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  1. Arius: My Kayfabe Entrance - Rating - 10/10 Summary - Arius is great! I love what he does. I told him to use Buddy Murphy's entrance and John Cena's Basic Thuganomics Theme Song and he created this. All I have to say is wow... @Arius keep up the insane work! I love it!
  2. Hans Graphics: Halloween Havoc Poster - Rating - 9.5/10 Summary - I always have loved Hans Graphics. This is a great poster and I love the way he added the kayfabe characters onto the poster itself, he added the BrendenPlayz Wrestling Logo and it looks like a real poster. The only thing I would have loved to see on it was a Halloween Pumpkin and I would have rated it 10/10. Keep it up Hans! @Hans
  3. In this diary I will be rating other user's graphics out of 10, I will write a short summary about what I like about it! I will write the user's name before the rest before I rate it! I will try and do one a day, starting today!
  4. I want to be the first one to say Happy Birthday to the best person I know on this site, at the moment, @ICON Have the best day of your life my man!
  5. GAME #4: San Antonio Spurs (130) win against the Charlotte Hornets (97) Highlights/Top Scorers for the San Antonio Spurs: DeMar DeRozan was the player of the game as he got 32 points with 6 threes and a field goal of 11-19, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, 4 steals and 3 blocks, which gives DeMar DeRozan his first Double Double of the season and by far the best single player performance this season so far. LaMarcus Aldridge scored 13 points with 2 threes and a field goal of 3-9, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals which also gives LaMarcus Aldridge his first Double Double of the Season!
  6. I got bored, so I thought I would make one for my good friend @ICON! Hope you guys enjoy this! Let me know if you would like one!
  7. GAME #3: Washington Wizards (118) win against the Brooklyn Nets (108) Highlights/Top Scorers for the Washington Wizards: John Wall was the player of the game with 21 points with 3 Threes and a Field Goal of 8-15, 12 assists, 3 rebounds and 3 steals giving John Wall his first Double Double of the Season! Dwight Howard racked up rebounds and points as he got 12 points and a Field Goal of 6-8, 15 rebounds and 3 blocks which also gives Dwight Howard his first Double Double of the Season!
  8. I am gonna agree with most people here and say Triple H!
  9. Game #2: Chicago Bulls (128) win against the Boston Celtics (110) Highlights/Top Scorers for the Chicago Bulls: Jabari Parker went and scored 17 Points with 2 3 Pointers and a Field Goal of 7-16, 10 Rebounds, 1 Steal and 1 Block, giving Jabari Parker his first Double Double of the Season! Robin Lopez was the player of the game with 11 Points with a Field Goal of 5-10, 13 Rebounds, 1 Assist and 1 Block also giving Robin Lopez his first Double Double of the Season!
  10. I am gonna try and do my own graphics! All I need is a person's name (preferably sports) and I can make it. I will try and finish these asap! Thanks! Also let me know where you want the writing to go! EXAMPLE OF WHAT I CAN MAKE:
  11. @ArrowGargano We won't see, we know who is gonna win, this guy!
  12. @ArrowGargano I can't wait to prove you wrong at Halloween Havoc!
  13. Arrow, all you do is talk! You seem to love these fans don't you? All you have been saying is that you don't trust the fans. You must love them don't you? How about say something that people want to hear, like how I will destroy one with Corey's Law and you will be tasting your own blood that will be dripping from your skull onto the canvas while laying face first in your own blood. The fans are this company and without their support, this company would be nothing. Arrow, this is 'The Juggernaut's' time to shine. I am the face of this company and I can't wait to prove it to you at Halloween Havoc. @ArrowGargano
  14. The Fiend must win this match, which is why I have him winning this match. The Fiend is by far the most built up character in WWE at the moment, and I feel like with all this build up he must win or The Fiend was wasted
  15. As this match is a hell in a cell match and there is no DQ, I can see Sasha Banks strip Becky from the title becoming your new Raw Women's Champion
  16. Game #1: Toronto Raptors win (120) against the Atlanta Hawks (85) Highlights/Top Scorers for Toronto Raptors: Jonas Valanciunas was the player of the game as Jonas recorded a field goal of 7-10 and scored 15 points, 2 assists, 1 block and an insane amount of rebounds with 20 rebounds, giving him his first double double of the season! Kawhi Leonard went off and scored 31 points with 3 three pointers, 10 free throws and a field goal of 9-17. Kawhi also recorded 9 rebounds, 7 assists, 1 steal and one block!
  17. In this diary, I will be using a website called Basketball GM and using the 2018-19 NBA Rosters as it will be easier for me! I will do one diary entry per 1 game of simulation (I will simulate one game 1 and then make a diary entry for that day.) For whatever team that wins, I will put down the highlights of the top scorers points, assists and rebounds! I hope you all enjoy my first ever diary!
  18. Arrow, no one cares about what you have to say! Arrow stop acting all tough. You are doing this because you already know I have this win in the bag. They don't call me The Juggernaut for no reason. I will show you how much the fans love everyone in this promotion. Arrow Arrow Arrow, shut your mouth because I have been watching all your matches and to be honest, you're trash. You can barely do a simple collar and elbow tie up man. Arrow, next time you see me, you will be on the canvas for the 1...2...3! and hear the words - HERE IS YOUR WINNER THE JUGGERNAUT COREYYYYYY! @ArrowGargano
  19. Yo, hold up. @ArrowGargano, I see you calling me out when you haven't even seen what The Juggernaut is capable of. @ArrowGargano, This show would never betray me! I bleed and breath for this company! Calling me out from out of nowhere will be the biggest mistake of your life. I love this show more than anything and I want them to see a match worth to be on the main event! I am going to pin you clean in this ring and I am gonna hear this amazing company go bizarre over the victory of 'The Juggernaut' Corey and the defeat of @ArrowGargano

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