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  1. TKO WRESTLING | ANARCHY PART 8 'INTERCONTINENTAL COMBAT' | NYC ARENA Best of 5 Series - Match #2: JEFF COBB vs CEDRIC ALEXANDER We ended last week's show with these two, and we begin tonight with another bout of these two. Things in turn would go from bad to worse, as Cobb mimicked his performance last week and was possibly even more dominant tonight. Things are stacked up again Cedric already with a now 2-0 deficit going into this series with Cobb. Looks like Jeff Cobb does deserve those title shots. After this amazing match though, Alexander would be seen in the ring on his knees. The entire arena in NY would be on their feet, urging him to fight on. When he stands up suddenly, there is new determination in his eyes, could Cedric break this losing streak? Winner: Jeff Cobb The quest El Phantasmo has been leading for some form of retribution in our X Division has been long. He finally decides to take the bull by the horns and approaches our champion, Bandido in the locker room. The two get into each other's faces, and we can see Ishimori trying to split them apart. When Taiji shoves Bandido a bit too hard, Bandido takes it personally and the three contenders are sparked in a massive 3 way brawl. Global Wars Tournament Quarter Finals: KENTA (Japan) vs TIMOTHY THATCHER (USA) The Global Wars tournament kicks up a notch tonight, as we feature both of our Global Wars tournament matches. First up is KENTA vs Thatcher, USA vs Japan, and this was quite the affair. KENTA proves again why he is a main event talent on this roster, but it wasn't just KENTA who earned himself the win. In truly evil fashion, Thatcher would be blindsided by Dragunov, allowing KENTA time to hit the Go 2 Sleep for a victory that he might not have seen coming. Winner: KENTA This fight between Thatcher and Dragunov is not over yet though as Thatcher rises to his feet, Dragunov would try to drill the lesson in even further with a second attack. Luckily Thatcher wasn't fooled and would scare off Ilja with his awareness. As Ilja backs off, Thatcher gets a mic and proceeds to challenge Dragunov to a match with huge ramifications...in no holds barred fashion. Further rubbing salt into this wound, Jeff Cobb would be seen backstage, smirking obviously over the moon with his performances against Cedric. He says that he always knew Cedric Alexander was not on his level, and that at the Pay Per View Cedric will be clean sweeped out of the way and Jeff Cobb will walk out as the man with the title opportunity. Will Cedric bounce back? Or Will the brooms come out for Jeff Cobb? AUSTIN ARIES vs GINO GAMBINO As if more proof was needed to show why Austin Aries is a force here in TKO Wrestling, he would take on the latest debuting man here in TKO, in Gino Gambino. The Australian monster would be put into short work and taken care of by Austin Aries. The case is being built strongly, because all of the men thrown at Aries are being bounced right back at TKO's faces. After the match, Hogan would finally concede and give Aries what he wants. He has one final hurdle, at the PPV if he can beat Dalton Castle, than he will get the title shot he deserves. Winner: Austin Aries It's been long awaited but we finally get another view of our champion, AJ Styles who has been busy rehabbing the injuries suffered at the hands of WALTER this past month. It's a serious case of De Ja Vu as Styles' health is in doubt ahead of the PPV main event for Superbrawl next week. But Styles again promises he will be there and be victorious. We do trust Styles in these situations, but when will his luck run out? Global Wars Tournament Quarter Finals: DAVID STARR (Israel) vs ILJA DRAGUNOV (Germany) This man would mean a lot for a lot of people, as David Starr and Ilja Dragunov would face for the final available spot in the TKO Global Wars finals, for the Global Championship. Starr would be on a roll, but it would be Dragunov who would surprise and take control for most of the match. Unfortunately his momentum would come to a screeching halt as he would get a taste of his own medicine. Seemingly out of the blue, Thatcher would attack Dragunov from behind, and cost him his chance in the Global War Finals. Ilja would be fuming but wouldn't have time to rue this blindside as Starr would come from behind, planting him to win the match and advance to the Global Wars Final match. It's set up...Starr vs KENTA at Super Brawl PPV. Winner: David Starr
  2. NCAA END OF SEASON AWARDS: AWARD PLAYER POS TEAM Wooden & Naismaith Player of the Year Zion Williamson PF Duke Blue Devils Bob Cousy Award (Best PG) Ja Morant PG Murray State Racers Jerry West Award (Best SG) RJ Barrett SG Duke Blue Devils Julius Erving Award (Best SF) DeAndre Hunter SF Virginia Cavaliers Karl Malone Award (Best PF) Zion Williamson PF Duke Blue Devils Kareem Abdul Jabbar Award (Best C) H.R Pufsnuf C Villanova Wildcats ALL-NBA 1ST TEAM All-NCAA 1st Team Ja Morant PG Murray State RJ Barrett SG Duke DeAndre Hunter SF Virginia Zion Williamson PF Duke H.R Pufsnuf C Villanova ALL-NBA 2ND TEAM All-NCAA 2nd Team Darius Garland PG Vanderbilt Bart Baller SG Kentucky Echo Wilson SF UCLA Rui Hachimura PF Gonzaga Daniel Gafford C Arkansas
  3. It's all even 1-1 as of now, but this week was taken by AEW for me, I think overall the card was complete with everything. I think AEW are getting into a very nice groove, and I cannot wait for weeks to come. AEW take Week 3 for me. Anyways, this should a weekly long ass post so...here we go again. First off AEW, what a fuckin show. We kick off with SCU vs Friends, which was very very good. The crowd was insanely hot and it proved to be a good decision to put the show in Philly. SCU vs Friend was very nice of a match, only issue is it seemed sorta last minute with Sky entering and CD going out. As well as the finish was rough with Scorpio kinda botching the finishing move and then Kaz went for the pin even though Sky was the legal man. It was just a bit messy. Next we had the LAX squash match, and lemme tell you they look badass. LAX vs Bucks is gonna be a stellar match for Full Gear apaprently and I cannot wait. Next, we had one of my favorite hype videos I've ever seen featuring the training Cody has done. It highlighted everything it should've done and I am seriously pumped for Jericho vs Cody which could be monstrously huge for Full Gear. Next we got to the Womens Title match, Baker vs Riho. This was great. Riho has become a cult favorite here in AEW and I cannot wait for what she does next. Britt Baker was easily the star this match though, she didn't even cover the black eye so she looked badass. I seriously loved this dynamic of the match, and the finisher with the rollup after the lockjaw was perfect for Riho to win with. I will say one thing quickly before the next tag match, which was that they had some weird camera shots. Like during the Jurassic Express entrance they had a shot of water being shaken, and idk what that was about really. I think Luchasaurus' exit was unfortunate but Marko Stunt surprised me. I knew Jungle Boy was good, but I didn't know Stunt was more than a comedy wrestler. But of course there opponents were the Lucha Bros and they're always gonna be one of the best teams in the world. They did the best they could at making the match fun despite the obvious finish. Next was a sick tag match, which pitted PAC and Mox vs Page and Omega. PAC is becoming my AEW favorite and he's becoming it fast. The fact that he's just beating everyone and he's not getting his title shots isn't the best, but I like how he's just not caring about anything AEW is doing, and just dominating. I've been watching BTE and I'm getting more and more intrigued by the storyline involving Page, I feel like having him team with Omega is just the perfect thing. These two are dealing with their losses in the perfect way and I seriously believe that this could go somewhere magnificent. Speaking of Omega, his reaction on the show was awesome, can't believe that we saw all of those guys in the same ring tonight. I'm not gonna lie about one thing. The ads and the live show are getting to me a lot. I don't know how broadcasts work really but the fact that I missed a large part of the most incredible match on the card was not good. Again I don't know what can be fixed about this, but there needs to be something to do. The match though was MOTN for me, brilliant stuff by these 4 absolute main event talents. I loved the part where PAC only cared about the wins and Moxley was more focused on the feud with Omega, it really brought out the differences in their work as heels/faces.Then we finally got to the main event, which I was super pumped for. Allin continues to surprise week in and week out. And Jericho....well he was Jericho as always. Jake Hager played his role perfectly and just when Allin was about to win, he clocked him and then it was easy from there for Jericho. I was buzzing with this match. Overall, this show ruled, it was almost perfect from all angles. Again, a few things I'd sort out but majority was amazing. Then for NXT, Ciampa was the best way to kick off the show, he's still ruling NXT, continuing to be my favorite thing on this show. I can't say I really like Angel Garza though, it's annoying to me that someone can beat the fuck out of you, you go and angrily challenge him and then you show up with a perfect smile on your face. Garza just seems to not have anything special about him, and the attire he wears is ugly. He looks like a bad copy of Del Rio. I though the match was alright although the spot Ciampa did with the ripped off pants of Garza was a bit weird. It didn't come off the way that it was probably supposed to. Then we got Cole, and as if this feud could not be more exciting, it got more exciting. A mystery unfolded with the USb drive being handed to the announcers. Seeing Dream like that was a shocker, and I'm in love with UE and they're absolutely ruthless. Next up, Lorcan and Burch would face Imperium and oh my what a hard hitting affair it was. What sounded like a slobberknocker on paper, proved to be nothing but that. The match was amazing and the sequences were insane, leading to the Imperium win. Next up I got a look at Io Shirai, Shirai has been one of my favorite women in NXT and it was no surprise to see her agility on display fully. I know I like to pick at little things, but what is Kayden Carter's nickname? "The Game"? Seriously? I think my point proves itself. But Ripley vs Shirai, yes please. I'm gonna go out and say it, Boa looks dumb. I'm gonna leave it at that, he looks dumb. Then we get a great announcement about Dream, I can't help but think this is his punishment for not being over in the promos and the past 2 weeks. Anyways, we get Dijakovic vs Lee which threatened to be MOTN, I liked how they did mention that this is a rivalry and I know this used to be a 5 star bout in PWG so my bar was very high. Obviously this match wasnt as good, but it was good still. There was nothing poor to say about it. I realized that during this match its important to keep the different crowds in mind. I remember through multiple AEW matches which were worse than this that the crowd was hotter. But NXT crowds are smaller and when they get going it almost seems louder because of the small space. But then Strong came out and it became a triple threat, it was obvious that it was gonna backfire. That match is gonna be fire. Next up Riddle was the only one to care for in this match, Next up quite the return for Tegan Nox whose story did captivate me last week. Nox was back and it did not seem like she was rusty at all. The moves in this match were good but the crowd wasnt into Taynara and neither was I really. Luckily Nox was fast and we could advance to Baszler's entrance, with Duke and Shafir next to her. I think its interesting that they're putting so many women into the picture and I can see them all earning a title shot really. Balor's promo was a bit shorter than expected and nothing more was discovered apart from the fact he will probably wrestle next week. Then we got a pretty shit match between Dain and Boa. Dain's story wasn't captivating to me at all from the beginning but I was interested to see what he'd do this week. No changes as of yet on my opinion of these two. Then we get to Pete Dunne vs Damien Priest, I expected this to be pretty good. I wasn't a fan of indy scene Priest so I was hoping for something. But then Dain and Dunne came to face each other and Dunne snapped his fingers to my shock. Dunne vs Dain would be very very good of a match. Priest did make his entrance finally and I was actually buzzing, his entrance is sick. I then noticed the female referee, is that a direct shot at AEW, cause they would both have female refs during each show's main event. By shock to me, Priest would win the match, continuing to be undefeated. Priest is the real thing and I gotta say he very much impressed me. MOTN for me on NXT this match, very very good stuff. Overall this show was actually good, but there were yet again some nitpicky things to fix. A few guys they used, I didn't like which brought the show down for me. Overall, I'd say AEW wins again making the score 2-1. AEW was more wholesome and I'm beginning to notice the subtle differences between AEW and NXT but also what these two shows do the exact same at. I'm gonna confidently say AEW was the more quality show this week, because they just had more quality matches but NXT was up there this week, bouncing back off of a little bit poorer show last week.
  4. NCAA FINAL FOUR: NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: LSU Tigers at Virginia Cavaliers MAR 30, 2019 1ST 2ND OT SCORE #4 LSU () 29 39 17 77 #2 Virginia () 32 36 9 85 LSU Tigers STARTERS MIN FGM-A 3PM-A FTM-A REB AST STL BLK TO PTS Max Banks 41 5-10 0-6 5-6 9 5 2 1 3 15 Javonte Smart 40 4-9 2-6 0-0 1 3 2 0 1 10 Bailey Justin 41 5-22 3-6 2-2 2 0 2 0 1 15 Emmitt Williams 18 1-3 0-1 1-2 5 0 0 1 1 3 Naz Reid 22 1-1 0-0 3-3 6 0 0 1 1 5 Virginia Cavaliers STARTERS MIN FGM-A 3PM-A FTM-A REB AST STL BLK TO PTS Ty Jerome 42 6-16 2-6 2-2 6 8 1 0 1 16 Kyle Guy 45 8-15 4-9 4-4 3 0 1 0 1 24 DeAndre Hunter 44 8-16 4-5 7-9 9 1 1 0 4 27 Mamadi Diakite 25 2-4 0-1 5-6 7 0 1 2 1 9 Jack Salt 33 1-2 1-1 0-0 2 4 0 0 2 3
  5. Pre-Show James Knight vs The Marker United Nations vs High Society ICON vs Yelich FDS vs Mikey Main Show Brenden Playz vs Sameer Benjamin Wolf vs Bob Sparks vs Joshua Scott vs KENJI Echo Wilson vs Hollow Arius (c) vs Natedog The Godsent vs Young & Free Julius Jones (c) vs James Ropati Bashka vs Slim Royal Flush (c) vs Buddy & Bishop vs First Class Express vs SSW Club Flynn vs Necce The Bailey (c) vs Bart Hoogveld
  6. "This is just another chapter in the story, I Guess." {The empty black screen fades away but the darkness does not. A figure reveals itself as the voice, Echo Wilson. His expression tells his story, one of sorrow, one of discouragement. When a small light flickers on the state of Echo is exposed as well. He's bruised and battered apparently, but an obvious lack of sleep can be seen from the bags on his eyes and the red blood shot look he has.} "Did I jump the gun on this one? I know...I'm capable of getting ahead of myself on things like this. But Did I go too far too fast? This was supposed to be the money maker. It was supposed to be the christening moment. Echo makes his return, to reclaim the belt that he deserved to win before. I knew for so long, that my only answer was the Undisputed Championship. What did I want? My Title. What did I need? My Title. But it's clear to me now...The Undisputed Championship will be the golden prize that evades me all of my life. But I can't help but think back and regret. It's all filled with regret. It's funny how all of the things you accomplish in your life are drowned out by the sheer, cold, hard truth of your failures. I don't want my name to be associated with failure, and I can't help but feel like it's all beginning to dwindle. People have had enough of me, I've been given all my chances. Have I really run dry? You see, so many times before when I was aimless, I found what drove me back. But here I am, wondering when the light will shine down on me and show me the path to take next. I don't know if I've been forgotten, replaced by new giants. "You never know what it's like until it hits you, like a freight train. You never know what it's like...to be in limbo. I'm good enough to be a worthy challenger to these big dogs right? That's what everyone seems to think. Because constantly my name comes up in the conversation when you mention all of the rising stars. Who paved the way for Julius? Echo Wilson did. Who made Flynn's first Universal Championship reign legendary? Echo did. But it's never about me at all, it's about how I pay others. Back to the point, this is what limbo feels like. You're good enough to stand on that podium, but you're never good enough to kiss the gold. {Echo Wilson does have a sense of sadness about him. You can tell he's in pain about his situation, and that there is seldom a cure for him. Can Echo be satisfied or will he always look for more? Is Echo a passing trend?} "I've been taking advice from the real champions, those who strive for ultimate greatness and I listened intently to what they said. They told me that it's not as much the gold that matters, it's about doing things that are meaningful to you. So...I have something of that sort that's been bugging me for a long time.....Jason Ryan. You and I are everything that matters to me at this moment in time. You see, I could chase gold for eternity, to the end of the rainbow and back. But now I've learned, and you've helped me see. Jason Ryan, my problems begin and end with you. Until you're out of my rear view, I can't move on. Jason Ryan....there's something about you which I can't seem to crack. You continue to see the worst in everyone around you. Take me, I'm here fighting for the good in this world, trying to push passion over hatred, and trying to fight the darkness of this company. But you can only see what I used to be Jason. Your eyes blurred and you think the darkness is still me. That's not what I am, and that's not where I'm going anymore. You're going to have a surprise on your hands Jason, if you think that I'm going to let you use my name as the call for peace, than you are wrong. You'll be lifeless in my hands, as the heavens rain down, and the war is over." "So I'll keep marching onwards Jason, and I'll fly to the new heights because there will be no more shackles holding me down. I've got so much left to give to this company, and I've got so much fight to show. I believe that in order to evolve, you must shed your old skin. And so every drop of blood that I shed and every pore of skin that stings and burns off in our match, it will be another piece of me that evolves. And then everything that I've been building to, all of these months of meditation, and prayer. It will all be rewarded. It will be rewarded with something great, with something above and beyond brilliance. I have proven my name against Ark Universe, but I'll go one step further and finally face those who's name have been ringing in my mind for so long. If this is what it takes to bring life to a soul, than I'll happily let this part of me die. BPZ is calling out for it's new savior, and the Man of the Year is going to be there to save it. So until our fateful night on Halloween, I will be here waiting, training and preparing my body and mind mentally for what might be the toughest and most gruesome match I, and all of BPZ, have ever seen. This is the price you pay Jason, the price you pay for the devils work. Only one of us can break this chain, only one can break the spell. But it comes at the cost of the other, Will you be the sacrifice Jason? You will. You will be the one to fall for the others to rise. You will be the one to face the judgment, while I ascend to the greatness I'm destined for. This is my promise, and I do not go back on my promises Jason. {Echo Wilson just simply drops the microphone, allowing a faint tune of his theme song to play in the background. The slow piano intro plays and Echo Wilson stays stone cold, dead faced. Who's willing to pay the price?}
  7. TKO WRESTLING | ANARCHY PART 7 'FRIEND OR FOE' | NYC ARENA Global Wars Tournament Round 1: ILJA DRAGUNOV (RUSSIA) vs PETEY WILLIAMS (CANADA) This would be retribution time for Ilja Dragunov who would try to do what Thatcher did, but do it even better. Dragunov is on a roll of 3 straight wins and Petey Williams is trying to bounce back off his debut loss to Timothy Thatcher. It would be better things for Dragunov and worse to worse for Petey and Team Canada would end up on the losing end of things. Dragunov would take his time and boast after the match, saying that Thatcher should watch this because Dragunov can do everything Thatcher can do. And can Dragunov do the same against David Starr next round? Winner: Ilja Dragunov Hogan's experiment last week with Cobb and Alexander was a resounding failure and now the war of words gets even deeper. With things spiralling out of control, Hogan would make a tough and snap decision. He believes both men deserve title shots, but only one can get it. So he announces a Best of 5 Series, starting tonight, and the winner gets that title shot they deserve. ALEXANDER WOLFE AND AXEL DIETER JR VS HYPE BROS Keeping up with the trend of Imperium, we see two of the other members of that faction here tonight, in Alexander Wolfe and Axel Dieter JR. Facing them is a debuting team of Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley. We were wondering when we'd see these two and now looks like the time. Unfortunately for them, their opponents were two beastly, hungry competitors looking to make names off of their opponents for Imperium. With a shocking amount of chemistry being shown, Wolfe and Dieter would hit a double team maneuever leading to their victory. Imperium seem unstoppable right now. Winner: IMPERIUM (Wolfe and Dieter Jr) We see Zack Sabre Jr in the somber mood in the ring, and he's got a mic in hand. He speaks up saying he's got a lot to regret here in TKO so far. He understands how lucky he was to main event the first ever TKO event but he knows he has missed chances with the TKO Undisputed Title. The sob story doesn't end, as Adam Cole would come out. Cole wouldn't pity Sabre for even a second and proceeds to make Sabre feel even worse about himself. As the ring is getting set up again for our next matchup featuring Timothy Thatcher and No Way Jose, the broadcast is hijacked by the Belt Collector, Austin Aries. He says its a disgrace that he isn't included in this Global Wars tournament and that the chances haven't come to him yet. He says his win over Chuck last week was proof of how Aries can dominate. Aries, then proceeds to warn the future winner of the Global Wars tonight, and he will come for them. Global Wars Tournament Round 1: TIMOTHY THATCHER (USA) vs NO WAY JOSE (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) The final round 1 matchup in the Global Wars tournament pits two of the tougher talents here in TKO. Thatcher, with everything going his way is set to face against the man who's debut has been very much anticipated. Thatcher is on a 2 win roll and looks to make it 3 at the hands of Jose, and on the other hand...Jose. No Way Jose has been seen leading conga lines around the world and now it's time to prove his worth in the ring. It was no shenanigans allowed when these two met in the ring, but the brutality of Thatcher would be the spark needed to get his victory. It's Thatcher vs KENTA next round. Winner: Timothy Thatcher We see El Phantasmo in the ring, and it's no time wasted as he gets right down to business. He calls out Bandido before saying a word, but he gets something different...The Bone Solider. Phantasmo is fuming and the hatred spews off. ELP scowls and blames Taiji for choosing Bandido over him and breaking up the ex-Bullet Club connection. But Ishimori takes his verbal punishment, and the two just come face to face. It looks as if the lid is going to blow before Phantasmo backs off and smirks, placing his iconic glasses on the face of Ishimori. Best of 5 Series - Match #1: JEFF COBB vs CEDRIC ALEXANDER This match was truly crucial. Not only is this for all the marbles but for these two it means kicking these 5 match series off the right way. Would Cobb or Alexander gain the upper hand and get first blood on this ocassion? Cobb and Alexander would go at each other, clearly showing just how much pent up anger they've had over these past few weeks. All they've had is issues and Hogan has failed to appease them. This is the last resort. As Cobb and Cedric went to war, it became apparent that Cedric was shocked by Cobb's agility. Using this element, Cobb would nearly match Alexander in the air, leading to a very good win for Jeff Cobb. Winner: Jeff Cobb
  8. Im in ..... but you already knew that
  9. We're days away from one of the most highly anticipated cards BPZ has ever put on. It's gonna be a show for the ages and the big time matches taking place prove that all the way through and through, the stops are being pulled out. But one man has been a little quiet on this road to Survival Games PPV, and that is the Man Of The Year. Someone who you expect to be vocal on most ocassions, has been taking a back seat tonight. As if one cue, a slightly more familiar theme hits the speakers, blaring out into all corners of the arena. If you can't see it, you're going to hear it. Echo Wilson is arriving. A mass reaction of cheers shaking the arena to the core as Echo Wilson steps through the curtain and fulfills what has been a craving for these fans this entire time. The look of Echo Wilson isn't even that terrible as he seems to have taken some time to heal, and mend his bones. Those bones have been tested, have been tried and Echo may have been smart to risk this match to save his future career. Especially considering that beyond this he's got a real doozer for Halloween Havoc against Jason Ryan which the stipulation of is still undetermined. It's all in Echo's court tonight, as he storms his way to the ring defiantly. It's not an angry look but its a clearly frustrated one and Echo Wilson may have a lot to be irked about tonight. Echo grabs the mic with authority and begins the tirade. You must be out of your mind if you think I’m quitting that easy. There’s too many factors here in play for me to just watch this game play out. I’m going to have my say in this and I don’t care what pedigree you have. Flynn, Necce, lets kick things off with you. As much as the tabloids will try and tell you, I’m healthy and I’m here tonight if tching for a fight. I know something deep in my heart, this is the time for change. I’ve always thought to myself about matches like these where the odds seem so stacked against me. Anyone sane would back off and let the two big dogs go to war but I can’t help but shake that there’s something I can add to this affair. Flynn, I know you’re a star. You’ve got the record to prove it and the title on your shoulder to make it even more clear. And you’ve proven your dominance to enough people where you are feared amongst our community. I can’t say it bluntly enough, that doesn’t include me. Flynn, whether you like to hear it or not, I’ve beaten you before. By DQ or by whatever circumstance it is, my win column against you stands at 2. But you’re not gonna count those wins because they were interrupted. I count them because every time I was always just one move away and that’s all it takes for me here in our Match come survival games. One move to end you. And it doesn’t matter if Necce is in the ring or not, because all I have to do is hit that one move on you to win your title belt. But Necce you are a different story. I’ve never been one for dream matches and I’ve never been one to wish for a match. But I prayed for this match up Necce. You and me never got along Necce, we never did and I always was praying for the day when I could wipe the floor with you. And now I not only get the title shot I wanted this whole time but now I get to rip off your mask and shut down everything about your psychotic little act. If there’s anything I want Necce, it’s to make you feel what I felt when you threw me around. Necce, you not only brought this on yourself but you spelled your own doom. I’d die at the sword a million times for this opportunity. I’d spend every night in a hospital for this over and over again. Necce, I do believe somewhere in that sick and twisted mind there is fear. And that fear manifests itself in anger and when you let yourself get carried away and let me into this match, I saw this look in your eyes. You knew that despite your hard exterior, I was going to crack it open. You knew that no matter what you told yourself, you had shot yourself in your own foot. So here we are. Your mistakes coming back to haunt you with every word I utter. Quickly Echo is proving a valid point. It's Necce's fault that Echo got this shot in the first place, and it may come to rue them all. Flynn, Necce, this won’t be as black and white as you believe it to be. I’m right here and I’m as large of a looming danger as anyone. I fully believe that and I’ll have the entire crowd behind my back come Survival Games to believe in this same truth. I am a threat to the both of you and that’s not just going to be my truth, it will be everyone’s truth. To many hours, too many days spent in rehabilitation, too long sitting on the sidelines just for this. I’m 2-0 since I’ve returned and yet Still we’re stuck in the same mindset that Necce and Flynn is the real war and I’m just here to fill the number. This number was a number that never needed to be filled. Not by anyone who didn’t deserve it. Even I had to prove I was a force to be into this match. So it isn't some fluke chance that I'm here. If it wasn't meant to be, this wouldn't have come about and lads, I've come to do what's been called of me. Every beast needs its slayer, and every villain needs its hero. Or you could say....every antichrist, needs its angel from above. That's me, shining the single ray of light onto all of you. Survival Games PPV is going to be a dark place, and if I don't keep my wits about me, I will be lost in the shuffle. What happens when the man in the chaos, creates his own chaos? What happens when the man in the crosshairs points the same gun right back at his opponent? Every weapon Flynn and Necce have, I have my own to combat it. That comes from months of planning and consolidation. I've made sure ahead of time that I got the tools to take the win and then after that, its all about how to use them. Keeping onto track here, Flynn and Necce are going to do this exactly because I've watch their every move. They're going to see red when they see each other across the ring, they're going to maul each other and then I will be there, to pick up those stray pieces, and lift the gold around my waist. It's not me being the third wheel here, it's me being the opportunist. Echo Wilson is going to take advantage of what's been given to him by Necce and now he's going to make everyone pay. But this is not the only opportunity that I've stumbled across. You see, when I came back, another man happened to show up at the same time as me. A man who has had a storied and rich history with me, and well our record books entertwine quite a bit. Jason Ryan, seems to consistently be the guy who haunts me from my past. Now, the Diablo was nothing but a figment of my imagination, but Jason seems to think it was real and that I've got the ghost inside of me. Well, I will admit this Jason. There is a darkness, but think of it all as metaphorical rather than a actuality. And yes, there's trauma associated on your end, you've got so many red flags waving every time you see me. You think I'm going to hurt people again, you think I'm going to violate you again. Jason, I'll only do it in a sanctioned match. When it comes to it, I'm going to make you burn, but only on the fitting stage Jason, no more pre war shenanigans. I'm not falling into that trap again. Funny I mentioned burn actually Jason, because after much consideration and pondering, I've found the rules for our match. You know, this time was very special for me, because for this ocassion it was my turn to pick the game, and put it into play. So....in order for my inspiration to fully blossom. I went shopping Jason. And now I know what you're think Echo, what could you possibly find at a convenience store that would help you win a deathmatch. Well you've never obviously seen what food can do to a person. The crowd begins to laugh at Echo, thinking Echo is not taking this seriously and that he's taking the piss outta Jason here tonight. Echo Wilson pulls out a shopping back which is covered so it's items are hidden. Hey guys, you laugh now but just you wait and see. This is going to be a brutal affair and with these ingredients I've made sure of it. Let me show you what's going to make you burn and sting more than anything I can say or I can do. Lemons. The Devil's fruit. It's not only sour, and you can't only make lemonade with it but you can seriously hurt someone with it. And no, I don't mean chucking them at your opponents but do you know the effects of citrus on your wounds? Jason, what happens when I take you and cut you open like a doll and then proceed to literally squeeze lemons into every open pore. You're going to be rolling in pain, and you can't help but quit. So now we know truly what to do when life give you lemons....make your own death match. Next up, we've got the salt. Now this takes rubbing salt into the wound to a whole new level. It takes it very literally Jason. Jason, they say when you roll things in salt it's to freeze thing, but Jason....I'm going to use this salt to make you burn more than anything you've ever felt before. And then lastly, we have the mustard....oh boy, oh boy. Jason Ryan you are in for a treat. Literally breathing this toxic chemical in will make you tear up and then when I rub this dark, yellow cream all over you, you will be screaming till the cows come home. Jason, I hope you're watching this and that you're taking everything I'm saying deadly serious. Because if you don't, you will be ending up in a hospital bed, with 3rd degree burns. Heed the warning Jason, watch what I'll do to you. And then you can leave me and this company alone Jason, because that's all I've been hoping for ever since I saw your face back around here. Jason, I know we can't live as friends, so you're going to have to die as my rival. And that may be a shame to you, but to me, It's a fresh start. You better believe this Jason, these aren't toys, and these aren't picnic snacks. They're murder weapons. This is my crime scene, and you're my victim. Quite a sick turn of events by Echo Wilson and you could feel the slow burn of the words from Echo's mouth aimed at Jason. Even the crowd knew that Echo was being deadly serious, and by the end of this bout, the truth was clear. Echo has brought the weapons, and this is going to be a bloody war. Halloween Havoc will be a spectacle for all to see, or only those brave enough. But first its Survival Games time, will Echo Wilson become a champion on his 3rd match back?
  10. TKO WRESTLING | ANARCHY PART 6 ' GLOBAL WARS' | NYC ARENA This crowd is red hot and what better way to kick off Part 6 or TKO Anarchy, than with the GM himself, Hulk Hogan. The warning last week, sparked pages full of rumors about what Hogan could mean pertaining to our 3rd and final TKO title. The answer would come in loud and clear and Hogan would announce the next tournament...GLOBAL WARS! This tournament will show off the top international talent here in TKO, and conclude with a huge Global Championship match at our next TKO PPV.....SUPER BRAWL! Global Wars Tournament Round 1: KENTA (JAPAN) vs JOE HENDRY (SCOTLAND) It's back to the drawing board for Joe Hendry tonight, as he takes on one of the most lethal superstars in KENTA. KENTA was unlucky in the first run of tournaments, but hopefully this time is different with both men representing their nations of Scotland and Japan. Hendry would come out of the gate with surprising momentum and a strong set of offense but KENTA would only be weathering the storm. KENTA would fire back with just as much offense, showing how you truly wrestle a hard hitting affair and KENTA Would pick up the win tonight. Winner: KENTA In one of the more unorthodox segments here in TKO Wrestling, we are taken to Joey Janela who wears a loose tie and suit jacket, with a pointer stick in hand. Behind him lies a map of America. He gives a small history lesson about the United States, saying that this country is the nation of...BAD BOYS. Joey Janela is maybe taking a new approach to this battle he has coming up against David Starr tonight. AUSTIN ARIES vs CHUCK TAYLOR This is what Austin Aries wanted, and he's gonna get it tonight against one half of the Best Friends in Chuck Taylor. Aries has been up in arms as of late about his lack of chances and he's already made it clear that he wants opportunities. Ask and you shall recieve and Aries definitely proved his point tonight against Taylor. Chuckie was good but not good enough for the belt collector who would pick up a much needed win on his road to making a serious claim at the TKO title belts. Winner: Austin Aries David Starr gets up and close and personal to the camera backstage where he runs us through his long, long list of nicknames he's earned over his career. When it comes down to the Jewish Cannon he pauses. He says that this nickname means more to him than any other cheesy catchphrase he's invented. David Starr honestly is so proud of his heritage and representing Israel tonight is all David could have ever wanted. JEFF COBB and CEDRIC ALEXANDER vs SINGH BROTHERS This is an interesting experiment here by Hulk Hogan. He's putting two guys who are fighting for the same chance, who happen to hate each other in the same team against a proven team like the Singh Bros who have teamed for everyday of their lives since birth. Cobb and Alexander walk out separately and it is that same separation that retains during the match as they both bicker and argue the entire match. Cobb and Cedric almost cost themselves the match before Samir Singh rushes in and makes the the mistake of trying to flip Cobb over the rope instead of Cedric. Cobb turns to face Samir Singh and then would dominate the rest of the match, refusing to tag Cedric in and would win the match all by himself. Winner: Jeff Cobb and Cedric Alexander WALTER, who is flanked by Axel Dieter JR and Alexander Wolfe, would be seen backstage storming through the halls. He would land in front of AJ Styles' door which happens to be locked. He would then proceed to angrily tear the door right off its hinges before catching a helpless AJ Styles off guard. Styles is thrown around the locker room left and right, and eventually left to bleed out next to a crate in the backstage area as WALTER walks off with a deadly serious face. Global Wars Tournament Round 1: DAVID STARR (ISRAEL) vs JOEY JANELA (USA) This match was everything we didn't know we needed and these two brough the show home in the best way possible. David Starr would come out, sporting an Israel flag and showing off his tattoo of the David's star a little more than normal. Following him would be Joey Janela who casually smokes his cigarette, putting it out at the ringside area. Arm in arm with him is two girls with bleach blond hair and fish net leggings. They both chew and pop their gum loudly as Joey Janela gets into the ring, following pink kisses on the cheek. Janela would take things very seriously though once the match started and would begin to circle round Starr who was on his game as well. The two would fight almost to a stalemate but a series of brutal and effective holds and strikes would rock Janela's world and give Starr the upper edge. David Starr does what he needed to do tonight, ending the show on top and advancing in the Global Wars tournament. Winner: David Starr
  11. Let's do this. We will begin with AEW because I think they had a better show this week. We start off with Private Party vs Young Bucks, and I'll be honest. I thought this happened last week at the start but I was surprised to see this going down this week. But, at the end of the match I was buzzing, this match was mad. Private Party are stars, but please for the love of god, give the announcers some practice getting their names down. Excalibur and JR were clueless as to which was which. Next up, Jericho. I'm in love with the Inner Circle. Not so much the name, but the guys who are in it. It's built like every perfect heel stable should be and it's got the perfect guys. Jericho obviously is going to rock the world on the mic, and as was the case last night when he ripped into Cody and literally said bluntly that We the People Chants was shit booking. So then the theme began to pick up, AEW were not going to slow down because they gave us Havoc vs Allin right after. Now my thoughts on Havoc are not the greatest. I love the guy but I don't see a place for him in AEW and frankly, Allin was the right guy to get the win because he obviously got a bigger reaction from the crowd. Now I'll save you from my boring rant as to why Havoc won't succeed in AEW and just say that this match was fantastic. Allin in a star and definitely a future AEW World Champion if he keeps this up. I liked how AEW are keeping a fine distinction between the ultimate hardcore moves that Havoc does, and keeping them fresh for PPV's though. That will be needed if Jimmy is going to stay hot. Next up the 2v2 womens match. Well, I'm all ears for this. Britt Baker and Bea Priestley's feud keeps becoming the sole most interesting thing any AEW women are doing in my eyes and Riho plays the same character she's played so well these past few months. But, Emi Sakura? I'm sorry but she is just not good. She's old, she's can't do the same things she used to do and yes her name is famous across Joshi, but I hope AEW use her rarely because she stank up the room. Next up we went straight into another match, you can tell a pattern here with AEW shows. They are very very wrestling centric. Moxley vs Spears was insanity, probably my MOTN and they didn't even really have to do much with it. Combined with the fact of having PAC be on commentary, which works a charm every time. It was fantastic. Now we have so many feuds coming out of this, most especially Moxley vs PAC which would literally make me cry of happiness. We also got what had to be the most badass Kenny Omega I've ever seen, coming out with his barbed wire broom, assuming he's going back to his old cleaner shit. Him and Mox were about to fight with barbed wire when PAC blindsided Omega, leading to what might be a sequel down the line? Spears needs to get his own ball rolling though, just being in very story centric matches can only get you so far if you aren't winning them. Now for the main event, fuck this has been long, Good match, good ending. Hager did his job perfectly, and Inner Circle did what I expected of them. Then however, we got to all those run ins. Hager vs Page is gonna be fire when it happens and then we had all the run ins. I'll say this. The ending with the run ins was massively overbooked yes. But was it not awesome to see all those brawls going on? So many feuds. LAX vs Young Bucks, Page vs Hager, Dustin vs any of the Inner Circle guys, Jericho vs MJF, the list goes on. Great Show NOW FOR NXT, which granted I'll say was good, but there's an issue that needs to be dealt with. NXT started off week 1 with a banger, and obviously the stops were all out on that ocassion, it was essentially a mini takeover. But there is a standard now, and NXT...they tried to live up to it again, and it caused a small blunder in my eyes. Kicking us off, Cruiserweight Championship match though, Rush vs Gulak. It was a very good match, and I've seen some people were on the fence about Lio Rush as champion. I'll say its a good win for him, and he definitely deserves it, but I can't help but be bitter sweet about this. Lio Rush always was gonna have a ceiling in WWE, and in my opinion the CW title was that ceiling. So now what? He holds the title for a bit, then loses it to the next guy, and then what? That's for NXT to tell me but I'm just gonna enjoy this while it lasts. Next I'll pause on that video package which went into depth about Balor back in NXT, and I was always popping for Finn's return, but this just blew me away even further. Balor's case for being back where he started is amazing, it proves just how genius of an idea it was to begin with. Next up Tegan Fox, now...I'll be honest. I never really cared for her much, but her story is fantastic. Not one, BUT TWO career ending injuries and she's gonna be back on NXT. I think the crowd is going to be hot for her and I hope her return lives up to my new standards. We continue on with these women and see Rhea Ripley. Well.....that was just brutal. Like there's nothing more to say about it because it wasn't meant to be anything more than Ripley just dominating on all accounts, but that's what she did so yeah it was nice I guess. It went from bad to worse then, and well...this is where I think AEW got the edge because well...there were many things wrong with that tag match. First off the team name for Everr ise was just bad, just no. And then the match between Forgotten Sons and Breezango just wasn't great so I won't even try and spin it in a good light. Then we continue with the lows, because Cameron Grimes getting the win was good, but the rest of that match wasn't. Then we go onto Killian Dain who...I hate that I have to say this.....hasn't returned well at all. Then we go from the lows, to the MASSIVE high. Swerve is everything NXT needs and he proved that against Strong. I love the way they layed this out actually, and Strong wasn't on the dominant side, it was in a way where Scott would look like a star fighting off the invaders of UE and then would turn back and lose to Strong. Also...they sold the backbreaker really well that match, hats off with that. And now we have a recurring problem, Velveteen Dream can't talk on Live TV for his life. Now last week was a travesty and I blamed it on the nerves but HE DID IT AGAIN. He's gone from bad to slightly better but still bad. And you can tell he's not over with the crowd, because when he said he's challenging Strong, no one in the crowd said anything about it. But like usual, Daddy Ciampa came to save us. He cleared everyone out and got an insane reaction, making sure that this segment wasn't forgettable. Holy Crap man, Adam Cole vs Tommasso Ciampa is gonna be insanity. Next up was BelAir vs Kai which was iffy for me hoenstly. I liked the aftermath and I feel like Bel Air being inserted into this match with two monster women like Rhea and Shayna is gonna be a cool dynamic. But the match itself wasn't good because I feel like personally Kai deserves more. So now we get to the main event, and do I even have to say how much I liked it? KUSHIDA was all over WALTER to start us off and I was invested heavily, then WALTER goes at it with those lethal chops and does an insane Ripcord Lariat to get the win and Oh my god, what a match. Surely it had to be the MOTN across both shows. So overall, I'll AEW won this week because NXT did have some bits that dipped massively. Maybe its cause it was far removed from the Takeover style first week, but NXT hopefully improves next week. So now we're back even and things could not be more exciting.
  12. Kingdom Wrestling Federation | ANARCHY CHAPTER 2 "Chaos Theory" KWF Heavyweight Tournament Round 1 Match: CHRIS JERICHO vs RODERICK STRONG Another great opener for KWF tonight, as we continue to roll on through this elite level tournament, for the KWF Heavyweight Title. This time we see Jericho come out first, flanked by his new best friend MJF and somewhere a few feet behind is Flip Gordon? Don't know why he's here. Then we have Roderick Strong coming out next, Strong's future is in limbo currently but surely it will become clear soon enough. The match would be a real doozer, and actually show that Jericho has a lot more technical talent left to show off. He took the herald back to his days where he had over 1,000 holds and beat Roderick Strong with his Lion Tamer to advance. Backstage, we are taken to see a giddy looking Titan and Volador Jr, who have punched their ticket to the first KWF PPV with their win over Best Friends. But they come to announce that they have decided it is in their best interests to hire a sponsor. They have chosen a lucha superstar to help look over their shoulder. The camera pans out and reveals the iconic mask of Caristico. Caristico speaks up and says that Titan and Volador are your next Tag team champions and like an eagle....they will fly to victory. Welcome to LOS AGUILAS! LOS AGUILAS vs KIP SABIAN, EDDIE DENNIS AND JORDAN DEVLIN A massive Six Man Tag Match, which calls upon Los Aguilas to work together for the first time as a trio. They faced off the All-UK trio of Sabian, Dennis and Devlin and the chemistry was already showing for the Mexican superstars. Los Aguilas, despite being relatively new to teaming up, were already on the same page and their history in the ring across from each other in the past came to help them as they knew each other very well. On the other hand the UK team were dysfunctional leading to a free chance for Caristico to pick up the win tonight for Los Aguilas. An amazing start for this group. The Miz can be seen in his locker room, looking very smug with the KWF Hardcore Title over his shoulder. He smiles to himself as a bar tender with an oddly low hat and sunglasses brings in a glass of champagne to which The Miz takes it and sips it slowly. Miz should've been watching his back more though as the bartender splashes the champagne into Miz's face and takes his moment of confusion to pin him 1,2,3. The bartender stands up with the title and then reveals himself....it's TAMA TONGA?! Bullet Club now has the hardcore belt! KWF X Division Qualifying Match: ROBBIE EAGLES vs SAMMY GUEVARA Continuing on with our X Division matches, as we inch closer and closer to the final match at KWF's Global Dominance PPV where we will crown our first X Division Champion, and this match is key towards this. We've got two of the youngest, most promising guys in the division and we're gonna make them compete to see who's the real future of the X Division. And that answer was proven by the Sniper of the Skies who was on full throttle tonight, showing off high flying like nothing we've seen before and Sammy Guevara may have been lights out but that still wasn't enough to avoid the inevitable. Robbie Eagles is going to the X Division Title match and what a moment it is for him. Bullet Club's racking up the title shots now. Baron Corbin can be seen backstage, sulking throughout the hallways. He is still visibly upset about everything that happened to him last week against AJ Styles and he's still not over it. Everyone knows to keep out of Corbin's way except for one man who he doesn't want to see right now. He runs right into Kenny Omega. Omega being Styles' stablemate gets the worst glare possible before Corbin simply shoves Omega down and into the metal box. Omega is about to get up and brawl with Corbin when they are separated by officials. The vendetta against Bullet Club has begun for Corbin. KWF Heavyweight Tournament Round 1 Match: ALEISTER BLACK vs LARS SULLIVAN Two brutal and mysterious men would go to war, with the winner getting a chance to face Styles in the next round and go to Global Dominance PPV with a large title shot. Aleister Black would continue to display his aura and give off seriously dark vibes on his way to the ring. And Sullivan preferred to be more blunt, being massive in size. When the two met, it was like a freight train as the two beat the crap out of each other until the final bell where Aleister Black would hit the Black Mass to finish Sullivan. But after the match was over something weird would go down. Black and Sullivan would oddly shake hands, showing respect they don't usually show. They seem to stand in the ring for a bit before an unusual theme plays. We don't know the meaning of this but Tommasso Ciampa and Jimmy Havoc come out dragging a corpse across the floor. The camera zooms and it turns out to be Ariya Daivari. They drag him down to the ring where he lies passed out, and the 4 men surround him. Like wolves, they all begin to stomp on Daivari and beat him into a pulp. They turn their attention to the crowd who is booing insanely loud. Ciampa, who seems to be the sick leader of this clan, pulls out a large flag which reads the words. "Chaos Theory". Ladies and Gentleman this force is to be reckoned with.
  13. Naka vs Styles is the one that first comes to mind for me. It was a dream match as in it was so hyped and so requested by WWE fans and fans of NJPW who had seen their insane battle at WrestleKingdom. But when it came down to it at WrestleMania, the match wasn't great. Granted, it wasn't terrible, but it was far removed from the good match both these men put on in NJPW. Then after that WM match, it really went further downhill which wasn't great.

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