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  1. NXT North American Champion EC3 calls out Velveteen Dream so they can finish what they started once and for all. Triple H comes out and announces that EC3 will defend the North American Title against Velveteen Dream next week in their final encounter. The match will be Last Man Standing! The Street Profits guarantee victory in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Oney Lorcan, Noam Dar, Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Tony Nese Tyler Bate announces he found a partner and they will be entering the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament. His partner is revealed to be Trent Seven who is in action next. Trent Seven w/Tyler Bate vs Drew Gulak Zelina Vega explains that her marriage is fine and that her issues with her husband Aleister Black is strictly business. She guarantees everyone that at Backlash, Andrade will be the NXT and WWE Champion. Maria Kanellis w/Mike Kanellis vs Dakota Kai Lacey Evans came out on stage during the match, waved, and then left. NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler is interviewed and asked who she'd like to defend her title against next. She says if Lacey Evans ever interrupts her again like she did last week, she'll break her arms so she can never wave again. As for her next challenger, Bianca Belair steps up to the plate. During their exchange, Kairi Sane can be seen in the background watching through her telescope. SAnitY promise to bring chaos to the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The final team and brackets will be revealed next week! Adam Cole w/The Undisputed Era vs Kassius Ohno Cruiserweight Champion Ricochet comes to the ring and says there is one Superstar he wanted to face one-on-one since he came to WWE Dreams and that is Cedric Alexander. Ricochet puts the title on the line. Cruiserweight Championship Cruiserweight Champion Ricochet vs Cedric Alexander Ricochet celebrates as NXT ends. NEXT WEEK: The final team in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic will be revealed, along with the brackets. Also, EC3 defends the North American Championship against Velveteen Dream in a Last Man Standing Match!
  2. SDL Ember Moon makes her entrance to the ring and calls out Charlotte Flair. Two weeks ago, Ember came to SDL via the Superstar Shake-Up and immediately challenged Flair to a match. Feeling like she had nothing to prove to Moon, Charlotte rejected. Ember awaits Charlotte but she doesn't show. Instead, The IIconics come out and tell Moon that if she's looking for the top women on SDL, she found them. Ember Moon vs Peyton Royce w/Billie Kay After the match, Charlotte Flair attacked Ember Moon, targeted the legs, and eventually applied the Figure Eight Leg Lock on her. TONIGHT: Jeff Hardy returns to in-ring competition as he goes one-on-one with AJ Styles. The Colons are in the ring. Primo is set to face SDL's newest Superstar. Primo Colon w/Epico Colon vs ALI As ALI celebrated his first victory as part of the blue brand, Randy Orton delivered an RKO on him from outta nowhere. Up next, if Team Angle defeats The Bar, they will earn a SDL Tag Team Championship opportunity at Backlash. Team Angle vs The Bar BACKLASH: Team Angle challenges The Bar for the SDL Tag Team Championship, Ember Moon will finally get her match with Charlotte Flair, Rey Mysterio defends the WWE Championship against Andrade, and Kevin Owens faces Braun Strowman for the Intercontinental Title. In the locker room, Kevin Owens begs his former partner Sami Zayn to help him in his match with Braun Strowman at Backlash. Sami asks what's in it for him. KO says he'll give Zayn the first shot at the Intercontinental Championship if he wins. Sami agrees. Paige reveals that Absolution is the name of her team along with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Next week, they take on Natalya, Carmella, and Naomi in 6-Woman Tag Team action. American Alpha vs The Ascension American Alpha's reunion is spoiled by The Ascension. NEXT WEEK: Andrade and Rey Mysterio sign the contract for their WWE Championship Match at Backlash. Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles Jeff Hardy attempted to get himself intentionally counted out but AJ Styles tossed him into the ring. As AJ climbed back in himself, Hardy delivered a low blow to Styles, causing the disqualification. Jeff continued the assault until Rey Mysterio made the save. However, as Mysterio was focused on Hardy, Andrade came from behind and dropped Rey with a Hammerlock DDT. Andrade held up both the NXT and WWE Championships as SDL ends. To SDL from NXT: ALI
  3. RAW United States Championship Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura vs United States Champion Dean Ambrose After Dean Ambrose leaped off the top rope with the Lunatic Fringe Elbow Drop to Shinsuke Nakamura outside the ring, Bray Wyatt interfered and hit Sister Abigail on Ambrose. Jinder Mahal tossed Nakamura into the ring and delivered the Khallas for the win. Daniel Bryan walks into The Family's office and confronts Triple H, demanding a match with Bobby Lashley. Triple H says he'll get that match at Backlash. And next week, he will face Lio Rush. Elias is in the ring expressing his relief that Braun Strowman went to SmackDown Live. However, instead of a Monster, Elias now has to face a Freak! Lars Sullivan is on RAW! Elias vs Lars Sullivan Backstage, Aiden English tells Rusev he's going to fix everything. Lana vs Alicia Fox Aiden English came to the ring, causing Lana to get distracted and lose the match. Afterwards, she yelled at Aiden and he pushed her again. Rusev ran out and went after Aiden but Lana tried to hold him back. Rusev broke free and Lana slapped him. Aiden then attacked Rusev with a microphone. Lana and Aiden exited together. Dean Ambrose is a loose-cannon backstage, furious over what took place earlier tonight. Seth Rollins attempts to calm him down but Ambrose has an idea. The Usos vs Lucha House Party The Revival attacked Lucha House Party after the match but The Usos chased them away. Samoa Joe says him and Roman Reigns have been at this thing all season long but at Backlash, it all comes to an end when he puts Reigns to sleep and takes the Universal Championship. NEXT WEEK: Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe will be face-to-face in the ring. What will happen days before their Universal Championship Match? Also, Daniel Bryan vs Lio Rush and Drew McIntyre will be in action! The Riott Squad are coming to RAW! RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch joined the commentary team for the following match. Dana Brooke vs Bayley vs Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks Tamina came through the crowd and pulled Becky Lynch's hair. Becky punched her but then Nia Jax threw her into the steel steps. Nia will challenge Becky at Backlash for the title. Backstage, Dean Ambrose is leaving The Family's office. Seth Rollins was waiting for him. Ambrose says he has a match with Bray Wyatt next week and asks if Rollins will have his back. Seth says he will. To RAW from NXT: Lars Sullivan, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan
  4. NXT New NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler claims that the title around her waist is bad news for every other Superstar on the roster because no one is ever going to defeat her. Lacey Evans interrupts the champ, walks out on stage, waves, and then leaves. The former and most dominant NXT Tag Team Champions A.O.P. are the next team announced to be competing in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Mike and Maria Kanellis debut on NXT and immediately challenge Ricochet. Mike Kanellis w/Maria Kanellis vs Ricochet Heavy Machinery are shown lifting weights. Tucker says this won't be the only lifting they do this year as they plan on lifting the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic trophy. Aleister Black refuses to comment on the state of his marriage with Zelina Vega. Akira Tozawa vs Tony Nese Velveteen Dream requests a rematch for the North American Championship. Triple H reminds Dream there are no championship rematches. EC3 tackles Dream and the two begin fighting until referees pull them apart. No Way Jose vs Lars Sullivan The War Raiders promise that war is coming to the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Oney Lorcan vs Killian Dain w/SAnitY To NXT from RAW: Mike Kanellis, Maria Kanellis
  5. SDL The show opens with Triple H. He announces he has made a decision on how to determine Rey Mysterio's opponent at Backlash. Tonight, there will be a Triple Threat Match. It will be Sami Zayn vs The Phenomenal AJ Styles vs the NXT Champion Andrade. The New Day vs The Bludgeon Brothers Jason Jordan is backstage and bumps into Chad Gable who is now on SDL. R-Truth & Sin Cara vs The Ascension After the match, Randy Orton delivered an RKO to R-Truth and Sin Cara. Earlier today, Carmella and Naomi got into an argument in the dressing room. Natalya attempted to calm them down but they pushed her away. She said if they won't listen to her out of the ring, maybe they will in the ring. Before the match begins, JoJo announces it will now be a Fatal 4-Way. Natalya vs Carmella vs Naomi vs Paige During the match, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville made their SDL debut by helping Paige take out her opponents. Jeff Hardy is interviewed and asked if he thinks he should've been considered to be Rey Mysterio's opponent at Backlash. Jeff doesn't answer and walks away. SDL Tag Team Champion Cesaro w/SDL Tag Team Champion Sheamus vs Kurt Angle w/Shelton Benjamin Ember Moon says she's going to call out Charlotte Flair next week. Kevin Owens confronts Triple H in his office. He asks if he was imagining things last week when Triple H told him he was going to treat him like everyone else and give the same opportunities. Triple H, once again, says the past is in the past. Kevin then demands to know why he's not in the Triple Threat tonight. Triple H says there are two reasons. The first one is because Owens lost the Tag Team Match last week. The second reason is because KO already has a match at Backlash. In fact, he has a title match against SDL's newest Superstar Kevin Owens doesn't look thrilled. WWE Champion Rey Mysterio joins the commentary team for the following match. AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn vs NXT Champion Andrade Andrade and Rey Mysterio stare each other down. To SDL from RAW: Konnor, Viktor, Paige, Braun Strowman To SDL from NXT: Chad Gable, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville
  6. RAW The Revival are in the ring. Scott Dawson says him and Dash Wilder heard rumors all day that a new team was coming to RAW in the Superstar Shake-Up. They issue a challenge to this new team. The Revival vs Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado w/Kalisto) Rusev and Lana arrive to the arena, still upset about last week. Aiden English confronts them and apologizes immensely for what happened. Rusev tells him they all need space. Elias is in the ring with Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. He says he was backstage when they told him they wanted to walk with Elias. They begin playing and singing until The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman is unleashed! The B-Team vs Intercontinental Champion Braun Strowman One-half of the RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins is roaming backstage looking for Bray Wyatt. He finds him rocking in a chair in a dark, secluded room. Rollins says he knows what Bray was trying to do last week with Finn Balor and its not going to work. He tells Bray to stay out of his business, which Wyatt replies, "Okay, Seth. I'll stay out of your business." Maryse w/The Miz vs Mickie James Universal Champion Roman Reigns is interviewed backstage. He's asked how he feels after having to defend his title three times in a row last week. Roman says he's fine and if it were up to him, he would defend it again tonight. However, his next title defense is at Backlash against a man he's all too familiar with: Samoa Joe. Roman says Joe has been a pain in his ass all season so he looks forward to being one for Joe at Backlash. United States Champion Dean Ambrose & Shinsuke Nakamura vs Jinder Mahal & The Singh Brothers RAW Women's Champion The Man Becky Lynch is in the ring. She cuts right to the chase and asks who's going to step up and challenge her. Dana Brooke comes out and says if no one is going to give her an opportunity, she's going to take it. Sasha Banks interrupts and tells Dana to leave it to someone who can actually get the job done. Bayley is out now reminding Sasha she lost the title earlier this season so the last person that should get an opportunity is her. Nia Jax and Tamina take the stage. Nia once again says no one wants to see any of them face Becky because they all want to see her. All the Superstars begin arguing until Stephanie McMahon comes out to make an announcement. Next week, it will be Nia Jax vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke. The winner will challenge Becky Lynch for the RAW Women's Championship at Backlash. Daniel Bryan comes to the ring and calls out Bobby Lashley. Last week, Lashley hit Bryan with a cheap shot. Instead of The All-Mighty, Bryan gets The Scottish Psychopath. Daniel Bryan vs Drew McIntyre During the match, Bobby Lashley came through the crowd and Speared Daniel Bryan outside the ring. After Lashley hit the Dominator on Bryan in the ring, Lio Rush delivered The Final Hour from the top rope. To RAW from SDL: Mickie James To RAW from NXT: Gran Metalik, Kalisto, Lince Dorado
  7. Triple H and Shane McMahon are in the ring and holding the NXT Tag Team Titles. Triple H reveals that Johnny Gargano suffered an injury at TakeOver: Mania and the titles have been vacated. Shane announces the second annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The tournament will feature 8 NXT tag teams with the finals taking place at TakeOver: Money. The winning team will be the new NXT Tag Team Champions. Tommaso Ciampa makes his way out to the ring. Triple H and Shane shoot a look of disappointment his way but Ciampa just laughs. "Why, Ciampa? Why?" Tommaso states that he pulled off the greatest con in WWE Dreams history. Ciampa says it's not about why, it's about how. The plan was set in motion last summer at TakeOver when #DIY lost the NXT Tag Team Titles to A.O.P. After the match, Ciampa unleashed his rage on Johnny Gargano, only to apologize soon after. Ciampa says the idea was to get Gargano to love him, hate him, condemn him, forgive him and then love him again, setting up for the unsuspecting turn at TakeOver: Mania. Ciampa says you have no idea how much he sacrificed to pull this off. He gave up months of his career with no guarantee this would work. Tommaso knew if he wanted to get Johnny to forgive him, he had to take action. He destroyed Elias' guitar, saved Gargano from SAnitY and his wife Candice LeRae from Lars Sullivan. He earned back Johnny's trust. The next step was to become the victim. He provoked A.O.P., knowing Gargano would now come to his rescue. The final piece to the puzzle was to win the NXT Tag Team Titles at TakeOver: Mania, get Johnny's emotions at an all-time high, and then strike! Ciampa says the icing on the cake was the injury he caused Gargano. At this time, Candice approached Ciampa in tears. She begged him to tell her why. Tommaso grabbed the back of his head, seemingly having a moment of remorse, until he smiled, laughed, and left Gargano's wife, along with everyone else, without answers. The main event will be for the Cruiserweight Championship. Ricochet makes his NXT debut and defends his title against Tyler Bate. Coming up next, Kairi Sane and Ruby Riott lead their teams into battle as both women look to get back in contention for the NXT Women's Championship. Next week, the new NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler will be here live! Match 1 - 6-Woman Tag Kairi Sane, Bianca Belair, Dakota Kai vs The Riott Squad Lacey Evans interrupted the match, walked down the ramp, turned around, and left. United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne says he is the only champion that retained his title at TakeOver: Mania. He says until he gets some real competition, he will be taking a well-earned vacation. Match 2 - Singles (Non-title) No Way Jose vs North American Champion EC3 EC3 was attacked by one of No Way Jose's conga line members. It was revealed to be Velveteen Dream. The Undisputed Era are the first team to declare for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Match 3 - Singles Kassius Ohno vs Rhyno Aleister Black comes to the ring to address Andrade. Black calls out the new NXT Champion but is cut off by his own wife Zelina Vega. She says Andrade is on SmackDown Live now where he will become the first Superstar to hold the NXT Title and WWE Title at the same time. She continues by saying she will be joining him soon and that that being on separate brands might be good for her and Black's marriage. In the mean time... Aleister is then jumped from behind by Shane Thorne. Match 4 - Singles Aleister Black vs Shane Thorne Match 5 - Singles (Cruiserweight Championship) Tyler Bate vs Cruiserweight Champion Ricochet
  8. SmackDown Live opens with Triple H who calls out WWE Champion Rey Mysterio. Triple H tells Mysterio he will defend the WWE Championship at Backlash and a new #1 Contender will be decided within the next few weeks. The Superstar Shake-Up rolls on as Kevin Owens comes to SDL! Owens and Triple H stare each other down. Last season, Owens defeated Triple H, ending The Game's in-ring career. Kevin Owens tells Triple H it was never personal, he was just following Paul Heyman's orders. Owens goes on to say that he hopes their history won't prevent Triple H from treating him like every other Superstar and giving him the same opportunities. Triple H says the past is the past. KO then asks to be considered for Mysterio's opponent at Backlash. Just then, Kevin's former partner Sami Zayn arrives on SDL! Zayn says him and Owens must've had the same idea when they broke up on RAW because Sami throws his name in the ring to be Rey's challenger. Finally, AJ Styles joins the conversation. He says Owens and Zayn may be new faces around here but HE is the face that runs the place. Styles then apologizes for his behavior over the past year. He credits Rey Mysterio for showing him what respect means again. AJ concludes by saying he's been out of the WWE Title picture and would love one more match with Mysterio for the championship. Triple H says he's not going to make the decision tonight but he does announce the main event: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will team up one more time to face the team of AJ Styles and WWE Champion Rey Mysterio. Also tonight, coming off the biggest win of their careers at WrestleMania, The IIconics take on Carmella and Naomi in more tag team action! Match 1 - Singles SDL Tag Team Champion Cesaro w/SDL Tag Team Champion Sheamus vs Shelton Benjamin w/Kurt Angle Match 2 - Singles Kurt Angle w/Shelton Benjamin vs SDL Tag Team Champion Sheamus w/SDL Tag Team Champion Cesaro NEXT WEEK: The New Day end their rivalry with The Bludgeon Brothers. Charlotte Flair is in the ring. She says Becky Lynch ran away to RAW to avoid facing her again. She says she knows that Asuka is coming to SDL and bringing the SDL Women's Championship with her. Flair says there's not a single other woman on the roster more worthy, deserving, or ticket-selling than her so she believes she should get the first shot against Asuka. No way! The former 2-time NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon is now on SDL! Ember Moon continues to demands a match with Charlotte Flair but Flair just leaves the ring and walks away. Jeff Hardy refuses to comment on his post-match actions at WrestleMania. Match 3 - Tag Team Carmella & Naomi vs The IIconics After the match, Naomi and Carmella appeared to be annoyed with each other. Match 4 - Singles Curt Hawkins w/Zack Ryder vs Randy Orton Match 5 - Tag Team Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles & WWE Champion Rey Mysterio After the match, AJ Styles grabs the WWE Title, looks closely at it, and hands it to Rey Mysterio. Styles gives Rey the ring and heads to the back. What the? That's NXT Champion Andrade! The NXT Champion is beating the hell out of the WWE Champion! No one is exempt from the Superstar Shake-Up! The NXT Champion Andrade is on SDL and has Rey Mysterio and the WWE Championship in his sights! To SDL from RAW: Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn To SDL from NXT: Ember Moon, Andrade
  9. Monday Night RAW kicks off with Mr. McMahon who at WrestleMania, announced he and his family are taking back control of the entire WWE Dreams. Before he says anything, he is joined in the ring by Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, and Triple H! The Family make several announcements, including the Superstar Shake-Up and no more guaranteed championship rematches, calling it a New Era in WWE Dreams. Triple H is interrupted by the former RAW General Manager Baron Corbin. The Lone Wolf claims he deserves a reward for a "job well done" as General Manager. Triple H tells Corbin that he was speaking to someone backstage who wanted to defend their new championship tonight. Triple H announces a title match between Baron Corbin and the new Universal Champion Roman Reigns! Match 1 - Singles (Universal Championship) Baron Corbin vs Universal Champion Roman Reigns The Superstar Shake-Up has begun! Drew McIntyre is on RAW and accepting Roman Reigns' challenge! Match 2 - Singles (Universal Championship) Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre Wait a minute... Rusev is here on RAW! Is this really happening?! It is! Rusev is cashing in! Match 3 - Singles (Universal Championship - Money in the Bank cash-in) Universal Champion Roman Reigns vs Rusev Reigns kicks out! Superman Punch! Aiden English joins Lana ringside. Lana yells at Aiden to leave. She pushes him away and then Aiden shoves Lana down. Rusev sees Lana on the floor and asks what happened. Aiden tells Rusev to turn around. Rusev carries Lana to the back as Aiden English trails behind. In the locker room, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn agree to end their partnership. Elias says the only reason he lost to The Rock at WrestleMania was because he was prepared for a concert, not a match. He says he is prepared for his match tonight so it doesn't matter who his opponent is because he is going to win. Match 4 - Singles (Non-title) Elias vs Intercontinental Champion Braun Strowman Daniel Bryan is in the ring and says he believes he's earned an opportunity at the Universal Championship. He's interrupted by Bobby Lashley who says he's the only one that should get a title match, considering he wasn't pinned at WrestleMania. They both are then confronted by Samoa Joe who reveals he just spoke with The Family and they named him the #1 Contender for the Universal Championship. Lashley hits Bryan from behind. The United States Champion Dean Ambrose is on RAW to defend his title. But who is the challenger? Match 5 - Singles (United States Championship) United States Champion Dean Ambrose vs Shinsuke Nakamura This was turning into a MOTY candidate until Jinder Mahal and The Singh Brothers interfered and attacked Dean Ambrose and Shinsuke Nakamura. Finn Balor and Seth Rollins are in the ring and thank the WWE Dreams Universe for believing in them because at WrestleMania, they became the RAW Tag Team Champions! Bray Wyatt appears on screen. He asks if Balor can truly trust Rollins. He mentions The Shield, saying that's the only brotherhood Rollins is faithful to. Seth tells Finn to ignore Wyatt. Bray laughs in the background. Match 6 - Singles Heath Slater vs Mike Kanellis w/Maria Kanellis Ronda Rousey asks RAW Women's Champion Asuka to come to the ring. Asuka does. Ronda says they made history at WrestleMania and the better woman won. Ronda congratulates Asuka and they shake hands. SDL Women's Champion Becky Lynch arrives on RAW! Becky turns to Ronda. She then tells Rousey to get the hell out of her ring because her and Asuka have business to take care of. Lynch reveals that Asuka is going to SmackDown Live and The Man is now on RAW! The Superstars exchange their championships. Becky asks Asuka if she wants her last match on RAW to be against the new man around here. Nia Jax comes out on stage saying no one wants to watch that. She says everyone is here to see her. She goes on to say that The Family made tonight's main event a Tag Team Match between the team of Asuka & Becky Lynch and Nia Jax & her new partner Tamina. Match 7 - Tag Team SDL Women's Champion Asuka & RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch vs Nia Jax & Tamina Asuka and Becky Lynch stand face-to-face with their championships raised as RAW ends. To RAW from SDL: Rusev, Lana, Aiden English, Shinsuke Nakamura, Becky Lynch, Tamina To RAW from NXT: Drew McIntyre, Dean Ambrose To SDL from RAW: Asuka
  10. Here are even more fun facts and original ideas: Roman Reigns was the original winner of the Royal Rumble and would have defeated John Cena at WrestleMania. Bobby Lashley was going to be an NXT Superstar and win the NXT Title at TakeOver but I didn't have any good matchups for him following that so I put him on the main roster. I thought it might be interesting to have him win the Rumble instead and then prolong his decision before choosing Cena. This allowed Reigns to win the Elimination Chamber and have a right to be in the title match as well. Long before this season began, I knew I wanted a big match involving Undertaker. Some of his possible opponents included Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, and Daniel Bryan. I eventually chose Bryan and came up with the storyline involving Kane. Shawn Michaels was chosen as Bryan's mystery partner because I just wanted to use HBK '05. I inserted Andrade into the NXT Title picture because I just really wanted to make him champion. The main event of WrestleMania was originally the Universal Title Match but I decided to do something different and have the women close the show. I came up with the idea of Ronda Rousey threatening to expose professional wrestling before Ronda's real life video. I thought the idea of her possibly winning the RAW Women's Title and then walking out allowed that match to main event. I planned on Becky Lynch winning the Royal Rumble and SDL Women's Title at WrestleMania long before WWE. Also, the cage in their WrestleMania match was the blue cage. Brock Lesnar was originally going to fight Stone Cold at WrestleMania. Then, Austin was going to be the special referee. Finally, I decided on him and Ted DiBiase being managers as a callback to when WWE Dreams began and they were the General Managers. When I had Dean Ambrose quit on NXT, that was before the rumors began of him leaving WWE. I wasn't going to bring him back and I went back and forth having him show up at WrestleMania or not. Finally, I decided to have him there and win. If I didn't have him in the match, the winner was either going to be Shinsuke Nakamura or Jason Jordan. For a short time, I thought about bringing Eddie Guerrero back, having him win the Rumble, and face Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania. I had Elias and The Rock meet at WrestleMania because its a crime they haven't shared the ring yet in WWE. Finn Balor and Seth Rollins' tag team entrance at WrestleMania was the MyCareer entrance choice. The Jeff Hardy heel turn was a long time coming. Jeff was originally going to win the WWE Title way back at Survivor Series. Rey Mysterio was going to be his first challenger and he would have turned heel then too. I'm actually very proud of the Gargano/Ciampa storyline I came up with. Lio Rush was originally a member of the 205 Live roster but I ultimately decided on putting him with Lashley. Mike Kanellis was going to receive a big push and possibly win the IC Title. Because the McMahon took back control of WWE, I decided to do the same in WWE Dreams. Samoa Joe was originally going to make Lesnar tap out but I didn't want to have back to back matches end via submission. I admit I should have made Shayna Baszler champion much sooner. If I think of any more I will add to this list.
  11. The following Superstars who made at least one appearance this season (not including Legends Week), WILL NOT make another going forward: Batista Beth Phoenix Brie Bella Brock Lesnar Chris Jericho Goldust Hideo Itami John Cena Kane Karl Anderson Luke Gallows Nick Miller Nikki Bella The Rock Shawn Michaels Stone Cold Steve Austin Ted DiBiase TJP Tye Dillinger Undertaker
  12. WWE Dreams WrestleMania is available now!

  13. Event The opening contest was the Battle Royal for the United States Championship. Batista defended his title in this open invitational. The surprise entrants were Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose. Jericho was eliminated by Randy Orton. Batista eliminated Rusev and Aiden English while AJ Styles eliminated Orton. Shinsuke Nakamura gained revenge with the elimination of Batista, guaranteeing a new champion. The final four are Ambrose, Styles, Jason Jordan, and Nakamura. Jordan surprisingly eliminated Styles but was then eliminated himself by Dean. In the end, Ambrose left WrestleMania with the United States Championship for the second year in a row. Up next was the Cage Match for the SDL Women's Championship. Former best friends clashed as champion Charlotte Flair defended against the winner of the women's Royal Rumble Becky Lynch. The biggest spot of the match was when Flair climbed to the top of the cage and performed a Moonsault off of it. However, as Charlotte crawled and reached for the cage door, Lynch applied the Dis-Arm-Her and forced Flair to tap. A limo arrived with Mr. McMahon inside. Renee Young asked him about the rumors surrounding his presence at WrestleMania. He said he wanted to wait until RAW to announce this but as of right now, the McMahon family is back in control of all of WWE Dreams. He went on to say their first order of business is to bring back the Superstar Shake-Up. It will take place over the course of the next month, beginning on RAW. He concluded with saying he's just here to enjoy the show. Back to the action with the third match of the show. The RAW Tag Team Championship was on the line as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn defended against Finn Balor and Seth Rollins, The Burn Unit. The end of the match came when Rollins Curb Stomped Owens, setting him up for a Coup de Grace from Balor for the win. Elias was in the ring for his concert. Once again, he sang about being better than The Rock and that his performance tonight will be a more memorable WrestleMania moment than when Rock won the WWE Championship. Elias was unable to get through the entire song, however, as The Rock made his return to WWE Dreams and joined Elias in the ring. The Rock said he would normally come out here and ask who Elias is but he says he knows who Elias is. He then says that he doesn't want to walk with Elias because he wants to sing with Elias. Are we going to hear a duet from The Rock and Elias? Rock takes the microphone and sings about needing a referee because he's about to kick Elias' candy ass. The fourth match is an impromptu match between Elias and The Rock. It didn't take long for Rock to put Elias away with a Rock Bottom, followed by The People's Elbow. The fifth match is a Fatal 4-Way for Bobby Roode's Intercontinental Championship. After Braun Strowman clotheslined Roode and Dolph Ziggler over the ropes and out of the ring, he turned to The Miz who attempted to escape but to no avail. Braun grabbed him and delivered a Strowman Slam for the win and the Intercontinental Championship. Match six was The IIconics vs The Bella Twins. This was the biggest match in Peyton Royce & Billie Kay's careers and they walked out with the win. The next match was for the WWE Championship between Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy. These two had a classic rivalry years ago over the title but they've never met on the big stage. Mysterio was able to retain the WWE Title with a 619, followed by a Frog Splash. After the match, Rey wanted to shake Jeff's hand but Hardy's frustration with losing another championship opportunity drove him to low blow Mysterio and toss him into the steel stairs. The SDL Tag Team Championship was on the line next in a Fatal 4-Way. The New Day defended against The Bar, Team Angle, and The Bludgeon Brothers. New champions were crowned as The Bar became two-time SDL Tag Team Champions. Daniel Bryan came out for his match against The Brothers of Destruction. After Kane and Undertaker made their way to the ring, the match was announced as a Handicap Match but Bryan confirmed he had a partner. That partner was The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels who helped Bryan get the victory. Backstage, former teammates Becky Lynch, Sheamus, and Finn Bálor showed off their individual titles. The tenth match on the card was a Triple Threat between Universal Champion John Cena, Roman Reigns, and men's Royal Rumble winner Bobby Lashley. Reigns was taken out early by Lashley who Speared him through the barricade. Roman made his way back later on and attempted to Spear Lashley but Bobby jumped over Reigns and Cena was hit instead. Lashley then went for another Spear on Roman but Reigns moved and Cena was hit again. Roman then delivered a Superman Punch to Lashley, sending him out of the ring. Reigns pinned Cena to become the new Universal Champion. Match eleven was between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar. Stone Cold and Ted DiBiase were ringside. Lesnar put Joe through the announce table with an F-5 and when he grabbed a chair to hit Joe with, Austin ripped it out of his hands. Brock delivered a German suplex to Austin on the outside. Back in the ring, Joe locked Brock in the Coquina Clutch but DiBiase put Lesnar's foot on the rope. Joe grabbed The Million Dollar Man and put him in the Coquina Clutch as well. Lesnar broke it up and hit another F-5 on Joe but Joe kicked out. Lesnar then went to the top rope, possibly thinking about a Shooting Star Press. However, Joe stopped him and nailed the Muscle Buster on Brock for the win. After the match, Stone Cold delivered Stunners to both Lesnar and DiBiase before celebrating with a couple cold ones. The main event was for the RAW Women's Championship. Asuka defended against Ronda Rousey who vowed to tap out Asuka, expose this company, and leave with the title. That did not happen though as Asuka made Rousey tap to the Asuka Lock in an exciting finish to close out WrestleMania. Results
  14. Went to my first WWE event in about 10 years last night. Saw AJ Styles, Hardy Boyz, and of course The Man Becky Lynch. I had a floor seat but I was behind the tallest guy in the arena. At least he got up every 10 minutes to go to the bathroom. Fun time

    1. Arius


      Sounds like a blast. I really need to catch the next live shows in Australia when they return. What was the main event?

    2. Legendsorigin


      Charlotte vs Becky. Flair came out and told us to shut up and bow down to The Queen. Becky came out to a huge pop, no crutch or limping, got her knee worked on, but made Charlotte tap out.

  15. Rumors are continuing to circulate about Mr. McMahon showing up at WWE Dreams WrestleMania. Sources are saying the Chairman is preparing to shut down WWE Dreams for good. We hope this isn’t true. Tune in to WrestleMania to find out.

    1. BrendenPlayz


      sounds great, looking forward to it

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