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  1. Day Three (A Block): Lance Archer (Suzuki-Gun) vs Bad Luck Fale (Bullet Club): The general opinion for this match is that it was better than expected which I agree with. But another popular opinion regarding this match is that Lance Archer carried the completely terrible & useless wrestler that is Bad Luck Fale which I completely disagree with. While I have noticed that Archer has improved a lot in the ring as a singles star ever since KES was no more, that doesn't mean that he "carried" Fale and I think that word is just getting tossed around as I bet when Archer (the "carrier") faces someone like Sanada then Sanada would be claimed as "carrying a terrible wrestler in Lance Archer" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. Anyway, the match was being primed as a "Battle Of then Giants" and I think that the match delivered in that regard, I am giving credit to BOTH competitors. Will Ospreay (Chaos) vs Sanada (Los Ingobernables de Japon): On a somewhat separate issue, what happened to Ospreay's music? In my opinion it diminishes his credibility when he comes out and when he won with it because it's clear that NJPW slapped some generic "elevating" song on top of Ospreay's cool theme song. As for the match, I thought it was cool. The only spot I would highlight was the great reversal of Ospreay's OsCutter to Sanada's Skull End which made me think that the Skull End was made specifically as a natural counter to slow down the impact of the OsCutter 😂. Kazuchika Okada (Chaos) vs Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun): Personally, I would have placed this match at least in the Semi-Main Event slot due to the history and the presence of the IWGP Heavyweight Champion. I was surprised to see Okada defeat Sabre in fairly quick time which I think was slightly quicker than when he defeated Tanahashi last week. Normally, Okada's strongest rivals would last at least twenty minutes with them and the ones below twenty minutes would be mid-carders or veterans that the spotlight has passed on. I am genuinely surprised that Sabre is still pointless in this year's G1 Climax but he still has seven more matches to turn it around. Kota Ibushi (NJPW) vs Evil (Los Ingobernables de Japon): Speaking of surprises, my pick to win the whole tournament loses again! The match itself was nothing too spectacular, but Ibushi somehow managed to sustain some serious damage to his left ankle (I think) which was played into the match by Evil however Ibushi tried to play the ankle off in his post-match comments saying that it doesn't hurt at all which I think is quite clever. Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW) vs Kenta (Free Agent): Another dream match for Kenta and another win that is way more shocking than the last win against Ibushi. Normally New Japan do not make a big deal out of Free Agents or outsiders from other companies and they certainly don't have them defeat one of New Japan's top stars especially if it's Pro Wrestling Noah's Ace pinning NJPW's Ace clean on NJPW grounds. That was my elongated way of saying how shocked I was at the win 😂. As for the match, it was nothing spectacular in moves but the sight of seeing New Japan's Ace face to face with someone who was the Ace of Pro Wrestling Noah was a sight to witness. And having Katsuyori Shibata, one of Tanahashi's greatest friends and the man who brought Kenta to New Japan on commentary for the match was a nice touch. This was a night full of surprises, I did not have too high expectations in terms of Ospreay getting wins in this tournament so his win over Sanada was the first surprise of the night, apparently he also sustained some kind of injury to his neck in the match with Sanada so hopefully he recovers before his next block match which I think is on Thursday. Okada getting the win was not surprising but the manner in which he got the win was surprising and now Zack Sabre Jr is left without any wins, in my opinion, Sabre should've beaten Sanada last week and Sanada should've beaten Ospreay which would've evened things out. Evil winning over Ibushi was a hit for me as I declared that Ibushi is winning this year's tournament and with the win I predicted two losses against Kenta and Okada. Now if he beats Okada then that could be a sign that he is not winning the tournament, but if he losses to Okada, the entire high score of the A Block would need to be lowered to 12 Points in order for Ibushi to advance to the finals which means that the top stars would need to lose three matches. The A Block could be very interesting going forward or it could be disappointing at the end, either way I cannot predict as confidently as I did with the B Block.
  2. Day Two (B Block): Juice Robinson (NJPW) vs Shingo Takagi (Los Ingobernables de Japon): For nearly a year, everyone has been saying that Takagi looks more like a Heavyweight than a Junior Heavyweight but after seeing him in the ring with Juice, I see why he was put in the Junior Heavyweight division 😂. But in all seriousness, I could tell that Takagi wants to prove that he belongs with the Heavyweights similarly to Will Ospreay and that showed in his first G1 Climax match. Nothing fancy to comment on here, I thought it was a nice modern representation of what a hard-hitting, G1-worthy match should look like and it showed that Takagi can hang with the "big boys". Honestly, I don't see Takagi going too far in this tournament as I see him near the bottom of the block with a win over Toru Yano considering this is his first G1 Climax and he is making the transition to Heavyweight. As for Juice, I can see him be one of the top scorers this year by beating everyone who beat him last year such as Tomohiro Ishii & Tetsuya Naito, beating new comers such as Takagi (which is what happened) & Taichi, and getting a huge victory at the end of the tournament against Jon Moxley. Jon Moxley (Free Agent - IWGP US Heavyweight Champion) vs Taichi (Suzuki-Gun): The first thing I literally said to myself after Taichi attacked Moxley during his entrance was "you never, ever get extreme with Jon Moxley!" Moxley proved exactly what I said throughout the match as he brought he gritty & violent background into play against the much fancier character of Taichi by going half-Mox (if you want full Mox then you would need to catch up on his performances in CZW and AEW) which included throwing a chair at Taichi, putting Taichi through a table, and taunting Miho Abe. Normally, I would say that since Jon Moxley is an IWGP Champion then he would definitely be a top scorer however I see him somewhere in the top-middle of the block tied with guys like Ishii & Hirooki Goto. As for Taichi, this is a situation similar to Shingo Takagi (except that Taichi is an established Heavyweight) therefore I see him just above Takagi with wins over Takagi, Toru Yano, and maybe even an upset win over Ishii. Also, I noticed Shota Umino wearing a Moxley t-shirt which makes it weird to see that Umino is actually embracing the mentor/protégée relationship with Moxley. Toru Yano (Chaos - NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team Champion) vs Tetsuya Naito (Los Ingobernables de Japon - IWGP Intercontinental Champion): Tetsuya Naito gets the early break! 😂 I'm just kidding. Even though at first, it's easy to think that Naito would destroy Yano considering their personalities, company status, skill, and record of 5-1 (to Naito) but if you have been watching NJPW for a while, you would realize that this is the perfect situation to get fooled and forget the fact that Toru Yano can score a win over anyone, anywhere, anytime. The antics were hilarious and the contrast of mental speed & patience between these two was very entertaining to see as Yano is an ultimate hot-head whereas Naito is absolutely "tranquilo", this will definitely be (in my opinion) one of Naito's very few losses in this year's G1 Climax. Tomohiro Ishii (Chaos - NEVER Openweight Champion) vs Jeff Cobb (ROH): This was going to be an interesting match-up just by looking at the names. This year, Jeff Cobb is the only outsider that is signed to a different company that is participating in the G1 with the other two (Kenta & Jon Moxley) being branded as Free Agents which is quite rare for the G1 as it generally focuses on New Japan's elite wrestlers whereas the Best Of The Super Juniors tends to be the international invitational tournament. The match itself was another small piece added to the history of Strong Style in my opinion and it made me think that Cobb could have a bright future in New Japan if he wanted to sign full time to NJPW. They hit their usual moves with plenty of time for traditional exchanges of forearm shot and hoss shoulder tackle standoffs in which I could tell that Ishii wanted to push Cobb to his limits which is what a talented veteran like Tomohiro Ishii can bring out of rising stars (especially bigger & tougher ones) like Jeff Cobb. I see Jeff Cobb ending up in the lower half of the block by scoring victories against all newcomers in his block but failing to defeat the established G1 competitors. As for Ishii, just like every year I am expecting spectacular performances especially in main event matches. Hirooki Goto (Chaos) vs Jay White (Bullet Club): I've seen some comments about the story told in the ring but to be honest I cared more for the story before this match which involve Jay White's very impactful promos against Goto and his lifestyle before & after he defeated Goto in a Singles Match three months ago which pushed Goto away from Japan to Los Angeles to train at the LA Dojo with Katsoyuri Shibata & the American Young Lions. From there I could see that Goto did everything in his power to redeem himself & his reputation against Jay White's actions. Personally, I did not actually expect Goto to get the win here but I think it is appropriate due to how it complements Goto's story and I am now very interested to see Bad-ass Goto against the rest of his block. For my summary, I'll just post a prediction of the standings of the B Block and some comments. I predict that Jay White will win the B Block considering he came so close last year to winning the A Block which was during his debut appearance and he wasn't even branded as a top star at the time, now he is one of the Big Four and this is his time to get a taste of G1 glory. Tetsuya Naito will definitely be a close second because if Kota Ibushi wins the A Block then the last thing we need this year is Naito vs Ibushi IV 😂. I can see Juice Robinson definitely accumulating enough points from his wins which will leave him third in his block with Ishii following behind. In fifth I see Jon Moxley (perhaps tied with Goto) because I see a gap of talent and star power between Ishii & Goto which I think is wide enough for Moxley to place in between. Then there is Cobb at seventh, Taichi at eighth, & Takagi at the bottom (please don't hate me 😁). Points: Juice Robinson - 2, Jon Moxley - 2, Toru Yano - 2, Tomohiro Ishii - 2, Hirooki Goto - 2 Shingo Takagi - 0, Taichi - 0, Tetsuya Naito - 0, Jeff Cobb - 0, Jay White - 0
  3. Recently started playing GTA V and I am now going through the Story Mode, also started playing WWE 2k19 (just some exhibition matches), and I started playing Mortal Kombat X Story Mode. I am currently still playing WWE 2k16 Universe Mode, NBA Live 19 (all modes 😂) and went back to play a little Minecraft just to get a few trophies.
  4. Best: Ok, so I am going to cheat a little bit 😁, my best protagonist happens to be my favourite character which is Carl Johnson just because of how down to Earth his mission was compared to the other protagonists before him which is how he became the first hero that I got attached to. As for non-protagonists, I would go with the antagonist of GTA San Andreas: Frank Tenpenny (this Wrestling logic stepping in 😂 😂) because of how irritating he was but then being voiced by Samuel L. Jackson made his irritating words sound cool, and also for some reason I tend to prefer bad guys over good guys as you can tell by my Bullet Club fanboy persona 😂. Worst: I agree with @Arius on the De Santa "kids" but I would also add Officer Pulaski to that duo in terms of irritation because I could never take him seriously as I never thought he belonged on the same level as CJ and Tenpenny. I even prefer Hernandez over Pulaski 🤦‍♂️.
  5. I really wanted to be good with Kano throughout the last few years but then when I got Mortal Kombat X I managed to find my stride with Kenshi and now my favourite character: Jax Briggs.
  6. Just for the fact that it is my favourite video game of all time: GTA San Andreas I would definitely need to take a wrestling game with me and I would choose WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 due to not only nostalgia but the creative modes can also sustain me if I use my creativity. For the third one, I could not really think of one so I looked at the comments and I would agree with everyone that said Rocket League because every Soccar match is different & entertaining which will entertain me for a while and that is without mentioning Hoops, Rumble, etc.
  7. Everyone has been complaining about the Wrong Side Of The Tracks mission in GTA San Andreas for years but I used to think that the Caesar Vialpando mission was impossible 😂.
  8. Seth Rollins (c) and Becky Lynch (c) vs. Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans Last Chance Winners Take All mixed tag team Extreme Rules match for both the WWE Universal Championship and WWE Raw Women's Championship The Undertaker and Roman Reigns vs. Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre No Holds Barred tag team match Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Samoa Joe Singles match for the WWE Championship Bayley (c) vs. Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross Handicap match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship Drew Gulak (c) vs. Tony Nese Singles match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Daniel Bryan and Rowan (c) vs. The New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods) vs. Heavy Machinery (Otis and Tucker) Triple threat tag team match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Aleister Black vs. Cesaro Singles match Ricochet (c) vs. AJ Styles Singles match for the WWE United States Championship Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley Last Man Standing match The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder) (c) vs. The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) Tag team match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Bonus Questions: First Match (Non Preshow)?: Ricochet vs AJ Styles Second To Last Match?: Bayley vs Bliss & Cross Will The Undertaker Turn On Roman Reigns?: No Will Brock Lesnar Cash In His Money In The Bank Contract?: No Will Alexa Bliss Attack Nikki Cross After Their Match?: No
  9. PSP - FIFA Street 2 PlayStation 2 - Shrek The Third Xbox 360 - FIFA 14 PlayStation 4 - FIFA 16
  10. Welcome to my G1 Climax 29 Review Topic which I will keep adding reviews on all days of G1 Climax 29 as quick as possible. So far I have covered Best Of The Super Juniors 25, G1 Climax 28, and New Japan Cup 2019. Day One (A Block): Will Ospreay (Chaos - IWGP Jr Heavyweight Champion) vs Lance Archer (Suzuki-Gun): This is the first match in this year's G1 Climax and it is my first (hopefully not last) favourite match of the tournament. Keeping in mind that Ospreay is making his G1 debut and also as a Junior Heavyweight I don't expect high profile victories, but if his performance in this match is the standard to look out for in the rest of his matchups then I could definitely see him as a favourite going forward. It was so surreal seeing Ospreay picking up Archer over his shoulders for the Stormbreaker which is an example of the muscle that Ospreay has been putting on this year to move up to the Heavyweights. Also, Archer's new look makes him look like an unleashed beast! Evil (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Bad Luck Fale (Bullet Club 🤘😞 This is what I wanted from Bullet Club last year with Fale and Tama Tonga: bending the rules to their advantage going back to the roots of the BC. One spot that I am particularly looking at was when Fale did Evil's extreme spot when the referee was knocked out in which he wrapped one chair around Evil's neck and swatted it with another chair which not only bends the rules but taunts Evil by stealing his spot and using it for a victory thus making Bullet Club 1-0. I've mentioned this in another topic but I'll say it here as well, I am expecting Fale to look unstoppable and be in the upper echelon of the A Block by the end of the tournament because of how seriously New Japan take their foreign monsters with examples such as Vader and Scott Norton dominating NJPW in the past. (And because Bullet Club 😂 🤘) Sanada (Los Ingobernables de Japon) vs Zack Sabre Jr (Suzuki-Gun - RevPro British Heavyweight Champion): I thought their match last year was one of my favourite matches and it was undeservingly overlooked, this match was more of what I expected last year and I am pretty sure it ended exactly the same as last year. I'm about to say that I wasn't overly impressed with this match without realizing that I am talking about two of the best technicians in the world but that is because I am comparing to their match last year, if I hadn't watched the first match then I would've most likely held this match in a higher regard. Kota Ibushi (NJPW) vs Kenta (Free Agent): I saw someone else's comment on the forums on this match and I agree with them over the fact that I had extremely high expectations from this match especially since I haven't seen a Kenta match since he was in WWE as Hideo Itami at the Royal Rumble PPV and I have never seen Kenta outside of WWE but I have heard of him being the ace of pro wrestling Noah. I was only "mesmerized" by the last ten minutes of the match but after thinking about it I realized that Kenta is Ibushi's equalizer in terms of who can keep up with his style. Wrestlers spend all of their time mastering one of Ibushi's elements but Kenta naturally keeps up with Ibushi's offense. Similar to Ospreay, Kenta is going through his first G1 and has the disadvantage of being not signed to NJPW therefore I don't expect him to rank too high but I'm definitely looking forward to other dream matches against the likes of Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Will Ospreay. Kazuchika Okada (Chaos - IWGP Heavyweight Champion) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW): The analysis going into this match was very interesting with the point that they have always faced off at the end of G1 Climax tournaments which slows them down and thus ending their encounters with draws. But this time they are fought at the beginning of the tournament with an epic record of 5-5-3 between them (credits to Kevin Kelly for the statistics) which made this match more interesting. As for the match itself, it was your average Okada vs Tanahashi with the added factor of Tanahashi working Okada's legs for the Cloverleaf which impacted Okada's Tombstone attempts but did not stop him from defeating Tanahashi. I think that Tanahashi will start to drop more points starting with this year's G1 Climax as I expect him to lose to top point scorers such as Okada (which is what happened), Kota Ibushi, and Bad Luck Fale while still dominating the rest of the block, he could then slowly drop more points in coming years to upcoming main eventers such as Zack Sabre Jr, Sanada, and Will Ospreay. In conclusion, this was a great way to start what is expected to be one of the strongest G1 Climax fields ever but in terms of matches Ospreay vs Archer stood out of the card in my opinion. My official prediction to win the whole tournament this year is Kota Ibushi (yes, again). If you followed my G1 Climax 28 review last year then you would know that I predicted Ibushi to win in the finals and face Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 13 but at least he won the B Block. This year with him exclusively signing with NJPW and winning the IWGP Intercontinental Championship, I think there is more belief in him being one of the people to carry New Japan and it could start by winning G1 Climax and facing Kazuchika Okada in an interesting main event for Wrestle Kingdom 14. And how can I eliminate the dream of an all Bullet Club final 😁🤘. Points: Lance Archer - 2, Bad Luck Fale - 2, Sanada - 2, Kenta - 2, Kazuchika Okada - 2 Will Ospreay - 0, Evil - 0, Zack Sabre Jr - 0, Kota Ibushi - 0, Hiroshi Tanahashi - 0
  11. I think the reason NJPW push Bad Luck Fale in tournaments is because they take his foreign monster/hoss status very seriously unlike WWE which turns them from exciting prospects to "attractions" in ridiculous segments. I see Vader's run in NJPW as a similar example and I bet if he stayed longer with them then he would've been in the same situation as Fale even if he got older.
  12. This was a very smart move by WWE, Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are an asset that haven't been utilized to the extent which they deserve and now they must push The Club the way they should have done over the last three years.
  13. As someone who enjoys heels more than faces, they were never given full power in WWE as they always run with the cliche of heroes winning at the end as much as possible. Therefore, the whole "inmates running the asylum" thing after Hulk Hogan joined up with The Outsiders is very awesome to look back at.

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