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  1. Raven takes the walk away, the confusion of the crowd is noticeable. Gunner Flynn lies, heavy breathing, on the cold floor backstage. Now that our new #1 Contender has walked away from this scene, the camera pans out, revealing a familiar face coming into the view. It's a face belonging to Echo Wilson? What is he doing here with Gunner on the floor? Slowly, the fans begin to piece together the puzzle.....Echo has layed out his own co-leader! The suspicions are confirmed when Echo Wilson places his foot on the prone body of Gunner Flynn and leaves it there. He breaks the moment, looking dead into the camera, and simply kicks Gunner in the chest sending him reeling in pain. "Gunner should've known. He should've known that this was going to happen. THIS is the stain upon human existence. THIS is the disease which we all try and hide ourselves from. Gunner....I think one of us was blind, while the other saw clearly. I saw imperfections in you, and I saw your lack of awareness to change them. Let this be your lesson, never look for order when the chaos is inside of you. Never call others out on their failures when you are living a life of deceit and lies. Gunner, you have no right to lead The Cure, you have no right to call yourself a savior anymore. The Mercenary has come to bring justice to you Gunner....and you will never see this company again. Have fun in hell." Echo's face is red with anger by now and he stands up straight now, after grabbing Gunner by the jaw and forcing him to look into his eyes. Echo, takes Gunner's head and drives his foot into it, stomping the skull, bashing the brain over and over again. Echo looks around the room with eyes of fury, and he finds a prone chair nearby. He uses it and hooks Gunner's foot through it. It's not over yet though, as he grabs a second chair and slams the chair into the first chair, bringing the double metal pain down onto Gunner's foot. Gunner by this point is screaming in pain. Words cannot describe what he feels like. Echo snarls viciously at him and picks up Gunner. He drags him a good 10 feet or so, and finds a grate, almost like a cage, standing up. This metal grate, is just big enough for Gunner to be chained to. So Echo, picks up Gunner, wrapping his legs and arms around the grate, so that he hangs there lifelessly. Echo Wilson sees Gunner's head fall down, unconsciously, and simply goes to him, slapping his face hard and forcing his head back. Echo finds a box on wheels nearby, he smiles sadistically and goes 10 for so feet away from Gunner before running full speed, bringing the corner of the box right into the prone chest of Gunner Flynn. But Echo isn't satisfied yet so he takes the rolling box and places it under Gunner, resting his legs on the box and leaving him even more bloody and hopeless. From the mouth, from the chest, from the leg, from the head...every part of Gunner's body is crying out in blood. The sight is gruesome to say the least, but the chained up Gunner is not safe from the pain yet. Echo Wilson is back in sight and has found a bat somehow. He first swings the bat straight into Gunner's ribs, and we can hear a crack as he breaks a rib of his. Then he takes a step back, swinging the second shot wildly into the left leg of Gunner, making sure that he cannot walk. Gunner is broken now and the momentum forces him to fall onto the ground. Echo Wilson just stands there, with his bat next to his face, watching this sight with a creepy sort of glee. He begins to speak, even unsure of Gunner has the ability to hear anymore. "Gunner.....I warned you that there would always be a higher price. But this beating wasn't for anybody else, it was purely for me. Sometimes as a Mercenary you have to take matters into your own hands.....Consider this your eviction. Gunner Flynn. You're a dead man."
  2. 1. The Kingdom (definitely not biased) 2. Pride 3. The Order 4. Bullet Proof 5. The Top Guys
  3. NJPW Big Pro Wrestling Festival 2020 - Tokyo, Japan FRIDAY, January 3rd, 2020 Full Show Results Jushin Liger and Ryusuke Taguchi def. Suzuki- Gun (El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru) Suzuki Gun (Lance Archer, Zack Sabre JR, Minoru Suzuki) def. Los Ingobernables De Japon (Shingo Takagi, BUSHI And EVIL) Juice Robinson and Hiroshi Tanahashi def. Jon Moxley and Kota Ibushi ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WRESTLE KINGDOM 14 PREVIEW: Tomorrow night begins what is now the biggest 2 nights on the annual calendar for the entire world of pro wrestling. Wrestle Kingdom will begin. We have so many talents, that are now considered the best in the world, so what happens now, when the spotlight is solely on New Japan? We will have to wait and see. Let's take a look at the massive matches in store for us going into these two nights of wonderful wrestling: The first and most major story is the Jushin Thunder Liger retirement matches. There will be two huge matches that will show off not only Jushin Liger's history, but the path he paves for all of the future stars in NJPW. The first of these matches is a star-studded 8 man tag match featuring NJPW legends such as his teammates Great Sasuke, Tatsumi Fujinami and Tiger Mask as they go up against Naoki Sano, Shinjiro Otani, Tatsuhiko Takaiwa and Ryusuke Taguchi. And then to finish off the career of Jushin Liger, he will pass his torch to an unknown member of the roster. The only rule? He has never faced this man before, so we are in for a massive surprise. We've got all the titles on the line spanning these 2 days from the IWGP Tag Team Titles, to the US title scene featuring Moxley, Juice and Lance Archer. We've got The RPW British Heavyweight Title on the line as Sabre JR defends against SANADA. KENTA, and his run of dominance looks to continue against Goto, and finally the war is on between 3k and Bullet Club once again over the JR heavyweight tag titles. Lastly, it is worth noting that Hiromu Takahashi's return to the ring will come at Wrestle Kingdom as he faces Will Ospreay for that belt he rightfully owns. And then we have the big matches, the money ones. For the IC title on Night 1, Jay White defends against Naito, on his search for absolute control over NJPW. And then main eventing night 1, will be the absolute banger of Okada vs Ibushi, the match that has been building since Ibushi's shining moments here in NJPW. Night 2 will feature 3 of these money matches. First off Jericho says farewell potentially to NJPW as he faces off against Tanahashi, a year match in the making. Can the Ace defeat him? We've got the losers of both matches facing off in a match that shows just how much depth NJPW can have. And in the main event, it will be champion vs champion. Winner of the IWGP Heavyweight Title and Winner of the Intercontinental Title. Winner takes all. Who will walk out as the undisputed champion of New Japan Pro Wrestling? WATCH WRESTLE KINGDOM TO FIND OUT _______________________________________________________ BONUS: Who Will be Jushin Liger's Mystery Opponent?: How many new champions will there be across both Night 1 and 2?: How many surprise debuts will there be?:
  4. RING OF HONOR TELEVISION WEEK 1 THURSDAY January 2nd, 2020 - Atlanta, Georgia Full Show Results - Kenny King announces an open challenge for any of the new talent to come and approach him.....much to his surprise the music of DONOVAN DIJAKOVIC hits! - Kenny King Open Challenge: DONOVAN DIJAK def. Kenny King - LifeBlood cut a promo, saying that no matter who steps through that curtain, they will be continue to be the heart and soul of Ring of Honor - Bandido and Tracy Williams def. Beer City Bruisers - We're preparing for the official main event, which is planned to be Jeff Cobb vs Joe Hendry. The winner is going to earn #1 contendership for the Ring of Honor TV Title, held by Shane Taylor. But before the match begins, Colt Cabana announces that there has been a sudden change of plans. This match will be a triple threat. The curtain flips open, and the M.O.T.H is back....LIO RUSH has returned to Ring of Honor! MAIN EVENT - ROH TV TITLE #1 CONTENDERSHIP MATCH: LIO RUSH def. JEFF COBB and JOE HENDRY
  5. STARDOM COMPANY PREVIEW: Starting off our faction preview, we take a look at the most cocky of stables in Queen's Quest. With top champion Bea Priestley, as well as the young core of Utami Hayashishita and Momo Watanabe, this faction is golden. They've only made one acquisition to their stable, but it might be the biggest one of them all. Io Shirai, former leader of Queen's Quest and founder of it, returns to its ranks. One can only guess that this will cause massive power struggles within the group now. Our second group is the dominant face group in STARDOM, simply called STARS. Led by STARDOM veteran, Mayu Iwatani who helped put this company on the global map, she and her partners in action, Arisha Hoshiki, Starlight Kid and Tam Nakano, have made multiple acquisitions to fill their ranks. With this group, Xia Brookside returns to their ranks, as well as Brookside's new friends from NXT, Toni Storm and Dakota Kai. But that's not all, making a part time return from her tenure in AEW will be RIHO, who will be working both companies. Thirdly is the deadly Oedo Tai, led by the face painted Kagetsu. The ranks also include Hazuki, the turncoat from Queen's Quest, a champion in Andras Miyagi and the sexy Natsu Sumire. Adding to their ranks is a lady who has made it to the big time and come back a hero, Heidi Lovelace, aka Ruby Riott, brings the chaos back to Oedo Tai. We have Tokyo Cyber Squad, a group trying to disrupt everything here in STARDOM. When Hana Kimura found her own way in STARDOM after her journey back from excursion, she took all of Jungle Kyona's former J.E.N stable with her and made it her own. Those former stars such as Konami, Mari Apache and even now Jungle Kyona herself help make those ranks. Adding to the ranks though, is a lady who has seen STARDOM before but will now work the company part time due to her AEW commitments, it's Sadie Gibbs. But the biggest ploy of them all comes to TCS, as the DOMINANT Shayna Baszler comes to Tokyo Cyber Squad as the next big thing. Lastly, we leave you with a mystery. There has been a 5th, yet unknown, faction that has been added to the list here in STARDOM. The members of it are unknown and there's only one trace of the name PASSION RED in the history of pro wrestling. It belongs to a stable, formerly founded by KANA, aka Asuka, in the OZ Academy, where she trained alongside stars like Kairi Hojo and more. More to come on this front in the future. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STARDOM TITLES WORLD OF STARDOM: Currently held by Queen Quest's Bea Priestley. Traditionally this is the top belt in STARDOM. WONDER OF STARDOM: Currently held by STAR's Arisha Hoshiki. Traditionally, this is the second highest belt in STARDOM, but is often viewed as the most prestigious by the fans. GODDESSES OF STARDOM: Currently held by the Tokyo Cyber Squad duo of Konami and Jungle Kyona. These are the tag belts within STARDOM. ARTISTS OF STARDOM: These titles are held by the Oedo Tai trio of Kagetsu, Natsu Sumire and Andras Miyagi. These are the trio belts within STARDOM. HIGH SPEED: Currently held by RIHO of the STARS faction. This title is generally meant for a faster paced style of match, similar to the Cruiserweights but without the weight limit. However, former champion, Hazuki, placed unofficial rules that the champion must have abs to challenge for the belt. SWA WORLD: Currently held by Japanese Utami Hayashishita of Queen's Quest, this title is your typical International title belt. It only has one rule, it cannot be defended against someone of the same country as the title holder. Future of STARDOM: This title is currently vacant in the company, but this is the belt for all the up and comers in STARDOM. To hold this belt, you must be under 20 years old or have 2 years or less of experience in STARDOM.
  6. PREDICTIONS RESULTS: @Alex Costa: 6/8 @Gunner Flynn: 5/8 @Father Georgemas: 4/8 @Hans: 5/8
  7. Charlotte wins this for me. But I think recently Becky's rise makes this closer. Other divas i'd have on the list include AJ Lee, Paige, Sasha and even someone like Beth Phoenix.
  8. ALL ELITE WRESTLING: COMPANY PREVIEW CHAMPIONS: _______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Welcome to All Elite Wrestling, the most revolutionary product in wrestling today. When we heard of this new ventures, funded by the genius of Tony Khan and co-run by the experience of the Young Bucks, Cody and Kenny Omega, we immediately were excited. This was a product, by the fans, for the fans. And they have not disappointed. Thus far, we have witnessed multiple PPV's and sell-out shows all leading up to this. All Elite Wrestling's chance to dominate the world of pro wrestling. The war is over for AEW, and you could say that they've won, but the story is only just beginning. With what seems like a clear road ahead of them, who will AEW manage to get, will they become the next giant in Pro Wrestling? With Chris Jericho as World Champion, surrounded by talents like Cody, Kenny Omega, PAC and Jon Moxley, this company is already being bolstered heavily with main event level talent. But the question is who will be the ones to sign with All Elite Wrestling? Reports are that the womens division will become massively improved now that the WWE women's revolution is over. Can we expect AEW to sign the top women in the world? Yes, and here's our first hand scoop at the names being rumored. Apparently the first and largest name on the list is Charlotte Flair. Someone who closely resembles the career of Cody Rhodes, who's also a fellow second generation wrestler, she is definitely on the shortlist. But apart from that AEW is looking to continue with their theme of signing Joshi Womens wrestlers so possibly Kana, Io Shirai or Kairi Hojo could be the next ones to sign in AEW. In terms of men, the rumors of the guys who formerly were linked to AEW still stand. The most namely of them being The Revival, a tag team who's rivalry with the Young Bucks has been internet gold with the catchphrase #FuckTheRevival. The Revival are one of the most elite tag teams in the world, and continue, despite bad booking, to be one of the more entertaining teams when they're on top. In AEW surely they will find another peak that they have been striving for so dearly. That's all for AEW review, and the rumors surrounding the company. With AEW on top, their chance to pounce is now or never. Will AEW come out the ultimate top dogs, or will they flounder under the pressure?
  9. PRO WRESTLING GUERILLA: WINTER BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES 2020 EVENT PREVIEW: The first night's matches have been revealed for PWG BOLA Winter Edition 2020, and what a card it's looking to be. We'll go match by match to look into this stacked card, featuring Indy mainstay currently and those who are already looking to come back to a huge ovation. We kick off with David Starr vs WALTER, and this rivalry has been storied even with WALTER being the top guys in NXT UK for some time. Starr was made it his goal these past few years to defeat WALTER and when he did so on that fateful night in Dublin, Ireland the indy world lit on fire. Now, WALTER returns looking for his revenge. Secondary match will be a technical masterclass as Roderick Strong returns to the indies, to face a man he has never truly been in the ring with before. Gulak, a former EVOLVE talent, and Strong being a ROH legend, they have never crossed paths but now they will. Next up, the first non-tournament match as Shane Strickland and Matt Riddle, two storied rivals from the golden days of EVOLVE wrestling, will team together for the first time, in an effort against what one may consider to be the top tag team in the indies today...The Rascalz. Composing of Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier, these two have been laying waste to the indy world this year and last. But can the returns of Strickland Riddle derail them? After, we've got La Sombra, representing his home country of Mexico against the ever dangerous and young up and comer, Darby Allin. Darby has recently gotten his big break but a chance against a superstar like La Sombra could be too tough of a challenge. Bandido, one of the indy guys looking to hold his place in the company will face off against a force to be reckoned with, former PWG World Champion, Keith Lee. Bandido has been easily breakout indy star of the year and he's got all the speed and agility need to counteract the brute force of Keith Lee. Next up, we have possible the biggest return of the night, as the man who put PWG on the map, Kevin Steen, returns back to his home. He will face up against a tough challenger though in Dragon Lee, these two will put on a banger. Getting into our final tournament match now, we will have an absolute classic being put on here. Tommasso Ciampa, who since he left the indies has developed a much more sinister and dangerous persona to him, will face off against another guy who has thrived in WWE, Ricochet. These two's styles could not be more different but can Ricochet fly his way to a shocking victory over the Punisher. And our main event, a match that could be marked down in history as a defining moment. The Lucha Brothers, the undisputed reigning champion tag team of the world, will face off against a team that indefinitely held that honor in the past, Kings of Wrestling. Although, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli have gone their separate way since their time in WWE, this is a reunion show and what better way to have it than a massive tag team reunion. _____________________________________ PREDICTIONS: Tournament Match: David Starr vs WALTER Tournament Match: Roderick Strong vs Drew Gulak Shane Strickland and Matt Riddle vs The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Zachary Wentz) Tournament Match: La Sombra vs Darby Allin Tournament Match: Bandido vs Keith Lee Tournament Match: Dragon Lee vs Kevin Steen Tournament Match: Tommasso Ciampa vs Ricochet The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon JR and Fenix) vs Kings of Wrestling (Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero)
  10. {Echo Wilson looks a bit shocked for a moment, surely this is an unexpected proposition. But can Echo deny the facts? This is meant to be some would say. Is Echo Wilson going to collect his first bounty here tonight? Echo's look of bewilderment ends, and he slowly chuckles to himself, only audibly loud enough so that Gunner Flynn can hear him.} "I won't lie Gunner, you've caught me in a little bit of a predicament here. I'm off my guard." {Echo Wilson stands back and begins to ponder this situation. Finally he raises the mic back up to his lips, and stands inches away from Gunner Flynn.} "How about this? I'll join.....but only if that scumbag Jason Ryan goes." {Echo grabs Gunner Flynn by the hand, and the ultimateum is set for Gunner Flynn. The terms have been layed out. If you want the services of Echo Wilson, there must be a price.}
  11. "Life is a constant battle. People battle over love, people battle over belief, but in this world the prominent form of battle....is the war inside ourselves. Only when we let that war subside within ourselves will we truly become whole. This is Echo Wilson. An Honest Man. I've found peace." {Loud drums bang, as the scene of soldiers training tirelessly in the desert comes to view. They all don the American flag somewhere on their bodies. Ladies and Gentleman, this is Carnage, and another we've got another spectacular week on the road to Winter Warfare. Echo Wilson's theme song plays, Man of the Year echoing loud, and out he steps non chalantly. It feels odd to see Echo so calmed, considering last time we saw him it was in one of the most brutal death matches this company ever witnessed. But Echo Wilson, after his small hiatus, which was justified, seems to act like nothing even happened. His injuries and limps are no longer there, and there are barely any cuts that the people can see. Echo Wilson steps into the ring, grabbing the mic out of his shoe and flipping it once in his hand.} "Unfortunately, for Jason Ryan, the man you thought you'd see after our match at Halloween Havoc, is no more. You see, I knew I'd be victorious, because it became clear as day for me at a certain point in time. You know, Jason Ryan likes to say that that was tradition, there was nothing traditional about it. Barring the frequency of the event, nothing was the same the second time around. Jason Ryan was different, I was different, the match I chose played into my hands and therefore the result went right the way I wanted it to. So naturally, I took my time coming back here. No need to rush things, but Jason, his embarrassment. Oh, the predicament he found himself in. He couldn't bear to live with his losses and so he drove himself mad. I watched him deplete day by day. He put on a brave face, while slowly layer by layer I stripped him of his sanity. You know the war we have inside our brains...Jason Ryan lost his. And I have no remorse for him anymore. Because if I wanted to stop his slow descent to madness, I would've done it before. But I let him die inside, and I feel no sorrow because of it." "Jason Ryan stood for many things, but he would never die for any of them. He loved Vala with all of his heart, but when they needed him most, no, when HE needed them most, he didn't turn to them for help. That day he lost his battle for love. He believed that he was the one to defeat me, the one to end our treacherous bond. The day that I put on my mask of war, his belief died and so did his battle with it. Finally....when Jason Ryan lost his grip on the world, when Jason Ryan lost himself in his own darkness, when Jason Ryan let the monster expose itself, that's when Jason Ryan lost his entirety. I can't stress it enough, Jason Ryan is a dead man, and I am the culprit." {Echo Wilson's deed has been done, but it doesn't seem to be enough for him. He wants to make sure Jason's pride is buried, just as his blood was boiled during that fateful night. Meanwhile, while Echo pauses, another picture of the military comes to the forefront on the titantron. Echo looks up solemnly at the soldiers who in synchronization, both complete their duties and show respect and honor. Echo Wilson looks down and begins to speak again} "They say the absence of love is duty, and the absence of duty is love. There are those who learn this the hard way and those who naturally are gifted with knowledge of it. The world today needs the glue to hold it together and there are those who are trying to tear this apart each day. So when will we learn the answer? I have gifted it to you already. The only thing that holds the world together is Order. Everyday, I fight for order within in myself. Something to help clear my mind, keep my priorities in check. I need a way to let myself be free from emotions, those rash feelings that lead you down dark paths. I need to be one again. This is the way of the soldier, this is the way of the Bounty Hunter. So from now on, that's all I will be. A Mercenary, a honest man who will do anything to win the battles of love, belief and self. "So let's make this clear, for anyone in the locker room, or anyone who believes in the truth. Call upon me. Let me be your answer. My hit list is now officially open, and the Mercenary will never fail upon his targets. Let's make this world whole again, one life by one life. Let us Cure the world of its imperfections, Let us find the duty within us all. Let us find the Order in a world of Chaos. Because I don't hurt for blood lust, I hurt so the world can be healed.} {Echo Wilson's evolution seems to have taken a new step tonight. Echo has now reflected, and upon consideration, has decided to adopt a mission of his own. A mission to cleanse the world from its diseases. The fans in the attendance tonight don't know what to make of this. Echo Wilson has taken this genuinely blessed idea of battling for the good in the world and twisted into his own dark figure. But his mission is good, that cannot be denied. More to come from Echo Wilson in the future. Stay Tuned.}
  12. Huge news reporting from breakyourownnews.com today as Brock Lesnar has made his intentions clear. He will be returning for a huge fight against Alistair Overeem in UFC, the man who last beat him in the Octagon. For Lesnar, this was clear apparently. He wanted nothing to do with the wrestling business unless he could earn the paycheck that WWE could pay him. For now, no company has risen in the profits except for AEW, which is a no go for Brock Lesnar, and so Lesnar will go back full time to UFC now to finish off his career in the fighting business. Soon after this news, it became clear that Paul Heyman was going to step back himself from the wrestling business, believing that his time in the industry is over as well. With no clear backstage role for Heyman to step into, he will retire from the business forthgoing. Heyman's last major role was to be the manager and mouthpiece of Brock Lesnar but with Lesnar going to UFC, Heyman's last days have come in the business. In other news, following this announcement by Lesnar, it was assumed that the Four Horsewoman of UFC would follow suit. While Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir will return to the Octagon, Shayna Baszler has decided to remain in the Pro Wrestling business for the forseeable future. Her future is unknown however, possibly she could go to All Elite Wrestling, or she could find her place amongst the ranks in STARDOM or SHIMMER womens wrestling companies. Baszler will have plenty of opportunities on the table for her, there is no doubt she will be a hot commodity. As for the last Horsewoman, in Ronda Rousey, her future is unknown right now, she has shed no light on her decisions.
  13. ENTRANTS REVEALED FOR THE 2020 WINTER BATTLE OF LOS ANGELES This is what was promised, and Pro Wrestling Guerilla has delivered yet again. They have not failed to disappoint us today as ALL of the entrants have been revealed today for the upcoming Winter Battle of Los Angeles. We will break down the bigger names one by one but this list shows us everything we love about pro wrestling. It has those like Joey Janela, David Starr and Bandido who are looking to defend their home turf from the invading indy darlings. We have guys like Keith Lee, Donovan Dijak who only recently left for WWE and are now returing after a short period of time. But then we get to guys like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe as well as Bryan Danielson and Tyler Black who all are monumental main event talents in WWE and are looking to flood the independent scene with their incredible skill and history. The ranks here have guys from all nations, USA, Canada, Mexico, even WALTER hailing from Europe. One thing in common with everyone here is they all hold PWG closely to their hearts, they all have history making moments with this company. Each have played their own parts in making PWG the phenomenon it is today. First let's take a look at the major names of Ciampa and Gargano. These two men have history both here in PWG but also in NXT which has blown up, creating some of the greatest wrestling matches WWE as a company had ever put on. But now they come back to where they perfected their craft together, if they somehow get matched up down the line, it could be a massive story. Let's now take a detour and talk about some guys who may be flying under the radar such as Darby Allin. Recently discovered Allin, is now under the limelight in AEW but PWG is the place where AEW found him and Allin is looking to make a potentially shocking run in this tournament against the odds. One cannot mention this tournament without looking at AJ Styles, and Bryan Danielson, two undoubted favorites in this competition. They were main eventers in the most difficult place to thrive and now they're looking to take their own places on the throne again.

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