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  1. Name: The Aidanator(Aidan Johnson) Gender: Male Superpower: Multiverse travel Backstory: Originally believed to not have any powers, he discovered his abilities at the age of 6, when he accidentally travelled to another universe. The one he ended up in was very different from his own, and it included another version of himself dressed up as a fish and wrestling in a company known as BPZ. Another separate universe also included a version of him, but this time as a 17-year old High Schooler who constantly visits a wrestling forum in his free time. There are others, but those two are the ones that interest him the most, and are the ones that he visits more frequently than any different universes. After a while of traveling through the multiverse like this, he gets used to it, and nowadays he does it for fun. Alignment (hero, villain, undecided): Undecided
  2. Whelp, I'm trying this again. I know I have a very terrible track record of updating diaries, but I actually am going to try with this one, pinky promise. For anybody wondering, the premise of BPZ: War Stories is that you get to send in a character that will fight in a historic war of your choice(I'll provide the list below). Once you do, I'll write them in to be as accurate as I possibly can, both to history and to your information form. Without further adieu, here's what you need to fill out: Name: Appearance: Backstory(Remember to make it accurate to the times): Personality: Quotes(Only one or two is necessary): What War They Are Fighting In and Which Nationality(If it's a multi-front war, please provide the theater as well): List: World War 2(1939-1945) American(Pacific Theater, Western Front, Italian Campaign, North Africa) Soviet German(Western Front, Eastern Front, Italian Campaign, North Africa) British(Western Front, Italian Campaign, North Africa, Burma Campaign) Italian(Greece, North Africa, Eastern Front, Italian Campaign) Chinese Japanese(Pacific Theater, Burma Campaign, Chinese Theater) Brazilian World War 1(1914-1918) British(Western Front, Middle Eastern Theater, Gallipoli) French(Western Front, Gallipoli) German(Western Front, Eastern Front) Italian Austro-Hungarian(Italian Theater, Eastern Front) Russian(Eastern Front, Caucasus Campaign) Ottoman(Gallipoli, Middle Eastern Theater, Caucasus Campaign) American Belgian Korean War(1950-1953) Chinese North Korean South Korean American British Turkish Colombian Ethiopian Dutch Spanish-American War(1898) American Spanish Cuban Franco-Prussian War(1870-1871) Prussian French Russo Turkish War(1877-1878) Russian Ottoman Romanian American Civil War(1861-1865) Union Confederate Crimean War(1853-1856) Russian Ottoman French British Mexican-American War(1846-1848) Mexican American Napoleonic Wars(1803-1815) Austrian(Third Coalition, Fifth Coalition, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) Russian(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) British(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, Fifth Coalition, Peninsular War, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition, War of 1812) French(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, Fifth Coalition, Peninsular War, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) Prussian(Fourth Coalition, French Invasion of Russia, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) Spanish(Third Coalition, Fourth Coalition, Peninsular War, Sixth Coalition, Seventh Coalition) American American War of Independence(1775-1783) American French Spanish British Seven Years' War(1756-1763) British Prussian French Austrian Russian Spanish War of the Spanish Succession(1701-1714) British Austrian Dutch French Nine Years' War(1688-1697) English Dutch Austrian Spanish French Great Turkish War(1683-1699) Austrian Polish Russian Ottoman Thirty Years' War(1618-1648) Bohemian Palatinate Dutch Swedish French Austrian Spanish Danish(Protestant Side, Catholic Side) Great Siege of Malta(1565) Maltese Spanish Ottoman Crusade of Varna(1443-1444) Hungarian Polish Serbian Ottoman Byzantine-Sassanid War(602-628) Eastern Roman Sassanid Persian Gothic War(535-554) Eastern Roman Ostrogoth And that's all! Long list, I know. Anyways, if you haven't been scared off yet I really hope you submit some characters, since I need to keep this diary going so I can beat Mikey at Halloween Havoc!
  3. Aidan seems taken aback by Ace at first, as if he wasn't expecting such a strong reaction. However, a smirk quickly spreads across his face, and he begins speaking. "Huh, I guess I was mistaken. It seems that Alex didn't, in fact, challenge for the US title at Bad Blood. Please excuse my lack of knowledge, anything that happens in BPZ while I'm not here is too irrelevant to care about. As for who Toxic is, I was referring to Mirage, since whenever he opens his mouth it feels like poisonous fumes have been released into the air. Seriously, man, get a toothbrush, or something. But enough about them. I came out here to confront you, and that's exactly what I'll do. As it turns out, Buddy Ace, it was YOU who lost to Mikey at Bad Blood. I'll make sure to let Alex know that he owes you one, since you sacrificed your own reputation to save his. I don't know why you're complaining about more wrestlers being added to the match, because now you don't have to beat Mikey! You could get the good ol' 123 on Mr. Toxic and the Championship is yours! Of course, I'm not going to let that happen, but it still makes things easier on you nonetheless. Yet, despite this, you claim that the only man you care about is Mikey. Is it because he's already beaten you? Do you feel a need deep down to redeem yourself by defeating him at Halloween Havoc? Because if that's the mindset you have going into this title match then the only thing you're going to end up with is another loss, but this time to me instead. Is that what you want? Didn't think so. Anyways, I've seen what I needed to see. Oh, and if I could offer just one teeny tiny slip of advice, don't underestimate me, or anybody else in the match, for that matter. It'll be your downfall." Aidan tosses the microphone out of his hands before sliding out of the ring, leaving Buddy Ace to do nothing but stare at him with fury in his eyes.
  4. Aidanator

    The Fallout

    We are one night removed from BPZ Survival Games, and the Carnage crowd here tonight in Flint, Michigan is thirsty from the lack of clean water that is available to them. This isn't BPZ's concern, however, as they play Aidan's music to start the show. This makes things worse for all the women in the audience, since they are now two times as thirsty as they were previously after seeing the large hunk of a man that is Mr. Perfect Aidanator. Him smiling at the audience makes at least 20 different teenage girls clench their legs together in a failing attempt to keep the floodgates shut. It's a slow walk down the ramp for the man that almost murdered Arrow Thunderman at Survival Games, because he knows that there's absolutely no need to rush whatsoever. Aidan eventually does make it to the ring, and begins to speak with his perfect voice. "Uh oh, it looks like somebody lost their match at Survival Games! And the best part about that statement is that you can't tell whether I'm speaking about Alex or Mikey. On one hand, you have a young, up-and-coming talent who, after failing to gain the US title at Bad Blood, attempted to score an easy victory by fighting Raven and then ended up getting his ass kicked. While on the other hand, there's the current United States Champion, who bit off more than he could chew by challenging for a belt that was out of his league. I'm sure Bulletproof's REALLY happy with how that match turned out. Both of these men I am fighting at Halloween Havoc, along with Toxic, who was too irrelevant to even be on the match card. Now, I've had my fair share of interactions with all 3 of them, but there's one person that I am yet to talk to. One man that has been strangely silent over the past three weeks." "Buddy Ace, you know who I'm talking about. How about you come out here right now and explain your little absence from BPZ." Aidan stands in the ring and waits patiently for Ace's response.
  5. Could you add in ROH and PWG? I'd be interested in seeing what they do each week.
  6. Return of the Obra Dinn Heavily recommend this game to everyone here on the forums. It was made by Lucas Pope, the same person who created Papers Please, and is about a ship that goes missing in 1803 and returns in the year 1807. You, as an Insurance Investigator, have to find out what happened by using a Pocket Watch that, upon finding a dead body, will take you to the exact moment that person died. The story's great, the sound design is amazing, and the ways that you solve each person's identity are extremely clever. I'd give this game a 10/10.
  7. We're nearing the end of the Survival Games Pay-Per-View, and are only one match away from our main event. Up next is Aidan vs. Arrow in what should be an... interesting match, to say the least. The theme music for Aidanator plays, and he confidently strides out from backstage. After last week's beatdown, he knows that Arrow has no chance of defeating him tonight. As Aidan walks down to the ring, he turns around and raises his hands in the air. After Mr. Perfect finishes his entrance, the entire arena waits for Arrow to make his own. However, this never comes to pass. Seconds, then minutes go by, yet Arrow is still nowhere to be seen. The more time that passes without an appearance from him, Aidan's smile only grows larger. Before a riot breaks out among the impatient crowd, Aidanator borrows a microphone from the announcer and begins to speak. "Now, I know what a lot of you are thinking right now. 'Where is Arrow Thunderman?' I'll tell you, he's currently in a hospital after being practically murdered earlier this week on Carnage. Unfortunately, that means he also will not be attending Survival Games tonight." The entire crowd begins to boo loudly in disappointment at Arrow's absence. But, before they can get too rowdy, Aidan continues talking. "However, I foresaw this happening before the show started. Because I knew my opponent wouldn't be showing up, I went to the higher ups of BPZ and made a special request for our match. They accepted, and Aidanator vs. Arrow Thunderman will now be Falls Count Anywhere! Ring the damn bell, ref." The arena erupts into cheers at the announcement, as the referee signals for the match to start. Immediately, Aidanator exits the ring and rushes up the ramp, trying to make it to his car as quickly as possible. He gets into the vehicle and starts it up, and BPZ shows an advert to pass the time while he's driving over to the hospital. After the commercial is finished, the Titantron cuts to Arrow in his medical bed while a Nurse is tending to his injuries. He's got his eyes focused directly on her breasts, and the poor lady can do nothing but try to ignore it for the time being. Fortunately, the Nurse is saved when a knock on the door can be heard, and she goes to see who it is. This displeases her patient, who voices his displeasure. "Bitch get back here did I say you could leave no now get back here and make me a sandwich." He's promptly ignored, as the Nurse opens the door and lets out a gasp in shock. "Oh! It seems you have a visitor!" Before Arrow can question who's there, he is attacked by Aidan! Aidanator reigns down a holy hell of punches on Arrow, and there's nothing the latter can do about it. After Arrow's been reduced to a jello-ish state, even more so than he already was, Aidan grabs him by the back of the head and forces Arrow to follow him around the hospital. As they walk along the narrow and crowded hallways, Aidan will take the time to slam Arrow's head against a wall or two, before continuing on. The two opponents eventually reach an elevator, where Aidan presses the button for the top floor before continuing the attack on Arrow. The doors close behind them, and for the entire ride Arrow receives nothing but punches and kicks coming from Aidan. This goes on for about a minute or two, before the elevator arrives at its destination and both men step out. Well, more like crawl out in Arrow's case. Now on the rooftop, the audience back at Survival Games get a bird's eye view of the action when a helicopter filming the event flies above the hospital. Arrow tries his best to put some distance between him and Aidan, but he eventually reaches the edge of the roof. Realizing that there's nowhere left to run, Arrow stands up and gets into a fighting pose. However, instead of throwing more punches or kicks or any other sort of move, Aidan simply pushes Arrow back, and he falls straight off the side of the hospital! BAH GAWD! HE'S DEAD! ARROW'S GOTTA BE DEAD! Aidan looks down to confirm his kill, before going back to the elevator so he can get the victory. Unfortunately for him, the elevator only goes down to the 3rd floor, so Aidan will need to use the stairs to make the rest of the trip. But the stairs aren't next to the elevator, they're all the way on the other side of the hospital, which means Aidan will have to work through the mazes of hallways in order to escape. This proves to be more difficult than expected, and after 5 minutes of twists and turns through the claustrophobic isles Aidanator still hadn't made any progress. It's then that he decides to just ask one of the workers for directions, and opens the door to the nearest room in order to find one. What he sees instead is an ongoing birth, and one of the Nurses notices his presence. "You must be the father! If you'd just hold your wife's hands while the baby is coming out that'd help us a great deal, thanks." Without any warning, Aidan is forced to comfort this random woman that's having a baby, and because he's so perfect he doesn't even complain. The doctors yell at the woman to push, and her grip tightens around Aidanator's hands as she does so. After the baby finally comes out everyone, including Aidan himself, cheers. It's a boy! As the mother is being handed her child, Aidan asks one of the Nurses where the stairs are. After recieving an answer, he gives the woman one final congratulations before heading off, confusing many of the staff who assumed he was the father. Now that he had proper directions Aidan found the stairs easily, and eventually managed to make it out of the hospital. However, when he arrived at Arrow's landing spot, he found that the man himself was missing. That's when he turns around straight into a chair shot from Arrow! How the hell is Arrow still alive!? He's beaten and battered, but Arrow Thunderman is currently standing above Aidan with a chair, and hits him with it one more time before going for a pin. The referee, who was with Aidanator during this entire process, begins the count. 1, 2, NO! Aidan kicks out! Arrow doesn't waste any time, and quickly picks Aidan back up. It looks like he's about to throw Aidan against the wall, but it's reversed! Aidanator manages to slip over the back of Arrow's shoulder, and hit him with a huge German Suplex onto the concrete outside! Arrow's gotta be knocked out! Realizing that he needs to finish this quickly, Aidan gets his opponent up and hits a Perfect Plex, in what will hopefully finish the match. Mr. Perfect puts his body on top of Arrow Thunderman's, and the referee counts 1, 2, 3! Aidan's won the match! He slowly gets up to his feet, and smiles at the camera. "Absolutely Perfect!"
  8. Uh oh! Aidan's found the hospital that Arrow is in! He quickly rushes into the hospital room, only to find out that Steph snuck him back into the arena! Aidan storms out of the building quickly, desperately trying to get back to Carnage and beat up Arrow.
  9. It looks like the punishment is finally over, but no! Aidan's back! He sprints down the ramp into the ring, and hits a huge Rock Bottom! Once again satisfied with his actions, Aidan exits the ring.
  10. The camera quickly cuts to Aidan, who is making his way around the arena. He eventually finds out where Arrow is, and attacks him! He picks up Arrow's lifeless body, and throws it against a door. He then keeps beating up the poor boy across the backstage area Before they eventually make it to the ring and Arrow gets thrown through a flaming table. Having done as much damage as he could do, Aidan perfectly exits the ring and heads home.
  11. As Carnage returns from commercial break, footage of a Kindergarten classroom is shown on the titantron. A class of children are sitting criss-cross applesauce style in front of Aidan, who is dressed in a blue superhero outfit, obviously intended in mockery of Arrow Thunderman. In the corner, there is a single teacher that is taking photos of the event on her old iPhone 3. Aidan puts a finger to his lips in order to quiet the audience, and they all comply by doing the same. Having their attention, Mr. Perfect begins to speak. "I will now be taking questions." He purposely cracks his voice multiple times throughout the sentence, and tries to speak as high-pitched as possible. One of the Kindergarteners raises their hand, and Aidan points at them to signify that they can proceed "Excuse me Mr. Arrow, but how do you pwan to win at Survivaw Games?" He gives the child an angry look, before responding to his question. "What did you just call me little boy I will have you know that my name is Arrow Thunderman and you will refer to me as such now as for how I plan to win at Survival Games well let me just say that I am going to sprawl the fraud Aidanator across the mat and do a Fortnite dance over his body next question please." Overwhelmed by how fast he was talking, it takes the kids a few seconds to recover from his answer. "Mr. Arrow Thunderman, why are you so mean to Aidanator?" "Shut the fack up kid that fraud is a loser and deserves everything that he gets and after Survival Games he will bow down to me just like your mom lol get ROASTED next question." After looking around for about 5 seconds, Aidan picks on a random Kindergartner in the audience. "Who are you and why are you here in our cwass?" "Stupid kid I've already told you I'm Arrow Thunderman ugh you know what I'm done here all you kids suck at life just like ICON and your school is probably going to get burned down by Julius see ya chumps." With that, Aidanator storms out of the classroom, kicking aside some of the children as he leaves.
  12. I'd have to go with Chris Jericho in 2013, because it was super unexpected and he managed to last the entire match until the final 6
  13. Aidan stares intently at Alex for a few moments, making sure that he wasn't planning anything suspicious. He'd already been attacked once this week, and didn't intend for it to happen again. After determining that Alex was no immediate threat, Aidan lowered his guard and began to speak. "I've got to give it to you here, you've most certainly gotten my attention. Alex, was it? Yeah, I'm going to need to watch out for you. Now, as an outsider looking in, I'm not going to pretend that I know what beef you and Mirage have with each other. The intricacies of love and romance really aren't my type of thing. However, I must warn you, if your wife tries to interfere in our match in any sort of way I will not hesitate to lay her ass out. With that being said, I do look forward to seeing what you might bring to the table. As you've just proven, you are more than capable of knocking out people from behind, but how about when you face them head on? If I remember correctly, the last time that happened was when you lost the United States Championship match at Bad Blood. But I guess I'm being unfair here. After all, everyone loses at some point or another, right? Well, except for me, of course. I'm too perfect to lose. Anyways, I am not looking to get into a confrontation here, since that would end badly for you. All I simply want to know is how you plan to win the US title in three weeks at Halloween Havoc. Because you have at least two men, me and Mikey, that are physically superior over you in every single way, so you're going to need to come up with unconventional methods in order to have any hopes of victory. So tell us, Alex, what IS your strategy?" Aidan stops talking, and gives Alex a chance to respond.
  14. Name - The Aidanator Age - 45 Figurehead - Mr. Perfect Finisher - The Perfect Plex PS4 or Xbox? - Xbox(I see all the other submissions here, fight me) Weight - 234 Ibs Enemy in kayfabe - Arrow Thunderman
  15. Trust others on the forums to not bury you too hard. I remember when I used to be in a stable with Slim and Alyx we were feuding over the upcoming Survivor Series Elimination Tag-Team Match, and there was a promo chain going on that involved Flynn. In it, Flynn basically brushed me aside in favor of Slim(As he should've, since Slim was the leader of the stable and had the most beef with Flynn). Slim told me to leave the ring, but instead of complying I wrote myself slapping Flynn in the face before running out through the crowd before he could retaliate. Mind you, I never got permission to do this, and all it really accomplished was to make me look even worse. The reason I did what I did was because I wanted to prove that I could go toe-to-toe with the main eventers, but they were treating me like I didn't matter. Today I realize that this was because it didn't make sense for me to really get too involved against Flynn, and that sometimes you just need to take a hit.
  16. Carnage returns from commercial break after previously showing Mikey's abysmal performance at the gym, and the crowd is severely disturbed from being forced to see the United States Champion pretend like he works out on a daily basis. As a saving grace, Aidan's music plays across the entire arena, signaling that he is about to come out. And come out he does, with the entire audience erupting in cheers to go alongside his appearance. Standing at the top of the stage, Aidan shoots all of them a smirk before making his way down the ramp. One of the production crewmembers hands Mr. Perfect a microphone as he passes by, so that after Aidan gets into the ring he's already prepared to speak. "I must say, Mikey, you genuinely disgust me. And no, it's not because of your attack on my Mr. Perfects a few days ago. I've been through worse and, honestly speaking, I'm kind of upset that I didn't think of doing that myself. The reason I am disgusted is due to that pathetic excuse that you call a workout routine. Really? A few punches, burpees, and a brisk jog around the perimeter of the gym? I didn't even see you touch any of the weights that you were completely surrounded by. It physically hurt me to watch it, which isn't easy to do for someone as perfect as me. But enough about that, I'm not out here to talk about Mikey. As much as I'd like to go on about the Champion's utter failure at doing simple exercises, I must acknowledge that we aren't the only two fighting for the United States Championship at Halloween Havoc. Recently there have been a lot of people that have thrown their names into the mix, and some of them have already gotten into heated confrontations about it. Therefore, in an effort to become more acquainted with my future opponents, I'd like to invite anybody that has aspirations for the US title into the ring, so that we may talk face-to-face." Having made the official call-out, Aidan waits impatiently in the ring to see who will respond.
  17. Aidan gets a worried expression on his face, and quickly glances left and right, as if he's nervous about something. He starts shaking in his boots, and his voice quivers as he speaks. "Oh no, guys! Did you hear that? The champion said that I'm not important to him! I've got no chance of beating him now!" Aidan immediately breaks out into laughter, dropping the act entirely. He makes sure to do this as close to Mikey's face as possible, so that the United States Champion will be able to detect the very clear sarcasm in his voice. "Michael, let me set something straight. You don't intimidate me. I understand that you've added a few people to your friends list recently, who I'm sure are probably wandering through the crowd right now, planning to jump into the ring and attack me on your signal. In fact, if anybody in the audience notices a suspicious person walking by, maybe a Hans or Bic, please speak up now." He looks out at the people in the arena, checking to see if there's any sort of reaction. After waiting for about half a minute without a single sound, Aidan continues talking. "Huh, I guess not. I've got to give it to you Mikey, you really did come out here alone. Now, I know what you're about to say. 'You aren't relevant enough for the rest of Bulletproof to even bother'. But have you considered that maybe you're the irrelevant one here? I'm just speculating at this point, but it's entirely possible that it's YOU who they don't want to bother with. That they needed a lackey to do all their dirty work, and thought having another champion in their ranks would make them look better. I'm sure that after I beat you at Halloween Havoc for the title they'll be coming to me with an offer as well. I'll refuse, of course, because I'm too perfect to join up with leeches like them, but that's against the point. Your Bulletproof buddies, or should I say bosses, don't care about you, and the only thing you're needed for is as an extra body to throw at whoever Flynn or Bashka is facing that month. As for what I wanted to say, well, you've got me there. That was really just bait to see if you'd show up, and you ate it up perfectly. But hey, at least you get to be face-to-face with the next BPZ United States Champion! Speaking of championships, I'd like you to know that I'm rooting for you at Survival Games, I really am. Because I know that if you don't have another title by the time I beat you at Halloween Havoc then Bulletproof will look for some other up-and-coming superstar to ruin the career of, and that's something I can't bear to witness. I have confidence you will, however, because Bic is there to make sure that pesky ol' Yelich can't cheat his way to victory! What a brave move he made, volunteering himself to be the referee like that. Anyways, I've been talking for way too long. Is there something you'd like to say before I depart from the ring? Aidan holds his microphone up to Mikey's mouth in an obnoxious manner, making sure that it's much closer to his face than what's necessary.
  18. The crowd is booing Arrow right now, clearly displeased with the huge letdown of a reveal. As he stands in the ring with a huge smirk on his face, music blasts throughout the entire arena. Wait a second! That's Aidan's theme! He said he wasn't gonna show up until Survival Games! Deafening cheers break out as Arrow's rival steps out onto the ramp. However, he does not have his usual confident look, and instead has a killer gaze focused directly on the man currently standing in the ring. Aidan storms towards his Survival Games opponent, not looking away from him for one second. After grabbing a microphone and sliding under the bottom rope, he begins to speak. "That's it, Arrow. You've officially taken it too far. I didn't want to come out here tonight, but you've forced my hand. At BPZ Survival Games, I'm not just going to beat you, I'm going to destroy you. And do you want to know why? No, it's not because you caught me skipping a day at the gym. By the way, that was my one cheat day for this month, so I didn't actually 'skip' anything. The reason that I am upset is because you're so desperate for any sort of advantage in our match that you are willing to ignore reality altogether in favor of your own perfect fantasies, where you're the strong one and I'm weak. It's pathetic. And this is exactly the reason why at Survival Games, I am going to beat you so hard that no matter how many of your little 'delusions' you have, you won't be able to deny the perfect superiority I have over you!" Aidan looks as if he's about to leave the ring, but before that can happen Arrow spits in his face! Infuriated, Aidan smacks Arrow straight across the mouth, and a brawl ensues between the two. Back and forth, both men exchange punches with each other, until Arrow ducks under one of Aidan's hooks and pushes him out of the ring. Sensing opportunity, Arrow rebounds himself off of the ropes, and charges straight towards where Aidan is standing on the outside. Suicide Dive! Aidan's sprawled out on the floor, and Arrow picks him up and throws him back into the ring. He then goes to the corner, and eagerly waits for his rival to get up. As Aidan slowly makes it up to his knees, Arrow goes for the Superkick, but no! Aidan ducks under it, and smacks his knee straight into the face of Arrow! Realizing that the other man is nearly knocked out, Aidan allows himself to take a bit of a breather, before picking up Arrow and hitting him with a Perfect Plex. By this point, Arrow is knocked out, and Aidan is standing over his unconscious body. After raising his arm above his head to prove that he won the fight, Aidan picks up Arrow and throws him out of the ring. He then grabs the microphone that he dropped earlier, and continues speaking. "Now that he's been dealt with, I have more important matters to attend to. Mikey, get your ass out here right now, I've got something to say to you!" Aidan paces back and forth across the ring, eagerly waiting to see if the United States Champion will come out.
  19. Name: Aidanator Figurehead: Curt Hennig Gimmick: Mr. Perfect Alignment: Tweener Backstory: Was a rising star in BPZ from September 2016 to March 2017. After a loss at BPZ Mania, he left, and spent the next 2 years training and preparing for his return. Now, he is the perfect being, and sees himself as such. Fighting Style: Technical Masterclass Finishing Move: Perfect Plex
  20. The segment starts with a camera crew hurrying into a bowling alley. As the lanes come into view, Aidan can be seen standing at one of the middle ones, just as he's about to roll one down. The 15 pound ball leaves his fingertips, and heads straight towards the pins. It perfectly knocks down all 10 pins. Noticing the cameras, he begins to speak. Ah, you've finally arrived! Did you see what I just did? You could not get a more perfect shot than that. Who else could do it? Not Mikey, that's for sure. Speaking of which, don't think I didn't notice the stint you pulled yesterday. I just hope you understand that come Halloween Havoc, your little clique won't be able to save you from losing the US title. You're not perfect enough, and the only reason you won it in the first place was because I wasn't here. Well guess what? I am now, and your days left with the United States Championship are limited. Enjoy it while you can, Michael. Aidan goes to pick up a second bowling ball, just as heavy as the first one was. Instead of rolling it down the lane, however, he simply holds it and faces the camera. As for Arrow, well, what's there to say that I haven't already said? I hear that he's got some supposed 'secret' about me that he's too much of a coward to reveal. I know exactly why he hasn't said what it is, and that's because he doesn't have anything. Arrow is simply spouting the same bullshit he always does whenever he opens his mouth. Does anybody honestly think that someone as Perfect as me has anything to keep a secret about? Clearly not, but it's fine. The only reason that he's saying these sorts of things is because he's nervous. Arrow knows that I'm going to beat him at Survival Games, and so he's trying everything he can to throw me off my game. That might work for a lesser man, but not Mr. Perfect. No, I'm in the best shape I've ever been, and in 2 weeks that will become clear when I pin Arrow to the mat, 1, 2, 3. He rolls the ball along the ground, and just like last time it knocks down all of the pins. Aidan smirks at the camera, and then the segment comes to an end.
  21. It's nighttime, and Aidan is standing outside the steps that lead into his Private Jet. He's got a blue track suit on, and sweat is dripping down his face, as if he'd just been exercising. Someone offscreen tosses him a towel, and he wipes his forehead before beginning to speak. "I've spent the last 23 minutes running up and down these stairs exactly 57 times. I am going to keep repeating this process until I make it to 100, because 100 is a perfect number, and I'm a perfect man. Now, I don't want anybody watching to be mistaken. All of this grueling, difficult training is not for Arrow. I could sit on my ass, drink soda, and eat potato chips all day and still beat that punk at Survival Games. No, I'm preparing for something else. You see, I was thinking about where I would go after Survival Games, and realized that Halloween Havoc will take place only 2 weeks after my match against Arrow. Once I beat him, I'm going to need to find a new opponent to face. It was then that I remembered what my last match on a BPZ Pay-Per-View was, a Fatal-Four Way match for the United States Championship. What would be a better way to cement my return than winning the title that drove me out of the company in the first place? So I'd like to make an official announcement: at Halloween Havoc Mr. Perfect, the Aidanator, will be challenging for Mikey's United States Championship. I'll admit, I don't know much about the current champ, but he's going to need to know about me if he has any intentions of retaining that title. Michael, I'd like to send you a warning. Be on your guard, because that Championship can slip from your grasp easier than you think. With that statement, Aidan goes back to running up and down the steps, preparing for his match at Halloween Havoc.
  22. Aidanator


    Name: Aidanator Nicknames: Old Man Aidan Figurehead: A really old man Signatures: The Cane Smack Finishers: The Arm Pinch Backstory: Once a well-respected wrestler, Aidan is long past his glory days, now at the ripe old age of 73. However, that won't stop him from getting in the ring, so everybody hopes that he doesn't hurt himself too bad. Age: 73
  23. Aidanator


    Unfortunately, WWWE was sued by the WWE for Copyright reasons, and they've now gone out of business. Its founders have gone bankrupt, and they now live in poverty. However, fans of the now-defunct promotion started a fundraiser to build up a new wrestling company, one that would be spearheaded by the homeless Aidanator. This led to the creation of the World Wide Wrangling Wrestling Entertainment, which would surely have a title distinct enough to not get sued again. Now that they have the funding, WWWWE needs wrestlers. That's where you, the viewers, come in. Below is a form that you can fill out, which will allow you to enter your very own wrestlers to compete for real championships! But do it quick, because if we don't make the deadline by September 30, 2019, then Aidan will be evicted from his apartment, and the whole Promotion will collapse! Name: Gimmick: Height: Weight: Nose Size: Hair Color: Hair Length: How Many Individual Hairs Do They Have?: Name A Single Move Of Theirs: Signature: Finisher: Do They Wear Pants?: What's Their Opinion About Aidanator?: Anything Else That You'd Like To Include: So hurry, because you can't spell WWWWE without WE!
  24. Name: The Aidanator Heel or Face: Face Height: 6"3 Weight: 256 Ibs Fighting Style: Technical Masterclass Standard Moves: Suplex, Clothesline, Spinebuster Signature Moves: Dropkick Finishers: Perfect Plex Wrestling Background: Has an amateur background that started in High School, and continued throughout his college years. As soon as he was done with that, he saw that there was an ad for a new wrestling company, called BFW, and quickly applied. Because he was so perfect, they accepted him almost immediately.

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