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  1. Echo Wilson

    MLB All Time Tournament

    Round 2: _________________________________________________________ 1938 New York Yankees vs 1955 Los Angeles Dodgers Pitching Battle: Red Ruffing vs Don Newcombe Hitting Battle: Jackie Robinson vs Joe DiMaggio 6-2 MVP: Don Newcombe (Goes 8 innings for the win) __________________________________________________________ 1984 San Diego Padres vs 2007 Boston Red Sox Pitching Battle: Ed Whitson vs Josh Beckett Hitting Battle: Tony Gwynn vs David Ortiz 2-1 MVP: Ed Whitson (Goes 7+ Innings for the win) ____________________________________________________________ 2002 California Angels vs 2007 Colorado Rockies Pitching Battle: Jarrod Washburn vs Ubaldo Jimenez Hitting Battle: Troy Tulowitzki vs Garret Anderson 4-6 MVP: Todd Helton (1 for 5, 3 Run Homer) ________________________________________________________________ 1980 Philadelphia Phillies vs 1973 Oakland Athletics Pitching Battle: Steve Carlton vs Catfish Hunter Hitting Battle: Mike Schmidt vs Reggie Jackson 11-2 MVP: Manny Trillo (2 for 5, 4 RBI's) ______________________________________________________________________ 2005 Chicago White Sox vs 1994 Montreal Expos (Nationals) Pitching Battle: Mark Buerhle vs Pedro Martinez Hitting Battle: Paul Konerko vs Larry Walker 6-5 MVP: Scott Podsednik (1 for 4, Drove in Game winning run) ________________________________________________________________________ 2005 Houston Astros vs 1982 Milwaukee Brewers Pitching Battle: Andy Pettitte vs Pete Vuckovich Hitting Battle: Craig Biggio vs Cecil Cooper 2-3 MVP: Gorman Thomas (1 for 4, 2-Run HR) ________________________________________________________________________________ 1991 Minnesota Twins vs 1995 Atlanta Braves Pitching Battle: Jack Morris vs Greg Maddux Hitting Battle: Kirby Puckett vs Fred McGriff 1-8 MVP: Javy Lopez (4 for 5, 4 hits including a triple) ____________________________________________________________________________ 1976 Cincinnati Reds vs 2016 Chicago Cubs Pitching Battle: Pat Zachry vs Jon Lester Hitting Battle: Kris Bryant vs Johnny Bench 8-15 MVP: Wilson Contreras (3 for 6, 4 RBI's, Solo HR) _______________________________________________________________________________
  2. Echo Wilson

    MLB All Time Tournament

    Round 1 Matches Part 2 _________________________ 1994 Nationals vs 1962 Giants 4-1 MVP: Mike Lansing (1 for 4, Drove in game winning 2 runs in the 7th) ___________________________________________________________ 2005 Astros vs 1993 Blue Jays 2-0 MVP: Roger Clemens (8.2 inning shutout) __________________________________________________________ 1970 Orioles vs 1982 Brewers 2-3 MVP: Gorman Thomas (1 for 3, Go-Ahead RBI in the 7th) ________________________________________________________________ 1969 Mets vs 1991 Twins 2-5 MVP: John Smiley (Pitched 2-Run Complete Game victory) _______________________________________________________________________ 2010 Rangers vs 1995 Braves 6-7 MVP: Mike Mordecai (1 for 4, 3-Run Double) _________________________________________________________________________ 1976 Reds vs 1985 Royals 9-1 MVP: Cesar Geronimo (4 for 5, Collects 4 hits including a double) ___________________________________________________________________________ 2016 Cubs vs 2003 Marlins 2-0 MVP: Jon Lester (7 inning Shutout) ___________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Echo Wilson

    A Promise for Mayhem

    On our recent tour of the brands, myself and Bart have made our point very, very clear. The Tag Division is about to be shaken up and the era of the Kingdom is going to begin. Now, Bart you went to the liberty of talking about how unfitting the Tag Team Champions are for the belts and how we will maul them and walk out with the tag team championships as our prize, but I want to focus on another group of three men who have been on my constant mind as of late, and not just in the tag division. Of course, those men make up the unit known as R.O.A. and with the Carnage Power Trip Cup in progress, two of my four fellow semi finalists are in fact ROA members. In fact, my opponent for the semi finals is their Underboss Julius. And who knows what can happen after I run through Julius? But as I can rip them apart one on one, why not give Bart some of the spoils? It doesn’t matter, which two of you, you pick, the result will be the same. ROA biting the dust like they should’ve done at World at War. With recent events in mind, I do think that the duo you will eventually go with is the team of Flynn and Julius so let me pretend that that’s how its going to play out. First off Flynn, you and me have so much history between us and yet why haven’t I gotten my rematch? It’s shameful that you avoided me for so long that by the time our paths crossed again, it was too late to rob you of your Universal Title. Bart can speak for me when I say, that as a fan, as a common locker room leader, the showing of unsportsmanlike conduct you showed after the events of Halloween Havoc were absolutely appalling and that instead of rightfully admitting the better man, you took the excuse that The Order gave you and scurried off to find another poor man to leech on. What you did was inexcusable, and I will beat you hundreds of thousands of times and still it cannot change what you did. So I will take pleasure in stealing everything you hold so close and dear, because it’s only going to make things even. Carnage Power Trip Cup finals, Tag team title match, when ever else you wanna meet me in the ring, I will burn you, I will burn the living heart out of you. There is a moment of seething horror and anger in the face of Echo Wilson as his true feelings towards Flynn are made very apparent. The hatred simmers before Echo cuts the tension while raising his mic to his lips once again. Now for Julius, the supposed King of the NXT division. Julius, if you paid attention to the history books, you would know very well that Myself and Bart are the two greatest NXT Champions in all of history but Julius…. For you, it isn’t a question of What Ifs, our match at Power Trip Cup will happen live and in stereo. The entire world can see me maul you, can see me tear you limb from limb, and where will I deal my first blows? Well, of course, it is at Mayhem, when myself and Bart claim gold as unit and begin the dominance of The Kingdom in the best way possible. I don’t think I can stress enough just how much of a takeover this will be, in fact at Mayhem, Kingdom will be holding 5 out of the 8 total titles that this company has, and where will ROA be? Where will Ruin be?.....They will be left, lying broken and battered, in the wake of our storm, watching as the real revolution kicks off without them. Watching as the real source of Ruin runs rampant in every single corner of this company. We will burn the revolution of attitude, we will burn the life out of Ruin, we will burn the established system down to the ground….and then rebuild. Rebuild for the future, rebuild for a new world, with the Kingdom at the forefront of the action and everyone else, bowing before us and worshipping us like the gods we are. There is no stopping the prophetic truth. Carnage will never be the same, Evolve will never be the same, THE WORLD will never be the same, there is a new order on the horizon for the world, a new legacy, better than anything that has come before it. There are people behind the scenes who run this world, while the people think they have privacy, have control, they soon are going to find that they have no control. The Kingdom runs you, The Kingdom runs all and at Mayhem, the Kingdom will run THROUGH every other unit in the ring, that is my promise. I always keep my promises. Echo Wilson smirks proudly one last time, and pauses before flipping his microphone, he takes the lead as he charges back up the ramp. Bart follows closely behind. We will have to see if this pairing of the Kingdom members can truly live up to this grand promise. We could very well see the World, United States, Grand, Premium and Tag Team Titles in the hands of the Kingdom after Mayhem. At least, that's what they are promising.
  4. Echo Wilson

    MLB All Time Tournament

    Round 1 Matches PART 1 1984 Tigers vs 1955 Dodgers 3 - 13 MVP: Carl Furillo (2 for 5, 3 RBI's, HR) __________________________________________________ 1984 Padres vs 2001 Mariners 8-5 MVP: Garry Templeton (2 for 3, 3 Runs Scored) _______________________________________________________ 1967 Cardinals vs 2007 Red Sox 5-6 MVP: Josh Beckett (8 shutout innings for the win) _____________________________________________________ 1960 Pirates vs 2002 Angels 4-7 MVP: Tim Salmon (1 for 5, 3-Run HR) _____________________________________________________ 2007 Rockies vs 1948 Indians 9-3 MVP: Yorvit Torrealba (2 for 4, 3 RBI's, HR) ______________________________________________________ 1973 Athletics vs 2008 Rays 3-1 MVP: Catfish Hunter (Threw Complete Game victory) __________________________________________________________ 1980 Phillies vs 2001 Diamondbacks 8-5 MVP: Mike Schmidt (2 for 3, 2 Home Runs) ______________________________________________________________
  5. Echo Wilson

    MLB All Time Tournament

    This is a little experiment I wanted to do that has to do with baseball. I took all 30 teams in the MLB and found their best seasons. I then am going to take those best teams for each ball club and put them head to head in a tournament. There arr 30 baseball teams but only 1 victor. _____________________________ The Bracket: ____________________________________________________ Teams: 2001 D-Backs: Won the World Series, Randy Johnson won the Cy Young and Curt Schilling became a future HOFer 1995 Braves: Won the World Series, Greg Maddux won the Cy Young, and they gave a record low amount of runs in the season 1970 Orioles: Won the world series, had 3 future Hall of Famers and the MVP Boog Powell 2007 Red Sox: Won the World Series, the final years of Wade Boggs hall of fame career and the class of David Ortiz 2016 Cubs: Won the World Series, broke the longest World Series drought in baseball history 2005 White Sox: Won the world series after 88 years, had a superstar in Frank Thomas 1948 Indians: Had legends such as Satchel Paige, Joe Gordon, Bob Lemon, and one of the greatest all time Tris Speaker 1976 Red: Second Best baseball team in MLB history, outscored every other team by 82 runs and had 3 HOFers in Bench, Morgan and Perez. 2007 Rockies: The Rockies are the worst franchise in baseball history, nobody in the Hall of Fame has been a Rockie and the only bright spot was the 2007 World Series (they got swept) 1984 Tigers: A great one season phenomenon, with Jack Evans but they were a fluke as it turned out to be 2005 Astros: There was no world series win until 2017 but still the 2005 team with Bagwell and Craig Biggio is the greatest Astros team of them all. 1985 Royals: The Royals are an interesting team, 1985 was their best year but they didn't do all that well, their offense was iffy and George Brett carried. 2002 Angels: For a team with a world series win, they were very poor, they lacked great players and well they mightve gotten lucky 1955 Dodgers: 1952-1956 was the best time to be a Dodgers fans, they capped it off with a world series win in 1955 with the likes of Snider, Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese. 2003 Marlins: Marlins have never finished first place, they won the wild card, and won a shocking world series over the Yankees, Miguel Cabrera is there guy to make the HOF one day 1991 Twins: After winning the world series in 1987, they bounced back and won it in 1991 with their star pitcher Kirby Puckett 1982 Brewers: This fans have suffered greatly, but 1982 was a fun year to be a fan with Molitor, Yount and best of all Cecil Cooper with the MVP. 1969 Mets: The stories are overtold and we hear the magical mets stories all the time, but the Miracle Mets are a beloved team. Tom Seaver and best of all Darryl Strawberry 1939 Yankees: Now, if you thought the Red were good, the 1939 Yankees are the single best team in all of baseball, in fact the Yankees have 4 other teams better than the Reds that year. They are the greatest franchise in baseball and maybe sporting history, excuse my bias. This team happened to have Gehrig and DiMaggio. 1973 Athletics: Three straight world series wins between 72 and 74, Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, Rollie Fingers all time greats. 1980 Phillies: Phillies are dissappointing, with pitchers such as Cy Young and Lefty Grove they only won twice. One being 1980 with Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton. 1960 Pirates: Pirates have had to cover their fans eyes because of how shocking they have been. 1960 was magnificent though, Roberto Clemente is truly a legend. 1984 Padres: It's not been great for the Padres, In 1984, they wore their ugly brown uniforms and lost the world series. Tony Gwynn is their lifesaver 1962 Giants: If you want to ignore how great the Giants were in NY than you arent gonna find much luck, but in 1962 they won 103 games with McCovey, Willie Mays and Cepeda...but they lost the world series. 1967 Cardinals: This team and the team the year after were amazing, with Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton and Lou Brock, you can take your pick. 2001 Mariners: Mariners are surprisingly good team, but we sit here in 2018 and wonder how they still havent won a world series. Seattle fans had the pleasure in 2001 of seeing Ichiro debut and win the Rookie of the year and MVP awards in one season. 2008 Rays: Unfortunately, thing have never looked up for the Rays, but if they had won the world series this year would be one of the best of all time, there is no one to note except for Longoria. 2010 Rangers: Ron Washington is a character, but he could never take the final step to a world series victory. Judged against other Rangers teams they are the 27 Yankees. 1993 Blue Jays: The Blue Jays are one of the more consistent teams in the modern era with players such as Alomar and Molitor, if memorability was counted for higher, this would be in higher standing. 1979 Nationals: Ok I admit, this isn't the Nationals, its the Expos. The Expos could've been something though. After the player lockout, the Expos were wiped off the face of the map. Its a shame, if we're counting full seasons than this team is the best.
  6. Echo Wilson

    Could WWE Thrive As Face, Heel and Tweener Company?

    Hmmmm not sure about this. I think part of why WWE is entertaining, original and not like other independent promotions, such as NJPW and so on is because they have that very firm dividing line. A lot of other companies tend to make that line more fuzzy and I think part of what makes WWE work with such a vast audience is its A. Clear to see who's good and bad B. Easy to pick up on if you are just becoming a wrestling fan. I think, the tweener idea could be used in a way in WWE, not as specialized as face or heel or as a specific gimmick. I think it could definitely be used to describe those people who are booed but seen as a good guy by the company and vice versa. I think tweener could be something that the fans create, rather than the creative saying that this man is going to cut it down the middle. Lastly, I have to agree with TC4. if they are to make Tweener a gimmick of a specific face or heel type, than the effect would last for a bit but there isnt a way to keep that interesting for fans. Part of the storylines is that there is an ending, with some form of change coming at the end of it, and keeping things down the middle, is confusing slightly, and not definite. It shows that creative maybe doesn't fully agree with what the fans say about a person and are gonna compromise instead of keeping things realistic. Anyways thats all I have to say.
  7. Echo Wilson

    Enzo Amore to Impact?

    Speaking in absolutes is usually a way to have your words come back on you, and especially in wrestling where it’s a fairly regular things for once-bitter enemies to end up working with each other when the money’s right, ruling anything out categorically seems foolish. Callis’ answer also puts the onus on Enzo to prove to Impact and others he’s worth hiring, not in terms of working on his moveset or coming up with fresh material - although neither would be a bad idea - but by demonstrating he can lay low, stay out of trouble and not aggravate people for a while. Plus, this paints Impact under Callis and Scott D’Amore as doing some long-term planning, something which is good for their reputation with talent and fans. All told, I think it’s about as good an answer as an executive could give when posed with the Enzo question at this time. Which means it will probably only piss off a lot of people instead of most people.
  8. Echo Wilson

    TEW 2016: Career Simulator Version 2.0

    August 2018: Superstar Reports: Kieron Black: OVERALL RECORD: BEST MOMENT: WORST MOMENT: Drago Alamando: Crash in August was a wild show, in a typical Lucha trios match, Fuego, Extreme Tiger and Jack Evans defeated Diamante, Damian 666 and Nicho El Millionario. OVERALL RECORD : BEST MOMENT: WORST MOMENT: Bart Hoogveld: Bart bounced back in Dutch Pro Wrestling, defeating Ace and Bambi Killer. In SWE-EU Total Warfare, the torment finally ended, he defeated Michael Dante, unfortunately it didn't last long because WALTER attacked from behind. OVERALL RECORD: BEST MOMENT: WORST MOMENT: Joshua Scott: Joshua Scott moved on from the menacing trio and was given another victory over Dylan Roberts, the following week he did so again this time in quicker fashion. At the Attack Pro Wrestling PPV, Cruel Intentions, Josh teamed with Tony Spitfire in a shocking defeat to Dylan Roberts and his chosen partner Luke Phoenix. OVERALL RECORD: BEST MOMENT: WORST MOMENT: Bailey Justin: OVERALL RECORD: BEST MOMENT: WORST MOMENT: Ross Haslam: It's almost like ASW never skipped a beat as Ross defended his ASW title on day 1 of the Retalliation Tour against James Mason, that's his 6th or 7th defense of the title. On the following Wednesday show, Omega defeated James Mason as well, mimicking Ross Haslam. Ross was back at it, the following Monday, against Tony Spitfire, defense #8 of his title. Two days after this, Kenny Omega defeated Tony Spitfire and James Mason in a tag match when he joined Kid Fite in a victory. OVERALL RECORD: BEST MOMENT: WORST MOMENT: Slim: After losing his CWH Heritage Title #1 contender match, Slim recieved a match against Joey Ryan which he again lost. Things aren't looking up for Slim in Hollywood. In PWG, he was eliminated from BOLA fairly early so he was booked alongside the man he signed a contract with, the infamous Cereal Man. They fought to open the show and Slim picked up the victory. OVERALL RECORD: BEST MOMENT: WORST MOMENT: Sheridan Muller: On a very rare performance, for the women on WxW Shotgun, Sheridan teamed with Amber Rox against the team of Killer Kelly and Toni Storm, she was victorious with Rox. OVERALL RECORD: BEST MOMENT: WORST MOMENT: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General Wrestling Reports: Major Title Wins: - SWE in England saw a title change, as Will Ospreay lost his SWE Heavyweight title to Pete Dunne. Ospreay made two successful defenses before this. - At AAW Bound By Hate 2018, the AAW Heavyweight Title changed hands as Abyss defeated ACH at the very first hurdle. - The G1 Climax has gone and passed, as the finals was a transport back in time. The finals was Tenzan vs Nakanishi, and the winner of the G1 Climax was Hiroyoshi Tenzan. Retirements: - HUGE NEWS, also sad news, The legend Scott Steiner is gonna retire from active competition in 3 months time. He looks to be taking a backstage role within Impact, and is taking advice from friends who have done the same thing. Hirings / Firings: - In Shocking news, El Mariachi Loco of Lucha Underground has walked out. The rumour mill says that it could do with anything from missing payments to a locker room brawl. It is unlikely he will ever be seen in LU again. - Big news from Stardom, as they announced that Mercedes Martinez would be joining them for the entire span of the next tour. - Yuji Nagata was officially shown the door last night, Wednesday Week 2, by AJPW. They said it was purely business and they were trying to reduce their bloated roster.
  9. Echo Wilson

    Summer's Graphics (I try)

  10. Echo Wilson

    The Formula

    "Ladies and Gentleman, Echo Wilson" We are back on Carnage Live, after the Round 2 matches are complete. 8 men entered, only 4 escaped. Echo Wilson stands in the ring, with a microphone in hand. "The cream of the crop has been found. There are only 4 men who remain. The best 4 men this company has to offer. And now that we have narrowed it down, there are so many dream matches we could be seeing again. For example, who will I be facing in the finals after I knock Julius down a notch. It could either be Flynn, a man who I have despised for some time, a man who not only stood in my way, but managed to scurry away without paying his dues. Necce shouldn't have been the one to end the reign of Flynn, I should have at Halloween Havoc and everyone should've seen that wide and clear. On the other side of the coin we have our lovely old friend Brad. Formerly my best friend and the man who I have beaten up on multiple occasions. Apparently, this new Nanovirus character of his is back and, well, I'm not impressed. To me, I still see the shitty little underdog who had to leech off of my success to get anywhere. I don't believe he will be the Carnage Power Trip Trophy holder. In fact, I can make a solid case that suggests that no one else else deserves that trophy. Never the less, would have the heart to fight for it. These dreams I'm cultivating are dreams that will span generations. These memories will outlast my own life and the life of everyone of you watching because my name will live on with the greats, I am the epitome of this industry and quite frankly I don't see a day where my name isn't uttered with pride, awe and fascination. But we shouldn't get to far ahead of ourselves, they say that time is of the utmost importance, and I tend to spend all 5 minutes of my glorious match against Julius, by making sure that ROA's name is tarnished forever. Yes, 5 minutes. It only takes 5 minutes worth of my valuable time to discard of someone of Julius' level. I don't want to waste any of my valuable time when I could be out and about, signing autographs for all of my adoring fans, pumping metal in the gym, making love to my beautiful wife. So I will not play any silly games with Julius, as simple as can be put, Julius will be jobbed out to myself in the most embarrassing way possible." "Now I know what you all are undoubtedly thinking right now, "But Echo, he's arguably 1 foot taller than you!". You are all ignorant, and that although you whine, and worry about my whims on repeat, I trust in confiding to you this one secret. Size does not play a factor when you are at my level of dominance. If Julius wants to try and combat me with brute force and strength then I will use my un-matchable speed to run circles around Julius, making him dizzy, and then I climb up, drop back down with a magnificent back flip, landing both feet onto his ribs. Breaking them both and pinning him for the 1,2,3. And when he lays there wheezing, clutching at his stomach, wondering where it all went wrong. He'll have one thing to blame, he idiotic cockiness. That's right, he is way too full of himself to realize where he stands in the hierarchy of this company. He has been taken under the wing by two of the supposed top superstars in this company, the people you adore the most and yet still he finds a way to be outshone by all of the plethora of mid-carder jobbers this company has to offer. Julius has had all of the chances in the world, handed to him on a a silver plate and yet he still manages to fail you, time and time again. I don't even think he cares. The amount of disrespect he shows you is appalling, in fact, the amount of disrespect he shows the staff and his co workers in the locker room, it speaks to his personality. And Julius, you cannot get far by being a bully. You see I, I am obviously much more sophisticated, if I want someone taken care of I do it in quick fashion. Quick but thought out, leaving no loose ends and making sure that every single base is covered properly. So Julius, if you want to take me on, you will face the biggest storm of your entire career. One that will take you off your feet, leave you breathless and leave you dazed. It's just the effect I have on people, that leaves them in awe at the raw star power, the performance skills, basically every aspect you could ask for. Things that the Revolution of Attitude lack immensely. They are no true match for every thing the Kingdom brings to the table. The Kingdom brings style, grace, athleticism, stamina, we have the perfect solution of confident leaders, future torch bearers, the brute force and will needed to bring a revolution down to its knees. Mayhem is the beginning. I, Echo Wilson, will advance to the Carnage Power Trip Finals, Me and Bart, the two brightest stars in the night sky, will make quick and easy fashion of this fallacized tag division, and in the end, I will raise the Premium Title once again high in the sky. For a moment, Echo seems lost in his own greatness, and the dream he has of what will occur at Mayhem. He snaps back into reality, gives a judgmental look around and coughs and begins again. You know, not many people have one night that defines their lifetime, for me, I can honestly say, that night was Halloween Havoc. I won the tag team titles as the star of AK-17, I won the United States Title, burying Joshua Scott forevermore and I came fingertips away from defeating your great hero Flynn for the Universal Championship. it was truly a special night, some say it made Echo Wilson, I agree but there is more to define Echo Wilson by. Mayhem will be the second coming of Havoc. I will take 2 titles with me and advance to my well deserved #1 contenders match after the doors close, there will only be one name buzzing through people's heads, Echo Wilson. Let's talk about Hollow, I told you all that he would let you down. Now look at it, the Unsactioned Zone is closed for repairs and well, Hollow is nowhere to be seen. Luckily, I am here to take you out of your deep, dark hole. I will reclaim my Premium Title and save that dead division from their impending doom. I will carry it with me, while on my path to glory, I will elevate that title to new heights and revive the name that title once had. There once was a time when the greatest champions in this company, Smith and Sameer, they both held this title proudly. Now with recent holders such as Brad and Hollow, that title has slipped further and further into irrelevancy. With someone like me at the helm of the division, someone that has more than enough power to carry half of the company of his back, I will protect and keep that title with all of my might. Not only will I do all of that, but I will join forces with the only man who comes close to matching me in terms of skill and ability, his name is Bart. Together the future is now, as we clinch the BPZ Tag Team Championships and show exactly how much depth Kingdom has behind it. We are building a better and brighter for the company, and all of the other tag teams, whether that be Ruin or whether that be ROA, they can't even compete when it comes to building up the future. We have our fingers in every bowl and we are ready and primed to take over the next generation. Everything that Slim has built for you, the royal court you see before you, has all been laid out in his vision. And now, being the kind and generous man he is, he has laid out a future for years to come, and the ones who will herald and lead that future? Me, in control of Carnage, and Bart in control of Evolve. It is written in the stars, and will come to fruition in time, where you will see that nothing really changes. The new legacy is built under the bright minds of myself and Bart. Now the first step to this is getting rid of our competitors one by one. Me beating Julius and then possibly Flynn, Myself and The Villain defeating Ruin and ROA in one match, and then whatever comes next, The Kingdom will run it to the ground. Any uprising, any revolution, anything that tries to create a different story than the one that Kingdom has written for you, it will be crushed like a bug." "So sit and relax, you have no reason to fret, you have no reason to stress because you are in good hands, The Kingdom will take care of you, and lead you into the next Golden Age of this company. The Prince, the Villain and the King. We run this company like a well oiled machine and we will never fail to impress you. Not that we need to, we don't need your approval to follow through with all of our magnificent visions and plans we have for the future. Sit back, breath deep, watch closely. The Kingdom is about to put on a show that will stand the test of time, Anyone disagrees. You are fighting a war that cannot be one. So in the final analysis this is the end of the beginning, the beginning of the calm before the storm. Echo Wilson smiles cockily, flips his microphone and as it thuds to the mat, he rolls under the bottom rope. The Cream of the crop has been found, Carnage Semi finals are on their way, but Echo wants to leave Mayhem with a lot more than just a #1 contenders match. This plan he speaks of....will it save BPZ from the dark? Time is the telling tale.
  11. Carnage Power Trip Cup - Round 2 "THE PRINCE" ECHO WILSON vs "THE CANADIAN DESTROYER" PETER WILCHESTER It's now time for the Second Round of the Power Trip Cup presented by Carnage. We have seen a class of wrestling that has highlighted just how deep this brand is, we have seen stars be born but with most of the results out of the way, only a few more questions are left to be answered. On one side of the ring will be Echo Wilson, who ever since turning heel and joining the Kingdom has been on a roll, although he recently lost his Premium Title, he looks to regain it as well as become #1 contender to the Universal Title by going all the way in this tournament. But what makes this bout interesting is his opponent, Peter Wilchester. Wilchester left furiously after being beaten and humiliated by Echo Wilson back in September and when news broke that Echo would have to face one side of Yelich's many personalities, it was no surprise that Peter stepped up to the plate to be Echo Wilson's opponent for Round 2 of this Power Trip Cup. Can The Canadian Destroyer regain his pride? Or will The Prince advance into the semi finals? ___________________ "Keep it 100" begins to play as the fans boo like crazy, when Echo steps out amidst the red tint and the smoke. The proclaimed Prince of BPZ, the former Premium and United States Champion, steps out and stands on the stage. He pops his collar and gives a cold stare into the crowd. He motions for a fake title belt around his waist and points up to the logo on the titantron. The crowd goes absolutely wild with anger, as "You sold out" chants still are very apparent in the arena. Ever since Echo abandoned his heroic ways and took to being alongside Bart and Slim, he has had a very sudden change of heart, something that the fans haven't taken kindly to. For all the times he spoke about making it on his own, he no longer fights to keep his light alive. Echo begins his cocky walk to the ring, He slides over along the apron and poses on it, he flips over and into the ring, landing on his feet and runs up the turnbuckle posing, hands behind his back like he used to do. He laughs and turns around, hopping in place waiting for Peter Wilchester to enter. PA SYSTEM: Ladies and gentleman, please rise and remove your caps, for the playing of the Canadian National Anthem. Here in America, you would think that Peter Wilchester, being very anti-American would be booed out of the building but with his opponent so fresh in people's minds he gets a mildly mixed reaction. Peter Wilchester walks out holding the Canadian Flag around in his hands, waving it around, in the face of all of the "American Scum" as he would call them. He rests it on his shoulder and marches down to the ring, proudly having the flag rippling behind him. He turns halfway down the ramp and proudly smiles at his name embezzled with the Canadian flag. He puts his hand to his heart and is lost in the moment. He is distracted as a series of boos from both sides of the ramp attack him brutally. He turns and scoffs at the fans before turning back to the ring. He lays his eyes on Echo and a demented smile creeps upon his face. He asks one of the tech kids to bring about a flag holster. When the kid does, he places the flag in the front of the ring, and climbs up and into the ring. He goes to the opposite side of the ring, undresses and prepares mentally, stretching himself out to lock up with Echo Wilson Both men do begin with a lock up, feeling each other out and creating some space, try and wear the opponent down to start this match off. Peter gets behind Echo though, clutching his back before lifting him up and pushing him down to the mat. He jumps to his feet, showing off, catching Echo off guard for the time being. Peter smiles, he seems to have control. Echo replies with a smile of his own and gets back to his feet. These two men know each other so well in the ring, it will be a real test to get a long stretch of moves together. These two men lock up again, but as Peter tries the same maneuver, Echo is ready this time, landing a short kick to the gut of Peter and clapping his chest with a cupped hand. Echo smiles briefly at Peter's pain before going behind and hitting a monster suplex! Up and Down goes Wilchester! Smart man that Peter is, he rolls out before Echo can grab him in for more offense. He attempts to take a breather, and the fans boo him for not challenging Echo like a man. Peter gets on one knee and in return beckons Echo to come to the outside and fight him. Echo shrugs and bounces off the ropes. SUICIDE DIVE....DODGED! Echo crashes head first into the barrier! He clutches his head in pain and now Peter sees the opportunity he has and follows up quickly. He stomps several times to the skull of Echo, and no matter how many times he tries to cover it, the weak spot in his head is truly throbbing now. He throws Echo back in the ring but the wasted time counts and when he tries for a pin, Echo only stays down for 1. Peter isn't too shocked by this and locks in a headlock, across the gash that the barricade left, squeezing it painfully. Adding extra pain he hits several right elbows to the skull of Echo. It seems to be a little too much and Peter lets go of the hold. Instead he focuses on the right leg of Echo, wearing it down. Echo needs that leg to hit the Stardust Stomp. Peter makes his point all too clear as he repeatedly stomps on the leg of Echo, making him cringe in pain! Echo cries out in pain, clutching the leg, dragging himself away from Peter. But Wilchester shows no remorse, if anything pure hatred in his eyes, He uses the nearby ring post and slams the knee into the ringpost, and almost shattering it completely. Echo is looking like he's in more and more trouble, Peter isn't just looking to advance here, but he wants revenge. Echo stole his spotlight once and he's gonna make sure Echo never wrestles again. Echo attempts to crawl to his feet but again Peter is right there, stomping on the back of his skull, landing a few forearms to the back of it, He lifts Echo up...clothesline! Laying out Echo. But instead of going for the pin, he signals for another clothesline. Deflected by Echo! Echo maneuever it! SUPERNOVA KNEEBAR LOCKED IN! It's weak but its effective. Peter is struggling with all of his might but he can't seem to escape the legs of Echo. Eventuall the pressure is released as Echo's leg give up all their strength and Echo collapses on the mat, sprawled out. Echo growls deeply in pain and Peter Wilchester slowly recovers and yet he still has felt the effects of the Kneebar. Echo couldn't make Peter tap out and he might live to regret it. Peter crawls over to Echo, whispering obscenities in his ear. Taunting him and his weak body. The skull and his leg are both in throbbing pain. Echo throws a wild punch that Peter dodges and he grabs the prone arm of Echo. He slowly comes down and locks in an armbar! Echo cannot even will himself to move! After several terrifying and heart stopping seconds, Echo reaches the ropes in absolute desperation. Peter cannot believe it, he shakes his head and roars in anger. He screams at the referee for a while before turning around....RIGHT INTO A SPEAR! OH MY! PETER LANDED ON HIS SKULL! Echo is absolutely drained still but Peter might have a concussion! Echo for the cover! 1.....2.....NO! Tremendous heart by Peter, kicking out of that! How did he even know where he was? Echo breathes deeply, keeping his calm. He slams the mat once and gets back up, staring down Peter, circling him like a vulture. He walks closer and Peter rises up and grabs him.....Bloody Sunday incoming! No! Peter dodges! CANADIAN DESTROYER! The Canadian Destroyer connects! It looks so effortless every time! Peter into the cover! 1.....2.......NO WAY! ECHO KICKED OUT! Peter Wilchester's jaw has just dropped! This entire place is buzzing with energy! Peter takes time arguing with the referee but quickly zeroes back in on Echo. Echo Wilson gets punched over and over with brutal elbows, as Peter looks to put this one away...He's calling for it again! Is it time? Canadian Destroyer #2?! He lifts Echo up, ECHO FLIPS OUT! BRUTAL RUNNING KNEE BY ECHO! To the top rope.....STARDUST STOMP! That move has put so many people away! Echo pulling the Stardust Stomp out of the bag! He drags himself to Peter Wilchester! Into the cover! 1....2......3! ECHO PUTS PETER AWAY! Echo grabs the referees hands and is pulled up to his feet, clearly somewhat hurt after that match. His skull, his knee, whatever it was, this match cost Echo a lot. Echo looks back at Peter, who sits on the outside, watching in seething anger and disappointment. Echo nods and asks for a microphone, staring down Peter as he walks to the back. "Some people doubted I could go 2 for 2 against Wilchester. People said his form was exceptional and that he was the man who would overcome me and take me out of this tournament. Here I am standing tall, still alive, and one of the final 4 for the next round of the Carnage Power Trip Cup. I always have been the special breed on Carnage, ever since I staked my claim by beating Peter for the first time, I was being heralded at the future of Carnage and I was being treated like one as well. But ever since then, what have I been given lately? The answer is jack shit! I have fully deserved my Universal Championship rematch and I haven't been given it. So with this tournament, I am slowly opening everyone's eyes again, shedding lights onto how well I perform. And when I am lifting the power trip cup, high above my head, and when I run through Necce, the world will see what should've happened all those months ago. So for everyone else who performed here tonight, I am watching closely, ladies and gentleman, The Prince will be the trophy lifting victor.....Long Live the Kingdom." Echo flips the microphone and climbs out of the ring. He points to the Kingdom sign on the big screen, the action for tonight continues to impress. Your winner for tonight, "The Prince Echo Wilson.
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    TEW 2016: Career Simulator Version 2.0

    July 2018: Superstar Reports: Kieron Black: Nearing the halfway point, Kieron had his first match where he won in a fatal four way against Knight, Jekkyll and Stomper, this was in Lucha Brittanica. OVERALL RECORD: 1-0 BEST MOMENT: Winning the Lucha Brittanica Fatal Four Way WORST MOMENT: N/A Drago Alamando: Drago took an important second step with his partner Extreme Tiger against Arcangel Divino and Blue Demon Jr, in a match which they won. OVERALL RECORD : 1-0 BEST MOMENT: Teaming with Extreme Tiger against Divino and Blue Demon Jr WORST MOMENT: N/A Bart Hoogveld: Bart was back at it again at Dutch Pro Wrestling School of Pain 1 hosted in Amsterdam. He lost in a triple threat to Tino X and The Hellvetic Warrior. On WxW he was double teamed by WALTER and his third AUTsiders partner Michael Dante backstage, this is looking poor for Bart. Things went from bad to worse as Bart was booked for WxW to face Michael Dante, he lost. The day after he travelled to Zurich for Justice and Metal 2018 hosted by SWE, he defeated Maximillian Bismarck in a match purely for the fans. He went back to WxW for the We Love Wrestling show and was only featured in a brawl backstage with Michael Dante, he was looking more confident but still ended up on the bottom. OVERALL RECORD: 1-2 BEST MOMENT: Beating Maximillian Bismarck in Switzerland WORST MOMENT: Losing to Tino and the Warrior in his home of Netherlands Joshua Scott: Josh's month started off as normal in Wales for Attack Pro Wrestling. He opened the show with a brawl against Rio who rendered him unable to compete. Therefore Mandrews and Spitfire took his place in a loss. The following week, Josh recovered and each of the men take on one member of the other team. Rio defeating Tony Spitfire, Josh beat Moloney, and Mandrews defeating Splash in the main event. Josh faced off against T-Bone in Lucha Brittanica once again, but this time he got a second straight loss. This is obviously not over. Things continued off in Wales, as a brawl opened the show, with Mandrews and Josh overcoming a sneak attack by Rio. Spitfire and Josh were schedule for a match against Moloney and Splash and won. That led us to the finale for this wild feud. Mark Andrews, Josh Scott and Tony Spitfire against Dan Splash, Dan Moloney and Rio. The match ended in a glorious victory for Josh and his teammates, they raised each other arms. The six man feud may be over but the team of Spitfire, Josh and Andrews isn't. They opened a new chapter with a loss to the team of the Marvels. OVERALL RECORD: 3-2 BEST MOMENT: Defeating Splash, Moloney and Rio at Attack Pro PPV WORST MOMENT: Losing to T-Bone for the second straight time in Lucha Brittanica Bailey Justin: Bailey is really struggling to find wrestling spaces but when he does appear he wins. He defeated Jigsaw for the 2nd straight Chaotic Wrestling PPV, to increase his record to 3-0 overall. OVERALL RECORD: 1-0 BEST MOMENT: Defeating Jigsaw...again. WORST MOMENT: N/A Ross Haslam: Ross was waiting for his chance to wrestle this month, as ASW wasn't going to continue touring dates till August. He was expected to appear at Defiant Wrestling but reports said he went off the grid. He missed the Defiant show and no one knew where he was. Ross appeared at RPW British J Cup in Ipswich and managed to beat out Chris Brookes to lift the trophy. This should solidify him as a potential Jr Heavyweight for NJPW. OVERALL RECORD: 1-0 BEST MOMENT: Defeating Brookes to lift the British J Cup WORST MOMENT: Going 'off the grid' before the Defiant show Slim: Slim competed his first match at Hollywood, losing to Rocky Romero by DQ in the CWH Hollywood Heritage Title #1 contender match. Slim unfortunately missed out on PWG Threemendous 2018, because his partner and the person who makes him relevant, Brian Cage...was in Mexico for Crash Wrestling. Monday Week 4, and it seems like Slim has been hitting the gym. A reporter saw him pumping the metal in the gym for hours on end and he has changed body types apparently to muscular, maybe trying to match his partner Cage? OVERALL RECORD: 0-1 BEST MOMENT: Growing to a muscular body type WORST MOMENT: Losing to Rocky Romero in Hollywood in the #1 contender match Sheridan Muller: Sheridan moved on in Stardom and was in a placeholder tag match which exceeded expectations, she teamed with fellow gaijin wrestler, Xia Brookside, in a loss to Iwatani and HZK. Stardom finally picked up on the bout that was Storm vs Sheridan from WxW and did their own tag match. Sheridan teamed with Io Shirai against Matsumoto and Toni Storm. On the following night, she was in a six man tag match with Brookside and Shirai vs Matsumoto, Toni Storm and Iwatani. Sheridan was back at it on Stardom for the monday tour day. She teamed Brookside against HZK and a new woman Haruhi, they were victorious. At Stardom the next day, Sheridan was backstage and she got some heavy shade from Toni Storm, they almost went to blows but Io Shirai who has proved to be Sheridan's friend seperated the two. Then, Sheridan walked out to the ring and unfortunately lost her SWA World Title shot against Matsumoto. In a show of major conclusions, Sheridan was in a six man tag match with Xia Brookside and Io Shirai against Toni Storm, Matsumoto and Iwatani, they main evented and the trio with Sheridan got the victory finally. She will be glad it happened after this feud but in a match with old rival Satomura on Stardom tour on Monday Week 4, Sheridan fought through a nasty knee injury in a loss to Satomura. She was sent to the hospital and she will be out for a small bit with an undisclosed knee injury. She was able to fight through it rather quickly and showed up on WxW We Love Wrestling 2018 in a time limit draw with Amber Rox. In news at Stardom, this next month will be a rest period for the company and Sheridan will be staying in Germany all month. OVERALL RECORD: 3-4 BEST MOMENT: Defeating Iwatani, Storm and Matsumoto at the second time of asking WORST MOMENT: Getting midly injured and losing to Satomura. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ General Wrestling Reports: Major Title Wins: - Bobby Gunns lost the WxW Shotgun Championship to Jurn Simmons on WxW shotgun. - Toru Yano defeated Takashi Sigiura on the NOAH tour of Week 3, Tuesday. - Ross Haslam was the winner of Rev Pro's biggest tournament, the British J Cup for the Jr Heavyweights. He defeated another youngster Chris Brookes to lift the cup. Retirements: - A press conference released on Monday Week 2, saying that Iron Sheik, the 75 year old, was to retire from the industry in one month's time. The Iranian has said he plans to enjoy his time away from the spotlight. - Now officially retired, Dalip Singh, better known as The Great Khali has commented that he is going to enjoy a backstage role within wherever he goes. It is unknown where he will end up but he will stay in the industry somehow. - 51 year old Bill Goldberg, has announced his in ring career is nearing an end. He said that he will complete the next 3 months of dates with WWE before officially bowing out. He looks to be taking a backstage role with the company and looks forward to it. Hirings / Firings: - On the first day of July, PWG announced the signing of Christopher Daniels ahead of BOLA. - ASW-UK signed up Kenny Omega to wrestle shockingly, this could open the door for a potential Ross Haslam vs Kenny Omega match. - Kota Ibushi has been loaned to RPW-UK as a part of the alliance deal, the New Japan World Alliance has been promoting this heavily. - ROH went on a firing spree on Saturday Week 4, and fired Shane Taylor, Punishment Martinzez and most notably Cheesburger

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