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  1. People who know me, know that I’d rather knee The Kingdom in the head again than stand here and talk about them. But I’ve been told I’m not allowed to do that, so i’ll have to wait until Survivor Series to get my hands on them, and they can’t moan when they get hit with V-Trigger this time. The time for talking is almost over now. The time for revenge is soon. I lost, I’m man enough to admit it. It just made me angrier and more determined to fight, to scratch, to claw my way back up to the top of this company. And now, with my two brothers by my side, we can take down the Kingdom. Let’s face it guys, Kingdom’s are so old fashioned. I suggest The Kingdom ... Needs to Evolve.
  2. "Julius, I'm tired of you and your buddies' disrespect towards me. I am no weak link. I am no failure. I am no bitch. I had to scratch and claw to get here, and not about to let any of that go because I took a beating from Bart. To tell you the truth, I liked it. I liked the taste of the blood in my mouth and the pain I felt trying to walk the next day. I liked it because I knew i'd get to return the favour someday soon. And Gentlemen you're in luck as that day is today." Evolution rush the ring and brawl with the Kingdom with Ginge heading straight for Julius. Flynn fights with Echo whilst Bailey battles Bart. The brawl seems to be pretty even until Ginge hits Julius with a stinging V-Trigger which knocks him out of the ring. The other two members of the Kingdom realise they are a man down and slide out the ring and drag their fallen team mate to the back. Evolution stand in the ring, they may have won this battle, but the war is just beginning.
  3. The Lunatic Ginge steps up to the Podium and gets far too close to the microphone. Testing! 1,2,3! Is this thing on?! Ok cool! ESPN.com - Ginge, what made you come back to wrestling, and why now? Well, I just put on 2 pounds last week so I thought, what could I do to lose weight, then I realised. WRESTLING. Plus my buddy Bails needed an extra pair of fists. NoDQ.com - Will we see you stay with the company beyond Survivor Series, or does that depend of your performances in your upcoming matches? I'm washing my hair the night after Survivor Series so I can't stay past then. I never cancel Hair Wash Day. WrestlingInc.com - Does facing the Intercontinental Champ on your first night back scare you in any way? Now let me get this straight, there are only 2 things that scare me in this world, Outward Belly Buttons & Babies. Man they freak me out! Their heads are too big for their little bodies!!! FOX Sports - Ginge, do you have any words for Bart before you face off at Redemption? My momma said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. Oh and she also said actions speak louder than words so ... Suddenly Ginge darts for Bart and he tackles him to the ground and gets a few good shots on the face of the Intercontinental Champion before Bailey can separate the two and moves Ginge to the other side of the stage. Ginge, still riled up starts destroying the set, tables and chairs that were laid out for this press conference until everything has been overturned except one solitary chair. Ginge spots it out of the corner of his eye, lifts the chair high above his head and .... Lightly places it down on its side. Ginge then wanders backstage followed by a slightly worried Bailey after that strange performance by The Lunatic Ginge.
  4. Ginge sarcastically pleads with Bailey to give him a Microphone & Bailey obliges and Ginge smiles and does a little hop like he's a kid on Christmas. "Barticus. How nice of you to join us in, wait Bailey where are we? Oh it doesn't matter, all that matters is you're here Bart. Every second passes we draw ever closer to Redemption, are you excited? cos I'm excited. I'm excited to get back to what I do best that's clean the trash, are you are most definitely trash. Now don't get me wrong, you are talented trash, you wouldn't be holding that belt otherwise, but trash nonetheless. I wanted you to come out here so I could get a good look at ya, to see you into your eyes, into your soul. And what I see is a dark & twisted soul. I like that. And I see a soul & a person that is overconfident. I like that too. I know you have every right to be confident, but you're looking past me to Survivor Series already. People who look past me end up on the ground looking up at the lights. Just ask anyone who was here when I was, I was always underestimated, until I joined Evolution. It took me rolling with 2 CERTIFIED HALL OF FAMERS, to realise that the Lunatic wasn't just a joke, he had some skills. So I'm warning you, don't look past me, don't underestimate me, because if you do, it will be your downfall. Good luck at Redemption." Ginge stars deeply and menacingly at Bart, and it doesn't even seem like he's blinking.
  5. TheLunaticGinge


    We cut to Bailey's office where the three members of evolution are standing shoulder to shoulder looking at the camera. Ginge steps forward and gets uncomfortably close to the camera as he begins to respond to Bart. Bartholomew. You're right about everything you said, man, you are great a point out facts, you've got your sources all lined up and everything, a very organised presentation. I don't do presentations as you may have guessed, I'm usually a bit less formal, you won't see me in a suit, but I wanna respond to some points you raised ever so eloquently. You're right, I do have fears. I fear that what I'll do to you at Redemption, will put me in prison, and I fear for those they put me in a cell with. I fear that you don't understand the severity of the situation that you find yourself in. This won't just be a match, or a fight or even a war this will be Nuclear War. This Nuclear War that will commence at Redemption will destroy all living things around it, it will completely change the face of this company. But as they say, the only living thing to survive an apocalypse are cockroaches. And I am that Cockroach. You see I may get battered, and bloodied and broken. But I will come back. I don't know if I can say the same for you. I guess we'll find out won't we. So you can tell your little story of a boy trying to fit in, but the truth is I've never fit in ever. Maybe it was my hair colour or just my lust for violence. Probably the hair colour thing. I'm not here to act cool, I'm here to hurt and to maim. And the cannon has been pointed at the castle of the Kingdom. So you better pull up that drawbridge Bart because I'm coming for you, and I'm gonna go Medieval on your ass. Ginge steps back in line as we see the shocked faces of Flynn and Bailey. Ginge turns to them and says: What? as if he didn't just declare nuclear war on the Kingdom.
  6. I've had a long time to figure out what to say, nearly 2 years in fact. But still I don't know what I'm gonna say, I guess that's sort of my thing. When Bailey came to me and asked me to come back, I knew that he was in trouble. Bailey & Flynn are people who have every outcome covered, but they were stuck. The Kingdom have scouted them well, but they can't scout me, they don't know me. No one knows me. There's a reason they call me a lunatic and The Kingdom are gonna find that out real soon. But before I can get my hands on all of you, I have to face off against Bart at Redemption. Now I'm gonna be brutally honest, I don't know you Bart, and honestly I don't care. You're just someone in the way of Evolution and in the way of me. So either you Adapt, or Perish. I am looking forward to beating you within an inch of your life and then mopping the floor with the rest of you when I have Bailey and Flynn by my side once again. To all the people who weren't around when Evolution were first here: You're in for a real treat. It's Sweepin' Time Bitches.
  7. Time to find out who I am.

    1. Julius


      Welcome back man. I look forward to working with you 

    2. bailey14


      Unforgiven,  Unforeseen

      I see the Line In the Sand




    3. Necce



  8. TheLunaticGinge


    A familiar theme plays, one that has not been heard in a long time as The Lunatic Ginge steps out to a shocked crowd and commentary team. He grabs the mic from a smiling Bailey and says, I'm Back.
  9. At PROGRESS today if anyone wants to say hi. Ginger hair (obvs) and a spider-man hoodie

  10. 3 years on the forums. Nice. 

  11. Forums is looking purty!

  12. Top tier Wrestlemania! Made me feel giddy with happiness and almost tearful with sadness. Also I handed in my 10,000 word dissertation. Its been a good 24 hours

  13. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! Miss you all

    1. Jonathan


      Our streets have become overrun with garbage since you left. We'll never find a janitor as good as you. Happy B-Day

    2. Nebakos7


      Happy birthday Ginge, hope you become active once again and mostly hope you get your drunk ass on chat when I'm in in the near future

    3. Flynn


      Really missing you Ginger

  14. Oh yeah, I've been a member for 2 years now. Pretty cool.

    1. Angelo


      Congratulations on the two years mark. Been a great member and can't wait for another year of cleaning.

    2. Nebakos7


      Here's to many more to come!

    3. FDS


      Congrats ginge


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