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  1. I love the whole idea of having another G1 and it’s quite entertaining reading. Personally I am hoping for Pete Dunne/WALTER winning the tournament but I also liked how you mixed TNA and NJPW a bit by having Callahan become the leader of this new Bullet Club. I am excited to see who You feud them with and I am excited for more Meko
  2. Great diary both of you. I will review ICONs show for now. Everything on the show had a purpose Storm and you fit a lot in there. Omega vs Ziggler in a rematch will be interesting, I personally thought you were going in the direction of Omega vs Shibata but I guess you’re probably saving that for another time. Gargano vs Rollins, Banks vs Lynch and Ospreay vs the IC Champ will be good too. I’m also interested in what develops between Ciampa and PAC, White and Styles and Ibushi and KENTA and I am excited for more Storm
  3. BPZ Forum Championship Record Update

    @BrendenPlayz and @Sameer finished their reign as the longest reigning tag team tied with Pride. They also now top combined team days and Brenden as an individual has held the titles for the second longest of any champ. They both finished 2nd for combined individual defences, topped team combined defences and also made the 2nd most individual defences of any reign in history

    Seems like a decent reign I guess

    Also it turns out I made a mistake. I was kindly alerted that @I Can't Odd is unfortunately not the longest reigning NXT Champ in BPZ History, it was actually @Bart. Buddys reign was only 63 days meaning he is the 2nd longest reigning NXT Champ and 7th for combined days. Bart also moves 2nd for combined days

  4. Josh stares at Toxik over the table before his normally serious face very slowly and quite creepily breaks into a smile and then a laugh Are you kidding me? You’ve got a dark and ugly blazing inferno inside of you? Is this truly my career now? You know Mirage, this time last year I was on top of the world. I had won the IC Championship a few months prior, had an impressive run to the KOTR semi finals, and I was facing Bailey in the co main event of SummerSlam. From co main event to you Mirage So if you think for one second I am going to be excited by ending your career once and for all at SummerSlam you are mistaken. This is business rather than pleasure. For 4 months you have destroyed all but a slight part of the reputation I had. 2 months ago I thought when George ran you over that I could finally break free of you, but now I see the only way to finish you off is to do it 1 on 1 in the ring at the biggest party of the Summer. Because you know what Mirage, I no longer want to be a joke. I no longer want to get phone calls at 1am in the morning from Mr Playz himself asking if I mind having my LAST MAN STANDING match on the pre show. And as long as I am associated with you, I will forever be a joke Toxik: I am a joke, am I? Well listen here Suddenly Gary Green steps in, either worried he is going to be fired if he can’t organise his first contract signing or that the producers are bored of this we don’t know, but Gary steps in and quickly snatched the mic off both stars. Both continued to trade shots off the mic, and although we can’t hear them clearly, we can pick up a few words. Suddenly we hear Josh say something that included the word “Alice” and Mirage slapped him. This caused Josh to laugh before he began to walk away before suddenly he pounced on Mirage and began beating him down. He stood up and began stomping on the arm of Mirage Of course Josh heavily focuses on the arm for his finishing manoeuvre the Shankly Gates and Josh began to lock it in on Mirage who immediately tapped out, which didn’t matter because a submission has no effect in a beatdown or on Sunday, when a submission won’t count either Josh eventually releases and begins beating Mirage down with a chair, until he lay unconcious. Gary manages to grab the chair and Josh looks down at Mirage and smiles to himself I found that more enjoyable than I thought I would Josh then grabs the pen Gary was holding and then signed the contract. He looked down at Mirage before leaving the ring, with the knowledge the next time these 2 collide it will be at the biggest party of the Summer
  5. I would like to apply for a job at BPZ Pizza Place 😀. As for the diary itself, its a brilliant piece of writing and I am very much enjoying it. Keep up the great work Bob
  6. Well Season 3 is completed. Here are the results Round 1 Kieron 130-30 George Raven 130-60 Alex Odd 130-80 Kai Joh 130-80 Aaron Julius N/A Mikey The match wasn't completed 2 months after the group chat was created and was thus abandoned Hans 130-0 Alex Costa Alex was given a second chance as part of a random draw following his defeat to Raven George vs N/A George received a random bye to advance to the next round to face the best performing losing quarter finalist Round 2 Kieron 130-90 Raven Joh 130-20 Odd Hans vs N/A After Julius vs Mikey was cancelled, Hans received a bye Raven 130-110 George Raven was the best performing losing quarter finalist and faced George where he came victorious Semi Finals Raven 120-120 Hans Raven won in a super over by answering a tiebreaker question Kieron 130-50 Joh Last years final was this years semi final and Kieron came out on top FINAL Raven 140-130 Kieron In a rematch of the first quarter final, it went down to the final question for the second time this series but Raven answered correctly and won BPZs Brightest Star for the first time And that's this season done. Now before Season 4 starts, I am hosting BPZ Brightest Star Clash of the Champions. I will send out DMs for the 4 person tournament soon but thanks everyone for playing and feel free to share your favourite moments from the series in this thread, there were so many to include I didn't have time. My favourites include Joh predicting the question and answer before it was asked, Joh and Aaron setting a record for most questions wrongly answered in a row and Aaron getting the question "What do CS Lewis and JFK have in common" correct by answering "They both died." Thanks for competing @Vioxx @Joh @Hans@I Can't Odd@GeorgeAK@Alex Costa@Lord Yautja@BIG DOG and of course @Meko750 (Raven)
  7. NXT were live in Sanford and it was a surprisingly good show packed with some big stars. Here is my experience and my review (1) KUSHIDA and Jordan Myles beat Impreium (Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel) B A great match, the only shame being that Imperium have the same music as WALTER so when their music hit the entire crowd got extremely excited only to be deflated. But to see ACH and KUSHIDA in the flesh for the first time was a great experience and they got a deserving win (2) Taynara Conti beat Xia Lee C An Ok match which Conti won. (3) Angel Garza Jr and Raul Mendoza beat 3.0 C A non exciting tag team match where Mendozo and Garza Jr won (4) Cameron Grimes destroyed a local talent F (5) NXT Womens Championship Mia Yim beat Shayna Bazsler by DQ F Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke interfered and attacked Mia Yim, beating her down until Rhea Ripley made the save (6) Rhea Ripley and Mia Yim beat Shayna Baszler and Marina Sharif C A decent match up that saw Rhea pin the NXT Womens Champ (7) Keith Lee beat a local talent F A comedy match which saw Lee emerge victorious (8) Ryker beat Boa C Another squash match that saw The Forgotten Sons Ryker emerge victorious (9) Dominic Dijokovic beat Mansour C Another squash match which saw Dijokovic emerge victorious, a man who looks very impressive (10) North American Championship: Velveteen Dream (c) beat Bobby Fish by DQ B Kyle O Reilly interfered but Dream managed to fight them both off, before challenging Adam Cole to a match soon in the future to close the show Overall Rating: C Although not a great show in match quality, it gave me a chance to see some stars of the future and was a very much enjoyable show
  8. We return from commercial break during Carnage and see Gary Green stood in the ring. The crowd chant his name surprisingly enthusiastically as he begins to speak Great news everybody. I have officially signed a contract with BPZ as the new official contract signing overseer of BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling, rather than my previous role of “assistant mystery solver.” And tonight I have the privilege because the first contract signing I am set to oversee is the contract signing for one of BPZ SummerSlams biggest matches The crowd begin to hope to see some of their favourite BPZ superstars such as Sameer and Julius, or Bashka and Brenden or Flynn vs Bart Josh vs Mirage The crowds reaction is interrupted by the arrival of “Manchester’s Number One” JoshsNow who is met by a chorus of boos as he comes out tonight. He is covered by scars from his battle with FDS two weeks ago where FDS did everything but murder Josh. Josh was moved from Tampa Bay to Orlando where he has spent the past 2 weeks in hospital but he is obviously back well as he walks to the ring tonight Gary lifts the ropes up for his friend as Josh enters the ring. Gary offers him a pen but Josh hits it away and it goes across the floor and outside the ring. Gary drops his mic and goes to grab the pen. Josh picks up the mic and begins to speak I remember when I could come out here, battered and bruised and you would cheer my name. But the more and more I lost, the less and less I got cheered. I guess everyone loves the underdog until the underdog starts losing. Because deep down everyone hates the loser, and when you lost belief that I would ever win, you started to boo me, you started to forget who I am Well let me refresh your memory. I am a former US Champion, a former NXT Champion, a former Tag Team Champion, a KOTR Semi finalist, the Global Series Block A winner and the man who won the Intercontinental Championship on the biggest stage of them all. I am Manchester’s Number One, hell I am England’s Number One and you will soon recognise me as not just BPZs Number One But the Worlds Number One And if you think Mirage, that ambushing me from behind and putting me in hospital for 2 weeks is supposed to intimidate me, it doesn’t. If you think taking selfies on beaches and cruises is intimidating, you are wrong. If you think you are going to win at SummerSlam Mirage, you are wrong. Your incompetence has turned this feud into a mockery. Without me it wouldn’t even be a match. But I don’t care how I am perceived. All I care about is you coming down and signing this contract, so that this Sunday I can be the Last Man Standing Josh throws the mic to Gary Green and screams at him to introduce Mirage, which Gary begins to do so as Josh paces up and down in the ring.
  9. This is the one of the greatest diary posts ever in my opinion. It is one of the most amusing and creative pieces of writing I have seen on the forums. The Yelich Battle Royal, Aidan vs Sameer match and Shiba vs Amai were all brilliant and all had me laughing out loud. Even The Job Squad getting destroyed was amusing. Great work guys
  10. Off to NXT Sanford now, should be interesting. And then I shall be back in England and back to being active on Monday 26th 

  11. Wow wow wow what a show. I appreciated the push SSW Club were given and although it was brief I actually enjoyed my storyline. I’m interested in the Sameer vs Brenden story because with 5 stars involved any match could occur, personally I see it being a tag match at SummerSlam. I also see George and Nate having a feud based on the injury but you could have different plans. Meanwhile the tag division is looking interesting, Bailey vs Bart should be a great match and I’m excited to see how you book Julius and Rops feud. I can’t wait for more Smith
  12. JoshsNow


    Another solid show Storm. Sameer vs Arius is a brilliant feud and I also liked what you did with BiC vs Hans. Meanwhile I’m interested to see who Smiths attacker will be, and what Mikey has planned. Good work and I can’t wait for more
  13. Unbelievable. The runner up of the Global Series isn’t it. Who do u have to have run over these days?
  14. JoshsNow


    Wow I won against all the odds. Really loving this diary, Ropati vs Julius is going to be a great first feud for the TV Title, and I hope to see a rematch between Sameer and Arius (btw what was the rating for that match?.) Meanwhile big wins for me, Bash and Prince as well and I can’t wait for more of this amazing diary
  15. No, on a serious note good write up FD, shame we (or should I say I) couldn’t do more with the feud, you thoroughly deserved the win and congrats
  16. As many of you know, I’m in Orlando for the next 19 days so I won’t be online. See you all then 

  17. UNTALENTED HACK The crowd erupt with boos as FDS smiles sickingly, his rival finally coming out to face him as we hear Josh’s voice over the speaker and he steps out I AM NO UNTALENTED HACK. I AM MANCHESTERS NUMBER ONE. I AM ENGLANDS NUMBER ONE. I AM SOON TO BE RECOGNISED AS NOT JUST BPZS NUMBER ONE BUT THE WORLDS NUMBER ONE. And you know what Daniel, I was Chaos’ Number One FDS pushes himself off his chair and it looks like we are about to get a brawl, but he pushes himself back down, obviously wanting to here what Josh has to say first Cozza betrayed you, Ark betrayed you, I betrayed you, so why do you hate me so much when you don’t hate them? Well the answer is obvious, as I said earlier I was Chaos’ Number One and you know that as well as I do. When Cozza left, no one cared. When Ark left, people just accepted it. When I turned on you and joined BiC, the entire world was talking about it. I was the only reason that dumb little stable was relevant You were using me to get over. You agreed to mentor me and you used me Daniel. Whenever I didn’t want to support you at ringside you questioned me constantly until I agreed. You know why, because you were so scared of losing that you needed everyone at ringside. BiC helped me see through your charade. He agreed to actually mentor me, rather than doing what you were doing Daniel and just use me as an extra number at ringside. And did you ever come and help me during my matches Daniel. You never did. You just used me for your own personal gain and when I turned on you and aligned with BiC it was the second greatest feeling I ever had. You know what the greatest feeling was FDS. Answering your Intercontinental Championship Open Challenge at BPZ Mania III and watching the anguish in your face as I won the BPZ Intercontinental Championship. And now you want us to share the same ring once again, but this time in an FD Rules Match. You know what Daniel you’ve got your Match. At Emergence I will rip you limb by limb. I’m going to make you regret picking that match. In your own words Daniel “You will suffer.” You may have won the only FD Rules Match to date against the man I betrayed you for BiC, but this time you do not stand a chance. Josh gets into the ring and drops the mic before walking past FDS and taunting him, before staring down with FDS as FD picks up the mic
  18. Great show Storm I like the setting off the show. A Smackdown show with Cesaro vs Ali and Dunne vs WALTER on it would be awesome and feuds between Lynch and Banks and Black and Orton will be great. Good work Storm and I am excited for more
  19. And the winners of the first round are Dark Knight, Black Panther, Spider-Man 2, Spiderverse and Endgame. Please vote in the second round now
  20. JoshsNow


    Yay I won. Also good wins for Bashka and Siege. Sameer vs Arius is looking like a good feud as is BiC vs Julius. Meanwhile Knight vs Wolf looks like an interesting feud and I can’t wait for more Storm
  21. What a show again Bash. Technically SSW Club were the main event so I will take that. Bart vs Julius is being built up brilliantly, and I am interested to see if the NXT match turns into a triple threat or what. Smith vs Flynn is looking good and with Royal Flush returning it looks good for the Tag scene in the future. Meanwhile MITB is being built up well and I actually like the feud between Blade and George against Kieron and Marker and how it’s been built up a lot. Meanwhile Tamer vs FDS is going to be great and Brenden vs Sameer is looking awesome. I can’t wait for more Bash
  22. xCozza welcome back. I don’t know how much you remember from the 2 years you were here but we were in a stable together called Chaos which is what I remember. Welcome back and I hope you stay active longer
  23. The show began with KENJI holding the Premium Championship high and as the fans shouted "You deserve it" he thanked them but said he wanted to get straight to business and called out Ark Universe, the man who low blowed him last week Ark came out, but to the surprise of many was accompanied by FDS, his former Chaos partner. Ark claimed he was fed up of being the hero for the fans, and that he never got anything in return other than a 1 day TV title reign in 2017 and now a 1 day Premium title reign in 2019. He knew that FDS could bring out his dark side at its best, and that he would reclaim his Premium title one day However following this, FD grabbed the mic and claimed KENJI had been lucky 2 weeks ago when he beat FD in the KOTR Semi Final and that FDS could easily beat him in a rematch, before FDS challenged him to a match at SummerSlam. KENJI claimed FDS would have to earn the match which bought out our General Manager Bailey made a match for tonights main event, KENJI vs FDS. If FDS wins, he will receive a Premium Championship match at SummerSlam Arrow Gargano vs James Hunter James Hunter surprisingly attacked Arrow and Epic last week, and tonight Epic was in Arrows corner as he watched his tag teammate take on James Hunter As Arrow went for a Superkick to put away Hunter he missed and accidentally hit Epic who was on the apron. Hunter rolled him up with both feet on the ropes for a 3 count and a victory over Arrow We returned from commercial break to see Bob Sparks in the ring. He mocked Ravens reign as NXT Champ where he hasn't even wrestled a match, and called down the "Fake NXT Champion" as Bob called him, to the ring Raven came out and Bob berated his reign, causing Raven to snap. Bob announced he would be cashing in his rematch clause at SummerSlam but Raven announced he didn't want to wait for SummerSlam and challenged Bob to fight right here right now. Bob agreed on one condition, if he won Raven would lose his automatic rematch clause. Raven agreed and Bailey came out to make the match official BPZ NXT Championship: Raven (c) vs Bob Sparks These 2 stole the show in an incredible title match as Raven made his first defence as champion against the man he beat to win the title at Judgement Day, Bob Sparks. It looked like Raven had the match won when he scaled the ropes, but Bob joined him up there, and Chokeslammed him off the top ropes but when he covered Raven kicked out. A furious Bob hit the Bob Bomb but again Raven kicked out. Bob dragged Raven to the outside, and began dismantling the announce table. He went to hit the Bob Bomb for a second time, this time through the announce table, but Raven hurricaraned him onto the announce table but it didn't break Raven scaled the ropes, and hit a Bird Bomb to Bob through the announce table. He then dragged Bob into the ring and hit a second Bird Bomb. He covered for what seemed like a certain 3 count but Bob somehow powered out Raven then "tuned up" the Superkick but his leg was caught, and dragged into a Bear Hug by Bob. Raven was unable to escape and eventually Raven succumbed to unconsciousness, meaning that Bob was the NEW NXT CHAMPION Our commentators hyped up the shock of a second title change in 2 weeks, before, talking of champions, they announced the United Nations had something to say UN were in the ring, with Brad and Joh saying how proud they were to have united two nations together to claim the Tag Titles. However they were interrupted by George, who criticised how bad the tag title scene had got to in BPZ He said he couldn't believe how UN were just given a tag title shot, as were Epic and Arrow, and George claimed the only reason they had banded together was because they were scared as singles competitors - Joh hadn't been relevant in years George claimed and last time Brad was in the ring George had pinned him George then said that UN had picked 2 easy competitors as their opponents and if they were real fighting champions they would accept George's challenge of George and a partner taking on UN for the belts at SummerSlam Brad accepted, before suddenly Ropati attacked Brad and Joh from behind. When "The Kiwi Buzzsaw" had finished, George claimed UN were just a Commonwealth rip off and that the Commonwealth (George and Ropati) would be taking the Tag Titles come SummerSlam KENJI vs FDS Ark was in FDS' corner in what was a massive match for FDS, as he looked to earn a Premium Championship match by beating the Premium Champ KENJI 1 on 1 tonight Every time KENJI gained momentum, Ark was quick to interfere, allowing FDS to get back on top. At one point FD mounted KENJI and began hitting the Gimmick Killer but just as it looked like KENJI was about to get knocked out, he began to fight back and punched FD back to escape KENJI began to build momentum, knocking Ark off the apron with a Hi No Kokoro before turning his attention back to FDS, and hitting the Horizon Suplex Hold but he only got a 2. KENJI then lifted FD up for the Gaudi Bakudan but Ark jumped up on the apron again, which distracted KENJI. This allowed FD space to slip out of the move and hit a WRSTLMaker for the 3 After the match KENJI was beaten down by Chaos until suddenly the music of Emperor Nate hit. It has been months since we saw Nate and he came to the ring and took out Chaos. Carnage's newest free agent signing picked up the Premium Championship and held onto it for some time before handing it to KENJI. He made his intentions clear, for now he is an ally but he wants the Premium title SummerSlam Card (Other matches TBA) World Championship: Sameer (c) vs Bashka Universal Championship: Flynn (c) vs Yelich vs Blade vs Kieron Black Premium Championship: KENJI (c) w/Emperor Nate vs FDS w/Ark Universe Tag Team Championships: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs The Commonwealth (George and Ropati)
  24. Has Bale been good for Madrid? He’s scored 102 goals in 231 games. He’s won a La Liga, a Spanish Supercup, a Copa Del Rey, 3 UEFA Supercups and 3 Club World Cups. He’s won 4 CHAMPIONS LEAGUES in the space of 4 years. Between 1966 and 2002 Real only won 4 UCLs/European Cups. During his time at Real he has been named Welsh Footballer of the Year 4 times, named in UEFA Team of the Year once, came 3rd for the UEFA POTY in 2016, was named in the 2015 FM Team of the Decade, between 2013 and 2017 he was named in one of the 5 FIFPro World Team of the Year, has twice been the top goalscorer at the Club World Cup and has won the Golden Ball at that competition once. He’s been very good at Real Madrid Tomorrow I answer who is Reals best ever player and who is Barca’s best ever player. Thanks for reading

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