down the camera, before saying his first words in 2 months Josh: BLUDGEONING. Gary: That’s right BPZ, get ready for a bludgeoning
  20. Interesting to see such a variant between 2001, 1998 and 2013. Personally for me he was at his best in 2001 so I will go with the majority. Next up Taker
  21. RO16 Update Alex 150-50 Cody Alex won his first ever match in style, beating Cody to earn a place in the quarter finals KENJI 150-100 Kai Kai took an early lead but once KENJI got a 30 pointer he didn’t look back. Kai looked to mount a latex comeback but it wasn’t enough Kieron 150-30 Arrow Arrow took a shock 30 point lead, but Kieron got 150 points in a row to smash his way into the quarter finals Meko 150-80 Aidan Aidan wasn’t able to get beginners look against the current champ, although he had a bright start with it being tied after 2 questions. However Meko took 70 consecutive points until Aidan got 50 consecutive points to bring him back into the game. Aidan bought it back to 90-80 at one point but Meko took the next 60 points to win BiC beat Storm by forfeit After losing his only previous match by forfeit, BiC won it in the same way this time with a victory over Storm Bart beat Aaron North by forfeit Another forfeit victory, this time for the inaugural champ Bart Mikey 150-50 Jason Mikey took an early 20 point lead but Jason was on fire and bought it to 40-30. It was soon 50-50 but Mikey turned it on and got 100 consecutive points to win Echo 140-140 Ropati What. A. Match. This became my third favourite match ever, overtaking Kieron vs Meko as Echo and Rop tore the house down. Echo has taken it to the final question in every match and The Entertainer carried on. Nothing separated them as they reached 60-60 but Echo took 50 points to make it 110-60. However Ropati reputation as the comeback king continued as he bought it back to 110-110. Nothing separated them after that as they reached the final question tied at 140-140 but both failed the question, sending us into the super over for only the second ever time. And a Kiwi won a Super Over for once, sending Ropati to the quarter finals QUARTER MATCHES Bart vs Kieron Its a clash of champions as Bart and Kieron collide in a dream match. The first 2 ever champs, who will win KENJI vs Costa Alex moved off the bottom of the rankings and now faces up and coming KENJI BiC vs Meko Meko looks to carry on his succesful defence with a victory over forfeit king BiC Mikey vs Ropati Ropati pulled off an upset against Echo, and now looks to take out the dominating Mikey My Favourite Moments Of The Round
  22. Brilliant first episode Owen. A god named Mesnate (is that midnight?) is interesting and I am interesting to see where this goes Owen
  23. Joshua Scott English Huddersfield Town White 5’10 100lb Central midfielder - Anchor Man
  24. Chapter 10/15 It’s the morning and a knock is heard on BiCs door. He looks annoyed at being woken up, especially having set rules yesterday where he was to wake everyone up so that there would be no accidents. The girls seem to have vanished, leaving Hans and BiC in the room. BiC opens the door and sees Bob standing there BiC: Did you forget about the rules, I wake everyone up Bob: What rules? BiC: Oh yeh you and Meko went to bed early when you went with the doctor. I’ll explain when we are on the coach. Now you knocked? Bob: I woke up and Meko wasn’t there. I gave him an hour but he is still missing We cut forward another 30 minutes to see nearly everyone looking around the hotel grounds trying to find Meko when the last remaining people - Brenden, Keeley and Arius arrive Hans: Where were you, I said get down here 30 minutes ago Brenden: Me and Keeley were having breakfast. I don’t know about Arius Arius: I had to pick up some ashes Suddenly a scream is heard. It’s the Indian doctor who has opened the cricket shed and found the body of Meko inside. Everyone crowds around Bob: He he is dead. It’s all my fault Nate Sawyer: How so? Bob: You May have noticed towards the end of yesterday we were sober. We agreed a pact to say sober for the rest of the year. However I only lasted 8 hours. He found out and we argued and then he stormed out, that was the very last time I saw him Doctor: It looks like he died of a head injury Sheri: From this She picked up the blood stained cricket bat and showed it to everyone BiC: This is what is going to happen. We stick to the plan Bob: I will stay here with Meko Doctor: Same I will too BiC: Then lets go to Survivor a Series the sooner the better In 5 minutes, the bus drives away to Survivor Series as the two masked men watch it drive away. One of them picks up a phone Masked Man: Hello I have seen a murder take place. The murder of Meko. And the murderer. BiC The man hangs up before the two take off their masks to reveal Arrow and Steph behind the masks. They then share a smirk before getting in there signature car and Arrow drives, Steph sending a text to Julius as they drive behind the First Class Express

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