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  1. Brilliant again Meko. Multiman matches are extremely hard to book well but yet you're doing a great job with it. I feel the CW 4 Way match will steal the show, the Tag title match looks great and I really hope you give The Time Fault a victory against Rey and Chavo because they have a lot of potential as a team. Great work and Im excited for more
  2. What’s going on with Bale and should Real sell him? Well this situation is interesting isn’t it. I think in order to answer your first question, what is going on? I think Bale is stuck in the middle of a Power struggle between the chairman and the manager. Now as to the second question, should Real keep him? No they shouldn’t. Yes he’s one of the top 3 wingers in the world right now, he’s good in the air, he’s good with the ball at his feet and he’s a good finisher. But the manager wants him gone and as the chairman you have to respect that. After all Bale isn’t going to get into the team ahead of Hazard really so perhaps it is best for both parties if he is to go Is Liverpool’s pre season form a cause for concern As a United fan I would love to say yes. But pre season means nothing. And they are missing their front three What is more of a cause for concern for them is that when there is no Mane, Salah or Firmino, Liverpool May struggle if pre Season is anything to go by. However Dortmund are a very good team and although Liverpool should be beating them, if Dortmund were in the Prem they would easily be a top 3 team. And if Sevilla were in the Prem they would be a top 5 team. Losing to 2 great teams when you’re missing your 3 best players isn’t a worry. What’s more of a worry is if those 3 players get injured during the season. What’s also more of a worry is that Liverpool fans consider Van Dijk the difference maker but he hasn’t stood up yet in pre season and delivered If you have any questions for me to answer, please send them in. Tomorrow I answer 3 questions. Has Bale been good for Madrid? Who are your 10 favourites for the UCL? And what are some good betting odds for the Prem. Thanks for reading
  3. Gary Green


    Joshua Scott 220lbs 6ft 3 ”Manchester’s Number One” Spear, Frog Splash Great Scott (Helter Skelter) and Old Trafford (Grounded Wrist Lock) Manchester Zack Gibson
  4. Great show Meko and this series actually brings back memories of me playing this game (the only WWE game I’ve got prior to 2K14.) Masters and Flair is a brilliant tag combo and I could see them beating MVP and Kennedy. I always like the idea of a Heel Time Fault and it should be a good feud against Ray and Chavo. SummerSlam is looking great as well and the Cruiserweight title scene is awesome. Great show Meko and I am excited for more
  5. SHUT THE HELL UP. The American crowd react with boos as the familiar voice of JoshsNow is heard as he suddenly enters, standing on the ramp with a mic THATS RIGHT I AM MANCHESTERS NUMBER ONE AND ENGLANDS NUMBER ONE, AND THE MAN SOON TO BE RECOGNISED AS NOT JUST BPZS NUMBER ONE, BUT THE WORLDS NUMBER ONE JOSHUA SCOTT. I mean, it’s like you are putting out stupid promos on purpose Bulldozer. That’s the only explanation. No sorry Mirage. How could I forget such a smooth name change as Bulldozer to Mirage The crowd are chanting “cheer if you hate Josh Scott” and Josh looks at them weirdly What is that chant? Cheer if you hate Josh Scott? That is possibly the worst chant I have ever heard. At least I’m the great country of England our chants are creative The crowd carry on to boo, or cheer, loudly as Josh makes his way to the ring, before he begins to speak, this time addressing the man he had run over Mirage. Seriously. Is this some sort of joke to you? Now it amuses me that you put yourself on the same level as George and Julius because Mirage you have been here for 5 months now and done nothing. You’ve never held a title and you’ve lost every match you’ve been in. In 5 months that traitor Julius was already a 2x NXT Champion, in a stable with Slim, Echo Wilson and Bart and 10x the wrestler you are ever going to be Now you have come out here and proved me right. I said you were self obsessed and believed you were already a star and you came out here and proved it. You come out here taking selfies and claim I’m not beautiful. Well I don’t give a damn about how I look Mirage, and neither should you. This isn’t some beauty contest this is professional wrestling and it is clear you aren’t cut out for it Now luckily for you Mirage, the powers that be have told Gary that we can’t have a Career vs Career match, so I’ve decided to end your career another way. I can’t end your career honestly I will injure you so badly you can’t walk again. You want a No DQ match no Mirage that isn’t enough. You see, at SummerSlam, I will be the LAST MAN STANDING. The crowd erupt in excitement as Josh makes the stipulation official for SummerSlam. The two stare off head to head as Josh drops the mic, an interesting SummerSlam match set in stone, Josh vs Mirage in a Last Man Standing match
  6. To be mod (probably not going to happen)
  7. Welcome back to Free Agent Corner. For Episode 143, I will be going through the Top 5 greatest Pay Per Views in forums history (5) Bad Blood 2015 An amazing show saw The Crusade become the first Tag Team Champions in 8 months, Bashka winning Money in the Bank, Brad winning the Intercontinental Championship, Sameer reclaiming Premium, Maestro winning US, Slim winning NXT his first of many titles and then to cap it all off, Smith answered Baileys World Championship Open Challenge and won the World title against all the odds. A show that has 6 title changes is no bad show (4) BPZ Mania II The second edition of this show had arguably one of the best storylines in BPZ History main event it. But in other matches Neb won MITB, Ross won US, Nate won the Global Championship and FDS won IC. In the co main event we saw one of the best underdog stories in BPZ history almost come true as Brad was beat by Bailey, at a time where a Bailey fight was very rare. In the main event that originally had former teammates Slim and Flynn go head to head, they were joined by Slims teammates Nate and Alyx Wilde as Flynn tore Slims stable apart. However Slim retained in an amazing show (3) Bad Blood 2017 There is something about Bad Bloods isn't there. We saw Josh beat his former Kings of Wrestling stablemate Ropati to win US, Pride's record breaking reign as Tag Champs was ended by Karico Brand, Bailey entered into the Money in the Bank match last minute shockingly and won and then, if that wasn't enough, shocked everyone again by cashing in on Slim after the main events conclusion and winning to become BPZ World Champion, exactly one year after Slim had won the title the same way (2) BPZ Mania IV Matches don't get much bigger than this but Bailey became a 6x World Champion in a blockbuster main event with Flynn. Also Bart unified all the Evolve and Carnage titles, BiC won IC, Mark won Premium, Hans won NXT and Sameer became Mr Money in the Bank (1) King of the Ring 2018 Sameer beat Brad thanks to interference from checks notes the commentators, and in after winning the US Title earlier in the show, the rookie Julius won the World title after only 7 months in the company by winning the King of The Ring tournament. Then in the second instalment of the greatest story in BPZ history, Flynn retained the Universal title over Necce Thank you for reading FAC 143. Goodnight
  8. Hello I am Gary Green and over the next few weeks I will be previewing SummerSlam for Smarks Daily as we build up to BPZs Biggest Party of the Summer. Today I preview Julius vs Sameer The Death Machine is on a collision course with the BPZ World Champion as Julius challenges Sameer for the BPZ World Championship On the same night Sameer successfully defended the belt against his former friend Bailey in the main event of the 2019 King of the Ring PPV, Julius was involved in the King of the Ring final with his opponent being Hans. When the dust cleared it was Julius who had stood tall over 15 others to earn the right to challenge Sameer at The Biggest Party of the Summer Julius has already had a stellar career in BPZ, winning the King of the Ring tournament in back to back years and he has already held the World Championship. He has scars from the many battles as World Champion and with an arsenal that includes the deadly Vice Grip, its hard to bet against Julius here. However with Sameer being on the roll of his life, he will prove to be a hard challenge Don’t miss SummerSlam, Sunday, Sep. 1, beginning at 7 ET/4 PT, streaming live on the award-winning BPZ Network. Thank you for reading this. Tomorrow I preview Bashka vs Brenden for our SummerSlam Preview. Goodnight
  9. Can Real Madrid win the 2019/20 Champions League To perhaps the surprise of most people on here I think they have a very good chance of doing so. This is a Team after all that won 3 Champions Leagues in a row. But how are they gonna change from last seasons disappointment which saw them finish 19 points behind in La Liga and crash out early of the UCL, in fact it was their earliest elimination of the decade. So what changed between 2018 and 2019 and how have Real improved (1) Ronaldo The loss of Ronaldo was massive for Real and it cost them last season. However they bought in a replacement this year for £100 million who could turn out to be the player Ronaldo was. Eden Hazard had arguably his best ever season this year, being directly involved in 31 league goals, beating his previous record of 23 from 5 years ago, and Real will be hoping he replicates his European success last year with Chelsea in Madrid (2) Zinedine Zidane The man that won Real 3 Champions Leagues has returned and he will be hoping to prove himself. Zidane has a mixed reaction as a manager, many see him as a managerial god whilst others see him being a manager who got the gift of Ronaldo. With no Ronaldo, Zidane may finally silence those haters (3) Age in Midfield This is a problem Real haven’t solved with signings unless they are promoted from within. Modric is 33 but still between him and Kroos they make 4 key passes a game. That’s still a high number. Perhaps Modric might be good for another few years. Anyway, I personally believe Real have the tools to win the 19/20 UCL Do you agree with me or do you think Real have no chance? Tomorrow I answer two questions. What’s going on with Bale and should Real sell him? Is Liverpool’s pre season form cause for concern? What do you think about those topics. Thanks for reading and continue to send in questions for me to answer
  10. I passed 2K rep yesterday. 2K19 is complete and hopefully I can make it 3K20
  11. And what a Tag Team title match that was. Blade and George have their arms raised on the ramp by the referee, as a devastated UN make their way to the back through the crowd who pat them on their backs. Medical officials run down to ringside to check on Alex and Ravem as SSW Club get back to their feet. We turn to our commentary booth who begin to hype us up for our US Title fight as Hans defends his belt, but suddenly GRV screams “OH MY GOD” and for once he isn’t ranting, he is instead pointing to the Alex Costa, who has been attacked by Bulldozer and Josh as medical officials try to stretcher him away Josh and Bulldozer pull Alex off the stretcher and begin beating him in the middle of the ring to the crowd booing and with Raven unconscious on the outside, there is no one to help Alex. Of course this attack is occurring because Josh and Bulldozer believe the attacker is Alex Costa, although we know it isn’t due to information Gary Green discovered earlier Josh now looks at the badly beaten Costa and locks in the OLD TRAFFORD on him. Alex screams in pain and taps but Josh refuses to release it, until we hear a sickening sound coming from Alex’s shoulder. Josh and Bulldozer are inflicting serious pain in this revenge attack. Bulldozer comes running in with a chair and beats Alex down with it until it breaks, with Josh doing the same with a kendo stick. Alex begins to roll out of the ring to safety but SSW Club follow him Josh and Bulldozer jointly throw him into the barricade, and then Irish Whip him into the apron, and then into the ring post. Josh then walks to the commentary table and by the table is a cube like object covered by a tarp and when Josh removes the tarp, it is a cube of cinder blocks. The crowd begin to boo as Bulldozer drags Alex over, but Alex jumps up and throws himself onto Josh, and the two begin brawling on the announce table. Alex ends up on top, only to be hit by some steel steps that Bulldozer has grabbed. Josh then puts Alex onto the steel steps as Bulldozer stands on top of the announce table, and HITS GODS ULTIMATE BLAST f Alex Costa lays half dead on the steps, as Josh grabs Alex’s body and takes him towards the cinder blocks where he rests Alex Costa’s head. Bulldozer goes onto the announce table, perhaps looking for the same thing but this time onto the cinder blocks. Bulldozer begins the run up when suddenly he is interrupted The entire crowd erupt as this song tends to mean the beginning of a Who Attacked Bulldozer segment but here it is being introduced to welcome Gary Green who enters through the crowd running at high speed, before he leaps over the barricade towards where Josh and Alex are standing Gary: STOP Josh: Gary, what are you doing here. We are trying to stop this attacker from ever running anyone over again Gary: He’s not the attacker. About an hour ago, my brother Ryan Red sent me a video showing who did it. Alex lied to us but he isn’t the attacker. Josh: Why didn’t you get here quicker. We almost killed him Gary: I phoned you, but you didn’t answer and then the attacker stole my credit cards so I couldn’t pay for the tube and then he burned my car down. I had to hitch a ride with some wrestling fans who recognised me. I got here about 5 minutes ago but I had to sign autographs first Josh: Didn’t they want my autograph Gary: No Josh: Weird. Anyway what’s this amazing proof you have Gary: One minute I will sink it up to the titantron We see Gary sync up his phone before a video begins to play on the titantron. It is security camera footage at 9:45pm on Sunday 16th June 2019, the time Bulldozer was attacked. We see the parked car a lot more clearly, with the reg plate GA8 WOTW being very clear. Gary plays the image as the car hits Bulldozer before he zooms in on the face of the man driving the car. The whole audience gasps with shock as we very clearly see the face of the man trying to run over Bulldozer. The whole audience gasps with shock as the face of George is seen as the man who attacked Bulldozer Gary: It was him. George and Blade stand on the ramp, and even Blade looks extremely shocked. George begins to speak George: Ok, ok it was me. I ran over that jobber Green: But why and how? However Bulldozer doesn’t wait for his answer, leaving Alex and sprinting around the ring and up the ramp, followed by Josh. As Bulldozer gets face to face with George, Josh suddenly throws himself in between them, breaking up the fight between his arch nemesis George and his Tag partner Bulldozer Bulldozer: Josh let me at him Josh: No I’m sorry Bulldozer, I can’t let you do that And with that Josh low blows his SSW Club Tag Team partner, to the shock of Gary Green and Bulldozer. Josh gets on his knees, as he looks eye to eye with Bulldozer Josh: You see Doza, do you think George really cared enough about you to run you over with a car? Or anyone else for that matter. No, you aren’t relevant enough for people to hate you. But I had to spend every day with you for 3 months so you know what Bulldozer, I began to hate you Why did I become to hate you? When I retired in October last year, my retirement was the number one wrestling headline in the world the next day. As was expected. I should go down as a BPZ legend. I am one of only 7 people to have held at least 4 of the 5 legendary belts in BPZ, Tag, IC, World, NXT and US. The others are Bart, Julius, Slim, Brad, Ross and BiC. And I have been a KOTR semi finalist unlike Ross and Bart. One of an elite 5 in BPZ. So I expected my retirement would dominate the headlines When I woke up the next day I checked the trending wrestling headlines on twitter. Mine wasn’t even anywhere to be mentioned. All anyone was talking about was that this guy called Ginge. Ginge has held only 3 titles in this company, less than me, those 3 reigns included a title that’s been vacant for the last 2 and a half years, a fluky US Title reign and a Tag title reign where he was carried by Flynn. And yet #GingeReturns was Number One on Twitter for the next week or so Eventually after 6 months I was fed up. I made my return and I decided to side myself with SSW Club. They too had all the potential in the world and I thought I could make them legends, something I failed to do with myself. But you all thought you had made it and your arrogance drove away the one decent member we ever had in Raven. But I soildered on Bulldozer. I ignored it whilst you were there, creating arguments with everyone, sucking up to the likes of Brenden and Julius while they mocked you behind your backs, claiming you had helped me come along when all you had done was hinder my career and just being a general stupid whiny bitch. You thought you had already made it. How was I supposed to help you. After Raven beat me at Power Trip Cup, I bumped into George back stage. The first time we had met for over a year. And all I had thought about for that past year was punching George in the face, but when it came to it, I couldn’t. We sat down and we had a drink. We discussed the JoshTourage and I truly realised how good a protege George had been. He did everything I told him and he made us stronger. Meanwhile Bulldozer you turned my career into a joke I explained to George I wanted to attack you Bulldozer but he came up with a better idea. Instead of me doing it and risk getting in legal trouble, he would. My criminal record was clean whilst his wasn’t, and he came up of hitting you with a car Bulldozer. This should have ended your career but not caused life threatening harm. So on the night of the 16th June, George ran you over with the car on behalf of me Realising the police would easily find out, I slipped them a few hundred dollars to keep them quiet. But I knew you would ask questions Bulldozer so I decided to act like I was solving the mystery and then blame it on someone else. I decided to do it with Gary, because I assumed he was too much of an idiot to figure out it was me. When we go back to Part 1, I swung into Brendens office and deleted all the security footage, hence why Gary could only find the grainy camera footage. Still we had 10 culprits, and I planned to pin it on Raven. I did this because Bulldozer when I heard your injuries were Ok, I wanted to try motivate you into winning this tag match by having the “attacker” be someone in this match. Of course Gary’s rather surprising intelligence proved it wasn’t Raven but luckily we could pin it on Alex. However it still couldn’t motivate you Bulldozer, you are just useless. I am so glad Gary found out George was the attacker because I couldn’t take being in SSW Club one second longer. George thank you for running him over, but you didn’t do the job good enough. You see Bulldozer, George has important stuff to do so he doesn’t want to fight you at SummerSlam. But I’m going to finish the job for him. You’re going to be fighting me at SummerSlam in a Career vs Career match. George couldn’t end hour career but I am going to and I will enjoy every last moment of doing so George suddenly Superkicks Bulldozer knocking him unconscious. George and Josh shake hands as the crowd boo loudly. We have found out that George was the attacker but it was under Josh’s orders. Deadman’s Hand make their way to the back as Josh and Gary stand on the ramp. Josh gives the fans a middle finger before making his way to the bag, leaving the crowd in shock
  12. BPZ Forum Championship Record UPDATE (And Correction)

    First the correction. Upon reviewing the records I noticed a mistake that means @Bart is now the second longest reigning NXT Champ ever and @I Can't Odd has the most cumulative days as NXT Champ, both at the expense of Julius

    @Meko750 (Raven) finishes as the 24th longest reigning NXT Champ, is 24th for cumulative days and he finishes at 9th for defences and 10th for combined defences

    Congrats to the 36th NXT Champion @mikey0619 I hope your reign is long and well never mind. You are the shortest reigning NXT Champion for days and combined days and have made the least defences and combined defences

    @Sameer finished as the 19th longest reigning Premium Champ and moved to 2nd for combined days. He extended his reign as having the most combined defences and the 13th most defences

    Congrats to the 20th ever Premium Champ @GeorgeAK

    @Julius finished as the 4th longest reigning IC Champ and he made the 6th most defences. For combined stats, he finished as 6th for combined days and 9th for combined defences

    Congrats to the 11th 2x IC Champ @Bashka

  13. Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Its been a while hasn't it. Today I am doing the top 5 greatest upsets in BrendenPlayz history (5) Bobs Power Trip Cup run When Necce was drawn against rookie Bob in the second Power Trip Cup, nobody imagined Bob would win. But instead he beat one of BPZs greats in his first match, which by itself would be considered a massive upset. But the upset was multiplied when Bob advanced to the semis with a Bob Bomb on Yelich. Although the dream was ended by BiC in the semi finals, it was an incredible run from the rookie Bob (4) wwe234 beating Ryan for the Intercontinental Championship What more do we have to say for this one? In 2015, wwe234 beat future BPZ Hall Of Famer Ryan Reeves to win the Intercontinental Championship. Just the sentence itself is shocking (3) Nate winning King of the Ring Other than 1 lacklustre US title reign, Nate had failed to make a splash in his first year in BPZ. Although he had an easy bracket to get to the semis, no one saw him beating the current US Champ Chris White. And even when he won, no one saw him beating King Slim, who had prematurely named himself King Slim. Slim was IC Champ and was on one of the greatest runs ever seen in BPZ but Nate prevailed and won the King of the Ring tournament (2) BiC winning King of the Ring and then the World Title A very similar situation the one before, BiC had always been a good BPZ superstar but no one saw him as the guy. They should have, in his first year he had won the Tag, US and NXT titles, becoming the first to hold the latter title twice. But he not only beat the debuting superstar Echo Wilson in the first round, he would beat two members of the up and coming stable Chaos in the next 2 rounds in Josh and FDS, and tore Chaos apart by having Josh turn on FDS and join BiC. BiC would then beat Nate against all the odds in the final, but what makes this a better upset is that BiC would go on to end the record breaking 310 day reign of Slim after his victory (1) Sameer beating Brad for IC Perhaps that isn't a big surprise at King of the Ring 2019. Sameer is a Triple Crown Champion whilst Brad is a part of UN, and titleless for the past year. However a year ago it was very different. Brad was on a roll whilst Sameer hadn't wrestled in months and was being seen with little respect from the new members. However thanks to interference from Joh and Suby on the commentary table, Sameer won IC, a win that began his year long run to where he is today And that is the Top 5 Upsets in BPZ history. Thanks for reading FAC 142. Goodnight
  14. ****3/4. Absolutely brilliant match Nate
  15. Monday Night Carnage - 29th July 2019 The show began with Deadmans Hand in the ring. They got straight to business, calling out Flynn and Yelich who came out. However it wasn't Flynn and Yelich they got but rather the Carnage General Manager Bailey14. Bailey came out and Blade asked him for a Universal Championship match at SummerSlam, which Bailey agreed However Flynn came out, infuriated by this decision. He claimed that last night was an upset for a reason, it was a fluke. Flynn had already beaten Blade for the Universal Championship twice and a lot of times before, and he shouldn't have to defend against him 1 on 1 at SummerSlam and that he would simply no show if that were the case. As Bailey began to threaten stripping Flynn of the title, Yelich played the peacemaker and interfered. He claimed Bailey couldn't afford to lose his "Number One Attraction" and Yelich had a solution that would fit all - that he should be added to the match. Flynn agreed to defend the title if it was a multi man match An annoyed Bailey partially accepted this but he said Yelich would have to earn his place in the match by winning a Number One Contenders Match, with the winner joining Blade and Flynn in the match. The match would occur between Yelich, and Blades tag team partner Kieron, and that would be tonight's main event BPZ Tag Team Championship: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs Epic and Arrow Kicking us off was a rematch from last nights King of the Ring, as Brad and Joh's first defence as Tag Team Champions happened against the team they beat last night, Epic and Arrow. It looked like a foregone conclusion when Joh hit Epic with The Revelation but Epic showed the resilience he showed last night and kicked out. Joh went for it a second time but Epic flipped out and hit the Cross Rhodes. With both men down, both crawled to their corners and tagged out Arrows inexperience cost him here as Brad showed off his wrestling skills by outclassing Arrow. Arrow began to build up steam and ducked under a Brad clothesline, looking for a Springboard attack as he jumped off the ropes but Brad countered with a Sweet Chin Music for the victory. As Brad and Joh celebrated retaining the titles, Arrow and Epic stayed in the ring, before the two former rivals shook hands after earning respect for each other after being a mismatched team for two nights in a row. However they were suddenly blindsided by James Hunter, who laughed upon seeing both of them sprawled out on the floor before he made his way to the back A vignette began to play, showing the country of New Zealand, before it focused on Ropati, Carnage's newest free agent pick After we returned from commercial break, we saw Ark Universe in the ring. He held the Premium title high and announced how proud he was to hold the belt. He had been gone for nearly a year and he had been training hard and he was fed up of being the underdog, he wanted to be the top dog However he was suddenly interrupted by "The Japanese Sensation" KENJI. KENJI congratulated Ark on his title win, and praised how Arks attitude to never giving up and keep on fighting had inspired KENJI all the way throughout his career, even in BPZ when KENJI first began it took him months to get his first win but once he got it there was no looking back and he came so close to winning the King of The Ring tournament However this was all interrupted by FDS, who mocked Ark and KENJI. He claimed KENJI's comments must be a joke, because Ark had always been a loser all his life. He told Ark that he should stop being the underdog and the fighting champion, because the fans had never cared about him. He told Ark to find his "Chaotic side" and attack KENJI rather than being a fighting champion. Ark contemplated this before Dropkicking FDS and KENJI then hit him with the Horizon Suplex Hold. FDS ran out of the ring, screaming you will regret it to Ark as Ark turned back to KENJI. Ark claimed he was a fighting champ and he would defend the belt right now against KENJI BPZ Premium Championship: Ark Universe (c) vs KENJI The second title match of the night was much more of an impromptu one as Ark Universe took on KENJI. Ark's underdog story had culminated in success as he won his first title in two years last night whilst KENJIs ended in heartbreak when he lost to Bash in the KOTR final Not wanting to lose his title after holding it for 1 day, Ark showed his excellent speed and technical wrestling prowess as he seemed to be one move ahead of KENJI, and when he hit the Duality, the move he used to win the title last night, it seemed like he had it all wrapped up but KENJI powered out at 2 A shocked Ark tried to lock in the Adrift but KENJI locked in his own modified version, causing Ark to have to grab the ropes. KENJI grabbed him by the waist and hit the Horizon Suplex Hold, but Ark kicked out at 2 As both men stood on their feet the audience clapped them. KENJI offered the chance to lock up and Ark looked like he was about to take him, but he instead hit KENJI with a cheap shot to the gut. Ark backed into the corner and went for the Running Knee, but KENJI caught him mid air in the Bermuda Triangle. Ark tried to resist, but eventually tapped out. KENJI celebrated winning the belt, before he saw Ark getting to his feet and offered his hand. Ark shook his hand, BEFORE HITING HIM WITH THE FLYING KNEE. The crowd boo in shock as Ark spits on KENJI, before leaving KENJI unconscious in the middle of the ring Kieron Black vs Yelich In the midst of this feud between Deadmans Hand and Flynn and Yelich, one of the few 1 on 1 matches we haven't seen is Kieron vs Yelich but we see it tonight with the winner joining the match between Flynn and Blade who were at ringside However after about 10 minutes Kieron hit Yelich with the Sister Sophie and when he covered Flynn pulled the referee out of the ring. This bought on a brawl as Blade ran and jumped onto Flynn and the ref, knocking the ref unconscious. The fight made its way into the ring, which bought Kieron and Yelich into it. Eventually Bailey came down to the ring to break things up. He announced things were too serious between the 4 men and he announced at SummerSlam, Flynn would defend the Universal Championship against Blade, Kieron and Yelich in a Fatal 4 Way Match SummerSlam Card (Other matches TBA) World Championship: Sameer (c) vs Bashka Universal Championship: Flynn (c) vs Yelich vs Blade vs Kieron Black
  16. BPZ Forum Championship Records Update

    Congrats to @Arius and @BrendenPlayz and @Sameer whose reigns as North American and Tag have surpassed 100 consecutive days.


    1. Yelich


      100 Days as champion, yet Arius has defended one time.


      We need a fighting champion, #YelichForNorthAmericanChamp

    2. BrendenPlayz
  17. I respect that no centre back was as good as Van Dijk last season and as good as only conceding 22 goals in a season is, in 2005 Chelsea conceded 15. John Terry came 10th that year. Just because you can lead a great defence means nothing. Messi led an attack that scored 90 goals. Is that not as good as leading a defence? Finally when Leicester won the league no one dribbled past Wes Morgan that season. I don't think he was nominated for the Ballon D'or this year. The point being everything VVD has done has been done before and is either equal or better to his achievement. I think the only difference is the Champions League. Does winning the Champions League mean you jump much higher on the Ballon D'or list?
  18. Today I will answer three questions Who will win the Premier League 2019/20 Manchester City. It pains me to say it as a United fan but they have taken 198 points in just 2 seasons. That is insane. They are too good and they are forever improving. They claimed a quadruple last season and I see them becoming the second team to win 3 in a row. Does Florentine Perez regret selling Ronaldo to Juventus? Perez will never admit it but I think he will regret it. Ronaldo carried Real for 9 years and Real needed someone else to stand up and replace him. However all the big players vanished for Real. Modric vanished, Varane vanished, Bale vanished and the player that kept pulling Real over the line was Sergio Ramos. Ronaldo is Real Madrid’s greatest ever player and just like that he was gone, and the next season Real are terrible. I think Perez will regret it Should Virgil Van Dijk Win the Ballon D’or In my opinion he shouldn’t. I believe it should be Messi. But both are contenders. Messi carried Barca whilst VVD was influential for Liverpool as they won the UCL, with him being named by Liverpool Players and Supporters as Player of the Season, whilst also being named in the UCL Squad of the Season. He was also influential in the league as he was named PFA POTY and Premier League Player of the Season. He was also influential in Netherlands run to the Nations League semi finals as he was named in Team of the Tournament However Messi was more impressive. Like VVD, Messi did win a trophy in La Liga. He was also named the best player in La Liga, like VVD was for the Premier League, winning the Picchini Trophy as well as winning the La Liga Golden Boot and Playmaker award, as he was also awarded the European Golden Shoe. He was also awarded the Creu de Saint Jordi off the pitch Overall I feel Messi was better. Tomorrow I am back to only answering one question - Can Real Madrid Win next years UCL? Please send in questions for me to answer. Thanks for reading
  19. BPZ.Com BRENDENPLAYZ BREAKING NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT IN REGARDS TO FUTURE OF EVOLVE With SummerSlam in 4 weeks time, Brenden had to make a quick decision before Evolve tomorrow night after Ryan Reeves was removed as Evolve General Manager. He said "Ryan just didn't have it as Evolve GM and he wouldn't have had it as World Champion so I am glad Sameer won. Employing him was a mistake and now I have had chance to re-evaluate that mistake, I want to pick someone who can lead the brand forward and understand what a great World Champion they have. One strength Ryan had was that his family have a lot of ties in the wrestling business so he was able to use those for sponsorship. So I think it is only fitting we go for a younger, smarter Reeves as Evolve General Manager. Kyle Reeves, Ryans younger brother, will be the next General Manager of Evolve ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARNAGE ROSTER (Managed by me) UNIVERSAL CHAMPION FLYNN NXT CHAMPION RAVEN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS UNITED NATIONS (BRAD AND JOH) PREMIUM CHAMPION ARK UNIVERSE Yelich Deadmans Hand (Blade and Kieron) FDS KENJI Epic Arrow George Bob James Hunter GM Bailey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EVOLVE ROSTER (Managed by @BiC) WORLD CHAMPION SAMEER INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION JULIUS NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION BART UNITED STATES CHAMPION ECHO WILSON Hans Arius KING BASHKA SSW Club (Josh and Bulldozer) Mikey Crip Ryan Reeves Sheridan Alex Costa The Mave Effect (Mave and Akki) GM Kyle Reeves Carnage have the next free agent pick
  20. 2.-5. Winning IC, Tag, US and Premium 1. Carrying @GeorgeAK during the Josh-Tourage
  21. AND ITS HERE, THE KOTR PRE SHOW. The half filled crowd erupt as the pre show begins, with 1 hour counting until one of BPZs biggest shows off the year. And suddenly the screen goes dark and a live video on the titantron begins playing. We see Gary Green driving in his car, presumably on his way to KOTR Green: Here I am, in London, just 5 minutes away from parking up at the Canons Park tube station where I shall catch the tube to Wembley and get in my front row seat to watch tonight’s opening match, the Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match to determine the Number One Contender to the Tag Titles. Of course Josh is already there. But I need some good music to get me in the mood And with that Gary Green presses shuffle on his car music and a familiar song begins playing, with the title card Who Attacked Bulldozer Part 5.5 appearing on the screen, as the theme song of Who Attacked Bulldozer plays in the car However midway through the song the song comes to a halt and Gary’s phone starts ringing Gary: Oh I see when it’s a .5 episode they only use half the song. Clever Gary answers the phone through his car Gary: Hello there, who is this? Voice: Hey Gary, it’s your brother Ryan Red Gary: Hey Ryan, can this be quick I’ve got a show to get to Ryan: Well actually this is about BPZ. You know how you asked me to use my hacking skills to get a bit of information as to who ran over your friend Gary: Yes I did. We found out it was Alex Costa but there’s still no concrete evidence and he hasn’t confessed, and until one of those things happens I’m going to be still questioning Ryan: It wasn’t Alex. I found your attacker. I don’t watch wrestling so I don’t recognise him so I’ll send the video to you Gary: That’s great, how did you find it? Ryan: Well I checked the CCTV at the place where he was attacked. Why did neither you or the police do that? Gary: Because otherwise we couldn’t drag this show out for 6 episodes. Anyway I’m about to park up so WhatsApp it me. Cheers Ryan Red: No problem Gary The phone goes off and Gary parks up in Cannons Park tube station car park. He steps out of the car and begins to watch the footage on his phone whilst making the short walk across the car park to the tube station. He accidentally bumped into someone and apologised without looking up. Gary stops outside the tube station and his mouth opens wide with shock as he sees on the footage Who Attacked Bulldozer. He quickly picks up his phone and starts dialling. He stands outside the tube station, panic etched on his face as the phone dials down Voice: Hello, this is the EE voicemail service for Joshua Scott. Sorry he is unable to take your call right now, leave a message Gary: JOSH, I KNOW YOU DONT USE YOUR PHONE BEFORE MATCHES BUT PICK UP NOW. You’re about to attack an innocent man. It wasn’t Alex who did it it was, well I will tell you when I get there who it was. I’m on my way but please don’t brutalise Alex as you have in mind. Listen to this voicemail please Josh before it’s too late Gary hangs up the phone and begins to run into the tube station where he begins fumbling in his pockets for his Oyster card. When he can’t find it, he begins desperately searching for his credit card. Gary: I must have left all my cards in the car Suddenly George runs back towards his car, only to see it alight on fire. Nearby, on the ground, there is a message that reads “Leave this case alone.” A hooded figure runs back towards the tube station and Gary recognises Who it is Gary: IT WAS YOU WHO BUMPED INTO ME BACK THERE WASN’T IT. AND YOU STOLE MY CREDIT CARDS. You’re just delaying the inevitable, Josh will find out it was you who attacked Bulldozer and I will press criminal charges for the damage against my car. However he is shouting this to no one, as the hooded figure has already ran into the tube station, presumably on his way to Wembley Stadium. Gary phones 999, as he watches his car burn alight, a rather interesting start to King of the Ring
  22. KING OF THE RING The signature fireworks go off to signal the start of a BPZ show and tonight that show is King of the Ring. Not only do we crown new Premium and Tag Champs but we also see Ryan Reeves challenge for the World title in the first time in months, with his General Managership on the line and with BrendenPlayz as Special Guest Referee. We also see Julius face his former mentor Josh for the Intercontinental Championship, whilst Flynn and Yelich meet Deadmans Hand and finally we see the KOTR Final, between Bashka and KENJI. But kicking us off is the IC Title fight between Julius and Josh Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs Josh The Intercontinental title was on the line as Julius met his mentor Josh. Their feud stemmed from the JoshTourage where Julius turned on Josh, but had heated up in recent months, where Julius beat Josh in a steel cage at Mayhem. Josh picked up a pinfall victory over Julius a few weeks ago thanks to an attack by Arius and now they meet with the IC title on the line With Bart and Echo cheering Julius on from ringside, Julius began to dominate the match, hitting Josh with the Hells Welcome but somehow, Josh digged deep and found a way to kick out Julius tried to set up Josh for another but as he pulled Josh forward, Josh flipped all the way over Julius and planted Josh with a Great Scott 6.0. Josh covered but Julius powered out Josh then called for the Seven Nations Army but as he did so, Julius caught him with a Claymore Kick. Julius then locked in the Vice Grip, causing Josh to succumb to unconsciousness and meaning Julius retained the Intercontinental Championship. After the match Bart and Echo slid into the ring, teaming with Julius to deliver a post match attack to Josh. Suddenly we saw Josh's tag team partner Bulldozer run to the ring and he Speared both Echo and Julius before being Pedigreed by Bart. As Bart looked to lock Bulldozer in a Crossface, suddenly the lights went off and Arius was in the ring with a mic in his hand. He announced he was cashing in his rematch clause for the belt right here tonight. With the Kingdom unconscious, we prepared for this unexpected match North American Championship: Bart (c) vs Arius Bart was by himself for this one, with a mess of bodies around the ring and Arius was hungry to get back the North American title that he believed had been robbed from him thanks to Julius These 2 put on a back and forth 5 minute classic of technical wrestling and as both backed away to their corners after one particular collar and elbow tie up, we saw Julius and Echo rise back to their feet. Bart ordered them to the back, obviously wanting to prove he could win this match by himself However that was almost a decision Bart came to regret, as Arius hit The Sentence but Bart somehow kicked out last minute. Arius then tried to work Bart to his feet, perhaps looking for a Final Testimony but Bart used his speed to escape the hold and hit a Pedigree which was enough to gain the 3 count Premium Championship: FDS vs ??? Following FDs disappointment at being eliminated by KENJI in KOTR, he was looking to get it back on track against tonight's mystery opponent as FD looked to reclaim a title he hadn't held for a while, the Premium Championship However he was surprised when his opponent was revealed to be Ark Universe. Ark danced his way to the ring, the history between these 2 standing strong. They had both been members of the stable Chaos and now Carnage's next pick was hoping to claim his first Premium title And Ark completed that goal in style, putting away the recently unstoppable FDS within 5 minutes by hitting the Duality to win the Premium Championship. As Ark celebrated with the fans, it became clear there was a whole new entity here on BPZ Flynn and Yelich vs Kieron and Blade Things had started to heat up between these 2 teams a few weeks ago. It all started when Blade answered Flynns Universal Championship Open Challenge, and just when it seemed he was going to win, he was attacked by Yelich who formed an alliance with Flynn The following week, Blade responded by forming Deadmans Hand with Kieron and the two challenged Flynn and Yelich to a tag team match at KOTR. That match is next It all came to a head when Kieron hit Yelich with the Sister Sophie and Flynn ran into the ring to break the cover. This bought Blade into the ring and all 4 men began brawling The ref eventually managed to separate them, and Kieron and Yelich tagged out. Blade and Flynn exchanged moves until Blade managed to hit a Sitout Last Ride Powerbomb which was broke up by Yelich Yelich then attacked Kieron when Kieron ran into the ring with Yelich taking Kieron outside the ring and hitting him with a Concussion Syndrome onto the apron. However Blade went on a roll, hitting Flynn with a Punt Kick and then joining Yelich onto the apron and hitting a Jumping Piledriver onto the apron as the crowd lost their minds As Blade entered the ring however, Flynn hit him with an FKO but somehow to the joy of the fans Blade kicked out. Flynn then grabbed Blade by the jaw and screamed at him "you will never beat me" Blade laughed before he broke free of Flynns grip and hit the FKO HIMSELF. Blade then locked in the Rings of Saturn on the Universal Champion, forcing him to submit and giving Deadmans Hand the victory King of the Ring Final: Bashka vs KENJI Well here we go. The conclusion of what has been an excellent 2019 King of the Ring. KENJI's run had been more impressive as he beat veterans Yelich, Blade and FDS whilst Bashka had beat Sheridan and Crip, two rookies. Bashka of course didn't even have to compete in the semi final due to a technicality between Julius or Arius, but he is the veteran and his experience has got him here That being said, KENJI has developed a "Legend Killer" reputation of late, so can the young rookie carry on his momentum and earn a match against Flynn? Or will Bashka get one step closer to his dream of reclaiming the World title? After a slow 15 minute build, things suddenly heated up when Bashka nailed a Spinning Heel Kick to the gut of KENJI, before he followed up with a Revelation. KENJI crawled to the corner, and Bashka then followed up with the Knee of God. He covered KENJI but KENJI powered out at 2. As KENJI got on his hands and knees, Bashka tried to follow up with another Revelation but KENJI leaped to his feet and locked in a Bermuda Triangle. The originally split crowd began to start cheering for KENJI, their love for the underdog prevailing but the underdog story was put on hold as Bashka reached the ropes KENJi tried to wear Bashka down technically but Bashka began to fight back, eventually setting up KENJI for The End, but KENJI slipped out and hit the Horizon Suplex Hold. The referee counted but Bashka kicked out at 2.99999, much to the despair of KENJI. With Bashka having kicked out of both of KENJIs moves it became clear KENJI didn't know what to do. This is where his inexperience cost him as Bash snuck up behind KENJI and hit The End for the 3 count Tag Team Championship: United Nations (Joh and Brad) vs Epic and Arrow The recently formed United Nations wanted to bring Unity to Tag Division and unite nations, and Bailey liked the idea so much he awarded them a Tag title match at KOTR against 2 opponents of their choosing. They chose Epic and Arrow and theoretically it should be a walk in the park for UN Of course that was in theory and the crowd, firmly on Epic and Arrows side for some reason, erupted as Epic and Arrow blindsided UN on the way to the ring. However the attack didn't last long, with Arrow and Joh brawling into the crowd before Brad hit Epic with a Sweet Chin Music and slid him into the ring A confused ref decided to start the match with it just being Brad and Epic in the ring. Brad hit the GTS followed by the Claymore Kick and covered Epic but somehow Epic kicked out. Brad seemed to laugh, finding Epics resilience amusing. He hit a Codebreaker before following up with the Claymore Kick but again Epic kicked out. Brad looked shocked and the crowd all cheered at Epics resilience Brad seemed to lose it, mounting Epic and pummelling him with strikes. Brad then dragged him into the middle of the ring and locked in the Sharpshooter, but just as it looked as if Epic had nowhere to go, Arrow reemerged and broke up the hold. Arrow Gargano stood on the apron and called for the tag to Epic, but Joh wasn't far behind Epic, sweeping his legs and hitting the Revelation off the apron. Joh then called for the tag to Brad, but Epic suddenly got to his feet and dropkicked Joh off the apron. He then ducked Brads clothesline and hit the Cross Rhodes. The crowd erupted as Epic fell into the cover but Brad kicked out. Epic held his head in his hands and went to his corner, shouting at Arrow and trying to revive him. However when Epic had his back turned, Brad tagged in Joh. Epic assumed Brad was still legal and with Brad in the ring Epic grabbed him and went for the Cross Rhodes, but Joh ran into the ring and nailed Epic with the Flying Knee. He then locked in a Triangle Choke causing Epic to tap out immediately. Although Epic and Arrow put up more of a fight than expected the result is still the same, UN are the Tag Team Champions World Championship Match: Ryan Reeves vs Sameer. If Ryan Reeves loses he loses his position as Evolve GM. BrendenPlayz is Special Guest Referee And we got to this, the main event. Sameer made his first defence as World Champion against another of the BPZ Originals, Ryan Reeves. A bit of banter between the 2 quickly developed into a head to head match between the two for Sameers World title, and with Ryan putting a lot on the line took However things heated up when Brenden was trying to conduct the contract signing. Brendens Big Ballers tag partner Sameer tried to tug Brenden to his side, whilst Ryan tried to do the same to his old friend. However Sameer eventually shoved Brenden and Ryan accidentally Pele Kicked him, causing Brenden to snap and make himself the special guest referee for tonight. After 20 minutes of insane action between the two, Sameer hit Ryan with a Frog Splash. However a clearly conflicted Brenden counted slightly slowly, allowing Ryan to kick out, much to the frustration of Sameer As Sameer argued with Brenden, Ryan sneaked up behind him and hit the Project Murder. However as he covered, Brenden refused to count, saying it was unfair. This caused Ryan to snap, and he hit Brenden with the Death Protocol. He then bought a chair into the ring, and looked like he was about to hit Sameer with it, but he changed his mind and went back to trying to revive Brenden. Eventually Brenden got up, and Sameer tried to sneak up behind Ryan but Ryan hit him with the Pele Kick. As Ryan turned to Brenden, Brenden hit him with the Pedigree, perhaps revenge for Ryan hitting Brenden earlier. Brenden helped Sameer to his feet, and the two Big Ballers exchanged a smile. Sameer hit Ryan with the Curb Stomp and Brenden counted 3, meaning Ryan lost his place as Evolve GM and Sameer was still World Champion After the match The Big Ballers carried on attacking Ryan, until King Bashka ran to the ring to make the save. He stared off with Sameer, with the main event of SummerSlam set in motion Prediction Results (out of 6 because Arius vs Bart wasn't announced) @mikey0619 5/6 @Julius 5/6 @MARKER 5/6 @Bashka 5/6 @Hans 5/6 @Gwynfro 4/6 @Emperor Nate 4/6 @Yelich 3/6 @Ropati4 4/6 @Arius 5/6 @Maasa 3/6

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