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Status Updates posted by Danielle

  1. You'd think with the chat not being available soon that everyone would be me making the most of it, but it's like a ghost town lmao. There's so many faces I haven't seen in ages...

    1. Aidanator


      What do you mean the chat not being available soon? I was never told of this!

    2. Ropati4


      well aidan ips (the thing we use for chat) is shutting down there chat feature in june or july so we won't have chat soon

  2. Hey guys. It's nothing personal to anyone here but I'm coming off all social media for a while including the forum. I just want time to enjoy with my family and friends and I'm going back to work soon and moving out so I don't wanna be distracted. They say social media is the devil anyway lol, so I'm gonna go for a few months. Hope you guys have an awesome new year!! 

    1. Jeremiah Flynn

      Jeremiah Flynn

      Hope you enjoy time with your family and good luck on moving out.

    2. BiC


      Good Luck on your time away Dani :) 

    3. Danielle


      Thank you both!!

  3. Wish me luck for tomorrow guys! I hear back about my dream job tomorrow :)

    1. Slim


      Did you get it?

  4. Emma turning into Emmalina? Wtf?!

    1. Gill



  5. 1 week till I find out if I've got the job 😌😌

  6. I'm now home after an amazing 12 days in Cyprus :)

  7. I'm very happy at the moment. I have a job interview in a few weeks when I get back from my holiday in Cyprus. I cannot wait for what should hopefully be a new chapter in my life 

  8. I'm going on holiday this evening to Cyprus for 12 days. I'll probably come on chat when I'm on the beach or something. Hope everyone's having an amazing week <3

  9. Happy birthday George!

  10. I just wanted to let people know that I'm not having the best week, some things have been really getting to me and when I feel like that I either talk loads to cover it up or don't talk at all. So if I act like that with anyone or you think I'm being rude then that's why.

  11. Changed my display name to my real name, Danielle.

  12. Someone join chat

  13. Come to Cyprus! Enjoy the party

  14. 1 hour and 42 minutes till I take my flight to Cyprus! I might be on chat every now and then when I get wifi but if you need me just PM me!

  15. 1 hour and 42 minutes till I take my flight to Cyprus! I might be on chat every now and then when I get wifi but if you need me just PM me!

  16. someone join the chat

    1. Danielle


      I'm not going to the party yet so come on chat! Loooool

  17. Someone join the chat please?

  18. Someone join the chat :/

  19. Soooooo bored someone join chat

  20. Join the chat! Bored

  21. Come on chat! Bored af

  22. Someone Chat, bored.

  23. Going to Cyprus May 15th, can't wait for the holiday!

  24. Uh I'm so bored, someone PM me? Or go on chat LOL

  25. Someone come on chat, it's boring :/

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