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    BPZ NBA 2k19 My League Online

    So I remember a couple of you lads did this last year and I wasn't able to join. So I was thinking, now that 2k19 has dropped we could reboot this. Basically it would work like this. Each of us picks a team we like, for example I'd probably go for the Knicks, then we'd do a fantasy draft and see who wins the championship. I'm thinking we'd randomize the draft order and then go ahead and draft at a convenient time. From what I saw from the trailers and shit, NBA 2k19 really bolstered the myleague online so now we have live drafts, live free agency and more. I'm really excited for this. If you are interested, sign up below. I don't think we have a maximum of guys who can sign up, unless it goes over the amount of actual NBA teams of course. SO SIGN UP BELOW || || V
  4. Echo Wilson


    A loud ring can be heard over the speakers and the fans cover their ears to avoid the pain. Out comes Echo Wilson from the back with no theme music on but only a microphone in hand, he speaks very quickly and urgently, the Universal Title sits idly on his shoulder. Hollow, Hollow, Hollow. How come whenever I stumble upon a pile of bull shit, you happen to be in the scene of the crime? Let's talk Emergence, you know what happened at Emergence. You won your match, I won mine. Now....does that mean that Hollow stole the show at Emergence? Does that mean Hollow deserves to be the top dog here in Carnage? Far From It. In fact, the pundits say that my match with LAOCH was Match Of The Year, but they aren't talking about you. They're talking about me and my accomplishments, as usual. But I'm sure you're used to hearing this, used to being pushed down by other people. If I remember correctly, we were in a similar predicament right before the summer started and I came out the victory. We went back and forth and you thought you were so clever to snatch the Premium Title for me back then but now look at me. Double Champion with double the skills, double the power. Double the ability to put your ass back to the ground. So you want my Universal Title? You're going to have to fight for your life to win it. If you think you can really outlast 5 other hungry competitors in a cage and then take me on then you're as deluded as before. Echo Wilson stops on the stage, hinting that this is just a brief appearance and that he is in no mood for a fight nor a long term argument. But if you know what you're getting yourself into than so be it. You can have your spirits lifted by knowing that I will be watching you, just as you want me to. You can take a little bit of hope in knowing that I'm out here, I'm noticing you and I'm actively listening to what you're spewing out of that poisonous mouth of yours. And I wish you good luck. Because of my time constraints I have sponsorships to go and sign, I have people to go and take autographs with, I have metal in the gym that is begging to be pumped, I have adoring fans waiting for me outside the arena. So you can continue this crusade of yours to find truth behind your madness and I'll be here. Controlling all of my madness and putting it forward into every action I make. This Universal Title is the mark of the Diablo. Don't be the one who gives it any reason to see you as a threat. Laugh it up bonehead. As Long as this title has my name on its plate, it means I'm the King around here. Maybe one of your psychotic opponents for Halloween Havoc can enlighten you on that. Carnage, I'll be back. Echo Wilson smirks and turns. He looks out to the crowd, and his eyes turn red once again. Like a rush of blood they sink away and Echo's focus is turned to the stage where footsteps can be heard. Who is the mystery man?
  5. Echo Wilson

    What Other Content BrendenPlayz Should Do?

    I'd say NBA 2k19 would be a cool game for Brenden to play. I feel like it'd be fun seeing him go through the my career story. I feel like he's tried NBA games before but it would be a fun series to watch.
  6. Echo Wilson

    Ring of Honor: New Perspectives

    ROH PRESENTS: Manhattan Mayhem Josh "The Goods" Woods vs Odinson Punishment Martinez vs Cheeseburger Grudge Match: The Addiction vs The Young Bucks ROH TV Title Open Challenge: Kenny King (c) vs ??? 6-Man Tag Action: Flip Gordon, Jay Lethal and Will Ospreay vs The Kingdom Fight Without Honor For the ROH World Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs The Briscoes ROH World Championship: Dalton Castle (c) vs Cody (PREDICT BELOW) Bonus Question: Who will answer Kenny King's open challenge? (HINT: He's had a match/segment in the last month)
  7. I'm just gonna go ahead and revive this cause honestly, this episode was one of the most shocking weekly episodes ive ever seen LU pull off. I'm gonna go full out on a whim and say right now that Lucha Underground is putting out the best weekly product in the world right now. The show opened up with Fenix defeating Aerostar. I am absolutely loving Fenix's new attitude. He looks a little weird drooling everywhere but he is showing a different side of himself. I think this was a little predictable following his rebirth from death that he would be darker. I have a theory involving Fenix that he is gonna team with Pentagon and form the Lucha Bros in LU. There attires look oddly similar and they are both "dark: versions of themselves. Post Match, El Dragon Azteca Jr saved Melissa Santos from Fenix. I loved Dragon Azteca's reign and I hadn't seen much of him before LU season 4 but he is a sick babyface, I really want him to somehow find a way to make it to Ultima Lucha as GOTG champion but he's lost the title already. Marty the Moth Martinez, as we know, paid off Antonio Cueto after last week's main event and bought himself a Gift Of The Gods title shot against Dragon Azteca this week. He also paid him a second stack of money for something unknown. I was massively surprised to see Marty win the Gift Of The Gods title this week. I honestly thought they'd give it a little time before having Dragon Azteca drop the belt but i guess not. Marty is delusional and I haven't seen much of him anywhere else but I like his gimmick. He seems to be a cool guy, the next part is what gets me. The main event was sick between King Cuerno, Pentagon and Mil Muertes for the LU Championship. It's interesting to see Cuerno like this because in AAA he has been unmasked at Triplemania. Pentagon retained in quicker fashion so I knew something was gonna happen. That's when Marty attacked Pentagon. I was absolutely dumbfounded when Antonio came out. Under Dario it was customary that the GOTG champion gives a weeks notice before cashing in but turns out Marty's second wad of money was to earn the title shot right away. He and Pentagon had a quick match and Marty actually pinned him for the 1,2,3. I was absolutely shocked. Marty the Moth Martinez became GOTG champion, cashed it in, and won the Lucha Underground Championship in one night. I think thats a little unfair to Pentagon and his reign but Marty has got me hooked now.
  8. Echo Wilson

    NXT September 19th Discussion

    I think we have our war games teams almost confirmed now. I was amazed by the match between Dunne and Ricochet. I think this feud is gonna be sick. I think we might see British Strong Style vs Undisputed Era vs Ricochet & War Raiders for the War Games match.
  9. Echo Wilson

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    1. Vince McMahon and Creative actually know what they're doing. 2. Balor needs to go back to his old moveset from NJPW, like the Bloody Sunday. 3. NXT is overrated. Specifically Aleister Black, his character is pointless. 4. Alexa Bliss is a far more superior worker than any of the Four Horsewoman apart from Charlotte 5. The Velveteen Dream is gonna flop big time when he makes the main roster 6. Stephanie McMahon is the best main roster authority figure rn 7. The New Day are actually annoying at this point. Speaking of New Day, Xavier Woods is the best of the three 8. Undertaker is overrated. He should've retired after that one match with HHH. 9. The Shield are one of the reasons RAW has been lacklustre, WWE would be in a much better place if their group wasn't a thing. 10. The entire brand split is flawed but they won't change it for a long time. 11. Adding a midcard title to NXT was a bad idea. Love the champions, I loved that ladder match but the title was a bad idea. 12. Lucha Underground is the best weekly show in the world
  10. Echo Wilson

    Ring of Honor: New Perspectives

    ROH Wrestling Week 7 - January 24th 2018 - Nelson Center, Springfield, Illinois ROH Wrestling Week 8 - February 6th 2018 - Palumbo Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ROH Wrestling Week 9 - February 13th 2018 - Sports Backers Stadium, Richmond, Virginia ROH Wrestling Week 10 - February 20th 2018 - Alumni Baseball Diamond, Fairfield, Connecticut
  11. Echo Wilson

    who are your favorite youtubers ?

    my sub list is very long, here we go: For wrestling: Being the Elite, G and P, BPZ and Denkops Video Games: CSB (2K), Drew Durnil (Realpolitiks), Loki Doki (FM), Vikstarr (Fortnite), Gaming Lemon (throwbacks), Solar Gamer (Realpolitiks), Doctor Benjy FM (FM) General Shit: Miniminter, Memeulous, Quadeca, WIll NE, KSI, Chris MD, Joe Weller, Callux, Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, W2S, Spencer FC, Natedog HD, Mikey Bolts and ERB
  12. Universal Championship: Echo Wilson (c) vs LAOCH - Ladder Match Every show has its ticket seller, every show has its show stealer. Emergence II was always going to be a night for the ages, witnessing the rebirth of the new era on Carnage. A video plays showing the history of Carnage and the Universal Championship. All the proud moments that lead us here tonight. An era where we crown new giants, make new claims and reignite new wars. Last year, we were graced with a show that heralded Carnage as the #1 show of BPZ, it brought us new stars, solidified our old ones and shone through exactly what Carnage stood for. Fronted by the GM Bailey, a 5 time World Champion in his own right, the brand took off after the success of Emergence. A solid 6 month period was the golden era of Carnage, with dream match after dream match and it seemed like as a brand they could do nothing wrong. But then came King Of The Ring, known for being controversial and company-changing, Carnage fell into disarray. The men who had once fought bravely for their name and place, suddenly turned their backs on their home and sought greener grass. But that just opened the way for this, the Carnage PPV that will be the call for a new dawn, a new age. Two men have forced their names into the gauntlet to become the new prestigious Universal Championship. Echo Wilson, a man who's career was born spectacularly at the very first Emergence, came fingertips away from claiming the Universal Title at Halloween Havoc and stood across the ring from one man separating him from his deserved gold. LAOCH, the Hero, who is a legend of BPZ. Former World Champion, a highly popular superstar, posed for greatness. Over 2018, LAOCH found hard luck with a long string of losses over the Global Championship and in a trade that brought him and Bart to Carnage, he set his eyes on the Universal Championship. He set his eyes on Echo Wilson At Summerslam, the dream was turned into reality as a full year of fighting and hard work paid in full for Echo Wilson as he lifted the title over his head and left Summerslam as the Universal Champion...the story was far from over though. General Manager Bailey announced a sequel to this great war. At Emergence, the iconic show that has meant so much to Carnage, Echo Wilson would make his first defense against LAOCH. Over the weeks that have passed, even before Summerslam, Echo Wilson has talked about a hidden force. Something deep inside him that has driven his thirst for the Universal Championship. Every time we see him he continues to seem darker and darker, scarier and scarier, but somehow he seems more subtle, more collected within himself, he still is yet to lay a finger on LAOCH unless he is sanctioned to and he has only taken time to sit down quietly with the audience or his newest friend, Gary Green, and discuss these forces inside him, how much LAOCH understands these forces, where does this darkness come from? LAOCH has dealt with darkness personally and has spoken various times about how little Echo's own issues matter to him, he has preferred to deal head-on and bring the fight to Echo Wilson on multiple occassions. As far as he's concerned, this dark force won't matter if LAOCH walks out Universal Champion. On all accounts this is shaping up to be a night of mysteries solved. Tonight, is the finale of this feud, the culmination of all this buildup. Scores will be settled, the many questions marks surrounding this match will be eluded. Will Echo Wilson retain the gold and feed his inner demon? Or Will LAOCH manage to dethrone Echo and end this reign before it even breaks into a run? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Emergence's main event is ready and the video is done highlighting all of the past, from years, to months, to weeks and days. The lights dim first and a very familiar tuned can be heard over the speakers. The flutes of "Big Shot" play as the challenger, LAOCH steps out from the back. So many highs and lows in this man's career which have taken him from the top of the company to points of unclarity where he's sure exactly who he is, or where his place within the company is. But he knows what he wants, all of the time. And what he wants now is very clear. The Universal Championship, which fell through his fingers like sand at Summerslam and after months and months of trying to become a brand champion, can he take another loss? Fans are saying that this is the most driven they've ever seen him. It seems like with all these threats and the general chaos that comes along with Echo Wilson, LAOCH doesn't seem too fazed. As far he's concerned, Echo can deal with that in his own time, he has a title to win. LAOCH's dressed in all all-white variant of his usual fully dark outfit and he comes in through the entrance way. The adulation and the support behind him is very apparent, its clear to see that his "never say die" attitude has broken through into the hearts of the fans. He walks up to the hard cam and points at it and shouts, "NEVER. DIE", a focal point of his journey to this title match so far. Carnage is up in arms at this and shouts even louder than they had previously. LAOCH goes over to one of the tall ladders that surround the ring, before LAOCH poses on the apron and flips up and over, posing in the center of the ring, near the Emergence logo and basks in the glory of the Carnage crowd. It's not always easy to earn the respect of the Carnage audience, they don't just let anyone enter their ranks but LAOCH has done exactly that. He truly has broken through. LAOCH waits in the ring, for the his opponent, LAOCH looks determined as ever before. A prolonged video plays, adding a minute or two to the already epic theme song that Echo Wilson has. It begins with a few clips of Echo Wilson, in a blindinly white room, with flashes and breakouts of something dark. For a brief second we see a demonizing creature, coming out of the body of Echo Wilson. The interest is peaked and then before we know it it's over. The normal entrance theme plays and we get right into the history of Echo Wilson. Echo broke into BPZ as a Carnage superstar and has been representing the brand since he debuted in the company. He broke out at the very first Emegence PPV against Peter Wilchester, he built a movement as the underdog, the supernova, the cult hero. Carnage was his playground and he started something much bigger than himself. He furthered this movement by coming inches away from defeating Flynn for the BPZ Universal Championship on Halloween night. Unfortunately his rise to super stardom was halted as he garnered the attention of a few prominent faces in BPZ, most notably Slim. Slim offered Echo many times a chance to join his ranks but after refusal after refusal, Echo was finally beaten down by the Order and kept out of action for a month and a half. He would return at the Royal Rumble where he reignited his feud with Slim and soon gave in. He gave up on trying to pry away at the dark forces and joined Slim and Bart to form the Kingdom. He later took brief control of the stable and brought in Julius to the ranks. With the trade that brought Bart and LAOCH to Carnage, he, Bart and Julius turned on Slim to become the new Kingdom. Here we stand tonight, Echo is a changed man, with his two best friends by his side, they ultimately rule Carnage. We'll have to see if that rings true tonight against LAOCH. What we are seeing from Echo Wilson tonight must be what he was talking about. He has full body paint on, and he looks like he's fully possessed. This must be the thing that's accompanying him to the ring, this must be the dark force that has found its home in Echo's body and mind for the past few months. This is everything that Echo Wilson has worried about, warned about, foretold about. This Demon, this Devil has taken over the man we once knew as Echo Wilson and now he's all evil. The details, I'm sure, will be laid out for us all in the future but for now, all that matters is Echo is not alone. He stares at the ladders surrounding the ring, these will have to be his weapons of destruction for tonight. There will be no second guessing from Echo Wilson as he finally lays his eyes on LAOCH. LAOCH looks composed but nothing can hide the look of surprise in his eyes. At least it isn't fear. The bravery of LAOCH is showing to its fullest here, as even something as dark as the Demon, as the Devil doesn't faze him to the point where he loses his focus, where he lets himself see fear. After all, LAOCH is all about never dying and that means to see ZERO FEAR. Echo Wilson turns and stands on the apron, raising his head to the ceiling and he has his arms stretched out on the ropes. He looks down slowly, the white and empty eyes of his piercing the darkness around him. He climbs through the ropes and in, psyching himself up for this match. This is going to be a treat ladies and gentleman. Man vs Beast, The Brave vs The Demon. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The bell rings, and instantly Echo Wilson darts out of the corner, He sprints across the ring and nails LAOCH with a devastating flying knee that catches LAOCH on the jaw. This causes LAOCH to flip over onto his back, and the element of surprise has done Echo wonders there. As soon as LAOCH lands on the ground, he grabs his knee in desperation. The officials hurry to him, checking to see if it is anything serious. LAOCH had no time to block the attack, to prepare himself for that impact as it all happened so fast. Meanwhile, Echo Wilson who already has his painted face blotched, stares down at his fallen prey and smirks. The evil of this man is far beyond imagination. Echo Wilson is done playing around though and pushes the officials away, screaming that LAOCH can take much more pain. He stomps a total of 5 times onto the prone knee of LAOCH before performing elbow drops onto the side of the knee. Right at the epicenter of the pain. Each time Echo drops an elbow, his agression becomes more and more visible, his hatred becomes more and more palpable. Simulatenously, the screams of suffering from LAOCH grow louder and louder. Mothers cover their children's ears, babies cry, and LAOCH continues to be disposed of with this injured knee. Finally, Echo Wilson stands up, satisfied with the damage he's caused. He wipes the sweat out of his eyes and assesses the carnage. LAOCH might not be able to finish this match, never the less walk again. Echo Wilson looks around at the crowd, who cannot express their dislike of Echo enough right now. Echo rolls to the outside to presumably find the first ladder of the match. But no, he looks under the ring, and finds a trio of chairs. He brings them all out and into the ring. This could be the beginning of the end already. Finally, Echo takes a ladder and examines it, starting to set it up on the outside. Little does he know that LAOCH is getting to his feet, he limps up and looks at Echo on the floor who is completely involved with his ladder. The cheers grow and LAOCH starts to charge up. SUICIDE DIVE BY LAOCH ONTO ECHO WILSON!! He went head first into the ladder that Echo was carrying and now they're both laid out! Surely, LAOCH must have cracked his head open with that dive. So much force, so much momentum all came crashing down on his head. The top of his skull took the brunt of the attack. Echo on the other hand seems to be out cold. The ladder hit him right in the face and he dropped fast. LAOCH is the first to stand up, still groggy from the dive but he rallies himself up with the help of the fans. He throws Echo back into the ring and then gets into the ring himself, bringing the ladder with him. As Echo attempts to stand up, LAOCH just nonchalantly slams the ladder into Echo's back and sends him sprawling to the floor again. LAOCH importantly keeps a hold of the ladder himself and readies himself to slam it into Echo's face this time. Smartly, Echo uses the ropes to climb to his feet. As soon a he makes it back up, LAOCH charges and Echo spectacularly drops to the floor to avoid the impact. LAOCH is sent straight into the ropes with a ladder in his hand. This impact and recourse sends LAOCH flying back, losing hold of the ladder as the ladder lands on its side. Slowly, Echo and LAOCH both get to their feet. They look at each other and make a mad dash for the ladder. LAOCH changes course mid way and tries to charge at Echo and intercept him. Echo sees it coming though and dodges the clothesline before grabbing his arm, lifting him up....AND PLANTING HIM DOWN! MICHINOKU DRIVER ONTO THE LADDER BY ECHO WILSON! What a maneuever that was by Echo Wilson! LAOCH's arm is draped off the side and his back seems to be bent in an unnatural direction. LAOCH starts to roll off the ladder but Echo quickens the process by shoving him off the metal structure. He sets up the used ladder and starts to ascend, the Universal Title is poised above the ladder, on a hook in the center of the ring. LAOCH realizes the urgency and scrambles to his feet. He grabs two of the chairs that Echo Wilson brought into the ring and slams them together. He takes one in each hands and slams them both into each calf of Echo Wilson. The pain is so unbearable that Echo Wilson just drops off the ladder and onto the floor. LAOCH looks like he's in control here. He takes one of the ladders and repeatedly slams it into the back of Echo Wilson, which is looking like a more and more serious problem. Unfortunately for LAOCH, he left the second chair too close to Echo Wilson and withstanding the pain, Echo grabs it with one hand and with one fell swoop, wildly swings it in the direction of LAOCH. It just happens to land on the prone knee of LAOCH and he buckles, crumbling to the mat. Echo Wilson, grabbing his back in the process, stand back up and then peforrms multiple chair shots to the knee of LAOCH, as if this situation could not be worse of LAOCH. Three chair shots in and Echo Wilson spots the top rope. He seems like he's going to haul himself up to the top and slowly and surely he does do that and now he stands on both feet on the top rope. This is where Echo does the most damage. LAOCH though is a skilled ring general, he knows where he is at all times, he throws his entire body weight onto the ropes nearest the turnbuckle and Echo can't help but lose balance and fall right onto his penis. LAOCH now...he has Echo Wilson on the top rope, he's known to pull off a spectacular Top Rope Dragon Suplex, can he pull it off here? He's going for it! NO! ECHO ESCAPES! He gets out of the way, leaving LAOCH to fall by himself. Echo Wilson now, hurries to the opposite turnbuckle, this is about the best chance he's going to get. Echo Wilson is looking for a huge top maneuever now...LAOCH with a huge leaping dropkick! He caught Echo Wilson with a dropkick of dreams before he could even jump and now Echo Wilson is slumped over on the top, looking absolutely stunned. This time LAOCH doesn't meet Echo at the top rope, he goes to the outside and pulls in a fresh new ladder. He slides back into the ring with the ladder lagging behind him and he starts to climb up with the ladder in hand. It becomes apparent that he gave Echo Wilson too much time to recover and Echo rocks LAOCH with a nasty knee. On some magical form of core strength, LAOCH stays on the second rope, hanging on by literal fingertips. With LAOCH still stunned, Echo stands up on the top rope. He points to the crown on his body paint and smirks, the evil voices in his head are telling him right now, that its time to hurt LAOCH beyond recognition. Echo is ruthless as he hits....TWO KNEES THROUGH THE TABLE! That is unspeakable! Echo just rolls out of the way like nothing happened! Echo Wilson now, starts to climb, this is the only way he's going to be able to win this match. With the Universal Championship hanging high above the ring, only a ladder can end this match. The crowd are in absolute shock, LAOCH isn't moving and Echo Wilson is nearly at the top. The only thing slowing him down is that sore back. But then again, by now every part of their body is aching, every muscle and every bone is feeling that pressure. Echo reaches up and get two fingers onto the title. He can't seem to loop his hands around that belt in time as LAOCH is rising to his feet. Echo decides it would be best if he didn't fall off from such a big height so he starts to descend quickly, racing agaisnt time and the speed of LAOCH's rise to his feet. Echo gets his feet on the ground but looks up in time to see a massive clothesline rock his world. LAOCH flung his whole body at Echo and sent him twisted inside out. As Echo is grounded, LAOCH takes the opportunity to grab a second chair and he sets it up a certain distance from the corner. He seems to have calculated the ideal distance from the turnbuckle to pull off a certain move. We know LAOCH is a calculating wrestler, who definitely came into this match with a game plan, and it must involved these chairs and the ladders. LAOCH now takes Echo Wilson, lifting him into a corner so that his back is facing LAOCH. He gets him into a waistlock, rolling through with the O'Connor Roll....or so he want to. LAOCH was gonna go for the O'Connor Roll but Echo landed on his feet! LAOCH gets up but he doesn't se Echo already standing above him, he's been caught off guard! Echo gets him into Inverted DDT position! BLOODY SUNDAY ONTO THE CHAIR! HE NAILED HIM! What a throwback! That has been a staple of Echo's moveset since he debuted in BPZ so he had to pull one out of the bag here tonight! That's the first known finisher that's been hit from either men in this match! Echo Wilson scrambles, he has to climb now! He is losing time fast! The impact hit LAOCH hard but it hit Echo just as hard. Echo chokes, as he is still gasping for air as he gets to his feet. He stumbles and places a hand on a ladder. He begins to climb. LAOCH looks in a desperation, and screams very loudly. He has his eyes shut tight but he's willing himself up. Echo gets both feet on the ladder and LAOCH is now on the other side, this is not going to end well. Both men here are climbing on opposite sides of the ladder, beating each other up with all of their wasted energy. They are nearing the top of the ladder and they are only using each other for support. LAOCH now, gives a major right hand, Echo comes back with an elbow. LAOCH throws a wild right but its blocked by Echo....HEADBUTT! Echo Wilson just headbutted LAOCH off the ladder! Smartly, LAOCH has the wherewithal to roll out of the ring. Seems like Echo is starting to gain awareness now, and he hangs on tight to the ladder. LAOCH now, he's on the outside but still not on his feet. He goes under the ring, what is he looking for down there? He comes out with a table. He starts to set it up. I don't know how smart that is, considering where Echo is right now. He's on top of the ladder....he's about to pull off a big one. HE JUMPS.....HE'S GOING FOR AN ELBOW DROP OFF THE LADDER! LAOCH MOVES! HE WAS AWARE! Echo just took a full body shot onto the half built table. Echo is snow screaming out in pain, this has taken the absolute life out of him! Echo is completely out of it but still writhing around in pain! Echo Wilson has not shown any sort of awareness as to where he is, but LAOCH is at a huge advantage here. Does he climb or does he do more damage? LAOCH seems to be doing neither right now as he leans against the barricade staring at Echo for a while, building up his energy to stand up. Eventually, he does, He stumbles to the ring, this is a ladder match, the only way he wins is by climbing that prone ladder in the middle of the ring. But LAOCH decides to pursue Echo. He approaches him, gradually lifting him up and just managing to get him in the ring. LAOCH joins Echo in the ring and stands over his broken body. Echo comes to his senses a little bit, starting to crawl towards LAOCH, grabbing on his tights to try and stand up. LAOCH grabs Echo's head and stands him up, it seems like LAOCH is about to finish this match when Echo acts fast. Jumping knee strike out of nowhere by Echo Wilson! LAOCH is completely dazed now, sat in the corner, staring across the ring at Echo Wilson who wipes the sweat off his forehead, bringing some paint off with him. He finally recovers and begins walking over to Echo Wilson but stops himself. Echo Wilson is breathing heavily, his face is buried in the mat. He doesn't seem to be injured any further than he already was for this match. A low growl can be heard, muffled. Echo's gaze suddenly turns to LAOCH. He looks purely evil and his eyes are all red. He begins to grimace at LAOCH before placing a hand below the belt in quick succession and flooring LAOCH again. He growls again and stands up fully, he raises out his arms like he's inviting the spirits of the demons to take him over. Just as Echo is taunting himself, LAOCH has risen to his feet. LAOCH charges and Echo Wilson....what a maneuever! Echo Wilson did a baseball slide between the legs of LAOCH, and came back up to rock the world of LAOCH with a hard right hand. LAOCH looks up, holding his face in complete shock. Echo's eyes are empty, they are void of emotion. LAOCH shakes it off and regains focus, he runs at Echo again. This time Echo Wilson smashes LAOCH's amr with an axhandle, followed up by another jumping knee! LAOCH is now on one knee, Echo circling the ring, pumping himself up. This is a huge wave of momentum that Echo Wilson is riding. He seems to have truly inhibited the nature and power of this devil creature inside of him. He turns to face Echo Wilson and Echo is just staring at him, lifeless. The whole mood in the arena has changed to a much more eerie feeling. LAOCH runs at Echo for a 3rd clothesline....NO! He was pretending like he'd go for a clothesline but went for a spinning backfist instead! It caught Echo by surprise! Echo Wilson is off his feet for the first time in a few minutes! LAOCH begins to taunt for the finish but is suddenly pulled to the ground! END GAME LOCKED IN! He's locked in his famous submission maneuever that has put so many people away. As if that wasn't bad enough he's taking it all out on the knee that he injured earlier in the fight. We can almost hear the tears and popping of the bones and muscles as Echo Wilson tugs and tugs at the knee. Making each second of submission a worse one, making each moment hurt more and more. LAOCH is really struggling here but the submision won't be the reason that he loses, the only way to win is to climb the ladder looming above them. If anything, Echo is trying to make sure LAOCH is in no condition to climb that ladder quickly or at all. LAOCH though, he seems to be getting somewhere. He twist and before we know it...LAOCH has Echo's own submission locked in on him! End Game locked in on Echo Wilson! It's now Echo Wilson who i struggling and slowly pull by pull, strain by strain he grinds towards the ropes. In an effort to postpone the inevitable, LAOCH starts to kick the back of Echo Wilson but Echo Wilson powers through...and reaches the ropes! Echo Wilsonr reaches the ropes....both men hurry to their feet. They have a stalemate in the middle of the ring. The ladder in between them. They both start to frantically climb. Echo is climbing faster but they meet at the top together. Echo Wilson and LAOCH trade blows for the second time on top of the ladder. Last time Echo Wilson won this duel, Echo now...reeling after a solid punch from LAOCH goes back...GUT CHECK! He sent a shot to the gut of LAOCH through the ladder and LAOCH is now falling! This won't be enough for Echo Wilson though. LAOCH only took a light fall! He's climbing to the top! NO WAY! OH MY GOD! STARDUST STOMP OFF THE LADDER! THE BRAVERY, THE GRACE, THE PASSION! ECHO WILSON HAS PUT THIS MATCH AWAY FOR SURE! He said he'd pull of that move and he has done exactly that! Echo Wilson has truly struck gold here! Echo Wilson sees the broken body of LAOCH, LAOCH is totally passed out now. Echo begins to climb. Slowly but surely he reaches the top, he knows he's done it now! He has both hands on the title! HE UNHOOKS IT! ECHO WILSON RETAINS! WHAT A BOUT! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the clash between two of the Carnage figureheads, we have Echo Wilson retaining the gold! In the battle between darkness and light, the darkness seems to have come out the victor. This must be a dreadful day for the Carnage fans but at least they got to see a classic. Echo Wilson is absolutely bounding right now. He reaches the floor and looks at the still unmoved body of LAOCH. He kicks him and rolls him out of the ring, taking the time to celebrate by himself in the middle of the ring. The fans look towards the ramp to see if any of the Kingdom friends are going to come down and celebrate with him but they don't. Echo Wilson now, leans over the ropes and asks for what must be a microphone. The music cuts and we are left with a eerie silence. Echo Wilson doesn't speak for a solid few moments. He looks down and looks back up, the red eyes glaring holes right through the camera. It's a look on his face we haven't seen for a long time. He looks harrowingly emotionless and sinister. Additionally, the red eyes, they are something we've never seen before from Echo Wilson. This must the result of the Devil truly inhibiting him and taking over his body. The lights dim and Echo Wilson finally raises the mic to his lips. The devil is a creature well represented throughout history. It brings trauma, it brings suffering, it brings pain. In Spain, or spanish speaking countries they have another name for their demon. They call him "El Diablo". He brings fear into the hearts of children, keeps people off the streets at night. He is the reason why I am not alone. Never alone. As much as I am human, as much as I am Echo Wilson, I am also the host, the home of the Diablo. I tried to warn you all, I tried to tell LAOCH of the dangers he was getting himself into but he didn't listen. LAOCH tried to build a wall for himself, to shield him from the truth. But everything he built, it came crumbling down. Now that LAOCH can no longer earn a shot at his precious championship, its time we move on. Over the coming weeks and months it will be revealed as to who I will face next. But don't be the one who throws his own hat into the ring. Because you'll be too ignorant to see what's going to cause your destruction. Let LAOCH be your lesson. Echo Wilson lets out his final words gently. Whispering them almost. His eyes dart upwards, and slowly they gaze back down, eerily he glares into the camera. His eyes shut again before they fly open and his eyes are revealed to be completely blood red That's going to be all for Carnage Emergence II. A very spooky ending for the second version of this show. "El Diablo" has arrived and has found a home in Echo Wilson. But most importantly, our Universal Champion is still the King of Carnage. The camera fades to black and all we see is the two red eyes in the dark. Echo is NOT ALONE.
  13. Echo Wilson


    We are taken down to the depths of the backstage area. Footsteps click ahead but we don't know from which direction. We hear a whisper and the brain try to paint a picture as to who that cold voice belongs to. We open a door and there we are. A beautiful yet mysterious room. So perfectly empty yet so full with dark secrets. Sitting on a platform is none other than the Universal Champion, in a head space where he seems out of this very world. He has his eyes closed and opens them suddenly, sensing a foreign presence. Green, I was expecting you. Welcome to my own Boiler room. Eyebrows are raised at the addressing of one of the elite interviewers BPZ has to offer. Gary Green, host of Green Agent Corner and a man who has a pages of history, being able to access the mind of Echo Wilson in the past. It was Green who spoke to Echo first thing after his Universal Title win, and merely 2 weeks ago as he was preparing for this coming bout and now they stand across each other again. Echo stares at Gary Green solemnly, he has an aura about him and it's almost like he's transcended himself. Echo is almost looking down from above onto the two of them, micro-managing this situation. Green, you and I have gotten to know each other quite well recently. I feel like the best way for me to express myself is when I'm just chatting freely with you. You see, Green, you may not fully understand me but I think you know more than anyone what's about to come. With all of these people on my back, trying to find faults within my character, it's not every day that you have someone who....doesn't say a word of wrong....or any words at all. I think you're smarter than you realize Gary, the most ignorant of people have tried to call me out as of late and I can't help but realize the difference between my level of wit and skill and their level of stupidity and lacklustre abilities. You made the right choice of friends Gary, I think this relationship can benefit us both. I, being the icon that I am, can make you the top interviewer in all of BPZ, and you can give me a channel. A place to rant. Anytime I need it I can come to you and say whatever needs to be said. Deal? Echo Wilson smirks as Green nods quietly. Gary seems to have a very different feel about this meeting. He feels vulnerable perhaps. There is tension but Echo Wilson is no man to be scared of...at least not yet. Let's get into this interview shall we? We start with LAOCH, a man who has occupied my full brain power for the past month and a half. When you idle here, dwelling in your thoughts, you start to hear whispers, echoes in fact, if you don't mind my play on words. These echoes tell stories of dark secrets, untold horrors. LAOCH, you should hear what they say about you. Things about yourself that you might not even know or be aware of. I'm gonna shun you. I'm going to ruin you and I'm going to make everything in your life crumble beneath your feet. You think you have your finger on the pulse of my life, try digging deeper. I couldn't even tell you all the wicked dreams that take place in my head, so tell me, how can you read me? The answer is that you can't. You're just making a guess, you think you've been in that dark hole yourself so you're comparing my own haunting mind to the brief glance of the one you possessed month ago. That's where you go wrong. There is nothing familiar about this to any other type of darkness laid out before. This one is more sinister, it's still developing and every day I find its taken a home in a different part of my body. First it takes my head, my arms and legs, torso and then finally my brain, until I'm nothing more than a zombie. But you know what feeds it? Power. Power of you, power of this brand, power over the gold is all that it wants. So I must appease it. Appease it so it doesn't swallow me up whole. I wish it would ruin your life for you, but then again i hear your life has already been ruined. Now...let's talk about an element to this match that hasn't been talked about enough. I'll admit I'm partially at fault for this but I think something is keeping you from raising your voice over this issue as well. Fear? We can only assume. You see, this factor is the presence of ladders. After all this is a ladder match and it won't just be about me and you when there are half a dozen foreign objects in the ring to use to our own advantage. But it just so happens that ladders play to my wrestling style. You see, I know the ins and outs of pro wrestling. I used to be a technical wrestler, I still am partially but now I'm more flashy. I like to give big moments, big spots. It just so happens that my finisher involved falling from a tall place onto a hard surface and cracking all your ribs. I call it the Stardust Stomp. A move that I perfected ever since Kingdom began. Picture this, I twist and turn from the top of the ladder, landing both of my feet onto your prone chest and taking you within an inch of your life. And then once that's done, I'll pin you down for the 1,2,3, making sure that you never breath right again. But I think you already knew that. I think you knew the risks of it all when you signed up for this match. If I remember correctly, it was you of all people who said that your history with ladder matches gave you the advantage over me. I bet you're praying that lives up to its worth. I bet you're hoping against hope that those words aren't your last. But I think you fear that it will be. I think you worry about me, ever since Summerslam, I see you've been avoiding me in the hallways. I haven't been actively looking for you but that doesn't really matter now does it? You've been afraid of me. And when I told you that I wasn't going to be alone. It played tricks on your mind all week. You couldn't stay quiet about it and the first thing you said in response was how it didn't matter, trying to make yourself believe that it wasn't a worrysome topic. You should be worried though, its only natural. People are naturally more afraid of the unknown then they are of the known. And you don't really know anything, so you're resorting to guessing and resorting to making very, very false accusations. You just don't know all the facts, the issue with that is....you won't know them all until it's too late. By the time you figure out what my game plan is, you'll already be seeing lights, you'll already be knocked out cold. SO, now that it's all cleared up, you know that I know that you aren't at the level you think you are. You consider yourself to be a first ballot hall of famer type of wrestler but its time for you to wake up. Don't be deluded with whatever lies you've been fed in your other ear and listen to me. Realize right now, you are witnessing the rise of the greatest wrestler in BPZ history. Feel grateful that you get to be a part of that escalation. Now here, as I sit here, having unravelled each and every facet of your find, each and every one of your fictional arguments. It's glaringly evident that I'm shattering your composure, demoslishing your overly grown confidence and that if you dare to continue down this path of ignorance, I will dismantle your reputation and slander you to the point where it is not only hopelessly ruined but at a point where its.....irrevocable. Echo Wilson lets out a sigh and we have a feeling that this tirade is over. Echo Wilson smiles, and stands up, turning off the picture on the camera. As he walks away with Gary Green at his side we can hear him shout. "I'M MORE THAN JUST A MAN LAOCH! YOU'LL SEE!". The closing footsteps and the scene is done. The picture has been painted, the story has been told. This could be the last time we hear Echo speak on the name of LAOCH but this could also be the last time he has the Universal Title around his waist. Echo seems very confident as he seems to be able to back up his words but is he potentially overestimating he own strength? Or underestimating the strength of his opponent? Whatever it is, one man is going to leave this match, unfixable and the other will transcend.
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