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  1. When I heard about the news of Shad I was so upset. Shad was someone who I thought was an amazing performer and loved working for the WWE. I personally think, although some of you may not, I think Shad deserves a spot in the WWE HOF due to making sure his son was ok and also a couple of years ago stopped an armed robbery until the police came. R.I.P Shad :(
  2. 'The Juggernaut' Corey climbs out of the ring and makes his way up the entrance ramp Paul, all you do is run your mouth about your so called 'Royalty' when you are over here talking about bugs? I will not refer to you as 'Your Grace' because I know for a fact I am better than you. I can't wait to whoop your ass you piece of trash.
  3. 'The Juggernaut' Corey makes his way down to the ring looking pissed about what happened a couple of days go between him and Paul Crenton. "Paul, Paul, Paul..... Last time we spoke, you didn't even speak to me face to face, instead you sat behind that titantron and ran your mouth about me being a peasant and how you will have my head for what I have done, but I have a question, How will you have my head when you won't even come out here and talk to me like a man? 'The Juggernaut' Corey takes a moment to be silent and listen to the surroundings. Paul, you act like a king
  4. Diary Entry #5: This card was made by myself and includes my newest template called "Splash". Splash is going to be the best 3 point shooters in NBA History. My first card of the collection is Jason Terry and you can evolve him as seen with the two stars below the rating. Cons2K is my card creating twitter so I added my twitter there so no one on the site i create these on steals my card, what do you think? W or L?
  5. This is going to be very interesting, although some people don't like the stipulation, I think it is very creative to entertain the audience as there will be no crowd due to the virus. I personally want Aleister Black to win but I think they will let AJ Styles win the matchup
  6. I hope Sasha Banks wins this match to cash in on Bayley the same night.
  7. I can see Bayley retaining the title against Tamina but if the Women's MITB match is before this match, I have the winner of the Women's MITB match cashing in and winning the title
  8. I can't wait to see this match between two high flyers like The Lucha House Party, two powerhouses like The Forgotten Sons and The New Day but I have The New Day Retaining the Tag Titles
  9. I am going to really like this match but I have Drew McIntyre retaining the WWE Championship over Seth Rollins because like I said for Braun vs Bray, Drew only won the title at Wrestlemania, if they take it off of him this fast, then WWE is doing something wrong
  10. I personally think that Braun Strowman is going to win here because like Alex and Sameer here because Braun is versing Bray Wyatt as not the friend so I can see Braun retaining especially after him only just winning it at Wrestlemania
  11. From what I saw as I have to use WWE's Youtube Channel since I don't have WWE Network or channel to watch it on, Dominik Dijakovic vs. Johnny Gargano was a good match, lots of good superkicks and Candice LeRae distracting Dominik, I am gonna miss Johnny's Rebel Heart theme song. Akira Tozawa won against Gallagher which makes Tozawa 2 - 0 in the Interim NXT Cruiserweight Tournament. Chelsea Green picking up the win in a decent match against Xia Li. Karrion Kross and Scarlett make their NXT debut with a sick entrance. Io Shirai won the match by DQ and Charlotte kept beating Io up until Rhea Ripl
  12. Diary Entry #4: This card was my first ever Jersey swap and I did Giannis to the Miami Heat with the black vice jersey. Looking at it now it isn't the best but for a first i think i did decent. What do you think?
  13. CM Punk vs Kenny Omega Shawn Michaels vs John Cena
  14. Lio Rush was a great competitor and I wish he never was release from WWE. It sucks to hear that he may never wrestle again. I would love to see him go into the Music industry though as he did make a song with Josiah Williams previously and crushed his part
  15. I don't really have any top 6 moments but I just wanted to say Congrats to not only Brenden himself, not only the forums but the whole community! Congrats of 6 Years of BPZ Forums!

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