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  1. This one was the one that first came to mind for me, as I think Minoru's theme is iconic to NJPW. Also Scurll's theme is pretty sick.
  2. Your Nightmare

    The music is blaring, the lights are flashing and its all just another day for the Carnage Arena. A man who has built himself to be a staple of this show, the face of the company perhaps. A man who has been gifted more than his fair share of opportunities as of late, and has been very overdosed on confidence. A rocket has been strapped around his waist and whoever is holding on has been taken for a very spectacular ride with the supernova. The Supernova steps out finally, and points his taped up pinky finger to the moon. He sticks his tongue out and he is on a full joyride of life. He pulls the mic out of his shoe and starts to talk on his way to the ring, the US title glimmering on his shoulder. In just a few moments, at my leisure, I will call out a special man, who has become obsessed with the thought of me, the Canadian who has made it is only mission statement to defeat me and gain redemption for the one thing he lost that he can never regain, his Pride. He has asked and even attacked me, in order to show his anger, and his fury towards me. It won't last long though, because on Sunday, at Survivor Series, everything that he's built himself up for, will come crashing down, and he will face his second loss to me. I know, you people appreciate what I've done for this title, how we've built something out of nothing, and created an empire that is heartily never outmatched. So whenever a threat comes knocking on my door, we simply dispose of them, and unfortunately the way that this is going, there is only one conclusion. To wipe, Peter Wilchester and his Canadian smirk on the face of this industry. But I don't feel like I'm all to blame, people's emotions can carry people away, it can make them do stupid things, and honestly it makes them lose their sense of judgment. So if there's anyone to blame its Peter himself because he has let the very image of me, drive him to insanity. Despite this very emotional discourse, I feel it is also necessary to bring up the fact that he is easily the most dangerous of my opponents. Why? Because he has a motive. For him this is life or death, and when I tell you that I will wipe his name out of every history book in BPZ, he knows this as well, so he will be throwing everything at me, his body, his soul, his life. Echo gets in the ring, and jumps over and into the ring. You see, Survivor Series means so much to Peter, which makes it much more than a simple US Title bout, he wants to make sure, i'm buried down, where he'll never find me again, and I? I want to make sure that Peter is justified, I want to make sure that Peter knows I'm too good to be buried, I want Peter to realize that this war, although it was worth fighting for, was never going to end up with him on top. I sat backstage and watched Peter and Brad fight at Redemption, and I realized something, Peter wasn't there for Brad, he was trying to destroy someone close to me. He wanted to make my world crumble so that by the time Survivor Series had come and gone, I would be just a shell of my former self, that I would crumble into the rubble with the rest of my friends. But he failed. He failed to beat Brad, so he makes adjustments to his game plan and goes straight for me, it won't work, he's jumping the gun and trying to get to his goal all too quickly, he'll learn eventually that this war is not worth the fight for him. In fact, excuse my big words, but he's antiquated, meaning he's old fashioned, and he thinks he can outrun the implosion in his body, but he can't, the pain, the true pain will catch up with him before he can even meet me this weekend, and if it wasn't already enough to bury him, I'll finish the job, because the hole has already been dug, its just about time someone tosses him in there, lifeless body and all. Echo leans on the turnbuckle, looking out into the crowd. A mixture of boos and cheers, but mostly a chant that screams "Calgary Sucks!" Peter, do you want lightning to strike twice? Do you want me to shame your proud and patriotic country again? Do you want me to defend my honor all over again? Because I'll do it. I'll take everything you've built towards and burn it in hell. I'll take your precious home and watch it crumble, and i'll take your soul and watch the precious second tick by before i crush it with one quick stroke of genius. You make yourself seem like more than you are. Peter, you aren't a big deal, millions of people look to you for guidance, and you dissappoint them, you steal from them, hoping to make your case known, and just when fans start to pity you you steal their lives, their money, their dreams, their legacies, and you put it all towards one front, one front which is all aimed at me. Cause I see the red lasers Peter, I can see all your guns pointed at me, all the hatred pent up inside of you, all building to one mega explosion, its a flawed strategy because once all the smoke clears, I will be standing right here, still on my feet, with you, laid back, empty and unfullfilled. Peter what kind of person are you? Are the one to put all your eggs in one basket? Are you the one to take all options into consideration? This Sunday, I will find out, I'll see just the man you are. Wilchester, this face, the one thats haunted your dreams, will be the only face you'll see as I retire you from wrestling. This glare, will the last imprint in your mind as you close your eyes, the muffled Headline theme creeping through your eardrums. My title, shining in the lights, will be the end all, be all, there's nothing left to do Peter, but to come meet me this weekend, your nightmare, Echo Wilson. Echo moves to the center of the ring, as the light dims darker and darker, until Echo is enveloped in the jet black shadows.
  3. BPZ Booking Competition

    I’m in boi
  4. Unite and Destroy

    Echo Wilson gives a slightly amused stare at FD, he smirks, nods and stands up, he grabs the microphone, then the bat. He takes a few seconds to stare at the bat, then he looks out to the crowd. He walks away from the table and climb onto the turnbuckle, The bat across his lap and the microphone drawing closer to his lips. Carnage, I think it’s time we see a new side of Echo Wilson, these past few weeks i’ve been preparing myself, and clearing my mind enough to make this truth fully transparent. The Echo Wilson you have all seen up to now, will not be enough to take on these 5, no i’ll need much more, i’ll need to draw from a source that i’ve never drawn from before, none the less even dared to. I will need to become chaotic, i will need to become the anarchy, the very turmoil and the upheaval that will herald the demise of the misshapen team of Smith and his 4 bruisers. No Disqualification is going to bring a different side of Echo Wilson to perspective. It will be like no other phenomenon this company, this industry has ever seen, and the placid, and tranquil person you see before you, will be molded into a sheer abnormality. I will crush, trample, and pulverize Smith’s aggregation, before handing them over to FD where he deliver an onslaught of aggression and pure anger, pouring out his pent up outrage with blow after blow with axes, bludgeons, chainsaws, knives, bats, and all the blades he can carry. The best part is everything, every second of the pain, will feel like an eternity, and every eternity, will make them crumble further and further into powder, so that by the time we end, if we ever do, The entirety of Team Smith, will be depleted, drained and rendered eternally crippled. Slim, let me start with you, the scars that my body has foregone, are a direct result of your unwarranted, arbitrary ambush. I once knew men who made the mistake of trusting you, now they’re nowhere to be found, I once knew men who fought alongside you, you stabbed them in the back, and left them isolated, on the god forsaken chance that they will survive. I will never ever let myself, or any of my friends, fall under that trap, i will never let anyone allow themselves to be blinded enough to call themselves your partner, because at the end of the day, they are just your shield and when you don’t need them anymore you dispose of them and move on, to find some more desperate souls who think that they need comfort and a helping hand. Slim, you are a damnation in disguise. You shine out to the most needy and the most penniless but then you throw them to the curb and use their momentum to help you climb to the top, because truly you aren’t a stepping stone, they are. You sit atop your mountain of broken souls and fractured spirits and command and supervise them to do your bidding just so you can reap the benefits, so that when they’re job has been done, they have drained themselves of all their worth and everything that made them special, all fortitude they had against the forces of authority, you take more than their careers Slim, you take their hopes and dreams. The fans don’t quite know what to say, we all know the names of people Slim has taken in and destroyed in the process, Alyx Wilde, SummerGamz, Aidan, Akki, Chris White, many more. Slim is known for doing anything necessary to get to the top, even if it requires lying, cheating and stealing to get there. This leads me to my next point about Smith. Smith you are an aging superstar, you are not the man 2015 showed us, and you probably never will be. That isn’t to say you never had a chance to be. I believe that you had the chance of a lifetime, back in early 2017, when you had everything going for you, the hype of your return, a huge BPZ Mania which looked to make your name a household name once again, but you fell into the same mouse trap that Slim has left for everyone before you. Smith, you had the chance to become the World Heavyweight Champion, and Slim knew that, so he made you his prime target, he made you his friend, his ally, so that he could sustain his reign for just a little while longer, because Smith, you were his only challenge. But you failed to realize that, you underestimated yourself, so you aligned with the man you could’ve beaten in simple fashion. The Order isn’t a unit Smith, its a shield, a buffer for Slim and whatever station he is trying to uphold. As for you Ross, you call yourself a hitman, but yet, you’re getting a little closer than any hitman should be. I’d be willing to bet that you’re sinking deeper and deeper into Slim’s trap, and losing control of your mission. At the end of the day you’ll still be the same swindler, fraud, and con artist you’ve always been but this time it’ll be under direct instructions of Slim. So, for someone like me, who operates for himself, and only himself, and only works with a team in desperate situations such as this, I think it’s fair to say that I have a much better scope on the future because my eyes aren’t told where to look, and my mouth can speak whatever it likes, and my ears? They can listen to whoever they want to. My point is, I have no room to be guided by someone, i have no room to let someone else control me, so for you Ross, whatever dark and winding road you find yourself going down, just know where it’s leading you, just know the consequences. Echo gets down from the turbuckle and sits down on the chairs around the table, placing the microphone, his eyes looking around at his teammates.
  5. BPZ Predictions League

    Enzo Amore vs. Kalisto: Kalisto The Shield vs. The New Day: The Shield The Miz vs. Baron Corbin: Baron Corbin Alexa Bliss vs. Charlotte: Charlotte The Bar vs. The Usos: The Usos Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles: Brock Lesnar Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Women): Team RAW Team SDL vs. Team RAW (Men): Team SDL will there be any surprise returns? (bonus point for each one) - Yes, Paige will Carmella cash in? YES will there be any sole survivors if so who? (bonus point for each one) : Asuka for Women's and Nakamura for Men
  6. BPZ Insider

    BPZ Insider - Episode 2 Welcome back for Episode 2 of BPZ Insider! Two brand shows have passed and much much more news to come. Stay tuned. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Results from Evolve Takeover: Paranoia Results from Carnage: Redemption: Smith's Dark Side? Why FDS is the best and scariest character in BPZ? Whats next for the Carnage Universal Championship?
  7. Redemption

    Echo looks back and sees Brad leaving. He looks down at the title on his shoulder, and sighs. He gives a new effort in a softer, less harsh tone. Brad...brothers don't leave like that. I still consider you my brother and as far as I'm concerned you feel the same about me. You need me. I need you. There's no way we're gonna make it out of Survivor Series with our titles intact unless we're on the same page. As far as I'm concerned you were never worthless, as far I'm concerned everyone lives the good life, its about whether to focus on the positives or the negatives of life. I don't take you for a pessimist my friend. Brad begins to rolls his eyes and continues his trek up the ramp. Echo tries one final time. HOW ABOUT THIS BRAD! YOU CARE ABOUT YOU AND I'LL CARE ABOUT US! I'm not giving up on this and you shouldn't either. So walk your walk because i will do everything in my power to make sure that this friendship, this brotherhood stays alive. Just for you Brad, i'll work harder than I've ever worked in my life, because unless we find that connection again, it's a handicap match at heart. Brad, if you walk now, our empire, everything we've built will come crumbling right down. I'm not ready to see that fall apart. Neither should you. So, walk, see what that does to you, cause I know, an inch of you, a tiny little portion of you, is hoping that this brotherhood lives to fight another day. Our connection isn't lost, we just need to rediscover our connection. We aren't individuals we are a unit, and I'm looking out for us, maybe its time you do that as well. Brad stares blankly for a few seconds, a simmering tension between two tag partners. AK-17 might be crumbling underneath their feet. And in one swift blow, Brad turns to the exit and leaves. Fading all hopes to black.
  8. Redemption

    The Carnage Arena has been waiting for this. A question that's passed over many people's minds, is what does this change of heart mean for the unstoppable tag team that is AK-17. Will the great team we all know crash and burn at the hands of a new Brad? Echo Wilson, steps out with his tag belt in hand and the a very solemn look on his face. He stands on the stage, hands behind his back, looking around at the fans. He looks down at the title and grimaces as if a mere thought of something hurts him. He then makes his trek down. This is very different Echo than the one we saw just a few nights ago at Redemption. There are not theatrics tonight, but instead a solemn man solely focused on a very serious matter. And that matter might be standing in the ring before him. Echo climbs in the ring and meets Brad who looks unfazed almost, uninterested. Echo takes out a microphone and brings it to his lips. Brad, nice to meet you. My name is Echo Wilson. I don't think we've met before. He holds out his hand but Brad looks at it in disgust so Echo returns it, with a scowl of his own. I say this because the Brad I entrusted to be my friend is not the same Brad I see here. The Brad I knew, gave it his all, knowing he could lose or fail, the Brad I knew, was the hardest working man out here, I don't see that anymore. I see a man, who's willing to make a low blow to finally have a household name, i'm looking at a guy who'd rather be feared than liked, and who'd rather call out hypocrites than realize he is one. I looked far and wide, Brad, for a Tag Team partner, for someone I could share my glory with, someone who deserved it 100 percent, and then I found you, a hard worker, struggling for recognition and deservingly i shared my wealth giving you the highest share in the supernova rise of Echo Wilson. I gave you a front row seat to the show of the century and you squandered it, you spent everything I built for us, on this? Some stupid catchphrase, a pissy attitude that will get you absolutely nowhere? I'm dissappointed. Anyone else would be mad, anyone else would leave right now, and let you keep the tag titles with you, because if I had a sane mind I would be smart enough to realize that you're just a tool, you're replaceable to me, and I could just take my lovely little pick out of my basket, and send another lucky backstage personality straight to the very top with me. I could kick you out right here, right now Brad.....but i won't. You want to know why i'm giving you the benefit of the doubt? It's because I see the real you Brad. The real you doesn't lie in vain fantasies and bold imaginings, it lies in your heart, the will to fight, the qualities that made you the Underrated Legend, so tell me do you really want to hide the only thing that made you notable? Do you want to cover up the only thing I valued you for? If so, then there might just be no returning for you, and if I've lost you to the dark side, I have no choice but to cut you off. Do you understand me? He looks sternly at Brad who is avoiding his gaze entirely. He holds up the Tag team Title to above him. Whoever it is you''re gonna blame? Just know, this, this title, means something to me, AK-17 means something to me and I'm willing to let it fall apart just yet, no matter what bullshit comes across our path. Whatever it is you want, whatever attention you seek won't last forever, eventually your reckoning will come and I'll be there, the good friend that I am, the brother in arms that I am, I will be there, to carry your lifeless, empty, hollow body back to safe ground, and I will mend this friendship back to where it started. Brad, do you know where this started? In the ring. And i'll be damned if this score is going to be settled by talking. Talking will get you nowhere and trust me when I say it. Actions speak louder than words. So whatever I need to do to get my old friend back, to get the Underrated Legend back, I will do it. Even if it involves knocking some sense into you or kicking the nonsense out of your sick and twisted mind. Echo crouches down and lays the Tag Title between the two of them. He lets the mic fall from his face in a way to let Brad speak.
  9. Wrestling Debate Discussions

    I think NJPW definitely has a different style to WWE. Instead of character development NJpw focuses on storylines, hence the very thin line between faces and heels. I personally prefer NJPW because being able to see stories culminate after months and years of buildup is more satisfying than seeing very tame two month- three month storylines. In the bigger picture it adds more having a longer developing story. Also the wrestlers are arguably better in NJPW. There’s no room for wrestlers who can’t do shit and Wwe has such a wide variety of guys that are pure jobbers that it’s hard to watch full shows most of the time
  10. Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    1. Emma is completely overrated by the fans. She's fair in the ring but can't do mic work 2. The Shield reunion was way too premature 3. Jinder is one of the best heels of his type in history 4. Zayn and Owens aren't gonna be all that as a duo 5. Bray Wyatt was better as Sister Abigail until he got injured (thats besides the point 6. If the WWE title and the US title were switched Smackdown would be better imo 7. Demon Balor is the reason Balor's feuds are boring 8. Brock Lesnar is a better Universal Champion than Kevin Owens was
  11. What a night its been here at Redemption, and there is one man, who has demanded redemption against the thief who took two of titles, his pride and his dignity, at Halloween Havoc. His name is Joshua Scott. The lights turn way down low, and the very familiar tune, of the most Must-See Superstar in BPZ can be heard around the arena. On the stage a lone drummer is seen, then a single guitarist, followed by the lead singer and before you know it, the entire White Stripes Band is playing their song "Seven Nations Army" and welcoming Joshua Scott to the ring. Scott steps out from behind with a long coat and his dark tinted sunglasses. He heralds his welcoming band before looking at the crowd, as they boo, he smirks. The guitarist does his hard bass solo as Josh poses on the apron, before entering the ring. The crowd enthusiasm shifts slightly as a more upbeat tune can be heard, signalling the entrance of one special kid. His name is Echo Wilson, one of the newest arrivals to BPZ, who has had a flying start to his career, already US champion, and one half of the tag champions. He has a very bright future coming to him, but it all rides on tonight. Can Echo defend his title against a revenge-thirsty rival known as Joshua Scott? If he can, he will never have to face Josh again for his US title, and he could be in the clear. "Headlines" hits and the lights flash, the strobes moves around the stage in flashes of green and red. Echo Wilson steps out with a bouncy attitude, ready to do what he does best, he has a bright smile on his face which enfuriates Josh all the while. This time around he wears a very puffy baby blue jacket, with his usual Scorpion on it. He steps out into the lights and looks out into the crowd. He keeps his hands behind his back as he makes his way down to the ramp. He claps the hand of one of the little kids in attendance before showing off, and taunting on the steel steps. He zips up his jacket and vaults over and into the ring, using the turnbuckle. He lands and poses, hands behind his back, nodding out into the crowd. He climbs back up onto the turnbuckle and poses again. It's all or nothing tonight for Joshua Scott, either he fulfills his destiny once again or he falls at the feet of the Supernova. One final opportunity to make all his movestar dreams come true. Josh takes a deep breath as the bell ring. The war of atrition immediately starts, Josh with fury in his eyes starts to charge, aiming for the gut of Echo, but Echo calmly halts his progress and sends his crashing down with a powerful kick to the skull. Josh does a full 360 roll over before landing on the floor, the momentum knocking the air out of his lungs. Echo looks down at Josh, no remorse, something cruel in his eyes. The story of anger is still written in Josh's eyes. Echo steps back and lets Josh rise warily to his feet, before chargining with a deathly knee but Josh dodges. Echo's knee is hurt and Josh shows now mercy, immediately bringing the pain with a German Suplex and he doesn't stop there. He mounts Echo and lands punch after punch, with zero remorse in his eyes. Echo uses his legs though to push Josh off of him. They both get to their feet in time but Josh is quicker of the two, and backs Echo into the corner with a shoulder tackle knocking the air out of his lungs. Echo lies in the corner while Josh rebounds off the ropes. FLYING KNEE IN THE CORNER! Perfect precision and with just enough strength has Echo reeling already. Josh climbs to the middle ropes waiting for Echo to stand and when he does he tries to jump on top of him but...NO WAY! Dropkick in mid air, catches Joshua Scott, showing off the athleticism of the Supernova. Josh rolls out of the ring, to catch his breath, but Echo is following close behind. Echo picks Josh up now and throws his lifeless body into the barricade. Josh falls like a ragdoll on the mat. Josh winces and twitches slightly. Echo sees his chance and sets Josh's elbow against the steel post. A BIG BOOT CRUNCHES SCOTT'S SHOULDER INTO THE PURE STEEL! He aims to do it once again but Josh moves his leg slightly to the right getting it caught between the ropes. Echo tries to pull his leg out but its no use. Josh now sizes up the knee of Echo, and superkick! Josh is trying to maim Echo now, and he may very well have as Echo crumbles down, clutching his knee in pain and agony. Josh now continues his work as Echo writhes in pain on the floor. Josh grabs him by the hair and tosses him back in the ring, slowly sliding in himself. Josh slides in and locks in the ankle lock on Summer, making him scream in pain. He looks at the ref with true burning hate and forces him to continually ask him if he wants to tap out, Echo starts to squirm so Josh brilliantly transfers it into a devastating Jawbreaker submission maneuever. Josh focuses on Echo losing all emotion except for hate, and to his horror, Echo starts to escape and slip out. So, Josh is forced to let go, Echo is quick to the mark though and drags Josh into a corner. Echo rolls out now and ties Josh's legs around the ring post. Echo applies a figure four with Josh's legs trapped around pure metal. Josh refuses to tap, not giving Echo what he wants. Echo now, realizing his maneuever wont work, lets go, before backing up and hitting a Big Boot of his own, into the legs of Josh, sending both knees bouncing off the metal. Echo smiles, taking a breather for himself, high fiving a fan in the process. He pulls himself up to the top rope, looking for a double foot stomp, but somehow, Josh musters up some energy which makes him dive up to the top rope, knocking Echo off balance and sending him crashing down to the ground. Josh wastes no time and hits a REALITY CHECK! Goes for the pin, 1! 2! Kickout! Unlucky by Josh there. Josh is furious, and grips Echo by the hair and sets him up, going for It Kicks. He lands kick after kick, with a sickening crunch each time, Josh doesn't seem to be growing tired either. Echo with one final effort catches the leg and throws off Josh into the opposite corner, Echo lies there, both rivals sitting in opposite corners. Josh brings himself to standing position first and charges, but as soon as he comes in, his momentum is halted by a new move never used before by Echo. Reportedly he calls that the Dark Matter. He goes for the pin of his own, and a 1,2 Kickout! Wow! Somehow Josh is still in this. Joshua Scott might have spent his final piece of energy as he lays there, motionless. Josh might have ended his only shot at glory, and the United States title, but for now, he lives to fight for a few more seconds at the very least. And that seems to be all he needed because as Echo tries to work on him, he sends him reeling with a stiff kick. The United States title means so much to these men, and Josh is not willing to let it slip out of his hands. Josh looks at Echo, the man who stole all the worth he had in his life, Josh smiles. Not the smile of an evil man, but a smile of a man who might've just cracked a code to the secret of beating Echo Wilson. He walks over to Echo but Josh has taken too long admiring his own work and Echo kicks the knee of Joshua Scott. This time Echo smiles, not of respect, but of pure evil, something we've never seen from the Supernova before. He rolls out and grabs a chair and a ladder. He sets up the ladder connecting it from the ring to the barricade and sets up the chair in between the ropes, warning the referee to let them be. Had Echo been paying attention he would've seen Josh stirring. Josh now, stand up and smashes Echo from behind, throwing him into the chair head first. He then sets up the bent chair and springboard off the ropes. OZ CUTTER ONTO THE CHAIR! Devastating maneuver sends Echo's head crashing into the canvas! Goes for the pin as well now. 1! 2! HE KICKED OUT! Is that even possible?! Josh, is in disbelief as Echo lies there, arms out wide like a starfish. Josh nows comes close and lines up for a large slap to the face but Echo reacts fast and sends Josh's nose into his forearm. Echo stands up with the help from the ropes, he looks out into the crowd, with bad intentions in mind here. He looks a little sorry for Josh, as he mounts elbow after elbow onto Josh. Echo loses enrgy though and collapses next to his opponent. There is complete silence for a few seconds until the crowd erupts into cheers for the first time in the match. Echo needs to act quickly now and so he drags the body of Josh across the ring, and in the center he looks for any sort of move. Just at that moment though Josh's eyes pop open and in pure survival mode his brings up Echo and CODEBREAKER! GOES FOR THE PIN! 1! 2! KICKOUT! Joshua Scott with all that he could throw at the Supernova, nothing doing there! Joshua Scott is shocked, stunned, he imagined this match to be over by now but Echo is still here surviving. Echo crawls over to Josh, HES GOT THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE LOCKED IN! Josh has lost all hope! This has to be it for Mr. Amazing! OH LOOK ITS GEORGE! George is Josh's sidekick, the NXT Champion! Echo senses other presence and turns to face George. He stares at him, emotionless, which frightens George, who seems to have lost his surprise factor here tonight. George charges none the less but is caught and BLOODY SUNDAY ONTO GEORGE AK! No luck for the Joshtourage right now. George rolls out to avoid the pressure but from behind SPEAR! Echo got caught with a Spear! Josh is calling for it! The Great Scott incoming! GREAT SCOTT CONNECTS! 1! 2! 3- HE KICKED OUT! JOSHUA SCOTT IS UP IN ARMS! Milliseconds away from his coveted 3 count. Josh turns and begins to argue with the ref, but as he does so the Supernova starts to stir. Josh turns but its too late. CLOTHESLINE! Echo now looks at Josh, then at the Ladder, I think he has an idea, a sick idea. He grabs the Most Must see superstar and throws him over and onto the ladder. Now he lays there back first, Echo has a running start. ECHO WILSON LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! WHAT A MANEUVER! Springboarding off the ropes, turning backwards with a corkscrew, sending Josh crashing through the now broken ladder. Echo wastes no time, capitalizing on this and throwing him into the ring. With this spare time, Josh is stirring, and now he's on his feet. SUPERKICK! Josh is wavering , ANOTHER SUPERKICK! Josh falls to his knees, and ONE FINAL SUPERKICK! ECHO FINISHES THE BEAUTIFUL DISASTER COMBO AND GOES FOR THE PIN ! 1! 2! 3! ITS OVER, ITS OVER! Echo WIlson did it! He's beaten Joshua Scott for the second time in a row! The camera pans to Josh who looks devastated, and utterly defeated now. His one final chance to make something of himself has come to naught, and in a night of Redemption and Revenge, Josh has failed to find it. George looks from the outside, dissappointed at his own downfall. Will Josh make George pay for this mistake? Meanwhile Echo smiles brightly as he staggers up the ramp, US Title in hand. Nothing can stop Echo, as he walks into Survivor Series, your United States Champion. One thing is for certain, Echo Wilson is here to stay.
  12. BPZ Wrestling League

    im in if its not too late
  13. Journey Of Wrestling Competition

    Fair enough. Cena and Punk was great as expected. I came very close to 3 5 star matches though.
  14. Journey Of Wrestling Competition

    I'm in

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