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    TheLunaticGinge reacted to Isaiah Carter in 3 years on the forums. Nice.   
    I love you
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    TheLunaticGinge reacted to Tamer in Michael Elgin had the match of the G1 so far against Tetsuya Naito you should go chec   
    He's really found his groove in Japan. I'll admit I wasn't a fan of the guy at first but that Ladder match w/ Omega sold me on him.
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    TheLunaticGinge got a reaction from Keeley in Got my Second Year Results. Just off what I wanted but I'm into the last year which i   
    YASSSS Can't wait for that game!!
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    TheLunaticGinge got a reaction from BrendenPlayz in Any interest in doing another trophy competition over the Summer?   
    I have some games to play and some time on my hands so I would be 

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