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  1. Free Agent Corner

    MOTY: Slim v Flynn MOTM: Smith Best PPV: Mayhem Super star of the year: Smith Double Cross of the Year: Slim turns on Smith Rivalry of the Year: SS Match Tag Team of the YEar: AK-17 Best original BPZ show: FAC
  2. Improve The User Above

    Continue those diaries, especially Letters from a wanted man Win US Start a feud with Bart Lead commonwealth to some gold
  3. Best Current Champion?

    If I was making this thread I wouldn't put NXT in here, but if we're counting all parts of WWE then yes, Andrade Almas is the best champion in the compant right now. I was a bit skeptical of him as champion at first, I didn't think it was all that great, I didn't have high expectations. Then i doubted even more as Gargano was named #1 contender but surely enough, and I think everyone can agree, they put on one of the best match WWE has seen in the last 8 years. Almas and Gargano have brought so much prestige to the title already and I think we're gonna see Almas face guys like Adam Cole and Aleister Black which will surely blow me away again. Hat's off to Almas because he has taken NXT to new heights, by being its main champion.
  4. Slim's Super Bowl Prediction Contest

    I think RA won this. You and RA were the only two to pick the Eagles, but he had a closer score than you. The end score was 41-33.
  5. This Too Shall Pass

    Carnage is halfway through its normal broadcast and "Gods Plan" hits and the usual cheers and constant roars echo around the stadium. It's a common sight but nothing we haven't seen before. Echo comes out and shakes his head. He waves his arms about to cut out the theme song and reaches down for his microphone in his boot. Only it isn't there like normal. He shakes his head and curses under his breath. He charges to the announce table and grabs a microphone from their desk. Cut the fucking music, cut the fuckin cheering and all the rest of your bullshit. I'm not here to be your friend. This is something real, so get your little pint sized heads out of your bellies and listen. This place is a tragedy. Its a fucking tragedy. You wanna know why? Because a person like me who has done so much for this brand, is suddenly not himself anymore. Yeah, Echo is getting boring isn't he? I've heard it, you're barely whispering anymore, its such a fucking disgrace. And backstage, well backstage, Echo doesn't hold nearly as much power as it once did. @Bart you wanted to see my demons? Well here they fucking are. I wasn't kidding about what I said on BPZ Commentaries. Echo has a dark side, Echo has a ruthless side. He will stop at nothing to complete his mission. But this partnership, I can't deal with it. I can't pander to you guys anymore, cause I don't get any love back. How can I, the kind person that I am, be so blind? I fucking pandered to all of you for 6 months. And what do I get, nothing but disrespect and hatred. I'm fucking done being mr. nice guy then, If you really don't want me then you won't have me. Because Echo is gone, scratch that, Echo is still here. The Supernova is gone. Meet the Rebel, call me the Renegade. I don't play by anyone's rules anymore. I don't play pretend anymore, I don't listen to you guys, not to the backsage officials, I trail blaze my own path everyone will see exactly how fucking talented Echo truly is. I am unhinged. It's no longer time for me to play friendly while opportunities pass me by. I will no longer grimace and smile as I am physically walked over and through. That's enough of that. I've felt enough of that, I've seen enough of that. It's time that some other poor motherfuckers get their turn. Because BPZ as far as I know is a hierarchy and eventually everyone gets their reckoning. I've had mine, now I want everyone else to feel theirs. How it feels to be stepped on, how it feels to be broken in half, how it feels to be forgotten. Because forgotten I am, and I want everyone to see this right now. I'll shed a few tears and I'll bid my goodbyes. The old Echo is gone, I can't see a future like this. I can't tell everyone im happy when I feel like shit. I can't live a lie and tell everyone I care anymore. Because day by day im losing hope. I'm giving my shit up for what I keep on thinking is something better. It's not, I need to stop lying to myself and stop letting others take advantage of me. GOD, I WISH I WASNT SO FUCKING NICE! Cause every time I'm nice people take me for granted. THIS PLACE IS NO HOME FOR LITTLE BOYS! I won't get anywhere being mama's old boy. A single tear drips down his face. I guess I didn't tell you that huh? When I was just a kid, my mom died. She killed herself, right in front of my eyes, she drove our fancy card into the lake as I played on the swings. I'm half certain I'm a psychopath. NO. THE ONLY PSYCHOPATHS ARE YOU GUYS. I'm normal. I fit in, everywhere. YOU GUYS WANNA KILL ME! Kill me and my career, yeah Brad, that son of a bitch, he wants to kill me. Bailey, our General Manager he doesn't give any more shits than I do, he wants to kill me. I'm practically a dead man. So I'm waiting, biding my time to hear the final bell toll, see my miserable fucking life flash before me, I'm waiting to see the bullet coming for my head. So I can feel what it feels like to be painless, empty FOR ONCE, to be numb....It's dumb, I'm sitting here giving you my life story, you all probably dont even care. I'm wasting my time with you all, for what? One shred of commiseration? I don't need that, I'm better than all of you lazy bums. You sit on your couch all day, without a care in the world. Watching someone like me, taking a fucking pounding every day. It's fun for you right? Seeing me go on a mental and emotional rollercoaster. I bet you love the part where the bad guy wins. Cause BPZ isn't a fairy tale, do guys like me really get that far? How can I, be myself and still be confident, be true to myself. Maybe I can't, maybe its not possible. This is my conundrum. This is my curse and my blessing. But DAMN does it hurt. It's sickening, its painful, I almost can't bear to live with it but I know, I know the demon can be tamed. It has been tamed before. I can do it again. The question is do I want to? Is it almost better to take this easy path and lie, cheat, steal? I feel alive. It's empowering. Echo pauses, he drops the microphone to his side and lies down, he seems out of this world almost, he seems dizzy, almost like from his point of view everything is spinning around him. THAT'S NOT ME! I've tamed him before, I can do it again. My demon, its my curse, its also my blessing. The truth is Echo has always been the Renegade. I've always been a rebel and just because I don't play by the rules doesn't mean I'm a bad guy. Just because I'm not always perfect doesn't mean i'm letting you guys down. JUST BECAUSE, I let people cut me in line, doesn't mean I'm vulnerable. If anything, It's my gift. @BartI know one thing I learned from our little chat today. Always be positive, no matter what. Crying is just a bystandard of happiness, its just a sign of joy. I'll have always have this side, you'll always see this side, It's always gonna be howling in the background. Whether I like it or not. So I guess this is my conclusion. Echo is not a bad guy, he's not a good guy, he's just a guy. I'm gonna be happy with wherever life takes me, wherever God decides to send me, whatever choices come my way, and I'll take them. Cause I'm stronger than all the white noise, I stand out. The Renegade is here, The Rebel is here, The Supernova? Well, what else can I say? I think its gonna stay for a long time. A absolute roller coaster of emotions from Echo here, he made sure he made his feelings clear. Life isn't a simple as it seems. There's an intricate web of decisio made every day. And This Too Shall Pass.
  6. Revival

    Carnage is back live and ready, we are over the bump and merely 5 days away from St. Valentines Day Massacre where we will have one hell of a show for the entire world to witness. The arena is buzzing as usual and they all look intrigued as the lights start flashing and a loud, piercing hospital truck sounds around the arena. They look closer to try and make an epic pop and then they see it. The lights flash and both of the doors open, Smoke escapes the back and a man in the dark steps out. He stands on the steps and smiles widely. He adjusts his footing on the bar and the fans squint to try and get a closer look, the mystery eating at them. The fans are quiet in confusion but the familiar face makes them roar in approval. Echo Wilson is back, no less than a week ago, his plan turned to disaster as his old friend and now new foe, Kyle Reeves sent him reeling with a brutal beat down. Echo steps out and his badly bandaged, he has taken a toll but he is no less ready to take on any future challenges. He rolls his shoulder and grimaces and slowly takes the opportunity to kiss his pinky finger. Signature stuff right there. It almost seems like the pain is spurring him on, and even in the tightest of situations, Echo is more driven than ever. He seems to have not lost even the smallest pep in his step even with the scars he earned at the hands of Kyle. He rolls in and immediately climbs up the first turnbuckle. He is all smiles as he zips up his black and white Adidas sweat jacket. He raises out his hands to the masses of fans and is almost engulfed by the sea of approval. He hops down and adjusts a bandage on his leg. He slowly looks down at his shoe and feels around, and is very very happy to find that his trusty microphone is still neatly kept there. He smiles and he shows it off, the humor of Echo shining clearly. He coughs and taps the microphone top. Well then, Carnage, boy am I glad to see you here today. I've taken a few punches, eaten a few chair shots since we last talked. It wasn't pretty. But what I will say is that I'm standing here, now, that's all that matters. Kyle must be shocked right now, I bet he thought he had beaten the heart of me. I bet he thought he had taken me out and beaten me to my last thread of hope. Reeves, you should know, I learned from the best, it takes a lot more than that to keep me down. By the best, well lets not get into that. I've made enough enemies for a week's time. Whatever personal vendetta, Kyle Reeves is carrying out against me, is A. completely out of proportion and B completely undeserved. Kyle, I bred and fed you. We took each other from the lowlifes everyone thought we were to global superstars. I have said this before but we brought out the best in each other and from the standpoint of someone looking from the outside in, I can see that I have qualities that are trained in me, mostly thanks to you, and vice versa. So I truly believe Kyle that retribution needs to be given for this disrespectful behavior. Therefore, I took matters into my own hands. While you were sipping drinks, in your hot tub, surrounded by girls, I was working my ass off for my revenge. I busted down the door of the GM's office, and asked Bailey. "Give me my match, Echo vs Kyle. I will literally fight anyone or anything to make this a reality" He naturally was ecstatic, but he almost turned and left me, without an answer. That's when I slammed the door in his face, he had no other choice. He told me this "Echo, there is only one thing you need to do. Do what you do best, and put on a show for everyone on Valentines Day" So what a holiday it will be. The massacre begins. I plan to make it everything Kyle has nightmares of. He has been on a ruthless tear and I think it all comes to a close, when Echo, snaps him back to the reality. He is not a lunatic, he isn't out of his mind. He is just misguided and even If I can't get a victory, I plan to bring him back. Remind everyone what Kyle Reeves was, the Reeves that everyone adored. The underdog, the man who picked up shocking victories and maybe, just maybe, gave these fans a little bit of hope. Cause every second people like us, people who are never the favorites on the betting odds, every time we strike lucky, it spurs something, it gives these people a spark, or even a sliver of what it feels like to be the man in the limelight. You've turned against these people just like everyone else, I'll prove you wrong, just like everyone else. So its a date then, Echo WIlson, a supernova, versus Kyle Reeves, the man in chains. And that's exactly tells us apart. Every step you take into the dark, adds another chain accross your neck, and every time you shut yourself away from sanity and the rest of the world, it adds another shackle to your burden. So take my warning with a grain of salt, our match at SVDM will drive you even more mad, I will never sit down for you. No matter what you shake, and how much you scream, I will be standing up, ready to take whatever you have to throw at me. On Valentines Day, it will be heartbreak, it will be a tragedy for all to witness, as I beat the lunatic out of you. No scratch that, as I beat the man out of you. Echo smiles, and sits on the turnbuckle, adjusting a few bandages and rolling his neck around. He knows what comes next, its all about timing, and in just a few days time, all the claims mean nothing, it comes down to the fact of who wants it more. That's a question no one is equipped to answer from the outside, its only written in the stars, and written in both men's hearts. All we can do is watch as the spectacle unfolds. Ladies, and Gentleman, this is a revival of true hatred, and maybe hidden underneath fuelled by an inseperable union.
  7. Your Football Manager accomplishments

    In FM 15, I won the Premier League and FA Cup with Newcastle one season. I finished 7th every other year.
  8. NXT Holding Tryouts For Several Names

    I did some research and found a bit on these guys: Evan Markopoulos: Still only 23 but he's been wrestling at a high level since he was 16 or 17. He is the youngest person to ever appear on a TNA taping Jaxon Stone: former baseball player, turned into pro wrestler. He is most famous for working WxW Juan Adams: A huge amateur pro wrestler who wrestles for his College, Virginia Military Institute. At one point was #30 amateur wrestler in the country Todd Clever: Former American Rugby Captain, yes for the national team. Most capped American rugby player in history. First American to play in Super Rugby. Jarek: Half pro wrestler and half magician. He is known as the first ever illusionist wrestler. He was trained by Brian Kendrick and yet still does street magic and even a few big shows. Dom Boulanger: Calls himself the Dominator. His main work is for a promotion called "Torture Chamber Pro Wrestling Dojo" Austin Theory: He's probably the most well known out of everyone here. Works in EVOLVE and primarily FIP where he is the current FIP World Champ. I'd advise you watch one of his matches, he's super talented.
  9. BPZMania III Match Card Predictions

    I'm not sure what could go down, but I've heard rumours. Backstage reports are reading that Echo could be considered to face off with none other than the Carnage GM himself, Bailey.
  10. Dream Kayfabe Feuds

    Echo Wilson vs @Slim - I think it sorta makes sense, he took me out in kayfabe, so I want revenge, i'd be down for whenever and whatever. Plus, it was sorta thanks to Slim that I got a bigger push at the start of my career. Echo Wilson vs @bailey14 - I could see why this would go down. Nasty GM vs the Hero of the brand. It would be a cool storyline for down the road. Echo Wilson vs @Brad - This is twice now that me and Brad have tagged. Both times, we went our separate ways without fighting, and both times, we failed to have a match at the end of it. AK-17 was a fun team, it had more success than the System, so i'd like to see a match go down. Echo Wilson vs @Bart - Oh man, I only included this cause Bart's a super chill guy. His promo ability is seriously underrated and I'd love to see what result would come of just a one on one feud. He beat me Tag team wise, but that was cause George was slacking. Let's cut off both of our dead meat and do this right. Echo Wilson vs @FDS - I'd really enjoy this. I mean I could already see myself having so much fun in this feud. I think it would be a cool dynamic as well, with some serious mind games and dark promos, I think it would have to show off a different side of Echo as a character. Echo Wilson vs Any of the Commonwealth - I think this just makes sense for a feud. With Echo i'm always trying to capture the underdog essence, and I think there's not better way to do that then by having a 3 on 1 sorta story. I could see my opponent being either George or Yelich. George cause of his recent turn on me, or Yelich because of our history, I mean the whole reason Echo got over was because of me and Peter's feud.
  11. The lights start to dim and Echo still hasnt moved, the fans turn their attention away but they hear the sounds of a microphone coming to life and they immediately roar in cheers. Echo holds up a microphone in victory. He smiles and grimaces as he pains himself. Let's be honest. This isn't the first time i've been beaten up. George can take whatever he wants from this but he damn sure knows that I'm not losing anything. I've been here crouching, gagging, grimacing on the mat. I've never hit my limit. George I knew this was going to happen, but did it stop me? No, I wanted this and I almost got it. Undisputed I respect you, the better man won, but George....that's just outright not fair. I gave you my trust, I gave you my all. Life may not be fair, but if anyone knows where I'm from, I know well enough to not let these things stand. I know well enough that there is only one answer to any problem, fix it. Alone or together whatever it takes, i'm ready. George, you can run, you and your Commonwealth folk can make me play chase all day long but I will catch you. So now I give my ultimateum. Screw the life that makes thing unfair, screw the technicalities that make my life difficult, screw everyone who tries to beat me down because they think I'm vulnerable. I am not a stepping stone, just because I do everything for the common good does not mean that I am any less poweful. Knocking me down can only stun me, I will come back with a stronger blow. I'm gonna fix myself. I fought to the bitter end and tasted the bitter taste of rejection and hatred but I will stand up again, there isn't anything to keep me down, there is no one left in the world to turn on me, there is nothing I have left to give away, there is no bullcrap that will stop me. Echo smiles and uses the barricade to keep himself upright, he slowly limps to the back. The fans all around him, chanting loudly to the back so even George can hear. "He's a Wanker, He's a wanker, AYYYY, GEORGE THE WANKER" Echo smiles as he can't hide his joy. It's all hope and joy tonight, Echo is far from being done ladies and gentleman.
  12. Rate The Users Kayfabe Above

    You need to do it more.
  13. Improve The User Above

    STOP RATING ME BRO Do more FAC and revive the British Invasion diary WIn US Title by beating George
  14. EVOLVE TakeOver: The Last Stand | February 13th 2018

    Ark VS Slim (Global Championship) - Ark Smith VS FDS - FDS Sameer VS Prince - Sameer Bart VS Akki VS RedArrow (Global Championship #1 Contendership) - Bart WWE234 VS The Marker (If The Marker wins he receives an EVOLVE contract) - The Marker
  15. Rate The User Above.

    Nice lad but he needs some work. 5.5/10

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