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  1. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    BREAKING NEWS WWE Dreams is announcing that at Super Show-Down in Japan, AJ Styles will go one-on-one with Rey Mysterio for the first-time ever. But before then, Styles will face his old rival Batista on SDL.
  2. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 54 SDL SDL opens with Beth Phoenix and Natalya in the ring. They call themselves the matriarchs of the women's division. Beth says she's the greatest Women's Champion in history and Natalya takes all the credit for re-building the division. She says The Bella Twins were there too but they may as well not have been. Beth then says she was never Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch's friend. She goes on to claim that she will win back the SDL Women's Championship. Charlotte Flair makes her way out on stage. Charlotte Flair: I don't care which one of you it is, but you injured Becky, and now I'm gonna kick your ass! Match 1 - Singles Natalya w/Beth Phoenix vs Charlotte Flair Michael Cole: Charlotte Flair with the win! Well, during the match, we were told about the following announcement: at Super Show-Down, Nikki Bella will defend the SDL Women's Title against Beth Phoenix and Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat Match! Nikki will have her sister in her corner, Beth will have Natalya, and Becky Lynch will return to join her best friend Charlotte Flair. Becky was injured by Natalya and Beth Phoenix last week. Byron Saxton: Still to come, Rey Mysterio competes on SDL for the first time in years. He teams with Batista to take on Sheamus and Cesaro. Corey Graves: And in a match personally requested by the WWE Champion and granted by the majority shareholder Ted DiBiase, Brock Lesnar will face Big E and Kofi Kingston in a Handicap Match tonight. Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way to the ring. United States Champion Kurt Angle comes out on stage, claiming to still have the flu. He volunteers Shelton Benjamin to be Nakamura's opponent again. Match 2 - Singles Shinsuke Nakamura vs Shelton Benjamin w/United States Champion Kurt Angle After Shinsuke Nakamura's victory, Kurt Angle hit him from behind with the United States Championship. In the back, The New Day are interviewed. They aren't acting like their usual selves. They're first asked about how Xavier Woods is doing. Kofi Kingston says he's physically okay but mentally is a different story. Nobody knows for sure what The Bludgeon Brothers did to him. Speaking of Harper and Rowan, The New Day will have to defend their SDL Tag Team Titles against them at Super Show-Down. Big E says they are dedicating the match to Woods. Finally, they're asked about taking on Brock Lesnar tonight. Kofi just looks at Big E who has a determined look on his face. Match 3 - Tag Team Rey Mysterio & Batista vs The Bar After the match, AJ Styles came out of nowhere and hit Rey Mysterio with the Phenomenal Forearm. Batista went after AJ but Styles escaped. Michael Cole: You know, for someone who said he doesn't want to fight Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles sure likes to take a lot of cheap shots. Corey Graves: Well, we now know two Superstars who will finally face off and that's Shinsuke Nakamura and Kurt Angle. For the first time in WWE Dreams history, the United States Championship will be defended outside of the United States. At Super Show-Down in Japan, Shinsuke Nakamura will challenge Kurt Angle! Match 4 - Tag Team Lana & Carmella w/Rusev vs Mickie James & Tamina In the back, Aiden English is watching and seems excited over Lana's victory. TOMORROW NIGHT ON NXT: GENERAL MANAGER SHANE MCMAHON HAS A MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE Match 5 - Handicap SDL Tag Team Champions The New Day vs WWE Champion Brock Lesnar During The New Day's entrance, The Bludgeon Brothers came from behind and hit Big E with their hammers. Kofi Kingston was forced to face Brock Lesnar alone. Or was he? The Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy came out to face his Super Show-Down opponent. The referee never gained control and ruled the match a no contest. No Contest For the second week in a row, Brock Lesnar laid everyone out with suplexes. SDL ended with Brock delivering an F-5 to Jeff Hardy.
  3. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 53 RAW Michael Cole: Welcome to Monday Night RAW! Tonight, Kevin Owens faces The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman! Corey Graves: And if KO can somehow survive and win the match, he will earn a RAW Tag Team Championship opportunity for him and Sami Zayn. Byron Saxton: Speaking of Sami Zayn, him and Universal Champion John Cena are banned from ringside during that match. Match 1 - Singles (Non-title) RAW Women's Champion Sasha Banks vs Paige Michael Cole: Sasha's 2-0 against her Super Show-Down opponents. Next week, she faces The Empress of Tomorrow Asuka for the first time ever! Corey Graves: Still to come, Maryse returns to in-ring competition full-time when she faces Alicia Fox. Match 2 - Tag Team The Ascension vs The Club Corey Graves: The Club requested that match and put a stop to the roll The Ascension has been on. Michael Cole: Speaking of on a roll, Bray Wyatt will be in action later tonight against Mojo Rawley. BURN IT DOWN Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. He says Roman Reigns couldn't be out here because of the damage done to his throat last week by Samoa Joe. Rollins says Roman can barely speak. Seth says he's out here to speak for the both of them and challenges Joe and Dolph Ziggler to a Tag Team Match at Super Show-Down. *RECORD SCRATCH* Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler stands on stage and asks how many more times he has to beat Seth Rollins. Samoa Joe appears behind Dolph. Joe accepts the challenge. He says he'll have Seth and Roman Reigns right where he wants them at the same and that he's going to put them down for good. TOMORROW NIGHT ON SDL: REY MYSTERIO WILL COMPETE ON SMACKDOWN LIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS WHEN HE TEAMS WITH THE ANIMAL BATISTA TO TAKE ON THE BAR Match 3 - Singles Alicia Fox vs Maryse w/Bobby Roode Michael Cole: The Miz came down and attacked Bobby Roode from behind! The distraction cost Maryse the match. What is Miz's problem? Corey Graves: RAW General Manager Constable Corbin has made this match official: Bray Wyatt: I'm here. Match 4 - Singles Bray Wyatt vs Mojo Rawley Michael Cole: Coming up next, Kevin Owens faces- what is this? Byron Saxton: That's Braun Strowman's locker room! Corey Graves: And there's a forklift barricading the door! Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn can be seen in the background. Michael Cole: Did they have something to do with this? Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. Braun Strowman is introduced but does not show. The referee begins his ten count. If Braun doesn't answer the count, he will lose by forfeit. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... Michael Cole: That's not Braun Strowman! That's JOHN CENA! Is Cena taking Braun's place? Match 5 - Singles (Non-title) Kevin Owens vs Universal/RAW Tag Team Champion John Cena During the match, images of the barricaded locker room appear on the titantron and Braun Strowman has broken free! He then makes his way out on stage. John Cena grabs a microphone and tells Braun not to interfere. The referee heads up the ramp to tell Strowman to leave. Meanwhile, a masked man comes from under the ring and hits Cena with a lead pipe. Kevin Owens goes for the cover. The referee runs back to the ring. Michael Cole: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will challenge for the RAW Tag Team Championship at Super Show-Down! Byron Saxton: All thanks to that masked man. Corey Graves: Give credit where it's due, Byron. Kevin Owens has pinned the Universal Champion twice now! Kevin Owens and the masked man head to the back but are stopped by Braun Strowman. Braun throws KO down and grabs the masked man. He removes the mask and its Sami Zayn! Braun picks up Zayn and delivers a Strowman Slam to him on the stage! Braun takes a look at the ring to see John Cena still knocked out. Strowman walks away as RAW ends.
  4. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 51 Main Event Daniel Bryan defeats Heath Slater The Revival defeats The B-Team Finn Balor defeats Mojo Rawley SEASON 12 | EPISODE 52 Velocity Jason Jordan defeats Sin Cara Carmella defeats Mickie James The Perfect Truth defeats The Colons w/Goldust
  5. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 50 205 Live Michael Cole: Last week on 205 Live, a new Cruiserweight Champion was crowned. Tonight, Adam Cole competes for the first time as champion against the reeling Cedric Alexander. Corey Graves: But we kick things off with, who some are saying is the reason Adam Cole won the title, Drew Gulak. Drew Gulak is in the ring. He reiterates that everything he does is for a better 205 Live. He then reveals that he was the one that attacked Kalisto backstage at WarGames. He says the luchadors are everything that's wrong with this brand. He took out Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado. That left the worst of them all: Kalisto. He says Kalisto was disgracing the Cruiserweight Championship but it is now around the waist of someone we can be proud of. Kalisto has heard enough and runs down to the ring. But Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish come from behind gang up on Kalisto. But shortly after, Kalisto gets backup in Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado. Drew Gulak and The Undisputed Era decide not to continue the fight and head to the back. In the back, 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick is in his office when the new Cruiserweight Champion Adam Cole walks in. Drake asks what Cole wants. Adam just smiles and gloats about being champion and how it must eat Maverick up inside. Cole then demands Drake put the belt around his waist. Maverick reluctantly does. Match 1 - Tag Team Hideo Itami & Akira Tozawa vs Oney Lorcan & Tony Nese In the locker room, TJP and Rhyno shake hands and embrace as a team. Match 2 - Singles TJP w/Rhyno vs Gentleman Jack Gallagher Gentleman Jack Gallagher ignored the referee's count of five to get himself disqualified. Gallagher had TJ down in the corner. Rhyno saw enough and when Jack turned around, ran full force with a Gore! In the back, Cedric Alexander is interviewed and asked what his thoughts are on facing the Cruiserweight Champion tonight. Cedric says this might be his last chance to prove he still belongs on 205 Live. He says he has to win. Match 3 - Tag Team Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari vs Chad Gable & Mustafa Ali Michael Cole: This just in. Next week, Gentlemen Jack Gallagher will face The Man-Beast Rhyno! Cruiserweight Champion Adam Cole makes his entrance and celebrates being champion. But the party is crashed by Roderick Strong. Roddy says his and Cole's issues are far from over. He says he's making it his responsibility to get The Undisputed Era out of 205 Live. Strong remains ringside for the next match. Match 4 - Singles (Non-title) Cruiserweight Champion Adam Cole vs Cedric Alexander w/Roderick Strong Corey Graves: What was that?! Roderick Strong distracted Adam Cole, allowing Cedric Alexander to defeat the champ! Byron Saxton: How many times have Adam Cole and Undisputed Era stuck their noses where it didn't belong? Michael Cole: Nonetheless, Cedric Alexander snaps his losing streak and Roderick Strong sends a clear message to the Cruiserweight Champion: "we aren't finished yet!" Roderick Strong heads up the ramp with a grin on his face as Adam Cole is in a state of "shock" in the ring.
  6. Legendsorigin

    Pokémon: Let’s Go Trade Request

    Hey, does anyone have Pokémon: Let’s Go? I need to evolve Kadabra, Graveler, Machoke, and Haunter and I need someone to trade with. Can anyone help me out? Once I have them, my Pokedex will be complete. Thank you!
  7. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 49 NXT Michael Cole: Tonight is the night we've been waiting for. The NXT Championship is on the line in a Triple Threat Match. Dean Ambrose defends against Drew McIntyre and Lars Sullivan. Corey Graves: It's The Lunatic versus The Psychopath versus The Freak! Match 1 - Tag Team Street Profits vs The Mighty NXT Tag Team Champions A.O.P. Return Next Week Match 2 - Singles Andrade "Cien" Almas w/Zelina Vega vs EC3 After the match, EC3 called out Velveteen Dream. He said he did what Dream couldn't do. Velveteen Dream does not show. Byron Saxton: It looks like Velveteen Dream is making EC3 wait another week, at least. In the locker room, Johnny Gargano is approached by Eric Young and SAnitY. Eric Young says Gargano looks lost and extends an invitation to him to join SAnitY. Match 3 - Singles Kairi Sane vs Ruby Riott After the match, Shayna Baszler looked to capitalize on a Riott Squad-less Ruby Riott but she got away. Shayna then targeted Kairi Sane and choked her out. A replay shows Aleister Black vs Elias from last week. Elias will be out of action for an extended period of time. Aleister Black is in the ring and calls out Pete Dunne. Black says time's up and a fight is coming. The United Kingdom Champion makes his way out on stage and asks if Aleister thinks he's stupid to get in the ring with him. Aleister says he told Dunne to show up for a fight but not against him. All of a sudden, Tyler Bate hits Pete Dunne from behind. NXT General Manager Shane McMahon comes out with security to break them up. He tells them if they want to fight, they will next week. Michael Cole: Next week's NXT is shaping up to be just as good as tonight's! A.O.P. returns and Tyler Bate will face Pete Dunne. Byron Saxton: The question is, who will be the NXT Champion next week? Corey Graves: We're about to find out. Match 4 - Triple Threat (NXT Championship) Drew McIntyre vs Lars Sullivan vs NXT Champion Dean Ambrose Michael Cole: Drew McIntyre pins Dean Ambrose and becomes the new NXT Champion! Drew McIntyre delivered a post-match beatdown on Dean Ambrose before posing with the title.
  8. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 48 SDL Michael Cole: Welcome to SDL! Last week's episode will go down as one of the most memorable episodes in WWE Dreams history. Corey Graves: The anonymous majority shareholder was revealed to be the first-ever SDL General Manager Ted DiBiase and he handed out a punishment to the current SDL General Manager Zack Ryder. Byron Saxton: Zack Ryder was forced to face the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar inside a steel cage. Michael Cole: But thanks to Jeff Hardy, Zack Ryder not only survived, but he won! Corey Graves: Which leads us to some breaking news. Byron Saxton: At Super Show-Down, Jeff Hardy will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship. In the back, Ted DiBiase makes an announcement of his own. He says Jeff Hardy will get his title match at Super Show-Down, provided he even makes it to Japan after tonight. The majority shareholder puts Jeff in a Handicap Match against The Bludgeon Brothers. Match 1 - Singles Lana w/Rusev vs Tamina Aiden English looks disappointed as he watches from the locker room. Michael Cole: Coming up next, Shinsuke Nakamura makes his return to SDL to take on his rival Kurt Angle. Let's take a look at the history between these two. - Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Kurt Angle at SummerSlam. - Kurt Angle Angled Slammed Shinsuke Nakamura after the match. - Kurt Angle defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in the rematch on SDL. - Kurt Angle made Shinsuke Nakamura tap out at Hell in a Cell. - Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Kurt Angle at TLC. - Kurt Angle injured Shinsuke Nakamura's ankle after the match. Shinsuke Nakamura makes his way to the ring. Kurt Angle's music hits and he comes out on stage in a suit. Kurt Angle: Shinsuke, believe me when I say there was nothing I wanted more than to finish what I started and break both your ankles tonight. But unfortunately, I've come down with the flu. So I will not be competing tonight. But you will. I went out and found a suitable replacement for you to face. Him and I go way back. He's a former Tag Team, United States, and Intercontinental Champion. You're not the only one making a return to SDL tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back Michael Cole: Shelton Benjamin is back in WWE Dreams! Match 2 - Singles Shinsuke Nakamura vs Shelton Benjamin w/United States Champion Kurt Angle Michael Cole: Still to come tonight, Charlotte Flair teams with Becky Lynch to take on The Bella Twins in our main event! In the back, Rey Mysterio is asked about his thoughts on AJ Styles insulting and assaulting him last week. Rey says he went out to the ring to thank the fans and to say goodbye. He was on his way out when AJ Styles showed up and blamed Rey for SDL losing at Survivor Series. Mysterio says AJ took a cheap shot. Rey says there's been a change of plans. He's not going anywhere. He's back and he's back to kick AJ Styles' ass! He says he understands AJ Styles is the greatest wrestler in the world today and one match back doesn't make him ready for AJ. Batista appears standing next to Mysterio. Rey says Batista has agreed to team up with him next week against any SDL team. Match 3 - Handicap Jeff Hardy vs The Bludgeon Brothers Big E and Kofi Kingston interfered, seeking revenge against Harper and Rowan for Xavier Woods. However, this would bring out The Beast Brock Lesnar who laid out Jeff Hardy and The New Day with Suplexes. On social media, The Bar respond to Rey Mysterio and Batista's challenge. They call them a "nostalgia act" and accept the match next week. Match 4 - Tag Team Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs The Bella Twins After the match, Natalya and Beth Phoenix make their first appearance since their absence at Survivor Series. They run through the crowd, into the ring, and attack Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Natalya locks Lynch in the Sharpshooter. The Bella Twins come back in the ring and applaud the beatdown. However, Beth and Nattie attack them as well! Natalya applies the Sharpshooter on SDL Women's Champion Nikki Bella and Beth Phoenix holds the title up as SDL ends.
  9. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 47 RAW Michael Cole: Monday Night RAW is live and after what transpired last week, former Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins will face The Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe in the main event. Corey Graves: Christmas has come early because The Miz is giving us Miz TV for the second week in a row! Byron Saxton: Once again, his guest will be his wife Maryse. Hopefully Miz apologizes for last week. Match 1 - Singles RAW Tag Team Champion Braun Strowman w/Universal/RAW Tag Team Champion John Cena vs Sami Zayn w/Kevin Owens Corey Graves: Braun Strowman absolutely demolished Zayn! Michael Cole: At Super Show-Down, Sasha Banks will defend the RAW Women's Championship against Asuka, Paige, and Nia Jax in a Fatal 4-Way. In the weeks leading up to the match, Sasha will face each of her challengers one-on-one. Tonight, she takes on The Irresistible Force Nia Jax! Match 2 - Triple Threat Tag Team The Ascension vs The Club vs The Usos Michael Cole: Wow! The Ascension pulled off the upset against two former Tag Team Champions! In the back, RAW General Manager Constable Corbin tells Kevin Owens he will face Braun Strowman next week. If he can win, him and Sami Zayn will challenge for the RAW Tag Team Titles at Super Show-Down. Match 3 - Singles (Non-title) RAW Women's Champion Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax A replay shows last week's Miz TV when Maryse announced her in-ring return. On tonight's edition of Miz TV, The Miz said he wanted to apologize to his wife Maryse. Key word being "wanted." He wanted to apologize before he saw what happened backstage. Miz shows a replay of Maryse being consoled by Bobby Roode. Miz then begins to yell at Maryse until Bobby Roode comes running to her rescue. Miz takes off as Roode asks Maryse if she's okay. On the next SDL, what will the fallout be from last week? Will Jeff Hardy and General Manager Zack Ryder have to answer to the newly revealed majority shareholder Ted DiBiase? Will WWE Champion Brock Lesnar be seeking revenge? Find out on the next SDL! Back live on RAW, Jinder Mahal is in the ring, preparing for his opponent. Bray Wyatt: I'm here. Match 4 - Singles Jinder Mahal w/The Singh Brothers vs Bray Wyatt Michael Cole: Bray Wyatt is on a roll since his return last week. Well, coming up next, two former United Kingdom Champions face each other for the first time this season. Our main event is next! Match 5 - Singles Seth Rollins vs Samoa Joe Byron Saxton: Samoa Joe with a chair shot to Rollins! Michael Cole: Joe's winding up for another whack! Corey Graves: But here comes The Big Dog for reinforcements! Michael Cole: But Dolph Ziggler comes from behind and hits Roman with the Intercontinental Title belt! Samoa Joe sets his sights on Roman Reigns as Dolph Ziggler focuses on Seth Rollins. Joe wraps the chair around Roman's neck and stomps on it. In the ring, Dolph hits the Zig-Zag on Rollins. Michael Cole: Last week, The Shield stood tall. This week, they can't even stand at all.
  10. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 45 Main Event The Ascension defeated The Revival The Club defeated The B-Team The Usos defeated Mojo Rawley & Jinder Mahal w/The Singh Brothers SEASON 12 | EPISODE 46 Velocity Jason Jordan defeated Aiden English Sheamus w/Cesaro defeated Tyler Breeze w/Fandango Fandango w/Tyler Breeze defeated Cesaro w/Sheamus
  11. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 44 205 Live Michael Cole: Tonight, Kalisto returns to defend the Cruiserweight Championship against Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Mustafa Ali, and Chad Gable in a Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match! Corey Graves: This is without a doubt the biggest match in 205 Live history. Match 1 - Singles Hideo Itami w/Akira Tozawa vs Tony Nese w/Oney Lorcan Cedric Alexander is still in good spirits despite his losing streak. Match 2 - Singles TJP w/Rhyno vs Noam Dar w/Ariya Daivari Match 3 - Singles Rhyno w/TJP vs Ariya Daivari w/Noam Dar Corey Graves: Rhyno and TJP are still working out the kinks of their new relationship. A video package highlights the events which led to tonight's main event: - Kalisto defeats Roderick Strong to win the Cruiserweight Title. - In their rematch, The Undisputed Era debut and destroy everything in sight. - Chad Gable and Mustafa Ali face off for a title opportunity; Undisputed Era interfere. - Non-Sanctioned Match is announced. - Kalisto is found unconscious backstage at WarGames. - The Undisputed Era defeat Roderick Strong. - Fatal 5-Way Elimination Match is booked. Match 4 - 5-Way Elimination (Cruiserweight Championship) Adam Cole vs Roderick Strong vs Mustafa Ali vs Chad Gable vs Cruiserweight Champion Kalisto Adam Cole comes out first, followed by Roderick Strong, but he is attacked by Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish. The rest of the competitors enter the ring as the match begins with Strong down outside the ring. After a few moments, Roddy comes back but receives a Superkick from Cole. Roderick Strong is eliminated. Mustafa Ali is eliminated next by Chad Gable. It then comes down to Adam Cole and Kalisto after Gable is eliminated. Kalisto sets up for the Salida del Sol but Cole counters it and bumps into the referee. With the ref distracted, Kalisto is hit from behind by Adam Cole follows up with the Panama Sunrise! Michael Cole: The landscape of 205 Live has completely changed! The power has shifted! Byron Saxton: Why did Drew Gulak do that?! Corey Graves: It's all for a better 205 Live, Byron. Michael Cole: Thank you for joining us. Good night!
  12. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    UPDATE Xavier Woods was found moments after SDL ended this week. During a celebration on SDL, The Bludgeon Brothers attacked Big E and Kofi Kingston and then abducted Xavier Woods. No physical harm was found. Woods' return to The New Day is unknown at this time.
  13. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 43 NXT Michael Cole: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to NXT! We are one week away from the Triple Threat Match for the NXT Championship. Dean Ambrose will defend his title against Drew McIntyre and Lars Sullivan. Tonight, Dean Ambrose faces The Freak Lars Sullivan in singles action. Corey Graves: Also, tonight, Elias goes one-on-one with Aleister Black. Last week, Black crashed the first-ever edition of Talk with Elias and ended up delivering a Black Mass to Elias. But as you can see by the replay, the kick actually connected with Elias' throat, rendering The Drifter unable to sing tonight! Byron Saxton: And that is why Elias has requested and been granted the stipulation that Aleister Black's Black Mass finishing move is banned during their match. The NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon returns to NXT after being choked out at WarGames by Shayna Baszler. Ember calls out Shayna but gets The Riott Squad instead. Ruby Riott reminds Ember that she's not finished with her. Ruby then volunteers Liv Morgan to face Moon next. Match 1 - Singles (Non-title) NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan w/The Riott Squad Match 2 - Handicap Heavy Machinery vs SAnitY Michael Cole: I think its clear that Heavy Machinery are the top contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championship. In the back, EC3, who made his debut last week, is interviewed and asked about what he thinks of Velveteen Dream. EC3 calls him a coward for refusing to face EC3 last week. Zelina Vega interrupts and says Andrade "Cien" Almas is not a coward and wants a match with EC3 next week. EC3 accepts. A replay shows the closing moments of last week's NXT when Lars Sullivan destroyed Drew McIntyre and Dean Ambrose. Match 3 - Singles (Non-title) Lars Sullivan vs NXT Champion Dean Ambrose As soon as the match ended, Drew McIntyre appeared out of nowhere and Claymore kicked Sullivan. He then delivered a Future Shock DDT to Ambrose. McIntyre lifted up the NXT Championship as he stood over his enemies. Michael Cole: Who will be the NXT Champion next week? It's The Lunatic versus The Psychopath versus The Freak for the NXT Championship! Match 4 - Tag Team Bayley & Naomi vs Absolution (Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville) Corey Graves: What an upset! Bayley is a former RAW Women's Champion and God's Greatest Creation Mandy Rose has just pinned her in the middle of the ring! TOMORROW NIGHT, ON 205 LIVE, ITS A FATAL 5-WAY ELIMINATION MATCH FOR THE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. KALISTO DEFENDS AGAINST ADAM COLE, RODERICK STRONG, CHAD GABLE, AND MUSTAFA ALI. WHO WILL BE WALKING OUT THE CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION? JoJo: Ladies and gentlemen, Elias. Elias attempts to speak but is overcome with pain. He begins to play his guitar when Aleister Black's music cuts him off. Match 5 - Singles (Black Mass is banned) Elias vs Aleister Black Aleister Black didn't care about the stipulation as he still delivered a Black Mass kick to Elias. He grabs a microphone. Aleister Black: Pete Dunne, this is your future. I know you aren't here tonight, but I advise you to show up next week. Show up next week and expect a fight! Michael Cole: Next week has potential to be an explosive episode of NXT! You don't want to miss it!
  14. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    Match 1 - Tag Team R-Truth & Tye Dillinger vs The Colons w/Goldust Michael Cole: Could we be looking at a new tag team here on SDL? Well, from saying hello to a new team to saying goodbye to one of the greatest of all time, Rey Mysterio will be here to say farewell to the WWE Dreams Universe. In the back, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are asked about Natalya and Beth Phoenix being absent from Survivor Series. Charlotte says they haven't been able to reach either of them. Becky says their focus is on next week when they face The Bella Twins. SDL Tag Team Champions The New Day are in the ring. There's a table with something covered up on top of it. Big E and Kofi Kingston want to congratulate Xavier Woods on his win at Survivor Series. They take off the cover and there is a giant stack of pancakes for Woods to eat. The lights turn off and on and The Bludgeon Brothers are in the ring with The New Day. Big E and Kofi Kingston run at Harper and Rowan but get hit with hammers. The Bludgeon Brothers take the cover, put it over Xavier Woods' head, and take him to the back. Byron Saxton: What just happened? This is serious. Michael Cole: We'll try to keep you updated on the status of Xavier Woods. Still to come, we are expecting the arrival of the anonymous majority shareholder. What is the reason for their visit? We'll find out tonight. In the back, Rusev and Aiden English are still arguing over what took place at Survivor Series. Aiden says the Money in the Bank briefcase has gone to Rusev's head. Rusev suggests they take a break from being a tag team. Rusev says he's going to focus on helping Lana with her wrestling career. Match 2 - Singles Mickie James vs Lana w/Rusev In the back, Kurt Angle talks about Shinsuke Nakamura returning next week to face him. Angle says he's going to finish the job and break both of Nakamura's ankles. BOOYAKA, BOOYAKA Rey Mysterio comes to the ring to say goodbye to the WWE Dreams Universe. He says he was just doing a favor for a friend and thanks the fans for welcoming him back and allowing him to do what he loves. He waves goodbye and sets down the microphone, but before he can leave, he is confronted by AJ Styles. AJ blames Mysterio for SDL's loss at Survivor Series since he was the first one eliminated, which put SDL at a disadvantage. Rey says he couldn't hear AJ just now over the sound of Styles tapping out at Survivor Series. AJ takes a swing at Rey and then continues the assault. Batista runs down, which sends Styles out of the ring. Michael Cole: Not the way Rey Mysterio wanted to go out, I can tell you that. Folks, don't go anywhere. We are getting word that the anonymous majority shareholder is in the building. Corey Graves: Here comes SDL General Manager Zack Ryder. Last second guesses who the shareholder is, gentlemen? Byron Saxton: I think- Corey Graves: No one asked you, Saxton! Zack Ryder is in the ring, awaiting the anonymous majority shareholder. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Michael Cole: It's The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, the first-ever General Manager of SmackDown! Corey Graves: It all makes sense! Ted DiBiase says he returned last season as a manager, but saw how the company was being run and needed to do something about it. He says everyone has a price, including Sting, who sold his shares to The Million Dollar Man. DiBiase also talks about being the first-ever SmackDown General Manager 12 years ago and how embarrassing it was for him that SDL lost to RAW at Survivor Series. He says there is one person to blame and that's Zack Ryder. He says a punishment is in order and then points up to the cage. Ted DiBiase: I know you have your gear. Go get dressed because you have a match next. You will be in a Steel Cage Match against Michael Cole: Oh no. Corey Graves: It may be a cruel punishment, but it's a necessary one. Byron Saxton: How can you even say that? Match 3 - Steel Cage (Non-title) SDL General Manager Zack Ryder vs WWE Champion Brock Lesnar w/Ted DiBiase Michael Cole: Jeff Hardy is on top of the cage! Corey Graves: What is he even doing out here? Byron Saxton: Get down, Jeff! Jeff Hardy leaps off the cage, taking out Brock Lesnar. This allows Zack Ryder to crawl out of the door and win. Jeff Hardy recovers and helps Zack Ryder up the ramp. Ted DiBiase and Brock Lesnar are furious. Michael Cole: I have a feeling more punishments will be handed out after what just happened. What will they be? Tune in next week to find out!
  15. Legendsorigin

    WWE Dreams 2K19

    SEASON 12 | EPISODE 42 SDL Michael Cole: Welcome to SmackDown Live. Despite a few victories for the blue brand, SDL was ultimately defeated by RAW at Survivor Series. We haven't heard what the repercussions will be but if the steel cage hanging above the ring is any indication, they can't be good. In the back, SDL General Manager Zack Ryder is asking a crew member if he heard Michael Cole right that there's a cage. He says he didn't authorize a cage. Ryder tells the crew member to find out who did. Carmella walks by and Zack checks his phone. Carmella: Hi, Zack. Zack Ryder: ... Carmella: Is everything okay? Zack Ryder: I just received a text from the anonymous majority shareholder. Carmella: What'd they say? Zack Ryder: Michael Cole: What did Zack Ryder just say? Corey Graves: I guess the anonymous majority shareholder won't be anonymous much longer. Byron Saxton: The anonymous majority shareholder will be here LIVE tonight! TO BE CONTINUED...