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Everything posted by TheLunaticGinge

  1. Happy Birthday to the elder statesman of the forums. Sheepy. Hope you have a good day mate and don't let your kids run you around too much today!
  2. I think Shane has completely distanced himself as far away as possible from WWE. Although if Vince does pass, maybe something changes in Shane's mind. I think HHH and Steph will run it and do a fine job. BTW I applied to be booker there in the game and Stephanie says they don't want one as she can do a great job by herself. Like Father like Daughter I guess.
  3. 1500 posts!! Wohoo I'm finally getting there lads. Give it 10 years I'll be in the WHC division.
  4. So I'm in October 2015 in game and this happened: Then this happened: Do you think this is what is gonna happen on real life? Although I doubt Vince will retire.
  5. That second pic may have changed my mind about Summer Rae
  6. Ok cool. Just something I thought about but I guess for people with little rep it means a lot to get 50.
  7. I do it every 100 but that's just me. I mean if you must share with everyone every 50 then fine but I think even that may be overkill. I guess it's just personal preference
  8. hahah You know me so well jk Im not that into Terri Runnels I just knew who it was
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot about him. I mean it's so easy to forget about Bashka
  10. Seems like all the cool kids have that shirt seeing as I have it too haha
  11. It won game of the year.... How is that underrated?
  12. Exactly 1 year ago today. I joined these forums. You're welcome.

    1. Sameer


      Happy anniversary Ginge!

    2. Shiz Buster

      Shiz Buster

      Congrats, I'm not far away either.

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  13. Lets try another gif seeing as my first one still hasn't been added
  14. Dissapointing lose for the Cowboys this week but it was not unexpected because of the amount of injuries they have. Was a good start but the defence could not hold back the Falcons with players like Matt Ryan and an in form Julio Jones.
  15. About time Giants got a win. At least you guys got Beckham Jr. otherwise you'd be screwed haha.
  16. Did you do the new day celebration dance?
  17. FIFA 16 boys! It takes quite a but of getting used to as it feels completely different to 15. The gameplay is a lot slower and more reliant on passing but I still like it. Just started an Arsenal Career mode.
  18. FIFA 16 is here. About to play it. HYPE
  19. Cowboys win again! But they paid the price as Tony Romo has been injured. That means our QB and our star WR are injured so Dallas are in for a tough spell coming up.
  20. Someone could pass for a member of Team Bella

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