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  1. Nickname: THE AIDANATOR Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina Height: 6 foot 4 Weight: 237 Pounds Signatures: Clothesline From Hell Finishers: Atomic Leg Drop Backstory: Growing up in urban North Carolina, THE AIDANATOR had access to a lot of stuff. Most prevalent among that 'stuff' was various types of drugs, such as weed, cocaine, crystal meth, and heroin. As a result, he spends most of his time higher than the moon, and has gone to FCW as a last resort. Since they don't exactly have the best reputation, the company was willing to take whoever they could get, and so hired him at minimum wage.
  2. Drew McIntyre vs Keith Lee Cody Rhodes (C) vs Ricochet - WWE Intercontinental Championship Becky Lynch (C) vs Mandy Rose - WWE Womens Championship The Revival (C) vs Undisputed Era - Smackdown Tag Team Championships Bray Wyatt vs John Cena Dijak (C) vs Cedric Alexander - WWE United States Championship Adam Cole (C) vs Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles - WWE Championship Kevin Owens vs Samoa Joe - King Of The Ring Finals
  3. Alex paces angrily back and forth across the ring, eagerly waiting for someone to come out. 10 seconds pass, then 30, then a full minute without anybody's theme playing. Alex is furious, and he looks as if he's about to go backstage and just grab the random person he finds, but fortunately loud rock music blasts across the entire arena, and a man walks out. It's Aidan, who stares down Alex from on top of the stage. Much of the audience is confused, since a couple of weeks ago Aidanator himself stated that he didn't want to fight Alex, and was willing to remain on good terms with him. Despite this, he's currently walking down the ramp straight towards the ring, without giving off any signs of having good intentions. Once he grabs a microphone and stands face-to-face with Alex, he begins to speak. "Well let me tell you something, brother! I see what you're doing here, Alex, and I don't like it. You think you're entitled to a match at Survivor Series? I've gotta ask, what have you done to deserve that, dude? Because for the last few months you've been doing nothing but losing, and are showing no signs of improvement. The way I see it, brother, the only thing you deserve is a spot in the back of the catering line. But you're in luck! Because I have decided that the only way for you to learn your place is if I beat you myself. Because it's only when you're laying on you're back after the 3 count and you can hear the screams of all the Aidanmaniacs around the world cheering me on that you will be able to face the reality that you're a loser. Maybe then, and only then, will you be able to get your act together and put your career back on track. So, Alex Costa, I've got one question for you. Whatcha gonna do when Aidanmania runs wild on you?" Aidan brings the microphone down to his side, and waits to see what Alex's response will be.
  4. Tonight's episode of SSW starts as a cold open with World Champion Vinci already in the ring. He looks extremely upset after his loss to Mirage, and is about to speak his mind tonight. "Now before I begin let me just say one thing. I do not appro-" Before he can say anything else, he's interrupted by loud music blaring across the relatively small arena. Oh my god! That's Aidan's music! What's he doing here in SSW? The crowd erupts into cheers as he steps out onto the ramp. Vinci is currently furious inside the ring, being sick and tired of BPZ Superstars constantly stealing his spotlight. Smiling at the 15 SSW fans in attendance, Aidan Hogan walks down towards the ring. He brought his own microphone with him, eliminating the need to grab one from ringside and allowing Aidanator to immediately step up onto the apron. Going through the ropes and meeting Vinci face-to-face, he speaks for the first time ever in SSW. What will he say? "Well let me tell you something bro-" Before Aidan can talk for any longer, he's immediately tackled by a bunch of security guards who came from backstage. As it turns out, he hasn't been hired by SSW. Aidan is still legally contracted with BPZ, and that hasn't changed in any sort of way. He tries to fight back, but their combined might is too much. Hogan is pulled out of the ring and escorted into the audience, but then he hops back over the barricade! Aidanator's quickly stopped before that can happen, and he's pulled over with even more force this time. He struggles and tries to break away from their grasp, but more security comes down and drags him up the stairs and out of the arena. After all of this happens, Vinci is left standing in the ring, confused as to what has just occurred.
  5. Aidanator

    BPZ Writeups

    Alex Costa vs. Mirage - Alice on a pole match
  6. 769-774 The first 5 years of the campaign were very eventful, with fighting going on in Greece, Armenia, Carpathia, Iberia, and Britain. The untimely death of a Duke lead to border changes in Gaul(France), and the Bretons manage to save all of Christendom for the time being. Byzantium Triumphant The first realm to act after the game started was Byzantium, who would start a holy war against the Slavic Tribes in Thessaly. Fellow Slavs in Epirus and Morea would come to the defense of their kin, but it wouldn't be enough to fend off the massive Eastern Roman armies led by the Basileus himself. Byzantine victory in this war would connect their territories in Thrace and the Peloponnese, and leave the rest of Greece open for further reconquest. Bulgaria on the Rise Bulgaria wasn't exactly quiet either, expanding their borders both into the North and the South. First attacking the Ohrids in Macedonia, Khan Telerig chipped off Bitola before crippling the Tivertsians on the other side of their realm. By the time 5 years had passed, the Bulgars would have a border that stretched a great length along the Dniester River, even crossing over it in some places. Right before the game was paused, Bulgaria had declared war on Kiev, showing that they were not yet satisfied with the borders they currently held. If this is how much they accomplish in 5 years, who knows how large the Khanate of Bulgaria will be after 20 years, or 50? Their expansion is definitely something to keep an eye on for now. Proxy War in Armenia Abkhazia, a Byzantine Tributary, declared war on the Uqayllid Sultanate, an Abbasid Tributary, over the Armenian region of Tao. For 5 years the fighting went back and forth, with multiple interventions from the Eastern Romans, Abbasids, and even the Addauid Emirate got involved. Neither power could make a significant difference, however, since the Byzantines had to put down revolts in Thrace and Sardinia while the Abbasids had to worry about wars going on in India. Because of this, a definitive conclusion has not been reached, and both parties were still at war by the time the 5th year ended. (In the pink is Abkhazia, while the brown riddled with stripes and dots is the Uqayllid Sultanate. The stripes represent occupied territory) Border Conflicts in Britain In Northern England, the Picts launched an invasion of Northumbria with the hopes of expanding their borders a little. They would send their army South three times, and it would be send packing twice. However, by the third campaign the Northumbrians had been worn out, and the Picts could finally make some gains down into England. This turned out to just be the tiny province of Lothian, but hey, it's better than nothing. (PICTURED: Pictish cavalrymen charging at Northumbrian lines during the Second Battle of Lothian) Holy Wars in Iberia The Umayyad Sultanate, seeing an opportunity to consolidate their control over the entirety of Iberia, declared a Holy War to drive the Christian infidels from Northwestern Spain. The Kingdom of Asturias, on their part, would be backed up by the small petty kingdoms in Brittany, who would prove to be of vital importance. The Muslim campaign was a disaster from the start. Their forces were disunited, allowing the Asturians to pick them off one by one. By the time the Umayyad armies did manage to combine together, they only outnumbered the Christians by 1,000 men, and that would change as soon as the Bretons arrived. When both sides finally met with their full strength at Santiago, the combined Breton and Asturian force would outnumber the Muslims by 500 men, and achieve a decisive victory. To make things worse for the Umayyads, the Kingdom of Middle Francia would declare a Holy War against THEM for Barcelona, tying up much needed soldiers for fighting the Asturians. Fortunately for them, King Karloman would be forced to temporarily withdraw his Franks due to local revolts. By the time he was ready to continue the war against the Muslims in Iberia, they'd already made peace with the Asturians and could commit their entire strength towards fighting the invaders. By the time the 5th year ended, no border changes had been made, although the Umayyads and Middle Francians were still at war. A Costly Inheritance in Gaul On December 4, 771, Duke Nibelung of Normandy died of Natural Causes. His land within the Kingdom of West Francia would be inherited by Duke Theoderic of Burgundy, who was from the Kingdom of Middle Francia. As a result, Middle Francia would obtain all of Normandy from West Francia without fighting a single battle, tipping the balance of power greatly in their favor. On the West Francian's part, they would attack the Saxons in Northeastern Germany, hoping to gain some land in compensation for this event. That war was still going on by the time the 5 years ran out. The Serbian Takeover The last 5 years have been fantastic for the Kingdom of Serbia. It would start with a war against the Avars in Central Carpathia. The Serbs managed to raise 5,000 warriors, while the Avarians could only muster up half that amount. It was completely one-sided, and the Serbians easily managed to conquer the entire Avar Khanate without difficulty. However, this wasn't enough for them, as they would then set their sights on Croatia. While the Croatians were off fighting the Lombards, the Serbs basically walked right through their realm and managed to conquer it with ease. Now, the Serbian Kingdom's power rivals that of the Khanate of Bulgaria, and will greatly influence how politics in the Balkans and Central Europe turns out. (See Bulgarian picture above to witness what the Kingdom of Serbia currently looks like) And that's it! With the expansion of realms such as Byzantium, Bulgaria, and Serbia, as well as ongoing conflicts in Iberia and Armenia, the next 5 years promise to bring great change, possibly greater than what we've already seen. It's been a great fun writing this diary so far, and I hope all of you enjoy reading it. Until next time!
  7. The cameras open up to Aidan Hogan standing in an interview room next to 'Mean' Jean Johnson. Johnson begins by introducing the two of them. "Hello, I am Jean Johnson here with Aidan Hogan after his momentous return last week. How are you doing, Aidan?" He raises the microphone in the direction of Aidanator's mouth so that he could speak. "It's great to be here, Mean Jean, but I'd like to talk about something first. Alex, brother, you've got the wrong idea here. The man who insulted your wife is gone just like Nathan Sawyer after losing to Sheridan. I'm a different person now, dude, so the two of us don't have a problem anymore. I think you're a great guy, Alex, and have an amazing future here in BPZ that I don't want to interrupt. But if you want a fight, brother, then all that's gonna get you is another loss on your losing streak. So let me tell you something, Costa. Focus on the United States Championship. Focus on Mikey. Because if you don't, all of Aidanmania is gonna run wild over you, dude!" Mean Jean waits about 5 seconds to let Aidan's words sink in before continuing with the interview. "Alright Aidan, that's nice at all, but if you're not challenging for the United States Championship at Survivor Series, and you don't want to fight Alex, what's next for you?" Aidan wastes no time in answering Johnson's question. "I've been thinkin' about that for awhile, Mean Jean, and I've decided that I'm gonna be training. I'll be eating my vitamins, saying my prayers, and hitting the gym whenever possible, brother! So when December finally comes around I'm ready for whoever the United States Champion happens to be. Whether that's Ravenous Raven, Mischievous Mikey, or somebody else, they're gonna see what happens when Aidan Hogan and all of the Aidanmaniacs around the world unite against a single man. Nobody can take that much power! Nobody can withstand all that energy! And that's what makes Aidanmania an unstoppable force, brother. I'm outta here!" And with that, Aidan storms out of the room. Jean Johnson is left a little confused, as he'd had many more questions he planned to ask, but eventually brushes it off and also walks out of shot.
  8. Whelp, this was it. The entire American army in the Philippines were trapped in the city of Bataan, completely surrounded by the invading Japanese force. General Douglas MacArthur, or 'Dugout Doug' as the soldiers in Bataan liked to call him, had already fled to Australia, all but confirming the fate of those he left behind. It was currently April 3rd, 1942, and the Japanese had been suspiciously quiet for over a month now. Their last attack, the Battle of the Points, ended on February 13, and had been disastrous for them. The Americans and Filipinos had successfully managed to drive them off while also inflicting a large amount of casualties. They would retreat with their tails tucked between their legs, and besides a few small skirmishes haven't launched any major military operations since. Austin knew they were planning something big. The Japanese weren't beaten, that's for sure, and it wasn't like they were giving the Americans a chance to take a breather and rest. So, that could only mean one thing. They were planning another attack. But Mirage had nothing to fear, it would most likely end the same way all the others did, with a defeat for the Japanese. Knowing this, he started to converse with his fellow soldiers. "What do you think they're planning?" The man guarding next to him, Private Johnson, raised an eyebrow and answered his question. "Who, the Japs? Preparing for another assault, probably. You know how it goes. They charge at us, kill a few guys, then we shoot them down, and they run back to wherever they came from. It's the same thing every time." He then got a look of uneasiness across his face. "Unfortunately, it's working. I don't know if you've noticed this, Austin, but our numbers are getting smaller. We've got no reinforcements coming in, and that doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon, based on Dugout Dug's "Grand" exit last week. I'm not sure how much longer we'll be able to hold out." Mirage shared similar thoughts. The Japanese could keep doing these attacks as much as they wanted, and eventually the Americans would have to give in. It wasn't a pretty thought, but the truth had to be faced. It was then that a large explosion could be seen a few yards down their defensive lines. It was followed by another, and then another, and Austin soon realized that they were being bombarded by Artillery. Not just that, but Japanese planes were also flying overhead dropping bombs across the entire city. There was no doubting it now, the assault had begun. As the Artillery Shells and Bombs kept dropping and killing the Americans and Filipinos on the ground, Mirage, Johnson, and a few other soldiers quickly hid inside one of the cement-covered forts, where they'd have some form of protection. Each of them guarded one of the window slits that were made for shooting out of, and Austin himself took the machine gun. The Japanese ground troops wouldn't attack when their Artillery was still bombarding the city, but once it was finished they'd come, and the Americans in the bunker would be ready for them.
  9. Name: Aidan Johnson Nickname: Aidanator Height: 5"10 Weight: 145 Ibs Build: Thin, with no muscles whatsoever Appearance: Power: Time Travel General Backstory: Aidan likes to think of himself as a man born in the wrong generation, which is why he consistently spends time in ages different than his own. Whether it's the 2010s, the 1910s, or the 1010s, he just loves spending time in historical eras. The picture above was taken in the year 1889, where Aidan is an upper-class Capitalist who exploits his workers to gain more profits. He's a product of the times, so don't judge him too harshly. Besides that, he doesn't really have any fighting abilities, so he tries to stay out of conflict as much as possible. Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Civilian Preferred Last Words: What the fuck, man?
  10. The year is 769. The Arab Invasions are coming to a close, and the European Dark Ages have begun. After the death of King Pepin 'the Short' of Francia, his kingdom was split between his two sons, Charlemagne and Karloman. Charlemagne would get the West, while his brother would get the middle. However, it's almost a guarantee that the status quo will not last, and the entirety of Francia will most likely fall to whichever of the two Karlings is the most ambitious. Only time will tell who that happens to be. In 751 the Eastern Roman Exarchate of Ravenna was conquered by the Lombards, giving them control over North and Central Italy. Shortly after this event, the Papacy also broke away from Byzantine authority, leaving the crumbling Empire with only Sicily, Sardinia, Mallorca, and a few exclaves in Southern Italy. These three powers are currently competing for total hegemony over the entire peninsula, but outside forces such as a united Francia or North African Berber Pirates could potentially shatter the fragile balance of power that currently exists in the region. It will certainly be interesting to see who comes out on top. Iberia is currently divided between the Muslim Emirate of Cordoba and the Christian Kingdom of Asturias. After the Kingdom of the Visigoths was conquered by invading Muslim forces in the early 8th century, the Peninsula came under the control of Islam. However, in 732 the Christians would win a decisive victory at the Battle of Covadonga, creating the Kingdom of Asturias. While they're nowhere near as powerful as the Umayyads, if the Asturians can secure an alliance with one of the two Karling Kingdoms, then they could effectively fight back against the Muslims, and begin a Reconquista of Iberia. The British Isles are, for lack of a better term, a mess. After the Romans abandoned Provincia Britannia the Germanic Angles and Saxons took their place. Throughout all of England various Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms struggle to establish their dominance, and in the North the Picts control the parts of Britain that the Romans never touched. Ireland is divided among many Chieftans, and is ripe for the taking either by the first tribe to catch up technologically or by the Anglo-Saxons to the East. Of course, like many other regions in Europe, invasions from foreign realms are a possibility. Can Brittania be restored? Or are the British Isles destined to be divided forever, never again achieving the stability it once had under the Romans? Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Once ruling an Empire that stretched from Iberia to Jerusalem, Byzantium has now been reduced to Anatolia and a few exlaves in Greece, Italy, Crimea, and the Balkans. Disastrous events such as the Arab Invasions and Slavic Migrations have severely weakened the Eastern Roman Empire to the point where Constantinople itself came under threat multiple times. To make things worse, the policy of Iconoclasm(Ending the practice of the veneration of Christian Icons) established by Emperor Leo III has alienated both the local populace and the Latin Christians in the West, leaving the Byzantine Empire practically isolated. The Khanate of Bulgaria threatens their borders from the North, while the Arab Addauid Emirate consistently launches raids into Anatolia from the Southeast. It seems that Byzantium's only ally is the Khazar Khaganate to the Northeast, who have proven to be a valuable friend in the fight against both the Umayyad and Abbasid Caliphates. Things may look grim at the current moment, but the Slavic tribes are not united, and could be picked off one by one if the Empire is discreet about it. The same could be done to the Addauids, as long as the Abbasids aren't watching. If done correctly, a Byzantine revival could come into existence, although that is far from a guarantee. The Abbasid Revolution in 750 overthrew the Umayyads and established a new Caliphate, one that was much less Arab-centric and treated its various cultures and ethnicities with the same respect as it did Muslim Arabs. It was also much less expansionist than the Umayyads, only conducing raids into infidel territory rather than outright conquests. The Abbasid Caliphate currently controls Egypt, Arabia, and Southern Persia, while also having Tributary States in Northern Persia and Armenia. Not much threatens the Caliphate, but that could change in the form of either a resurgent Byzantium or an Umayyad expansion into North Africa. But that's all speculation. In the current state of affairs the Abbasids have firm control over its territories and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. Alright, with the description of the current political situation out of the way, let me introduce you to this diary! Basically, I'm taking a Crusader Kings 2 savegame at the earlies start date and recording what happens when there's no player interference whatsoever. Each update should cover 5 in-game years, and we'll see how long this lasts. Ciao!
  11. It's the Carnage after Halloween Havoc, and the BPZ Crowd is excited to see the fallout of this momentous event. 3 Championships changed hands, Jason and Echo concluded their months-long rivalry, and Gill made his return to BPZ. However, one of the more uneventful results was how the US title match turned out. In a match that included the likes of Buddy Ace, Alex Costa, and Aidanator, Mikey would retain his United States Championship by pinning Bizzy. Speaking of Aidan, many BPZ fans are now wondering where he will go after this defeat, since his image of being 'Perfect' has now been shattered. They won't have to wait long, as an image flashes across the Titantron. Immediately the entire arena erupts into cheers. It was happening! The Fish was coming back! This would last for about 30 seconds, when the audience starts to wonder why Aidan hasn't shown up yet. Unfortunately, they would get their answer when really loud music plays across the stadium. Silence quickly comes over everyone attending the show, who are now confused as to why music that clearly has nothing to do with fishes is currently playing. That's when Aidan steps out dressed in a yellow muscle shirt and tights. The crowd starts to boo loudly, now realizing what's going on. This goes unnoticed to the man standing on the ramp, who flashes a smile and trudges his way down to the ring. He extends his hand out to the various children in the front row, but none of them reciprocate the action with a high-five. While the message that the audience is sending would be clear to any sane-minded person, Aidan isn't in the best state mentally after his loss, so he still doesn't understand. After grabbing a microphone from a ringside official, he rolls into the ring and opens his big, fat mouth. "Well let me tell you something, brother!" Aidan doesn't get the opportunity to speak any further, as he's immediately drowned out by boos from all the fans. Being the insane man that he is, he thinks they're cheers, and puts his hand to his ear, as if he's trying to listen harder. After the audience starts to die down, Aidan continues speaking. "It's been too long since Aidanmania last ran rampant over BPZ! Too long since the Aidanmaniacs had a hero they could look up to! But that changes today, because Aidan Hogan is back, brother! Mr. Perfect is gone, dude, since he's shown how perfect he really is after he lost to Mikey at Halloween Havoc! But things are different now! I've been doing 100 push-ups, pull-ups, and burpees every day, dude, and I can feel the blood flowing through my veins! I have also been taking my vitamins, saying my prayers, and taking steroids! But that last part doesn't matter, since I now have the power of all the Aidanmaniacs here in attendance tonight! Now, as much as I want to beat up that punk named Mikey, I'm not going after the US Championship at Survivor Series! I've gotta work my way up, clearing BPZ of all the villains who get to run around as free men! And for those people, I've only got one question for them! Whatcha gonna do, brother, when Aidanmania runs wild on you?" The boos start back up again, but this doesn't faze Aidan, who leaves the ring and heads backstage with a smile on his face.
  12. Name - Aidan Nickname - DA AIDANATA Age - 45 Appearance/Build - Do they conceal their identity (their face) and if so with what? - No Power(s) - Can make a ladies' pants instantly wet just by staring at her. Background/Origin Story - Had no powers whatsoever for the first 43 years of his life, but that changed once he hit his midlife crisis. As soon as that happened, he found that every woman he looked at just instantly released all their fluids upon eye contact. Now, he only uses that power for good, by distracting any female villains. Alliance (F.A.L.L. [evil but no questions], A.T.L.A.S. [good], mafia, Anti-hero, hero, villain) - A.T.L.A.S.
  13. It was pure hell, having to charge up those mountains. Nolan blamed Luigi Cadorna, the bastardo. Even he knew that a full-frontal assault across a river, against heavily fortified positions, on a god-damned mountain isn't the most tactically sound military strategy. Yet here James was, rifle in hand, crouched beneath a rock, and fighting for his life against a hail of bullets and grenades. As much as he wanted to keep mentally complaining about the Higher-Ups in the Italian military, his thoughts were interrupted when a fellow soldier ran over and took cover against the same rock. "Come on, friend, we must keep moving forward!" The man was someone James did not recognize, but that fact was irrelevant. He's Italian, which means he is also a comrade who would die protecting Nolan. He knows that he needs to reciprocate the sentiment, lest they both get killed by the Austrians shooting at them. The unnamed person next to him provided covering fire, and James peeked around the rock to see if there were any better spots for cover in the immediate vicinity. He noticed a large foxhole a few meters to the left where a couple of other soldiers were camped out. "Hey, there's a ditch over there I think we can hide in, do you see it?" Both men temporarily switched positions so that the man could see what James was talking about. "Yes, I see it. Do you think we have a chance at getting over there?" He nodded, before realizing that it wasn't seen, and so gave an audible "Yes". Before leaving the safety of the rock, however, James decided that it would be useful to know his name. "Hey, my name is James, what's yours?" He laughed, before responding to the question. "That doesn't sound like a very Italian name. Mine's Maurizio." With introductions out of the way, both men charged straight towards the foxhole, bullets hitting the ground around them. James jumps into the ditch, and makes it in safely, but Maurizio gets hit in the leg. He falls into the hole, and lets out a shriek of pain. Nolan wanted to help out, but he's told that the best thing he could do right now would be simply helping them defend their dugout from Austro-Hungarian counterattacks. James sighed, and picked up his gun. It was going to be a very long day.
  14. I think Edge vs. AJ Styles would be an interesting one to write

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