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  1. I have recently bought shadows of mordor and prison architect for ps4, got them both for £30 (used a £10 gift card) and so far I am really enjoying them both. I have also started playing Pokemon platinum again because I have been really addicted to Pokemon Go.
  2. Young Bucks vs ACH and Matt Sydall from the latest episode of ROH. It was a great match and I really enjoyed, I hoped The Young Bucks would win but whatever :/ lol
  3. What would you name the Federation? Global Championship Wrestling Where would you locate the Federation and why? I would have it somewhere in England and tour across the UK. What would you do to distinguish yourself in the marketplace? I would focus on storylines and feuds mostly so that people get invested in the product and come back for more, I wouldn't go over the top though. I would still focus heavily on pure wrestling. I would also hire mostly indie wrestlers such as Johnny Gargano and build them into huge stars How many titles would you have? I would have 4 titles GCW Global Heavyweight GCW Global Tag Team GCW Intercontinental GCW Women's Who would be the first 8 guys you'd sign? Johnny Gargano ACH Matt Sydal Ricochet Sasha Banks The Young Bucks Asuka Kenny Omega When would you run PPV's? I would run PPV's on the last Saturday or Sunday of each month What Nights would you want your TV Show On? I would have my TV Show every Friday night Who would be your announcers? Matt Striker and Jim Ross Who would you hire to Book & Manage? Jim Ross and Adam Plampied Would you align yourself with anyother promotions? I would align myself with ROH, NJPW, Lucha and PWG
  4. The last movie I watched was No Escape. It was really good and I enjoyed it a lot, it really has you biting your nails the whole way through (not literally)
  5. It's my Birthday :D

    1. Jonathan


      Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkeyyyy... and ya smell like one too

  6. Name : World Professional Wrestling Risk : 70 Size : Cult Public Image : 50 (after going down to 20) Start Date : 01 February, 2016 Current Date : 12 October, 2016 Roster Ace Rockwell Alex Reynolds Angel de Oro (Injured for 13 months) Apollo Crews Attack Garfalo Austin Aries Ayako Hamada Baron Corbin Bayley Becky Lynch Big Brinkman(I think the game made him) Big Ryck Blake Brian Kendrick Chris Melendez Christopher Girad Enzo Amore Grado Homicide James Storm Jason Jordan John Silver JTG Katsuri Shibata Low Ki Lucky tHURTeen Marshe Rocket Mickie James Murphy Nick Aldis OBD Paul London Rich Swann Samuel Shaw (Injured for 11 months) Shad Gaspard Stuka Jr. Ted DiBiase Tetsuya Naito Triton Yujiro Takahashi Championships WPW Global Champion : James Storm WPW Lightweight Champion : Rich Swann WPW Women's Champion : Becky Lynch Feuds James Storm/Katsuyori Shibata Becky Lynch/Ayako Hamada Triton/Rich Swann Apollo Crews/Homicide Yujiro Takahashi/Austin Aries Low Ki/Paul London
  7. Elliot..... your a god at graphic design

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