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  1. 4000 BC: Each nations respective capitals are founded. In Europe we have: England (Epic) settling London, France (Prince) settling Paris, Romans (Bubba) settling Rome, Spanish (Smith) settling Madrid, Germans (Bailey) settling Berlin, Danish (Maasa) settling Copenhagen and the Russians (Mikey) Settling Moscow, and the unfortunate Norway (now controlled by Julius) settling Oslo In Asia, we have: The Ottomans (Ropati) settling Istanbul, The Babylonians (Marker) settling Babylon, The Persians (Yelich) settling Persepolis, The Indians (Nate) settling Delhi, The Chinese (Angelo) settling Beijing, and the Japanese (Arius) settling Kyoto, and the Mongolians (Cody) settling Karakorum In the Americas, we have The Polynesians (Gwyn) settling Honolulu, America (Hans) settling Washinton DC, The Iriquois (Bart) settling Onondaga, lastly The Incans (Kansheek) settling Cusco as the only South American Nation. Alone in Northern Africa, is Egypt (Jon) who have settled Thebes and can possibly form a massive empire if they take all of the continent. We also have 4 participating City-States in the Game, including Finland, Belgium, Ireland and Nepal _________ 3200 BC: There have been a few developments in terms of units being built. While some nations like Germany, Russia and England have focused on primarily building workers to farm or to work on improvements like Deer Encampments. Others have opted to go straight for the military strength and have gotten themselves early Great Generals. Those countries include Polynesia who have got Hone Heke and The Iriquois, who have got Hiawatha, and France who have got the great Napoleon Bonaparte Lastly we have those who are rushing for a second city such as The Ottomans and the Spanish, The Russians and the Persians _________ 2920 BC: Both Spain, Russia, The Persians and The Ottomans have their second city. The Ottomans have settled Edirne, a bit closer to the rest of Europe and the Balkans. And the Spanish have invaded French territory, settling Barcelona in Southern French lands. The Persians have started to expand East into Asia by settling Pasargadae. Lastly, Russia has begun to tap into their massive space in Siberia, by settling St Petersburg to the East of Moscow. __________ 2720 BC: Romans and The French have settled second cities as well. The French have settled Orleans down South to try and combat the Spanish threat. Then there is the Romans who have settled Antium in Northern Italy, protected by the Alps. ___________ 2560 BC: The Russians have got a serious head start here, as they settle their 3rd City in Novgorod. This could be a big advantage for them as they have a city closer to Europe now. In other news, Japan have settled Osaka in their main island to further increase their efforts at dominance in Asia. England are getting in on the act, and have beaten Dublin to control of the Isles, with the settlement of York in Central England. ___________ 2360 BC: Egypt are keeping themselves down the Nile River, settling Memphis. Bailey’s Germany have also continued to clog up Europe with their settlment of Hamburg close to the Roman territory. Both Persia and Spain have settled 3rd Cities, in Susa and Sevilla respectively. With settlers waiting in both America and Polynesia, the rest of the countries rapid expansions needs some work. ____________ 2120 BC: The final few nations have settled their second cities. Hans’ America had no real rush to settle, apart from the Iriquois threat in the North, so they finally settled New York City. The Mongolians led by Cody have settled Beshbalik to the North of their capital as well. We leave you with the waiting settlers of Polynesia (Gwyn) and Iriquois (Bart) as they travel by both land and sea to their destinations. ____________ 2080 BC: Not many could have predicted that the bad blood would already start between the Mikey led Russians and their Middle East counterparts but the quickly expanding Russians have officially been denounced for their trespassing by none other than Ropati and his Ottoman Empire to the South. The Black Sea may not be able to hold them back much longer. To make matters worse, Russia has gotten on the bad side of their Eastern counterparts as well, Germany (Bailey) have denounced the Russians as well. ______________ 2020 BC: The inevitable has begun for Russia as it all went down a little too quickly for their liking. First, the Germans and the Ottomans formed a Declaration of Friendship and then they exceeded that to make a formal alliance. The next move was expected as Russia became their #1 target. On the same night in 2020 BC, the two powerhouses declared official war on Russia. This could be either a terrible few years for Russia or an amazing underdog story for Mikey and his men. It’s Mikey vs Ropati and Bailey WAR HAS BEGUN! Tune into next episode for more!
  2. NBA HISTORIC CAREER SIM SEASON 07/08: MAJOR TRADE ALERT: After requesting a trade, the unhappy Utah Jazz Player, James Ropati has left his former team. He voiced concern that his team picked Greg Oden over a player that he really enjoyed in Kevin Durant. So in response to what he sees as a poor draft decision, he has left for greener grass. He is going to try it all again over in Memphis with the Grizzlies as he and LaMarcus Aldridge team up to be dynamic duo in Memphis. _________________ PRE SEASON POWER RANKINGS: Boston Celtics (Pierce, McGrady, Jermaine O Neal and Al Jefferson) Los Angeles Lakers (Billups, Kobe, Jamison and Shaq) San Antonio Spurs (Parker, Ginobili, Artest, Duncan and Ming) Chicago Bulls (CP3, Howan, Odom and Eddy Curry) Phoenix Suns (Marbury, Joe Johnson, Marion and Stoudamire) __________________________ NOTABLE STARTING 5’s: Milwaukee Bucks: Sameer Singh - Michael Redd - Desmond Mason - Wes Columbus- Marcus Camby Chicago Bulls: Chris Paul - Howard Howan - Lamar Odom - James Newton - Eddy Curry BENCH: Bart Baller LA Clippers: Ben Dover - Corey Maggette - Andrei Kirilenko - Elton Brand - Julius Jones Memphis Grizzlies: Raymond Felton - James Ropati - Rudy Slay - LaMarcus Aldridge - Lonny Baxter Miami Heat: Kai Curry - DeShawn Stephenson - Caron Butler - Dedric Ball - Samuel Dalembert Sacramento Kings: Mike Bibby - Bailey Justin - Kenny Patton - Chris Webber - Brad Miller Dallas Mavericks: Shaun Livingston - Charles Lupin - Maddrix Delgado - Dirk Nowitzki - Zaza Pachulia Brooklyn Nets: Big Williams - Darnell Sanders - Richard Jefferson - Kenyon Martin - Emeka Okafor Denver Nuggets: Junior Harrington - Matya Bazja - LeBron James - Rex Smith - Nene New Orleans Pelicans: Joshua Flynn - Lewis Castro - Matyas Garay - Xavier King - Jerry Magloire Houston Rockets: Jay Williams - Jalen Rose - Echo Wilson - Shareef Abdur Rahim - Marcin Gortat Minnesota T-Wolves: Jerry Hays - Marco Bellinelli - Stephen Cheaney - Kevin Garnett - Eddie Brown Portland Trail Blazers: Curtis Wilkins - Mo Robertson - Clyde Williamson - Jaylen Haywood - H.R Pufsnuf ______________________________ PLAYER MINUTES AND STATUS: Sameer Singh: Starting PG for the Milwaukee Bucks earning 31 MPG (-4) Howard Howan: Starting SG for the Chicago Bulls earning 36 MPG (+7) Bart Baller: Sixth Man for the Chicago Bulls earning 27 MPG (+0) Ben Dover: Starting PG for the LA Clippers earning 29 MPG (+3) Julius Jones: Starting C for the LA Clippers earning 28 MPG (+1) James Ropati: Starting SG for the Memphis Grizzlies earning 31 MPG (+2) Kai Curry: Starting PG for the Miami Heat earning 36 MPG (-1) Bailey Justin: Starting SG for the Sacramento Kings earning 29 MPG (+0) Maddrix Delgado: Starting SF for the Dallas Mavericks earning 32 MPG (+2) Charles Lupin: Starting SG for the Dallas Mavericks earning 36 MPG (-1) Big Williams: Starting PG for the Brooklyn Nets earning 38 MPG (+0) Rex Smith: Starting PF for the Denver Nuggets earning 29 MPG (+0) Xavier King: Starting PF for the New Orleans Pelicans earning 34 MPG (-2) Joshua Flynn: Starting PG for the New Orleans Pelicans earning 32 MPG (+0) Echo Wilson: Starting SF for the Houston Rockets earning 35 MPG (+1) Jerry Hays: Starting PG for the Minnesota T-Wolves earning 31 MPG (-2) H.R PufSnuf: Starting C for the Portland Blazers earning 33 MPG (-3) __________________________________ ALL STAR WEEKEND: All Star Game: Team Kevin Garnett vs Team Tracy McGrady Echo Wilson and Jerry Hays both on Team McGrady Echo Wilson: 18 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists Jerry Hays: 12 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists Rising Stars Game: Team USA vs Team World Sameer Ahsan vs Joshua Flynn Round 2 Sameer Ahsan: 18 points, 3 rebounds and 4 assists Joshua Flynn: 23 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists Team World Wins 112-100 BONUS: Dunk Contest Winner: Joshua Flynn Three Point Contest Winner: Echo Wilson ________________________________________ END OF THE SEASON AWARDS: MVP: Kevin Garnett (24.3 PPG, 11.0 RPG and 4.6 APG) ROTY: Vitalys Kolomak (14.7 PPG, 7.0 RPG and 1.9 APG) 6MOTY: David West (13.1 PPG, 9.2 RPG and 3.5 APG) DPOTY: Tim Duncan (19.9 PPG, 12.3 RPG and 3.9 APG) MIP: Kyle Lowry (20.3 PPG, 3.9 RPG and 6.8 APG) COTY: William James (Minnesota T-Wolves 60-22) BONUS: H.R PUFSNUF (All NBA 2nd Team and All Defensive 1st Team) BIG WILLIAMS (All NBA 1st Team) JERRY HAYS (All NBA 3rd Team) _______________________________________ END OF THE YEAR PLAYER STATS: Sameer Singh: 18.0 PPG, 5.4 RPG and 4.6 APG Howard Howan: 13.3 PPG, 3.7 RPG and 4.9 APG Bart Baller: 13.7 PPG, 3.7 RPG and 5.9 APG Ben Dover: 16.4 PPG, 6.1 RPG and 2.3 APG Julius Jones: 11.5 PPG, 4.5 RPG and 1.9 APG James Ropati: 15.9 PPG, 2.5 RPG and 2.8 APG Kai Curry: 20.2 PPG, 6.3 RPG and 5.0 APG Bailey Justin: 7.9 PPG, 2.2 RPG and 5.6 APG Maddrix Delgado: 11.7 PPG, 4.9 RPG and 1.7 APG Charles Lupin: 14.7 PPG, 7.4 RPG And 5.8 APG Big Williams: 18.9 PPG, 11.8 RPG and 7.6 APG Rex Smith: 10.7 PPG, 8.1 RPG and 3.6 APG Xavier King: 16.4 PPG, 5.6 RPG and 6.1 APG Joshua Flynn: 15.8 PPG, 4.8 RPG and 4.8 APG Echo Wilson: 22.9 PPG, 5.0 RPG and 3.0 APG Jerry Hays: 17.7 PPG, 8.4 RPG and 8.7 APG H.R PufSnuf: 12.0 PPG, 10.8 RPG and 3.8 APG __________________________________________ PLAYOFFS: First Round: #1 Minnesota Timberwolves (J.Hays) defeats #8 Portland Blazers (H.R PufSnuf) in 5 Games #4 Los Angeles Lakers defeats the #5 Oklahoma City Thunder in 5 Games #3 Golden State Warriors defeats the #6 San Antonio Spurs in 6 Games #7 Dallas Mavericks (M.Delgado and C.Lupin) defeats the #2 Phoenix Suns in 6 Games #1 Cleveland Cavaliers defeats the #8 Miami Heat (K.Curry) in 5 Games #4 Brooklyn Nets (B.Williams) defeats the #5 Toronto Raptors in 5 Games #3 Boston Cetlics defeats the #6 Atlanta Hawks in 4 Games #7 Orlando Magic defeats the #2 Chicago Bulls (B.Baller and H.Howan) in 6 Games __________________ Conference Semi-Finals: #1 Minnesota Timberwolves (with Jerry Hays averaging 15.0 PPG, 9.4 RPG and 10.8 APG ) defeats the #4 Los Angeles Lakers in 5 Games #3 Golden State Warriors defeats the #7 Dallas Mavericks (with Maddrix Delgado averaging 19.4 PPG, 8.1 RPG and 2.0 APG And Charles Lupin averaging 9.9 PPG, 7.4 RPG and 8.4 APG) in 7 Games #1 Cleveland Cavaliers defeats the #4 Brooklyn Nets (with Big Williams averaging 23.0 PPG, 9.4 RPG and 6.7 APG ) in 7 Games #7 Orlando Magic defeats the #3 Boston Celtics in 6 Games ___________________________ Conference Finals: The #1 Minnesota Timberwolves (with Jerry Hays averaging 13.7 PPG, 7.8 RPG and 7.5 APG) defeats the #3 Golden State Warriors in 6 Games The #1 Cleveland Cavaliers defeats the #7 Orlando Magic in 6 Games __________________________________ NBA FINALS : CLEVELAND CAVALIERS VS MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES Game 1: T-Wolves win 102-101 (Kevin Garnett scores 23 points and 6 rebounds) Game 2: Cavaliers win 100-85 (Luol Deng scores 15 points and 7 rebounds) Game 3: T-Wolves win 106-105 (Kevin Garnett scores 28 points and 10 rebounds) Game 4: Cavaliers win 106-88 (Gerald Wallace scores 22 points and 2 assists) Game 5: Cavaliers win 91-89 (Gerald Wallace scores 16 points and 5 rebounds) Game 6: Cavaliers win 94-89 (Luol Deng scores 16 points and 4 rebounds) YOUR NEW NBA CHAMPIONS………….THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS!! FINALS MVP: Luol Deng (16.0 PPG, 4.8 RPG and 0.8 APG)
  3. Name - Big Gus Nickname - 'The BFG" Gender - Male Birthdate (Year) - 1992 Debut (Year) - 2011 Nationality - Italian Ethnicity - Italian Based In - America Hometown - New York City, NY Personality (Antagonistic, Loner, Loose Cannon, Moody, Normal, Professional, Serious, Short Tempered or Sociable) - Short Tempered Fighting Style - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Capoeira Stance (Southpaw or Traditional) - Traditional Height - 6ft 9 Minimum Weight - Heavyweight Maximum Weight - Heavyweight Your Three best stats: 1 - Takedowns 2 - Ground Offense 3 - Submissions
  4. Name: Echo Wilson Age: 20 Nationality: American Height: 6 foot 7 inches Wingspan: 6 foot 8 inches Weight: 209 lbs Looks: White with a beard and moustache Similar game style (Steph Curry, James Harden etc): Paul George Position: SF
  5. SIGN UPS ARE NOW CLOSED! 1. England (Epic) Unique Ability: Sun Never Sets: Naval units and Land Units that move to the water move Faster and farther Unique Unit: LongBowman (CrossBowman) and Ship of The Line (Frigate) Unique Building: None 2. Mongolia (Cody) Unique Ability: Mongol Terror: Military Units recieve an attack bonus against City States and Mounted Units such as Horseman etc. recieve a movement bonus. Unique Units: Keshik (Knight) and Khan (Great General) Unique Building: None 3. France (Prince) Unique Ability: Ancien Regime: Cities provide more Culture when Steam Power is discovered Unique Unit: Foreign Legion (Infantry) and Musketeer (Musketman) Unique Building: Chateau 4. Polynesia (Gwyn) Unique Ability: Way Finding: Units can immediately move to and from water on coasts and Oceans, Units that move to the water recieve a movement bonus and warriors in your nation earn a combat bonus when they are next to another warrior unit of your country Unique Unit: Maori Warrior (Warrior) Unique Building: Maoai 5. Denmark (Maasa) Unique Ability: Viking Fury: Units that move to the water can see farther and moving from water to land doesn't count as a movement and Pillaging tiles costs no movements Unique Unit: Norweigan Ski Infantry (Infantry) and Beserker (LongSwordsman) Unique Building: None 6. Russia (Mikey) Unique Ability: Siberian Riches: While working on Strategic Resources such as Horse, Iron etc., the nation gets a production bonus and also those resources yield double the quantity when worked on Unique Unit: Cossack (Cavalry) Unique Building: Krepost 7. Egypt (Jon) Unique Ability: Monument Builders: Cities get a bonus to Production when a World Wonder is built Unique Unit: War Chariots (Chariot Archer) Unique Building: Burial Tomb 8. India (Nate) Unique Ability: Population Growth: Unhappiness from Cities is halved and so is unhappiness from the amount of citizens Unique Unit: War Elephant (Chariot Archer) Unique Building: Mughal Fort 9. Spain (Smith) Unique Ability: Seven Cities of Gold: Recieves 100 gold when a natural wonder is found (500 if you are the first to discover it), Happiness from finding Natural wonders is doubled and lastly the tile bonuses from settling next to a natural wonder are doubled. Unique Unit: Tercio (Musketman) and Conquistador (Knight) 10. Babylon (Marker) Unique Ability: Ingenuinity: Birth Rate of Great Scientists Increases and When you discover Writing you get a Free Great Scientist in your Capital Unique Unit: Bowman (CrossBowman) Unique Building: Walls of Babylon 11. America (Hans) Unique Ability: Manifest Destiny: Land Units Can See Farther and Cost of Buying Tiles Are Decreased Unique Units: B17 (Fighter Jet) and Minuteman (Musketman) Unique Building: None 12. Germany (Bailey) Unique Ability: Furor Teutonicus: Land Units Maintence Costs are lessened and Defeating a Barbarian Encampment gives you a 67 percent chance of converting a unit to your side Unique Unit: Landskencht (Pikeman) and Panzer (Tank) Unique Building: Hanse 13. Rome (Bubba) Unique Ability: The Glory Of Rome: Cities recieve a bonus to production when working on a building that has been already built in the capital Unique Unit: Ballista (Catapult) and Legion (Swordsman) 14. Persia (Yelich) Unique Ability: Achaeimind Legacy: Golden Ages last almost twice as long as normal and During Golden Ages troops get a combat and movement bonus Unique Unit: Immortal (Spearman) Unique Building: Satraps Court 15. Japan (Arius) Unique Ability: Bushido: Units fight as if they were on full health even while damaged Unique Unit: Samurai (Longswordsman) and Zero (Fighter) Unique Building: None 16. Aztecs (Julius) Unique Ability: Sacrifical Captives: Gains culture for the empire, with each enemy killed Unique Unit: Jaguar Warrior (Warrior) Unique Building: Floating Gardens 17. China (Angelo) Unique Ability: The Art of War: Great Generals have a combat bonus and spawn more frequently Unique Unit: Cho-Ko-Nu (CrossBowman) Unique Building: Paper Maker 18. Ottomans (Ropati) Unique Ability: Barbary Corsairs: A chance of turning an enemy barbarian unit into your own, and the cost of maintenance for naval ships decreases Unique Unit: Janissary (Musketman) and Sipahi (Lancer) Unique Building: None 19. Incas (Kansheek) Unique Ability: Great Andean Road: There is no cost for improving hill tiles and units ignore terrain penalties when crossing hills Unique Unit: Slinger (Archer) Unique Building: Terrace Farm 20. Iriquois (Bart) Unique Ability: The Great WarPath: Units move through Jungle and Forest faster, and when the wheel is discovered, it is easier to create trade routes through these rough terrains Unique Unit: Mohawk Warrior (Swordsman) Unique Building: Longhouse
  6. Name: Echo Wilson Trainer Class: : FireBreather Chosen Team: Base: Hawlucha and Sableye 1st Evolution: Jolteon and Arcanine Second Evolution: Metagross and Salamence
  7. Welcome to the BPZ CIVILIZATION 5! It's Brendens World! So basically everyone who signs up for this, gets to lead their own nation in this massive CPU Civ 5 Game. The Map will be of the Earth, so you will settle in familiar places across the globe. The map will be Huge as well so expect a lot of space. The pace of the game will be quick, so the turns will go by very fast. The game starts in the Ancient Era so you wont have any modern weapons or buildings. and lastly the game turns go sequentially so each player will take a turn one by one. Here are the options for Nations (choose 1, it is first come , first serve): 1. Greece 2. Songhai 3. Rome 4. Germany 5. Russia 6. Persia 7. England 8. India 9. Mongolia 10. Denmark 11. Arabia 12. The Iriquois 13. Spain 14. Polynesia 15. Aztecs 16. France 17. Babylon 18. Japan 19. Incas 20. Egypt 21. Siam 22. Ottomans 23. America 24. China ____________ GO FORTH AND CHOOSE!
  8. "I'm sick and tired of it." A angry voice can be heard, as Echo Wilson steps into view of the camera, behind him is FDS. FD takes a table that Echo is about to sit on and throws it, knocking it over. Echo Wilson takes a nearby chair and kicks it. "The Blacklist, is the best thing in the proffessional wrestling and this is the treatment we get. You guys still have the gall to tell to the both of us, that we are shit? Just know, I don't ask for handouts, I didn't ask for your stupid opinions you little numbskulls. I know the truth, and that's simple and factual. I'm being shut down here, I'm being restricted and it's time that I step out of my comfort zone and face the facts. I lost, twice for that matter. But trust me, me and FD are not quitters. We are champions, and we will have belts on our waists when Backlash comes around, no matter what you degenerates have to say about it. Look, I see what's happening here. Jon and Bart, think that they can just step on our heads and use us, to elevate them. It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, it's about how many times you have the head space, the strength to pick yourself back up. And I promise you this, I will pick myself up plenty of times until I give the final blow. What am I even talking about? You guys know nothing about pro wrestling. You guys know nothing about working hard for anything. Bunch of plastic marks." Loud boos can be heard from backstage as FDS takes a hammer from the fire drill box and sends it through a second table multiple times. The boos keep roaring on as Echo just stands and smirks. "Shut up, don't get carried away with yourself. Don't get too riled up then. I have no need for your opinions on me, on FDS on Blacklist as a whole. We make our own rules and no matter how loud you guys try to be, we will always be louder. In fact, I hope each and every one of you that applauded Bart and Jonathan on their victory, I hope you all walk off a tall building." That final statement emits a loud reaction from the crowd, and Echo hears it again. He takes his second chair and throws it off camera. "OR WHAT! You'll attack me? You'll attack FDS? Are you dumb? Are you really that dense? The two of us would kill every one of you bastards. And FDS would come up with an original death for each and every one of you. Ha, but you wouldn't do it, would you? You wouldn't attack me, because I'm your hero, and one scratch on me, could land all of you in jail for harming a bystanding citizen. Let's make this clear for all of you cretins and imbeciles in attendance tonight. At Backlash, I get my wish, one on one. I will show you that....The Blacklist are the true Undisputed Champions." Echo Wilson kicks a foreign object off to the side, leaving FDS to make some final comments. FD looks furious, he has a broken chain in his hand and spins it menacingly around.
  9. NBA OFFSEASON 2007: NOTABLE PLAYER RETIREMENTS: Gary Payton, Alonzo Mourning, Antonio Davis and Damon Stoudamire ___________________________________________ DRAFT LOTTERY RESULTS: Utah Jazz New York Knicks Golden State Warriors New Orleans Hornets Memphis Grizzlies Orlando Magic Detroit Pistons Miami Heat Sacramento Kings ______________________________________________ NBA DRAFT 2004 RESULTS: Utah Jazz select C Greg Oden from Ohio State New York Knicks select SF Kevin Durant from Texas Golden State Warriors select C Al Horford from Florida Charlotte Hornets select PG Mike Conley from Ohio State Memphis Grizzlies select SG Gabriel Hines from Penn State Orlando Magic select C Joakim Noah from Florida 9. Miami Heat select PF Thaddeus Young from Georgia Tech 11. New Orleans Pelicans select C Marc Gasol from Spain _________________________________________________ NOTABLE FREE AGENTS: ITS SHAKEUP YEAR! THE ROOKIE CONTRACT DAYS ARE OVER! WITH NO SALARY CAP, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Echo Wilson, Kai Curry, Big Williams, Jerry Hays, H.R PufSnuf, Charles Lupin, Xavier King, Howard Howan, James Ropati, Bart Baller, Maddrix Delgado, Julius Jones, Ben Dover, Rex Smith, Bailey Justin, The Sacramento Kings sign SG Bailey Justin to a 3 year, 70 million dollar deal (He leaves the Pacers) The LA Clippers resign C Julius Jones on a 3 year, 41 million dollar deal The Denver Nuggets resign PF Rex Smith on a 3 year, 40 million dollar deal The Chicago Bulls sign PG Bart Baller on a 3 year 63 million dollar deal (He leaves the Celtics) The Dallas Mavericks resign SF Maddrix Delgado on a 3 year 54 million dollar deal The Utah Jazz resign SG James Ropati on a 4 year 95 million dollar deal The Chicago Bulls resign PG Howard Howan on a 4 year, 117 million dollar deal The Minnesota Timberwolves resign PG Jerry Hays on a 4 year, 117 million dollar deal The Atlanta Hawks resign SF Carmelo Anthony on a 4 year, 141 million dollar deal The New Orleans Pelicans resign PF Xavier King on a 4 year, 117 million dollar deal The Charlotte Hornets resign SG Dwayne Wade on a 4 Year, 117 million dollar deal The Denver Nuggets resign SF LeBron James on a 4 year, 141 million dollar deal The Trail Blazers resign C H.R PufSnuf on a 4 year, 141 million dollar deal The Brooklyn Nets resign PG Big Williams on a 4 year, 141 million dollar deal The Houston Rockets resign SF Echo Wilson on a 4 year, 117 million dollar deal The Dallas Mavericks resign SG Charles Lupin on a 4 year, 117 million dollar deal The Miami Heat sign PG Kai Curry on a 4 year, 117 million dollar contract
  10. NBA HISTORIC CAREER SIM SEASON 06/07: MAJOR TRADE ALERT: After requesting a trade, the former Detroit Pistons player, Maddrix Delgado has left for a new team down south. With the Dallas Mavericks offering a fellow young player by the name of Kyle Korver in return. Maddrix Delgado will join Charles Lupin in Dallas for the forseeable future. _________________ PRE SEASON POWER RANKINGS: Los Angeles Lakers (Billups, Kobe, Jamison and Shaq) Boston Celtics (Pierce, Jermaine O Neal, T-Mac) San Antonio Spurs (Parker, Ginobili, Artest, Duncan and Yao Ming) Chicago Bulls (Chris Paul, Lamar Odom and Eddy Curry) Philadelphia 76ers (Allen Iverson, Pau Gasol and Jason Kidd) __________________________ NOTABLE STARTING 5’s: Milwaukee Bucks: Sameer Singh - Michael Redd - Desmond Mason - Wes Columbus- Marcus Camby Chicago Bulls: Chris Paul - Stacey Malone - Lamar Odom - Marcus Fizer- Eddy Curry BENCH: Howard Howan Boston Celtics: Bart Baller - Tracy McGrady - Paul Pierce - Jermaine O Neal - Al Jefferson LA Clippers: Ben Dover - Corey Maggette - Andrei Kirilenko - Elton Brand - Julius Jones Miami Heat: Kai Curry - DeShawn Stephenson - Caron Butler - Antoine Walker - Adonal Foyle Utah Jazz: Rajon Rondo - James Ropati - Danny Granger - Andre Iguodala - Rasheed Wallace Dallas Mavericks: Shaun Livingston - Charles Lupin - Maddrix Delgado - Dirk Nowitzki - Valmilton Couto Brooklyn Nets: Big Williams - Kerry Kittles - Richard Jefferson - Kenyon Martin - Emeka Okafor Denver Nuggets: Junior Harrington - Cuttino Mobley - LeBron James - Rex Smith - Nene Indiana Pacers: Melvin Bennett - Bailey Justin - Al Harrington - Josh Smith - Olumide Oyedeji New Orleans Pelicans: Joshua Flynn - Lewis Castro - Matyas Garay - Xavier King - Jerry Magloire Houston Rockets: Jay Williams - Jalen Rose - Echo Wilson - Shareef Abdur Rahim - Kaya Buruk Minnesota T-Wolves: Jerry Hays - Darnell Sanders - Matt Whitney - Kevin Garnett - David West Portland Trail Blazers: Jason Terry - Eddie Jones - Clyde Williamson - Jaylen Haywood - H.R Pufsnuf ______________________________ PLAYER MINUTES AND STATUS: Sameer Singh: Starting PG for the Milwaukee Bucks earning 35 MPG Howard Howan: Sixth Man for the Chicago Bulls earning 29 MPG (+6) Bart Baller: Starting PG for the Boston Celtics earning 27 MPG (-2) Ben Dover: Starting PG for the LA Clippers earning 26 MPG (-1) Julius Jones: Starting C for the LA Clippers earning 27 MPG (+2) Kai Curry: Starting PG for the Miami Heat earning 37 MPG (-1) James Ropati: Starting SG for the Utah Jazz earning 29 MPG (-3) Maddrix Delgado: Starting SF for the Dallas Mavericks earning 30 MPG (+1) Charles Lupin: Starting SG for the Dallas Mavericks earning 37 MPG (-1) Big Williams: Starting PG for the Brooklyn Nets earning 38 MPG (+2) Rex Smith: Starting PF for the Denver Nuggets earning 29 MPG (+3) Bailey Justin: Starting SG for the Indiana Pacers earning 29 MPG (+12) Xavier King: Starting PF for the New Orleans Pelicans earning 36 MPG (+0) Joshua Flynn: Starting PG for the New Orleans Pelicans earning 32 MPG Echo Wilson: Starting SF for the Houston Rockets earning 34 MPG (+2) Jerry Hays: Starting PG for the Minnesota T-Wolves earning 33 MPG (-2) H.R PufSnuf: Starting C for the Portland Blazers earning 36 MPG (-2) __________________________________ ALL STAR WEEKEND: Rising Stars Game: TEAM USA vs TEAM WORLD Sameer Ahsan vs Joshua Flynn Sameer Ahsan: 2 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists Joshua Flynn: 7 points, 6 rebounds and 1 assist Team World wins 108-95 DUNK CONTEST: Rex Smith (c vs Joshua Flynn WINNER: JOSHUA FLYNN Rex Smith: 123 Joshua Flynn: 131 ________________________________________ END OF THE SEASON AWARDS: MVP: Tracy McGrady (23.3 PPG, 5.5 RPG and 7.3 APG) ROTY: Matyas Garay (21.2 PPG, 7.1 RPG and 3.1 APG) 6MOTY: Byron Welsch (19.9 PPG, 2.1 RPG and 3.3 APG) DPOTY: Tim Duncan (19.1 PPG, 11.7 RPG and 3.9 APG) MIP: Kyle Korver (21.3 PPG, 3.0 RPG and 3.0 APG) COTY: Kurt Rambis (Cavaliers - 61-21) BONUS: H.R PUFSNUF (All NBA 1st Team, All Defensive 1st Team) BIG WILLIAMS (All NBA 3rd Team) SAMEER AHSAN (All Rookie 1st Team) JOSHUA FLYNN (All Rookie 1st Team) _______________________________________ END OF THE YEAR PLAYER STATS: Sameer Singh: 17.7 PPG, 4.7 RPG and 4.5 APG Howard Howan: 13.0 PPG , 2.7 RPG and 1.2 APG Bart Baller: 12.7 PPG , 4.6 RPG and 5.1 APG Ben Dover: 13.0 PPG , 4.7 RPG and 2.2 APG Julius Jones: 11.4 PPG, 3.6 RPG and 1.7 APG Kai Curry: 21.3 PPG , 5.6 RPG and 4.5 APG James Ropati: 16.2 PPG, 2.9 RPG and 2.6 APG Maddrix Delgado: 12.0 PPG , 5.3 RPG and 1.9 APG Charles Lupin: 12.1 PPG , 7.5 RPG and 5.7 APG Big Williams: 18.5 PPG, 11.2 RPG and 5.8 APG Rex Smith: 10.3 PPG , 8.9 RPG and 3.4 APG Bailey Justin: 8.7 PPG, 2.2 RPG and 6.7 APG Xavier King: 15.7 PPG , 5.2 RPG and 6.1 APG Joshua Flynn: 15.4 PPG , 4.0 RPG and 4.5 APG Echo Wilson: 18.6 PPG, 5.1 RPG and 2.6 APG Jerry Hays: 15.3 PPG , 7.7 RPG and 7.3 APG H.R PufSnuf: 12.0 PPG, 15.5 RPG and 4.4 APG __________________________________________ PLAYOFFS: First Round: #1 Los Angeles Lakers defeats #8 Los Angeles Clippers (J. Jones and B.Dover) in 7 Games #4 San Antonio Spurs defeats #5 Portland Trail Blazers (H.R PufSnuf) in 5 Games #3 Minnesota Timberwolves (J. Hays) defeats #6 Houston Rockets (E. Wilson) in 5 Games #2 Phoenix Suns defeats the #7 Denver Nuggets (R.Smith) in 4 Games #1 Cleveland Cavaliers defeats the #8 Philadelphia 76ers in 6 Games #5 Milwaukee Bucks (S. Ahsan) defeats the #4 Atlanta Hawks in 5 Games #3 Brooklyn Nets (B.Williams) defeats the #6 Toronto Raptors in 4 Games #2 Boston Celtics (B.Baller) defeats the #7 Washington Wizards in 5 Games __________________ Conference Semi-Finals: #4 San Antonio Spurs defeats the #1 Los Angeles Lakers in 6 Games #2 Phoenix Suns defeats the #3 Minnesota Timberwolves in 4 Games (with Jerry Hays averaging 15.0 PPG, 6.0 RPG and 8.2 APG) #5 Milwaukee Bucks defeats the #1 Cleveland Cavaliers (with Sameer Ahsan averaging 12.8 PPG, 4.6 RPG and 4.2 APG)) #4 Brooklyn Nets defeats the #2 Boston Celtics (with Big Williams averaging 23.0 PPG, 12.3 RPG and 9.5 APG) ___________________________ Conference Finals: The #2 Seed Phoenix Suns defeats the #4 Seed San Antonio Spurs in 7 Games The #5 Seed Milwaukee Bucks defeats the #3 Brooklyn Nets in 7 Games (with Sameer Ahsan averaging 18.1 PPG, 3.0 RPG and 5.7 APG) (with Big Williams averaging 18.6 PPG, 10.3 RPG and 6.9 APG) __________________________________ NBA FINALS : PHOENIX SUNS VS MILWAUKEE BUCKS Game 1: Suns win 121-94 (Stephon Marbury scores 22 points and 11 assists) Game 2: Suns win 101-84 (Amare Stoudamire scores 19 points and 12 rebounds) Game 3: Suns win 114-106 (Stephon Marbury scores 31 points and 8 assists) Game 4: Suns win 110-103 (Stephon Marbury scores 22 points and 8 assists) YOUR NEW NBA CHAMPIONS………….THE PHOENIX SUNS!!! FINALS MVP: Stephon Marbury (22.0 PPG, 2.0 RPG and 8.2 APG)
  11. Echo Wilson


    "Bart, you really are a true, bonified, genius." Fans are confused, as Echo leans back and sinks into his couch. He takes a big puff of his cigar and blows it into the camera. He continues. "I mean, you do have eyes right? Well if you do. Then you'll remember watching me pin your little partner, not once but TWICE in the center of this ring. So much for Zero Fear. But Bart, that's the guy you chose? That's the guy you want walking into this war with you? A guy who's struck out 2 times at the plate and hasn't dared to step up again? You really baffle me Bart." "Jon, you're worthless to me. Everything is a game to you. You talk nonsense and you can't back whatever it is you say in the ring. Everything is about you as well, you're the victim, you're the one who deserves to be avenged. Oh Boo Hoo! Give me a break Jon. Let us not forget all of the things that were handed to you on your road. You just stopped being hand fed because the people in charge realized you weren't worth shit to them. The Blacklist is the real deal, you've been so twisted and maimed that people can't even remember what you were originally. I'm tired of people thinking they are owed something, if you want it , you earn it. So Jon before you run back here calling yourself the Ace, tell me what have you done for me lately? The answer is nothing. Not then, not now. You said it yourself Jon, you're a shell of your former self and I came inches away from burying you forever. Who's to say, I won't put you 10 feet under this time around. You shouldn't have done this to yourself. You think revenge is your answer, but really all that's gonna happen is you ending up in a worse place than where you are now. It wasn't the Kingdom that ended you, I did. Me and only Me. I drove you to this point and I'll drive you off the edge when you meet me in the ring again at World At War. You were embarrassed, and humiliated and it won't end there. You think this tag team match is going to re-establish you? You think that you and Bart are going to end the well oiled machine such as the Blacklist? No matter what you say about this new you, you're still going to fall to the same old tricks that I play on you. If that old, blind, Kingdom me was able to dispatch you that fast, I wanna know how fast I could end you now. I wanna know how badly I could crush your confidence, and end your career." Echo Wilson pauses to pour himself a glass. He sips it and places it back down. He contemplates something and begins again. "You know Bart, I can't help but feel like you've twisted the tale here. You know, making it seem like I underestimated you. Making everyone think that you got the better of me. Oh so wrong. I know still that one day your empire will crumble Bart. May not have come at BPZ Mania IV but it will happen one day. This is my road to redemption Bart and your partner Jon is the first to go down in the long road. You're going to place barrier after barrier, road block after road block but nothing will stop the ensuing wave of emotion and pain. Everything is aimes at you Bart, you want to bring Jon in as collateral, so be it. I placed an ultimateum for you and you delivered grandly. You know the expression, two birds with one stone. I'm going to knock both of you off your pedestal, and end the story for you both in one fell swoop. Listen Bart, I don't need to imagine. I don't need to pretend. What I'm saying is the truth and your one shining moment is going to blind you. I've set the trap for you, now all I need you to do is step forward into it and watch the scene unfold. You're my experiment, you're the test. When I walk out of World At War as a victor, when I walk out of Backlash as the superior champion, there will be no doubt, no hesitation. I've got your future in the palm of my hand Bart, Jon. I can make you feel whatever I want you to feel, I can make you do whatever I want you to do. You know the problem with drawing lines, one man breaths and it all disappears. You've been taught all your lives to shoot the messenger, but if you listened, you might just heed his warning." Echo Wilson leans back, looks up and blows out a puff of smoke into the air above him. The smoke falls and he looks at the camera, a glare of misdemeanor on his face. As the camera feed cuts out, one last image flickers on the screen. The Blacklist are punching the clock.
  12. BPZ MANIA IV (2019) Promotional poster featuring Bailey and Flynn Promotion BPZ Brand(s) Carnage Evolve Date March 31st, 2019 City Atlanta, Georgia Venue Mercedes Benz Stadium Attendance TBD Theme song(s) "My Way" by Limp Bizkit Sponsor(s) Lootcrate BPZ MANIA IV (2019) was a professional pay-per-view (PPV) event and BPZ Neccework produced by BPZ for the Carnage and Evolve brands. It took place March 31st, 2019 at the Mercedez Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the 4th Event under the BPZ Mania chronology Eight matches took place at the event. The main event saw Bailey defeat Flynn for the BPZ World Championship. In other major news, Hans would win the NXT Open Battle Royale. Bart would defeat Echo Wilson and Necce for the Universal and Global Championships, the Ballers would fall at the hands of the Saviors and much more. Results No. Results Stipulations Times[52][37][38] 1 Sameer def. Hollow, Slim, FDS, Bashka, LAOCH and Joshua Scott Ladder Match for the Money In The Bank Briefcase 25:00 2P Arius (c) def. Ropati and Yelich Triple Threat For the United States Championship 11:25 3PBi BiC def. Bart (c) and Prince Triple Threat for the Intercontinental Championship 13:57 4 Marker def. NateDog (c), Hollow and Joh Fatal Four way for the Premium Championship 13:20 5 The Saviors def. Big Ballers (c) Tag Team Match for the Tag Team Championships 20:55 6 Bart (c) defeated Echo Wilson (c) and Necce Triple Threat Match for the Undisputed Championship 30:10 7 Hans wins the NXT Championship Battle Royal Battle Royale for the NXT Championship 18:21 8 Bailey def. Flynn (c) Singles match for the BPZ World Championship 36:42 (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
  13. NBA OFFSEASON 2006: NOTABLE PLAYER RETIREMENTS: Penny Hardaway, Shawn Kemp, Robert Horry ___________________________________________ DRAFT LOTTERY RESULTS: Memphis Grizzlies Milwaukee Bucks New York Knicks New Orleans Pelicans Utah Jazz Orlando Magic Detroit Pistons Toronto Raptors Indiana Pacers Denver Nuggets ______________________________________________ NBA DRAFT 2004 RESULTS: Memphis Grizzlies select PF LaMarcus Aldridge from Texas Milwaukee Bucks select PG Sameer Ahsan from Canada New York Knicks select SG Brandony Roy from Washington New Orleans Pelicans select PG Joshua Flynn from Texas A and M Utah Jazz select PG Rajon Rondo from Kentucky Orlando Magic select PG Kyle Lowry from Villanova 9. Indiana Pacers select PF Paul Millsap from Lousiana Tech 10. Denver Nuggets select SF Rudy Gay from Connecticut 14. Charlotte Hornets select SG J.J Redick from Duke _________________________________________________ NOTABLE FREE AGENTS: Yao Ming , Lamar Odom , Kenny Anderson and Nene Yao Ming leaves the Houston Rockets and signs a 114 million dollar deal with the San Antonio Spurs Lamar Odom resigns with the Chicago Bulls for 103 million dollars Kenny Anderson resigns with the Cleveland Cavaliers for 88 million dollars Nene resigns with the Denver Nuggets for 83 million dollars
  14. Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole 2 out of 3 falls match (NXT Championship) Shayna Baszler (C) vs Kairi Sane vs Io Shirai vs Bianca Belair (NXT Women's Championship) Pete Dunne (C) vs Walter (WWE UK Championship) Velveteen Dream (C) vs Matt Riddle (NXT North-American Championship) The War Raiders (C) vs Ricochet and Aleister Black (NXT Tag-Team Championships)
  15. Echo Wilson


    A loud clapping can be heard all around the arena, echoing from ear to ear. Before we even see his face, we know whats coming. Echo Wilson steps out of the back, with a very different expression from the last time we saw him. We saw his thoughts directly after the match, as he and FDS were furious at the turn of events. Now Echo looks calm, almost amused, not quite. Echo Wilson stops on the stage and looks back, peering towards the entrance. Slowly, with a barbed wire bat in hand, FDS steps out. He is dressed in his all white suit with blood smeared over the front of his apron. He stands behind Echo Wilson quietly, who spins a microphone in his hand. He lets the crowds boos soak in. "Congratulations my friend. You did it. You Prove Me Wrong. You maybe, just maybe, aren't a worthless piece of crap Bart. Color me surprised. Still, it doesn't change what I've been saying for so long. You're in your own head Bart." Echo Wilson takes a step forward and slowly begins his trek down the ramp towards the ring where Bart stands patiently. "Bart, I'm not the type of person that whines and moans about my losses. I'm not the type of person who's gonna shrink into himself at the sign of failure. And Bart, I'm not the type of person...to let things I desire, slip between my fingers. You, just like all the fans seem to think think I'm going to tread lightly. You, like everyone else, seem to think that the Blacklist is over, or that my career has come to a dead end, or that I'm lost, with no direction. Trust me, I have two eyes and they're both staring at you and that title you wear so boldly on your waist. You want to talk about birth right Bart? There's no one who fits that title better than me. Because I'm better than you. That title is deserved to be worn by only the best in the world and you aren't that to me. I know I am, and it may not be clear to everyone else, but people like me. Our time comes. We get our time in the sunshine Bart, and while your daylight is slowly fading, I'm about to reach my new dawn. So don't come out here and big yourself up because you know that the fans, the Gods, want to see the true champion take the throne. You may see yourself as a God in your own right, you may see yourself as the man for the job. But let me tell you something Bart, to me, you're just a placeholder and nothing more." Echo finally reaches the ring and climbs in, with FD climbing in behind him. FD stays silently in the ring, gripping tighter and tighter onto his bat, so you can almost see the white in his knuckles. Echo Wilson looks like he might bring the fight to Bart, but all he does is raise the mic to his lips again. "So Bart, here's what I propose. You and I have unfinished business, no matter what you say, I'm the man who deserves the next shot at that title. You may have evaded me once, but you won't escape twice my friend. So, in order to set the mood, in order to show you truly who is the best. I've made a request to the boss. Now, obviously you don't have him as much in your back pocket as you thought you did, because I've got something approved on my own accord. At World At War, while the Ballers and the Saviors go to war, you and I will ignite a war ourselves. You see, my mate here on the side, with the barbed wire bat, he's itching to tear into you. He cannot wait to rip you apart, and he wants to show you exactly what the Blacklist are about. So FD and I are enforcing our authority over you. Me and FDS, the Blacklist, the next big thing in pro wrestling. Will take on you and a partner of your choice, at World At War. No matter who you choose, no matter who you decide to drag along with you in this battle. You will fall. But right now, Bart, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't export my anger out to you right now. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't take advantage of your sticky little situation. The numbers don't lie Bart, you either accept or perish." Bart realizes the situation he's in, 2 on 1. He tries to charge the most dangerous of the two, FDS, and knocks the barbed wire bat to the outside of the ring. As soon as Bart gets on FDS, Echo Wilson comes from behind and clubs him with a fist. He smirks as he knows he has Bart beat on this ocassion. He throws Bart to the wolves and allows FDS to hit a Blood Rainmaker onto Bart. As if it isn't enough he orders FDS to hold Bart down as he climbs to the top rope. We know what comes next.....STARDUST STOMP! Effortless from Echo. The statement has been made clearly. Bart either complies or he stays on the mat. Which choice will Bart make? Defiance or Compliance?

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