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  1. Predictions: Evil defeats Tetsuya Naito Jay White defeats Kota Ibushi Kenta defeats Hiroshi Tanahashi Kazuchika Okada defeats Great O-Khan Minoru Suzuki defeats Shingo Takagi Toru Yano defeats Zack Sabre Jr
  2. Mark Henry's Night Of Champions 2011 speech should not have gone unnoticed. Grotesque Cody Rhodes is massively underrated. The Divas title belt gets way too much hate. The WWE "winged" belt (from the New Generation Era) and the Undisputed WWE Championship (from the Ruthless Aggression Era) are overrated.
  3. Thank you for the compliments! I'll take this as far as I can (depending on how much free access I get to the WWE Network 😏), these are my kind of retro reviews and as time goes on, more of these events will become more "retro". I'll be doing my best to cover single PPV going forward including stuff from 2012.
  4. Good news, everyone, this topic is being revived! Under part-time posts as these updates will rely on certain PPVs being available for free on the WWE Network via WWE's new habit of making some PPVs free for a limited time to advertise an upcoming event or theme. Night Of Champions 2011: "It's a Night You Will Never Forget" as two new World Champions are crowned, R-Truth's conspiracy theories are evidently turning into realities, and Triple H's new job as COO of WWE is on the line against my 2011 MVP. Match #1: WWE Tag Team Championship: Air Boom (Kofi Kingston &
  5. David Finlay has the worst theme song in NJPW. Sheamus has always been underrated. King Barrett & Stardust were really cool gimmicks. New Japan shouldn't leave their comfort zone, my favourite feature of the company is its consistency, they shouldn't break their traditional systems such as the 'Big Four' formula which has been highly threatened with Evil's double title win and the two competitors that advanced to this year's G1 Climax finals.
  6. MJF's Huge Announcement: So it seems like AEW will slowly work MJF into the Inner Circle rather than have a random faction-joining moment. AEW have methodically laod this out as MJF previously announced that he will join a faction, then he hands out custom jackets to everyone in the group except for Sammy Guevara, that is an important detail because from what it looks to me, rather than being added to the faction, MJF's entry point to Inner Circle will be through Guevara as he looks to replace him as the young gun of the group, perhaps pushing Guevara to finally join Matt Hardy & Private P
  7. I agree with @bailey14when it comes to the Darby Allin vs Team Taz rivalry, ideally, I would've liked to see Cody vs Brodie Lee to fulfill Lee's rematch at Full Gear while Brian Cage defeats Allin on the same night, Cody defeat Cage at Revolution while Allin got a signature win over someone such as Starks to win his rivalry vs Team Taz, and then have Cody vs Allin at Double Or Nothing. If I had to guess why this match (most likely Cody vs Allin) is taking place so soon, it is probably so that Cody turns heel at the expense of Allin and perhaps join up with FTR, Tully Blanchard, and Shawn Spear
  8. Joining NXT UK would equal to a step-down from the main roster and should be done when extremely needed. In addition to Drew Gulak (as @Isaiah Carter mentioned), Shorty G is in MAJOR need of a restart, Humberto Carrillo may have been pushed to the main roster too soon in 2019 so going back to developmental could be beneficial to his character, unless they're getting put with Shayna Baszler any time soon, Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir need to go on a tear through NXT UK's massive women's division, I feel like Timothy Thatcher has been losing way too much recently on NXT (not his fault as th
  9. Predictions: Yota Tsuji defeats Yuya Uemura Kenta defeats Yoshi-Hashi Juice Robinson defeats Zack Sabre Jr Toru Yano defeats Tetsuya Naito Evil defeats Hirooki Goto Sanada defeats Hiroshi Tanahashi
  10. Speaking of TJP, he is heavily underrated. WWE 2k Battlegrounds is NOT All Stars 2, but a wrestling version of NBA Playgrounds. Karl Fredericks is no alpha. Johnny Gargano is still not suited to be a heel.
  11. Jay White & Yoshi-Hashi would be a cool tag team. Yoshi-Hashi is not trying to be the next Kazuchika Okada or Tetsuya Naito (usual comparisons for some reason) but instead, he's getting set to become the next Tomohiro Ishii, which is probably why they get paired up a lot.
  12. Predictions: Yota Tsuji defeats Yuya Uemura Jeff Cobb defeats Tomohiro Ishii Jay White defeats Yujiro Takahashi (as much as it breaks my heart, King Switch is the leader) Taichi defeats Will Ospreay Kota Ibushi defeats Minoru Suzuki Kazuchika Okada defeats Shingo Takagi
  13. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I think that Will Hobbs will fit greatly in Team Taz, not sure why but he has a certain look & attitude that could be made stronger with Taz in his corner and Brian Cage & Ricky Starks by his side. Therefore, I hope Hobbs takes Taz up on his offer, after all, Hobbs never answered... Mr. Brodie Lee vs Cody was a brutal match, it was unfortunate that they weren't allowed to take it to another level as the Dog Collar Match has been advertised as ridiculously brutal & rare but it still highly delivered. Orange Cassidy as Cody's first new cha
  14. Royal Rumble matches, not any in particular but I always watch the Royal Rumble matches that WWE posts on YouTube to hype up their Royal Rumble PPVs. Off the top of my head, the ones I've seen the most are probably 2008, 2009, 2012, and 2013.
  15. Completely unfamiliar with Stardom, but I'm going to throw out a random prediction: Color Me Pop defeat MK Sisters in the finals. Supporting AEW via Riho for this one.

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