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  1. MITB Ladder Match: Arius vs Bashka vs Brad vs BrendenPlayz vs FDS vs George Kent Sameer (c) vs Ryan Reeves - World Championship Yelich Anderson (c) vs Jeremiah Flynn - Undisputed Championship Blade vs Kieron Black - Number One Contender to Universal Championship Hans Clayton vs Julius Jones vs William Smith - Intercontinental Championship (Unification of US, IC and NA) Bob Sparks vs KENJI - European Championship (Unification of NXT and Premium) Number One Contender to the Intercontinental Championship: Bart Hoogveld vs Joshua Scott
  2. SIGNUPS SHOULD INCLUDE: Name: ECHO WILSON Age: 18 Nationality: AMERICAN For your club choice there will be 12 choices, The choices for teams are first come, first serve. So there can be only 1 player created from the starting teams. Edit- The teams which aren't bold have been taken. The teams available are: Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham , Manchester City,Liverpool , Arsenal , Everton, West Ham ,Newcastle ,Bolton ,Portsmouth , Wigan Athletic Club: Manchester United Skin Tone: Tanned Height in cm.: 188 cm Weight: 193 lbs Position: CM/CAM Role: Enganche
  3. Who Will Win the 15 Groups NA A - Flynn B - Slim C - Bob D - Necce E - Isaiah Carter F - Sameer G - Echo Wilson H - Bailey Europe A - Bart B - Neb C - Smith D - Nate E - Tamer Asia A - Brenden B - Julius Who Will Win The Early Tournament Assuming you mean early prediction - Slim WHO WILL WIN THE AUGUST 1ST MATCHES Slim vs Monda Jo Nathan vs Arrow Thunderman Bubba vs Bizzy Bob Sparks vs Red Arrow Austin Omega vs Corey Flynn vs Sellers
  4. Number 17: ROH GLORY BY HONOR (2012) JAY LETHAL vs DAVEY RICHARDS These two are known for classic matches, and I've heard awesome things about this match, which made me forced to put this match on the list. For sure. Davey immediately gets a mixed reaction, as he should. He's tweener at this point, and Lethal gets a huge reaction. It's crazy to me at this point that Lethal is only 26 years old. Usual slow-feeling out process to kick us off and Davey goes for his usual intro moves to a match, but it's Lethal who one-ups him and locks him up. Lethal bitchslaps Davey which naturally pisses him off and we see a spin kick to the gut, followed by a dropkick by Lethal for 2. Davey impressively bridges into a top wristlock, and works on Lethal's arm. Davey works it more with a chinlock and Lethal has no choice but to try and run, unlucky for him Davey is there to hit a soccer kick on the apron. Davey hits his own version of an Ole Kick and brings Lethal inside for a nailed missile dropkick for 2. Stupid chants begin and makes me want to hit my head on the computer desk, so I Ignore it and continue. Lethal keeps tryna bail though, but Richards is there to drag him back in with a chinlock, and then on the apron, Lethal drops Richards down a HUGE CUTTER. Both guys down on the floor, they begin to trade strikes, in the ring now. LETHAL COMBO! KOJI CLUTCH! Davey reaches the ropes, jesus. Spin kick, than a German Suplex by Davey! Two count only though. This match is starting to rule. Lethal drops Davey with a weird looking Iconoclasm, and gets 2 again. Lethal tries for Hail To The King, but Davey meet him up top and headbutts the shit outta him. Superplex and a Lethal hangs on with a small package! Two count only! KO Kick from Richards and Brainbuster! Double Stomp! NEAR FALL! Davey transitions right into the ankle lock, and is pushed off, MURDERDEATHKILL KICK! Lethal gives absolutely 0 fucks. They go to the top and Lethal tries to powerbomb Davey onto the table before, but it barely even gives! Like wtf! Davey is dead outside the ring, but he barely gets in the ring at 19 seconds. HAIL TO THE KING CATCHES HIM! NEARFALL! Dragon Suplex! Holy crap this match is phenomenal. Trip to the outside as the fans are literally on their feet applauding, and LETHAL INJECTION COUNTERED INTO AN ANKLE LOCK! MY GOODNESS! Lethal breaks out, kicks Davey in the face! LETHAL INJECTION CONNECTS! KOJI CLUTCH! 1...2....3! A fuckin fantastic 24 minutes right there. This is one of the best ROH matches from this year, and it did not disappoint. These guys had the crowd eating from the palm of their hands and even with the slow feeling out process, by the time we hit the last 10 minutes of this match, it was just constant action. They wrestled at an unbelievable pace. Davey Richards showed just how good he is, It's such a shame how he turned out to be honest. But in his heyday he was one of the best and that's proven in this match. Jay Lethal is excellent, and I think it's matches like these that made him the Ace of ROH. He got his killer instinct and it's insane what this character development and stuff is doing for his career. Or what has been done since he switched it up for these matches. This is a fantastic wrestling match and ROH really stepped it up. I can't remember many great matches for ROH in 2012, but this was one of the best of them. They let these two guys just tear it up and it was amazing.
  5. NJPW WRESTLING SATSUMA NO KUNI: IWGP United States Championship Match: Jon Moxley (c) vs David Finlay IWGP Tag Team Championship Match: Golden☆Ace (Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kota Ibushi) (c) vs Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki & Zack Sabre Jr.) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (SANADA & EVIL) Suzuki-gun (Taichi & Miro) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tetsuya Naito & Shingo Takagi) CHAOS (Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, & Robbie Eagles) vs Bullet Club (Jay White, KENTA, & El Phantasmo) Suzuki-gun (El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) vs Los Ingobernables de Japon (Hiromu Takahashi & BUSHI) Suzuki-gun (TAKA Michinoku & DOUKI) vs Rocky Romero & Ryusuke Taguchi Tomohiro Ishii, David Finlay and Juice Robinson vs Chase Owens, Yujiro Takahashi and Bad Luck Fale Hirooki Goto & Karl Fredericks vs Villain Enterprises (PCO & Brody King) BONUS QUESTIONS: There are three Suzuki-gun vs LIJ matches at this show, who will win the majority of these matches?: LIJ This show will set up many matches for Wrestling Dontaku, Name one of them: SANADA vs SUZUKI _________________________ IMPACT UNITED WE STAND: IMPACT World Championship Match, If Tessa Loses She Must Leave IMPACT:Tessa Blanchard VS Moose (c) IMPACT Tag Team Championship Match: The Rascalz VS Rich Swann/Willie Mack VS The North (c) Tommy Dreamer/Rhino/??? VS Hardcore Legends Ken Shamrock Retirement Match: Sami Callihan VS Ken Shamrock Loser Leaves IMPACT: Michael Elgin VS Eddie Edwards X-Division Championship Ultimate X Match: Trey VS Chris Bey VS Petey Williams VS Suicide VS Johnny Swinger VS Ace Austin (c) Knockout's Championship Match: Taya Valkyrie VS Jordynne Grace (c) TJP/Fallah Bahh VS Team XXXL BONUS QUESTIONS: Who is the tag team partner for Tommy Dreamer and Rhino in their match? MATT CARDONA Two former IMPACT champions will make their return at this show. Who will they be? EC3 and BULLY RAY
  6. 5 STAR MATCH #10 G1 CLIMAX B BLOCK - TOMOHIRO ISHII vs JON MOXLEY With these tournaments and NJPW in general in mind, there tends to be a lot of overlap, as you'll see in the near future (Thanks Will Ospreay!) and with recent Okada matches obviously. So I'll literally take any match I can get that looks unique, that looks different and that looks special. This match is all of those things in a nutshell. The 2nd of our Ishii matches to review, and our FIRST with JON MOXLEY! Who woulda thought? But I absolutely loved Ishii in his match against Shingo and no surprise, I'm holding this match up to high standards. As for Moxley, I remember being really impressed by his G1 run. I know, for Gaijins, it can be really hard to adjust, due to the fact that G1 Climax, and wrestling for NJPW in general is just so tough and unique. But while other guys such as Cobb, and probably much more, have failed to make the jump properly, Moxley did everything right. I remember watching his G1 which was the first good look at Moxley in a NJPW ring, and he really just clicked with it. I was impressed how much he matched up with the style. SO let's get right into this match! Immediately, off the bat this is about freedom, Moxley's freedom from WWE and his expression. G1 Climax was just Moxley venting out his frustrations in the most entertaining way possible. Ishii is just an anomaly of NJPW, I'll never quite understand just how he does it. But this whole NEVER Openweight world just works for him and the fact that he's able to put on these matches with literally anybody is just incredible. It's clear Ishii gives not a single fuck. This man takes damage like a sponge and dishes out punishment like you'll never see anywhere else. So in this contest, the newly unchained Jon Moxley takes on The Stone Pitbull. But there's a twist.....THIS IS A DEATHMATCH! We started the match the two immediately went face to face, these two look like they hate each other legitimately. The crowd is in favor of Ishii, the hometown boy and that's no surprise. These two are so beastly they start brawling while they're doing ring announcements, so that's cool. This was a very fun match to watch most definitely. Moxley brought his A-Game, and managed to come out victorious. Ishii was being Ishii which meant he was awesome. His offense always looks brutal and he kept it simple here but it was a perfect recipe for success. Ishii only does a handful of moves in general, but he's good at making those feel big and also has insanely good reverses which make for incredible finishes. These two have really good chemistry. Moxley deserves a lot of praises for being able to cope with a new style that's definitely out of his comfort zone, but he hanged in there. This match wasn't perfect to be honest, but it's still better than some other matches I've reviewed in this list. I think the brawling was really dramatic and crazy. I think the fact that this was a deathmatch opened up so many opportunities for these two and it allowed Moxley to feel like he was more at home. Crowd brawling in general is barely ever used in NJPW and the fact that they went that far in this match felt really special. I think this sequence in the crowd with Ishii getting his head slammed into an exit sign was just special. Overall, Ishii took a lot of big bumps in the crowd area, and you could see how it affected him later in the match. I think the pacing in this match was great to be honest with you. I think the way that both of them sold the exhaustion really worked, and the speed that Moxley and Ishii were working at really slowed down the perfect amounts. They moved more slowly towards the final minutes of the match, while also keeping this match exciting towards the finale. Moxley was still able to move a bit fluidly, despite eating a chair in the face. I think the drama was there for the end sequence and there was room to sell the stuff from earlier in the match. I absolutely loved this match. I definitely enjoyed this match. They both did a fantastic job of creating a tense, unpredictable, flawless match that couldn't be done by basically any other two guys. This was probably to this day's Moxley's best match away from WWE and it deserves to be watched just based off of what he accomplishes in this match. SO, was this a 5 star Match?? Borderline Yes! Ultimately, Kevin Kelly was right to be worried about the violence of this match, it reached levels of violence that made it entertaining and he was probably scared out of his mind the entire match. Moxley is a bonafide star for NJPW now, and this match was the start of it all for him. And Ishii, man that guy is so good. Watching these matches makes him one of my favorites beyond already what I had considered from him. Absolutely incredible match. COMING SOON......
  7. 1987 IWGP SERIES We're back for another year of IWGP Series action and this year things are looking pretty familiar to us all. On top of the company is Antonio Inoki, the man clinched the IWGP Heavyweight Title at last year's finals defeating long time rival Andre The Giant for the belt he never lost. He's continued to spend this past year staying undefeated for this title, and that's over big names such as Masa Saito, The Crusher Bam Bam Bigelow and more. So now Antonio Inoki is faced with the task that will threaten his IWGP Heavyweight Title reign the most, the IWGP Series. A series that not even the best of champions have been able to accomplish, a series that forces you to go back to back. If Antonio Inoki wants to walk out of this year's IWGP Series with the IWGP Heavyweight Title still on his shoulder? He's going to have to defeat every single man in these blocks. But this year's not going to be easy. Tatsumi Fujinami is back and he wants the title that he never got pinned to lose. We all know Tatsumi didn't even make last year's finals, faltering at hands of Andre The Giant. Speaking of Andre, he's no where to be found. After the drama of walking out on New Japan after last year's finals, he hasn't appeared in Japan since. Reports are he's been seen filming his new hit film Princess Bride in Hollywood. Either way, let's get into the blocks, and we'll see the new list of names who will all be pushing for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. As usual the layout is quite simple. 14 men, 7 from each block are competing. There will be a semi finals where the winner of Block A faces runner up of Block B, and winner of Block B faces runner up of Block A. The winners of those semi finals bouts will then go on to face for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, and the right to call themselves IWGP Series winner. Best believe this year we are PACKED to the brim with talent, let's get into it. BLOCK A: Antonio Inoki: Obviously the heavy favorite, Inoki is the guy to watch out for in this block. He's been undefeated for a whole year now since returning to his IWGP Heavyweight Title glory, and he's defended the title under every circumstance imaginable. But this year we could be in for a shock as Inoki is forced to face off against many of his former IWGP Heavyweight title contenders in this block such as Fujiwara, Saito, Konga etc. Antonio Inoki is by far the most decorated and the most influential figure in NJPW history already at this point and possibly is the face of Japanese wrestling. But, we've seen that Inoki is not all powerful. We've seen him lose and when he goes down, he goes down hard. We know during almost the entire MSG League days, Inoki failed to win a lot of the League's losing in finals back to back against Stan Hansen and Hulk Hogan. Obviously Inoki came back after this and won the IWGP Heavyweight Title the first time, so we aren't saying he can't bounce back. I just wouldn't advise the Ace to get to comfortable on his throne. Scott Hall: This is a name worth mentioning purely on the impact he's going to have on the world of wrestling in the future, and for now, the fact that he's been lured into NJPW is a huge get for this company. Scott Hall, currently wrestling under Verne Gagne in AWA, has been billed as the next major star in pro wrestling. Although his name has been mostly limited to the American wrestling scene, Hall is looking to branch out in Japan. I'm sure that he'll be successful as he is in the prime of his youth and his continuously impressing all of his bosses and promoters across the world. NJPW is lucky to have this man. He's definitely been faced down with a challenge as well, one that will see him going one on one with the champ himself, Inoki. Yoshiaki Fujiwara: This is an interesting one. I always feel like Fujiwara gets overlooked in this tournaments, but in this block, Fujiwara has as good of a chance as ever to make it out. Fujiwara, is one of those names associated with the dying effort of UWF, and often his name just goes along with Akira Maeda's but now they'e in separate blocks and the man who was set to be 2nd in command in UWF is now also in the same boat as so many UWF castaways. Fujiwara recently was involved in a feud with Inoki winter months of 1986 and went into early 1987, so he is definitely a man to keep a close eye on. Do not count him out based off of his past trial runs in the IWGP Series. BLOCK B: Tatsumi Fujinami: The Dragon is back and he's hungry. Two years ago was Fujinami's crowning moment in NJPW where he lifted the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in the absence of Antonio Inoki. He carried the belt and the company proudly for a year but the feeling was bittersweet when we got back to the next IWGP Series. He unfortunately failed to even make it to the finals, faltering to his long time rival in Andre The Giant. That unfortunately meant Fujinami wasn't even pinned to lose his title per the rules of IWGP Series. This year apparently Fujinami's been on the road back to the top. He's been defending the IWGP Tag Titles all year, and building up his stamina just for this series, so that he can come back and earn his title back. Could Fujinami be the next 2x IWGP Heavyweight Champ? Or Will the one time victory turn out to be a fluke? Seiji Sakaguchi: We've talked about Sakaguchi and his incredible return to the ring, his incredible Second wind in this company. For years we thought Sakaguchi was done but it seems that he's fit as a fiddle for this year's IWGP Series, it's like the man never ages. We'll look back at the oldest rundowns of the IWGP Series, back when it was the World League. Sakaguchi went par for par with Inoki splitting the 4 leagues in half winning 2. Unfortunately Sakaguchi's didn't make the trips to MSG with the rest of the roster, and Sakaguchi came back to find new stars had been made. Sakaguchi took some time off after this to readjust and now he's back and better than ever. But you can tell Sakaguchi has had a wild run of things as of late. He lost a shocking match to Shinya Hashimoto at least year's IWGP Series, but he also came inches away from making the semi finals last year. We all think that Sakaguchi is due another major performance. It's just a matter of time. Akira Maeda: We'll conclude with Akira Maeda, who has definitely cooled down in terms of his rivalry with Inoki. Last year's IWGP Series finals began a year long feud with between Fujinami, Kimura, Maeda and Fujiwara. Team NJPW has remained dominant since that finals, and Fujinami and Kimura's reign has been almost undefeated. Maeda now enters the blocks with his mind set on purely becoming IWGP Heavyweight Champion. I'm sure winning the top NJPW prize would make up for the fact that his dream of forming his own company has fallen apart. We'll see how Maeda gets on against former IWGP Heavyweight Champ Fujinami, former League winner Sakaguchi, and more including Kengo Kimura, current IWGP Tag Champ. PREDICTIONS: Who will win Block A?: Who will come Runner Up in Block A?: Who will Win Block B?: Who will come Runner Up in Block B: Who will win the ENTIRE IWGP Series/Win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship?:
  9. Number 19: ROH THE BIG BANG! ROH TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: THE BRISCOES (c) vs KINGS OF WRESTLING At ROH the Big Bang! Ring Of Honor showed up big time with one of their greatest ROH Tag Matches of all time. Pitting the Champion Briscoes against The Kings of Wrestling, this really was the premier tag team bout of the time. We started off this match with a tension filled handshake and once the bell rings we get some nice mat wrestling. Typical of Kings of Wrestling for sure. They trade facelocks until Hero gets a rope break. Hero lays out Mark with an elbow and tags in Claudio, who says one of the most hilarious messages of the night. Calling The Briscoes "redneck chicken farmers." I swear I couldn't be that creative if I tried. As you'd expect though, this pisses them off and Mark lays him out with a clothesline and Jay comes in. They try a double team but but Claudio is smart, rolls out to take a breather. Skipping a bit forward we have a spot where we get numerous close falls, all coming down to the last second and things are picking up pace now. We got some great tag wrestling following that as Mark makes an elbow, and Claudio comes in and Mark drops him with a bridge and just as Mark is bout to make the tag, Hero pulls out Jay. After ages of trying to get the hot tag, Jay FINALLY gets in and Hero elbows out of a DVD, decapitates Jay with an Ole Kick, knocks Mark to the floor and leaves Claudio to hit a beautiful bicycle kick that gets a 2.99 near fall. That moment right there could've easily been the finish in this match but we keep going with beautiful sequences. We've entered Super finisher territory now as Jay hits the chokeslam spinebuster, Mark hits a missile dropkick and a Northern Lights for 2. Exploder Suplex gets 2. Claudio comes back in and Kings of Wrestling take control, Hero absolutely murders Mark with roaring elbows for 2. It's an Iconoclasm Quackendriver from Mark for 2. Yet another two on an amazing Briscoes combo. Claudio finally gets the moment and does his big swing thing. Hero is about to kick the head off of the man, but Jay is smart and pulls him out. Jay in with a dropkick, and a Sideslam/top rope elbow combo gets 2, but the Splash Mountain/neckbreaker combo is broken up by Claudio. Claudio in control, hits Mark with a UFO but only gets 2 (noticing a theme here). Let's just get to the actual finish where the KOW hit the KRS-1 but Mark kicks out, Jaydriller on Claudio, Hero breaks it up. Jay dumps out Hero but he takes the ref with him and Hagadron (the KOW manager at ringside) uses the opportunity break up the DD finisher attempt by The Briscoes. It's all over now as Hero lays out Jay from behind with a loaded pad assisted Roaring Elbow and that crowns new champs at a match that just went over 30 mins. They left it all out there to be fair. The first ten minutes of this match were kinda just basic tag team maneuevers and basic tag formula as well. You could tell they were just going through the motions, but once they kicked it into gear. We got the meat of the match and it was incredible. This match wasn't about working different body parts, or working the ropes, it was all about one-upmanish and just who wanted to win more. The Kings of Wrestling did exactly that. Post Match, Jay Briscoes vomits from what I assume to be a mixture of exhaustion and dehydration. Proof of how much they pushed themselves, and proof of how much they went full speed this entire match.
  11. Echo Wilson


    Echo Wilson is backstage tonight on Carnage, and he is in the media area. He's sitting down in a plastic chair with a table in front of him. A Crowd of interviewers and press stand before him off camera. Echo seems to be buzzing, but at the same time it looks like something is irking him, putting him off his front foot like usual. Echo Wilson looks around the room, seeing the usual sight of the press, and he rubs his forehead, almost as if he's got a headache. Echo begins to drink from a water bottle as he starts his speech to the press. "Ah, before we get into all of the madness. Yes, I will be talking about AK-17. If you were watching Valor you would've seen the segment between Angelo and the two members of Creed. I watched with glee as Angelo Caito dropped the bomb on Creed and rocked their world. This match....you have no idea how much it means to me. Not only in the sense that I get to play a part in retiring one of my closest brothers in arms in this ring, but I also get to play a part in ending one of the most cancerous groups in this company today. Leeches, Blood sucking Insects and maggots, that's how I'd describe Creed in essence. When I sat down with both Carnage and Valor I had a choice to side with one or the other of my two Kingdom brothers. They both laid out their plans for me, and you wanna know why I chose Carnage? It's cause everything Julius told me was real. I can't say the same about Valor and the way they run their brand." We know who Echo is referring to here, He looks down at the table, trying hard not to speak badly of his former brother, Bart. "I gave myself a break for King Of The Ring Pay Per View. I had spent two busy months chasing tournaments, and winning and losing titles, I was spent. So while I sat out at King Of The Ring, I also was a bit worried. You see, my natural laid back, relaxed style also meant that my future at Summerslam was uncertain. Well, thanks to Angelo and his retirement tour, I'm not only booked for Summerslam, we'll get to that in a second, but I'm also booked for Valor Chapter II. I'm coming to Egypt to join the Valor roster to get a taste of what life would've been like if I had chosen to join Creed's circus show. I take this honor extremely serious. I may be one of the first, if not THE first to make the jump from Carnage to Valor and I have a tremendous amount of weight on my back. I need to carry the hopes and dreams, the perfect ideals of Carnage on my back. But I'm a Carnage veteran, if there's anyone on this brand today who knows what Carnage means, what it stands for. It's me. I've been it's premier champion, I've been it's most hard working member for years at this point. Whether I have been or I have not been on top, I've given my all into this brand. So it gives me pleasure to say I'm walking into foreign territory carrying the Carnage sigil on my back. I need to uphold all of the honorable things I know Carnage to possess." "I alluded to it earlier, but you might be asking. Summerslam? What's this Tag Team Championship bout got to do with Summerslam? I figured, if I'm going all in facing the very best this company has to offer this month. I'm going to do it. So while 2/3's of this Creed faction is wonderful, why not make it a whole set? That's right, there's a certain Intercontinental Champion, who's also a member of Creed, and also is responsible for a lot of the worst, most heinous actions in this company today. The most cruel, criminal acts in our locker rooms combined. Sameer, you and I, we've surprisingly not crossed paths on a grand stage one on one. But that's all about to change. You see, I've heard across the grape vine that you've got a big month ahead of you. An Undisputed Title match, deservedly so after winning the Power Trip Cup so smoothly. I must say though, with Slim on your horizon, are you sure you're going to be 100 percent for Summerslam? Begs the question doesn't it? You've been one of those guys who we just can't seem to shake from the main event scene, you've had career renaissance after renaissance, it's been magical to see. But it's time we call it a day Sameer, bring about a new age. The person who's gonna be the culprit? Echo Wilson, the new age redeemer." Echo Wilson smirks a tiny bit, and continues to speak out. "As for the rest of Creed, there's a lot of...bitter feelings when it comes to that pairing of two. I'm not challenging their right to call themselves BPZ Tag Team Champions, or even the greatest of those champions of all time for that matter, but there's a lot that we need to talk about. A lot of grievances I just can't seem to shake. I'm all about changing my past, and rewriting my wrongs. There's one wrong that when you think of Echo Wilson, you just can't seem to get rid of. The headlines reading "Echo Wilson walks out on Backlash Main event!" "Echo Wilson abandons BPZ ahead of marquee main event.". That week where I did what was best for my career and walked out on BPZ, letting myself breath and come to terms with myself. I also happened to pull out of the biggest match of my career to date. The main event of Backlash 2018. Bart, The Undisputed Champion, versus Echo Wilson, former Universal Champion and more. Two Kingdom brothers going to war again. Things looked so bright then, so when everyone tells me. What happened Echo? You had it all right there. I tell them, I admit I had a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I say to them that I always planned on coming back to avenge that missed moment. So if this is my retribution, if this is my revenge than so be it. AK-17 will be happy to oblige, there's no one I'd personally rather have by my side than Angelo in this war against my worst enemies." "Angelo Caito, me and him have a rocky relationship, sometimes I hate him, sometimes he hates me. But when we're both out of the thick of it, we realize that we're brothers. There is such thing as chemistry between two people, and I didn't know if I'd ever find someone who matched my personality, my quirks just like Angelo did. We fit each other inside and out, and our partnership in the ring, it just clicks. Hence why, we found each other backstage and won the BPZ Tag Team Championships within 2 weeks of working together. This was heyday Echo Wilson, the type of Echo that had just been crowned US Champion and came fingertips away from defeating Flynn for the Universal Title. But like all brotherhoods we argued and we tore each other apart, and then we came back, and then we tore each other apart again. That rollercoaster of emotions that me and Angelo have been through as teammates, it's unlike anything I have witnessed in this industry during my time. There's some relationships like this, that stay sacred. I'll never decline an offer by Angelo, he's got my back and I've got his. So when he said, I was so integral to his career that he needed me to finish it off alongside him, what choice did I really have? Angelo, this man was more than just a friend, he was my elder, he was my mentor, he was my closest compatriot for a long time. So if I'm really going to be facing down my demons, I want it to be with Angelo." Echo Wilson sighs, and leans back in his chair. He runs a single hand through his hair and puts his elbows on the table. He just sits there for a moment. "I know my story for some can be seen as one of sorrow and missed opportunities. I know most people look at me and see that giant personality that could've been. Everyday I fight to live in the moment, not drown myself in my history. But while to everybody else, I'm fighting to relive some long forgotten part of my past? To me, I'm fighting today just so that I can overwrite it. I've done some shitty things to some shitty people, and I've abandoned people at the wrong times, I've walked out on things that were promising beyond my knowledge. All for the distant hope, that one day I'll be forgiven. Forgiveness is all I ask for. For you to see me as I am, not what I was. For you to want to see me for my current affairs, not for nostalgia trips. For those people who are holding their breath waiting for me to turn back into that man I used to be. Don't even waste your time. That man is never coming back. But you know who's in gonna be in this ring every week? The man who's learned. The man who knows right from wrong, the man who's got years of mistakes to learn from. So focus on the guy who's here today, not the guy who left after my hiatus. I've got a match to prepare for now. I beg that you tune into Valor Chapter II even just for me. It's going to be the beginning in a long line of game changing matches for Echo Wilson. I promise to you, I will force a reckoning. I will force a change of scenery. Not just for Creed, but for myself as well." Echo Wilson triumphantly gets up from his chair and smiles, waving goodbye to the crowd of press. Echo begins to walk off to the rest of the backstage area but he's stopped by a fan who wants autographs. He gladly obliges, signing the autograph on the shirt for the fan. Echo Wilson is set to fight a two front war with Creed this month, starting in Egypt for Valor Chapter II and then going to Summerslam. How successful will Echo be? Will AK-17's reunion be bittersweet? Just how much can Echo achieve in 1 month's time? All Valid questions, find out more in the coming weeks!
  12. 5 STAR MATCH #11 G1 CLIMAX A BLOCK - KAZUCHIKA OKADA vs SANADA It's been a while huh? Well, I'm back now and let's get right back into these reviews! This one continues our long list of G1 Climax reviews and I'm excited. So, little bit of prewarning. I AM NOT gonna be bogged down by Okada style matches any longer. If I'm gonna be reviewing 5 star matches than I can't have vendettas against Okada, or else I'm gonna have a terrible time doing this. So I'll start off by sayin this match was absolutely incredible. I think even beyond the fact that these wrestlers were great wrestlers, and had a super important role in the match, I think a lot of amazing work was done here by Red Shoes and it fulfilled the role of a referee in ways I hadn't seen before. I think the dramatics definitely were added onto the fact that he was the one settling all of these last minute submissions and more. What a strong main event this was. I've said it before but the drama in this match was incredible. They did a great job of using the 30-minute time limit to their advantage and it played into the theatrics of it all. The match finished roughly 10 seconds before the time limit so it was nail biter stuff definitely. I love that Osaka is basically a cursed city for all IWGP Heavyweight Champions. I think that it's a cool touch and it something that can be played off of in the future. SANADA, looking at these blocks results, he doesn't get the best tournament in this, but getting this win over Okada makes up a ton for that, and while he's not great on points, beating Okada makes up for it. He earns a future title shot in this match, and if I remember correctly the sequel between these 2 is also really good, so I'm happy with that. Okada losing this match, sets up Ibushi vs Okada to win the A Block, which is a match I've reviewed up above. As I said before the referee was a huge part of this match, including this one bit where SANADA did a foot on the chest pin and Red Shoes refused to count it. Honestly, the whole reaction between the crowd and SANADA was incredibly worked as well. One thing that usually happens when you're a top star, and you get shoved down people's throats, like Okada obviously has been. It makes a natural hatred towards that wrestler. It happened with Reigns, it's happened with Charlotte etc. Obviously Okada is no different. Due to this, the crowd was all behind SANADA, and SANADA being the heel that he is, he knew it was gonna happen and he used it to his advantage. He basked in the crowd approval and got very, very big for his boots in this match. To the point that led us to the cocky pin attempt, which Red Shoes wouldn't even count. And on the flip side, Okada hasn't lost to SANADA in half a dozen matches, so it seemed like Okada wasn't even taking SANADA seriously. So it was this battle of wits that was incredible to watch and it all led to the finale few minutes where the dramatics kicked in and we had submisisons and near pinfalls. By the way, I was talking about this with Meko earlier. Okada has the best kickouts in the world of pro wrestling and that's a damn fact. So it all led up to the finale, where SANADA took advantage of Okada underestimating him and the crowd was absolutely buzzing for SANADA to win this match, and Red Shoes was in the middle of it all making the magic happen. Okada hit the Rainmaker later in the match, and didn't go for the pin, he gave SANADA the opening he needed and Okada got caught with the Skull End, luckily he didn't tap out there. Running out of time, you could see SANADA panic as he scrambled to the top, hit a beautiful looking Top Rope Moonsault and pinned Okada with literally 10 seconds or less to spare to win the match. Huge honors for Okada and SANADA in this match. Okada takes his first G1 loss, SANADA gets his first victory over Okada ever. Things are looking good in this match, I think this match definitely set up a lot of blood feuds and history that we're seeing pay off now with the EVIL stuff, the LIJ turn stuff, and all of that. I think this match as well as the other two previous matches saved this show entirely, terrific stuff from both these guys, I didn't expect anything less to be honest. So does this match deserve 5 Stars? Probably I'd say so. It's a bit borderline, but I think just for how much it meant to SANADA, and how much it showcased his talent I have to give it to them. It's amazing what can happen when you put your negative Okada thoughts to the side and just enjoy the artistry. I definitely don't regret watching this match. It was a good use of my time. I think watching the highlights of G1's like this is really fun, G1 is such a unique sort of tournament. The quality of these matches I both have already reviewed and will continue to review are not like anything else, and also the consistency of how good these matches are, it's amazing. COMING SOON.......
  13. WELCOME BACK TO FOOTBALL MANAGER CAREER SIM! Due to Unfortunate circumstances, we've had to restart this. What a shame. BUT, this gives me the opportunity to make something a little bit different. As usual, there is a twist. We will be using the 2011/12 Database, a mod that starts in the year 2011 and has all of the real life players from that time. It's time we transport your players back in time, yet again. BUT, I found something quite annoying in the last version of this Career Sim, which is that a good portion of our players didn't end up being good, or World Class players. Another very key change we're making this time around. There is no club limits on where to start. You can literally choose the smallest hometown club and start from there. Finally our last change involves the ages of players. I will start every player who signs up at Age 18, so that we can see each player grow at the same time. So now it's time to introduce WORLD CLASS CAREER SIM! Where I can almost 100 percent confirm that every player who signs up will be a world beater. As this sim goes on, I will not only cover your player's trajectory as normal, but I will also be keeping up to date on the world that forms around you. The biggest transfers, the league winners, the awards, etc. So without further ado: SIGNUPS SHOULD INCLUDE: Name: Nationality: Club (Pick Any): Skin Tone: Height: Weight: Position: Play Style: AND THAT WILL BE IT FOR NOW! 10 spots available to sign up below! First Come, First Serve! ENJOY AND PLEASE SIGN UP!
  14. We've had a bit of an issue lads. Unfortunately I left my FM game open last night and somehow the game auto simmed indefinitely without my knowledge. By the time I came back to check my computer, we were 4 years into the future. Unfortunately that means 4 years of stats, transfers, winners and more have been skipped. So we're left with 2 choices. Option A: We restart. I can find a new database either set to start in 2011/2012, or I can do Modern Day. I can find a way to make sure that each and every prospect in this list is almost guaranteed to be a star. One thing I've been trying to figure out is how to make your players more likely to become stars, beyond just adding more to stats and potential ability etc. So I can try that. Also if we were to restart, I'd let all of you guys choose any club in the entire world to start at. I feel like it makes it more fun instead of limiting the club options. Option B: I can, if you really want me to, continue with this save. I'd make a huge summary post after this and basically outline your careers and what's gone down in these last 4 years. I can outline the biggest clubs, the award and trophy winners. It would be a lot of work, but I could do it. Then after that summary we can continue with these people's careers as normal. I will say this however, some of you guys are kind of getting up in age, such as H.R Pufsnuf for example who is already 33 in this database. So that's an important thought. IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THIS DIARY! PLEASE LEAVE YOUR THOUGHTS DOWN BELOW! Much Appreciated!
  15. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SUMMER: David Silva - Liverpool to Chelsea - 108 million Michael Essien - Chelsea to Real Madrid - 77 million Sergio Peter - Newcastle to Bayern - 70 million Morais - Villareal to Chelsea - 65 million Per Skjelbred - Tottenham to Atletico - 62 million Wesley Sneijder - Real Madrid to Chelsea - 61 million Steven Taylor - Liverpool to Manchester City - 58 million Raul Garcia - Man United to Barcelona - 55 million Angel Di Maria - Real Madrid to Bayern - 54 million Adriano - Roma to Manchester City - 52 million WINTER: Carlos Vela - Valencia to Liverpool - 122 million Antoine Griezmann - Real Sociedad to Bayern - 76 million Phillippe Mexes - Barcelona to AC Molan - 58 million Thomas Vermaelen - Man City to Valencia - 57 million Jesus Navas - Bayern to Inter - 51 million ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE: The Premier League changed up a bit this year as Manchester United finally got to the top of the league again, defeating their rivals Chelsea, who have lost their first title in 3 years. Anderson had a stellar year, being top scorer, and Lionel Messi added on with his leadership, and Barzagli was a solid man in the back. This year was a battle, and it turned out to come down to the wire between the Manchester teams, as Man City ended up coming 2nd thanks to a breakout year from star striker Mauro Zarate. Man City jump up from being a Europa League side previous years, 5th most notably last season, to coming runner up on Goal difference. In 3rd drops Chelsea and they will be disappointed with that, especially after the big money David Silva signing. Lastly in 4th is Liverpool who bought huge with Carlos Vela and turned their season around to clinch the final Champions League spot. Arsenal fell to 5th place and Newcastle took 6th place to clinch the two Europa League spots. In Europa League 2, will be Tottenham. Relegation unfortunately goes to Portsmouth, Watford and Sheffield United. LA LIGA: 3rd time lucky for Real Madrid as they make another title win count, that’s 3 in a row for them. It was a quite a show by star striker Adriano, and additional help from CR7, Van Der Vaart and John Terry was enough to lift Real over their competition to become La Liga Champions again. In 2nd place, no surprise is Barcelona who had the undoubted best player in the competition in Samuel Eto’o and the top assists leader in Xavi. In 3rd place, is the Madrid rivals of Atletico, who had a great year all things considered and were happy to have two incredible strikers in Huntelaar and Falcao. The final Champions League spot goes to Valencia, which should not be a surprise, considering their great deal of transfer business. Moving onto Europa League, we have Villareal coming 5th on 72 pts and with 65 pts in 6th is Athletic Bilbao. Finally Europa League 2 is given to Real Betis. Relegation is unfortunately handed to Osasuna, Xerez and Albacete . SERIE A: Serie A was very different looking this year as Inter Milan take the title for the first time in 5 years, and finally trump their Milan rivals. The team that Inter Milan has built over these past few years has been nothing short of extraordinary, and with an attacking front of Zlatan, Jesus Navas, Lewandowski and Hazard it was an obvious clue that they were going to be successful this year. But 2nd place is the real shocker as Palermo take 2nd place, under the leadership of Dirk Kuyt and Amauri. In 3rd place isn’t even AC Milan as Juventus finish in their highest place yet, and finally in 4th is a disappointing campaign from AC Milan. In 5th is Roma, who get the Europa League spot, but they aren’t alone as this year Udinese get in the Europa League as well thanks to their Italian Cup win. The team that misses out is Fiorentina who get Europa League 2 even though they finished higher than the Udinese team. Relegation is handed out to Modena, Genoa and Perugia. BUNDESLIGA: The Bundesliga finally came back home to its ancient champions as Bayern Munich, the premier team of Germany, ended their streak of not winning the title this year. It’s been 6 seasons, but it was a sweet feeling as captain Luis Suarez lifted the trophy for Bayern, and they can also thank Cavani for his incredible work with the team. In 2nd place ended up the defending champs in Werder Bremen, who had a major downturn, and in 3rd are Hamburger SV who continue to score for fun and play very well. Champions League spots round out with Dortmund in 4th, thanks to Player of the season Roberto Soldado. We then turn to Europa League which was granted to FC Schalke and Hertha Berlin in 5th and 6th respectively. Finally Koln received a huge boost this season thanks to breakout striker Lacazette who led them to Europa League 2 honors. Relegation is unfortunate but it is given out to 3 clubs this year, Wolfsburg, FC St Pauli and Kaiserslautern CHAMPIONS LEAGUE: The Champions League group stages saw, teams qualify for the knockouts such as Bayern Munich, Sporting Lisbon, Man Utd, Fiorentina, Tottenham, Roma, AC Milan, Arsenal, Marseille, Real Madrid, Inter Milan, Benfica, Barcelona, Newcastle, Chelsea and finally Valencia. We moved onto the First Knockout round which saw, Inter Milan defeat Real Madrid, Chelsea defeat Fiorentina, Newcastle beat Marseille, Man Utd best Roma, Sporting majorly upset Barcelona, Valencia defeated Tottenham, Bayern Munich defeated Arsenal, and finally AC Milan beat Benfica. In the Quarter Finals, Manchester United defeated Bayern 6-2 on aggregate, Chelsea blew through Newcastle in a 5-3 aggregate score, Inter limited Sporting to one total goal with a 6-1 blowout aggregate, and finally Valencia upsets AC Milan with a 1-1 draw, and a 2-1 victory, to win 3-2 on aggregate. Now we’re in the Semi Finals, where Chelsea were drawn against Inter Milan and a brace by Robinho in the 2nd leg solidified the 5-2 aggregate victory as a comfortable one for Chelsea. On the other side of the bracket Manchester United faced Valencia, and it was a demolition job. In the first leg United won 4-1, and in the second leg United won 3-0 with goals by Delgado, Messi and Anderson. We’re now here in the Finals, pitting the two English giants against one another. Manchester United with Rooney, Chiellini, Kaka, Ribery, Anderson and Messi up against Chelsea with Ramos, Alonso, Lampard, David Silva and Robinho. For United, they are used to this as they’ve been in the last 4 Champions League finals, winning 3 of them. But for Chelsea its been a while and they have one of the best teams in the world right now, spending money like its nothing. This is a very interesting battle to say the least. As the game begins, both teams line up with their best players and we begin. This was as much of a stalemate as it could get, until Rooney stuck a foot in the box and gave up a bad penalty. Chelsea’s Diego slotted it in and it was 1-0 Chelsea in the 53rd minute. Things didn’t get better for United, as Arjen Robben got a potential groin injury in the 75th minute and was subbed off for Franck Ribery. But it was game over from then on out as Chelsea would coast and lift the Champions League after all this time with a 1-0 victory. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We’re back and Alex Costa has another loan move, it seems that Barcelona are begging to try and keep him. We don’t know how long that will last but it’s another year on loan for Costa. The Portuguese Under 21 stayed in La Liga this year, for the struggling Alaves side. At Alaves there wasn’t much of anything to report. He got 18 appearances, but didn’t score or assist in any of them and got a very mediocre 6.84 average rating. It’s hard to believe that Alex didn’t feature nearly as much as he has in previous seasons, but it seems as though he genuinely had no impact on the team in any way. Much like a Jesse Lingard. There’s not any milestones to go through, so I guess this entry is very short. Alaves themselves did poorly, still avoiding relegation though, coming 15th in La Liga. But overall, Alex Costa is now 22 years old, worth 5.5 Million dollars and playing for the Portugal Under 21’s in the U21 Euros (don’t worry his birthday wasn’t until the tournament started). Looking forward ideally, we know that in the right environment Alex Costa can be a reliable piece to a lower La Liga side or a main piece in a top Segunda Division side. So if we’re looking for a permanent move, which might be best, expect to see it around that range. Matthew Bryson’s got another city in Britain to add to his list now as he’s been on loan for the 6th consecutive season, this year spending his time at Preston North End. Overall, this season, Preston didn’t do terrible with Bryson up front. They very much thanked the 12 goals he added, enough to be top scorer on the team, and Bryson helped lead them to 8th in the Championship table. Adding onto Bryson’s 12 goals, he got a single assist and a much improved 6.92 average rating. Considering he played triple the games he played last season, I can’t say Bryson is disappointed with his year at all. In terms of milestones this year, Bryson was named in the Championship Team of the Week two times, and made the Preston Team of the Season. Little fun fact, Bryson actually broke the record for the fastest Preston goal in history, scoring one against Birmingham 23 seconds into the match. Overall, Bryson is also 22 years old, worth a mediocre 2.2 million dollars and is obviously too old to play in the youth ranks for England anymore. Looking forward, we’d also expect Matthew Bryson to try and find a permanent move away, but I would be honestly surprised if Bryson got a permanent place anywhere higher than the Championship. It’s really turning out that he is a Championship player indeed. Here we go, I know it’s been a while but I’ve been excited to see the development of our top man, and Nathan O Gaff did not disappoint. The Manchester United Starting Central Midfielder, straight out of the Youth Academy performed one of his best years for the Red Devils, in a season that saw Manchester United win the Premier League for the first time in years. It wasn’t even as if Nathan was an afterthought either, he got a whopping 24 collective appearances, throughout the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup and scored 6 goals, with 7 assists for a 7.11 average rating, that’s mad. The year ended with Nathan lifting the League Cup with United, as well as the FA Cup and the Premier League. Now a full fledged starter, you can imagine the type of playing time he’s gonna get….alongside Kaka no less. As if any of that wasn’t mad enough, Nathan has become one of the premier Irish football players in the world. In fact, he is the most valuable Irish player in the world today...even more than Robbie Keane. Combined 14 appearances for his nation this year, with 5 assists in the mix and an average 7.05 average rating. Hats off to Nathan O Gaff. I don’t think we even need to tell you how much of a world class player Nathan is now, and his whopping 45 MILLION DOLLARS price tag proves that. At 23 years old, he’s the future of the midfield, a young Paul Scholes type, let me not get to ahead of myself. But the future is bright for our World Class maestro in the middle. For the 2nd year since breaking out of the AC Milan bubble, Jimmy Fuller has found his 2nd club. He originally joined Verona full time after a year long loan spell, but it was halfway through this season that he moved clubs yet again, taking a huge step up. Before we talk about Fuller’s switch to Catania, let’s talk about the road that led to his sale. While in his final half of the season at Verona, he got 0 goals and 1 assist for a 6.99 average rating in 22 games, considering he’s a CB, it’s hard to see why’d they give him up. But when they did, Verona surely cashed in. Fuller moved up a level to one of the top Serie B sides in Catania, a team with Serie A experience and a much higher level of play. And while at Catania, Fuller also stepped up his game. He turned a 6.99 into a 7.04 and performed much better at the back for Catania, helping Catania to the Top of Serie B. That’s a big statement for Fuller, and it’s gonna be a HUGE test for the Center Back. Overall, Fuller redeemed himself slightly this year. Being known previously as the undoubtable worst player in this group, he’s turned it around slightly and he’s not considered the worst anymore. Fuller is no 26 years old, worth 875k, and a starting CB for a newly promoted Serie A team. There’s worse places to be if you ask me. Sameer, the man of many clubs, you could say. Sameer was the 2nd player in the list to get the fate of a major January transfer window move, and this time it was big. Recently these last 2 years or so have been spent in Ligue 1 with the Mid table Bordeaux, but after excelling at the club, it seems that he’s been picked up by a Europa League level Spanish side, Villareal. Villareal’s squad is a who’s who of today’s soccer world, names like Hamsik, Casemiro, and Alderweireld. It’s no wonder they finished 5th in La Liga this season. 18 appearances for the first half of the season at Bordeaux were marked by 4 goals, 3 assists and a 7.09 average rating. This was enough to entice a 11.75 million dollar move to Villareal. Not only making it the most amount of money we’ve ever had a prospect moved for, but it makes Sameer the highest paid Canadian soccer player in history. Think about that. Canada’s a big place. While at Villareal as well, Sameer did not slow down. He continued on with an added assist and a 7.03 average rating in 9 games, which does prove he isn’t starting as much as he normally would. He’s mostly being used for his rare Right Back talents. Overall, Sameer Jones’ money moves have left him in an extremely profitable place. He’s 28 years old now, hitting the stride of his career, worth 17.25 million, and he’s a rotational starter for a Europa League side. I think Villareal could become home for Sameer, unless another club shows interest, than I’m sure Sameer will be out of the door before we know it. So that’s all to say about the GREATEST Canadian player of all time. Not there yet? Just you wait. It’s fair to say a majority of these guys didn’t become world beaters, and its also fair to say that we’re all pinning our hopes on a single guy. JJ Adjei. 20 years old, high potential, It’s really hard not to get excited about the newest Adjei brother. As you’d expect JJ Adjei is one of the premier prospects in the Tottenham youth system and continues to impress on the few loan spells he’s had. Already a proven championship player, JJ Adjei joined a very successful Crystal Palace side this year. One Crystal Palace side that went on to lift the Championship trophy this year with Adjei in the middle. Throughout Adjei’s time in Crystal Palace he had a whopping 43 appearances, 5 goals and 6 assists for an impressive 7.09 average rating. Adjei’s broken down a lot of doors this season, most notably scoring his first Senior goal in his career. Adjei made the Championship team of the week once, got in the Crystal Palace team of the season….and here’s the kicker. JJ Adjei, at 20 years old, made the Championship wide Team of The Year from Left Midfield, pretty snazzy right? Either way, we’re pinning our hopes on this kid, lord knows he’s already done better than his older brother. Worth a healthy 5.5 million already, a very solid Championship player at his young age, the sky is the limit for JJ Adjei. And who knows, this summer he’s been promised international football for the England U21’s. Steps in the right direction for the Nigerian prospect. Prince Ahmed was the 3rd player in this list to suffer from the curse of deadline day moves, or to benefit from it in this case. As we know, its been a little while now that we’ve seen Prince Ahmed break out from under the Chelsea banner, and he’s been at Crystal Palace for 3 years, before moving last season on deadline day to Leeds. Well his time at Leeds has been short, and he’s been moved on already. It was a disappointing first half of the season for Prince, we won’t lie. While at his final days in Leeds, he scored 2 goals, 1 assist, and got an average average rating of 6.78 in 21 games. That’s just not good enough and I think Leeds figured that out, as Prince was bought out by Ipswich Town this January to play for them going forwards. Believe it or not, this is actually a step up for Prince, as Ipswich are a top Championship team, compared to Leeds who are a very struggling one. Ipswich Town did so well, they came runners up in the Championship and Prince was much improved. He added another goal to his tally, and got a 6.84 average rating, in 9 games with Ipswich and proved that he is class when he puts his mind to it. Now it’s time for our annual trip to Bangladesh, where the captain Prince has been helping Bangladesh try and make it into the World Cup this year. It’s a big ask but in qualifying games between The Asian Games, and the World Cup Qualifiers, Prince Ahmed 11 out of 11 games, scored a goal and assisted 2 times for a very good 7.26 average rating. Maybe that’s just rated based on his teammates though, in which case he should be getting an 8 or a 9 every game. Prince unfortunately failed to get Bangladesh into the World Cup this year, but one day Prince, one day. Prince is now 25 years old, prime of his career, worth 1.3 million and he’s found a new home in Ipswich, a team that will be in the Premier League next season. Will Prince be able to work as well under this new challenge? James Ropati, oh how we’ve missed you. Things are getting….risky aren’t they. It seems as though Liverpool’s hot prospect is being refused to let go. Now aged 24, Ropati is now on his 8th Loan Spell in his career. We know he’s had some prolific years in the past Ropati, but this year, it wasn’t one of his best for sure, it was in fact his 3rd worst year in his career. His new club this year? Aston Villa. A challenge to play full time in a fully fledged mid table Premier League side. While at Villa, he played 27 times, he scored 7 goals, got 2 assists, and managed a 6.93 average rating. Not terrible, but that goal tally is not up to Ropati’s usual level. Could it be that the level of play is too high for Ropati? Being the main man up front in a club that has Alexis Sanchez on the wings is a big ask, and with Daniel Sturridge knocking on his door it could be end game for Ropati. But for this season he did alright, we can’t fault him for not being as prolific as he was in the Championship. He made the Premier League team of the week once, and was obviously named in the Aston Villa team of the season. Hats off to the man for those accomplishments. Moving onto international football, Ropati continues to be one of New Zealand’s biggest stars, arguably THE biggest. He’s already Vice Captain of the Kiwi’s and in his 11 combined games started for New Zealand this year, across the Oceania World Cup Qualifying matches, he was by far the best player in the competition, scoring 10 goals, 2 assists, earning a whopping 8.35 average rating. That’s pretty insane, as you can see he rips the Oceanic world apart. Overall, Ropati is only 24 years old, and he’s worth 16.25 million dollars, a pretty large number. You’d expect that this is the year that Ropati finally doesn’t go out on loan. So we’re hoping either Liverpool give him a chance, or that they allow Ropati to take his chances elsewhere. It’s quickly becoming clear, at least to me, that Kai Campbell is the rotten apple of the group. It’s a shame because I saw a lot of promise in him, and at the right level, it’s clear that as a striker, he can score for fun. But slowly but surely Kai’s production has dropped and from a man who once scored 24 goals for Oldham in League One, he’s now scoring a mere 2 goals for his newest loan club Wolves. In 20 appearances a very mediocre Wolves team, he scored only 2 times, and assisted once, for a very bad 6.66 average rating. As I’ve said before, put him in the right place and Kai can score for fun, as shown by his insane goal tallies in League One during his early loans period. Only thing redeeming about this year is Kai being named in the Wolves seasonal best eleven. Alright well, Kai is 24 years old now, he’s playing in the Championship which obviously is a level too high for him. He’s worth the lowest out of everyone here, only 775,000 dollars. We just hope Kai finds his groove again, even if it means being a League One player for life. Bart continued his time back home in The Eredvisie, as he’s been playing his 2nd full time year at AZ Alkmaar since rejoining from the MLS. He had a bit of a down year this year but not by much, it was basically the same as last year’s tally. In 21 games he scored 1 goal, got 4 assists and scored a 6.71 average rating. This year AZ Alkmaar did alright, they got 4th place in the Eredvisie which is enough to get them qualification into Europa League 2. Bart, didn’t get any milestones this season apart from being named in the Seasonal best eleven for AZ which was a given considering he is by far the best Central Midfielder in the club. Interestingly enough, Bart also got some Europa League time this year due to the AZ standing last year. In 6 games, he assisted 2 times in Europe, for the AZ side that made it as far as the Europa League Group Stages and not any further, as the group was carried by Atletico Madrid and Saint Etienne. Overall, Bart is now 27 years old, he’s worth 2.4 million dollars and he’s playing in his home country. Unless you strive to achieve higher, that’s as good as it gets for a homegrown player. So he may not be the Bayern Munich star we remember, but he is a Eredvisie regular and that’s every Dutch kid’s dream. H.R Pufsnuf unfortunately’s ha a rough go of things in his career. He was a star player in the MLS, as one of the premier GK’s in the league and Aston Villa bought into his hype. Of course Pufsnuf knew that Villa was a huge step up, but given the Villa situation in goal, he accepted to join their club to be their outright starter. However that next January, Aston Villa would go shopping and come back with a shiny new GK, Kiko Casilla. Of course Casilla was younger, he was better, and Pufsnuf was essentially forced out of the door the following summer. So that’s where we’re left off, and now Pufsnuf has been exiled to France for 235,000 dollars, to play in Bordeaux. Things are looking brighter for the Canadian Keeper, as it looks as though now, Pufsnuf has found a place where he can thrives. In the Summer deadline day he was moved to France, and has since then played 32 games, allowed 40 goals, gotten an insane 10 shutouts for a pretty good 6.88 average rating. He’s done well being named to the Ligue 1 Team of the Week once, and being put in goal on the Bordeaux Team of the Season. Bordeaux have not even done poorly either, he’s gotten 6th with them, qualifying for Europa League 2. Overall, H.R has done pretty well for himself, in the effort to try and redeem his career. Bordeaux seems like a good fit. If he’s really not into playing in the MLS like he probably should. Meko Moon enjoys his 2nd straight year as the Starting GK for the Seattle Sounders. It’s not a surprise that Meko has been moved around the MLS quite a bit in the past, this is the first year in a while that he has not been traded in some capacity. Playing for Minnesota, LA Galaxy and Cincinnati in the past, he’s now settled into life in Seattle. And he’s had one of his best seasons so far in terms of his goals allowed ratio. He’s played 12 games this season, only allowed 13 goals, and gotten 4 shutouts which is credible enough or a 6.77 average rating (im tellin you, GK ratings in FM are messed up). Now Meko Moon is 26 years old, a Starting Keeper for both USA and Seattle, and Meko is really enjoying life right now. Even still an injury kept him out of action for the final few weeks of the season, and the club sent him away to Tacoma the feeder club of Seattle for the end of th season. Even so, I can’t tell you how much of a good fit this is for Meko. He’s got a bright future. He’s 26 years old, room to grow, he’s worth 825,000 dollars, and he’s one of the Premier MLS keeper. I think this man is gonna consistently impress me. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. I think it would be super cool, plus it would give something for Janela to do in AEW, since he doesn't really have a place as of late in the company. I think this title could be his shtick on both BTE and possibly AEW Dark/maybe AEW Dynamite shows. If we're thinking about possible champs I think Michael Nakazawa, Jericho, some of the Dark Order guys, Best Friends, maybe Cutler or Avalon, im not sure, but either way. I think this could be fun.
  17. AEW DYNAMITE (May 13th, 2020) Feritta Center, Houston, TX, USA ________________________________________________________________________________________ AEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS KENNY OMEGA AND HANGMAN PAGE (c) def. KIP SABIAN AND SHAWN SPEARS What a way to kick off our 2nd week of AEW Dynamite on the way till Bash At The Beach PPV. We have our dysfunctional yet incredible tag team champions in AEW, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Facing them is the newest team of Sabian and Spears who formed just last week, and with the influence of Tully Blanchard earned a tag shot extremely quickly after defeating SoCal Uncensored. You might say this is a bit early for Sabian and Spears, we don't even know if these two click in the ring. But what we do know is that the combined prowess of both these men should be able to stack up against Omega and Page. This match was special, another showcase of this company's deep tag team division. This slowly roasted team of Sabian and Spears got off to a slow start, but the ferocity of Omega and Hangman was hot from the get go. The pain that Sabian and Spears endured in the opening minutes of the match, cursed them towards the end of it as they were slower and bruised, and Omega and Hangman (especially Hangman) took advantage of that. In the end Omega hit a V Trigger, and and Hangman planted him with a Buckshot Lariat for the combo finisher. Omega and Page retain. For the first time we take a look at these two and we see synergy between them. They have their arms raised with no confrontations, with no complications at all. Sign of the times? Are Omega and Hangman finally on the same page? ________________________________________________________________________________________ The Indestructable Jon Moxley In the ring, the AEW World Champion Jon Moxley is here and he's making his way to the ring. He looks furious and you can tell the rogue actions taken by PAC are getting to him. He grabs a microphone and doesn't even get in the ring before he starts talking. He screams out PAC's name, saying that Moxley is a champion and no matter the show he puts on, PAC will not thwart Moxley. Moxley warns PAC that he is indestructible, and no amount of wins is gonna prove to Moxley that PAC is the next AEW World Champion. The pain PAC is going to go through could be just as terrible as the pain Moxley is sure to go through on the way to Bash At The Beach. Just as if he summoned it, PAC decides to test that theory. As from behind, we see PAC sneak up on the champ and show off his shiny Brass Knuckles. He brandishes them and clubs them into the back of Moxley who crumbles to the floor. As Moxley writhes in pain, the knuckles hitting his spine directly, PAC smiles and kisses the knuckles. The Bastard has struck, and although Moxley may have seen this coming. It won't stop PAC this time. ________________________________________________________________________________________ BRITT BAKER def. YUKA SAKAZAKI It's the return of Yuka Sakazaki tonight, coming back home from extended period of time with Tokyo Joshi Pro, as she returns to AEW tonight to face off against Britt Baker, a stalwart of AEW, and has recently been showing a much nastier side to her. We learned about the AEW Womens Conspiracy and the controversial opinions Britt Baker has for this women's division, we believe that it's all due to the fact that Britt can't seem to take that leap into the title picture as of late. But this match could be the decider, she needs to have a solid claim. With wins over Kris Statlander at Double Or Nothing, and the Bunny Allie on AEW Dynamite a month ago, we are slowly getting to the destination we're waiting for. This match was stellar, and it was brutal. Yuka Sakazaki has not skipped a beat in AEW and she came out of the blocks hot and Britt was on her back heel. But as things began to slow down, it was a very even and brutal affair. Britt Baker landed a kick in the middle of the match, cutting square across the jaw of Sakazaki and Yuka started bleeding from her mouth. Eventually Britt Baker made it 3 victories on the trot as she put Yuka Sakazaki away and gave her another claim to the AEW Womens Title that is currently in limbo with Hikaru Shida as its champ. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Lance Archer is Ready for Cassidy....To Die! We're taken to the forest, the middle of nowhere where Lance Archer stands surrounded in a makeshift ring by a lot of redneck looking amateur wrestlers. He challenges any one of them to step in the ring, and a burly lumberjack looking guy steps in to face Archer. It's light work for Lance as he throws the man off the ropes and just drops him. He picks the man up and throws him out onto two other challengers outside the ring. A group of men try and maul Archer from behind but Archer gets hit and then shakes them off. He fends off each one of them and roars when he's finished. Lance Archer takes the camera by the hand and speaks directly into it. He says that Orange Cassidy, in tonight's main event is going to die like everybody else. Archer saw Cassidy's heart felt victory on last week's AEW Dynamite, but it still won't be enough practice, it still won't be enough warm up to get in the ring with the Murderhawk. Jake the Snake appears in screen for the first time and he places his hand on Archer to usher him out of the ring. Archer simply picks up Jake The Snake and puts him on his shoulders. Together they storm out of vision, no doubt headed back to Houston to get their hands on Orange Cassidy. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Private Party's Newest Mentor? Backstage at the arena now, we tune in to see the two halves of Private Party joking and talking their way through the halls, until they run into Broken Matt Hardy, he's spewing nonsense to himself and Private Party try to go unnoticed but Broken Matt calls out to them from across the hall. They reluctantly are beckoned over and join Matt. He starts to get in their faces about prophecies and the gods above, and the demons of the underworld, before Marq Quen makes the mistake of placing a hand on Matt's shoulder and pushing him back. The lights go dark in the hallway, and when they turn back on, we're replaced by a new version of Matt Hardy! TEAM EXTREME! He brings us back to the days of old as he congratulates Private Party on all the success they've had as of late, defeating the Young Bucks last week. He ends his tirade by saying that if Private Party needs any help whatsoever, Matt would be happy to help them. Private Party and Hardy go their separate ways, but Private Party are actually very, very interested in this partnership. As would anyone, if they were offered mentorship by one the legends of the ring. ________________________________________________________________________________________ CHRIS JERICHO def. COLT CABANA It's now time for Le Champion, as he makes his way to the ring, surrounded by two of his Inner Circle brothers, in Proud and Powerful. Recently Jericho has been dealing with Matt Hardy, and after defeating Matt in his very own created Inner Circle Lumberjack Match, he was shockingly brutalized by Iron Mike Tyson, who, along with his special team, ran through the Inner Circle and Jericho has been demanding revenge ever since. Across from him is Colt Cabana who has been going through his own journey since joining AEW lately. His last match was as a part of the AEW TNT Title tournament, where he lost in a close knit affair to Lance Archer, the eventual champion. This match was about what you'd expect from Jericho as he was vicious and he was going in on Cabana full force. We did have some interferences from Proud and Powerful through the match, which made a tough job for Cabana, an even more difficult affair as he was essentially against 3 of the Inner Circle. Eventually Chris Jericho hit a Painmaker for the victory and Colt Cabana was laid out. After the match, Chris Jericho had a lot to say. He grabbed a microphone and ordered Mike Tyson to face him down. But after getting no response, he ordered his Inner Circle guys to pick up Cabana and beat him down further until Tyson answered. The blood was going to be on Iron Mike's hands. But STILL Mike Tyson refused to even give Jericho as glimpse of hope. An example was made out of Colt Cabana however who was seen limp after his beat down. Inner Circle storm to the back, while the EMT's go and deal with Cabana's bruised body. ________________________________________________________________________________________ NYLA ROSE def. SADIE GIBBS Our second AEW Womens Match of the night as another top contender for the AEW Womens Title, in Nyla Rose, takes on Sadie Gibbs making her AEW return to the ring. While we haven't seen Sadie Gibbs in months, we've seen Nyla Rose quite regularly. Up until 2 weeks ago, Nyla Rose was the reigning and defending champion, but a wild loss to Hikaru Shida forced her to reconsider her options. Of Course Nyla Rose still wants her title back and she's going to have to fight to get those wins back. But Sadie Gibbs, she is far from a stepping stone. Gibbs is young, she's extremely talented for her age and she's got a bright future ahead of her. Nyla Rose vs Sadie Gibbs up next. This match was about as action packed as it can get, and the styles clashing was incredible to watch. Nyla Rose is called the Beast for a reason and we saw her put her physical dominance on display against Sadie Gibbs. Gibbs is known for her flashy and wild moveset but she was kept grounded unsurprisingly by Nyla Rose, and it was end game from there. Nyla Rose would hit a Samoan Drop and lock in a sleeper, forcing Gibbs to tap out, earning a very deserving win on this ocassion. It's a good bounce back for Nyla, but this is looking like it's becoming a very packed AEW Women's Title picture. Baker, Nyla and Shida? What's gonna be the conclusion to this mess? _______________________________________________________________________________________ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w/ THE REVOLT We seem to be in a hotel lobby now as the full 3 members of The Revolt are sitting together. EC3 in the middle, with both members of FTR around him, Collectively known as The Revolt. Their entrance has been surrounded with controversy thanks to their wars with The Elite, namely the Young Bucks. But it was FTR who defeated The Bucks at Double Or Nothing their debut, and EC3 debuted last week to open the show, clearing the ring of The Elite. So far it's been The Revolt on top. But things could change, we never know. EC3 kicks us off and he goes into why he came to AEW, and why he formed The Revolt. His promos have been centered around freedom of mind, freedom of speech, and there's no group that disembodies that more than The Elite. He sent The Revolt in to AEW last month to hark the heralds and scout out the competition but no one listened, they all failed to heed the warnings and now EC3 is here and he's going to take over AEW bit by bit. The business is not done with The Elite, they need to be humbled more. The beatings will continue until The Elite back down. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Dark Order Proposition? We see Colt Cabana walking down the hallways backstage, looking depressed and injured. He has every reason to be after his loss to Chris Jericho and the beat down afterwards. But as he's going down on his way, he is stopped in his tracks by Brodie Lee, who is alone in the hall. Cabana tries to brush him off but Brodie just asks to be heard. Cabana eventually allows it and Brodie begins. Lee says that he saw the Jericho vs Cabana match and he saw that Cabana took a beating post match. He begins this next part slowly saying that if Colt Cabana needs any sort of help in getting some victories under his belt, Brodie Lee knows just the remedy. He pulls out a packet of paper out of seemingly nowhere and hands it to Colt Cabana before walking off, leaving Cabana to look over these papers, all marked with Dark Order sigils. Cabana heads to the trash can, ready to throw the papers away, but something changes his mind. He keeps the paper and walks off. Will Cabana join Dark Order? Or will he find himself on his own? _______________________________________________________________________________________ MAIN EVENT: AEW TNT CHAMPIONSHIP LANCE ARCHER (c) def. ORANGE CASSIDY ITS MAIN EVENT TIME! And Our Second Title is on the line! Lance Archer defends his TNT Championship against a man that earned his title shot last week, Orange Cassidy. Last Week's Dynamite Dozen was pure insanity and Cassidy came out on top defeating Colt Cabana in the final 2. Now, the question is can he defeat the imposing threat of the Murderhawk? Lance Archer has been on a tear on the road to winning the title, defeating Cabana, Dustin Rhodes, and even his title opponent Cody. Archer is a true dominant champion, but Orange Cassidy emerged the winner out of 12 of the very best in AEW, so anything can happen. This match was stellar. It began with the usual Orange Cassidy tactics but Lance Archer was having none of it and tried to charge Cassidy, to which Cassidy ducked, bounced off the ropes and hit a wild Enizigiuri with his hands in his pockets. Bouncing to his feet, Cassidy would taunt Archer and pay the price, being drilled out of the ring. Continuing on, later in the match Archer would have Cassidy on his shoulders and Cassidy would slip out, and try for a quick roll up pin, that came inches away. It was deathly close for Archer to lose his title. We had Orange Cassidy getting a bit ahead of himself towards the end however, as he tried to get to the top rope, not focusing on Archer's recovery in the ring. Archer would get up and grab Cassidy, tossing him across the ring and off the top rope. Archer would call it a day as he bent Cassidy down and finished him off. EVERYBODY DIES! Lance Archer pins Cassidy....1....2...3! Archer retains!
  18. 1986 IWGP SERIES FINALS __________________________________________________________ DOS CARAS def. KEIJI MUTOH Last year, Keiji Mutoh shocked the world by defeating Mike Sharpe JR in his first IWGP Series Finals appearance, announcing the arrival of the Three Musketeers on the world stage, and now the going gets even tougher for the young lion upstart. Keiji Mutoh may have a IWGP Series win under his belt already, but he was up against one of the most famous wrestling figures in the world, not just Mexico. Dos Caras is the face of Lucha Libre no pun intended and the experience he carries in the ring with him is elite. NJPW continues to bring out the heavy hitters for these IWGP Series finals cards, and Dos Caras picks up his first NJPW victory, over one of the faces for the future in Keiji Mutoh. DICK MURDOCH AND KERRY VON ERICH def. MASAHIRO CHONO AND TATSUTOSHI GOTO Another huge get for NJPW, as Dick Murdoch teams with a man who is world wide famed in the world wrestling, one of the Von Erich dynasty, Kerry Von Erich. The two Gaijin wrestlers take on a newly formed team featuring Tatsutoshi Goto, and the 2nd of our Three Musketeers Masahiro Chono. Chono last year took a devastating loss in his debut at IWGP Series finals last year to Mexican icon, Canek, but this year unfortunately not looking any better for him. Chono and Goto fall short at the hands of the dominant Gaijin duo of Dick Murdoch and Kerry Von Erich. Von Erich is the man in his business, while Murdoch is most definitely the most seasoned to the ins and outs of IWGP Series out of these 4. With the future looking bright however, we can have our hopes high for Chono, as well his Three Musketeers brothers, but at this moment Dick Murdoch avenges his near loss in the IWGP Series this year. We can hope that Murdoch's time is not running out in these blocks, we should see him hopefully bounce back yet again. SHINYA HASHIMOTO def. SEIJI SAKAGUCHI This is a battle of past versus present. These past 2-3 years, Sakaguchi has found second wind in his career and bounced back into the IWGP Series ring. His history with these blocks is well known, having been crowned winner two times early on in this tournament's inception, in the 2nd and 4th editions of this tournament. Against him? Is the 3rd of the Three Musketeers. Shinya Hashimoto, who some are saying is at this point in his development, the most prolific of the Three Musketeers. He's got a big opportunity to face a veteran who not only knows a lot about IWGP Series, but he's one of the most iconic names in Japan. The result comes in and the fact that Shinya Hashimoto is able to dethrone Seiji Sakaguchi in just his 2nd year in IWGP Series, affirms everyone's suspicions. The Three Musketeers are here to stay, first Mutoh got the win last year, and now Hashimoto gets an even bigger victory this year, Chono should be next. Slowly but surely, Hashimoto is building his way up to breaking out of Young Lion status, and Sakaguchi should take this loss and have it fuel him to make it far in next year's IWGP Series. This is the sundown of Seiji's career, and we're excited to see just where he goes. . INAGURAL IWGP TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS TEAM NJPW (TATSUMI FUJINAMI AND KENGO KIMURA) def. TEAM UWF (AKIRA MAEDA AND YOSHIAKI FUJIWARA) One of the biggest storylines going into this year's IWGP Series was the return of the banished former NJPW stars, with Maeda and Fujiwara at the helm of that. The UWF defectors failed to turn their moment into a successful venture and returned home, angry and defeated. Akira Maeda, the most prominent of these names, gunned directly for the man in charge of NJPW, who happened to be Antonio Inoki. In the semi final of the tournament, Maeda fought for UWF glory against Inoki, and had his progress halted. Now, Maeda teams with partner in crime Fujiwara against two of the biggest NJPW loyalists. Tatsumi Fujinami is the epitome of NJPW as he's one of 2 IWGP Heavyweight Champions in it's brief history, and his partner Kengo Kimura has been a loyal servant of this Japanese company for years. With such high stakes, and two rivaling interests, it make sense that there is a prize worth fighting for. As an extra incentive, Antonio Inoki has revealed the first ever IWGP Tag Team Championships, which the winner of this bout will hopefully earn. This match was brutal and Maeda went stiff as stiff could get, he did not care how bad he hurt the NJPW contingent. Eventually however, Fujinami would isolate Fujiwara and lock in a Dragon Sleeper. It was end game from there. So, your first IWGP Tag Team Champions....FUJINAMI AND KIMURA! . IWGP JR HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP NOBUHIKO TAKADA def. TIGER MASK (c) The Junior Division highlighted match continues here on IWGP Series finals, as one of the biggest JR Heavyweight main stays Tiger Mask, takes on the most hard hitting, stiff Jr Heavyweight this business, Nobuhiko Takada. This match is actually a continuation of the UWF vs NJPW feud, as Takada was one of those few men who defected alongside Maeda and Fujiwara to UWF where he was a big part of the failed company. Takada came back to NJPW and declared his intentions for the Jr Heavyweight Title, and to dethrone the King of the Mountain when it comes to JR Heavyweights...Tiger Mask. Tiger Mask has been selectively in the IWGP Series finals ever since the JR Heavyweight Title was created, just last year defending the title against the Cobra. This year was going to prove to be one of the most dangerous rings that Tiger Mask has ever stepped into. All of the spotlights were on the stiff challenger and Takada delivered. Overwhelming Tiger Mask with chops and slaps, Takada rocked the boat on his way to victory. The fans roared down with boos as they saw their Ace of the JR's being dethroned by the enemy. Takada has no love for these fans, and Takada has just become the JR Division's headline act. . IWGP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP ANTONIO INOKI def. ANDRE THE GIANT We've seen this battle before, yes. On American soil, on Japanese soil, if there's one feud that has fuelled the entirety of this Leagues and Series' it is Andre vs Inoki. We first got our glimpse of Andre in 1978 at the first MSG League. He stormed through that year and defeated Inoki in the finals. Both Inoki and Andre would win MSG Leagues following this. We returned home to Japan, where Inoki bested Andre to advance to the IWGP Series finals for its inaugural year. So you could say in terms of major matches, Andre and Inoki are equal. But Inoki and Andre both have something to prove this year. Inoki, crowned himself as the first IWGP Heavyweight Champion that year in 1983, and would carry it proudly for nearly 2 years. In late 1984, Inoki blew out his knee, he was out for a year and he was forced to vacate the title. Fujinami would go on and have his crowning moment, but Inoki always knew that once he was healthy, we was going out to win the title he never lost. Now he's proven himself enough to make the finals, but the man across from him is no slouch. Andre The Giant has always been a fan favourite, his easy charisma makes him an easy supporter. But when Andre walked into the IWGP Series this year, it was clear something had changed. He was no longer the nice guy, he was cruel, ruthless, and downright evil. He used his monstrous size to crush people, and stormed through his block. He shockingly defeated the defending champion Fujinami, and made his way to the first final he's participated in on Japanese soil. Andre is out to prove that he's more than just Mr. MSG. So it's the return of an iconic rivalry, and these two men did not disappoint. 1986 counts for another classic year in wrestling, and Inoki and Andre continue to perform their magic. Antonio Inoki in the end lifts the IWGP Heavyweight Title, proving himself to yet again be Undefeated in the IWGP Series, and he lifts the trophy and the title, the entire shebang. You can see Andre slowly rising to his feet on the outside, without a word, he walks out of the building. Is this a sign from Andre? After everything he's done here, has he finally walked out on NJPW? 1986 IWGP SERIES WINNER! AND NEW.....IWGP HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION......ANTONIO INOKI!
  19. PC works best for me. I also have it on PS4 tho so.
  20. PRO WRESTLING UNIVERSE: WEEKLY AWARDS __________________________________________________________________ WRESTLER OF THE WEEK CESARO It's been a wild week for the Smackdown brand, hosting their first joint PPV alongside Monday Night RAW, but the man at the forefront of this new age in WWE's history? Cesaro. It seems that everything has finally begun to click when it comes to the Swiss Superman, and after a few painful years, the ship has finally come around for him. On Smackdown, he had a great match against Daniel Bryan in which he added onto his seemingly unstoppable momentum as of late. Then he participated in the headlining Money In The Bank match, in which he Uppercutted Murphy off the ladder and unhooked the elusive Money in The Bank briefcase. A conclusion that is very fitting, and extremely satisfying. For years, the Pro Wrestling Universe has been clamoring to see Cesaro get the praise and credit he deserves in WWE, and now it finally seems that the road to the WWE Championship is fully underway. The question now remains, is when will Cesaro choose to strike? Smackdown has been put on notice. MATCH OF THE WEEK WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: DREW MCINTYRE (c) vs RANDY ORTON The Headliner of the first half of Money In The Bank Pay Per View, featured the reigning, defending WWE Champion Drew McIntyre defending his title against The Viper Randy Orton. Two of the very best on RAW, we got a crazy good match, it's what you'd expect from the premier athletes these two are. In the end, Drew McIntyre hit a massive Claymore Kick and laid Orton down to rest, retaining his title on this occasion. The Road of Drew McIntyre continues as WWE Champion, and we think we already know who comes next for Drew McIntyre. As Drew had his arm raised, the crowd went ballistic for Jinder Mahal who brought Drew to his knees with a rocking Khallas. The History of 3MB behind this match, Jinder would lay out McIntyre and with a final Air Strum, mocking the 3MB history, Jinder Mahal would lift the WWE Championship high in the air. A sight to behold most definitely, and a statement of intent to end the RAW portion of the Money In The Bank show. WWE is hitting its stride most definitely, proving to be one of the most entertaining products out today. Long gone it seems are the days of WWE's undeserving attention, keep your eyes on Monday Night RAW for the future. TV SHOW OF THE WEEK WEDNESDAY NIGHT NXT A very special edition of NXT, live from the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK. The British loyal fans got a special treat tonight of a show, one of the better weekly shows of the past few weeks, most definitely. We began by setting up the main event, as Undisputed Era and BSS alongside Finn Balor got into a war of words, a HUGE match set for the main event. Three UK favorites, against the crowned kings of NXT. We then moved onto a battle of UK behemoths, as Mastiff and Mark Coffey went to war, Mastiff getting the win in his home nation. We got the words of war from WALTER, the newly crowned NA and UK Champion. And then followed it up with two ladies who have had bad blood in the past, UK regular Toni Storm picked up an all important victory over Raquel Gonzalez. We continued onwards and got a HUGE announcement for William Regal as he announced THE RETURN of the 16 man Cruiserweight Classic, to crown ourselves a new Cruiserweight Champion. In the spirit of the Cruiserweight action, we then had 6 of the announce Cruiserweight names going at it, and Noam Dar came out on top. We followed this up with the long awaited debut of Mayu Iwatani, as he blew through Isla Dawn on her own stomping grounds, but the celebration wasn't meant to be as Rhea Ripley got a huge reaction, starting down Mayu and the NXT Champ Charlotte Flair. We followed this match up with our semi main event, as Gargano easily dispatched of the fan favorite UK wrestler, T-Bone. But the real prize was the main event, as Pete Dunne hit a Bitter End on Roderick Strong, giving British Strong Style a win like no other. The night went from bad to worse for Adam Cole, as he could not retreat from the sight of Keith Lee, who motioned to the NXT Championship. Looks like we know what's coming, Limitless vs The One. Will Adam Cole be able to escape Keith Lee?
  21. Impact World Championship Ace Austin w/ Mad Man Fulton vs Eddie Edwards vs Trey vs ??? Impact Tag Team Championship The North(c) vs Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock Impact X-Division Championship Willie Mack(c) vs Chris Bey Impact Knockouts Championship Jordynne Grace(c) vs Deonna Purrazzo The Rascalz Issue an Open Challenge Wentz and Dez vs ??? Knockouts Gauntlet Match for the Number One Contendership of the Knockouts Championship Featuring Havok, Nevaeh, Madison Rayne, Kimber Lee, Alisha Edwards, Tasha Steelz, Keira Hogan, Kylie Rae, Susie, Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary, and (possibly) more. TNA World Championship Moose(c) vs Tommy Dreamer
  22. Name: ECHO WILSON League (NBL, G-League, NCAA, HS) : NCAA Height: 6 FOOT 7 INCHES Weight: 225 LBS Hometown: DETROIT, MICHIGAN Looks: tanned skin, slicked neat hair, brown hair, green eyes Personality: chill, laid back Archetype (or Player Model) :  Position: SF
  23. BLOCK A RESULTS: I think it should be no surprise, that our champion is a fighting one. Tatsumi Fujinami tops the blocks again, hot on the road to defending his championship here this year. He finished on a whopping 25 points, with the man in 2nd place being the exciting Akira Maeda. I was tempted to give Maeda the shock win, and keep Fujinami in 2nd, all we need to create the tension is to get Fujinami out of the blocks, but I decided that Fujinami was the right guy to look strong in his first year of defense, and for Akira Maeda, as much as he is a HUGE get for NJPW, he's not gonna be super permanent. He is definitely more of a special attraction, and a big one at that. I didn't need Maeda to finish first, because like I mentioned in the earlier post, as long as he gets his match against Antonio Inoki, the job has been achieved. Personally, Inoki vs Maeda is more of the money match than Fujinami vs Maeda is, so I had Maeda kinda fall behind just a bit as he prepares himself for his long awaited revenge match. Just missing out is Sakaguchi, who I'm really happy I can give him some time before he leaves us for good. He took a few years off, but now that he's back, I'm trying to get him over again. He has the history, and there is no way that I can ignore that so he gets put ahead of a lot of the guys here in G1 Climax. In 4th, only on advantage though, is Kengo Kimura, who again has not really performed? It's hard for me to book Kengo Kimura cause I wanna have him at least make one finals, but these next few years are stacked with talent on the come up and I know that it won't be any sort of easy for him to break through. BLOCK B RESULTS: Block B is just stacked, nothing that can go around a Top 4 like that. With Maeda taking the 2nd spot in Block A, I had no choice but to give Inoki the #1 spot so they can face off in the semi finals, plus this is Inoki's come back year. He needed to look strong for his return, as he is out to win the title he's never lost. I figure that Inoki vs Maeda should be a perfect semi finals, and almost as perfect as Andre The Giant coming in second place, meaning we get to see Fujinami vs Andre. Slowly, we've seen Andre The Giant go slowly into anger and we're at a point now where Andre is just demolishing opponents. If we were to see matches in this block, I think it'd be a huge statement for Andre the be running through guys like Dick Murdoch, and Jimmy Snuka. There's a lot of big guys in this block for Andre to beat, and he does so comfortably. I think Andre needs to prove something this year, and with a performance like this defeating former finalists, and heavy hitters, he's got a chance at it. Coming in 3rd, what a shame this is, it's Dick Murdoch. Coming off of the back of a resurgence, Dick Murdoch has tried and failed to make the finals for a 2nd time in a row. Again, like I said, Dick Murdoch is definitely a legendary face in G1 for years to come, but he's going to be remembered in my eyes as a guy who was on again, off again, and while he had very shiny moments he'll probably never win a series in the future, and will probably be a forever "finalist" at his peak. We should also probably talk about the guy in 4th, Jimmy Snuka. Here's my dilemma with these type of things, I know how iconic Jimmy Snuka is, and by this point he is very popular and big get for NJPW, so it's not like he's unknown right now. But, at this point in time, he's more of a big name draw in USA than he is in Japan, and he's one of those guys who's yet to cross over. Normally when I get to his issue, I balance it out, I put them a bit higher than they were placed in reality. But with this, I've got 3 guys ahead of him who have a lot of history in series so I had to go and give it to them over Snuka. It pains me, because I know Snuka is a future HOFer but he's not Andre, and he's not Inoki, and he's not gonna be a finalist in the near future either. That's why I've made the bold choice to put Snuka so far down. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SEMI FINALS: ANTONIO INOKI def. AKIRA MAEDA The amount of real history behind this match is kinda crazy. I promise you this beef is as real as it is staged in the ring. I'll restate it briefly. Akira Maeda used to be a regular for NJPW, and he was one of those guy who was constantly overlooked in the company. But he defected last year, alongside Fujiwara and a few other NJPW talents, and made a play to create a new company, to rival NJPW in the Japanese wrestling scene. But the UWF was a failed attempt, and he came back to NJPW defeated but angrier than ever. He blames Inoki for the inner problems that his company faced, and the fact that his creation never managed to get off the ground. We heard that Maeda only got to NJPW so that he could get a piece of Inoki and well, that's what he's got here. Inoki vs Maeda, new born rivals, old friends. The result of this match was surprising and many thought that Maeda would take it all the way once he defeated Inoki, but Antonio Inoki advances to the finals of the IWGP Series, and against all odds, the world is looking like it'll end up with Antonio Inoki has King of the Mountain again, as the IWGP Heavyweight Champion, a sight we are familiar with, but also failed to see for a year, as Inoki had to let the title he never lost, go. ANDRE THE GIANT def. TATSUMI FUJINAMI Familiar foes crossed paths again. Fujinami's dominance has come at the cost of a lot of people, and most of that comes at Andre's expense. 1985 IWGP Series Semi Finals, Fujinami wins and goes on to lift his first IWGP Heavyweight Title, 1984: Fujinami defeats Andre the earn 2nd place in the huge block. That's two years in a row now where Fujinami has trumped Andre The Giant, but trust me Andre is not going down lightly. Andre's only goal is to win a series on Japanese soil, because we know where Andre made his NJPW fame...in Madison Square Garden. But what about Korakuen Hall? Tokyo Dome? Osaka-Jo Hall? Nothing from Andre as of now. But not for long. You see, Andre The Giant's new angry, unforgiving attitude has driven a new type of momentum behind him as Andre The Giant defeats The IWGP Heavyweight Champion Tatsumi Fujinami and knocks the Champion out of the IWGP Series. A huge story, as that means that this incoming finals between Inoki and Andre will officially be for the IWGP Heavyweight Title, and that no matter the result....we will have a new champion. Andre The Giant's breakthrough has been a long time coming, but he finally is in a IWGP Series final on Japanese soil and Inoki? He's out to win the belt he's never lost. It's a matchup for the ages.
  24. PreShow: Killer Kross vs Luchasaurus Pre Show: Sammy Guevara vs Shawn Spears Inner Circle(Hager+ Dibiase) vs Jurassic Express(Stunt + Jungle Boy) vs Private Party - Winners will face the Young Bucks to crown the inaugural AEW Tag Team Champions at a later date. Awesome Kong vs ??? Danté Garza Jr vs MJF /w Wardlow Cody vs EC3 Jon Moxley vs Pentagon Jr AEW Women’s Championship Last Woman Standing Match - Merci Vernado(c) vs Mercedes Martinez AEW World Championship- Chris Jericho(c) vs Kenny Omega vs KENTA Bonus Points Who will answer Awesome Kong’s Open Challenge? Ronda Rousey Will Rey Fenix interfere in Moxley vs Pentagon? No Will PAC show up and will he have a match that hasn't been announced?-1 point is available for each part of the question PAC will show up, but he will not have a match What rating will the Women’s Championship match get? 54

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