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  1. Echo Wilson

    Truth Be Told

    {We are taken backstage, no need to introduce the show or the man in front of our screens. The camera pans onto Echo Wilson, the man of the hour. A guy who has spoken out recently as an extremely arrogant and conceited guy and has drawn the criticism and hatred of the thousands in attendance before. Today, he stands in front of one of our many staff members, in house interviewers who is trying to get the best he can out of Echo Wilson. The Interviewer raises his mic and opens his mouth but Echo Wilson places his finger on the man's lips, shutting him up for the time being.} "SHUT UP! Ladies and Gentleman....in case you are deaf, dumb, blind, stupid or maybe even a mistake...like this guy. And yes, I called you a mistake. Ask your parents, it's true. MY NAME is Echo Wilson but all of you disgusting mouth breathers can just call me your savior. With me today, is....what's your name?" {Echo turns inquiringly to the interviewer who is cowering a bit. The interviewer mumbles out a name something like Matthew} "Alright friends, this is Matthew.....Nobody cares what your name is. He's here to try and conduct an interview but little does he know that I'm here to conduct my own interview. So first question, dude, I'm confused. Why is the greatest thing since sliced bread standing up for an interview? So here's what you're gonna do. Break that 4th wall and get me a chair so that we can continue with our lovely interview. Thank you. Now let's get into it....why are you still here?" {Echo Wilson shoos off the interviewer and takes the opportunity to sit down and interview himself.} "Let's get started then. At Saint Valentines Day Massacre, it's time that I bring prestige back to a title which has stooped so far low. From Necce who has degraded the title so far before vacating it all the way to Jason Ryan who brought shame to that belt and ruined it. I'm the one to return it back to the glory days that it had when EVOLVE used to be the top brand in the company. Since then, the title has been forgotten and stamped upon. But no more. No. More. Echo Wilson plans to change all of that and more. FDS, Yelich and Kieron Black are all going to be eating the dirt once Valentines Day is over. And I'll walk out with new gold on my waist and a smokin hot lady by my arm. But that will not be all. At SVDM, the light will shine down on me and my reign. The truth will be told and everything will be revealed. I will prove everyone wrong yet again and show why nobody has the right or the mind to doubt me and my ability. On the other hand, what we have stacked against me, well lets say it's not going to pose as much of a threat to me." "FDS, your blood lust is impressive, but your ruthlessness not so much. We all know that behind the eye liner and the spikes, you're just a big softie. I know who you are FD, and you're no different to all the other self conceited and lonely goths in the world. But people always say that, how can we prove this to everyone? Well, let's talk about these voices in your head. I used to be that kind of guy once. Turned out I was high but that was besides the point. You think you're so driven and so determined but really, what it is, is just you trying to find an excuse for your lacking qualities. And I may not look the part, but I can match you on all accounts of hardcore wrestling. Every chair shot, every whip, every table I go through, you'll go through the same pain. But when I say that I can match you, it's not that hard is it? You say you're the King of the Deathmatch, the match that you made popular here in BPZ, but yet, 9 times out of 10 you lose those matches. You make yourself out to be the hardcore legend but really you can't hang around a ring with chains and whips." {Echo Wilson takes a pause in his flow. He puts his hand to his mouth to contemplate before beginning again.} "Yelich, the Video Nasty. Let's be real here, you're nothing but a certified sex offender. I mean, I know BPZ just tried to crack down on inappropriate content, but they let this guy slide? He's going around filming us 24/7 backstage and quite frankly, who gives you the right Yelich? People pay thousands of dollars, nay tens of thousands, for my time and you think you can intrude for free? Get in Line Yelich. There's a waiting list. But let's talk in terms of your wrestling ability, which sadly is not much of a better story. Failed story after Failed story. You are the gate, you are the barrier that we break through to get to the top. You are the man on the wrong side of the breakout always. No amount of transformations, no matter what angle you come from, it'll always be a common ending, failure. A theme that is so engraved in your mind that even you believe it. Truth is, how are we supposed to believe in you when all you do is come out here for 15 minutes and shit on yourself. That self deprecating nature will get you nowhere. If you think, that I, when I was so low, I couldn't even imagine myself in a ring again...if you think that I doubted myself for a moment then, then you would be incorrect. I always knew I was better, I always knew I was ME. And that's the truth." "So I'll leave you with a message to stick in your minds. I'm Better Than You.....And I will prove that at SVDM. You know It." {Echo Wilson drops the microphone, he smirks and slides under the bottom rope. With arms outstretched, he takes in the whole experience. The fans will remember this for sure. Echo Wilson means business and he's gonna walk out Global Champion somehow, someway.
  2. Echo Wilson

    The Rising Action

    {Echo, the tiniest bit shaken by Yelich's barrage of words, takes a breath. He gathers himself and then grabs hold of Yelich's camera, pointing it towards himself and speaking directly to it.} "Who's fault is all this Yelich? You do you have to blame for your shortcomings? No one but yourself so no matter how much you push yourself, you'll always be second rate. And No, I don't put you down all the time, I do it cause I speak the truth. All of the time, you put yourself down and you deprecate your own self esteem. That's where you and me are different. It's not I'm great, I mean I am but it's not that I never have my lows. What you failed to mention in that little rundown of my privileges is that I've been labelled here as the druggie. I've been labelled as the guy who failed his wellness policy test. So yes, I've had everything stripped from me, my titles, my reputation. But this is where we go our separate paths Yelich, its that I pick myself off the ground. You lie there getting trampled repeatedly by the feet like mine that step over you. So you cannot say I have everything when you have none. You have chances, opportunities to shine. That's all anyone else can give you and that's all you can work with at the start. I'm gonna make my chance count and I'm gonna maul you, I'm going to murder you, and win the Global Championship. I'm putting my demons to bed, don't let yours rule you." {Echo Wilson, takes a step back. He looks down to himself and shivers a bit. The fans are confused.} "Ew, that was almost.....nice. Look bub, I couldn't care less what you do after, as long as I'm the one who destroys your confidence even more following our little bout. And FD, time to dissect you. I'm sick and tired of your disrespect. I am the epitome of greatness and ask Yelich, he knows it. So for you to label me so shallowly as just a spoiled rich brat, it is frankly very disturbing and rude. And I'm not spoiled FD, I just hold myself to standards. Something you can't say for yourself. When I don't achieve the level of mastery that someone of my stature must hold up to, I strive for more, and search for better, always. FD, there is no amount of chains, no amount of whips, no amount of hurt that will make me quit. I'm resilient and you are just going to surrender. I will Hunt you down just like all of your worst nightmares FD, and I will make....you....sufffer. Both of you need to quit whining and quit the act, the movie is over, I'm the hero, you are all the extras. Let's wrap this one up because even the sight of both of you is making me feel sick. So before I puke, anyone got anything smart to say?" {Echo Wilson glares across the ring, pausing at both Yelich and FD. He gets up on the turnbuckle, straightens his burberry scarf and leans back, letting someone else take the helm.}
  3. Echo Wilson

    The Rising Action

    {A deafening ring can be heard over the audio system. Strolling from the back, fit with his Burberry scarf and his very clean look. He smirks a bit menacingly as he taps the mic once before beginning. He clears his throat and silences the crowd.} "Ladies And Gentleman, In Case you are deaf, dumb, blind or by the looks of it bored of this guy's shtick already then.....MY NAME is Echo Wilson. And If you haven't caught on yet. I'm better than you, and you know it." {A loud arousing boo can be heard from all corners of the arena, as Echo Wilson smiles at the chaos and noise he's caused. He continues his trek to the ring as he talks directly at Yelich now.} "That applies to you, you little tape pervert. Look, kid, I don't really know where you're going with this and I don't frankly care all that much. All I care about is wrapping this thousand dollar Burberry scarf around your neck and choking you the hell out with it. You've pissed me off Yelich and I'm this close to being completely done with your bullcrap and flipping out on you. How dare you speak my name in that way? I am not just an actor, I am the REAL THING. While you can create a fantasy world for yourself, I'm living in my own dream right now. The fact is, this isn't your movie. Nothing was ever your movie. You've never had the million dollar idea my friend, you've always been the extra. You see, when time after time again I am the guy they push to the top, when month after month and week after week I am the guy that Bailey continues to lend his trust in, I gain a sort of reputation about myself. I gain a reputation for being the Ace in the hole. I gain a reputation for the guy you can always count on. That's me, Mr. Reliable. But tell me Yelich, when have you ever delivered when it matters. You haven't against me, You haven't against Flynn, You Haven't against Julius. There is nothing you can tell me that will prove to me that you are a clutch performer like I am. When the game is on the line, and you have the ball, you let everyone here down. You remind everybody that you're just a let down. The fans, The backstage people who are pushing for you, even your damn parents are disappointed in what you've done with your life. But you've been around the block one too many times, and at Valentines Day Massacre, it's gonna be the end of the road for the Video Nasty. There will be no more adapting, it will only mean perish for you." {Echo Wilson finally reaches the ring and slips between the top two ropes and gets in the ring. He adjusts the collar on his dress shirt and begins again, looking Yelich more intently in the eye.} "I am a sucker for a good beating Yelich. So before we get to Valentines Day Massacre, allow me to take the director's chair for you. We all know what's going to happen, people will not stand in the face of me losing. You see, I am still and will always be the future. You are still and will always be the second choice. And I hope I'm hitting a nerve Yelich because this sequel, this spin off will end like all the others. With Echo Wilson standing tall over your broken and battered body. Because the truth is, no one beats up Yelich like I do. It's like I have your number or something because you are one of those guys who always tries to tread on my coattails but never ever manages to keep pace with me. You're always the guy I have to beat to reach glory Yelich, and I'll do it again, just watch me." {Echo is interrupted by repetitive waves of boos and groans. They all despise Echo Wilson and even though Yelich is not much better, he is a saint in their eyes compared to Echo. Echo addresses the crowd right in front of Yelich's face} "What's wrong? Have I offended you? GOOD. I deserve better than this. I deserve better than a video tape pervert, a non existent villain and death match garbage. If I wasn't on thin ice already guys, I'd be going to creative and complaining straight to their faces. Because I deserve better as a legitimate athlete and a SUPERSTAR to wrestle 3 little pieces of shit like these guys. I deserve better, in fact, to wrestle in front of white trash garbage like you guys. I deserve better than to play second fiddle to anyone because I'm the main event. But I don't know why you guys are all hating on me, to be honest, if I was in your shoes, I'd be excited. You get to see the triumphant return of the brightest star in BPZ, you get to witness Echo Wilson. I am everywhere and everything to all you fans and I am going to be all that these 3 losers think about by the end of Valentines Day Massacre. In fact, let's wrap this up because I'm not gonna waste my time with you second class idiots. My name is Echo Wilson, I'm better than you. You Know It. No Ifs, or But's about it." {Echo Wilson drops the microphone and glares daggers through the eyes of Yelich. He makes a motion to exit the ring, but a very loud and obnoxious theme cuts through the silence and turns the fans reactions upside down. Echo Wilson's face says it all. He is not happy.}
  4. Echo Wilson

    YouTube Wrestling Match Archive

    Kurt Angle vs Bobby Roode - Bound For Glory 2011 Chris Hero vs Zack Sabre Jr - WWN: Mercury Rising 2016 Jay Lethal vs Noam Dar - WCPW Built to Destroy
  5. Echo Wilson

    New Blood

    {We are just a week removed from the BPZ Royal Rumble. On the Road to BPZ Mania IV, we set our eyes on some of the biggest money matches in BPZ History. But first stop on the road is Saint Valentines Day Massacre, a chance for many people to earn their spot at BPZ Mania and make a name for themselves. Ever since the brand split ended, BPZ has been in a whirlwind of changes and we have seen people walk away from the business for good, others just beginning their stories. But tonight, one special man has been waiting. The story of the Supernova opens to a new chapter of passion and glory.} {HOLD ON FOR A MOMENT! THAT TUNE SHOULD BE FAMILIAR TO THE HARDCORE FANS FROM CARNAGE! Echo Wilson is back! But not just Echo Wilson, the Supernova is back! This is what Echo has meant about returning to his roots, this is what he meant about following God's Plan. Is this the answer to all of Echo's troubles these past few months?} {We wait for Echo Wilson to make his way out but after a while it becomes clear that something is wrong. Echo Wilson is not making his entrance and the stage remains empty as the music abruptly stops and the fans look on with a very puzzled look on their faces. The lights go dark again, as if we are anticipating another entrance. And as we ask that question, our answer is given to us.} {What's the meaning of this? A scene of Echo Wilson in his mansion, telling of the moment where he knew what his destiny was. Then we are taken to the high paced action scenes of Echo Wilson with a very interesting choice of music behind him. Echo Wilson does finally step out from the back though, donning his old Scorpion t-shirt from the days when he first made a name for himself, and then his tights are new, with references to Narcissicism, Arsonism and Pharmicism. This Echo Wilson looks like he has no care in the world, there is no sense of fear or nervousness in the eyes or demeanor that Echo walks down to the ring with. All of him looks completely entrapped....with some form of himself. The fans are silent though as their eyes follow the former Universal Champion as he makes his way down to the ring and eventually does enter the ring.} "Ladies and Gentleman, MY NAME is Echo Wilson. And I'm better than you and you know it." {The fans are still extremely confused with this turn of events but they gather their wits about them and have enough sense to boo the cocky SOB. Echo Wilson just smiles and continues bravely.} "Oh come on, what did you expect? When there's a wrestler like me, someone on my upper echelon, you cannot regress. Even if everything crumbles around you, you cannot let yourself shy into your own shell but you need to....embrace it. Yes, I made a blunder. Yes, I got myself into trouble before this. But what does that really say about me? I'll tell you what, I'm not a bad person. And I'm not saying I'm a good person either, but what I can agree on is that I'm the BEST person. That is undeniable. You see, I have a reputation on me now, I'm the druggie, I'm the guy who gave up everything and I'm the stupid idiot that had the world in his hands and crumbled under the pressure. But no. I'm the guy who's standing here today. I'm the guy who decided not to just regress back into my mansion and live out the rest of my bachelor life surrounding by pretty ladies and expensive wines. I'm better than that, in fact, when it comes to this. I'm the greatest in the world to ever do it." {The fans boo extremely loudly. Is it out of disgust or out of anger? Chants of "Echo Sucks" breaks out among the fans. Animosity brewing between these two forces.} "Let me switch the gears a bit here. I think it's story time. You see, one night when I was about 17 years old, I was up until the early hours of the morning. I was kneeling on the floor, head down and humbled before God. I prayed for hours and hours on end, asking God, do you want me to be a pro wrestler? Do you want me to pursue this route? For 3 hours I prayed to no avail. But finally, after shutting myself away from every distraction and every other thought, I found my clue. A bright light appeared, so bright that I couldn't look at it directly. But out of the corner of my eye, I peered at it, and followed it as it danced in the corner all alone. It was a sign, an undeniable one. I knew what it meant. So I ran down to my parent's bedroom and I swung open their door. I told them the news and they were screaming at me. Cursing my name, expletives being thrown left and right. They told me "Echo, why would you leave? Why would you gamble everything on this dream?". Not for one moment did I take their pleads to heart. I knew what I had to do, and I knew what my destiny was going to be. Simply put, I was going to become the GREATEST damn pro wrestler in this industry." "And so I went about my way, through whatever stepping stone I came across on my way to BPZ Wrestling. I went through fighting in high school gyms, random holes in the wall to selling out arenas on a nightly basis. Always in the back of my mind, BPZ was the final goal. The achievable dream. For so long before my journey began here, I was like this. I was all mixed up in myself and I thrived. Realizing how far I could go, I knew never to limit myself and reach for the stars. But when I came here, I knew I had completed a major goal of mine. So I tried to act fake, for whatever reason I changed. You see, The Supernova that you all adored was just a phony. It was just a cover to hide the truth. Then came along the Kingdom, and I thought it would bring me back to the way I felt, before I was here but it didn't. It came close but I fell into a dark place and that's when I made up this Diablo Character that I clung on so closely. It gave me a push but that button was never overdrive. SO this is it. This is the truth that I was hoping to rediscover. It's a shame that it took such a downfall to realize it but here I am, and I've got a new start. No interferences, no clouded judment. I'm 20/20 vision, and what else am I? I'm better than you, and you know it." {What seems to be a catchphrase for Echo Wilson is uttered yet again. The fans are up in arms about this and they cannot believe Echo Wilson has been leading them on for so long. The entire basis of his character, all of the things that he has rooted in their minds about him are not real. And it hurts to know that everything you've learnt is a lie. But Echo is no lie, he is the truth for now.} "So, let's get into the business end of things shall we? Saint Valentines Day Massacre. An event synonymous with my name. I have won titles on both of the two previous SVDM shows and I plan to do so again. You see, ever since I've teased my return, and heralded my arrival, Bailey has realized that there is still promise when it comes to me. And he is right. So he has given me an opportunity, a chance to reclaim a title that can be my key to the door back into this company. A way for all you ignorant fans to forget and to fear. Now for you history nerds, if you are paying attention. This means that I could possibly become the 3rd man EVER to win both the Universal and Global Championships in his career. The other two men are Necce and Bart. Two people that I regard very highly when it comes to the way they handle themselves. Both on the microphone and in the ring. By default you could say that winning this Global Championship would place me in the same conversation as Necce and Bart, if I wasn't already. Which again by default makes me one of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace this microphone and entertain you losers on a nearly daily basis. Now let's lay out who my 3 opponents are. FDS, the Killer, Yelich, the Shape Shifter and Kieron Black, the.....sexually confused?" {The crowd is roaring with jeers, at Echo's shots at his 3 announced opponents for The Global Championship match at Saint Valentines Day Massacre.} "We'll start with Kieron Black. A man who has rightfully beaten me before and I cannot deny that when he wants to be on his A Game....he does bring that. Although Kieron Black, I always have bounced back against you. I always win in the end. Even now though, I feel like it is not needed to lose first and then win against Kieron. I don't even think that Kieron is focused on this match, I have a subtle feeling that he could care less about this. Yet, I'm going to make him care about this. There's a reason why I hold myself to such a high standard and it's because I know that I am the best that there is. And anytime I don't perform as such, it brings me sadness because I hate to see people performing below par. Kieron Black on the other hand, knows nothing more than below par. Everything he's done has been unsatisfactory. Just when people think that he is on a roll, I'm always there to halt him. To remind people that Kieron is always below average, and that he will always let you down when you want him to succeed the most. Next man is Yelich, I could say the same about you Yelich. Everybody tells me you're a genius in that litle brain of yours but it obviously just doesn't translate well to this business does it. You never seem to grab those brass rings and take that final leap of faith. Not that you could anyways as I am there always to put you down in your tracks. Yelich, I know that you're confused about who you are. I know that every time you see me, Wilchester takes over and you go into a rage about chances that you rue from your past. You were my stepping stone Yelich and you will continue to be that. Now when I need you again, I will call you up and you will boost me back into the elite category. Yelich, I'm better than you and you know it. Lastly, we have a man who has somehow evaded me for a time now but no one can escape forever...The Psycho....F. D. S. Do you think I'm fazed by your antics? I'll set a fire on you FD. I'll show you true pain and true violence because as if you think I couldn't get more complex. I even have a blood thirsty side to me that you are going to discover FD." "Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to the NEW BLOOD. I am like nothing you losers have ever seen before. And If I want you to take anything away from this. I want you all to go home with the knowledge. That you're all below, that I'm better than you, and you know it. The story starts all the way back when when I was a kid. I was basically perfect. I had everything. A football scholarship, a ticket for my future. But I threw that away in pursuit of this. And no matter what you numbnuts do, no matter how much you try and push my buttons, I will continue to fight along this path and prove all of you idiots wrong. I'll just say it out right to all of you guys. Pro Wrestling comes really easy to me. Considering its been 5 or so years that I've been wrestling full time, I know that I have made a statement beyond measure. No one, and I mean no one, has had a rise so fast like me. I just want to be a role model, and being here for such a short time, I believe that I can be a blueprint for future superstars to come. They'll probably never reach my heights or get to my standard of excellence but if they even follow my footsteps to the best of their ability then they will go fairly far. And yes, I am a role model in that way. Everybody thought for my career, and my life, it would be best if they controlled everything. No one, NO ONE, gets proffessional wrestling like I do. I connect with it on a deeper level than anybody to ever live and ever grace a ring. And yes, I'm a narcissist, but sometimes in order for others to back you. You gotta back yourself first. So when I tell you how great I am, when I give you my time, and that is precious believe me. When I enter this arena, when I come stand here in the ring. You all can't help but stop...and stare. This night might as well be called Echo Wilson appreciation night because I am taking this place over. I am here to reclaim gold and take down names. All on my path to being the greatest pro wrestler that this company has ever seen." "LETS TRY THIS ONE MORE TIME! Ladies and Gentleman. In case you are deaf, dumb, blind, stupid or by the looks of it....poor. Or If you are all of the above...MY NAME is ECHO WILSON. And if you haven't gotten the message yet. Let me explain something to all of you disgusting wannabe losers...unlike you I'm actually important, my life matters and as far as I'm concerned I couldn't give two shits about where you came from. BrendenPlayz doesn't run this company, Bailey doesn't run this company, I DO! And there's a reason why, there's a good explanation for why I'm so damn adored. Quite simply, I am BETTER THAN YOU......and you KNOW. IT. {Echo Wilson flips the microphone and stands in the ring. Arms outstretched. Gloating to the fans that he is all that he says he is. He smirks and watches the crowd shower with hatred and detestation. They have never seen someone so full of themselves and it hurts more considering its from Echo Wilson.} {The truth has been told. The challenge for Echo is on the line. Will it be a smooth sailing ride for Echo Wilson on his road to redemption?}
  6. Echo Wilson

    What was the last movie you watched?

    A little late but I finally got around to watching Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse. The graphics and the way it looked visually was sick. But I can't really say I enjoyed the story and the way everything was played out. It was obviously a bit tame considering the people it was aimed for. But the good part was I enjoyed seeing a few characters we might not get to see in the actual Spider Man series come to life, even if it was animated.
  7. Echo Wilson

    BPZ Wrestling Mod Relationships

    Strong Friendship with Bart, Julius, Necce, Ropati, Smith, Nate, Josh Strong Dislike of Crippler Protege of Slim Simmering Tension with Bailey
  8. Every Year, XXL makes a list of the best rappers that are new to the scene. They do really cool freestyles on their channels and pair rappers we'd never thought we'd see together. 2018 had guys like Lil Pump, Ski mask, Trippie Redd, I'm curious as to who you guys predict for 2019. Below are my Predictions: 1. Juice WRLD 2. Lil Mosey 3.Lil Baby 4. YBN Cordae 5. Blueface (I hate to say that, but probably) 6. Gunna 7. NBA Youngboy 8. Quadeca 9. Comethazine 10. Sheck Wes
  9. Echo Wilson

    When Did You Start Watching BPZ?

    Well, it didn't take long for me to find the forums once I found Brenden's channel. I was looking for Universe Mode for the longest time and I happened upon Brendens channel. Then within like 2 weeks I found the forums and signed up.
  10. Echo Wilson

    BPZ Brightest Star (Game Show)

    The deserving champ is coming back
  11. Echo Wilson

    Back to Basics

    I'm not expecting things to go back to the way they were. Nor do I want them to. With every change comes a new opportunity and with every new opportunity comes a chance. A chance to fix, a chance to Amend, a change to remember and reevaluate. Yet, maybe it's time to go back to basics. Maybe it's time we remember what used to be. I'm not a bad guy. I'm not a good guy. I'm just a guy trying to find my way through this maze we call the pro wrestling industry. We aren't perfect beings and that's what makes us human. Yet, there was something so alien about that feeling. The feeling of sorrow, the feeling of disappointment within yourself. So I'm going to rediscover my roots, reimagine what my goals were, Be the Supernova I was always supposed to be. This is far from the end. Call this the new beginning.
  12. It seems to me that AEW is building to Hangman Page vs PAC being the first Heavyweight Title feud. In that case I can see PAC winning the title as it would be a little weird giving the title to an Elite member straight off the bat.
  13. Echo Wilson


    In every man's life, there comes a time for a second chance. A chance to turn back the clocks. A chance to forget your sins. A chance to ignore the past and look to the lights ahead. When you are so high, you sometimes forget where the ground is. You forget where you came from and what built your legacy. My legacy was built on honor and truth. So now, I'm willing to make a change, take a stand. I'm willing to FORGIVE AND FORGET Whatever the PLAN, GOD has for me, I will put all of my energy and being into achieving it. I hope you can put your faith into me, like I promise to do unto you. We can all be HEROES.
  14. 1. Kenny Omega 2. Kazuchika Okada 3. Pentagon JR 4. Marty Scurll 5. Zack Sabre JR 6. Kota Ibushi 7. Jay Lethal 8. Tetsuya Naito 9. Jeff Cobb 10. WALTER
  15. Echo Wilson

    Who Would You Like To Tag With In BPZ?

    For me, I doubt any of these are gonna happen but I would be interested in teaming with guys like: @Necce @Ropati @Smith