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  1. Ay yo what's up dude, I'm Josh, and I'll be your tour guide throughout the adventure we call 'BrendenPlayz Forums'. Most people are interested in the "Kayfabe" section which you can find directly below the "Introduce Yourself" section. In there Bart has added a great section introducing it because it’s hard to figure out originally which I’ll link below. I recommend reading this post before doing anything though. Another section that is widely popular is the diaries section, where you can do basically anything, whether it be a WWE Brand Split diary or a Call Of Duty diary, we welcome them all. Not good at creative writing? That's okay, because we have sections for TEW (Game I will link below), and WWE 2K19, where most members post their Universe Modes and write them up for members to enjoy. Links to all three sections + EWR: http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/88-wwe-2k19/ http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/84-total-extreme-wrestling/ http://brendenplayz.com/forums/index.php?/forum/60-diaries/ http://greydogsoftware.com/tew-2016/ We also have Title Votings every month that are based on contributions to the forums, and once you reach 25 posts (which I'm sure you will), you will be able to view the awards section where all of the votings are posted. We have a voting at Judgement Day, which has the NXT Title, which is held by Bob. Anyways, please read the guidelines because a lot of new members don't and end up breaking rules, so take a minute to check those out. So, welcome to the forums dude and I hope you stay active!
  2. I think following the end of Evolve we should bring back the NXT Takeover event. There are more guys than ever in NXT and I think they could carry a PPV
  3. The Return. Ok so last 3 times it backfired. Massively. But with a whole new host of members on the forums, I guess it is time to bring it back. @Bart is the current champion, and the rules are simple, sign up with a list of what video games you own, then I will pair you up to play each other in a match. To sign up, just say "I'm In" and the games you own. Good luck everyone
  4. Name: Joshua Scott Height: 6'3 Weight: 220lbs Hometown: Manchester, England Heel/tweener/face: Heel Finishers: Old Trafford (Shankly Gates), Seven Nations Army (Spear) Signatures: Great Scott (Helter Skelter), Ankle Lock Colour for attire: Red Powerhouse/Technical/cruiserweight/brawler: Brawler
  5. Why can’t Leroy Sane fit in Man City’s Starting XI Where does he fit him in to the starting XI is the better question here. Looking at City’s team, Sterling and Bernando Silva are undroppable at the minute. That leaves 1 spot for 3 top quality players in Aguero, Jesus and obviously Sane. As good as Jesus is I don’t quite think he can be compared yet. Now Sane has made more appearances than Aguero this season but Aguero has played more minutes. Now Sane has scored an impressive 18 goals this season. Not bad until you compare it to Aguero’s 31. However Sane has made more assists to be fair with 14 to 9. Sane has also got a better discipline than Aguero. Right now Sane looks better. But when you start to look at important game statistics Aguero proves his worth over Sane for now. 17 in 20 of Agueros passes come off, which is more than Sane’s. Also Aguero takes 3.5 shots per 90 mins to Sane’s 1.8. That makes a huge difference. Also despite Sane being 10cm taller than Aguero, Sergio wins 1 in 2 aerial duels. Sane can’t compete with that. Aguero’s 6 MOTMs to Sane’s 3 show who has been better this season overall. As a result Sane can’t be chosen at the minute. Thanks for reading if you have any debates please let me know and please send in questions.
  6. 1. Sameer 2. Bailey 3. Julius 4. FDS 5. Arius
  7. This is even more impressive than my FCR post, I have always considered this but I thought it was impossible. Incredibly good Arius it deserves much more than 7 rep
  8. Series 2 Results Semi Finals: Joh 140-90 Ropati Kieron 140-90 Alex Costa Final: Kieron 120-90 Joh Which means your smartest star is @Kieron Black. Ropati reached the semi finals for the second series whilst last years champ Bart refused to take part. Who will win Series 3. Applications are open now
  9. Well in my opinion (and I know this is one that probably won't be shared) Trent is the better player because he made more of a difference to Liverpool than VVD. Trent not only provided defensive stability but he also registered an incredible 15 assists that were integral to Liverpool's Premier League and Champions League games. He had more shots per game than VVD, key passes, more crosses, more long balls and more dribbles but that could be down to the way Liverpool play. He was also as defensively stable than VVD if not more. He made more tackles a game and more interceptions which shows he had a lot to deal with. I believe all of Liverpool's defence were unfortunately extremely good but VVD's strength was mainly aerial. The other defenders all added something and I believe Trent added something to it
  10. This isn't based on who had the best season, this is based on who I believe are the most talented. I don't think 1 bad season can define a massive loss of talent. And besides I don't think the 3 I named are necessarily to blame for it. They were all excellent for national teams and if you look at Real a lot of goals they concede come from Carvahal's position, hence why Zidane has bought Militao. All 3 of the Real defenders made more tackles per game. Now of course I am not just basing a list of that but it shows that they had more pressure to deal with because the midfield let so many attacks through. They also showed their lethalness attacking, as all 3 put in more crosses and through balls than VVD. Of course stats don't really help, as Real and Liverpool both have very different styles, but VVD having 1 good season doesn't compare to those 3 spending a decade at the best club in the world (well not right now but certainly the best club of the decade.) Just my opinion
  11. Once again I would like for you guys to send in some more questions for me and if you have anything to debate with my answers let me know. Today it’s the Top 10 Defenders in the World 10. Joshua Kimmich This Season: Double Winning Super Defender 9. Marcel Halstenberg 8. Trent Alexander Arnold This Season: Made it into the PFA Team of the Year 7. Saki Kumagai This Season: Won the treble with Lyon 6. Wendie Renard 5. Lucy Bronze This Season: Won a treble, The SheBelieves Cup as well as being named BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year 4. Diego Godin This Season: Won the Super Cup and was named in FIFA World Cup Team of the Year. Also named in World Team of the Year 3. Marcelo This Season: Named in a 4th consecutive FIFA Team of the Year, named in the World Cup Team of the Year for the second time in a row, and named in both the IFFHS and EA Sports Team of the Year for the 2nd consecutive and 3rd consecutive year respectively 2. Sergio Ramos This Season: Won the Club World Cup, was named in an 8th consecutive FIFPro World XI, a 7th consecutive UEFA Team of the Year, named in a second consecutive IFFHS Men’s Team, a second consecutive FIFA Team of the Year, and was again named UEFA Defender of the Year Raphael Varane This Season: Won the Club World Cup, the World Cup, a French OBE, was named in World Cup TOTY, McDonalds TOTY and UEFA, IFFHS and FIFA Team of the Years. Was runner up in the Defender of the Year Well that’s my list. If you have any debates please reply and also send in some questions. Thanks for reading
  12. Great first show Mark, I feel like Cole vs Riddle will be a great match. Also I’m very interested to see who you have in mind for the NA and Tag divisions. I’m glad to see Mia Yim being pushed, I think a match between her and Baszler is certainly one for the future. I like how you established Ohno’s character, would like to see a feud between him and Lee. Finally I liked the ending with Undisputed Era, I wonder if we might get a 3 on 3 tag match between Breeze and 2 others against Undisputed. Overall I am excited for more
  13. Part of a Top 10 Series here: Who are the top 10 Midfielders in the world 10. Amandine Henry Lyons DM, she is a 4 time Champions League winner and at 29 is still doing good 9. Sam Kerr She has adapted well to America and was part of Australia’s 2019 Cup of Nations winning squad 8. Dzsenifer Marozsan Another Lyon player, she was part of the team that did a double last season and won the Ligue 1 and German Player of the Year last season 7. Isco Part of Real’s dominating midfield, the former Golden Boy has lived up to his potential 6. Ivan Rakitic He bought home 3 trophies just last season and the World Cup Runner is one of Barca and Croatia’s key players 5. Paul Pogba Named in this seasons PL TOTY for a reason, the World Cup winner is attracting more and more attention from other big clubs 4. N’golo Kante Part of the Chelsea team for 3 years now, the 2x PL winner and World Cup winner isn’t just the nicest man in football, he is a key part of France and an integral part of Chelsea 3. Kevin De Bruyne Man City’s best player and an integral part of Belgium, De Bruyne has already won one trophy this year and will be hoping to add more 2. Eden Hazard The best player for club and country, he’s had another stunning season and he deserves the move to Real that’s been rumoured for years Luka Modric Winner of numerous awards in 2018 including the Ballon d’or, he carried Croatia to a World Cup semi final and its hard to imagine where Real Madrid would be if they had lost him and Ronaldo Tomorrow is who are the top 10 defenders in World football but until then I would like for you guys to send me in some questions to answer. Thanks for reading
  14. Josh: Alright everyone welcome to The Football Talk Show. Joining me and Marker today is Yelich. Nice to have you on Marker: It a pleasure to be here Yelich: Thank you very much, I love The Soccer Talk Show Josh: Haha Yelich I think you mean The Football Talk Show Yelich: Oh were talking about the NFL? Lemme get my notes out Josh: After an exciting transfer window and exciting international tournaments, this week seems to have dragged on. How would you guys sum up this week? Marker: Well it good. We have The Copa America and The African of Nations Yelich: Women's World Cup is something that as an American I am paying close attention to Josh: Yes the Women’s World Cup. Mark have you been following? Marker: To be honest I haven't Yelich: I think were on a crash course for a US vs England semifinal, so that should be a fun thing to watch, especially for the English Speaking World of Soccer Fans Josh: Well I don’t know Yelich, England have got to get past Norway who have the dangerous Ada Hedgerburg Yelich: Norway just barely eeked out the Aussies though. Im not so sure that they'll be able to beat the English Mark: What about the Cameroon Women's Team, we saw happen there Josh: Well I mean very interesting stuff there Mark: It was very disgraceful to see the Cameroon team like that, thinking that the refs were racists. When they are doing their jobs Yelich: I think they were just trying to find a reason to complain while they barreled towards their almost definite loss Josh: Yeh I mean Cameroon should have been down to 9 men anyway by that point Yelich: They beat a bad Kiwi team to get into the bracket stage, and now they're finally gone Marker: Phil Neville spoke about the game. How he felt ashamed to watch the 90 mins Yelich: So congrats, Cameroon's Women's National Team on your field trip to Paris, but your time in the Women's World Cup is over. Josh: I feel like fake claims of racism here are disgusting, keep in mind that there is real racism going on in the game Yelich: I hope the refs aren't more afraid to do their jobs now Marker: On to different news, Germany won their game against Nigeria to move on to the quarter finals Yelich: expected Josh: Yes an impressive win for Germany. Although as Yelich said they should’ve won it Mark: I can see them winning the tournament Yelich: I'm gonna be honest, many of these first round matches are kinda... predictable Josh: Well Norway vs Australia was a tough one to predict Yelich: And it's because of the group stage format allowing the top three teams of each group make the final 16. And yes, while those teams that got 2nd in those groups will have interesting games Josh: But all the quarter finals look interesting at least. But perhaps they’re best off going straight to a quarter final and having 6 group winners and 2 runners up Yelich: yes that's true, but it worries me for the 2026 World Cup, where we are going to see a very similar thing with the men Marker: Definitely. If they can move from Qatar Yelich: We are going to see a lot more matches that are very predictable, and almost unnecessary. Josh: Well actually let’s stick on the topic of Qatar. And talk about Michel Platinis arrest Mark: I'm happy about it Josh: I mean it was expected surely Yelich: yeah it was deserved to him Marker: But I feel bad for the workers who worked on the stadiums. All for nothing Josh: True. The stadiums won’t be completed on time though. Only 4 of the 16 have been built in the last 7 years. Causing 1000s of deaths in the progress Yelich: No one ever thought it was a smart idea to have a World Cup in Qatar anyways. At least everyone outside of FIFA Mark: Now it might get moved, where do you think will it go to? Yelich: Anywhere else. Anywhere is better than Qatar Mark: So Bangladesh is a better place? Yelich: Better for the community, better for the players, better for the fans you get what I mean Josh: I’d have said USA myself but they’ve got 2026 now haven’t they? Yelich: yes they do Mark: Yes. With Mexico and Canada Yelich: now we could give it to the country that got 2nd in the world cup bids for 2026. Morocco Josh: I’d give it South Korea and Japan myself. Both those bid for 2022 and they have experience hosting a World Cup Yelich: do they have enough stadiums up? because there's the crux of this situation, you need a place with a bunch of stadiums already standing for these games Josh: Possibly not that’s the problem Yelich: the immediate answer is the US Josh: British Isles is possibly the best place Yelich: yeah I would agree Mark: Definitely agree Josh: They have got a lot of stadiums as do the US. Or Spain/Portugal/Morocco Yelich: but another problem here is, the automatic bid. I dont believe with the automatic bid, it can go to Europe Josh: Anyway apparently it has to be in an Asian country because Asian countries were banned from 2026 due to 2022 being in Qatar, so it would be unfair. But what Asian country has the stadiums. Yelich: China? They've had the olympics a lot recently hopefully they'd have the facilities Mark: South Korea. Japan. China Josh: China has 16 stadiums above 55,000 attendance. They’re probably best Yelich: but do FIFA want to cave to such a world power like china. Yes, yes they would they caved to Qatar, they'll cave to China Josh: There were also rumours of a joint Korean bid. Surely they can’t allow a World Cup to take place in North Korea Mark: Probably South Korea Yelich: I dont think the joint Korean bid wouldn't work because of north korea, I think it wouldn't work because there's two countries Josh: We’ve had 2 countries before Yelich: because unless korea is one team, that'd be two bids automatically and Qatar was supposed to be alone in hosting Josh: Yes that’s a good point actually Yelich. If it is truly fair then only one Asian team can take part. Then again when were FIFA ever fair? Yelich: nope Mark: True. But if I had to give it to one, I would give it to Japan Yelich: At this point, I see either Japan or China hosting Mark: Japan has hosted before. And know what they doing Yelich: But have they demolished those stadiums or do they have enough? if they don't have enough, it has to go to China Mark: They have enough. Probably have more to be honest Josh: I think personally South Korea should get it. They still have the stadiums. And they have built a new one for the Asian Games Yelich: I assume they have the stadiums from the Olympics. Another question is, do China and Japan WANT to have the World Cup? Josh: China have said they want to focus on their 2030 bid, despite the fact Asian countries are banned from bidding in 2030. But then again FIFA will class China as South American based on the right bribe Yelich: maybe they mean 2030 Olympics? Josh: Nope 2030 World Cup Yelich: Odd so I think it would have to be South Korea or Japan Josh: Theyve not put an official bid in but plan on doing so.. Infantinno, the head of FIFA, even said perhaps they should change the rules for 2030 Yelich: Of course Marker: That probably for the best if they change it Josh: It is but it is very suspicious. Anyway. Then again, according to the Copa America Japan and Qatar are South American. Have u guys been watching it? Yelich: I have not been watching it no. But other countries were invited to the Copa America tournament in the case you weren't joking. this is text I can't detect sarcasm Josh: Yeh I know I just found it funny when I was looking through the Copa America and saw those 2 Yelich: fair Josh: But Mexico and US surprisingly turned down invites Yelich: Well I think the US and Mexico turned down invites because of the current CONCACAF Gold Cup Josh: Yeh that’s true Yelich: The US finally avenged their loss last year to Trinidad and Tobago the one that got them out of the World Cup Marker: Yeah I have been watching Copa America enjoying so far. I saw Brazil vs Peru. Great game Josh: Well as of now, Argentina are through if results stay this way. Could you imagine if Messi never wins an international tournament? Mark: Messi needs to win this if he wants to become a legend of Argentina Yelich: Agreed Josh: Especially with Ronaldo winning the Nations League Marker: This is probably the last chance he will ever get Josh: The pressure is suddenly on Mark: Back to Yelich with the USA 5-0. Correct? Yelich: 6-0 actually Mark: If Argentina not winning, then I see the host Brazil winning the tournament Josh: Well anyway Venezuela have looked good Mark: Which is a big surprise Yelich: Huge Surprise. With all the turmoil in that country, anything positive with name Venezuela in the same sentence is a big surprise. Josh: Well I mean they have an amazing youth set up and some of the players coming through actually look good. But they have had VAR to thank Mark: Got to love VAR Josh: Venezuela have Had 5 goals they conceded disallowed due to VAR. Is it ruining football? Mark: Yes And No Josh: Because as a referee, in my personal opinion, no it’s not Yelich: No it isn't Josh: I believethe problem is how the refs are applying it. The system itself is a brilliant idea Yelich: Instant Replay, as much as it's hated, isn't runing any sport Josh: The problem is too many refs aren’t applying it correctlyIts meant to only be changed if the error is clear and obvious but even the smaller things are getting pointed outBut it has a 95% success rateHumans only have a 70% success rate Mark: That very true Yelich: if something has a 95% success rate, than I'd say that thing isn't ruining anything unless that thing is supposed to ruin something Josh: In which case it’s successful at ruining it. Now this week has been a busy week for Chelsea. They lost their manager last Sunday but a former legend returned as technical advisor Mark: Ah yes. The GK Legend Petr Cech Josh: Yes but back to my original point. Mark what were your thoughts on Sarri Mark: If I'm being honest I'm annoyed by what Sarri did, I felt that he left us behind because of two things, the transfer ban which leaves us with nothing for two transfer windows and that he won a trophy and saw Juventus as a chance to get out and join a bigger team so that he can win trophies easier Josh: Yeh well it was clear he had no vision at Chelsea. He started to get you back on track and then left. Thats why you now need a manager who invests in youth. And I suggest Jody Morris Mark: ...… Yeah no. Most likely Frank Lampard is the main choice that Chelsea wants and I'm terrified because this could ruin his legacy at Chelsea if he doesn't do well. However he has played with Mount and others before Josh: Lampard with Morris as assistant? Morris will know the academy plus they worked together at Derby Mark: But what about Zola? Josh: He’s got more experience. I would say he is a better candidate Mark: If Morris comes in, I feel that Zola will leave Josh: Yeh that’s true but apparently he wants to. Rumours are he wanted the job Marker: Didn't hear about that Josh: Tbf the Daily Mirror reported it so you can take that how you want to Mark: Onto to the last piece of news. Rabiot seems to be moving to Juventus. Reported by gazzetta.it Josh: Yeh the rumour mill has changed to that but I’m not convinced. I don’t want him at United though Mark: Think about the midfield Juventus will have. With the also signing of Ramsey Yelich: Juventus looks like an easy leading candidate to win the Premier League Mark: Um Yelich. That Serie A Josh: United seem to be being linked with Wan-Bissaka Mark: They will eventually get him Josh: For what price though Mark: United can give anyone money. For 75m most likely Josh: Because having watched him play he is not worth more than £40 million. Even in today’s market Yelich: just making sure, this is Man United not DC United correct, Im not up to date on everything Marker: Yes Josh: Also in transfer news. Marcos Llorente switches Madrid clubs Marker: This probably means the end of Rodri as he moves on to Man City Josh: Yes Rodri is reportedly going to Man City. Atlético Madrid are also being linked with Joao Felix. I mean you can’t pay £100 million for a player that has had one good season in Liga NOS can you? Marker: I mean. These days, any one in the top leagues can pay big amounts Yelich: Yep Josh: True. Who cares about FFP Mark: True. I feel that time is up Josh: Also Mats Hummels rejoined Dortmund. He started his career at Bayern, then went to Dortmund, before Bayern signed him back and he is now back at Dortmund. Its like a ping pong game is this Mark: I feel that Dortmund can win the league this time. No more bottling. The signing has been amazing and their youth players are incredible Josh: Well the fact that the interest in Sancho has dropped has helped as well. But they need to replace Pulisic Mark: They will probably have one of their Youth players take the place Josh: And that’s the magic of Dortmund I guess. You want teams like that to do well. I mean they showed their potential when they won 3-2 in Der Klassiker. Anyway our penultimate piece of transfer news, what about the Barcelona/Neymar/Griezmann love triangle? Mark: Jesus, it a mess. Griezmann and Neymar wants to leave. But reports been saying Messi doesn't want Griezmann Josh: Yes that’s what I heard Mark. He wants MSN back. The problem is MSN were at their best 5 years ago Yelich: Neymar is still one of the best players in the world, I'm sure Barcelona will be better with Neymar than without Josh: Idk Brazil seem to be doing better without him. He is extremely talented but he is a very negative influence Yelich: Neymar is one of the biggest names in Soccer to us over here in the States Josh: That’s because he is one of the best Yelich: We may not watch Premier League, but we know Neymar, Messi, and Ronaldo. Anybody does. Wherever Neymar goes, they get those foreign fans Josh: He’s got a massive fanbase Yelich: And they get those merchandise sales from people who just want a Neymar jersey. Plus he makes their team better Josh: Yeh so it is largely beneficial to Barca in that sense Yelich: Barcelona has no reason not to get him Josh: Although I believe Griezmann is better. Dont know how popular he is in the States Yelich: not popular at all. I may have heard of him a few times but only because of the English people on the forums Josh: Well perhaps Barca will be more benefited merch wise by Neymar Mark: I feel it time to rap it up, would you say Josh Josh: Yes I feel like we should begin to conclude. One final point I wanted to get in however is a little rant about Paul Pogba Yelich: go ahead Josh: Well as a United fan, it has pained me for months to see someone with as much talent as Pogba go throw it away. He doesn’t track back, as soon as United go down he stops playing and if someone man marks him he disappears onto the wing. He is United’s best player but he doesn’t show it. He walked 210km in the Prem this season, whilst in comparison he sprinted less than 1km in the Prem. No other players have such bad stats like that. And for him to come out and make those comments about wanting “a new challenge” well you know what Paul you can go fuck off. Man United is one of the biggest clubs in the world still and if you don’t want to wear that badge then you can fuck off to Italy because I’d rather have players like Phil Jones who give 100% every week than you Paul. That's my rant of the week sorry guys. Now thank you Yelich for being on Mark: Yes Thank You Yelich: Well I love being on the Soccer Talk Show Josh, thank you very much Josh: I feel like we should end with a goodbye to one of a The best players to ever grace the Prem Fernando Torres who retired this week. Thank you Fernando for your career in FOOTBALL, not soccer, and we will see you all next week. Goodnight Marker: GOODNIGHT AND GOODBYE EL NINO Yelich: Goodnight
  15. Life got me feelin like Jordan

  16. Transfer Window We had a much more eventful transfer window in August, making our second signing on 23rd August by paying £17,000,000 for Benedict Höwedes. On the 24th we sold Maarten Stekelenburg to Watford for £2.7 million. The day after we loaned out Jonjoe Kenny to Cambridge. Then on Transfer Deadline Day, we sold Shani Tarashaj to Derby for £2.1 million, before we made a shock signing. Everton bought former Liverpool player Fernando Torres for £9 million. El Niño is back on Merseyside Results Premier League: Everton 4-3 Stoke HT: 2-1 Mame Diouf 18’ (0-1) 79’ (3-3) Emil Forsburg 25’ (1-1) 61’ (3-1) MOTM (9.4) Michael Keane 32’ (2-1) Eric Choupo-Moting 64’ (3-2) Cenk Tosun (83’) Everton had 18 shots to Stokes 5 Premier League: Man City 1-2 Everton HT: 0-0 Wayne Rooney 61’ (0-1) Emil Forsburg 79’ (0-2) MOTM: 9.2) Wilfried Bony 83’ (1-2) Everton had 10 shots to Man City’s 8 Carabao Cup 2nd Round: Blackpool 1-3 Everton HT: 1-1 Max Clayton 23’ (1-0) Morgan Schneiderlin 36’ (1-1) Wayne Rooney 85’ (1-2) Theo Walcott 88’ (1-3) (MOTM: 9.3) Blackpool had 3 shots to Everton’s 17 Chelsea 0-1 Everton HT: 0-0 Howedes 79’ Chelsea and Everton each had 4 shots So that’s August. I won’t give a full Premier League table, but Everton are top on 9 points, 2 points clear of Manchester United who are in 2nd. I would appreciate your feedback still on where we need to improve come the transfer window, how our season has gone, any improvements I could make on the diary and the question for the month is (1) Who was our Player of the Month? Please comment below
  17. How can Prince be Chat Mod when Discord is down?

  18. 5 podiums are set up in a room with journalists all around. Suddenly JoshsNow walks in, accompanied by a unnamed security guard baring a resemblance to Gary Green. The reporters camera start flashing and questions are being asked but the security guard runs up to one of the podiums Security: Please Hold your questions Josh gets to the podium. He will take them one at a time. The security guard leaves as Josh steps up to the podium Josh: Alright I will take your question first Josh Trenton from BPZ.com Trenton: Who was that? Josh: That was Gary Green’s brother, Barry Blue Trenton: If they’re brothers why do they have different last names? Josh: I’m only answering one question from one interviewer. Next question, yes you. Ortman: Hello I’m Randall Ortman from cagesideseats.com. Talking of Gary Green, How is his legal situation and when do you plan on returning to the investigation as to who attacked Bulldozer? Trenton: Isn’t that 2 questions? Josh: Mr Blue, can you eject Mr Trenton here, he is being disruptive Barry escorts Mr Trenton out of there as Josh turns back to Ortman Josh: Well luckily they have managed to get Gary’s Case through and he is due in court this Sunday for trespassing. If they find him guilty the worst is that he will have to pay a fine of $1000 dollars. So the investigation returns on Monday. Ortman: Of course, can we have your input as to who you think it was. And have you entertained the possibility of it being Gary Green Josh: Green is completely innocent. I have already questioned him and he was just in the parking lot, vaping, when he saw the incident take place. I tell you now it was George. Yes you, Erik: Hello I’m Erik Beaston from bleacherreport. Josh, what made you decide to join the World Title Match last minute Josh: I did it out of respect for Bulldozer. I promised him when I joined SSW Club that I would bring us home the BPZ World Championship. And I will visit him in his hospital bed next week with the BPZ World Championship around my waist. Yes you Mike: Mike Johnson, PWInsider. Many are treating you as the outsider here and perhaps a joke Josh: Mike, if you don’t mind I’m going to stop you there. I am the outsider here, because I am the most underrated and that gives me an advantage. If those 4 others in the match, and I am especially referring to Bashka and Bailey here, keep this elitist mentality about them, that only the guys who Brenden sees as superstars can hold the belt then they are going to get a shellshock Johnson: It’s safe to say you have had your problems with Bailey in the past Josh: It goes back to my argument against the elitism developing here in BrendenPlayz. Did you know no wrestler who joined this company after 2015 has won the World title. And no one after 2015 has ever won the KOTR tournament or a Royal Rumble. I said those stats last year and it amazes me they have never changed. And it all goes back to Bailey. He stifles the career of anyone who dares come close. I will break one of those stats at Judgement Day. I wasn’t unable to Stop Bailey when we stole the show 10 months ago at SummerSlam but I will stop him here and that is a promise to you people here, my family watching at home, Gary watching in his holding cell and to Bulldozer in his hospital bed, that I will win the World Championship this weekend ?: May I add a few things. Everyone turns to see Bashka stood at the second podium, ready to answer questions from the press here, as “Manchester’s Number One” stares him down unimpressed
  19. Should Valverde be sacked? For the second consecutive season, Valverde has won the La Liga two consecutive years, something Enrique failed to win in his final season. He also had an improved CL season compared to last year but unfortunately he has players with the wrong mentality. His defence aren’t good enough, against United they made a lot of mistakes and when they are pressured against Liverpool we saw what happened: the defence made 3 errors to gift Liverpool goals. He needs a transfer window to fix the problems and then maybe Barcelona will carry on their domestic dominance and advance further into Europe
  20. Forums Championship Records is now the most repped post ever and the first to reach 40 rep. Thank you to all 40 of you

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  21. July (Decided to do this save on World Class in case anyone is wondering) Results European International Cup Group Stage: Everton 2-0 Leverkusen (HT: 1-0) Tarashaj 28’ Calvert Lewin 90’ (9.4 MOTM) Lars Bender Yellow card for Leverkusen European International Cup Group Stage: Everton 1-1 Inter (HT: 1-0) Klaasen 28’ (1-0 Everton) Mauro Icardi 71’ (1-1) European International Cup Group Stage: Everton 2-1 Roma (HT: 0-0) Tosun 53’ (Assist Sigurdsson) (1-0 Everton) Sigurdsson 59’ (Assist Klaasen) (MOTM 9.4) (2-0 Everton) Marco Tuminello 62’ (2-1 Everton) Everton had 15 shots to Roma’s 2 This meant the Group looked like this Pos/Team/Points 1. Everton 7 2. Roma 6 3. Inter 4 4. Leverkusen 1 That meant we faced Schalke in the semi finals. In the opposite semi final, Porto beat Roma 3-1 European International Cup Semi Final: Everton 3-2 Schalke (HT: 2-1) Sigurdsson 7’ (1-0 Everton) Tosun 14’ (Assist: Schneiderlin) (2-0 Everton) Alessandro Schöpf 22’ (Assist: Guido Burgstaller) (2-1 Everton) Leon Goretzka 90’ (Assist: Thilo Kehrer) (2-2) Niasse 90’ (Assist: Klaasen) (3-2 Everton) MOTM: Klaasen (9.1) Everton had 18 shots to Schalke’s 6 European International Cup Final: Everton 2-1 Porto (HT: 0-1) Danilo Pereira 10’ (Assist: Francisco Soares) (1-0 Porto) Morgan Schneiderlin 55’ (1-1) Michael Keane 73’ (Assist: Luke Garbutt) (MOTM: 9.0) (2-1) Everton had 11 shots to Porto’ 5 EVERTON WIN THE EUROPEAN INTL CUP So it was a good start for results, winning the Cup with 4 wins and 1 draw but friendlies are often very different to the actual season itself Transfers Emil Forsburg Leipzig - Everton £44.2 Million Beni Baningime and Nicola Vlasic Everton - Free Agents So far it hasn’t been a successful transfer window with no transfers and loans coming in and the board aren’t willing to invest any more until that happens. I am looking to put in a bid for José Giminez soon but I also, having played with the squad for a bit However now for the questions I want you guys to answer I am looking to offload a few players to get the wage bill down. I want to get rid of a CB so should I offload Holgate or Feeney? I wanna get down to two left backs. Which two should I sell? Baines, Martina, Garbutt or Foulds? Which two midfielders should I keep out of these 4. Rooney, Davies, Grant or Tarashaj? Which of these 2 players should I buy to improve my Right Wing. Quincy Promes or Quaresma? Please can I have some feedback below, answer the questions, tell me your thoughts on the results and transfer window and how to improve the diary? Thank you for reading
  22. We see a clip from Power Trip Cup. Whilst Flynn vs Bart is ongoing in the ring, backstage, we see Bulldozer walking through the parking lot when the car hits him. We see Alice rush over to him, calling for medics, followed quickly by Gary Green. Josh is not far behind, swearing repeatedly as he looks at Bulldozer. Josh: Is he alive? Gary: He should be. I saw it happen. The car wasn’t going fast enough to kill him but he’ll be badly injured. He needs medics Josh: Aren’t you a trained doctor? Gary: You’re right, yes I am Josh: Then hurry up and call 999 Gary: 911 Alice: Oh just let me do it. Look after him We see Gary and Josh sat a few hours later. All the police and ambulance have left, and they are just sat there. Gary: What did the police say Josh: Apparently the car wasn’t being driven it was rolling when it hit Bulldozer Green: Bullshit. I saw someone in the car. Josh: Well when you look at it on the camera, you can’t see anyone in the car and because you can’t remember your exact position to the car, they can’t use you as a witness Green: Well you know what this means Josh: It’s time to find out who attacked Bulldozer And with this a theme song begins playing. During the song we see random images of BPZ Headquarters that make no sense in that order before we see Gary Green Running up and down before the camera zooms in on his eyes. We see more random images and then we see Josh looking into a magnifying glass and we zoom in on him. We then see Gary and Josh loading guns, running away together, investigating, eating doughnuts and laughing and hanging around in strip clubs. This weird montage is ended by the songs end and we return to see Josh and Gary in a vent Green: Hang on how did we go from being in the arena, to being in a vent in the BPZ Headquarters, which leads to Brenden’s office. Josh: Shut up Gary, I have eyes on Brenden Green: But, never mind. Anyway why are we investigating Brenden Josh: Because the police ruled it an accident, they didn’t check the surveillance. Brenden has access to all the surveillance from the arenas so once he leaves I will check it out Green: Thanks for letting me know Josh. You know I feel like our friendship gets closer during moments like this Josh looks at Gary slightly weirdly before we hear footsteps and Josh looks down the vent Josh: Ok he’s gone. I will go through now and you will follow me 30 seconds later. It looks like he’s left his computer on which is good news Josh swings through and we hear him typing rapidly. Gary swings down and joins him but finds Josh looking in despair Green: What’s wrong? Josh: Look he’s deleted all the surveillance camera footage. Green: One minute I’m a trained technician I will try recover what I can. Green starts trying to hack the computer and after 5 minutes look at Josh ashamed. Green: I couldn’t get any footage apart from 1 grainy bit. We see the grainy black and white footage, the large surveillance camera which captured the entire parking lot, with a figure coming out of the guerilla position and walking to a car. They then enter the car, drive it round and we can see it park up in the far right. A minute later Bulldozer walks past and is hit Josh: Proof it was definitely deliberate Green: Yes and it gives us evidence. We know the culprit left the guerilla position between the minutes of 21:40 and 21:45. I checked the footage from the guerilla position and it hadn’t been deleted. 10 people left the guerilla position between those minutes. Brenden, Alex, Raven, me, George, Bashka, Cody, Aaron, Sheridan and BiC. Josh: So it’s down to 10. Well I mean it’s clearly George Green: Please you’re just saying that because he’s your arch nemesis Brenden: What are you two doing in my office Josh and Gary turn around to see Brenden in his office Josh: Erm we are coffee boys Green: Yes Brenden: Now I believe you’re a coffee boy Sir but I clearly recognise you Gary Green Josh: Don’t you recognise me? Brenden: Should I? Josh: Yes I’m not a coffee boy. I’m a wrestler Brenden: Well if you impress me as coffee boy you might get a job here Just go get me a latte Josh: I AM JOSHSNOW Brenden: I am Brenden Green: I am Groot Everyone looks at Green weirdly who just apologises timidly. Josh storms out and the camera turns off. 5 hours later, footage resumes as Josh is in his house. Josh: Well I’m just about to get to bed. Whilst Gary is in custody for trespassing, the investigation will have to be put on hold. During that time however I am going to deliver a promise I made 3 months ago to Bulldozer. I am dropping back in to the World Title race and bringing the World Title to the SSW Club. Bash, Blade, Bailey, Brad you better watch your backs because “Manchester’s Number One” is back in the race
  23. I wanna be like Bailey and Bash so I’m posting here

  24. Welcome back to Carnage Power Trip Cup and although we are only 4 matches in, it has been an incredible show. FDS overcame Monda, Bash beat Nanovirus and Blade beat Buddy Ace but now it is time for a match sees the leader of SSW Club JoshsNow, face a man who left the club, humiliating Josh in the process. It’s time for “Manchester’s Number One” JoshsNow vs Raven We see a promo package play, showing the mysterious transformation of Sir Raven to Birdman to Raven and the story of these 2 so far this year. Both have struggled and the video shows their various defeats. We are shown their time together in SSW Club, Sir Ravens betrayal and their confrontation on last weeks Carnage. The video ends with both men staring each other down The familiar beat of Jack White playing the guitar plays out of the speakers as JoshsNow appears to large boos from the crowd. Josh has an infamous reputation for being a stepping stone as numerous of his former partners have turned into industry greats, their story often involving beating Josh and turning on him. Josh will be keen to make sure history doesn’t repeat himself. Josh is accompanied by Gary Green who takes a seat near the commentary table as Josh stands in the ring The music cuts off and there is no sign of Raven anywhere. Josh and Gary share a confused look before suddenly the lights go out and a vignette plays on the screen. The lights come back on and RAVEN IS IN THE RING. Josh jumps out of his skin as Raven paces up and down the ring, his eyes not looking away from Josh The ring announcer announces the match as we prepare for what should be a classic between two legends of British Wrestling The bell rings and Raven tries to lock up with Josh who keeps backing up. Josh goes for Raven but Raven grabs the arm of Josh. Josh rolls under however, before doing a handstand, showing off as he attempts to break the hold. He begins to work Raven to the floor before taking him down by the arm Suddenly Josh grabs Raven and locks in the Old Trafford early on in the match However Josh can’t get it fully locked in and Raven manages to get onto his knee. Josh still pulls at the arm but Raven eventually manages to get onto both feet and puts Josh in a headlock Josh however pushes Raven against the ropes, breaking the hold before Irish Whipping Raven across the ring. Raven bounces off the ropes and knocks Josh down with a Shoulder Block. Raven runs off the adjacent ropes, perhaps looking for a Running Splash But Josh gets up and jumps over Raven. Raven bounces off the ropes again but this time Josh ducks under him, before getting up and running off the ropes at Raven who had lost his momentum. Josh ran at Raven who ducked under Josh as he ran back before, as Josh ran back, both men attempted a dropkick. The crowd cheer as the two former teammates stare down They begin to circle each other, with Josh making the first move, only for Raven to trap the leg of Josh and send him to the floor. Raven moves to the arm of Josh before pinning it behind his back, Raven using his mat wrestling skills to keep Josh on the ground. However Josh slowly digs deep and pulls himself up to his feet, before grabbing the ropes. The ref forces Raven to release the hold and Raven complies, however as he does Josh nails him with a cheap shot to the gut, followed by another one, causing Raven to bend over where Josh nails him with a Forearm Strike to the back Raven tries to move from the corner Josh has trapped him in but staggers into the adjacent corner. Josh meets him there and Irish Whips him into the opposite corner. Josh runs after Raven but Raven uses the top rope to pull himself up and he gets Josh in a Headscissors before using the ropes to push off and nail Josh with a Hurricarana. Josh gets back to his feet and turns to Raven but is sent out of the ring by a powerful dropkick Josh now lies on the barricade before Raven runs off the ropes and hits a Basement Dropkick under the ropes to Josh that sends Josh into the barricade. Raven began to scale the ropes but Josh quickly ran back into the ring. Both men stared each other down on the ropes before the referee began to separate them. Once more they began to circle each other. Josh applied a single leg takedown to Raven before locking in a Leglock. He had Raven locked in that for some time before Raven managed to get one leg free to kick Josh in the face, breaking the hold. Raven began to work away at Josh, sending him into the corner with a shot to a grounded Josh and then a chop. Raven Irish Whips Josh to the other side of the ring, where Josh springboards off the ropes and over Raven, who seemed to be attempting a Stinger Splash. Raven chased after Josh who ran to the other corner and nailed Raven with a Moonsault for a 2. Raven gets onto his feet quickly but Josh dropkicks him out of the ring. Josh runs against the ropes for a Suicide Dive, but instead handstands into the ropes and flips backwards and sits down in the ring, a move he used to perform whilst being “The Aerial Assassin.” Josh calls Raven into the ring and Raven stands on the apron, staring him down as the crowd go wild at the fast paced start to this match Raven gets into the ring and the two once more lock up. It is Raven who gains advantage, using the size advantage to grab Josh from behind before using a Snapmare to take him to the floor. Raven applies a modified abdominal stretch as Josh is on the floor, Raven applying it whilst kneeling As Josh begins to fight out, Raven releases the move and locks in a Headscissors. Josh begins to fight out of the hold, denying Raven’s attempt to slow him down. He eventually slips out and uses an inverted double leg takedown on Raven, who scrambled to the ropes. The two circle again and Josh uses a Drop Toe Hold to take down Raven before trying to lock in a second Old Trafford. Raven scrambles to the ropes once more and the two untangle, back to Square One They circle each other before locking up, both men in the middle unable to gain advantage. However Josh forced Raven to the corner and as the ref tried to separate them, Josh hit 3 shoulders to the gut of Raven. As Raven was stunned Josh Irish Whipped him to the opposite corner and nailed him with a Gentleman’s Dropkick. Josh stalks Raven before lifting him up and Irish Whipping him against the ropes. Josh attempts a Lariat but Raven sucks and goes to crucifix pin Josh but only gets a 2. Raven nails Josh with a forearm to the back of the head as he regains control. Raven picks up Josh and Irish Whips him against the ropes but Josh responds with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb for a 2. Both men get up quickly but as Josh runs at Raven, Raven sends him across the ring with a Hip Toss. He covers for a count of 2 and a half Raven stands still as Gary Green shouts encouragement from ringside. Josh begins to climb on the ropes and Raven comes over and nails him with a judo chop, before brutally Irish Whipping him into the corner. Josh begins to get to his feet in the corner as Green jumps up on the apron. Raven starts walking towards him but Green jumps down, backing away. Raven now runs at Josh, looking for a Stinger Splash but Josh rolls out of the way. Green distracted Raven and it has cost him here.Raven is on his knees and Josh begins targeting him with brutal kicks Josh begins to attack the leg of Raven that he applied the leglock to earlier, slamming it on the mat before picking Raven up and lifting him up like an Atomic Drop, only to drop the leg of Raven onto his knee. As Raven lay on the floor in agony, Josh dragged him leg first into the middle before locking in a Figure 4 Leglock Raven was unable to reach the ropes, stuck in the middle of the ring as Josh wrenched on the hold. Ravens shoulders dropped to the mat, but only long enough for a 1 count. Raven suddenly sits up and strikes Josh who responds with one of his own, before both men nail each other with multiple strikes Raven knocked Josh to the floor before Raven starts fighting, attempting to reverse the hold and Raven has reversed the pressure by turning over but Josh used the momentum to roll into the ropes. Both men were clearly damaged by it as they struggle to get up Josh walks over to Raven but is knocked back by a strike. Raven nails two elbows to Josh’s midsection and Josh stumbles back, but swings his leg and sweeps the bad leg of Raven. He began to stomp on Ravens leg, before pulling him into the ring and locking in a modified half Boston crab. Josh had the hold in for some time until Raven got up to one leg, and used his free leg to hit Josh with a Spinning Heel Kick, causing Josh to release the hold. However Raven was unable to get up and Josh recovered first, stamping on the Now injured leg of Raven Josh lifts him up and Irish Whips him, before picking him up for a Tilt to Whirl Backbreaker, no, Raven reverses into a Headscissors Takedown. Raven runs off the ropes but is Back Body Dropped over the ropes and onto the floor. Josh begins to scale the ropes, looking at Raven on the outside before Josh hit a Rolling Senton Bomb to Raven on the outside. Josh rolls into ring and demands the ref counts, causing a tense confrontation. During this Raven climbs onto the apron and Josh runs over to Raven and puts him into a Suplex position, trying to Suplex him from the apron into the ring However the attempt is blocked and Raven tries to Suplex Josh to the outside but it is blocked. Josh tries to Suplex Raven to the inside but again it is blocked, only for Raven to once again attempt the Suplex, only for again it to be blocked. Josh released the hold and slapped Raven, before attempting to throw him into the turnbuckle pole but Raven uses his leg to block it. Raven grabs Josh’s head and smashes it into the turnbuckle, before Raven scales the ropes and hits the BIRD BOMB Surely Raven has beaten his rival now. He goes to cover, but Gary Green grabs the ankle of Raven and pulls him out of the ring. The crowd boo at this but Raven hits Green with a Superkick and then a 21-Plex. Raven jumps onto the apron, but Josh looks to Suplex him into the ring, only for Raven to reverse and Suplex both men out of the ring and onto the floor, leaving 3 men in a heap on the outside Raven is up first and rolls back into the ring, before scaling the ropes and looking down at Green and he nails Green with a Bird Bomb. Josh has meanwhile began walking down the ramp, perhaps attempting to leave this match and get counted out but Raven catches up to him and nails him with a punch Josh backs out onto the barricade and Raven looks for a Superkick, but Josh rolls out of the way and Ravens injured leg hits the barricade. Josh takes advantage and throws Raven into the ring before rolling in himself and scaling the ropes, perhaps looking for a move to injure Ravens leg. However when he leapt he was met by a picture perfect drop kick by Raven Now Josh lies down and Raven scales the ropes, looking for a Bird Bomb and jumps, but Josh gains revenge and connects with a dropkick. Both men stand up and try to punch each other but collapse, exhausted, as the crowd roar them on Josh now attempts to Irish Whip Raven but it is reversed and Raven catches Josh with a powerslam upon his return which got a 2 count. Raven applied a Waistlock but Josh reversed and nailed Raven with a Bridging German Suplex, but again the count was only 2. Josh now lifts Raven up from the floor in a Suplex position, before placing him on the top rope. He joins Raven up there, looking for a Top Rope Great Scott 6.0. However Raven lifts him up and drops him face first. Raven looks down at Josh before regaining his composure and jumping. A BIRD BOMB. THE SECOND TO JOSH OF THE NIGHT. Raven covers. 1,2, wait hang on a minute Gary Green has just pulled the referee out of the ring. The crowd erupt in boos, knowing Raven would have won that mag not there. The ref points to the back and Green obliges, walking to the back having been ejected from ringside. Raven now lifts Josh up, before Irish Whipping Josh against the ropes, who bounces back AND CONNECTS WITH A SEVEN NATIONS ARMY He covers but only gets a 2 count. The crowd explode in cheers as Josh looks down in shock. Josh attempts another Seven Nations Army But it is reversed into a small package which gets a count of 2 and a half. Both men get up but Raven is knocked down with a kick to the leg Josh quickly lifts Raven up and Irish Whips him against the ropes, before attempting to back body drop him on the rebound but Raven reverses into a DDT. Raven covers but Josh sticks a hand on the nearby ropes at the count of 2, breaking the hold. Raven attempts a chop, and connects before he attempts another one but Josh ducks under it and runs against the ropes, perhaps hoping for a Seven Nations Army But as he rebounds off the ropes, Raven runs at him and the two collide, sending both to the ground. The ref began the double knockout count but Raven broke it by using the ropes to get up at 4. Raven scales the ropes but Josh pulled the ropes, causing Raven to fall groin first on the turnbuckle. Josh scales the ropes, and connects on a Great Scott 6.0 from the top rope Josh covers for what has surely got to be a 3 count. 1,2, NO RAVEN KICKED OUT. MAMMA MIA. Josh holds his head in his hands, before not quitting and Josh begins to scale the ropes. Once he reaches the top he shouts “Bird Bomb” and attempts to put Raven away with his own move, but Raven lifts up both knees and covers in a small package. 1,2,3. Raven does it. Raven is victorious. Raven begins to cheer but his celebration is cruelly cut short by Josh who nails him with a Forearm Strike to the back. Josh begins stamping all over Raven before Gary Green and Bulldozer run out, both armed with steel chairs. Green throws a chair to Josh who begins to brutalise Raven with it, and Bulldozer joins in. They set Raven up for a SSW Con Chair To, when some familiar music starts playing...

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