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  1. Name: Echo Wilson Nationality: American Skin Tone: Tanned Height: 6 foot 2 inches Weight: 200 lbs Position/Play Style: Left Wing//Creative Playmaker
  2. Name: Echo Wilson Which wrestler do you want to look like?: Noam Dar Birth Date: 27/10/95 Gender: Male Race: White Nationality: American What Languages do you speak?: English, Spanish Based in/What Promotion are you in: USA, Japan, UK Body Type: Muscular Size (Weight Class): Cruiserweight Maximum Size (Weight Class): Heavyweight Moveset: Adam Cole Face or Heel: Heel Finishers: Beautiful Disaster, Stardust Stomp Style of Wrestling: Technical Any other things we should know?: No
  3. Name: Echo Wilson Nationality: American Club: PSG Skin Tone: Tan Height: 6 foot 2 inches Weight: 200 lbs Position/Play Style: Striker/Advanced Forward: Main goal is to Lead the line, and spearhead the attacking moves.
  4. WCW Souled Out 1998 - WCW World Heavyweight Championship match Sting (c) vs. Kevin Nash vs. The Giant Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair - WCW United States Championship match Curt Hennig (c) vs. Diamond Dallas Page - WCW World Tag Team Championships No Disqualifications match The Steiner Brothers w/ Ted DiBiase (c) vs. Faces of Fear w/ Jimmy Hart - WCW Cruiserweight Championship match Eddie Guerrero (c) vs. Ultimo Dragon Goldberg vs. Wrath - Steel Cage match Chris Benoit vs. Raven Bonus Questions Which match will score highest on the card? Sting vs Nash vs Giant Which wrestler will score the highest in-ring performance? Sting
  5. "Life is a daily grind. For most people, its just the repetitive circle of work, sleep and eat. Hours upon hours spent in the office, when they could be outside doing something much more fun with their lives. Those people are what you'd call robots. But for the chosen few....life is about to change. Welcome to BPZ Love Island.....where 8 sexy singles will quit their jobs, throw away their boring office lives and try and find love in paradise. We come to you live from Navagio, Greece where these islanders will all eat, sleep and graft their ways to the possible chance of 50,000 pounds." "Now its time to meet the islanders...." ____________________________ Signup Sheet (Each signup should include one girl and one boy in their signups): Name: Age: Occupation: Gender: Hometown: Bio/Personality Why did your character come to Love Island: Appearance:
  6. First Name: Echo Last Name: Wilson Position: Center Nick Name: "The Supernova" Height: 5 foot 11 inches Weight: 200 lbs Date of Birth: August 7th, 1997 Nationality: Canadian City of Birth: Vancouver Preferred Jersey Number: 17 Right or Light: Left Physical, Non Physical, or Neutral: Neutral Player Type: Forwards PlayMaker Starting Junior League: Canada Western Hockey League Hidden Attributes: Strengths: Big Games, Ambition, Intelligence Weaknesses: Sportsmanship, Coachability Mental Attributes: Strengths: Leadership and Mental Toughness Weaknesses: Aggression Physical Attributes: Strengths: Speed and Acceleration Weaknesses: Fighting and Strength
  7. MVP: Russell Westbrook ROTY: Zion Williamson MIP: Jaylen Brown DPOY: Rudy Gobert 6MOTY: Lou Williams Eastern Conference Champs: Milwaukee Western Conference Champs: Lakers NBA Champs: LA Lakers Finals MVP: LeBron James
  8. TKO WRESTLING | TKO PRESENTS: RAMPAGE | NYC ARENA AUSTIN ARIES vs THE VELVETEEN DREAM TKO Wrestling Pay Per Views are back and tonight we have Rampage. A fitting name for a show that will definitely cause a huge wave in the industry. All of the titles will be defended, new challengers will be crowned and some of the most bitter rivals will settle their scores tonight. Speaking of bitter rivals, we see Aries vs Dream is coming up first. Aries was all set up for his Global Title chase and then came the freight train in Velveteen Dream. The Dream blindsided Aries last PPV and derailed his title hopes. Tonight it's time for Aries to set himself on the right track again. This match was technical and it was more of a mind game than a fight. Aries and Dream played this match like a chess game, each anticipating each other's moves ahead of the other. Because of how well these two knew each other and the study they must've put in, this match was deadlocked for almost all of it. Only after Aries locked in the Last Chancery in the center of the ring would this match end, a hugely important victory for Aries. Aries celebrates in the ring, and you can tell how much this means to him. He isn't done yet however as he grabs a microphone, warning the man who walks out with the Global Championship, we will hunt them down. WINNER: AUSTIN ARIES TIMOTHY THATCHER & ZACK SABRE JR vs ILJA DRAGUNOV & ALEXANDER WOLFE Absolute Mayhem. Imperium has run this company through absolute mayhem. Part of that reason is the unpredictable and consistently mad Ilja Dragunov and the brutality and sheer cold exterior that Alexander Wolfe puts on. This feud was sparked upon Thatcher's brave refusal to bow down to Imperium, leading to Dragunov vs Thatcher at the last PPV, SuperBrawl. Because of Thatcher's loss, he called upon Zack Sabre JR for backup, but Dragunov had all of the support he need in Alexander Wolfe. This match is going to be a chaotic fest. The match was all over the place and what was going to be a technical, submission based, hard hitting affair quickly proved to be much more. It was hardcore due to the stiff chops to the chest from Dragunov, and it was high flying as exhibited by Wolfe's unhuman feats of agility. But it would be a surprising amount of team work by Thatcher and Sabre, eventually leading to Stereo Arm Bars in the center of the ring. With no help in sight, Dragunov and Wolfe tapped out at the same time. Thatcher and Sabre Jr would celebrate as Dragunov and Wolfe walk off, it would be a very sweet moment for these two men. They shake hands just like the weeks before, and they raise each others arms. We can audbily hear Thatcher screaming "This is the Rebellion!", as it looks like Sabre JR and Thatcher are the forefront of the order against Imperium. WINNER: TIMOTHY THATCHER AND ZACK SABRE JR BEST OF 5 SERIES - MATCH #5: CEDRIC ALEXANDER vs JEFF COBB Two months in the making, since Cedric and Cobb's paths would cross. The two would go to war 4 times, and many more on the mic in the pursuit of earning a chance here in TKO. The two have gone through every test and every challenge to make it here today. We recap with Jeff Cobb's electric start to this series, where he took a quick 2-0 lead. But Cedric Alexander snapped, and tied the game at 2. Tonight it's all or nothing. Cobb vs Alexander, winner gets the golden chase. This match would be extremely different than all of the rest. No more big chances, both men began the match playing it safe. Cobb was more than happy to take things slow though, keeping Cedric grounded, but when Cedric Alexander finally broke free of his clutches, it was off to the races. Both men with so much heart, were back and forth the entire time. Until a sudden Lumbar Check, broke it. Cedric wouldn't be done there hitting a 2nd and then finally a 3rd to knock Jeff Cobb out cold. Cedric Alexander would wipe the sweat off his face and cover for the 1....2...3! Cedric Alexander has completed one of the most heartfelt journeys in TKO Wrestling! Cedric was out for count with 2 losses in a row to Cobb but somehow, someway it was destined for this moment to come. In what will surely be remembered as the most heartfelt moment in TKO History, Cedric cries in the middle of the ring. Earning the opportunity he was striving for, for so long. WINNER: CEDRIC ALEXANDER TKO GLOBAL TITLE MATCH: DAVID STARR (c) vs KENTA vs JOEY JANELA When David Starr walked out of Super Brawl PPV with the Global Championship it proved that heroes can be rewarded and that in some way, the good will prevail in the end. Despite the threats coming from every which way, Starr stuck it through and now he's here in a sick twist of fate. KENTA, already one title shot down. This could be it for KENTA's title hopes. Then we have Janela, who might be an underdog on paper, but is quite more like a dark horse, and a loose cannon. This match was ultimate chaos, with three different styles on display. Starr brought his usual methodical scientific wrestling array, KENTA layed into both men with kicks to the chest and Janela was just a living danger to the ringside crew and himself. He would repeatedly perform crazier and crazier daredevil stunts until he bit himself in the foot. He went too far and Starr took advantage, throwing KENTA out of the ring and hitting a Jewish Cannon for the victory WINNER: DAVID STARR ARIES NEVER FORGETS: David Starr doesn't even get time to celebrate as the music theme of Austin Aries hits, leaving Starr with his head bowed in disappointment. He cannot catch a break. Aries, fresh off a win over The Dream, smirks and uses his microphone to rip into Starr a little bit, mocking him and his fairytale story. Austin Aries says he made a promise one month ago, and he will continue to deliver on it at David Starr's expense. He will add another title to the trophy case. TKO X DIVISION TITLE MATCH: EL PHANTASMO (c) vs TAIJI ISHIMORI This match has been waiting to happen since the introduction of the X Division, and it was inevitable that these two would clash down the line. Phantasmo shocked everyone by cutting Bandido's reign short, and moving on without him in the title picture. Ishimori on the other hand, has been painted a villain. He has been made to look like a traitor by Phantasmo, and has done nothing wrong but look out for himself. This match was kicked up a notch by the debuts of Joaquin Wilde and Mark Andrews and they faced off in a tag match with all of the odds of the winner in favor for this match. Ishimori won that bout. Phantasmo and Ishimori continued to do the same mind blowing chain wrestling sequences and high flying flips like they have done the past 2 months. Phantasmo would come with a little bit more force than Ishimori and it would prove, The man would be a much darker version of himself and he channeled that well into this fight. Ishimori by the end of the match, was left scrambling and Phantasmo simply hit his signature maneuver to win the match. El Phantasmo retains in 1...2..3. After the match, Joaquin Wilde and Mark Andrews would both run to the ring to check up on their friends, showing that the support is still there. Wilde wears his signature DJ headset and next to the shiny jacket of Phantasmo they raise each others arms and the title. We can almost see an evil glint in Wilde's eyes though as he looks the championship up and down, this isn't as rock solid a partnership as it seems. WINNER: EL PHANTASMO ADAM COLE IS NOT ALONE: It's almost time for our three way main event which will be classic in every department, but first we see a stern looking Adam Cole backstage. He speaks about the ensuing title match, saying that he will become TKO Undisputed Champion, and if not....he has a contingency plan. This leaves the crowd in mystery and edge of their seats. Cole reminds us of the mystery men who TKO signed a few weeks ago, saying he put in a personal good word of his own to the General Manager....but who could it be? TKO UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP: AJ STYLES (c) vs WALTER vs ADAM COLE As if the stakes couldn't be higher tonight, it's Styles the champ, vs WALTER the Imperium leader and Adam Cole the man with a plan. AJ Styles has been riddled with injuries and his promo a few weeks ago really stood out as to what sort of tests he's been going through, it might be a miracle if he retains this title. On the other side of the coin, it's WALTER who has been a constant chaser of the belt to no successs thus far. WALTER and his stable Imperium are running roughshod however over TKO Wrestling and this could be it for WALTER finally. Adam Cole lastly, has put himself in the position of the dark horse. He could be the difference maker for himself, or any of the other two men to resolve this match. It would be back and forth between all three men, the entire bout with almost little to no separation of any kind between these 3 men's work. Style, WALTER and Cole were all technical machines, with a little flair to the side for each man. WALTER's chops were nasty as ever, and Styles was more agile than we've ever seen him. Lastly Cole was thinking smart, and seemed to have a load weighed off of him. WALTER looked about to win the match, when Adam Cole interfered, throwing WALTER out to the apron and leaving him and Styles. Styles would attack and the two would duke it until WALTER would get revenge, tossing out Adam Cole. He unfortunately wouldn't see AJ there, ready with a forearm from the apron and then 1...2...3! AJ STYLES RETAINS! WINNER: AJ STYLES Post Match, AJ Styles can be seen celebrating, while WALTER is storming to the back. Adam Cole is on the outside, and can be seen just smirking to himself. He checks his lip for blood and then begins to turn his back to Styles. Styles looks on in confusion when he should be looking behind him! That's ReDragon! Kyle O Reilly! Bobby Fish! This is the contingency plan! Styles is laid out on the mat! UnDisputed Era has officially arrived here in TKO Wrestling! Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O Reilly are now the most dangerous trio in TKO!
  9. TKO WRESTLING | ANARCHY PART 12 'VIOLENCE AND THE SACRED' | NYC ARENA MARK ANDREWS AND TAIJI ISHIMORI vs EL PHANTASMO AND JOAQUIN WILDE This is the prelude to the X Division Title match at Rampage PPV. Both Mandrews and Joaquin Wilde shocked the world with their TKO debuts. But now its time to test their mettle against each other. On the other side of the coin, Ishimori and Phantasmo have been long time friends and enemies, this could be the end of the road for them both. The match turned out to be chaos as expected but the team of Phantasmo and Wilde picked up their much important win tonight. Wilde gets the pin on Mandrews and the 4 face off in the center of the ring. Could this be a future X Division Title match? Winner: JOAQUIN WILDE AND EL PHANTASMO David Starr would be seen cutting a promo in the middle of the ring, talking about how the backstab by KENTA was uncalled for and his time has come and gone with the title belt. But the crowd begins to drown Starr out as they spot KENTA lurking behind Starr, unbeknownst to him. Just as KENTA is about to strike, Janela comes running out and beats on KENTA like a mad man. The two begin to brawl as Starr watches on with a shocked expression. TIMOTHY THATCHER vs ALEXANDER WOLFE Thatcher and Wolfe go at it after the heavy win Thatcher picked up over Wolfe and Dragunov last week, teaming with Sabre JR. Speaking of Sabre and Dragunov, both men are at ringside for this match. The match is going adequately when the action spills to the floor. Dragunov takes a cheap shot, leading to Zack coming to the rescue. The two would push themselves over the barrier and into the crowd. Wolfe who is forgetting completely about the match, follows the two into the crowd and Thatcher begins to attack Wolfe as well. By the end, all 4 men are brawling in the crowd, and the count out bell rings, neither man has won this match. They don't seem to care however as they brawl until the ad break. Winner: DRAW (DOUBLE COUNTOUT) We get back from the ads and these 4 men are still going at it, however Dieter JR gets himself involved now and the numbers game finally tips the scales. At the end of the massive bloody fight, Imperium stands tall with EMT's coming to heal the wounds of Sabre JR and Thatcher, this match is going to be unbelievably bloody and stiff. Jeff Cobb and Cedric Alexander are standing on either side of the ring from each other, simply staring each other down. Between them is a wall of security and our GM, Hulk Hogan. The tension is palpable and the stakes could not be higher. The score is 2-2 and the next match is the decider. At Rampage PPV, it will be winner takes all. The one remaining on top will be the one to earn the next title shot. ADAM COLE vs ZACK RYDER Adam Cole has been granted his chance and this is his time to prove he's the top of the food chain here in TKO. It's been ever so close constantly for the man and Cole is going to be the one to prove that he's more than just a main event talent, he's a champion worthy talent. Tonight it was Ryder who had the unfortunate luck of being the opponent of this driven version of Adam Cole as he would steamroll his way through into the pin and the victory. Winner: ADAM COLE Keeping in with this week's theme of uncontrolled violence, it would WALTER's turn to attack as he would blindside Adam Cole during his post match celebrations. WALTER would lay into Adam Cole with no remorse, blaming Cole for this unfortunate triple threat position he's in. AJ Styles comes in with an effort to try and save Adam Cole but Cole mistakes Styles for WALTER and pushes him down. The two look at each other for a moment before brawling themselves, inciting a 3 way war. KENTA vs JOEY JANELA This is the match we've been waiting to see. We all thought KENTA was over with the TKO Global Title but he obviously has punched his way into the match at TKO Rampage. Janela and KENTA would go one on one in their own prelude to the massive fight come Rampage and it would be a doozy. It would be hard hitting, it would be stiff, it would be everything you'd expect from a maniac wrestler like Janela and a hardcore striker like KENTA. This match was strong style and hardcore heaven all in one. KENTA would prove that maybe he was the right man to be in the match however, defeating Janela with a Go 2 Sleep. If he can do that at Rampage, he will be Global Champ. Winner: KENTA
  10. TKO WRESTLING | ANARCHY PART 11 'THE LIGHTNING KID' | NYC ARENA ZACK SABRE JR AND TIMOTHY THATCHER vs SINGH BROTHERS It's time as we continue our road to Rampage PPV. This is the first test of many for the budding team of Sabre and Thatcher. It's a test run of sorts against the Singhs. The two started out rocky, with things slowly sorting themselves out through the match. The two fought through the kinks in the machine and did end up as the victors of the match, Thatcher and Sabre would smile and celebrate separately, before shaking hands in the middle of the ring. The respect is there, this will be the duo to take down Imperium? Winner: ZACK SABRE JR and TIMOTHY THATCHER The match would not end happy at all however, as Imperium would get their revenge on the hot streak of Thatcher/Sabre and attack them from behind. Behind the pitch black shirts are the huge figures of Ilja Dragunov and Alexander Wolfe. However the tables are turned on Imperium once again as now the numbers game has been evened out. Wolfe and Dragunov end up retreating up the ramp from where they came. AUSTIN ARIES vs MOJO RAWLEY Aries has not forgotten the trouble he's been through involving the Velveteen Dream this past month and he proves to himself and to everyone tonight that he is the real deal still. Aries is ready for this opportunity and to beat Dream he will become #1 contender to the Global Title. Aries would face Rawley in the mean time making short work of the Hype Bro big man, leading to the easy victory. Winner: AUSTIN ARIES Post Match, Aries would grab a microphone and force the music to cut. He would remind everyone of his primary goal to win the Global Championship and he says that Dream will regret ever getting in the way of him and that dream. The lights go purple and out comes Dream for the first time, allowing these two to face off face to face, no blindsides. Velveteen Dream doesn't seem fazed in any way and Aries is purely laser focused. David Starr is here and is hosting a contract signing for the Global Championship bout between him and Joey Janela. Starr and Janela trade blows off each other, eventually both signing the contract. However just when the signing looks to be over, KENTA the man Starr beat for the title, brutally attacks both men and leans over with the pen in his hand, signing the contract above both mens signatures. MARK ANDREWS VS SAMMY GUEVARA The real shocker from last week's show was the debut of Mark Andrews in TKO and how he took Guevara by storm and surprise. This week, its their highly anticipated affair, to finally see how Andrews will do in TKO Wrestling. The answer was quite good. The match was amazing, with flips and high dives and both men were stuntmen tonight but the real show was from Andrews and how he effortlessly connected to the crowd and became an overnight favorite in TKO. Mandrews would use this excitement to fuel him to a much needed victory over Guevara. Winner: MARK ANDREWS After the match, everything would be going fine until El Phantasmo comes out to confront Mark Andrews. Phantasmo looks to be in a nasty mood, and is begging for trouble with the newest X Division star. Phantasmo begins to push and shove when out of nowhere Ishimori comes in to scare Phantasmo off. Only to the outside however when suddenly a worrying smile creeps onto Phantasmo's face...FROM BEHIND! JOAQUIN WILDE! Out of nowhere the newest face in the X Division, Joaquin Wilde blindsides Ishimori from behind and then plants the shocked Mark Andrews. Phantasmo had an ace up his sleeve the whole time! Wilde and Phantasmo pose as we head to our main event. CEDRIC ALEXANDER vs JEFF COBB This is now or never for Cedric Alexander, he may have gotten the surprise win over Cobb last time out, but Cobb will not be so wary this time out. And he will come in an mindset to dominate. However with a still as aggresive Jeff Cobb coming at Cedric Alexander, Cedric would appear to have his own mindset shifted. There is not an ounce of his body that isn't striving for this title shot. Cedric Alexander who hit the Lumbar Check to pick up a win that nearly no one expected. What a comeback this has been from Cedric Alexander, making the right adjustments at the right time. Now it's gonna be down to the final match at Rampage PPV, winner takes all. Winner: CEDRIC ALEXANDER
  11. TKO WRESTLING | ANARCHY PART 10 'THE PURCHASE' | NYC ARENA Hulkster himself is here in attendance tonight, with a number of special announcements to make here tonight. First off Hogan expresses his excitement for the matches coming soon and announces our 3rd PPV for TKO.....RAMPAGE! But this isn't all. With an aura of mystique, Hulk would say that TKO had made some acquisitions, a monumental purchase that will shake up TKO Wrestling. WALTER vs PETEY WILLIAMS It's been a crazy road for WALTER to get to this point. He missed out on becoming #1 Contender at first but after Imperium began to click, they have been unstoppable. Yet the main goal of the TKO Undisputed Title has evaded him. This match would be yet another reason of proof for WALTER's dominance. He'd pick up an easy win. But this would not be all he wants tonight. Winner: WALTER Following this match, it would be WALTER who would call out his rival, AJ Styles and demands his owed rematch for the belt. WALTER would begin to speak about how he will not make the same mistakes against Styles this time. But as it turns out, he's not the only one with title intentions...Adam Cole. Cole would come out to approach WALTER and says that he deserves his own title shot after defeating Sabre JR. The two would face off, with no intereference from Styles, leaving the audience curious. SAMMY GUEVARA vs TAKA MICHINOKU Guevara and Michinoku, one forgotten wrestler, another debut for TKO. Guevara, who has been overlooked in the X Division thus far due to the bitter Ishimori, Bandido, Phantasmo feud. But tonight Sammy would show where his true mettle is, and face off against one of the more brutal X Division members in Taka Michinoku. Michinoku is a legend and would prove that tonight but Guevara had the youth on his side and took the win tonight. Winner: SAMMY GUEVARA Post Match, Sammy Guevara would be seen celebrating, keeping himself genuine and humble. Suddenly the lights would flash off and the mystery would begin to build. The tension rises until a fun, colorful entrance video would play, it reads...The Lightning Kid. Mark Andrews, to the shock of the audience would come out and stand on the stage. He keeps his distance, but makes his message clear, pointing to Guevara and then back at Mandrews himself. He wants a match. A video plays highlighting the fight so far between Cedric Alexander and Jeff Cobb. We see Jeff Cobb pick up the first 2 wins before Alexander would begin the climb back with a solid Match 3 victory. It will take a herculean effort from Cedric to come back from 2-0 down but Cedric we know has heart. On the other hand, Cobb will be shook from his loos but expect to be in much more focus come this match. Round 4 of 5 will take place next week...it's gonna be trouble. We see Thatcher who is backstaged. He is hurting and be visibly seen with multiple bandages strapped along his body. He doesn't look to be in the good place. Thatcher speaks and reflects slowly on the attacks by Imperium and his war with Dragunov. But he promises, that just because he is beaten, does not mean he will lay down. But he knows the numbers game and so he has found a partner to help watch his back and that man is ...... ZACK SABRE JR! ZACK SABRE JR vs ILJA DRAGUNOV Hot off the announcement of Thatcher's newest partner and the news that Sabre JR and Thatcher will be pairing up to take on the devil that is Imperium, it's time for Sabre to test his skill against the big man of Imperium. Sabre JR would not only be doing this as a favor, he has bad blood himself with Imperium because of WALTER. This match was a show on all fronts. It was brutal, it was technical and it was skillful. Both men were all over each other from the bell and it would not cease until Sabre JR cut the momentum with a quick submission. The choke hold locked in by Sabre would catch Dragunov off guard and force him to tap. Winner: ZACK SABRE JR

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