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Status Updates posted by JoshsNow

  1. What a show. Don’t know what it was like on TV, will have to watch a future date but at the show itself, incredible 

  2. Off to watch NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II. Can not wait

  3. Off on my DofE Gold from Monday to Thursday, then I am on holiday from Friday to Sunday. See you all next Monday

    1. Medium Freeze

      Medium Freeze

      Good luck with it all mate!

  4. In the past I have been inactive due to going on my DofE Bronze and Silver. Now I’m going for the big one

    I will be inactive until Monday because I am on my DofE Practice Expedition for Gold

  5. Congrats to @Flynn who at SummerSlam made his 4th defence of the Universal Championship, the third reign to do that after his first reign and Necce's

    Commiserations to @GeorgeAK @Blade and @Slim. They finished as 24th longest reigning champs and 22nd in the combined stats. George and Blade finished as 30th for single combined whilst Slim has held the Tag Team Championship for more combined days than anyone else in history. With this reign he also equalled Flynn as having 5 reigns with the belt. They also made the 10th most defences and 9th for combined defences. Slim made his record breaking 10th defence of the belts whilst George and Blade sit 30th.

    Congrats to @BiC and @Hans who became the 30th Tag Champs. Hans became the 38th person to win the Tag Titles. BiC also becomes the 18th man to be a 2x Tag Champ

    Congrats to @Meko750 (Raven) who becomes the 6th person to be a 2x NXT Champ. 

    Finally a special congrats to @Arius who's NA Title reign is the 14th reign in BPZ history to pass the 150 day mark

    1. Bart


      The Universal Championship isnt a thing anymore. Other than that thanks for keeping FCR updated Josh 

  6. BPZ Forum Championship Record Update

    @BrendenPlayz and @Sameer finished their reign as the longest reigning tag team tied with Pride. They also now top combined team days and Brenden as an individual has held the titles for the second longest of any champ. They both finished 2nd for combined individual defences, topped team combined defences and also made the 2nd most individual defences of any reign in history

    Seems like a decent reign I guess

    Also it turns out I made a mistake. I was kindly alerted that @I Can't Odd is unfortunately not the longest reigning NXT Champ in BPZ History, it was actually @Bart. Buddys reign was only 63 days meaning he is the 2nd longest reigning NXT Champ and 7th for combined days. Bart also moves 2nd for combined days

  7. Off to NXT Sanford now, should be interesting. And then I shall be back in England and back to being active on Monday 26th 

  8. As many of you know, I’m in Orlando for the next 19 days so I won’t be online. See you all then 

  9. BPZ Forum Championship Record UPDATE (And Correction)

    First the correction. Upon reviewing the records I noticed a mistake that means @Bart is now the second longest reigning NXT Champ ever and @I Can't Odd has the most cumulative days as NXT Champ, both at the expense of Julius

    @Meko750 (Raven) finishes as the 24th longest reigning NXT Champ, is 24th for cumulative days and he finishes at 9th for defences and 10th for combined defences

    Congrats to the 36th NXT Champion @mikey0619 I hope your reign is long and well never mind. You are the shortest reigning NXT Champion for days and combined days and have made the least defences and combined defences

    @Sameer finished as the 19th longest reigning Premium Champ and moved to 2nd for combined days. He extended his reign as having the most combined defences and the 13th most defences

    Congrats to the 20th ever Premium Champ @GeorgeAK

    @Julius finished as the 4th longest reigning IC Champ and he made the 6th most defences. For combined stats, he finished as 6th for combined days and 9th for combined defences

    Congrats to the 11th 2x IC Champ @Bashka

  10. BPZ Forum Championship Records Update

    Congrats to @Arius and @BrendenPlayz and @Sameer whose reigns as North American and Tag have surpassed 100 consecutive days.


    1. Yelich


      100 Days as champion, yet Arius has defended one time.


      We need a fighting champion, #YelichForNorthAmericanChamp

    2. BrendenPlayz
  11. BPZ Forum Championship Records UPDATE

    I don't do these often now but I figured this deserved some special mention. @BrendenPlayz and @Sameer's current Tag reign is now the 2nd longest of all time at 98 days. They are only 3 weeks off equalling Slim and Smiths 119 day record and with them making no defences until Emergence in 3 weeks time, it seems certain they should do that

  12. A lot of you may have noticed I have been inactive for the past week or so. Well from Saturday to Tuesday I was on my DofE and I returned to learn my Grandad has suffered a stroke, hence why I haven’t been posting much since my return on Tuesday. However things are looking better for him, he is able to use his hands although he’s struggling with his legs and he will be home tomorrow so I should be active once again. Just thought I owed you guys an explanation, and here’s to one week of grinding before KOTR 🥂

    1. Slim


      No need for one, your real life comes before the forums 10 times outta 10.

    2. Eric Shun

      Eric Shun

      Slim put it perfectly. But if you need anything I am sure you can talk with anyone here.

  13. Won’t be on until Wednesday because I have got my DofE Silver

  14. Going to Progress Chapter 92: Entertaining Friends today

  15. Happy 3 year anniversary to me

    1. BrendenPlayz


      thanks for all your contributions

    Congrats to @Sameer on becoming the 13th World Champ. He also lost the MITB Briefcase, coming 3rd for days and combined days in the process. He also finished last for both defence stats. Sameer also became the 2nd person to hold the Premium Championship 3 times. 
    Commiserations to @bailey14 who's reign was the 5th longest and 5th most defences in World history. He also has made more combined defences than anyone and has held the belt for the 2nd most combined days.
    @Julius has also become the 4th longest reigning IC Champ and moves to 7th in the combined stats
    @FDS finished as the 19th longest reigning champion for Premium, made the 13th most defences, as well as moving to 9th in combined days and 7th in combined defences
    @Arius finished as the 2nd longest reigning US Champ, and made the 4th most defences. He also moved to 4th in combined days and 5th in combined defences
    Congrats to @Hans on becoming the 29th person to win the US Title
    Congrats to @Meko750 (Raven) on becoming the 35th person to win the NXT Champ
    @BobdaBomb finished his NXT title run with it being the 24th longest ever reign and 9th for most defences. He finished as 10th for combined defences and 24th combined days

    1. BrendenPlayz


      thanks for putting in the work


    I am bringing this back. Only one update today. @Sameer is now 3rd for combined individual days for Tag

  18. Life got me feelin like Jordan

  19. How can Prince be Chat Mod when Discord is down?

  20. Forums Championship Records is now the most repped post ever and the first to reach 40 rep. Thank you to all 40 of you

    1. bailey14


      Are u fucking kidding me josh

    2. Aaron North

      Aaron North

      Takes off his rep.


  21. I wanna be like Bailey and Bash so I’m posting here

  22. Glad to say I’ve finished my GCSE’s, got 3 days of Duke of Edinburgh and then Further Maths AS Level on Tuesday and then I should be fully active for the next 3 months. 

  23. I feel like Bailey May be abusing the status updates

  24. Listen I wanted to apologise for getting so annoyed and reacting so irresponsibly to comments made my people. Sorry @bailey14 and anyone else I annoyed

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