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  1. Check out the NEW Schedule for Free Agent Corner. We're going full-time BABY. WOO
  2. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO EPISODE 2 OF THURSDAY NIGHT SUPERSTARS Joshua Scott once again kicks off the show. “Tonight we see Adam Masters take on Ryan Reeves in our main event. But I don’t have any other matches, EXCEPT, that last week Nanovirus so rudely interrupted me, so he will take on Man in one on one action. Daniel Vice will face an opponent of my choice and …” He is interrupted by Italian Brothers. “We told you to give us competition Scott so” Scott: “Don’t worry, because you’re in action next against Tommy Richardson and… ALPHA” Alpha makes his entrance as Scott leaves. MATCH 1: ALPHA AND TOMMY RICHARDSON VS THE ITALIAN BROS [MARIO SANYO AND LUIGI SANYO] Mario grabs a mic Every match we compete in lasts 30 seconds. It will again Richardson, like last week and we prove Alpha… The Bell rings Alpha hits a Jumping DDT on Sanyo and hits a Superkick on Mario. 1,2,3 Alpha picks a mic up “You were right. It did last less than 30 seconds, and we won.” Winner: Alpha and Tommy Richardson Backstage Vice confronts Scott Vice: Is this the same person I will face in 2 weeks in the tournament Scott: No, this mystery opponent is different to the mystery opponent you will face in 2 weeks, this is just practice Vice: Who is it? Scott: Fine, you are going up against SLIM. MATCH 2: SLIM VS DANIEL VICE Slim starts with a Superman Punch to floor Vice and already he looks like he wants a Spear but Vice gets out of the ring. Slim slides to the outside but is met by a Sit-Out Powerbomb from Vice. Vice rolls Slim back into the ring and connects with a Vice Cutter. 1,2, kickout. Vice goes to the corner, perhaps for the Shotgun Knee but Slim hits him with a Crucifix Sit Out Powerbomb. Slim looks for a Spear but the lights go out. Its Nanovirus. The ref is mysteriously knocked out. Nanovirus hits Slim with the RKO. Vice goes to the corner as the lights go back on and the ref gets up. Vice shouts for Slim to stand up and hits the Shotgun Knee. 1,2,3. Vice wins Nanovirus hits the RKO on Slim again. Winner: Daniel Vice MATCH 3: NANOVIRUS VS MAN Nanovirus mocks Man and hits him with a Rope Hung DDT. He mocks Man and lifts him up for a clothesline but Man ducks and hits a kick to Nanovirus’ chest to hit a Pedigree but it has literally no effect as Nanovirus takes him down to the floor and hits a face stomp. Nanovirus picks him up, but Slim runs into the ring and punches Man in the face. Man wins by DQ. Now Slim hits a Spear to Nanovirus. Slim locks him in a Rear Naked Choke and Nanovirus passes out. Slim makes his message Winner: Man by DQ Backstage, Masters is being interviewed. Interviewer: Masters, what would this mean to you. Masters: It would mean everything to beat Ryan Reeves and I SHALL SUCCEED MATCH 4: ADAM MASTERS VS RYAN REEVES: FIRST ROUND MATCH IN STW CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT Reeves starts to kick Masters and hits him with a with a Wheelbarrow Facebuster. Reeves lifts up Masters and hits a Drop Dead on him. Reeves looks for a Project Murder, but Masters hits a Samoan Drop. 1,2,3. Masters wins Winner: Adam Masters
  3. Play Glorious Domination by CFO$. It is Free Agent Corner 11, and today I am joined by my opponents at Survivor Series, SummerGamz and Aidanator. Josh: OK first question. How do you feel knowing that you will both lose to me at Survivor Series? I feel great about it. Summer: Well, I don't know really. Considering you're not going to be the one winning here. Josh that was a cheap ass question get some originality and move on. Aidan: I'm not gonna lose. Listen, I know you gotta act confident in front of all 2 of your fans, but have some common sense for once. I'm undefeated 3-0 and I'm part of one of the biggest stables that has ever stepped foot in BPZ Wrestling. So why don't you just admit that I'm gonna win already. Josh: OK then, both interesting answers. Second question, recently we were compared to the NXT Three, how does that feel? I think it feels great and a honour to be compared to three of the best in history. Summer: That's quite nice actually. I'd like to see myself as the new Slim. Unfortunately there is a problem. We weren't friends to begin with. You see Slim, Bizzy and Blade were friends for the most part. And we aren't friends now and I doubt we ever will be. Aidan: I actually am really appreciative of that. Believe it or not, I too think we could end up as the new NXT Three. I mean, we all joined within 2 months of each other and we already are gonna be in a triple threat with each other at Survivor Series. But don't get me wrong, I am gonna end up more successful than any of you two could ever dream of. Josh: Do you see us clashing again for another title at any point, like the original NXT Three did? I think we will, all the way up to the top. Aidan: Yes, I do. I mean, it's basically set in stone. There's no one else to carry all the lower titles except for us 3 so I definitely see this happening. Summer: I mean this is all theoretical but in truth we are the next top three talents emerging from NXT and there is a bright future ahead for all of us and maybe just maybe we could meet again in the future because you never know, right? Josh: OK Summer, I know this is hard but shut up for one minute, I've got a question for Aidan. Will we see the Supremacy in your corner at Survivor Series? Aidan: No, you won't. The Supremacy didn't help me win the title, and they don't need to help me defend it. Josh: OK Aidan, thanks for your time. I may beat you at Survivor Series but that doesn't matter. Bye. Now for you Summer, after losing at Halloween Havoc, why do you feel like you have a chance this time? Summer: Josh I don't know if you've been keeping up with the news lately but Aidan is vacating the title no matter what happens. Even if by some miracle he beats us then he still doesn't keep the title. If Aidan has any sense in his brain he would hand me the title because why take the pain if there isn't a gain? Josh: OK Summer, I'll see you on the Stupid Idiot Show with good guests but a STUPID IDIOT HOST. No the Summer Gaming Talk Show, where we answer your questions. Get of MY set Summer.
  4. You wait a month for a free agent to come then 2 come at once. But seriously, Aidan's right, good to have Joe in the NXT division and good to have DUNSTAN2K back too.
  5. Play Glorious Domination by CFO$ because Free Agent Corner is doing it's 10th episode baby with the debut of a new show, Evolve vs Carnage. Today, we do Episode 1, the draft. The winner of round 1 is ... Well Evolve picked the stronger roster 1-0 Both shows have equal champions 1-0 Both shows were active in Kayfabe Week 1 September 10th goes to EVOLVE
  6. It is with great sorrow I announce that my interview with Aidan and Summer will be a shared interview, with the other half of the interview going on the Summer Gaming Talk Show. It is a poor show but I encourage you to watch it because I'm on it OOC: Thanks for your questions and tune in. Thanks to Summer for hosting a bit of the interview
  7. Thanks for the questions, so far. The deadline for questions will be 4pm tomorrow in England, 11am tomorrow in USA and about 1am tomorrow in Australia.
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, on Wednesday, Free Agent Corner will host it's first ever interview when the New NXT Three, Aidanator, SummerGamz and me are all in the same room. If you have any questions, please ask, and specify who you are asking.
  9. Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 9 where I am going through breaking news 1. Trade is Made Both Nanovirus and Neece's situations have been strange but it was revealed that Slim had used his free agent pick for Nanovirus whilst Neece was non exclusive. Nanovirus has gone to Carnage whilst Neece is on Evolve. 2. New PPV Schedule The non exclusive twelve pay per views will stay the same but Carnage will have their exclusive PPV's in December, February, May, August and October, whilst Evolve have theirs in January, April, June, September and November 3. Second Trade to be Made Decay and Tamer will go to Evolve and EOG and BiC will go to Carnage after Survivor Series 4. Ryan Reeves and Bashka Last week both the inaugural Evolve GM and the inaugural Carnage GM were both in charge but now both have stepped down. Slim is now Evolve GM and Chris White is Carnage GM 5. Third Trade Doc Sarcastic has been traded to Carnage while Carnage's Free Agent pick goes to Evolve. 6. Releases Carnage have got rid of TRP, Akki and George AK, whilst Evolve get rid of BobTheDestroyer, The Big Dog and TheGRV. That's it for today.
  10. This is the new schedule for Free Agent Corner. Everytime there is big news I will report it.
  11. Glorious Domination by CFO$. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 8. Today is meant to be Written Podcast about Kayfabe but it is going to be Evolve Takeover: Resurgence Review. The matches are put in the order of how good they were 5. The Supremacy (Aidan, Alyx and Slim) vs Empire of Greatness (Ryan Infinite and FDS) and Chris White -3 Chris White never showed up so it ended up being a 3 on 2 handicap match. The Supremacy ended up injuring Ryan Infinite. This was just a beatdown. It was the worst match of the night but it wasn't an awful match. The right winners won though so that was a definite bonus. The Supremacy beat EOG 4. Marvsta vs Ropati -3.5 A solid 9 minute match that ended with Marvsta kicking out of the buckle bomb Superkick combo from Ropati but a Curve Stomp gave the rightful winner Ropati the win. Ropati beats Marvsta. 3. Natedog vs BiC -3.75 A good match that ended with Nate reversing a Superplex and hitting a Diving Elbow Drop, followed by a Sweet Chin Music, and BiC kicking out. It wasn't enough though and Nate spat in BiC's face and hit a second Sweet Chin Music to win the match. BiC was holding is head after the match and tells them I failed you. Then the lights went off, a message saying my head is in a very dark place plays and BiC is gone. Nate should have won so it was the right decision. Natedog beats BiC 1. Main Event: Flynn vs Nebakos: Street Fight -4.25 A very good match that featured Nebakos being murdered by Flynn. After staring each other down Flynn would charge at Nebakos the second the bell rang and Nebakos would end up suffering kicks to the head, duplexes and being hit by a chair so much that the chair snapped. Flynn would hit a Powerbomb but refused to stop the punishment there. He beat up Nebakos after Nebakos swung at him but Nebakos would try a fight back with a low blow and an AA. He couldn't get a cover but would use a fire extinguisher to spray Flynn, hit a Spinebuster onto it and hit him with it, even though Nebakos' nose was bleeding. Flynn would Spear Nebakos through the barricade, who was now spitting up blood. A kendo stick and an AA made everyone think Nebakos had done it but Flynn kicked out. Flynn then spat in his face and delivered two Powerbombs, then another Powerbomb onto the apron. Then he cut Nebakos' face open with MMA elbows. Flynn called himself the Face that Runs the Place and hit another Powerbomb to win. Richard Jackson called Flunn the Face that Runs the Place before Jackson cut a promo. An incredible, brutal brawl that deserves tied match of the night. Either man could have won. Flynn beats Nebakos 1. Opening Match: Bizzy vs Slim (c): IC Title Hell in a Cell Slim had bandages from a previous attack but that didn't stop the performance of the match. Bizzy went with a dropkick but Slim threw those legs into the cell. Slim would end up going into the steps when Bizzy tripped him up before Bizzy set up two tables. Slim reversed a Natural Disaster into a roll up but Bizzy kicked out. Bizzy stopped Slim's power style with his high flying style. Slim looked for a powerbomb through the tables but one enzuiguri later Bizzy killed Slim with the powerbomb through the tables. Slim would reverse the Natural Disaster to hit a Superman Punch/Spear but Bizzy would kick out. Bizzy finally hit the Natural Disaster but had no energy left. Slim hit another Spear before busting Bizzy open. He then hit the Lights Out to win. Slim deserved to win the match and then made a heartwarming speech where he vacated the BPZ IC CHAMPIONSHIP after 115 days. Slim beats Bizzy
  12. Great idea. Should make things more interesting and better in BrendenPlayz
  13. Remember, you can sign up at ANY TIME
  14. Next week, to add onto Reeves vs Masters next week, also on the card will feature Alyx Wilde take on "The Fighter" Alpha.
  15. Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 7. Today we go through the news from 26th October onwards. Ark Universe turns face Ark Universe's war against Alyx Wilde and the Supremacy has turned him into a lovable fan favourite. Slim reaches 100 days Slim celebrated weeks ago reaching 100 days. Survivor Series Survivor Series is in reach and features an open challenge for the BPZ World Championship, the NXT Three match for the BPZ Intercontinental Championship, Nanovirus vs Razor inside HIAC, Evolve vs Carnage Survivor Series match, a Triple Threat Match for a contract featuring moi, Summer and King Pin and all your favourite superstars like Bailey, Chris White and NXT Champion Aidanator who will put his title on the line. Brand PPV's Evolve are doing their PPV this weekend which features Nebakos vs Flynn in a Street Fight in the main event. Others matches include Nate vs BiC, Marvsta vs Ropati, and in secondary matches, Supremacy vs EOG and Chris White and Slim vs Bizzy IC Title HIAC. Carnage host Power Trip: Doomsday next weekend which sees Hollow face Carnage's newest star, Bizzy, a triple threat match featuring Yelich vs Sameer vs Kersey. Nanovirus and Prince make their debuts against each other, whilst Chris White faces Tamer in the main event in a Last Man Standing match. Also Evolve vs Carnage, Title vs Career, Alyx Wilde faces Ark Universe #Thank you Bashka We end on very sad news as former Carnage General Manager, one of the greatest in history, the Hall of Famer, the man who I confronted in the first Free Agent Corner, Bashka, has retired. #ThankYouBashka
  16. WELCOME BACK FROM THE COMMERCIAL BREAK. MATCH 3: MAN, SLIM AND ADAM MASTERS VS JOSHUA SCOTT, NANOVIRUS AND RYAN REEVES Immediately Scott goes after Man and throws him into the corner. Scott hits a Superkick and tags in Nanovirus. Scott throws him into the ropes and Nanovirus connects with the Spike DDT. He stomps on his face, neck and anywhere. He tags him into the corner and tags in Reeves. Nanovirus locks him in a headlock and Reeves kicks the knee. Reeves grabs him from behind and hits the Wheelbarrow Facebuster. Now he follows it up with a Bloody Sunday hold and tags in Scott and they hit a Powerbomb Bloody Sunday combo. Scott looks to the top rope and tries to hit a splash but Man lifts his knees up. Man slowly crawls towards the corner and tags in Slim and connects with the Crucifix Sit Out Powerbomb. Masters shouts at Slim to tag him in a and Slim just Superman Punches his own partner. Slim just tags in Man and walks out. Scott makes the tag to Reeves. Reeves picks up Man and hits the Project Murder. He's dead. 1,2,3. Winner: Reeves, Nano and Scott After the match Reeves goes to the outside of the ring and hits Masters with Project Murder. Backstage, Slim is being interviewed. Slim: I am underated and am going to prove that I should be STW Champion when I win this tournament. He is confronted by Nanovirus Nanovirus: You're going to have to get through me. Nanovirus mysteriously disappears MATCH 4: ALPHA VS AIDANATOR: FIRST ROUND MATCH IN STW CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT Immediately both men start brawling. Alpha tries for the Jumping DDT but Aidanator turns it into a Mid Air Spear. Aidanator looks for the DDT but Alpha connects with the Jumping DDT. He goes to the corner and looks for the Superkick by stamping his foot but Aidanator gets out of the ring. He jumps over the barricade and walks out. BiC jumps out of the ring and catches him. Aidanator connects with a DDT to the outside. He then jumps over the barricade and hits a Piledriver through the announce table . He gets into the ring. 9,10. Aidanator wins by Countout. Winner: Aidanator
  17. You are wrong again. I'm taking the NXT Championship. 😠. (just kayfabe)
  18. Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 6. Today I will preview the Evolve Takeover Resurgence PPV on 13th November Hello and welcome to preview and predictions. Here we look at the card Natedog vs BiC A feud between two returning superstars in Nate and BiC. Nate made his return on October 23rd with the US Title in mind. BiC returned 4 days later, the same thing in mind. Natedog interrupted BiC's return and challenged him to a match at Takeover: Resurgence, a match confirmed by Interim GM Slim. BiC showed us his hometown of Detroit buy Nate attacked him and put him through his car before smashing the car up. This feud is now very personal Prediction: Natedog Ropati vs Marvsta Ropati wasn't happy about his position in the draft and demanded respect, only to be met by Marvsta. Marvsta challenged him to a match which Ryan Reeves made official by saying the loser will not have a US Championship match at Halloween Havoc. Ropati would repeatedly call out Marvsta and would win at Takeover. After the match Ropati would call out Reeves. Marvsta would tell him on October 10 he hasn't earned that respect but Ropati would refuse a rematch. Marvsta would threaten Ropati that he had dug his own grave. At Havoc Marvsta cost him the match by hitting Ropati with a chair. Ropati would still refuse a rematch though. This match is still happening though so Ropati can't do anything except win Prediction: Ropati The Supremacy (Slim, Alyx Wilde and Aidanator) vs Empire of Greatness (Ryan Infinite and FDS) and Chris White The Empire of Greatness beat Alyx Wilde and Ark Universe and former champions Slim and Tamer to win the Tag Titles. Both Slim and Wilde have split away from their teams to team with each other and NXT Champion Aidanator. They own the NXT, World, IC and US Title so far and are looking to add the Tag titles. If the Supremacy win they receive a Tag Team Championship match. The EOG have enlisted the Carnage GM on a one off match to face these 3. Who will win Prediction: The Supremacy Slim vs Bizzy: BPZ Intercontinental Championship Hell in a Cell This feud has a lot of past but I will start recently. On October 24th Slim had an interview where he would challenge Bizzy to a match. A war of words started where Bizzy would respond by telling Slim he hasn't ever respected him. Then Slim said on October 26th that he had 100 days as champ and that he would prove Bizzy isn't the next "Franchise Star." Bizzy would respond by showing Slim an empty grave. After their brawl, Slim would announce that their match would be inside Hell in a Cell. Now they fight in the most dangerous place. Prediction: Slim Nebakos 7 vs Flynn: Street Fight At Bad Blood Flynn cost Nebakos the World Championship with one powerbomb followed by Slim cashing in Money in the Bank. Since then, Nebakos has wanted revenge. However, it was delayed when Ryan Reeves suspended them both until Halloween Havoc. Nebakos would soon get out of hospital and was desperate for a match. Flynn confronted Slim but he and Richard Jackson were beat up. Billed as the fight of the Century, it is Franchise vs Beast. Prediction: Nebakos 7
  19. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO THE FIRST EVER EPISODE OF THURSDAY NIGHT SUPERSTARS The show kicks off with the General Manager Josh Scott. Ladies and gentlemen I think the action should go on straight away so I have few words. Tonight we have 4 matches that can change history. Even I'm fighting. Tonight in our main event Alpha will face Aidanator. But as for our opening contest, it shall feature a massive singles match when two of STW's most hated men compete for a chance to be in the STW Championship when Daniel Vice takes on Alyx Wilde MATCH 1: DANIEL VICE VS ALYX WILDE Wilde grabs a microphone before the match starts to say I am currently a god in wrestling. I have decided to take my challenge to STW so you people can watch me. This isn't a right, it's a privilege to see me" He drops the mic and faces Vice. The bell rings. Wilde and Vide look each other down as the crowd boo both men. Wilde swings first but Vice ducks and batters him brutally into the corner. He is kicking Wilde to death but the ref breaks it up. Vice laughs to himself when Wilde suddenly grabs him from behind and hits The Rose's Thorn. He hasn't finished. He puts Vice on the middle rope and connects with the Wildestomp. 1,2, KICKOUT. Vice defied all odds to kickout. But Wilde hasn't finished. He can't afford to have Vice on the offence. He picks him up, but Vice kicks out of it, and connects with a Superkick to Wilde. He hits a Sit Out Bomb, followed by the Vice Cutter. He gets to the corner, and has Wilde set up for the SHOTGUN KNEE. He connects. And Vice hasn't finished. He's in the corner again and hits a second Shotgun Knee. 1,2,3. Vice wins. Winner Daniel Vice Backstage, Scott is having an interview "Who will be my opponent. None other than Slim." Nanovirus walks into the interview room. "I want to get my hands on Slim." Scott: No you're in a match against Adam Masters Nanovirus: But he wants to get his hands on Ryan Reeves. Scott: Then I'll make a 6 man tag team Nano. You, me and Ryan take on Masters, Slim and Man in a 6 man tag team match MATCH 2: Ryan Davidson and Tommy Richardson vs The Italian Brothers The Italian Bros manhandle Richardson and Davidson and put them away in a matter of 30 seconds with the Magic Killer. After the match Mario Sanyo cuts a promo We are here Scott. Give us a title to challenge for or Richardson and Davidson won't be the last victims LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WE'LL BE BACK AFTER A COMMERCIAL BREAK.
  20. Welcome to Free Agent 5. Play the music. Glorious Domination by CFO$ plays. Here I am here to discuss Why? Today's question is Why are the Supremacy the future of BrendenPlayz Pro Wrestling. Why are they? This is because they already own 4 titles between the 3 of them and could make it 5 if they win at both Evolve Resurgence (which I will preview on Thursday) and if they get a Tag Title opportunity. So far only the Premium Championship and the European Championship have escaped from them but that might not last for long. Slim is looking like he could hold the title for a long time, both of them that is, and Wilde and Aidanator look like the best duo so far. Wilde is the heir to the throne of Slim, so when Slim is forced to retire and vacate his championships, Wilde can take the for his own, and Aidan can move to Wilde's position. With Aidan a young talent and Wilde a now fresh and new character they are looking like the future. However a few problems remain in keeping their position on top. For one, Aidan must get past me and Summer if he hopes to keep that championship for long, and two, Wilde is looking like he could lose his championship to Ark Universe. But will they be the future? Only time will tell.
  21. Thanks guys appreciate the support.
  22. Welcome to Free Agent Corner 4. Glorious Domination by CFO$. There have been 10 different World Champions in teh history on BrendenPlayz. Here, I rank them from 10 to 1. 10. Smith With a mere 5 days as World Champion, Smith's reign goes down as the third shortest in history. He was the shortest reigning champion until Nebakos broke it this year 9. Tamer With a reign of 28 days, Tamer didn't get time to do much with his title before losing it to Flynn. 8. Ryan 55 days he spent last year as World Champion, giving him a higher spot on the card than others. 7. Jon An good reign from Jon saw him last 2 months as the Champ before losing it to Tamer earlier this year 6. Nebakos He has the second most reigns in history with 3 and has stood on his throne 3 times. Unfortunately, he has lasted 1 month once, followed by 2, 1 day reigns, making him tied with himself for the shortest reigning champion in history. 5. Heel The inaugural champion, he lasted an incredible 3 months which is one of the longest reigning champions in history. 4. Slim Your current champion, Slim, is heading in with an impressive reign that has gained a lot of steam to see him reach 90 days, edging closer to Bailey's reign 3. Bashka Your Carnage General Manager has had 3 reigns as the champ, tying him with Nebakos. However, Bashka managed to have 2 combined months as champ over 3 reigning, while Neb got about 30 days 2. Flynn The two time champ has the second longest combined days as champ with two impressive two month reigns. He is looking incredible as a Beast 1. Bailey Who else could it be. The most reigns as champion with 4. The longest combined reigns with 7 months and 3 weeks. The longest reign at 4 months. It was really a no brainier. Join me tomorrow for FAC
  23. Glorious Domination by CFO$ Welcome to Free Agent Corner 3. My name is Joshua Scott and welcome. I am here to review Halloween Havoc that was 2 weeks ago but still very in our memory. First of all, the Premium Championship match. Tamer should have won because he has more work and luckily he did.Tamer beats Ark Universe to retain Secondly, the NXT Championship. Aidanator had so much momentum compared to Summer and Doc who are about equal in my head. Aidanator was the right choice. Aidanator beats Doc Sarcastic and Summer Gamz. NEW CHAMP. Thirdly, the European Championship. Overall, Cpe has been doing better than Prince. Even though Prince's reign is short, it is time to end for the better man and it did. Cpe18 beats Prince. NEW CHAMP Fourth on the card, the United States Championship. This is the first result I don't agree with, as I think Chris White should have regained his throne as the US Champ by pinning Ark Universe to do it. But it works as I will show later. Alxander Cuddlyzworth beats Chris White and Ark Universe Fifth, the World Title Elimination Chamber. I think in overall contribution Brad has done a lot recently so I am stuck between him and Slim to win. I think it was a tie between those two. Slim beats Kersey, Brad, Bashka, Ryan Infinite and Tamer. It's Richard Jackson. Here's telling Slim Flynn will win and here he is. Wait, that's Nebakos 7. They're brawling. Oh my. I can't wait for them to fight I think interrupting Slim's moment wasnt a good idea so I think it could have come at a different point on the card Next, the Tag Team Title Match. I think Empire of Greatness deserved to win the title so I am in agreement with that they win. Empire of Greatness beat Two Man Power Trip, Decay and Tea v Stars. Universe and Cuddlyzworth were so close to winning. Wait a minute, he's turned. Cuddlyzworth and a hooded figure have attacked Universe. What is he doing. The hooded figure is the NXT Champion Aidanator. This is shocking. A great heel turn no one saw coming. Changing his name is good too as Cuddlyzworth isn't a heel name. An amazing choice Finally, the IC Title. Slim all day long deserved to win. Slim beats Hollow. Alyx Wilde and Aidanator have aligned with Slim. Genius idea. The Supremacy should own BrendenPlayz.
  24. November 24th main event will feature the third tournament match as "The Badass" Slim takes on "The Demented" Nanaovirus. The winner will take on Alpha/Aidanator at Eternal Glory.

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