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  1. Oh this is brilliant Flynn. Hope to see more of this
  2. AIRED ON BPZ YOUTUBE Who Attacked Josh Part 1/1. A very familiar theme hits and we see Ryan Red and Barry Blue stood outside a hospital. The theme from Who Attacked Bulldozer is cut short as Ryan takes his phone out of his pocket and turns off the music. Barry: I was wondering why that was playing. Is that still your ringtone? It’s been that since last season Ryan: Last season? Barry: Yes, you know, Spring. The last season Ryan: Oh of course, now let’s go check on Josh Barry: Yes. Come on Ryan. A hooded man who we can’t quite see the identity of suddenly appears behind Barry and Ryan, but they don’t seem to notice. They walk into the hospital, followed by the hooded figure. ———————————————— We now cut to the hospital room where Josh is after being hit by a car following his return last week. He’s moaning in pain when Barry and Ryan arrive. Barry: Hiya Josh Ryan: How are you holding up? Josh: Not good. I got hit by a car at 100mph apparently, twice the lethal force. Normally a wrestler should be able to wrestle fine a week after getting hit by a car but the doctors have told me it could take me up to 3 weeks. Barry: Ooph. Must be bad Ryan: We bring news. We’ve been drafted to Carnage Josh: But... but I’m “Mr Evolve.” I can’t be on Carnage Barry: Evolve doesn’t exist anymore Ryan: Well... Barry: The other brand is called Valor Josh: Valor. The brand is called Valor? Thank god I’m on Carnage. Josh turns over and moans in pain leading to Ryan making an awkward sympathetic smile Ryan: Don’t worry Josh, we will find out who did this. Me and Barry will search for Who Attacked Josh. I’ve signed a 20 episode contract with Netflix to broadcast, invested all my money in merch including Who Attacked Josh T Shirts, and... Josh: I know who did it Ryan: Are you f*cking kidding me Josh: Well that’s a lie. I don’t know who was behind the wheel. But whoever did it won’t have done it themselves, like how I hired George to run Bulldozer down. And I know who wanted me mowed down. Think about it. Here’s a clue. Restraining order Ryan: Who has a restraining order against you? Barry: Ed Sheeran Josh: Well yes he does but... Ryan: Lady Gaga Josh: Lets not get into that one but... Barry Blue: Barney The Dinosaur Josh: NO. Whilst all those are true, I meant, who do I have a restraining order against Barry and Ryan: My brother Josh: Thats right. Gary Green. And who does Gary Green work for. The Master. The Master is the one who ordered me ran down and Gary is the only one who knows his identity Ryan: Don’t you care about who hit you Josh: Not really. And if I was to hazard a guess, I would say the guy that actually hit me is the hooded guy who’s been sat in the corner of the room since you guys came Barry and Ryan turn to see the hooded guy in the corner and jump back in surprise Ryan: Unmask yourself The hooded man unmasks himself and the 3 friends mouths drop open in surprise Ryan: It’s Toxik Barry: You mean Mirage Josh: You mean Bulldozer Austin Mirage: Barry was closest. Austin Mirage. Barry: What are you doing here? Ryan: Of course. It was Austin. He was upset that Josh ran him over last year and was seeking revenge. So The Master offered him a deal. Austin would get to run over Josh, The Master would get Josh out of the window. And now he’s come here to taunt him Austin Mirage: None of that is true. I’ve forgiven Josh. I came here to check on him. I know what it’s like to get hit by a car. It hurts. A lot. And you’re filled with a longing sense to know who did it. But we are stronger together, so I came to offer my services. For old times sake partner. I will search Valor, you search Carnage Josh: No. Austin Mirage: Oh. Then I guess see ya guys. Give me a call if you need anything Mirage leaves and Barry and Ryan turn to Josh Ryan: Why would you turn him down. Strength in Numbers and all that. Josh: I don’t need him alright. We have our first lead, let’s just go and investigate Gary Green. Does he still live in that crappy apartment? Ryan: Are you being serious. You haven’t looked up Gary Green in a while have you. Check his Wikipedia page Josh: Ok. Gary Green is an English billionaire. BILLIONAIRE.? Ryan Red: Keep reading Josh: Who rose to fame in BPZ wrestling alongside Joshua Scott, his former best friend from college. In a recent interview he said that Josh was “the worst person he’d ever met” and laughed at suggestions he missed Josh. Harsh. Following Josh’s retirement from BPZ, Gary rose to fame when he and Pablo did a cover of “Barbie Girl.” BARBIE GIRL. Barry: It’s catchy to be fair Josh: It bought Gary international fame, and he took advantage, releasing the Gary Green App which rocketed to Number 1 in the App Store charts. He has since starred in numerous movies, been a sponsor for many things, and presents two TV shows, including becoming the new host for Play Your Cards Right, starring Pablo as the Dolly Dealer, and also presenting his own garden renovation show; The Grass is Always Gary Greener On The Other Side. He is currently training to be a wrestler and is currently the head of recruitment at BPZ. Wait Gary is Head of Recruitment now? What about James Cunner Ryan: He got sacked after it was ruled the two clauses he put in your contract that got you fired were illegal. Also he had a clause in everyone’s contracts that they could change race and size at will, and that takes a lot of illegal drugs Barry: He lives in a high security mansion and has Pablo with him at all times. You’re not going to get close to him. So how do we figure out who the Master is Josh: Don't worry I have a plan. Ryan: This won’t end well Josh: It involves breaking and entering Barry: Yes Josh: Hacking and IT Ryan: Yes Josh: And it will result in us finding out Who Is The Master. And by default, Who Attacked Josh TO BE CONTINUED
  3. Flynn. Nothing will top it for me. Julius and Arius come close and they had stunning runs but Flynn is still the best
  4. 1. Rop 2. FDS 3. Bob 4. Arius 5. Sheridan
  5. Not sure it counts as a promo but oh well
  6. I can’t think of any devastating losses, maybe losing so much has taken away the impact of losing. I was upset to lose to Slim and Akki in the Tag Match at SS, but it doesn’t sit on my mind
  7. Yelich. Should be up there as one of the great promo makers. Can still remember the first Yelich promo I read (Alyx In Wonderland) and every promo since then has been entertaining and brilliant Alex Costa - He could end up winning KOTR watch this space now Jason Ryan - Genuinely expected new was going to be doing a lot better. Stunning in NXT, walked the Global Series, had that awesome feud with Echo, just for certain reasons he hasn’t reached the heights he should FDS - How is he not a former World Champion? Nothing more said Mecko - Very very good, nothing more said
  8. @Gunner I have screwed Gunner of tagging with each other enough times, should probably get this done at some point @Toxik431 Lets get the band back together @Echo Wilson The two arch nemesises, teaming up. You owe me this from back in 2017
  9. The wins over Echo at KOTR and FDS at Mania, both of which I won by 1 fore, meant so much at the time, but looking back they felt tainted by the begging aspects that occurred in both matches, especially the former Slim and Flynn meant a lot to beat, but they kind of weren’t active But I have to say, my most heartfelt win was beating Summer for the NXT title in 2016. Everybody was talking about how Summer was definitely going to win, and how the feud was Summer vs Aidan. When I announced for NXT 3 weeks before the poll, I had about 15 posts and -3 rep. That soon changed. It meant a lot to change that around and win the belt by a landslide
  10. I have had TEW 2016 for nearly 3 years now, and with the release of TEW 2020, I feel like doing one last TEW 2016 playthrough. Having tried this challenge once or twice, I am going for it now The Local to Global Challenge I aim to take Strong Style Wrestling (SSW) to the top to compete with the likes of WWE. Can I achieve it? Only one way to find out --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roster Main Eventers Eddie Edwards Mark LeMonaco Matt Hardy Nick Aldis Rob Van Dam Ryback Reeves Sami Callihan Stu Bennett Upper Midcarder Aaron Stevens Austin Aries Carlos Colon Jr Chris Mordetzky Homicide James Storm Low Ki Tommy Dreamer Midcarder Dave Crist Harry Smith Jimmy Jacobs Matt Sydal Rampage Brown Rhino Super Crazy The Amazing Red Lower Midcarder Ultimo Dragon Yoshihiro Tajiri Injured Chris Sabin (20 days) Amazing Kong (20 days) Personality Joshua Scott Angel Williams Announcers Adam Curtis Kevin Kelly Referee Chris Roberts Road Agent Alex Shane ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. September 9th 2019 Welcome to the final Carnage before Bad Blood. On tonights show we see Jason Ryan and Gunner Flynn make their tag team debut, as they take on Arrow and Kai following Arrows shock elimination of Ryan last week on Carnage Also tonight, Nate looks to avenge his elimination in last weeks battle royal as he battles Monda, but opening the show are FDS and Ark Universe, the team of Chaos. FDS promised to do Carnage proud and win Money In The Bank, and finally win the World Title he has craved for a long time. He tore into his opponents, mocking Brad and George as easy competition, mocking Arius and Brenden as inferior Australians and promising that whoever the 6 man would be, Bash or Ryan, it would still be the same result However FDS' talk bought out Raven, who told FD he was tired of hearing Chaos run their mouth over and over again. As FDS and Ark looked like they were about to beat down Raven, suddenly the big man Bob Sparks came out Raven stared his nemesis down as Bob cleared the ring, but Bob shook Raven's hand, proposing they make a temporary alliance to take down Chaos. As tensions looked like they would overflow, the GM Bailey came to the ring He made a match between Raven and Ark Universe for tonights main event. Raven asked Bob not to interfere, he was a lone wolf and wanted to take Chaos down alone, however Bob warned Raven that he was a better friend than enemy Nate Dog vs Monda w/Brad and Joh Last week, Nate eliminated Monda only to be eliminated by UN, and tonight he was looking for revenge against Monda, who was accompanied by his UN teammates to the ring The match didn't last long, Nate had Monda in postion for a Twist of Nate but suddenly Joh jumped up on the apron, causing a distraction. Monda took this advantage, low blowing Nate and rolling him up for the 3 count. Monda, Brad and Joh added salt to the wound by attacking Nate after the match. Nate's friend KENJI, and The Commonwealth's George and Ropati came out to make the save, before Bob came out for the second time tonight KENJI, Nate, George and Ropati brawled with Brad, Bob, Joh and Monda, ending with the 4 faces on top. KENJI, George and Ropati all held their titles high as we went to commercial break The Prophecy (Jason Ryan and Gunner Flynn) vs Arrow Gargano and James Hunter Jason Ryan had been promising a prophecy and now with Gunner Flynn by his side he looked to make quick work of the makeshift alliance of Arrow and James Hunter, the former of which eliminated him in the battle royale last week It lasted seconds at most. Jason and Arrow started, and Gunner ran into the ring and smashed into Kai, knocking him to the floor. Arrow quickly realised the state of play and raised his hands, before suddenly rolling up Jason Ryan. Arrow thought he had the upset done 2 weeks in a row but Jason kicked out before even the 1 count. Arrow squared off with Gunner and punched him, barely affecting The Bastard Gunner nailed Arrow with a punch back, knocking Gargano unconscious. Jason lifted him up and nailed him with the Epilogue, taking a win and making a huge statement in the process Next up we got the contract signing for the Universal Championship Match. James Ropati, still recovering from his injuries at the end of last week and the brawl earlier tonight, and George Kent accompanied the champ, with Jeremiah Flynn by himself. The contract signing was very volatile, with dozens of security guards keeping the two former teammates. Yelich signed the contract first, followed by Jeremiah. However the situation took a turn when Blade came to the ring, promising the fans it didn't matter who won, he was going to beat Kieron Black at Bad Blood, become Number One Contender, and soon win the title Suddenly the lights went off, and Kieron Black appeared with 4 chairs. He threw 3 to The Commonwealth, and Flynn, seeing what was happening, fled the ring. Blade was too late to realise the scenario, and received a chair battering from the 4 men. Kieron stared down with The Commonwealth, looking intently at Yelichs belt, before leaving the ring, with two heat filled matches to come at Bad Blood Raven vs Ark Universe w/FDS And it is main event time, with Raven looking to get one over Ark Universe and Chaos with a big win here tonight. Of course, both men will be looking into the future at a possible European Title opportunity, with the results of matches like these possible going a long way in that sense Of course, there is also a lot of heat between these two as well, and it didnt last long. Chaos, who have perfected the numbers advantage, used it to their strength FDS provided the distraction and Ark took advantage, rolling up Raven and getting the 3 count. Chaos stood tall over their rival, on the last Carnage show before Bad Blood Thanks for watching and good night Bad Blood Card (DONT PREDICT YET) MITB Ladder Match: Arius vs Bashka/Ryan Reeves vs BrendenPlayz vs Brad vs FDS vs George Kent Sameer (c) vs Bashka/Ryan Reeves - World Championship Yelich Anderson (c) vs Jeremiah Flynn - Undisputed Championship Blade vs Kieron Black - Number One Contender to Universal Championship Hans Clayton vs Julius Jones vs William Smith - Intercontinental Championship (Unification of US, IC and NA) Bob Sparks vs KENJI - European Championship (Unification of NXT and Premium) Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Championship: Bart Hoogveld vs Joshua Scott
  12. Akki. This is seriously some good shit. Keep up the great work man
  13. Just realised it was my 4 years yesterday. Can’t believe I’ve been a part of this weird and wonderful forum for that long. Cheers everybody and here’s to another year

  14. I know this is a thread that has been done to death by many, but having played through some old NES games, I’d like to share my thoughts. I’ll be playing more than Nintendo games obviously in the long term, and I’d there’s anyway game in particular you’d like me to review I’ll give it a go. Here are the options at first https://www.strawpoll.me/20513634
  15. Still accepting questions for this btw Why is Leo Messi rated better than CR7 Because Messi is the greatest footballer of all time followed by Cristiano Ronaldo as the 2nd greatest footballer of all time. Now to prove that I will compare the 2 head to head on goals, assists, trophies, achievements, records and their stats this season However I just want to start this answer by correcting one of the facts many Messi fans boast in that yes Messi has scored against all Big 6 teams in England. Yes he did but Ronaldo had already done that by 2013. Just going to point that out before we begin Goals In Career goals Messi scores an average of 0.79 goals a game to Ronaldos 0.71. In International goals Ronaldo has 0.6 to Messis 0.5. In club games Messi has 0.88 to Ronaldos 0.75. In the league Messi has an average of 0.93 to Ronaldos 0.77. In Europe has Ronaldos 0.76 to Messis 0.83. In other Cups Messi has 0.72 to Ronaldos 0.6. Currently it is 5–1 to Messi. Messi is better at goals Assists Messi averages 0.33 assists a game to Ronaldos 0.23. In Club games Messi averages 0.34 assists a game to Ronaldos 0.24. In the league Messi has 0.36 to Ronaldos 0.25. In Europe Messi averages 0.22 to Ronaldos 0.25. In other Cups Messi averages 0.39 to Ronaldos 0.15 and in international games Messi averages 0.3 to Ronaldos 0.18. Messi wins 5–1. Messi is better at assists This Season Ronaldo scored 28 goals and got 8 assists whilst Messi scored 51 goals and got 16 assists. I don’t think it’s a comparison who was better this season. Messi had a better season Records Ronaldo and Messi share quite a lot of these. In World Records they share the most Ballon D’ors Won with 5 and both have appeared in the FIFPRO World XI 12 times. They both have Club World Cup records, Ronaldo has scored more goals in it than any other player (7) whilst Messi is the only player to win the Golden Ball in it more than once. Meanwhile Messi holds two further Guinness World Records, he scored a record 91 goals in 2012 and scored in 21 consecutive league games. Messi has 5 Guinness World Records to Ronaldos 3 Messi holds 8 European records, holding a record 6 Golden Shoes, scoring 73 goals for Barcelona in 2011/12, scoring 79 goals in 2012 for club and country and has scored a record 3 goals in the Super Cup. In the UCL he has scored a record 65 goals in the group stages, is one of 14 players to score 5 goals in one UCL game, is the youngest player to make 100 UCL appearances at 28 years old and is tied with Ronaldo in having scored a record 8 hat tricks in the UCL. Ronaldo along with that record has 9 others, he has scored a record 65 goals in the UCL KO Stage, a record 25 goals in the UCL Quarter Finals, a record 13 goals in the UCL Semi Finals, he scored 17 goals in 1 UCL campaign which is a record, scored 11 goals in 1 UCL campaign, scored a record 19 UCL goals in 1 calendar year in 2017 and once scored 10 goals in 1 UCL Knockout campaign. He has also won a record 4 UEFA Men’s POTY awards, Ronaldo holds more European records than Messi Messi has 10 La Liga records, winning a record 6 Picchini trophies, a record 6 Best Player awards, a record 7 Best Forward awards, scoring a record 419 La Liga goals, getting a record 166 La Liga assists, has scored against 36 La Liga teams, became the first player to score 300 La Liga goals, he is the only player to score 400 La Liga goals, scored a record amount of goals in 1 La Liga campaign, shares the record with Ronaldo for most La Liga hat tricks in 1 season, and he has also scored 13 Spanish Supercup goals for his 11th Spanish record. As for Ronaldo he holds a further 4 La Liga records, scoring a record 34 hat tricks as well as being the fastest player to reach 100, 150 and 300 goals in La Liga. Messi has more La Liga records For club Messi walks it. Ronaldo holds 1 club record, being Madrid’s top goalscorer and whilst Messi is Barcelona’s (in UCL games, European games, Intercontinental games and in friendlies also) Messi has also scored a record number of hat tricks for Barca, has scored a record 51 La Liga pens and 39 La Liga free kicks for Barcelona and is the top scorer in El Classico, the Atletico-Barca Classico and the Barcelona derby. As for International both are their countries all time goalscorers whilst Messi holds a further 8 records and Ronaldos a further 7. Messi has provided a record 11 assists in the Copa America, was the youngest player to play and score in the World Cup for Argentina at 18 years and 357 days, has scored a record 21 goals in World Cup qualifiers, became the youngest CONMEBOL player to reach 100 caps which he did at age 27, he is the only Argentine to have scored against every CONMEBOL nation, scored the most goals in 1 calendar year (12 in 2012) for Argentina and has won a record 11 Argentine Footballer of the Year awards. Ronaldo is Europe’s leading goalscorer in international competition with 88 goals, has made a record 21 appearances in the Euros and in that same competition has scored a record 9 goals. He has also scored in a record 4 consecutive Euros. He has scored a record 29 Euro qualifier goals and a record 50 qualifier goals in all international competitions. With 158 caps he is also Portugal’s most capped player Overall Messi has more records than Ronaldo. Trophies Ronaldo has won 6 Leagues to Messis 10. Both have won 2 International trophies but seeing as Ronaldos were more prestigious I will give him the points. Ronaldo has won 7 Super Cups to Messis 11. Ronaldo has won 5 UCLs to Messis 4. Ronaldo has won 4 Club World Cups to Messis 3 whisky Ronaldo has won 5 domestic cups to Messis 6. They are even when compared like that but Messi has won more trophies overall so he gets the points Individual Achievements Both have reviewed country medals, Ronaldo has received 4 Portuguese honours whilst Messi received 1 Catalonian honour. Messi has won 26 Golden Boots to Ronaldos 22. Messi has won 16 Playmaker awards to Ronaldos 0. Messi has won 22 Golden Balls to Ronaldos 13. As mentioned earlier both share 5 Ballon D’ors. Ronaldo has been in 33 major TOTYs to Messis 39. Messi has been named POTM 5 times to Ronaldos 0. Ronaldo has won 32 major POTY awards to Messis 31 and Messi has won 3 GOTS awards to Ronaldos Puskas. Overall Messi tops him here Messi just tops Ronaldo on everything I’ve named here. Of course football is a lot more than just this but in all the basic stats it is Leo Messi who comes out on top. Therefore that is why Leo Messi is rated better than Cristiano Ronaldo
  16. This is an idea I’ve seen implemented on other forums, but not seen it on here. The idea is simple, I name a wrestler, you rate them out of 10 on 3 factors. Here are the three factors In Ring Skills - How good are they as a wrestler Mic Skills - How good are they on the mic Looks/Presence/Charisma - Everything that isn’t covered by the above. Do they carry themselves as a monster or an underdog or whatever. Do they have charisma? First up Daniel Bryan
  17. Source https://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/matt-riddles-accuser-candy-cartwright-comes-forward-with-photographic-evidence-to-refute-stalker-claim/
  18. Been said by a few people, but come on. COME ON. This was a company in its peak, with years of storytelling coming in action in the main event. And “You Should See Me In A Crown” is the best theme song for a wrestling show I have seen in recent times. For me, it’s not just the best Takeover ever, it’s the best wrestling show ever The undercard first. War Raiders vs Ricochet and Black somehow worked, and worked brilliantly, Riddle and Dream made the North American title match like a Main event. WALTER and Dunne wrestled perfection. The women’s match wasn’t a cool down, it just carried on the form of the show Then that main event. That f*cking main event. There wasn’t much storyline here, it was just two men fighting for a vacant title. And yet the storyline behind Gargano was stunning. About every person in that building wanted him to win and against all the odds, he did. It was the culmination of two years of hard work from NXT, and was peak Gargano. The greatest match of all time
  19. I have three here. The first two were mentioned by Sheridan, so I won’t go into much detail, and the other one is my personal favourite Sasha Banks vs Charlotte: Falls Count Anywhere Match for the Raw Women’s Championship. November 28th 2016 Shelton Benjamin vs Shawn Michaels. May 2nd 2005 But what is the best Raw match of all time in my opinion? British Bulldog vs Owen Hart. European Championship Who would be the inaugural European Champion? These two brothers in law met in a technical masterpiece in Berlin, with the tensions between the two high (I believe one had eliminated the other from the 1997 Rumble.) Knowing each other so well, they countered every move, and told a story. They both showed sportsmanship throughout, until Owen feigned an injury and attacked Bulldog. The Germans were so behind Bulldog, and were devastated when Owen kicked out of the Powerslam. The two harked back to their famous moments for an iconic finish. As Bulldog argued with the ref, Owen went for a Mania 10 style victory roll, but Bulldog reversed into a SummerSlam Wembley style counter to win the match. Iconic
  20. I know it’s technically not one moment or match, but the Streak itself really. And for me that final match against Lesnar was something special. It was one of the few shock moments in pro wrestling and the loss made mainstream media. It showed how awesome Taker had made the streak, when a loss makes that much of an impact
  21. 5. Mance Warner 4. Salina De La Renta 3. MJF 2. Cody 1. Jericho
  22. Easy one here, the 11 chair shots heard around the world during Rock vs Foley. Horrible to watch

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