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Everything posted by Danielle

  1. I love/d watching Desperate Housewives, Dallas (new continuation version of it), Arrow, Smallville, Charmed, Total Divas, Vampire Diaries and Once Upon A Time!
  2. Gonna post like crazy ;)

  3. Gonna try and get on the power rankings :)

    1. Monda


      Just try and make Nebakos like you.

    2. Danielle
    3. The Neb

      The Neb

      I'm not putting on the guys I like Monda, I like everyone on the forums, I put whoever I think has done the best in a week.

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  4. The BELLA Twins: You Can Look But You Can't Touch
  5. Where's your pic then? Lol
  6. Smith just made me and keeley an awesome logo together!

    1. TheLunaticGinge
    2. Danielle


      Fearless Keleey and Brie Mode Bella

  7. Haters gonna hate, Bella's gonna ball <3

  8. Anxiously waiting for Brie's next WWE appearance

    1. quint_in_073
    2. Zombie Rocka Flocka

      Zombie Rocka Flocka

      Brieee mooooooooooooooooooooooooode

    3. Danielle


      I love Nikki too but Brie's my favourite, and I love her new song!

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