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  1. Arius vs. Jeremiah Flynn w/ Julius Akki Mahal vs Austin Mirage with Slim as special guest referee Alex vs Mikey Eric Shun vs Yelich - Bedroom Brawl CJ Sellers vs Gunner Aidan and Mecko vs Jon and Cody Marc Aaron Newton vs Brad Isaiah Carter, Buddy Ace and Nebakos vs Hans, FDS and Bob Sparks - WarGames Match Ropati vs Austin Omega Jo Nathan vs Arrow
  2. Imma take a different route with this, not only is this a huge body transformation, but I'm pleased to say that the character transformation was a wonder for Bayley. I for one have been invested as hell into this heel turn, it had to happen one day and I'm glad Bayley is proving with this SD Womens Title run that she can do a successful turn if needed. It's a pretty big change.
  3. BPZ 24: ECHO WILSON "RISE BY VIRTUE, FALL BY SIN" PART 2 of 2 Discover the inspirational truth behind one of BPZ’s most iconic, controversial superstars. Follow the journey and the road of one electric entertainer, as he reminisces about his rise to stardom….and eventually his fall from grace. Where will this expedition into raw emotion and regret leave us? This is our long awaited look into the world of Echo Wilson. __________________________________________________________________ FALL Echo Wilson: “I spent so long, so many years plotting my way to the top of this business. I spent so long wondering the steps I needed to get to my goals, and I wasn’t going to let it fall between my fingers. I would 100 percent say that my goals of reaching BPZ and becoming a true champion there was achieved. It was achieved and then I did more than I even dreamed of and that’s saying a lot. I dreamed of a lot of grand ideas, and I went beyond that, I exceeded my expectations completely. It’s one thing to plan your route to stardom, it’s another thing to stay there. It’s another thing to make sure that you’re solidly content with what you’ve got for yourself. Making sure that you’re happy and healthy mentally and physically, it’s something that never stops you know? I think people associate success with instant happiness. And yeah, that rush gets to you when you find yourself doing things right, but it’s not eternal. It’s surely not a thing that lasts for you beyond the first few months or so. I think, you keep reinventing yourself, you keep pushing yourself to new goals. “Oh, I’m now gonna become BPZ Intercontinental Champion” and eventually “Oh, I’m gonna go for that elusive prize, the BPZ World Championship”. That’s really how your brain should be thinking. Yeah, just because you’ve exceeded your expectations now, does not mean that you should in any way let yourself rest on your laurels. It’s only when you’re so far ahead and you decide that you’ve done enough that the world begins to race ahead of you. Competition is really only one step behind of you and if you’ve got that head start, if you’ve got that advantage, than you’ve gotta use it to your advantage.” “I let myself fall asleep on the job, I let myself get lazy and my dreams slowly dissipated. I think I should’ve pushed myself to those new heights. Even when I was on my own in the company I was doing really well, and then with the Kingdom I kept on pushing till I won the Global and Universal Championships. It was ultimate sights that were set on me becoming better. It was bettering myself and bettering my legacy. I shouldn’t have let myself lose sight of what would come next. I was never two, three steps ahead. I began to lose that steam and I think it showed. I wasn’t in my head space again, word got around that Echo Wilson was slowing down and then the lions pounced.” Slim: “I think there was too much pressure on the poor kid man. Echo Wilson had the goddamn talent and he had the heart as well. I always say that pairing Echo Wilson with The Kingdom boys was in a sense a major blessing and a major downfall for him. You know one thing that was definitely true about the Kingdom was that it wasn’t just a brotherhood in ring. In the locker room these 3 guys were still highly touted, they were still looked at as the 3 golden boys. It was an elite club to be in and they all thrived off the back of it. Fans wanted to be like them, they had cameras all over their faces for their entire rise to stardom. It was like they were movie stars. But then the comparisons came around. No disrespect to Echo Wilson, my opinion on the matter is not even valid here but the fans began to whisper. Who’s the best out of the Kingdom? Eventually people began to see that the Kingdom would split eventually and each one would dominate in their own lanes and when that moment came….who would reach the pinnacle first? I think naturally everyone said Julius. It was clear he was the guy for the Kingdom, I mean yeah Echo had brought him into the club but Julius was the guy who kicked out Slim for good and beat him clean at Summerslam. And then everyone turned to who was 2nd best, and when the name came up it wasn’t Echo Wilson, it was most definitely Bart. I think it was pretty easy to notice that eventually it became a weak link sort of situation. Echo I think took that to heart. You know, the reason I say it was a curse to be in the Kingdom is because you’re always competing with these guys. Yeah you’re looking out for each other mutually, but really there can only be one guy who’s getting that World Championship reign and odds were beginning to point that it wasn’t gonna be Echo Wilson.” Echo Wilson: “ I think I was beside myself at a certain point. I was born with a chip on my shoulder, and so many times I had proved people wrong, it got to a point with me where I was tired of being overlooked. It was like I had tried so, so hard to paint this image of me in a light where I was dominant and then now, I’m still being considered as the weakest of the bunch. Obviously in terms of the Kingdom, you can never really go wrong, you can never really be so weak, but it still got to me. My world revolved around our Kingdom three and to be called by the press, by the fans, the worst of the Kingdom was a bit of a heartbreak. I suddenly rediscovered that urge to do better, and that chip on my shoulder came back. You know that same chip that allowed me to quit football and pursue wrestling to begin with, that same chip that allowed me to get to Hawaii, and get to Japan, that same chip that allowed me to bounce back from heartache and make it in the time I needed it most. I was ready to prove people wrong again, but this time….ah….this time it all went a little different.” “In my eyes I could never imagine cheating in any way. I mean, shortcuts were for people who couldn’t cut it and I definitely could. Everything I did was natural and I grew by myself, no supplements and no help needed. But….this time I was under so much scrutiny, dealing with so much pressure. At a certain point I just gave into the pressures of it all and began to just flat out lose my moral compass. Life as a wrestler is destructive enough, wrestling has a history with these kind of drugs and steroids and supplements. It’s all about the ends justifying the means. It’s like the expectations of me were so high that I just immediately resorted to whatever I could find to get ahead at a certain point. It wasn’t even about, like, whether this was good for me in the long run. I needed to win now and I didn’t care how it was going to happen. I got sneaky with it, I did it in cycles, you know BPZ does constant checks on the wrestlers, like every major sports teams or company does, One thing leads to another though and you just find yourself cheating, and lying and then lying to cover up more lies and cheating. It’s truly a spiral out of control, there’s not much to say about it beyond that. It’s honestly a sad part of the nature of pro wrestling, I think we’re all so competitive to get ahead, that we slip and find ourselves cheating, lying, stealing, not only to get to the top but we’re doing all of these things because we don’t wanna fall behind. We’re doing these things, because we want everything to seem so real. We all wanted to be the stars that the fans expected us to be, or didn’t in my case. I lived a life of deception and that’s what I chose to do with that part of my career. Do I regret it? Yes, obviously. I now look back and I see that there was another way to go about things. Maybe, I wouldn’t have been Universal and Global Champion so fast but I would’ve definitely reached my own pinnacle naturally, I would’ve gotten their on my own time with no controversy needed. “ I never ever abused the drugs but I do think that if I hadn’t gotten help that I could’ve. Eventually I had to stop myself and I realized what could’ve happened to my life. You know…..I hear it all the time from veterans in and out of this business, they’re bodies are falling apart cause of this stuff. It was in good company back in those days, I mean so much of the wrestling world back then was about being “larger than life” and with that motto in everyone’s minds you had to go ahead and get yourself some help. And people’s schedules were just so completely hectic that it’s not something natural for our bodies to outlast this travel and stress. But I look at those guys now and the dark side of it all is that they’ve never gotten out of the habit of those drugs. They all got bodies of plastic now, I mean hip surgeries, and knee surgeries and all the other joints in the body just becoming stiff as hell. It’s scary to me to see that I was at a certain point on that same road as them.” Brad: “I think that’s the sad part about it all really, Echo’s not been the same since. Yeah, it’s been proven by the recent tests he’s gotten that he’s clean now but still it doesn’t change the fact that your spirit has been broken. I mean, Echo not only lost his will to wrestle but he lost that chip on his shoulder. I mean it’s most definitely guilt that drives someone like that but it’s just unfortunate that we lost the heart of a guy who I, and not only me, so many people, though could have the chance to be something big. And I’m not gonna write the kid off yet, but it’s never been the same for him, he’ll tell you that himself. Echo Wilson unfortunately made a decision and got caught for it, paid the price and now he’s come out from the other end and realized where he’s gone wrong. I know what it’s like to not feel good enough, when you feel so frustrated at not jumping that last hurdle. I’ve been to so many lengths to get to a next level, for me I’m an older guy now so it’s kind of worn off for me. The novelty of me not being World Champ is kind of less stress-inducing for me, but for a young guy like Echo Wilson who could’ve and should’ve had so much promise...it’s gonna be a shame whatever way we look at it.” Echo Wilson: “ I can speak from someone who used to strive to be better. Drug Abuse in wrestling, although it is becoming less and less of an issue, it’s still not something that we can sweep under the carpet. And yeah, band-aiding with with rehab and what not is admirable, I respect Brenden for all the help he did give me, I don’t know how much it would’ve escalated without that, but it’s still band-aiding it. There’s just not a good way to deal with the life of a pro wrestler. I mean 2 thirds of a year just spent beating up your body, you know that's not healthy for people. But its our job and we do it, no matter how mind-numbing it is to be on the road. We all gotta deal with it, I think there’s a solution somewhere. I definitely think there’s a way to fix it all, I hope there is at least so that other people don’t have to resort to drugs, and I know there’s worse cases out there than me. Even if I’m a prominent example of this in modern wrestling today, alongside guys like Storm and Smith etc., I think it definitely can get worse. I’m happy I’ve gotten out of the other end of the tunnel now and can look back like I said before and see where I’ve come.” __________________________________________________________________ FORTHCOMING: Echo Wilson: “The truth is can you really stop the flow of time, I mean the simple answer is no. But you can try and turn back the clock just a bit. I think the most powerful form of time travel is nostalgia. Even if you can’t outrightly trick your body into believing time has turned back, you can briefly trick the mind into thinking things are exactly how they used to be. But age, age is a factor that does not wait for you. I know I’m no longer the future superstar, I know that timeframe has passed me by where I’m going to take BPZ by storm. This industry has seen all my cards to play, and I admit to being empty handed for the first time in my career. Maybe this is what I’ve had to come to terms to….but there are no more tricks up my sleeve. But these moments of solitude and reflection that I’ve had in virtual “retirement” have truly allowed me to explore my remaining options on the table. I’ve never considered full time retirement before this, but when you’ve tried to make the comeback and it’s failed, then what else do you have to do? Try it all again? I’m not going to waste my time with new experiments.” “Then it hit me.” “Echo, you have to stick to what works. You have proven experiments, months and years of test proven work that has either dramatically failed or drastically overachieved. Surely, the answer is right in front of you. One could say that it was God’s Plan, I never thought the answer could have come so clearly. There was only truly one way for me to grab the Headlines once again. I needed to stamp my mark on the industry, I needed to come off the blocks hot, explode with momentum like a Supernova. I needed to turn a mainstream has been into a Cult Hero.” “I hope you watch this and you’ve listened closely. I wish for every word in this to be my memory, and in my memory lies my heart and my soul. I hope you watch this with a new found understanding of what this industry is like, of how you can achieve your dreams. I want this story to be my obituary. I didn’t walk out on my own terms before, but this is my recompense. I can’t tell you what it means, but I’m sure, if you read between the lines…...You’ll find countless treasures and gifts. Maybe just maybe, you’ll find an answer in those margins, an answer to all of your problems. Because I believe everyone’s life story is one worth telling, both the good and the ugly. These wounds never really heal, but you can learn from the scars of them. All I can give to you is my story, even if it’s not yet complete." LET'S RUN IT BACK
  4. Name: ECHO WILSON GONZALEZ Nickname: EL VAQUERO Height: 6 feet Weight: 179 lbs Build: lean and lanky Appearance: Power: Has insanely good reflexes, also is very acrobatic and athletic. He always wins his duels , cause he has a quickfire draw like no other. His brain is beyond most of his enemies, he can outthink and outmanuever them like any good general. He's got all the traits of a cowboy. General Backstory: Known as "El Vaquero" or "The Cowboy". Echo is a criminal man who's history precedes him. Echo is the Leader of the Perico Cartel and although he may not look like the most badass individual, he's got the mind of a general and a leader. Echo Gonzalez, born in good ol' Texas, was originally recruited to be a lowly member of a long gone Cartel. He rose through it's ranks to become a second in command. When a traitor in a high position snitched on the Cartel, the entire operation was in jeopardy. Echo's old Cartel boss, looking for someone to blame for the mess, assumed that Echo had in fact turned on the Cartel. Echo was forced to flee for the time being, with a few trusted men (if possible, Dario Fuego can be one of those men). He would return later, with a challenge for his old Cartel Boss. They would participate in a good ol' shootout, the man who lived would become the newest Cartel Boss. Echo with his quick draw skills won and took over the Perico Cartel. He would make some immediate changes putting Dario Fuego in as the second in command and enlisting the services of the mysterious "Big Ben". To this day, most men fear him, and all men wouldn't dare to mess with him. Allegiance (Police, Vigilante, Mafia, Cartel, Antihero, Criminal, etc) : Cartel Preferred Last Words: "THESE VIOLENT DELIGHTS, HAVE VIOLENT ENDS" "YOU CANT PLAY GOD, WITHOUT BEING ACQUAINTED WITH THE DEVIL"
  5. I think I originally found wrestling a while back, like early 2009. The first guys I remember seeing were Rey Mysterio and Batista. I've done research and they never really fought together till late 2009 but I'm sure that my first show was Wrestlemania 25. I remember I lost interest in WWE for a while, and I altogether stopped watching the product from like 2012-2014. I got hooked on the Authority angles briefly, then lost interest again. Really what made the whole WWE interest permanent for me was Wrestlemania 32, which now looking back on it was a shite show. But it was the first Wrestlemania I had seen since 25, so I was excited. I can vividly remember watching Zack Ryder climb the ladder to win IC, and the whole Shane and Taker match was bonkers to me at the time.
  6. Football: Man City, Chelsea, Juventus, Arsenal MLB: Boston Red Sox, New York Mets NBA: Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics
  7. BPZ 24: ECHO WILSON "RISE BY VIRTUE, FALL BY SIN" PART 1 of 2 Discover the inspirational truth behind one of BPZ’s most iconic, controversial superstars. Follow the journey and the road of one electric entertainer, as he reminisces about his rise to stardom….and eventually his fall from grace. Where will this expedition into raw emotion and regret leave us? This is our long awaited look into the world of Echo Wilson. __________________________________________________________________ RISE Echo Wilson: “I think every kid’s first real aspiration in life is to become something. To become something of a giant, to become something of an icon. Every kid wishes to see their face on something. I think ownership and success is what this generation, led on by the constant pressure by society, is what every kid strives for. Whether it’s fame, fortune, acknowledgment, happiness is taught to be marked by your achievements in life. As a young boy, I was taught about how I was supposed to grow up and become something greater than my friends, like it was some sort of contest. I saw the people slowly dropping out of the race, and I saw each of them trip and fall behind. It quickly became clear to me what was expected of me and I blindly followed.” “My mother was the brightest star I’ve ever witnessed in person, she had nothing, she came from nothing materially and she still gave up all she had. My father was barely acquainted with the country. A Jewish man born in Israel, coming to one of the most American and strange cities, you could see how this would play out. I never was able to live a comfortable life and I was forced to make due. I slowly realized my reality growing up and I realized just how far I was behind. I knew I had to get rid of that handicap somehow. I was determined as ever I think to get over that hump and to become what everyone didn’t think I could be.” Mark Wilson (Echo’s father): “Echo was a special kid. It didn’t even take our initiative for him to start piecing his life together. It’s like he had this chip on his shoulder constantly and he wasn’t afraid to take what he was able to get. I think now that I know where he’s gone and what he’s achieved, I would tell you that it was destiny.” Echo Wilson: “I had to do it. Not because anyone wanted me to, it’s because I had a duty. My parents worked hard to get me even born, to give me a sustainable life. It wasn’t about comfort for me, it was about comfort for them. To me, it seemed simple. It was a give and go situation where they gave to me and so I had to give to them. Eventually in high school, I started to get more active, one thing I really got attached to was football. Not even just football, but basketball and baseball. But football was the sport. I mean Detroit was one of the most ideal places to play football considering it’s history with the sport and the environment it’s in. I think so many kids though took the same route as me, and for us kids who went to this run down public school it was a mentality of get good so you can get out. It was the only escape for us really, it was our way of making sure we can make a life beyond this town. Even if it didn’t mean pursuing the sport full time, it meant a chance for a college, scholarships and that was the big prize. Whenever scouts came to our games, you could see the hunger in people’s eyes, we all fed off of it. We all knew it was a battle for money, I took every chance I got and there was nothing bigger. Being Quarterback for Detroit King High School, I quickly learned a few things. It wasn’t just about me and what I could do, we were the #1 team in the state for a reason and that was because everyone there was talented. The eyes would come back to me at the end of the day, but I wasn’t the sole reason we were undefeated. I’ll never forget these lessons that I learned throughout those days, the path was so obviously clear to me then that I didn’t know or even imagine that it would ever change. I was presumably in it for life supposedly, but that assumption did prove to be incorrect, wildly incorrect.” Susan Wilson (Echo’s Mother): “I Wish I could’ve told you it was simple with Echo, but it never was. Believe me when before I go further, in no way am I bitter, it’s not all the time that we just take the easiest road for us. Echo was never satisfied, he always had a hungry eye and wits to match anyone he came across. Oh, my boy…...I’m sorry….” {Susan proceeded to break down into tears.} “I told myself I wouldn’t cry this time……..you know…...I remember every detail of that night entirely. Echo, he had been going out late nights, I always just thought he was with his friends, you know, doing whatever teenagers do.” Echo Wilson: “It was around the end of junior year when I found wrestling, I was 16 years old. I was nose deep into my football but I went with a few friends to watch a local live show in the park one night. Up till then my knowledge of wrestling was brief, and it was stereotypical. You know, “Oh wrestling is staged and fake” or “Oh, it’s just a bunch of wacky characters doing unrealistic stunts for entertainment.” and “Oh wrestling is sexist, and racist and old fashioned and out of the times.”, worst of all, I remember telling my friends that this sport was “for homosexuals only”. My interest in the industry was null and my grasp of it all was so narrow. But yet, there was something entrancing about it. All of these wacky characters and interweaving stories and histories just spoke out to me. I started going to more of these events, and it became a regular thing. I was, with my friends, a regular for these circus-like shows and I was even getting recognition from the acts themselves. They started talking to me and my buddies post-show and it became much, much more interactive. It became quite like a tradition, fortnightly or even more regularly than that. I guess it called out to me in a way that nothing else had before. Not even football” Susan Wilson: “Then one night, he came home extra late. By this point me and Mark, we were used to it, we were fast asleep in bed. I had no reason to be worried, Echo was a responsible kid.” Echo Wilson: “My memory of this is crystal clear because by this point my mind was made up. I had talked to my friends, to these local amateur wrestlers, the only people I hadn’t mentioned it too were my football coach and my parents. But I remember sprinting home, I remember being so certain of it. I ran up the stairs into my parents bedroom and they were asleep so I shook them awake. I remember my dad woke up first, startled and then my mom. I was just simply pacing back and forth in front of their bed and they were scared for me, they didn’t know what had happened. So I told them, I didn’t want to go ahead with football anymore, I was going to find a way to get into pro wrestling.” Susan Wilson: “In my mind, I couldn’t even process the thought of it, where had pro wrestling come from? This boy who had dedicated 2 years of his education to get the scholarship for football, what was he thinking?” Echo Wilson: “Anyone else would’ve called me insane, shook me until I came back into the right mindset. I mean, I had Division 1 College offers headed my way, it would’ve been ideally foolish to even entertain this thought but I pushed and I vied for this so much that there was no decision to be made in the end.” Susan Wilson: “I begged him to reconsider, I remember weeping into my husband's arms, but he was obviously set in his mind. You can only do so much as a parent, and eventually, and trust me it took much deliberation, me and Mark we got used to it. We had to, Echo had his mind set on it. He wasn’t going to be changed, whether we liked it or not. Eventually you have to let your kid go off the leash and this was the first major incident where Echo took the leap himself and made a decision on his own behalf. I respect him for that, I respect him for being brave enough to go against the grain and he really didn’t let this go to waste.” Echo Wilson: “ I think the novelty of my decision wore down in the household over time, I think they accepted my opportunity to give it a try. But the nerves were still there because pursuing this meant the end of every other endeavor. I mean, I couldn’t go back on it, and if this failed, I wouldn’t be able to go back to football. There would be no way. I remember the anger that emanated from my coach was something I’ll never forget either. He thought I was crazy, he told me “Why on earth would you give up your future for a dream that’s one in a million?”. He didn’t think I knew what I was getting myself into, but I was ready for it, I was going to prove everyone wrong again. It gave me even more of a chip on my shoulder coming into the business. It gave me the drive I needed, a kick start to make that push into the upper leagues of the industry.” Echo Wilson: “I began working shows for this local promotion near Detroit and even the tiniest paycheck I got, I spent it on keeping my family afloat. At first I worked those shows on my weekends and eventually I graduated high school and started doing it full time. My first year or so was slow, I think one thing people don’t know is how much luck it takes in getting noticed. You know, there’s guys that do everything right and don’t get there and then there’s people in the right place, right time that get those opportunities. I remember I was in that right place, right time situation in one of those shows. It had been 12 months, by this point I was beginning to stagnate. You know, my career in wrestling started off with so much heart, it started off with so much hope but as you might expect it didn’t all happen off the bat magically. I was already the Heavyweight Champ in this company, but still I hadn’t found a platform to elevate myself on to. I remember being backstage and the promoter, it was this sleazy, biker dude who had a knack for being kind of sneaky with the money and rude to his employees, he ran up to me and told me he had a surprise for me. I was mildly shocked, I had basically wrestled everyone there was to wrestle in the promotion and when he pulled out this guy, I was stunned. What stood before me was like a 6 foot 7 guy, with bulging muscles, I just kind of stood there and stared up at him. He told me I was gonna wrestle this guy tonight. I asked where he was from, he said New York. That’s when I recognized his face, he was a promoter from Empire State Wrestling School. I had tried a few months back to apply for his wrestling school but the out of state fee was too much. So anyways, I wrestled this guy. He basically beat the hell outta me for 15 minutes straight and then I got in a burst of offense at the end to retain my title. Afterwards I heard him speak for the first time, he said, in a thick Brooklyn accent. “I ain’t never seen nobody sell like you do.” And then it all kicked off, he said he’d cover the price of my admission if I joined him in New York to train with him at his school, he said I wouldn’t regret it. My first thought was of course, this is my breakthrough, but then I remembered my family, I couldn’t leave them behind. I would’ve had to say no” Mark Wilson: “You wouldn’t believe Echo, I remember the day he was sulkin around in the living room and finally I got to ask him what was up. He told me about his dilemma with this New York promoter who wanted to recruit him. Imagine, this kid gives up his whole future for this chance at wrestling and then even has a second thought about us, I told him he had to go and that was the end of it. So we sent him off to New York and from there it was pure smiles on our faces.” Susan Wilson: “Echo left the house and it was a bit of a proud mother moment for me. I mean, I was never in doubt but maybe, just maybe he had tested his luck too far, was he gonna flop? That day he moved into his apartment just outside the city. I knew he was going to make something out of this.” Echo Wilson: “ I was living outside of the city, commuting an hour and a half everyday by bus to get to Times Square where I would get into the gym on 47th Street and train and perform frequent shows with the promotion. It was completely worth it, I would’ve travelled by train for 5 hours if I had to, in order to get into that sweet spot we love in pro wrestling. Eventually it all started to come together though. Then the first calls came in, and suddenly I was on tour on the East Coast, and then suddenly I was doing shows in Chicago, and Florida and then next thing you know I’m wrestling in Reseda, California. I think the moment I knew I was not going to be living a terrible life was when Hawaii Entertainment flew me out to Honolulu for a show. And then the day after I got a call to go to Japan. I was shocked, I didn’t think it was going to snowball that fast. But by the time I was 21 I was making a worldwide name for myself. It was truly no turning back.” “I think it definitely had enough downs on the road to match the ups. I met an older guy back when I was still in New York, and he was quite impressive. He sparred with the younger guys like me just as easily as the rest of us. He was I think 43 at the time when we trained together, but he would be about 50 now, he became a very important mentor for me. I remember he was the first one I showed when I got the call to go to Hawaii and then beyond as well, he was always my rock. While this guy was my best friend on the independent scene in America, he was also definitely a wake up call, that not everyone is going to make it far in the business. I remember that day Hawaii called me, I was going to try and call them back to give them a spot for him and he waved it off saying “I’m not going any further than this, this is your ride, not mine.” I didn’t know how much those words would mean until later on……” “Everything in my life, in terms of the good and the bad, the gorgeous and the ugly all collided in my life at one time. I found that with every golden star comes a silver lining, I knew there was a catch and that catch came at the worst time for me. I remember it was in one of the coldest days in the winter and me and this guy we were roommates so I woke up one morning, checked the mail downstairs and saw that I had gotten a letter, and on the front of it was labelled…”BPZ”. I can remember just letting the letter drop from my hands, I feel like I was staring at it in disbelief for about 15 minutes before I picked it back up. I mean, rightfully so as well, it’s something that in terms of career achievements, there is no higher bench mark for success. I think I can vouch for everyone when I say that BPZ is the pinnacle, the top of the mountain. It gives validation for your career, the choices you’ve made up till that point, it really puts things into perspective for you. It’s like the ultimate confirmation that you made it and now you’re set for a while. I think though it wasn’t even a week later that my world came crashing down around me. You know…..I feel like talking about it….it doesn’t get any easier. You meet so many people on this journey, but when you really meet a guy that you can learn from and really understand on a deeper level, it’s something special. I mean, most of a wrestler’s life is in isolation. You’re flying so much, you’re spending so much time in airports, even getting to the point where you can get a family is a struggle. But me and my roommate at the time, he was like a brother to me. I didn’t even need to worry about feeling alone, even if he wasn’t booked, he’d take those 24 hr trips with me to Tokyo, and then back to New York. I don’t think I’ve ever felt the same since he….since he’s been gone. Not even a week later, I was in Australia at the BPZ Headquarters and I got the news that he had gotten into a severe car accident…...I’m sorry.” {Echo took a moment to shed a few tears and compose himself} “I don’t think my flights have felt the same since that day. You know, it really shows just how fleeting every day is, just how quick it can all be over. Even when you’re riding cloud nine you can face immense tragedy and sadness just mere moments later. I thought at one point that I’d just quit right then and there. Before he passed, he was training kids at the wrestling school in New York, and I was inches away, I swear, I was inches away from telling BPZ I couldn’t go through with it. I told my parents I was gonna take it slow, go back to New York and just take over that role that my old friend had. As a new wrestler to BPZ, you go through extensive training and you have to be in the Performance Center to test your skills, and see where they’re gonna put you. I remember I was in the ring with Xavier King, an old foe of mine, I was a mess in that match. I was rattled and my head just wasn’t there anymore. It was at a point where the guys in the office were wondering if I’d ever be able to get back to being stable again.” Flynn: “I remember I kept telling Brenden and the guys that like this kid was never gonna make it. He was a nervous wreck, he was not in the right head space to join our company and it showed. It wasn’t a matter of talent, it was evident that Echo had all the talent in the world to join BPZ, it was the mental game. Wrestling is a hard lifestyle to live, take it from a guy who’s spent 5 plus years in the industry. It’s more than just keeping your body in shape and being able to work the matches, it’s about keeping yourself mentally healthy and I saw someone who was grieving and someone who was unsure of what he wanted and I wasn’t sold at the time. I wish I could’ve reconsidered then, because yes, my perspective quickly changed with the kid.” Echo Wilson: “ Eventually my emotions began to subside for the most part, I took back the reins on my life and I was able somehow to reel it all back in. I don’t think I could’ve done it if I didn’t have the promise of something so great ahead of me. I think that experience of being so close, teetering on the edge, it really brought me to a state of humbleness. I wasn’t immortal, I wasn’t immune to my feelings. For so long, I had done what was best for my career, finding small landings to lean on and taking friendships wherever I could. But now, not only was my whole perspective different on the industry but I had more hunger than ever. I was going to make it for him, he told me that this was the end of the road for him, before it was really the end of the road for him. I wasn’t going to waste any time on proceeding my luck. And I think it began to show in my work ethic and my ring work. I think after composing myself, my last week or two of training before the big day really left a lasting impression on the entire team of higher ups who then went on to vie for me.” Slim: “Yeah, I knew that Echo was a special kid. He was real and that’s what really spoke out to me. We can get so many guys that have the looks of a wrestler, and have the moves of a wrestler. But Echo...man he had the mindset of a champion. And that is more than an everyday thing. When things weren’t plaguing his mind, he was everything we look for in a future talent. I knew that he was special, and in and out of the ring, I had my eye on him day one. I told Brenden that those last two weeks of training was enough for me to bet all my money on the kid. I mean, I wasn’t gonna let him pass this company by. I think everyone agreed on that as well, Echo was a lock for the future. One to look out for.” Echo Wilson: For whatever reason, I was fast tracked into the United States Division. I remember being told by Bailey that I was to be drafted to Carnage, I was gonna immediately go into the King of The Ring bracket, everything was working so fast. I was beyond excited, I had waited so long for this. But life is again full of humbling experiences, you feel like you get something right and then things go a lot slower than you originally expected. I remember that first match televised was my King of the Ring first round match against Xavier King. I was not prepared enough I think for that moment and immediately it was just a loss. I struggled to connect with a real time crowd and I think the guys in the booking team realized where they had gone wrong. It was a bit too much, too fast. I was off TV for a month after that, and I was nursing a minor injury as well so it was only really September when things really kicked off.” “In that feud with Peter Wilchester, I found myself truly. I found that sweet spot. I think it was a chance that Bailey had given me to kick start my up and coming career. Everything I did was coming off perfectly. I got amazing praise for that segment in Calgary at Peter’s home, I got so much acclaim that I was given a win in that match. I remember coming into that Universal Title match with Flynn with so much cult following behind me. It was really amazing to see, I think I not only really built an audience for myself but built a part of that electric audience that Carnage had back in that day. You know, the brand split was still in effect then and the way it worked out with the draft was that EVOLVE was immediately seen as the top brand. I mean, they had gotten Slim and Smith and so many other guys that were top talents. Looking at Carnage, it was basically me, Flynn and Necce. So to be able to prove everyone wrong and eventually I think with our little core we built Carnage into the dominant brand. I got my title shot in October 2017 against Flynn at Halloween Havoc, and I don’t think that night will ever be topped. You know when you’re on top of the world right, and things just keep going right? I was booked already to win the United States title, I had known that from before. But then kind of as a last minute addition, I was put into that team with Brad, AK-17. It was an effort to pair a guy who would have been a bit stale, with a guy who was red hot and it worked wonders. We immediately began to get to work, and then I was awarded with my first tag titles reign of my career. This was already 2 title wins in that one night, I was buzzing. The icing on the cake for me was that match against Flynn and not only did it open up the doors for me working with top stars but it was really proof to the fans that I wasn’t just an up and comer, I was already there. The way it looked, was that I was about to do the impossible and end Flynn’s god tier reign and then all of a sudden….down comes Slim and the Order...they interfere in that match and then kicked off so many other things. I got another brief injury forcing me to relinquish my belts without losing but I was back earlier than expected making a huge return at the Rumble. Eventually we got the ball rolling after that with the long awaited face down with Slim. I had a few stellar matches Live on Carnage with Slim, and the story of whether I’d succumb to his heel ways was immensely popular. So many people were begging me, even out of the ring to stay as a face, but man, the reaction when I gave in was priceless. It was about 5 months worth of me fighting off the Slim and his stables only to give in and go full heel with Slim, and Bart and then eventually Julius. I think those were the real peak days.” Jonathan: “Honestly, the entire way The Kingdom panned out, or was planned out I should say was a stroke of genius. I mean, to take three guys who were the three most highly touted guys in the whole entire company. And then to team them together for their rise to superstardom. I mean, everything they did was followed by gold and it showed that these three really all got along, they all really fed off a hunger to prove themselves to each other. It wasn’t a situation where anyone was holding each other down, it was a situation where each one elevated the other. There was so much support from that group...and the Slim turn, oh what a decision. Slim was the man in BPZ, he was the Face of the company being the World Champion for a year prior and surrounding himself with top guys and the future at the same time. To have Kingdom start off as his brain child and then have these three revolutionaries come in and swoop the entire establishment from under him was a move of wonder. There was no wonder that someone like Julius, and also Bart and Echo Wilson thrived off the back of it. They took the name of one of BPZ’s most influential talents and just threw him aside like it was nothing major. Kingdom took off as the single driving force in BPZ and not even just Carnage, but the entire company felt The Kingdom’s presence. Past, Present and Future.” Echo Wilson: “It’s hard for me to even pick what was the most iconic Kingdom moment for me. I think obviously the early days really strike me because that Slim excommunication transition was the real point for all three of us to bounce off of. But one moment I’d say for me that was really, really interesting was the Kingdom vs Evolution feud. I was so impressed with how that was made and the work that went into that match. It was honestly such a perfect adversary for the Kingdom, I mean we were heels and we were still the bad guys but we were getting cheered like nobody’s business, we were just popular. But then comes this nostalgia trip, I mean it was quite clear the comparison we were making. In their heyday, the Evolution group was so similar in terms of success and popularity to the Kingdom, that for them to face off head to head was a true and complete dream match. Bailey was a long time foe of all of the Kingdom guys, against me, against Bart and Julius. Ginge was the guy that none of us could quite capture and his mystique added a level to that match that none of us could comprehend. And then having Flynn there was the perfect final piece because this guy was so enriched with history against us. I mean, Julius turned on Flynn to join us in the first place and I was so deeply involved in my Universal feuds with him a while back. Even Bart had his run ins. So it was just the stars aligning in the most beautiful way that made it special for me. It really was wonderful.” “I think the entire journey in general from the days I wrestled tiny little gyms in New York to wrestling Madison Square Garden and sold out arenas around the states and Europe and Japan ….it was a wild ride. I think I wouldn’t ever look back on it and regret a moment about it. I think, yeah of course, there are things I did which I feel like shortened it in the long run. But I think….for the most general purposes, it was a very very successful…..I’m speaking as if it’s all past tense. But in my mindset right now, I’ve achieved so much already of what I’ve wanted to achieve. With the future in mind….well we’ll save that for later. But in a massive reflection, it would be a shame to look back on all these moments and look down on it. I think moments like these are unforgettable, eternal in our hearts and souls. Even those of heartbreak are ones that helped shape me. You know, there were decisions and paths I took that eventually took me here. I don’t think it would be fair to other people who took paths that didn’t lead them here, I don’t think it would be fair to say that I’d want to turn back the clock. I always felt like this was a choice that I made for a reason, I had a purpose here to entertain the right audience, and to make the world a brighter place. And with every step I took, and each new venture, a different part of the world was lit up by Echo Wilson. Words cannot describe that feeling of awe that I’ve gotten now that I can look back on the journey. Sweet, and sour it’s all part of the adventure. With every up comes its down, and life is truly a rollercoaster. It’s about reflection on those lows, to bring yourself back up to a high.” ..........TO BE CONTINUED........
  8. Name: Echo Wilson Position: SF Preferred Jersey Number: 17 The Start of the program is in 1980 but the prospect may want to declare for the NBA Draft later. For Example: Age - 16. YDFD - 1983./Age - 8. YDFD - 1991. Age: 16 Year Declared for Draft: 1983 College Attended: Duke University City: New York City State: New York Height in Feet: 6'10 Weight in Pounds: 240 SCOUTING REPORT: The Prospect was seen as exceptionally proficient at the following skills. 3 PTs Perimeter Defense Handling The prospect had extraordinary performance in the following athletic abilities. Quickness Jumping
  9. I think its a two sided coin. If the MLB would decide to strip the World Series from them, I think it would be justified. Quick warning however, I am a Yankees fan so I am partially bitter about this. If this were up to me, I would probably let them keep the World Series but I would suspend the players that were involved for this whole season. The deal the Astros players, like Altuve etc., made with the MLB was that they would be granted immunity if they outed their GM's and managers. Therefore, now that there is clear proof of who stole the signs and cheated, the players are getting off scotch free. I know its now impossible to change the outcome of the players but I think if I were to give out an unrestricted punishment, it would be dealt to the players.
  10. Raven takes the walk away, the confusion of the crowd is noticeable. Gunner Flynn lies, heavy breathing, on the cold floor backstage. Now that our new #1 Contender has walked away from this scene, the camera pans out, revealing a familiar face coming into the view. It's a face belonging to Echo Wilson? What is he doing here with Gunner on the floor? Slowly, the fans begin to piece together the puzzle.....Echo has layed out his own co-leader! The suspicions are confirmed when Echo Wilson places his foot on the prone body of Gunner Flynn and leaves it there. He breaks the moment, looking dead into the camera, and simply kicks Gunner in the chest sending him reeling in pain. "Gunner should've known. He should've known that this was going to happen. THIS is the stain upon human existence. THIS is the disease which we all try and hide ourselves from. Gunner....I think one of us was blind, while the other saw clearly. I saw imperfections in you, and I saw your lack of awareness to change them. Let this be your lesson, never look for order when the chaos is inside of you. Never call others out on their failures when you are living a life of deceit and lies. Gunner, you have no right to lead The Cure, you have no right to call yourself a savior anymore. The Mercenary has come to bring justice to you Gunner....and you will never see this company again. Have fun in hell." Echo's face is red with anger by now and he stands up straight now, after grabbing Gunner by the jaw and forcing him to look into his eyes. Echo, takes Gunner's head and drives his foot into it, stomping the skull, bashing the brain over and over again. Echo looks around the room with eyes of fury, and he finds a prone chair nearby. He uses it and hooks Gunner's foot through it. It's not over yet though, as he grabs a second chair and slams the chair into the first chair, bringing the double metal pain down onto Gunner's foot. Gunner by this point is screaming in pain. Words cannot describe what he feels like. Echo snarls viciously at him and picks up Gunner. He drags him a good 10 feet or so, and finds a grate, almost like a cage, standing up. This metal grate, is just big enough for Gunner to be chained to. So Echo, picks up Gunner, wrapping his legs and arms around the grate, so that he hangs there lifelessly. Echo Wilson sees Gunner's head fall down, unconsciously, and simply goes to him, slapping his face hard and forcing his head back. Echo finds a box on wheels nearby, he smiles sadistically and goes 10 for so feet away from Gunner before running full speed, bringing the corner of the box right into the prone chest of Gunner Flynn. But Echo isn't satisfied yet so he takes the rolling box and places it under Gunner, resting his legs on the box and leaving him even more bloody and hopeless. From the mouth, from the chest, from the leg, from the head...every part of Gunner's body is crying out in blood. The sight is gruesome to say the least, but the chained up Gunner is not safe from the pain yet. Echo Wilson is back in sight and has found a bat somehow. He first swings the bat straight into Gunner's ribs, and we can hear a crack as he breaks a rib of his. Then he takes a step back, swinging the second shot wildly into the left leg of Gunner, making sure that he cannot walk. Gunner is broken now and the momentum forces him to fall onto the ground. Echo Wilson just stands there, with his bat next to his face, watching this sight with a creepy sort of glee. He begins to speak, even unsure of Gunner has the ability to hear anymore. "Gunner.....I warned you that there would always be a higher price. But this beating wasn't for anybody else, it was purely for me. Sometimes as a Mercenary you have to take matters into your own hands.....Consider this your eviction. Gunner Flynn. You're a dead man."
  11. 1. The Kingdom (definitely not biased) 2. Pride 3. The Order 4. Bullet Proof 5. The Top Guys
  12. NJPW Big Pro Wrestling Festival 2020 - Tokyo, Japan FRIDAY, January 3rd, 2020 Full Show Results Jushin Liger and Ryusuke Taguchi def. Suzuki- Gun (El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru) Suzuki Gun (Lance Archer, Zack Sabre JR, Minoru Suzuki) def. Los Ingobernables De Japon (Shingo Takagi, BUSHI And EVIL) Juice Robinson and Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Jon Moxley and Kota Ibushi ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WRESTLE KINGDOM 14 PREVIEW: Tomorrow night begins what is now the biggest 2 nights on the annual calendar for the entire world of pro wrestling. Wrestle Kingdom will begin. We have so many talents, that are now considered the best in the world, so what happens now, when the spotlight is solely on New Japan? We will have to wait and see. Let's take a look at the massive matches in store for us going into these two nights of wonderful wrestling: The first and most major story is the Jushin Thunder Liger retirement matches. There will be two huge matches that will show off not only Jushin Liger's history, but the path he paves for all of the future stars in NJPW. The first of these matches is a star-studded 8 man tag match featuring NJPW legends such as his teammates Great Sasuke, Tatsumi Fujinami and Tiger Mask as they go up against Naoki Sano, Shinjiro Otani, Tatsuhiko Takaiwa and Ryusuke Taguchi. And then to finish off the career of Jushin Liger, he will pass his torch to an unknown member of the roster. The only rule? He has never faced this man before, so we are in for a massive surprise. We've got all the titles on the line spanning these 2 days from the IWGP Tag Team Titles, to the US title scene featuring Moxley, Juice and Lance Archer. We've got The RPW British Heavyweight Title on the line as Sabre JR defends against SANADA. KENTA, and his run of dominance looks to continue against Goto, and finally the war is on between 3k and Bullet Club once again over the JR heavyweight tag titles. Lastly, it is worth noting that Hiromu Takahashi's return to the ring will come at Wrestle Kingdom as he faces Will Ospreay for that belt he rightfully owns. And then we have the big matches, the money ones. For the IC title on Night 1, Jay White defends against Naito, on his search for absolute control over NJPW. And then main eventing night 1, will be the absolute banger of Okada vs Ibushi, the match that has been building since Ibushi's shining moments here in NJPW. Night 2 will feature 3 of these money matches. First off Jericho says farewell potentially to NJPW as he faces off against Tanahashi, a year match in the making. Can the Ace defeat him? We've got the losers of both matches facing off in a match that shows just how much depth NJPW can have. And in the main event, it will be champion vs champion. Winner of the IWGP Heavyweight Title and Winner of the Intercontinental Title. Winner takes all. Who will walk out as the undisputed champion of New Japan Pro Wrestling? WATCH WRESTLE KINGDOM TO FIND OUT _______________________________________________________ BONUS: Who Will be Jushin Liger's Mystery Opponent?: How many new champions will there be across both Night 1 and 2?: How many surprise debuts will there be?:
  13. RING OF HONOR TELEVISION WEEK 1 THURSDAY January 2nd, 2020 - Atlanta, Georgia Full Show Results - Kenny King announces an open challenge for any of the new talent to come and approach him.....much to his surprise the music of DONOVAN DIJAKOVIC hits! - Kenny King Open Challenge: DONOVAN DIJAK def. Kenny King - LifeBlood cut a promo, saying that no matter who steps through that curtain, they will be continue to be the heart and soul of Ring of Honor - Bandido and Tracy Williams def. Beer City Bruisers - We're preparing for the official main event, which is planned to be Jeff Cobb vs Joe Hendry. The winner is going to earn #1 contendership for the Ring of Honor TV Title, held by Shane Taylor. But before the match begins, Colt Cabana announces that there has been a sudden change of plans. This match will be a triple threat. The curtain flips open, and the M.O.T.H is back....LIO RUSH has returned to Ring of Honor! MAIN EVENT - ROH TV TITLE #1 CONTENDERSHIP MATCH: LIO RUSH def. JEFF COBB and JOE HENDRY
  14. STARDOM COMPANY PREVIEW: Starting off our faction preview, we take a look at the most cocky of stables in Queen's Quest. With top champion Bea Priestley, as well as the young core of Utami Hayashishita and Momo Watanabe, this faction is golden. They've only made one acquisition to their stable, but it might be the biggest one of them all. Io Shirai, former leader of Queen's Quest and founder of it, returns to its ranks. One can only guess that this will cause massive power struggles within the group now. Our second group is the dominant face group in STARDOM, simply called STARS. Led by STARDOM veteran, Mayu Iwatani who helped put this company on the global map, she and her partners in action, Arisha Hoshiki, Starlight Kid and Tam Nakano, have made multiple acquisitions to fill their ranks. With this group, Xia Brookside returns to their ranks, as well as Brookside's new friends from NXT, Toni Storm and Dakota Kai. But that's not all, making a part time return from her tenure in AEW will be RIHO, who will be working both companies. Thirdly is the deadly Oedo Tai, led by the face painted Kagetsu. The ranks also include Hazuki, the turncoat from Queen's Quest, a champion in Andras Miyagi and the sexy Natsu Sumire. Adding to their ranks is a lady who has made it to the big time and come back a hero, Heidi Lovelace, aka Ruby Riott, brings the chaos back to Oedo Tai. We have Tokyo Cyber Squad, a group trying to disrupt everything here in STARDOM. When Hana Kimura found her own way in STARDOM after her journey back from excursion, she took all of Jungle Kyona's former J.E.N stable with her and made it her own. Those former stars such as Konami, Mari Apache and even now Jungle Kyona herself help make those ranks. Adding to the ranks though, is a lady who has seen STARDOM before but will now work the company part time due to her AEW commitments, it's Sadie Gibbs. But the biggest ploy of them all comes to TCS, as the DOMINANT Shayna Baszler comes to Tokyo Cyber Squad as the next big thing. Lastly, we leave you with a mystery. There has been a 5th, yet unknown, faction that has been added to the list here in STARDOM. The members of it are unknown and there's only one trace of the name PASSION RED in the history of pro wrestling. It belongs to a stable, formerly founded by KANA, aka Asuka, in the OZ Academy, where she trained alongside stars like Kairi Hojo and more. More to come on this front in the future. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STARDOM TITLES WORLD OF STARDOM: Currently held by Queen Quest's Bea Priestley. Traditionally this is the top belt in STARDOM. WONDER OF STARDOM: Currently held by STAR's Arisha Hoshiki. Traditionally, this is the second highest belt in STARDOM, but is often viewed as the most prestigious by the fans. GODDESSES OF STARDOM: Currently held by the Tokyo Cyber Squad duo of Konami and Jungle Kyona. These are the tag belts within STARDOM. ARTISTS OF STARDOM: These titles are held by the Oedo Tai trio of Kagetsu, Natsu Sumire and Andras Miyagi. These are the trio belts within STARDOM. HIGH SPEED: Currently held by RIHO of the STARS faction. This title is generally meant for a faster paced style of match, similar to the Cruiserweights but without the weight limit. However, former champion, Hazuki, placed unofficial rules that the champion must have abs to challenge for the belt. SWA WORLD: Currently held by Japanese Utami Hayashishita of Queen's Quest, this title is your typical International title belt. It only has one rule, it cannot be defended against someone of the same country as the title holder. Future of STARDOM: This title is currently vacant in the company, but this is the belt for all the up and comers in STARDOM. To hold this belt, you must be under 20 years old or have 2 years or less of experience in STARDOM.

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