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  1. Glorious Domination by CFO$ Welcome to Free Agent Corner 3. My name is Joshua Scott and welcome. I am here to review Halloween Havoc that was 2 weeks ago but still very in our memory. First of all, the Premium Championship match. Tamer should have won because he has more work and luckily he did.Tamer beats Ark Universe to retain Secondly, the NXT Championship. Aidanator had so much momentum compared to Summer and Doc who are about equal in my head. Aidanator was the right choice. Aidanator beats Doc Sarcastic and Summer Gamz. NEW CHAMP. Thirdly, the European Championship. Overall, Cpe has been doing better than Prince. Even though Prince's reign is short, it is time to end for the better man and it did. Cpe18 beats Prince. NEW CHAMP Fourth on the card, the United States Championship. This is the first result I don't agree with, as I think Chris White should have regained his throne as the US Champ by pinning Ark Universe to do it. But it works as I will show later. Alxander Cuddlyzworth beats Chris White and Ark Universe Fifth, the World Title Elimination Chamber. I think in overall contribution Brad has done a lot recently so I am stuck between him and Slim to win. I think it was a tie between those two. Slim beats Kersey, Brad, Bashka, Ryan Infinite and Tamer. It's Richard Jackson. Here's telling Slim Flynn will win and here he is. Wait, that's Nebakos 7. They're brawling. Oh my. I can't wait for them to fight I think interrupting Slim's moment wasnt a good idea so I think it could have come at a different point on the card Next, the Tag Team Title Match. I think Empire of Greatness deserved to win the title so I am in agreement with that they win. Empire of Greatness beat Two Man Power Trip, Decay and Tea v Stars. Universe and Cuddlyzworth were so close to winning. Wait a minute, he's turned. Cuddlyzworth and a hooded figure have attacked Universe. What is he doing. The hooded figure is the NXT Champion Aidanator. This is shocking. A great heel turn no one saw coming. Changing his name is good too as Cuddlyzworth isn't a heel name. An amazing choice Finally, the IC Title. Slim all day long deserved to win. Slim beats Hollow. Alyx Wilde and Aidanator have aligned with Slim. Genius idea. The Supremacy should own BrendenPlayz.
  2. November 24th main event will feature the third tournament match as "The Badass" Slim takes on "The Demented" Nanaovirus. The winner will take on Alpha/Aidanator at Eternal Glory.
  3. November 17th main event shall feature the second tournament match when "The Legend Killer" Adam Masters will take on the "The Outsider" Ryan Reeves. Do not MISS IT!
  4. Ladies and gentlemen to crown the first ever STW CHAMPION there shall be a tournament featuring 8 Superstars. The first round matches will take place on the November 10th, November 17th, November 24th and December 1st episode of Superstars. The semi finals and final will take place at Eternal Glory. In the main event of the first episode of Superstars Alpha will take on Aidanator in the first round match.
  5. The main show will be called Thursday Night Superstars and the first show will be on 10th November. There will be 4 matches per card There will be 13 Pay Per Views, one every 4 weeks on a Saturday. The first Pay Per View will be on 3rd December and will be called Eternal Glory 2016. There will be 7 matches on the card.
  6. Titles: STW Championship Requirements: 1 Win to challenge it
  7. Roster Faces Tommy Richardson Ryan Davidson Man Heels Mario and Luigi - Italian Bros GM Josh Scott
  8. A new promotion is starting run by the most hated man in Kayfabe wrestling Joshua Scott. If you want to join use the sign up sheet with Name Attire Gimmick Finishers Signatures Face/Heel What to be in a tag team or stable
  9. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 1. Today I wanna complain about 3 things. 1. Who gave me negative reputation. My community reputation is now -1. I blame it on Natedog and the former Captaino Spartacus now whatever the hell he calls himself. 2. BPZ 2K17. I'm very happy about making the game but Aidanator made me realise something. People won't buy the NXT Pack because I'm in it. This and point 1 made me realise I'm the most hated man in kayfabe, AND I COULDN'T CARE LESS. Listen to me you stupid idiots I will win at Survivor Series and I get a contract. It's not a popularity contest that you vote for, because I would lose. 3. To promote my win at Survivor Series I wanna appear on some shows but I can't. I will make a deal however. In the next 3 and a half weeks I will invade each show twice, make my point and then get destroyed by security Ladies and gentlemen see you on Friday where I review Halloween Havoc
  10. Ladies and Gentleman I am announcing that Free Agent Corner will be permanent. Here is a schedule. Monday: Interview or Break Tuesday: Break or Why? Wednesday: Talk about 'moi' JoshsNow or Break Thursday: Break or News Friday: Preview or Review Pay Per View Saturday: Break Sunday: Lists or JoshsNow Written Podcast about Kayfabe
  11. I understand what you mean them but my own personality is quite similar to both of them (and Bobby Roode.) I can't argue about being a bit of a Jericho Hendry wannabe though, I understand what you mean. May add a bit of character PS The list will come into play later. BELIEVE THAT
  12. Welcome to Free Agent Corner with me Joshua Scott. Sometimes I invite others to join this glorious set but today I wanna talk about Bashka, the GM of Carnage. But first, the theme song. Glorious Domination by CFo$ plays OK. Now a while ago, I told Bashka I was ready for Carnage and asked to come out and tell me face to face whether I have a contract with Carnage. He's been here but he's been hiding from me. I'll fight anyone to get a contract, I'll put my BPZ Forums Career on the line for a Carnage Contract match. Just tell me Bashka, what's the answer. Yes or No. But if you don't answer by Saturday's edition of Free Agent Corner 5 things will slowly happen week by week. On 22nd October, I will put you on the list! On 1st November I will have interfered at Halloween Havoc. On 5th November, you will suffer pain. On 12th November I will unleash an army of free agents to destroy BPZ. On 19th November, I will create time on shows and PPV's for a new brand, Free Agency. Do you understand Bashka? ---------------------------------------- List of Joshua Captaino Spartacus Marvsta x 1 million
  13. You have made the list so many times. But serious note here, if you look at my other posts I use a mixture of gimmicks. I use a lot of Chris Jericho, but I also use other gimmicks too. I will stick for this gimmick, I won't change it for the flavour of the month, or keep changing it. I make things better, I can wrestle, I can sing Joshua makes things better for BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of Joshua Captaino Spartacus Marvsta x 1 million
  14. MADE THE LIST ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- List of Joshua Captaino Spartacus Marvsta
  15. Gimmick infringement. Jeff Jarrett and the Honky Tonk Man. Buddy Rogers and Ric Flair. Chris Jericho and Chris White. It's not about stealing, it's about improving your gimmick. But Mr White, if you want to get revenge on me, maybe you should talk to your friend Bashka about getting me in Carnage so you can face me. But guess what White, I will stop "stealing" your gimmick, but with a similar gimmick we could have been a tag team. I made us an entrance White. Wanna hear what could have been JOSHUA SCOTT, YEAH JOSHUA SCOTT, JOSHUA SCOTT YEAH (and chris white)
  16. You think I treat the BPZ forums as a joke. U think I have no gimmick. You think I have no skills. You think my life's a joke. But WORST OF ALL, YOU DON'T LIKE MY SONGS. If I was signed to a show I would face you in a match Captaino Spartacus you, you Stupid Idiot. If we were in a ring I'd challenge you to a Career vs Career match to see whose life's the real joke. But as we have no show I'll do the next best thing YOU JUST MADE THE LIST
  17. So is Josh S Now Me and you can rule the world as two unappreciated wrestlers who are deep down the greatest to ever live. By ourselves we are incredible but still free agents. Together we can rule BrendenPlayz. Are you with me, or are you against me Josh can make things better, he can wrestle he can sing Josh can make things better, for BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling
  18. The newest draft member is here. I am ready for Evolve because I am the undefeated with a record of 0-0, JoshsNow
  19. I am here Evolve. The greatest to ever live, me. I am not only a great wrestler, I am a great manager, a great genius and an amazing songwriter He wears a tie, has money, the best in the nation He'll beat you all at Wrestling, and playing PlayStation

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