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    1. Universal Championship Fatal 5 Way Match: Flynn (c) vs Yelich vs Blade vs Kieron vs Monda

    What a match we have here. The feud started when Flynn and Yelich made an alliance, helping Flynn beat Blade for the Universal Title. The next week Blade revealed he had a partner of his own, Kieron Black and they adopted the name Deadmans Hand and beat Flynn and Yelich at KOTR
    As Blade pinned Flynn in the match, he was rewarded with a title shot at SummerSlam, and a further NOC match was made with Yelich and Kieron, which ended in a draw, resulting in both men being added to the match. Monda then signed a Carnage contract and joined UN, and in the contract he was given a Uni title match, setting up this interesting F5W

    2. Premium Championship FD Rules Match: KENJI (c) vs FDS

    Things are going to get bloody. The first time these 2 met, KENJI beat FDS in the KOTR Carnage finals, leading to FDS receiving a Premium title match at KOTR as compensation, where he suffered defeat to his former Chaos teammate Ark. Ark issued an Open Challenge the next night for the belt and KENJI successfully answered it
    Post match, Ark beat down KENJI and reformed Chaos with FDS, however KENJI found his own back up in Emperor Nate. FDS beat KENJI to earn a title shot here tonight and when KENJI won a Beat The Clock Challenge he chose a personal stipulation for this match. FD RULES

    3. United States Championship: Echo Wilson (c) vs Hans Clayton

    When Echo Wilson made a shock return 4 weeks ago and won a US Title NOC Battle Royal, no one expected Echo to cash in his match the same night, and thanks to Julius and Bart he was successful. However Hans has been relentless in his pursuit to win the belt back, cashing in his rematch clause and hunting down Kingdom
    This has involved Hans forming Bulletproof with Mikey, Alex Costa and BiC to try take down Slim, Echo, Julius and Bart of The Kingdom. With backup in his corner, will Hans be successful in regaining his belt?

    4. Tag Team Championships: United Nations (Brad and Joh) (c) vs The Commonwealth (George and Ropati) 

    When UN won and retained the belts over Arrow and Epic, the easier competition wouldn't last long. UN had long promised to unite the Nations, an idea George and Ropati had in 2018. George branded them a rip off, and claiming his singles victory over Brad had earned him a title match, he challenged UN to face The Commonwealth
    Brad accepted, who will come out victorious?:

    5. Career vs GM: Ryan vs Brenden

    A tale as old as time, two of BPZs originals have clashed heads a few times, but for the first time ever they settle differences in a match. The rivalry started when Ryan challenged Brendens protégé World Champ Sameer, and although Brenden promised to remain impartial, he made himself Special Guest Ref
    And he abused his power to help Sameer win, costing Ryan his role as Evolve GM. Brenden took over the role temporarily, but Ryan wanted it back and challenged Brenden to a match where if Ryan won he earned back his GM, but if he lost, his career was over. 

    6. Intercontinental Championship: Julius (c) vs Arius

    What a story this has been. It all started in a tag match, where Julius and Arius teamed up against winless SSW Club. Arius attacked Julius, proclaiming he was the future of BPZ. This set them up confronting each other after matches, until in the KOTR Quarter Finals they fought to a draw, eliminating each other
    The next week Julius got revenge by helping Bart beat Arius for the NA Title. Arius then helped take down The Kingdom, and he earned himself a match against Julius by beating Slim. Can he win the title?

    7. NXT Championship: Bob (c) vs Meko

    The feud started when Meko beat Bob for the NXT title at Judgement Day. Bob cashed in his rematch clause on Evolve successfully, becoming a 2x NXT Champ. In the match, Meko agreed that if he lost he wouldn't have a rematch clause, and he had to earn his rematch by winning a battle royal. Will he regain "Goldie"?

    8. World Championship: Sameer (c) vs King Bashka

    What. A. Match this will be. Bashka has the chance to reclaim the World Championship he held a long time ago. He beat 16 superstars to become King, but can Sameer prove his credentials once and for all and retain?


  2. “The Chain” begins to play, causing the audience to boo and Kieron to look annoyed at the introduction of Joshua Scott and Gary Green. They both make their way down to the ring and as Josh gets to the ring he looks at Kieron, who stares back at him as both men join Kieron in the ring


    Gary calls for a mic and addresses Kieron before beginning to speak

    Gary Green: Mr Black, can I call you that Kieron? Nice to meet you anyway. Sorry to leave you without a tag partner in the Clapspiracy Tag Team Tournament but you can rejoice now because it means you standing here awkwardly and irrelevantly can end. 

    Now there is a space in the tag tournament after CJs injury and whilst you are willing to “bravely” or stupidly, fight Bailey and Slim by yourself, maybe you should just take a seat down old man and let you retire happily. Maybe you should vacate your place in the Tag Team Tournament, and give it to me and Josh. What do u say Kieron. Do we have to gain that place by force or nicely?

    Kieron picks up the mic ready to reply before laughing at Gary Greens proposal

    Kieron: Did you not hear what I just said? I’m willing to fight 2 Hall of Famers by yourself. I’m not afraid of someone who can’t wrestler, and some guy in a mask who takes orders from a Master. 

    Gary chuckles to himself before he smiles politely at Josh

    Gary: Destroy

    Josh takes off his mask and cracks his head, licking his lips as he stares Kieron up and down. As he looks to begin his attack, Gary’s phone vibrates. He picks it up before checking the message and shouting at Josh

    Green: STOP. The Master has ordered you to stop

    Josh stops and obeys, staring Kieron down angrily

    Green: The Master has sent us a text saying team with him. He has sent us a few more texts explaining why he wants this but I won’t disclose that information. The point is Kieron, we will take CJs place in the tournament, just don’t mess up Josh’s chance of winning. Because if you do cost Josh you will get hurt. That’s not a warning, that’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler

    Josh then leaves the ring, setting ourselves up with an interesting team for the later match against Bailey and Slim

  3. August 20th 2019

    Like most Evolve shows recently, Evolve started with The Kingdom stood in the ring bigging themselves up. However their self promotion didn't last long, as the music of Hans Clayton interrupted them

    Echo mocked his SummerSlam opponent, asking where Hans' new stable was. Hans didn't respond, and suddenly the words BULLETPROOF appeared on screen as new music played and Mikey and Alex Costa joined Hans on stage

    Hans made a challenge for his new stable Bulletproof to face Echo, Bart and Slim in tonights main event. The Kingdom accepted, setting up a massive match

    SSW Club (Josh and Bulldozer) vs ???

    Our first match featured a mystery opponent for SSW Clubs Josh and Bulldozer, who had their first matches since Josh's loss to Julius at KOTR and Bulldozer's loss to Bart 3 weeks ago, and their first tag match since a victory over Julius and Arius

    The crowd erupted as their opponents were revealed to be Cpe and Maestro, one of BPZ's most legendary teams, 2x Tag Champs The Clapsiracy. What an interesting match we have here

    And it was one the Clapspiracy won, pinning Bulldozer with a Big Ending for the 3 count. After the match The Clapspiracy partied with the fans, the legendary team back together

    Arius vs "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers

    Last week Crip had a match against the IC Champ, tonight he faced the IC Champs opponent. And like what Arius did to him last week, tonight Julius watched Arius from ringside

    And as soon as Arius won the match with The Sentence, Julius stormed into the ring and nailed him with a Claymore Kick. Julius chose to leave the attack there, leaving us wondering if this could be the scene this Sunday

    After a commercial break, we had the contract signing between Bash and Sameer. And with Brenden officiating the contract signing, it certainly didn't take long for things to heat up

    Bash criticised Sameers reign, telling him he needed a MITB cashin to win and interference from Brenden to retain, and that he overexaggerated his storyline about being a peoples champ, the fans didn't care about him and that he would reign victorious

    Sameer and Brenden began to lay jibes about Bashs career, as Bash looked to ignore them, both men signing the contract. However Brendens jibes became more personal and when Brenden made a comment about Bashkas family, Bash snapped and began to attack Brenden.

    Ryan came out to his rescue, and we got a massive 4 man brawl in the ring. Refs separated it eventually, and all 4 men stared each other down, setting up 2 great matches this Sunday

    Bulletproof (Hans, Mikey and Alex) vs Kingdom (Slim, Bart and Echo) w/Julius

    With a war that could see many battles over the next few months, Bulletproof and Kingdom collided in a massive 6 man tag team main event. Julius joined his teammates at ringside after taking care of Arius earlier in the night.

    It was an impressive debut for Bulletproof. Hans took out his SummerSlam opponent with a Shooting Hans Press through the announce table. Mikey then nailed Bart with a Cosmic Ascension on the outside, before rolling into the ring

    Mikey and Alex now rolled into the ring, where the legal man Slim was. Mikey tagged in Alex, something Slim didn't notice as he hit the Essential Eliminator to Mikey

    Slim then turned into a Rise of Salvation by Alex Costa, but as he covered Slim, Julius ran into the ring and used a steel chair to break the cover, earning Bp a win by DQ

    The Kingdom did a post match attack on BulletProof until suddenly, new music hit and ISAIAH CARTER CAME RUNNING THROUGH THE CROWD. The crowd erupted as suddenly Bulletproof began to fight back and Kingdom fleed

    Carter went straight for Julius, the man who injured him 3 months ago but The Kingdom were long gone, standing on the apron. BiC grabbed a Bulletproof armband from Hans and slipped it on, the 4 members of Bulletproof standing down with the 4 members of Kingdom to close Evolve


  4. NXT-Logo-2016.jpg

    July 16th 2019



    Triple H's big announcement

    The show began with Triple H welcoming us to the NEW ERA of NXT. With nearly all the champions called up, HHH promised that NXT would go back to its roots and produce stars that would become World Champions. He announced a 16 man tournament for NXT, with the winner being crowned NXT Champion.



    Killian Dain vs Lio Rush

    Two of the early favorites for the entire tournament collided early on, with Dain facing Lio Rush

    Dain nailed Rush early on with the Coise Bodhar, but the NXT Cruiserweight Champion proved his credentials by kicking out. He then had hearts racing when he hit a Dropkick and followed up with The Final Hour but Dain kicked out. Dain eventually used the Ulster Plantation to win the match and advance to the quarters



    Tony Nese vs Ariya Daivari

    Two of the 205Live guys that had made the move to NXT were looking to make a big impact as Daivari and "The Premier Athlete" collided

    And it would be Nese picking up the victory, putting away Daivari with The Running Kneese for the 3 count, joining Dain in the next round of the tournament




    Jack Gallagher vs Trevor Lee

    Jack Gallagher stood in the ring, waiting for his opponent in the tournament when suddenly Trevor Lee came to the ring, making his NXT debut

    And it would be a successful debut for Lee as he moved onto the next round, nailing Gallagher with the Orange Crush for the victory



    Angel Garza vs Velveteen Dream

    The NXT North American Champion was in action in tonights main event, against the debuting Angel Garza Jr, and the match surpassed all expectations and delivered a spectacle

    It was Dream however that won the match, despite an impressive display by Garza, Dream's Purple Rainmaker was too much and gave him the win. After the match though, as Dream began a speech, the music of Hiroshi Tanahashi hit and the crowd lost their minds as he debuted in NXT. He stared down with Dream to end the show


  5. August 13th 2019

    The show started with video footage of Ryan Reeves trying to enter the arena, only to be turned away by security. As Ryan tried to muscle past them, security rugby tackled him to the floor and handcuffed him before taking him away

    We then cut to the ring where Brenden was laughing to himself. He announced that because of threats Ryan had made to him in recent weeks, Brenden had banned him from Evolve tonight, earning the boos of the crowd

    He then offered the opportunity of a lifetime. For someone to face him 1 on 1. An honour reserved for the highest. And he would give anyone on Evolve a chance tonight

    However the crowd were confused as the music of Sheridan hit. She came out and furiously tore into Brenden, before confirming recent suspicions her and Ryan were in a relationship.

    She accepted Brendens challenge for tonight, something which Brenden agreed to, offering his hand. However Sheridan refused to take it and just left the ring

    Mikey and Alex Costa vs The Mave Effect (Akki and Mave)

    There has been tension brewing here for the last 2 weeks. Akki has suffered defeats to both Mikey and Alex but has blindsided both post match. Now they form a makeshift team to try beat The Mave Effect

    And they worked quite well as a team, dominating the experienced Mave Effect. Alex won the match by nailing Mave with a Rise of Salvation for the 3 count.

    After the match the music of Hans Clayton hit, who was sporting a black armband with a white B on it. Last week he promised he was recruiting a stable to take down the Kingdom, could that be what the armband is about?

    Hans rolled into the ring and threw an armband to both Mikey and Alex. He told them they had one week to accept his offer and become Bulletproof. Hans then left the ring, leaving Mikey and Alex contemplating the offer

    Julius vs "The Crippler" Odyssey Sellers

    Odyssey Sellers had an amazing chance to prove himself against the IC Champ Julius, who had all of his Kingdom teammates in his corner. Before the match could start, Arius came to ringside to stare down Julius

    Julius seemed put off by his fellow countrymans appearance, almost allowing Sellers a chance in the match but Julius put him away in quick fashion with the Hells Welcome. 

    After the match Arius stood on the apron and stared down with Julius, Bart, Echo and Slim who stood in the ring, their 3 belts in hand. We had this staredown until we cut to commercial break

    After a commercial break we saw a vignette play for Evolves newest free agent signing. "Some of you may know me as BiC." We then saw a man in an expensive suit, outside a mansion, putting on a watch

    "I am now Isaiah Carter III." We then saw the familiar face of BiC appear onscreen before the announcement that he returns soon, now under the name IC3, Isaiah Carter III

    Brenden vs Sheridan

    Sheridan was hoping for the break of a lifetime as she looked to take down the boss BrendenPlayz who was accompanied by his tag partner World Champ Sameer

    Sheri looked like she had it won when she hit the Angellic Demise but before she could cover, Sameer pulled Brenden out of the ring. However Sameer was suddenly blindsided by Bash, and the two began fighting into the crowd

    Sheri looked for a Suicide Dive to Brenden and connected, before trying to pick him up but suddenly Brenden shoved her into the steel steps. Meanwhile in the crowd, Sameer nailed a Curb Stomp to Bashka, but exhausted from all the fighting, collapsed next to his SummerSlam opponent

    Brenden meanwhile grabbed Sheridan and hit her with a Pedigree onto the steel steps, before rolling her into the ring and hitting a second Pedigree for the victory. 

    Blood was seeping from Sheri's head but Brenden continued to beat her down, sending a brutal message to his SummerSlam opponent. Suddenly the crowd popped as Ryan ran through the crowd, away from security, and to ringside

    He leapt onto the apron and hit a Phenomenal Forearm to Brenden, sending him out of the ring and to ringside where Sameer had come back to. The Big Ballers fleed as Ryan called medics over and the show came to a close


  6. Evolve - August 6th 2019

    Like last week, the show started with The Kingdom in the ring but of course this time they had an extra member. The Kingdom mocked their challengers and proclaimed themselves unstoppable, until the music of Arius hit

    Arius came to the ring and made it clear his problems were with Julius, with their longstanding rivalry still going on between the 2 Australians. He then challenged Julius to an IC title match at SummerSlam

    Julius laughed it off and told Arius he had to earn it. Arius told him he would earn it, anyway that was needed. Julius told Arius he could get an IC title match if he beat Slim

    And Brenden came to the ring and made the match official, Arius vs Slim, RIGHT NOW

    Arius vs Slim

    A potential Mania main event and dream match kicked us off here on Evolve, as the up and coming Arius looked to take down one of BPZs greatest ever superstars Slim

    Arius thought he had won the match when he nailed Slim with The Sentence, but before he could cover, Bart, Echo and Julius pulled Slim to safety. However suddenly SSW Club ran down to the ring, and sparked a brawl on the outside

    The ref sent all 5 stars to the back to try calm things, leaving Arius and Slim in the ring. Slim hit Arius with an Essential Eliminator, which looked like enough to win the match but somehow Arius kicked out

    The entire crowd were up on their feet as Slim laid there in shock. He picked up Arius and went for a second Essential Eliminator, but Arius flipped him over, and THEN FOLLOWED UP BY LOCKING IN THE FINAL TESTIMONY. Slim tapped out, sending Arius to SummerSlam

    Alex Costa vs Akki

    Akki was still searching for his first win on Evolve, as was Alex. Akki failed to beat Mikey last week but got his revenge when Akki and Mave beat down Mikey post match

    And like last week, Akki wasn't victorious, falling victim to the Rise of Salvation by Costa. But also like last week, Mave and Akki beat down their opponent, until Mikey came out and made the save. Mikey and Alex took out The Mave Effect, standing tall together

    After a commercial break we returned to see Hans Clayton taping his wrists backstage. He apologised for not being there tonight, as he was still recovering from last weeks tag team match

    He did have an announcement to make though. He would be cashing in his rematch clause and challenging Echo Wilson for the US Title at SummerSlam. He also promised he wasn't scared of The Kingdom, because he would be recruiting his own stable to take down Kingdom. 

    Ryan Reeves and King Bashka vs Big Ballers (Brenden and Sameer)

     Dream match number 2 of the night, as 4 of BrendenPlayzs greatest ever stars graced the same ring. With Ryan and Brenden facing each other at SummerSlam, as were Sameer and Bashka, there was sure to be no love lost here

    Bash and Ryan thought they had the match won early on. Bashka nailed Sameer with the Revelation but Ryan tagged himself in, looking to get the pinfall himself. As the 2 argued, Brenden pulled Sameer out of the ring

    Miscommunication between the two is what cost them the match later on as Ryan went for a Pele Kick to Sameer he moved out of the way and Ryan collided into Bash. 

    Sameer then tagged in Brenden, and then Superkicked Ryan, before Brenden Pedigreed him for the 3 count. The Big Ballers stand tall to end the show, could this be the sign at SummerSlam. Find out in 2 weeks time



  7. Midway through Survivor Series, we suddenly cut to the titantron where we see Barry “Drake” Blue and Ryan “The Hacker” Red. It’s been a while since we saw either of Gary Greens brothers, Barry last being seen as Josh’s bodyguard and Ryan earlier this year hacking into BPZ security to discover George was the one that ran over Bulldozer. They both knock on a dressing room door, and the door is opened by “The Monster” Joshua Scott. He looks at Barry and Ryan, who begin to speak


    Barry: Hello Josh

    No reply comes from the mouth of JoshsNow

    Ryan: As you remember we are Gary’s brothers and whilst he is in hospital recovering from a brutal attack by BPZ megastar Arrow Rhodes

    Barry: Megastar?

    Ryan: Yeh if we don’t big him up some people get a bit pissy about it

    Barry: Ah Ok, anyway whilst Gary is in hospital, we will be the link between The Master and you. 

    Ryan: In fact the Master gave Gary my number

    Barry: Ryan he’s calling now

    Ryan: Oh yes

    Ryan picks up the phone and looks surprised by what The Master is saying, nodding his head along before turning back to Josh

    Ryan: Wow have a nice day then Mas... oh he hung up

    Barry: What instructions did he have for Josh then

    Ryan: Re enter the tag tournament

    Barry: How the hell Can he re enter the tag tournament. He attacked Marker, his partner and they’ve been replaced since. The only way he can get in is by taking someone’s else’s spot, and how would he do that 

    Ryan: By making sure they aren’t medically cleared to compete. Do you know what to do Josh?

    Josh gives a nod towards Ryan and watches as “The Crippler” Odyssey Sellers walks past. Josh follows in pursuit, and there are screams heard as the camera turns to black 




    After Arius defended the IC Title over Dr X, we now cut backstage, where we see the medical team crowded around the body of Crip. They try to ask him who attacked him but he doesn’t know, he was just blindsided. Suddenly Josh, Barry and Ryan walk past, a smirk on there faces

    Barry: Oh no, what a shame, what happened here?

    Ryan: I guess there’s now a space available in the Tag Team Tournament if Kieron and Crippler can’t compete

    They all laugh to each other before walking away, as we cut back to the action of Survivor Series 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Death Notorious Angel said:

    Facts is wanting a easy win then happily burying someone is pussy shit no cap. Glad you're proud with yourself. 

    Brad, you can give us all this talk about others being pussies and stuff but if u really cared about Arrow, you would put him over yourself, but because youre you, youre not going to do that and we all know it.

    Also I am proud of myself

  9. It’s time for our main event. Of the pre show. This match had an interesting build. Josh has been under the orders of The Master recently, doing his bidding and destroying the likes of Bryan Danielson, Isaiah Carter and Marker. 

    However Arrow randomly called him out and challenged him to an FD Rules match on the Survivor Series pre show, a deal turned down by Josh, who responded with a brutal attack

    However this didn’t seem to phase Arrow, who answered Gary Greens open challenge on behalf of Josh for a Survivor Series Match, beating him down in the process. 

    And we have word that Gary Green is still in hospital, meaning he won’t be at ringside today. This could spur Josh on to destroy Arrow further, or could it play mind games with him. We’re about to find out

    Here comes “The Monster.” Boos rings out as Joshua Scott, with his sheep mask on, makes his way to the ring, ready for tonight’s action. He takes his mask off on the ramp and stomps to the ring, obviously wanting to get this destruction over and done with


    Now Josh stands in the ring, awaiting Arrow Rhodes when a familiar song begins to play


    ITS NOT ARROW RHODES. ITS ARROW THUNDERMAN. The crowd, ever loving an underdog cheer the arrival of Thunderman here tonight, who looks ready to take down Josh

    He shouts insults at Josh on his way to the ring, promising to “bury him” and prove himself “better than Meko.” He carries on his mind games when he enters the ring, doing a little dance to try psych Josh out


    The ref announces these 2, Josh standing stone dead and Arrow cockily dancing. The ref calls for this match to begin and we are underway 

    Arrow begins dancing towards Josh, before looking for a punch, BUT JOSH BLOCKS HIM AND KNOCKS HIM OUT WITH A HUGE RIGHT HAND


    Josh wastes no time and follows up WITH THE GREAT SCOTT 7.0.


    Josh covers. 1,2,3.

    Oh my word. The crowd are stunned to silence by the dominance of the New Joshua Scott in his first match. Arrow lays pretty much half dead as the ref begins to check on him. Josh walks aggressively towards Arrow but stops himself, making his way back to backstage as the pre show comes to a close

  10. WWE_Cruiserweight_Classic_Finale_Poster.

    September 14th 2016

    What a tournament it has been so far. 3 months, 28 matches so far. Tonight we see the finals of the Cruiserweight Classic, as TJ Perkins, Zack Sabre Jr, Kota Ibushi and Gran Metalik compete for the chance to win the Cruiserweight Classic. Lets have a look at a recap of the show

    Zack Sabre Jr beat Gran Metalik via Submission at 13:13

    Kota Ibushi beat TJ Perkins via Pinfal at 14:52

    After the semi finals, Triple H comes out and unveils the Cruiserweight Championship, which he reveals the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic will receive. He then makes an even bigger announcement. Starting on Tuesday 20th September, 205Live will begin, where the Cruiserweights will have their own show every Tuesday night. The original roster will be tonights 4 semi finalists, Kalisto, Lince Dorado, Akira Tozawa, Jack Gallagher, Brian Kendrick, Tajiri, Ariya Daivari, Rich Swann, The Bollywood Boyz, Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar, Tony Nese, Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak. He also announced that the entire roster (minus the 4 semi finalists) would now compete in a 15 man battle royal where the winner got a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship at Clash of Champions

    Brian Kendrick won the 15 man battle royal

    ZSJ beat Kota Ibushi by Submission in 17:47 to Become NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion

    Join us next Tuesday for the first ever episode of 205Live!

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