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  1. As a legend, John Cena has the right to choose whether to put over a younger talent (like Kurt Angle did for Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35) or fight an old rival that made him one more time (like Batista did with Triple H also at WrestleMania 35). For the younger option I would go with EC3 as I think he is the PERFECT prototype (pun intended) of what a WWE Superstar is in the eyes of everyone and he has proved his capabilities in Impact Wrestling. As for the rival option, I would go with Randy Orton. They are two of OVW's "big four" (also including Brock Lesnar and Batista) which meant that they have been rivals for pretty much their entire careers. With Batista retired, and Lesnar pretty much turning it into a disgraceful squash match that he won't be around after Cena's match to capitalize on the heat, that leaves The Apex Predator to RKO Cena into retirement and end a legendary rivalry.
  2. @Gwynfro I'm think Tetsuya Naito won his first G1 Climax before the formation of LIJ back when he was the Stardust Genius. My obvious favourite stable is Bullet Club 🤘🤘. But going for a dark horse, I would pick The Nexus and especially The New Nexus as CM Punk was my first favourite wrestler and he was perfect for the role. I think The Nexus was supposed to be a mix of Undisputed Era and Bullet Club v1 (under Prince Devitt's leadership) but then it transformed to Bullet Club v2 (under AJ Styles' leadership) when Punk took over as he brought pure star power to the group. WWE dropped the ball BIG on this one, but at least we have New Japan and Bullet Club.
  3. I would personally pick The Miz for an Edge return match as I watched The Miz grow as a heel and unfortunately missed out on Edge's dominance during the Ruthless Aggression Era which left me with watching Miz become one of the top heels of the Reality Era.
  4. My predictions for the Smackdown Live side of King Of The Ring (Round 1): Kevin Owens Buddy Murphy Chad Gable Andrade
  5. I feel like we're heading for a mega Champion vs Champion at Clash Of Champions between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.
  6. My personal favourite match for 2017 was Kevin Owens vs Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble. But out of the list, I would rule out Styles vs Cena as it was a longer version of their first encounter, rule out Usos vs New Day as I wanted it to be longer, and also rule out the MITB match as it wasn't too memorable especially in comparison to 2018 & 2019. I'll put my vote in for Brock Lesnar vs Samoa Joe vs Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman for the Universal title at SummerSlam.
  7. Predictions for the Raw side of King Of The Ring (Round 1): Samoa Joe defeats Cesaro Ricochet defeats Drew McIntyre Cedric Alexander defeats Sami Zayn Baron Corbin defeats The Miz
  8. 2015: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena vs Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Royal Rumble). Much like what everyone else said, there was great chemistry and timing between the three in which if one of them was taken out, the other two continued the match smoothly and tried to turn it into their type of match with Lesnar trying to Suplex everyone, Cena pulling out big moves, and Rollins sneaking in heel tactics. 2016: AJ Styles vs John Cena (SummerSlam). I was all in with WWE putting Styles with Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson (which is what got me into looking at Bullet Club) and they did the whole stereotypical "attack John Cena to get recognition" thing. But unlike most of Cena's opponents, John Cena took Styles' offense very seriously and countered with new moves of his own. To put the cherry on the cake, AJ Styles got the win! I did not think that would happen for a couple more years, let alone in his debut year.
  9. Honestly, I can't get excited for this after I was disappointed with the aftermath of the 2015 King Of The Ring. First of all, The King was treated like a joke. Second, he was supposed to be pushed to stardom, not to jobber status. Third, they couldn't at least continue it as a yearly tradition? We basically had to wait four years for this so the wait better be worth it.
  10. I am going to go with Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose inside Hell In A Cell at Hell In A Cell 2014. These were two Hell In A Cell rookies being put in the Cell together for the first time because of how intense their rivalry was. Also, the ending with Bray Wyatt's hologram interference is extremely underrated in my opinion as it was a brilliant way to give Seth Rollins the victory, keep Dean Ambrose strong, and segway into Ambrose's next rivalry against Wyatt.
  11. Day 19 (G1 Climax 29 Finals): Kota Ibushi (NJPW - A Block Winner) vs Jay White (Bullet Club - B Block Winner): Awesome match between the two to cap off what has to be one of the strongest G1 Climax fields ever. My brain went with Ibushi from the very beginning but my heart went all Bullet Club with Jay White which made the match very exciting for me to sit through. Also, Jay White bringing all of Bullet Club out with him (including KENTA!!!) was epic until referee Red Shoes Unno had to throw them out. Both Jay White & Kota Ibushi pushed through each other with their best shots but the resistance to losing kept the match going for over 30 minutes. Jay White even kicked out of a padded Kamigoye, but it took that Kamigoye in addition to multiple half-Kamigoyes and one more Kamigoye with the exposed knee to stop White from being the second Bullet Club member to win G1 Climax and win it for the first time in his career. Prediction to win A Block: Kota Ibushi Prediction to win B Block: Jay White Prediction to win G1 Climax 29: Kota Ibushi Match Of The Tournament: Day One - Will Ospreay vs Lance Archer Most Shocking Win: Day Four - Kenta defeats Hiroshi Tanahashi Best Debut: Jon Moxley Most Disappointing: Evil Tournament MVP: Lance Archer Kota Ibushi's Road To Glory: Day One - Lost to Kenta Day Three - Lost to Evil Day Five - Defeated Will Ospreay Day Seven - Defeated Sanada Day Nine - Defeated Lance Archer Day Eleven - Defeated Bad Luck Fale Day 13 - Defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi Day 15 - Defeated Zack Sabre Jr Day 17 - Defeated Kazuchika Okada Day 19 - Defeated Jay White Thank you all for reading my complete review of G1 Climax 29 and I hope you have a nice day.
  12. Predictions: Roppongi 3K Bullet Club (Takahashi & Hikuleo) Bullet Club (Ishimori & Phantasmo) Bullet Club (White & Owens) Guerrilas Of Destiny Kenta Zack Sabre Jr Kazuchika Okada
  13. Day 18 (B Block Finals): Toru Yano (Chaos) vs Jeff Cobb (ROH): Ome last hilarious hurrah from Yano in this year's G1 Climax and one last dominant win from Cobb. Both of these guys stood out every chance they got and I can easily say that I enjoyed about every single match out of these two. Yano will probably be part of G1 Climax until he retires but I think Jeff Cobb has proved that he can be part of the grind and has earned the right to return next year. Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos) vs Taichi (Suzuki-Gun): I was really looking forward to this match due to their history & chemistry. I remember their match in this year's New Japan Cup as one of my favourite matches and in this match they did not disappoint. One beautiful Superkick and a Black Mephisto got Taichi his fourth win in his first G1 Climax appearance. For all the ruckus that fans caused last year when Taichi was left out of the G1, he has proved that the ruckus & wait were worth it and now I can't wait to see Taichi get elevated to the status of G1 Climax residents such as the usual show-stealer: Tomohiro Ishii. Juice Robinson (NJPW) vs Jon Moxley (Free Agent): This match was Moxley's last G1 Climax match for the foreseeable future and it was a nice throwback to their first encounter which resulted in Moxley becoming the fifth IWGP US Heavyweight Champion. For Moxley to win, he needed to defeat Juice, Shingo Takagi to defeat Hirooki Goto, and Tetsuya Naito would've had to defeat Jay White since White & Goto hold tiebreakers over Moxley. But that didn't matter as Juice got his revenge by defeating Jon Moxley. Obviously, Death Rider will soon be no more and Moxley will have to go to AEW full-time therefore he will need to drop his title. The only two candidates with clean victories over Moxley are Juice & Goto but I think New Japan wants to keep the US Title exclusive to foreigners therefore I predict Juice taking back the title within the next month. Hirooki Goto (Chaos) vs Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon): This was an under-the-radar dream match in my opinion. For Goto to win the block he would've had to defeat Takagi and rely on Jay White defeating Tetsuya Naito in the main event since Goto had the tiebreaker over White. That also did not happen as The Dragon stopped The Fearless Warrior at the final stop in his redemption tour and it saved Switchblade (thank goodness). In my opinion, Takagi has definitely proved that he belongs in the Heavyweight division so if he decided to become a full-time Heavyweight tomorrow then I would be completely fine with it. As for Goto, I think that unfortunately he might be going back to irrelevance but I really enjoyed his storyline and while he lost me halfway through, his final comeback was awesome to see. Tetsuya Naito (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Jay White (Bullet Club): The final two in the B Block, a first-time showdown within the only combination of NJPW's Big Four that has not happened yet. Switchblade wins. 🤘🤘🤘 Points: Winner: Jay White (Bullet Club 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘) - 12 Jon Moxley (Free Agent) - 10, Tetsuya Naito (Los Ingobernables de Japon) - 10, Hirooki Goto (Chaos) - 10 Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos) - 8, Toru Yano (Chaos) - 8, Juice Robinson (NJPW) - 8, Jeff Cobb (ROH) - 8, Taichi (Suzuki-Gun) - 8, Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon) - 8
  14. Day 17 (A Block Finals): Evil (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Lance Archer (Suzuki-Gun): The form that I thought was missing from Lance Archer in his last couple of matches has come back and better than ever against his final G1 Climax 29 match against Evil. Archer was definitely my personal MVP in this year's G1 Climax. Evil, in my opinion, did not have too much of a memorable tournament but he is still developing. Sanada (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Bad Luck Fale (Bullet Club): Bullet Club wins!...kind of. All of a sudden Fale turned into the ultimate technician as he defeated Sanada in their final G1 Climax 29 matches with a Small Package. I'm sure these new ways of winning were supposed to be a small thing to make Fale stand out in the field of twenty but (much like the wins) it has happened too late into the tournament. As for Sanada, unlike Evil he is definitely a future World Champion sooner rather than later and I'm not too concerned over the fact that he didn't win G1 Climax 29, he will only improve as the years go on. Kenta (Free Agent) vs Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun): Great last performances to close out their G1 Climax 29 runs. Kenta started out with shock wins by adding fresh air to the usual G1 Climax field but he started becoming more forgettable as he started to settle in with the rest of the roster. But he has been gaining my interest again with his last couple of matches and I hope one day the New Japan fans get over Kenta's career in Pro Wrestling Noah and allow Kenta to take the time to show Kenta's pro wrestling. I'll be honest, I think Zack Sabre Jr's credibility as a tournament wrestler was severely damaged at the beginning of the tournament by essentially being the first one in the A Block to be "eliminated". There needs to be some serious work done on Sabre by Wrestle Kingdom 14 in order to build his credibility back, especially if he wants to main event Royal Quest at the end of the month. Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW) vs Will Ospreay (Chaos): I did not expect this. I predicted that Tanahashi would slowly go down the pecking order of the yearly G1 Climax field by the time he gets to fifty years old but this was only the start and defeating Ospreay would be understandable because Ospreay is still technically a Junior Heavyweight considering he is the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. But New Japan went the complete opposite way and had Ospreay defeat Tanahashi in their first encounter (as far as I know) which broke NJPW logic in my opinion. This is definitely the year of Will Ospreay, he has been putting on consistent five-star performances throughout the year with guys such as Robbie Eagles, Shingo Takagi, and Lance Archer so in my opinion he is on track to be my NJPW Wrestler Of 2019. Kazuchika Okada (Chaos) vs Kota Ibushi (NJPW): This is it, the only match on this card that really mattered. The match was a typical main event match with both guys going for their top moves but one exceptional spot was when Okada went for a signature Dropkick only to get caught in mid-air by a Sitout Powerbomb from Ibushi. One third of my predictions came true which is Ibushi winning the A Block, my next prediction is Jay White winning the B Block by defeating Tetsuya Naito, holding a tiebreaker over Jon Moxley, and needing help to prevent Hirooki Goto from tying with White. Points: Winner: Kota Ibushi (NJPW) - 14 Kazuchika Okada (Chaos) - 14 Kenta (Free Agent) - 8, Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW) - 8, Evil (Los Ingobernables de Japon) - 8, Sanada (Los Ingobernables de Japon) - 8, Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun) - 8, Will Ospreay (Chaos) - 8, Bad Luck Fale (Bullet Club 🤘🤘🤘) - 8 Lance Archer (Suzuki-Gun) - 6
  15. Day 16 (B Block): Toru Yano (Chaos) vs Taichi (Suzuki-Gun): Yano and Taichi have brilliant chemistry for those that haven't noticed. The match was basically Taichi countering Yano tactics with Yoshinobu Kanemaru's assistance and a couple of heel tactics from The Holy Emperor himself. The match ended in another creative and hilarious way where Taichi & Kanemaru were wrapped together by a ring apron skirt ok the outside thus giving Yano the countout win. Interestingly, in the backstage post-match comments, there were high tensions between the two Suzuki-Gun members which led to some comments about how Suzuki-Gun is dissolving which makes sense considering Zack Sabre Jr & Lance Archer have issues in the A Block, Takashi Iizuka retired, Taka Michinoku & El Desperado are injured, Douki is nowhere to be seen, Davey Boy Smith Jr walked away, and Minoru Suzuki just wants to destroy people that get in HIS way. Suzuki-Gun might be heading for some dark times. Jeff Cobb (ROH) vs Tetsuya Naito (Los Ingobernables de Japon): One of the few people that caught my eye this year is Jeff Cobb especially with his consistent performances in G1 Climax 29 regardless of the opponent and their size. Also, we found out that he actually has some really good chemistry with Tetsuya Naito! I did not expect that, while I expected Naito to get the win, I did not expect to be too entertained but Cobb proved to me that he can put on a fun match with any given opponent. Hirooki Goto (Chaos) vs Jon Moxley (Free Agent): This match was surprising in many aspects but more specifically the speed of the match and the result. By looking at the people that need to advance to the end of the tournament, I had a feeling that one of them would need to drop out and I thought that the dropout would be Goto (I was wrong by the end of the night). Also, the pace & atmosphere of the match took the form of an MMA fight which was a bit random but fun nonetheless. Finally, Goto managed to easily dispatch of the once undefeated Death Rider which was weird to see considering how many massive wins NJPW gave Moxley throughout his current G1 run. Juice Robinson (NJPW) vs Jay White (Bullet Club): If we only we had Jim Ross & Josh Barnett to recreate the atmosphere between these two from last year 😂. In all seriousness, the psychology displayed from Jay White in this match was perfect as he persisted to target Juice's left knee until there was nothing left. Also, he remembered that he possesses the Tanahashi Tap Out (or TTO for short) and he finally brought it back for this match with the intention to make Juice tap out, and he achieved that! Jay White is currently being shot back up as quickly as possible after his trio of losses against the three Chaos members in the B Block and hopefully he beats Tetsuya Naito in their first clash to advance to the finals...for Bullet Club 😁. Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos) vs Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon): For two guys that have almost nothing to do with each other, they put on an epic encounter which is what guys like Ishii, Goto, and Naito tend to do in all G1 main event matches. Now we can add Shingo Takagi to that list as he not only put on an epic performance but he also won the match which "eliminated" the Stone Pitbull thus leaving Moxley, Goto, Naito, and White at the top of the block. Shingo Takagi proved that he belongs in the Heavyweight division and I can't wait to see more main events from The Dragon. Points: Jon Moxley - 10, Tetsuya Naito - 10, Hirooki Goto - 10, Jay White - 10 Tomohiro Ishii - 8, Toru Yano - 8 Juice Robinson - 6, Jeff Cobb - 6, Taichi - 6, Shingo Takagi - 6

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