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  1. EWA vs KWF vs ACPW vs AWL vs GPW vs IFW Alex Costa, Slim, Meko, Yelich, FDS and I have started a fantasy booking competition. We have taken all of the talent from WWE main roster, NXT, NXT UK, AEW and NJPW and put them into a randomizer and given each person a roster of 32 units, either singles or tag teams. With Slim at the helm of Elite Wrestling Alliance, Myself at the head of Kingdom Wrestling Federation, FD in charge of Ace Entertainment Pro Wrestling , Yelich in front of the American Wrestling League, Meko in charge of the Generic Pro Wrestling and lastly Alex will take harge of the International Federation of Wrestling. We will be posting either recaps or full breakdowns of our 4 weekly shows leading to our monthly PPV where we will have a public voting in which people will decide who booked the best show. As I said before, this was a completely randomized drafting of rosters, apart from the first 3 picks which we drafted ourselves as Foundation Pieces. We also allowed 3 trades to be made per roster, so that came into account afterwards. Lastly, we randomized the authority figures for each company so you're gonna have some potentially strange GM's or Owners. Enjoy.
  2. We are taken to a scene on the titantron on this go home show leading up to Bad Blood 2019. The crowd is silent, as the lights go off, playing a short movie of some kind. The screen shows us a view from the outside of a hospital, and crickets can be heard in the night. We zoom in and we see a limping Echo Wilson being escorted out of the building, flanked by two doctors. He seems disturbed, and shakes them both off. They don't pursue and he begins to walk himself to his destination, unknown. We see him spot a car in the distance and pauses for a moment. He seems to be a little winded, maybe its the damage done to his back and ribs. Echo finally reaches the car, and enters through the passenger door. All we can see of the driver is a black figure and Echo pays no mind to it. He enters the car and sits in the front passenger seat. He relaxes himself and turns to introduce himself. "Hello, Echo Wil-" Echo pauses dramatically as the man reveals his face....Ark Universe has hijacked the car. Echo tries to get out of the car, realizing its locked. He then realizes his fate and gives up, he turns to Ark and begins. "Ark Universe.....come to take matters into your own hands? I wondered when I'd be seeing you. Do you want to ambush me or something? Do you want to break me down even more? Ark.....I'm already a mess as you can clearly see. Take your shot. Truth is I know you don't care about me Ark. I know you never cared about me Ark. I know you think you're being thrown under the bus here Ark, but lemme tell you the honest truth. This isn't just a throwaway match, that wasn't the intention. You are the fodder for me Ark. The way this goes is, I walk into the match at 60 percent, I end the match at possibly 30 percent, depending on how much you try to screw me over. But I still get the victory Ark, and you walk out of there with no more or no less conviction than what you started with. I'll tell you what, there's only one difference between that first match we had and the match we have now. And frankly, half of your prediction did come true. I'm still the same hot young superstar I was back then, I'm still going to headline pay per views. But you....you've become a drowned, old, has been wrestler who will amount to as little as this company thinks you will." Echo takes a breath. He's acting mildly composed for a man who's been kidnapped in a car. Echo looks ahead and sees the signs for Melbourne, Australia where Bad Blood PPV will be held. "Here on the road to Bad Blood, it's almost ironic to me. You speak about justice Ark, you speak about what's fair, what's right. What is fair about this Ark? You think putting me in a handicap like this is going to make you feel any better? You think beating me in this state is going to give you satisfaction? You are a desperate man, we all know this. You are going to go to any length to defeat me, you've said it yourself Ark. But if what you're looking for is some recognition, you're not going to get it at the hands of me. There's too many unhappy people in this world for God to please them all. Some people get their reward, others suffer beyond belief. Ark, you have faced calamities in this company, and although you've tried to break down these walls, you've gotten nowhere. But I am not going to sit here and tell you that you're being just when all you're doing is being a quitter and a baby." "That's right, a quitter. What do quitters get Ark? They get absolutely nothing. So you're going to come into that arena, and try and take what belongs to everyone else. For what? Redemption? You've been in this constant state of rebellion against the company for years on end now, what makes this any different? You haven't changed your luck yet Ark, and I promise you I will never hand you anything, and if you're going to try and take this off of my dead body, than do your worst Ark. Tonight, you're going back to the drawing board. Tonight, you will have to rethink everything you've spent so long trying to build up in your mind. Ark, I need to let you know something no matter how hard it hurts you, no matter how much it takes you aback. You aren't a radical, you aren't breaking the status quo, you're just giving everyone a reason to overlook you. What happens when you lose Ark? Where do you go next? You've been trying to ask yourself the question of where do you go from here? Well Ark, there's no where to go when you put every ounce of your being into something like this and still end up defeated." "Ark, I never would've thought I'd be the one to end a man's career. But if I want to get the message through to you loud and clear, I need to make a statement out of you. People always say that quitters never win, and winners never quit. Ark Universe, I have a quote of my own for you. People who never win and never quit....they're the true fools of this world." Echo Wilson gives a stone cold look at Ark Universe, Ark has been completely silent this entire time, driving onwards into the night. Ark Universe doesn't even give a look back towards Echo, but just continues driving forwards. Echo turns back to himself and look out of the window, to see the far away glimpse of the Melbourne Cricket Ground, here in Australia. Echo stays silent, he's said all he needs to say, and he brings up a fair point. Could this all be a sign for Ark Universe? Or is this just another test for Ark to overcome?
  3. NCAA WESTERN REGIONAL TOURNAMENT: Murray State Racers at Texas Tech Red Raiders MAR 1, 2019 1ST 2ND SCORE #4 Murray State () 26 38 64 #3 Texas Tech () 35 37 72 Murray State Racers STARTERS MIN FGM-A 3PM-A FTM-A REB AST STL BLK TO PTS Ja Morant 35 1-5 0-0 5-6 4 2 1 0 2 7 James Ropati 28 3-11 3-11 3-3 1 0 0 0 0 12 Sameer Bryant 34 6-12 1-4 3-3 12 0 1 0 0 16 Brion Whitley 15 1-5 0-0 1-1 3 0 0 1 2 6 KJ Williams 23 1-3 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 3 0 2 BENCH MIN FGM-A 3PM-A FTM-A REB AST STL BLK TO PTS Kai Morant 22 0-6 0-0 6-6 5 2 1 0 0 6 Texas Tech Red Raiders STARTERS MIN FGM-A 3PM-A FTM-A REB AST STL BLK TO PTS Davide Moretti 34 4-8 0-1 1-3 3 5 3 0 1 9 Matt Mooney 31 2-5 1-4 2-2 3 0 0 1 2 7 Jarrett Culver 39 6-14 1-5 4-6 8 0 1 2 1 17 Slawomir Dabrowski 39 3-11 0-7 6-8 6 1 2 0 3 12 Tariq Owens 25 1-1 0-0 0-0 2 0 0 0 1 9
  4. I'm gonna say it like Ropati and do one for every sport I watch: Football/Soccer: Barcelona (2009). They won the treble, becoming the first spanish team to do that. Messi became the best player in the world after this season. Basketball: Chicago Bulls (1995-96): Had the best record in the NBA for a long time before the Warriors, but they actually went ahead and won the championship unlike the Warriors that year. Baseball: New York Yankees (1927): So many things. They won 110 out of 150 games. Ruth hit 60 HR's, Gehrig had a record breaking batting average. It was by far the best season by any team. NFL: Miami Dolphins (1972): Purely based off the fact that they went undefeated in their NFL season. Marino is one of the GOAT QB's ever and Don Shula might be top 5 greatest NFL coaches ever.
  5. Echo Wilson

    Not Done Yet

    This BPZ show is underway, following what has been a tumultuous couple of weeks. Not just for the members of the Survival Games tournament who have been constantly fighting for the shot of their lives but for those also involved in the marquee title match featuring Echo Wilson, Necce and Flynn. From the last developments, where Necce seemed to snap and brutally injure both Flynn and Echo, the fans have been waiting in anticipation for updates on the condition of both these men. Luckily, the fans get what they want when the titantron crackles and a camera pans onto Echo Wilson who sits idly in the hospital bed. He seems a bit depressed while he checks on his cast and then looks dead into the camera. "I can't say I didn't see this coming" We just here static as Echo goes silent for a few more moments before continuing. There isn't much sound coming from the live crowd either due to their nervous energy surrounding the health and safety of "The Man of the Year". " I did warn you guys this would happen. I don't believe I would've returned to this company if I wasn't ready to weather the storm. If I wasn't prepared ahead of time to get beaten down and then get back up, than I don't know if I would've had the drive to come back. I know the risks of this and I know where somebody like Necce is coming from. Necce....you tried to kill me. And I lived. You slammed a freaking chair through my skull, you tried to strangle me with those ropes, you even tried to give me brain damage. But no matter what you tried, you couldn't put me away...and even worse you couldn't put Flynn away. At the end of the day...you're going to wish that you did kill me Necce, because I'm going to be standing across the ring from you at Survival Games PPV. No matter what these EMT's say, no matter who tells me I'm not ready....Necce you're going to go where you belong...right to hell." "So until then, the both of you, are going to have to watch at Bad Blood when I steamroll through Ark Universe, and then with every ounce of my energy, every drop of blood in my body, I will end the two of you. Ark Universe, I have to say, it's been a while since we last met in the squared circle, but I remember your performances very clearly. You took me to my limits in that Elimination Chamber match and although I walked out of the match as the victor, it is one of the few times in my career where I can say that I respected my opponents victory. But now I saw your latest tirade going on and on about how you're overlooked and let me tell you Ark Universe....if you think I'm looking past you than you're in for a surprise. Ark, I put 110 percent effort into every match, you know that. It doesn't matter who's across the ring from me, whether we're old friends, bitter rivals, people that I literally want to bury into the earth, I'll give each and every one of them the same attention and the same skill." Echo taking a new approach with this match with Ark, trying to assure Ark that he isn't being overlooked, in fact he is putting this same energy into his match at Bad Blood. "Ark, there's nothing more important to me than writing my wrongs and with you, it gives me a chance to turn over a new leaf. It gives me the opportunity to take what I did and the disgraceful things I've done in my career and show the world I've changed. Ark, this may not be about you, and it might not be obvious to everyone why you're the one standing across from me. But whatever or whoever put you in that position struck upon a gold mine. Ark Universe, there's no blood feud here, you've done nothing to prove to me that you're an enemy, so why make me one? I find it funny that you sat there just earlier and spent your entire time complaining. Not ripping into me or trying to prove why you'll best me in the ring. No, it's all about the management. Poor Ark, no one seems to care about him. Poor Ark, everything isn't handed to him. You think if I hadn't worked my ass off to get back into the ring, or even to make a name for myself before....that I would be in this position? Ark, it takes a certain fight, it takes a certain amount of heart to make it in this business, and I used to be certain that you had it within you. But when you stand there and whine about how no one sees you working, than it makes me think to myself. Ark, you're supposed to be the guy that everyone follows, that everyone adores. No matter win or loss. So act like a leader, man up and take what you can get. Show me the Ark Universe, I used to know." "So there's no warnings needed, no rebellious, teenager type of attitude. Ark, you're gonna go face to face with me, and I'm going to be at 50 percent, maybe 75 percent. Do you see me complaining about it? Yeah, Necce nearly ended my life. Yeah, I was with my family all night because they were deathly sick that line was going to go flat. But I'm here right now and I'll show you something you seem to have forgotten. There's some fight left in me, and Ark Universe, I'm not done yet." Echo Wilson shifts a bit and grimaces, but with his neck, arm and leg wrapped up, he still somehow manages to rise to his feet. The crowd cheer extremely loudly as Echo Wilson is now standing to show Ark just how much he is willing to push himself. Echo Wilson just gives a deadly stare into the camera, leaving the impression that he is numb to all of his pain, ready for the challenge at Bad Blood. Is Ark Universe going to shock all of his doubters and best Echo at Bad Blood next week? Or Will Echo Wilson return with a bang and face his Survival Games challengers head on?
  6. KUMITE: THIS IS BLOOD SPORT "Time to separate the men from the boys." ENTER BLOOD SPORT As MMA rose to popularity through UFC and their Japanese counterpart, PRIDE, the companies went from the cult following, all the way to the mainstream. Due to its new found popularity, it began to gain some tips from the world of Pro Wrestling and as did the Wrestling industry learn from Martial Arts. Professional wrestling contests soon experienced the trend of becoming more reality-based, including the across-the-board legalization of closed fist strikes. Meanwhile, the UFC learned that the best way to promote a fight was by exploiting on-air rivalries between the fighters through heated interviews and dramatic encounters straight out of the pages of pro wrestling. With laxer rules regarding weight regulations, Pride became well-known in their heyday for promoting freakshow encounters between fighters with huge size discrepancies. For the last several years, mixed martial artists have been leaving the cage and instead seeking the canvas of professional wrestling rings to ply their craft… or, in this case, their art. The mainstream popularity of MMA has propelled its competitors into widespread success in the entertainment field, be it movies or, in the case of fighters such as Ronda Rousey, Shayna Baszler, and Tom Lawlor, pro wrestling. In 2018, one such crossover star, former UFC competitor-turned-WWE NXT standout Matt Riddle, signed on with the transcendent, cultural happening of a promotion that is Game Changer Wrestling to produce a unique concept: worked MMA bouts within the confines of a ropeless professional wrestling ring. Now that Riddle has rode off into the sunset after signing a contract with WWE, Josh Barnett has taken over the mantle as the event's eponymous showrunner. A veteran main eventer of Pancrase and Pride, Josh Barnett first entered professional wrestling as part of Antonio Inoki's endeavors to intermix the worlds of worked and shoot in Japan. He recalls of his time working under Inoki in New Japan Pro Wrestling and Inoki Genome Federation that his worked bouts had elements embedded within the shoot landscape: "Like the UWF of old, there have been times where I have done 80-90% shoot work in the professional wrestling rings over there." "People from the shoot side of things, and even the general layperson, have an idea that professional wrestling is 'fake,' hokey bulls--t that amounts to just choreography and athletically goofing around. This is a perception I try to change with all I do in professional wrestling, especially every time I step in the ring. It's also always funny to me to see some MMA fighters trying to get into wrestling and struggle so hard to look even remotely competent at times and learn firsthand how this is not nearly as easy as they thought it would be. This isn't as easy to do as people might think."
  7. I've played only a few NBA game. I started out with 2k12 which was probably my favorite, I played 14, 16, 17, 18 and 19. I think I spent the most time on 2k17, playing My League and My Career though. My Favorite game mode is My League, because I did a whole lot of NBA historic sims in the last 2K game. Also, I love building teams and stuff. But a close second is my career because the stories are always fun to play.
  8. Some of my fondest gaming memories come from this game, cause I played the remastered version for the first time just this past year with all my closest friends. I wish I could be playing the sequel with them this year, but it's gonna be amazing to play this game myself this year. I loved everything about the original, probably my favorite game ever so I'm hyped.
  9. NCAA END OF SEASON LEAGUE LEADERS: _____________________________________________________________________________ COMING NEXT.......
  10. Full Name: Echo Wilson Genre: Country Music Age: 24 Sub-Genre (Can have up to 3): Pop Music, Rap Instrument (If you're a singer or a rapper then leave this blank): Acoustic Guitar and Harmonica Appearance: Backstory: Grew up on a farm in the South. He was shut out of the country music industry for a long time because he was black. But people heard his message and now he's become more famous. He has already done a lot to help younger, black country singers but he's got much more to do.
  11. KUMITE: THIS IS BLOOD SPORT "For years the rumors have circulated. Those with an ear to the ground have heard fantastic tales of an invisible organization, an organization that sponsors an international, no-holds-barred tournament pitting dedicated martial artists of all arts against each other in bare-knuckle kumite." "I've heard that it's unnecessarily brutal. Like a cockfight, except its with people." APRIL 4TH, 2019. NEW JERSEY. Thunderous chants of "Kumite! Kumite!" rain down, the roar of the rabid fans reverberating throughout White Eagle Hall. The pre-first-war building possesses character, and all adulation within its walls falls upon former UFC Heavyweight Champion "The Warmaster" Josh Barnett and Minoru Suzuki as the combatants prepare to lock horns in the opening moments of their main event bout at Bloodsport. Real recognized real as the two legendary prizefighters stood across from one another in a sixteen-by-sixteen foot ring stripped of ropes—the ubiquitous standard bearer for all that is illegitimate and gratuitously theatrical in pro wrestling—in its place emphasizing sheer brutality and violence. The gritty spectacle took place before a sold-out crowd of hundreds while thousands more watched live on pay-per-view to see the former King of Pancrase Openweight Champions engage in gladiatorial combat. A product that has been presented by Game Changer Wrestling for so long, this is the proffessional wrestling-mixed martial arts hybrid simply known as Blood Sport. Except this isn't a movie, it is happening in real life. And now its forever changing. September 14th, 2019. Another round of Blood Sport begins. From the cult classic cinema set, to the bright lights on the boardwalk of Atlantic City. Its name a callback to the vehicle of Jean-Claude Van Damme's mainstream superstardom, in 1988 audiences around the world were first introduced to the kumite: the predecessor to the UFC and the inspiration behind the Mortal Kombat franchise, Bloodsport depicts a ruthless, multi-disciplined, no-holds-barred, full-contact fighting tournament of the world's deadliest combatants. Now, three decades later, we re-enter the kumite to experience Josh Barnett's latest blockbuster hit. Welcome to Blood Sport. (Intro Inspired by this: https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2019/09/tales-from-the-mat-presents-this-is-bloodsport-659417/)
  12. 2003-04 NBA ROSTERS PART 2: CENTRAL DIVISION: TORONTO RAPTORS Toronto Raptors Depth Chart - 2003/04 STARTER 2ND 3RD 4TH PG Alvin Williams Rafer Alston Lindsey Johnson SG Vince Carter Jermaine Jackson SF LeBron James (r) Morris Peterson PF Jerome Williams Michael Bradley Maceo Baston C Antonio Davis Jelani McCoy Nate Huffman __________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHICAGO BULLS Chicago Bulls Depth Chart - 2003/04 STARTER 2ND 3RD 4TH PG Jamal Crawford Jay Williams Steve Blake (r) SG Trenton Hassell SF Jalen Rose Eddie Robinson Scottie Pippen PF Donyell Marshall Nick Collisson (r) Marcus Fizer C Tyson Chandler Eddy Curry Dalibor Bagaric __________________________________________________________________________________________________ CLEVELAND CAVALIERS Cleveland Cavaliers Depth Chart - 2003/04 STARTER 2ND 3RD 4TH PG Smush Parker Milt Palacio Jose Calderon (r) SG Ricky Davis Dajuan Walker SF Carmelo Anthony (r) Darius Miles PF Carlos Boozer Tyrone Hill Desagana Diop C Zydrunas Ilgauskas Chris Mihm Bruno Sundov __________________________________________________________________________________________________ DETROIT PISTONS Detroit Pistons Depth Chart - 2003/04 STARTER 2ND 3RD 4TH PG Chauncey Billups Michael Curry SG Richard Hamilton Jon Barry Leandro Barbosa (r) SF Corliss Williamson Tayshaun Prince PF Mehmet Okur Cliff Robinson Matt Bonner (r) C Ben Wallace Zejko Rebraca __________________________________________________________________________________________________ INDIANA PACERS Indiana Pacers Depth Chart - 2003/04 STARTER 2ND 3RD 4TH PG Jamaal Tinsley Tim Hardaway Sr. SG Reggie Miller Erick Williams Ron Mercer SF Ron Artest Al Harrington Travis Outlaw (r) PF Jermaine O Neal Austin Chroshere C Scot Pollard Primoz Brezec __________________________________________________________________________________________________ MILWAUKEE BUCKS Milwaukee Bucks Depth Chart - 2003/04 STARTER 2ND 3RD 4TH PG Kevin Ollie Marcus Banks (r) SG Ray Allen Michael Redd SF Desmond Mason Tim Thomas Joe Smith PF Toni Kukoc Jason Caffey C Anthony Mason Ervin Johnson Dan Gadzuric __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ATLANTA HAWKS Atlanta Hawks Depth Chart - 2003/04 STARTER 2ND 3RD 4TH PG Jason Terry Matt Moloney SG Dion Glover Mike Wilks Jermaine Jackson SF Glenn Robinson III Ira Newbie PF Shareef Abdur Rahim David West (r) C Theo Ratliff Alan Henderson Nazr Mohamed _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _ NEW ORLEANS HORNETS New Orleans Hornets Depth Chart - 2003/04 STARTER 2ND 3RD 4TH PG Baron Davis Robert Pack Bryce Drew SG David Wesley George Lynch SF Jamal Mashburn Zarko Carpybara (r) PF PJ Brown Kirk Haston C Jamaal Magloire Robert Traylor Jerome Moiso
  13. NOTABLE STARTING FIVES: PROJECTED STARTERS FOR 2018-19 NCAA BASKETBALL SEASON VILLANOVA MURRAY STATE PROJECTED STARTERS Jahvon Quinerly Point Guard Ja Morant Phil Booth Shooting Guard James Ropati Cole Swider Small Forward Sameer Bryant Eric Paschall Power Forward Brion Whitley H.R Pufsnuf Center KJ Williams KANSAS KENTUCKY PROJECTED STARTERS Ethan Storm Point Guard Tyler Herro Quentin Grimes Shooting Guard Bart Baller LaGerald Vick Small Forward Keldon Johnson Dedric Lawson Power Forward PJ Washington Udoka Azubike Center EJ Montgomery LSU UCLA PROJECTED STARTERS Max Banks Point Guard Jaylen Hands Javonte Smart Shooting Guard Angelo Caito Bailey Justin Small Forward Echo Wilson Emmitt Williams Power Forward Shareef O Neal Nazreon Reid Center Moses Brown TEXAS TECH MICHIGAN PROJECTED STARTERS Davide Moretti Point Guard Davide De Julius Matt Mooney Shooting Guard Charles Matthews Jarrett Culver Small Forward Ignas Brazdeikis Slawomir Dabrowski Power Forward Mikey Dikey Tariq Owens Center Jon Teske ARIZONA GONZAGA PROJECTED STARTERS Brandon Williams Point Guard Toxk Jackson Garold Graft Shooting Guard Zach Norvell JR Emmanuel Akot Small Forward DeAndre Smith Ryan Luther Power Forward Rui Hachimura Chase Jeter Center Brandon Clarke
  14. Jonathan vs. FDS: FDS Prince vs. Bart: Bart Julius vs. Kenji: Julius Group B: Smith vs. Hans: Smith Blade vs. Slim: Slim Bashka vs. Sameer: Sameer
  15. Echo Wilson

    I Decline

    The audience blows up out of nowhere, as the tune of Echo Wilson hits on the speakers. Flynn is in shock, and he begins to pace around the ring with anticipation. Echo Wilson slowly walks onto the stage casually and gives a long, hard stare at Flynn. These two have been through hell and back in the past, with Echo almost defeating Flynn once before. What does Echo want here tonight though? He's got his own match to prepare for against Ark Universe. Echo Wilson takes in the crowd, high-fiving those close to the ramp down while he remains eye contact with Flynn. Flynn has now settled himself and is completely focused on this man, "Man Of The Year". Echo grabs a microphone from his shoe and quickly tears into it. "Long time no see....old friend." The silence can be cut through with a knife. Echo calls this man a friend, as they have been on a Survivor Series team together in the past, but on this occassion...you have to guess they arent on friendly terms. "I hear you're looking for a credible wrestler, I hear you're searching for a true talent. Flynn, you know as well as I, that there is a true talent standing right in front of you now. So what are you going to do about it? You're gonna run away scared, like you are to Necce right now. The career that man has had deserves a shot at your title regardless. The record that he has against you, earns him a shot at your title. But he's not the only one who has a right to that title on your shoulder. In case you forgot Flynn, both me and Necce played a part in helping to unify that title on your shoulder. I was the one in the first place who held that Global Title and gave you the wealth of gold upon your shoulder. I told Bart this personally, and I'll say it to you. My business with that title you hold so proudly on your shoulder....It is far from finished. Until, my race has run and until my journey with that belt has run its course...I will not stop. I will not falter until my goal is reached Flynn. And I will come back, and I will return just like I have done today with a vengeance. Because not only do I have unfinished history with your title...I have unfinished history with you." "Let's roll back the clock to the night of Halloween Havoc 2017 where I came fingertips away from ending your first Universal Title reign. When, if it were not for the Order and their slimy selves, I would've taken your belt and your pride. I almost beat you Flynn, and you seem to forget that your iron and steel protected title reign was essentially breached by me. And that won't be the last time I take you to your limits Flynn. That won't be the last time I outclass you." Those last words ring around the stadium as Echo Wilson takes a breath. Echo Wilson is asking for a tall order, Flynn said it himself. There is almost nobody who has ever outclassed Flynn, old or new. "So you Declined Necce? You're looking for a worthy challenger? You don't even have to wait till this tournament is over, you don't even have to run away. You can face me like I have done to you, you can face me man to man, Man of the Year to New Man. We'll reignite our old wars, we'll put on a spectacle. I'm not asking for a free opportunity at your title Flynn, I'm asking for what I deserve and that is a shot at your point of adoration. Because that title has a part of me in it, and until that piece is expelled, You'll never be the sole and worthy savior or champion of any kind in this company. Flynn....my blood runs deep with you. I'll give you something that isn't a waste of anyone's time. If you really want to give a show at Survival Games PPV, then face me...and I'll give you something thats worth your while. I'll return in the grandest fashion, winning the Undisputed Championship and reliving a dream that should've been mine from Day 1." "Let's have heart to heart, talk a bit on a personal level. We all know what you're looking for, something that Necce has lost. I wouldn't have come out here if it wasn't on my mind for so long. I wouldn't have approached you here to tonight, on a whim. This has been the result of months and months of interior thought and discussion. This has been the fruits of all of the months I have shied away. Flynn, if you think this is a decision that I haven't taken lightly, then you'd be wrong. I've had time to watch, and I'll tell you this, My job here is to end guys like you. People who herald themselves as fake saints, and act as if they're saving when they're only causing more harm. I can't let that slide Flynn. If you decide to do what you're itching to do and beat me up for speaking up...then the whole world will know. You act on impulse, and you're truly and utterly afraid of what I can do to you Flynn." "There's no mercy for the wicked Flynn....you don't have the slightest idea of what's coming your way." Echo Wilson lets the microphone in his hand fall to his hip and he takes a step forward, putting even more physical pressure onto Flynn. Will Flynn be able to decline this challenge?

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