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  1. ****1/4. I think this was the best write up of the first round. Excellent work Nate. Really loved how Alex played the heel because he was fighting in Ireland. Keep up the excellent work Nate
  2. ***1/4. Great match write up Hans, liked how we had a technical start and it turned into such a fast paced match. Good work
  3. Josh stands there stunned to shock from the attack by Bulldozer, before shaking his head angrily. He is about to say something when Gary interrupts, calmly speaking Green: Bulldozer, you’re attacking the wrong people here. You’ve got to keep in mind we didn’t need to take this case, we only did because the police refused to help. You should be screaming at them, not having a go at us. We have got it down to 4 suspects out and me and Josh are about to sit down now and find it out once and for all. Then Bulldozer you will get your revenge Josh: As for the Tag thing, I am pretty sure Raven did it so it will be a triple win. First of all, you get revenge on Raven for running you over. Second of all, we earn a shot at the Tag titles even though we should be number one contenders automatically, as you have said. Thirdly, we will soon be winning the Tag titles. Always look on the bright side Doza. Besides, how are we supposed to win Tag, if we aren’t on the same page Green: Hug it out, hug it out Josh and Bulldozer: Shut Up Gary Josh and Bulldozer share a smile at each other, United by them both finding Gary Green to be an annoyance. They hug it out, although Alice doesn’t look impressed. Bulldozer apologises to Josh before he and Alice leave the locker room. Josh turns to Gary and shakes his head Josh: Gary, What are you doing. You were kissing a picture of my wife and you expect me to forgive you? It’d be weird if you had a picture of my wife in your pocket. It’s extremely weird to kiss a picture of a girl. This is off the charts Gary: Josh I’m sorry but I’m going to make it up to you. I calmed Bulldozer down and I am going to solve this mystery. Josh: Gary, we’ve had 4 episodes and we’ve been unable to solve the case. We’ve only got 1 episode left. How are we supposed to solve it Gary: With this man And with that Bruce Willis steps into the room. Gary is smiling happily and Josh looks confused Josh: Who is that? Gary: Bruce Willis, he’s a famous actor Josh: Never heard of him, how is an actor supposed to help us Gary: He played Detective John McClane in the Die Hard film series Josh: The What? Gary: Die Hard Josh: Never heard of it. Is it English Gary: No, it’s American Josh: Explains why I’ve never heard of him. But I guess it’s time for us to solve this mystery once and for all. Who attacked Bulldozer Willis: Yippee-Ki-yai Josh looks weirdly at Willis before Gary puts out a table and lays a picture of the 10 suspects on the table. Josh gets his tablet out and Willis, Green and Scott look at the pictures as the screen turns to black
  4. **** - Excellent match Arius, the best of the round so far
  5. Will Eden Hazard flop at Real Eden Hazard is one of the best players in world football. He is in his prime right now and Madrid will get 2 more world class years out of him at age 28. In the Prem this season he scored 16 goals and assisted 15. In La Liga, where Madrid will tend to score more goals, who knows what damage he can do. I certainly don’t think he will be a flop though Thanks for reading and continue to send in questions
  6. I have been lucky in BPZ to have feuded with some of the best; Bailey, Julius, BiC. I want to feud with the greatest promo writer in forums history in Necce. Seeing as the Antichrist is gone it won’t happen but it would still be nice
  7. I’m going to have to go with the majority and refer to bringing the Chat back. Only th either day I found a few screenshots of Chat at its best. Discord’s great for the messaging aspect though
  8. 1. Flynn 2. Julius 3. Sheridan 4. Bashka 5. Arius
  9. I am sure we have a topic for this but I can’t find it so I will make my own. What are the best 10 matches you have ever seen? Coffey vs Dunne: NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool Styles vs Cena: SummerSlam 2016 Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano: NXT Takeover New York Braun Strowman vs Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe: SummerSlam 2017 Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar vs John Cena: Royal Rumble 2015 Amdrade Cien Almas vs Johnny Gargnao: NXT Takeover Philadelphia Ilya Dragunov vs WALTER: Progress Chapter 92: Entertaining Friends Noam Dar vs Jay Lethal: WCPW Built to Destroy El Ligero vs Jay Lethal: WCPW Loaded #2 Angle vs HBK: Mania 25
  10. I went to a PROGRESS show on Sunday in Manchester, Chapter 92: Entertaining Friends. It was an incredible show that introduced me to some new stars. Pre Show: Soner Duson vs Luke Jacobs. Rating: C - A fun way to kick off the show as both showed their skill The show opened with some of Jim Smallman's brilliant stand up, where he mocked a man who hadn't gone to the show as well as mocking several audience members who were there for the first time. Brilliant way to start the show M1: LJ Clearly beat Chuck Mambo. Rating: B - A brilliant match. Mambo is an excellent wrestler and Clearly looks like one for the future, his Canadian Destroyer finisher is out of this world After this, the ref Luchapas I believe his name to be, tried a lucha entry into the match but ended up landing on his stomach M2: Holidead beat Lana Austin. Rating C - It is always fun to see Lana Austin but it was a shame this match was so one sided in favour of Holidead M3: Jordan Devlin beat Connor Mills. Rating B. A fast paced technical contest where Devlin showed how good he was, whilst Mills showed a lot of potential M4: Jonathan Gresham beat Eddie Kingston. Rating: B. With this being Kingstons last year in wrestling it was an honour to finally see him live. This match was a comedy match that was done brilliantly, showcasing both talents abilities and in the end Gresham won via countout. After the match, Kingston cut a promo he claimed "I'm not supposed to be saying all this" and he went on to verbally destroy CCK, referring to them as "the skinny one" and "the one that's always injured" before promising to confront all 3 of CCK with his homies, which I interpreted to be LAX Following the break and another Smallman routine we got M5: Trent Seven beat Paul Robinson: Rating A - An insane match. Paul cleared most of the seating section by throwing Seven into chairs and jumping onto Seven, and after numerous near falls it was Seven that came out on top M6: Do Not Resuscitate beat More Than Hype. Rating: D. The very definition of a cool down match, the best parts were the two teams amazing theme songs. Not a terrible match but nothing in comparison to what we have already seen M7: WALTER beat Ilya Dragunov to retain the PROGRESS World Championship: Rating: A*. There was a genuine belief among the crowd that we were gonna see a title change and I was one of the minority of the 700 in attendance that were cheering for WALTER. In the most hard hitting match Ive ever seen and one of the best matches I have ever seen, WALTER reigned victorious Overall I would give the show a rating of a B-. A great show.
  11. Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 140. Today I am doing This Week in BPZ Promo Review Mikey cuts a promo on Julius **1/2 James Knight returns **3/4 Alex and Raven celebrate Ravens success ***** Bashka attacks Julius ***** Hans celebrates his US Title win **** Maasa leaves SSW *3/4 Return of Emperor Nate ****3/4 Yelich celebrates 3 years in the company **3/4 Bob promises an upset **1/4 Who Attacked Bulldozer pt3 *** Sameer celebrates his World title win, is confronted by Bailey and they brawl ***** Blade breaks down the SSW Club **1/2 The Prince answers Bob ***1/4 KENJI promos in front of The Atonium *3/4 SSW Club former members confront each other ****1/4 Knight calls out Raven *3/4 Aaron meets his old coach Starbuck *3/4 Bob promos from a dirt road in Ireland *** Arius is focused on KOTR *** ICON promises vengeance **1/2 Bailey mocks Little Sameer ***** Julius mocks Mikeys comments **1/2 Mave and James argue over who is the Number One Contender to the NXT Championship **3/4 Marker bombs Gdansk (yes this actually happened) ***** Sameer promises to beat Bailey ***** The UN visit USA **1/2 George at a Press Conference **1/4 Prince at a Press Conference *3/4 KENJI and Arius brawl with Brad and Aaron **1/4 Bashka promises to reclaim his greatness **** Aaron North become Lord Yautja ** Who Attacked Bulldozer Pt4 **1/2 Blade breaks down the Birdmen **1/4 Raven talks us through his tag opponents **1/2 A man is attacked *3/4 Raven and James Knight exchange words ***** Bulldozer and Alice attack Josh and Gary Green *1/2 Yelich blames the fans **1/2 Other News Power Trip: Emergence will see the return of the TTT, with the KOTR tournament determining the 6 guys in the match The current KOTR card consists of Bashka challenging Julius for the IC Title, the KOTR final, and a Fatal 4 way match between United Nations, Deadmans Hand, SSW Club and Birdmen Rumours are circulating that FDS will face Josh at Emergence Match Reviews Judgement Day World Championship Match: 3.5 stars - Sameers cash in was a stunning end to the match but not enough to get a slow match past 3.5 stars NXT Championship Battle Royal: 5 stars - A stunning fautless match as somehow the NXT scene still feels fresh despite all the recent battle royals FDS vs Ryan Reeves - 5 stars - These 2 perfectly told a story of their rivalry in this simple but effective match Julius vs Yelich: 3.5 stars - A solid match, there was a time I believed Yelich was going to win but even with Flynns interference it wasn't enough for Yelich. 3.5 stars
  12. Edge vs John Cena Unforgiven 2006
  13. Hello, I am Gary Green, welcome to Smarks Daily. Today me and the team at Smarks Daily preview and review all of the matches from the KOTR first round Marker vs Aaron North Preview: The first one on one meeting between Marker and Aaron and their second meeting in total after they met in a triple threat match for the Premium Championship at Mayhem, where Mark lost the title to FDS. Who will come out victorious tonight? Prediction: Manny Moleman, Austin Johnson, James SweedinFerg, Robert Rave, Alex Costa, Meko: Aaron North Green, Bashka, Ropati: Marker Result: Marker wins (1-0 to Green, Bash and Rop) Match Review: ** 1/2 George vs Buddy Ace Preview: Who will come out on top in the first ever match between the two Prediction: Everyone: George Result: George wins (2-1 to Green, Bash and Rop) Match Review: *** Yelich vs Hans Preview: Who will emerge victorious as the tournament throws up yet another first time meeting although the two have previously come head to head in a North American Championship? Prediction: Everyone: Hans Result: Hans wins (3-2 to Green, Bash and Rop) Match Review: ** 1/2 Julius vs Mikey Preview: Yet again a first time meeting in this one. Who shall win it? Prediction: Everyone: Julius Result: Julius wins (4-3 to Green, Bash and Rop) Match Review: *** 1/4 Nate vs Alex Costa Preview: A recent war of the words between these 2 comes head to head as they face off for the first time. Who wins? Prediction: Rave, SweedinFerg, Johnson, Bashka, Ropati, Manny Moleman - Nate Meko, Alex, Green - Alex Result: Nate wins (5-4-3) (5 to Bash and Rop, 3 to Alex and Meko, 4 to everyone else) Match Review: **1/2 Kieron vs KENJI Preview: Kieron has remained fairly silent heading into this first time meeting between the two but will that give him the advantage. Or will KENJIs recent experience give him his first ever win? Prediction: Everyone - KENJI Result: KENJI (6-5-4) (6 to Bash and Rop, 4 to Alex and Meko) Match Review: **1/2 Prince vs Bob Preview: Prince has remained fairly silent similar to Kieron before this first time meeting but will that give Bob the advantage? Or will a Prince finally become a King Prediction: Moleman - Prince Everyone Else - Bob Result: Bob wins (7-6-5) (7 to Bash and Rop, 5 to Moleman, Alex and Meko) Match Review: ***1/2 Arius vs Crippler Preview: And in the final match we preview and review, the heavily favoured Arius meets Crippler. Will Crip cause an upset? Or will Arius deliver? Prediction: Everyone - Arius Result: Arius wins (8-7-6) (Bash and Rop on 8 ) Match Review: **1/2 And that means the Smarks Daily Predictions Championship goes to both Bashka and Ropati. Congrats to both of you. Join me, Gary Green, next week when I do the same for the KOTR Quarter Finals. Goodnight
  14. Monday Night Carnage - July 22nd 2019 The show opened with Carnage GM Bailey14 in the ring, next to the Premium Championship and Tag Team title belts, that had been recently vacated by Sameer. He announced both titles would be decided at KOTR, with the Premium Championship match being between the loser of FDS/KENJI and a mystery star, whilst the Tag titles would be decided by an open challenge That open challenge was first answered by Brad and Joh. Brad, now referring to himself as "Angelo", announced that him as an Italian would form an alliance with the Irish Joh known as the Untied Nations. He then told Bailey that the UN should be the Tag Champions Bailey announced that they would get an opportunity at the Tag titles at KOTR, and that the UN could even choose their opponents. The only catch was that their opponents had to be members of the Carnage roster. After some discussion, Angelo and Joh announced their opponents; Epic and Arrow! George vs Bob In this contest, George took on Bob with NXT Champion Raven watching from ringside, with Bob most likely cashing in his rematch clause on Raven very soon And it was Bob who took the victory, hitting the Bob Bomb for the 3 count. After the match Raven came to the ring and raised the NXT Championship at Bob, with us going to commercial break on that scene When we returned from commercial break, we had Blade and Kieron, now named Deadmans Hand, in the ring. They went straight to business, calling out Flynn and Yelich. When Flynn and Yelich came out, they were challenged to a tag team match at KOTR. Flynn and Yelich declined, with Flynn saying he was the Universal Champion and that he would be facing relevant opponents, rather than the 2 in the ring. However Bailey came out and criticised Flynn for his cowardice, before announcing he was in charge and he confirmed Deadmans Hand would face Flynn and Yelich at KOTR He also announced that Flynn would be in action tonight, defending the Universal Championship against Blade in a rematch from 2 weeks, but this time Yelich and Kieron would be banned from ringside, and that would be our main event KOTR Semi Final: FDS vs KENJI With a spot in the KOTR final against Bashka on the line, we saw an epic semi final between FDS and KENJI. FD had dominated his 2 previous KOTR matches, putting them both away with a WRSTLMaker within 5 minutes whilst both KENJIs matches had been wars. The whole crowd was on the underdog KENJIs side, with his opponent FDS looking to better his 2017 KOTR when he was knocked out at this stage by BiC. And when KENJI hit the Horizon Suplex, the entire crowd believed he had done enough to win the match but somehow FD kicked out As the match got on longer, FDS' experience came into play and he began to work KENJI down. However KENJI began to fight back, only for FDS to hit him with a WRSTLMaker. As the entire crowd thought FDS had won the match, KENJI kicked out at 2.9. A furious FDS wasted no time grabbing KENJI and trying to hit a second, but as he spun KENJI around, KENJI leaped up and locked in a Bermuda Triangle on FDS. FD quickly tapped out, sending KENJI to the KOTR final Universal Championship: Flynn (c) vs Blade With their history, it seemed only 3 things were definite in life, birth, death and Flynn beating Blade. Blade would get an amazing opportunity to prove that stereotype wrong in tonights main event Both hit their best moves but it would not be enough to put the other down. Flynn hit the FKO but only got a 2, whilst Blade locked in the Rings of Saturn but Flynn reached the ropes. However Blade's big chance came later in the match when he hit a Clothesline from Hell to knock Flynn to the floor, before Blade attempted to follow up with the Rings of Saturn. However he couldnt lock it in and Flynn managed to reverse Blade onto his back and covered for a 3. Flynn again retained over Blade, however like how Flynn had retained over Blade a few weeks ago due to Yelichs interference, this victory again wasn't a clear victory for Flynn. However this didn't seem to bother Flynn and Yelich, who celebrated madly in the ring, looking down at Blade mockingly as Carnage turns to black for the final time before King of the Ring KOTR Card KOTR: Bashka vs KENJI Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs JoshsNow World Championship. If Sameer wins Ryan is removed as Evolve GM: Sameer (c) vs Ryan Reeves with Special Guest Referee BrendenPlayz Premium Championship: FDS vs ??? Tag Team Championship: United Nations (Angelo Catio and Joh) vs Epic and Arrow Deadmans Hand (Blade and Kieron) vs Flynn and Yelich
  15. KOTR Quarter Finals: Arius vs Julius This Evolve kicked off with one of the most anticipated matches in BPZ history, as 2 Australians in Julius and Arius went head to head in a match sure to tear the house down Both had been doing underhand attacks for the past few weeks, and of course this match was nothing different. As Arius was making his entrance, Julius blindsided him, much to the ire of the crowd. Julius threw Arius into the ring, and as soon as the bell rang Julius hit 2 Claymore Kicks. He covered Arius but somehow Arius kicked out. Julius then locked in a Vice Grip and Arius began to fade However suddenly Arius found a new spurt of energy and escaped the hold, before locking in a Final Testimony on Julius. Julius reached the ropes however Arius refused to let go, causing Julius to pull himself out of the ring. Arius joined him and the two suddenly started brawling all around the ring. They started brawling into the backroom and the ref had no choice but to call this one a no contest. We headed to commercial break, confused at what had just happened Backstage, Ryan Reeves was on the phone, trying to sort out the Arius and Julius debacle. He revealed security had separated them and that both had been eliminated from the tournament, meaning the winner of Bashka vs Sheridan would receive a bye and go straight to the final. He suddenly realised Josh and Bulldozer were in the room. He asked why they were there, claiming he was busy with sorting this out and his contract signing with Sameer Josh reminded us he had pinned Julius two weeks prior, and thus with Julius not having a match at KOTR, Josh deserved a match against him for the title. Ryan surprisingly agreed, booking the IC match for KOTR KOTR Quarter Final Match: Bashka vs Sheridan With this match now meaning so much more, we saw two superstars with the same aim for opposite reasons go head to head. Bash was desperate to recreate history and win the World title again whilst Sheridan was looking to make it and become the first BPZ Womens World Champion And it was Bashka who was victorious by hitting Sheridan with a Revelation and covering for the 3, sending Bash through to his first KOTR final and meaning he is 1 match away from having a World title match at SummerSlam After the match, we see a vignette air for Mikey, Evolve's newest signing. Evolve then follow up with a vignette for a mystery superstar set to debut soon The show ended with the contract signing between Ryan Reeves and Sameer. Both knew the consequences of losing, for Sameer he would lose his belt and for Ryan he would lose his position as Evolve GM. Brenden conducted the signing, and was caught in the crossfire of words between Ryan and Sameer. Sameer referred to Ryan as an old man, whilst Ryan claimed Sameer was still the whiny kid he was in 2015. However things heated up when Ryan claimed that Brenden was the only reason Sameer was still relevant. Sameer refused the claim harshly, claiming he was always the better member of the Big Ballers, hurting Brenden As Brenden argued with Sameer, Sameer pushed him away and began brawling with Ryan. Brenden tried to intervene, only to be caught by a Pele Kick from Ryan that sent him out of the ring. Eventually the ref broke things up, and a furious Brenden began writing on the contract. He announced that he had changed the contract to say that for the match, HE would be special guest referee. Both signed the contract as refs held them, not breaking eye contact at any point. The show ended with Sameer raising the World title over Ryan Current KOTR card (2 Shows to go) KOTR: Bashka vs FDS/KENJI Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs JoshsNow World Championship. If Sameer wins Ryan is removed as Evolve GM: Sameer (c) vs Ryan Reeves with Special Guest Referee BrendenPlayz
  16. Glorious Domination by CFO$ hits. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 139. Today I will be doing a Top 5 and today is the Top 5 stars who have the potential to be the Number One Heel in BPZ (5) Julius Julius is terrifying. As someone who has stepped in the ring with him multiple times I can admit that. He is excellent on the mic but when BPZ had the chance to book him in the main event of Mania they backed out and went for a safe option in Flynn. Now, with a chance to be the first 2x King of the Ring BPZ can make up for their mistakes with Julius and re-establish him as the main heel of BPZ (4) Ross Ross hasn't featured much in a BPZ ring since Revolution of Attitude, and it is sad to see one of BPZs biggest stars never got to have a run with the World title. However upon his return, we could see BPZ try book Ross to the title. After all he has got all the charisma in the world and should be the Number One Heel (3) Flynn When Necce beat Flynn at Survivor Series, instead of Flynn retiring, we saw Flynn become "The New Flynn." He became much more dangerous, and his rise to the World Title was inevitable, admittedly it was unfortunate to see him lose World a month later. However BPZ have booked him as Undisputed Champion and following his incredible battles with Bart and Sheridan, the former seeing him use underhand tactics and the latter seeing him use misogynistic comments, perhaps BPZ agree with me in making Flynn the number one heel in BPZ (2) Bart Although the latter part of his Undisputed title reign saw him become more of a face, Bart was always best as a heel and clearly BPZ should be pushing him to the moon. He has stared in incredible matches such as the BPZ Mania Elimination Chamber match, has a marketable look and is excellent on the mic. Why isn't he World Champion yet? (1) Kieron Black I bet you weren't expecting that as my Number One. But look at some of his very disturbing promos in the past, his maniacal laughs, his love of arson, murders, the story of Sister Sophie. He is a terrifying physcopath who in my opinion has the potential to be the number one heel in BPZ Thank you for reading. Join me tomorrow for Episode 140 for 10 Biggest Upsets in BPZ History. Goodnight
  17. Going to Progress Chapter 92: Entertaining Friends today

  18. Josh wakes up to find himself on the London Eye, with Julius and Gary Green looking down on him. Josh begins to struggle to get up but finds himself tied up Julius: There is no point trying to escape Josh Josh: Hang on, how did we get to London from America? Why are we on top of the London Eye? Shouldn’t you be fighting Mikey in Europe right now? Green: Because this seems menacing Josh: Ok, it does, I’ll admit. Now what’s happening here. Why did Julius attack me? Green: I will start. On the night Bulldozer was attacked, I have a confession to make. I was kissing a picture of your wife Josh. And Sheridan saw me. That was her alibi. I was too embarrassed to tell you Josh so I kept it a secret Josh: That’s Ok Gary I forgive y..., wait, why did Julius attack me then? Green: About an hour after you tied me up, Julius walked past and I asked him to untie me. You’d left the door unlocked so he just walked in and untied me. Just as we were leaving Julius attacked you Josh: Why did you attack me? Julius: 2 reasons. One I hate your guts and when I saw the opportunity to attack you I took it. Two, I wanted to be a red herring in your stupid little Bulldozer case that no one cares about. But I am leaving. I have got a KOTR tournament to go to. Didn’t you have one of them Josh last year. Who knocked you out in the semis? Josh: It was you Juli... oh wait, you already knew the answer didn’t you Julius laughs before jumping out as The London Eye gets to the bottom. Gary begins untying Josh but by the time he unties Josh they have to stay in the eye. It continues going as Josh and Gary look at each other in silence Gary: So am I back on the case Josh Josh looks at Gary with pure disgust in his eyes, before punching him. The show then cuts to its iconic theme song And with this a theme song begins playing. During the song we see random images of BPZ Headquarters that make no sense in that order before we see Gary Green Running up and down before the camera zooms in on his eyes. We see more random images and then we see Josh looking into a magnifying glass and we zoom in on him. We then see Gary and Josh loading guns, running away together, investigating, eating doughnuts and laughing and hanging around in strip clubs. The montage ends and we see Gary on his camera filming inside an airport. We suddenly see him walking with his suitcase before getting up to Bulldozer who is holding a Gary Green sign. Gary turns to the camera and whispers Gary: Josh has suspended me from the case but I know the only way to earn his love back is to solve the case for him. Thus I’m going to interview the victim and figure out Who Attacked Bulldozer through him He turns his attention towards Bulldozer and smiles at him Green: Hiya Doza, thanks for letting me “Doza” at your place Bulldozer clearly doesn’t get the joke, looking at Green weirdly Bulldozer: No problem Gary, me and Alice are happy to let you sleep at our house for the night as an SSW Club member. Alice is in the car outside. Do you want me to take your bags The camera turns off there, and it returns a few hour later, with Green sipping hot chocolate inside Bulldozers living room. Green: So Bulldozer, how are you doing Bulldozer: Well, I’m able to walk and I’ll be able to compete at KOTR in the Tag NOC match. Green: Wait you’re able to walk after 3 weeks and you’ll be able to wrestle after 6. Are you sure you got hit by a car? Bulldozer: Of course I am Green: Of course. Anyway I’m a trained hypnotist Bulldozer: I thought you were a trained technician and trained doctor Green: I am. I did an online university degree in all 3 things. Anyway, I want to try find out who attacked you, so I’m going to try a bit of hypnosis to take you back to 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Is that Ok? Bulldozer: Yes Green: Ok. Now Bulldozer, I want to imagine yourself in a happy place. Are you in a happy place Bulldozer: Yes, I’m dreaming of myself as a child with my sister Green: Lovely memory. Anyway now breathe in... and breathe out. Keep doing that. Now I need you to move to that happy place, and to 9:45pm on Sunday 16th June. Talk us through Bulldozer: Ok, I have just put down that reporter with my brilliant insults, and he is now chatting with Brenden. Now I’m walking towards the locker room to get changed. Suddenly everything goes still and I turn around and see a driver parked up. The car is coming towards me and suddenly it hits me and drives off. Green: I want to take you back to the moment just as the car is about to hit you. Fixate on that moment. Are you stood still in that moment. Look around, tell me what you see Bulldozer: I can see the reporter in the very corner of my eye, and that Josh and Alice are running towards me. Also in my peripheral vision I can see Cody eating a KFC. Green: Look at the car. Can you remember the reg plate. Can you see the drivers face Bulldozer: The glass is darkened, I can’t see through it. But the car is a Land Rover and the Plate is personalised, it is GA8 WOTW. Green: So it’s personalised. Although I can’t tell whose car it is from that, I know it can’t be a rental car and therefore it is either stolen or the persons own car. Thank you Bulldozer. Gary grabs his bag and runs out of the house. Alice walks back in the room and finds Bulldozer in a trance like state Alice: Oh my god. Bulldozer, are you there? She tries snapping her fingers, which eventually seems to snap a confused Bulldozer out of his state. They both look around for Gary, not knowing where he is. The camera turns off and turns on at what seems about 2am in the morning, with Gary on the plane Green: Josh is still in the UK, so with my new evidence I am going to fly back and tell him the news. George and Aaron were mistakes, and thanks to Bulldozer we know Brenden and Cody are innocent. Sheri proved me and her were innocent which leaves us with 4 suspects, BiC, Alex, Raven and Bashka. Who will it be?
  19. Another great show Mark. I am sure you’re going to give Riddle some help against Undisputed, perhaps Breeze will be one of them? You also created a good build to the other 3 title matches and overall I’m excited for more
  20. Happy 3 year anniversary to me

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  21. Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome back to Free Agent Corner. This is the 138th episode and it is time for the 138th Episode Spectacular (if you don't get that reference look it up). Well with Smarks Daily and BPZ Commentaries going to war, and Gary Green joining Smarks Daily, perhaps it is time for the greatest show in BPZ history to re-enter the scene. On this return episode, my new interviewer John Trenton has an interview with Julius John: Welcome to the show Julius Julius: Thanks for having me mate. Let’s have some fun here shall we John: First question, how would you sum up your career so far in BPZ? Julius: Pretty good wouldn’t you agree? I mean I have done everything there is to do here in 18 months and I am perceived to be the most dangerous man in this company so I would say that my career has been nothing short of dominant so far John: What has been the toughest challenge you have come up against in those first 18 months? Julius: You know that’s a really good question from you because there really hasn’t been many challenges so far. But if I had to pick one it would be facing Flynn. It’s no secret he has gotten the better of me on different occasions and now I’m out to correct that wrong and add him to my list of victims John: Flynn currently holds the Universal Championship and you hold the right to a match against him as Power Trip Cup winner. When do you plan on cashing that in? Julius: Now why would I tell you that. I have the power to get a match with him anytime I like and that’s how it’s going to stay. Only I know when I’m going to do it and no one else will ever know John: Do you have any regrets from BPZ so far? Julius: Why would I have any regrets. I’ve done everything there is to do and none of things I have done have made me regret them. I go out I do something and then that’s it. I don’t think about it I don’t stew over it once I do something it’s done John: You have accomplished so much during your career. What is your ultimate goal in BPZ? Julius: Your probably expecting me to talk about getting into the hall of fame or being perceived as the greatest there ever was but to be honest I don’t give a shit about any of that. My goal is to make sure that when people hear my name they shudder in their steps, they quake in their boots knowing of the monster that I am John: Final question, is there anyone you see as a future star of BPZ? Julius: There are many that I can see that might be able to take that step to becoming a star but what I also see is fear. Some of these guys aren’t man enough to take that next step, the closest I can think of is Hans. He can up against me and he made me work for that. I have gained respect for him and that’s something I don’t have for many John: Alright, now it is time to answer some fans questions Julius: Feed them to me John: @Toxik431 wants to know, who in your opinion is the worst member of the roster Julius: The answer is Josh. Next question John: Why Josh? Julius: Because he exploits the naive, he contains talent. He can never win a match and has always got something bad to say about the system. What I see is a man who can’t cut it in this business so he puts the blame on everyone else. He’s pathetic John: I feel like we should move on from this I am feeling uncomfortable. @Brad/Angelo/Other Sh*t wants to know, are you on steroids? Julius: Say that again I dare you John: Ok I feel like we should move on. Julius: Good idea John: Its time for a game. I say the name of a BPZ superstar, you say the first word that comes to mind. Flynn Julius: Deceitful John: Joh? Julius: Who John: Brad? Julius: F*ckwit John: Yourself? Julius: Monster John: Angelo Catio? Julius: D*ckhead John: Josh? Julius: Jobber John: Nanovirus? Julius: B*tch John: Hans? Julius: Fearless John: Bulldozer? Julius: Who John: Slim? Julius: Joke John: Thank you for joining me Julius. Are there any last words you want to say Julius: No. Now get the fuck out of my house Thank you for reading the first episode of the revival of FAC. Smarks Daily, BPZ Commentaries, we are coming for you. Goodnight
  22. Monday Night Carnage - July 15th 2019 KOTR Quarter Final Match: KENJI vs Yelich A week after Yelich and shockingly made an alliance with Flynn by attacking Blade and helping Flynn retain the Universal Championship, he was in action against one of Japans Brightest Up and Coming Stars, KENJI It was Yelich who seemed like he was going to win until Blade's music started hitting. Blade stood on the apron and held up 4 playing cards, 2 black aces and 2 black eights, commonly known as the Deadmans Hand. A confused Yelich watched as Blade walked to the back Yelich turned his attention to KENJI and ran at him, only for KENJI to counter by locking Yelich in the Bermuda Triangle. Yelich tapped out immediately, sending KENJI through to the semi finals of KOTR against the winner of tonight's main event A vignette aired on the screen. Following the off-air announcement that Evolve had signed a mystery superstar set to debut soon, Carnage's free agent signing was shown to be Kieron Black KOTR Quarter Final Match: FDS vs George FDS had been through many trials and tribulations in BPZ and despite being one of the favourites for the 2017 tournament, he ultimately crashed out. Desperate to win the World Championship, he would have to first get past George FDS succeeded in putting George away, winning in relatively quick time with the WRSTLMaker. With a semi final showdown with KENJI next week, can anyone stop this Australian Physcopath? Next, Universal Champion Flynn was in the ring with Yelich. Flynn expressed his feelings on Blade and noted no matter how many times they faced, Flynn always came out on top. He called Blade out, saying Blade's problem was with him, not Yelich. Blade came out, still holding the Deadmans Hand and explained his problems were with Yelich because Yelich cost him the Universal Championship last week. Then, Yelich and Flynn came out of the ring and began walking down towards Blade when suddenly Kieron Black came out to the shock of the crowd. Him and Blade began walking down the ramp and confronted Flynn and Yelich in the middle Just as it seemed we were going to get a fight between these 2 makeshift teams, "The Goat" hit and Bailey came out. He made a match for our main event, Kieron Black against Universal Champion Flynn, with Yelich and Blade banned from ringside Flynn vs Kieron Black With their 2 partners banned from ringside, it allowed Kieron Black to get a deserving Carnage debut as he went head to head with Flynn. With Kieron seemingly forming an alliance with Blade, it made this match personal for Flynn who took his frustrations out on Kieron A series of underhand tactics left Flynn on top however Kieron managed to hit a Sister Sophie on the Universal Champion for a close 2. He went for another one but Flynn managed to reverse into an FKO. As Kieron crawled to the turnbuckle, Flynn followed up with a V-Trigger for the 3 count, only just beating Kieron. After the match, Flynn carried on his assault until Blade came rushing down to the ring, quickly followed by Yelich. This time it erupted into a mass brawl until Bailey came out with security to separate the two teams As the two teams were separated Bailey announced that at King of the Ring, we would see Blade and Kieron take on Flynn and Yelich in tag team action.
  23. What are my thoughts on Dwight McNeil going to Juventus? ( @GeorgeAK) 19 year old Dwight McNeil burst onto the scene for Burnley this season, being an integral part of their team as they managed to stay in the Premier League. He helps out at the back and can use his physicality well but he is extremely dangerous attacking on the left. He puts in 1.6 crosses a game, plays 1.2 key passes a game and is also talented on set pieces (despite United once kicking him out of the academy for not being good enough at set pieces). Is he good enough for Juventus? Not yet. It might have been worth taking a punt on him if he was under £10 million. But when I see the £30 million price tag going around it shocks me. McNeil is talented there is no doubt about it but does one good season at a Prem club fighting relegation mean you’re suddenly wanted by Ronaldos Team for £30 million? Apparently it does. In my opinion, if Juve were to move for him it would be a bad move Thank you for reading. Please carry on sending in questions
  24. JoshsNow vs George Events: Halloween Havoc 2017, Survivor Series 2017, December to Dismember 2017, Night of Legends 2018 Story: Josh, a superstar from Carnage, came to Evolve looking for a new entourage. George came out, and joined Josh's entourage, where together they challenged for the tag titles at Halloween Havoc 2017 but were unsuccessful with Josh refusing to tag in George throughout the match. At Survivor Series the "Josh-Tourage" again challenged for the tag titles but failed. This, coupled with George accidentally costing Josh the US Title against Echo Wilson two weeks beforehand, led to George being relegated to stunt double. They lost at their 3rd attempt of challenging for Tag, losing to Beacon of Hope at December to Dismember 2017, and after the match George turned on Josh. This led to their only match to date, and at Night of Legends, George reigned victorious, and Josh would retire a few weeks later. However he soon returned, confronting George like a "gentleman" and challenging him to a match at BPZ Mania. However Josh lost his temper during a house brawl with George and through him down the stairs, meaning George was out for BPZ Mania and unable to fight. Josh won the IC Championship at Mania and lost it to Flynn 2 weeks later at World at War. Following the match, George attacked Josh with a crutch Upon George's official return in July, he was locked in an asylum repeatedly saying the words "Josh, Josh, Josh." This led to an attempt at a match at SummerSlam but George would leave, meaning Josh would eventually fight, and lose to, Bailey at SummerSlam. They didn't interact again until nearly 10 months later, when George was one of the original suspects in Who Attacked Bulldozer. However Gary Green quickly ruled him out despite Josh's suspicions, leaving fans to wonder if and when we will get the 2nd match Results: 1-0 George
  25. On a night that would feature 4 KOTR matches, the show was opened by World Champion Sameer. He talked us through his victory at Judgement Day and how proud he was to be here as World Champion. However his talk was interrupted by Ryan Reeves, who congratulated him. Sameer however did not take the congratulations well, reminding Ryan that in 2016, Ryan refused to draft him, and asked Ryan if he knew how much of a mistake that was now. Ryan laughed and said he could still beat Sameer today. Sameer laughed this off, saying that Ryan doesn't deserve to have a title shot, unless he was willing to wager his position as Evolve General Manager for it. Brenden came out and made it official; at KOTR, Sameer would make his first defence of the belt against Ryan Reeves and if Ryan lost, he would be stripped of his position as Evolve General Manager KOTR Round of 16 Match: Arius vs Mave Deltzer With Julius in tonight's main event, it meant for the first time in the past few weeks that we would get an uninterrupted match on Evolve starring Arius as he faced former SSW Club member Mave Deltzer And Arius proved his class, making Mave submit to the Final Testimony to book Arius' place in the quarter finals against the winner of tonights match KOTR Round of 16 Match: Bashka vs "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers Former 3x World Champion Bashka is desperate to get his hands on the 4th World Championship, and by winning King of the Ring, a competition that gives you a World title match at SummerSlam, it would give him that opportunity but standing in his way was the young Crippler And perhaps Crippler may have caused a few upsets when he locked Bashka in the Cripple Crossface but Bashka managed to reach the ropes. Crippler continued to gain advantage but Bash managed to reverse the next Crossface Attempt into The End. That would probably have been enough to secure Bashka victory but he took no chances, following up with a Revelation for the 3 count and put Bash through to the quarter finals KOTR Round of 16 Match: Sheridan vs Akki Sheridan Mueller has impressed a lot of people upon her time in BPZ, and the first woman of BPZ was looking to move away from the tag team scene and into the singles scene but she faced a physical battle in the much bigger Akki Akki used his physicality well, manhandling Sheridan Mueller across the ring. But as time went on the match turned more technical and this was where Sheridan shined, proving her status as one of the best technical wrestlers in the world. However as she tried to hit a Standing Shiranui Akki placed her in a Sleeper Hold. Sheridan used the turnbuckle to reverse the hold and roll up Akki, pinning him for the 3 and sending her to face Bash in the quarter finals. KOTR Round of 16 Match: Julius vs Alex Costa Before the match Arius decided to come and watch the match to scout who his quarter final opponent would be. However he didn't get involved, leading to a great match between Julius and Alex Costa The unfancied Costa took Julius all the way until eventually Julius managed to lock in the Vice Grip on him. As Alex passed out, Julius and Arius stared at each other without blinking. As Julius was announced as the winner and the ref raised his hand, Arius came into the ring and stared down with Julius, holding his North American Championship in the air. Julius did the same with his Intercontinental Championship, setting the scene for our incredible quarter final main event next week: Julius vs Arius. Goodnight

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