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  1. I have returned so put me as a free agent
  2. Raw to win the tag and womens match smackdown to win both titles and the last Raw vs Smackdown match i cant really guess but i hope its Smackdown

  3. i wouldn't mind being involved in this looks like fun
  4. So my guess is whoever takes the final pin for Smackdown will feud with taker and if i had to guess who will take the last pin it will be Orton

    1. Echo Wilson

      Echo Wilson

      Yep royal rumble is Orton vs Taker but we could see Taker vs Styles at Mania

    2. DUNSTAN 2K

      DUNSTAN 2K

      i think to add something more to the feud between styles and ambrose they could do a doble turn where ambrose gets styles eliminated that would add something new Taker can go after Orton

  5. I think they need a womens title i think they will make one by having a tournament winner wins a title i guess they definitely need tag team titles to keep things going in that division
  6. I mean atm am on Homeworld for pc and for Xbox Fallout 4
  7. Great signing am sure he will do well with them am shocked at how well the roster has been put togther to be honest
  8. Think about it i think they dropped the ball with the draft i mean Smackdown have Orton, Cena, Ambrose, AJ Styles and Wyatt as there only star power while Raw has Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins, Roman Regins, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn giving Raw the edge and Raw also has a very solid micard compard to Smackdown it just seems like Raw is still the main brand and Smackdown is the b show, they haven't done it so both brands are on the same level
  9. During last night’s WWE Draft, Cesaro was taken quite a bit later than most people were expecting. Many were thinking that The Swiss Superman would have much more opportunity after the brand extension. However, that is questionable since he is on a stacked Raw when he could have been a big move for SmackDown because that was meant to be the show that gave undervalued superstars a shot. After the WWE Draft, Cesaro voiced some frustration with his draft pick and his position in WWE on the WWE Network in an interview that WWE has yet to publish anywhere. You can watch it on the pos
  10. I think it was a good idea to split up the club plus with them on Raw i can only guess they will join with Finn to make Balor Club and i think AJ Syles can do more on his own i do find it strange that Orton is on Smackdown while Lesnar is on Raw since they have a feud coming up so it seems like where going to get a lot of Hayman in the next few weeks since Eva Marie is on smackdown am sure they will be a big part in there womens division (Thats why i always put a ? on my topics @Ryan Reeves) just hoping Ambrose retains the title so then smackdown has the edge and it would make more sence since
  11. Ever since it was announced that “Smackdown” would be going live every Tuesday, and that the brand extension was returning, there have been several questions regarding how the new landscape of WWE was going to look. One of those questions was answered on “Monday Night Raw” this past week, when Vince McMahon revealed that Stephanie would be the commissioner of “Raw,” and Shane would be the commissioner of “Smackdown.” It seems now that the other pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fall into place. WWE.com has released the official rules for the draft that will take place
  12. Won't be on as much next week am going on holiday till friday i will try and come on here and there but not making any promises

  13. why do i keep getting kicked from chat?


    1. Isaiah Carter

      Isaiah Carter

      You're not to my knowledge,Im not kicking you anyways

  14. At least Sweden still have Zalatan for rest of Euros but i think Messi is a bigger lose tbh
  15. Lionel Messi has retired from international football after Argentina crashed to a defeat against Chile in the final of the Copa America. "For me the national team is over. I've done all I can, it hurts not to be a champion," said the 29-year-old Barcelona superstar in the wake of the penalty shoot-out defeat in New Jersey.
  16. Back in May, Cody Rhodes requested and was granted his release from WWE after nearly a decade of being a WWE superstar. Essentially, Cody was unhappy with his role in the company and didn’t want to continue to waste his time being stuck in the midcard, which is completely understandable of doing very well for roughly ten years. More importantly, it was reported that WWE officials didn’t leave things very well for Cody Rhodes after he left the company and there were some hurt feelings on both sides. However, there is a new report claiming that WWE and Rhodes have been talking ove
  17. Wrestling Name (preferably First+Last): Dunstan 2K Weight: 9 and a half stone Height: 5.9ft Finisher(s): Pop Up Superkick, Five Star Frog Splash Signature(s) Running Knee, Spider Suplex Gimmick: Lone Wolf Attire: Traniers, Trackes, shirt Alignment (heel/face/tweener): Tweener Tag Team: Perferably not
  18. Over the weekend, a bombshell may have dropped on the wrestling industry that we most likely won’t know about for a few weeks or even months. There was a rumor that Kurt Angle had been contacted about a potential return to wwe and potentially reforming Team Angle with Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, who are known as American Alpha in NXT. However, Angle is not the only former WWE superstar that has been contacted about potentially returning to the company in the near future to help with the brand split. According to dailywrestlingnews.com the company is specifically looking to brin
  19. Fallout 4, Fifa 16, Football Manger 16, Dragon Ball DLC and probably WWE 2k16
  20. Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea I jumped from my seat when they won the prem wooo
  21. 1st episode is up now guys hope you all enjoy

  22. I am back for the long run again

  23. I am back for the long run again

    1. Bashka


      Welcome back brotha

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