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  1. Echo Wilson

    Smarks Daily

    LADIES, GENTLEMAN, CHILDREN OF ALL AGES! IT'S WHY TIME! So you see, friends. I took a one week hiatus, I know, very rude of me. I'll tell you why I took my hiatus. Cause I had no ideas for this show. The world of BPZ wrestling has been a little more than dead recently, and this week, we've kicked these back up a notch, on the road to Survivor Series. I would like have a moment of remembrance for BPZ Commentaries though, who have recently fallen short of their own ideas. SIKE! I think they've gone under as a company, and that means. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Let us celebrate! OH WHY, OH WHY, OH WHY! IT'S THE WHY SERIES! WHY BPZ BRAGGING RIGHTS 2 SHOULD BE CANCELLED Bragging Rights, the annual predecessor for BPZ Mania, where EVOLVE faces off against Carnage in a general dream card. Last year, it was more than a little controversial. With more talent and bodies at the time, Carnage completed a clean sweep of the blue brand. On all fronts they were more successful than EVOLVE and people were seriously upset at the burial EVOLVE faced, and oh so close to BPZ Mania where Slim and Smith, two EVOLVE stars, were set to do battle in the main event. It was seriously worrying and it gave BPZ more headaches than they originally expected. So why should Bragging Rights 2, if its even in the books, be cancelled? Simply because the way it is built. There is no way, with the current format, to make a fair fight. Naturally, the way it is created, the way it plays out, the brand that has the most stockpiled talent is the winner. Last year, that was Carnage. A lot EVOLVE wasn't on TV and they paid the price for it at Bragging Rights. Honestly, I don't want it to be cancelled. We aren't getting a proper Survivor Series 5 v 5 match this year so it would be nice to get one at Bragging Rights. But the way this is laid out, we aren't gonna get anything but another clean sweep. So wipe the tears off your faces, We are getting a large dose of Faction Warfare at the moment that should make up for the lack of Brand Warfare. All is good in the world of BPZ, we are avoiding a potential banana skin. Tune into Survivor Series this weekend, Evolution vs Kingdom. Be there or be square. Bragging Rights seems to be off the table so we need to make the most of what we've got now. Faction Warfare is upon us. WHY THESE 6 MEN SHOULD BE THE FINAL 6 IN THE NEXT ROYAL RUMBLE Are there really 6 men who deserve a Royal Rumble Final 6 moment more than these 6? Echo Wilson, Joshua Scott, Jason Ryan, Bart, FDS and Hollow. Echo Wilson has been heavily linked with the Royal Rumble win. He's probably deserving of it as well and if we're gonna head into BPZ Mania with the Kingdom Triple Threat in mind than either Echo or Bart needs to win the Rumble to make it a possibility. Echo Wilson is currently the Universal Champion and it would be a trouble having him presumably defend the Universal Championship and fight for the World Championship in the same night. BPZ does have a trend of putting major Universal Title matches on BPZ Mania, Flynn vs Necce was the biggest example of this. Echo would have to do war at Mania for the title in a similar fashion which does make his case slightly weaker. Maybe he co main events? 2nd is Joshua Scott, this is purely to reward him for his constant hard work. Josh as I've stated on earlier episodes, he has a lot of backstage playing power. This could be a good use of his backstage power. I seriously doubt that any amount of playing power would be enough for BPZ to give Josh a BPZ Mania main event, but this would just be a feel good inclusion for the fans. Joshua's story with Green could be overcome as he makes the Final 6. 3rd is probably the most deserving out of all 6 of these guys, Jason Ryan. His Premium Title win was up there with one of the best title wins of all of the year, and he has blown up in BPZ as basically the figurehead, or the stand out of the Flock group. Now a Jason Ryan vs Julius feud would be bad ass, and it would also give room for Echo and Bart to feud for the Uni Title if that's what they want to do. Jason makes a helluva lot of sense going forwards, he could have a similar rise to stardom as Julius did. Speaking of Bart, he's got to be a favorite for the Royal Rumble winner. For similar reasons as Echo actually. But more than that. Bart is a spectacular worker and he's beyond worthy of a BPZ Mania Main event. He's a little more World Title Division ready than Echo which would mean he's more likely to not win the Rumble and just get there naturally. 5th man is the surprise return of the match, F.D.S. FD has been gone for some time and what was once remembered as one of the most crazy gimmicks in BPZ history, is now on the road to redemption. We have seen more than a few videos on live TV hinting at his return to Carnage and it would make sense for him to be up there in the Top 6 of the Rumble this year. It would be huge for the former IC champ to get his return on the right mark and maybe even a chance at a major BPZ Mania sort of match. Lastly, we have Hollow. A man who continues to prove himself time after time. Not many will say that he's worthy of a BPZ Mania main event but he's definitely up there in terms of guys who deserve a long rumble run. Hollow would be a perfect candidate for the ironman in this match and could go from a very low number to an extremely high one. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! THAT IS GONNA DO IT! THE WHY'S HAVE BEEN ALL WHY'D! DING DONG! COMMENTARIES IS DEAD, BPZ COMMENTARIES IS DEAD! DING DONG! DING DONG!
  2. Echo Wilson

    Fate and The Fearless

    This is Carnage. These fans are the BPZ Universe. We're here to witness another week as we roll onwards to Survivor Series. The biggest event of the season for BPZ and it's being highlighted by 2 of the biggest matches BPZ has ever seen. First off, its Career vs Career, as one man will see their storied road fall short, its Flynn vs Necce. But that is not all. In the semi main event, its faction warfare as The Kingdom, the driving forces of the new era take on the reformative Evolution, the gatekeepers of the company. Can Kingdom break through and truly take his company by storm? Will Evolution remain steady and sure footed in their quest to bring about the demise of the three greatest young superstars in the company. We will have to find answer to that question, but first, we have a special show to bring to you. And it begins with the Kingdom, together, as one. The Kingdom is in full force tonight! Bart, Julius, Echo, the faces of the new age. Julius looks menacing as ever, holding his two titles over his shoulders, but he's not center stage this time around. Now it's Echo's turn taking the middle ground as he carries his newly defended Universal Championship. This is the first time we've seen Echo Wilson since his brutal singles match with Hollow. This is also the first time we've seen Bart, who holds his umbrella in one hand, and the Intercontinental Championship on the other shoulder. These three fighters look decked out as they prepare for their next wave of blows to Evolution. Bart, Echo and Julius all enter the ring from different sides and meet in the middle. The reaction from the crowd as The Kingdom taunt is palpable, they absolutely despise these three, no matter how much they succeed. Echo Wilson pulls the mic out of his shoe, it seems like he's the one to start this. "What are we going to do about this, huh?" A sudden override of boos and jeers come from the crowd. The last thing they want is to hear from the Kingdom right now. "Why do we have to be the bad guys here? I mean, are we not the ones saving you from your dark past? Are we not, bringing out a new age of glory? You see, Evolution happen to represent everything wrong with BPZ, they promote all of the devilry, all of the pain and sorrow you all had to go through. Back when we weren't here to make your ticket worth it. It's no matter though. When the dust settles, when the smoke clears, the truth will be known, and it will be as clear as day. Kingdom will be standing triumphant and that's the only conclusion to this saga. No rewinding of the tape, no calls for a return to the old guard, we're going to make sure that Evolution stay grounded forever, whatever they choose to do once we destroy their confidence is up to them but Evolution is their illusion. You see, at the end of the day, their delusions of grandeur will fade into obscurity. It will become so mangled, that we won't even remember what Evolution are fighting for. You see, our purpose, as a trio, it's clear. We want the power, we hold it right now and this is the last line of defense for all of those trampled under our feet. When you make it so far, you can't help but make enemies. You can't help but leave behind people who despise you, they'll try and fight it, but they'll fail. Evolution are so far underdeveloped that we dwarf them. We leave them in our dust. I'm not gonna play this off lightly, I'm not going to spare any drop of blood possible. We're here to make a statement and when we destroy the gatekeepers. When we take what's been out of our grasp for so long, it's going to feel beyond magnificent. When we grab those imaginary brass rings, we'll truly and finally be the top dogs of BPZ. The future is now, the future is before you, the future is waiting for your approval. Will you stand by the infidels? Will you watch as the train leaves the station without you on it? Are you going to really let yourself be blinded by Evolution's fake ideals of grandeur? We're on top, we will stay on top. We say what happens around here and if the "boss" and his band of goons think its right to take us out, than they have a another thing coming. Bailey, it continues to boggle my mind that you happen to luck upon 3 of the next big things in this industry and you take every ample opportunity to treat us like we're just another employee. It continues to blow my mind that you continue to undermine us and underrate our abilities. You are a lucky man but you don't know what to do with wealth. We are your life Bailey. We make you success, we feed your ego. Yet all you pay us back with is trying to screw us out of our well deserved opportunities. We breed and feed you Bailey, yet you treat us like we're common trash. You have a prize, three prizes, and the system has put you on top, with the supposed ability to "boss us around". The hierarchy has given you a power that not many men have, but you still don't use it effectively. You still don't treat us like the stars we are. That's where you're going to regret everything, because if you don't give us the reigns, than we'll take them ourselves. We're the captains now. We have the ability to make or break your career. Believe in that. Next is you Flynn. It also boggles my mind that you can call yourself friends with Bailey. After all of the times you've betrayed him, after all of the times you've left for greener grass. You are nothing but a snake and Bailey is too blinded by your success to see that you're only in it for yourself. Where do I start with you Flynn? Necce, Bailey, Ross. You have no loyalty to anyone or anything and that'll cost you. I can see right through your fake bull shit Flynn. You may have bad blood with all of us, but you still don't have any good blood with these two hogs. You're goign to use them, you're going to borrow them for a month before disposing of them. That's what all guys like you do right? Climb over others to get to the top. But you want Evolution to carry you through your career match, but quite frankly I hope you lose. I hope that your career ends so I can see Evolution fall apart just as fast as it started. You made me, you are going to be ended by me Flynn. Count your hours, be prepared, we're going to put your ass halfway in the grave until Necce kills you for good. Lastly.....Ginge. You got more than you bargained for, eh? You thought this was going to be a walk in the park? Oh boy were you wrong, Bart showed you up fair and square. If I may be blunt Ginge, you're the weak link are you not? I'm sure you'd agree yourself. You can't beat one of us, you'll never beat 3 of us. Or maybe its just ring rust? Maybe it's just you getting back into the groove of things. I'll let you off the hook if you wanna stoop down to that excuse. The issue is you have nothing to blame it on if you lose with your brothers at Survivor Series. I'm willing to bet that you go right back to your basement where you've been camping for the last 2 years once this feud is over. Cause you're not in it to be loyal to your brothers. You're in it for an extra paycheck, a little taste of what life used to be like. So that makes not one but both of Bailey's chosen allies, proving to be unreliable. Both of Bailey's so called friends, don't really wanna be here. If someone gave them money for not doing anything, they'd take it in a heartbeat over having the burden of being the focus of blame for Bailey. So much hatred, so much menace. Ginge you're just a figment of our past. A passing sensation, a feel good moment that is now gone. Fade to irrelevancy just like you did while you were gone. Because it doesn't really matter whether you're on the screen or off it. You're still second rate and in this case you're playing third fiddle. Echo Wilson ends his speech and slowly drops his mic. He hands it to Julius next, smiling as he passes it. The Beast is next.
  3. Echo Wilson

    What game are you currently playing?

    I've basically been only playing NBA 2k19 recently. I've been doing a myleague with old rosters and old draft classes and replaying history.
  4. Echo Wilson

    Carnage PowerTrip: Redemption Press Conference

    Echo Wilson makes his way out of the curtain and sits down, kicking his feet up onto the table as he lays back. He has the Universal Championship strewn idly over his shoulder and he looks like he does not have a single care in the world. He glares at Gary Green, obvious history behind these two. Gary, are you a retard? I'm asking because you have the nerve to ask Bart what happens if he loses. The answer if you didn't assume it already was that Bart never loses, him losing isn't even a thought that has crossed his mind because he knows, I know, we all know that Ginge is a phony. We're going to run the mile over Evolution and that's the end of story. Echo Wilson moves back in his chair a bit more, taking up more space than expected. That's not what I'm here for. I'm here to speak about the Unsanctioned Hollow. The man who thinks he's gonna steal the Universal Championship from me. Hollow, you're just as blind as the rest of the world. You are not the hero of this story, in fact if you even think there is a fairy tale to tell than you are mistaken. This world is not a fine line of light and dark Hollow, we're all threading the barrier. You'll see soon enough where you went wrong. You'll see soon enough where you made your mistake. If you think you read me than you don't know yourself. You don't know me either because if you did than you'd know that I know you Hollow. I've spent months studying your game. Your tendencies, your every action has been scouted and I have a counter to every single move you'll try to throw at me. You see, we fight on my turf, under my terms at Redemption. There is no unsanctioned zone, there are no distractions for you to take advantage of. You wanted a fight and well you've got a proper one right here. All of the fates above, the gods in heaven can't save you from your fate. All of the dark spirits you hearken to can do you no favors. You've made a deal with the devil, the most evil of all of God's children. You're not gonna walk out of Redemption with your life intact, with your body intact or even your pride intact. I will destroy everything you fight for, this is the blowoff Hollow. I'm gonna send you to your grave. Questions please. DANNY DANIELS: So Echo, has Hollow not had your number in the past? You seem like you're good at your job Danny. You seem like you like your job, you seem like you'd wanna keep it. If you want an answer though, I'm not scared to answer it. Hollow, is a treacherous man. He will go to any length to win what he wants, even putting me in a match outside of my comfort zone. You see, I am adjustable, I am ever evolving. Hollow, won't get past me twice. You know what they say. Fool Me Once shame on me. Fool me Twice shame on you. Hollow knows that all of his usual dirty tactics are futile in a fight with me. He knows that I'm not gonna fall for the same tricks. So he's gonna try and find new ones but he knows well that he's fresh out of bright ideas. You see, Hollow, Hollow is a scam artist. He makes you think he's on your case but he's far off. He thrives off of moments of uncertainty and I am certainly not that. Hollow may have had my number in the past Danny, but I have his now. I'm smarter with my craft, I'm faster with my act, I'm going to run literal rings around Hollow in the ring. Bet on that. DECO WILSON: So Deco...I mean Echo...my bad. How are you going into this, considering you have a massive 3v3 feud on the horizon. Two things Deco, If you fucking mess up your names again, I will personally kill you. Second of all, what did I say earlier? Evolution is not of concern to me today. I came here to talk about Hollow and that's what I'll do . But you asked and you shall recieve. Evolution should watch Redemption, I'm sure Bailey will be. His star main event talent will be running this arena tomorrow. And he'll be able to watch from his office as I run through his best challenger and show exactly what I'll do to him and his boys. Bailey, I'm your champion, I'm the greatest talent you've ever had the pleasure of employing. I've proven to you that I'm better than you already. Carnage is my domain and it will be as long as I hold this championship. I'm the one building you up as we speak but trust me, I'll be the one to break you down. Ginge, Flynn. You are all pawns in the game. You are nothing but Bailey's tools to get back at the peopl who have stolen his only worthy title. He wants to prove that he runs Carnage? I'm gonna show at Redemption why he doesn't. Ginge, you think you're the next face of Carnage? Bart is going to make sure you never walk again in your life. Flynn, you aren't even Carnage loyal so you're gonna have to watch safe from your couch as we make the goods tomorrow. Redemption is really an opportunity for salvation. The Kingdom are going to save the world. Evolution will be beheaded. Deco, I hope you got your money's worth there. Fucking dickhole. GARY GREEN: Hello. Gary from Free Agent Corner here. What happens if you los- GARY! SHUT UP! We don't have time for your antics. You are a failure Gary, remember when I gave you the chance to be my microphone? Remember when I handed you the keys to the Kingdom? Yet you turned me down, for what? For Josh? We saw how far that took you Gary. You aren't anything anymore. Free Agent Corner has been overtaken and you aren't worth a single penny today. Gary, I'll tell you something, you really wanna know what happens if either of us lose tonight? You really wanna know? If I lose I'm coming for you first. I'll personally beat you to a pulp. Luckily for you, I won't lose. I have more than just luck and skill on my side. El Diablo returns for Redemption. It's time to end all of the games, shed all my dead skin. I'm out for blood and geared for war. Hollow, you are out of your element and its clear to see you have no idea what you're doing. It's too late to get a grip Hollow, tomorrow is gonna be the realization of your worst nightmare. I'll make sure of that. Echo now flips the microphone he had in hand into the crowd and leans back. He turns smirking as another Carnage superstar makes his way out. It just so happens to be the one he wanted to see most.
  5. Echo Wilson

    Smarks Daily

    LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!.....ITS TIME.....ITS WHY SERIES TIME! We have the ball rolling, we have our wheels spinning. We have found traction and we're ready to go from 0 to 100. Smarks Daily is the best Kayfabe show on the planet and I, your CEO, am ready to make all the right moves to make sure that we dethrone BPZ Commentaries. Nothing makes me sicker than having to see Weco Dilson on the telly everyday, i tell you. We will be victorious. LADS, LETS STOP STALLING! LETS GET ROIGHT INTO THE WHYS! WHY JASON RYAN IS DESTINED TO FACE OFF AGAINST NECCE VERY SOON Now Jason Ryan and Necce are two members of the same group, The Flock. Now all 4 of these men are in the midst of a massively successful run but only two have really stuck out in the minds of the fans. Jason Ryan and Necce. Jason Ryan, became the EVOLVE Global Champion despite all odds and defeated Kingdom's Echo Wilson to win Premium. So now he's a double champion. Necce on the other hand is Necce and he has always stood out. From the feud that is blowing everyone's mind vs Flynn or the match where Necce proved that he could singlehandedly become Tag Team Champion if he liked. These two not only have found massive success but the fans can't help but draw obvious comparisons between them. Jason Ryan is starting out with the same attitude that Necce had to start out with. Both men are dark, are cold and are unforgiving. Whether Jason Ryan reaches the success that Necce has had is another story but Necce was always able to prove that you didn't need to win titles to be considered a legend and Jason Ryan has come out of his own under a similar banner. Let's get right into the dream match though, Jason Ryan vs Necce. Is it a possibility? Obviously we can't talk about Necce's future unless he wins this match against Flynn at Survivor Series. If he doesn't than we could be seeing him out forever and this dream match would be 0 percent possible. So all of this is counting on Survivor Series. Let's say Necce wins, retires Flynn and we get the Global Title match, Necce vs Jason Ryan. After all, Ross announced that he was adding the #1 contender title stipulation to this match just recently. So Necce vs Jason Ryan is a very achievable dream match and might not even be considered a dream. The question is who would win in this mentor vs student matchup? My guess is Jason Ryan, this would be a bloodbath, no lie. Necce is used to this but at the same time, BPZ has a trend of putting the students over, Julius is the perfect example of this. Truth is even if Necce wins the survivor series match, he'll know that his influence is waning over the young talent. He'll know that his sun is setting. This could be the perfect farewell for Necce, or this could be his final resurgence as he captures the Global Title and goes on to have one last record setting reign and takes not one but both brand titles to his name before he retires forever. Either way would be awesome and we're looking forward to the future. Can Jason Ryan match the success of Necce? Could he beat Necce in a singles bout? That's all gonna stay in our dreams for now but the reality is not far away. WHY THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP IS THE 2ND MOST PRESTIGIOUS BELT IN BPZ Say what you want about Carnage, about Bailey and the way things have been run over on the red brand but the Universal Championship feels like a solid World Championship. With a lineage that is stacked with big time names, the title is more prestigious than almost any other title in the company. The World Heavyweight Title in my eyes will always be the most prestigious. It's the top prize in the company, its held constantly by the best the company has to offer but what the Universal Title gives us is some of the best matches in the entire company, its held by the most powerful people in the company and has been booked so closely that it just feels so incredibly precious. We can run down the list of champions and you'll see what I mean. I won't include the old Carnage TV or Carnage Championships because those were tarnished by poor reigns. Since it's been the Universal Title though it has been stellar. From Flynn and his record long reign with the title, ending with the greatest feud in BPZ history with Necce where Necce took the belt, and traded it back and forth with Flynn. Then followed by a period where people worried as both Universal Champions left the brand via trade. Only for the title to pick up my the red-hot superstar Echo Wilson and his insane feuds with LAOCH and now his massive feud with Hollow which is gonna main event Carnage Redemption PPV. The names associated with this belt are crucial. Flynn did one hell of a job elevating this title to insane heights, and Necce was the perfect guy to take it off him finally, then we had the sequel which was somehow even better than the first. And Now Echo Wilson is the perfect holder going forwards because he brings constant excitement to the title and its scene. So how did the Uni belt become so much more prestigious than the Global Championship. First off it was held for a really, really long time by a proven main eventer who made that title his focus for an entire calendar year. The Global Title switched back and forth between mid card champions on EVOLVE and never really found a home with a champion that associated their name with the belt. Hopefully under Jason Ryan this can all change but for now there's a big gap left to be filled with the roller coaster ride that the Universal Title has been on for almost a year and a half. Another question to be asked is what makes this higher than the IC title. Honestly, the answer is just quality of matches. IC has been an afterthought after the World Title and its because there hasn't anything really noticeable with the recent title holders and even Bart with the belt just doesn't strike entertainment into the minds of the superstars because he has no challengers on his radar. WHY THE ROYAL RUMBLE 2019 IS GONNA BE MASSIVE The Royal Rumble is always a spectacle, and is always a key component heading into the BPZ Mania season. With more hype than ever surrounding the show of shows, the next Royal Rumble is gonna be so, so important. We could see returns just like we saw last year as Echo Wilson shocked the crowd with an early return from injury leading to his redemption against Bailey or like last year when BRENDEN FUCKING PLAYZ entered at #30 and shocked the world. This year is gonna be all the same sort of stuff and the winner is going to be as important for the BPZ Mania show as it was last year. With Slim winning it all, he went on to face Smith in what was at the time the biggest BPZ match ever and was frontrunner for MOTY this year. Now, there are a few important things that could happen that have been rumoured that are all important to touch on. Let's start with returns, the two biggest people who should be returning are FDS and Slim. FD has been gone for some time with god knows what but when he returns he's gonna be bound to get a high profile match. FDS' return is underrated and last time we saw him he had one of the most over gimmicks in the entire company. Whether he returns as the same character or a totally different one, its most likely gonna be extremely popular with the fans. Where would we see FD though? Probably around the 20 spot considering there's another guy I'm predicting to go #30. His name is Slim. Maybe you've heard of him, the arguably most successful superstar in BPZ? Well, he's been out of action for a long time since his rough loss to Julius and we thought we'd see him bounce back in the Global Series but it wasn't meant to be. He still hasn't fully returned and recent whisperings have been alerting the dirt sheets that he might be back for the Rumble. At the #30 spot is really the only way to capitalize on this momentum that he's bound to have when he walks back through the curtain. So that answers that right there. Let's move on to who would make the most sense as the winner. Whoever wins is gonna have to main event BPZ Mania IV so it has to be someone massive. Honestly there's not a lot of guys who could put on a worthy title match against whoever is the World Champion. This also brings us to the conclusion that to find out who the Rumble winner is, we need to guess who the champ will be at this time. Let's say that Julius retains all the way till BPZ Mania, that would make the most sense, and it would be a shining moment for the youngster. Now the rumours make this decision obvious. The Kingdom triple threat has been in the books for a long time now. So naturally Bart or Echo Wilson would be the winner of the Rumble. Whoever doesnt win is gonna have to find some sort of excuse as to why they deserve to main event the event. So in my eyes Bart is the more viable option for that role. He is already the IC title holder and could use that station to claim that he should get a world title shot. Echo Wilson then is my pick to win the Royal Rumble. And what a massive main event that would lead to. Kingdom Triple threat is what everyone wants, and everyone needs. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! ITS TIME TO CONCLUDE YET ANOTHER EPISODE OF THE WHY SERIES! ILL BE SIGNING OFF NOW BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHY! FUCK BPZ COMMENTARIES!
  6. Echo Wilson

    Brendenplayz Top 5

    the cure to when ever I'm feeling now. This boosts my ego by like 5 notches with every post.
  7. Echo Wilson

    Corrupted Harmony

    It's Gods vs Monsters. It's Ultimate Warfare. Carnage is on the air, and if you've never seen this before than you're in for a treat. We've had a night to remember but its been lacking in one capacity, where has been the Kingdom? Last week, the Julius and Echo went off backstage on Evolution, using their own slogans against them, and hitting them where it hurt the most. Bart took to the ring to rip apart Ginge and hype up their upcoming singles match at Redemption. Carnage is Kingdom and it's all about the royalty as we hear a very familiar tune over the speakers. The Prince is arriving. Echo Wilson, with all of this pent up agression, his oversized ego and all make it to the stage. Echo Wilson carries the Universal Championship over his shoulder, a title which he has proudly won at Summerslam and continues to thrive with it on his shoulder. Everything has been dropped from his conscious except for carrying this title. No person appears behind him which signals that this isn't concerning Evolution, but instead this mission of truth is about exposing Hollow, or doing something related to the insane man. All we've heard from Hollow is him on his Path To Redemption, speaking of how he's going to get his moment of glory by winning the Universal Championship. It could be a posssibility and it wouldn't be the first time he's had Echo's number in the ring. But at the same time, it's 1 all between these two giants of the ring and this truly is the tie breaker. Echo grabs a mic from the shoe and begins, wasting no time with his introduction. Now for the past few weeks, the Carnage arena has had their hopes up, wishing and praying that I might just be unlucky or that Hollow might just get lucky and win the Universal Championship in a shock victory. People have been wanting to see an end to the King Of The Universe, Echo Wilson. Well ladies and gentleman, look who is here right now in front of your faces. I AM. Hollow is not. He has run away to his little unsanctioned zone again to try and stir up enough dark energy to challenge me at Redemption. When will he see that his Unsanctioned Zone is only just a broken down old garage? Point is, Hollow IS NOT here tonight live in the Carnage Arena. You see, Hollow is going to make me prove something. Something that the world already knows but is just too scared, or frankly too blind to see. I am the best damn entertainer in this entire industry. I am the Face of Carnage...and naturally that makes me the Face of BPZ. Everything I've achieved up till this point is proof. Emergence was proof, Summerslam was proof. The KING Echo Wilson took down the people's wrestler LAOCH, not once, but TWICE. Now I am the people's wrestler, and the people's champion. I have been propelled to new heights, and have skyrocketed from just being a superstar, to being an icon, no scratch that. A PHENOM. A phenom of the BPZ company, a phenom of the World. Now I'll tell you the world Phenom has been thrown around, so has the word Icon. I want to categorize myself where I think I should be, and that is in a class by myself. So when you refer to me as the Icon, as a Phenom. I'm not one of those old part timers, I'm not a fossil. I'm the future and I'm the now. The KING Echo Wilson is an Icon that can still go. The KING Echo Wilson is a phenom that still can perform to the highest standard and its going to stay just like this for decades to come. And you can ask anyone, take our World Heavyweight Champion for example, Julius. Ask him who the man is and he'll say me. Ask him who the showstopper is and he'll say me. Ask him who the main event is and he'll say me. The Greatest force today is the Kingdom and we're the men, the showstoppers, the main eventers that are going to rain all over your parade. We hear a soft rumble and the eyes of Echo shift ever so slightly. Let's be real Hollow, I'm gonna be the one to stoop down to your level and talk in a language that you'll understand. You see, I'm sure that devils, demon, anti christ it' all right down your alley. Let me tell you a story. When the devil left earth, removed himself from existence, he left behind what I call the seven deadly sins. Of these seven, and I'm sure they're all fresh in your mind, there's one I like to recall to a lot of my closest rivals so I'll tell you about it now. The Sin of Pride. Hollow, you possess this sin in abudance. It was pride that weakened you when we last met and it was pride that made you believe that you didn't really want the belt after all. An excuse for why you lost so tragically. It was your pride that allowed me to trample over you and don't think you've changed at all. Do you remember Hollow....do you remember how fast you spiralled downwards? Your journey from immortality to mangled wreck has slowly taken you to this. Redemption will be the final nail in your coffin Hollow. I'll remind you of how it started and then you'll see how far you've come as you prepare for your deathly end. For months now I've been a memory, trapped in your mind, haunting you. But you weren't ready yet, you had to regrow all of the pride that I took from you. Unfortunately it was all artificial and quickly it'll prove to be nothing more than a placeholder. When you saw me for the first time, you didn't see a threat, and you were blinded not to. What you got what a lucky flash victory and nothing more than a lapse of my own judgment, nothing on part of your talent or your confidence. But it skyrocketed right there didn't it Hollow? You let yourself get carried away with the emotion and you built a wall so high that you couldn't even see what was on the other side. You couldn't even see what I was bringing back to parry you with. Being the natural champion I was, I did not let my pride drop, I found the balance between letting my wall grow to high and letting it bury me into the dirt, so I took back everything that you held so near. You saw me then didn't you Hollow, you saw where you had been mistaken. Everything I did, building you up, making your downfall that much harder to bear, so that we could get to this day. I gave you preferential treatment prior to your EC match, I saw what was coming and so I quickly set about building up your pride. When you won the Elimination Chamber match, I knew it was me who had taken you that far. It was your most magnificent moment, but that was also your worst. I let go of my control over you Hollow, and then you began to descend. I knew what I did and what my next steps were Hollow. My master plan was set in motion and it was going to tear you apart. With every victory you've achieved, your ones over me especially, the list of names grew and grew, the wall grew taller and taller, and yet your weakness became even larger. My bullseye target became even easier to hit. I watched and waited in victory, it was clear to me you lost your grip Hollow. You see, I know you almost better than anyone Hollow, so now I've set you up right where I want you, with my full control over the wheel and you just my passenger for the ride Hollow. You disgrace yourself, you allowed yourself to be disgraced beneath you. I was ready, biding my time, the moment you walked into the Elimination Chamber, I knew, I knew my plan had bore fruits. I had picked the right man to be my project. I saw you just earlier tonight, back in the Unsanctioned Zone, running away from your fate and back into your little rabbit hole, I knew it was over. All the months of planning, all this time spent on vengeance, all the work I put in to make this title the center of our feud. I did this all for you Hollow, The Shadows are out of the way and now there's only one thing left to do. To earn the vengeance for good. You've eluded me for some time, and I caught you early before Halloween Havoc, I waited all summer for that, I needed a first hand look at my creation. Now all the shadows which hid you from me Hollow, they're all cast upon you. And what was once your most prized possession was briefly mine once again. I needed to have the last taste of glory to lure you in, and now that I have its only right the only thing between us is this championship. If you win it, you become everything you've ever wanted Hollow. You step out of the shadows, you become the man on Carnage, you finally get to prove to Bailey what he's been missing, Hollow, you used to be the Enigma but now I am your paradox. You can try and solve me but I'll be right out of reach, out of sight but definitely still in your mind. The moment is coming soon Hollow, your date with destiny is upcoming. I'll be listening to your final words carefully, just remember. There's more to come that has not been revealed. There are parts of my plan that are still in the shadows. Can you peek over the wall Hollow? Or will you walk into Redemption blind? Only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision. Do you see reality Hollow, or only what you want to see? Echo Wilson has made his point clear, no more lightheartedness. His plan has been set out, the road has been staged all this time. Echo Wilson begins to step out of the ring when he hears a very, very familiar tune. He steps back into the ring and smirks as boos fill the arena.
  8. Echo Wilson

    PWG: The Animal Kingdom

    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PWG BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES 2016 - FINAL STAGE: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2016 Battle Of Los Angeles 2nd Round: Ricochet vs Chris Hero 2016 Battle Of Los Angeles 2nd Round: Kota Ibushi vs Tommy End 2016 Battle Of Los Angeles 2nd Round: Mark Haskins vs Bobby Fish 2016 Battle Of Los Angeles 2nd Round: Cody Rhodes vs Will Ospreay 2016 Battle Of Los Angeles 2nd Round: Zack Sabre Jr vs Jeff Cobb 2016 Battle Of Los Angeles 2nd Round: Fenix vs Kyle O'Reilly
  9. Echo Wilson

    Line in the sand

    Echo Wilson looks up once Julius is finished, his eyes pierce into the camera like a knife. He lays his Universal Championship down slowly and lets Julius take a step back before he takes on forwards. He lets the tension simmer a small while before speaking up. "Don't act like you aren't impressed, Bailey, Flynn, Ginge. Don't act like you don't see the talent in front of you. Cause I'm telling you if you are really as blind as I think you are, then you don't stand any more of a chance than the slim possibility you already have of coming out the victor in our match. If you wanted the Kingdom, you got the Kingdom. And much, much more collateral comes with that. You see, when you mess with one of us, you get the whole beast on your tail. Unfortunately, you, Evolution have started a blood feud, something that began back at Emergence when you declared war on the Villain. Little did you know how much one chance for retribution costed you, little did you know that when you stepped beyond that line, you'd never be able to turn back, you'd keep going deeper and deeper into the belly of the beast. I would say you've walked into our trap, but that'd be inaccurate, you see when you started this there was no trap. So now that you've sprung it and are too late to turn back, you should realize that its all your fault. Bailey, what good has ever come from you trying to deflate your employees. What good has ever come from trying to push back the new era? Where has messing with the Kingdom and its business taken you? It's taken you down the rabbit hole and into the hell you now find yourself in. The Kingdom didn't ask for you to interfere with our plans, the Kingdom didn't ask for you to find the equalizer and start a war, the Kingdom never asked you Bailey to get involved with our business. You did this to yourself. So when you lie, world spinning in front of your eyes, face down at Survivor Series, know that it was never our fault. Bailey you truly are scum of the earth. You think you're a business man, you think you can make some money off of us, I'm willing to bet you that you've only challenged us to bring glory to Carnage, cause that's all you care about, making money and furthering the false truth of you being the greatest this company has ever seen. You know Bailey, you're not the first old timer to come around here saying that you're still relevant. We used to have a man like that in our ranks, we disposed of him like he was common trash. We used to be led by a man who was a false prophet just like you Bailey and we sent him away permanently. Don't make us give you that same fate Bailey, cause we will burn the living heart out of you. Bailey...enjoy these last few days of ignorant bliss and happiness because when the time comes, the truth will come crashing down like a wave of sorrow. Your friends will endure just as bad of a punishment. Flynn, you make me sick to my stomach. You make me shake with rage because every time I hear your name, I think of the hell you put me through. I think of the ignorance you gave me. You are the only stain upon my reputation, you are the reason I am what I am today. If it wasn't for you, if It wasn't for you and your frail, plastic title reign, I would've ended my nightmares long before the situation got as drastic as it did. But does it anger you now? Does it make you tremble with rage that I now hold the one object that made you so damn hard to conquer? This title just gives me more confidence, more proof that I'm beyond your level now Flynn. I've surpassed even what the childish version of myself could imagine. I've gone beyond wanting something superficial to craving things that are beyond human imagination, I crave things like blood, like pain, like other people's sorrow. Flynn you are going to make me happy when I finally get my hands on you again. War Games was not the right conclusion, it was never going to be because I didn't care for my opponents or even the man I was teaming with but now, now I get to walk into the fire with my brothers. Not only do I get to involve myself in affairs that mean something to me but I get to destroy the man, or multiple men who have made my life a living nightmare for the past year and a half. Flynn, you represent the past, you represent a time where giants like Evolution dominated the company. But now we looked with our eyes ahead of us, to see what comes in the future. You are the last plague left scavenging the earth, you are the last line of defense that keeps the new world order from breaking through. It's time for the Kingdom to strike hard and heavy, its time for the Kingdom to make our dues. Lastly, we are left with the anomaly, the unknown factor, Ginge. Either he could tip the scales to the Evolution's side or he could be the downfall of his own trio. Honestly, its quite a risk that Bailey and Flynn took allowing Ginge to be the difference maker. I mean, would I place all my eggs into one basket like that? Would I place all of my trust into one man who can make or break the match? Usually, I'd let it be but Ginge, Ginge is somehow the worst possible solution to your problems. A man who has been out of action for 2 full years, who fell apart at the first sign of weakness. If he can't handle whatever it was that made him run off in the first place then what makes you think he can handle the Kingdom. Ginge whoever you are, what ever makes you so self righteous, don't even dwell on it. Don't even give yourself time to settle in Ginge. The Kingdom are ready to send your ass packing right back to the couch where you've been lounging all this time. Ginge, all we see is a veteran, a forgotten figure who is trying to break back into the limelight that will never be his. Don't push yourself beyond your breaking point Ginge, don't let yourself fall into your own trap of self. Weak people revenge, Strong People Forgive, Intelligent People Ignore. So who are you? All I see is a weak man looking to fight blind for revenge. What if you swing and miss? I have the next few seconds to stab you so far through your spine that it makes your cringe with pain. Echo readjusts and lets himself recuperate. The Kingdom isn't gonna play this match by your rules, we're the champs, we make the law. If you want to come at us, then you have to step over the line. Into unknown territory where the laws are ours to create, the decisions are ours to make. After all, you took the first step, why not complete your journey? Evolution doesn't waltz in and garner power like a hoover, Evolution doesn't walk in and try to trample over the only people making this company worth a damn, Evolution doesn't get to decide when, or where, or how. Kingdom makes the rules, you play by them. Deal with it or you'll perish just like the others. Don't try and fight it because that'll only make your punishment worse. Kingdom aren't here to adapt to you, and we aren't gonna perish by your hands. You are going to adapt to us, and then watch as we dominate everything you think you have control over. So Evolution, can you achieve your namesake? Will you evolve? To do so, we only ask for one thing. We've drawn the line in the sand, step over the line and live with the consequences.
  10. Echo Wilson

    Your Top 5 Moments of your Kayfabe Career

    5. Defeating Bailey at BPZ Mania III This was a major breakthrough with Echo Wilson, paving the way for the Kingdom to form and eventually winning the Universal Championship 4. Fighting in the War Games match. Although Me and Slim lost, it was really nice to be able to embark on that feud with so many big time names. 3. Halloween Havoc 2017 2nd best PPV in my entire Kayfabe career, where I won the US title, won Tag with Brad and also drew with Flynn almost becoming Universal Champion. Also this night was the night that my long feud with Slim began. 2. The Kingdom Forms The Kingdom was the result of a long feud with Slim, filled with match write ups and more match write ups. It all paid off in the end though considering where I am now with the Kingdom. Me, Julius and Bart hold the top 3 titles in BPZ right now. 1. BPZ Summerslam 2018 BPZ Summerslam was great for the obvious reason that I won the most important title I've ever won in the BPZ Universal Championship. But it also marked the new phase of the Kingdom as we cut off our dead weight in Slim and advanced closer and closer to our peak.
  11. Echo Wilson

    BPZ Top 5 Contributors

    5. Myself 4. Josh 3. Jason Ryan 2. Julius 1. Bart
  12. Echo Wilson

    Who's Your BPZ Mentor?

    Well, i would probably say mine is @Slim but if I had to pick someone else it would be the man who cannot be named.
  13. Echo Wilson

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Two days ago I watched the Breakfast Club. It's a little cheesy and basically has no conclusion, but its heartfelt and iconic enough that its a must see.
  14. Echo Wilson

    Smarks Daily

    LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! WELCOME TO EPISODE 4 OF THE WHY SERIES! My name is Deco Whilson, and I am happy to say.....I AM EMPLOYED! You see, mere hours after Episode 3 of Why Series, I was called into a business meeting with popular Kayfabe Talk Show star Austin and a man by the name of Steven Power. You see, not only Am I an employee...I AM THE EMPLOYER! That is right, Austin is the Owner of his company still but I, I am the new CEO of Smarks Daily! That is something special so tonight we will have our first Why Series Episode under the SMARKS DAILY BANNER! LET'S GET INTO THE WHYS! WHY NECCE IS GONNA LOSE THE CAREER VS CAREER MATCH Survivor Series is heating up, and what better way to kick off our Why's with one of the most anticipated matches on the card. A match that has fully exemplified the heart and soul of BPZ in 2018, a match that has been the center of so many events, a feud that has taken all year to solve and now we're gonna see the end of it, and the end of a career for one man. Flynn or Necce. Flynn could have a case to be the man who loses his career, we've seen him dwindle in the eyes of the fans and he isn't a constant like he was for many other years but then again so has Necce. Flynn has a future in BPZ though with the Evolution, but we don't know if that's gonna be a one off situation or a permanent reunion. Let's assume it is a permanent reunion because that would be the difference maker in deciding whether Flynn sticks around or loses his career. Honestly, Necce has a similar situation, but I could see something completely different playing out. In my eyes Necce has done wonders for the Flock but in the end its gonna have to take a bit of freedom to see those 3 young talents soar. I am willing to bet that Necce takes the fall and loses his Career vs Career Match to Flynn. Necce is the reason the Flock are so notable right now, they have planned their takeover to almost perfection, grabbing all the bottom feeding titles from the Kingdom. So I believe that Necce walks out of BPZ with the Flock by his side and having been defeated by Necce. This allows Necce to get the hero's exit he deserves while also allowing the Flock to thrive without him which we know they can do now. The three superstars, Buddy Ace, The Marker and Jason Ryan have transformed themselves thanks to Necce's guidance and they've come so far from the three NXT talents they used to be before Necce took them over. If Necce were to let them go it wouldn't be such a terrible thing. As far as I can see, there is no better finish than to have Necce crying his eyes out, while he hugs each of the Flock members he helped grow so well, and the screen going to black and we turn the page to end Necce's career. It writes itself. Let's move on. WHY BRENDENPLAYZ IS GONNA FIGHT AT BPZ MANIA IV Yes, you read that correctly, Brenden Playz is gonan fight at BPZ Mania IV....at least that's what I think. Brenden has had a very prosperous time backstage, he hasn't had to work as much as he used to these past 2 years and that's very apparent because he's left his job to his booking team, and specifically the two GMs of BPZ, Ross and Bailey. It's been easy goings for Brenden Playz but there has been one thing on his mind that has to be toying with him. The fact that he never got a proper send off from the ring. Brenden has returned once since his retirement after training Ross to be a star, Brenden fought in a tag team match where he teamed with long time compatriot Bashka in a losing effort to The Order. Now many fans look back on this and see it as a failed attempt for Brenden's return and the truth is, Brenden knows he could've done much, much better. So what better way to make it better than to return on BPZ Mania month and have a worthy feud to close out his in ring career. The question is more about who he'd fight though. Honestly, the most viable option I could see is a match with Slim, one on one. Even though Slim is on hiatus himself, I could see a return for both of them to finally put on that match that Slim has been begging for for so, so long. With all the call outs, all of the taunts, all of the history, who better to give Slim is entrance back into the fray than Brenden Playz the man who gave him a job and pushed him to the moon. For a guy like Slim who has done everything there is to do, the only next step is to beat the boss. Other options are viable such as Ross or Julius. Ross would make sense considering their history. The first time Brenden tried to come back was to tutor Ross and make him a star. It proved to bear fruits considering Ross is now one of the most iconic names following a monstrous 2017 year, where now Ross runs his own show over there on EVOLVE. Then it could be Julius, having the Boss try to deflate the young future and face of the company, would make for an interesting storyline, only issue is what the fans want to see and according to the rumour mill it is planned that a Kingdom Triple Threat is in the works already which would take Julius out for the count. WHY THE EVOLUTION RETURN CAME AT THE PERFECT TIME Evolution's return has fed a hunger that has been in the fans for a long, long time. Evolution, consisting of Bailey, Flynn and Ginge, were the best stable of their day back in 2015 and this return has been a long time coming. And it couldn't have come at a better time for BPZ. In a period where fans, wrestlers, news articles are calling that there has been a new dawn, the only piece of the puzzle missing were the group that didn't want change. You see, how can change really prosper if there is no opposition to fight it? That opposition is what Evolution represents. And that is why the dynamic of Evolution vs Kingdom is so perfect for this time period. Kingdom, the reigning stable over BPZ today, have been reigning for some time now, almost 6 months. Evolution mark a time back in 2015 where they were dominant over the entire company. Summerslam was the end of an era, so far its marked the end of Slim, the end of the Flynn we knew and the end of a lot nostalgia. Instead people's eyes turned to Julius and the Kingdom who stood on top of Summerslam with the three biggest titles in BPZ. Most recently, the Flock has been garnering attention of their own and its all part of this new era, a new attitude era as I spoke about earlier if you don't remember. Evolution is the perfect counter to this progresive fashion. We've been keeping our eyes on The Kingdom, The Flock when we haven't even been thinking about guys like Bailey and Flynn of what we'd call the past now. Bailey and Flynn are sick and tired of being seen as the old guard and naturally they brought in another member of the old guard to help bring about the old ways, and keep BPZ in its current form, instead of letting it shift to the new era like it currently is. There's this last barrier that the Kingdom are going to have to break if they're gonna let the times change. The Evolution are the past trying to prevent the future. That's what this feud is all about. That's what makes this whole war meaningful. They are the last line of defense, the final hope for the old guard. This could have serious reprecussions as to where we go from here on out. Evolution vs Kingdom is where we're headed. Faction Warfare at its finest. ANYWAYS, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, WE ARE DONE FOR TODAY! EPISODE 4 OF WHY IS IN THE BOOKS! I'LL BE SIGNING OFF CAUSE NOW YOU KNOW WHY! FUCK BPZ COMMENTARIES
  15. Echo Wilson

    Who are your biggest BPZ rivals?

    I'd say my biggest rival recently has been Jason ryan but overall, my biggest rival is undoubtedly Josh. There's a lot of history there.

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