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  1. This message is for anyone who thought me rejoining the Discord was fake. You have my confirmation, it's actually me.

  2. Name: Aidan TurnerNumber: 48Team: Los Angeles MotorsportsSponsor: Flex TapeManufacturer: Ford
  3. Name: The Aidanator Hometown: Jerusalem, Israel Height: 5"11 Weight: 287 Ibs Signatures: Superkick, Shining Wizard Finishers: Frog Splash, Cutter Theme Song: Gimmick: Christian Missionary
  4. Just made my first post on the forum in at least a month. Hopefully this can lead to something.


  5. Brad, and most of the other men he was with, had been placed under the command of Brigadier General John Buford. They had built up defenses on Seminary Ridge, preparing for the inevitable Confederate attack. The fortifications should make it easier for them to defend their position and become a distraction so Union troops could occupy strong positions south of Gettysburg. If the Confederates managed to gain control of this area, it would be extremely difficult to drive them out. Some time passed, and he could eventually make out the rebel army approaching in the distance. Brad heard news of the battle beginning three miles west of the town. Him and everyone else waited in anticipation from their defensive positions. As the battle progressed, he could see the Confederates slowly start to gain the advantage. This was confirmed as the Indiana "Iron Brigade" started to fall back towards their defenses. Him, and all the other men under Buford's command, readied their weapons and prepared for battle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The second McKay landed on the beach, he could feel bullets fly right past him. Fortunately for him, the Ottomans didn't have much experience with Machine Guns, so their shots weren't exactly accurate. However, he could still see British, Australian, and New Zealander bodies spread out across the beach, having not been as lucky as Nicolas. To be honest, the loads of dead carcasses horrified him, but he had no time to think about that at the current moment. He spotted a turned over Rowboat right on the shore, and decided that it would provide ample cover for the time being. As he crouched down behind it, he could hear the screams of the men around him who were being hit by Turkish Machine Gun(MG) fire. He considered just staying in his current position and waiting until the battle was over, but then another soldier spotted him and rushed over to the Rowboat. "Come on! On your feet! The sooner we manage to capture this beach, the sooner it will be over." Realizing the man had a point, McKay quickly checked over the top of the boat to search for a clear path, and then abandoned his cover to charge towards the shoreline. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's all for this one! Short, I know, but this story is officially back! Exciting, I know. Remember, Sign-ups are always available. Along with this, I also added a few more countries and wars to the original list as options. This should be updated again sometime within the next two weeks.
  6. Aidan's theme hits as he walks out to a fairly good reception(Well, by Aidan's standards). He looks to be in much better shape than he was from his return, most likely because of his victory over Akki in the first of their Best of 7 series. He has the walk of a champ as he makes his way down the ramp. Hell, he even high-fives a child or two. Once he gets into the ring, he smiles and starts talking. I'm having a good day today. In fact, mark it down on your calendars, everyone here. Write down that on December 29th, 2017 The Aidanator had a good day. Do you know why? Because I just proved that Akki isn't everything he made himself out to be. Sure, he had his little 15 minutes of fame in the main event scene, but I just pulled him out of the spotlight and put myself in. Yeah, I still have to beat him 3 more times to win the best of 7 series, but that'll be so easy that I could probably finish it before the Royal Rumble. Actually, speaking of the Rumble, I'd like to make a big announcement. Let it be known that I am officially the first person to put my name into the Royal Rumble match! Aidan showboats in the middle of the ring while the entire audience laughs at him. He gets a confused look on his face until one of the cameramen whispers something into his ear. He then gets frustrated as he continues to speak. Well, I have just been informed that Kyle Reeves has apparently announced himself to be in the Rumble before I did. That's just great, my big moment ruined by Ryan Reeves' awkward, unattractive brother. Back to my point, I will be joining the rumble, and I believe I could win it. Yes, I know last year I put in an embarrassing performance and got thrown out by Alyx before the next entrant came in, but I'm prepared this year. So once I sweep through Akki my focus goes directly to the Rumble match, and maybe even a World title shot at BPZ Mania. One thing I know for sure is that 2018 will be my year, and nothing anybody says or does is gonna change that. Aidan drops his microphone and starts to leave the ring.
  7. Aidan's theme music hits as he comes out to a sea of boos. He's got a look of shame on his face, most likely for the embarrassment he faced last week during his return. From his vulgar actions in the ring to getting one-upped by Akki, his reputation was utterly destroyed. As he walks down the ramp people in the crowd throw food and trash straight in his face. He simply takes it in and continues walking, for there's nothing he can really do about it. He sloppily rolls into the ring and starts talking. I know a lot of you probably hate me right now, and that is well deserved. Last week I promised everyone a newer, better version of me and all you got was a failure. I failed you people, and for that, I am ashamed. But I'm willing to put all that behind me now. I'm looking to get my career back on track, and that starts with one man: Akki. While I was cursing and spouting in the ring, Akki came out and caught me off guard. So, I'd like to formally invite him out to the ring tonight and discuss the events of last week. Aidan waits patiently for the other man to come out.
  8. Music unfamiliar to the crowd's ears plays over the speakers as they look on in confusion. Murmurs are heard by the audience, while some of them start to cheer, guessing what's coming next. That excitement soon spreads across to everyone in the arena, getting ready for the return that was promised over a week ago. Among the frenzy going on by the fans, The Aidanator walks out from the back, and the cheers are deafening. Even though his return was a bit later than expected, Aidan has finally returned! Although, there's a bit of a hazy look to his eye, as if he's a little out of it. Now that it's easier to see him, there's actually a noticeable stubble around his chin, as if he hasn't been keeping up with his shaving. He stumbles his way down to the ring, but before he gets there he bends down and vomits right on the stairs. It's becoming increasingly clear that he came out to the arena drunk tonight. He finally rolls into the ring and grabs a microphone. Then, unfortunately, he begins to speak. Ladies and gentlemen, the fastest rising star to ever set foot in a BPZ ring has returned! And before I start my big return speech, I'd like to say that I love each and every single person in this arena tonight! Now in my absence I was *hic* a little down in the dumps. There aren't many jobs out there that accept washed up, former wrestlers who were high-school dropouts and went all-in on the wrong hand. So yeah, I was stuck without a job homeless on the streets. I was forced to sell my body for money. The audience collectively gasps as all the parents start to cover their children's ears. You act surprised but what did you think would happen? Huh?! Just because I couldn't win at the grandest stage of them all I was fired from the company. Yeah, that's right, fired! No "leaving because I couldn't win the big one" or "slowly fading away because I couldn't make an impact." At first everything was alright. I figured I could just go into the Indy scene and slowly work my way back up to crowd favorite where, after scamming Brenden into signing me for way more than I was worth, I would become a main event star! But nooo, on my first show some crazy fan threw a bottle of whiskey straight at my forehead and left me in a coma for a whole month! When I wake up, I'm told that my wife left me for some guy named Brad and took the kids with her. So yeah, I became a Male Prostitute, what of it? It helped me get the money to eventually work my way back into a job at BPZ. And you know what? That job did more for me in 2 weeks than this company did in 6 months! So now that I'm back on the roster, I want whoever runs this damn show to give me a World title shot at the next pay-per view! God knows I deserve it more than anybody else on the roster. The audience looks on in horror as Aidan shouts and curses inside the ring, waiting for someone to come out (Note that I am not actually asking for a World title shot, that would be ridiculous. This is basically just an invitation for someone to come out and kick my ass.)
  9. The lights in the BPZ Arena go out as a promotional video is played on the titantron. September 12, 2016. A competitor unlike any other entered BPZ... The footage cuts to a young man making his big debut on the grand BPZ stage. "Now, I know all of you people don't know who I am, but you will very soon. You can call me Aidanator." Then clips are shown of various moments of Aidan's early career, from him attacking Akki at the Brad Blood Pay-Per-View, to him beating Gill in his first ever match. A wrestler who took the business by storm, and would become one of BPZ's fastest rising Superstars... It then shows Aidan winning the NXT Championship. "He did it! Aidan's done it! The Aidanator has won the NXT Title!" Followed by the formation of The Supremacy. "Oh my god! That's Aidanator and Alyx Wilde! They've just helped Slim retain the Intercontinental Championship! What is this new Trio that we're seeing here?" Then finally it rolls the clip of Aidan and Alyx winning the Tag Team Championships. "Aidan and Alyx win the Tag Titles in a dominating fashion. No competition here folks." The clip fades away as the narration continues. But then, Tragedy struck. It shows News articles with the headline "Aidanator is out due to severe Ankle injury" Then it cuts to BPZ staff being interviewed about the incident. "It happened so suddenly. One day he was on top of the world, and the next day it just came crashing down, almost like a boy getting grounded by his mother for having bad grades. Everything really only went downhill after that. Slim kicked Aidan out of The Supremacy and renamed the faction to The Top Guys, and then Aidan entered what's known as his 'Dark Times." Footage of Aidan's failed gimmicks roll across the screen, with the cringiest of quotes to follow them. "Watcha' gonna do, brother, when the Aidanator runs wild on you!" "Let me tell you something Mean Gene..." *Fish noises* But then, just as everybody was about to lose hope, he went back to the "Old" Aidanator. The one who was both NXT and Tag Team Champion at the same time. Seeing an opportunity, he challenged for the United States Championship at BPZ Mania. Many saw this as his last chance to get his career back on track. He gave it everything he had on the grandest stage of them all... The titantron cuts to Aidan getting Triple Superkicked and losing the match But he failed. And he truly never recovered from that. After BPZ Mania he disappeared for a while. He attempted a few more runs in the business, but those flopped fast. Yes, it seems that The Aidanator will go down in the BPZ history books forever as failed potential. The audience starts to boo, as they thought this would lead to an Aidanator return, but they're soon silenced when two words pop up on the screen Next Week Everybody immediately break out in cheering as they get excited for the upcoming return of the former NXT and Tag Team Champion. Then the show goes to commercial break.
  10. Just got a few games on Steam: Out Of The Park Baseball 18: A really in-depth baseball game where you get to play as a General Manager for a baseball team across multiple different leagues. From the MLB, to Japanese leagues, and even an Australian league(Sorry Brenden). Along with that you can also play any historical season all the way back from 1871 to 2016. Really great game that I'd recommend. Original War: A rouge-like RTS game where you control a group of soldier that are sent back 2,000,000 years into the past to bring a precious power resource from Siberia to Alaska. There are branching paths to the story, so you could end up with different results each time you play. Also there's the fact that if a soldier dies they're dead for the rest of the game, no getting them back. From what I've played so far it seems fun, but it is kind of old(Came out in October of 2001) if that kind of thing turns you away. Project Highrise: A tycoon game where, you guessed it, you have to own and run your own Highrise Apartment. Order construction to add in apartments, food courts, and offices for different tenants. You can also decorate it as the seasons change to fit more to the holiday festivities. It doesn't sound like much, but my explanation doesn't do it justice. I really suggest trying this one out if you're into the tycoon type of games. Victoria II: Play as any country that existed at the start of 1836 and take them all the way to the end of World War 2 to become the greatest nation of all time. Or go the Switzerland route and just settle with mediocracy by staying neutral in everything, if that's the type of thing you like(I'm sure you're fun at parties). But seriously, it's super fun and I'd recommend it for how historically accurate it is. Men Of War: Assault Squad 2: Play as the 5 major factions of World War 2 in The Commonwealth, Germany, Japan, The Soviet Union, and The United States Of America(No love for Italy) and command soldiers across different battles that took place(I think there's 10 missions for each country). It's really fun and, like every other game on this list, something that I really recommend.
  11. Just found out today that my dog could possibly have cancer. Don't know for sure though, hoping for the best.

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    2. BiC


      Good luck man. 

    3. Aidanator


      Thanks for all the support guys. Really, it means a lot. She just got back from the veterinarian and we learned that she has something growing in the very back of her tongue, so at this point it's not a matter of if but when. She could have a year, 6 months, we don't know. I got the dog as a Christmas Present in December of 2007, and I've had many pleasant memories since then. I just hope that the rest of the time she's still with us will be lived up to the fullest.

    4. GeorgeAK


      Stay Strong Aidan.

  12. I'm looking forward to the new Rumble mechanics and the improvements that are being made for Universe mode.
  13. Just saw a Gorillaz concert in Atlanta last night. Had a lot of fun.

  14. Receiving The Call To Arms It was a bright, sunny afternoon, and Nicolas McKay was currently overlooking the beach of Gallipoli with contempt in his eyes. In his opinion, he felt that this entire struggle that was going on was all pointless, and he hated that he had to fight for a cause he didn't believe in. He groaned as he saw his superior walk up to him. "What are you doing just sulking around, McKay? You need to be prepared! We're about to storm this beach, and I need every man as ready as I can get them!" "What's the point in this?" Nicolas asked, shooting an annoyed glare at the officer. "Not this again. I told you, it's not your job to question why you're doing this, you just do it. Now, you can either get your gear ready now and step out onto that beach, or you can stay here and end up being court martialed, possibly executed, for deserting." With one last scoff, McKay got everything together and ran off the ship, straight towards the Ottoman's positions on Gallipoli. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For Honor He hid in silence, not making a single move as he prepared to attack. The battle was not currently going in Japan's favor. In fact, the American Imperialists were slaughtering them right now. Kin Takeshi was currently hiding out in a tunnel with about 8 other men, and they were about ready to leave and charge at the enemy. "Charges ready?" one of the other soldiers hiding with him asked. He nodded as he held out his dynamite. They were losing the battle, and as a last resort they were gonna charge straight at the Americans and wait for the detonator to explode, killing both them and the enemy. He gave the command, and everyone hiding in the tunnel immediately charged and uttered one phrase: "Tennoheika Banzai!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- King and Country He could hear the men around him coughing and vomiting all over the place. Half of them probably due to seasickness and the other half due to nervousness at the current situation. They had just departed from Great Britain, and were due to arrive on the shores of Sword Beach in about an hour. Jack Anderson figured the men had a reason to be nervous, as they would have to charge at the German's position with little to no cover, mines scattered everywhere, and only Tank fire to support them. Thinking about it, he really couldn't blame them for being scared, but he had no fear. He knew he could get through these obstacles without any difficulties. Why? Well, he's just simply the best, that's why! In fact, the more he thought about it, the more confident he became. He was ready to rush towards the German defenses at full speed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And that's all for this one! Please, let me know if there's anything about your character that I messed up, and I'll gladly fix it.

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