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  1. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K18

    WWE Dreams returns to officially close out the 2018 season, beginning with a RAW Supershow! SmackDown Live, NXT, and 205 Live will also produce one final episode for the season. Expect the unexpected!
  2. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K18

    BREAKING NEWS WWE Dreams is announcing the release of Big Cass. Upon his release, Big Cass relinquished the Money in the Bank briefcase.
  3. Legendsorigin

    YOUR Universe Returns

    Card for RAW April 16, 2018: Finn Bálor came so close to winning the Universal Championship and will next face Dean Ambrose. Aleister Black and Lars Sullivan were both knocked out in the First Round of the Universal Championship Tournament. Now they go one on one to move up in the standings. What will the new Universal Champion have to say? A huge match featuring Superstars all hungry for the Universal Championship. Seth Rollins is set to call out the leader of SAnitY Eric Young, who cost him his tournament match, to demand an explanation.
  4. Legendsorigin

    YOUR Universe Returns

    ROSTER Face/Heel AJ Styles (@TheRomanPredator) Aleister Black (@imthebest118) Alexander Wolfe (CPU - Available) Baron Corbin (CPU - Available) Daniel Bryan (@Ropati) Dean Ambrose (@Bart) Edge (@TheGamingCentral) Elias (@Julius01) Eric Young (CPU - Available) Finn Bálor (@JoshsNow) Jinder Mahal (CPU - Available) Killian Dain (CPU - Available) Lars Sullivan (@Alyx Wilde) Roman Reigns (@Kyle Reeves) Sami Zayn (CPU - Available) Samoa Joe (@The GOAT) Seth Rollins (@BIG DOG) TEAMS SAnitY 1.) AJ Styles - Won the Universal Championship Tournament
  5. Legendsorigin

    YOUR Universe Returns

  6. Please check YOUR Universe and answer my question about your character.

  7. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams

    2K18 or 2K19?
  8. Legendsorigin

    Need a Logo

    I need someone to make me a specific logo. I don’t think it will be difficult. Pm me if you’re interested. Just so you know, it’s for my WWE Dreams Universe, so if you don’t want something spoiled for you, don’t offer.
  9. Legendsorigin

    YOUR Universe Returns

    Ladies and gentlemen, the brackets have been finalized. One of these 8 men will be the new Universal Champion, will carry this Universe on his back, will be the leader of the locker room. Who will it be? Who will win? Who wants it the most? Who will be Universal Champion? Good luck to everyone.
  10. Legendsorigin

    YOUR Universe Returns

    Next week, after WrestleMania.
  11. Legendsorigin

    YOUR Universe Returns

    Face/Heel? Attire?
  12. Legendsorigin

    YOUR Universe Returns

    Roster Finn Bálor Elias Seth Rollins AJ Styles Lars Sullivan Aleister Black Roman Reigns Edge
  13. Legendsorigin

    YOUR Universe Returns

    New details about YOUR Universe: The Universe will begin with an 8-man tournament to determine the Universal Champion. As of this post, 7 of the 8 spots have been filled. In a few days, the bracket will be finalized. If the final spot is not claimed by a PLR (Player), a CPU (Computer) will be put in place. The CPU Superstar will be unavailable for selection for YOUR Universe until he is eliminated from the tournament. If the CPU Superstar wins the tournament and becomes Universal Champion, they will also be unavailable until they are no longer champion. This will be the rule throughout. The same goes for a #1 Contender CPU Superstar. There will be 1 brand competing on 2 shows (RAW & SmackDown Live). Only 2 championships can be won in this Universe for now: the Universal and Intercontinental Championships. If the roster expands and demands for it, new championships will be instated, such as tag team and women’s championships. For now, the roster will feature 15-20 Superstars (PLRs and CPUs). After the tournament and a Universal Champion is crowned, the Universe will officially begin! Thank you.
  14. Legendsorigin

    Your Unpopular Wrestling Opinions!

    Also, Rusev Day should’ve won at Clash of Champions. They were never more over than that night. Might be too late now.
  15. Legendsorigin

    What game are you currently playing?

    Switch WWE 2K18 Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Splatoon 2 Kirby Star Allies LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Stardew Valley Xbox One WWE 2K15 Sea of Thieves Cuphead 3DS Pokémon Ultra Moon Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valencia Pokémon Crystal Wii U Skylanders: Imaginators

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